Young Bess (1953) Movie Script

Her father, Henry VIII,
called her Young Bess.
Her mother, Anne Boleyn,
ended on the block.
Born at a time when heads fell
around her like cabbage stalks, -
- to grow up at all
was an achievement.
To grow up to greatness
was a miracle.
- Mr. Parry.
- Bills for gowns, shoes, caps!
Where's the money to come from?
No I didn't. That's all over!
Mrs. Ashley. What have you done?
Sit down and prepare yourself
for some news.
Bad news.
I've just left my Lady Elizabeth.
She received a message from London
Her stepsister, Queen Mary, is ill
- It's cruel to lose one's sister.
- You mean Bloody Mary is dying?
- She'll be dead by morning?
- Dead as a doornail.
- This means ...
- Young Bess will be queen.
Queen of England
at the age of five and twenty.
- Mrs. Ashley!
- Mr. Parry!
Do you remember the last
little drink we had together?
- Yes. It got us into trouble.
- We mustn't overdo it this time.
- Long live Young Bess.
- Long live Queen Elizabeth.
Well, when she sits on the throne,
- I can safely say ... I did it.
You're a remarkable woman.
You've been no ordinary governess.
Yours has been no easy task.
A difficult child.
All children are. Let alone a
daughter of the monster, King Henry
- And Anne Boleyn.
- A dangerous mixture.
Well, we're in harbor.
- At last.
- But it's been a stormy passage.
Like the song of the seesaw:
Here we go up, up, up
- Up to the sky so high
- Here we go down, down, down
Bumpety-bump, goodbye.
That's how it was.
To start with,
we were our father's darling.
Those were the times
when we went up, up, up.
Up, up, up in the sky.
So high.
- Look. Your future Queen Elizabeth
- Just like her father.
There's breeding for you.
No mistaking the fatherhood.
- Henry, didn't I have a hand in it
- Yes. But I gave you the idea.
Don't scowl at me like that. Why
don't you laugh like your mother?
That's the way
to win peoples' hearts.
But Anne Boleyn laughed once too
often and with the wrong people.
She took three lovers with her.
Old Harry did things in a big way.
Come, we're no longer the future
queen. The King doesn't want us.
We're a nobody.
So we were chased away from Court
to Hatfield. Without a mother.
Without a home. Old Harry took
another wife and a son was born.
He was heir to the throne.
We were declared illegitimate.
So we went down, down, down.
Bumpety-bump. Goodbye.
We'll never wear these shoes again
They're full of holes.
We have to see to it that
our new stepmother likes us, -
- our appearance,
our little ways and our manners.
Now Your Highness is back in your
father's grace. Isn't it wonderful
Your Highness!
Now listen carefully. This one is
German. Don't forget that.
After all, it's not her fault.
We can't pick and choose.
What we need is a mother.
Ist das meine liebe Tochter
Elizabeth? Komm hier, mein Kind.
Hab keine Angst, mein Liebling.
I took one look at the King's face
and knew what he was contemplating
For him a change,
for us, a ride to Hatfield.
In no time we were back to be
inspected by our fourth mother.
Don't be stubborn.
It can't hurt us to try again.
This one is said to be beautiful.
Your father is very much in love.
Come in, child.
I won't eat you.
Don't stare at me like that.
Say something.
I made you legitimate out of the
goodness of my big, fat heart.
Doctor says it will kill me one day
He's in the Tower reconsidering.
Anne Boleyn's brat, I'll put you in
the Tower if you dare defy me.
You dare. I'm beginning to like you
To my good health.
Henry, please. No more wine tonight
This is your new stepmother, child
I can see you like her.
I do, too.
I like her very much.
Come, my darling. I'm afraid we have
to go home now. Back to Hatfield.
Don't worry. The King will soon
have us meet another stepmother.
And another and another.
Well, I will not come!
Open the door, Bess. Please.
It's Lord Thomas Seymour.
He's to take you back to London.
Bess, we're going back to Court.
Those are the King's orders.
You'll be the death of us both.
My Lord Admiral. Will you come
and talk to her? I can do nothing.
I see. Leave it to me.
I have a way with children.
Good morning, Lady Elizabeth. The
King sent me here to talk to you.
- I've looked forward to it.
- It will be a very short talk.
- I've just begun.
- I've finished.
- I promised your stepmother ...
- I've had too many!
You can tell the King I said so.
Will you please
come closer to the door?
- Well?
- I'll tell the King that I failed
- But only on one condition.
- What condition?
I want to have a look at you.
Open the door and I'll come in.
- Why?
- I want to see your face and eyes
- What for?
- Can you come still closer?
I have my ear against the door.
Because of a woman I once knew
and liked and laughed with.
- Who?
- We never speak her name.
- My mother?
