You, Me and the Christmas Trees (2021) Movie Script

Olivia, where are you?
We're late for the Christmas Eve gala.
You still need to get dressed.
I am dressed, Mom.
Get down here.
Oh no.
I will be glad
when you grow out of this phase.
Go ahead.
The treatment worked.
I told you.
The trees are
gonna be just fine.
I don't know how to thank you.
No one else could figure out
what was going on.
Guess that's why they call you
the Christmas Tree Whisperer.
Yeah, I'm an evergreen specialist.
They don't become Christmas trees
until someone decorates them.
To be honest
I don't think
they need to get all gussied up.
I think they're perfect
just the way they are.
Thank you very much.
Mr. Mozzicato, how are you?
I'm great.
My tree, however, not so much.
- I see that.
- Lost half of its needles overnight.
There's still three weeks
until Christmas, Jack.
The tree isn't supposed
to look like this for another month.
I know. There's something wrong
with this year's entire crop
so I have been refunding
pretty much everybody. There you go.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Any idea what's going on?
I can't figure it out
and no one around here
seems to know what it is.
Listen, I completely understand
if you want to buy a tree
from somewhere else.
You've always been
so generous to our family
even when we couldn't afford a tree.
We can wait a bit longer.
I don't want you
to not have a Christmas tree.
Well, if we still don't have one
on Christmas Eve
then we'll worry about it.
Thank you, Calvin.
Thank you.
- Hi, Mom.
- Oh, hi, honey.
Hey, your dad and I wanna know
what time you'll be home
on Friday night.
Our party starts at 6.
Oh, and don't forget
to bring your dress
and that beautiful red coat
for the Christmas Eve gala
at the marina.
No, no. I thought that was canceled.
It's only because the committee knew
that everybody important
was gonna be at your wedding
and so once you canceled...
The Christmas Eve gala was back on.
Right. So we can't very well
just sit around Christmas Eve moping.
I'm not moping.
Oh. Well, good.
So then you'll come.
I really don't want to.
Oh. Well, everyone wants to see you.
I don't want to talk to everyone.
Honey, I know you've always
been more comfortable
around plants than people
but your dad and I want you
to come home.
We want to make sure you're okay.
I'm fine.
I'm happy I ended things.
The life Justin wanted
was just too much like...
Never mind.
Doesn't matter now.
Love you. See you at home.
But when?
Soon. Promise.
The gala.
You don't have
to make dinner for me, Mom.
This has been my kitchen
for 40 years.
I'll do what I want.
You didn't have to move into
that active adult community.
You know that, right?
Your father and I made
those arrangements when he got sick.
He didn't want me
to spend my golden years
sitting around here all by myself.
I'm here.
Yes, but you're terrible
at mah-jong.
Oh, honey, all my friends are there.
It's kind of like college
only I don't have to study
or take a test...
and I can sleep till noon.
- I love it.
- Good.
This is gonna be your house now
and you will raise your family here.
- Here we go.
- Of course
first you actually have
to try to find someone.
I'm too busy for that, Mom.
Life isn't just about work.
It is when you're trying
to keep your family's 100-year-old
business in the black.
Well, they all managed to find
some balance between work and family.
Right now, I just want to try to
figure out what's wrong with my trees
and then I'll...
and then I'll worry
about balance, okay?
Kelly, Elliott.
I was hoping you'd stop by.
Hi, Mrs. Connor.
Sit. I made turkey chili.
- Oh, score!
- Yes!
I knew it. You guys only
like me for my mom's cooking.
I thought that had been
firmly established.
For you.
You heard.
A few people at the tasting room
talking about it.
By "a few," you mean...
Pretty much everyone.
So, any luck figuring out
what's going on?
No. My mom's never seen
anything like this in the past.
I've gone through
my dad and grandpa's journal.
There's nothing, and even the local
arborist doesn't know what it is.
What are you gonna do?
Reeve Sawyer said
there's some kind of
Christmas tree expert over at UConn
so I'm gonna call there
in the morning.
Well, I'll be right here with you.
- Thanks, man.
- Elliott
I won't be here
for breakfast in the morning.
Then I'll be with you in spirit.
Olivia, what are you
still doing here?
You're gonna hit standstill traffic
going from here down to Westport.
That's the plan.
Are you sure you're doing okay?
I know this was supposed to be
- your wedding weekend...
- I'm fine.
Why does everyone think I'm not fine?
Because you never talk about it.
That doesn't mean I'm not fine.
It just means I don't want to talk...
Don't want to talk about it.
Got it, got it.
It's just, you know
you're barely even acknowledging
that it's Christmas.
Truthfully, I'm just
Christmassed out.
All my parents care about is people
seeing their perfect Christmas.
It's a lot.
If I could skip the whole thing
this year, I would.
Oh, yes! There's a huge traffic jam
on the Merritt.
Okay, well, you can't sit around here
the entire break.
At least come out with me and Adam
for Christmas Eve.
Didn't you say you thought
Adam was going to propose to you
on Christmas Eve?
Well, yes
- but that...
- But nothing.
I'm fine. It's a few days
of my mom saying
"Is that what you're wearing?"
I'm going to be fine.
- Olivia Arden.
- Yeah, hi.
I'm hoping you can help me.
A friend said that
there was someone over there
that's an expert on Christmas trees.
Oh, you're probably looking for
the chief evergreen horticulturist
at the UConn College of Agriculture.
Yes, that sounds like
the person I'm looking for.
That's me. What can I help you with?
Look, I know it's only
a week before Christmas
so you're probably busy
or on vacation
but my fir trees are dropping needles
almost immediately after being cut.
No one locally seems
to know what's going on.
I'm the fourth-generation
owner of this farm.
We've never seen anything
like this before, and I just...
I'm getting pretty desperate
and I was wondering
if you happen to have time
you could come to Avon, and...
I have time, actually.
Yes, I do have time.
How's this afternoon?
I can get up to Avon
in less than an hour.
Really? That's amazing.
You're not too busy?
I mean, I think I can squeeze you in.
That's incredible news.
It's Connor's Christmas Trees,
523 Rock Oak Lane.
Okay. I will see you soon.
See you soon.
Looks like I'm up
for a little detour.
Okay, see you in a little bit.
- I'll see you in a bit, Mom.
- Oh, wait.
What time is the person
from UConn getting here?
She's gonna be here within the hour.
I'm just gonna go do
a quick pickup for Miss Plankis.
Well, look on the bright side.
From what I've heard,
our customers are willing to wait
until they can buy from us
again this year.
Now, that's loyalty.
And you earned it.
Thank you, but that took
a decade to build
and I could lose it all
if our customers don't have
a tree by Christmas.
