Young Ones (2014) Movie Script

I never saw this land
when it was green.
My father did.
He worked it before
the drought came.
He used to talk about
it all the time.
He used to talk about the
wheat they grew and the
pride they felt.
He always believed
in the land.
Even as the fights over
water first divided states,
then towns, and then neighbors,
most people who could, left.
But he had his
reasons for staying.
He was convinced the
land would come back.
It just needed water.
And he was right.
Uhh, uhh...
No no
no no no no no no no!
You killed him!
Get away from him!
You killed him!
I gotta go to the bathroom.
You don't turn forward, I'm
going to have to cut you down.
I gotta piss!
If I don't take it out and
go I'm gonna go in my pants!
Do not move your arms!
Now you tell me
where you're from!
They said there's
water here.
Who said?
Which direction
you come from?
At the blacktop, we went
right, so two days to the
left I guess.
Gray bell?
No way!
Turn around slow.
Beautiful, this way.
You ain't gonna
shoot me in the back.
What's left in caddy?
Oh god damn it
I'm peeing myself!
I'm just gonna have to
stink now until I can...
Kill him?
You hit Ernest?
Stay there!
I'll get it.
You should've let
me help you Ernest.
I'm not scared.
How do you spell your name?
Your name.
How do you spell it?
Maybe you're
more of a Jerry.
I don't like that.
Then why you call me Ernest?
'Cause that's your name.
Well I'd prefer if
you stuck with dad.
Can't call it
a well no more.
Should we go back?
She'll make it.
First they took
your water, then they
took your land, and next
they'll take your car, and
when they do, just come on
down and buy another one at
Calvin hoyman auto machines.
Where the vehicles vary, but the
deals are all the same!
Voice of the west shortwave,
where the airwaves live free.
This week after months
of stalemate, many of the
state's water projects
resumed operation, after
agreeing to
federal oversight.
Good they're drilling again,
but who's going to get the water?
From the vista, all I cannsee
is industrial farms benefit.
I'm just a small
local farmer!
Chuck wagon coming in boys!
Remember Jerome, when we get
to the top, you stay close
and let me do the talking.
These men are animals.
You've got no
business with them.
We'll deliver the rations and
booze and get the hell out of there.
Did my nicotine
patches come in?
Not yet.
Maybe next time.
That's nice.
Yeah, alright.
Nice and crisp.
Very well made.
Thought you went
You fall off the wagon?
I sell it.
You know what all these
supplies'd fetch you at the
Few trips of your loads
and we all retire.
Then what would you eat?
Like you said, evaluating
the food or magazines, you
must've done something
shady to get this detail.
I got a donkey.
You think that's
gonna cut it?
Hey Caleb, I was hoping I could
talk to you about this water.
If it's not heading towards
us, where's it going?
We just got to reroute
it around your little
subsistence farms.
Irrigate the
commercial crop.
You sound like
you're proud of it.
I'm proud of hard work.
A job's a job, Ernest.
And you better remember that
if you want to keep yours
delivering supplies to us.
My land's fertile,
it's just dry.
Hoo boy!
We know how much
you hate being dry.
You just worry about getting
those supplies up here.
Let us worry about
where the water goes.
Oh, geez.
Woah, woah, woah.
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
That should never
be a shame to you.
I could've done it.
I know you could.
Close your eyes.
Hamburger, French
fries and a coke.
These were hard to get.
Keep them closed!
What've you got for dad?
Jerome got the last
burger and fries.
That one's lasagna
and this one's...
There's something going now,
and the crowd is
loving it.
It's the bottom of the 8th
inning, and so far it's been
a very tight game.
Two outs with a runner
on first base...
Gonna go see momma
tomorrow after the auction.
I know she'd
love to see you.
You were empty handed.
Any luck with that fabric
I asked you to look for?
Been lean, honey.
Nothing to trade.
I won't even ask
about the earrings.
Hey Mary.
You could listen to
something else tonight.
I'm too tired, and I'm going
to skip momma tomorrow.
A skirmish between state
militiamen and
border settlers resulted in
two settler casualties today.
