Young and Dangerous 2 (1996) Movie Script

Tonight I will kill two birds with one stone
kill who? what?
Hey! What are you? Young and Dangerous?
Let me go!
Give it to us!
Chow Pan!
- Chow Pan!
- Go!
Chow Pan is dead, where will you go?
We'll always be brothers
I will go to Taiwan now!
Okay, you go!
You will never be Hung Hing again
How dare you go against me?
Brother, I will avenge you
I know which church you are
Chicken, came back from Taiwan
We are always good brothers
how could I just sit back and watch
Back again!
Come back and kill you!
You are already famous in Causeway Bay
Hey, are you ready? Hurry up!
You kidding, where did you get this?
This is good!
See this?
Hey, it's red
It's good luck.
For our grand opening.
If you wear this, you have to gel your hair.
You don't fool me
Very handsome, this button is not buttoned
Brother Nam, are you going to perform magic tricks?
Nam's English name is Mark
Brother Nam, you're so handsome
Mickey Mouse
This one looks good
- Golden Lion finishing touches, rich and prosperous!
- It is good!
Ginseng flowers are red, business is prosperous!
I said it earlier, you must be the boss of Wanchai
Anyone can be Boss,
as long as it's our brother, right?
Please help yourself
- Thank you for thr face.
- Congratulations
Drink whatever you want
- I appreciate the face
- Drink more until you get drunk
Will you be the Boss of Wan Chai from now on?
Don't you like me being the boss?
I like it, but won't you have more time for me in the future?
Sister-in-law, do you want Nam to be Number One in Wan Chai?
Or Number One in bed?
Damn you Chicken...
Yes, take advantage of the happy event
- Get married too.
- Lend me your hand and... attack Chicken!
Haven't you quit?
Still playing this kind of game?
Congratulations, this is my business card
I am Kan Ting-chi, call me Ting
I am on the Wan Chai District Council
-District Councillor
-Congratulations on your new opening!
-I'm not the boss, the boss is inside
- Smartie!
- Thank you for sending us so many flowers
-Piece of cake. I forgot to tell you, congratulations
-Thank you
-I also want to hug
By the way, I forgot to introduce it to you, this is Yee
This is my best friend in Xinji, called KK
I know you, you are Piglet Bag.
- How did you know?
- Yes, you used to called Piglet Bag.
- Why are you now called KK?
- You know?
I am happy
-KK sounds nice, honestly
-Is it?
-Congratulations, boss! Congratulations
-Who are you?
I am Kan Ting-chi
I am the MP of Wan Chai.
I am from Wan Chai, so I serve Wan Chai
-Congratulations on your opening
-This is the real boss
-Thank you
- I hope everyone will revitalize Wan Chai together!
- Sure we will
Don't worry, we will definitely revitalize Wan Chai
I hope
you can vote for me next time you vote, thank you
- Brother Nam, is taking a picture.
- Let's go
Take pictures? Let's take pictures together
-Mr Kan Ting-chi
-Pastor Chen, are you here too?
- Do you want to take photos too?
- Yeah, happy day.
- Do you know who they are?
- The owner of this bar
They are from Hung Hing Society
- What is Hung Hing?
- Is it a club?
Isn't it your clan association?
Why are you so innocent?
What colour is this?
Black... triad?
Be careful with your image, councilor
Then why are you here?
I am different from you. My boss is Jesus
Hello, Senator, where are you going?
Let's take a picture first, on such a happy day,
come on, let's go out and take pictures
-One, two, three
-Okay, come on
One Two Three!
Brother Nam, you have always taken care of me
You won't punish me, will you?
Why should I punish you?
Punishing you on such a good day?
No, Brother Nam, I took a little brother
How can you take in a younger brother?
No, take a look first.
I can't help but take him.
Where is he?
Turn around and take a look
They look like twins
Really alike
He is the son of the owner of Changji Newsstand
I saw him being bullied,
so I accepted him as a little brother
Tell me, what is your name?
My real name
or the name given by older brother?
Name given by the eldest brother!
Otherwise, what is it for?
My name is Banana Peel!
I call him Banana Peel, cause he's slippery!
Greet Boss!
-Big brother, what kind of boss? Big brother
-Big brother
Call dad
- Chicken!
- Chicken
He is a chicken hawk! Not Master Chicken.
- Uncle!
- Second Uncle
-Big Brother
-Big Brother
- It's Banana Peel!
- Banana Peel
Really stupid!
Lets settle accounts
You 30% and I have 70%
So as not to hurt feelings for money in the future
Nam decides... is good
You covered me for the bar
I will pay it pay you back
In Taiwan, if no one covered me
I would only have hair to give you
I really want to know who is covering you, tell me
Who is it?
You must tell me after drinking
Hello yes
Is Keh Chi Wah here?
Swindler Wah?
Yes. that's Blackie
I am his cousin
From Hong Kong
He uses the phone for a long time!
Not here?
- Have you finished?
- Have you finished?
- What's up?
- We want to call
Can you hurry up?
- You have been using it for a long time, I'm in a hurry.
- Is this phone yours?
- How can you occupy the phone for so long?
- How long will you be?
- How can I take the phone for so long?
- What is he doing?
Is there any "chaange"?
"Chaagne"? What is "Chaange"?
- How could I know?
- "chaange" in Taiwan
He means "change"
-Ah change
-yes, that's right
Fuck you!
My name is Chicken, I am from Hong Kong
I hope you bless me. If you can heads
If you can't tails
Are you kidding?!
Time to cash you in
Quick money
I can't let my cousin look down on me
Brother Nam asked me to give you this Rolex
You run to Taiwan now, you can take it with if you need money
Misfortune or blessing
It's up to you
If I succeed, I will come back to redeem you
Hope you bless me
This watch is worth 50,000
What? Fifty thousand yuan! Are you cheating me?
Yes, fifty thousand, do you want?
Take it back if you don't need it
Okay, hurry up, fifty thousand is fifty thousand
Do you sell fake Rolex?
We don't sell fake
We don't buy fake
Buy fakes outside.
We sell real ones here. This pawnshop does not sell fakes
- No?
- No
-Isn't it enough?
You count it!