- Yeah.
- Anyway, look
- I'll see you in 20 minutes.
- Yeah.
Enter roundabout.
Enter roundabout.
- Exit right.
- Seriously?
Oh, man.
Recalculating route.
Too late, lady.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine. You?
Oh, I'm fine. It was just a love tap.
Sorry, that's just
what people call it
which doesn't make any sense
considering it's almost always
a total stranger.
It seems a little more
like a punch than a tap.
You did hit the brakes pretty hard.
Well, it was my exit,
so I slowed down.
Looks like you realized that
a smidge too late.
- If you weren't tailgating...
- I wasn't tailgating.
Okay, you know what?
Let's just exchange insurance info.
- Right.
- Yeah.
This is just what I need today.
Well, I'm sure
there isn't too much damage.
That tree, on the other hand...
looks totaled.
You got that right.
That's why I was in a rush.
I'm meeting someone
who supposedly knows how to fix it.
- Here you go.
- Yeah.
Yeah. They call her
the Christmas Tree Whisperer...
Which is a bit much, if you ask me.
Well, that's pretty cheesy, but
maybe she doesn't call herself that.
maybe she really is that good.
Maybe, but I'm trying
not to get my hopes up.
Anyway, listen.
Just get me the estimate,
and I'll take care of all this.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I'm gonna need your info.
Oh, shoot.
- I'm trying to find it.
- Oh, sorry. It's not you.
It's just I'm gonna be late.
I have this meeting.
- So do I.
- Oh yeah? Where are you headed?
Connor's Christmas Trees.
- Right.
- Yeah.
- See you there.
- Yeah.
Oh no.
Oh no.
I am really sorry.
Clearly, you were heading somewhere
after our meeting.
Oh, just to Westport for a week.
Christmas with the family.
You can't do that without a tailpipe.
- Nope.
- Yeah, if you don't mind
the engine stalling
every few minutes.
And the noise. And the fumes.
Yes, yes. I must stay
and wait for the repairs.
For the planet.
It's fine if I get there
a little late tonight.
Actually, I just got
a text from the shop.
It looks like the replacement
won't be here until tomorrow.
Darn the luck.
I feel like you're not
really in a rush to get home.
Listen, my cousin Lisa
runs the Old Avon Inn.
It's a few blocks from here.
Why don't you stay overnight
till your car's ready
and we'll take care of it?
You don't have to do that.
You didn't have to come here,
and you did, and I appreciate it.
I mean, it would be better
to take the soil samples at dawn.
That way, I'd get
the best temperature
for measuring microbes and moisture.
There you go. Win-win.
Unless, of course,
they're not fixable.
- Then it's win-lose.
- Who wins?
Well, you. You still get paid.
I'm not gonna charge you
if I can't help you.
I'm not gonna let you work for free.
Wait. Does that mean you don't think
you can actually help me?
I didn't say that.
Oh, you're hedging your bets.
I'm all about evergreens.
I don't do hedges.
Lisa, thank you so much for this.
This is Olivia.
Well, I just hope you can help.
I'll do everything I can.
Well, you came on the perfect night.
Tonight's our big Christmas
open house.
Dinner, dessert,
my famous hot cocoa...
I know everyone always says
their famous whatever-they-make
is the best
but hers really is.
Thank you for the invitation,
but I'm really just here to work.
Okay. Well, here is
the code to your room
and just in case you change your mind
here is a flyer to this week's
community Christmas events.
You might change your mind.
- Okay.
- It's...
- I... No, I'm good, thanks.
- Oh, you want a hand?
Let us know if you need anything.
I hit her car.
- What?
- Yeah. I hit her car.
- That's a great start, Jack.
- I know.
Okay. All right.
Hi, Mom. I ended up coming up
to Avon for a freelance job.
It was supposed to be quick,
and my car ended up needing repairs.
Oh. Well, so when
are you getting here?
Tomorrow. Sometime.
Sorry about that.
Do I hear Christmas music?
Yeah. There's some Christmas party
going on downstairs.
You're going to a party?
Is that what you're wearing?
I'm working.
Well, still, honey.
Speaking of that, I've got to go.
Love you. Bye.
Hey, guys. How's it going?
- Hey, Jack.
- Oh, Mayor McGuire. How are you?
Good, good.
I was hoping to run into you.
I hear you're having
some tree troubles.
Now, I don't need to tell you
how important this year's
Christmas Eve tree lighting is.
- It's a hundred years.
- I know
it's always been a Connor tree.
You have nothing
to worry about, Sean.
I guarantee it.
Okay, thank you, Jack. I just needed
to hear it from the farmer's mouth.
- Well, you got it.
- Mayor?
Okay. I've got to go.
Hey. Listen, we need
to talk about the tree.
I know, and I know
it's gonna be bad news.
So first, we cocoa.
We what?
We cocoa. Come.
All right. This is
the best hot cocoa you have ever had.
What is this, a down payment?
I get the rest
after I finish the job?
No, the rest is toppings,
and that's the best part.
Oh, I actually prefer it
without toppings.
Not even whipped cream?
It's just filler.
It's the tinsel of hot chocolate.
A purist, huh?
I guess I just prefer things
in their natural state.
Take an evergreen.
Did you know that originally
people just brought these trees
into their homes in the winter
for the beauty
of the greenery itself?
But until the decorations are on it,
it's not really a Christmas tree.
I mean, that's kind of
what makes it special.
Well, there's nothing wrong with
letting things just be what they are.
- Top notch.
- Right?
- As is.
- Okay.
All right, I'm ready
for the news. Hit me.
All right. I only have a couple
of theories right now, but...
You have a little something
- on your face.
- I do? Where is it? Like, up here?
- That... no...
- Just down there? So I got it?
Yeah. There's still more.
A little bit more over here?
Okay. There we go.
Look, it's not fair for me to guess
and ruin your night.
Is that because
your guess is that I'm doomed?
Look, enjoy the party
and we'll start from scratch
first thing in the morning.
Thanks for the cocoa.
You're welcome.
Hey, are you sure
you don't want to stay?
They're actually about
to start the caroling.
Oh, no.
Me singing would
definitely ruin your night.
O Christmas tree
- Hello?
- Hey. I'm here. Where are you?
Hey. I'm in the barn.
I'll be right there.
- Need a hand?
- Oh! Hey.
No. I'm all done. Thank you.
So you're having a Christmas fair?
Yeah. We do a last-minute
shopping event every year.
All the vendors come out.
It's this weekend.
Hopefully by then,
the lot will be back open.
It should be.
I haven't been stumped yet.
I like that.
Don't say,
"I see what you did there,"
because I didn't.