A state militia spokesman
reiterate the group's
commitment to its water
rights agreements, but
condemned what they termed
"terroristic oppression"
against farmers by these
growing settler groups.
Sanctions are the only
pressure that will bring the
state back.
Washington knows this.
If people live long enough
without TV, Internet...
Fresh food, education,
they'll look to their state
leadership and change.
Lot to do tomorrow.
No, leave that one open.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am
Samuel lever, and you know
I have
the finest machines from
California to New York City!
Refurbished, replenished,
retooled, rerouted, but not retired!
All guaranteed by me.
Don't need no warranty, take
a good old look and see.
Selling starts in two
minutes, not three.
Ladies and gentlemen, one
day the water is going to
come back.
It is the reason we have
all stayed behind in this
god-forsaken land.
It's not hope, it's
certainty, and when that day
comes, you are going
to need this equipment.
It will never be cheaper,
and when the rains come, it
will make you the kings and
queens you know you are.
Fortune favors the bold,
ladies and gentlemen.
Fortune favors the bold.
Ladies and gentlemen, the
item for sale today, this
beautiful machine, it's
the simulit shadow.
Look at that, in very good working
order, ladies and gentlemen.
Beautiful suspension
on this machine.
What can you give me for
this beautiful machine
ladies and gentlemen?
One or two hundred?
Start the bidding
at three hard.
How about a number three?
I got a three from 26.
Can you give me a three
split, a three split, can
you give me a three split I
got a three split from 24.
Gimme a four, four,
can you give me four?
Are you able to...
26, 26, four from 26.
Give me four split from 24.
Five, can you give me five? Five, can you
give me five? Five, can you give me five?
I got a five from 24.
24 is gonna be a five.
Can you give me a six?
I got a six!
Can you give me
seven, I got seven!
Are you able to beat, able
to beat, able to beat seven?
Can you give me, seven, seven
split? Can you give me seven split?
I got a seven
from 24, are you
I got a 7 split from 26.
For the first time, for the
second time, gone to number
That's quite an upgrade
from that donkey.
Guess you can keep that
supply detail, Ernest.
Thank you flemmon.
...a beautiful
semia autoseeder.
These steel giants are the last
of the...
You know what debt is?
I just got more of it.
This is the last of it.
Is it worth it?
It has to be.
Ready to show momma?
Just don't tell
her what it cost.
Look at what your
son brought you.
Is that Robbie?
That's Robbie.
Using that baby
to get handouts.
Hey it's me, it's Robbie!
Special occasion, Ernest?
My well finally ran dry.
Pray for rain.
Pray for rain.
Water for the baby!
It's alright, baby.
Come here.
You could adopt
us both, Ernest.
I'd take you if I
could feed you, sooz.
Robbie thinks we
should sell the baby.
Tastes like lemons,
but smells like shit.
What's that, Robbie?
He says your sister tastes like
lemons, but smells like shit.
And that's a shh...
Who said that?
Uh, your sister's boyfriend.
Hey, Robbie, you need
to take your baby to see
Dr. coles, okay?
Tell him I'll pay
for it when I can.
Look, I don't want you
bringing sooz and the baby
out here, using
them as bait.
And no bullshit about
selling that baby.
You need water,
you come see me.
Hey Jerome boy.
You just tell your sister
Mary I like lemons.
So that's where all
the money goes.
I need to borrow
that machine.
What for?
You two boxed me
out of that auction.
That's a cheat.
Well, you should talk to
your father about that.
He sold it to me.
If you ain't borrowing it
out, I need to rent it.
When about?
Right now. How much?
You okay?
What's going on with you?
I just need the machine.
I tell you what.
You get your father to
guarantee you I'll let you
use it whenever
you want for free.
Except the days
we're using it.
You can radio him from
the ten meter right now.
What, you don't trust me?
What if I buy you
a couple of drinks?
You always help everyone
else around here.
What you got for me?
It's getting late.
I'm gonna wish you
well, Flemming.
I would've been happy
to help you out.
Let's see you ride away now.
Let me run your route.
