You Resemble Me (2021) Movie Script

She's such a pain.
I think I peed myself.
If you'd pooped,
I wouldn't be washing you.
Close your eyes.
You can open them.
Come here.
Very good. Next...
You made a hole!
Yeah look, I've got the same!
Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday to me!
Is there a problem?
It's you that looks like me.
You look like me!
You look like me!
You look like me!
You look like me!
It's you that looks like me!
It's you that looks like me!
It's you that looks like me!
Are you done with your sun?
Look, your dress is...
Wait a bit more.
Alright, enough! Let's go!
Come on!
Hasna, nice dress!
Can you let us through?
Let us through, damn it!
Yo Hasna!
I want to play.
No, they are crazy.
Fuck you, dirty Arab!
What did you call me?
Fuck you, your family
and your religion
I'm going in.
It's a rumble!
Babylon! Babylon!
Babylon! Hurry
What's Babylon?
It means the cops are here.
Run! Run, Mariam! Hurry!
Mariam, run.
Multiple disturbances
in the area.
Officers dispatched.
Wait, was that my stomach
or yours?
They're not around, we can go.
Go, go. Quick.
Did you see how he did it?
"You talking about my family
and my religion?"
You're not right in the head.
I don't care. I'm hungry.
Plus, it's my birthday.
I hope Youssef opens up
and not Mom.
I don't think he's here.
Yes, he is.
You're psychic now?
I have a gift. I feel things.
Knock quietly.
No, Mom said...
Shhh! What's this?
It's my baby.
Be careful,
you're gonna wake Mom up.
"Everyone wants to shoot
and swindle"
"It's the end,
there's no more money"
"93 Hardcore"
"Raise your arms
if you're strong"
"Everyone wants to be rich
yet our hands are in the mud"
"Everyone wants to shoot
and swindle."
"In the end, there's no money"
"93 Hardcore"
"Raise your arms
if you're strong"
"I've seen you through
your deadly plan"
"Dead youth is less youth
in court"
"You know my life,
it's the same in every hood"
"I'll fuck France
until she loves me"
What are you doing?
Get off me!
You'll like it, you'll see.
I can't see!
Happy birthday to you..
Wait! In Arabic.
Make a wish. Concentrate.
The presents, the presents!
White and blue.
Like France.
My favorite song!
What are you all doing?
What are you all doing?
Won't you let your mother
sleep peacefully?
What's all this?
Where did you get
all these things, kids?
Where did you get this?
You know, my son.
This could be sold
easily in Morocco.
We need the money. It's nice.
Mom. But it's for school.
What school?
I didn't go to school?
Your cereals... Did you enjoy
your cereal with water?
Was it good?
But Mom, it's for the birthday.
What birthday?
Whose birthday?
Oh, my daughter, come here.
My beautiful baby.
Did I ever tell you about
when I was pregnant with you?
I had blood all over my legs.
I bled, I bled, I bled.
No one took me to the hospital.
Your father
was too busy gambling.
It was a very difficult labor,
my daughter.
I swear I should have
never left Morocco.
See what your mother
does for you.
I made so many sacrifices.
I worked
until the very last day.
Your dress is so beautiful.
My daughter, you're beautiful!
Turn around.
Hasna bought it for me.
Hasna? If you have money,
then take it out.
You look great in it.
You know my darling, this
would sell well in Morocco.
We can't
Why not?
There's a hole.
It's not a problem,
I can sew it up.
I'll help you take it off.
Let me help you.
Mariam, I'm helping you.
Mariam, please, wait,
I'm helping you.
Take it off.
Take it off, Mariam!
You take everything from us.
You're not taking that, okay?
You're not taking that.
Why are you opening your mouth?
Why are you opening your mouth?
Get out of my house!
Hurry up!
Get off me! Run!
Get out! Get out!
Mom, stop! Stop!
Get out!
Mariam! Mariam! Get out Hurry!
Hurry up!
Do you want to go home?
No. I want to stay with you.
I want to stay with you.
You really are a pain in the ass
for putting us on the street.
I'm going to pretend I'm you.
Hi my name is Mariam!
Shut up!
Can we make peace?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
My flip flop! You stupid thing!
It's you who resembles me.
No, you resemble me!
