You Might Be the Killer (2018) Movie Script

Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Oh, come on, come
on, come on, come on.
Come on.
Oh, shit.
Come on.
What the?
Oh, ugh.
Come on.
Oh, thank god.
Oh, shit.
Rings of Saturn.
What the hell?
The phone has been ringing
for like two hours.
And I'm working.
Yeah, answering
the phone is working.
Chill out, Mr. I'm
Going Off the Grid for a While.
What, you lasted like two days?
Yeah, well, things haven't
worked out quite as I planned.
Being responsible for
an entire summer camp,
what could possibly go wrong?
Oh, you have no idea.
No, actually, you might
have the exact idea, which
is why I'm calling you,
'cause everything started out
so great, and now there's
this crazed killer
roaming the campground.
Wait, really?
Yes, Chuck, really.
Everyone is dead,
or almost everyone.
I mean, that sometimes happens,
especially the camp counselors.
But I just never thought--
I know, I know.
It's terrible.
It really is terrible,
and I'm really scared.
So I thought maybe
you can help me
out, give me some king of advice
so I'm not, you know, dying.
Oh, OK.
Uh, yeah, well, first
of all, your phone
seems to be working fine.
Wouldn't you rather
call the cops?
I did.
I called the sheriff.
I left a voicemail.
Wait, a voicemail?
Yeah, a voicemail.
I mean, he's 76.
He doesn't really
work nights anymore,
and-- and given that and the
town being 25 miles away,
I mean, I don't think anyone's
getting here before I'm dead.
How far off the
grid did you go?
25 miles.
Ah, gotcha.
All right, well-- well, first,
I got to ask how many so far.
Uh, what-- what do you mean?
Like, body count.
How many dead?
Oh, uh, I don't know.
I don't know, you know.
I'm a little flustered.
Counting's not, like,
my thing right now.
How did this even start?
I'm not sure.
All I remember is that
everything started out so
great when we first got here.
No phones, no shirt.
Step right up.
And I designed the
logo myself this year.
I think they're pretty cool.
What do you think, Carol?
It's all right.
Hey, Ted.
Hey, thank you for choosing
Clear Vista this year.
I know you had a lot of offers.
The Kayak King.
How you doing, man?
So glad to have you back.
My pleasure, my pleasure.
Good to be back.
Here you go.
One thing, and
it's not a big deal.
It's not a big deal, but,
um, they're canoes, so--
don't even worry about it.
It's fine.
Yeah, not a big deal.
What's up, Sam?
Drew, right?
Find you one.
There you are.
I'm totally ready to
just unplug from the world
and catch a vibe
with this place.
It's really peaceful here.
Super peaceful.
That's the spirit.
You guys hear that?
Wait, wait, wait.
Imani's there?
Well, I mean, I couldn't not
hire her because she dumped me.
That's discrimination.
Oh, god.
Hi, Imani.
I don't wanna be
a whiny bitch, but--
Oh, might wanna just
leave it there then.
- Thank you, Freddie.
- Here you go.
Is this unplugging necessary?
Nature is our nature.
Come on.
It's going to be a fun awesome--
- OK, whatever.
--relaxing weekend.
Here you go.
If you're look for other
ways to stimulate yourself,
just you let me know.
Here you are.
- Yeah.
- Thanks, Brad.
Guess I'll have to give that
harassment speech after all.
Look, guys, when the kids get
here, it's really hard work.
So you're going to want to
appreciate every moment.
Uh, being in nature?
That's what you are saying.
You know?
Oh, right.
- Commune with nature.
- Right.
Thank you.
That's what, uh-- exactly.
Jamie, right?
You gotta give these kids the
best summer they've ever had.
Wait, hold on a second.
So of the group,
who's dead so far?
OK, I wanna
say all of them,
but definitely most of them.
And-- and when we say
dead, you mean killed.
Stabbed, mutilated,
ripped apart.
And now he's hunting me.
Oh, and you've seen him?
Oh, yeah, freaky
looking dude, really scary.
Ugly, ugly.
I mean, hideously ugly dude.
Like Freddy ugly
or Matt Cordell ugly?
Maniac Cop.
I'm just gonna say ugly.
And you're
sure it's a dude?
Well, isn't
it always a dude?
Aw, just ask Jason's mother.
Excuse me.
Uh, $26.66.
Oh my god.
I think he's found me.
Oh my god.
Got your Serial Slasher card?
Oh, god.
Kill, kill.
Because that's
like the classic bag that you--
Chuck, do you hear that?
Hear what?
Voices, voices.
The store is
full of customers.
I hear tons of voices.
No, no, no, not them.
I smell gasoline.
Sam, what is going on there?
Oh my god.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
- Sam?
Oh my--
Oh my god.
Oh, shit.
You almost gave
me a heart attack
hanging up on me like that.
You gave me a heart
attack blowing up
my phone for everyone
in this camp to hear.
Well, OK-- well, in the
spirit of offering you advice,
I'd suggest maybe
silencing your phone.
You don't think I already
thought to silence my--
OK, look.
I had a thought.
OK, you said this crazed
killer is a guy, right?
OK, so maybe we should talk
about the guys out there,
you know?