I can talk to Caleb
and those men.
You can apply for the job,
just like anybody else.
You don't have what it takes
to convince those watermen
to irrigate this land.
Your kids know what
you did to your wife?
Fuckin' drunk.
Nthe surgeon general has issued a
statement about fertility
rates in urban cities
dropping for the
seventh year in a row.
What we believed was a
social correlation between
urbanites is now a proven
biological, though we don't
yet know all of the factors.
It is not that...
I'd like to talk to
you about an offer.
See if I can get you to run
that water line out my way.
Come on.
I'll miss this water well.
What'd they say?
Well when it rains,
they'll see what we have.
When it rains...
Eh, it's just this
dust in my throat.
Don't worry
about me, Ernest.
I want you to have it.
I never worry about you.
I worry about your sister.
I worry about Mary's
life, not yours.
On a prayer, if any deer or
elk looking for water
tonight, they'll stray
through here, snip out the
pump, fall through
the plastic, and bam.
Catch 'em in this trap!
Think how good
that'll taste, right?
Bring me some scraps.
Did I tell you I think
I met a girl you'd like?
Last time I
crossed the border?
She might be a bit
older than you.
That a problem?
I told this one about you.
Her eyes went all...
I get hunches
on these things.
I don't think I
have time for women.
You're too busy for women?
You too busy for friends?
I don't see
much of them around.
There's plenty
of kids out here.
What about your friends?
I had 'em.
I had 'em.
Long as I don't get on your
nerves, I prefer to hang out
with you.
Trap works.
Little help?
Show me!
Keep your hands up.
Good, that...
Yeah, that's all I'm saying.
You don't gotta marry her.
You don't want to wait around
thinking something's gonna come.
Waiting's a fucking disese.
Think something,
feel something?
You should do something!
What's she like?
Well, she's got ears that
poke through her hair.
If you waste your time talking
to people who don't listen to
the things that you are saying,
who do you think's gonna hear?
And if you should die explaining how
the things that they complain about
are things they could be changing,
who do you think's gonna care?
There were other lonely singers
in a world turned deaf and blind
who were...
I don't want you seeing that
boy Flemming, and I don't
want any more lies.
I could walk
right out of here.
You can't keep me.
No I can't.
But I don't, 'cause
you're making me a liar!
The lying is up to you.
Maybe I want a secret.
Whatever you're angry about,
you're angry at yourself.
Maybe you're
right about that.
I know I'm right.
Flem says failures
give the most advice.
Is that what you think?
I don't know anymore.
Well even if that's true,
it's not going to change how
things are in this house.
If you're here, you
gotta stay here.
Why punish me
for being happy?
It's not punishment,
it's protection.
But it makes me hate you!
Do you feel anything
when I say that?
I hate you!
I love him!
What's wrong?
What happened?
What happened?
I need money!
I'm leaving!
Get away from me!
Give it back to him.
She didn't ask for it.
Give it back to him!
She, she didn't...
You're not going anywhere!
I hate you!
What am I supposed to do?
I need him!
Look at our lives!
You failed us!
You failed your family!
Oh no.
The machine!
It's gone!
What did my boy do now?
Nothing, Sam.
I just wanted to finish a
conversation he and I had started.
You have any luck
with that pipeline?
Don't have much
to offer him.
I'm trying to
keep my distance.
Well, that's fallow anyway.
Don't know what's
left of it.
All's is.
I guess I mean to
say it's infertile.
Even if the water comes, I'd
still be stuck running these
bird races and auctions
and what have you.
Don't think Flemming
knows it's dead.
You think he'd work it?
Don't know.
He's obsessed with the land
we've lost, not with the
land we have left.
You know how Flemming
spends his days?
He's got his
self work places.
He went up to the
mountain this morning.
Says he's on a supply
detail for the water works.
I don't know what that pays.
He come back already?
He took my truck.
Check over the Ridge!
I see him, he's
right below you!
I see you you son of a bitch!
That's that.
You find those supplies!
Wakey wakey!
Where's that machine of his?
Fucking wake up!
Get up!
Do you think we're stupid?
