You Might Get Lost (2021) Movie Script

4th grade - parent's night
Come on. Time passed. Sorry.
For once... you would put us first.
Good night.
Good morning. -Breakfast.
Put it a little smaller.
I am sorry. -Prove it.
Hi then, Dad. -Have a nice day.
How about drinks again in the evening?
It's not happening.
Stop it. -Everyone is coming.
Do you see -Well one then.
Gotta go get a child.
See you tomorrow.
For the third time this week!
-Sorry. Don't say anything to Dad.
Was it fun...
-During a computer course?
Yes, I knew it.
-The seat belt is not working. It's stuck.
Drop in the third
and ask Dr. Bullock.
Was it drunk driving?
-No, it didn't cross the border.
Is that him? Does he know?
-Quietly, my husband is coming.
Where is he? -There.
There is no other option here.
Case rejected.
Murderer. Saakel's mother-in-law.
Rotten in hell, you witch too.
Put the woman in check. Order in the hall.
-She killed our little son.
All amenities are close by. The landlord
is responsible for the household appliances.
All you need is a month's advance and credit
information. Do you have any questions?
Good. I'll have the office do the paperwork.
Nice little apartment. There is an extra
room if you would like to start a family.
Say if you need anything.
Thank you.
You would go see him now.
Nothing would change that.
I can't reach you. All this...
It's not good for you.
What are you saying
to what is good?
You're tired.
Let's talk tomorrow.
I will not change my mind.
I really hope you change.
I knew your son.
Lovely boy.
I hope you never
forgive yourself.
How did you find me?
We have this app. Do you remember?
-Turn it off.
Will you come back sometime?
How can I help?
Have you ever looked in a mirror and realized
that you dont know the person in it?
The deeds they make, the choices they make.
Let go.
We can help you.
No one can help me.
Good afternoon, ma'am. Do you need help?
-I need a car.
You have come to the right place.
We have the lowest prices.
This costs 10,499.
Nice Hyundai that
hasn't driven much.
You could go for a test drive.
Were there any other wishes?
How's that over there?
Or maybe it suits you well.
Mrs? Is everything okay?
Where is your mother?
Give it a boost.
What do you think you're doing?
Come on, Louis.
Rocking other children. Nutcase.
Meeting or importing?
-I came to meet...
First time?
Third. -Does it work?
Are you going forward or backward?
-Is "drive" or "reverse" on?
Now I do not understand.
-You see...
This does not end well for you.
Please come.
See you soon.
There are risks associated with the processing you receive.
This is very important.
You have to remember all this.
You must not take it with you.
You'll get to know it for a while.
Do you have any questions?
How did you find me?
We can find anyone anywhere.
If the next question is why me, I
think you already know the answer.
Does it hurt?
-Is it hurting now?
If all goes well,
the pain will end.
Does it scare you? -What?
We won't meet again.
You look tired.
I'm fine.
I have finished the evening run.
You are dear. -Have a nice day.
Shall we go for a drink again in the evening?
-No thanks.
Others will come too.
Hey. Thank you.
Here's the winning amount. Thank you.
-Thank you.
Never come here again.
Are you new Has your child
just started school here ??
Hey, Mrs. Prowse.
-Hey, William. - Come on, Carl.
Has something happened? -No.
Why did you come so early?
-To be on time.
I can do it myself. -I know.
Water... I want water.
Dad, are you okay?
It's just terribly tiring.
Arlene, are we going to bed?
Remember we're going to see
Grandma tomorrow? You're not coming.
I guess he'll miss me.
-Hardly. Grandma can't stand you.
You killed our little boy.
To school! -I am coming.
He will take care of you.
-Oh thank you.
Bye then.
Hey. -Do you know who I am?
Have we met? -Are.
Have you done your job? -I am.
So why this meeting?
I have had difficulties.
I can't sleep. And I have
trouble concentrating.
It feels like I'm going in the backpack.
-It's said to drift.
Your consciousness cannot
distinguish the new from your memories.
From memories?
Am I going back and forth?
Et. It's a one-way trip.
There is no old version.
Or is, but only in your mind.
How can it be stopped?
-Just have to wait.
How far back were you moved?
-Two weeks.
When you arrive at the
intersection where we sent you -
your brain is calibrated. No
more reluctant awareness.
I feel like I'm already there.
-You were.
Try to stay calm. Stress
can literally bother you.
Forget sleep. You get it very little
before you get to the intersection.
Someone should have explained it to you.
-You didn't explain.
What you got from us will make up for it.
We could easily take everything back.
Don't bother me anymore.
Nice apartment. There is an
extra room here if you start a family.
I guess he's solving a crossword puzzle
in the bathroom. Do you have a drink?
-Are you sure you're related?
Is something wrong?
-Don't you just come visit?
Nice to see you.
Come visit us on the weekend.
William wants to see you.
I'm glad to come.
No booze.
But I can still come, right?
Either tastes next? -Yeah.
I don't think we should leave.
-I will be fine. Just go.
Let's cancel it. -Just go now.
Call when you get there.
Tell my greetings to Grandma.
It's just two days.
I'm not going anywhere.
