You Only Live Once (1937) Movie Script

My dear lady, each day,
for the last couple of months...
this policeman is a walking
right past my fruit stand.
Then, he's a turn around...
he's a take the apple and...
And, when I tell him to leave
my apples alone...
he's a telling me
"chase himself".
So, I think to myself
I will have him put in the jail...
for stealing the apple.
this idea is no good, because all
the policemen have a union.
One cop is not going
to arrest another one.
Excuse me.
Public Defender's office.
Yes. Judge Calvin.
Miss Graham?
I'll tell him.
Thank you so much for the flowers,
they're lovely.
Just a minute.
Yes, I know.
Goodbye and thank you again.
Miss, I have come here to have your
boss to sue this cop...
for stealing my apples.
Yes, Mr. Whitney?
Can you spare a moment, Joan?
I beg your pardon,
I'll be right back.
When you've finished,
send it to the DA's office.
I don't believe it.
The Public Defender and
the District Attorney holding hands.
It isn't possible.
We were just discussing
the Foley girl.
Why don't you let her off?
I believe her story.
So Steve's been telling me.
I've decided not to prosecute.
You won't regret it. She was
just a victim of circumstances.
You're a better attorney than either
of us. Steve, I'll make a trade.
My secretary and dinner at Pierre's
for Joan. Is it a deal?
No, I'll stick with Stephen.
You put them in and he gets them out.
Much more interesting.
More interesting, maybe,
but not practical.
Is she still in love
with this fellow Taylor?
Strange, isn't it?
What does she see in him?
How should I know?
Well, so long.
And he is a cheap crook.
My offer stands.
Will you put that in writing?
You know something?
Your claim doesn't belong here
but in the court of small claims.
Small claims?
My dear lady, do you think that three
apples each day for one month is...?
Wait a minute,
I'll show you something.
Is 1095 apples a year.
For 5 years, is 5975 apples.
And 3 apples each day
for 10 years...
is 10,950 apples,
my dear lady.
Pardon me, old man.
I'll leave straight from court
and meet you up there.
I can't begin to tell you
how marvellous you've been.
I'm going to miss you
these two weeks.
The new girl's rather pretty. I hope
I have my job when I get back.
If that's your only worry...
Wait a minute,
are you the Public Offender?
People have called me that.
You better be getting started.
It's a long drive.
See? Everyone is running around like
a head with his chicken cut off.
I am a citizen
and I pay my taxes.
If I don't get satisfaction
from somebody in this building...
is going to be one policeman
less in this united nation.
Nobody's going to...
Good morning.
Thanks, Pat.
I thought I was the only crazy one
in the family.
But you,
you're absolutely wacky.
I love being wacky.
Oh, go ahead.
Ruin your life, throw it away
on a worthless gorilla.
End up at my age with no future.
What do you think people will say?
That I'm crazy, that I'll be sorry
and other things that don't matter.
You'll find out
they do matter.
Come on, Bonnie, be a good sport,
wish us happiness.
I do, darling, but you haven't
a Chinaman's chance.
It's almost 12,
I have to hurry.
What about lunch?
Haven't time. It'd be awful
to keep Eddie waiting.
Awful, you're right,
it's awful.
You won't keep him waiting 10 minutes
and he kept you waiting 3 years.
You're leaving with a better chance
than most prisoners I release.
You have intelligence beyond
that of the average criminal.
Thanks, warden.
Directed on the right path, that
intelligence can re-establish you.
In the wrong, you'll be
right back here again.
I'm going to fool you this time.
I hope so.
Conditions have changes since
I last made this speech to you.
You've been my guest three times.
The first, for stealing an auto
for a joyride.
The next, for grand larceny.
This visit, which terminates
due to the efforts of Mr. Whitney,
was for driving the getaway car...
for the toughest mob of bank bandits
in this country.
You're a three-time loser. A fourth
conviction, according to the law...
means a life sentence.
Don't worry, I'm checking out
of this hotel for keeps.
I've got a job for him,
he'll make good.
I will,
if they let me.
It's up to you.
Goodbye and good luck, Taylor.
Goodbye, warden.
Hello, general.
Bye, Bugsy.
The old cell won't seem like home
without you.
Here's your socks,
I washed them for you.
Thanks. keep them.