I talked to you about what
those supplies are worth on
the black market, and then you
had that machine take everything!
And a day's work gone.
Gone, god damn it!
Where are those supplies?
I didn't take anything.
You know it's a federal, a
god damned federal crime!
Fuck you!
Caleb, I never
done you wrong.
Done me wrong?
You're a dead man, holm!
You won't live out the week!
Up, up.
What happened to your lip?
Don't look like an accident.
You drinking too much again?
You're gonna set
this story straight.
What, with Caleb?
No, those watermen
paid me to take it.
There's insurance
money in it.
I'm promising you.
Look, I...
I know you're mad, but...
You've got this wrong.
You don't want to get your
head mixed up over our...
You know, our other problems.
Conflicted interests, no?
Be quiet!
She's a flower.
Someone needs to appreciate her
for more than cooking and sewing.
Y-you got any water?
There's no water in
these packs, Flemming.
That's the one thing
these men don't need.
There's bottles and bottles
of that spike in there.
It'll make you sick.
You, you can't drown
a fish in water.
We both could use it.
Just a few drops.
Just a taste.
I can't go another step.
Turn around.
Get it.
I know that knife.
He'd never sell it.
Came off Caleb
in the scuffle.
I got my licks in.
No doubt.
I'm sorry I took
your machine, Ernest.
I'm sorry what I
said the other day.
You're going to find over
time you can't fix what you got.
It's not my fault.
The state took my father's
land and gave it to, uh,
whatever you are.
No resources, no
skills, no money.
And it died.
Why'd they do
that to my father?
'Cause he's from
another state?
'Cause he's smart?
You blame.
You're god damned
right I blame you!
That land was all we had!
I'm leaving.
Those watermen that
paid me were my ticket.
I don't know what they'll
do to you if you return what
they want gone.
I, I wouldn't' go back
with those supplies.
You know about Caleb.
He'll take it out
of me in flesh.
I'm supposed to be halfway
to the border with that gear.
Fetches triple in
the mountain passes.
Anything does.
I swear.
I swear on my daddy's soul.
Those watermen are the
ones to blame for all this.
No, no!
No, look.
You can have half.
If you were anyone else I
would've buried you this morning.
If I were anyone
else, you'd understand.
Let's go.
Let's get you home.
Forget this mess, cut a path,
right aways.
Come on.
Let's go see Caleb.
When you're done with that
bottle, put it on the ground.
We're not going to make
it in this condition.
Do it!
Ernest, we're too dehydrated
to make it up there.
Kneel down.
Hands behind your back.
Hello waltz
how'd things
go for you today?
don't you
miss her
since she
up and walked away?
And I'll bet you dread to spend
another lonely night with me
but lonely walls,
I'll keep your company
There we go, there we go.
No way.
We have to hurry before
my dad gets home.
You say a word to daddy, and
I'll burn every last drawing
of yours.
The kid.
Christ on a crutch.
Is my father with you sirs?
Now Jerome, now
hold on there boy.
Ernest, I, I mean my dad
hasn't come back, and our
machine's over there.
If he's having
any troubles...
I know sometimes, it's hard
for men, so if you could
give this to him.
Jerome boy...
There's been a terrible
accident with that machine.
I took the Liberty
with the truck.
Let's get you both fed.
It's natural to grieve a
loss, stud, but you have to
be careful that your grief
doesn't turn into blame.
Blame is the lazy person's
way of making sense of chaos.
You know, I want to talk
to you about something,
now you're the man.
I know how you feel
about that machine, yeah?
We can both see it's, uh...
I guess what I'm trying to
say is I'm thinking I could
stick with that supply work,
try and get some of that
water down here.
That's not going to happen.
My father tried
a hundred times.
I know, I know.
You're probably right.
I just...
I just figured maybe it just
sort of needs a, you know, a
fresh face.
Maybe we can try
just one more time.
I know you would
never give up.
Well, I'd like to help.
Maybe it'll be a gift.
My gift to you,
my gift to Mary.
My gift to your nephew.
It could be a niece.
I think it's too
small yet to know.
