Young and Dangerous (1996) Movie Script

In 1956 there was a great fire in Hong Kong, The govemment built these blocks for the victims
Tens of thousands of families lived in tiny appartments
The area soon became a breeding ground for crime
Nam, I want to play
Foreskin... Where's chou-pan?
He's with sui-may
Playing truant again?
We had an exam, but I didn't revise
If your mum finds out. You're dead
Hands off
Try and catch me, you jerk
You dirty little bastard you should be ashamed of yourself
I was just trying my laces!
Laces? I'll give you a bloody good hiding!
Chou-pan, where is Nam?
Playing football
Chicken, are you playing?
In a minute
Kid, come here
Don't you know this is my turf?
Come here
Your ball almost hit me. Sorry, Where do you live?
Block 13
You're not triad?
What do you want?
I am Kwan
All of you bring me $36 tomorrow
Brother Kwan. This pitch belongs to Uncle Bee
He hasn't told me to obey you.
Don't give me any of your shit
How dare you! Nam!
$36 each tomorrow.
Or I'll treat you all to a Coke-
And I'll beat you whenever I see you
Come back! Bastard!
Don't try running away! Stop fighting!
Kwan, you shouldn't be so tough on them.
They're only kids
I'm just teaching them a lesson.
They're kids.
That's enough
Whatever you say. Stop, that's enough!
Brother Bee, I need your help with a job...
Let's talk in the shop later.
It's a deal
Okay, let's go
Kid, are you okay?
If you want to be a good boy go home and study hard
If you want to play football here, say you know Uncle Bee
Uncle Bee...
Let me follow you
Where's Chicken?
Having fun in the club
Isn't he working?
Him? He prefers squeezing tits.
You don't have to escort me.
You'll come back?
Promise, or I won't
Let you go
You have to come back!
You only think about girls.
Yeah, Chicken's chicks!
You just love whoring!
I'll find Chou-pan and Foreskin bring the weapons at 10.30 sharp
Okay, bye... Great...
Let go!
Dad, I'm going out.
Don't be back too late
I'm going to work.
This is Ba-bai's place. He has five bodyguards
Every race night, he has a massage.
Then he watches TV in the rest room
We'll go in separately and wait for the moment to strike.
Visit my church on the sixth floor
It's good to believe in Jesus. He'll look out for you
Young man, come to a sermon if you can
What... Out of order?
Haven't you seen weapons before?
Are you in a gang?
None of your business
Lay down the sword and embrace Jesus
Shut up!
God wanted the lift to break down
Come and listen to me preach
Save your breath
Who do you follow?
Never you mind!
Why not follow Jesus?
Are you new here?
Yes, she just started
It's no fun to fondle a bra. Take it off!
She's not a hooker. She does manicures
Is everything all right?
Damn you!
I want him gone
Lower your heads and watch your dicks!
Open the door!
It's good to love Jesus
Your boss said follow him and he'd take care of everything open up
He just wants your loyalty
You'll be caught by the cops, but Jesus can't be caught even when he died he came back to life
I bet you were in a triad before
Yes, and I took drugs
After kicking the drugs, I became a priest
You know what I was called before? Lethal Weapon
I know plenty of addicts! Get Jesus to repair the lift, then I'll listen
So you do know him...
Send my thanks to Jesus. Promise to come for tea some time!
Hey, shower first!
It's okay...
I need soap to wash.
You can't go in there all soaped up
Why not?
Go and take a look
If I want to use soap, so what?
What kind of stunt is this? Mind your own business
Who killed my buddy Ba-bei?
It was Nam and Chicken
Kwan, don't be upset
Damn you!
This bastard owed me $2O million.
Now he's dead, who pays his debt?
I'm feeling very tense
Brother Bee, you're really something
This song is dedicated to our boss
My name's Foreskin
I'll fight anything
and fuck all girls
Swords and knives flying everywhere
In the gym
We took on Ba-bei and his men
Guns and chains flying everywhere
I should show to my brothers my ability
I just want to widen my way
even if I died, there is no regret
blooding all over it
Boss, you're great!
Boss, let's drink.
Come on, cheers
How about our game?
You're so bad at it, I'll play Four, two, two... One, three, two...