This looks real
This breaks easily
Why buy real?
I'm so happy to see you, how are you?
Hung Hing Boy
I heard you did well in Hong Kong
You could say that
I just killed Bill and Ba-bai
It is a bit too much,
so come here to take shelter
You gained fame for our family!
- Betel nut?
- No...
You seem to have good fortune in Taiwan
- Seems to mix well?
- Of course!
-Look at
-I'm not bad too
-Show off
- how about it?
- Cousin will take you to take a bath
- After taking a bath, I will take you to play...
- What?
You do not understand
-I'll take you to karaoke later
Okay? I'll call a few ladies to make you cool
- What's your name?
- Hyatt
What? What's your name?
- What's your name?
- Hyatt
The Hyatt at the Grand Hyatt
Hyatt! Hyatt at the Grand Hyatt
Why do you use the name of the hotel?
There are Grand Hyatts in Hong Kong and also Taipei
Isn't it a nice name?
There are toilets in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Why don't you call yourself Toilet?
I love and hate you Hongkies
Just love me, don't hate me
Listen to me
Christmas last year,
a Hongkie came here to visit me
-He said he would give me a Rolex
-What Rolex?
It's amazing, I saw a Rolex
Same as yours
Of course I said yes, give it to me
-Listen to me
-Okay, listen!
I listen! I listen to you, you
I said yes, you can give it to me
He said to prove that we two are in love
I'll pay for half
And you pay the other half
Actually I don't care
But, I took the watch and took a look
Then I flicked hard
His watch face popped out
It turns out that his watch was fake
How can you make me look foolish at this time?
A gift for you
I gotta pee
Hello, where is my Hyatt?
Cousin, my woman is gone
-Old B
Where is my cousin's girl?
Where did she go?
- Xiaoying!
- What's it called Hyatt
- Xiaoying!
- Call Mamasang over
Come on, why the shouting?
- Hello everyone
- What are you shouting?
-tell me clearly
Don't be confused
about what you yelled at?
- I'm sorry
-Where is Hyatt?
Hyatt is with Mr. Zhang
he bought her to play
I'm talking, are you listening?
Are you still giving me... Huh?
- Which is Zhang?
- Cousin showed you both hands today
- Which Zhang?
- Mr. Zhang at that table
Have something to say
Who took my woman?
- I am Blackie
- are you ah, sorry, misunderstood friends
I did not see you
You are here!
Call me Xiaoying
He is very powerful in the underworld
He is a triad member.
We can't afford to offend him, ok?
Hyatt originally sat with that gentleman
Well, ask him to take her back
-Let's go, it's okay
-It's okay
-Excuse me
-fuck your mother!
I'll give it to you if I tell you, what's in the turtle feathers?
Yes sorry
Come, wake up
We can't afford to offend
Women are like clothes, change them daily!
It doesn't matter
Don't you thank Member Zhang? Thanks, say thank you
Thank you, not thank you committee member Zhang?
- Thank you, Member Zhang.
- Forget it, let's go
I'm so sorry,
Ying, I will buy all these drinks
-Okay, no problem
-I'll buy it, okay?
Aying, let me tell you
You can't let him pay these bills.
I'll pay for everything
- I...
- Thank you
Mr. Lei is running for the legislature, please greet him for me
Ok thank you, I definitely will, thank you
Everyone drink, keep drinking
Drink more and play together, I'll go out first
The San Luen Gang is the number one gang in Taiwan
Established for thirty years
When you see my boss later
Be humble, don't brag
This is my boss' campaign headquarters
-What is it?
Is your boss Lei Gong really the leader of the San Luen Gang?
Yes, why do you ask like that?
I saw the Legislative fist fight on the Hong Kong TV news report
-It's these people
-It's them?
Once elected, we will be rich
He's big here
Of course he is Big Brother, the Big Brother of the underworld
Of course he lives in a big house, fool
-The underworld big brother is going to live in a big house
-Of course
Mr. Lei, this is the schedule for next week.
Would you like to go over it first?
When will the female reporter named Ye of the Times come?
The day after tomorrow, she said that your autobiography
will be released soon.
-Very good
-Good, thank you
-Blackie, here you are
This is my cousin from Hong Kong, Chicken
-My boss
Take them to the living room upstairs,
I will be up soon
This is the boss' bodyguard.
His name is Ko Chi
My cousin, Chicken
He won't shake
I always think he's like those American superstars
Like Arnold... Sche...
...newgar... he is actually stupid,
I call him a fool
I can see all of Taipei city from here
As if the world is under my feet
Boss sit
Have some watermelon?
So rude
How can you fight to eat?
No rules
Of course let Mr. Jiang eat first
This one
You don't eat watermelon?
That one
I seldom eat Watermelon
Boss asks you to eat watermelon
eat watermelon, don't mess around
Blackie, I think your cousin seems smart
Why is he on the run in Taiwan?
The boss, he is a member of Hung Hing Society in Hong Kong
Recently he made big trouble in Macau
He doesn't have much money and he has no face,
So he's a fugitive,
amd came to Taiwan to come to join us.
- How did you expose me like this?
- What is your cousin talking about?
He said he had no where to go
So he really want to come to Taiwan to join us
Very good, I like honest young people
- Yes
-Very rare
- These days, even the president doesn't speak honesty.
- Yes
- Are you from Hung Hing?
- Yes
A few years ago I met your boss Mr. Chiang
It's a deal
- Thank you boss, thank you boss?
- Thank you
-Thank you
-What's wrong?
Do Taiwanese triad have to wear wooden clogs?
No, they're popular with Japanese triads, you know?
Most of the underworld in Taiwan
love copying the Japanese triads.
But it's not easy to walk on them.
They're rickety, but very comfortable.
Walking, rattling, you look cool.
- It's awesome, you know?
- Isn't it, majestic?
Stop talking nonsense, give me a gun to defend myself
- Where's the gun?
- No, don't the Taiwanese underworld have guns?
I have a little gun in my pants
Take this samurai sword for self-defense
Isn't it, let me cut the fruit?
Put it away quickly, don't let the cops see
you idiot
Like we're filming Shogun movies in Japan
Stop talking nonsense and go
- Cousin, I...