It's okay. I be-leaf you.
Do you do this a lot?
All the time. My friends hate it.
It's because I was born in the fall.
- The fall?
- Yeah. Sep-timber.
Come with me. It's this way.
These all look perfect.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, they're thriving
until they're cut.
Could I see a tree that's been cut
within the last two days?
Yeah. There's actually one
next door at the cidery.
This is the tree.
This is after only two days?
Yep, I'm afraid so.
Now, what do you think?
Do you think this is needle cast?
No, needle cast disease
doesn't work this quickly.
This is something else.
I'm Kelly. This is Elliott.
- Morning, guys.
- Hi.
Hello. I'm Olivia Arden.
Thank you for letting me
take a cutting of your tree.
Of course.
Anything for my brother here.
- You're brothers?
- He wishes
'cause then maybe
he'd be a little bit taller.
Yeah, and he could afford
a jacket with sleeves.
Our families are best friends.
We spent almost every Christmas
together growing up.
That's actually what started
our PJ-all-day tradition.
I had to get dressed
in my Christmas best
before even coming down
to see if Santa came.
- Really?
- It's fine.
You know what you need?
Some fresh hard cider.
- It's eight in the morning.
- Yeah.
We're trying to crack
the Bloody Mary-mimosa market.
Guys, Olivia's got
a lot of work to do.
Okay, well, then,
at least try the soft cider.
Right out of the barrel.
- All right.
- Yeah?
Thank you.
That's really complex.
I taste notes of peach, cinnamon
and... vanilla?
You have a well-developed palate.
I've always loved how
certain flavors are connected
to the minerals in the soil
and how it changes from acre to acre.
You know, every farm
has its own unique taste.
See? She gets it.
The soil in this part of Connecticut
is great for apples and pears
and berries and pumpkins.
You know, you could grow something
for every season, not just Christmas.
We just do Christmas trees.
I know. What I'm saying is
if you diversify
you wouldn't be so dependent
on one commodity.
- I'm gonna stop you right there.
- Here we go.
My father and his grandfather
and his father had a motto
which was "Do one thing,
and be the best."
Christmas trees are my one thing,
and they're my family's legacy
and it's my job to keep it that way.
And that's what I'm here
to help you do.
- Right.
- So
let's rush these samples
to the mobile lab.
Thank you so much for the cider,
it was wonderful
and lovely to meet you.
Yeah, you too.
- Thanks, guys.
- Hey!
Hey, bring her back
for the cocktail thing.
She's not on vacation, Kelly.
Well, after dealing with you,
she'll probably need one.
Good morning.
I'm returning...
the pencil I borrowed.
Real smooth, Mom.
I'm assuming that Elliott told you?
Of course not.
Thank you so much
for saving our farm.
Olivia, this power hugger
is my mom, Peggy.
Mom, this is Olivia.
Nice to meet you
but no need to thank me.
I haven't done anything yet.
But I'm sure you will, though.
How long does all this testing take?
Unfortunately, it's not
an instant result.
This has to sit for
at least a few more hours.
So you have some time to kill?
I suppose so.
Oh. Michel said
my car wouldn't be ready till 6.
I don't want to be your guys' way
so if you want
to drop me off at the inn
I can hang out there
and catch up on paperwork.
- Not a problem.
- Paperwork?
No. You're gonna come
with us to the cider mill.
Oh, I've been there already today.
It's fine. You don't have to...
Well, didn't you tell her about
the Christmas cocktail competition?
She's not interested in that, Mom.
Oh. Or maybe you're just scared
someone new might dethrone you?
I'm not too worried about that.
Probably because you've never
had to compete against a scientist.
Well, mixology is just
chemistry equations in a glass.
It's all about balance.
Really? I thought
that it was all about
Christmas, apple cider, and instinct.
- No?
- No.
Yep. He's scared.
Really? Okay. Let's do this.
Mom, what's going on
with you and Harry?
- Harry?
- Yeah.
Absolutely nothing.
He's just excited
to get a free drink.
I am ready.
Me too.
- Everyone ready?
- Yes.
Remember, the only rule is
you have to use some of our cider
in your cocktail.
And... go.
All right. Wow. It's... scientific.
How are the levels?
Not telling.
Four generations
of Christmas tree farming, huh?
Yep. Hey, are you
gonna use that mint?
- No.
- Thank you.
And you never wanted
to do anything else?
Actually, that's not true.
When I was a little kid
I wanted to be
the next Indiana Jones, but...
once I discovered
that it was less about
really cool action sequences
and more about
sitting alone in a hole
dusting off rocks
with tiny little brushes
I got over that.
How about you?
Did you always know that
this would be your calling?
- Bartending?
- Yeah.
Pull that for me?
- There you go.
- Thank you.
I don't know, I've always
felt happiest in the woods.
I totally get that.
Yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna...
You don't like talking much
about yourself, do you?
I'm more of a listener, I guess.
Five more minutes.
- Okay.
- Okay. Thank you.
Right. Okay, let's do this.
Oh yeah.
All right.
How's that smell?
Okay. Everybody, gather 'round.
Okay, moment of truth.
Ah, so what's in yours again?
Well, it's a perfect blend
of cider, bourbon, cinnamon
lime, and herbs.
a few pine needles.
Wait. That wasn't
on the ingredients list.
Technically, it was on the table,
so I think it's fair game.
What's in yours?
Oh, a little bit of this
and then just a bit of that
and it doesn't really matter,
because I just go
by what feels right.
I just go by
what I know is right. So...
We'll see how that plays out for you.
Pretty good strategy.
We'll see.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- Excuse me, excuse me.
That is awful.
- Yeah. Truly awful.
- Come on.
Come on.
Is this the cup everyone poured
their discarded drinks into, or...
It's been a tough year for me.
Listen, you can't win 'em all, so...
Actually, she can.
We have a winner of
the Christmas cocktail competition.
- Olivia.
- Olivia.
- Really?
- Really?
Science for the win!
Thank you. I...
- I won't let it go to my head.
- Good.
All right, I need to try this drink.
Let me see here.
Wow. That is incredible.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
What are you gonna call it?
How about the Evergreen?
It's perfect.
- To the Evergreen!
- Evergreen!
To the Evergreen.
That was really impressive.
I just think if you would have seen
the one I made last year
I think it could have actually...
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Jack
I just want to thank you
for the business
that you've given us
the past couple days.
Well, don't get used to it, Dwayne.
Olivia, this is Dwayne.
He owns
the other Christmas tree lot in town.
Maybe the only one
at the rate you're going, Jack.
Connor's will be fine.
I'll make sure of it.
And who are you, exactly?
