You Should Have Left (2020) Movie Script

-(heavy thumping)
-(unsteady footsteps)
(thumping and footsteps
growing louder)
(thumping and footsteps
(thumping and footsteps stop)
(distant thump)
(distant thump)
Damn it.
(wind whistling)
-(dog barking in distance)
-(quiet thump)
Is someone there?
Goddamn it.
(grunts softly)
You can't talk right now.
You can't even breathe.
You shouldn't curse, young lady.
Don't curse
unless you want to be cursed.
It's a sin, you know.
Do you know about sin, Ella?
Go ahead and breathe.
How do you know my name?
I know loads of things.
Want to hear something
really interesting?
(squeals, gasping weakly)
It's about your fucking daddy!
(sighs heavily)
(grunts softly)

Goddamn nightmares.
Violent or upsetting dreams
are merely the mind's attempt
to release the pressures
of our daily thoughts
and fears.
(over headphones):
As you learn to meditate,
you will discover your mind
is very difficult to silence.
-(phone buzzing) -If you try
to stop your thoughts
or prevent them
from entering your mind,
you will only create conflict
when you are
-trying to achieve pea...
-(phone buzzes loudly)
Somebody wants you.
-(phone buzzes)
I have absolutely no idea.
I'm so awake.
You need to get in the pool.
Excuse me.
(laughs, snorts)
Josh is an idiot.
No argument there.
Will you pick up Ella today?
I will pick up Ella
anytime, anywhere.
Thank you.
And tomorrow. I'm working.
I thought I was
coming to see you.
Okay. Great.
I'll ask Lena.
Old man.
(phone buzzes)
Oh, my God, that's...
That's so...
(Susanna continues laughing)
(inhales deeply)
(over headphones):
This is a situation
that cannot last.
One! Two!
-Three. Four. Five.
-(Ella giggling)
Six. Seven.
Eight, nine, ten!
Ready or not, here we come.

(indistinct chatter)
Where could she possibly be?
(chatter continues indistinctly)
-(Ella squeals)
-(Susanna yells)
There you are!
All right, all right.
That was good.
(excited chatter, yelling)
(Ella squeals excitedly)
And you're...
her dad?
(chuckles) Husband.
Well, there's nothing
on the call sheet,
and it's a closed set.
I'm her husband.
It's a closed set.
I'm her husband.
-WOMAN: Rolling!
I'm three feet away from you.
Yeah. Rolling.
(Susanna panting)
(Susanna moaning, grunting)
SUSANNA (panting):
Yeah, okay.
Oh, God.
(moaning continues)
-SUSANNA: Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. (grunting)
-MAN: Cut!
-And that's a cut!
-I have her latte.
-Oh, yeah, come on in, man.
-Um, he's...
-ASSISTANT: How you doing, man?
-You good?
-Yeah, living the dream.
Uh, maybe you could just
ask somebody if she's...
-MAN (over radio): Going again.
-P.A.: Going again! Right away!
(exhaling rhythmically)
(Susanna moaning loudly)
-MAN: And cut!
-P.A.: Cut!
Turning around on her!
What the fuck does that mean?
All right, I'm sorry, man, okay?
Look, I'll put a call through
on the radio. Yeah?
What was your name again?
Theo Conroy.
-(radio crackles)
-Yeah, I got a Theo... Conroy.
(man speaking indistinctly
over radio)
Yeah, Theo Conroy here
to see Susie.
-I totally got you.
-You did. You got me.
It was excellent, man.
It was really good.
-Hey, so 6:00 a.m. tomorrow.
-Yep. -And, uh, I sent you
the script for my short, so...
Oh, that's nice.
Thank you.
-All right, I'll see you later.
There you are.
Mm. I'm sorry about that scene.
It was too much, right?
I mean, it felt almost porny.
Josh is such a perv.
He gave me this whole thing
about how the female orgasm
is never represented
in American film.
I just think he wanted
to see me naked.
I think he shot it
beautifully, though.
-(vehicle door opens)
(door closes)
(Theo sighs)
So the guy, you know,
that stopped me,
the one with
the walkie-talkie thing...
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
I definitely...
I told him you were coming.
No, it's not that.
He recognized me.
I'm sorry. That sucks.
Ah, I should be
used to it by now.
They think you're dangerous.
You're not supposed to like it.
I'm not supposed to do
a lot of things.
You want to have me in the car?
-(crickets chirping)
-(Susanna moaning)
(Theo grunting)
-(breathing heavily)
Oh, God, it felt so good
not to fake it.
(both panting)
I hated being there today.
I forgot it was today.
Hearing that
was like a knife in my brain.
I'm so sorry.
If I don't get you
out of here for a while,
I think I'm going to go nuts.
Let's just go.
Away from here.
Well, I've got a few weeks
before I start shooting
in London.
Okay. Over there,
we'll go early.
We'll get a place in the country
just you and me and Ella.
It's so good when it's just
the three of us.
Yeah, okay.
I think you're done.
-I'm greedy.
I'm not gonna do these kinds
of parts anymore.
That's not realistic.
You're rich and retired.
I'll live off of you.
You don't mean that.
I pretend. It's my job.
I'm working on
the jealous thing.
I really am.
I'm writing in the journal.
I meditate.
I do the app.
I love you so much.
Then come away with me.