You have the same mouth as me.
You have the same
beauty spots as me.
You have the same mouth,
the same nose as me.
The same feet, the same arms,
the same legs, the same head.
I'm cold.
This is breaking my joints.
Are you cold? You okay?
We found something!
Do you speak French?
No one speaks French here.
It's unbelievable.
I'm hungry, I want to go potty.
So you want to go
to the toilet, right?
Come, I'll hide you here.
Hide me well.
You done?
I'm tired. I want to go home.
We're gonna do the prayer,
to sleep.
You have to put your hands
like this. Closer together.
There you go, like that.
And you look to the sky.
And you say Amen at the end
of my sentences, okay?
God, protect me and my sister.
God, let us go back home
and become a close knit family
and let my mother
not be crazy anymore.
How do you know God
is listening to us?
Because I asked Him
for a sister.
And He gave me you.
It's my spot!
I'm the queen here,
this is my spot.
Who is this?
It's my spot.
You thieves! My bag!
I have an idea.
See that subway over there?
Do you have any money please?
Do you have any money, Sir?
People always say no.
Young lady,
you should close your legs.
People downstairs
can see your panties.
Come on, Mariam!
Wait for me!
Come on, Mariam!
I wanna go home
I want to eat.
Let go of me,
I wanna eat. I'm hungry.
You don't even care!
Move it.
You need me to hold
your hand like a little baby?
You're a pain in the ass.
She's right up there. Go ahead.
Go cry in your mother's skirt!
Go apologize to Mom, come on.
So I can sleep in my bed.
Go apologize.
After all I've done for you?
She kicked me out
and now I apologize?
You wanna be like me,
you wanna be my twin.
But you'll never resemble me!
You will never look like
anything! You're ugly.
I'm pretty and you're ugly!
Ridiculous, in fact.
Can't you see how ugly
you are in the mirror?
You're ugly. You're ugly.
You'll never be like me!
Leave me alone. Let me be.
Go back to your mom's!
Please, please.
I'll do anything you want.
You promise to never leave me?
Because I love you.
I love you.
Me too.
My feet hurt and I'm hungry.
Have I ever let you down?
Okay, then follow me.
I think I know
what "pregnant" is!
You have a big ball
in your belly,
and after two or three years,
you shit a baby
out of your butt.
Ew, I'm never getting pregnant,
I'd rather die!
I want a baby!
You be pregnant then.
When I grow up,
I wanna be a cowboy.
To kill everyone
who wants to harm us.
Girls, not with your hands.
Don't touch.
I don't speak Arabic.
You don't understand Arabic,
I'll say it in French then.
We don't speak French either.
Excuse me, Miss.
Where are your parents?
None of your business.
Excuse me, Miss.
Will you listen
for five minutes?
I'm asking you,
where are your parents?
I won't tell you.
I'm taking you to the police,
come on.
Hasna! Hasna!
Is it hard to accept
the help we're offering?
Is this a trick question?
No, I mean exactly what I said.
We're placing you
in a foster family.
What's a foster family?
One that replaces
your actual family,
particularly your mom.
What did my mom do? She's nice.
Yes, but she doesn't take
care of you.
Your mom hurt your sister,
hurt your brothers.
She never hurt me!
She didn't hurt you
and we want to make sure
she never does.
Do you understand?
Just don't put us with Arabs.
we're changing strategy, okay?
It's the third time
you've been caught
on the street this year.
It can't go on.
We've decided to place you
in separate families.
What does that mean?
Can you please help take Mariam?
Calm down, calm down.
Be reasonable.
Hasna, I'm staying with you.
I'm staying with her.
Take Mariam
Don't touch her.
You will see your sister again.
Don't touch her.
Don't get worked up.
It's useless.
Don't touch her!
Stop hitting me!
My sister is staying with me,
don't touch her.
You're gonna see her.
Get off me! Mariam!
Get off me
or I'll pull your hair.
Listen, hundreds of kids
pulled my hair.
I'm going to take care of you.
You have to trust me.
I want to see my sister!
Get off me! Get off me!
If you want to see your sister,
you have to listen to me.
I don't care, I don't care.
You want to separate me
from my sister?
You want to take
half my life away?
Here, look.
You're going to know nothing.
