You Light Up My Christmas (2019) Movie Script

This place is fabulous, huh?
Now, I guarantee you,
nowhere else in Phoenix will
you get a view like that.
Now, personally,
I love the city lights
at night, right?
Why don't you all
take a look around,
ask me any questions
if you've got any, okay?
Oh, and don't forget
about the cold pantry.
Perfect for entertaining
this time of year.
Hey, great turnout.
I think so.
And your set decorating,
with this whole holiday theme
you've got going on,
very, very smart.
Well, thank you.
I mean, it is three weeks
until Christmas,
and we both know
nothing gets people
in the buying mood
like the holidays.
And on that note,
I have a buyer for you.
That couple over there
in the kitchen.
I sold them a country home
last year,
and now she's going
a little squirrely.
Misses her lunch dates
in the city.
This place is exactly
what they're looking for.
And I am sure that I can
even get you over asking.
Ooh, Nate!
Is that your early
Christmas gift to me?
[chuckles] No.
But I do have an idea
of something that might be.
What do you say
you and I have lunch tomorrow?
Oh, there it is...
Wait for it...
She just found the cold pantry.
That's a dealsealer.
You know, I could have
treated you to something
a little fancier than this.
I know.
I don't need fancy.
Just need napkins and...
So, tell me,
are you happy over at Bimark?
'Cause I know that
you land a lot of clients
that you have to hand over
to other realtors
in that office.
Yeah, but...
they have a lot of offices
all over the country,
and everybody knows their name.
No, see, everybody
knows your name, Emma.
You know why?
'Cause you're Emazing.
It's true.
Look, what if all the clients
that you land, you get to keep?
Think about it.
People want you
to buy and sell their homes
not Bimark.
So, what do you think
about you and me setting up
our own realestate banner?
As independents?
Yeah. Don't make it
sound so scary.
Trust me.
The freedom is liberating.
Nate, wow.
I mean...
I have had a...
I have had
a chapter in my life
come to a close this year, so...
maybe it's time for a new one?
That is what I'm talking about.
Put it there, partner.
Oh, wait a minute.
Oh, Em', it's going to be
such a great year.
But listen,
before we can, you know,
make this work,
you're going to have to offload
any of the houses
that you've still
got listed with Bimark.
Of course.
And I've only got one,
and I'm already on it.
That's my girl.
Oh, and I have got to get
to a showing.
I'll tell you what,
I'll send over
the paperwork next week?
Sounds good.
I like the sound of that!
Hey, Heather.
How's it going?
Well, we're not
snowed in yet,
so that's great.
Except everything
looks prettier in the snow,
including our listing, right?
It sure does,
we haven't had any offers yet.
Well, Christmas time
in Cherry Creek
is the best time of the year.
I know the offers
will be pouring in.
Yeah, not so much.
Or not.
It sounds like you could use
a helping hand.
I can leave tonight.
I'll see you in the morning.
There you are.
Welcome home!
Thank you.
How does it feel to be back?
A little strange.
Everything looks
the same, but...
I know.
I went through the same thing
when my father passed.
I had to sell our family home.
I hope you don't mind,
I decluttered a bit.
You know, for staging.
Of course. Yes.
And you've been
outstanding, Heather,
with the listing.
Thank you.
Hey, we are all Bimark.
One big family.
I just wish
I had an offer for you,
but things have been
really slow around here.
Not in the listings department.
Lord knows, I have put
more houses on the market
than I can count.
But no one's buying.
Well, we just need
to show people
how great it would be
to live here,
and let them create
their own memories.
Especially at Christmas.
Where are you going?
To create
those Christmas memories.
[Emma] One store?
Where are the rest
of the decorations?
I'll be there in a minute!
How can I help you?
Emma! Oh, my gosh!
What are you doing here?
Oh, let me guess.
The house?
which I thought,
the way Cherry Creek
does it up at Christmas,
would have sold itself by now.
But what in the world
is all this nothingness?
Cherry Creek is usually
glowing this time of year.
It used to,
but you know tough it's been
the past few years
with all the other
Christmas light competitors,
and your dad having to make
cutbacks at the factory.
He had to let go
of half the workers.
He must have told you.
I haven't been here
the last few Christmases, so...
A lot of people left,
and now with your dad gone,
I mean...
It was like he was
Cherry Creek's
unofficial sheriff.
It's just not the same.
I know.
But I am glad to see you.
You look great.
You too.
How long are you here for?
Oh, just until the house sells,
which is also in need
of some serious Christmas.
Well, I hope
it doesn't sell too fast
'cause you and I have
some catching up to do.
But first things first,
let's get you set up
so it looks like Christmas
exploded in your house.
[makes exploding sound]
In a good way.
Not like that time
I left the candle on overnight.
I just wanted something
different, you know?
Lily, thanks so much.
No problem.
Are you going straight home?
No, I thought
I'd stop by the factory.
It's been a while.
How about tomorrow?
You and me?
I was actually going to drop off
food donations at the rink.
We can hang out like old times.
The rink, oh...
Is that hot chocolate machine
still there?
Of course.
Nothing ever changes
at Charlotte's.
It's a date then, my friend.
Just like old times.
Just like old times,
my friend.
Yeah, just put that right
What, what, what
Drive safe.
Yeah, with this around my neck.
Yeah, bye.
[door opens]
[Emma] Hello.
Am I seeing things right now?
Hi, Ben.
Such an unexpected surprise.
How long have you been in town?
Long enough to know
you still work late.
Yeah, well,
someone's got to pull
their weight around here now.
You're the new sheriff
around here.
You could probably
give yourself a little break.
Is that an official directive
from an official Simmons?
I would never pull rank
just because my family's name
is on the building.
But I am kind of hungry.
Good, cause I haven't had
dinner yet either.
You can let me know
what you're doing back here
in Cherry Creek?
'Cause, I mean,
the last time you were here...
I would love one of
those meatloaf sandwiches
from Mr. Porter's.
Is he still open?
The day Mr. Porter closes...
is the day I'm outta here, too.
After you.
Thank you.
Oh, yes...
Oh, I can smell
the nutmeg in the gravy.
That could be the only thing
that hasn't changed around here.
