You May Not Kiss the Bride (2011) Movie Script

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- You two looks amazing!
- Like a perfect couple.
C'mon you guys! This is
the wedding day. Smile!
This is not working.
Mr. Pig! Mr. Piggy! C'mon!
Everyone likes Mr. Piggy.
Up here!
What are you doing, Tony?
They have to kiss passionately.
Out of the picture, Tony.
And start.
How long have they been dating?
After all, it must be informed by seven.
I'm trying to figure out how long
should mingle before the wedding.
Give it here.
Please help a little bit, guys.
Sit down properly.
What are you doing? Sorry.
Stop Dancing.
I like the espresso very much.
It is a strong and enjoyable hair.
I see that you, Agent Ross
you consider the usual coffee...
keep but Meyers
latte and a lot more of the sweet.
For this reason, I became a
citizen of the United States.
America is an alternative country.
The Croatian coffee tastes like
Why exactly did you want to
meet with us, Mr. Nikitin?
You and your wife already
have foreign citizenship.
I don't know anything we can help you with
I want my daughter Masha to receive
the same without downtime.
What do you suggest?
Liver like that.
I understand that this service
usually costs $ 10,000.
Whatever your opinion
it is to overtake the immigration laws...
we usually do not have to speed up the
any civil applications.
We could even arrest you.
We keep an eye on your daughter.
You said that they could buy. Rumor has it that.
I'm looking for someone else.
My daughter is now regarded as an eye.
We have to find another way.
The sooner this is done, the sooner you
It will only pick on you.
Give me a kiss.
Rapsuta between the hind legs, and poses...
Between the rear legs?
Tickle is normal.
I'm not a tickler type..
You have your dog, you can tickle.
Advertisement promised satisfaction.
By the way I do not pay.
I can I tickle your dog.
Generally make the first dinner.
That's it.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Hierotko dog's bundle of joy?
By the way, it does not cooperate.
That's the next customer.
Show costumes, but do not bring in here.
Tjoin kjissan kjuvattavaksi.
I like the accents.
It seems to be a Venezuelan?
All right! It should be rerub.
It growled all the time.
Like a pirate. Meilaan images.
Ballerina or an angel?
I said that the cat may be imported!
Here, Brutus.
- Stop, kjissimirri!
- Brutus!
Staff only
I have to go,
I am late model or part thereof.
I'm sorry the whole hassle.
It's okay, accidents do happen.
Why are not you already asked me out?
I have been assistant month.
Oh, and you've been...
Very creative relationship squeaky toys.
You are talented.
I not feel attractive?
You are, but not a good idea...
I feel
that is a strong connection between us.
If I moved to you,
I never miss his work.
However, the alarm clock function.
Think about it.
Display language.
You suffer from stress.
You have no idea.
Chi is not in balance. All it takes is
This is my first time.
Does it hurt?
No pain. Close your eyes. Relax.
Do not seem too bad.
You look stressed out.
Do you need help?
Do you like borscht?
Family Recipe.
I am Vlatko Nikitin.
Brick Land and Oleg are alaisiani.
Call me Brickiksi.
What do you want? This is an interception.
After all. You came here
voluntarily to indemnify.
Compensate? I did not do anything.
Tell me it is my wife's cat.
I'm sorry. The new assistant...
Cat is worthless. Dubrovnik
at a cost of 3 kuna. So, 54 cents.
Auricular veterinary fees.
It's just a cat.
I prefer the goats. But my wife
Boris The stage is sad.
You should be aware, Mr. Nik... Nicotine.
How can I compensate for this?
The easiest way is to let boys treat
cement shoes and a swimming trip.
Aha! Oh...
What is the second easiest?
Marry my daughter, Masha.
I'm sorry?
Mashalla a visa problem.
Should we get married,
in order to receive a residence permit?
Year after the federal repeal of
, and our accounts are clear.
I have not even met him.
It's just a sham marriage.
Masha women after Bricklandin.
Brick Land is like my own son...
but very jealous.
I would not recommend
any sexual activity...
Or he will kill you
very unpleasant way.
I'm sorry, but the debate is over.
I am sorry for the cat, but...
You do not know who I am.
Many influential men have
been trying to deceive me.
And where are they now?
Who knows?
You're not a man of consequence.
You're smart.
Yes You make the right decision.
Let us live forever.
Who the hell is this?
I, the mother.
You better be in trouble,
when you call at this time.