See if we can figure
out who this asshole is.
How does knowing who
it is help me not die?
Well, I think figuring
out what they want
could help you not die.
Like, is it an old camper
who got teased as a kid
and is back for blood?
Or is it a parent
who's looking
for revenge after a counselor
let their kid drown?
Jesus, I hope not, no.
Or does one of the counselors
have a formerly conjoined twin?
What movie is that from?
That could be a huge problem.
No, it's nothing
like that, Chuck, OK?
It's-- it's nothing
like that, I promise.
OK, let me think.
Oh, you mentioned
some guy named Steve.
Steve, the Kayak King.
But it's not him.
Oh my god.
Steve, the Kayak King.
He's up shit's creek now, and
I'd say without a paddle, but--
Who does this?
What kind of psycho?
Holy shit.
Is that Ted?
It's Steve.
The Kayak King.
Guys, he
isn't the only one.
We found Bob and Carol's
bodies in the kitchen.
Ted and Alice are missing.
So is Drew.
Who's Drew?
from the city.
Not necessarily dead.
So you're an optimist.
What if one of them did this?
This is insane.
We have to do something.
Sam, what do we do?
Well, we all gotta--
OK, we all need to--
We all just need to--
we really gotta--
Put an end to this
bullshit, get our cell
phones and call the police.
What the hell?
No, no, no, no.
better explain quick.
Sam, where
are the phones?
It's impossible.
I put them all in here.
I locked it.
No one knows the combo but me.
You mean your birthday?
Come on!
What the hell's going on?
That's bad.
What now, Sam?
Are there any other
vehicles on the property?
No, no, this was it.
Looks like we're walking.
No, no, no, I--
I don't think
that's a good idea.
I mean, guys, look around.
There's swamp and marshland
in every direction.
A town's not for 25 miles.
OK, so we hump it.
We can take that.
Maybe when the sun
comes up, but not now.
There's snakes and
gators out there--
poisonous snakes, giant gators.
So we get sliced up by a
madman or eaten by reptiles.
Did you see Steve?
I vote reptiles.
There's gotta
be a third choice.
What if we hole up
in the cabins until morning?
Yeah, 'cause those old
ass cabins are super secure.
No, no, no.
Jamie, that's a good
idea, all right?
We can find an area, and
we can make it as safe
and secure as possible.
No, Sam, no.
Look, that's not enough.
I wanna take the
fight to this guy.
Uh, fair enough, OK?
We'll-- we'll divided
into teams, OK?
Half of us on defense to make
a safe place, the other half
of us on offense.
We'll set up traps.
We'll take it to this guy.
Wait, wait wait.
You went patrolling by yourself?
Well, it's pretty logical
in the heat of the moment.
Ugh, yeah.
OK, that's fair and
all, but it also
means you get killed quicker.
Can we just
move on, please?
Come on.
I don't think
this is a good idea.
Why, 'cause
Sam didn't say so?
Yeah, kinda.
They're trying to fight
a maniac with toothpicks
and pots and pans.
All right, if I'm gonna
die, I'm gonna die trying.
Yeah, die running.
Come on, man, that's
what you're saying.
Good people don't run
away from a fight.
And guess what, Nancy?
You're not not gonna be good
for anything if you're dead.
Hey, what's going on, guys?
Sam already said
it's too dark out there
for us to go out.
Right, yeah, Sam.
Plus, I don't wanna
just desert everyone.
Whoa, you guys, I told you--
We're not deserting anyone.
All right, you're
saving yourself.
--there's swap and
marshland in every direction,
You know what?
I don't have time for this.
I'm getting out of here.
Holy shit!
Nancy, run!
Ah, Jesus!
It was beyond traumatic.
And that's it?
Yeah, yeah.
But why didn't he kill you?
I don't know.
You know, I--
I don't-- I just don't know.
Well, think about it.
Why-- why did he
kill Freddie or Nancy
or Steve or any of the others?
Why-- why does it even matter?
OK, here's a different
question for you.
Are you covered in blood?
Chuck, are you
even listening to me?
Just answer the question, Sam.
Uh, um, a little.
So if you were just a
witness to these murders,
then how come you're
covered in blood?
You know, I don't--
I just don't know.
I'm, uh, helping my niece
with her creative writing
Man, the crap education
kids get this days.
Whose blood is it?
What do you mean?
Well, is it your blood?
How-- how-- how would
I be able to tell?
Well, are you bleeding?
Uh, no, I don't--
I don't-- I don't think so.
If you were just a
witness to these murders,
why are you covered in blood?
Because I was a close witness.
I mean, I was--
I was, like, a very
hands-on witness.
I was really, like, right there.
OK, what else?
Are you holding a
weapon of any kind?
Probably a sharp one?
No, no.
I mean, just this baseball bat.
I mean, a knife.
Sort of.
Sort of knife?
Well, I don't know.
Would you consider
this a weapon?
In this context, yes.
But you could have
had it because you
were protecting yourself.
Where did you get it?
I don't know.
You really don't know?
No, I don't know.
I mean, I thought I was
holding a baseball bat,
but now I have a
really weird knife.
Weird how?
I don't know.