Well, I wouldn't know
anything about that,
because, apparently,
my dad didn't tell me
that the factory
is having trouble.
Emma, your dad knew
your heart wasn't really in it,
and he didn't want to take away
from what you were doing.
I guess that explains
why he insisted on
coming down to see me
for the last few holidays.
But, come on, Ben,
still, he should have told me.
I'm the last surviving Simmons,
even if I'm not
working in the factory
making lights
or managing the company.
So who's the competitor
taking our business?
Yeah, they just opened a factory
about 50 miles from here.
Pete Thompson.
He's got deep pockets,
they started
churning over lights
like nobody's business.
We couldn't keep up.
Yeah, well, that's because
we pride ourselves on quality,
and after 100 years,
that's not changing.
Now who sounds like the sheriff?
Oh, no.
Not to worry.
I am not going
to be stepping into those shoes.
I'm just here to sell the house.
I see.
So things are going good
in Phoenix?
[text alert chimes]
Things are going great.
Nate and I have decided
to go to the next level
and create our own
realtor banner together.
that's great.
That's great.
I'm happy things
are going good for you.
I really wish I could say
the same about Cherry Creek.
Yeah, well,
if some people want to leave,
I guess there's not really
much you can do.
Oh, it's so pretty.
Hey, can we sit down
for a minute?
Yeah, sure.
Now, it's pretty, but...
I'm hoping that
that snowstorm Megan
that everybody's talking about,
that it holds off
until I get back
from Briars tomorrow.
You getting a tree?
Well, you know,
to warm up the house a bit,
and make it feel festive
for prospective buyers.
I hope you got snow tires.
I forgot.
You're gonna need those.
All right,
I'll figure something out.
I mean, if you want, I could
I could take you out there.
First thing in the morning?
I'll be ready.
All right.
[knocking on door]
[doorbell rings]
[knocking on door]
[Ben] Hello?
[Emma] One second.
I'm coming.
[Ben] The tree farm awaits.
You have a key?
Yeah. Sorry.
I hope you don't mind.
Your dad gave me one
so I could keep
an eye on him and things
'cause he was getting
older, and...
Did I just wake you?
You still look cute
in that onesie.
Why are you early, Benjamin?
You ain't never
early for nothing.
Why are you early?
Butterflies, butterflies...
You've done
a great job here, Em'.
The house looks just like
it used to at Christmas.
Thank you, Benjamin.
I've had lots of experience
decorating it.
[Ben] Wow...
I still remember these...
these decorations
from high school.
Ah... better.
This is for you.
Oh, thanks.
maple syrup.
You remembered.
Emma, you used to carry around
a bottle of that in your bag.
I don't know how many times
I had to explain
it was just syrup,
and that my girlfriend
wasn't trying
to give her coffee
a little extra kick?
I like what I like,
and I will not compromise.
All right, top it up,
and then we should get going
so you can finish decorating.
All right. Cool.
Hey, listen, on the way,
do you mind if we stop and
[Ben clears his throat]
No raisins.
Thank you.
Shall we?
All right, let's do this.
I'm gonna wear
Dad's stuff today.
Your mom would always
give your dad heck.
Oh, true.
But we'd always find a way
to get it
through the front door.
How are your parents?
Dad's still working
in the shipping yard
and Mom's still
bugging him to retire.
So, no plans to leave, huh?
No. Never.
How about this one?
What do you think?
It's a little small.
Go a bit bigger?
"Go big or go home."
Perfection, man!
All right. That's the one.
Hey, Mom, look at this one!
Looks good, Liam!
Hey, you two.
Good, good.
Liam? No way!
Look at him!
I know, hey?
Blowing' through town, are ya?
Just, you know,
here until the house sells.
Well, then the four of us
need to get together
while you're here.
We can get a sitter
and hit the town
like we used to.
Or the rink.
Hey, good times, right?
Sounds great.
Sounds Uhoh! Incoming!
Gotcha, Dad!
You better run, my boy!
He's gonna need some backup.
Do it.
Look at them.
Seems like yesterday
we were just kids,
running around
with snowflakes in our eyes,
without a care in the world.
Well, I'm going
to round the boys up.
I'm going to see you tonight?
Yeah, can't wait.
And we're going
to figure it out.
The four of us.
All right, kids!
Cease fire!
Oh, excuse me.
We'd like to get
this one here, please.
Well, it's not
the biggest tree,
but it's not
the smallest one either.
Guess you need a hand
getting it in the house?
If you don't mind.
Of course not.
First, we've got to get it
through the front door.
[man] Hello?
That's a beauty.
Dusty! Hi!
It's so good to see you.
I've been meaning to come over
and say hello.
It's sure nice to see
your smiling face
back in the neighborhood.
Well, it's been, you know,
a bit quiet around here.
I heard.
Holy doodle.
Is that yet another
familiar face I see before me?
How are you doing, Dusty?
Better than good.
The last time I saw
you two guys together was...
well, I don't know,
but it was sure a long time.
Well, Ben is just coming by
to help me get the tree
in the stand, and...
I thought I'd get the place all,
you know, Christmassy
for potential buyers.
Yeah, well,
don't make it
too homey in there,
or you may
find yourself staying.
I don't know about that.
[Dusty] Whoa, whoa, whoa!
When Eleanor
heard you were here,
she told me
I had to give these to you.
She knows
that you love fruitcake.
Oh! The fruitcake.
Ben, I can get you a box, too.
Oh, no, Dusty, I'm
I'm good, man.
I'm good. I got
I got a
We'll share...
We'll share.
You two!
You always did make a good pair.
Good to see you, Dusty.
[Dusty] Okay.
[Ben] All right, I got this.
[Emma] You sure?
[Ben] Yeah.
[Emma] I can help you carry it.
[Ben] That fruitcake's
probably heavier.
You know, my dad had
this whole ritual
every single time
that we got our tree.
First, we had to start
with the hot chocolate.
Right, boom.
And then he would
start playing carols,
and he would always
start with...
[together] "Deck the Halls."
And then he would
get the lights,
and as he would string
said lights around the tree,
he would begin to tell me
the famous story
of how his grandfather
got sick as a little boy.
And his dad,
my greatgrandfather
[together] Roy.
would dip light bulbs
In red and green paint.