Thanks. Don't forget what I told you
about dames.
Lay off them,
tempt you like a fruit cake.
Remember to send me a picture
of that movie star.
You know the one.
With the big blue eyes. Boy,
is that dame my mashed potatoes!
So long.
So long.
I'll be seeing you.
Not if I can help it.
What's he in for?
Carved up an acrobat he found
hanging around his wife.
He's harmless. He's been here so long
he's like one of the warden's family.
I'll look you up
when I get out.
Don't do me any favours, Monk.
Lay off the high hat, Taylor.
You're still one of the boys.
Out. Scram.
Play ball.
Strike one.
Four. Take your base.
Yes, father?
Call them, Mike.
Yes, father.
And call them honest.
I'm always honest.
You weren't leaving without saying
goodbye, were you? Hi, Mr. Whitney.
Father Dolan, we need another ball!
It went over the wall!
You don't seem happy for a man
the gates are about to open for.
What do you want me to do?
There's many a man in here
that would.
I cheered the first time I got out.
They rammed it back down my throat.
They're not all like you
on the outside.
If they were, these places
would be haunted houses.
You're a grand fellow, one of
these days you'll find that out.
Thanks, father,
that's something.
Joan, darling.
You're here, you're here.
Darling, sweet.
Shake it up, Taylor.
You want to get out, don't you?
Eddie, let me get my breath.
I can't keep my hands off you.
You thought
I wouldn't be here.
I was afraid even
to ask Whitney.
My letters,
didn't you believe them?
I do now.
Are you cute!
Come on, let's get away
from here.
Thanks again, Stephen.
And you too, father.
You both know how I feel.
That goes for me too.
Most lawyers are just agents,
but you're not.
Thanks for lining up the job, too.
That's alright.
Goodbye, and good luck.
It was a great thing you did,
getting him out for her.
You won't regret it.
There's a lot more good in Taylor
than most people think.
I hope you're right,
but I think she's made a mistake.
It's only natural you'd think that,
feeling the way you do about her.
Father, what is it
she feels for him?
Is it love? Pity?
I've a faint suspicion
it's more than pity.
What a nest
for a honeymoon.
How did you find it?
I spent 3 years
looking for it.
You know, Esther?
I've seen that fella's face somewhere
before. And I don't like it.
If you attended your chores instead
of reading detective periodicals...
you wouldn't be so suspicious
of everybody.
I'm right to be suspicious.
When he asked me for a room...
I said "What's your name?".
I looked him right in the eye.
His woman gave ma
a funny look.
I'll be hog tied if I ain't seen
his face in one of them magazines.
Well, find it, or I'll burn that
trash first thing in the morning.
Burn them?
Burn them?
I'll find it...
if I have to sit up
all night.
Listen. They sound
just like crooners, don't they?
When I was a kid we used to
catch them in the sewer drains.
Some of the kids would pull off
their legs and fry them in bonfires.
Used to make me sick.
I got my first rap
protecting a frog's life.
I beat up a kid for doing that,
his mother sent me to reform school.
There's another one.
Come on.
You know something about frogs?
If one dies, the other dies.
That's funny. Why?
I don't know, except they
can't live without each other.
Like Romeo and Juliet?
No kidding, that's how they are.
How do you know so much
about frogs?
I thought everybody knew that.
I guess they see something in each
other that no one else can see.
Eddie, what made you
fall in love with me?
Me with you?
What made you
go for a mug like me?
When I fell in love at the dance,
I didn't know you were a mug.
I told you I was a phoney
and a bad guy to get stuck on.
I didn't believe you until you asked
Stephen to defend you for robbery.
I'll never forget how you slapped
my face and ran out crying.
I hated you so much, I cried
for 3 days and 3 nights.
Why did you come to the prison
to see me?
To tell you how much
I hated you.
Only I got mixed up and told you
how much I loved you.
Are you still mixed up?
What do you think?
You're one in a million.
- Careful, Ethan, he may be dangerous.
- I ain't afraid of that.
When I'm around, I'm...
I'm around.
No jailbird is going to spend
the night in Valley Tavern.
- Well, if you're gonna do it, do it.
- Hold your shirt on, I'll do it.
We better wait until morning.
Well, Mr. Taylor...
my wife wants to tell you something.
Go ahead, Esther.
