You Shoot, I Shoot (2001) Movie Script

Who are you?
This is not important.
What do you want?
Kill you.
Boss, it's done.
I know that.
And my payment?
None You are not kidding, right?
I've told you before,
half before the
killing, and half after.
What is that suppose to mean?
I'm not kidding.
Don't look at me like
I am a wealthy bloke.
I don't have a penny in my pocket.
It's my fault, really.
Like this apartment.
A few months ago,
I thought the market was great,
so I got a dozen of them.
Look, you don't have to explain,
I also bought two apartments there.
- Really?
- Yes Where?
- Block 6?
- No, Block 7. To the sea.
Then consider yourself lucky.
But I'm in deep shit.
I got 3 in Block 8, lower level,
7 in Block 2, high level.
All facing the hill.
Are you sure?
All lower level and facing the hill?
You will loose money,
I guarantee you. You idiot.
Hold on a second.
I didn't come to talk
about real estate with you.
Now that you don't have
the last payment for me.
So what's the deal here?
Forget the last payment, okay?
Actually I am here to ask you
to do me a favor.
Kill me.
According to the rule.
You have right to kill the client
if he can't pay the last payment.
If you kill me then my family
will be eligible for
the insurance money.
Just treat it as helping the widow.
Kill me, okay?
Can't you just kill yourself?
I didn't know I would
be that unlucky,
I didn't get that kind of insurance.
They don't cover suicides.
No, I can't do this
without money twice in a day.
You figure this out yourself.
Perhaps I've to pretend cleaning
the windows and fell.
Take care, Mr. Tse.
But wait until I have left.
I don't want anybody suspecting me.
What do you think?
Isn't this pretty?
Honey, I am a killer you know?
What's the difference?
Killers don't sleep?
Killers don't wear PJ?
I don't mean that.
It just looks too nice.
Very pretty
3,000 dollars for a PJ, so cheap!
Don't make it such a big deal.
I like it a lot.
You know, 3,000 dollars for a PJ?
That's great!
Brush, brush.
What? This is for killing.
- Your hand.
- Come on.
- Ling.
- Yes?
The business is not doing
so well these days.
We can't spend as
much as we used to.
Can't you just kill some more?
Can't you just kill some more?
There isn't any to kill.
I think you should be more active.
Remember your ex-client, KK Lau?
He was doing some business
with someone in mainland.
I heard he had an
argument with them.
You can give him a call,
Maybe he has something for you.
Honey, how can a
killer make cold-calls?
What's wrong with that?
He was your client.
Should I call KK and go,
is KK here? It's Bart.
Is there anyone you want to kill?
I can help you, man.
Like that?
Yes. Just like that.
Come on, go call him.
Is KK there?
It's me. Bart, I am Bart.
Have you been
practicing golf lately?
You got it. I am Bart.
Well, I heard you've got
some trouble lately.
So I wonder
if there is anything
I can do to help.
It's my pleasure and
I can definitely help you.
Don't say that we are
buddies, right?
Buddies, yes.
Nope, I don't have
50 millions to spare.
I just want to ask
if you are interested
in killing someone.
Sorry then, you take care, alright?
Don't page me. Bye now.
Uncle Sun?
It's little Hoh, remember?
Anyone you want to kill?
General Chao, any discount?
Sure. If you say so of course.
Is there anyone that
opposes you lately?
Who? Chief Executive Tung?
Tell me the price, alright?
I'll give you 20
dollars to call a hooker
then come back to me?
Give you 20 dollars...
give me a break.
Are you done, bro?
Any adult at home?
No? It's okay.
Do you know if your dad
has anyone he hates?
What grade are you in?
Your uncle touches you?
You are a cop?
Hello... beep.
Sorry, this is operator here, sir.
Been receiving crank call?
Does he have caller-ID?
No! That's fine. Bye.
What do you think?
Mrs. Ma, it doesn't look right.
No way,
this cutting is supposed to be
the hottest this season.
I don't mean your dress.
In my industry,
it's rare that we discuss
our business here.
What kind of industry?
You mean killing?
Quiet, Mrs. Ma, please.
Hey, it's not stealing
or anything like that.
It's just another occupation, right?
Are you afraid of the cops?
You got that right.
Where is your guts?
I must admit I do lack some guts.
So what do you have in mind?
Could we switch to some
quiet place and talk?
So, we went to a party hosted
by Lawyer Chau.
I wasn't supposed to go,
I wasn't feeling well.
Could you zip that up for me?
- Here?
- Yes.
Where was I?
Lawyer Chau.
Oh yes.
So I met Ray during the party.
Maybe I was drunk,
or maybe possessed,
but he caught my eyes.
Mrs. Ma,
I normally don't care the details
between you and the target,
I don't want to know either.
This is our rule.
Don't give me the rules.
You don't want to hear it, but I do.
You see? I am not a sluttish woman.
I wouldn't go home with anyone
unless we have met for 6 hours.
We were both drunk that night.
I thought I would just let him.
But I can't believe
he actually taped the whole thing.
Not only did he tape it,
he shares it with the
rest of the world.
Not only did he share it,
he said I was a dead fish.
That's why you want to kill him.
Yes. I want you to kill him.
Not only kill him,
but film the detail for me.
For revenge sake,
I want to see his dead face.
I want him to know
how it feels to be filmed.
Mrs. Ma, Mr. Chiu never
mention filming anything.
How can I do that?
Why not?
Do you want the job or not?
I can ask somebody else.
Miss, that's my dress.
You want me to call someone
and rape you, bitch?
Do you do rape?
I don't do rape,
illegal gang bang, nor anal sex.
I just kill.
You will make a lot less, you know.
Hey, can I help you?
I... Don't be shy.
Let me show you
Hollywood stuff 21st
century banging network.
Directed by Yuen Wo Ping,
bang your brains off.
I am not into Hollywood stuff.
What about this?
"Seven: Chicks from the North."
Mainland chicks show
girls playing tricks.
They will say it
feels great so nice...
- Not into this.
- Not into this?
What about supporting
our local stuff?
Underground local celebrity sex.
Just look at her.
I know she's like a dead fish.
But still worth a look.
It comes with a bonus
Turbo tissue pack.
Actually I am looking
for Abe Michiko.
Rare taste, eh?
All the Kos are over there.
Go check it yourself, alright?
I am coming.
What can I do for you?
Are you alright?
Yes, totally fine.