And he would hang
those light bulbs
in the tree
outside of his window
to lift his spirits.
And that's how the idea
of Christmas lights came to be.
And that is how
Simmons Lights came to be.
You know, I'm still surprised
that you... you know,
never followed up
in the family business.
I guess lights
just isn't my thing.
You know, I really hope
that all these ornaments
have hooks on them.
What is... what is...
what is this?
What you got?
[Emma shrieks]
What is this?
[Emma] I'm sorry.
I found that
when I was getting
the Christmas stuff
out of the attic.
It's a Christmas present
that I made for Daddy one year
when I was little.
It was from a stuffed animal.
How do I look?
Excuse me, but the tail
goes in the back.
The tail goes in the back.
Oh, in the back?
Okay. All right.
[Ben] Just a little switcharoo.
There we go.
[Emma] Yeah, switch it around.
I hope that's not real.
We didn't hear you come in.
Sorry, I guess
I should have knocked.
I'm just not used
to anyone being here.
It's fake.
Well, the house looks nice.
Definitely homey.
Well, I always find that...
staging makes
all the difference.
That, and accepting
lower offers.
I think it might be time, Emma.
Yeah, I mean...
you're here,
so you know the market, right?
So, okay, yeah, let's...
let's do it, I guess.
I'll see you later,
around 6:00?
I'm going to make
that chicken casserole
that you like so much.
You don't have to go
to all that trouble.
It's not any trouble at all.
Emma, I'll set up the open house
for this weekend.
Chicken casserole, huh?
I didn't know you were
such a fan, Benjamin.
She makes a really good one.
Don't say anything,
but almost as good as Mom's.
That's saying a lot.
Well, I mean, you know,
she's... she's lovely.
I don't know her, you know?
She's been helping me
with the listing,
and, you know, she hasn't even
been in town long.
What, like, five years?
Six, actually.
[telephone rings]
Excuse me.
Hey, Nate.
Hey, there's my Emazing girl.
How's everything going?
Uh, it's cool, it's fine.
I'm just doing some staging.
Well, that's your thing.
That's my thing.
Listen, do you have
a minute to talk?
Uh, can I call you back?
Don't worry.
I actually have to go
to the factory.
Are you okay
finishing up the tree?
I've done it
hundreds of times.
No, no, go ahead.
Go ahead.
You first.
Um... thank you.
Thank you for helping me.
No worries.
I'll see you around?
It's good to have you back.
[Nate] Em'? Hey, Em'?
You there?
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm here.
Wow. I can't believe
this thing still works.
And look what I brought.
You are a champion.
Well, I learned
from the champion herself.
Well, don't I see
a couple of ladies
who know how to nosh.
Aurora! Oh, my goodness!
It's good to see you!
You are still
such a breath of fresh air.
Do you... have any treats
for us to try?
I do, I do.
Just some
heavenly dark chocolate
I've married with
some dayold popcorn.
A better union
than my first husband and me.
Although he did teach me
to follow my heart.
Unfortunately, it led me
away from him.
Mm. Delicious.
Okay... got a little heat.
Of course
because we know every marriage
needs a bit of that.
She's right.
Oh, I have some donations
for Kathy's food drive.
Kathy will be so thrilled.
You know how she loves
the spirit of the holidays.
Kindness and compassion.
And of course,
she can definitely count on
Simmons Lights'
annual holiday donation.
You father always knew
how to make this town shine
in more ways than one.
Now, if you'll
excuse me, ladies,
I have another delivery
from Edna's Edibles
I need to unpack.
She hasn't changed, huh?
Hey, can we hang out a minute?
Of course.
All right, cool.
You know what I love about us?
That it can be years
since we've seen each other,
and when we do,
it seems like yesterday.
I love that about us, too.
Hey, no skates, no ice!
Oh, look at these two.
No food or drinks!
Okay, but what if it's water,
because, I mean,
that's frozen water.
I mean, if it spills
and freezes...
it really messes with
the condition of the ice,
and then
our Zamboni guy, George,
oh, my word,
he gets so upset.
Oh, Zamboni in five minutes.
Five minutes!
Rose is still
running this place
like a tight ship.
Oh, my gosh,
like the day she started,
when it was a summer intern.
Things have not changed
around here.
[Emma] Home sweet home.
Speaking of home,
what's up
with Ben and Heather?
I wish I could tell you,
but every time I ask Phil,
he just says
they're just hanging out.
Men. They never know
how to get the dirt on things.
It would be nice for Ben
if they were...
Would it?
What's all that about?
Come on, Em'.
This is Ben we're talking about.
I mean, why do you think
it's taken him so long
to "hang out" with someone?
Because, unfortunately,
everyone's moving away
from here.
Because he's held a torch
for you forever.
Come on, Lil'.
I left Cherry Creek
20 years ago.
When you love someone...
time doesn't change that.
What about you?
Anyone new in your life?
My colleague, Nate, and I
started a new partnership.
I'm single
because I'm busy, okay?
It's not because
I'm still in love with Ben.
I moved on
when I left Cherry Creek.
[Aurora] Oh, no, baby,
that's not for you.
That looks great, Emma.
Thank you.
Come have a seat.
All right.
A little more Christmas
can't hurt curb appeal.
So how was dinner?
It was great.
By the way, great news.
Interest is picking up
in the house.
You know,
it's actually incredible
what a few lights
and ribbons can do.
You're absolutely right.
Heather, you are so right!
It is incredible!
No, Mr. Thompson,
I haven't made a decision yet.
No, not on
the job offer either,
but thank you,
and I will, by the New Year.
I have to go,
but you'll be hearing
from me soon.
Okay, thanks.
Hey, you.
What are you doing here?
I need some lights.
You got any to spare?
Do I.
Come on.
We'll hit the warehouse.
Wait a minute.
Why is it so quiet around here?
How bad is business?
[Phil] Hey, lady!
Is this guy bothering you?
Should I call security?
I'm a Simmons.
That's right.
So, Ben,
shouldn't Emma
actually be your boss?
Yeah, well, that would mean
she'd have to be
yours, too, Phil,
except her father
put me in charge, remember?
How many lights do you need?
A lot.
Why don't you come down
to Main Street later and see?
All right,
I think I'll just do that.
Well, alrighty then.