Now I want to get out
and see Mariam, okay?
She's gone.
No she isn't.
It's only for your own good.
I'm sure one day
you'll thank me.
It's OK like this?
Wait. Wait.
Keep your head straight
please, Hasna.
Merry Christmas.
Enjoy your meal.
Enjoy your meal.
Shall I serve you, my love?
No green beans. Thanks.
What is that?
Pork roast.
Thank you.
I love your hair, Hasna.
Thank you, Alinor.
No, Alienor.
Her name is Alienor.
There you go, that's better.
Hasna, if you can just take
your elbows off the table.
Put your elbows by your ribs,
like this. And you sit up.
But don't put the elbows
on the table. It's not polite.
Nice atmosphere.
In any case,
it's delicious, Mommy.
Thanks, my sweetheart.
What a hypocrite, this one.
Why don't you eat your meat?
It's not Halal.
Pork is not Halal.
It's polite to eat
what people cook for you.
You're not gonna force me
to eat it though.
Hasna, it's just that
today is Christmas
and we're sharing
a pork roast all together.
We could have shared a turkey.
It would have been better.
A bit more appropriate.
Listen, how about you cook
next time.
I'm gonna go to the crapper.
You mean, to the toilet?
Fuck! Well this
was a great idea.
Alienor. Not Alinor.
Elbows on the table.
I know who I am.
I know who I am.
I'm back.
How are you?
It's nice. Calamity Jane!
It's a cowboy hat.
Like Calamity Jane.
I'm playing dead.
Calamity Jane used to eat
her Roast Pork.
I'm not hungry,
my stomach hurts.
It will give you energy.
Think about all the kids
who have nothing to eat.
Take your elbow off the table.
I'm sorry. What's the number
of the street please?
Please, I'm a bit lost.
Get lost.
Come on! I'm lost!
Do you need help?
Do you need help?
I heard you were lost.
My mom is in Aulnay.
Do you need to get there?
It's not too far,
I can drive you there
if you want.
No thanks, I'm good.
It's on my way.
Aulnay-Sous-Bois, right?
5 minutes by car. Let's go.
Be careful with your legs.
You have a nice hat.
What is it? A cowboy hat?
Do you want to try it on?
Can I?
Thank you, it's nice.
Do you think
it looks nice on me?
I don't know.
Did you have a good Christmas?
Good holidays?
Is your hat a gift? No?
Did you already have it?
What did Santa give you?
My foster family bought it
for me.
For how long have you been
with your new family?
I just ran away. I just...
Ah, okay. They don't know
that you left?
You've nice hair.
Don't touch me!
Don't touch me! Don't touch me!
What do you want Hasna?
I don't want to fight.
Did you come here alone?
Yes, I'm tired.
Look at yourself.
Did you take a look
at your head, Hasna?
You're doing pretty well
with the French?
With the Europeans, huh?
What do you think
you're gonna become, Hasna?
You're gonna turn into a whore.
You won. It's good, huh?
You're on the other side now
with the good people, huh?
Are you happy now?
There's no one left here.
They took the kids.
They took them all.
No! Where is Mariam?
They took the kids.
It's your fault, Hasna.
This is all your fault.
My daughter.
This is all your fault.
You ruined my life,
now your life is fucked.
Go away. Leave.
If I don't have you
I feel like I lose myself,
I become someone else.
What do your other selves
look like?
Like you and me.
What do you mean
don't touch me'?
You dirty whore.
You really are a crazy bitch.
Crazy cunt.
You think I'm gonna pay
for this shit?
This is shit to top it off
Hasna, are you okay?
You're the worst blood wiper
in the world.
You can count on me.
You can sleep back here
tonight, if you want. Okay?
That's kind.
Tell me.
Are you close to your family?
Do you have brothers
and sisters?
I have one sister.
Her name is Anne.
She's super nice. And you?
I have a sister.
I had a sister. Mariam.
We were like twins.
Now she doesn't even answer
my calls.
I don't know where she is.
We grew up in different
foster homes.
I think she blames me for that.
I'm sorry.
You're so cute.
What are you doing?
No. I'm not in the mood.
It doesn't change anything.
You can't be serious?
I'm not sucking
your fucking dick.
I'm doing you a favor,
can't you do me a favor?