I mean, it's like
made of like jawbone,
like the serrations are teeth.
It's got like
a real sacrificial vibe.
And I don't know, it's
hard to place the era.
Like the knife that you
described the killer carrying?
I hate to ask you this, but are
you sure you're not the killer?
I can't be 100% sure.
Maybe this is like a Jacob's
Ladder kind of thing,
and I'm already dead,
and none of this is real.
Well, that's not
possible because I'm here
and I'm very much alive.
Damn it.
Not that, you
know, you're alive.
But, uh, you know what I mean.
OK, look.
I mean, you're-- you're
definitely not the killer type.
You know, this is just not you.
Maybe you're like out of
your mind or something.
Did somebody drug you?
Uh, no, I don't think so.
Well, and you keep
saying that the killer's
like hideously ugly, and
you are definitely not that.
- Aw.
- Wait.
Are you wearing a mask?
Are you sure?
I'm pretty sure.
That would've
explained everything.
'Cause, like, if you're
physically killing somebody
but that's not
really you, then this
could've been the case where
the consciousness of the killer
was like possessed by an
object, like an evil mask.
Oh my god.
Kill him.
Um, Chuck?
Kill him.
Kill, kill, kill.
Oh my god!
Oh my god.
- What?
I'm the killer.
Oh my god.
What am I gonna do?
You didn't realize
you were murdering him?
Stabbing, tying him up?
I just remember standing in
front of him already dead.
Well, what did you
think you were doing?
I don't know.
Talking to you now, it's
coming more into focus.
Honestly, I don't think
I was thinking anything
until the mask came off.
You really didn't know that
you were murdering Steve?
No, no.
I was staring at him like
you'd stare at anyone
you found diced up and
dead hanging from a tree.
It was just horrible.
But you know now that
it was you doing it.
I saw
what the mask saw.
You forcing me to
remember everything
is bringing up stuff that I
didn't even know was there.
It's kinda freaking me out.
So, yeah.
I'm pretty sure it was me.
I'm sorry I dragged
you into this, Chuck.
Don't apologize.
You know I live for
this kind of thing.
I found some reference
books, some really old stuff
that-- that we had in the
storage room in storage,
stuff that never sold.
You mean stuff you stashed
away so you could keep it.
Um, anyway, I know
that we're going
to get to the bottom of this.
So what should I do now?
Lock myself away?
I mean, I don't want to
kill any more people.
Is there anyone left to kill?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I mean, there's tons.
I mean, you know, I
think-- yes, I think so.
There are people
alive technically,
which is good, and we wanna--
we wanna keep them that way.
This conversation's harder
knowing that I'm the killer.
What about Imani?
Still can't believe
you invited her back.
How's that going?
You guys cool?
Can't we just keep talking
about me killing people?
Well, yeah.
Yeah, I mean-- well, that--
that's where I was going.
I-- I was gonna say like, if--
if she still cares about you,
you could confide in her,
and then maybe she can help you.
I just-- I'm--
I'm really not really sure
where she is right now.
OK, I think Imani's dead.
Wait, what?
Why didn't you tell me that?
I don't know.
I just--
Oh, you just remembered.
Oh, damn it!
God, she was-- she
was really something.
OK, guys, well--
hold on.
OK, guys.
OK, I don't think-- here,
can you hold that for me
real quick?
It's not working.
Maybe try to get it
to work if you can.
All right, guys, well,
welcome to Camp Clear Vista.
My name is Steve.
Some of you know that already
'cause you're in the best cabin
My cabin, right?
This is perfect.
The camp, the kids,
the counselors.
Yeah, Steve's
really good with kids.
And those kayaks.
But these are in fact what?
Great, that's right.
I'm glad you guys knew that.
So camp ends on Friday.
What are we going to do then?
- I don't know.
You know this is just
a summer fling for me.
It's more than that.
Oh, come on.
Are you worried about
the kids seeing us?
Have to learn sometime.
Then what?
I don't know.
Why can't you just relax?
You know?
Have a good time.
And when it's all done,
you'll have a good memory.
Just enjoy it.
Now these are only
to be used to the water, OK?
It's not for hitting people, OK?
It can also be used for
air guitar or as a golf--
you know, like a, um,
club there, OK, guys?
But not for hitting,
definitely, OK?
And don't worry if you end up
in the water 'cause we send
a scuba diver out
there about a week ago
to check for alligators, and,
uh, he hasn't come back yet,
so I think he's doing
a very thorough job.
If you see him, you
know, let us know.
You know, people were worried.
So all right.
Don't look like a sad puppy.
Why do people think I
look like a puppy dog?
'Cause you do.
Come here.
Come here.
Whoa, hey!
Oh, no.
How could you?
Everybody, we're gonna
play and laugh at Sam, OK?
He just fell in the water there.
Steve, save me!
That's why you wear
the life preservers.
That's why you wear
the life preservers.
You fell for it.
I'm gonna destroy this thing.
Be very careful
how you do that.
Ow, ow, ow.
Ow, ow.
Sam, what's going on?
I tried to burn the mask.
Your face is
burning, isn't it?
I was worried about that.
I'm afraid the thing
probably imprinted on you.
There's plenty of instances
of that happening in here.