I know where the warehouse is.
Thank you.
There ain't enough
casserole in the world
to make you look like that.
You don't know
what you're talking about, man.
Besides, she already
has herself a Nate.
Who calls her Emazing.
So silly.
Is that with an "A" or an "E"?
I can't wait to see the shop
all lit up!
Are you handing out lights
to the whole town?
Yes, I am,
and that's not all.
I am decorating
all of Main Street
from top to bottom.
Because I was thinking.
If a few decorations
sparked interest in my house,
why not get even more buyers
into town by lighting it up?
It can't hurt.
And the town needs it.
Do you think you could
spare a few lights
to help set deck
the school stage?
Liam's class is guess what...
doing a production of...
"A Christmas Carol."
Shut up!
Ms. Fisher
is still putting that on?
Every year, my friend.
I'm off tomorrow,
so I can help you deliver them.
If you need any help,
just let me know.
Thanks, Lil'.
All right, I'm outta here.
See ya later.
Can I get this to go?
What's all this?
This is how Cherry Creek
is supposed to look
at Christmas.
You did all this by yourself?
Some of the shopkeepers helped.
And you're here now...
Feel like climbing a ladder?
Well, it's your lucky day.
I just happen to be
an expert ladder climber.
Yeah, yeah.
Where do you want me
to put this?
Right up there.
All right.
Thank you.
Remember that time
we climbed that ladder
to the roof of the factory?
Oh, yeah!
Only to realize,
"Hey, we could have just
climbed out of any window
on the second floor.
We wanted to get the best seats
so we could see the turning on
of the town tree.
And, of course, I remember.
It was the first time
that you asked me out on a date.
Ice skating!
Knowing full well that
I was a horrible ice skater!
Yeah, I know.
I used it to my advantage.
How's that?
I figured you were, you know.
unstable on the ice,
you might need me
to hold your hand.
And it worked.
I'm good, huh?
All right, what's next?
Follow me,
and bring the ladder!
Yes, ma'am.
All right.
This is the last of the lights.
We used a lot of them.
Yeah, we did.
I hope we don't blow
the town's electrical grid.
Don't worry.
I equipped them
with surge protectors years ago,
if they're still working...
I'm ready.
I have not see Main Street
look this spectacular
in a long time.
Yeah, it is pretty amazing.
I couldn't have done this
without you, Ben.
Thank you very much.
I was happy to, Em'.
I mean, look at it.
You're lighting up
the town again.
Want to call it a night?
Let's call it a night.
If you ever need anything
anything at all
call me.
No thanks required.
Oh... what a great kitchen.
And we wouldn't have to
gut it completely.
Maybe just the cabinets
and a new island.
Your family?
My mom and dad.
Yeah, they built this house
in the '70s,
but the land
has been in my family
for generations,
dating all the way back
to my greatgrandfather,
Roy Simmons.
How sweet.
They're offering
about 5% below asking,
but at least that way,
they can renovate.
I'm sorry, no.
I'm not entertaining
any offers below asking.
Emma, we have been over this.
It wasn't moving.
[woman] Does the second bedroom
upstairs have an en suite?
No, but one could
easily be added
if you take out
the adjoining room.
That's my bedroom!
I said that out loud.
I'm sorry.
Please, take a look around.
3% below asking.
If they take that, maybe.
I will entertain that offer.
Gut my kitchen
I'll gut you.
Shall we take a look
at those bedrooms?
Where did you find these?
Daddy's study.
I hadn't started
packing anything up yet,
so I didn't see them sooner.
So what are we looking at?
Well, it looks like
he was trying to play around
with watts and voltage.
To create a new light?
Yeah. Could be.
But I won't know for sure
until I have more time
to decipher these.
Do you mind?
No, of course not.
You're the only one
who understands them.
You knew
how Daddy's brain worked
because it's just like yours.
Well, let's hope my brain
doesn't fail me now.
All right...
[Emma] The kids must be busy
making their decorations for
the town Christmas tree, huh?
Actually, they haven't been.
What? Why?
It's school tradition.
You and I even made them
when we went here.
I know, except this year,
the town scrapped
the annual lighting event.
I mean, that's just as big
as the town Christmas Eve party.
they scrapped that, too.
Are you kidding me?
Every year,
the celebrations keep getting
smaller and smaller,
but this year, nothing.
Trust me, my family's
really disappointed.
I'm disappointed.
I'm not even
supposed to be here.
Oh, wow...
Oh, man, Lily!
Hey, remember this?
How Ms. Fisher used to
get up here all the time,
and preach to us about
emoting from the stage.
Boys and girls,
you must use your whole body...
when expressing yourself.
Remember my part?
"I will honor Christmas Past,
Present, and Future.
The spirit of the three,
dwell within me,
and I shall not shut out
the lessons that they teach!"
Hey, Ms. Fisher.
Emma Simmons.
I'm happy to see
that you still remember
your lines
and that the lessons I taught
were not lost on you.
No, ma'am.
No, they were not.
If we need an understudy,
I'll know where to find one.
Right here.
Why didn't you say something?
[knocking on door]
It's open!
[Emma] Hey.
I'm sorry.
I probably should have called,
but I was so excited,
I just came over.
Is it about dad's plans?
I think I figured them out.
Okay, so...
What your dad was trying to do
was create a new Christmas light
that projects more luminance
than ever before,
but that uses less energy.
A brighter Christmas light?
Can you do it?
That's the thing.
See, your dad's plans
were never finished or tested
Yeah, I know.
But I'm going to do
my very best
to realize his vision.
Oh, Ben.
Oh, thank you!
You're welcome.
[timer beeping]
The oven.
Smells like you're making
something of your own over here.
I am, indeed.
My mom's sugar cookies.
Oh, you mean the ones
with the colored sugar?
Those would be the ones.
So good!
I mean, I would help you out,
but, you know...
Oh, I know!
But I'd be more than happy
to help you test them, though.
Well, you know, I think
you deserve
a little somethingsomething
for figuring Dad's plans out.
So, why don't you tell me
more about that,
and I will work on
this next batch.
Your terms are acceptable.
your dad figured a way
for the new bulbs
to use less than
the 600 milliamps of electricity
that they currently use...
Pizza and cookies.
