Young Royals Forever (2024) Movie Script

[excited chatter]
[Nathalie] Before season one was released,
you said, "There will be three seasons."
- [Omar] What?
- Yeah, she said that.
- [Omar] How did you know?
- [Nikita] I had a gut feeling.
[piano music playing]
- You were sure there'd be a second one.
- [Omar] Yeah.
- I was sure there'd be a third.
- [Edvin] Yeah.
[groans] No!
I feel a sense of gratitude when filming,
every time we come here.
Because, you know, it's like the last.
Let's make a Young Royals movie
in five years.
- [Samuel] Five years?
- Or in two.
- [Samuel] In two years?
- In three years, then.
- [Edvin] A Young Royals class reunion.
- Yeah.
Don't you think Simon
and Wille end up together?
- I hope they die.
- [laughs]
Any ending feels strange
because it's not really
their end, somehow.
- [Edvin] Yeah, right.
- I feel like, "What next?"
- [Edvin] It's about when we hand it over.
- [Omar] Yeah. When we leave them.
When do we hand the baton over
to the imagination of the audience?
The character exists somewhere.
- But... they just won't see it anymore.
- [Samuel] Right.
It was a beautiful story
told over three seasons,
and it ends on a note of love.
- Yeah.
- [Edvin] That would be nice.
[Samuel] I'm nervous
I won't feel that way when I read it.
- [Edvin] Yeah?
- I hope I think, "This is goddamn great."
- What if we don't think it's good?
- Right.
No, we'll love it.
[bright, instrumental music playing]
[music fades]
[Edvin] We have a read-through today
of the first two episodes.
Everyone will get a feel of how it'll be.
I've never been this full of energy
before a season.
Before the first season,
you didn't know what you were doing.
And season two, we were really nervous
because we had season one behind us.
Now it's like, "Let's go."
- [Fabian] Hey!
- [Edvin] Hi.
[both chuckle]
[Edvin] I know it'll be
a really sad last week.
I can see it so clearly.
But right now, I'm just really happy.
- [Edvin] Hey, pop star.
- Hey.
[Edvin] But of course,
it's a bit bittersweet.
- Hey, gang.
- [Edvin] How have you been?
- How's school?
- I'm good.
[Edvin] It's fun.
It's always like a school reunion.
- Hi, man.
- How are you?
[Martin] We truly have the sweetest cast.
[Edvin] You're viral.
- Have you seen that?
- [Frida] No.
They are like one big class.
- My guys.
- [chuckles]
[Martin] They're so kind to each other
and to everyone around them.
And maybe that's
why it's become a bit special.
[Samuel] I wore these
when we were at the spa.
It's our last season.
Of course that's special.
[Lisa] It's an ending.
- [Martin] Hello, everyone.
- [Lisa] Welcome, all of you.
- For the last season of Young Royals.
- Season three.
- [group cheers]
- [dramatic music playing]
All the storylines need
to be tied together so no one wonders,
"What happened here?"
Then there's the personal aspect.
That we've been together for so long,
and everyone gets so close.
Three years. That's as long
as being at high school together.
- [Martin] We're graduating.
- We're graduating.
It's so freaking crazy.
We'll never work together again
at the same time.
I mean, we'll collaborate
on different projects.
But that's sad.
[Lisa] Okay, let's go.
Episode one, season three.
[group cheers]
[Lisa] Interior, the castle.
The queen's office.
[Edvin] It's fun that Wilhelm
wears more color this season.
[woman] That's really nice.
You never saw that last season.
A bright pink knitted sweater.
[woman] No.
[Edvin] Based on
what we've talked about before,
it feels like it could be
an incredibly strong season,
based on how these characters
have developed
and, tonally, where we end up.
This gets exciting.
[bright music playing]
[excited chatter]
[Lisa] When I thought we'd get one season,
it was like the end of the first season
was the end of the whole thing.
Was it?
Yeah. "If I just get to be
with Simon, the rest will come."
- "Then I'll handle this role."
- Yeah.
"How will I, though?"
Is Simon the problem?
- Yeah.
- Is your queerness the problem?
Or is something else the problem?
[Omar] Mm, mm.
And I'm so excited
to tell that story. [laughs]
[Edvin] We've been through a lot,
and we share an experience.
Like being in the public eye.
[woman 1] Zoom in on...
- [group laughing]
- [gasps playfully]
[Edvin] But the people in this group
are also some of my closest friends.
- [Nathalie] Amazing camerawork.
- [Nikita] Straight to Fabian.
[indistinct chatter]
[Nikita] Yeah, that's it.
We've been filming for three years.
We're all very close.
It's like a little family.
And then we'll go our separate ways.
[laughing] That sounds terrible
when you say it.
I don't know what they're saying,
but I'm definitely not leaving them.
[Malte] I haven't really had
time to process everything yet.
- [plays high note]
- [chuckles]
It's just fun to come back and work
with all of these great people again.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [Jerry] Yes! Okay, everyone.