I have a mask on the face!
I have to marry a Croatian girl, or I die.
Then go get married.
Did not you hear?
This is good news.
Her father would kill me.
Do you love him?
I've never met him.
The story is complex.
The same old hymn every time.
Is he old enough to become a mother?
Eastern Europeans are fertile.
This is not helping matters.
How did he look like?
I do not know, but
his mother does not bode well.
Of all the ugly, it's just a matter of time
. Is he rich?
His father is a crime boss.
So the money is enough.
Are you even listening?
Do you have other women?
I do not have time to wait for
Forget it, I do not touch him.
Your father is kind of listened to.
You will be conceived for
honeymooners in the elevator.
I had the elevator button after-
on my forehead for two days.
That would not have needed to hear.
The men are afraid of commitment.
Marry him, else I will not say.
Do you like the machine?
I got it for half the price.
You made the sleek shops.
Yes, something at least flowed.
The wedding is two weeks from now.
Brick Land wants to be the best man.
Give this Mashalle.
It will convince the authorities.
Do you want to call witnesses?
I do not.
I am an only child.
Father is gone and the mother is...
Okay, meeting's over. Check-out.
What do you mean you're
going to get married?
I will get married.
How long have you married him?
How long? How long?
We have not yet had sex.
Why? Is he or virgin?
- Is he sexy?
- He is a Croat.
Does she speak English?
Let's hope.
Tilasitko him to Ebay?
I do not.
Why then did not identify him?
The situation is complex.
I'm not stupid, Bryan.
If you want to leave, you do not need
to come up with kruusialaista virgins.
Croatian Constitution.
I do not invent him.
I have never been.
I am the deceased!
But we are not even seeing anybody.
You can leave me, if you want.
Why would I do it?
- I love you.
- Look here, Tony.
You think I understand
the relationship abuse.
I do not know many at all this,
but I know the men. You want me to.
, Unfortunately, I do not want to.
I will get married.
After all, it is seen.
What's over there talking about?
Let's go through it one more time.
We met ballet presentation.
It was "Gazelle".
"Giselle" Joffrey Ballet!
Is it to be the ballet?
Masha loves to dance!
Exactly the same. We went to the ballet,
we started to pick out...
Where Kosit him?
Ukraine a comparable bistro.
Ukraine a comparable tavern.
Favorite drink?
I know this . Stav... Do not say that.
Stavlenniy myod.
- Favorite color?
- Blue.
Red! It is the final answer.
What he hates the most?
Big British villains.
Game Men! He hates them. Play with
the calculator, it was a bad joke.
Listen to me.
You will meet Masha's nightclub.
Present knew well.
Lost but if too far, the crusher you!
Right. Thank you for
your encouragement, sir.
Would help the issue, if I
knew what he looks like.
In my eyes he is
the world's most beautiful woman.
Hi, I'm Bryan.
Brick told me about you a lot.
Zoya? Do not you not Masha?
- Zoya.
- Awesome!
Ohjaatko us to the table, Anya?
Come on.
Thank you.
That's the embarrassment.
I did not know what you look like.
You seem disappointed.
I'm not. English is perfect.
Nanny was an American.
You look just like I thought.
I went to see your Facebook profile.
It was hen. Cowboy Boots
had a friend, and we are not together.
You're only here because of the cat.
I am sorry.
It's all right. No offense, but
I do not want to get married.
I know that you are a photographer
and your eyes are hazel...
But it's not a good enough reason.
I think it would become a citizen
legally in less than years from now...
but that was before the father tried to
bribe the immigration authorities to.
I told him to stay away
from the matter, but...
There are two men, who
are watching us.
Behave normally.
What do we do now?
Allow them to watch.
I do not, then nothing Barysnikov.
- Just relax.
- Okay.
Oh, all right.
No, no.
Is not it good business?
- Follow me.
- Okay.
Follow a slow rhythm.
They noticed us? Just be sure.
They are skilled to leave. Who?
The immigration officers.
So, all right.
Better, however, to be sure.
The route is clear, is seen at a wedding.
Mr. Lighthouse, we have
Ross Meyers and immigration.
Do you plan to get married
Masha Nikitin with?
Yes I will.
We are seeing anybody couple of months.
She hates men in the game.
Where did you meet?
Joffrey Ballet.
"The Nutcracker" was in the software.
There when "Gazelle" ie "Giselle".
Three ballet one.