Four! I said you'd lose
Boss, when will Nam be promoted?
Drink up, big mouth
I'll drink up
Work hard and you'll benefit
Me, too
Forget it, you bastard
He never uses condoms
Don't speak nonsense in front of the boss
So, you have a new girlfriend
What? I've courted her for ages
One whole night, and I'm expecting the brush off
Shut up, Ho-yan. That's my boss!
I like your style, Have a drink
Sure, let's drink
Are you over 18?
That's not important. We love each other deeply
Can you match them? Courting at 12, screwing at 13, married at 15
I don't buy a cow to drink milk
Don't call me a cow
Maybe you're a piece of chicken!
He's kidding
I'm drunk. I need a piss
Let me accompany you
Out of the way
Alone at last...
sit down, we will drink slowly
Foreskin yes
I go with you
Hit it!
Visit your grand ma. If you've time.
I always do but she always nags me to marry.
So what, are you gay?
Look, this is straight
Kwan is here Forget him and play
I'm old. Look at my grey hairs.
The girls like it
We're triad members, and we're prepared to go to jail or to hell
But things are going well. Among the men
I value you the most. Work hard
I know, come on
Don't. There are people here...
I just dragged her in for some fun
It's the last day on my latest film
We are having a little celebration Come and join us
You're a big man now
The film business does give me a certain edge
I hear that you're the new star of our society
When can I expect your help? What did you say? You want my man?
What's up? We are bothers: Your man is my man
How about your girl?
Kwan, you can't agree!
Do whatever you want to her
I want you to enjoy her, Go on!
Kwan, don't go too far. You are becoming too cocky
What are you trying to say?
You outdated bastard!
What did you say?
What's the matter? You want trouble?
Don't argue with mad dogs! Kwan, are you okay?
Your car's been stolen!
Who has the nerve?!
Should we call the police?
Are you nuts? We're triad
Saur must have it
Saur, how's the food?
It's really disgusting
Don't get angry. But I want my car back
Who are you?
Chicken of Hung Hing Society. This is my brother, Nam
Where's my car?
Do I deal in every stolen car in Hong Kong?
I'm just asking you, I'm telling you, I don't have it!
Report it to the police!
Out of respect, I call you Saur... If I didn't, I'd call you shit
Watch out
I'm a powerful man!
Even TV admitted I can rig elections
You pushed me...
How dare you
You're Chan Ho Nam
I've heard of you
I didn't steal your car
If you want to pin it on me, go ahead
But don't wander around my turf. Causeway Bay boys aren't welcome here
Stop, stop!
Go catch some fish!
Had enough? Yeah
Are we welcome here?
Sure, you can come for the sea food and to vote
Did you steal my car?
No, I swear
I over-reacted this time, I'm sorry. I'm very sorry
It's nothing really
Let's go!
The MR2 was stolen by Smartie, a girl of the Fai-hong gang
Chicken, ask her what she wants
Okay, I love speaking with girls
How dare she steal my car!
It has been long since we met last, Mr. Chen
You haven't been
I was short of cash
Pansy misses you
Spend time with her tonight
Looking for a girl, handsome?
Any particular one?
Smartie! Can I help?
Where is smartie?
What's her name?
So Ah-sai. She took my money and ran off.
Where she is?
I don't know
Go eat shit.
Yes, th... Th... The car was taken by me
I do... don't care if you are Chan Ho Nam or Chan Ho Dong
I do... do... don't care who you are
By the way, I wa... Want... $30,000
Bitch, you're crazy
Why get angry?
I don't so... Sc... Scare easily
The money, or forget about the car.
That's it!
Pal, can I make one more call?
Do you have ti... Ti... Time to negotiate with me?
No, I'm playing mahjong!
Smartie... Smartie!
Phone's for you
If you find her, break her legs
Mum, I don't come home, yes, I won't
They've gone
You seem smart
Do you think you could help me?
Come on, I'll give you $500 and introduce you to a girl with big tits
Your handbag/nThanks
Stay cool and pretend that you're the boss of Fai-hong
There's a red envelope in it for you
Isn't it pretty?
Don't scratch it
Oh, it's not my car
That's okay, then
$500 and a girl with big tits?