The cast is ready, so I want everyone
to get into their respective cars,
and we'll start.
[indistinct chatter continues]
- [door shuts]
- [man on radio] Edvin.
Could you straighten out
your jacket a bit, please?
- Uh-huh.
- No.
Should I wear glasses at the beginning?
[man 2] You can, but then take them off.
[woman 1] Slate 120, take one.
- [man 3] Mark.
- [woman 1] Thank you.
- [woman shouting]
- [man 4] Should we wait?
- [Marall, Edvin] Oh!
- [woman 2] Edvin!
[man 4] Now they're running
behind us and waving.
- [Marall] Wow. Oh my God. How do you deal...
- [chuckles]
- [man 4] Wow.
- [Marall] How do you deal with that?
[man 4] Okay.
I got scared.
- [Marall] I thought...
- [man 4] What happened?
There were fans outside, screaming.
- [Marall] Wow.
- [man 4] Oh, fuck.
[bright music playing]
[Edvin] Last year, someone drove up
from Germany with their mom.
Yesterday I saw someone around here
from Denmark.
I think that's where she was from.
I don't know.
I'm coming, Niklas.
[indistinct chatter]
We've become symbols of something.
We all have.
[announcer, in Swedish]
Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg!
[Edvin, in English] The story
means something to people.
- It's huge. It's as powerful as it gets.
- [crowd cheering]
- It's as powerful as it can get.
- [woman] Young Royals!
- I want to thank you, Omar. Thank you.
- And I want to thank you, Edvin.
- We've done an amazing job, we must admit.
- Yeah. Yeah.
Lots of fans have written that
they've gained courage thanks to Royals,
and they've come out to their parents.
Young Royals portrays homosexual love
as genuine love,
without focusing on the sexual aspect
at all.
And I think
that's helped a lot of young people.
To see two young guys in love,
without taking pills and having sex.
And we've shown that it's possible
to do this from Sweden,
and that it's possible
to touch people all over the world.
In countries that are oppressed.
It's one of the biggest things
I've been a part of, I think.
[Nikita] There's
a huge recognition factor.
There are all kinds of ethnicities.
Different sexualities.
Everyone gets to explore,
and we discuss real teenage issues.
You know, people feel awful as teenagers,
and now we actually get
to address that subject properly.
[Lisa] Some of the reactions
from viewers that have struck me the most
are older people who didn't get
to realize their teenage crushes
due to the oppression they faced.
You know what I mean?
They couldn't be with the person they were
in love with when they went to school.
But now, thanks to our show,
they have felt that they've been able
to live out that dream
through Young Royals.
[energetic music playing]
[Edvin] It was unthinkable
when we filmed the first season
that it would become what it's become.
Now we're hanging out here,
and people come from all over the world
just to see the castle.
[woman] Uh, we're from Belgium.
From Antwerp.
Um, so yeah.
- [both laugh]
- We came all the way here.
We're just visiting the... the castle.
It's nice to see the set in real life.
- Yes.
- It's not just fictional now.
- [chuckles]
- [Yara] Yes.
[Edvin] Omar and I have talked.
'Cause he claims that he knew
from the beginning. [chuckles]
But I don't believe that.
[Omar] The first time I read it,
I thought, "This will 100% be big."
I just knew it.
That's why I panicked
and really wanted the part. [chuckles]
Ever since I heard
it was a new youth series for Netflix
about a prince
falling in love with a guy, I just...
[Lisa laughs]
"How? How... how do I get in on that?"
- [Lisa] And you got in.
- Yeah.
- [upbeat music playing]
- [laughs]
[exclaims] What?
[laughs] This is insane!
Okay. Play.
[Edvin sighs]
- Hey.
- Hey.
This is totally insane.
We had talked for two seconds.
I'm not kidding.
Omar ran in and said,
"Hey. Omar." "Hi. Edvin."
"Okay, let's get going."
No time to say hi or anything
because I was five minutes late.
I want you to delete our messages.
The nice thing is you can see
how comfortable we are with each other.
Why? What do you mean?
We'd only known each other
a couple of seconds.
[Omar] And then I noticed
how awesome Edvin was.
He was laying on my lap,
fiddling with my hair.
I immediately felt that
this was the guy who will get the role.
So I really have to deliver, you know?
You can see when I start to improvise
and lean over on him and things.
You can see how he gets triggered
by it and carries on.
[Rojda] Edvin was the one we picked first.
Hey. My name is Edvin Ryding.
I'm 17 years old, six-foot tall.
[Rojda] He was a good fit
with what I wanted to do with this series.
He had a warmth
that gave the character something extra.
- [Rojda] Okay. Thanks very much.
- Thank you.
[Rojda] I always wanted
to work with contrasts.
I thought, "Rich people also have zits."
"Does the popular girl
need to be blond and bubbly,
the way we're used to seeing her?"
"Or can she be something different?"
[Rojda] Look front. There.
It's so weird.
This was 2020.
Oh, I was so nervous as well.