Are you crazy? Stop!
It's not like
you've never done this before!
You did it with the dealers
in the crapper, but not me?
What's up?
Why are you pretending
to be a prude?
Everyone knows you're a whore.
You have the face of a whore.
Right. Get out.
No wait!
I'll do it.
Yeah, I'll do it.
Go ahead.
Yeah, just two seconds.
Come here.
That's a good girl.
Did you call your sister?
Have you had any news?
We had a deal, Hasna.
We had a deal.
You can't stay
at my place forever.
I say this for your sake,
not mine.
What did the social worker say?
You sound like my social worker?
I'm not your social worker.
I'm your friend
who's let you crash here
for the past six months.
You become independent, alright?
You're gonna find, InshAllah,
a husband.
And then I'll come
and watch your kids. You'll see.
Did you do the laundry?
Yeah, but it's still not dry.
You're such a liar.
You know what?
Take this. Go ahead. Liar.
Go ahead, I'll clean up.
Ah yes, yes, yes.
Go get ready.
Tell me what you did today.
Did you watch TV or not?
Close your eyes,
and you're in Bali.
How's it going?
See, I know everyone here.
It's my hood here.
Look, your boyfriend
is over there.
He's picking me up.
In a Rolls Royce.
I'm down.
Check out these sneakers.
Was it a gift?
From my brother.
Lucky you!
Yeah, it was my birthday.
You got any brothers or sisters?
What's your sister's name?
Mariam? That's pretty.
It's a pretty name.
If you had seen her...
She is even more beautiful
than her name.
We have a cat.
We have a kitty. "Toad".
He's so cute. "Toad".
She's the one
who chose it. Toad.
You have a cat called toad?
I have a cat named toad.
But it's pretty cool,
he's family.
Now my sister's making money.
We're gonna go on vacation.
Oh yeah?
I don't know, because we want
to do the entire Corsica.
And we want to do all of Italy.
I know I'm lucky because
I have exceptional parents,
who are there for us.
And who give us everything.
Everything. Everything.
Yeah? Fuck,
we're not all equals.
There are a lot of people
at the register.
Come here, girls.
We need you.
Quick, quick.
All the Belgian police
are after him.
Abdelhamid Abbaoud,
27 years old,
the brains behind
the failed attacks in Belgium.
But Abbaoud himself
is still on the loose.
That's my cousin!
It's my cousin Hamid! I swear.
His dad would beat him up
so hard with a flip flop,
that everyone started
calling him that.
When I was little
they wanted me to marry him.
My cousin is on TV!
This is crazy. Turn it up.
He is one of ISIS's
recruiters and
regularly posts videos
on the internet.
He's on international
News Special, he's a Star!
Are you satisfied
with this life?
Are you not tired
of feeling schizophrenic?
Like you don't know
who you are or what you want?
Look at yourself in the mirror
my brothers and sisters.
See the fracture?
I grew tired
of my contradicting selves.
I was neither European
or Muslim.
Just a confused broken soul.
Know that
they will never accept you.
You'll be like them,
but you won't be like them.
Our religion and our culture
are not compatible.
The biggest fear of the West
is Islam.
They have been trying
to divide us
since the beginning of time.
But Muslims are not meek people.
Do they remember we were once
at the gates of Vienna?
And almost took Europe
for ourselves?
Do they remember
the Islamic empire?
The incredible culture,
the science, the art,
our excellence in every domain.
Today what is the Middle East?
Arbitrary lines
they've drawn on a map,
propped up
by their corrupted dictators.
We don't have any other choice
than to defend ourselves
against imperialist interests
of the West and the globe.
We've grown numb to the images
of Muslims suffering.
My eyes! Daddy!
I can't see!
My Eyes!
If you really want change?
Pick up a gun.
Join us in Syria, the land
of the most beautiful smiles.
Join, find yourselves.
It looks like
you have great desserts.
A tiramisu.
It's so good.
You have ice cream?
Well I'll take
a chocolate tiramisu.
Veggie Pizza, please!
Don't you remember her?
She's the girl from the club.
What's your new combo?
What is it?
How much is your new combo?
It's... I don't know.
How much is the combo?
12.90? Really?
The prices went down.
Come on now, guys.