- Yes.
I know the King banned you from
the Court because you're like her.
Well then, come in.
Come in and see for yourself.
- I can't see much from here.
- Stay there. Keep the bargain!
I always do.
That's why I make so many friends.
I don't need your friendship.
I don't need your pity either.
- What are you doing?
- Opening so I can see you better.
- We can drive back in the sunshine
- You're full of tricks.
- Don't you trust me?
- No!
If the King could see you like this
he'd change his mind.
You're so like him. The way you
stand there, stubborn, suspicious.
Exactly like him. Even down to
wanting to throw the inkwell at me
The King's daughter!
And yet, there's something else
in your face. I've seen it before.
Her eyes. The slim nose. There's no
another nose like this in England.
I'd know it in a thousand.
But where's her smile?
She turned men's heads
with that smile of hers.
They made your childhood
very unhappy.
But you'll be as beautiful as she
was, and everyone will fall for you
That will save you from
ever being lonely, as you are now.
Bye, Lady Elizabeth. I'll tell the
King I failed. He'll be surprised.
Hitherto, I've been lucky
with my missions.
What has happened?
What does this mean?
This is your room. And this is where
Mrs. Ashley will sleep.
The Queen wanted you to have the
nicest room overlooking the garden
What's the matter?
Don't you like it?
- What's all this?
- Caps, gowns, scarves.
She thought you'd like them.
There was another Catherine. I grew
to love her, but she was killed.
- It can happen again.
- It won't.
- I could never be happy here.
- You shall this time.
The Queen is the sweetest woman
in all God's world.
How tall you are.
You're almost a grown woman.
I'm glad you're here. I'm told you
have brains to match your looks.
And a charming companion to me
and the little Prince of Wales.
Edward needs a sister, and
I need ... what shall we call you?
A younger sister or a daughter.
Will you like that?
The chief thing is that we've got
you and we're going to keep you.
Make way for the Prince of Wales.
The Prince of Wales.
Make way for the Prince of Wales.
Make way for the Prince of Wales.
- What a fuss, just because I come
- Edward, is that you?
- You heard the idiots shout.
- But it's the middle of the night
I had to wait till Mother Jack went
to sleep. I'm a prisoner in my room
- Come let me look at you.
- I wanted to show you this.
It's a model of the Admiral's
flagship. He gave it to me himself
- I like my Uncle Tom.
- Edward, I'm so happy.
- About what?
- I love the Queen. We're friends.
She won't last.
What did you say?
She won't last. Take care,
you're smashing my ship.
Edward, will you answer me? I order
you to tell me everything you know
- Is she in danger?
- You're hurting me.
- I think the King wants a change.
- A change?
She contradicts him, and nobody's
supposed to contradict my father.
When I'm king, if anybody
contradicts me, they'll be execute
- You don't know what you're saying
- They quarrel about religion.
Well, I hope the French
come in time to save her.
They'll invade us. Perhaps they'll
kill the King before he kills her.
- But they'll have to hurry.
- I don't believe you.
Don't you?
Come on with me.
Why should you care? The King's will
and wish means nothing to you!
The King's law is not heeded by his
own wife. What a sad spectacle!
- You plead for a heretic?
- You see!
After the execution,
they'll send you back to Hatfield.
- Anything in sight?
- Nothing, Lord Admiral.
Keep looking. First man to sight
the French fleet gets an extra grog
Signal Burnell. Tell him
to fill in that gap in the line.
The biggest fleet ever gathered
against us. The danger is real.
Ned, the King's barge is coming for
the ladies. You should go with them
- We want to stay for the fighting
- Will you lead a boarding party?
Why not?
Are we so sure we can beat them
that we have women on board?
That was your idea.
- Is this a war or a picnic?
- A picnic, sir.
That's the spirit.
That's what I like to hear.
- Don't you agree, spoilsport?
- Not with overconfidence.
- Did you forget their 300 ships?
- No, and they didn't forget me!
- I broke the blockade in Boulogne
- Glorious nonsense.
Glorious performance.
Were there ever two brothers
less alike, fighting like cats?
Archbishop, tell them what
happened to the Kilkenny Cats.
Just a moment, Your Majesty.
- How do you feel, Cranmer?
- A little better.
- How is Mrs. Cranmer?
- Very well indeed.
- You're not afraid of me, are you?
- No. What reason could there be?
They say in this document
that while I was in France, -
- you authorized a translation
of the Bible into English.
Could you hurt my feelings allowing
this jewel to be translated?
- Who am I to use the royal power?
- Who did it then?
- Not I, Sire.
- Who is cleverer than the King?
Who between the church and the state
thinks he can do as he pleases?
Does Your Majesty forget that I was
monarch while you were away?
- No, Kate, I do not forget that.