I won't cheat you
Get in
Hung Hing triad is nothing
Just shout at them and they'll be terrified
They're a pack of pussies
Are you Chan Ho Nam?
That's right, you've got balls for a little Thai girl.
Maybe a Bangkok chick boy?
You have the $30... 30... 30,000
$30... 30... 30,000 That makes $90,000
Don't mock her stammer
Wh... Why treat her with kid gloves?
I warn you, my boss is powerful in Fai-hong
He kills swiftly and without mercy
Do you want to see hell? Are you so impatient to die?
Do you want me to kill you?
Who asked you?
Do you know whose car that is?
I'm not scared... I know all about you, Hung Hing boy. I'm not impressed
Cut the crap and pay up now
We are also triad, so hurry up
You have guts. Stammerer! Foreskin, check the car
You think I stole parts off the car?
Don't worry it's still got an engine in it
I'll give you $10,000 for your trouble
Do you think I'm selling vegetables in the market?
You disgust me,
How dare you call me st... St... Stammerer! You don't get a discount
Hey, bo...
Boss, she damaged your car
Deduct $5,000.
That's $5,000 total
Boss, help me!
You idiot!
I am Ho Nam!!
Keep your eyes on the road
You bastards!
Brothers, we have a stupid whore here!
Stupid whore, stupid whore!
We demand a discount!
Scared now?
Let me down!
How dare you steal my brother's car
Check who the car belongs to before you steal it
Your breast sag like rotten winter melon
Fuck you!
Shut up theif
We're here.
Hung Hing is nothing to fuck with!
We got treats for you!
Anyone bring marijuana?
You'd better watch out.
If my boss finds out. He'll kill you all
You stole a triad's car!
How could I know? I thought it belonged to a mug
Do you think I'm stupid?!
I needed the money for an emergency. Don't be mean
So why not sell yourself
To men who need your services?!
What now?!
H... Help!
No one can hear your screams
More, more. The louder you scream the more excited we get
Now tears!
I've got my car. Now we punish you for taking me for a fool
We just want to...
Force you to do something
You can chose between being raped by each of us
Or eating these buns.
I hope you don't chose the buns
You're lucky we're eating buns
How long since you washed?
I wash everyday
Are you getting full?
Smartie visited here once...
...To have...
Buns. There! You're lucky I'll even sign your name for you
Steal our car!
Remember to take the baskets with you!
Chan Ho Nam, I'll remember you!
Boss, they show us no respect
Fai-hong, why so early?
This is my territory
I'm really scared... Sit down
You called, so I came right away.
You're always straight forward
Your men took advantage of my sister
They took a car without paying...
Fai-hong, we're all triad here. She stole my man's car
He simply took it back
They fooled me...
Fo... Fo... Fooled you.
You stole my car
What's up?
Fuck your mother!
Shut your ugly face!
What's with the posturing?! Sit down!
How do we settle this?
B... boss
They took me to Kowlon Park and took advantage of me
What are you up to? How did we take advantage?
They forced me to eat buns
Bbb... Barbecue...
Bbbb... Barbecued pork buns, I always have some, want more?
I love them, as well
Let's eat
Do you want one?
Have one, boss
Your men have no respect
Are you sincere?
Let's drink to our friendship
That's too corny!
Chicken, bring some beer
There you go
Let's be frank. I'll drink first to show my respect...
...But if you want to fight it's fine by us
Kid, you won't be so lucky next time
Let's go
Bye bye, stammerer
You said you'd kill them, How can you just drink and forget about it? Fucking...
I should have sold you as a hooker
Buddy, we need to talk
We're not buddies. You out rank me
You're very humble
What do you want?
Work for me It would hardly be a betrayal of Bee
Do you understand the meaning of righteousness?
The world for righteousness. Loyalty equals foolishness
Loyalty can be a sword right through the heart
Nowadays, no one loyal
If the lesson's over, I'll be off
I haven't finished
Here's $200,000
It's so that Bee can save face. Tell him you're the leading man in my next film
After filming once or twice, you'll naturally become my man
In the triads everyone can get rich suddenly
I want to take it but my hand won't let me
Are you still holding a grudge?
In a grip like iron
This one's not bad. Director! How are you? I've brought a girl for a screen test
The best
Nice figure. Take her to the room and see how her tits look
I won't strip!
