You Have To Kill Me (2014) Movie Script

Is it done yet?
Yeah, I spoke to him already.
Hello, Mr. Chou?
- Here's Shining Star restaurant.
- Speaking.
You have a reservation for two
with us at seven this Sunday.
Would you like us
to hold your reservation?
- Yes.
- We'll hold the reservation for you then.
- Shut up.
- Is there any change to the booked events?
No, we're good
with the current arrangement.
- Noted. We'll see you Sunday evening then.
- Thanks.
Hey, is there anyone here?
Guess handcuffs aren't enough
to shut you up.
- See you, Shing.
- Good work.
Hey, take care of that.
- I'm on it.
- You're leaving? Take me with you.
Another word from you,
I'll make sure you spend the night here.
- You're leaving?
- Yeah, what?
- Can you do me a favor?
- Shoot.
The hit-and-run driver just wouldn't sign.
The DA phoned, said to let him go for now.
I'll put the statement
and forensic evidence together.
Take a look for me.
I owe you one.
Knock it off.
Jay, Wei.
You cause trouble all the way
to the city council.
Just can't kick up enough fuss, can you?
Guess not having a family
makes you a troublemaker.
We're picking the date.
Wait till you have proposed.
- How do I get a promotion like this?
- Good work.
You'll do it on Sunday?
Just wait, you're the best man.
Put it on my desk.
- I'll get to that tomorrow.
- Done.
- I'll go pick up Kai Sin.
- OK.
Shing, there's a package for you.
Hey, husband-to-be.
Stop fooling around. Go get your wife
I got this.
Who sent this?
No idea.
There's no name on the box,
just the address.
Open it.
Send it to forensics.
Run a search on the address.
- Send backup to the scene.
- OK.
- You come with me.
- OK.
Code 187.
Possible homicide
at Outer Ring Road, City Center.
Patrol cars near the area, please respond.
Code 187.
Location at Outer Ring Road, City Center.
Patrol car near the area...
Kai Sin's still not picking up?
No. I guess she just went home on her own.
I see.
To the right?
Yeah, that's what it says on the map.
Stop right there!
- Block him here.
- Got it.
Unit 4 requesting backup.
Location at Outer Ring Road,
City Center...
Stop right there!
Don't throw it!
I told you to stop.
- Shing, leave it to me.
- OK.
- Take him back to the station.
- Yes, sir.
- You cover the perimeter first.
- Got it.
- What?
- Shing.
Yu Ze
Shing's here.
- You go in first.
- Got it.
How did it go?
Have sent him to the station.
Give me a sec, I'll ring Kai Sin.
Hold on a sec.
We need to speak with you.
Shing Chou
Whose phone is that?
That's her phone.
- Don't!
- Shing!
The CSI's are not done processing
the scene yet.
Why don't you save her?
Why did you give up on her?
Stop it, Shing.
Got it.
The CSI's are not done yet.
Shing, knock it off.
- Pull him up.
- Shing.
Pull him up.
Stop it.
The personnel assignment order
has been taken care of.
My deposition will be announced tomorrow.
You will not be affected.
Apologize to the Chairman.
I'm sorry.
It's just a car accident.
No big deal.
Here's the settlement agreement.
This is how much a person is worth.
Say thank you to the Chairman.
- Thank you, Chairman.
- Thank you, Chairman.
Zi Jian is in custody.
Yu Ze, we got it.
Over here.
We took his statement.
He seems to be
the Congress Chairman's son.
Why did you kill her?
She asked me to.
She said she was dying from cancer,
and wanted me
to put her out of her misery.
- Get up!
- Enough.
What are you talking about?
A bunch of nonsense.
- What are you doing?
- Calm down!
- Shing!
- Knock it off!
Shing, enough!
What did you say?
She asked for it!
- Knock it off!
- Chairman's here.
Stop it, Shing.
- The chairman's here.
- It's all nonsense.
Calm down, Shing!
- Sorry.
- What?
I'd like to talk with my client now.
Uncuff him.
Chairman, you're making it
very difficult for me.
What's going on?
She was Kai Sin Chen.
Not another word.
Let the lawyer handle it.
Cheng Wen Li!
Let go of me!
I'm warning you.
Don't you play any trick.