I've been called a lot of names
but "daddy" ain't one of them.
She wanted me to tell you.
I really love her, stud.
What do you say?
Imagine what that water
could do for this land.
If you go up there,
don't drink with them.
Must be trying work up here.
Easy to think the loneliness
and isolation could make a
man savage.
And without women
to cut the grease...
Must make you mad.
What would you know
about it, home grown?
Look what you've
It's amazing what men can do when
they put their heads together.
I can't rub out a flame
with two sticks, but this...
You've come a long way.
Not without its costs
though, I guess.
Ernest holm...
I guess they call
it a tragedy.
I don't like those
kinds of machines.
Drag a man to his death.
It don't make sense.
How do you think
his kids feel?
Look, I know Ernest wronged
something by you all.
You know it seems like these
challenges at the times make
honest people confused
in their choosing.
You know, I like to see
to myself sometimes.
Like we agreed, it can make
you savage, put your hands
on a man, just bloody
someone for an idea.
Not saying it's not without
cause, you know, a man
steals from me,
steals pure survival?
You know, a beating
seems in the lines.
Sound like rhymes.
Just saying the
way I hear it.
Talk talk.
About what?
What you did to Ernest
that night before he died.
If you want, I can tell
those kids exactly what
happened that night.
What's that?
Turned up in his effects.
Family's thinking
"what in the hell?"
And your boys talking up here
keep lathering the tale.
You know, sounds like one
hell of a fight between you two.
Who knows what to believe?
If I'd set to do something
to Ernest holm, it wouldn't
amount to concussion, and
that's the god damned "talk
talk" as you put it.
Now what do you want?
And what in the hell are
you going to do with that?
The land is sick.
No it's not.
Your daddy's land
is dead sick.
Killed it with pesticides.
Everybody knows that.
I'm not talking about his.
Not Ernest's?
Come on, you do it all the
time for the right price.
Now you're going to do
it because it's right.
The water line
to St. walstan.
I'll see what I can do.
Pray for rain.
That shit'll put
me out of business.
Blue skies, dry breeze.
Out of the dusty earth.
The things that we have
complained about for their
brutal consistency can now
be seen as good graces and
fair working conditions.
In a few moments, this
tributary will distribute
its life sustaining gifts
on this small piece of land.
I raise these scissors in
thanks to the state water works.
Who thankfully reversed
their decision to run an
irriduct to St. walstan.
It's been a long time since
we've seen such an act of
peace and brotherhood
around here.
For this, we are
sincerely grateful.
Let us say a prayer.
That this piece of land,
small as it may be, can be
more than a symbol.
That it can stand cultivated
as it once was by our dearly
departed Ernest holm, whose
perseverance held that this
land, fertile, could
flourish once again.
And let his children
reap its reward.
It's so beautiful.
It's almost a shame
to harvest it.
What'd your father
say about all this?
Probably wouldn't
say anything.
But he'd probably be
thinking you're alright.
Flem, you ride on back.
I'll see you when
we're through.
Why are you talking
about my land?
It's not your land, boy.
My wife, my land.
Not her land neither.
It belongs to the bank.
Now you ride on back, I'll
come after and we'll talk
about it.
No, we'll talk now.
Boy, this is adult
business now.
God damn it Flemming!
The explanation
is not important!
What is important is that
the land is held by the
Ernest's farm's been in
foreclosure for years.
He just never moved off and
nobody wanted to buy it.
Now with the water, they
might, and you should be
damn pleased if they do.
How much does he owe?
More money than you
can hope to raise.
Now listen...
What does he
owe, god damn it?
Flemming, you be a man now.
How much?
Go talk to the bank.
Sorry about that doctor.
Just a local boy.
Very passionate about the
history of these plots.
Hey, let me help you.
I said let me help.
- don't worry.
I got it.
Where are you
taking the machine?
I need to go to
the mountains.
Come on.
I found somebody to
tell us what it's worth.
Flem and Mary are going to
sell their baby when it's born.
They need our help to find
out what they can get for it.
Wrap the baby in a
blanket and hurry back.