You too So do ballet.
I do not. I got a free ticket and I
thought that maybe I would meet Croatian.
And this was the case.
What is this about?
You know, yes. Masha's visa will expire on
and the wedding of the authorization.
Was his father
money to a girl married to?
Give us a break... Nikitin is a
crime against the world's bosses.
Alleged extortion and murder.
Do you want her vvykseen?
How much did he have to shell out?
No, I swear.
But he will pay an expensive
honeymoon in the South Sea.
Do not you know his honeymoon?
My Nikon? Of course, I know.
I just do not know
that he will pay for everything.
Pila Then to his surprise.
End up in prison, while if you are lying.
Or you will die.
He does not let you find out alive.
If you have been forced into, you will get a
immunity from prosecution. So help against.
What you long for assistance?
Explain the Nikitin transactions.
Bank accounts, money laundering, all.
I'm sorry, but I am not under pressure to
. I love Mashaa.
Right. But think about it.
but I do not have to hide.
What are you doing here?
I'm looking for catnip. Is there?
I do not have catnip.
You look great... In a way.
But you have to leave.
Put me positions and shoot me if you want.
You have got to go, Tony.
If you care about me, forget me.
I do not give it up easily.
Welcome! I want to raise the cup's
satisfaction substances. Za mladenci!
Za mladenci!
Za mladenci!
I love you, appiukko!
This is a private occasion.
- Okay...
- Mrs. Lighthouse!
Kehuinko already, how beautiful you are?
Before you dragged the drunk?
That's me. Luba Chernobyl.
Examine me, if you want.
You have with you is
definitely fun to be married.
Good luck!
Gorko, gorko, gorko!
Can not...
Who is gorko?
It means that the wine is sour.
Bride be kiss
until it is fresh. Slavic tradition.
After all, I follow the tradition.
Take it easy. Make him what you want, when
citizenship is acquired.
I love this woman!
I want to toast the groom.
We have divided
many intimate moments.
Has been involved in many animals.
That evening, when the framework
me kitten...
was unforgettable.
It seems that
he has a girl in hand is worth two.
Cover it.
I'm getting Mr. Pig's whining.
Not! I do not give up you!
Sorry about that.
He is a former assistant.
He's crazy. He believes that there
is a ratio of, but it's not true.
I've loved only one woman in
my mother's in addition to...
and today I was lucky enough to
to go with him to get married.
Stop it. It is celebrated! These are
Credibly represent and warrant
that you love my daughter.
I have no choice.
My wife is a good human expert.
He sees what he sees,
even when you're blind to it.
I do not love Mashaa.
Honeymoon not occur no.
Why then do we leave?
The state should not doubt.
The subject is far away.
Ehkeivt as they are.
I like your eye on. Make sure that
the little-Bryan win big-Bryania.
If you and your bags
understand the situation.
Do not worry,
I'm not interested in him.
"What did he say?
'Take care of Mashastamme"
" or else you suffer more
than you can imagine."
It is believed in him as saying.
You were silent during the entire flight.
You were gone out of the flight.
Can we talk about this?
What? We present our continent.
We spend a lot of time together.
Can we try to be friends?
Let's see.
Can I help you?
We have a flight at eleven
Lover's Bay Resort, Sleep Hivaan.
Marquesas Flights have been
canceled due to weather.
But you can try to book a room here
Reach there some other way?
Ernesto can fly you there.
Who is Ernesto?
Ernesto Esteban Cruz.
As with Penlope Cruz.
He was awarded an Oscar.
I looked Doppler, it monitors the storm
. It is on its way to the south.
, It should override the Nuku Hiva
hair to hair.
You will receive a guided tour, a
private flight and free sandwiches.
Ham and cheese.
Should we try?
Is it safe for sure?
I have never lost a passenger.
" On the left you will see
the island of Hiva oan."
"This is the second largest
Marquesassaarten ."
"How much farther is it?
'Beautiful island of Bora Bora"
" will be displayed shortly on the right,
it belongs to Society Islands."
Bora Bora Hivasta Sleep is far.
Do you know where we are?
Not really,
devices do not work.
Would you like a sandwich?
Do the devices work?
Do not.
There is a ham and cheese...
and cheese only.
Do we fall, we?
It sounds like a negative.
Prefers the term "catastrophic mistake".
It is a professional.
Get ready!
Welcome to the Sleep Hivaan.
Greetings from Tahiti.
