Young Bodies Heal Quickly (2014) Movie Script

Pulled my hair! Bitch!
Bitch pulled my hair!
Aw, fuck.
Come on. Come on.
Come on!
I can't make it!
I know the way out.
Come here.
Duh, sorry I'm late, ma.
Uh, when do we eat, huh?
Huey, my baby.
Uh, ma...
Here, take this.
I went to the old home
So sad and so alone
Where all the great joys
that I had, they were gone
I went to the places
By the meadow spring spaces
And there was no one
Who welcomed me home
No one
To welcome me home
No one
To welcome me home
I thought of my mother...
- Alan, come on.
- Will you let me hear it?
Alan, come on.
I want to hear this.
Hi there, baby.
Hey, why don't you and me
find someplace real private?
There's one guy
who comes every night,
and he's a troublemaker.
I thought you said
you were the only one here.
It's that halfwit.
He sweeps up around here.
All the time?
At night, too?
He sleeps here.
Do you really want to talk
to that piece of puke?
He works here, doesn't he?
Hey, Jimmy!
You're really gonna like him.
He's what you would call
"your perfect asshole."
You sure are a thirsty fellow.
They don't look
very happy, do they?
Do you know who I am?
I'm your uncle.
What does that mean?
It means your mother
is my sister.
Younger or older?
Exact same age.
Hey, I just thought
of something.
Wait right here.
I got something good for you.
You'll like it.
I know.
That's so loud.
Wah. That was crazy.
- Do you want to give it a try?
- Mm-hmm.
Okay. Wait one second.
Okay. All right. Ready?
One, two, three.
Push it down hard.
Push it down. Push it down.
Yeah, like that.
Hey, Mosiah,
can you come inside?
It's time for your nap.
No, no, no.
That's yours, man.
That's yours.
Enjoy it.
So, what's your job again?
I'm a carpenter.
Well, that makes sense.
What does?
Carpenters usually live
in shitty-looking houses.
He's horrible.
They all are.
Just stay as far away from them
as you possibly can.
Could I stay here?
Watch this.
Jesus fucking Christ!
That's great!
That's really witty!
Just get the fuck out!
Just take your shit and go!
Please! I don't want you
near my kid!
You fucking bastard!
I'll kill you!
I'll fucking kill you!
That was angry.
What'd you do to your leg?
No one
To welcome me home
No one
To welcome me home
I thought of my mother
And there was no one
To welcome me home
Oh, shit.
Hang in there.
Help. Help.
Have you ever seen the movie
Les dents de la mer?
"Teeth of the sea."
"Teeth of the sea."
Have you ever seen
the movie jaws?
I don't think so.
Oh, yes! Yes!
All right.
I'm with somebody.
I just...
Just to... just to get my friend.
Come on, please.
Get out of here.
I know you cannot understand me,
and there is nothing
that you can do
to help me, even if you could.
Hmm, you see?
Your line of fate
is connected to...
You're very different...
Your line of...
Want a doggie treat?
No more!
Milk! Go get some milk!
Go! Get some milk, please!
Please hurry!
Hey, it's okay if
I walk along with you?
I guess.
You've got some milk there?
What type is it?
Just regular milk.
You might want to look again.
I think it is buttermilk.
Are you doing some baking?
Baking some biscuits maybe?
Well, if not,
then 2% or even warm milk
would have been more
ideal for drinking.
I prefer 1%.
Just creamy enough.
Then there is acidophilus,
another interesting milk.
It's kind of tangy,
but very good
for intestinal health.
Milk is very amazing.
Good for you.
Doesn't the breeze
blowing up out of the ocean
make your dick hard?
It was in-between us
when I woke up.
Who does it belong to?
What? No.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
No, no, no.
And there was no one
To welcome me home
No one
To welcome me home
No one
To welcome me home
I thought of my mother
And there was no one
To welcome me home
Man, we should've been
by the school by now.
We passed it.
Right there.
Back there?
You're wrong.
Slow down!
You're gonna miss the turn!
What's your problem?
I think we're stuck.
See these things here?
Here, right here.
They're the last ones that
came here to give me a hand
and didn't get up
at 7:00 in the morning.
When I call you...
Hop up.
We eat outside.
And we've got K.P.
You can use the house.
There's work gotta be done.
I don't care how you split it up
as long as it's done.
Where do you sleep?
I sleep here in the garage,
and if you'll need me
late at night,
this is where I'll be,
and if you're gonna go
to the latrine...
And have a shit,
there's a shovel by the tree
over there,
and you go at least 100 feet
and dig a cat hole.
What about the bathrooms
in the house? Don't they work?
Yeah, they do work,
but the people that own it
and live there,
they're the ones that are
entitled to use it.
We only work here.
That's it.
And, don't go out into the marsh
because if you go into
the marsh and get lost,
you're gonna be fucked,
and I mean, severely fucked.
Any questions?
And are you hungry?
This is beautiful.
Have a look at this.
Mm, she's a fatty old chicken,
this one.
Not bad.
Few different colors.
That'd fill you up.
Why don't you just
go to the store,
like any normal person?
I do go to the store,
the PX Store.
What do you mean,
"like any normal person"?
I am a normal person.
It's beautiful.
Look at that.
You know.
Got vitamins in it.
Not dead yet.
This tree...
Took a serious hit
at some stage in its life.
See this?
This is a scar.
Big-ol', strong-ass tree.
An elm.
So, what killed it?
These two hands,
and this saw.