What are you looking for?
I am looking for a digital camera.
What about this one?
King of the giant.
Very reasonable.
Spread the word
if you like it, alright?
And this one.
King of the see-through.
This is the one which you can shoot
through the clothes.
Don't tell anyone I carry it, okay?
Let me demonstrate.
Sir, very dark in there.
- Like this?
- Give it a try.
Not bad, not bad.
We also have this.
The hottest DVD in
town, the Tiny King.
I want one that can
shoot well and stable.
Stable? Sure.
This one, Stable King.
But I thought this was Tiny King.
Originally it was
called Stable King.
Tiny King is its nick name.
Give it a try, alright?
Know how to use a stopwatch?
Help me out.
That's it!
How long?
3 sec 69. Awesome!
I am not too worried.
Because I am well prepared.
If that bitch really
finds someone to kill me.
Tell her to go ahead.
I am a prick.
But unlike you.
I gave you the tape
and you made VCD?
I still haven't asked for money yet.
One for your brother.
One for your in-law.
What's that?
Maybe I can describe the story.
Let me rewind it for you.
Starting from the entry.
Yes, right here.
Actually, I was thinking to
kick the door open.
That's the kick for the door.
I saw him pointing the
gun at me and firing.
His house has a living
room, it is here.
See the sofa?
That's the living room.
The stairs case is
behind the living room.
He is hiding with
his gun over there.
Behind the TV about six feet...
He was standing behind
the wall opening fire.
So you can't see him...
Let's continue...
Can you see him pull the gun?
See? We're in a gun fight.
Non-stop gunfire...
now he's hiding behind the stairs.
I see him,
he kept saying he is scared.
I am hiding now because
he is shooting at me.
He came out, I was near the stairs.
See? That's him.
Yes, he is shooting at me.
Let's fast forward so
a few more gunshots,
he screamed.
Since it's such a big house,
the sound recording was bad.
Here it is I killed him.
What is this?
I didn't know you have
been telling people
about this.
He was prepared.
I didn't know he had a
gun till I was inside.
So there was a gun fight.
So what? Of course he was armed.
If it's an easy task,
I could have done it myself.
I did not have to hire you!
I asked you to kill him
and film the whole thing for me.
But Mrs. Ma, I did kill him, right?
I killed him.
The most important thing's to
shoot the whole scene.
I want to see how he died.
That's revenge.
Now that he's dead,
you can't kill him again.
What can I do now?
So irritating.
I am sorry...
I really did try to film it.
Now I am giving you another chance.
Kill this guy for me.
Foul-mouth Wah?
He is the prick who turned
my tape into VCD.
I am telling you,
if you can't make it this time.
I will ask someone else
to help me later on.
You should know
how many people I kill each year.
I am sure you know what to do.
I need to find a partner.
This partner has to be dumb
and manipulative.
If I can find out his short comings,
that will be better.
Drug dealing?
He is the one.
Robbery... don't hit me... don't
here you are.
I don't want money.
What do you want, brother?
I want to kill you.
Look, you got the wrong guy.
Hands off.
Someone paid me to kill you.
Why would somebody want to kill me?
Is it Bing Keung, no way...
Fatty Keung? Bing Keung?
I am sorry, I forgot to
place his bet on the horses.
I am already...
I don't have the
billions, Bing Keung...
It's impossible,
he is poorer than me.
Fatty Fai? I am sorry.
Bing Keung? I occasionally
have dinner at his place...
I barely visit his place sorry.
Just a few times...
Because I don't have a family...
You don't have a family?
I am an orphan... sorry...
That's great.
Don't hit me, I'll give you all...
You can kill some random
guy, to replace me.
You only have this much money
for selling drugs?
This, this is my first day.
I can give you all...
You're fooling me!
Don't kill me!
I can do anything for you!
Really for anything?
Right here?
- You want it here?
- Yes.
But lately my jaw
is not working well.
I might bite, okay?
Get out! I've been drinking too much
and want to pee.
What are you looking at?
Come pee with me.
Come in. I live alone.
Close the door.
As a drug dealer,
you are really into movies?
I am not a dealer.
Today is my first day doing it.
I studied film in New York.
I have been working
as assistant director since then.
Only I don't have
many projects to do.
That's why you want to switch job?
No, do you think I
really want to do that?
Yes, Director?
Go get some bugs for me.
Bugs? I didn't book it.
What's it for?
I want to film bugs.
We're supposed to shoot
Jackie, right?
But he is not here.
How can I shoot bugs
if you don't bring me some bugs?
You're really laughing?
Where is the guy?
Where is Jackie?
I gave him his call time yesterday.
He should be here by now, but...
Yesterday? Then where is he?
I'll go find him.
Come here.
- Yes?
- Not you!
You come here,
she is not messaging hard enough.
I am sorry, director!
I was out all of last
night, I overslept.
It's okay, Jackie.
Where is Michiko?
Does she think she is a big star?
She's here, director.
Michiko is here.
What will I do for this scene?
Any script?
What the hell did you say?
Translation please.
She's asking for a Japanese script.
We don't have time for
translation, okay?
I'll just give you
an oral explanation.
I will first shoot you
and the lead meeting
at the door,
and then the love scene,
I will skip to scene 7,
you and the lead starts to argue
from the living room to the kitchen.
Remove the bathtub
and make it into a kitchen.
Then the lead comes in
and does the love scene.
Afterward you take a bath.
Bring the bathtub back in.
Meantime, masturbate.
Till the lead comes back
and bangs you again.
All of the sudden, Jackie comes in,
you see him, you're very frightened,
you drop the towel,
show your tits and shakes it.
Got it?
I don't understand.
Very frightened!
Drop the towel,
show your tits, shake them.
Got it?
- Hello!
- Hello!
Have you shot the bath scene yet?
- Not yet.
- That's great.
Michiko, about that scene.
After a deep thought.
I think you should
psychologically prepare.
Both before
and after you drop your towel.
And there're six stages
in your shaking tits scene.
I am sure you don't understand,
so how about we
rehearse that together?
Hung, I am doing the scene with her.
So I can rehearse it with
her, alright?
You are such a pro, Jackie.
Producer, that was a great
point you suggested.
What a waste!
Are you guys okay here?
Nothing major for me, right?
Then I am heading to the casinos.
The first stage, drop the towel.
You lay down first.
Then the second stage
you should lay down first...