Stop play acting!
Do you think I'm kidding? Stupid girl...
My film's called Hot Bitch you'll be famous
I won't appear in such a film
Not even as the star
What's up?
Brother Kwan
She's here for a screen test
Thank Brother Kwan
Let me look
Hands off!
Small tits, but we're kind enough to give you a part
Take her away
What are you doing?
Hands off!
Kid, stay out of our family business
What's it to you anyway?
I'm her boyfriend
Listen... Thank you
Let's consider all debts paid
You said you were my boyfriend I'm holding you to it
It's not so easy to be my girl, go home
Anyway, I don't care, I'll follow you in this life!
Jesus is a leader who doesn't demand that you fight or earn money for him
Leave your criminal pasts behind
Turn over a new leaf
He won't despise you for it
You don't say?
Jesus had many followers to those who were willing to follow him,
He was generous. You know he fed the 5,000?
Have a candy.
Yet he was betrayed by one of his own men
And Peter denied his Lord three times, but Jesus didn't punish him
Then Jesus was stupid. My men wouldn't be that dumb.
He's the exception
Fuck you!
Chicken! Run!
Do you know who Ho Yan's dad is?
Wai, who rules Kuen-chung! He can kill a horse with one punch
Does he have the guts to come to Wanchai?
Should we be scared?
Let's go fight him!
Chill out, have a drink
Are you chicken?
I am
Come and speak with me
Come here!
Everyone sit down
So she's leaving the family...
Be honest Have you been screwing her?
If so, be sure to wear a condom
Sure, sometimes I wear two
Next time, wear three!
What are you saying?
Shut up!
You shouldn't encourage pre-marital sex
Get lost!
It's not a good example to set
Shut that old kook up
Hung Hing boy, don't disgrace me. Mr Chiang and I are friends
Well, I'm leaving
Take your hands off!
Visit your mum. She misses you Stop nagging. Dad
Kid, treat my daughter well or I'll cut your balls off
Don't forget
Go now, and stop nagging me.
Bye bye, uncle
Bye bye, your dad
Bye bye, your mum. Bye bye...
Sit down. I'll treat you to what you want
Hi You're with that girl?
Brother Nam You're all here
He's just met his future in-laws
Is Jesus as brave as him?
Jesus died bravely on the cross
dying bravely on the cross is nothing
He probably took drugs
LSD, try one. Come on Try it!
You look good
Where's Mr Chiang?
Follow me
How are you. Mr Chiang?
You look in good shape
Let me do 30 more
Yiu, take them to the garden
She must be Mr Chiang's girl
If you make it big. You'll have unlimited women
I didn't know Mr Chiang was a bodybuilder
Mr Chiang Take a seat
For a year now, I've got up at 6 am and gone to bed at 1Opm
I try to lead a normal life
You needn't worry about the business
Bee, we've worked hard. It's time to enjoy life
Come and play golf with me
Great, I want to learn to play
You're Chan Ho Nam?
Yes, sir
You must be Chicken
These kids have been loyal for 10 years
Hung Hing will depend on you
Now... We run some gambling joints in Macao.
Now Fat Dog wants to take a cut
What do the other bosses say?
I don't care what they think
I won't meet his demands
I know what needs doing
Yiu can fill you in. Nam, take care of this and I'll promote you
Thank you
Let's have some melon
Are you okay?
Help Nam as much as you can
I'm going to take a bath
This is all free Nam, do you want it?
Who wants it?
Instant lottery...
Give me 10
I also want 10
Keep your hands to yourself
It must be someone else's hands!
Who molests my girl?!
Take this: It will win
I'm going to chop someone else's hand off!
Who's going to win?
Take a look at this!
What? I got it
Boss, Chou-pan's won a prize
Are you playing or working?!
Right! Are you working or not?
Brother Nam, what are you doing
When do we go to work?
I want to hit the casino
Here's Keung's number.
He is our contact here. Let's go.
Remember, we meet at 6 am tomorrow
Are we leaving or not?
I'm winning, so cut the crap
I'm off to look for the boss
go away...
Mister, want to play with me!!
No, damn you!
Making a call?
Are you a Penthouse model?
