Young and Innocent (2017) Movie Script

Let's go.
Well, see you tomorrow.
As a girl I fell
asleep pondering the
mysteries of glow in
the dark plastic things
and I imagine their histories.
How did they earn
that drowsy life?
What gave them their
fluorescent fizz?
But now the indigo
watch has burned out
and at midnight an angel
stands in the doorway
silhouetted without wings
and pulls my body into
boundless darkness.
I've returned to
that child's bed.
The druggie glow of
galaxies on the ceiling
with the self-adhesive backings
to numb her into dreams.
They don't do the job anymore,
but I know someone who can.
That was really great Marion.
Did you write anything Danny?
Actually, I wrote a little
haiku during breakfast
that I shared with Ally.
It's not as good as
any of your stuff.
Let's hear it.
Well, okay.
Here it is.
Gary the schizo is
often quite confusing.
His name is Johnny.
Did you like my poem?
I did.
It was very playful,
which is good.
You're fun to read.
What, just fun to read?
Hey look, I wanna
ask you something.
Have you ever been
to New York City?
I really wanna go.
I wanna go to college there.
I think you're a
very beautiful woman
and I think you're
absolutely brilliant.
And I think, I think
we should cool it
until after camp is over
just so no one catches on to us.
I haven't told anyone.
Right, I know.
But just until camp is over
and then I'm thinking you
and me can go to New York.
My cousin lives
in New York City.
He runs an Airbnb
for his extra room
we can stay with him.
We could do some writing.
We could look at colleges.
We could do all sorts of stuff.
How does that sound?
It sounds really nice.
It's really thoughtful of you.
I can set it all up.
You just can, you know,
think of an excuse
to tell your parents.
They're almost always working.
They won't care.
I'm like, suddenly
really excited now.
Well thanks for being
so cool about everything
and you're like,
such a woman.
I'll see you later?
How you guys doing?
Let me see it.
You know what I think?
I think Danny and
Ally like each other.
Oh, that's crazy.
Have you seen how
they've been like
close talking and whatever?
He doesn't like her.
He's just being nice to her
because she's a shitty writer.
I'm done with all
this poetry crap.
What's up?
how's writing camp?
You write a novel yet?
No not yet.
I'm writing poetry not novels.
How's the ice cream business?
My arms are getting
huge from scooping.
It looks like I'm
giving hand jobs
from noon to six
three days a week.
But I'm going to
the beach this week
and I'm packing now.
Very jealous.
You should come.
My parents love you.
Seriously, just ditch your
camp and get over here.
Hey mom!
Is it cool if Marion
stays with us?
She says it's cool.
Alright, well, I gotta go.
Write me a sonnet.
Yeah, we'll see.
And so I wait
beside my classmate
for the bell to ring, for
the cafeteria to sing,
for the lunch that I bring.
That's really good Carter.
It really feels like
you've captured a moment.
Yeah, it's about the
moment before lunchtime.
It's so precise too.
Good job.
Yeah, really great.
Okay, so, Marion.
Would you like to share
what you've been working on?
It's a poem.
It's called Betrayed
By Moonlight.
Beauty in the day is
betrayed by moonlight.
Constellations give
bad directions.
The North Star points
you to a dark alley.
Veins in my caressed
neck are chewed by owls
and raccoons gnaw at my lips,
kissed by my darlings
tricky mouth.
A mornings promises becomes
midnights dumpster fire
and my rayon bed sheets burn
with a low velocity flame,
while the apple of my sleepy
eye rots in the darkness
with two-faced bitches
in the shadows.
And that's all I've got so far.
Okay, good.
Who's next?
I thought your work
today was interesting.
Definitely more progressive
than your previous writing.
Thanks, it came really easily.
I think you can find
something a little more
evocative than two-faced
bitches though.
I'm pretty happy with it.
I have a job for you.
Maybe you wanna go down and
pick up our lunch order?
It's just down the road
and there's no rush,
you can take your time.
It might be nice
to get some air.
Here, take this.
Oh, and don't forget
to save the receipt.
Hi, I'm here to
pick up an order
for the Emily
Dickinson writing camp.
writing was alright,
but she never took
criticism well.
That's my guess as
to why she left.
She always seemed
a little off to me.
To be honest, she
told me some things
that made me think
she was capable of
making up elaborate lies,
seeing things that
weren't really there.
I think she imagined that her
and I had more of a relationship
than we actually did.