What do you want to eat?
We want the full deal.
The full deal?
The ass, the mouth, everything.
You talk to me like you know me.
You don't remember me?
This doesn't ring any bells?
I swear you're confusing me
with someone else.
I have a common face.
You see an Arab
with curly hair and you think...
You have the face of a whore.
Your memory is shorter
than your client's dicks.
What else do you do for $12.90?
Just a blowjob or can we
fuck you in the ass too?
With Sauce?
I recognize you now,
how's your face?
You son of a bitch!
I fucked you once,
I'll fuck you twice. He's crazy.
Brother don't say that.
It's a woman peacefully working.
Let her work.
I'm not your fucking brother.
Take your hand off.
What do you want? She's a woman.
You want to see my demons
come out?
No, that's cool.
There are thousands of brothers
dying in Palestine, every day.
And you're gonna mess
with a sister at her work?
She's not a woman at work,
she's a whore.
Apologize! Apologize!
Okay, I'm sorry.
Hey, open the door.
Let go of me.
You dirty whore!
Fuck your mother, dirty whore!
Beat it!
Are you okay, Ma'am?
Are you okay, sister?
I'm okay, thank you.
Can we take you home?
No, it's alright. Thanks.
Are you sure?
We can drop you off.
No, thanks. It's nice of you.
But it's not her fault,
he just came in...
I'm not talking to you.
I can't have this in here.
This is a family business.
Just leave, don't come back.
Peace be upon you, Flip Flop.
And onto you. Flip Flop.
I'd rather you didn't remember.
Sorry, I'm kidding.
No but, you can call me
Flip Flop.
But not in public,
if I'm shooting people
or something.
Are you serious?
Muslims have a sense
of humor, you know?
Do you know
why I'm contacting you?
There are some interesting
things going on in the news,
these past few days.
The Marseille football team
is doing well, right?
I'm serious.
But I am serious.
How is it going in France?
Syria is paradise.
I'm sending you a message
from Heaven.
You have changed, huh.
Last Time I saw you on TV,
I didn't even recognize you.
I just remember your big head.
When you were going up
the stairs of the
Eiffel Tower at full speed.
Redemption is a rebirth.
I have the most powerful force
in the Universe
supporting me now.
Only God can make you whole.
Your God seems unreal.
Too good to be true.
I'm gonna made it.
Hasna, how you doing, baby?
I'm late, papa!
Good day! Good day!
Come in.
Your application is,
let's say, different.
Why do you think
you're qualified for the job?
I'm a strong woman.
No but like really strong.
Even physically.
What I am trying to say is
your application
is a little thin.
So why would we take in
someone like you?
What does someone
like me mean? An Arab?
You mean an Arab like me?
No, I mean a young woman
with no diploma, no nothing.
Sir, I don't have diploma
but I don't have nothing.
I'm not nothing.
I don't think you understand.
Sir, I want to protect people.
I have protected people
since I was five.
If you hire me...
If there is a fire, and I heard
a little girl crying,
I would for her,
I won't think twice.
I give my whole life for it.
It's not nothing!
I swear to God,
I'll give my life to it.
I can give my life.
Where are you from?
Do you speak Arabic?
Miss, we are in France here.
We speak French.
Do you like France?
You say you want to be
in the Army?
Oh yeah.
We have bases
in these 7 locations.
Can you point one of these
on the map?
How many locations?
Well, in the north Picardie,
Bretagne, Aquitaine,
everything around it.
I'll let you study
and then you'll come back.
Is your name really Ahmed?
Yes, my name is Ahmed.
My sister's teddy bear's name
was Ahmed too.
It wasn't really a teddy bear,
It was a picture
of a teddy bear.
And she would sleep with it,
like if it was a real
stuffed animal.
Are you on drugs, Miss?
Am I high?
This is why they hate us.
It's because of people like you.
Can you just prepare
your interview?
You want to be part of the Army.
Can you just study a little bit?
Sir, the Army is my purpose
in life. I need it.
I'm staying with people
I barely know.
I dreamed of this all my life.
I'm sorry
I can't help you, Miss.
I'm going to have to ask you
to leave.
When I was nine,
my sister was seven.
My mother was beating
my sister up.
I came between the two of them.
I protected her.