Tahiti SHINE.
We're here.
Thank you.
Service charge.
It is not included in the price.
Tahiti, according to the
book does not give tip.
Do you believe in the book, or Ernesto?
We were to die many times!
You're honeymooners.
Better Aphrodisiac not to look.
See, it works already.
Enter now.
Gracias. A nice honeymoon.
Pedal once for me.
Con su Permiso.
Do not even think about it.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Brick that it is a favorite.
Because it arouses passion?
I like the taste of it. Are you up to?
I'd love to.
I have never had such a beautiful place
Honeymoon of your dreams would be a village,
and dance barefoot in the moonlight.
I do not see Brick agreeing to.
I will not marry with the Brick.
I'm going to marry the man she loves with.
I like your idea, in fact
honeymooners in the jungle.
Do you like?
I like, I wanted a photographer.
National Geographic, and I was going to see the world.
Contrary to what happened.
I take pictures of pets
tyhmiss clothes.
After getting citizenship, I open
a dance school. I was lucky.
My parents paid tuntini.
I want to give other children the same.
It's great, really cutting edge.
A toast for finding happiness.
Good, my passion wakes up.
Not robe because I did not feel.
I can not believe was married.
I'm not.
Okay, you get a bed.
I sleep in an armchair.
- Are you sure?
- All yours.
Where you going?
A breath of fresh air.
Day has been a long,
I almost died.
Do not monitor, waiting for the gold.
- Do you take more?
- Absolutely.
Thank you, Al.
Laitetaanko room spike?
Place, 12 bungalow.
Bridal Suite.
Where is your wife?
My wife... He sleeps.
It was a long
and he is at the very end.
In fact, I pstisi man out,
if it is my honeymoon.
Time naughty.
You long to more romance.
You have no idea.
Where can he be?
Dancing. She is a dancer.
And it sucks, I can not dance.
It is easily reversible.
Where are we headed?
For dance lesson.
It does not seem to be a good idea.
You need to relax.
Show me your best.
The best me your motion?
Stop. You gotta be kidding.
I do not, of course.
It's what I thought.
Focus on the music.
And move those hips.
These hips are moving.
And the move.
Close your eyes . And imagine that you are
with your wife.
You can smell her perfume.
You will feel the heat of his skin.
I can feel it.
I can feel it. I dance.
It took barley bread.
Masha, come dance with me.
You've got a couple already had.
He just taught me,
so I could surprise you.
I'm not a naistennaurattaja.
I know that men hate the game.
You do not know anything.
Do what you want, as
long as you do not
compromise the citizenship.
Hinkkaus honeymoon
waiter at the beginning is a stupid.
You're right.
You're right. Sorry.
You look great in that dress.
This is a case of
that I can get citizenship.
And my father, that you pay your debts.
Not about anything else.
Brick Land!
Stews is not enough and goats.
Mary not to talk to the cook.
Have you heard of the liaison officer?
Because of the storm, all is mute.
I do not trust the photographer.
I'm going to keep an eye on him to himself.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I organized you to the broth.
It was my fault.
I know how you can make it up.
Close is a sheltered cove.
It is incredibly romantic.
You can swim in the nude, if you wish.
I think we stay in the pool.
He does not seem to want to see...
Here, I drew the map.
I swear that it will solve
all your problems.
Hi, Mom.
I am lonely. Being here
is just as much fun as hemorrhoids.
Was it worth to hit the police.
I did not drive too fast,
he deserved it. Please be patient.
Dingle plumber. I'm not Walt.
The kitchen sink, the smell of death.
It would not be the first time.
Why else would you answer the phone?
You should trample on your wife.
It's just a transaction.
He did not even like me.
I'm not prevented it, I do not have
dad. But the slow lane.
All I say.
And you had nothing more to say.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Can you grease my back?
Of course.
Excuse me yesterday.
I ylireagoin.
The day was stressful for both.
Let's forget the whole thing.
I heard a very nice lagoon.
It's beautiful.
We can go for a swim down the...
We can go for a swim.
Or whatever you want.
How did you hear about this?
To be honest it is the waiter drew the map.
He felt guilty about yesterday and told
that should appear here.
Here is a splendid thing.
I have. Wait, hold that position.
Beautiful. Okay...
Yes, Mrs. Lighthouse. Well done...
It looks good.
Smile as I was considering, why are you
sailor outfit. Since you are a cat.
Laughing only, it is a job.