- What's the matter?
I want to ask you
what exactly you do for Mr. Lei?
- What happened?
- So bad
You are such a fool
It's not bad to be a driver
I know everything he says. The
most trusted person, understand?
How else could I bring you in?
You are stupid enough, fool!
Get in the car, dog dog!
Hello everyone, Lei Gong #2
Lei Gong, just, fair, fair
Please vote for us
Lei Gong No. 2
They say you are so cool
What are you looking at?
What kind of underworld is this?
Thank you
I wish you a high vote!
Are we triad?
Of course
Do you know that those who are big brothers in Taiwan now
The triad brothers have all want to be elected legislators,
you know?
Please be smart
From now on, Taiwan's political circles will be ruled by the underworld
We are the boss of the underworld, do you know?
Thank you
Today I am very happy to invite number two
Lei Gong,
Mr. Lei has a speech prepared
Is the boss a gang leader?
Don't bother me
Please vote for me
Can you cut the crap?
But I still think...
Stop talking
Honestly, how could Mr. Lei be interested in
electing legislators?
Do you make a lot of money?
Of course, it costs millions to elect a legislator
, idiot, did you know?
That's spending money, not making money?
Once he's elected he can make money
American democracy
If I knew it, I wouldn't be a driver!
My hair is all white, fool.
Drink papaya milk
Papaya milk
Seriously, I haven't touched a big boob in a long time
Yes, our family
-Like to touch big tits
-Like to touch big tits
Today, my cousin will take you to touch the big boobs, cheers
What is this place?
Here? This is Jinbaoshan
Where the rich people live after they die
- Jinbaoshan Mountain?
- Correct
Isn't run by Sammo Hung?
I didn't say that
Is there Jackie Chan Mountain?
Jackie Chan is over there
You said so!
You are so much nonsense
-You are so annoying, you
- You your god-brother is talking.
- What did you say?
It's rare to see him speak
- Whose woman is that?
- What?
That woman
- Which woman?
- That's the one
- The woman of the big boss
- The boss again?
- The boss again? That's two...
- You don't bother me anymore
Is this the concubine?
Why are you so annoying?
Brother, thank you for letting me come to worship your wife
Xiao Yao, it's very kind of you
Today is Shuxian's death anniversary
Unexpectedly, you still remember clearly
It's been almost eight years without knowing it
I feel a lot older
You look very energetic
How is your life recently?
I have always been jealous of Mrs. Lei
Now, I envy her
I saw your names are all carved on tombstones
I knew I would never be able to
take her place
- Do you want me to take you home?
- No thanks
Chicken, take Ms Ding home
Thank you
My name is Chicken, cock's chicken
I used to have a friend in Hong Kong
He taught me to pick up girls
If one meets a girl you like
One must be bold, careful and thick-skinned
Because if you speak up,
there are 50% success
If you don't speak, chances are zero
This is your car?
I'll take you someplace
50 percent!
Player wins
Do you often come here to gamble?
Why, don't you gamble?
You have lost three
The first is 10,000, the second is 20,000, and the
third is 40,000.
So, the next one is 80,000
If you gamble like this, you will definitely lose
I don't care, I don't mind losing
I just like the feeling of life and death
between winning and losing
That's OK
If you lose, the boss will pay
I'm bored, that's why
I'm elder brother's woman
But 1st Brother has no interest in women anymore
Only power can excite him
No wonder you are bored
I think your bad luck today is not your own
Look at the dark, unlucky ghost with glasses opposite you
If you buy the house, he buys the house, you buy the leisure, he buys the leisure
I am sure he will never be rich!
What do you think should be done?
-I'll bet for you
-Let's see what tricks you have in Aberdeen
-No tricks
If there is an unlucky ghost, let him be your beacon
Will never lose
He buys the house, we buy
I said he was unlucky a long time ago!
Didn't I say that he is very back?
You're pretty good
Everyone in Hong Kong gambles
Shall we go for dinner?
Cousin, let me tell you
If u want to play with a woman, go a little further, it's not good for you
Why do you want to play with a woman so close to the Boss?
I just chat with her
You told me she's the boss' ex-girlfriend
In the past tense, right?
- What did you say?
- Right?
I know that our family is all horny
I mean that woman, not the boss, fool!
What happened to that woman?
Will she bite me? I love it!
Bite you? Do you know how good that woman is?
- How power?
- Men can't stand it, you know?
She has a trick specifically to tease a man's inner thigh
-It's next to Jiji
-Next to it?
When she squeezes it down, it feels so good...
It's so cool
- So smart?
- Yes
I also want to try
Look, there's another fight.
Didn't you just tell you last time?
The Legislative Yuan fights all day in meetings, and the
chairs are also picked up to fight, you see
Climbing up to get things
Even female committee members fight
-Women fight too
-It's Taiwan style
Our boss seems to have been beaten by someone
, let's go and help.
Zhang Dingkun, that lunatic
- Son of a bitch!
- Boss, what's wrong?
I'm fucking 18th generation ancestor!
Whoever kills him will get their own Triad branch
Which bastard wants to crush my boss?
Thank you for your support and care
I invite you all to have this meal today
I'm going to be your next mayor!
I hope everyone will hold hands and support me.
Now boarding!
Don't touch it!
Thank you
Hot spring water is good for you
Really? I thought the Japanese were the ones with
healing springs, not Taiwan
Excuse me
You are so brave
You are so bold
It's common for men and women to bathe in Japan
But this is Taiwan
I am half of Japanese descent
My mother is japanese
Turned out to be like this
My father is Taiwanese
He left us when I was very young
No wonder I was
watching you in Jinbaoshan that day in Japanese kimono
I thought you were Japanese
You said a lot that day
Is it true that Hong Kong boys are like this?
I don't know
I deliberately made you pay attention to me that day
Are there any other wounds?
I think... should have...
Touch it to know
It would be better if you touch it for me
Hey, wake up soon, the boss is coming to see you
-No need to come out
- Are you OK?
- Ok
That bastard surnamed Zhang,
I wanted to kill him a long time ago
I hope it didn't cause you any trouble boss
It's not that simple for them to check
Boss, you have kind to me. I will repay that kindness.