My favorite meal.
Better than casserole?
[TV announcer]
Ohhoho! Hi there!
It's Christmas time.
The time to sparkle.
Let Thompsons' Lights
help you show off
all that glitters
with our vast array of lights.
From globes
to our traditional blinkers,
because at Thompsons,
the lights never go out.
Yeah, right.
You know, your dad once bought
a set of their lights
just to check the quality.
They only lasted one season.
That's it.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
To go where?
You'll see.
Oh, wow.
Look at this.
I haven't been up here
in years.
Used to be
our favorite spot to get away.
Your bench!
The bench that you made
it's still here.
Looks good, too.
It's still sturdy.
Aw, thank you for this.
My pleasure.
I remember
we used to come up here
after every single
Christmas Eve party.
[Emma] The night that the town
just shines the brightest
because everybody has put out
as many Christmas lights
as possible
to make sure that Santa
would not miss
little Cherry Creek
in his travels.
Yeah, I remember that.
And another night in particular.
Our first kiss.
Did you plan that, too?
Like the skating?
Uh, no.
No, you shouldn't plan
something like that.
It should just happen.
Is it just me or...
does the town seem dimmer?
[Ben] No, it isn't just you.
But if I can get
those new brighter lights
to work,
then maybe I can save
this place.
What do you mean save it?
You didn't answer me before.
What's happening, Ben?
We'll talk.
Come on, what's going on?
If we don't turn things around
by the New Year's,
Simmons is going to have to...
Simmons is going to have to go
to the highest bidder.
Why didn't you tell me this?
Why didn't
why didn't anyone tell me this?
I already told you why.
And, really, if I did,
what difference
would it have made?
Would you
would you have come back?
That's not the point.
Who's bidding?
Oh, come on, Ben!
We don't have a choice, Emma.
And I don't have
a choice either.
If the factory closes,
I'm going to have to accept
the job they offered me,
no matter how bad it pains me.
And I don't want that.
So, if we want to get
our town and our factory
back to where it was...
...then we've got to realize
my father's plans, right?
So then you'd better
figure out
how to make
those new lights work.
And I will do everything I can
to brighten this place up.
You got it, boss.
I'm over here.
Girl! I got
the greatest tree ever!
It's over 20 feet!
What? For what? Your house!
Okay, so I went down
to City Hall.
They were so happy to see me!
Of course.
Okay, anyway,
so I went down to city hall,
and I said to them
that I cannot in good conscience
allow them to cancel
the Christmas Eve party
and the treelighting ceremony.
So guess what?
It's back on! Yeah!
I'm going to call the school
and tell them that the kids
better get
their creative caps on.
I gotta still close the shop.
Nice shirt.
Nice shirt.
So how's it going?
Any luck?
Not really.
How about you?
Well, actually,
I've had some success.
Oh, yeah.
So, anything I can do
around here to help?
Yeah, sure.
I mean, if you know anything
about 20gauge copper wiring
and filaments.
Don't forget about
the copper contacts
and the injection molding.
Whose baby girl am I?
Right. Touche.
Of course.
Okay, uh...
What are we doing?
Okay, well, first of all,
you can wrap this
around the base, okay?
Make sure it's nice and tight.
You are so passionate
about this.
I am. I mean,
for me,
there's no better feeling
than seeing your creation
light up for the first time.
You know, it's kind of like...
Yeah, exactly.
So you think this magic
is ready to be tested?
I think so.
Born ready.
Three, two...
That's not magic,
that's smoke.
Maybe it's the type of wiring
or the wattage.
[Heather] Hello?
Ben, are you in
I've been texting you.
[Heather] We were supposed
to meet for coffee.
Oh, my gosh.
I am so sorry.
I must have lost track of time.
We've just been here
working on these new lights...
Emma, I didn't realize
you were an engineer as well.
Oh, no.
I'm just my father's child.
I don't know
if you guys realize,
but my uncle was an engineer.
Is that right?
He worked on tankers,
so... I also know
a thing or two.
This connection...
No, no, no!
No, no, no!
No, no, no!
Don't touch it!
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks.
Maybe instead of coffee,
we could meet for tea
or a dessert later tonight?
I have the open house
at Emma's.
Oh, no. I can...
I can handle that.
I appreciate that, Emma,
but I did set up
to meet a few good prospects,
so I think it would reflect
poorly if I wasn't there.
Of course.
Tomorrow morning.
Before work.
Sounds good.
And I won't forget
to set my reminder.
All right then.
I'll keep you posted
on the open house?
Thank you.
Good luck...
with all this.
We're goSo...eed it.
back to making magic?
I think we've done
enough damage for today.
Next time, no explosions.
[Ben] I know
what will cheer you up.
Why don't you come with me
to my parents' house
for dinner tonight?
I know they'd love to have you.
Oh, I would love to see them.
And they'd love to see you.
I don't want
to put your mom out.
You know, if she's not
expecting company,
I don't want to throw her off.
Emma, when I'm coming home
for dinner,
my mom cooks enough
for a week.
And besides,
you're not company,
you're practically family.
Come on!
Mom? Dad?
[Mom] You know where I am
in the kitchen.
I hope you remembered
to bring the Tupperware
I sent you home with
so I can fill it up again.
I did, I did.
And I brought one for Emma.
I would never turn down
leftovers of your stew,
Mama Leo.
Emma Simmons!
Let me look at you.
Carl, get in here!
[Dad] I just pulled out
the hot plate from the buffet
if that's what you're wondering.
Hi, son.
[Mom] Forget that.
Look who's here.
If it isn't little Em'.
[Emma] Carl!
Are you back for Christmas?
I'm not sure.
Of course, she is, aren't you?
It's been far too long
since you've been home
for the holidays.
What, about three years now?
Yes, sir.
That's right.
The last holiday we saw you
was at the town Christmas party
the year we got so much snow,
everyone had to snowshoe
to Main Street.
My dad had to get all of
our old skis out of the attic.
Ben hitched a sleigh
to the back of his truck
and hauled all the kids
from school
so they wouldn't miss it.
That was a fun time.
Even better,
your father spiked the eggnog.
Oh, no, sir!
Not my Daddy!
Oh, yes!
All right, you three,
head on in
and have a seat at the table
before my stew boils down.