Tell him yourself.
Well, Mr. Taylor...
you see, this room
was reserved...
some folks from Battleboro.
Convicts and their wives
ain't welcome in this tavern.
So we're asking you, in a nice way,
to leave at once.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Did you hear what they said?
Darling, you promised you wouldn't
let things like this bother you.
I'm thinking of you.
I told you something
like this would happen.
What do we care about these people?
What do we care about anybody...?
Yes, we're leaving
just as soon as we're packed.
And to think I spent 3 long years
looking for this place.
- Has 37 reported in yet?
- No.
How can I keep up a schedule if you
can't keep track of the drivers?
Don't pick on me for that jailbird
being late. I didn't hire him.
Never mind that.
Check the gas station. Get him.
I think it's the swellest place
I've ever seen.
It's a dump.
It's not. It's terrific.
Anyway, no one can throw us out
at four o'clock in the morning.
You've come a long way,
I knew you would.
You're the only one who did.
What about Stephen, the people
you work for, and Father Dolan?
They don't count, what they did
was because of you.
Ajax gave me a job because
of Whitney. Father Dolan...
He's for everybody.
Let's be practical,
what about it?
It's a big responsibility.
I'm not going to be
a truck driver all my life.
Besides, this home owner racket
lets you pay off for nothing a week.
In 20 years, it's yours.
Here's a receipt for
the deposit I made.
Do I give them the rest
or don't I?
Of course you do.
It's a swell place
for kids.
What are you laughing about?
There's your bus.
See you Saturday.
Yes, darling.
Light, 5 dollars.
Water, 3 dollars.
Taylor, call your office.
Fill her up.
Truck 37 reporting.
Yes, Mr. Williams.
Taylor, you're an hour
and 35 minutes late.
I know, Mr. Williams,
I'm sorry, but...
I don't want to listen to lies about
running out of gas or blowing a tyre.
Wait, Mr. Williams. Don't accuse me
until you hear what I have to say.
I don't want to hear what you've got
to say. You're fired.
You can't fire me just like this.
You can't.
I can't?
Listen, jailbird, leave that truck
there and don't take anything...
or I'll put you back in the pen
where you belong.
No ex-con is gonna
jazz up a schedule for me.
You're fired, finished, canned.
Get it?
Yeah, I get it.
Okay, I'll get another job.
Let the guy who's gonna drive
sign for it. I got fired.
What am I gonna do with this truck?
That's your worry,
not mine.
Some dame's calling you,
long distance.
I'll be over at Tony's.
Gee, I'm glad you called.
You're phoning from the new house?
I moved in this morning.
He's so surprised,
he can hardly talk.
If only he'd stay that way...
Eddie? Eddie?
I can't hear you.
I'm just excited that you've
moved in already, that's all.
He's tickled pink.
He'll be hysterical when he finds out
I'm not going to live here with you.
What's that? What?
The real estate man?
Don't worry. He said it was
alright for me to move in.
As long as you give him the rest
by next week. You can make it?
The payment?
Sure, I wasn't even
thinking about it.
The housewarming?
Sure we'll have one.
I can't wait to see the place.
Don't you dare show up before
Saturday, I'll have everything fixed.
Don't forget to tell him
the sink leaks.
Eddie, Bonnie says
the sink leaks.
We'll go into that later. This long
distance stuff costs plenty.
Sure I'm happy.
Don't worry.
It's in the bag.
Goodbye, babe,
I'll see you Saturday.
I know I was wrong,
Mr. Williams, and I'm sorry.
Please give me another chance.
You don't realise what it means
if you don't give me my job back.
Yes, May.
Yes, I'll be home for dinner.
Sorry, I can't do
anything for you.
Why don't you invite the Murphys?
We'll play a little poker.
It's no use, Taylor.
You've got to help me, Mr. Williams.
My wife's moved in already.
I can't let her down,
she believes in me.
I've tried to get a job
The only people who'll give me one
are my old gang.
Easy money too, Mr. Williams.
Bank jobs that are foolproof.
But I turned them down,
I'm trying to go straight.
Yes, May.
Have the O'Donnell's over,
they play poker.
Just a minute, dear.
If you don't mind, I'd like
to speak to my wife.
Won't you even give me
a recommendation?
No. How can I?
Nobody will talk to me
without one.