(computer chimes)

-THEO: You're left.
-SUSANNA: No, I'm not.
THEO: Uh... honey,
I think you're left.
SUSANNA: If I had been
any further right,
I would have hit that guy.
-THEO: You're doing great.
-(Susanna sighs)
Do you want to drive?
No, no, no, I mean it.
Yeah, so do I.
-Please, drive.
-I'm too old to flip my brain.
-You got this.
-(Susanna sighs)
Daddy, because you're old,
you'll die before Mommy, right?
-THEO: Hey. Hey, hey.
I'm not that old.
But you will die first, right?
Not if I can help it.
Uh, the thing is, sweetie,
nobody really knows
when anybody's gonna die.
Doesn't matter how old you are.
Why do we have to die at all?
Because life is not survivable.
Really? That-that's what
you came up with?
-(Susanna and Theo gasp)
-(horn honking)
-(Susanna whimpers)
(sheep bleating)
I love your dark side,
but she's six years old.
I got it.
Can you tell her about Heaven
next time?
You can't sell
what you don't believe.
I do it all the time.
(vehicle door opens)
("Our Day Will Come"
by Ruby & the Romantics playing)
Our day will come
-And we'll have everything
Honey, that's a sheepgate.
We'll share the joy
Pretty cool!
Falling in love can bring
No one can tell me
That I'm too young
to know...
That's funny.
(laughter, indistinct chatter)
-SUSANNA: I hate you.
-(Theo chuckling)
And you love me
Is that our new house?
Our day will come...
-(engine shuts off)
-(music stops)
-(sheep bleating)
-(birds chirping)
(Ella whooping)
It's so beautiful!
I love it!
-THEO: Wow.
For once, reality is actually
better than the pictures online.
It doesn't suck.
Seems bigger on the inside.
Oh, my God.
-(chuckles) Way bigger.
-(Ella whooping outside)
I love this.
No service, though.
-THEO: Oh, well.
-(Susanna sighs)
Oh, God.
The quiet.
-Well, not anymore.
-Got anything down there?
-One bar.
Uh, nope. Not anymore.

Oh, cool.
THEO (chuckles):
Weird design.
Oh, maybe upstairs it's better.
Sorry to obsess.
They're calling me
about the schedule for London.
Not a problem.
(Ella chattering)
Whoa. (chuckles)
(Ella chattering playfully)
Boy, they really got rid
of everything personal.
They even took down
the pictures.
Other people's families
are depressing.
And creepy.
And a jump.
I'm jumping, jumping,
jumping, jumping, jumping,
jumping, jumping, jumping,
jumping, jumping,
jumping, jumping,
jumping, jumping...
(laughs, squeals)
Get over here!
(both grunting)
I didn't give you
a very good answer
to your question before, did I?
No, Baba.
It was very disappointing.
Okay, here's the thing.
I don't plan on dying
for a really long time,
but when I finally do
and when Mommy does
and when you do, too,
we're all gonna be
together again.
In Heaven.
Are you sure?
That's what they say.
Does everyone go to Heaven?
-SUSANNA: Oh, my God, Ella,
you have to come up here.
Your bed is the size
of Connecticut.
Mom, let me see, let me see.
I want to jump on it!
Oh, my God, I love it!
It's amazing!
(night birds calling)

(Ella barking like a dog)
(continues barking)
Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet,
tweet, tweet, tweet.
Tweet, tweet, tweet,
tweet, tweet, tweet.
(unsteady footsteps)
-(loud thump)
-THEO: Ella.
You got to get to sleep,
(whispers): But there was
a shadow on the wall.
I know it's fun,
but it's time to sleep.
Okay. Come on.
Scooch down, scooch down.
All the way.
Grab Bunny.
-(Ella grunts)
-(sighs): Okay.
Good night.
Can you turn off the lights
for me, please?
-You sure?
-Good night, honey.
-Good night, Baba.