But don't feel too bad about it
'cause it was half-dead anyway.
Five, six,
seven, eight, nine,
ten, eleven, twelve,
thirteen, fourteen,
fifteen, sixteen,
seventeen, eighteen,
nineteen, twenty, twenty-one...
So, what actually happened here?
It got dragged by the car.
He took off
when I wasn't all the way in.
My foot got slammed in the door.
It was an accident, though.
So what actually
were you in the army?
Well, if you just
wait till I finish this
and wait a moment,
I'll show you.
One second.
I was a medic.
A medic.
Looking after the people
that were hurt and wounded.
I think you might need
a few more...
There you go.
That's what I did.
Fucking crazy, right?
What's this?
What's that? That's...
Zyklon B.
It's a nerve gas.
The Nazis used to use it
to kill people.
They'd crowd 'em into a room...
They'd get 'em together,
crowd 'em into a room,
look 'em in, and gas 'em.
Kill who?
The Jews
or anybody they didn't like.
Know what this is?
A gas mask?
It's Israeli.
Sorta goes together, doesn't it.
I sell this stuff
on the Internet.
I sell it on the Internet...
To supplement the income,
make a bit of extra money.
Who buys that kind of stuff?
True believers.
You know?
Does this bother you?
Because it's only history,
and history, good or bad,
can't hurt you.
See this?
See that?
In the 1930's
everybody your age
had one of these.
It was like the boy scouts.
And, even the pope had one.
Put it on.
Over there, put it on.
Stand proud.
Stand tall.
Put your chest out.
Pump it up...
Like you're
some sort of rooster,
bantam rooster.
Stand tall.
Stand up straight.
Look proud.
That's a real toe-curler.
Now, take the fucking thing off.
Hey, what's the matter?
Give it here.
I'll show you.
It's easy.
Nice chunky bit of meat.
Break it out.
Try that.
It's lovely.
You know what?
These are blue swimmers.
Blue swimmers.
Crabs don't swim.
'Course they swim.
They walk on the bottom
of the shore.
How do you reckon
they get to the bottom?
They walk on the sand
into the water.
No, they swim.
So you're saying
we're eating fish.
Yeah, something like that.
Crabs swim.
Crabs don't swim.
They live in the ocean.
Crabs swim.
- They walk from the sand into the water.
- There you go. Right there.
How can swim?
They don't have fins.
They don't have tails.
Well... have you ever
seen a crab float by?
I didn't say crabs float.
I said they swim.
These are blue swimmer crabs.
They're not even blue.
No, they cook.
You'd turn red
if you cooked, too.
They're steamed.
They cook.
Ah, god.
Crabs swim.
You want one, buddy?
And in joyful strains
then let us sing
Advance Australia fair
Oi, they retarded?
Right, this is how it goes.
Heads, you're in the front.
Tails, you're in the back.
You're in the front.
Aren't you gonna eat?
Now, why pay good money
for something
you're just gonna shit out?
You sure?
I mean, I'm paying for it.
I'll just have coffee.
Coffee's good.
My money's gone.
Hey, come here.
If it was my decision,
I'd do battle with you all day,
but according to their rules,
they reckon...
That you're too young
to handle a gun.
Okay, so I'm gonna
have to rely on you
to entertain yourself today.
All right.
Just wander around a bit.
Hey, just wander around a bit.
You'll find some stuff
to get in to.
There'll be some V.C. roads.
Some search-and-kill scenarios.
So take that blade.
Take that blade.
Wander around.
Hack some shit up.
Entertain yourself.
You know what?
That's better than
no weapon at all.
Good boy.
I'll be general Custer.
Bunch of white motherfuckers
around here.
...going in there
all the time, and the dog.
The dog?
There's a small little dog.
He'd cut the sweet breads
out of what he was killing...
Out of the kill...
And he'd put 'em
in the sterilizer.
So when you dip your knife
in the sterilizer,
it'd come up and have
these sweet breads on it,
and they really stink.
They're horrible.
And then, at smoko time,
he'd take 'em out,
and he'd empty 'em on
a piece of plastic
and take 'em down,
put 'em on the smoko table,
cover 'em with salt, and go,
"mm! Hey, not bad,
hey, cuz."
And I thought
I'd nearly fucking vomit
every day when he was doing it,
so one day
I was doing this job
they call ass-gutting,
and I was working
on the... on the sheep.
And they're on the rail,
coming through,
and when you're ass-gutting,
what you gotta do
is you get your fingers
like that,
and you stick one finger
in their ass,
and you stick your thumb
in their cunt,
and you pull it up...
All right, look, play.
Hey, any rewards on dead mice?
Did you kill one?
No, it was already dead.
We're they friendly mice?
No, they weren't friendly.
Take that, commie rat!
I sent them up there,
too, though.
Fucking rice niggers.
We can use one of his smokes
to blow up something.
Tell Rudy to come back here.
Just keep an eye out
on that way.
Make sure you come back...
Roger that.
We'll load the weapons
and ammo in place,
mark the area for the engineers.
Roger that last contact,
snake bite one was overrun
in combat ineffective.
Roger, we're in route with their
last known pause at this time. Over.
You fucking...
You just left with one shot?
Weapon jammed.
We got one of them.
I'm hit.
Cover me.
Clear up.
They didn't you
were surrendering?
Had to disassemble this gun
and oil it.
Where's my fucking gun?
Get down.
You're hit.
Get down.
Get down.
You're fucking hit!
Get down!