Hold the line a minute,
I'm not running a reform school...
I'm running a business, and I can't
waste any more time on you. Get out.
And I wanted to go straight...
Open up.
Stand back.
Hold it.
Wait there, please.
- Nice day for it.
- I'll say so. This is some weather.
Just a minute, please.
Get back.
Any cops been around here?
Cops, why?
What are you doing with that gun?
Please, tell me what's the matter.
Oh, kid.
The bottom has dropped out
of everything.
Darling, what's happened?
Read this.
What's this got to do with you?
It's my hat,
look at the initials.
Your hat?
But, how could it be?
It is. Somebody stole it
when I was in Tony's Beanery...
they planted it to take the heat
off themselves and put it on me.
You believe me, Joan, don't you?
I do, Eddie, I do.
I took a chance on being blasted,
just to hear you say that.
I've got to make a run for it,
give me the keys to your car.
But, you didn't do it.
Give me them,
I've got to go.
You can't, there must be
some other way.
Do you want me to burn
for a job I didn't do?
Aren't you going to help me?
Eddie, you can't run. You'll never
be able to prove your innocence then.
What do you want me to do?
Give myself up?
Are you crazy?
It's sensible. Anything else
will make you look guilty.
I'm a three-time loser. They're
looking for a goose to cook, I'm it.
You think they'll believe
I was out looking for a job?
If you love me,
stay here and face this.
If I do, it means the chair.
You're looking at it wrong. You're
innocent, you don't have to run away.
Try to make a jury believe that,
or anyone.
You can prove it, if you stay.
Run away, you'll never get a chance.
You must believe me.
Okay, kid.
We'll play it your way. But, you're
gambling with my life and if you...
I'm not wrong,
I know it.
Stick 'em up, Taylor,
or you're a dead man.
Don't, Eddie.
Let him.
Save the State the expense
of a trial.
Don't shoot.
He's giving himself up.
Think that jury will bring in
a verdict before our deadline?
That verdict
is our deadline.
Please, forgive me.
Please, forgive me.
Let's go.
Go ahead! Take a good look!
Monkeys! Have a good time!
Get a big kick out of it!
It's fun to see
an innocent man die, isn't it?
If you think I'll go to the chair,
you're crazy.
They're never gonna kill me
for a job I didn't do. Never.
Never. I'm innocent.
I didn't do it.
That's what they all say,
till the switch is thrown.
No, certainly I'm not
giving up the case.
I won't take the word of a jury who
convicted a man purely on his record.
I'm not that dumb.
Be reasonable. You're not helping
Joan by keeping this case alive.
I think I am.
Stop acting like a 1936 Abraham
Lincoln and get some sense.
Eddie's been pounding on the door of
an execution chamber since birth.
Neither you nor anyone will
keep him from opening it.
What do you suggest I do?
Let him die, without a fight?
The sooner he does, the sooner
Joan will come to her senses.
You forget, Joan's going
to be a mother.
I'm not forgetting anything.
If he dies, it'll just about kill
Joan too. I'm not going to give up.
He'll be on the other side
of this glass.
You talk through
these holes.
You mean well, father,
but I won't see her.
Eddie, open your eyes,
stop walking in the dark.
I tell you, I won't see her.
Leave me alone.
She's fighting for you
every minute.
There's nothing she wouldn't do
to help you. Believe me, nothing.
Okay, father.
Okay. I'll see her.
Thanks for seeing me.
I'd have died if you hadn't.
Say something.
Speak to me, please.
I'm going crazy,
thinking of you, here...
night after night,
days alone.
No matter how much you hate me, I
hate myself more for what's happened.
I love you,
I'll always love you.
Then why don't you
do something about it?
What can I do? Tell me,
I'll do anything in the world.
Put your head closer.
Get me a gun. A gun.
Get me a gun.
A gun?
Day after tomorrow, they let you
see me for the last time.
You can slip it to me then.
I can't, I can't.
You'll kill somebody.
What do you think
they're going to do to me?
He's gone, Mrs. Taylor.
Governor refuses stay!
Taylor dies tomorrow!
Read all about it! Extra!
Taylor dies tomorrow!
Read all about it!
Governor refuses stay!
Extra! Taylor dies tomorrow!
Read all about it! Taylor
dies tomorrow! Extra! Extra!