THEO: Honey, what's the name
of the owner again?
Stetler or Statler.
You ever talk to him?
No, just e-mail.
I have his number, though. Why?
Oh, thermostat's broken
It's gonna be cold tonight.
-Upstairs okay?
Can you call him tomorrow?
Can you?
Uh, yeah, I mean, I-I could,
but you booked it
under your name, right?
Yeah, of course I did.
(sighs) I'm sorry.
I-I know I'm a pain in the ass.
Nobody would know you here.
You would be surprised.
I just don't want to deal
with all the weirdness.
Okay, I totally get it.
I need to tell you something.
I downloaded all of season three
before we left.
(gasps) I adore you.
Can we watch the recap first?
Have I ever denied you
the recap?
I'm gonna close up downstairs.
You do that.
Oh. Hi, honey.
How much did I say?
Nothing. Totally innocuous.
(switch clicks)
-(wind whistling)
-(bird screeches)
(switches clicking)
Guess that one stays on.
You got enough switches?
MAN (over speakers): Previously
on Credible Threat...

So, as it turns out,
there's this whole other hallway
right underneath the stairs.
Oh, come on,
you can't be asleep yet.
It's okay. It's okay.
Shh. You okay?
What's going on?
I had the worst dream.
Yeah? Already?
What happened to you?
I was turning off the lights.
How long?
(grunts, sighs)
-(insects trilling)
-(sheep bleating)

(distant screaming)
(sets clock down)
-(birds chirping, squawking)
-(indistinct chatter)
(Ella giggling)
An important aspect
of your work in the program
is your daily journal.
Take a moment,
and clearly assess
your physical
and emotional state
using one-word descriptors.
(grunting, chuckling)
Okay. Careful.
You know what?
Please don't go too high.
How do I feel?
What do I feel?
Can you come down, please?
Ella, that is too high.
Ella, please don't ignore me.
Why do people hate Daddy
so much?
Why do they hate him?
Why-why would you say that?
'Cause they do.
Come down, please.
I've heard you guys talking.
That's eavesdropping.
Come down, please.
I bet I can stand up.
-Don't. No, no, no, no, no.
-I'm doing it.
Don't stand up, please.
-I'm doing it. Look.
-Ella. Ella.
-(Susanna grunts)
-(both grunt)
-SUSANNA: Are you okay?
(birds squawking)
Ella, are you sure you're okay?
Why do people hate Baba so much?
You know that...
that your dad, um,
was married
before he and I met, right?
His wife's name was Caroline.
And she died?
Well, the thing is...
the thing is, um, how she died.
She died in the bathtub?
SUSANNA: Yeah, yeah,
she drowned in the bathtub.
Why didn't she just sit up?
Uh, well, she couldn't.
Why not?
Should we go back?
She couldn't get up,
because she was sleeping.
That doesn't make sense.
Sometimes grown-ups
take medicine.
Sometimes they take
too much medicine
or they take
the wrong kind of medicine,
a kind that they shouldn't ever
have taken at all.
And if they do,
they can fall asleep so hard
that they can't wake up.
So, Daddy came home
from work one day,
and she was in the bathtub.
And, uh...
she had already passed away.
There was nothing he could do.
It was an accident.
The thing is,
they thought he-he put her
in the tub.
Did they... did they think
that Daddy killed her?
Did he?
Did Daddy kill her?
No. No.
Why didn't he just tell them
he didn't do it?
Well, he did, and they just
didn't believe him.
And because Daddy was
a rich banker,
lots of people were
interested in his trial.
And when it went to trial,
he was on TV,
and he got sort of famous.
What happened at the trial?
SUSANNA: The judge and the jury
all found him innocent,
and they said he could go home
and start a new life,
but some people didn't want
to let him.
(pen clatters)
Some people think that
if you're accused,
you must be guilty of something.
(lock chirps, clicks)
(engine starts)