I'll make sure the truth comes out.
Officer Chou, guess it's touch
in busting the bad guys.
You got all dusty doing that.
Don't touch me!
Then that goes for you too.
Don't meddle with what you shouldn't.
I'll let this one slide.
But there won't be a next time.
- Stop it, Shing.
- Let go of me!
- Knock it off!
- Chairman.
We checked.
The medical record checks out.
Li passed the polygraph test.
Where's the phone?
Found it.
But he refused to give the password.
It will be sent to the lab.
I did some digging.
Something seems to be wrong
with Kai Sin's record.
The picture does not match her.
Personal Information Inquiry, Kai Sin Chen
Certificate of Diagnosis
This is not Kai Sin.
This is not Kai Sin.
This is not Kai Sin.
This is not Kai Sin.
The morgue called.
They said her family was there
to identify the body.
This is not Kai Sin Chen.
Where is she?
Go find her!
Her family said
it was not Kai Sin in there.
I told you,
that lunatic in there is not our Kai Sin.
We haven't been able to reach her
for a long time.
We are worried sick, you know?
- Do you have any idea how worried we are?
- Ma'am.
Do you know who that is?
These past two years,
her dad's been having some health issues.
Kai Sin had some money saved up.
So she figured she'd come back
to take care of her dad.
I hope it didn't cause you
or her other coworkers any trouble.
- Kai Sin.
- Mom.
Miss. Lin from Hui-an hospital
is here for you.
What are you doing in my house?
What's the matter?
Get away from my parents.
What's wrong?
Get out now.
- Kai Sin.
- Get out!
- Stop it.
- Mom, call the cops!
Is this your daughter?
That is our Kai Sin.
Where is she?
Officer! Where is my daughter?
Officer Chou, we are about to start.
Mr. District Attorney,
can you give me more time?
If I'm not Kai Sin Chen,
will you still love me?
Bad dreams again?
I dreamed that I was in a very big house.
It was full of furniture.
All of them were covered up.
It probably had been unoccupied
for a while.
I was looking for something in there.
Something very important.
I looked and looked,
but just couldn't find it.
Then someone came in.
He was very mad.
And he wanted me to leave.
He got so mad that
he just killed me.
Do you know him?
If someday,
someone really does kill me,
will you find the killer for me?
Will you?
What brought you here?
I made an extra cup of coffee.
Have it if you want.
Kai Sin Chen
Personal Information Inquiry, Kai Sin Chen
Let's have a smoke.
I quit smoking.
I need a word with you, just walk with me.
It's on Liu's command.
Is it Liu?
Or is it the commissioner?
Or the Director General?
Who wouldn't be able to tell
it's the Chairman?
Why are you doing this?
Pass the case on the Chairman's son to us.
You take some rest, alright?
No one wants to be the bad guy.
I won't make it more difficult for you.
Print out the hit-and-run case
from yesterday for me.
Adverse Party: Jing Lin
I guess you won't stop
till you figure this out.
Her ID's confirmed.
She's Jing Lin.
Various precincts got records on her.
She seemed to violate
the restraining order quite often.
Miss Lin, we are not able to process this.
You'd have to reach out
to the authorities concerned.
Aren't you the authorities concerned?
What do you mean "you can't process this"?
I filed all the applications
you requested.
I went to all the admin offices as well.
And I got all the required information.
- Why can't you run it?
- Sure, we'll do it per normal procedure.
Here, give them to me.
All of them.
Hand them over. Do you want
to file the application or not?
Excuse me.
Have you seen this person?
Are you a relative of a patient here?
Do you know her room number?
It'll be more difficult
for us to find the info
if you don't have the room number.
Bulletin board
Excuse me.
Do you know Kai Sin Chen?
Maybe you want to check
with another division?
Our hospital is pretty big,
so we might not know everyone.
But she used to work here.
I have to go now, sorry.
Check with other divisions downstairs.
Bulletin board
Attention: Inform security
Medical ward
- Hello?
- Is this Mr.Chou?
- Who is this?
- Here's Central Post Office.
Your mail to Miss. Jing
Lin has been returned.
Please collect it
at the central post office.
Jing Lin.
Bulletin board
Ms. Lin. All statements
had been made to the court.