I put myself between
my mother and my sister.
Okay, Miss,
I'm asking you to leave.
She spit on me.
Do you know what I felt?
I'm not interested. Please go.
What was I thinking?
Come on, Miss.
I even straightened my hair.
Fuck, what an idiot...
Sir, I'm not going
to fucking walk
through that door
until you hear how I felt.
I need you to want to know
how I felt.
Go fuck yourself. Fuck France.
Fuck the Army.
No one listens to me
in this fucking country.
You're not interested, huh?
Ask me how I felt, please, Sir.
Go ahead, tell me about it,
let's get this over with.
I put myself between
my mother and my sister.
My mother spit on me.
I felt pride, Sir.
You don't learn courage
with diplomas.
[indistinct chatter
in back ground]
To begin with, you're going
to need a long hijab,
so mine is a silk veil
from my favorite seller
Eda Tesettur,
seriously the quality
is incredible.
Mariam, put on your headscarf.
I witness that
there is no God but God.
Repeat after me.
God, forgive me.
Forgive me
for splitting my family.
Forgive me for destroying
my relationship with Mariam.
Help me to become
who you want me to be.
Please, God.
Yesterday afternoon
on this beach on Gaza
four children were shot
by Israeli bullets.
I ran away with my cousin
and my brother.
My other cousin got shot
and he died.
Four children,
caught up in a conflict,
that has already
killed 20 people
in the last 10 days.
I can't stop watching the news.
This shooting
that is taking place
in the middle of Paris,
gunshots at the headquarters
of the satirical magazine
Charlie Hebdo.
There are at least 11 dead,
two are Policemen.
Three men, three terrorists.
Who are they?
Where are they from?
The brothers Chrif
and Said Kouachi.
they grew up in foster care.
Chrif, the youngest brother,
is radicalized in 2003.
Said 2 years older than him.
Chrif dreamed
of a professional career.
And all the people,
like sheep, yelling
"I'm Charlie, I'm Charlie."
And if you don't say it,
you're excluded.
I told myself, these guys
did something really huge.
It's as if they succeeded
in stopping time.
Could you do that?
It's easier to come to Syria
than you think.
Thanks to a free checkpoint
and thanks to friends
on both sides.
Thanks to a single prayer,
a single intention
and a single word
can get you here.
MY mom thought
she was beating me into behaving
but what she really taught me
was how to morph
into someone else to survive.
You don't know all the women
I have been.
You don't know all the things
I have done.
How could God forgive me.
We're not asked to be perfect.
There are workers, peasants,
kids from the hood
and even murderers.
Even whores?
One of my favorite Hadith
is the story of a prostitute,
who finds a thirsty cat.
She had so much pity
for the cat,
that she took off her shoe
to fill it with water.
And God in return forgave
all of her sins.
My God is kind.
My God will guide me
if I am sincere.
I am crying and typing
at the same time.
When people truly repent
their faces change.
Their eyes soften
and light washes over them.
You can see
something extraordinary.
Inexplicable, it's strange.
Sometimes if you're lucky,
you can catch a glance
of the martyr within you
in the mirror.
There's nothing down here,
you know. There's nothing.
This isn't life here.
It's all vanity, an illusion
that appeals to hypocrites.
Feel you changing Hasna.
For God.
For us.
We should make up for lost time,
come to Syria.
I want to be with you Hasna.
I want to be your home,
your family, your man.
I'm waiting for you
Are you hungry.
You look beautiful
in your hijab...
like the future mother
of our children.
I am... your father.
Stop it. It's not funny.
Ah shit!
You can't eat, there is no hole.
Delicious, huh?
There was pork.
Was it good? Was the pork good?
No, it's Halal.
It's Halal, right?
Do you think that I don't see
that you're changing?
I eat.
My daughter,
don't you ever put this on.
I knew you wouldn't understand.
So now is this the new fashion?
Of the twenty-first century.
The twenty-first century.
Last night you were still
wearing a skirt.
"Look at the new fashion
in Paris".
That's what you say to him?
I see nuns on scooters.
They got a burka on.
It's a type of burka.
Oh yeah?
That doesn't bother anybody.
When it comes to my burka,
it bothers. Whatever.
No! You're eating all the fries.
Take them.