(bell jingling)
Oh. Hi.
Good morning. Uh, afternoon.
Uh... yeah.
Let's see.
I-I need some, uh...
butter, bread.
Oh. Great.
Yeah, uh, bread, egg...
-(shopkeeper coughing)
(shopkeeper mutters, sighs)
Oh, good.
Here comes the bread.
And eggs.
Got to be kidding me.
Looks like we got everything.
(with heavy accent):
You staying up there?
I'm so sorry.
I don't speak Welsh.
It's English.
staying... up there?
Uh, yeah.
Anything happened yet?
Excuse me?
You meet Stetler?
Is that, uh... that's the...
that's the owner, right?
Uh, no, hmm-mm.
Found it on the Internet.
The house is... fairly new,
it seems like?
-About four years.
What was there before?
Another house.
Makes sense.
House, then a house.
Then a house, then a house,
then a house.
-26 quid.
There you go.
Okay, yeah. I guess we're
gonna be here a while.
(speaks Welsh)
Present for you.
Try the right angles.
Will do.
(bell jingling)
Oh, come on.
Excuse me.
-How'd you find the house?
-On the Internet.
No, I never met Stetler.
-I need to...
-You never saw Stetler?
Well, he saw you.
Enough with the Stetler.
Hey, I'm back.
Sorry that happened to you,
Walk me through
exactly what you told her.
I did.
Tell me again.
-I can't remember word for word.
-(groans quietly)
But I said the stuff
that we talked about saying,
-when the time came.
-(exhales through lips)
And you just decided
that the time had come.
I didn't plan it, actually.
She asked,
and she wouldn't let it go.
You know how she is.
She gave me that look
where she doesn't blink.
It's creepy.
It was my story.
It happened to me,
and I knew exactly
what I wanted to say to her
when it was time.
Right, and it was time, okay?
I couldn't lie to her.
When she was seven--
that's what we decided.
That is a completely
arbitrary number.
She obviously overheard us
last night.
She asked me point-blank.
That's how it happened, huh?
-Yeah, that's...
-that is how it happened, yeah.
What does that mean?
I don't know.
You know, it's just...
sometimes it's hard to tell
what's real with you.
That's all.
Excuse me?
You're just
a really good actress.
That's all I'm saying.
And you're
a passive-aggressive dick,
is all I'm saying.
(inhales sharply)
I got to make dinner.
That supposed to be meat?
Think there's a lot of options
down there
in the village of the damned?
No olives?
You chose this place, not me.
No, I didn't.
You sent me the link.
I absolutely did not.
You sent it to me.
All right, can...
can we please stop?
Who would have imagined
that they don't have
the Whole Foods olive bar
in Wales?
Let me know when you're done
being an asshole.
Yeah. Go get on your phone.

-(insects trilling)
-(night birds squawking)
(utensils clinking on plate)
(dish and utensils
clatter in sink)
Thank you, Ella.
You're welcome, Baba.
(Susanna's cell phone buttons
clicking rapidly)
(flipping pages)
(cell phone whooshes)
(water continues running)
(untying shoe)
(water splashes gently)

-(sighs quietly)
-(water splashing gently)

Honey, uh...
-do you need shampoo?
THEO: Shampoo.
Uh, do you need any shampoo?
I have some.
Oh, okay, so...
so you are washing your hair.
(chuckles quietly)
Not... not important.
Honey, I can't hear anything
that you're saying.
You can talk,
but you come in here.
No, never mind.
Was there enough, uh, hot water?
What are you doing?
Never mind. All good.
(water splashes)
(water draining)
I'm done.
With what?
Being an asshole.
You know,
I've-I've had this cloud
that's been hanging over me
for a while now,
and I've just been
an idiot about it.
But I'm done with all that now.
It was... it was stupid.
I'm sorry.
About Ella?
Yeah, you handled it...
just right, sounds like.
B-Better than I could've.
You should've seen the way
she looked at me after dinner.
She loves her Baba.
I'm really sorry
for thinking ill of you.
It was a sin. I regret it.
Catholic school
fucked you up good.
That was a half-decent apology.
Thank you.