Please stop harassing my client.
Let's go.
Did you tell the truth?
I already said all I had to say
to the prosecutor.
The hospital is not pressing charges
against you.
Stop following us.
Breaking news.
After investigation,
the judge deemed Cheng Wen Li,
the Congress Chairman's son
- to be the prime suspect.
- Here they come.
Considering he has committed a felony,
and will be sentenced
to seven years to life,
the suspect will be taken
into custody immediately.
Chairman, the file from the phone
has been processed
Stop it.
- This might be able to divert
- Stop it.
The attention from the case.
Go on and find Kai Sin Chen.
what would you like to do with this video?
Find that girl too.
The show is halfway through.
There is no going back now.
Yes, sir.
Hey, can you talk now?
The forensic report came back.
They found a rape video on Li's phone.
Who did he rape?
Jing Lin?
It's a younger woman.
The DA is not ruling out
the possibility that
he was threatened by Jing Lin
with this video.
So it was Cheng Wen Li?
If he managed to convince them
that Jing Lin made him do it.
If that was what happened,
then his penalty will not be as heavy.
- Got it.
- Understood.
I'll keep following them.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Sit down.
Get away from me.
Stop it.
Sexual assault.
You killed her because of this?
She used the video to threaten me,
and forced me to help her.
Do you know it was Jing Lin you killed?
This, is Kai Sin Chen.
I don't know who that is.
Cut the bullshit.
Just cut it out.
is the sexual assault video true?
Is your son forced to kill because of it?
Is it because of the video that he...
First, I'd like to apologize
to the general public.
Because of my negligence,
my son, who has not reached
his mental maturity,
was threatened
into assisting her in her suicide.
Secondly, I'd like to clarify that
the video is not about
the alleged sexual assault.
Parties involved have agreed
to a settlement about the incident.
Was that really
a voluntary settlement agreement?
How are you going to explain this
to your electorate?
Will this affect your next election?
Chairman, can you elaborate on the case?
Yu Ze, come give me a hand.
No. 151, Wen-san N. Rd., 4th Floor.
Bring the print-out file on Jing Lin.
Shing, there's a package for you.
This is not Kai Sin.
What are you doing in my house?
- Do you know who she is?
- I don't know who that is.
Cut the bullshit.
She asked me to.
The file you asked for.
Why are you here?
You're onto something?
I think I found Kai Sin Chen.
She's dead.
I have called it in.
I'll still go in and have a look.
Leave it to the CSls.
Anything from your end?
- Hello? Yes.
- Found the girl in the video
I have found her.
Zi Jian arranged it.
She'll do what we ask.
Yes, understood.
Zi Jian Li staged the whole thing himself.
He would never kill because of that video.
Why did he kill her?
Was it Jing Lin or Kai Sin Chen
that he set out to kill?
Kai Sin Chen is dead.
The police are looking into it.
I'll keep following the case.
No need.
It's time to wrap it up.
We still need...
footage from those
two surveillance cameras.
- I'll go get them.
- Okay.
- A-pu.
- What have you got?
Both the address
and phone number are fake.
- They're both fake?
- Yes.
How long has it been
since her lease was terminated?
More than two years.
Got it.
the whole thing is already a mess.
Don't meddle with the case.
Death Certificate, Jia Jie Lin
She's got a kid.
What's real and what's not real?
Is there anything real between us?
I don't know this person anymore.
I dreamed that I was in a very big house.
It was full of furniture.
I was looking for something in there.
Something very important.
Then someone came in.
He was very mad.
He got so mad that
he just killed me.
Do you know him?
Medical malpractice, Jia Jie Lin
No search result
- Officer, the files you requested.
- Thank you.
Why are they all about heart transplants?
Zi Jian Li, heart transplant
Donor matched with the Chairman's only son
Loving doner found - Successful
heart transplant for the Chairman's son
Hello, Mr. Lu?
This is not what we agreed on.
You said nothing would go wrong...
Hey, A-pu,
Have you got the results?
Got them just now.
From the preliminary report, Kai Sin Chen
and Jing Lin are not connected.
Have you got a suspect?
Is everything alright?
What's so urgent?
Look, I found something.
Jing Lin
Kai Sin Chen
and Zi Jian Li
They are connected by a heart transplant
case four years ago.