And the owners are the only crazy.
Apart from your mother. He is not stupid.
He is the top.
And your father. Do you remember?
"Gorko..." They're not great people.
They are criminals.
But they are my parents.
You are not the only one
which is a family problem.
All they think my dad gone.
But my mother killed her.
Oh, my God.
The mother buried him in the back yard.
The client's two dogs...
digging up his father. They smell the
water from his beard or something.
They ran to the father's bones in his mouth.
It consisted of dog fighting.
You are a terrible liar.
I had to go in therapy.
Ran to the father's bones in his mouth...
Here is a really beautiful.
This is the case.
Stay still.
I'll take two, three... it rains.
Do you know what.
Now, let's do it. Come in water, Rouvas
. Come on!
That only.
It became clear to the whole thing.
What are you doing?
For more of your earnings.
What are? Now I get it.
Here you go!
Yes! A perfect fit!
Flicker. What about now?
Wait. Did you hear that?
I guess it's Brick. What kind of water?
Throw shorts here! I'm serious.
If anyone sees me so, I'm...
Take care too much.
It's just an animal.
Throw shorts here. Masha!
A really fun, Masha.
Where are you?
It's fine.
Lahjapuodista. It is Guccia.
You seem to enjoy the honeymoon.
Have you seen my wife?
Pikkolo just let him inside.
A really fun,
that you left me there.
You Tarzan, me Tonya.
How did you get here?
Bonus Points. Do not say now, that
tossing them in vain.
You have to go.
As soon as the clean puskasi.
- Yes?
- Your mother is here.
Stop. Hi, Mom.
Thank God.
At last you have got started.
I can not talk right now.
Take it easy foreplay.
Hungry everything looks good.
Whether it stuck.
All I say.
Can you pass patukkani?
Stop it! I am married.
Tao, it is already on your head.
It is Masha! Masha?
Where are you, Masha?
We want 10 million
six dollars tomorrow.
Kill him, if you contact
police. Tilinumerotekstarilla.
I plot, I do not have the money.
Find someone, else he will die.
Now you should be aware of the waters.
Who are you?
Where do you take me? Shut up.
Masha have been kidnapped.
Do not look at me.
After all, it seemed to have gone well.
Someone grabbed my wife.
There lagoon. What do you know about it?
I do nothing. And who is he?
His girlfriend. What about you?
You're not my girlfriend!
Calm down and tell me what happened.
What's up?
Your friend was here yesterday and
hinkkasi with the waiter.
Even worse.
He took naisesi jungle.
He returned to his bottom bare
joking, and leaves a blanket.
He's quite a dog.
That's it.
I knew that the union was not authentic.
No one mind would not leave me.
He will die, if I call someone.
The same they always they repeat, the only.
What is the worst thing that can happen?
He can not die!
Do not cry, I'm just trying to help!
How do you get your hands on 10 million?
I do not know. Perhaps apeltani.
Case solved, now room service.
Shut up, Tony!
Masha's father learns that the girl
was abducted in a remote lagoon...
I am being tortured and cut up!
I can not ask money from him.
Then there is only one.
You have to save him.
Do I look like from Batman? I take
pictures of dogs dressed as a pirate.
I know the island inside out,
my cousin as well. We will help you.
You have helped me enough already.
Are you accusing me of everything?
Perhaps it should be.
I just want to improve your association.
After all, you love her.
And not to love. He only helps
girls get a residence permit.
Hiva Sleep is not spoiled size.
We can find him.
Do you have other options?
The door open! Fast. Go ahead.
- What are?
- Go now.
Where are we going? Door open!
Hi, Brick. Why is this joy?
Do not get this wrong.
I slept in an armchair.
You should kill you right away.
I promised...
Hurry up. Jump.
Where is he?
I do not know. It hurts.
Jump! I'll catch you.
Are you crazy?
Good stalls, cougar.
For your information only, that Bryan is mine.
So do not imagine too much.
I just want to help. What about you?
When did you say about time.
I need to find my cousin.
What about me?
Shop for Supplies . Can you survive it?
Better than you, babe.
The last opportunity.
Where is he?
The pool, he is the pool.
It would be the best.
Where is Masha? Tell the truth,
or cut off your neck.
My cousin is here.
He and the waitress trying to rescue the girl.
That is all I know.
There is a cousin.
It is to make a new plan.
Ernesto will help us.
The bird is repaired and ready for takeoff.