-You okay?
-Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm good. I'm good, honey.
Just go back to sleep.
MAN: The clear expression
of your thoughts and feelings
is essential
to any relationship.
Emotional truth
is the only pathway to peace.
(over headphones):
Suspicion and mistrust
are merely impulses of energy,
and they are not always
under your control.
(muffled, distant scream)
Then again,
sometimes those feelings
are based in fact.
(exhales sharply)
(grunts, sighs)
(muffled, distant scream)
(door bangs)

(distant clack)

(camera clicks, whirs)
-(water dripping)
Okay. Okay, no, no.
This can't be happening.
No, this is definitely
not happening.
Oh, my God.
Oh! Oh, my God!
No. Ella.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Honey, honey.
Wake up, wake up.
No. No, no, no, no,
no, no, no. No.
Oh! Oh!
You're dreaming. Dreaming.
Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up!
(grunting, panting)
It's a dream.
It's a dream!
It's a goddamn dream!
(pained grunt)
Fucking nightmares.
Oh, boy.
I just had a really bad dream.
Oh, yeah?
I was onstage, and I...
there was a huge audience,
and I didn't even know the play.
Like, I didn't have a clue.
I hate those dreams.
I think I got you beat.
Oh, it's really nice in here.
Okay, that's encouraging.
Two doors.
What, last night
there were three?
Yeah, there was another one
right behind
this bookshelf here.
Went to this staircase,
and then-then there was
this weird kind of hall
that went around and led
to a place-- under the house.
And Ella...
God, it was horrible.
What's behind this door?
This is where the washer is.
God, this is
a gigantic laundry room.
This is it right here
from the dream.
Oh, sure, that's a bummer.
Okay, so, um,
you saw the picture,
and then you put it all
in your dream.
Okay, okay,
but-but at what point
did I actually fall asleep?
Immediately after sex,
like always.
-You did. You did.
You don't remember me getting up
and leaving the bedroom?
Hmm-mm. I don't know.
I don't think so.
Mm, no. I don't think so.
I would've woken up.
You're not very good
at sneaking around.
So everything from the time
I got out of bed was a dream.
Sounds like it.
And I never went downstairs?
Do you like it here?
In this room?
This house.
No. Do you?
I hate it.
But we just got here.
I know, but sometimes
when you pick something online,
you don't really know
what you're getting,
and you make a mistake.
It happens.
Where are we gonna go now?
Hotel for a little while,
someplace really fun.
The important thing is that
we'll all be together
before I have to start work
and you and your dad go home.
But how long will you be gone?
Eight weeks.
That's a really long time.
I know, but you and your dad
are gonna come visit
halfway through,
like we talked about.
Why can't we just be with you
the whole time?
Let's just go outside
and run around
before we have to get
in the car.
(sheep bleating)
SUSANNA: Seven, eight,
nine, ten, here I come!
(Ella giggling)

(Susanna and Ella
chattering playfully outside)
(laughing, grunting)
(Ella squeals)
(cell phone buzzing)

(phone buzzing)

(Susanna and Ella
chattering outside)
Darn it.
I didn't dream that.
(Ella and Susanna laughing,
chattering outside)
-(Ella laughing)
-SUSANNA: Got you!
(Ella laughing)
(Ella squeals)
You're so slippery!
Hi, Baba.
Susanna, come here a sec.
-What is it?
-ELLA: Come play with us.
I want to talk to Mommy first.
Baba can be weird sometimes.
-Ella, go inside.
Because it's gonna rain.
(Ella groans loudly)
(Ella laughs, squeals)
You ready to go?
What is it?
You have two phones.
Must have been a lot of work
keeping track of two
of those things.
Yeah, it's exhausting.
The guy, Max,
from the shoot in Mexico?
That's too bad.
Has he been here, in this house?
Of course... of course not.
Because somebody wrote
in my journal.
He's not here.
He's in New York.
He has meetings.
I don't give a shit
where Max has meetings.
I'm sorry.
So, who wrote in my book?
Um, I don't know.
Uh, did Ella?
Is that the biggest problem
we have right now?
I bet that guy can fuck you
all night, huh?
Don't make it ugly.
I'm 100% sure that I am not
the one that made this ugly.
I can't do this.
If only you'd said that to Max.
You know, it'd feel a lot better
if you yelled and screamed
like a normal person.
No, thanks.
You got to go.
What? Where?
I don't know.
Not here.
Stay in the village.
I'm not staying
in the fucking village.
-You go if you want to.
-No, you leave.
Fine. I'll take Ella.
Like hell you will.
You-you're not making
the rules now.
You broke the rules.
There are no rules anymore.
Other side.
How long am I supposed to stay
in purgatory?
I just need a night to myself.
-So do you.
-Don't tell me what I need.
A night by yourself.
Yes, Theo, I get it--
by myself.
Max is not here.
He has never been here.
Oh, right, 'cause of all
the big meetings in New York.
Can I get in, please?
Hey, listen, um,
you know, I want to take back
that "fuck you all night"
thing I said.
-Yeah, whatever.
-Yeah, let me be clear--
I don't actually care
who fucks you all night.
-Oh, my God. Jesus.
-I'm sure it's quite a list.
-Drive safe, sweetie.
-(engine starts)
Hey, do you have
both your phones?