Don't you think there's something fishy
going on here?
Then four years later,
they're tangled up in a murder.
have you got anything tangible?
Anything that's not just circumstantial?
Remittance slip.
Kai Sin Chen sent money home every month.
Where did she get the money?
Here, listen.
Hello, Mr. Lu?
This is not what we agreed on.
You said nothing would go wrong...
You said it was just to get them...
I don't know what you're talking about.
You know exactly what I'm talking about.
It was you.
Let me tell you. If someone finds me,
I'll tell them everything.
I'll tell them it was you
and the Chairman...
- that got me to do these things.
- Ms.Chen.
Just do what you're supposed to do.
Like before.
We'll take care of the rest.
It's not...
Where did you get this?
Have the forensic team
run voice analysis on this.
Tell you what.
If the murder is connected
to the heart transplant,
then we've got the motive.
Zi Jian Li killed them both.
The finger sent to the station
belongs to the dead body
in the chest freezer.
The cling film.
He's smart.
Even put charcoal in there
to get rid of the stench.
By the way,
they thought Zi Jian Li's statement
was not reliable.
There are others on the scene as well.
The results should be out by now.
It cannot be Zi Jian...
Officer Chou,
if you will...
You know exactly what I'm talking about.
It was you.
Let me tell you. If someone finds me,
- Sounds familiar to you?
- I'll tell them everything.
I'll tell them it was you
and the Chairman...
- that got me to do these things.
- Ms.Chen.
Just do what you're supposed to do.
Like before.
We'll take care of the rest.
It's not...
This is why he killed them.
Zi Jian did not kill anyone.
He was threatened.
He did.
You covered up
the heart transplant for him.
This cannot be used in court.
The sound is not clear.
And it's obtained without a warrant.
It doesn't matter.
Let's leave it
to the prosecutor to decide.
I have warned you.
Don't meddle
with what you shouldn't.
Any news?
Stop coming here.
Chairman was just giving me trouble
this morning.
What did he want to know?
The fingerprints.
We thought there was an accomplice.
What do you mean?
Yu Ze Wang.
He thought he was shopping at the market,
didn't have his gloves on.
His prints were found on the scene.
I think I found Kai Sin Chen.
I'll still go in and have a look.
Leave it to the CSls.
The file you asked for.
Personal Information Inquiry, Jing Lin
Legal guardian:
Zhi Cheng Lin, Shu Jun Wang
Personal Information Inquiry, Yu Ze Wang
Legal guardian:
Zhi Cheng Lin, Shu Jun Wang
Legal guardian:
Zhi Cheng Lin, Shu Jun Wang
What's wrong with him?
No idea.
I know you didn't kill Kai Sin Chen.
But can you start telling me the truth?
I have been telling the truth.
Missed call
I'm Kai Sin Chen.
Hadn't you ever doubted Jing Lin?
I could only believe her.
Believe her?
You believed her,
and you still made this rape video?
I know it all now.
Is it worth it to do this for your father?
I always thought I was a burden to him.
I didn't know he loved me
until I found out he did all this for me.
How can I just do nothing
and watch him be destroyed?
Get in the car.
I heard Wei say that
they thought Zi Jian Li's statement
was not reliable.
They also thought that
the sexual assault video might be fake.
So they intend to reopen
the case on Jing Lin.
If that happens,
then we can look into
the heart transplant case you found
along with this murder case.
Get out of the car.
Why did you lie to me?
I was helping you.
Help me?
What were you helping me with?
What on earth were you helping me with?
Yu Ze Wang, what were you helping me with?
Should I call you Yu Ze Lin instead?
Do you think I'm an idiot?
You're a cop yourself.
How did your fingerprints get there
when you were never on the scene?
It was you that planted
Zi Jian Li's fingerprints, right?
Sis wanted it.
Check your phone.
She moved again.
This is why you want to see me?
Sis had had a tough life.
I still remember
the first time she told me
she was happy.
Do you know what made her happy?
Guess what this is?
A dinosaur?
A dinosaur?
It's a Christmas tree!
I know it is a Christmas tree.
Here, take your medication.
It's time to go to bed.
Give me a kiss.
When the doctor replaces the part here,
you'll be well again.