Taylor dies tomorrow!
Will I see him
in his cell?
Yes, my dear.
Joan, it's going to take a lot
of courage to say goodbye.
You'll have to be
a good soldier.
Hello, father.
Hello, Dan.
All right.
Don't be afraid, we just passed
the electric eye which detects metal.
You'll have to come with us
to be searched.
I'm the culprit, boys. I shoulve
left my pocket knife in my room.
- Well, you see...
- You're not packing a machine gun?
It was thoughtless of me,
we'll be right back.
Okay, father.
Come on, Joan.
Give me that gun.
Give me that gun.
Now, let's go to him.
Father, I can't
disappoint him again.
When they take him,
will you be with him?
I'll be by his side
until the end.
Just before the end,
not before...
tell him I haven't forgotten
about the frogs.
He'll know what I mean.
Fine world. First, they kill the
chicken, Taylor eats the chicken.
Then, they kill Taylor.
If I wasn't crazy,
I'd worry about that.
I want to see my wife.
Too late now,
it's against the rules.
Would you do one favour
for me?
Anything that ain't
against the rules.
Tell her that I love her...
that I'm sorry I acted
like such a heel.
Tell her that, Rogers.
That's not against the rules.
- Chicken.
- I know it's chicken.
Look at this.
I'm not hungry.
Well, drink your coffee anyway.
It's good for you.
I don't want it.
Boy, it's going to be
foggy out tonight.
Smell that grub.
We've got a new cook.
A guy who poisoned
three of his customers.
- It was a great break for us.
- Put it down and get out.
You don't like your food, huh?
Call the hospital,
You can't do it this way,
you've got to walk to the chair.
Nobody's going to make
a sucker out of me.
Give me the hospital, quick.
Alright, bring him
to the hospital, immediately.
Prepare for a transfusion.
Will it be necessary to
postpone the execution?
What time is it now?
Get me Dr. Hill.
Yes, sir.
Doctor, it's the Warden.
Yes, Warden?
He's weak, but he'll be
strong enough by then.
I'll keep him here, where we can
watch him, until the time comes.
Thanks, Doctor.
The execution will go on
as scheduled, at 11 pm.
You saved his life, Rogers.
Is there anything else
I can do for you?
Sit on my lap
when they throw the switch.
- Put him on ward nine.
- Yes, sir.
You're not gonna burn me!
You're just begging for
the isolation cell, aren't you?
What do I care?
Alright boys, put him in. No reason
why the others should be disturbed.
There's still time for the governor
to grant a reprieve.
It's too late now.
- Tommy, let's have a look at him.
- Yes, sir.
Stick 'em up, all of you.
Back up.
And no noise.
Slide over and face the wall.
Hurry up.
Doctor, put your hands down
and start walking naturally.
You can't get away with this.
Shut up. I'll tell you
when to talk. Come on.
One peep out of you two and I'll
let the Doc have it. Get out.
We all look at life through the same
eyes but we don't see the same thing.
I still can't understand your
feeling for the Taylor boy.
I think he was born bad.
Dr. Hill is late again.
Mrs. Wheeler, I can't agree
with you.
Every man, at birth, is endowed
with the nobility of a king.
The stain of the world soon makes him
forget even his own birthright.
Perhaps that's why
they invented death...
to give us another chance to remember
who we are before we're born again.
I hope when Taylor dies tonight,
he won't be born again.
He's caused enough trouble
in this world.
Okay, inform the guards
to shoot to kill.
I'll be over in a second. Further
instructions over the loudspeaker.
What's happened?
Taylor's broken out of the hospital.
He has a gun.
He's using Dr. Hill for a shield.
They're hiding in the fog.
I'll go with you.
Alright, father.
Please, be careful.
Jason speaking.
Turn off the sirens,
I'm going to use the loudspeaker.
Turn that light over here.
All guards.
All guards.
Warden speaking.
Warden speaking.
Get Taylor
and shoot to kill.
Get Taylor
and shoot to kill.
But save Dr. Hill,
if possible.
Save Dr. Hill,
if possible.
The warden doesn't want to see you
die. You must owe him money.
But, you're gonna die if we get
to the gate and they don't open it.
Stand still.
Can anybody hear me?
Yeah, I can hear you.