(birds squawking)
THEO: They didn't have
any peanut butter.
-ELLA: Why not?
-THEO: It's not a thing here.
-So, what's that stuff?
-I don't know.
Starts with L.
Well, two L's, actually.
I don't want it.
-It's pretty good.
-No, it isn't.
Okay, it's not pretty good.
It tastes kind of weird.
But it's not poison,
and it's what we have.
-I'm not eating it.
-Could you please
just stop with the scooter
for one second, honey?
So you might as well just
throw it in
the garbage can for me
because I'm just not
gonna eat it.
Honey, could you please
get off the scooter?
-(glass clatters)
-I'm sorry.
It's okay. It's okay.
Honey, it's okay.
(Theo sighs)
I don't like it here.
I don't think I do, either.
I have weird dreams,
and I get in bad moods.
Me, too.
Did you and Mommy have a fight?
Today is a terrible day.
-I want to go home.
-So do I.
As soon as Mom gets back
with the car, okay?
-When will that be?
(water trickling)
-What are you doing?
-What kind of experiment?
-Water experiment.
That's freaky.
I'll say.
What's that?
It's a triangle.
I'm checking the angles.
Why you want to check angles?
These are all very
heads-up questions, honey.
Does this wall
look right to you?
it looks like a wall to me.
Can't tell from in here.
(birds chirping)
What are you looking for?
I don't know.
16, seven,
12, zero.
Honey, honey, honey.
-You taught me that.
16! 17! 18!
-Okay, you got me.
-Hang on tight, honey.
-Don't let go.
26 feet.
-Hold on tight.
Are you at the corner?
-You sure?
You can let go.
What does it say?
Says this room is
five feet longer on the inside
than it is on the outside.
Wait. How does that work?
It doesn't.
I'm cold.
Get your coat on, hon.
(panting, giggling)

So not in the mood
for hide-and-seek.
I give up, honey.
You win.
Okay, Ella, it's not funny.
Come out, please.

(lights clicking)
What the hell?