Well, she's a runaway.
How can you really trust
her about anything?
left because she was
in love with Danny, but
he wasn't interested.
I mean, he's a funny,
smart, older guy.
Why would he wanna
date a high schooler?
And if you read her writing,
you wouldn't wanna
dater her either.
She's not even the
cutest girl at the camp.
Hello, is
this Marion's mother?
Sorry to interrupt
your vacation,
I just wanted to tell
you that your daughter
has run away from camp.
I don't think writing
is really her strength.
Sorry, we don't
offer partial refunds
for girls who run off.
and gentlemen
we've got a rest stop coming up.
Ladies and gentlemen we've
got a rest stop coming up.
15 minutes coming up.
15 minutes coming up.
I need a room if you have one.
Sure do.
How many nights
will you be staying?
Just tonight.
And it's just you?
be smoking or non?
Alright, with
taxes it comes to 43.10.
If you have cash I
guess I could do 30.
I have a debit card.
Yeah okay.
Alright, sign this.
Is there any place
to eat around here?
There's a diner
a couple blocks up.
Okay, yeah.
Well thanks.
Enjoy your stay.
Who is it?
Guy from the front desk.
I forgot to tell
you checkout time
is at 11 tomorrow.
Got it.
How do you like the room?
It's fine, it's a room.
Well, I was wondering,
are you really gonna
go to that diner?
Probably not.
I'm really tired.
Well I just ordered a pizza.
Would you maybe wanna
split it with me?
I already paid for
it, it's on me.
What'd you get on it?
Mushrooms, pepperoni,
peppers, and sausage.
No, I hate olives.
Yeah, me too.
Well, they said it'll
be here in 30 minutes
or less like they always do.
So if you want any just
come to my office then.
I already had a few slices.
You can have as
much as you want.
I like your T-shirt.
Did you
go to that camp?
We thought about getting
T-shirts for the employees here.
It might still
happen, I don't know.
So is this like
your summer job?
It's like a summer, fall,
winter, and spring job for me.
I kinda look after the place.
So you're like the manager then?
Well my mother owns the place.
Day-to-day I guess
I'm in charge,
but I wouldn't say
it's that interesting.
I worked at an
ice cream parlor
for the past two summers.
It's gotta be more
interesting than that.
What's your favorite
ice cream flavor?
Banana peanut butter
crunch, probably.
We also have a toffee walnut
whiplash that's pretty good.
What about you?
I guess vanilla.
That banana one sounds
pretty good though too.
I'll have to try that.
You know, I really feel
like I've seen you before
and I just can't figure it out
and it's gonna bug me.
Were you ever in
like a commercial?
What high school
did you go to?
Youth Jackson.
But I just graduated.
I can step out of
you need to get that.
It's fine.
So where do you think
you know me from?
Something on TV.
Maybe a magazine.
Yeah, I'm not in
any of that stuff.
Well, you could be.
I think I'm gonna head back.
I'm pretty tired.
Sure, sure.
Well thanks for the pizza.
Hi Marion,
it's Danny again.
Please give me a call
when you get this.
What could you
possibly want with cigarettes?
I feel
more at home carrying.
About as
silly as that gun kit.
You know there's no
life on the moon.
- I
- guess I'm like Helen.
I feel more at home that way.
I wish
you'd tell him not to Laird.
Either we're on a
scientific expedition
or we're a bunch of boy
scouts on an outing.
- I
- agree with you Helen.
But I guess it
won't do any hurt.
There's too much infantile
romanticism in this crew.
I really loved him.
He was gonna take
me to New York.
Could you give me a ride home?
My car's under water.
Hey, are you still here?
Oh no.
I went home after
you left last night.
My shift just started.
You sleep okay?
I had some weird dreams.
Yeah, I hear that often
happens when people travel.
It's the leftover pizza.
It's been in the fridge
and I thought maybe
you'd want it for the ride.
That's really sweet of you.
I had three bowls of
Frosted Flakes this morning
so I'll be full all day.
Well thank you.
I bet once you
leave we'll both
figure out where we
knew each other from.
640 bus to
Richmond leaves in five minutes.
640 bus leaves to
Richmond in five minutes.
I checked already but
I need a room again.
Same room?
Scratches on his wrist.
Hey Leland!
It's me, come here!
Don't you know me?
Mr. Snively!
Is Norman here?
Are these the
only books you have?
More leftovers.
Oh my
God, you're awesome.