I am 68 percent sure.
Almost 70 Well done.
One of the big foreign
tried to kill me. Pool.
He was looking for Sasha or Nashaa...
What did you tell him?
Any. I'm not stupid.
It's all over, I'm dead.
Rescue him and save 10 million
father's money. You will become a hero.
Cast off soon. Otherwise, you have a date
that guy with the fists.
All right, let's go then.
Do not leave me here.
Make a space.
Here we go.
Time to party.
Oh no!
He shoots!
What are you doing? Oh, my God.
Maastoudu, little lady.
I need your feet. This purpose.
- Right.
- You get to drive!
Now the fun part of the unexpected.
What's the fun part?
- We're here.
- Okay.
Is it intact?
Mostly intact than broken.
Are you all right, little lady?
What you did was great.
And it is only the beginning.
Suffer from travel sickness.
I need to get front seat.
And then move.
Another worthwhile to hurry.
We tiessmme,
when he gets here. Who is isukkisi?
Get out of here!
Is there a problem?
ON and OFF. For the most part.
Starts now, babe.
He is approaching.
Come, cousin. Come on, Ernesto.
- The air now!
- Hurry up!
We rise into the air!
I handled it!
This is a lot of fun.
Tell me, carida mi,
how sekaannuit adventure?
He is the son of a girlfriend.
But Bryan is now married to...
I think I'll puke.
Can I have a tequila?
Is that legal?
Not as much fun as my kitchen,
but we do our best.
Do not worry,
he has a good viinap.
Everything is just fine.
Brick call from Tahiti.
He said that it is important.
Boss, Masha has been kidnapped!
Who did it?
He was taken to the plot...
Was going to do what?
Export virginity. The man came back naked.
Tyttystvsuttura And it is here.
Are they involved in this?
Pakkohan they have to be.
What are you doing? What do you want?
Take him less than a!
Hurry up!
Take it off me! Take it off!
The little bug, what a cute.
Take it off!
It's toxic, I'll take it off!
Do you think we saw?
Whether you spunky.
What do you want?
Do you know who my father is?
Sure, babe.
Sievoisen Daddy pays the sum of...
By little.
Do you see anything?
Only the sexy young woman.
You need to eat something.
Is this what you bought?
Me Bitches could not be found.
This is not the food. What do we eat?
I'll handle the matter.
What does he mean?
Is he one of Rambo?
You are a wonderfully primitive.
We still have time tomorrow.
Cape behind a fishing village.
We can go there rest.
Local may have seen something.
Why did you help me?
That is right.
And I owe you one.
You do not know what sekaannutte.
Shut up!
You are a spoiled little princess,
a lesson to be learned.
Hello! Please help me!
Shut up!
I told you to leave him alone.
Stay still!
On your feet on!
There were two Americans
nelivedollaan two days ago.
They bought supplies and
sustainable fishing line.
They went fishing.
They headed to the mountains beings.
They sound like really stupid.
Inland, is a place where surfers
lautojaan worked.
We somehow found it.
We can fly back.
The best surprise them on foot.
How long is the way it is there?
At least a couple of hours.
A couple of hours! Creator!
Shut up!
Are they even the kidnappers?
And whether they are certainly out there?
Do you have a better idea?
I do not mean that the read
"10tapaa to satisfy a man."
At least I do not tickle the dog bags.
I do not kutittanut...
Will you come with us or not?
All right.
But first I need to cool off.
Do you have to cool off?
His words make sense.
I beg your pardon.
What are the chances?
It's not options,
if you want to survive.
It is no longer I.
Did you call the police?
I do not, he was killed.
I should have to call
you in the past, but...
The truth is,
that I think I love your daughter.
I'm trying to find him, but...
The possibilities are great.
If I is not before six...
move the money.
Account number is: 46564...
Did you find him? The helicopter is
on the other side of the island.
Lighthouse is behind everything, such as
He gets paid the ultimate price!
Masha is the only child.
If you can not find Mashaa before six...
I move the money.
Do what you must do.
The helicopter did not return.
He's fine. Is there a problem?
None, which I found out.
I do not want to interrupt your
journey teen, but we have to leave.
Could we try to save his life?
I think I twisted my ankle.
Come on!
We gotta go!
You are really insensitive.
Do not leave me? I will follow.
This is characterized by you!
Even a selfish...
sexist jerk!
Look, I'm not decided, that the men
will improve as they get older.