ELLA (in distance):
Are you there?
(door opens, creaks)
Oh, God.
(lights clicking)
(water dripping)
Is anybody down here?
I got lost.
(water dripping, splashing)
Who are you?
Can you hear me?
Are you okay?
(scream continues in distance)
What an innocent face.
-(Ella gasps)
We don't get that much here.
Such a lucky daddy.
I bet you'd stay with him
forever, wouldn't you?
-ELLA: Baba!
-Daddy, where are you?
-Baba, I'm scared.
Stay back from the door!
Baba, please, please.
(Ella whimpering)
Oh, Jesus.
Ella. Honey, are you okay?
-I got... I got lost.
-Oh, baby.
I got lost in the house.
I know. I know.
I got you now.
-I was looking for you
everywhere. -I know.
I know, my love.
It's okay. It's okay.
-I was scared.
-I know. I know.
-I got you.
-I couldn't find you.
I got you now.
You're okay now.
All right?
You and me, we're not getting
out of each other's sight again.
All right?
That's a deal.
I want to go home.
We will.
-Yeah. Yep.
Yeah. I promise.
-I'm just gonna call...
Okay, I'm not going anywhere.
I'm just gonna call your mom,
and she's gonna come right now,
and she's gonna pick us up,
SUSANNA (recorded):
Hey, it's me.
Um, leave me a message.
(exhales sharply)
Her phone is off
or she's out of range.
Why don't you call
her other phone?
Uh... I don't have that number.
All right,
I-I'm gonna try her again.
Hey, it's me.
Um, leave me a message.
Hey, uh, it's me.
Call me when you get this,
as soon as you get it.
Uh, okay.
This is not a problem.
All right, yeah, it's a...
it's a little bit of a problem.
But I got an idea.
All right.
We are out of here.
We are so out of here.
They don't answer?
Uh, just give him a minute.
This guy's kind of slow.
(phone ringing)
Hello. Hi.
Uh, this is Theo Conroy.
I was in the other day.
Uh, we-we rented the house
u-up the hill.
Stetler. The Stetler house.
We rented Stetler's house.
I remember.
-We need a taxi.
-A what?
A taxi.
W-We need somebody
to come pick us up.
There are no taxis around here.
Well, where, then?
Marlborough Inn, maybe.
Unless he's still on holiday.
Okay, uh, could you give me
that number, please?
Did you try the triangle?
THEO (quietly):
I tried the triangle.
They never fit
the angles up there.
Why not?
What is this place?
Somebody from here, Hans Eagly,
he owns the Lindenhof.
He said an ant doesn't know
what a cathedral is
or a power plant or a volcano.
It's the same with that house.
You don't know
what you can't know.
Are you still there?
We need a taxi now.
Don't shout at me.
I'm not... shouting.
There was a different house
before that one.
What sort of house?
Just different.
And before that, a tower.
It's a legend.
The Devil builds a tower
to collect souls,
and God destroys it.
But the Devil just builds it up
again and again.
People have always stayed
in that house.
Some don't leave.
The right ones
usually find the place.
Or perhaps it's
the other way around.
The place finds them.
We need to leave now.
That's not up to me.
-(phone clicks)
I'm here.
I'm always here.
-How far is the village?
-It's pretty far.
It's about four miles.
But it's dark.
-And cold.
Would you rather stay here?
-Me, neither.
-But what about our stuff?
-We'll get new stuff.
(door rattling)
Oh, no.
Why don't you unlock the door?
-(wind whistling)
-(dogs barking in distance)
Are you sure you know the way?
Yep. Just one road,
right down straight into town.
ELLA (whispers): There's
somebody inside the house.
Okay, up.
(Theo grunts)
Baba, what's happening?
Let's go.
(animals howling in distance)
-ELLA: I'm cold.
-THEO: I know.
It's cold, but we're okay.
I can walk.
I got you, honey. I got you.
(animal snarls in distance)
It's freezing.
Hey. You're doing great.
Honey, I-I got to
put you down, okay?
-ELLA: Okay.
-(Theo grunts)
Are you sure you know
where we're going?
Yeah. Just one road,
right into town.
-(animal snarls)
-(Ella screams, Theo gasps)
-ELLA: What was that?
-(animal screeches)
-(animal screeches)
-(Ella screams, Theo gasps)
-What was that?
-Uh, it was nothing, honey.
It was just an animal, animal.
-Just a-a deer, something.
Okay, up you go.
(animal screeches)
(wind whistling)
Almost there, honey.
Not much further.
I can't... I can't feel my toes.
Maybe they'll have a fire.
ELLA: I've never been
this c-cold before.
You never lived in Chicago.
How much farther is it?
I'm starting to see lights.
It's... cold.
I'm definitely seeing
some lights.
We made it.
(sniffs, grunts)
We did it.
We did it, honey.
We're there.
(Ella groans softly)
We're back.
We're back.
But we were going down
the whole time.
THEO: I'll explain it to you
in the morning.
-(sniffs) It's complicated.
-No, it isn't.
We were walking d-down
the whole time.
I don't want to go in there.
We don't have a choice.
I'm not going in there.
-I hate that house!
-It's too cold out here, honey.
-No. No!
Your mom's gonna be here
in the morning with the car.
Please don't make me
go in there.
Listen to me.
We would not make it out here.
Not all night.
Do you understand
what I'm saying to you?
I will protect you.
I'm gonna make sure...
that nothing happens to you.
I'm gonna protect you.
Okay? Do you trust me?
I-I trust you.
One more night.
Just one more night.
We can do it.
Let's go. Let's go.
(gate squeaks)
Okay? Feeling better?
It's warm now, right?
I'm not going anywhere.
Just try and get some sleep,
Yes, my love.
You still love Mommy?
I do.
But not enough?
Well, s-sweetie, uh...
I never really deserved
to have your mom.
What about me?
What about you?
Do you love me enough?
(Theo inhales deeply)
You know...
when I was young...
things came pretty easy for me,
and-and-and really quick, like,
-success and money.
Stuff like that.
And I think I...
I kind of lost track
of who I was, you know, and...
I became someone that
I wasn't really proud of.
Everything in my life just...
just came too easy
and too quick.
Except for you.
The one thing that mattered.
For you, I had to wait.
Until you were old?
Hey, lady, I'm not that old.
I love you much more
than enough.
I love you, Baba.
(Theo grunts softly)
(camera clicks, whirs)
-(water running)
-(gasps quietly)