Please... Go see him.
Hey. Sweet boy.
What are you doing here?
-I wanted to see you.
You can't be here.
You said they weren't
home this week.
How are you? You look tired.
-Well, I can.
Have you called and said you were sick?
-It's been busy.
Listen... If I hadn't
talked to Jeff -
you wouldnt have a job anymore.
What's wrong?
Have I said anything?
Did something?
I'm not coming back. -What?
I will resign next week.
Think properly before
making such a decision.
I have already wasted too much time.
I haven't seen my son grow up.
I don't want to lose any more.
There is too much in the game.
There are girls at work for you.
-I don't want anyone else.
How do I make you understand that?
-I want you to go now.
What can I do? -Let go.
Go. Out!
What's wrong?
Please leave a message.
Hi, we're here now. It was a
long journey, but we are here now.
I'm still awake.
-I'm going to sleep.
Must stop. See you tomorrow.
-You are dear.
Hey, sleep.
What have you done?
The kitchen has mold.
Garden work.
-Do you want coffee?
What has happened to your hand?
I tore it to its spikes. Little thing.
What time did you come home?
Around noon. -I've been quiet.
Thank you.
What to eat?
-Your favorite food.
Now the war has begun.
Watch out!
I washed the floor.
It can be slippery.
You get to keep an eye on the meat.
You can cover the table.
Do you cut the meat? Need to rest a little.
-Is everything okay?
I'll put you food on a plate.
You have to eat.
Arlene? -Father.
The door was not locked.
Isn't it?
What are you doing here in the middle of the night?
Does it concern Henry or the boy?
What is?
I've done something terrible.
-Study, Arlene.
Sit down.
Whatever it is, let's take care of it.
Oh, Arlene...
I have to go to the police station.
I don't know what I was thinking.
How much? -What?
How much had you drunk?
That is not the question now.
That look on your face.
I've seen it before.
In the mirror. When
I first hit your mother.
I was hoping you wouldn't grab
the bottle, but I guess it's in the blood.
This is really happening.
I'm not like you.
Let's talk. I've done something terrible.
I have to get back.
Back? -I have to get a chance.
You've had it already.
It's not just about one trip.
Keep three timelines in order.
No, nothing will come.
Whatever mistakes you have
made, you need to figure it out.
Please... Help me.
I'll do one more thing for you.
I just need a chance.
I'm asking. -Out of the way.
Give it a boost.
What are you doing here?
Bring it back.
Come back now.
I apologize to both of you.
I should have been
in a parent meeting.
I can't explain it. I am sorry.
It doesn't happen again.
Henry. I'm serious.
It's enough for me to fool around now.
I want three rooms next to each other.
I'll pay with cash.
Hey, Carl! -Hey.
Hey, William. - Come on, Carl.
-Is something wrong?
I can put it myself. -I know.
I want you to do one thing for me.
I'm leaving for a while.
A place where I
cant hurt anyone.
Why would you hurt someone?
You just have to take care of a couple of things.
Give this to Dad.
Will you come back -Of course.
I love you both immensely.
See you soon.
Gotta go now.
I love you.
Father? -Breakfast.
You killed our little boy.
Rot in hell.
Nice little apartment.
There is an extra room here
if you want to start a family.
Is something wrong?
-I have something to tell you.
Let's go out.
How is William?
Very. Henry is fine too.
I have something to say. -Okay.
Ill lose my nerve if I dont
get to talk to anyone about it.
What is it about, Arles?
-And then don't pity me.
And I don't want advice. You
get mad at me if you get angry.
I'm starting to get impatient
if it helps in any way now.
I have had a relationship
with one co-worker.
I have neglected my family and
made some really bad decisions.
I am very disappointed in you.
What are you going to do about it?
It must end. -Good.
Do you know why I'm doing this?
-To get drunk?
To forget all the mistakes I made.
Forgive yourself.
But don't forget.
Arlene? Please.
My wife is in the bath and I forgot
my key inside. Could you open it?
Thank you.
-What are you doing here?
Had to come to see you.
-Out of here.
I want you to go.
-Don't get nervous. What are you talking about?
You do not understand. You have to leave.
Arlene? -Steve please.
What can I do? -Let me go.
What's wrong with you?
I have come to my senses. Go now.
If I leave, I'll go talk
to your husband first.
There is something wrong with you.
Come back in the morning.
-Why not now?
It must be tomorrow. Please.
I'll be right there tomorrow.
What is it about?
It's hard to explain.
-It's always been that way.
I really miss you.
-I have you too.
But it's not enough.
When I went to work after giving
birth to William, I was like a new person.
I wasnt just a wife and
mother. I had an identity.
There were jobs, friends...
-You have me.
It is true. You made
me feel important again.
So what has changed? -All.
I'm terribly sorry.
Please, don't.
-What the fuck are you doing?
I warned you. -You need help.
Hey. Hey, boy.
Are you lost?
Let's go now.
Oh shit.
Mom came home.
Where have you been?
-Thinking about things.
Dad, aren't you leaving again?
I will never leave again.
Give it a boost.
Give it a boost.
Gotta go back.
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