How do you know that?
Sam, please, you
called me for a reason.
Shh, shh, shh.
I think I saw that son of
a bitch heading this way.
Do we really
wanna find him?
When I catch this guy, I'm
gonna beat him till he's dead.
Then revive him
so I can chop him
up into little bitty pieces.
They're on to me.
They're coming after me.
Whoever's still alive.
How do they
know you're the killer?
They tried to burn the
cabin down with me in it.
That's a pretty
goddamn good clue.
This doesn't
make any sense.
Why would Sam do this?
I don't care.
I just want him dead.
What about
giving yourself up?
Like, explain the situation.
Maybe they can restrain you so
you don't kill anybody else.
Brad would kill me.
He'd ripped my head off, Chuck.
I'm trying to stay alive.
OK, where are you now?
Still hiding.
Hold on.
Yeah, OK, I think I'm--
I think I'm good for now.
OK, good.
All right.
So just-- just stay where you
are and-- and hunker down.
OK, I'm hunkered.
OK, good.
I think we just need
to regroup and focus.
And-- and
maybe we can come
up with like a
timeline of exactly
what you did with the mask on.
OK, what is your
first memory of things
going wrong or going weird?
OK, I remember being confused
as to why I was running.
Running where?
Away from a dead tree.
I-- I remember something bad
happened near a dead tree,
Oh, shit.
Oh, it's right
there, and I just--
I can't remember.
OK, what do you remember?
I remember a pool.
Hey, pal.
Having a little palm
party there perving on us?
Oh, you chopped
his head in half?
What did you do to her?
I liked it better when
I didn't remember.
Whoa, hey.
Kill those lights.
What is the
matter with you?
You wanna flag
everybody around
here, get them to all come in
here and get to the good stuff
before us?
Come on, they're all out
looking for that grave thing
Yeah, which gives
us a chance to party.
So help me out, huh?
Oh, yes.
Now all we need is--
Kill Carol.
Damn, Sam.
I know.
I hate myself.
Well, is it too
obvious to ask why didn't
you just take the mask off?
When it's on, I don't want to.
Oh, yeah.
Shoulda figured.
But this kill
was different.
I think it pushed
me a little too far.
I-- I-- I became aware of
myself for just a split second.
Please don't make me.
Kill, kill, kill.
Kill Steve, the Kayak King.
Kill the Kayak King, Steve.
Just getting 'em ready
for their maiden voyage.
Kill Steve.
Who, uh-- who is that?
What are you doing here?
What are you wearing?
This is so bad.
So how many do you
think you've killed?
know what I think?
This asshole should
kill himself.
How long have
you been listening?
Long enough.
You should choose your
friends more wisely.
Have fun being an accomplice
to murder, sweetie.
I'll have you
know it's a killer
mask doing it, not my friend.
Oh, don't act like
that sounds so weird.
They're right, you know.
I should just kill myself.
You found an evil
mask, and you put it on.
What in God's name did
you think would happen?
I don't need your
judgment right now, Chuck.
Can you at least remember
where you found this thing?
We were
scared shitless.
And we'd been
looking everywhere.
We even called the police.
When we finally
found him, his body--
or what was left of him--
his body was just lying
there limp and lifeless,
his eyes glazed over.
We realized that Brad had gotten
so drunk that he locked himself
in his car and fell asleep.
Thank you.
Thanks, Freddie.
Thank you, Brad.
All right, I'm gonna--
I'm gonna tell a
different kind of story.
It's sort of, um-- sort
of like a history lesson.
It's about this camp,
and it's all true,
and it happened right
here on this very land.
So long before the French
Cajuns arrived here,
the natives lived in
harmony with the land.
It was peaceful back then.
But when the Cajun settlers
came with their gris-gris
and their potions
and black magic,
they awoke something,
something dark, sinister.
And it struck with a vengeance.
Suddenly, these Cajun settlers
started dying in the most
horrific ways, right?
Killing each other.
Killing themselves.
It went on this
way for many months
till finally a , ,
a medicine man,
was able to trap the dark
spirit in an old red oak tree
somewhere in these woods.
And there it stayed
locked up for 100 years,
and people were safe.
Until one winter day when a
woodcarver came upon the tree
right here in these
woods and he chopped
the tree down to get his wood.
But something happened
'cause this woodcarver,
his trade was furniture,
children's toys.
But that day, something
compelled him to carve a mask.
And this mask was unlike--
unlike any other.
It had dark empty eyes
that drank in the light,
sucking the goodness
out of the world.
Do we have
to listen to this?
Aw, somebody's spooked.
Guys, guys, listen.
I'd-- I'd stop, but this
isn't just some story.
This is the real
history of this place.
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
So you're saying
you knew all along
that your family's campground
had this creepy history
with the evil mask?
Not to sound like
a broken record,
but why the hell did
you put that mask on?
Would you just
listen to me please?
So finally one night when the
woodcarver couldn't sleep,
every night he'd
have nightmares.
Said to his wife he
was hearing voices.
Ever since he carved this
mask, he'd been restless.
So he took it out
into the woods,
and he goes to destroy the mask.
And as he raises his ax,
again something compels
him instead to put the mask on.