I made them for
my mother and I.
I didn't know if
you'd eaten or not.
Where would I be without you.
You'd be fine probably.
Do you wanna come in?
How was your dinner?
It was fine.
Maybe I should've just
ordered her a pizza
and made this for you.
You made this?
My mother only
likes certain things,
so I learned how to make those.
And sometimes she doesn't
even like to eat them
so I just figured if
you hadn't eaten yet
maybe you'd want it.
Your mom doesn't cook?
What's your mother like?
She's okay.
She's remarried, which is weird.
I would hate it if
my mom got remarried.
They'd been gone
for two weeks.
Her and my step-father
planned this trip
because they knew I'd
be away at writing camp.
The writing camp
on your shirt?
Yeah, this camp.
You're not there now.
Must be nice to get
some time to yourself.
It's pretty nuts.
I've never been out
on my own before.
Not this long.
This might be stupid, but I
noticed when you checked in
you didn't have any
luggage with you.
You're still wearing
the same shirt
you wore yesterday.
I left it on the bus.
Well I just figured
for the time being
if you needed something to wear,
you could have
some of my shirts.
They probably look
better on you anyway.
Well I'll be here tomorrow
if you're still here.
Just ask the front desk.
They'll know where I am.
I still feel like
we've met before.
Me too.
Do you know where
Norman might be?
Yes I do.
He's right back
there doing laundry.
The maids only clean the rooms
where people have occupied.
I like to change the
sheets in the rooms
even if nobody stayed in them.
Don't want things getting
too musty you know?
It's still warm.
Smell it.
Here, just put it over
your face and smell it.
It smells great right?
Yeah, I love fresh laundry.
Honestly, there's
nothing better.
You wanna hear something
crazy about me?
Sometimes I'll just
take all the fresh laundry
and put it on the bed,
and then I'll just lie
down on it and take a nap.
It's like my spa you know?
I want someone to just
pour it all on me.
Maybe you can turn
this place into a resort
and have everyone do that.
Make sure it's tucked
in under both sides
and then smooth it over.
That's good, you're a pro.
You know, they say if
you're feeling stressed out,
you make your bed you'll
instantly feel better.
It like helps bring
order to your life.
That one little
thing, it's so simple.
I never make my bed.
You should try it sometime.
You're pretty popular.
Yeah right.
You run away?
Why would you say that?
It was a joke.
I left my writing camp.
It was my sister.
They probably called her.
You in trouble?
I don't know.
I don't really care.
Why'd you run away?
They were idiots.
They didn't like my work.
I'd love to read
something you wrote.
I don't really think
I'm ready to share
that with anybody yet.
You showed it to them.
Yeah, and then I ran away.
And that's kind of it.
I took a dance camp a
couple of summers ago
but I forget most of the moves.
a great dancer.
Shut up.
I can do this too.
So what about you?
Any special skills
other than bed making?
I can play guitar.
Like in a band?
No, classical guitar.
I wanna hear you play.
Yeah, maybe some time.
Marion, Danny again.
We're really concerned
and worried about you.
We really wanna
know you're okay.
Marion, it's Danny again.
Please call me back.
You're not in trouble.
But it's really important
we speak with you.
Another coke?
Hey babe.
I hope writing camp
isn't too boring.
I miss you.
We'll be at the beach until
Monday if you still wanna come.
Love you.
Hey it's your sister.
Some guy from your camp called
and said you left camp.
So can you call me whenever?
I'm at moms house.
He wants you to call him too.
He sounds like an idiot.
Hey, me again.
If you don't call me by
tomorrow I'm gonna tell mom.
No, just routine.
You know, we're asking questions
of everyone around
the neighborhood.
So, that's about all
you can remember?
Oh, does this place
have a security camera?
Oh too bad.
Well, if you can
think of anything
would you contact me?
Here's my card.
Thank you.
Sure, much obliged.
She change the sheets here too?
Oh no, she's a guest.
Hi sweetheart.
Listen, do you
recognize this girl?
Did you see her on
the night of the 10th?
No, I wasn't here then.
Too bad.
Alright, well if either
of you remember anything,
would you give me a call?
Sure will.
What was that about?
Some girl went missing
a couple days ago.
I saw some people with
candles for her last night.
Is that for her?
She was last seen down
the street from here.
Well that's really sad.
I guess they have to
annoy everyone in town
just 'cause they can't find her.
Holy shit,
did you leave your camp?
Yeah, but...