You'll be successful one day
Actually I've had a question in my heart for a long time
-I want to ask you
-Go ahead.
You are already the leader of the San Luen Gang
Why do you want to be a legislator?
You sit down first
Do you listen to the example of the chamber pot?
- What chamber pot?
- The chamber pot is the urinal
Convenient when you want to piss in the middle of the night
But dirty and filthy during the day
Politicians have the same view of the triad.
During the day they shun us as corruption
But when the night comes, they call upon our aid like helpless welps
Once the sun is out, they kick us away again
I can't be that chamber pot anymore
So I went into politics
From passive to active
No wonder the triad in Hong Kong and Taiwan are so different
I have a lot to learn from you
Did you try it last night?
- Try what?
- Don't be afraid, I don't mind
I really don't know what you said
I don't care about sex
You are young and she also needs
Love between men and women is normal
-I don't have
-I can tell at a glance
Ding Yao really works
You can use this kid to
build a relationship with Hing Hung's Mr. Jiang
You are so bold, what happened next?
After that day, Mr. Lei put a lot of faith in me
He made me leader of the Viper Hall
Then I heard the news that
you had needed help in Hong Kong, so I rushed back
Lei Gong gave me money and men
You really have to thank Mr. Lei
This kind of big scene is not often seen
You are a newcomer
, don't talk nonsense, do you know?
Hey, who told you to sit down? Stand properly
Nam, don't worry
We in North Point and Chai Wan have
always been side by side with Causeway Bay
Let Hong Kong Island prosper together
Brother Ge, then you have to take care of our brother Nam
Brother Nam, don't forget us
The company hasn't decided yet, many things are still unknown
Who else is could be Causeway Bay boss?
Who else is qualified to do it besides you? joke!
Long time no see!
Nam, I almost forgot to say hello
to you. Come and shake hands.
It's a bit dirty, I'm sorry for this bad habit
Brother, who is that person? Pick his nose like this
Why are you asking so much?
Didn't I tell you to shut up?
It's clean, I sucked it all
Today, you are the leader
Let me be the ladder, okay?
This piece is too difficult to dig out
The business of the club is generally stable
Now society is changing rapidly
Recently my family bought a computer
Playing on something called the Internet
What net? How to play?
Forget it
I mean, you can't stick to the rules now.
If you stay where you are,
your enemy will take two steps ahead of you
Ten days ago, I reached an agreement with Mr. Ho from Macau
There is a new hotel in Taipa
We got the right to operate the casino inside
It's really great!
In addition to our other businesses,
I think we need pay a vist to Macau
I plan to hand over this position to the boss of Causeway Bay
Mr. Jiang, Causeway Bay has no boss yet
So now we have to choose someone
Mr. Jiang, I have a proposal
The candidate must be a righteous guy
Someone who can make money and won't take money.
Yes yes
I suggest Tai Fai
Tai Fai! Yes!
Thank you for giving me face
Thank you for your nomination
Do not look at me and think Tai Fai is usually sloppy, sloppy, sloppy
I'm not
I'm a fucking boyscout
I am a righteous guy!
As long as I sit in this position,
I will definitely go all out
Tai Fai, many brothers support you
Thank you all for your support
Ok, ok, ok, ok
I want to hear any other nominations?
Mr. Jiang, I also have a proposal
I think Nam is quite suitable for this position
Yes I agree
Nam has always been loyal
Yes, he avenged his eldest brother Bee.
He deserves this position, right?
He usually treats us old guys
very well, right?
Don't say I'm stingy
Anyone can sit in this position,
except this bastard!
What are you talking about?
He can't spell Righteousness? How good is he?
Tai Fai, explain yourself
I, Tai Fai, never talk nonsense
The three rules of the rascal. Loyalty, pay your way and respect brother's women.
He seduced second sister-in-law, but doesn't talk about it
But even worse is he's not loyal to the brotherhood
Remember my beloved brother Tong?
Was he hacked to death by you? Fratricide!
Yes, I killed Tong to get my promotion
Is there anything wrong with this?
Being a rascal, fighting and killings are nothing special. He wasn't my friend.
Did you hear that? He said it himself
He's not righteous
Are you qualified to be the leader of Causeway Bay?
- Isn't this called unrighteous?
- Is this still loyal?
Then I have nothing to say
Enough trouble!
This is rascals, friends become enemies become friends.
Everyone fights for promotion
This is too boring, right?
Are there any other besides these two nominations?
In this case, choose one of them as the boss
How many clubs were Bee responsible for in Causeway Bay?
We have six nightclubs, four casinos
Split them equally
Within one month, whoever performs better
will take over the position of Bee
Mr. Jiang said so, of course it's okay
Nam, do you have a problem?
A one horse race is no fun, no fun at all
Too boring
Hold the phone!
What is going on here?
There is not a single living soul, is it haunted?
Brother Tai Fai, nice to see you.
Two guys refuse to pay their check
Dare to not pay in my club?
really interesting
They must own stock in coffin companies?
It's not that we won't pay, the prices are unreasonable
Okay, I am a person who likes reasoning, let's talk
I don't understand how you do business
We were here for hours, just two girls served us
Sir, you wanted girls with good figures
We gave you two girls with good figures
But they are so ugly!
Are you sick, brother?
My girls are all famous for pretty looking
Each can drink, sing, and fuck
- Which two did you call to sit on the stage?
- Qingxia and Carina
They are for cleaning toilets!
Where did Manyu, Liti, and Feifei go?
They all resigned
How can you make people quit?
I heard KK poached them away
But you have to pay!
Do you know that I run this place?
But I am a very reasonable person
Then let's negotiate
I also think you are right not to pay
I wasted hours of your time. Now I have...
-No need
-Let me pay your taxi fare, sorry
I'm very sorry
Okay, don't be so polite
I will offer you nice girls next time
Where did the girls go?
Nam's club
What's wrong? Shy?
Did you take part in it?
No, Big Fai, I didn't do anything
Not you? Tell me, did you do it?
-No, it's not me
-Are you bastard?
Son of a bitch!
- Not you?
- Boss!
- Don't kill him!
- go to hell!