I'm an evergreen expert.
You don't need a tree lady
to tell you what we already know.
You're done. And tell the mayor
I have a 30-foot Scotch pine
if he needs it.
All he has to do is call.
- He won't need to.
- Good day.
Who is that guy?
Dwayne Colson.
You're hovering.
No, no, I'm just, you know,
decorating the house for Christmas
in your general vicinity.
- Right.
- Wow.
Oh no.
- Is it broken?
- I don't think so.
Well, until we can keep
these needles from falling
maybe we should
take the ornaments down.
I know I should. It's just that
we've been putting these up
since the very first year my family
started selling Christmas trees.
There's one new ornament for every
year that we've been in business.
It's a tradition.
Every single one of these
has a special meaning.
This one is from the year I was born.
27 years ago.
And this one, this is
from World War II.
My grandfather was overseas
and he sent back
some sand from Normandy.
My family doesn't do
anything like this.
What does your family do?
Every year, my mother
chooses a theme
and her decorator does the rest.
All that matters is how it looks
not what it means.
What was this year's theme?
It was supposed to be
a Christmas wedding.
No, no, that's cool.
I mean, whose wedding?
I canceled it.
Over the summer.
- So...
- Right. I'm sorry.
Don't be.
No, you know, we wanted
different things. So...
Right. Just took you 6 months before
your wedding to figure that out?
I knew before then.
Sometimes it takes me
a little bit longer
to say things out loud.
One of my quirks.
- Bless you.
- Excuse me.
I hope I'm not getting sick.
That's the last thing I need
right now.
Well, stress does make you
more susceptible to viruses.
Oh, that's great. I'm doomed.
Wait a minute.
Maybe that's what's going on here.
There could be a disease in the trunk
that's getting set off
from the stress of being cut.
Like transplant shock?
Kind of.
I wish I could see
what was going on in the trunks.
You realize you're telling
the guy who sells cut trees
that the solution might be
to not cut trees.
I'm saying
I don't know yet. I just...
You know what would help?
To dig up the root ball
with one of the trunks.
I could cut it and watch what happens
over the next few hours in real time.
Yeah, we could do that.
We'll cut it out, and...
It's almost 6 o'clock.
Your car is ready, and my time is up.
Well, I'll stay.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I can stay one more night
and get my car tomorrow.
- Well, I appreciate that.
- Of course.
Even if you're staying
just so you can avoid your family.
I care what happens to you.
- And your farm.
- Right.
And there's no way
I'm letting that Dwayne guy win.
Okay, maybe the home thing, too...
a little.
I knew it.
All right.
We're lucky it was warmer this week.
The ground's not too hard.
Looks like that's about to change.
Nothing like a bit of mood snow
at Christmas.
Over here.
Come on.
What are you doing down here?
This quiet...
under the trees...
it's my favorite thing
in the whole world.
It's like I'm just living
in this exact moment...
where everything's perfect
just the way it is.
It's amazing how
something as simple as a tree can
bring people so much happiness.
That's why I love what I do.
My life's purpose is to literally
bring joy to families
every Christmas.
If I can't do that anymore...
You don't have to worry, Jack.
I got this.
What are you doing here?
I saw a light and thought someone
was stealing one of your trees
while you're shut down.
Oh. No. We're just doing
scientific research.
Is that what
they're calling it these days?
No, no. It really was.
Okay. You two have a good night.
Thanks, Miles.
Can you call him tomorrow
and tell him it was actual science?
Not all of it.
No, not all of it.
We should... let's get the...
- dig up the tree.
- Tree. Yeah.
- One, two, three. Push it. Yeah.
- Yep. Go.
- Yeah.
- Here we go. One more.
Hey, nice.
Grab that. There we go.
Careful, it's a little bit slippery
out here.
Please. I'm a third-generation
New Englander. I'm good.
Don't... say... a word.
I would never.
I'm a fourth-generation
Connecticutian, so...
Don't you dare. Don't you... Just...
Let's get this inside.
This is humiliating.
There you go. Watch your step.
How is it out there?
I heard it's like a skating rink.
Didn't notice.
No, not at all.
Hey, I...
I could pick you up
in the morning after breakfast
and we can go get your car whenever
you're ready. Maybe after ten?
Yeah. That's perfect.
- Right here?
- Yeah.
There we go.
I'll let you... there you go.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Till then, it'll just be good
old-fashioned scientific method.
Which is...
Sitting next to the tree
and staring at it all night.
Right. Hope we get the answers.
Hey, we're getting there.
- Night.
- Good night.
Thank you for letting me
make my way through here.
How's everybody feeling?
This is Lisa the Elf, and
she's going to be my helper today.
This is beautiful.
Who made this for you?
- My mom.
- Oh, it's absolutely wonderful.
I could use her advice shopping.
Good morning.
- Hey.
- Can I get you some breakfast?
I'm actually looking for Jack.
I... I overslept a little bit.
He's... here.
Oh, it's a very special treat.
Oh, I see, you want a candy cane.
I'm sure I've got a candy cane.
Someone will get you a candy cane.
So, this is one of the favors
you do for her, huh?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Oh, I heard Santa was here.
- Santa was here?
- Yes. And if you hurry
maybe you can give him
your Christmas list.
Oh, I think he already knows
my Christmas list.
You don't need Santa for that.
You've got me.
Yeah. So, how was it looking
overnight? You know what to do?
- I know what's next.
- I feel like
when you're vague like that
it's because
you're holding something back.
I'm not. There's just no point
in getting your hopes up, or down
until I know for sure.
And when will that be?
After I pick up my car
and bring the samples
back to the lab on campus.
My equipment is good,
but the lab is the best.
You're too tired to drive.
Why don't I take you?
Are you sure you have time?
Yeah. I mean,
until we get this figured out
I've got nothing but time.
All the tests are up and running.
Now I just need to make sure
I didn't forget anything.
- Don't touch that!
- No, I'm not.
I just want to take a look
at my master checklist.
Yes. What is all this?
Oh no.
I thought we canceled the order.
That's a lot of mistletoe.
They were my wedding favors.
That must have cost a fortune.
Oh yeah, they did.
I would've been happy giving everyone
a bag of candy almonds.
- Why didn't you say something?
- Because this
wasn't even in the top 100 things
I needed to say to him.
So what are you gonna do
with them now?
Why don't you sell them
at the craft fair?
We can donate
the proceeds to charity.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I love that idea.
Especially since I usually donate
Christmas trees to families in need
and this way, we can help them
buy a tree from somewhere else.
Are you sure you're okay with that?
Yeah. Of course. I mean,
my problem shouldn't become theirs
and for them, it's not
just about the tree. It's...
it's about what happens around it.