He keeps changing his
mind, but he said yes.
It's too late for
second thoughts.
I've already got
a buyer lined up.
Send him out here.
Why'd they give
you that money?
I thought we were just here
to find out what it was worth.
Oh, they just...
Just want to
talk to you pal.
What's up, what's up?
Listen here.
I don't want any
kind of trouble.
I don't care if you're
getting cold feet.
The deal is done and these
men are taking that baby.
What are you talking about?
Flem! Flem!
Robbie, I'm sorry!
Shoot him too!
Bank ain't never
kicking us off.
Come on, this is
a hoorah, stud.
Give me something.
I just saved the farm.
Who'd you sell the sim to?
Robbie, of course.
Aren't you happy?
You hated that damn thing.
Come on
down, we love cheetahs.
X marks the spot on the
four, so come on down and
see coco, lazy and
me, Calvin hoyman.
Where the vehicles vary, but
the deals are all the same.
This is Calvin hoyman,
calling from Calvin hoyman
auto works.
I'm trying to reach
Ernest holm, over.
is his son Jerome, over.
Well, I'm standing here in
sunny, beautiful overbluff
with your simulit shadow.
I don't know how you lost
it, but its default settings
sent it back to me, over.
We have the finest birds from
California to New York city!
Ladies and gentlemen, is
your money on the table?
The betting is now closed.
You don't play,
you can't win!
Want to live a life
of ease and luxury?
I'm your man!
Three, two, one, let em go!
Jesus, sooz.
Why are you doing this?
Robbie said to, until he got back,
so nobody'd ask any questions.
Come on.
The fuck you doing here?
A-a call came in on the cb.
They said that...
Yeah, I'm gonna run sooz home.
The baby's got a fever.
What was all that about the
cb call down at the bird
race today?
I, I was just thining
about the sim.
I don't want Robbie to hit
her or break her up for
spare parts or something.
What do you care?
Robbie's long gone
with that menace.
Don't you listen
when we talk?
Who cares what
he does with it?
That junker caused nothing
but grief in this house.
I don't want to hear another
word, too, on the subject.
Who's calling on the cb?
At the hospital.
Mama wanted me to visit her,
so I came down to see if you
could give me a ride.
Well, the bus to
Quincy's running again.
What's wrong with that?
Sort of like what goes on
in your head these days.
That's a fine idea.
Get you off your heels,
you're going to report back
where all that money
we spend on her goes.
All unattended baggage
will be removed and destroyed.
No unlicensed fruits,
vegetables or livestock
allowed across the border.
Get your versapasses out!
Come on! Come on!
I can't read that when
it's in your pocket!
Get your versapass out...
Versapasses only!
Keep it moving forward!
Get your versapasses out!
Versapasses out!
- Are you a minor?
- What?
- How old are you?
- 14 and a half, sir.
With your parents?
Do you got a guardian?
Better head back to
whichever way you came, you
got it?
You gotta be 18 to enter
the real world alone, boy.
You can't be in this line.
Now move it!
Get your versapasses out!
You heard me!
I can get you across
for a throwaway price.
You want the round trip, so
it's 100 each way plus 50
for the cell phone.
Once we start moving,
sit tight and be silent.
You'll know when we're across
'cause the road gets smooth.
If there's something
wrong, press send on this.
And it really works?
Picks up a signal
here sometimes.
It'll definitely work
once we're across.
I was just seeing
if it worked.
Okay, well hang up.
Wait, I wanted
to know something.
Just in case it's loud
or we get separated or...
What do you want
to know, kid?
Just your name.
I'm Jerome.
Just in case we need to
find each other or it's loud
where we end up.
Okay, that's all. Bye.
Are you listening to me?
I said yes.
Yes what?
Yes, we're settlers.
I don't have horns,
but I do bite.
Come on, kid.
So you're stuck
in those camps?
Do I look stuck?
We fight to get
our land back.
There's nothing
stuck about that.
I don't have my gun on
me, but I've got one.
I've got a dualie rifle.
I have. 45.
I share it with a
few people though.
Hm. Mine's my father's.