Brother Nam, these are my good sisters
This is Manyu, whose nickname is Ecstasy.
Heartthrob, amazing, right?
- This is Litty, she is the invincible female wine fairy with punches.
- Hello, let's punch
Awesome, right? These two are even more incredible
Peerless Twins, Chanting and Feifei
One is the invincible hand on the bed
The other is queen of oral, isn't it amazing?
- Absolutely!
- KK
There are so many pretty women in our society
an so many hookers here
I can't see that you really have something
I told KK if she doesn't help Nam's club find some beautiful women
I'd take Banana Peel
To court Miss Hong Kong, Ma sister, Miss Asia
what sister we could get
Deceive their feelings and push them into the fire pit
I want to be a prostitute wrangler too!
You are like a tomato, not a pimp!
If you try, I won't give you an easy time
I'm just talking, not really
KK, please
Why don't we two mamasang together
Let's help Nam's club be the best in Causeway Bay
That's a good idea. Sisters, let's start working
-Hurry up
-Start work
Ok wait
Brother, phone
Hey? Who the fuck are you fucking?
Who are you?
Big fly
What are you fucking?
Are you sick? Why don't you say your mom is working for me too?
What are you saying?
What's the matter, brother?
Where did the ladies come from?
I do not know
Wow, are people living here?
The villas are so big
Wow, there are elevators
It's amazing, even the kitchen is bigger than my house
- Have things been done in Hong Kong?
- All taken care of
Boss, why did you come to Macau with this Yaxing?
Why not have me pick you up at the airport?
There are direct flights from Taiwan to Macau
The airline invited me to test the flight
Ask me to give them some advice on the airline
And after I bought this villa, I hardly visit
I just wanted a break this time
-Big shot
-Xiao Yao said to come with me
I am old, sometimes a long trip makes my bones ache
Xiao Yao's massage technique always rejuvenates me
It's rare for me to come over. Make an appointment with Mr. Jiang for me
-I have not drank with him for years
I can call my brother from Hong Kong, Nam
Let him arrange it for us
-Xiao Yao
- Have Chicken accompany you for a walk, okay?
- Alright
Okay, I have an appointment with some friends from Macau.
Thank you boss, thank you
Why come to Macau?
Surprise inspection
See if you are restless and with other women
Of course not
Boss Lei
-Hello, long time no see
See your spirit is better than before
You are good too
Everyone knows that you Hong Hing
is the most powerful society in Hong Kong
-Really good leadership
-Come, sit down
Boss Lei, not as good as you
You serve as a legislator every year, serving the people
I am serving myself
Mr. Jiang's Mandarin is quite good
I think you are also good
Let me be frank
I want your help this time
Can you help me with one thing?
Go ahead
They are bilingual and fluent in Cantonese.
What I proposed
Of course it's within your abilities
Now Taiwan and Macau are open
Thousands of tourists come to Macau every day
In the future, I can guarantee that there will be more and more passengers
I plan to cooperate with you
I would like to join your new casino
Let's share the business! We'll work together
Macau is said to be more complicated than any other place in the world
In addition to four major families
There are Mainliand gangs
The Portuguese group, and the group of officials above
There are gambling ships too
Including societies from Hong Kong
There are a dozen groups of people
Boss Lei said he wanted to buy shares
Taiwan San Luen Gang arrived
That would be wonderful,
make Macau like the United Nations
There is no free lunch in this world
Well, this is my present
So much money?
As for the 50% of the shares, you can arrange it for me
Boss Lei, are determined to win this time
I never fight a battle that is uncertain
You will be disappointed this time
Oh, really?
- Boss
-It's not your turn to talk
Are you threatening me?
Mr. Jiang, I'm just threatening you
You must give me an answer tonight
I'm going out now, I don't believe you will shoot me
If something goes wrong with the three of us, Lei Gong
I promise you won't go back to Taiwan
KK really has a way, right?
She has her way
I still think that women should not intervene in man business
- What happened?
- It's nothing
By the way, I am very busy
Better find entertainment with your friends
Don't bother me
You promised me
When the bar opened
You said you'd marry me
That's what the Chicken said, I haven't said it
What Chicken said has nothing to do with me.
You want to get married, find him
You just want to get married, don't you?
Hello, are you crying?
Let me show you something
What is this?
I bought the wedding ring long ago and hid it in the car
We can get married if you find it
You're so naughty!
Search for it, or we can't get married
Did you find the car?
You go to the second floor and ask Ah Cheng to come up right away.
- Brother Nam, what's the matter with sister-in-law?
- Give me a cigarette
It is bad
She is in the emergency room
Having an operation?
The doctor is here, how is it?
Miss Su received a strong blow to the head
We have tried our best
But she has passed the dangerous period
- Almost scared to death by you.
- Can you speak clearly?
Second, let go of him, he is just speaking straight
However, she still hasn't woken up yet
She may wake up in a day or two, or in a year or two.
We don't need so many people to go in.
Why don't we pray here for the wounded?
Come bet!
- Robbery!
- Do not move!
Hands up!
-This is Brother Nam's casino
-What are you doing?
Shut up!
- Do not move!
- Do not mess around
-There is only one hundred thousand yuan here
-Take it!
- Abao, where's Nam?
- Inside
Several of our places were smashed and
even the tents were robbed
Brothers are dead
KK, stay here to keep Smartie company with Father Chan
- Where is Chen Ho Nam?
- What are you doing, Tai Fai?
I'm her for my ladies
I heard KK forced them to work in your club
Please tell Nam that I am here to see him
- KK?
- What? Why ask for KK
Who are you to her?
- Who are you to her?
- I am her boyfriend
Save it, I'll beat you up sooner or later
You, take away my ladies, take away my customers
Can you become the leader of Causeway Bay?
Those ladies are here voluntary.
You should go reflect on yourself
You need to be taught a lesson
It is a blessing or a misfortune, for you
- What did you say?
- It's a blessing or a misfortune, but you can't hide it.
Hey, don't mess around! Don't fight among yourself
Big fly! We are in one family, don't fight
My woman is in a coma
If you make trouble here again, I will kill you!
It's so miserable, let's just stay here
It should be okay to wait for someone, right?
Come, let's play football!