- I've pleaded for this translation
I know.
I still think that the word of God
should be available for everybody.
So you've become a learned doctor?
- You're here to instruct us?
- I never thought ...
Pretty business that I, in my old
age, should be taught by my wife.
Do you know what the law obliges
me to do, even though I like you?
Even though you're a very pretty
woman. I like you very much.
- Stop that hellcat screeching.
- What is it?
- The French!
- Where?
Out there. Tall ships.
Coming up like clouds.
- Top-man, what do you see?
- Nothing, my Lord Admiral.
- No trace of the French?
- Not a sail in sight.
I did see the ships for a moment.
Perhaps they saw us and sailed away
- Take that brat out of my sight.
- No!
Go, Lady Elizabeth.
You'll go back to Hatfield.
I don't want to ever see you again
- I'll not go back to Hatfield.
- What's that?
- I'll not go back to Hatfield.
- Sail ho!
- What do you make of them?
- Ships of the line. French.
Nine, ten ...
Bound for Portsmouth.
The King's barge for the ladies.
You! Come here.
You're very lucky. Did you see the
before they could see them up there
- Yes.
- Don't you know the world is round
- They must be wrong. It's flat.
- You shape the world as you want.
Why not? Didn't you?
So I did! And you're my daughter.
I never laughed so much in my life
Thank you, Kate.
Don't mourn. Look forward.
I've told these gentlemen to honor
and treat you as if I were alive.
Come here, Ned.
You ambitious, old horse.
You can't wait for me to die.
Don't lie to me.
I know you're shrewd.
You're my son's uncle. That's why
I want you on the Council.
But you're a cold fish.
People don't like that.
They like a man to laugh
and drink with them.
A man of courage. Tom!
I want him on the Council too.
Come here, Tom.
You're a man of my own kidney.
- Look after my little son.
- I will.
- We've had some good fun together
- Great fun.
- We did some good work, too.
- We made the narrow seas English.
Keep them so.
- You'll need ships.
- I'll get them.
Don't be too much of a hero.
Ned's a jealous fool.
Watch the French,
but watch Ned first.
I'll watch him.
The sheep.
Just a lot of sheep staring at me.
Mary, big crazy sheep.
My little son a frightened sheep.
You, how did you get in here?
Come closer. I want to see you.
- Who are you?
- The black sheep.
Come closer.
- Anne Boleyn's brat.
- Your daughter!
I remember.
You saw the French coming.
- What will you do when they return
- England has never been invaded!
- Not by the Normans?
- They're us, so they couldn't have
Did you all hear what she said?
Tom, did you hear what she said?
I wish she were a boy.
Watch her grow up, Tom.
You keep an eye on her. Ned, wait
and see. She'll make you jump.
I wish I were there
to see the fun.
- Pray to release me from purgatory
- You have abolished purgatory.
Don't argue, Ned.
- Ashley, what are you doing?
- Last time I left half our things
- They'll drag us out of our beds.
- The Queen will protect us.
And who's to protect the Queen
when she's queen no longer?
Where did I put your warm bodice?
It's always so freezing in Hatfiel
Hatfield? Back to Hatfield?
If I did, I'd never see him again.
Princess Elizabeth.
Get back to Mrs. Ashley.
- I must talk to you.
- In my room? In your bedgown?
You'll lose your head. Do you know
what it would mean if they saw you
- They'd say I seduced a princess.
- They say I'll be sent to Hatfiel
Away from everyone I love.
The Queen and ...
They would! They shan't touch you
and they won't send you to Hatfiel
I'll find a place for you to live
with the Queen.
And I'll come to see you. Often.
- My lord.
- It's bound to be my page.
Don't be afraid. Barney's a good
boy. Forget you saw the Princess.
- I'm talking to you.
- I have a message from Seymour.
- He wants you at the Council.
- He's not losing any time.
The coast is clear.
You can run along now.
- Was the King lonely all his life
- Yes.
I'd rather die
than be lonely all my life.
You'll not be lonely, Bess.
And remember, no fear any longer.
- Don't forget to come and see me.
- We have an appointment.
The Lady Elizabeth.
Your pardon, madam.
Bess, is that you?
Where have you been?
I've been sitting here all alone.
I was left all by myself
in the dark. I was afraid.
My father is dead.
Yes, Edward.
And now they want me to be king.
And I'm frightened. Can't we run
away and hide somewhere?
- We can't. You have a duty.
- But I'm afraid.
You're our father's son.
Be proud and strong as he was.
Here he is. I found him. The King
is dead. Long live the King.
Long live the King.
Long live the King.
- Long live King Edward VI.
- We pledge allegiance.
- Long live the King.
- Long may you reign.
Make way for the Lord Protector!
I can announce that the Council
has appointed me Lord Protector.