I am sorry but I need to pay rent.
Can I have my last payment?
Are you new to this?
Of course there is no last payment
till we finished the movie.
Go work, alright?
No, I don't mean this one,
I mean the last movie.
You still haven't
got the last payment?
- Is that really?
- Yes.
I got this from Nepal last time.
What's that for? I don't want it.
Don't you want the last payment?
But I need money.
Sell it to your friend,
you'll have the money
I'm not kidding!
The Golden Triangle
is not doing well this year.
This stuff is very valuable.
Don't forget to return
me the left over.
Hey Derek, it's Chuen.
I heard you are into this.
My friend got me some, interested?
But I believe in God now.
Meaning I resist devils temptations.
You should do the same too.
But what's the quality anyway?
It's pretty good. Quite greenish.
But still, I really believe in God,
maybe you can try the
bars near my house.
It's easier to sell it there.
So that really was your first time.
I graduated at New York Film Academy
Martin Scorsese is my idol
I've been back for 5 years,
still wandering around.
I can never get my last payments.
Only props, costumes.
And this crazy stuff.
If I get caught by police tonight.
Then I will be labeled
as a drug dealer.
I only want to be a director
not a drug dealer.
Even if I can fool myself.
But how can I face my idol
Martin Scorsese?
Is she your chick?
Nah, wish I were that lucky.
But you have so many
pictures of her.
She's from Japan.
In the set,
people keep taking advantage of her.
Such a poor girl.
She really is an angel.
An angel with a broken wing.
I truly want to help her.
You want to help her,
or you want to bang her?
I am not as nasty as you think.
Michiko and I are pure Platonic.
Aren't you supposed to kill me?
Why am I talking to you?
As a matter of fact,
I am looking for a director.
You studied film, right?
I can let you go, but
you have to help me shoot a film.
But I have a request, though.
What is your request?
The right to control
the shooting of the film.
Say, during the filming,
I am the one who
makes the decisions,
nobody can go against my will.
If not?
Just kill me then.
Alright, I promise you.
I also have another request.
You are so irritating;
You want me to shoot
you in the head?
I seriously don't
have money for rent.
Could you buy this from me?
Let me give you the money.
No, it should be a fair deal.
I can't just take your money.
You take it.
See how annoying you are?
Just like a woman.
You're so annoying.
Look forward to our collaboration.
That's him?
Cheung Siu-Wah,
One of the largest
pirate VCD manufacturer.
He's in the office alone
during the morning.
So now is the best
time for us to go.
How big is the location?
About four, five hundred feet.
Any windows?
I guess so.
Facing east or west?
I need to know where
the light comes from.
Wait, we better go up there
and check before shooting.
No, I want to catch his
surprised reactions.
Then I need to prepare
some equipment for it.
Preparation should
be carefully done.
This is a weakness
in the Hong Kong movie industry.
In "The Last Temptation of Christ".
Scorsese spent 15 years
preparing the film.
Mr. Pro,
I'm sure you're ready for this.
We better go now or
it gets more crowded later on.
Who's that?
Brother, be careful your
gun might back fire.
There are so many people
who look just like me here.
There are two in the other building.
Come here.
Scene one, shot one, take one.
What are you doing?
Don't mind me.
Doing great,
more facial expression here.
- Is this okay?
- Hang on.
Let's move next to the window,
the light will
highlight his features.
Is it really necessary?
Didn't we agree I've total
control over the shooting?
I will quit if you
don't listen to me.
Alright then.
- Move...
- Tension please.
Don't! I am from the triad.
I will take revenge.
Position, okay?
Camera ready or not?
Okay, shoot!
What was that? Why did you shoot?
You said shoot.
Yes, but I was saying
shoot for the camera.
I wasn't even ready,
how can I shoot?
But you just said "Camera ready".
I said "Camera ready?"
With a question mark.
Our dialogue is on
top of each other.
Now what?
It's okay.
No. We need another take, okay?
The bullet hits looks pretty
real, though.
Actor is great,
just do that all over again.
Going again?
Don't tell me you really killed him.
Don't tell me you didn't know
I really killed him.
Where are you going?
Should I wait for the cops?
Didn't you say?
You filmed this as a
demo for your client?
You make me kill this guy?
That's insane. I am going to die.
You've got me into deep shit.
It was bad enough for me to do drug.
Now I am a murderer.
I just want to shoot movies.
Why am I involved with all this?
You just shot a film, right?
You didn't kill anybody.
Yeah! Right, you should talk?
I want to kill you.
What are you knocking at?
Officer, we just had lunch...
We are very full.
Why are you fighting?
Fighting? No, not fighting.
We were just...
We were just kissing, officer.
We were just getting it on,
so hard to hold,
difficult to control.
We were about to do it
then you knocked the window.
We are gay.
Can't you tell?
Sure I can.
But this is a public place.
Don't do it here!
If you want to make out,
do it at home okay?
Leave now, you're blocking the road.
The cop saw me.
I am definitely in deep shit.
What should I do now?
Who knows we just killed someone.
There is no evidence.
No! I have to go home now.
What for? To finish our kissing?
We should go hand in the tape
and get our money.
The mirror reflected my face
in some shots.
I have to go back and cut it.
What are you afraid of?
I know you're not scared,
you just killed someone
without hesitation.
I bet you are from the triad too.
You beard head robber.
How long will it take?
At least 3 to 5 days.
Maybe 7-8 hours.
Let's move.
Just taking out a couple of
shots, right?
Why is it taking so long?
Of course it doesn't take that long.
But look at you,
your expression are so rigid.
It really slows down the movie.
So I have to edit it.
You are just fixing your poor
shooting technique.
This is what we call post-production,
not fixing.
Post-production is important
Hong Kong movie is ruined from here.
When Martin Scorsese
filmed "Raging Bull".
He spent eight weeks
just for the sound effects.
He wanted to make every flash
and punch sound different.
Okay. Just tell me
how long will it take?
Almost done.
I still have the ending to do.
Are you done?
Very soon. Just the ending.
Are you done?
Yes. Still have the ending.
How much longer?
Okay! Just the ending the ending.
Still have the ending, right?
Quick, the ending.
Alright. It's coming...
Still have the ending?
Still have the ending?
It's done. Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Still have the ending?
It's done. Let's move.
Still have the ending?
It's the time to deliver the tape,
let's go.
Put your pants on!
Mrs. Ma, do you want us...