And although this man was
known as the kindest person
in his town, that
night he killed
everybody in the village,
including his own family.
There was one survivor.
It was a young woman who
happened to be out butchering
chickens, and when
she came back,
she used the butcher's ax
to kill the woodcarver.
But I'm telling you, ever since
this land has been plagued
with all kinds of
weird accidents,
unexplained deaths, murders.
I'm sure you guys
have heard stories.
But to this day, the evil
mask has never been found.
Come on, Steve.
You know we don't play
those crazy games.
Crazy white boy Steve.
Come on now.
Yeah, so, guys, in, uh--
in all seriousness, the
murders were horrendous.
So, you know, be
careful out there.
And it's also true that
the mask was never found,
and the legend has
it that it's buried
at the woodcarver's grave, which
is somewhere on this property.
Let me get this right.
We have a creepy mask
and a cursed grave.
Two words, guys.
Treasure hunt.
Come on.
No, no, no, guys.
Come on.
We're gonna make this fun, Sam.
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
Stop being
little boys, seriously.
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait wait, wait.
You guys, that's not
the point of the story.
Sam, I don't think
your story had a point anyway.
It's a cool legend.
He was just trying to
scare us with that story.
Come on, baby.
Shall we go?
What are you talking about?
Your parents have owned this
land for how many years now?
Like you don't know
where the grave is.
I-- I mean, maybe.
I guess I'll meet you there.
No, um--
I mean, I'm sorry.
You know, I'm responsible
for these wackos, so.
I understand.
Look, I got the fire.
I'm cozy.
I'll just stay here.
You go on.
Uh, hey, guys?
Hey, Drew.
Come on.
This is not funny, guys.
Guess who?
Oh, god!
Not funny.
Come on.
This place is
like creepy cool.
So you didn't
actually have any idea
what this was, did you?
I didn't need to, did I?
OK, you got me.
Can we go now?
Drew, come on.
Let's go back to the
others, all right?
Do you know if
this says anything?
Yeah, it says,
"Congratulations, you found me.
Now get the hell out of here."
You can go brag
to everyone else.
Come on, Drew.
Seriously, I've
been here a bunch.
It's not a big deal.
There's a tree.
There's a saddle, the headstone.
What is this?
That's the ground.
Good one.
What a surprise.
So scared.
Oh my god.
Hey, hey, don't touch that.
Dude, I know the whole
first night initiation thing.
I've been going to
camps since I was eight.
No, this is not that, OK?
Trust me, please.
Can we just get out of here?
Please, just put that
down, and let's go, OK?
Drew, come on.
Hey, don't put that on.
You put it on.
Kill, kill, kill.
It's yours.
The knife is yours.
Take it.
I thank you.
Sam, this
isn't funny anymore.
Kill, kill.
OK, look, with
all this craziness,
it just goes to show you that
history loves repeating itself.
You know, Sleepaway
Camp and killer masks.
It's like fries and gravy,
peanut butter and bananas, Mets
fans and perpetual suffering.
Things that go together
even though they shouldn't.
All right.
Let me see if I
got this straight.
Drew was your first kill,
and then the skinny dipper.
Then what?
Oh, uh-- And then--
Steve, the Kayak King.
Did I forget anyone?
So without knowing
about the others,
you've killed eight so far.
OK, so nine.
This is so bad.
None of them deserve this.
Well, I think it's
only gonna get worse.
I think you're
probably gonna die.
Sorry, Sam.
It's just that's how
these things seem to go.
On the bright side, though,
in a lot of these cases,
the killer comes back
in a couple of years.
You know, lightning
strikes their grave,
and then they're
back from the dead.
That's not funny.
You know it could happen.
There's got to be something
that we're missing.
There's just got to be.
How did Imani die?
OK, uh, after we found
Steve hanging from that tree,
that's when we all
started making traps.
We figured we had
to catch the killer.
Catch me.
Holy shit, Jamie.
Did you just do that?
Good job.
You guys dig a lot of holes?
It's not quite
the arts and crafts
project I was hoping for, but
we're getting through this.
You know, to be honest, I
liked last summer way better.
Yeah, me too.
My girlfriend and I are going
to culinary school together.
That's the plan anyway
if, uh, I get in.
What are you gonna do?
Marry a rich guy.
Well, that works.
So we checked the perimeter.
Everything's clear.
Yeah, there's no
one in that patch,
so we should be
safe for now, guys.
Guys, what
was all that noise?
We were just
testing the alert system.
OK, good.
Sam, what do we do now?
Uh, uh, well, we've
got a secure perimeter.
OK, that doesn't
answer our question.
What do we do now?
Well, I think now we--
you know, we just
circle the wagons.
Oh, you know, circle the wagons.
Stay inside the safe zone.
There's a killer out there.
We circle the wagons,
we'll be sitting ducks.
We need to go after this guy.
Yeah, let's-- let's
kick it up a notch, man.
Hey, why don't we combine
offense and defense, huh?
Um, I'll-- I'll run outside
the perimeter, right?
I'll run around.
I'll be like bait.
OK, and then the killer sees me.
I'll run back, trip the alarm.
He'll come in.