Well where
the fuck have you been?
They said you left two days ago.
Erica called, she said
she was going to Ocean City
and she was allowed
to bring a friend.
So that's where I am.
I told a camp
counselor but obviously
he doesn't remember me
saying I was leaving.
Are you
even allowed to leave?
Yeah if it sucks.
Well why the fuck
didn't you call me back?
I've been calling for
the past two days.
I've just been relaxing.
Trying not to let
technology rule my life.
Yeah, whatever.
So, Katie's parents are
paying for you all week?
They've got a lot of money.
Some camp
counselor called
wanting to know where you were.
Did he sound worried?
He sounded
like a fucking idiot.
Just leave a note or
something next time.
You didn't tell mom did you?
No, but
I was pretty close.
I'm fine, everything's
fine, nothing to worry about.
So you're
at Ocean City?
Where at?
Like right on the water.
When are
you coming back?
A few days.
drive you back?
Yup, it's fine.
How's the job search?
Oh God, don't
ever graduate college.
Stay away from the real
world as long as you can.
Call me
if you need anything.
Your phone hasn't
been ringing that much.
I put it on silent.
Must be nice to just put the
outside world on
silent like that.
you, this your car?
Don't you know
better than to leave
a car with the wheels halfway
in the middle of the road?
Can I ask you a question?
Do you have a girlfriend?
There's not like a girl at
a Holiday Inn you dream about?
That's a good one.
You know, I'm kind
of surprised that
no girl has tried
to get with you.
You're pretty cute.
I've always sort
of kept to myself.
So you've never
had a girlfriend?
Well what about a boyfriend?
Well do you like boys?
Marion, these questions
are a little embarrassing.
Do you want me to
change the subject?
No it's okay.
So do you think about girls?
Well what's your
favorite part of a woman?
Like butt, or thighs, or boobs?
I guess eyes.
I like eyes.
That's sweet.
Some guys like girls feet.
I don't really
understand that.
Yeah, it's weird.
So who's like your
celebrity crush?
Like from movies, or
magazines, or whatever.
I guess Madonna.
You know there's
like a really old
magazine with her in the lobby?
All your magazines are
like from the early 90s.
She looked beautiful right?
She was going to the Oscars.
Yeah, with Michael Jackson.
You know that they
were born the same year?
So that makes her how old now?
I don't know.
I just think she's pretty.
It's a shame about
Michael Jackson though.
What about him?
I like this guy, Channing Tatum.
Yeah he's okay.
You should get more
magazines for the lobby.
I once went to a
hotel and they had all
kinds of magazines
in every room.
You could take them home.
Seems kind of
presumptuous to think
this is what people
would wanna be
reading in their hotel.
They don't have to read it.
This is what you like reading?
They're okay.
I don't read them all the time.
Just fun to look at.
Here, look what else I got.
Well do you like
magazines like this?
I once found a few
of these in the house.
They belonged to my
mothers boyfriends.
They were in the
bottom of his drawer.
Well did you look at them?
You can take it home
with you if you want.
If my mother found it,
I wouldn't wanna
upset her like that.
I'll hold onto it then.
In case you ever
wanna look at it.
These other
magazines are great.
I'll put them in the lobby.
Yeah, that'll bring
the customers in.
Put you in the lobby.
That'll bring the customers in.
Hey, want another coke?
Yeah, thanks.
I'm Teresa, this is Summer,
and this is Kristen.
Are you into the
Holocaust or something?
No, why?
Your book.
It's all they had at the motel.
It just passes the time.
It's pretty interesting though,
once you get into it.
Hitler surrounded Poland
by sending troops into
Bohemia and Arabia
and invading Slovakia.
So, do you live around here?
No, I'm just passing through.
I'm on a road trip.
I figured I'd hang around
for a couple of days.
If I were on a road trip
I would drive straight
through this place.
So what's there
to do around here?
Good question.
Mostly we just hang around.
Some kids hang out in the
Food Lion parking lot.
Sometimes we get drunk in the
bowling alley parking lot
and then we go bowling.
Mostly, we just drive around
looking for places to drink.
Nothing much
happens around here.
I heard about that
girl that went missing.
She was like two
years ahead of us.
But yeah, it's pretty sad.
My sister played
volleyball with her.
She said she was really nice.
Not the kind to
disappear like that.
She's probably dead.
I mean, it's sad.
Fingers crossed she's okay.
Some detective
even questioned me
and I wasn't even here then.