You dare to hit my little member with a ball?
No, it's not a ball
It's shoes, and I'm your old man
Damn, I want to beat you to death
What are you doing?
Are you kidding me?
Brother Yao, you came just right
He took away my young ladies
They left by themselves
Mr. Jiang asked me to tell you two candidates
Don't fight, or it will only create opportunities for the police to catch you
You will drag us all down
Mr. Jiang also said that fair competition
He wants to find a good helper,
not a troublemaker
Did you hear that, Nam?
Talking about you
Whatever you say
Hey, don't fight!
You fucking, don't get your own whores. Give him a severe lesson!
Tai Fai, stop with the violence, what do you want?
Bitch, shut up!
I haven't settled up with you yet!
Drag her into the car!
Help! Indecent assault! Rape!
Big Fly! If you have guts, just challenge me!
Are you beaten crazy? 1 versus 1 you?
We are rascals,
you think this is a cowboy western?
This is a beating, not fair fight!
Hit him for me!
Tai Fai!
Stay down!
Otherwise, I will see you flat once again!
Can I come in?
Don't worry, if you ignore me,
I'll flick your dick
Really a dog can't stop eating shit
You talk at last!
- The last time...
- Mr. Jiang didn't pursue it
We grew up together since childhood.
I still don't know who you are?
Unexpectedly Lei Gong
That old man, I thought he was old fool, he was an old fox
We are good...
You should have a smoke
Why is it so wet?
I'm used to biting the head
No wonder the Smartie stutters
Listen up
Tai Fai, you bastard,
let go of KK soon!
Listen, if you do not want her to be gang-raped
No problem! I give you 24 hours
Tomorrow you go steal Nam's account book and give it to me
Otherwise, you won't even have a chance to collect the body
Only scum left!
You bastard! Want to gang rape me?
Come on, rape me!
Okay, don't squeeze it, it's about to burst!
I'm your big brother, but you always bully me
If I didn't scare that kid like this,
how could he steal Nam's account for me? Old girl
You guys are bastards, dogs can't stop eating shit
Yes, your elder brother, I'm a rascal
That's why I don't like your relationship with gangsters
Yee is different from others, we are playing for real
So ridiculous, really screwing you
While you sleep
I'm your elder brother, what kind of bastards have I not seen?
Fighting for power and profit
They cheat no matter if they are amateur or professional
He's triad! How could he be a good person?
How about you?
Yes, your elder brother is not a good person either
I don't care if he is a good person.
The important thing is that I like him.
Yeah, but don't you know
9 out of 10 rascals have a sad ending
So many rascals
When young
So famous
It's very miserable when they're old
Sleeping on the street, some freeze to death, some starve to death
It's useless to claim to be brothers than
Buy a sleeping bag, it's almost the same
Buy a sleeping bag
Hey, what's wrong with you?
So embarrassing
Are you crying?
How is this possible?
I will rape you
Let me see if you are handsome
- What happened to you?
- Second Uncle, why are you hurt like this?
It's okay, Nam Ge asked me to get something
- Really okay?
- It's okay, I'm in a hurry, see you in the hospital
Walk slowly
Play golf with me when you have time
You and Tai Fai are rushing to be the boss
The whole Edo world knows about it
It's the battle of the century
How is the venue? How much money did you lose?
-More than four hundred thousand
More than four hundred thousand are really missing
Those robbers said they took hundreds of thousands
But will the robber tell you how much money they took?
Isn't it weird?
You don't need to be so angry
I was robbed of hundreds of thousands in one go.
Nam, your woman went to the hospital
At least 10,000 a day
Mr. Jiang, you have to believe me
Nam won't touch a company dime
I know you very well
It's like killing Tai Fai's buddy Tong
You did that for the company!
Tai Fai is very loyal
Always protects his buddies
But he was betrayed again and again
It turns out that Tong was an informant for the police, he didn't even know
Bee and I wanted to help him when we found out
But I don't know where to start
If you let his other brothers know he was taken in
Isn't it embarrassing to say that my eldest brother is so stupid?
To save face
I thought about it and decided to let you take care of the rat
Don't mention the past
This time this happened and even the account books were lost
I have nothing to say
Nam you lost two hundred thousand
- Let's share the loss.
- Thank you Mr Jiang
That bastard's hands and feet are really clean
Take it, do whatever you want with it.
What a fucking bastard!
What's wrong, Yee?
Brother Nam, I'm sorry
Actually that account book
I stole it
Yee was forced to do this
Tai Fai lied to him that he wanted to gang rape me
Actually Tai Fai is my big brother
Everyone will do something wrong
But don't do bad things
This is from a comic book
I believe my brother
Doing something wrong, not doing something bad
Yee, what Nam means
We're still brothers, I don't know who is right and who is wrong
Brother Nam, kick him to Lockhart Road.
It is good
Stand up
Stand ready
He will take care of the business of the new casino in Taipa
Chicken, it's up to you
On the opening day of your casino,
I will definitely bring some big brothers to cheer you up
Satay, you are so interesting
-I'm leaving now, Mr. Lei
-Bye bye
Mr. Lei
I don't want to manage the new casino
what did you say?
Hung Hing originally had the right to operate that casino
I don't know how you can grab it
You want me take care of it.
Why don't you teach me how to face my brothers?
I can only tell you to take care of you
It's the dream of many people
Anyway, I can't do anything that will harm my Hung Hing brothers
Don't you forget
You are the master of San Luen Gang's Viper Hall
I don't need to be the master of Viper Hall
If you don't do it, never let me see you again
We have to be righteous
About the benefits you have given me,
I will always remember
Get lost!
I'm a stupid dog dog
I thought that with the words of Chicken
I could bring peace between Hong Kong and Taiwan
Who knew that stealing a chicken is impossible
It's shit...
You dumped Lei Gong?
Lei Gong, is a politician in Taiwan
I said, My Chicken will not be the master of the Viper Hall
Thought it would be alright, political
But result is a lot of trouble
But this is Hong Kong
He is a stranger here
He is a powerful stranger!