You guys converge on him,
force him into the pit.
- What?
- Y'all seen Jamie's pit?
What if you end up
coming from the other direction?
There's no alarm there.
How many pots and pans?
I can go 100 feet that
way and be a lookout.
By yourself?
I'll go with her.
Yeah, that
makes more sense.
- Yes.
- Let's just do this.
Jamie, I got you.
Kill, kill, kill, kill.
Wear it.
Wear it.
Do it, do it, do it.
Kill, kill, kill.
Kill, kill.
I don't think
this is a good idea.
Why, 'cause
Sam didn't said so?
Yeah, kinda.
guess what, Nancy?
You're not gonna be good
for anything if you're dead.
Sam already said
it's too dangerous out there
to go out in the dark.
Plus, I don't wanna
just desert everybody.
You're not deserting anyone.
Right, you're saving yourself.
I don't have time for this.
I'm getting out of here.
Hey, asshole.
Come over here.
Come on.
Come on, let's play a game.
Little bit closer.
Come on.
There you go.
Kill, kill.
Hey, assface!
This way, baby, come on!
Kill her now.
Kill Imani now,
now, now, now, now.
Kill her.
Go, go, go, go, go!
Oh my god.
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Rings of Saturn.
This is a really
bad development, Sam.
You know, I really thought
I had a chance of getting
back together with Imani.
Yeah, it's bad
that Imani is dead,
but, no, I'm talking about
the other girl, Jamie.
Hold on, hold on.
What's bad about Jamie?
Well, the fact
that she's still alive.
I mean, it's good for
her, but it's bad for you.
In what sense
is that bad for me?
In the sense that
she's gonna kill you.
What, are you crazy?
Your friend's got
serious relationship problems.
Hey, it's after midnight.
How come you haven't
turned into a pumpkin?
Come on.
I have to lock up.
OK, what time do you open?
Yeah, yeah, goodbye.
Jamie's the last person
I have to worry about.
No, no, no, no, Chuck,
you don't understand.
You know, Jamie-- Jamie's
like the sweetest girl
on the planet.
- Mm-hmm.
I-- I mean, you should see
her dig, but she's really,
really gentle.
She loves to paint.
I mean, she wanted to
run arts and crafts.
you learn anything
from the thousands
of hours we've
spent watching horror movies?
If you're the killer,
Jaime's your final girl.
Laurie in Halloween,
Nancy from Nightmare,
Sally from Chainsaw.
It happens all the time.
It's-- it's always
the purest soul.
It's always the last
girl to survive.
Listen, Chuck, I take back
whatever I said about you
over explaining stuff.
Well, exposition
is my middle name.
So let's say I kill Jaime.
My god.
I-- I can't kill Jaime.
What am I talking about?
This is crazy.
Well, Is there anyone
left that could kill you,
anyone at all?
Uh, whoever lit
that cabin on fire.
That-- that could be Brad.
You know, it probably
was Brad, and I don't
remember killing him either.
Well, as soon as you put
that mask on, he's toast.
Bloody toast.
That's insane.
You're-- you're saying
if I put on this mask,
I can kill some muscle bound
meat head like Brad, but a--
a sweet girl like
Jaime's gonna kill me?
There he is.
All right.
So let me get this straight.
Only one person walks
out of here alive,
and that's the most pure person.
And that's never the killer?
And not just in the movies.
Do you remember
Boondock Butcher?
No, Chuck, I don't remember
the Boondock Butcher.
A kindergarten
teacher put a stop
to his killing spree,
and she must've weighed
like 98 pounds soaking wet.
Captain Howdy, 'member?
Yeah, a nun crushed him
with the steeple bells.
Meaty Face-- oh,
guess who stopped him.
A paraplegic.
Rolled over him again and again
with spiked wheelchair tires.
Must've taken like two hours.
All right, all right, enough.
Thank you.
I get it.
I get it.
OK, Jamie's gonna kill me.
That's great.
That's awesome.
Sorry, Sam.
Of all the possible
parallel universes,
you've got to live
and die in this one.
What are you gonna do?
Kill the bastard.
No, I don't wanna kill Brad.
I wish this goddamn
mask would kill me.
Wait a minute.
I have an idea, Chuck.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I have a pretty good idea.
Sam, what's going on?
It was a bad idea, Chuck.
It didn't work.
It didn't work.
Oh, die you bastard!
What the hell?
Oh, goddamn.
Oh, damn you.
Oh my god.
Oh, damn you.
Oh, damn you.
Fight it, Sam.
Fight it.
Sam, come closer.
You can do it.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, goddamn you.
I won't put you on.
Oh, god, no, no.
No, no.
You bastard.
Die, asshole.
Kill, kill, kill.
It's OK.
It's just me.
It's just me.
I thought you were dead.
Yeah, I know.
But, hey, I figured if
he thought I was dead,
I'd be off his list, right?
Give me an advantage.
You-- you think he murdered
all of us here intentionally?
Well, I don't know,
and I don't care.
Well, how do we
get out of here?
There's only one way.
Over Sam's dead body.
Come on.
There's stuff in
here we can use.
You can do some
damage with these.
You'll be dead
before you get close enough.