There is no famine here,
not like in other countries.
I want to go
where people need help.
Does it mean that
you want to be in the military?
I'm thinking of you...
I can't wait for
you to get here...
What do you mean by
"where they need help"?
Countries where they need help,
where there is war.
Syria, Palestine, see?
I don't understand
why you have changed like this!
I haven't changed.
I'm talking about
humanitarian work.
I'm not saying I'm going to war,
or becoming a terrorist.
People die in Syria.
You're talking with your cousin.
People die in Syria.
I know that people die in Syria.
Palestine people don't die?
The kids die of hunger
and get killed by soldiers?
Innocent people.
I'm scared that
they brainwashed you, Hasna.
This is the life I chose.
What kind of life
did you choose?
I know who I am. I know
who I am. I know who I am.
There is a real war in Syria.
I want to go to Syria
to help people.
Not for terrorism.
I'm leaving for Syria.
Yo, I see people are in shock,
but I'm still the same Hasna.
Wallah. Still unemployed,
still looking for a job.
Top Model.
People are gonna think
I'm a porn star, no!
Are you ready?
I'm gonna put you in touch
with a brother. Are you there?
Please answer me,
this is not a game.
We need you here.
Algeria won!
Ma'am, stop right there
please. Ma'am.
We won!
This is prohibited, you know?
What is?
This burka is prohibited.
Why is it prohibited?
It's the law.
What did I do?
Give me your ID, please.
Hasna. Nice to meet you, Ma'am.
You can see who I am.
Can you please remove your veil?
There you go.
Well, I like you better
without it.
I'm giving you a ticket.
See, it's a party.
It's a party. Long live Algeria.
While you're out partying...
No, I'm not going to pay.
I don't... I don't have to pay.
You're from Algeria?
You're my sister.
Wallah, she's right.
Can I ask you a question?
What is the difference
between you and me?
The difference?
You're in uniform with your gun.
Do you feel powerful?
It's the same thing with me.
I feel powerful and beautiful.
I am here to protect people.
God be willing,
you will try it on one day.
I'm naked underneath
so I'm free actually.
That's a woman.
Modern woman my ass.
European women,
is that the modern woman?
I've been through it all, Ma'am.
And I want to get my act
together. That's all really.
Very well. I heard you,
you can go now.
But I don't want to run into you
with this thing on your head.
Ah, it's the duel.
It's the best part
of the movie, shush.
Who do you think
is going to win?
Who will live? Who will die?
Stop it.
Darling, can you help me?
Alienor fell asleep,
can you put her to bed?
Yes, just two seconds.
You like Westerns, huh?
Because when I grow up,
I want to be a cowgirl.
To kill all the bad people.
My fellow compatriots,
at the moment
that I speak to you,
terrorist attacks
of an unprecedented level
are happening in the Paris area.
Six coordinated attacks
in 33 minutes.
Everything starts at 9:20 pm,
in the French Stadium.
A deafening noise.
Outside door B, a suicide bomber
just blew himself up.
The beginning of the series
of attacks.
The shots are coming
from the inside of the Bataclan.
Three terrorists,
maybe five start shooting.
1500 people are at the venue.
Five minutes later,
Alibert Street, second attack.
Three attackers,
according to witnesses,
aboard a black car.
Who is it, Hasna?
Who is calling you?
Your cousin needs your help.
He's hiding in the bushes
in Aubervillier,
at the round about
on Bergerie Street,
in the front of the parking lot.
You know you don't have
to do this Hasna.
I did everything
I could to help you.
And I can't anymore.
Hasna, it's not too late.
We can turn around here
right now.
Turn around to go where?
To your house?
You have your family
waiting for you.
I want what you have.
I want my own family.
I want my own children.
I want my own house.
Maybe this is my chance
to get that.
I think this is my chance.
You've grown, MashAllah.
There's been a change of plans.
I propose you a better country
than Syria.
Thanks to God,
you and I have been chosen.
I'm going to take you
to paradise.
I'm calling to make a report
about a terrorist.
I don't know his name.
The guy who's always
on the news.
He's with a girl
who's like a daughter to me.
Her name is Hasna.
She's losing her mind
and doesn't know who she is.
Please, please don't hurt her.
I beg you.