See you.
Do you know what happened to her son?
It was the Chairman and Kai Sin Chen
that screwed them over.
So, she killed Kai Sin Chen
and framed it on Zi Jian Li...
She just wanted justice.
Remember to bring your keys next time.
Hello, Chairman Cheng Wen Li's office.
How can I help you?
The night before, the patient in 518...
It was the fourth.
Four allergies in a row.
We'll really get sued.
The other three are okay.
Look at her son.
Did you tell the truth?
I already said all I had to say
to the prosecutor.
How did you get in?
Isn't this cute?
Was it Cheng Wen Li?
How much did he pay you?
Is there something
you should have said but didn't?
Get out of my house.
Is there something
you should have said but didn't?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Isn't there something
you should have told?
Get away from me!
I didn't mean it!
I didn't know your son would die!
I'm sorry!
What did you say?
Stop saying sorry.
Don't come closer.
Don't come closer.
Don't you say sorry.
You have no right to ask for forgiveness.
That night,
I saw her lying there.
I realized that
she was using her death to force you
to look into the case.
Come give me a hand.
Let's get rid of the body.
Get over here
and help dispose of the body.
The one person
that should pay the price...
has not paid his debt yet...
The one person
that should pay the price...
has not paid his debt yet...
There is a dead body here,
what else do you want?
One last time, one last time
You always say it'll be the last time.
Say something!
I'm begging you.
Will you stop torturing me
And yourself too, please.
If someday,
someone really does kill me,
will you find the killer for me?
I didn't know what her plan was.
I didn't know what you had found out.
I didn't know whether I would
jeopardize her plan
by doing what I do.
It was when you showed me the recording,
I finally understood
it was Cheng Wen Li.
It is him that should pay for all this.
How do you expect me to believe you?
You've been lying to me from the start.
What do you want me to do?
She had been lying to me as well.
You know what she said when she met you?
When you got together,
she told me she wanted to be happy.
I thought she gave up her revenge.
It was you.
It was you who were supposed
to get her to give up.
It was you who were supposed
to protect her.
It was you who were supposed
to make her happy.
It was you.
Do you understand?
Had I even got a choice?
Did you give me time?
Did you?
It was all my fault.
I see.
Those who should pay will pay.
Yu Ze.
Yu Ze!
First row, on your feet.
Get moving.
Second row.
What are you doing?
Get over there.
Excuse me!
Excuse me...
- Get the doctor!
- 518
Give me a hand.
Over here.
Room 518.
The doctor's here. Hurry!
What's the condition of the patient?
He's unconscious, in a coma.
What's wrong with Jia Jie?
What's happening to him?
Family members, please wait outside.
- Take his blood sample and send to test.
- Ok.
- Get him another Bosmin.
- Any reaction?
Hand me the Bosmin.
He's not breathing.
200 joules.
All clear.
All clear. 200 joules.
Guess what I'm drawing.
How come you want to draw
a Christmas tree all of a sudden?
Because I'm going to go
and see a Christmas tree.
You want to see a Christmas tree?
Sure. We'll go when you are well again.
We'll celebrate Christmas.
we'll go shopping for presents.
Does that sound good?
Then think about what you want.
I will.
When the doctor replaces the part here,
you'll be well again.
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
The pain is gone.
Didn't you just...
bid me goodnight?
Didn't you just...
Sometimes I wonder
whether everyone
would have been better off
if I had died then and there.
- Hello?
- Shing,
Zi Jian Li had committed suicide.
He has been sent to the ICU.
The Chairman is already on his way there.
- You're home.
- I'm home.
You've made dinner already?
Yeah, I have.
This is my junior officer.
His name is Yu Ze.
- Hi.
- Hi, I'm Yu Ze.
Are those going to the fridge?
It's kind of heavy, I got it.
Mr. Chou,
it is past your reservation time
would you like us to hold it for you?
No, thank you.
Noted. Thank you, bye.
Hang in there.
Will you marry me?
Not now.
Then when?
I'm afraid that someday
I might disappoint you.
Why keep looking at me?
Because I want to.
Understood, thank you,
Mr. Director General.
Okay, thank you.
What did the Director General say?
He said...
he wouldn't be able to deal with this.