Can we be friends?
Sure, of course we can
Damn Chicken, where the hell is he?
Police check!
This is Macao, not China
Who is it?
Just my friends
So, you're back
They're twins...
Sure they are!
Three at once...
Boss, have a drink
It'll drive me crazy
That's what we want to happen!
What time is it now?
It's only 12 o'clock
Come on
Have a drink
Who needs it?
Let us undress you
I'll have all three of you!
I won $10,000...
Cut the crap. Where's Chicken?
I can't talk now
You'll be promoted after this.
Let's just concentrate on business
Fat Dog got drunk last night. He's with a Brazilian girl
I know where to find him
This is my brother, Airplane He'll drive you
Let's roll
No Chicken?
Call Chicken and tell him to meet us there
The weapons are in the back
What time is it?
Oh, God, my legs are so weak from all that fucking.
How will I have the strength to kill?
Cut the crap!!
We have a job to do!
Get the weapons!
They're fakes!
Run, go now!
Better I die alone than everyone dies, run!
Gang fight in progress
Don't move!
Police, scram!
Nam, get in!
Boss, we're in trouble!
You call yourself our boss? My brother's dead!
Fuck you!
Hundreds of armed men ambushed us
Where were you? My brother died!!
What do we do? Chou-pan's dead I don't know about Nam
Brother Keung, it's fixed
Brother Kwan.
Brother Kwan.
Is everything ready?
Yes, the girl is drugged
Take this
And keep a steady hand I want it all on film
Why frame them? It would be a lot less effort simply to kill them all
When you do the thinking, I'll retire
Chiang thinks lot of him, but if I frame him
He'll be kicked out of the society
Well distribute the tape and he'll be in deep shit
Feed him more pills
Dope them as much as they can take
He is a venomous snake...
What did you say?
I've got good ears so don't talk behind my back
If they perform well, make me a copy of the tape
It'll be good home entertainment
Why are you here?
I don't know
We made love...
You took me. I won't let you go
Forget what happened last night!
What did I do wrong?
Don't follow me!
Where are you going?
It's none of your business
I can't wait for you
A packet of cigarettes, please
That will be $14
At 6 am this morning, a man was murdered in a gang fight
The police suspect that the victim
Was a Hong Kong triad member
They have no leads to go on at present
Where are they? Where's Chicken?
Shut up!
Brother Nam! Nam...
I called Brother Bee
What did he say?
He told us to lay low
I want my brother's body
A triad is prepared for jail or hell
Are you crazy?
We followed Bee and we haven't regretted it
We killed Ba-pai. We were great. What about his family? They felt the way you feel now
Bastard! We were attacked. Where were you?
My brother was hacked to death. Say something!
I'm sorry...
You're sorry!
I didn't know the job had started early...
They are just words
Why did you just leave me?
Get lost! I'm talking to him
I was raped, you fool!
What did you say?
I was given a drug. Then Nam raped me!
You! What is she talking about?
What is she talking about?
I was framed...
It's true! You screwed my girl!
You son of bithch
We were torn to pieces! Where were you? We were set up understand?
Chou-pen was killed!
Cut the crap! We are no longer brothers
What a mess...
You're still here... So?
It's sorry, if Nam wants you here
Your sister-in-law made some pig liver soup
Woman, do something with this
You must hide out for now.
How's Chicken?
He doesn't return my calls. You have to explain things to him
Yee... We must find Chicken
I've looked with Ah Cheung
It's spilled...
Useless woman
You fail at domestic work
Sorry, I'll make some more
So, you're dating the stammerer?
How is the boss?
Nam's wound is like this
You love to exaggerate.
A woman's taking good care of him
Not Ho-yan! It's the stammerer
What are your plans?
Lay low with cousin Blackie in Taiwan
Here... Take this
Nam told me to give it to you
Take it... You'll need money
You'll be a stranger. You'll need something to sell in an emergency
Anyway whatever happens
Just take care
Woman, what are you doing?
It's okay...
Don't you know how to do it?
Cut the ginger and put it int the water to get rid of the smell
Cut it this way.
Later, you have to say I cooked it
How are you feeling?
Better now
But the wound is still painful... That's enough
Let's go home...