Mrs. Ma, are they your escorts?
Tired of cute models,
it's fun to have some alternatives.
We are not...
A roast pork and a spare ribs.
Very tasty.
No. The meal is not
the most important part.
It's the location that counts.
Alone in the bedroom,
or share them together with us.
Look, are you hungry or what?
I am eating this round, though.
Do you know how to play the game?
So useless.
You'll get your moneys worth.
I have something for you.
Bring the tape.
Can you see his face this time?
This time should be fine.
Is that your VCD again?
I've already bought a copy.
Shut up! Watch!
Warning: Any unauthorized
copying is prohibited.
What is that?
I dubbed it from another VCD.
It's starting.
That was great! Bravo...
See how you can
distribute my tape again.
You did a great job.
I've been hiring killers to kill
people for aeons.
But this is the first
time for me to see.
Mrs. Ma, that's not fair.
You should have told us
about this fun game earlier,
what a pity.
Mrs. Ma. You should be
satisfied this time, right?
Of course I am.
But from you, though.
You are a professional
killer anyway.
I think the director
deserves all the credit!
Such a talented handsome bloke.
And the editing was amazing.
Director, you are better
than Martin Scorsese.
You know Martin Scorsese too?
Of course I do.
But he is not as good as you.
Just answer me honestly.
If you don't tell me honestly,
I will not help you.
Actually no one ask me to kill you.
I knew that.
You scared me, you know?
But that was the first time
somebody actually enjoyed my work.
That's awesome!
You should have told me earlier.
Then I can shoot the
targets point-of-view,
then the movie could
be a lot smoother.
Does that mean you
will help me again?
Depends on the money.
It's not the salary.
I think we should use
part of the payment
for the production.
Lighting equipments,
tracks, films, and props...
So now all the rich
bitches listen to you,
you can basically ask for anything.
I also have another request.
What now?
You already know all about me.
My job, my family, everything.
But I know nothing about you.
What do you want to know?
We are partners, right?
And now you are my lead actor.
If I can get to know you better.
Then I can make a more
emotional masterpiece...
Is that better?
Come in.
See, this is my home.
You can shoot whatever you
want, feel free.
Nice house!
You're still here?
You just got back?
Mom and dad will be here very soon.
They are coming here?
Don't tell me you have forgotten.
You promised me to
have dinner with them.
I didn't forget that,
of course I remember.
And he is.
I am Li Tung-Chuen.
My co-worker.
Chuen. Please look after my husband.
So you go ahead and hang out
with mom and dad.
I have some business
to discuss with Chuen.
Well eat out.
Since he's your partner,
he's part of our family.
He can eat together with us.
- Great! That's great!
- Not so great!
Could you stop finding excuses?
You're not trying
to get out of this,
are you?
- I don't mean that.
- Settled.
Let's eat, come on.
- Let's eat.
- Feel at home
Bart, did you do
what my mom ask you last time?
all she did
all she did was won a few bucks
from your mom.
It's not necessary to kill her
for a few bucks.
Let's forgive her.
That's not of your concern.
Killers don't care the details
between the client and the
target, right?
Mom just want you to kill her,
why don't you help her?
Just do what she asked you to do.
It's not that I don't
want to help her, but.
- Ling.
- Mom?
Is it because I'm not paying him?
Mom, that's not what he meant
Bart, go tell mom
that you don't mean that.
Mom, I don't mean that
Bart, don't say
I haven't treated you fairly.
I was the one who let
you go out with Ling.
I didn't mind that you are a
killer, right?
In the end I still
let you two go out.
And let you guys get married!
Our neighbor Mrs.
Cheung's son-in-law
is a car salesman.
Once she complained
about the public transport.
He immediately bought
her a Mercedes Benz.
I am not asking him to
get me a luxury car.
I am asking him to
kill someone for me
while he is at it.
It only cost him a
couple of bullets.
How much does a bullet cost anyway?
If I can't even get
my son-in-law to do this,
who can I ask?
Bart, I am telling you.
You can stop calling
me mom from now.
I don't want it.
I can't bear with this.
Stop it, listen to me.
Call me Mrs. Tai from now on.
Mom, Bart doesn't mean that way
Bart, Tell mom you don't mean that.
Mom, I don't mean that.
I mean to do it
during the low season.
Is there a low season?
The first day of Chinese New Year.
I am telling you,
I am not going to pay her.
I will hold my Mahjong money,
I will not give it to her.
Let's eat!
It's very fresh.
Indeed very fresh.
Looks like your
father-in-law is normal one.
Yeah? You could be right
Bart, remember the
deal we made last time?
How did it go?
I can't do it.
There are some difficulties.
What difficulties do you mean?
She is not your real mother.
Killers don't care
about their relatives, right?
Hurry up and take care of it.
Dad, but she is Lings mother,
how can I do it?
I can't wait any longer.
My mistress from
Shenzhen has arrived.
She is staying in a hotel.
If you don't help me,
it will be big trouble
once they meet.
Don't be so stubborn!
Just do it, alright?
Hurry up!
I am a fair person.
If he had listen to me earlier,
kill as I requested.
Everything would have been fine.
A word.
How much is a tiny
little bullet anyway?
How much for a bullet?!
Stop it! Just listen to me.
Her son-in-law bought
her a Mercedes Benz.
What a big kitchen!
Come on, let's eat.
Hold on.
We are playing Mahjong.
Now you know
why I don't want to
have dinner with them.
My idol is "Le
Samourai" Alain Delon.
Look at him, so cool!
As you said, he is "Le Samourai",
unlike you,
you have a family a
wife and her parents.
Who doesn't know that?
No mortgage payment,
no economy crisis,
and no deficit account.
I finally understand you, buddy.
I think you are a sensitive,
and emotional person.
Let me tell you, we are partners.
I will definitely make
you look good, alright?
Okay - Come on, cheers!
- Cheers!
Lonely duo liquor.
Come on, let's switch glasses.
Yes, switch glasses.
You drink yours,
and I'll drink mine, okay?
Okay, come on
Nina, why didn't you
call us for business?
We can discuss the price further.
Better the devil you know.
Money is not a problem.
We're only talking a
couple of millions.
But they film the killing, you don't
Nina, you are very wrong.
Let me introduce.
This is James,
we call him Yaumatei James Cameron
I've spent a long time
convincing him to join us.
Nice to meet you!
Yes, this is our discount card,
let me explain how it works.