Kill someone and run away back to Taiwan
The Taiwan triads are more lethal than Hong Kong triads
These people die without worry
They're like the Colombians in Scarface, they'll fuck you up with a chainsaw
We have done killing
The most important thing is to be flexible and have a way
You're pretty optimistic
I'll just marry you.
Yes or No?
Miss, we are closed
Is Chicken here?
Chicken, someone is looking for you
- What are you doing here?
- Looking for you
Come on, Nam
This is the woman I often mention to you,
Ding Yao
This is my good brother, Ho Nam
-I heard that you are Hung Hing's No. 1 strong general
Chicken is lucky to be your friend.
You flatter me
Why come here so late?
Yeah, it's so late,
why are you still wearing sunglasses?
-Take it off
-I'm fine
What happened? Who beat you?
Lei Gong has a bad temper sometimes
When he hears something he doesn't like...
Why did he hit you?
I know he kicked you out of the San Luen Gang
And is giving you trouble
I had to say something nice about you
Fucking bastard
Do not get angry
I changed his mind
I told him that both tigers get hurt when they fight
It's just money, just share it?
He agrees with me
He said he wanted to see you, with Brother Nam
See me?
- Where does he want to meet?
- Macao
Will he order his thousands of henchmen to attack us?
Do you not believe me?
I don't believe you
Whose hair?
Not mine
Is it yours?
Not mine
I know you like girls with long hair
Wait for me to grow my hair
I'm leaving now, Brother Nam, bye bye
- Banana Peel!
- Yes?
-Help me send Miss Ding home
Brother Nam, who is that?
Chicken's lady?
- Is Big Brother here?
- Mr. Lei is in the study, and said not to disturb him
-Okay, you pour two cups of tea first, I'll call him
-Okay, right away
Sit for a while, I'll go up
It's been half an hour, is she in trouble?
Let's take a look?
Fell asleep
- Help!
- What's up?
What's up?
Help! Come, my eldest brother was killed!
- You murderer!
- Bitch...
What tricks are you playing?
- He killed Big Brother!
- Stop, or I'll stab Ding!
Do not move!
Do not come!
-Brother is so good to you
-She framed us!
-You actually killed him
- Kill me too!
- Step back!
- Put down the gun!
- Put down the gun
-You murderer
-Drop them now?
Go that way!
-Your big brother
-Isn't he joining the San Luen Gang?
Do you know what you are doing?
Of course I know what I'm doing,
what are you doing?
Let me introduce
This is my sister
This is Small Potato, don't worry about him
I have seen him. Where are Chicken and Ho Nam hiding?
They killed our boss, and I must avenge him...
- The last time I beat you was I not cruel enough?
- This is Macau, not Wan Chai!
Fuck off!
Then everything you told me before had the weight of a fart!
Well, I don't have a big brother anymore!
I will settle accounts with you later, let's go!
Be careful, Tai Fai
We are all sad about the Lord Lei
Lei Gong
Unfortunately, he was killed by the traitor Chicken and
died in a foreign land.
Lei Bangzhu left his last words
If he dies or has an accident
All affairs of this group will be temporarily taken over
by Ms. Ding Yao
All legal procedures are handled by Lawyer Liang Zehao
Elections will be held at the triennial tri-gang conference
Where a new leader will emerge
I've settled the influence of the San Luen Gang in TaiNam and Kaohsiung
About the vacancy in the Legislative council,
I intend to be selected for a by-election candidacy
I'll follow the old man's old road
You seem to be very excited today, and you keep talking
I haven't been this happy since I became the old man's bodyguard
By the way, what's your plan for the trash heap vampire?
Hong Kong and Macau are not our territory
It's better for us to have him
Are you fond of him?
Gao Jie, I have known you secretly for so many years,
don't you believe me?
There used to be Chicken,
I don't want to have another one
Unexpectedly, Gao Jie is six feet tall
But has the confidence of a four foot tall
A Yao, I still believe in you...
You'll continue to be leader
For now, I will be your dumb bodyguard
But I want you to be dumb forever
Fuck you bastard!
Throw you into the sea and flush you to hell!
This guy is really lighting the toilet
Fight with me for women, find shit (find death)!
Then you must protect me from now on
No problem, move over baby
Daddy's driving
-See you later, I'll go first
If it wasn't for my courage
To jump in my underwear
I'd been eating salted duck eggs with Uncle Xing and Xiao in the long ago!
It's not right!
The Taiwanese are going against the Hung Hing Society
I think it's not against Hung Hing
But against certain people
Aki, does your head still hurt?
Mr. Jiang, these old bones of mine won't die from such a little injury.
But, I am mad for being attacked...
The San Luen Gang deliberately attacked, it was premeditated
Let's not blame our brothers
If you need to blame someone, than me
I'm the person in charge of Hung Hing
Blame me for not protecting Hung Hing
Also, the gambling rights of Macau casinos
They spent a lot of money to buy Mr. He's cronies and we lost
Mr Jiang
Chicken is here today
Not to say sorry to you
Ho Nam is my brother
As for the Macau incident
I will give you an explanation
Mr. Jiang, we are being bullied
we need to respond
So I decided to declare war on those Taiwanese
Is there any mistake, Mr. Jiang
If you fight yourself, how can we have face?
-Are you afraid I can't handle it? Do not worry
Mr. Jiang,
let us do the fighting
I have been framed
Now, I absolutely believe in my brothers
I hope you will give us two weeks to handle the matter
Nam, deal with it, don't lose Hung Hing's face
I really don't know what to do
I feel so confused now
One is the woman I loved
But she betrayed me
I feel sad
But I have to stand up in front of outsiders
Well, you go home and hide in the bed
Crying under the quilt will make you more comfortable
If only it was that simple
On the other side is my good brother from childhood
I must help him
If he doesn't win this time, he is finished
But I don't want her to lose
Why do you consider winning or losing so important?
Back in the day
The Romans nailed Jesus Christ to the cross
Watched him die
They won! Right?
Who knew that after three days, Jesus Christ was resurrected
And spread his teachings all over the world
So what?
The largest Holy See, the Vatican, is also in Rome
So who is the winner and who is the loser?