What have you got to say?
Tell the warden I want
to talk to him.
To come to the truck gate
or I'll let the doctor have it.
Okay, Taylor.
Take it easy.
Get going,
to the truck gate.
I'll be right over.
I'll go with you.
Stay here, this is my job.
keep moving.
I'll do anything,
but don't kill me.
Shut up. You'll get a chance to
talk for your life. Get going.
This is the warden.
I'm at the gate.
You see? Open it up,
or I croak Hill!
Taylor, shooting Hill
won't open that gate.
Every man in the service
of this prison takes that chance.
Dr. Hill will have to take his.
We'll see about that!
Now, you can do your talking.
Warden, open the gates.
He'll kill me.
He'll kill me.
Warden! Father,
where's the warden?
On the bridge.
What's happened?
Pardon for Taylor.
Warden! Open the gate!
He'll kill me!
You can't let me die like this!
Let him out!
Don't you hear me? If you don't
open the gate, he'll kill me.
Pardon from Washington,
for Taylor.
Open it up, warden,
or I croak Hill.
You've been pardoned, Taylor!
Put down your gun!
Who do you think you're kidding?
It's the truth, let the doctor go
and come to my office.
Quit stalling and open up,
or Hill gets it.
You're a free man, Taylor.
Put down your gun.
They're getting yellow.
Now watch that gate open.
I'm giving you till 20
to make up your mind!
One, two...
three, four...
Warden, please, he'll kill me.
six, seven...
Open it.
Wait a minute. Hold it. You can't
let him out with a gun in his hand.
He'll stop the first car that comes
and kill the driver.
He'll kill anybody
that gets in his way.
Let me talk to him. He'll believe me.
He's always believed me.
Give me the message, please.
Alright, father.
Try it.
I'll let you know when
to open the gate.
Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
I don't want to die.
Neither do I, but I'll kill you and
anyone else who gets in my way...
Surely you wouldn't kill me,
Put down that gun.
Stay out of this, father.
You're a free man.
Put down the gun and read this.
So, you're in on it too. You want
me to burn like the rest of them.
Read this. You're a free man.
It's the truth.
Stay where you are,
don't come any closer.
Eddie, give me that gun.
If you don't, I can't
open the gate...
they won't open,
unless I give the order.
Stay where you are!
Eddie, won't you believe me?
I don't believe anybody!
Then I can't open the gate.
So you are in on it!
Read this.
Stay where you are!
Hold your fire!
I'm not hit!
Tell them to open the gates
or Hill gets it.
Please, father,
I've got a family.
Open the gate, warden.
Open it.
Yes, sir.
Get going.
I got the whole thing over the wire
from the switch tower operator.
- On the siding across from the pen.
- I guess Taylor just went crazy.
I don't understand why
he wouldn't believe the priest.
You'd think he'd have
believed him.
I know a guy who shot his own dog,
right through the heart.
What's that got to do with
a guy killing a priest?
Nothing. I just happened
to think of it.
Imagine when he finds out he was free
and he killed a priest for nothing.
Bonnie. Eddie?
I'm out.
Take this number.
X, 7, 9...
It's the number of the boxcar
in the BLW freight yards.
Come to me.
Joan, please, don't go.
Don't ruin your life.
Eddie hasn't a chance,
they'll get him before morning.
Then I'll be with him,
but they'll have to find us first.
- Joan.
- Wait.
Let me go.
Here's money.
Take my car, it's faster.
Joan, you're here.
Darling, you're hurt?
I'm all washed up.
They got me after I broke out.
Joan, I killed Father Dolan.
You killed Father Dolan?
He was trying to tell me I was
pardoned. I didn't believe him.
They made me a murderer.
No, darling.
I can't beat this rap.
I wanted to kiss you once
before they get me.
Come on, we've got to
get out of here.
I'll never let them take you back.
I don't care what you've done.
If I knew where he was, I'd tell you.
I'd like to see him in the chair too.
I love my sister
and I want her back.
Why don't you go out and find him
instead of wasting your time on me?
You sound as though you
sympathise with Taylor.
Why not?
The law condemned him to death.
They made a mistake and thought they
could straighten it out like that.
You can't take a man who has been
in the death house for five months...
waiting, waiting, and straighten out
his mind just like that.