My wife, Lady Ann, and I were
entrusted with the great honor -
- of becoming
Your Majesty's guardians.
That's not what my father said.
Bess, you heard what my father said
- Uncle Tom was to take care of me
- The King, my brother, is right.
The Council, after careful
deliberation, has ruled otherwise.
You were coming from the east wing
so you came from the Admiral's room
- It's the simplest logic.
- No! Your syllogism ...
- Don't speak so I can't understand
- It's difficult to avoid.
- Ned, don't let her insult me.
- You have insufficient evidence.
- It's her character!
- Do you know my character?
I knew your mother. Like mother like
daughter. And we know what she was
- Ann ...
- Stand aside. I can handle this.
- Madam, I'm warning you.
- Who are you to warn me?
- My mother's daughter.
- And following in her footsteps.
Spending the night with any
handsome man. That was Anne Boleyn
Excellent. Maturity is the secret
in wine as in women.
- I thought you liked them young.
- No. Young wine goes to the head.
- What are you two talking about?
- Bess. She'll end like her mother
No, Ann. Youth will have its fling
A fling is the word. That's quite
signature. Something regal about it
A little too regal.
That's why we sent her to Hatfield
- Sorry to separate you from her.
- Would I find love in the nursery
Yes, when the nursery holds a
possible future queen of England!
Ann's warning you against letting
ambition lead you into danger.
- But I love danger.
- You also love your life.
Don't amuse yourself with royalty.
It will be taken as a bid for power
You intercepted Lady Elizabeth
and sent the Queen there, too.
- The Council will be disturbed.
- The Council is you!
You're Lord Protector
against the King's wish.
He didn't want you to have all the
power. Neither does the country.
- Neither do I.
- What's your aim? My office?
No, not yet.
Not now.
- What makes you hesitate?
- I don't know, Ned.
Perhaps the memory of Mother, who
feared we'd end like Cain and Abel
- Or the desire to be happy.
- With whom? Elizabeth?
- That's my private business.
- Is it?
- Is it your private business?
- Yes!
In 47 B.C., Caesar went east
where he came, saw, and conquered.
Mr. Mums, aren't you
leaving out an important date?
The year when he fell
in love with Cleopatra.
That's always interested me.
I've often wondered ...
What was the fascination she held
for one so much older than herself
Was it her youth or intelligence?
It's important to know, Mr. Mums.
- We're to discuss his conquests.
- Yes! His conquest of her.
Of course she fell in love, but how
was a girl her age able to hold him?
- I couldn't tell you.
- I know.
She showed him
that she shared his interests.
They talked about strategy
and about ships!
Ships again!
Ever since we came here, it's been
nothing but ships and admirals.
Why not? What is
more interesting than the fleet?
We are a seafaring people with the
best admirals in the world.
- To name only one ...
- Tom Seymour.
A man of great ability and daring,
but where are the ships he needs?
- This is a lesson in history.
- But ships made our history.
How many ships have we today
for the defense of England? 25!
Shall the Spanish
plunder the world -
- while Tom Seymour
sits idly for lack of ships?
Drink this. You'll feel better. An
you've had enough lessons for today
- You'll make a corpse of Mr. Mums
- Thank you, Mrs. Ashley.
I shall be grateful for a rest. It's
hard to match her energy at my age
Poor Mums. He'll never understand
my interest in all these things.
If he has a brain, he'll understand
And he may tell the Court that
you want to be an admiral's wife.
- Am I wrong?
- No.
No, you are not wrong.
I love him.
I love him dearly.
I shall love him until I die.
Bess, my darling!
He's a fine man! My father picked
him out for a magnificent future.
Had he lived, he might have picked
him out for me. Because we match!
- But you're so young.
- I can still share his thoughts.
One day he might sail my ships
with my flag.
- With my love.
- In his eyes, you're only a child
His eyes say different things to me
And so do his letters.
He writes me every week. He'll
come to see me as soon as he can.
- There's something you should know
- What?
- He's in love with another woman.
- That's not true.
I should have warned you long ago.
But the secret is not my secret.
What secret? Speak up.
What have you heard?
You're an old eavesdropper,
listening at key holes.
There is no secret. If there was
another woman, you could name her.
- There is no other woman.
- My poor child.
Go, Ashley. Go!
Bess, darling. I'm sorry
you had to find out this way.
They were secretly engaged
when the King decided to marry her
The Protector would rather kill him
than let him marry a royal.
That's why
they have to meet at night.
It's all right, Ashley.
Go back to bed.
Barnaby, did I see someone
with the King?
Yes, Your Grace. Princess Elizabeth
The Princess Elizabeth, here at
Whitehall? Where are they?
- On the lawn. Playing shuttlecock
- How long have they been together
- Edward.