I was wrong. It's really painful
I'll be better off in bed
You know, you are different to the other triad guys
It hurts, don't do that
What's up? Isn't it fake?
It's a tattoo. See, this looks alive
Do all triad members have tattoos?
Most of them
People think everyone with a tattoo is in a triad
Guess who loves tattoos most
Triads, I suppose
American sailors
During the war. If a corpse was disfigured
It were hard to identify
If there was a tattoo, his family could spot him easily
So if you see someone dead with a dragon on his back...
Don't say such unlucky things!
I need you
What are you doing?
I need some help walking to the toilet
Someone is watching, sex maniac
Thanks for caring for me
Cut the crap You're pissing everywhere
Last time I was in Macao,
I went straight to a nightclub. I've screwed some sexy girls
But the one I met was really great
Still, I wasn't satisfied, so I went to the Prince Disco
I had this Brazilian girl. The kind of girl you can't hold with one hand.
Great tits and gold hair
Brother Kwan
Brother Kwan
Kei, you're so early! You must have waited ages...
...Although the boss is so lewd
He's probaby screwing a girl as we speak
I could have been loan-sharking
We're waiting here like fools!
Mr Chiang! Mr Chiang
Sorry I'm late.
We just got here
You're not late...
Mo, how's business in Tuen Mun? Good, come for a drink some time
If you have the time we can play mahjong
Yes, if you have time we can play mahjong
Uncle Hing's son is studing Law, We need men like that
All right
Is he in a triad?
Not yet
Do you want him in yours?
Okay... The bosses are all here, so we can begin...
...Perhaps with an explanation of this Macao business
My men would follow
Their orders to the death...
They tried their best, but...
Beautiful words, but worthless.
The truth is that you failed
Mr Chiang, it had to be a set-up, otherwise my men...
Our reputation has been damaged
Fortunately, I've now killed Fat Dog
Don't provoke me
You have to accept responsibility
How do you train your men?
Bee's getting it this time...
You say that, but Keung is your man!
It's not your place to speak here!
In front of the Assembly, all men are equal
But respect your betters
Take him out!
As a leader, you should teach your men a few lessons in respect
Quite finished?
We're family, we're in this together
Bee, it's okay to fail constantly
What do you want?
I'm simply stating the facts
The society must punish his failure
No matter what his rank, he is responsible
Just keep talking
Of course, you're used to that chair
And we've all profited for years
I think we need a new leader
Kwan does make a lot of money for us. He's made a big contribution
You want my place?
Your term is over. Yiu should we elect a new leader?
We should
Kwan, what are you saying?!
Over the years I've contributed a lot. You all know that
Brother Chiu, we grew up together
In 1978, we became famous in a gang fight, remember?
In 1983 I killed Sha-pi
To get back the fishing concession
In 1985 I killed Chan Kei
I went to jail for three years
My reward should be that seat
Of course
And if my buddies need my help
I'll always be there for them
He does always help us out. He's contributed a lot
It must be hard to sit in an air-conditioned room and run things
But we do the work, you know?
1997 is coming
And voting is popular. If you want someone else to take over. I'll give up this chair
You can attack me but not Mr Chiang!
I'll settle with you over Macao.
That's my responsibility!
Sure, you'll pay
Sit down!
You will oversee the election
Each boss should have one vote to cast
You have two minutes to decide who you wish to support
If you support Kwan, simply raise your hand
Uncle, it is no matter who will be the chairman. Yes...
It's best if we just follow the others
Kwan has my vote
Kwan is right: The most capable man must take the seat
Cast your vote now
What's wrong with you all? Lower your hands!
Keep a grip on yourself
Bastard, I'll chop your hand off!
Be careful what you say
The election is over. I accept the result
Kwan, take this seat
Brother Chiang, I respect you
You are still boss for now and you have to settle something
This tape is the talk of the city
Our man Nam is smart...
He acted in an X-film
And screwed the girl of his brother
He wants to ruin us!
He screwed a fellow triad's girl
I think we deserve an explanation
I'm sorry, but this is a frame
But I am responsible for letting down my brothers and wronging Chicken
You condemn yourself. Chiang, what do you think?
It is against all the laws of the triad
Even the emperor must obey the law.
Triad punishment
What, can't you do it?