There we are.
Good to have you back.
[Emma] It's good to be here.
We got all night to catch up.
Mama Leo, I almost forgot
how good your cooking is.
It is truly a shame
that you did not pass
any of those skills on
to your son.
I am stuffed, honey.
Listen, I tried,
but I couldn't get
his head out of the clouds
or whatever else
was going on up there
long enough to teach him.
Thank goodness, your father
harnessed all that.
Thank goodness, Ben stayed.
[Carl] Yeah.
[Emma] Simmons Lights
is incredibly lucky to have him.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
None of us would even be here
if it wasn't for that factory.
So cheers to Simmons.
To Simmons.
Cheers! Cheers!
By the way,
I'm sure I saw a tree standing
in front of the church today.
I thought that was canceled.
It was.
But I went down there,
and I told them
that as long as I'm here,
we're gonna keep
that tradition.
That's my girl.
Baby girl,
I hope you don't go anywhere,
'cause tradition is exactly
the glue this town needs
to stay together.
Hear, hear.
We're gonna need
a little more than that.
This one will be for you.
Thank you.
You always did
take such good care of us.
Well, I just wish Ben
had someone to look after him
other than me.
Look at him out there
changing that bulb.
How is he?
He's hard on himself.
Worries about
keeping Simmons afloat.
I'm sure after seeing you here,
it's much better now.
He misses you.
We all do.
This town just isn't the same
without a Simmons.
Maybe I can...
I don't know,
extend my stay a little longer.
You know if you do,
there's always a spot for you
to hang your stocking.
And always a seat for you
at the table.
I know.
Thank you.
no need to thank family.
[Carl snoring]
Now, I can hear Carl snoring
in that armchair from here,
so I'd better get
the old man off to bed.
He's getting it in.
[Emma] Hey.
Hey, you.
Did my mom haul my dad
out of the armchair yet?
She's on it right now.
Every year.
Thank you.
Oh, yeah. Thank you....
...for bringing me
here tonight.
It's just like old times, huh?
It felt good.
It feels good to me, too.
[cell phone ringing]
You should probably get that.
It's all right.
We've been texting all day.
I'll call him back later.
You know, that whole
partnership with him
sounds like a great opportunity.
It is, actually.
So I'm sure you're hoping
Heather had
a successful open house.
I guess.
So why are you...
making such an effort
in this town
if you're just
going back to Phoenix?
I hadn't planned on it.
When I got back here...
...I realized it's still home.
My greatgrandfather's factory
brought people here for work.
A town was created.
I can't just throw that away.
So, I thought I'd just,
you know,
see what I could do
while I was here.
And if the lights
don't work, well...
Emma, I can't guarantee
they will.
It will not be the first time
I've been disappointed.
what is it?
'Cause I know you,
and I know there's got to be
more to why you went
800 miles to Phoenix...
a place that couldn't possibly
be more different
than your hometown.
When my mom got sick,
I was only eight years old.
I remember that.
And I would remember
all the times that my dad
would tell that story,
when he was decorating the tree,
about my greatgrandfather
getting his son better...
when he would string up
all those painted lights.
So I tried it.
I decorated my mom's room
with lights.
It didn't work.
Until then, I had believed
every word that my dad
and my whole family
had said for generations
about lights.
And how magical they are.
But after that...
I wanted
nothing to do with them.
Why didn't you ever
tell me this?
I'm sorry.
But it was mine...
and I buried it.
My dad didn't even know.
The crazy thing is...
I want to believe again.
I really do.
I'm gonna go.
I'm gonna make you
believe again.
I promise.
I'm gonna go home.
[Nate] Emma, there you are.
What's going on?
I mean, you haven't returned
my text messages.
I know, I know,
and I'm really sorry.
It's been busy.
Busy with the sale, I hope.
So how's it going?
it's going.
As in going, going, gone?
Not yet.
Hey, um...
do you believe in magic?
Look, Emma, I believe
that you can make
magic happen, okay?
Like selling
that house of yours.
You just can't give up.
You know, Nate,
you actually kind of
make sense right now.
Thank you.
Always happy to help.
I'll keep you posted.
Hey, guys!
Ah, there you are!
All right, kids,
Ms. Simmons is here
to get you all started on what?
[children] Tree decorations!
Yes, yes, yes!
So let's get started
so we can make
that tree shine so bright!
Let's do it.
Oh, look at these.
Here you go.
My mom says you're going
to light up the whole town
brighter than it's ever been.
Did she say that, now?
She says it's your "density."
You just don't know it.
It seems you've created
quite a stir here, Emma.
Not just in my classroom.
My own grandkids
weren't coming this year
for the holidays,
but when they found out
that the tree ceremony
was on again,
they begged my son
to bring them.
So your efforts
are making a real buzz.
Near and far.
You just gave me a great idea.
Oh, Ms. Fisher!
Oh, thank you!
All right...
Okay, kids, let's make
Cherry Creek sparkle!
[children] Yay!
Very nice.
Oh, oh, oh. Almost.
There you go.
Think we got enough
lights on there?
I wrapped it in about 3,000.
Double the recommended
lighting per foot.
Oh, it's perfect.
Standards are not meant
for Cherry Creek.
We need this tree to shine.
For a lot of reasons.
What you got
up your sleeve, Simmons?
I called the local press,
and I told them
that Simmons Lights
has an announcement.
You didn't?
I did.
Why not, huh?
I mean, we need
to create a buzz,
and people need...
they need to get excited.
It's time
for people to remember
that Simmons is still
the name in Christmas lights.
I'm not giving up, are you?
Six, five, four,
three, two, one...
[crowd cheering]
Great job.
Looks beautiful.
That tree
is definitely not standard.
Looks like another Simmons
is finding a way to shine.
This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
Christmas may have come
early for us.
We have a very interested buyer
from the open house
the other night.
Oh, great.
Yeah, he'd like to come
take another look
at the house tomorrow.
Sure. Of course.
Okay, great.
And Ben?
Maybe we can go
for that coffee afterwards?
Yeah, yeah.
That would be good.
Excuse me.
Emma Simmons?
Hi. I'm Katy Jenkins
from Channel 37 News.
Yes, hello.
We're ready for you if you are.