You kill anyone?
A goat.
Sort of.
But we ate it, so...
I've seen people killed.
Me too.
Do you dream about them?
I'm fucking haunted.
"Where the vehicles vary,
but the deals are all the same!"
Keep that hundred.
The whole round
trip thing's a scam.
What do you mean?
To cross back over.
It's a scam.
You don't need to call us.
Just walk right through.
The border guards
won't stop you.
They don't care
you're going back.
Thank you.
Hey, real quick.
You ever meet a
man named Ernest?
You know, like a guy.
Not like an old man.
Ernest holm.
Mm... I don't know.
I meet a lot of people.
I don't.
Ernest holm...
It's important.
I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
Bye bye, Jerome.
Bye bye.
Sorry to wake you.
You know, I sold your
machine ten years ago for a
reforestation project.
Six owners since then.
I love thinking about
all they've seen.
Them wheat farms of yours
are never supposed to be as
far west as they are.
You ever heard of
manifest destiny?
No sir.
I like history.
Everyone's so damned scared
to repeat it, they never
thought how bad the
alternatives was.
Now look around
at this world.
Seems to me, repeat business
to the well of bad ideas
would've put us all a lot
better off than we are today.
You know what
conservatism is?
No sir.
Well, that's gone too.
Prepare yourself.
She's a sight.
Okay, beauty.
Let's see what
they did to you.
Alright, let's get
this going.
Calvin, pick up extension 454.
Calvin, please pick
up extension 454.
What's that?
Look familiar?
That's me.
Uh huh.
Ever seen this?
That's its face.
That's right.
It's its eyes.
Avoids objects and obstacles
using a laser guidance system.
Lasers measure distance, terrain,
grade of slopes and things.
The laser reflection
information is captured, and
on this monitor, we can see
images of the landscape and
its surroundings.
If you know what you're
looking at, it comes clear.
This dial can just shuttle
around, find where it gave
trouble or broke down.
Maybe see why.
Calvin, please come to the
Calvin, please come
to the showroom.
We're getting on the
body work tout suite.
It shall be tip top.
Excuse me a moment.
This is a machine, the
Look at that, in
very good work...
The machine hurt?
No, I'm just thinking it
knows how
hard the work's
gonna be around here.
Those watermen
paid me to take it.
There's insurance
money in it.
What's that?
It's raining.
Jesus, stud.
It's an act of god.
Thought that fucker
had abandoned us.
Guess he left just to hitch
a jackpot and drag it back.
How's your mother?
She really appreciates
everything you're doing for
her with the money.
It's a pleasure.
I'm gonna go see her again
this week, if that's okay.
Told her I'd spend
the night again.
Ah, her sweet boy.
How'd you get
the simulit back?
What do you mean?
You know, our machine.
The shadow.
When you sold it to Robbie,
how'd you get it back?
I didn't.
It's out there in the barn.
Saw it as I walked
in from the road.
It's all cleaned up,
but it's ours alright.
Yeah, Robbie must've
brought it back.
If he think he's getting a
refund, if he's really as
dumb as he is...
Glad to have her
back, though.
Can't blame her for
everything, right?
Yeah, sure stud.
I'll go talk to Robbie.
Do you believe it?
Just wish your
father could see it.
Mary won't tell me if she's
having a boy or a girl.
There's no way to know.
I don't want to
be called grandma.
I'm putting you
in charge of that.
You'll have to come up with
a whole new name for me.
You like the idea of that?
Think about it.
Something's wrong.
Don't worry about me.
I'll worry about
you, like Ernest.
Like dad.
This boy, Flemming.
Does he make her happy?
He holds her up?
He's a good man?
A good boy?
I'm sorry.
God damn vultures
heading west again.
They'll eat all
our new seed.
This thing don't
fire straight.
Piece of shit.
Who knew about you.
You're messing with
my sights, cheater?
Lucky shot.
It is off.
I'll take it in
town to get fixed.
Okay, funnyman.
Make your jokes.
But I'm going to lay
down the law right now!
I keep the
rent money in the old coffee
pot and, I keep the...