For women do not experience the same.
I understand.
I need to get to the bathroom!
Treat thing.
And kplsi keep away from him.
Treat, treat.
Where is he?
How else could ankles?
Well, you hurt ankles.
I'm trying to find it. I walk towards it.
I can see the feet.
What a beauty.
I thought I knew all of this island.
The same.
Is everything all right?
My cousin needs to make sense
kalahduksen kalloonsa.
Where is your boyfriend?
Nod, where he is in the village.
Where did he go?
I take a hand off the front of your mouth.
I'll kill you if You scream.
Stay still!
Damn! He is a sought back!
- Who is it?
- I.
Where are you? I'm trying to find you.
There was a good and surfboards.
They will come, I'll call back.
What happened?
I do not remember.
Wait a minute...
Blood returned to the upper end.
Friend's life is saved!
- Yes?
- Where is he?
He got away.
Did? Urpoja What are you?
Get him back. Now!
Thanks a lot, Bryan.
An alien crush my face.
How can I now work as a model?
We gotta go!
Run, run!
Did you find them?
They are in the valley.
- See!
- Maybe we can use it.
I hope it works yet.
- Oh my God!
- Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Try to play!
Masha herein.
Are you all right?
All is well. I was able to get away.
He got away.
Who is behind the kidnapping?
It was...
Hurry up! I dropped the phone!
Hello? Masha?
No more mistakes!
Meloin time with their father.
When a shot is not so much.
What really happened to your father?
He was the South Pole...
and he was attacked by...
flock of penguins. They are not
as cute as you might think.
It was really difficult to put
on our wedding evening dress.
When I looked in the mirror, I just
thought, how he tried to escape from them.
- You and your...
- He's alive!
He went away for a long time ago.
I do not know him.
But my mother is crazy.
He is under house arrest.
- What is it?
- Do you hear that?
What do they say?
Melovan They want us there.
I can not believe that,
this place is still there.
Do you understand what he says?
I do not. But he is friendly.
Villains. We need help.
Do you have a phone?
Right! Do you have a phone, such as
iPhone or Blackberry?
Shall We Dance?
You look great.
You do not have a bad self.
We danced in the moonlight in the village.
Is this a dream honeymoon?
Is it yours?
Will you marry me?
Unfortunately, I,
I'm already married.
I was most proud of the third.
I did not cry it all at once.
Let's go.
- Is not it wonderful?
- It is.
If you still would have a cappuccino.
Calculator, just kidding.
We do not need no...
You have to get out of here!
Do you speak English?
I used to work on Wall Street.
Grab the magazine and sit on it!
Go away from him!
Do not go, he will kill you!
Go to farther,
if you want her to live!
Are you all right, Masha?
You are not the savior, he was hired.
What are? I never would do that.
I thought you loved me. I love.
Be honest with me then.
They treated you well?
Why are you doing this?
Because I am ambitious.
As your father. Is not that satisfied with the women?
So you're planning to steal from him?
I did it for you.
We are getting married.
I never would go to marry you!
You are a sick, violent and crazy.
I have never loved you.
Honesty I do not think
right now inherit land.
What do you say about this?
What do you say about this?
The new husband was kidnapped by you
and I shot him.
But he could push you down the cliff
. A tragic end!
There they are!
The honeymoon is officially over!
Senor, let me.
Senorita, porfavor.
That he is, Get him!
Let him go, he did not do anything
! Let go of me!
I'm fine, Mom.
Stop this! He did not do anything!
You saved my daughter.
Sstit $ 10 million.
Revealed Bricklandin traitor.
It does sound like a good reason
to shoot you to the end of!
My wife says that you will make
our blessing to stay married.
In this! It is a wedding present!
Take it! 9 mm semi-automatic.
Low recoil, double-acting.
Welcome to the family!
Masha, I love you so much.
But I can not be married
of this family.
No, let him go.
Saparo up. "Saparo". Get it?
What is it, mother?
Do you like to be under house arrest.
Kvisit outdoors. Come on, Mom.
- How are you feeling?
- Fine.
Pull the head off ahterista, do something
about it . It's not that hard.
All I say.
How about already again?
Is there a problem? It is a...
It's not.
Need still the residence permit?
What about my family?
Wait till you meet my own.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Do you like this?
Have you done this before?
Speak. What kind of photographer are you?
It is a professional camera.
It has a flash. Do you see?
A fully professional.