Okay, yes.
Oh, you know what,
I would really like
to include our head engineer,
Ben Shields,
in the interview.
Uh, wait.
No, no, you don't have to.
I do.
Great. Follow me.
Right here.
Yeah, great, and just
a little bit closer.
Yeah. That's it.
We got this.
Okay, so I'll introduce you,
and then both of you
can take it away.
Take what away exactly?
We're good.
I'm here in Cherry Creek
for the town's
annual tree lighting,
compliments of the oldest name
in Christmas lights,
who have a very special
announcement to make
and here to make it
is Emma Simmons herself.
So, Emma what do you have
in store for us?
Well, we have
a new and exciting light
that will outshine
all the holiday lights
on the market
and make them even seem
a little dull in comparison.
Wow. Sounds
absolutely brilliant.
And when will we be treated
to this spectacle?
Christmas, of course.
Of course.
Well, there you have it.
Simmons will be turning on
its newest
and brightest lights
just in time to light up
the holidays this Christmas.
That was great.
Thanks so much.
Thank you.
Come on.
Okay, I know,
and I don't want to add
any pressure to you,
I really don't,
but, Ben, I just feel like
this isthis is our shot.
You're right.
And I get it.
I mean, look
look at all their faces.
It's like they're starting
to believe again.
And we can't let them down.
And we won't.
[Lily] So, I guess you guys
have another project.
That we do.
If you guys can pull this off,
I promise I will wear
the exact replica
of my costume
from Ms. Fisher's class
to the Christmas Eve party.
Not the one you wore
when you played
the ghost of Christmas past?
That's the one!
[Phil] Oh, that is way too good
to pass up.
Bud, we have to make sure
this thing happens now.
No doubt.
You better get to sewing, Lily.
Oh, it's on.
I have the material
and everything.
Stop teasing.
I'm not, I never tease.
All right, here we go.
Simmons on three.
One, two, three!
I can't wait to see this. Wow!
[Heather] And don't forget
about the back deck.
It's a great spot to barbecue
for you and your kids.
I'll let you take another look,
okay, so you can soak it all in.
[man] Great. Thank you.
You know, because of the way
you've dressed up this town,
I have been getting
a lot more calls
from interested buyers.
Are you still selling
this place?
What do you mean?
It seems to me
like your heart isn't in it.
And I'm just wondering
where it is.
Emma sure outdid herself
the other night
with that tree ceremony.
I know.
I just hope we didn't overdo it
with that press statement.
I heard because of that
we've had people calling in
to human resources,
inquiring about job interviews.
For real?
That's right.
Seems to me she's gotten
pretty invested in the place.
She's already got a partner
waiting for her
back in Phoenix, Phil.
Well, maybe
she'll keep him waiting
if you told her how you felt.
[doorbell rings]
What a wonderful surprise.
I hope so.
I'm not interrupting anything?
Oh, of course not.
Come on in here.
I was just making
a few batches of my eggnog
for the Christmas Eve Party,
and I thought how much
I'd love to raise a glass,
but, of course,
Carl was asleep, so...
here I am.
In all your glory!
Come on in
and I will get us some glasses.
Now, he is still planning
on dressing up as Santa
for the party, right?
Well, he is if he can
stay awake long enough.
I tell you,
I've been telling that man
to retire for years now.
Well, you know
better than that.
You know those two.
My Daddy would never
have retired either.
So, how goes it
with these Christmas lights
I keep hearing about?
I don't know.
Poor Ben,
he's under so much pressure
to get all those lights
finished by Christmas
and that's in three days.
Why did I even say
Never mind.
He'll manage.
Don't you worry.
But what if he doesn't?
I mean, does he
would he take that job
at Thompsons?
He's been at Simmons
I mean, since he was a kid
when he was interning for Daddy.
There's no doubt
it would be hard.
On everyone.
But you're right.
It would be the hardest on Ben.
And he'd never take it
unless he had to.
Ben, he holds on.
Like you.
He never let you go.
Don't give me
that look, Emma Simmons,
'cause I see
the way he looks at you.
Like he always has.
And by the way,
I saw the way
you looked at him, too.
I gotta get back
to the factory.
You have been working
extra hard
at the factory these days.
Does that have anything to do
with these Christmas lights
everyone's been talking about?
Pretty much.
Well, it must be nice
to have an actual Simmons
in town.
I mean Emma, of course.
You know, Ben...
I like you, a lot,
and I think you like me, too.
I do.
Except you shouldn't
have to set up a reminder
that we have a date.
I know, my head
has just been spinning
with all these new lights and...
And Emma?
I'm sorry, Heather.
I understand.
And I'm not looking
for an apology.
What I'm looking for
is someone whose head will spin
a little because of me.
Of course.
You're right.
I shouldn't have to be reminded.
Then let's make this easier
on the both of us.
Emma! Hey!
Look at this.
You are good for business,
so it looks like
you cannot leave,
otherwise, you're going
to make me bankrupt.
No pressure!
I'm gonna come back later
'cause you're really busy.
No, no, no, no!
My parttimer is right here.
Just give me a second.
[phone ringing]
Hey, Heather.
I have great news.
Remember that kind of cute guy
from the house the other day?
Well, he wants to make an offer.
Over asking.
Yeah, that's great.
I know.
Can I tell him we have a deal?
I'm sorry, but no... I...
I've got too much to figure out.
I understand,
but we can't wait
too long, Emma.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
[Nate] An offer over asking?
Where I'm from,
that is a done deal.
Nate Scott.
Heather Clarkson.
Are you okay?
Follow me.
I know what we can do
to cheer you up.
Come on.
his is your idea
of getting my mind off things?
I just have to make a pickup
and I need you to help me.
[Ben] All right, this works.
[Lily] Whoohoo!
All right, boys.
All work and no play
makes for a very dull holiday,
so you're both coming with us.
We've still
got to test these lights.
Uh, uh, uh.
If they're going to work,
they're going to work later on,
and if not,
you'll get back
to the drawing board,
but to do that,
you need a clear head,
so come on!
Whoo! Let's do this!
Don't fight her, my friend.
You know it's futile.
[tweets whistle]
Alrighty, here ya go.
Now, just remember,
no walking on the pavement
unless you have the guards on.