Well why'd the landlord
come to me for the money?
Oh, well that was
a misunderstanding.
I was busy when he came, so
I said "go to the old pot
and get the money"
I'm going down town
to pay these bills.
I spoke to Robbie today.
What's that?
On the radio.
He was looking for
you, Robbie was.
What did he say?
Just that he's
looking for you.
Where is he?
He didn't say.
Well what did he say?
Just said he was
looking for you.
That was it.
What, on the...
On the ten meter?
Did he give a channel
to radio back on?
He said he was on
someone else's handle.
What, someone else's handle
or someone else's radio?
Handle, I think.
That's a lie.
I don't know, that's
just what he said.
No, not him.
You. That's a lie, that last
Robbie doesn't have a radio,
so he doesn't have a handle,
so he didn't call here.
Tell her.
I saw what you thought.
I saw what you just thought.
Flem, stop it.
Robbie called,
looking for me.
- That's what you said?
- Yes.
- And you spoke to him?
- Yep.
And the rest of this land
wouldn't cost you anything
up front.
What, it's all of it?
Probably the line runs from
the basalt compression to
the foothills.
From the foothills, it runs
almost diagonal right to
where you stand.
That's all of it, Flemming.
20,000 acres.
That's all my land.
Proud of you boy.
Bringing the papers.
One for you, Flemming.
Nflem, you're never there when I
radio you.
We should talk
about some things.
I'm okay.
Is sooz mad?
I don't want to
come back if she is.
Can you meet me tomorrow?
The fork at
independence pass.
Please bring some
food and spike.
I'm in trouble.
You said 20,000 acres.
Is that taxable or usable?
But it's pitch black out.
There's barely a moon.
I've got to stake the new
property lines and see about
the second air double.
If they can't run it,
the land's worthless.
Why not go in the morning?
'Cause I want to be back
before tomorrow night.
What are you really doing?
Stop, Mary.
Can't you take
the dirt bike?
I was maddening a belt,
but I can't make that.
You're not yourself.
What else is going on?
I'm just asking.
Where's the dualie?
I took it to get
repaired, remember?
No, I don't.
You said it didn't
shoot straight.
Oh, that's right.
I'm heading out
for the night.
Don't want any trouble
near the border.
I can go with you.
You know the cb talk?
All of everything I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Sooz is really mad at you!
It's serious, Robbie!
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Robbie, I'm sorry!
Robbie, I'm so sorry.
Oh, stud.
C-can you help me please?
Can you?
Can you help, can you help me
Is Robbie with you?
It was a...
It was an accident!
Just a god damned accident!
You don't, you don't
want to do this!
I don't.
Help me!
What are you going
to tell your sister?
I'm not going to
tell her anything.
Not about you.
Not about before.
Not, not about...
You'll kill her if
you do this stud.
You know what her life
would be like without me.
She'll hate that baby.
She'll hate that
baby if you do this.
She'll hate you and
she won't even know it.
Such a big world.
You're thinking so small!
What happened to your
father was an accident!
And Robbie, he
was just too dumb.
I feel real bad about that.
I wish I could take it all
back, but it's, it's selfish
to blame, stud.
I mean, Jerome.
Just no more blame.
You be the first.
No more blame.
You can't, stud.
You're good. You're g..
The heavenly touch of your embrace
tells me no one can take your place
ever in
my heart
young love,
first love
filled with
don't ever be a man.
love, our love...
Probably getting old
enough for a real drink.
No thanks.
What should I do?
Two days.
Where the hell is he?
I think wait.
Just wait a while.
God damn it.
There's too much
pressure on him.
Is he buying
something, selling...
Just... just doesn't make sense
him gone this long.
What do you
think's going on?
Just wait for now.
You should go
close your eyes.
That's a long trip
to the hospital?
How is momma?
It's sweet of you to go
visit her so much lately.
I'd like to see her too.
We could even move
her back in, right?
We'd have the money to build
her brace wires here now, no?
He wouldn't like that.
So I don't want to be
held to what I just said.
Boy or girl?
Funny, why?
I know that's what you want.