Not only do we shoot
the film for our client,
we also have rebate.
Exactly, rebate offer...
We will give you a stamp
for each successful deal.
The more stamps,
the more benefits we will offer.
Including a 20% off killing service.
Also a scapegoat service... Yes.
Once you have collected
30 stamps from us,
you will receive a
free killing service.
Sounds awesome, right?
Awesome... awesome...
Just like our slogan.
The more you kill.
The more you save!
So, what do you think, Nina?
Any job for us?
Let me think about it.
Mr. Cheung,
do you know who did this to you?
It's Dai-Hung.
We should just chop his prick off
and feed it to the dogs.
Bill, Mr. Cheung has
something to say,
You guys... better... find...
a new leader.
Mr. Cheung! Mr. Cheung!
Mr. Cheung.
Mr. Cheung.
Big Brother B.
I am sure we are all sad
about Mr. Cheung's leaving.
But at this moment,
we need to find a new leader.
Just do what Mr. Cheung said.
Brother Curry, what do you think?
Sure! Whoever kills Dai Hung,
Who will be the leader.
But killing Dai Hung
is not an easy task.
How hard is killing Dai Hung?
Are you kidding, son?
Have you seen him before?
I've seen both Dai Hung
and his girlfriend Wing,
nothing special.
You ignorant,
Dai Hung has a nick name call.
Double-Gun Hung.
Do you know where it came from?
Because he carries two guns with him
where ever he goes.
On top of that,
his gun shots is
sharper than a needle.
He has killed
approximately 20-30 people.
That serious?
I am not kidding.
Even his girlfriend
is a tough cookie.
She is just a chick, right?
Not exactly.
I saw her on the street last time.
There was a dog, a Doberman!
Just a bark really,
but then she choked
the dog to death.
No way!
Why not?
Brother B, what do you think?
Such a tough task,
what else can we do?
Of course the only
one to do it is Bill.
Right? Bill.
Me? Nah.
It's got to be you, Bill.
Your neighbors,
and our brotherhood
all know your nickname.
You are the Rex of
Sau Mau Ping right?
So cool!
Isn't that right?
Yes! Yes! Go Bill!
So what do you think, Bill?
What else?
Of course I will do
it if you want me to.
Becoming the leader
is not the point.
The most important thing is
to take revenge for Mr. Cheung.
I will definitely help our triad
to remove this scumbag.
For revenge sake,
we should go all the way.
Today is Mr. Cheung's birthday
and now he's dead.
I heard Dai Hung's birthday
is coming up too.
Let's kill him on that day!
Who are you to come here
and suggest that?
Get out!
Come on.
He does have his point, though.
There'll be a lot of people during
a persons birthday
like a funeral.
Let's kill him that night.
What do you say, Bill?
Sure! Why not?
It's great that we all agree
that Bill's the one
to kill Dai Hung.
If anything happens to Bill,
either injured or even death,
then we will find somebody
to replace his position,
Let's do that.
Don't say I never teach you,
I pushed this mess to dumb Bill.
If he kills Dai Hung and Bill
dies in the process,
that's perfect
Bart, it's Bill.
I have this deal here for you guys.
Money is not a problem.
But I have a request.
What is it? Brother Bill.
Before you kill the guy,
you have to tell him:
It's Bill from Hung Hang
sent me to kill you!
Let's try.
It's Bill from Hung Hang
sent me to kill you.
The tone has to be more certain.
Try again.
It's Bill from Hung Hang
sent me to kill you.
Getting closer.
But it's got to be angrier,
and louder.
It's Bill from Hung Hang
sent me to kill you.
That's it!
Director, remember to film
that for me, okay?
Hung will have a banquet
with his girlfriend
the day after tomorrow.
You guys please kill
him in that restaurant.
Brother Bill,
It's rather dangerous to do it
in the restaurant.
Perhaps we can do it
in the parking lot?
No, I have promised my buddies
to kill him in the restaurant.
He killed Mr. Cheung.
I want him to die on his birthday.
So that day is Double
Gun Hung's birthday.
That's correct.
Bill, actually we don't have to
kill him in the restaurant,
The important point is
to kill him on his birthday.
Anyway... I can't explain.
You must kill him in the restaurant.
That's your money.
Listen, I promise you,
once you neatly finished this deal,
and I become the
leader of the triad,
I will immediately cancel
the internal action department.
All the killing,
punishing, murdering works,
will all go to you guys to do.
You know how much
money that will be?
It will be gigantic, just huge.
Brother Bill,
I have found Hung for you.
Did you get the money from him?
He said he doesn't have the money.
Damn, did you check
if there is anything
valuable on the set?
Of course!
- Smart!
- Come here.
Hung said she has
signed a life contract,
she'll do anything.
Shall we sell her to
Portland street or Tsimshatsui?
Come here!
Mr. Assistant director.
You guys know each other?
Yes, Brother Bill.
Can you let her go?
You're kidding?
Hung still owes me millions.
If I don't sell her,
how can I get my money back?
I can't have no money.
Brother Bill, please help us.
Mr. Director, I am sure you know
how low the interest rate is.
If I don't put my money
in a fixed deposit.
I will lose a lot of money,
lots of interest.
A real big loss, you know?
Mr. Assistant director,
what's happening?
What do they want?
Let men deal with men business.
What about this? Brother Bill.
Help us, please!
Alright then.
Once I get the last
payment from this,
I'll have enough money to do
my independent movie.
When the time come,
Then I will ask Michiko
to play the lead.
Meaning you are not going
to help me anymore?
I know I never like
shooting this anyway.
No matter how brilliant it is,
you can never show it to cinemas.
Besides, you'll soon get
a lot of business
from Brother Bill.
You won't have to help
those rich bitches anymore.
Why? Are you worried?
The world is all around now,
everyone wants to kill Dai Hung.
He will be prepared.
Besides the place that we're going
is a public place.
So, tonight, you guys.
Take it easy.
I have to go now.
Let me... walk you home.
I don't have a home.
I really don't.
- So hot in here.
- Very hot.
Thank you so much.
You are welcome!
So how did you end up working
with these guys?
How did you get that much money?
Forget it.
Girls shouldn't be nosy
about guys business.
Actually I...
I was involved in this production.
Really? I couldn't find you in it.
I do have neither
the face nor the body
for the acting part.
I was an assistant.
An assistant?
A fluffer.