What's more, if I were called upon
to defend Taylor again, I'd do it.
You're not being very helpful.
What do you expect me to do? Go and
find him? Get a gun and shoot him?
That's your job,
and I don't envy you.
Sentiments, Mr. Whitney.
Sentiments? Yes.
How do you think Eddie will feel when
he finds out he killed Father Dolan?
I can still see
Father Dolan's face.
kid, it's no use talking.
I'm through.
Go back to Bonnie
and forget you ever met me.
I'll never give you up again.
It wasn't your fault, it was mine.
I killed Father Dolan the night
I wouldn't let you run away.
We're going on together.
We have a right to live.
You have, I haven't.
They'll get me...
Maybe they will, and if they do,
they'll get me too.
But they'll have to
find us first.
Operator, give me
the Sheriff's office, quick.
This is the R and E service station.
Taylor just stuck us up.
Yeah, a green sedan.
No, the licence plates
were covered with mud.
They took tyres and gas.
Tell him they took
all the cash.
They robbed
the cash register too.
I got word that the police
had them bottled up...
but they slipped through again.
I wonder if the baby
is born yet.
Poor Joan.
They're being blamed for every
crime committed in the country.
Why are you stopping?
We have to pass through
a town pretty soon.
These bullet holes
tell too much.
I'll get it for you.
I'm alright.
Don't take any chances.
Lucky they didn't hit us.
Here, drink some.
I'm not hungry.
You need it.
From all they've stole,
they must be millionaires by now.
Probably hiding in a swell place,
having a good time.
We'll find a place soon.
Sure, kid.
You ought to let me take you to
a hospital. This is all wrong.
They'll kill you,
if we don't keep out of towns.
What if they do? You've got
something to live for now.
We've got something
to live for.
If they kill you,
I'll have nothing.
We'll beat this thing yet,
I'm afraid
we have to get going.
I know.
I wouldn't like to take the chance
of staying any longer.
We're ready,
aren't we, darling?
Is it Joan?
Just a truck.
Something must've happened.
Do you think the police coulve
steamed open Eddie's letter?
I didn't think so at first,
but now I'm afraid they did.
I hope I'm wrong.
What a relief it'll be
to get her on board that ship.
- Joan.
- Joan.
I didn't think you'd ever get here.
Neither did I.
Have you got any milk?
Thanks, Stephen.
Is it a boy or a girl?
It's a boy.
What's his name?
We just call him baby.
Let me hold him.
We love him, he's the best baby
in the whole world.
Dash, he's cute.
I've written everything out.
keep him well and happy,
until I can send for him.
Joan, you aren't going?
Eddie is waiting for me.
You can't. Not after Stephen
has sacrificed everything.
Risked his career, just to get you
out of the country.
Everything's ready.
Baby's clothes, clothes for you.
Joan, please listen to me.
It's a 10 year jail sentence for you
if you're found with Eddie.
And they will find him.
If you take this boat to Havana, I'll
clear your name while you're away.
You can't refuse,
for the sake of the baby.
Please, Joan.
I appreciate everything you've done,
but I can't leave Eddie.
Don't worry about me,
I'll be alright.
We'll get across the border
before it gets light...
and when we do, I won't lose a minute
sending for Bonnie and the baby.
Bonnie, I can't.
Goodbye, Stephen. Eddie asked me
to thank you for everything.
Come closer, Joan.
I never knew two people
could be so close.
The last sign said
What's that light
between those trees?
It's just a star.
The morning star.
Back there, I watched
through the cabin window.
You and the baby looked so warm
and safe, inside a house.
We were inside a house once,
for a few minutes.
Lots of people in love get to
live inside a house...
That doesn't matter now. Maybe
anywhere is our home.
In the car, out on that cold star,
anywhere's our home.
There's something I never told you.
I shoulve told you a long time ago.
Thanks, Joan, for loving me.
Come closer, Joan.
I bought some cigarettes.
Eddie, look out!
Stop, or I'll let you have it.
Darling, are you hurt?
He didn't scratch me.
Hit you?
Don't be afraid, darling.
We'll make it.
Come on, darling,
it isn't far now.
Only a few steps, darling,
it's only a few steps.
We're okay, kid,
we're okay.
I'd do it again, darling,
all over again.
You're free, Eddie!
The gates are open!