Nam is expelled from his triad gang
He lives quietly, running a small bar
When will you come back?
Not while Kwan is leader
The bastard is driving me mad.
Hung Hing is a big society... Yet I'm the only one to oppose him
I know...
You can't stay here. You were born to be a triad
Bo and Cheung are capable men
They're no match for you
I've followed you since I was a kid
But I was framed. What will happen if I work for you again?
You're right. Your sister-in-law wants me to emigrate
I'm a gang leader with a criminal record. How can I go abroad?
I need your help looking after my concerns in Causeway Bay.
Let me think about it
Boss, have some food
Come on, try this
Priest, think you can beat this? I'll be the judge!
Foreskin! Foreskin! Beat him!
Will you go back to Causeway Bay?
Do you want me to?
You're getting older.
Are you going to stay here for the rest of your life?
So, if I'm not a Triad, I'm nothing
I didn't mean that
What did you mean? Why do you stay with me?
Because you're great in bed
You're a great love-maker!
Speak up!
You're a great love-maker!
Hey, come back!
Uncle Bee
What are you doing here?
Kwan wants to talk to you
We have nothing to say
Look familiar?
What kind of stunt is this?
Come and find out. Get in
Must we meet like this?
You can't have time to eat. Have a bite.
Where are my kids?
The kids aren't hungry. I treated them to McDonalds
What do you want? It's disgusting to involve my family
Am I disgusting? I hadn't noticed
Why go to these lengths?
We're playing for big stakes today
Help, Dad
Kwan, let my family go!
You think it's that easy...
Are you carzy or a child yourself?
Don't hit my dad!
Kill me, but spare my family!
Do you know why they have to die?
This is between us. Don't harm them
In September, I smuggled some goods from Thailand
The police were tipped off
And my men were arrested
You ruined my business I lost $70 million
Remember Ba-bai, my buddy?
You never compensated me for his loss
Beg me
And maybe I'll be merciful and let you go
We are of the same society
Do with as me you will
But harm them and my ghost will kill you!
Kwan, don't...
Your ghost will pursue me? Let's make sure it's weak!
How can I let you go?
You kicked me and you're not even dead yet
Show me his hand
I lost $70 million and I still give you this. Open wide
How about his family?
A triad must keep his word. And I said they would die
No pictures!
We have a right to report the news
My boss died, Make trouble and I'll send you to join him
Officer, they've threatened us
The police are not insensitive
Please let them grieve in peace
Even they're more understanding!
Please step forward.
First bow... Second bow.
Third bow.
Thanks from the family
My condolences
Another guest arrives
It's Ho Nam
Why is he here?
What do you want?
To burn incense
You aren't entitled to do so
You can bow right here
We are family
Don't cause trouble
I'll burn incense, then leave
You are no longer a member. The others won't allow it
I am no longer a member. But he was my boss since I was 14
I'm here to pay my respects to him
He was like a father to me
I hoped you would honor that
Nam is righteous
He did follow Bee for years
Very well!
Thank you
You must run the gauntlet
Go ahead
Go away
Why are you here?
I'm the head of Hung Hing. I must burn incense
Everyone here can, except you!
You're responsible...
Careful what you say without evidence. Bee had many enemies
Maybe he raped someone else's girl
He and his men love sex crimes
If you did this, you're dead!
Do you think you're capable? I doubt it
Damn! You are all trash
Bee had outlived his usefulness anyway
Back off!
Watch your back, Kwan!
Are you okay?
You have no evidence
Quit it!
I'm a priest, but I'm mad as hell
You saw the priest attack me!
I didn't anything at all
He didn't see anything at all
I was attacked.
They should arrest him
Get out!! No photographs!
I know where your church is
No pictures!
That was great
I used to be a football player called Lethal Weapon
Is that you?
Burn Nam's bar!
You owe me
I know... But the police are watching me. I can't move
We just want to borrow some men.
Were you uncle's friend or not?
I want to help, but I can't
Enjoy your meal
Brother Nam!!
I know...
How are you, Fatty?
If I had been there...
Forget the past
I love women... but I had no guts. I fled abroad
I was worse. I screwed my buddy's woman
Would I have stayed with her for the rest of my life?