She's like the third
girl to disappear
in the past few years.
Probably some crazy
guy in the woods.
It's too creepy
to even think about.
There's a surveillance footage
of her wandering around
this parking lot.
Then she starts to
stop to talk to someone
who you can't really see.
And then she disappears.
I feel so bad for her family.
My dad gave me a knife.
My dad got me pepper spray.
Let me see.
If you're not doing
anything Tuesday,
we usually go to a parking lot
or a field to get drunk
in if you're interested.
Sounds fun.
Do you need a ride?
No, I'm like two
blocks that way.
You sure?
That's the street that
kid went missing on.
It's fine.
I've walked it a
couple of times before.
Ooh, wow.
That looks sharp.
Don't you need it?
I have another at home.
Well thanks.
Have a good night.
Hey, what's up?
Would you come
outside for a second?
One sec.
I was thinking
about you today.
Oh yeah?
I was thinking about
how you're spending
all your time here with me.
And how we're spending
the bulk of our
time together inside.
This is true.
Well I was also thinking
about how warm the weather is.
It is summer.
Well I was wondering
if maybe you'd
wanna spend some time
together outside.
What'd you have in mind?
Listen to this, this is crazy.
"And so it was on the
first of September,
"summer turned to autumn
"and the citizens of
Poland awoke to the
"terror of the 20th century
screaming through the dawn
"as German planes
announced hell on earth
"and carnage to all
with human annihilation
"and urban destruction
on a scale the world
"had never imagined.
"The horror of a new
world awash in blood,
"mankind on the doorstep
to mass extinction."
Are you gonna go in the water?
I think I'm gonna
hang out here.
Try and get some sun.
Actually I kind of
have like a phobia
of large bodies of water.
And anything that
can go over my head,
it freaks me out.
It's not funny.
There's a kiddie
pool over there.
Shut up.
I don't like blood.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Well ew, who does?
Are you gonna go in?
I don't wanna go
if you're not going.
You like it?
It's good.
You know, I learned
at the ice cream parlor
if you only eat sherbet
and never eat ice cream
your butt gets bigger but
everything else stays the same.
Never thought about that.
Yup, the life hack.
What about popsicles?
Popsicles are harmless.
What's happening with Germany?
Polish soldiers
have been taken as
prisoners of war.
Look what I got.
Where'd you get that?
girls gave it to me.
just gave it to you?
They had a spare.
What are
you gonna do with it?
wood, peel potatoes,
clean fish I've got,
take the sleeves
off my T-shirts.
See that house?
See that woman in
the top corner?
That's my mother.
What can I do for you?
Yeah, I'm looking
for Marion Presley.
Do you know if she's
here by any chance?
Never seen her.
She used a stolen debit card
and we traced it to this motel.
A lot of people use
stolen debit cards here.
It seems
really quiet here.
That's why I like it.
Do you come here often?
I guess.
I'm always afraid
that one of these days
I'll come out here and
a construction crew
will be tearing the place up
and turning it
into a strip mall.
I think it's nice you
have a place like this.
Like your own private island.
We can go back if you're
afraid of the water.
No, it's okay.
I feel like I've
been here before.
Do you ever go swimming here?
But it's pretty deep.
It's all ready.
Not hungry?
No, I guess not.
It's good, I just don't
have much of an appetite.
Save it for later.
Have you ever brought
anybody else out here?
You're the first.
Yeah, but do you think
other people come out here?
Like other kids our age?
Not really.
That's why I wanted
to show it to you.
I like thinking
I'm the only person
who knows about this place.
And now you do too.
You know most people
think that the Germans
were like super well prepared
when they invaded France,
but really, most of their
soldiers were like over 40
or they'd only had like
two weeks of training.
The French had like
twice the vehicles.
So what?
Like the French just didn't
know what they were doing?
Well yeah, sort of.
What really helped
the Germans is that
they had radio communications.
So they could change
tactics quickly
and the French were
still working on like
mouth-to-mouth communications.
So it really hurt their
ability to adjust.
French are stupid.
And even though
the French had like
double the amount of vehicles
they had like half the
people in the vehicles
so the guy driving it
had to shoot it too.
The Germans had like
five people per tank.
Do you think, like,
Nazi girls our age used to get
drunk in their Volkswagen
and just hang out
like we're doing?
Probably not.
They had big orgies
for the military guys.
That's in the book too?