You seems to make a point
But it seems like you haven't said anything
It seems... it seems to make me realize something
I think I know what to do
Jesus, I really didn't teach him to kill people
I'm going to work
Don't worry, don't worry, I won't leave you alone
I thought about it
I am engaged to you first
I'll come back to marry you
Even if you become a vegetable
Still an idiot, I promised to marry you, I will marry you
Macau reporters are here
Miss Ding, let us take a picture first!
Take a picture!
Miss Ding, the decoration of the casino exceeds 100 million.
How will you recover the cost?
The main target of our casino is VIPs in South East Asia
We have to make them feel super VIP enjoyment
No expense is spared making them feel like emperors
Miss Ding, do your funds come from the gangsters from Taiwan
They're using your casino to launder money, is it true?
These are unfounded rumors, thank you
Miss Ding
I'll catch the four-eyed frog in the toilet and beat him up
Don't mess around, today I want everything running smooth
You'll be the Boss
-Miss Ding
This is our security head, Mr. Barros
How are you?
This is Mr. He's left and right hand, Brother Amu
Thank you for coming
This is Miss Davis from the Ministry of Culture
Lucky meeting
This is Miss Lu
Mr. Barros rarely attends such occasions
Miss Ding, you really have face tonight
Mr. Barros really saves face.
Eat together tonight?
That's my honor
-Thank you
The pervert keeps his eyes on your tits
I hate him looking at you with lustful thoughts!
Tiger brother
Didn't the gambling group say they'd come at 2?
It's already past 3 now
I want to wait for more people to cut the ribbon
Really strange
-Brother Tai Fai
-What's the matter?
The Jade Dragon Casino is drawing our customers
They're giving triple play chips and took away our guests
Don't we have a chartered plane
flying over from Taiwan?
No, a bomb was dropped in the airport lobby today
They received threatening calls saying that there are five bombs
The police officers are searching the lobby
The planes were not allowed to land, so they turned to Guangzhou
Ding Ding, I really don't know what to say
I thought there was only traffic chaos in Taiwan
Unexpectedly, the traffic in Macau is the same
Seven container trucks collided in series on the Taipa Bridge
The cars are jammed
Doesn't Macau have a second bridge?
The second bridge is all defecate, traffic chaos
The third bridge has not been built yet
Where's the gambling group? Haven't you already arranged it?
Brother Fai,
it's not lucky if you don't cut the ribbon
No one comes, it really is unlucky
Don't lose face in front of so many VIPs
Cut the ribbon
What's happening?
Mr. Barros, I don't know
- Freeze!
- What happened?
Don't you welcome gamblers here?
Chicken, are you looking for death?
Today is your big day
I don't think you will kill me right here?
We welcome all sorts of gamblers
But when you go out the door, you are all set for your destiny
Why? Who are you scaring?
KK, are you going to fight against your eldest brother?
Brother, I just brought my sisters to
join you and the future sister-in-law
Tai Fai, let them play
Don't be rude to VIPs, let's cut the ribbon
Did you hear that?
Big long-haired elephant!
Mr. Barros, let's cut the ribbon
Miss Ding, please wait
Today we are here just to give you face,
we don't want to see fighting among triad societies
Otherwise, our police won't give you face
-Of course
-That's good
Give way
- Which bastard sent it?
- I!
Chicken, are you deliberately looking for trouble?
What is this nonsense?
Chicken has been with Lei Gong's fellow
This place belongs to him.
Can't he come and play?
Okay, gambling? feel free
Wait, I have to bet
Take it!
I bought a big... Thank you!
What is this?
What is this?
- Brother, it's a grasshopper with feces!
- It stinks!
- Chicken, come out and fight me!
- I challenge you?
- I want to beat you for a long time!
- stop fighting!
Stop! Don't fight! Stop!
Ridiculous! Miss Ding, I hope you can fix this as soon as possible
Mr. Barros!
Mr. Barros, are you okay?
Miss Ding, I want you to shut down the casino immediately
Come back to the police station with me to explain things!
Otherwise, you can close the doors for good
- Do you want to kill him?
- How can you be security!
Every place Chinese live are the same all over the world
There is a way if you have money
Okay, go back to open the gambling!
You really don't know which way the wind blows
Boy, have you eaten leopard balls?
Sometimes I really admire your Hong Kong rascals
Your life is really worthless
Our rascals
Don't die until the Yellow River
Today, the San Luen Gang and Hung Hing society stor ends
And you and me
How dare you?
Brotherhood, love and righteousness
This is a public place.
If something happens, I'm not responsible.
Are you threatening us with a number of people?
I'm bullying you
Your outnumbered
You want to play that game?
The main thing is who the barrel of the gun is pointed at
Then you have to see where the gun barrel is pointing
- Big Fly!
- I'm Tai Fei, the person that is usually sloppy and sloppy
My women are usually mistresses and triads
Suddenly there is such a beautiful woman from Taiwan
I don't eat white
I want to see what tricks you want to play
Who knew I was forced to do undercover triad
Tai Fai, if Sister Ding is injured
Our triad will not let you go
Brother, you guys are too easy!
Ding Yao
Tell them how you killed Lei Gong
And then blame the Chicken and Chen Hao Nam
You talk nonsense, your gun is pointed at me, it's up to you to say
Do you want evidence?
Fortunately my acting skills are good
Pretend to push him into the sea, then find someone to rescued him
Otherwise, there is really no proof
Ding Yao, you are so cruel
Actually want to kill me!
Ding Yao, you must give us San Luen Gang
an explanation!
The casino is temporarily closed!
Misunderstanding between San LuenGang and Hung Hing
We will fix later
This person, let us bring her back to Taiwan
Brother, what are you going to do with her?
Of course we have to take her back to the Xing Tang to send off!
I want to say one last word to her
Did you know
You are the favorite woman in my life?
I didn't want her to be tortured
Why do I get so unlucky every time I pick a girl
It's not your problem, it's just unlucky coming to Macau
Go back and take a bath with grapefruit leaves and you'll be fine
"Darling" is a good place to take a bath
I finished the undercover job
The position of the boss of Causeway Bay is yours
In the future, anyone against Nam Ge is against me!
- Do you understand?
- Understood!
Hey it says "ED" on the screen, scrolling away... bye ED!
Subtitle translation: Feng Zuhui