Okay. So we're good here.
All we have to do now is wait.
For how long?
About ten hours.
Ten hours?
Give or take.
I feel like this is gonna be
the longest ten hours of my life.
Well, you know,
we don't have to stay that long.
Everything's automated,
so once it's done
the results will upload to the server
and I can read them from anywhere.
Yeah. I just feel like
I'm gonna go nuts waiting.
Some of these things look
like they could maybe be fun?
They are fun, and thank you.
Don't thank me yet.
It's gonna be fun.
Come on in.
You know, why don't we
take this spot here?
So what we're gonna...
Lisa, do we have
any gingerbread trees?
Oh, I couldn't find
the cookie cutter for that
but if you want trees made out
of Santa hats, I'm your gal.
How are you at baking?
- Terrible.
- Me too.
Well, no trees for us, then.
I will not stand for such irony.
Come on.
- That is brilliant. Brilliant.
- I mean, right?
All right, I'm gonna need...
We had no choice.
I feel like you did.
Oh no.
There aren't
any more gingerbread houses.
Oh. Hey, let's make
a gingerbread version
of your Christmas tree lot.
- That's a great idea.
- Right?
This way...
Those results
can't come fast enough.
You know, Jack,
this might not be a quick fix.
- I know.
- If you can't open your lot
- again this year...
- Then I'm going to have to email
all my loyal customers
and tell them to get a tree
from someplace else.
- Not Dwayne, though. Please?
- Well
there's nothing I can do about that.
I just hope they come back
again next year.
If there's something
for them to come back for.
Yes, and that's my goal
to be up and running next year
- at the very latest,
- Right.
But if that doesn't happen, I just...
I just want to make sure that,
you know, you'll be okay.
I mean, we can cover one bad year,
but if all of the trees are diseased
then I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Which is why I suggested
having different crops
- to harvest year-round.
- Olivia, I don't want
- to talk about this.
- Hey, it doesn't have to be fruit.
The soil's great for
ornamental plants, for shrubs...
I mean, like, you know...
little... shrubs...
Yeah, okay, and
what kind of shrub is a pink shrub?
Azaleas, obviously.
No, I think
I'm gonna stick with trees.
You know, azaleas
bring people joy too.
The point is that
diversifying would just mean
that you wouldn't be so dependent
on Christmas to survive.
My dad would look at
all those farms that did it all
and he would say,
"Jack of all trades, master of none."
He would be so disappointed in me
if I changed all that now.
I get it. Being named Jack
doesn't really help me here.
But at least you'd have
something to fall back on
when things like this happen.
So you're an expert on evergreens.
But what if I told you
you also had to be an expert
on roses or mangoes?
They don't grow mangoes
in Connecticut.
You know what I mean.
Yeah, I... I get it.
Sorry I brought it up.
Forget I said anything.
Well, that's a sign.
It's a cookie.
You know what? Maybe it's time
for us to move on to something else.
Wow, that is impressive.
- Thank you.
- You...
really are a natural.
Who knew?
I kind of had a feeling.
Love it.
Wasn't so bad, was it?
It was wonderful.
I'm not gonna get you.
- Okay, okay.
- Hold it tight.
I should've learned my lesson
- last time.
- And... whssht!
- See? I told you.
- See, I got you again.
And I don't get the thing
about the empty presents.
It's like an empty promise. I mean...
Oh, man.
What is it?
The mayor's gonna be here any minute
and he's gonna ask for an update
on the Christmas Eve tree.
Can you check to see
if there are any results?
Because I could really use
some good news right now.
Sorry, nothing yet.
- Great.
- I've been meaning to ask you
why does the town wait
all the way until Christmas Eve
to light the tree?
The very first year
Connor's opened for business
there was this huge storm
on Christmas Eve
and all the power went out
all over town, except for the square.
So my great-grandfather
got the biggest tree we had
and brought it down,
and people from all over town came
and they decorated it with
lights and ornaments, and...
that's when it stopped
being a Connor tree
and became everyone's tree.
And then from that day forward
that just became
a Christmas Eve tradition
to light the tree.
No wonder
it means everything to you.
- It does.
- Hey, the barn looks great, Jack.
Hey, thanks.
But I see that the tree lot's
still closed for business.
Yeah. Well, you know what?
We're coming up
with a really good solution.
This is Olivia. She is UConn's
chief evergreen horticulturalist.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
The thing is, that tree
has to be in place by Tuesday
so we have time to decorate.
Okay, great. Well, we've got
three days, and that should be fine.
I'm sorry, but
because we're getting extra press
for the hundredth annual lighting
we can't risk waiting
until the last minute.
That's why I came down in person.
I've decided to go with
Dwayne Colson's tree instead.
Listen, we started the tradition
of lighting the tree on Christmas Eve
and I have never asked
for anything in return.
Just this once, I'm asking if
you can wait until Tuesday
and if the tree's not in good shape
you can go with Dwayne Colson,
and I wouldn't blame you.
All right.
Three days, Jack.
Thank you.
We can do that, right?
Three days is enough time?
Oh, it's just my mom.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, Olivia.
I was gonna call you.
This job in Avon's taking
a little longer than I thought.
It is really starting to seem
that you're avoiding us.
I've just been busy.
Well, I made
a nail appointment for you
because I know how much you just hate
all that dirt under there from work.
I'm fine with it.
Listen, Mom.
I've got to get back to work.
I'll be home as soon as I can.
Okay? Love you. Bye.
This is it.
The lab results.
What does it say?
The tests haven't identified
any common diseases or pathogens
and now we've ruled out
environmental contaminants.
Okay, so what does that mean?
There's nothing we can do?
We're gonna have to do
a full genetic sequencing of the DNA
to get our answer.
We will get the answer
but that's gonna take a few...
Days? That's okay.
Jack, I'm so sorry.
I really wish there was a faster way.
Okay, so what does that mean
for my trees that are
in the ground for this year
and the big Christmas Eve tree?
See, this is where you're supposed
to say, "Don't worry, Jack.
I know how to save
this year's trees."
Don't worry, Jack.
I know how to save this year's trees.
Olivia, I just really need you to
tell me what you're really thinking.
I'm worried.
Because right now,
I don't know how to save them.
If anyone can figure it out, it's you
and there's no one else
I'd rather have in my corner.
Thank you, Jack.
Okay, I'm gonna go
do some more research.
What's going on?
It doesn't look good.
I'd say it's looking pretty great.
I'm talking about the trees.
For the first time in a hundred years
there might not be a Connor
family tree in the town square.
But for the first time
in what seems like a thousand years
you have a chance at love.