Alright fuck it, I'm
going to the library
first thing tomorrow.
I mean, I guess it's
good that they lost
and we bombed the
shit out of them,
but even a bombed out Germany
must be nicer than this place.
What the fuck?
So Marion, how do
you like this place?
I went swimming at the
pool on Glover the other day,
that was really nice.
By yourself?
No, with this guy.
Is he from around here?
His name's Norman.
I've never heard of him.
He said he just graduated.
From where?
East Jackson?
That's his first name?
I was student
government historian
and I've never heard of him.
Well he's pretty quiet,
that's probably why.
How do you know him?
I just met him.
He works at motel
on the highway.
You should
have invited him.
I did.
He said he was busy.
Do you like him?
I mean, we're friends.
I guess it's good
to have a couple
of guy friends around.
Do you remember that guy Randy
who used to sit next
to me in Geometry?
He would always like come
in with all these pencils
and line them up
straight on the desk.
How was it last night?
It was okay.
I'm really tired though.
Hey, what high school
did you say you went to?
East Jackson.
Yeah, they went there too.
You said you just graduated.
Like in June.
They said their names were
Summer, Teresa, and Kristin.
Do you know any of them?
Yeah, they said they
graduated like two years ago.
There ya go.
Who were your friends there?
I mainly keep to myself.
I'm okay with that.
Did you go to
any football games?
Well who was
your school mascot?
Some animal I think.
What was the name
of your principal?
I don't remember.
Well who was your
favorite teacher last year?
What was your favorite subject?
I saw you dead.
your idea was to drive
the car a little way,
maybe into San Bernardino.
You weren't gonna sell it?
Sell it?
Do you think I'm crazy?
Somebody elses car?
See all I
wanna do is leave it somewhere
and forget I ever saw it.
Hey, how's the beach?
We left
yesterday, I'm back at work.
That sucks.
that's why I'm calling.
Hold on, my sisters
on the other line.
Hey, what's up?
Hey, how's the beach?
It's fine.
Because I just saw your
friend Erica at Ben & Jerry's.
So where the hell are you?
I stayed a couple
of extra days.
You better tell me
where you are right now
or else I'm telling mom.
Hey, I called
an order in to go.
Just a sec.
Do we know each other?
No problem.
Take care.
My sister called.
She knows where I am.
She's coming to get me.
Maybe there's a camp you
can runaway from next summer.
Maybe next summer you
can run away and visit me.
Would your parents
be okay with that?
I'd hide you in my room.
Cover you in fresh laundry.
I'd never leave.
I wrote you a poem.
Do you wanna read it?
Do you wanna just look at it
or do you want me
to read it to you?
I get to choose?
Read it to me.
Do pillowcases fight,
do thread counts keep score,
does the top sheet say
hello to the comforter
each time it's turned
up and tucked in?
How many different
sheets have paired up
and creased into each other
and do they say "I've
seen you before"
the way I say it to you?
Perhaps they are bails of veils
and we're lost in
different there's
and elsewheres or
several somewheres.
And when we say "Where
do we know each other,"
really we say, "I never
wanna be without you again."
And that's it.
I love it.
Can I keep it?
Yeah, of course.
You're the best writer
that camp ever lost track of.
Ha ha.
What time's your
sister coming tomorrow?
Early I think.
Do you want me to go?
Do you wanna go?
I think I'm gonna
take a shower.
Norman it's really hot.
Norman, the water is really hot.
You wanna use both the hot
and cold nozzles to
control the temperature.
Play with it a little and
figure out what you like.
Can you show me how
to get the water right?
You have to use both nozzles.
Yeah, but can
you just show me?
You just have to adjust them.
I don't know what
temperature you like.
Just show me what you like.
How's that?
Yeah, it's nice.
Do you wanna take
a shower with me?
Just get in with me.
I can do it.
Is this okay?
Is the water okay?
Yeah, it's nice.
Can we switch so I
can wash the soap off?
You want shampoo?
Yeah, in a minute.
Do you want me to
shampoo your hair?
I can do it.
But it feels so good
if somebody else does it.
It's okay.
Hey Norman.
Norman would you
wanna watch some TV?
I won't
tell mom and dad
but you can't say
anything either.
Do you realize
how dangerous it is
to go out on your own like that?
I have a knife.
Where'd you get a knife?
Some girls gave it to me.
your suitcase?
I left it on the bus.
How are you
paying for the room?
He's letting me stay here.
I only paid for the first night.