Can we use them on the ice?
You a rookie
all of a sudden, Simmons?
I haven't done this in ages.
Just think of it
like roller skating.
[Lily] Exactly.
You'll be so focused
on not falling
that you won't be able
to about anything else.
[Aurora] Some of Edna's Edibles
to give you wings on the ice?
By the way,
Kathy's on the phone.
Thanks to Simmons Lights'
food donation,
she has reached
her Christmas goal
of 500 pounds of food
for families in need.
Give yourselves
a merry hoho.
Hi, everyone.
We did it!
I never lost the faith.
I knew Cherry Creek
still had the spirit.
Thank you guys so, so much.
I love you all,
and I wish you a blessed
and very merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
I'll talk to you soon.
[Phil] Come on, darlin',
let's fly.
You good?
I got you.
All right, don't look at them,
look at me.
You got this.
Take your time.
All right, take your time.
There you go.
[Phil] Okay, okay.
Let me get this straight.
It was you who put the ski wax
on the bottom of my toboggan
and not Ben?
Guilty as charged.
Come on, man,
it's not like I'm gonna let
Emma take the heat
for all that, right?
Aw, so chivalrous.
Hey, that toboggan
almost sent me
right into downtown Denver.
Yes, it did!
Oh, you guys,
this is so good,
especially with
a little bit of cayenne.
You know you want some.
Try it.
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on.
That whole sweet and spicy stuff
is all you, girl.
Well, don't you knock it.
I know, I know,
you know what you like.
That's right, I do.
Well, Phil and I
should get home
to relieve the babysitter.
Oh, I'm sure she'll be fine
if we stay out a bit long
[Lily kicks Phil]
[Lily] We're going to go.
But this was a blast.
Thank you.
[Lily] Hey, I hope
we can do this again.
[Lily] And again and again.
Good to see you guys.
All right, get out of here.
See you guys.
Oh, man, I love those two.
Yeah, Phil's been
a real lifesaver at work.
You know, Lily was right.
We really needed this.
You know you've done more
than anyone else ever could have
for Simmons Lights, right?
Emma, your dad
has been so good to me.
Because he loved you,
like a son.
I loved him like a father.
What in the world?
Nate? What are you doing here?
[Nate] I just thought
I'd check in on my girl.
See if I could be of any help
with this sale.
Uh, Nate, this is Ben.
Ben, this is Nate.
Hey there.
Pleasure to meet you.
And you.
So, I hear you got an offer
over asking.
That's great.
Hey, when an opportunity
like that comes knocking,
you should
really take it, right?
Or you could just
stick with what you've got,
'cause, I mean,
the grass may not be greener.
I'm gonna call it a night.
I'm gonna tinker
a little bit more,
tomorrow's the big day and all.
nice to meet you.
congratulations on that offer.
Don't look at me like that.
The reason why I hadn't
accepted the offer on the house
is because I'm just
Look, I had a nice chat
with Heather
when I first got here,
and she seems to know
why you've been hesitating
on this sale.
And I think I do, too.
Anyway, I guess I'd better go
and check into my hotel.
Wait, wait, wait a minute.
You're staying?
Yeah. Why not?
I mean, it looks like this place
does Christmas up real nice.
And besides,
I hear there's gonna be
a lot of opportunity here soon.
[Heather] And this right here
is the Christmas shop.
It's open yearround.
And then up ahead,
around the corner,
you'll see...
All right.
Is it working okay?
Are these our lights?
They are.
Took all the crew we had
to turn this many out.
But if they work,
it should be all we need
to get the effect we want.
Then let's get them unloaded.
Merry Christmas, everybody.
[crowd] Merry Christmas!
It's been a bit of a struggle
the last few years, huh?
And I'm sorry that I wasn't...
here with you,
but it kind of seems like
no matter where we are...
we're just kind of
coasting through life.
Numb isn't the new joy.
Finding my father's plans
for this new, brighter light...
I discovered what he was
trying to tell all of us.
Think about how you
and others around you respond
when light is shining
so bright
from within.
Remember your inner light.
When I was a little girl,
my family taught me the song
"This Little Light of Mine."
And it's okay
if your light is little,
because if you share it,
you create...
So, tonight, Simmons Lights
proudly launches a new light,
brighter than this country
has ever seen,
so I'm going turn it over now
to the man who saw
my father's vision through,
a man who I think
is the most brilliant light
in Cherry Creek.
Mr. Ben Shields.
let's count down.
They really worked!
You did it, buddy.
Not without your help, bro.
Thanks, but it was all you.
And her.
Well, it looks really great,
doesn't it?
[Emma] It really does.
Congratulations, Emma.
You did it.
Thank you.
Well, now, you know, I...
I didn't have anything,
really, to do.
It was you and Ben.
You two lit the town up.
So if I were you,
I wouldn't sell.
And I second that.
I think you two
just might be right.
I'm really glad
I made the trip out here, Emma,
and I got to tell you,
I... I get why you love
this place so much.
And now that
it's about to go off the hook,
I think...
you need
a great real estate team.
So, Heather, tell me,
are you happy over at Bimark?
Because Emma could really
use some help
with our new
Cherry Creek office.
You, my friend, are incredible.
Thanks, Phil.
The Internet is buzzing,
and Simmons already has
its own hashtag.
You know what this means, right?
You can't leave.
This town needs you.
He's right.
I would never pressure you...
Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls,
I would like to introduce you...
to the Ghost of Christmas Past.
Thank you, Mrs. Fisher!
I told you I would do it!
Yes, you did!
Light me up, baby!
Oh, my gosh, honey.
Thank you!
Look at this.
This is perfect.
You look so good.
I, um...
I know you have a life
in Phoenix.
But I didn't want you leaving
without me telling you
how I really feel.
'Cause I know you...
...better than anyone else.
No matter
what's in Phoenix for you...
I know...
that this is where you belong.
With me.
I know a few thing, too.
I know I love this town.
I know I love everyone in it.
I love the lights
that we create...
...that shine so bright.
I love you.
I love you, Ben.
So is this where
you sweep me up to the rooftop,
plan on another kiss?
You can't plan
something like that.
It just has to happen.
Merry Christmas, Emma.
Merry Christmas, Ben.