-(door creaks shut)
(water dripping)
Ella. Ella!
ELLA (in distance):
(water continues dripping)

(grunts, pants)

(grunting, panting)
(shuddering breaths)
-(pen clatters)
(vehicle lock chirps)
-(vehicle door closes)
-(engine starts)
-(closes journal)
-(vehicle departs)
-THEO: Wow.
Seems bigger on the inside.
-Oh, my God.
-Way bigger.
Oh, I love it.
There's no service, though.
-THEO: You hear that?
-The quiet.
-ELLA: Baba!
-(cell phone ringing)
You're not going anywhere.
Hey, I'm back.
ELLA: Sorry that
happened to you, Baba.
Does everyone go to Heaven?
THEO (echoing):
That's what they say.
Where are you?
Oh, my God, Ella,
you have to come up here.
Your bed is the size of...
-(strained grunting)
(yells, grunts)
Ella. (grunts)
(panting heavily)
Where are you?
(vehicle approaching)
(horn honking)
-(banging on window)
-(door opens)
-(Susanna gasps)
Seems bigger on the inside.
-Oh, my God.
-Way bigger.
(grunts, gasps)
Your name Stetler?
I got a lot of names.
Where's Ella?
A lot of faces.
And a lot of houses.
Been a room here for you
for a long time.
-Where is she?
-Where you belong.
With me.
In here!
Baba, I'm scared! I'm here!
-Ella! Ella!
-Please find me. Please find me.
Ella. Ella.
It's hot in here!
Let her go.
Such a lucky daddy.
She would do anything for you.
Let her go, you son of a bitch.
She'd even stay.
Let her go. Let her go!
Think of it.
Together forever.
Just you and her...
and a lie.
She's innocent.
Sure she is.
But she's with you.
I didn't do it!
I didn't do it!
Daddy, I don't know where I am!
Baba, please, please!
Let her go!
The sins of the fathers...
I didn't do it!
...come down on the kids.
But I... didn't...
do it!
That's the problem with mirrors.
They always show you yourself.
Please let her go.
Please let her go.
Please, please, please, please.
The only one
keeping her here is you.
(shuddering breaths)
I can't do it.
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
I can't do it anymore.
I can't.
I can't do this.
I-I can't do it.
I can't do this.
Then you know what
you've got to do, don't you?
Oh... Ella.
Oh, honey.
Oh, I am so sorry.
Ella, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
What for?
not being what you think I am.
But... I love you
no matter what.
Don't you know that yet?
(trembling breaths)
Is it time to go home?
It is, for you and Mommy.
Come on.

(door opens)

Hi, Mommy.
(seat belt clicks)
Where is her stuff?
I'll send it. Later.
You're not coming with us?
It'll never let me.
I'd end up right back here.
And if you were with me,
you would, too.
I belong here.
Can we just try
and work through it?
I love you.
I love you so much.
I always knew that
you were only borrowed.
Stop talking crazy.
Just get in the car,
and we can talk about it.
I killed her, Suse.
I let her drown.
I could've pulled her out,
and I didn't.
I watched her die.
All those years being so angry,
hating her so much, and...
keeping it inside.
I should've left...
...years before.
But I didn't.
I belong...
right here.
Can't run away from your shadow.
ELLA (whispers): There's
somebody inside the house.

Baba, what's happening?
Let's go.

SHOPKEEPER: People have always
stayed in that house.
Some don't leave.
The right ones
usually find the place.
Or maybe it's
the other way around.
The place finds them.
("Should I Stay or Should I Go"
by KT Tunstall playing)
(computer chimes)
You got to let me know
Should I stay
or should I go?
If you say that you are mine
I'll be here
till the end of time
So you got to let me know
Should I stay
or should I go?
It's always
tease, tease, tease
You're happy
when I'm on my knees
One day it's fine,
next it's black
So if you want me
off your back
Well, come on
and let me know
Should I stay
or should I go?
Should I stay
or should I go now?
Should I stay
or should I go now?
If I go,
there will be trouble
And if I stay,
it will be double
So come on and let me know
Should I stay
or should I go?
This indecision's bugging me
If you don't want me,
set me free
Exactly whom
I'm supposed to be
Don't you know
which clothes even fit me?
Come on and let me know
Should I cool it
or should I blow?
Come on and let me know
Should I stay
Or should I go?
(song ends)

(music fades)