- Silence. Horse-leech.
Wood louse.
Beetle-face. Herring guts.
What is it you want to tell me?
- If I'm caught they'll beat Barney
- But he is Tom's page.
- He gave him to me for Christmas.
- Do they whip him for what you do?
It's a great honor
to be the King's whipping boy.
- Well? You asked for an audience.
- With the King. Not a baby.
But they treat me like a prisoner.
They don't even give me enough
pocket money to bribe my servants.
They don't allow me to see him,
but he puts coins under the carpet
He's a wonderful man.
Don't you think so, Bess?
- Don't you like my Uncle Tom?
- What difference does it make?
If you want to see him or Catherine
you should be allowed to see them.
- You might have plans for them.
- Plans?
You might want them to get married
Perhaps you think they'd like it.
- Perhaps they would.
- Then say so. Your wish is the law
- Who's to argue with the King?
- Who's to argue with me?
Did I say it was my wish they should
get married? Yes! I think I did.
- Isn't it a brilliant idea?
- Who am I to judge your ideas?
See that the country knows
you're the master.
They're your subjects. They have to
obey. Let it be today. It's torture
Bess, what's the matter? You're
crying. What are you crying about?
- I don't know.
- You're crying about me.
You don't have to feel sorry for me
Don't pity me. Stop it, Bess!
I can't abide weeping women.
Bess, you'll see what happens.
I'm the King!
By the devil's teeth, where are my
servants? I want pens and parchment
I want to write a letter
to a friend of mine.
"We have Your Highness's contentment
at heart and, after consideration,
- it is our royal wish and desire
that you marry our Uncle Tom."
"We expect you to do it forthwith,
showing yourself as a good subject
"We chose our Uncle Tom because
he will not be troublesome to you.
- Oh, Tom!
- Not troublesome to you! Rascal!
Perhaps we laugh too soon. The boy
has no power. Ned won't allow it.
He must if the letter's made public
I'll read it at the reception.
"We persuaded Bess
of the excellence of the idea -
- as soon as it
matured in our mind."
- Is this perhaps your doing?
- No!
- No, it isn't.
- Barnaby told me you were there.
Bess, my sweet Bess. You talked
the King over. You did it for me.
I told you I had nothing ...
nothing to do with it.
My dear, what's wrong?
Madam, I ...
I shall leave the day
before the wedding.
Now I understand.
Oh, my darling.
You thought you'd have to leave.
That's wrong. This is your home!
You belong to us.
I love you, Bess.
And Tom loves you too.
You know that, don't you?
- Yes, madam.
- Then you'll stay?
Yes, madam.
Today my Uncle Tom wed Catherine
Parr. It almost killed Uncle Ned.
But it was my wish,
and I am the King!
More power to Uncle Tom. I'll give
him ships to fight the pirates.
I am the King.
Uncle Tom has defeated the pirates
It almost killed my Uncle Ned.
- They cheer him like a savior.
- A man can work for his people.
But the crowd still runs after
a handsome face.
- Just listen to those women.
- The man's insatiable.
- He has two wives already!
- What ridiculous nonsense you talk!
- If only you'd listen to me.
- I do, too much.
- That's why I sent Tom on the trip
- The Lord High Admiral.
Welcome home, and thanks in the name
of the Council for a splendid job.
- I'm glad you liked what I did.
- Not all of it, Tom.
It seems that after the battle, you
had a good time with the pirates.
We cracked some bottles and played
cards. They're great captains.
- And robbers!
- Yes, they do forget their manner
They want me to do it again.
Keep the sea lanes open.
This is great. Just give me
ten times as many ships.
- And the crowd will cheer you.
- And sweep you to the throne.
Fascinating idea.
- We'll all go to sea with you, Tom
- Afraid, Ann? I wonder why?
Had you hoped I returned defeated,
or, better still, not at all?
Was that the idea of sending me out
with only five decrepit ships?
- Make way for the King.
- But, Your Majesty ...
- I have to see my Uncle Tom.
- I told you the King was not ...
Your Majesty. The admiral of your
fleet reports with great pride.
The campaign you wished has been
taken to a successful conclusion.
- We are very pleased.
- Your ship was in the lead.
- A shining example to the rest.
- We are very pleased. We thank you
- Little rascal! How have you been
- Nothing under the carpet!
- There will be!
- Put His Majesty down, Tom.
Your Majesty, your people want you
- It's so good to have you home.
- Oh, Cathy.
Why aren't you down to greet him?
What will they think of you?
- They'll be happy to be alone.
- Aren't you behaving strangely?
- He'll think you don't care.
- Leave me alone, Ashley.
Well, what's this? Triumphal arches
everywhere, but Bess is in her room
I thought you'd like a few moments
alone with Catherine.