If I got a good
swing with this--
You'll be dead if you miss.
This is way too heavy.
Close the door.
Samuel Justin Wescott, don't
you even think about it!
Stop it, man!
Come on!
Oh, no.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
No, no, no, no.
Oh, god, what do we do?
- Oh.
- Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Hold on, look around.
Look around.
Find something.
Think quick.
Hold on.
Ugh, what's this?
Go, go.
Come on.
Let's go.
There you are, Sam.
Caged, no other way out.
I thought you were dead.
Oh, and I thought
you were a nice guy,
but now I want you
to rot in hell.
Let's go.
No, no, no, no,
no, it wasn't me.
It was the mask.
The mask made me do it.
The mask?
Yes, yes, Jaime.
Jaime, I swear, I swear I
have fought with every fiber
of my being against it.
You're such a liar.
No, I-- I promise.
I've struggled!
You kept your phone.
We had to lock our phones up.
You kept yours.
It's my camp.
I'm responsible for everyone.
I have to have my phone
in case of an emergency.
It's selfish and two-faced.
Letting people think you're
dead is pretty damn selfish.
Is that right?
Yeah, yeah.
I was heartbroken enough
when you dumped me.
It wasn't just a summer fling.
You-- you don't think I
wouldn't care if you were dead?
You tried to kill me!
I was not trying
to kill anyone!
Yes, you were!
Oh my god.
Look, look, look.
You know me better than anyone,
except maybe my friend Chuck.
You know I'm telling the truth.
I could never do these
things that I've been doing.
This-- this thing
makes me do them.
It-- it's the story
that I told you.
It has some awful power
when you put it on.
Its evil takes hold of you.
The legend is true.
If you knew the legend was
true, why'd you put it on?
That's the thing!
I didn't put it on.
Drew did.
Drew put it on me.
We found it at the
woodcarver's grave.
What were you doing with
Drew alone in a forest?
Oh, Jesus.
It would've been nothing if
you didn't have your dumb let's
go on a treasure hunt idea.
You know, Jamie, one
could make the argument
that this whole mess
is Imani's fault.
My fault?
I'm not the one
with the crazy knife,
and I'm not the one who mistakes
a summer fling with something--
It was more than
a summer fling!
You guys!
This is not the time.
Sam, you need to
promise no more killing.
Oh, no more killing.
I swear.
Look, I need you guys to stay
alive so I can stay alive.
I'm not following
your logic, Sam.
Look, I've been
talking to my friend Chuck,
and she says the
way these things
always go is that it's the
final girl who kills the killer.
So as long as you two
are alive, you know?
No final girl.
We-- we all stay safe.
Your friend must be
as crazy as you are.
Hold on.
Here we go.
Sometimes she doesn't
pick up right away.
Oh god.
Are you OK?
Uh, yes.
Well, no, I'm-- I'm
locked up, but that's--
I'm still kicking.
I panicked.
I-- I-- I called the
sheriff by the camp.
Oh, yeah?
Left a voicemail.
Oh, god, he
should just retire.
Um, hey, Chuck.
This is, uh, Imani,
Sam's friend.
So, Chuck, I--
I need you to back
me up here and tell
these ladies about this whole
final girl thing because I'm--
I'm looking pretty
crazy right now.
Jamie, she's there too?
Oh, yeah, yeah, Jamie.
Chuck, Jamie, Jamie, Chuck.
Yeah, yeah, Jamie's here.
Um, Jamie hit me with a shovel.
OK, um, well, yeah.
Uh, first of all, ladies,
I know this is all insane.
Just bear with me for a minute.
But, OK, whatever you
do, do not let Sam put
the mask on his face again, OK?
The mask is responsible
for all this, not Sam.
And, second, in
situations like this,
in the paranormal or when
there's a lunatic on the loose
or whatever, there's usually
a pure and innocent girl,
you know, the-- the final
one alive that usually--
the final girl that--
that saves the day.
Come on.
Do it.
And, Jamie, from
what Sam says,
that-- that sounds like you.
No offense, Imani.
What's happening?
Um, Sam's
getting the mask.
Guys, run.
Do you know
where we're going?
I know where you're going.
Imani, what the
hell are you doing?
We're not gonna
be able to stop him.
Well, it's not gonna
help if you turn on me.
I'm not sure
there's much either of you
can do to alter the
course of these events.
So it goes.
Oh, no, Chuck, we can make
this happen any kind of way.
And I know I'm more equipped
to kill Sam than Little
Miss Perfect over here.
OK, this isn't
a logic problem, Imani.
No matter how strong or
smart you think you are,
no matter how determined,
you just can't outplay this.
There's just no way that
you're the pure soul that
survives at the end of the day.
I'm sorry.
You just aren't.
Well, there's more to
purity than meets the eye,
and I know she's not
this perfect image
she shows everybody.
Do you party?
- Why?
- Drugs, alcohol, caffeine even?
Just face it, Imani.
You're not a virgin, are you?
That's personal.
Yeah, so is
life and death, baby.
And it's down to me and you.
- So are you a virgin?
- Yes!
Are you happy now?
'Cause that mean Chuck was
right, and you.
What's-- what's going on?