Of course not
I have so many girls in Taiwan
And I have stammerer
Boss, we are burning money for you!
Boss, Chicken is back
Look, He's smart now. You should be happy
I was lucky to have a good boss. I didn't realise...
Uncle Bee appreciated me so much
I didn't expect this...
I want to live in seclusion with nothing
I told the others that, but they don't believe me
But that bastard Kwan...
Bee visited me last month. He wanted to quit.
His kids were growing up and he was tired of trouble
Now, he need not worry
Are you still Hung Hing?
It doesn't matter if I am or not. You will always be my brother
Kwan, I'll send you to hell!
To hell!
Mister, you can't park here.
Who says so? Everyone in Wanchai knows who Brother Kwan is
Stupid bastard.
Remove this vehicle. I'll issue a ticket
Just one ticket?
Issue as many tickets as you like
It makes no difference to me
I can arrest you for obstruction
Little policeman going to prove he's not afraid of the big, Ugly Kwan
If you don't want a state funeral, watch my car
If it's scratched. I'll hold you responsible
He's scared.
You don't have a future in the triads
So what?
Come on
You. You're putting me off!
Is something the matter?
This mainland girl. You know who my son is?
Fire her
Yes... Get lost now
You go away too
Excuse me
Happy birthday, Mummy
Happy shit
I've lost a lot of money.
Don't worry
Bastard, don't pat me!
Don't get angry on your birthday
Can you help me play well? I'm telling you I must win, huh?
You know I can help you win
Also, I saw a diamond watch...
Buy it on me...
Get rid of this one
Yes, I waited ages to get that pair!
It's her birthday, Pay up
Okay, I'll, pay
Mum, I'm receiving guests
Thank you all for coming
Do you want to gamble?
This way
Mighty powerful!
Fucking awesome
He burned your bar, so I bomb his nightclub
That's the Causeway Bay way!
We've got something!
Sir, it's cocaine
Inform narcotics and issue an arrest for Ugly Kwan
I want the middle part...
It's hard to stay poor
What did you say?
Our turf is being ruined
Damn it
I'm not playing any more
The game hadn't ended yet
I'm ending it
I'm going to turn my underwear inside out for luck, than I'll trash you!
Yes, madam
Hold it, you fool
You maid?
You and her... Just go!
What happened?
Where is my maid?
Are you Kwan's mum
What's the matter?
I heard you have a foul temper
You really are tough. I don't usually hit ugly, old women...
...But Kwan killed my boss, so I'm going to beat you!
Die you dog's mother!
You fucking cunt!
I beat you all over the floor
What did you say?
Their accents are Taiwanese?
Kwan, you ugly bastard!
What happened?
Someone beat me
Who did it?
A man dressed as a woman
Get him!
Get him!
Go the other way! Cut him off!
Out of the way!
Out of the way!
What the? Stop!
Someone's poured gasoline?
Yeah, does it smell good?
Yee, come down!
Today we settle everything!
Settle what?
I am the leader of Hung Hing. Don't threaten me...
He was expelled from the triad
There's nothing happening here
I know how you forced Chiang out by buying votes.
Show me the proof
Sorry, Kwan, this is not my doing
I gave you $5 million to stay in South America
And I gave him $15 million to come back
I've told everything to Chiang. He has agreed to lead us again
You are not Hung hing
This is Hung Hing business. Not yours!
That's right... And wasn't Uncle Ben related to me!
What, you want to live?
How can a man be so evil as to wipe out an entire family?!
Why are are so hard to their family
The police have no evidence, and you can't frame me
Speak up
Have the guts to admit you did it
We folowed your orders.
Are you mad?
Right! I'm the mad man here
I'll remember your treachery
Nam... Don't forget... we grew up together
I took care of you
I'm a fair guy
And I remember everything!
You killed my boss. I'll kill you!
Get back!
Stay calm!
Boss. Save me
There's a lunatic with a gun
Let's go!
Give away, please!
Out of the way!
Don't come any closer!
Just stay back
Drop the gun!
A man's been shot dead. Send an ambulance
Sir, you're a brave man
You've killed a gang-leader. Let's have a picture for our cover
Nam, good job
Thank you
From today to forever, you are the leader of Causeway Bay