I see. Tact.
- Grown up, is that it?
- Yes, milord.
- Isn't it all rather nonsense?
- No, milord.
Yes, milord. No, milord.
Welcome home, Tom.
- Why don't you ride with them?
- I should only spoil their fun.
Besides, they're going to try the
new sails, and I'm not a sailor.
You're troubled, Ashley.
What is it?
I'm not sure he realizes
that she's no longer a child.
It has always delighted me
to see them together, Ashley.
What do you think of it?
It's as good as new.
- Better!
- Why?
You've made improvements.
The mizzenmast is rigged
to make her easier on the helm.
- Where did you pick that up?
- I read and I watch.
- I like everything about the sea.
- That includes me.
- You most of all.
- Bless you for that, Bess.
- What can't we do with 100 ships!
- We?
You and I and England.
We're home.
I'll tell her what a great sailor
you are. You belong there!
We'll sail again, together.
Unless ...
Unless the Lord Protector
has his way.
How would you like to go to Denmark
or Sweden to be married there?
- You're not serious.
- My brother wants to marry you off
To the Danish or the Swedish prince
Doesn't he know I'd never dream of
leaving ..? I belong to England.
He knows that one day
this country may belong to you.
- That's why he wants you gone.
- The King is still young.
He's not strong. He won't grow old
And your sister Mary's a fool.
She's not like you.
If you were queen, would you
let your admiral do great deeds?
I'd give him opportunities
he never dared dream about.
I'd send him around the globe
like the Portuguese do.
Send him to the New World to let
the Spanish know we're the masters
- But we're a small country.
- That can be remedied, Tom.
- It can be remedied.
- It's exciting to hear you talk.
I find myself believing
in what you say.
- I envy your admiral.
- But that will be you, Tom.
- You!
- My dear Bess.
Who knows what I'll be when you
set out to beat the Spaniards?
You'll be with me, Tom.
Well, nobody's home.
We're back. We're hungry.
Cathy. Don't move, sweetheart.
I wish that Italian Leonardo was
alive. He could have painted you.
- Have you been far?
- Everywhere. We circled the globe
Conquered the world.
It was wonderful!
You behave as if we haven't
seen each other for weeks.
Tom, put me down, please.
Thank you, milords.
- What's that?
- Princess Elizabeth.
- Here? To do what?
- Meet the Danish envoy.
Don't you think he should see her
before he recommends the marriage?
- You know she won't leave England
- Yet she wrote me a letter.
Most surprising
in it's graceful attitude.
"Whatever your choice may be, I'll
bow to the wisdom of the Council."
"No one is more eager than I
to do what is best for the country
Does the letter disturb you? Strange
she never told you of her plans.
- Your sister is pretty tonight.
- Is she?
- And very foolish.
- Yes!
- You're not in favor of this?
- No.
- Your sister appears to be.
- Yes, but all girls are silly.
And if she doesn't take the Dane,
she'll have to take a German.
Uncle Ned loves the Germans.
I wish he'd die.
- What was that?
- I wish he'd die ... D-Y-E.
- It's the wrong spelling.
- What are you talking about?
Spelling. Nobody knows for certain
how to spell the King's English.
- As long as it's the right word.
- It was exactly the right word.
Edward. Would you ask the orchestra
to play the Danske Dans?
What does she want?
Danske Dans!
- Thank you, Barnaby.
- Your Highness.
Do the Danes really put meat under
their saddles until it's tender?
That's the Hungarians.
Uncle Tom, you promised.
- In here, Your Highness.
- What is it?
The Admiral asks you to wait for him
here. He wishes to speak with you.
- What about, I wonder?
- He didn't say, but ...
But what?
What were you going to say?
I heard him tell the Lord Protector
that he wishes to speak with you .
... about this Danish marriage.
Poor Tom. Spending the night talking
to Ned Seymour instead of dancing.
I danced with almost everyone.
I haven't stopped for hours.
- Even though my shoe pinched me.
- Let me do that.
It's been a glorious night,
hasn't it? Something to talk about
- On a long, Danish winter night.
- Don't leave us for Denmark.
That's not for you.
You're so exquisite.
I've said too much. I must go.
The Admiral will soon be here.
Don't go, Barnaby.
You don't want to leave me.
Never again, as long as I live.
Do you want to kiss me?
He saw us. The Danish gentleman.
I want no one to suffer.
I didn't see his face.
Let us assume
that our project was a mistake.
- We thank you for your forbearance
- Good night.
- Where's that girl?
- Tom took her home. He's in a rage
Look! That lighted window
in Lambeth Palace.
The bishop is working night
and day on that new religion.
Isn't that exciting? A new religion
Perhaps a new way of life.
- A new England.
- Who was the man?
- What man?