Then go find someone that can!
Yes, sir.
Let him in.
What do you want?
Jing Lin wants you to know
what you had done to her.
So it is true
that it is you that forced him.
Forced him to kill.
Then forced him to kill himself.
It is you that drove him to this end.
Your son always thought
he was a burden to you, you know that?
He is never a burden.
I can ask for favors for him.
I can beg for his sake.
It doesn't matter
if I accidentally killed someone.
I have this one son.
What's wrong with killing for him?
He did what he did
to cover up the heart transplant for you.
You drove him to his death.
Even if I were able to choose again,
I would still do the same thing.
Jing Lin also had only one son.
If you're willing to turn yourself in,
confess about the heart transplant
four years ago,
I've got evidence that can save your son.
Hello? You are?
Unit 4.
Yu Ze Wang.
It's my suspect you're holding in there.
I just come to check up on him.
By the way, on my way up,
I heard they say the Chairman
is almost here, and they need backup.
Why don't you go
and I'll cover for you here?
- I can have a look at him as well.
- Yes, sir.
Good work.
What happened?
Yu Ze has taken Zi Jian Li.
120, 120 calling in.
Call the lab,
triangulate Yu Ze Wang's location.
Yu Ze, what on earth are you doing?
Yu Ze Wang!
Drop your weapon!
Don't come any closer.
This is not what your sister wanted.
How do you know what she wanted?
You didn't even know who I was.
Or who she was.
How can you know what she wanted?
Stay where you are.
- Hold him down.
- Chairman wait!
I'll give her the justice she wanted.
Believe in me.
Yu Ze.
- Chairman.
- Hold him down.
Chairman, stay back.
Yu Ze,
do you remember
why we became cops in the first place?
Are you okay?
I do remember.
Is it done?
It's done, it's done.
- It's ready, Shing. Have a bite first.
- Okay.
I'll have the fire on for now.
- Have some vegetables.
- Thanks.
Here, here.
Here's your rice.
Thank you.
You haven't met before this?
Yeah, we have.
Then why are you two looking so awkward?
We don't feel awkward at all.
I happen to be the one
taking her statement that time.
You forgot?
You dumb ass.
Quitting your proper job in uniform
saying you want to be
a criminal investigator.
You're missing something here.
There's a shitload of benefits
of being a criminal investigator.
One of them is you'll have junior officers
getting you a pretty girlfriend.
Oh yeah?
Just kidding.
Why do you want to be a cop?
Why do you want to be a cop?
I have someone I want to protect.
How come I don't know anything about it?
Who is it?
Knock it off.
Stop asking.
That's men's puberty right there.
Then what would you do
if you were not a cop?
Your junior.
Will I get promoted faster that way?
Why don't you two start dating?
What, you jealous?
He really takes care of me.
He really does.
He's got my back.
That's what I'm supposed to do.
That's not true.
He meddles in every bit of my life.
Even my off-duty time.
Breaking news.
Regarding the Congress Chairman's scandal,
after six months of investigation,
the case on the suspected foul play
in heart transplant
has finally been concluded.
Four years ago, Chairman Cheng Wen Li
bribed a hospital nurse
in order to tamper
with the application order.
The medicine the nurse
administered to the patients
had incurred Anaphylaxis in one patient,
who died from the very reaction.
The case also gave rise
to other complications,
and caused three deaths in its aftermath.
The DA has confirmed all accusations
against Cheng Wen Li.
The District Court has sentenced him
to 12 years and 8 months in prison.
The former Chairman will also be
disfranchised for ten years.
The Chairman's assistant
will also be charged with
One year after the successful
heart transplant of his son,
the Chairman founded a foundation
for congenital heart defect patients,
in the hope of supporting the patients
and their families alike.
He also continues to facilitate
collaboration in
heart transplantation studies
and hopes to help more afflicted patients
and their families.
As a family member
of an afflicted patient,
I experienced acutely
the suffering of all the waiting.
What are you doing!
Thief! Stop right there!
Oh, you're still here.
Thank you.
See whether there is anything missing.
Excuse me.
I'm a cop.
Can you come down to the station
to make a statement?
I'll need your ID.
Kai Sin Chen.
My name is Kai Sin Chen.
Thank you for your help.