I beg you, don't hurt her.
Hamdullah, for your union
brother and sister.
You're beautiful.
Tell me about Paradise.
Paradise is better than sex.
Better than your greatest
I want to go there with you.
Show me.
I'm taking you there.
We have more attacks planned.
I'm prepared to do
whatever you need me to.
I'm on your side.
On a police station,
a shopping mall, and a day care.
But there are children there?
And Muslims?
Why would Allah want us
to do that?
They are just collateral damage.
I want to understand,
that's all.
I don't have time
for your fucking questions.
Why are you angry with me?
I've been doing everything
you ask for the past five days.
Is your faith weak?
I'm here to serve.
I'm ready to do this.
Are you going to be more
of a burden
or a help to us here?
Hamid, please
I need to speak to you.
Hamid, please
I need to speak to you.
Forgive me, my sister.
Let me get out, Sir, please.
Where's your boyfriend?
He's not my boyfriend!
Where is he?
He's not my boyfriend!
Come to the window!
Let me get out, please.
You're not
who I thought you were.
Shut your mouth!
Let's go, it's time.
Wait. Please.
Please. I love you. Please,
we can have a normal life.
We can have children. Please.
Stop it. It's over. Stop it.
No. I don't want to!
I don't want to.
Please. Please.
We can have a life. Please.
We can love each other.
Who blew themselves up
in Saint Denis yesterday?
The state of the body
has made it impossible
to identify this woman so far.
What do we know about
the French female
suicide bomber?
The explosion was caused
by a woman
who detonated
her explosive vest.
The woman who blew herself up
at the Saint Denis hideout.
...said that at one point
she had shot right at them
I'm scared.
They took that as her
trying to lure them into a trap.
Please let me jump.
I'm really scared.
May Hasna Rest In Peace.
I didn't raise her.
I don't want to hear about Hasna.
Enough. Let her Rest In Peace.
If the State had let her stay with me,
this would not have happened.
But they didn't let her
stay with me!
She didn't live with me.
...nicknamed "The Cowgirl."
She wore a cowboy hat and boots.
A girl like you and me.
She was a rapper.
Another time a prostitute
or a drug user.
She was pushed around
from one foster home to another.
They were a family with no issues.
The mother and the brother of
Hasna Ait Boulahcen
escorted here by the police.
When she did that,
she only thought about herself.
She didn't realize a day later,
the police would come knock
on our doors.
That they would turn the house
upside down,
give us a bad reputation,
look at how we are seen
in the neighborhood now.
This woman confessed
on the internet
she wanted to do Jihad in Syria.
It's God's will not mine.
I wasn't the reason
why this happened to them.
It could be their mother,
or someone else
who is responsible for this?
We have this breaking news
out of the Paris prosecutors office.
Apparently, this woman
did not blow herself up,
but her male colleague did.
And she was killed
in that explosion as well.
Again, it is not the woman,
it is a man standing close to her,
knowing that it takes on
a different significance.
Who was really
Hasna aid Gul Hassan?
That's not Hasna, that's me.
They published my picture
and they thought
I was my sister.
And then they called
another woman, Hasna.
According to the media,
there were three Hasnas.
My sister was always a mystery.
She was always changing,
I never fully knew her either.
We were called "the twins"
and "the gypsies"
It brings back memories.
We were always playing,
we were always happy.
We would do a thousand
and one silly things.
We were as active.
Hasna was loved by everybody.
Everybody. She had a good heart.
I ask myself all the time
if I did her wrong.
I was scared for my safety.
I didn't trust her.
I blocked her calls.
Will she be able to forgive me?
Sometimes people say
I don't even look Arab.
I had to have a nose operation.
When I can out of the operation.
I resembled nothing at all.
I can't find a job
because everyone stigmatizes me.
Ait Boulahcen is a common name.
But this story
is all over the news.
People believe what they see
on TV. I don't feel safe.
What kind of person
does these things?
Lola, 17.
Her life came to an end
on November 13, 2015
at the Bataclan.
She was buried like a dog
in an unmarked grave.
Right here!
This will be my point.
I'll be here and here's my sister.
There you go. InshAllah!
She existed
and then she disappeared,
like in a dream.
Will I see her again?
She resembles me.
Does she resemble me.