- The man you kissed.
- There was no man.
- Boy, then. Yes, of course.
Barnaby Fitzpatrick!
Was it Barnaby?
- Answer me.
- Yes.
Don't tell me you love him.
You must be proud of your night's
work. Outrageous performance.
- Then let's forget it.
- You have sent him to the block!
Not him. Too young and unimportant
Had it been someone like you ...
That would have pleased you.
Doing like your mother.
Is that what you want, to drive
everyone mad who loves you? Is it?
Tom, what are you saying?
It couldn't be ...
- No, that would be beyond belief.
- What would?
That you're jealous. Tom Seymour,
the great Lord Admiral, jealous.
Stop it. Stop that, I said.
- But it's so funny ...
- I said stop it!
Stop it!
- Forgive me. I was beside myself.
- You couldn't help it.
You either had to kiss me or ...
And I think it was better
that you slapped me.
- Is that what you wanted?
- I love you, Tom. I always have.
It should never have happened,
but I can't stop loving you.
I couldn't bear it anymore. I want
to hurt you. I was desperate.
I love you, Tom.
- Yes, Catherine?
- Come here, child.
How lovely you look, this morning.
Come and sit with me.
- I'm disturbing you.
- I've finished.
Tom has gone to London for two
or three days. We're alone together
That will give us time
to talk things over.
We've had a wonderful life together
you and I and Tom.
Last night when Tom came home,
I knew something had happened.
We talked all through the night.
Your name was never mentioned.
And yet I knew.
You see, I love Tom and
he loves me very dearly.
I can't afford to lose him. I'm not
like you ... strong and independent
You have your whole life before you
One day you may be Queen of England
But I need Tom.
He cannot mean all that to you.
He means my whole life to me.
Come here. Sit close to me.
Bess, you're so young. This may be
no more than a passing infatuation
If it is not so ...
Then you will have to go away.
Only you can know whether your love
for Tom is deep enough -
- to outweigh
all the unhappiness of separation.
I thank you for your kindness.
You make me feel so ungrateful.
Bess, Bess.
I'm sorry, madam. I'll have to go.
- Mr. Parry?
- Yes, he's back.
Mr. Parry, you saw
the Lady Catherine? How is she?
- No one may see her.
- Where is the Admiral's letter?
There is no letter.
No letter?
- Milord was distraught.
- I know. That's why I sent you.
She is ...
She's in no danger, is she?
- Mr. Parry!
- The Lady Catherine is dying.
Remember once, many months ago, you
carried me in your arms like this?
- I remember.
- You'd been away with Bess.
And I thought I'd lost you to her.
But when you came home,
you were very sweet to me.
Your bed is ready now.
Thank you, Lady Tyrwhitt.
You don't want me to die because
you want to marry Elizabeth, do you?
Do you?
- Would you mind leaving us?
- Tom ...
- Tell me.
- Merciful heavens, Cathy!
Have I ever wanted to hurt you?
Have I ever wanted to leave you?
Haven't we been happy together?
Forgive me, Tom.
I must be mad to say such things.
Where's Bess?
Tell her to come closer to the bed
Bess is not here.
But you were talking to her.
That was Lady Tyrwhitt.
Bess is in Hatfield.
Hatfield? Oh, yes, now I remember.
She said she had to go
because she loved you.
Yes, Cathy.
You're not the first man
to be in love with two women.
We celebrate His Majesty's birthday
in the spirit of brotherly love, -
- which he so nobly embodies as a
shining example to us, his servant
Long live the King!
The Earl and Countess of Courtnay.
Happy birthday, Your Majesty.
Sir Anthony and Lady Denny.
My humble duty, Sire.
Lord and Lady Mostang.
Loyal greetings, Your Majesty.
Lord and Lady Clinton.
- Look who's here. Elizabeth!
- Yes. How pale she looks.
Grief! She hasn't seen Tom for
almost a year since Catherine died
- Letters?
- Just one before he sailed.
Her Highness, Princess Elizabeth.
May God grant that you rule Englan
for years in peace and wisdom.
We thank you, dear sister, for you
loyalty and loving kindness.
I'm playing shuttlecock
with Mary Throckmorton now.
- You've changed. Are you sick?
- I must see you. Please!
What can I tell you? His ships have
been sighted. He'll be home soon.
- He's well. He isn't wounded.
- That's all I wanted to hear.
- Thank you, Edward.
- I think you like my Uncle Tom.
- I hope they won't arrest him.
- But he won another victory.
Yes, and he wasn't meant to.
Besides, he's coming back to you.
- Edward, what are you saying?
- That's what he said in his letter
- What letter?
- The one he sent by courier.
- I never got it.
- Of course not. Uncle Ned got it.
Edward, what's in this letter?
I've got to know.