Yes! While the crew prepared
for the next shot.
The actor will get soft
while he waits
so the fluffer will help him
keep his hard on.
Sometimes I use my hands,
sometimes I use my mouth.
But I have to be careful.
If he comes then I
will be in trouble.
Because, he'll need time
to get another hard on.
Then I will get yelled
by the director.
That's tough.
Even though I am not as good as
other actress.
I am willing to keep trying.
Approaching my goal little
by little everyday.
I know I'll be famous in the porno
industry one day.
Just like my idol,
What about you, Chuen?
Your idol is Martin Scorsese, right?
Have you given up?
Of course I haven't.
I will become a director one day.
One day, I will let you to be
my lead actress.
These pictures... actually...
You like me, don't you?
Hold on.
I am sorry!
Why stop?
Job ethics.
I thought you were about to come.
Don't stop, keep going.
Delon, I really admire you.
Good bloke!
Why do you admire me?
Because you are such a cool killer.
I don't think I can
ever be like you.
It's so easy to act cool.
Have you ever seen me eat?
Not till you mentioned it.
It seems like you just smoke during
the entire movie.
If I don't have to eat,
I can be as cool as I want to be.
I actually admire you, Bart.
You are cool in the real world
Bart, good luck tomorrow.
Yes, Delon?
Good luck for tomorrow.
You don't need me anymore.
Someone is waiting for
you in the bedroom.
I got it.
After tomorrow,
I will have enough money
to make my own movie.
Will it be dangerous tomorrow?
Promise me. Be careful.
It's awake again.
Awake again?
Oh no!
This place is... the middle of no where.
If he wants to save money,
he could have skipped the banquet.
There are so many people here,
will it be dangerous?
Chuen, you are getting
better with this.
Don't worry; I already
have a plan for this.
We can use the most natural
way to get inside.
It's a flower, put it over there.
It's the right one!
I know what I am doing.
What did you throw?
The Ninety grand.
Ninety grand? See your neighbor?
She wants grand.
But Ninety grand is not popular.
But I still want to throw this one.
I win!
See? You have to pay now, big time.
Ninety grand,
I told you not to throw it.
I give up! Such a big bid anyway.
Replace me, King of Mahjong!
You should have done that earlier,
you cheap ass.
How big is the bid anyway?
One and two thousands.
One and two thousands?
Three girls and a guy too.
Meanwhile, you can pretend
to be the cameraman
for the banquet.
Be ready for action.
One rounds already, awesome!
What round is it?
East Is it East?
When Dai Hung arrives.
We can kill him in public
without anyone noticing it.
Are you crazy?
How can we fire in public?
Dai Hung is a redneck.
How can he miss putting on
a fireworks show
during his birthday?
That will be our signal.
When you hear the firework,
you start the filming,
then I will shoot him with my gun.
If the noise from fireworks
covers the gunshots.
Nobody would know who did it.
Then we will be able to escape.
Chuen, you are so clever.
Why is it rewinding?
That was a thought.
Just follow the plan.
Brother Hung is here!
It's Brother Hung! Let's go.
Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.
Is it cheap to hire cameramen now?
You got two of them?
Nope. I didn't hire any.
It's Curry Samosa from Hung Hang
sent me to kill you.
- What should I do?
- Go grab her.
Shut up, come back.
You shut up.
Still running?
Stop her there.
- Shut up!
- Your mom wants you.
You bite me?
What should we do now?
How would I know?
That's it. You go lock the gate
I'll tie them up.
What are you looking at?
Let's move!
Move! No?
I'll beat you.
Bend over!
- Sir.
- Yes?
Our restaurant only carries these.
- This?
- Yes!
Why are you standing up?
You go sit on top of her.
Go sit on her back
I'll shoot your ass
if she stands up!
Are you sitting on her?
Yes I am.
Sit still!
Brother Bill,
you want me to sell my body
to pay back my debt.
Basically it's fine with me.
However, if possible...
is it okay if I only
serve women clients?
What about a Miss Hong Kong?
I didn't mean that.
Brother, I've got a client
who wants to check him out.
- Ask him to come in!
- Boss.
Brother Bill,
I can do anything to him...
in two hours, right?
Yes! Anything in two hours.
With this boy-next-door.
Brother Bill.
I am too skinny,
I won't be able to bear it.
- I will be dead meat!
- That's your problem.
Yes, this is Bill...
How did this happen?
You said you were a pro.
And now you can't even
finish this? Shit!
Alright, I will be there.
Brother Bill, something
got wrong with the filming?
I can help you out.
That's right!
- Come with me.
- Let's go.
Brother Bill, what about me?
You go suck yourself today, okay?
Let's go!
Who did you call?
Brother Bill!
You told him everything?
What else can I do? Lie to him?
We didn't shoot the line:
It's Bill from Hung Hang sent me
to kill you.
What can we do?
Do you have any common sense?
You think triad will call cops
if they had an argument?
If a dog got bitten by another dog,
do you think he will call S.P.C.A?
I am not a dog,
and dogs can't make phone calls.
What are you trying to say?
In the movie industry,
there is a general rule.
No matter what happens,
never call the boss.
Once he finds out, he will butt-in.
Then it will be big trouble.
I don't care about movie rules.
Now we don't have the tape,
you tell me what to do.
Of course I can tell you what to do!
These years working
in Hong Kong movie industry,
I have learned one
very important thing.
They don't even teach
you this in N.Y.U.
But today,
I can finally make use of it.
What are you talking about?
But Hung is dead.
Yes. He is dead and
we can't change that.
What do we need?
Just the sequence of his death.
What? How do we re-shoot?
We can find an extra.
Quiet, let me make a phone call.
Auntie May? It's Chuen...
I need an extra... for tonight.
Show tits? No.
A man, in his thirties, long hair.
No, short hair is fine too,
we can fix it here.
How does he look?
Flat face, evil looking.
I want a look
which everyone wants to beat up
Bart, I'll be right back.
Where are you going?
I have to do some preparation
for the re-shoot.
You can clean up the set
and move the bodies.
Clean up?
Michiko, Michiko.
Michiko... Michiko.
Electric wire... bullet hits...
fake blood.
What are you doing?
Camera ready.
Why did you bring her here?
She's our actress!
Playing Hung's girlfriend.
What good is she
if Hung's double is not here?
He hasn't shown up yet?
Let me call Auntie May.
Excuse me, who is the director?