It's not the right time, Lisa.
It's never the right time
for you, Jack.
It's okay to care about your trees
and your legacy and your farm
but that can't be
the only thing you care about
especially now that you've met
someone like Olivia.
- Morning.
- Hey. Good morning.
- What have you got there?
- Oh, I got my car, drove to UConn
raided the supply room at the lab,
and got everything I need.
I think I found a way
to keep this year's trees alive
for a week or so after getting cut.
Come on.
I knew you could do it.
It's a temporary fix,
and I'm not done yet
but if I'm right
between this and the DNA work
by next year, it'll be like
none of this ever happened.
Well, except for the part
where I met you
because I could
do that again in a heartbeat.
Me too.
Okay, so what's the plan?
Okay. So
whatever's going on is getting
triggered by the tree getting cut
and losing vital nutrients
from the soil, right?
So I created
a highly concentrated formula
to add to your trees' water
after they're cut.
You just give it to your customers
for the trees.
Kind of like the package you put
in vases when you buy flowers.
Except this has to be calibrated
to dissolve evenly over time
like an extended-release medicine.
Now I just have to figure out how to
create a solid base for the formula.
Wouldn't that be easier
to do in your lab?
Yeah, but, you know, it's convenient
to be here to test it on the trees.
- Right.
- And...
but, you know, you're right.
I'll go back to the lab. It's...
- No. You can totally do it here.
- Probably better.
You can do it in the house.
The truth is, most of this
is too messy to do in the house.
What about the barn?
What about the craft fair?
The craft fair doesn't have
to take up the whole barn.
Wait a minute.
Why not move
part of the craft fair outside?
You could have
a whole, like, outdoor section
decorated with the lights
and wreaths.
Everyone would be outside in nature,
really feeling the Christmas spirit.
Sort of like you are right now.
I guess I am.
But I don't know how you'd get
all that together so quickly...
- actually.
- Oh, easy-peasy.
I'll get my mom on it.
It'll be done within the hour.
- Really?
- Yeah.
It's the best part about
living in a small community.
We're all here to help one another.
I really think this is it, Jack.
I really think so too.
Guys, this is beautiful. I love it.
- Hey, how are you?
- Hey, Jack.
Smells so good.
Mom, this is amazing.
Thank you so much
for rallying the troops. Wow.
Are you kidding?
These people were lined up
waiting to help.
You should do this every year.
You know, this was actually
Olivia's idea.
We're lucky she's here.
Well, luck has nothing to do with it.
It's fate.
I don't know about that.
She's here to do a job, Mom.
You think this is
really about her job?
Oh, no.
It's all about you now, Jack.
- No.
- Yeah.
I should really keep working.
Right. Well, I think you should
give your brain a break.
Oh, my goodness.
This looks incredible.
And this is all thanks to your idea.
Come on. Let's take
a little stroll together.
Harry, you know I adore you, right?
But ever since Stanley died
I just never saw myself
strolling with anyone else.
Me neither, but
you know, we can either choose
to embrace the future
or resist it, and...
I pick embrace.
Come on.
All right.
They are adorable.
Hey, are you okay with your mom...
Yeah. No, I mean, you know what?
My dad's been gone a while,
and she deserves to be happy.
Your mom's pretty lucky
if she found that twice.
Some people don't even find it once.
Hey. Let's go for a walk.
Sorry. I've got sap on my hands.
Jack, this is the answer
I've been looking for.
This is what we can use
to bond the nutrients together.
Let's go! I want to see if it works.
- This is it?
- I think so.
All we need now
is a tree to test it on.
Well, I've got plenty of those.
Let's go.
- This is it.
- Yeah.
Well, I guess I'll drive you
back to the inn.
Are you kidding?
I'm not going anywhere.
Well, then, I guess...
you should get comfortable.
Thank you.
You don't have to stay up.
Of course I do.
I want to see what happens.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Check on the tree.
- Yeah.
Hey, not bad.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
We brought some breakfast.
Oh, thank you.
So, did it work?
We're not gonna know for sure
until later tonight.
Oh, it seems like
a lot of waiting around.
Well, nature does not hurry,
but everything is accomplished.
That's beautiful.
Did you make that up?
Wow, that's incredible.
It's very similar to Lao Tzu
from 5,000 years ago.
Yes. Do you study Chinese philosophy?
A little, yeah. Yeah.
Also, it was on a poster
in your office.
- Good morning!
- Good morning.
Squeeze in.
- Did it work?
- They won't know until later.
So we're just gonna sit here
all day and stare at it?
That's the plan. Yeah.
I guess we can work
around you for the party?
You forgot.
Did not forget.
I just didn't remember on time.
What exactly are we talking about?
I'm having my annual
gift exchange party here tonight.
You're gonna love it.
You can keep your eye on the tree
and have fun while you're doing it.
That sounds fun,
but I don't have a gift to bring.
That's actually the easy part.
Do you guys mind continuing
- with the tree watching?
- No.
All right. Come on.
Okay. Twenty dollars max
and you shouldn't see
what the other person is getting
so you're gonna have to be
pretty stealth about it.
Oh, come on.
I mean...
I think that's my size.
This is nice.
Oh, very good.
It's a bit strong.
- Hello?
- Hello? Hello?
I'll wait over here.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So, everyone draws a number
and then the first person
picks a gift and opens it.
I knew it.
Then the second person opens
their gift, and they can keep it...
- Somebody knows I love cheese.
- Yeah.
Or they can trade it
with the first person.
Then the third person
opens their gift.
They can keep that one,
or they can steal from the first two.
And at the end, whoever went first
gets one more chance to steal.
It gets pretty ugly.
The History of the Christmas Tree.
That's very nice.
History of baseball
would've been nicer
but who am I to complain?
Oh, who am I kidding?
Give me the blanket.
There we go.
Okay, it's my turn.
I'm going for this one.
I saw it, I want it.
- Yeah.
- Oh, this has never happened before.
- Wow.
- No. Look at that.
I'm keeping it.
Oh, I guess I'm up.
- Yes.
- Go for it.
Which one should I pick?
Wow. Look at that.
That's the best one of the night.
I know you're gonna keep that.
I think I'll trade it for the book.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Well, Jack said you favor trees
in their natural state.
Oh, did he?
Christmas trees... are growing on me.
That is good.
She's worse than Jack.
Okay, on that note, Jack,
you can either keep the book
or you can trade it
for whatever you like the most.
Okay, well, I'm gonna say
I did really like...
the book.
Great minds.
Wait a minute, what's going on?
Let's go read.
Okay, who is ready for yule log?
- Yes!
- Yes, yes.
Olivia, you're first.