- It was a nice letter. I liked it
- But what did it say?
You're to wait for him. When he's
back, you won't be lonely anymore.
Are you lonely, Bess?
I think you are.
My Uncle Tom loves you, and that's
why Uncle Ned wants to kill him.
Kill him? Edward!
- Who are you?
- Your new steward.
Appointed by the Lord Protector
to take Mr. Parry's place.
Mr. Parry and Mrs. Ashley were taken
to London for questioning.
Lady Tyrwhitt now has the honor
of being your governess.
I'm glad you're home. We didn't
know you'd be delayed in London.
My Lady Elizabeth?
My Lord!
My Lord?
Is that all you have to say?
- You've come.
- Did you ever doubt it?
Tears? That's not like you.
That's not like my young Bess.
I'll remember 1,000 things I should
have said. And it'll be too late.
But why?
You risked your life coming here.
Ned isn't giving me much time.
My life isn't worth anything if I
don't risk it. We'll put up a fight
But when shall I see you again?
Not for some time.
- Perhaps never.
- Never?
What sort of word is that?
You only came to say goodbye.
I couldn't leave
without your Godspeed.
- Bess!
- I love you and I'm frightened.
Ned will kill you if he can.
Do you remember when we sailed?
We planned to sail the seven seas.
Explore the four corners of the
Earth, find new countries. Remember
- I shall remember while I live.
- I felt the future belongs to us.
- So did I.
- So it does!
So it will!
It's time.
Godspeed, Tom.
Milady Elizabeth.
We came in the name of the King to
tell you that Admiral Tom Seymour
- has been arrested
and taken to the Tower.
I don't believe you.
You wouldn't dare touch the Admiral
Read this.
The people will set him free.
You admit he tried to arouse the
people against us. Did you help him?
- For years you've conspired ...
- Take care. You're not very wise!
- Remember I'm second to the throne
- You've thought of that, have you?
- You, too, want the throne.
- That will cost you your head.
It is your head that is in question
It's my duty to protect this realm
- against you and my brother. He
finally influenced you to marry him
He hoped to overthrow the Council.
Many witnesses have, under pressure
testified to the shameless affair.
- Even Catherine accused you of it
- You're lying. She loved me.
- She was my friend.
- But you were not her's.
Have you anything to say?
Whatever you say will be set down
word for word and weighed.
Perhaps in your own favor.
- I'll testify.
- Write.
Yes, write!
I accuse the Lord Protector -
- of trying to convict a man
of things he has never done.
He is plotting the basest crime of
all. The murder of his brother.
Write that in his envy and fear, -
- and most ignoble envy of Tom
Seymour, he would like to kill him
- Because the people love him.
- Your violence betrays your guilt
Write that the Lord Protector
stands accused before the people -
- whom he plans to betray.
If he knew the nature
of the English, he'd tremble.
If he tries to kill his own brother
like Cain, he'll be driven out.
He'll find it in the Bible, which
translated so he may understand it
Write that if he harms Tom Seymour
he puts a noose about his own neck
You think you have sovereign power
Don't forget you're in danger.
Remember that here you are only
a subject, as your mother was.
But she took three lovers
with her to the block.
I shall ask the King to send forth
a proclamation -
- stating that all your charges
are lies and slander.
I shall demand this proclamation to
be read by everyone in this country
Five o'clock and all's well.
Well, jailor, where's that sunshine
you promised me?
A friendly face. You don't know
what this means to me. Bless you.
- Have you seen her? Is she ill?
- They never left her alone.
Night and day they questioned her.
They say that ...
She turned on them again and again
She was their judge.
Her father said, "Watch her grow up
She'll be a match for you."
"I wish I could be there to see
the fun." And he was right.
There will be fun in England soon.
I want to be there when it happens
I see.
I can't quite believe it.
I've always been lucky. Lucky with
things and lucky with people.
It's hard to believe
that this could be the end.
"To the Lieutenant
of the Tower of London."
"Tower of London ..."
"We, Edward, by the grace of God..
"Grace of God ..."
"Do hereby command you ..."
"Do hereby command you."
Goodbye, my boy.
Tell her from me ...
Tell her ...
Well, never mind.
I think she knows.
Now we're alone.
You have to go to bed now.
Why didn't they let you come before
Why didn't they let you see me?
I liked my Uncle Tom.
Princess Elizabeth.
She never mentions his name. That's
how I know that in her heart, -
- he's still alive.
Look, it's another day.
She'll be Queen of England.
That's why I put on this dress.
I wore it when the little King died
But for Ned Seymour's execution, -
- I trimmed it with this gold lace
It's beautiful.
Here we go up, up, up
Up to the sky so high
- Your Majesty.
- Your Majesty.
Tom Ahlmann - IF