You look exactly like him.
I am the director.
Nice to meet you.
Aunt May referred me here.
Did Aunt May tell you
I am multi-talented?
Let me show you, okay?
Sure I am good at
Guess who I am impersonating, okay?
In our life, we have happiness...
Roman Law.
That's correct! It's Roman Law.
But I need an actor not a singer.
Acting is fine too...
give me a second.
How did this Chinese
youth from Sarajevo,
use sweet cake to cure the impotent?
That's Mr. Chung.
What about reaction?
Depending on the script...
Kill by the gunshots!
There are different
kinds of reaction
say if he got shot on his tummy
like this, okay?
If shot on the chest,
then... like this, right?
If shot on the back,
then... like this, alright?
On the head
it'll be like this. Okay?
That's it! Keep rehearsing.
You can explain the details to him,
I'll go arrange the wardrobe.
What if shot by a missile?
A missile?
That's fine, just follow me.
It's nothing, really.
Put on the hair piece.
After that, put on her
clothes, that's it.
But there are holes,
how can I wear it?
Then... turn it back to front.
What's your name?
Kwok Wai-Bun.
Nice to meet you, Wai-Bun.
So here is what we do:
You are the leader of a triad group.
I am here to kill you.
I will say.
It's Bill from Hung Hang
sent me to kill you.
You will get shot and die.
It's that simple, got it?
What's the relationship
between me and Brother Bill.
What's the difference?
Sure there is.
If it's about money,
then my expression
will be like this.
If it's about women,
then I will react like this.
If it's about friendship,
I will do this.
See the difference here?
I can't tell the differences.
It will be a gangster assassination,
a revenge.
I am here to punish, to kill you.
I see, and my name is...
Double-Gun Hung!
Double-Gun Hung?
Bart, from my point of view.
I think for a character
with a name like that.
If he knows someone
is trying to kill him,
he wouldn't just stand
there like a vegetable.
He definitely wouldn't!
See he has two guns right?
So, he must be afraid
that someone will kill him.
Yes So in the language of drama.
Once he knows that someone
wants to kill him.
He will immediately get down,
holding a gun on the right,
left hand to cover himself.
Then turn around, get up.
Let's try again, shall we?
- Again?
- Yes! Yes!
How can we try again?
We can repeat that again, okay?
From it's Bill from Hung Hang
sent me to kill you.
Then I'll do the rest, okay?
Ready, start!
It's Bill from Hung Hang
sent me to kill you.
Don't take it personally, Bart.
But I think you didn't
put enough tension to the line.
If you can a little
bit more emotional,
then I can react
better with your line,
then I will be able to play my part
more smoothly.
I am sorry.
Let's try again.
More emotional?
Yes, come on.
It's Bill from Hung Hang
sent me to kill you.
Scare me!
We are doing great.
Let's try again, hopefully we can...
I am sorry but I have
to go over there,
you practice it here.
I will be right back.
Practice it myself?
It will be better if you shorten it.
That's great, thanks.
Let's rehearse!
Bill sent you to kill me.
Pull the gun... flip... get up.
- Scare myself!
- Eh!
Director, your lead is so annoying.
I was going to kill him right there.
So what are you doing now?
Wait, let me finish
this Japanese script, okay?
Is it really necessary?
We have four dead bodies
and hundreds of witnesses here.
Can we just re-shoot
the thing and leave?
Could you paint these hearts for me?
What is this? Valentines day?
Hung's shirt is drenched with blood,
how can be wear it?
Hurry up and draw in the hearts.
Not the back. Set the bullet hits.
Also, here are the air
bullets for your gun.
I don't need this. Not fake bullets
I'll just kill
that prick with the real thing.
Stop messing around,
we don't have time.
Hurry up, okay?
Let's go!
Chuen, what happened?
Don't worry. It will be fine.
Look! It's your script
in Japanese.
I have promised myself that
when you play a part in my movie.
I will have a Japanese
script for you.
It's a short one,
with lots of errors,
bad calligraphy...
It's fine... it's fine.
Excuse me!
Bullet hits are set.
Okay! I know what I'm doing.
Do this after we finish, okay?
You're still not
changed, go get changed.
Get close together, like that.
Just do as I say,
I will press the button
for the bullet hits.
You have six, it won't hurt you.
You have two,
it will be a little painful.
Don't touch that,
it will blow your hands off
Bart, so I...
Okay, just hold it...
Don't make me.
Okay, camera ready!
Ready! Action!
Brother Bill?
Double-gun Hung.
Go protect Brother.
No, that's not him.
His dead body is over there.
Who is he?
He is our extra.
Bill, is this a real bloody deal?
I am not into this.
I better leave now.
Hung, if you back out,
you still owe me that two hours.
Think about it,
it will be bloody too.
If Brother Bill's in trouble,
of course I will do all I can help.
Let's do it!
Brother Bill.
Chuen? Are you the
assistant director here?
No, I am the Director.
Hung, what about you?
Brother Bill asked me
to be the Producer.
To check you out, got it?
We don't have much to do.
If you didn't come into shot,
we would have finished long ago.
You are not kidding, are you?
So empty.
We're only doing close ups.
No way!
We need some crowds?
Dudes, please don't
stand there like zombies.
You guys are actors,
play your part.
I understand... guys,
you have to understand.
What are we doing?
We're welcoming someone
like this
Welcome will do.
Welcome?! Just like that.
Welcome? That's fine.
Welcome, welcome...
Welcome, welcome...
That's it! Welcome...
Sir, you can put some clothes
on if you are cold.
Ever since I followed Brother Bill,
I haven't worn a top.
I can tell you're shivering.
You can stand over there.
What's wrong?
They are too loud.
How could I record the line
you want him to say?
What do you suggest?
It's Bill from Hung Hang
sent me to kill you.
Who just made that noise?
Was it you stamping on the floor?
Put some clothes on.
It's not me. Somebody is knocking
at the gate.
Open the gate... open up...
Who are you looking for?
I come here for tea.
No tea this morning, get out.
We just got back
from our morning exercise.
Open the door for us
so we can make some tea.
What tea? Go away! Get out!
Get out!
The sun's coming up.
Guys, take it seriously.
Be more professional.
It's done, brother!
Back to the first
position, going again.
It's Bill from Hung Hang
sent me to kill you.
"Screw you."
Why did you say "Screw you"?
I screw your mother!
Why did you speak Chiu Chao?