Imani bought into
what you were saying.
What did you do?
I acted first.
What do I do now?
You-- you've got to kill Sam.
He's right there.
Uh, Sam?
He's got the mask on.
Then you
should be running.
I have to end this.
How are you gonna do that?
I have a shovel.
No, you can't possibly
take out evil this powerful
with a shovel.
I'm sorry.
You're just not.
Then what am I supposed to do?
Uh, you have to meet
him on-- on the right field
of battle.
What does that mean?
A place of power.
Oh, oh, OK.
You-- you know at my work?
The woodcarver's grave,
where Sam found the mask.
Just go there.
I don't know where that is.
OK, uh.
After Sam killed
Drew, he-- he, uh--
he killed Ted and Allison
in a swimming pool.
So-- so the grave must be
around there somewhere.
Kill, kill, kill.
Kill, kill.
I think I can
conquer this thing.
I don't have to kill Jamie.
And she doesn't
have to kill me.
No, I know, OK.
I know you think
it's inevitable.
But I'm gonna take this mask
back to the woodcarver's grave,
and I'm gonna end this.
Sam, you know what?
I-- I have some more
old books in the back,
uh, like more arcane stuff.
Maybe I can-- I can find
a spell or something?
There's no time.
Well, can you
give me like just
five minutes or something?
I'm not sure how much longer
I can hold this power off.
No, no, just-- just
give me like five more minutes.
Get away from me.
It's me.
No mask.
I don't trust you.
You're sick freak.
But you have to believe me.
How can I?
See, I've got the mask.
But to stop it--
see, I think I know
how to stop it.
The woodcarver's
grave is that way.
I'm going.
You don't have to come with me.
I'm not letting
you out of my sight.
Look, all right, this--
this is where we found the mask.
And-- and I think--
I think this is where
we need to bury it.
Now it's-- it's OK.
Nothing's gonna happen.
We can end this right now.
We can both walk out
of here together.
We just need to put
this in the ground.
I was gonna do it
myself, but I just
don't think I should
be near this thing
any longer than I have to be.
I don't even think we should
be seeing each other anymore.
Now let's put that
shovel to good use.
All right, all right.
Thank you, Jamie.
Thank you.
That's right.
That's right.
Just dig.
Doesn't have to be too deep.
You know, it's not--
You know what you're doing.
You have a gift, Jamie.
I'm lucky to have you--
I'm lucky to have
you here doing this.
Maybe don't touch
it either, right?
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Just, um-- maybe
just dump it out.
Just-- just just
shake it out, OK?
I don't even think
I should see it.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, grab my keys.
Oh, god.
Is it out?
I don't think I have much time.
Put it on.
Put it on.
Do it.
Do it now.
All right, and just let me
know when you're done because I
don't want to risk seeing it.
All right?
You just let me know.
Put it on.
You good?
How you doing?
Just an appropriate size hole.
Put it in the hole and bury it.
Then we'll be done.
We'll be done.
Now you just let me
know when you're done.
Just tap me on the shoulder or
just whistle or-- or something
so I don't risk look--
looking at it, OK?
Are you done?
It's over.
I finished it.
May he rest in peace.
Bye, Chuck.
Sheriff James here.
Just got in the office
and I heard your voicemail
and your friend's too.
Look, I know you kids
love messing around,
but I don't think that land's
something to joke about.
Things have been good out there
since your family took over,
and I can't imagine
you doing anything
to screw that up, right?
My granddaughter will
be at camp this year,
so keep an eye on her.
I'll be sure to come by
and make sure everyone's
staying out of trouble.
Bye, Sam.
Rings of Saturn.
This is Chuck.
I was
on the hunt for blood.
You were feeling lost in love.
All it took was just one
look and you were into me.
I wish that I
could cut you free.
But you're already in too deep.
You feel the curiosity
of what we could be.
Baby, if it's on,
don't hesitate.
I promise you I'll
be your best mistake.
You found me for a reason.
Call it fate.
Call-- call it fate.
'Cause it's feeling great.
The night's about to get real.
We're going in for the kill.
This is power.
It's not cold-hearted.
And we're just getting started.
We've been having so much fun.
This night's been a thriller.
Don't think about
what we've done.
You might be the killer.
You can take your hands off me.
This night's been a thriller.
As long as you see what I see.
You might be the killer.
We've been having so much fun.
This night's been a thriller.
Don't think about
what we've done.
You might be the killer.
You can take your hands off me.
This night's been a thriller.
As long as you see what I see.
You might be the killer.
Baby, after just one touch,
I knew I'd never get enough.
You should know I like it rough,
but you'll get used to me.
Baby, you can count me dead.
Sleep by all the
things you said.
But, baby, you look good in
red, so just keep killing me.
We've been having so much fun.
This night's been a thriller.
Don't think about
what we've done.
You might be the killer.
You can take your hands off me.
This night's been a thriller.
As long as you see what I see.
You might be the killer.
You might be the killer.
And we're just getting started.
We've been having so much fun.
This night's been a thriller.
Don't think about
what we've done.
You might be the killer.
You can take your hands off me.
This night's been a thriller.
As long as you see what I see.
You might be the killer.
You might be the killer.