There is an ornament baked inside,
and whoever finds it
gets to switch on the lights
at the tree ceremony.
But I'm not family.
Everything you have done
to help Jack and the farm
you will always be family to us.
Okay, but right now,
it's all a big maybe.
What if the fix doesn't work?
Well, then we shun you.
Fair enough.
All right.
Whoa. Look at that!
That's great.
- Okay, who wants cake?
- Oh yeah.
I wish Christmas
felt like this at my house.
Why can't it?
It's just not what my parents do.
Oh. Well, have you told them
what you wanted Christmas to be like?
You know, you can't
expect your parents
to solve a problem
that they don't even know they have.
How's the cake?
Beginner's luck? I don't know.
That was pretty good.
Well, I guess we've got
a couple hours
until we can check on the tree.
I'm almost afraid to look.
I'm not.
I trust you.
- Cake?
- Oh, thank you.
And one for you.
Thank you.
Is it wrong that part of me is hoping
it doesn't work quite yet?
So she doesn't leave Avon so soon?
Yes, very wrong.
And I was thinking
the exact same thing.
This looks good.
Let's check the others.
None of the needles have fallen off.
It worked?
It worked.
- It worked!
- It worked!
It worked. It worked!
Okay, Mr. Mozzicato, you've got
the eight-foot tree, right?
- Yes.
- That is this one here for you.
- There you go.
- Thank you, Jack
- and merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas and thank you.
Are you sure we're gonna have
enough of these for the town tree?
Perfect. Hi.
You've got the six-foot tree, right?
Yes, I knew it. Right. Here you go.
Would you mind covering from here?
Thank you.
Good luck, big guy.
Okay, fine. Yes, I do talk to trees.
You have no idea.
Come on. Hop in.
We've got to put up this tree.
Up, up, up, up, up. Keep going.
Right about there.
Perfect. That's it.
All right. It looks beautiful.
Glad to see it turned out okay, Jack.
Yeah, it turned out better than okay.
We'll get started decorating.
Look at you.
You saved Christmas, Olivia.
I can't thank you enough.
I should be thanking you.
For the first time
in I don't know how long
Christmas isn't something
to get through.
It's something to treasure.
I just wish I could take
this feeling home with me.
Are you sure you can't stay?
I mean, you saved the tree.
You should probably be here
tomorrow when we light it up.
I want to, but...
I mean, my parents would
never forgive me, so...
Unless you tell them
why you want to stay.
I mean... if you want to stay.
You know I do.
For the trees?
For more than just the trees.
Then say it.
It's not that easy for me, Jack.
We have come too far
not to see this through.
Clearly, I'm...
I'm talking about us.
I'm at UConn, an hour away.
What happens after Christmas?
I don't know.
I just know that
for the first time in a long time...
I'm thinking about something else.
Will this even work?
We have solved every other problem.
We'll figure this out too.
meet you here in the morning?
- It's a date.
- Yeah, it is.
Hi, Mom. Listen, about Christmas Eve.
I know you want me to come home
but I think
I'm gonna stay here in Avon.
We're hosting the cocktail hour
at the club. We have to be there.
I know you do.
Olivia, I have told you.
No one is gonna ask you
about the wedding or about Justin.
They just want to see you.
They don't even know me.
Mom, they only know the version of me
that you want them to see
but I can't do that anymore.
I don't understand any of this.
I thought you loved Christmas.
I do, now.
Now that I know what it could be.
Do you care to share what that is?
Look, I'll be home
Christmas morning, and then...
I'm gonna show you.
Will you really come home?
Or will you just call
with another reason to stay away?
I'll really come. I promise.
We have a lot to talk about.
Good night, Mom. Love you.
I don't understand. It was working.
And I called some of the customers.
They said that their trees were fine.
Did we put enough nutrients in here?
It's the exact same ratio
to trunk size as the others.
These needles look different
from the other damaged trees.
They look worse.
Don't worry, Jack.
Today's your lucky day.
I have our tree ready to go.
It's not your decision, Dwayne.
It's up to Mayor McGuire.
Who do you think called me?
We're cutting down the replacement.
It'll be here in three hours.
I assume
you'll help us out here, right?
I mean, we're all on the same team.
Are we?
Well, you're on the B team
now, but yeah.
Jack, tree lady, good day.
You can't let him win.
It's not about winning anymore.
It's about Christmas Eve,
and it's about the entire community
and I feel like
I've ruined it for everyone.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, it's not your fault.
You did everything you could.
I'm not giving up on your trees.
Okay, we have the technology
to get to the bottom of this.
It's just gonna take
a little longer than we thought.
In the meantime, I can get
the entire horticulture team
to recommend alternative crops.
I told you I wasn't interested.
Why would you even bring that up?
Because it's the best way
out of this.
It's not an option.
We do Christmas. That's it.
That's all I care about.
I see.
Olivia. Olivia, wait.
You know what I mean.
I mean, I care about a lot of things.
I care about you, too.
This just isn't gonna work.
You told me to say
what I was feeling, Jack.
And I did.
But the truth is, you don't
want me to say how I feel...
just what you want to hear.
Just like everyone else.
This isn't about your family
and this isn't about your fianc
or anybody else.
This is about us.
It's time for me
to get back to my life
and you to get back to yours.
So that's it?
I'll have the horticulture team
prioritize your case
after the holidays.
You know I'm not talking
about the trees.
I know.
I just need time to...
be who I am.
You hired me to fix your trees,
not change your life.
But you did change my life.
I only made it more complicated.
Merry Christmas, Jack.
Yeah, I guess we'll just
put them in there, Mom.
- Yeah, mix up the colors.
- Yes.
Mind if we use these
for the good tree?
We're all on the same team
here, right?
No? Nothing?
- Excuse me.
- That's it.
Don't let him get to you.
Dwayne's right about one thing.
It's not about us now.
It's about Christmas.
In the end, we have to remember
what we're celebrating.
It's about bringing people joy.
I know. Yeah.
Where's Olivia?
She left.
Because there's nothing else
for her to do here
and there's no reason
for her to stay, Mom.
You're the reason, Jack.
Did you tell her
how you feel about her?
Yes, I did, and she told me
and then the tree fell apart,
and so did everything else.
- Why?
- We just don't see eye to eye.
About what?
She suggested
planting more crops again
and I just...
I didn't respond very well to it.
I don't understand
why you won't consider it.
Because I promised Dad
that I wouldn't change a thing.
The Connor name is
synonymous with Christmas
and I don't want to destroy
a hundred years of tradition.
Oh, honey,
yes, tradition is important
and so is Christmas
but you know what the most
important thing was to your dad?
Us. You, our community,
our friends...
our happiness.