No... director, it's because,
I have been thinking about this.
I think my character is a.
Chiu Chau gangster.
So I think if I add
a Chiu Chau foul word
I will be more evil.
When I said that,
I was a little frightened too.
Were you scared?
Chiu Chau?
Yes... Double-gun Hung told me once.
He is from Xan Tau.
This line is great,
totally reflects the character.
for as long as I've known him.
I have never heard him say.
"Screw you" in Chiu Chau.
People from Chiu Chau
don't always speak that way.
Hey you, cut that out.
You don't have to say it!
Director, but I really think...
Forget it, it's fine!
Let me finish him up
with my real bullets.
You I'm Kwok Wai-Bun, Director.
Okay, don't fight it.
Cut that line and let's try again.
Guys, let's try again.
Get closer, more emotional!
Okay, camera ready!
Relax, ready and.
Why cut?
Wait, wait a second...
Wait for what?
What's wrong, Brother Bill?
Hung, you are an
expert in film making.
Of course.
See if you can remember.
The movie,
during the two characters,
there were some pigeons flying.
Remember that movie?
Sure! That movie was.
That was...
I got it, I got it, director.
It's Chow Yun-Fat "The Killer".
Director, if in our movie.
We also put in some pigeons fly,
would it make it better?
Genius, what a genius!
So beautiful!
Let's do it,
bring some pigeons in it.
- Yes.
- Beautiful!
This is a restaurant!
Where do we find
pigeons flying here?
Pigeons can fly in
from the kitchen.
Pigeons fly in from the forest.
And customers bringing pigeons
in for dinner.
We are shooting a movie,
what is impossible?
Use your imagination!
True, but at this hour,
where can we find pigeons?
Yes! It's a little late.
Brother, count on me.
Brother, one word from you,
we will take action immediately.
Where did you find this?
From the kitchen
I'll go check if
there is any live one.
Are you hungry?
Brother Bill, here we go.
I need white pigeon.
White pigeon should
be white not gray.
Good point!
remember more interactions.
Let's move on.
Move back...
Remember to release it
when I say action, okay?
Move back a little more.
Don't kill them,
they are not easy to find.
someone up there won't allows us
to make tea.
We don't settle this
sort of arguments.
They said they would beat us up.
Beat you up?
Yes Guys, let's check it out.
Yes sir!
Hung, what's up?
Nothing, Brother
Bill, I am thinking.
You are doing this because,
you want to show them
you have taken revenge
for Mr. Cheung.
That way you will be able to
become the new boss.
So what do you have in mind?
I still couldn't figure out.
Who can be a better person
to do the killing than yourself!
Bart, step back.
Okay, this is for real.
Camera ready!
What's up?
Buddy, you can take a rest now.
Brother Bill and I
have just decided that.
Brother Bill should play the killer
better than you play.
He... is more suitable than I?
Then why did he hire me for this?
What is that suppose to mean?
Are you saying
I can't kill Double-gun Hung?
Don't forget,
you guys are hired by me.
- Doggie.
- Brother.
Here is your last payment.
You kill for money, right?
Here is your money, now get out.
I have a question.
Chuen, what now?
I am the director,
I can pick my cast.
I want him to play the part.
Or I will not go on.
Why not?
You can't say you don't want this,
you don't want that.
You are a director,
how can you quit that easily?
I... I am the director.
I only want the best for the movie.
I... I think he is
more suitable than you.
Brother Bill... don't get upset.
This is very simple.
From now on,
you are not the director anymore.
Are you sure this will work?
That's fine, Brother Bill.
I can do the job!
I will show you how to produce
and direct at the same time.
Give me the camera!
I resign.
You can't do that.
I wrote this scene just for you.
You have to finish it.
Work hard.
What? Cut the crap.
Take your coat off.
Let Brother Bill put on your coat.
It was fun working with you.
See you.
You can do it, take care!
Bye... you have potential.
Brother Bill.
I am Kwok Wai-Bun.
I am good at impersonating.
Let me show you, take a guess, okay?
See if it's of any
use for the movie.
You don't have to... just do it.
Okay, director!
Camera ready, okay!
Screw you!
What are you doing here?
Officer, shooting a film of course.
- Filming?
- Yes.
An old man complained
you didn't let him make tea.
Officer, that's not true.
We won't do this.
Cut the crap,
I need to check you ID.
Identification card.
You too, ID card.
Officer, he is dead.
Freeze, drop the gun!
Put the gun down! Down.
Hands over your head.
Officer, there must be a mistake.
Are you guys pretending
to film a killing?
Luckily we have all
the evidence this time.
And caught on tape!
You have that many buddies here
you could have gotten anyone
to be your scapegoat!
Did anyone see the killing?
It's him!
Officer... It must be a mistake.
Officer, there are four dead
bodies at the back too.
- Let's go.
- Move!
Officer, it's not me! Listen to me.
Stand still!
there are hundreds of people
all tied up back there.
Do you know what happened?
Yes I do! He killed him,
and he killed him.
Then he killed him.
I am not following.
He killed him and him.
Then who killed him?
It's him!
I can't recognize his face,
but I remember his trench coat.
He hit me. It's him!
Officer, I really didn't do it.
This trench coat is from.
You still want to argue?
We've all the evidence.
Save it for the judge then.
Where are you going?
Delivery, officer.
Delivery? Go...
Because of this,
Brother Bill has
become the first murderer
with the most
evidences in Hong Kong.
The juries only needed
1.5 seconds to decide
he is guilty and sentenced
him to jail for 30 years.
And another 3 years
for beating up the reporter.
Hung visited Nepal
eight times in a month.
He was spot by the Customs
and they found marijuana on him
he was sentenced to
jail for five years.
Rumors say he still serves
that bloody two hours in jail.
Li Tung-Chuen finally finished
his first independent movie,
he used Michiko as
the leading actress
and he won the best director
in the Hong Kong Movie Awards.
Even though many critics applauded
his killing scenes.
Others criticized
he copied Martin Scorsese's forms.
And me,
I am still working as a killer.
Cooler than ever!
But only in movies.
Cut... stop spinning... Cut.
What's wrong?
Do you know how to act?
Take it seriously, okay?
Don't exaggerate it,
killer is not like that.
I was just...
Director, how's it going?
How's my friend?
I really hope somebody can tell me.
Before working as an actor,
Alain Delon was just like me.
He was a killer!