That's the legacy
he wanted you to keep.
It's too late now, Mom. She's gone.
It's never too late, Jack.
Sometimes, you just have
to open yourself up to change.
Because, if you don't, you're gonna
miss out on the best parts of life
including second chances.
Thanks, Mom.
- Roll the window down.
- Okay, I am.
Well, what are you guys doing here?
Annoying people, apparently.
You can't stop in traffic.
I'll meet you at the coffee shop.
- Coffee shop.
- Right in there, yeah.
You guys really didn't need
to come up here.
I was just heading home.
Do you really think you could
drop a bomb on us like that
and we'd just let it go?
You have a piece of tree
in your hair.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I know.
I always do.
Mom, this is who I am.
I'm a woman who has
pine needles in her hair
and dirt under her fingernails
and absolutely zero desire
to get all dressed up for Christmas
just to stand around
and chat with people
who want me
to be somebody I'm not.
Well, why didn't you
say anything before?
I guess I just thought you'd...
be disappointed that
I'm not more like you.
Well, I just wanted you
to put your best foot forward.
Mom, you wanted me
to put your foot forward.
Especially at Christmas.
So you don't want to be like us.
Then what do you want?
I want to spend the entire day
in our pajamas.
I want to make a mess
with the wrapping paper.
I want to bake our own cookies,
even though I can't bake
and I want to decorate our tree
with ornaments that
mean something to our family.
I don't want it to be about
other people's perception of us.
I just want it to be...
about us.
Maybe we should
cancel the party tonight.
Dad, you don't have to do that.
You guys love that party.
Yeah, see? Mom doesn't
want you to cancel the party.
I'm sure you guys wish that I didn't
say anything about any of this.
It's okay. Don't worry about...
I'll see you at home.
No, wait.
Honey, I've never been very good
about expressing myself.
I know.
Runs in the family.
I'm just so, so sorry, Livvy
that I've made you feel anything less
than the strong, brilliant,
beautiful woman that you've become.
You don't need to change anything.
I do.
But this Christmas...
if you still want to come home?
Of course I do.
I wish I'd said all this years ago.
Why now? What changed?
Is there something else the matter?
Are you sure you don't want
to just find him and talk to him?
You guys, I love you so much
for coming here and for listening
but when it comes to Jack...
I blew it.
So let's just go home
and have our best Christmas ever.
I can't wait to burn some cookies.
Love you guys.
See you in a couple hours.
- Drive carefully.
- Okay.
Dwayne Colson texted me.
He wants us to stay here
and put up the new tree.
We already did
our job, right? Ignore that.
- Did you...
- No. We should probably do that.
Yeah, we should probably do that.
Hey, you guys work with Dwayne?
- You know him?
- Yeah, we go way back.
Tell him congratulations
on the town tree.
I mean, I feel bad for the Connors
but hey, nature's gonna do
what nature's gonna do, right?
Yeah, nature.
- Selfie?
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Where do you want us?
- Yeah, yeah, right there is perfect.
- Right here?
Yeah, just a little bit... Yeah.
- Say "Christmas tree."
- Christmas tree!
Hey, this is Jack. Leave a message.
Jack, it's me.
Dwayne sabotaged the tree
with weed killer overnight.
Meet me at the tree when you can.
Excuse me!
What's her problem?
Stop! Don't take it down.
This tree is gonna be just fine.
I know you did your best, Olivia
but the same thing
happening to this tree
as all the rest of them.
By tonight, most of these needles
are gonna be on the ground.
No, this is not like the other trees.
I'm sorry, but I can't
take that chance.
- Dwayne Colson...
- Dwayne Colson
sprayed this tree with weed killer
so it would look like it was dying.
Every branch it touched
looks like that.
I don't know
what tree lady's talking about.
She's just embarrassed
because she failed.
Yeah, well, these guys
tell a different story.
She got you, Dwayne.
You just couldn't
help yourself, could you?
Your mother always cheated at Hearts.
I'm not surprised the acorn
didn't fall far from the tree.
Good job, Mom.
Think what you want
but there's nothing you can do
about the needles
that have already dropped.
You know, is this
the type of tree you want
on the most important Christmas Eve
Avon's ever had?
This is what you want people
to remember us by?
I'd rather have no tree...
than one from you.
You called the cops?
Actually, I was just here
volunteering to set up garland.
I guess it's my lucky day.
Let's go down to the station
and talk about Avon's vandalism law.
Shall we?
Good day.
Tree lady...
Well played.
I hate to say it
but Dwayne is right about one thing.
This tree does not look great...
and that's being generous.
I mean, it might not look perfect
but, I mean,
the story behind it is great.
I think the media's gonna eat it up.
- You think?
- Are you kidding?
There's a hero and a villain
and a love story.
You know, we can cut off
the dead branches
and fill the empty space with
garland, and lights, and everything.
I think we can make it work.
I think so, too.
I'm just not sure there's enough
for all that empty space.
Maybe it can be like
that story you told me
about the very first year
of the tradition.
Everyone from town
can bring something.
It can be everyone's tree again...
just a hundred years later.
I think that's a great idea.
I guess they don't call you the
Christmas Tree Whisperer for nothing.
Actually, she doesn't like
to be called that.
It's okay.
I kind of like it.
Actually, she kind of likes it now.
I feel like I have so many things
I want to say to you.
Me too.
Tree now. Talk later.
You two have plenty of time.
Oh, I'm so glad you made it.
I'm sorry if it meant
missing that party.
Oh, that doesn't matter anymore.
We just wanted to see for ourselves
what you love about Christmas...
and you're wearing
the coat that I love.
I know.
Hang on.
Mom, Dad, this is Jack.
- Mrs. Arden. Mr. Arden.
- Lovely to meet you.
Lovely to meet you too.
It's such a pleasure.
You have an incredible daughter.
Oh, we know.
Pine needles in her hair,
exactly as it should be.
Is that a cider cart?
Oh. Oh, yes. Good idea.
Your parents seem really nice.
I don't know.
I was picturing something flashier.
Yeah, actually, I was...
I was wrong about them.
I was wrong about a lot of things
including telling you
to change the way you run your farm.
You were right about that.
I want to expand the crops.
But I thought Christmas is
the only thing you care about.
It was, until I met you.
Look, you were just trying
to tell me how you felt
and I wasn't listening,
and I am so sorry.
That's the thing. I told you
how I felt about your crops...
not about you.
Well, now's your chance.
Well, in this particular situation
I think it might be better
if I just show you.
That was well said.
would you two like to...
You guys want to push the button?
They're busy. We got this.
In ten, nine, eight, seven
six, five, four
three, two, one!