Tiny baby.
Does the bad guy, "August"...
My name is Malte Myrenberg Grdinger,
and I'm 19 years old.
Does he need to be so controlled
and look the way we're used to seeing him?
Malte had big, curly hair
down to his waist.
He was wearing big earrings.
Privately, he's a very soft person,
and this character is quite hard.
Malte's hair was so long.
Known each other since we were kids.
Yes, we're related,
and I'm your boyfriend.
That shouldn't be a factor, right?
[Rojda] All five actors are different
from the characters they play.
So none of them have been typecast.
I was nervous. Listen to my voice.
If you get someone who can fix it, maybe...
Simon was the character
who mainly started here but ended up here.
Hi there.
My name is Omar Rudberg, and I'm 5 foot 8.
He was really meant to be
quite a big, robust, down-to-earth person.
Then, when we ran into Omar,
and he was
a completely different type of character,
it really became like, "What?"
So we had to rethink
and rewrite the script
so that he became
a different sort of character.
[Rodja] And you can look at each other.
They moved in a way that was so natural,
even though they didn't know each other.
And ahead.
And that's not usual for two guys
to be so comfortable in their own bodies
and with each other.
I knew right away when I saw them together
that this was the couple
we were going to work with.
- [Rodja] Thank you.
- [guys laugh]
My story was a bit different
because I came in much later.
My name is Frida.
I'm 20 years old, and I live in Stockholm.
[Frida] I was really hoping
I'd get this part.
I didn't know that it was Netflix.
I didn't know anything.
I only knew about this character,
Sara, and that I loved her.
I thought, "She is me. She's mine."
I think it's great here.
But then I didn't get it,
and I got extremely upset.
So I thought it wasn't meant to be.
"I'll just move on
and continue my life here in Barcelona."
Then, three months later,
the producer called in a panic and said,
"Hi. What are you doing?
Can you come to Sweden?" [laughs]
And now I'm here.
And it's the best decision
I've made in my life.
[Omar] Whoa!
Do that again.
[Nils] You knew the first...
We're all in this together
- [Mimmi] You do it like this.
- You are the music in me
[group laughs]
That's right.
[Samuel] Hi. This is fun.
[Omar] We are doing
a documentary about Young Royals.
Who can do it better?
Me or you?
[Samuel] That's cool.
[group exclaims]
[all laugh]
[Omar] This is what you do
when you shoot study scenes.
You don't just sit around.
You work hard here.
[Lisa] Today we're filming a scene
where August,
who promised to absolutely not talk
to Wille or Simon,
can't resist asking Simon how he's doing.
The result is
that Wille flips out at August,
and they end up in a small,
I suppose you can say, fight
inside the library.
[Edvin] Because we've been doing this
for so long
and we've done three seasons now,
we know these characters
incredibly, incredibly well.
- [Julia] Back up a few steps.
- Yep.
I live with this character
in a way now that's fascinating.
He kind of lives under my skin,
and he probably will
for quite a long time.
[Edvin] Set!
[Julia] And action!
[Omar] In Royals,
we do a lot of improvisation
to make it feel authentic.
Because this is how you talk
when you're 16 years old.
[Julia] Take down that big sign.
[Omar] I know how Simon would say things.
- [Edvin] Omar.
- [Julia] Start again.
[Omar] It might not be in the script.
I know where I'm going.
I know roughly what he says.
I go with that. Then it just comes out.
I could test pushing it a bit more, maybe.
In season one, I did a big mapping out
of who Wilhelm was and is,
what his dreams are.
And that gets bigger as we go on.
I was 17,
and Rojda came, took me by the hand,
and showed me what it means to be brave.
She created a totally safe environment
because all the actors were so different
in terms of experience.
I had to gain their trust
so they could dare to open up to me.
In season one,
Wille and August are peeing.
I wanted them
to connect to each other emotionally,
but we didn't quite get there.
We broke for a few minutes,
and Malte came up to me and said,
"You know, sometimes
when I'm frustrated, I just scream."
And I was like, "Yes."
[Rojda] I said, "Let's try it.
We don't have to use it."
And that's exactly what we used.
That was his impulse.
[guys scream]
[Malte] I really think
that kind of thing made you go like,
"Wow. I can come up with something
and contribute something real somehow."
[bright music playing]
[Malte] But it was also freedom
and a sense of trust.
Because we were also quite young.
And she still respected us in that way.
[Edvin] Sometimes I throw things in.
It could be a line or a random action.
Sometimes it's like,
"Yes! There's Wilhelm."
It's pretty cool when you do that.
That's nice. When you stand there,
looking at him before you get going.
[Edvin] You want that?
Yes, that was nice when I looked at it.
[Edvin] All right.
[woman] Quiet on set! Rolling!
[Edvin] The most Method I do is create
playlists for all the characters I play.
Regardless of the project.
So now Wilhem has three playlists.
They're quite different from each other.
You can listen to them and see
how he's changed from season to season.
You are not the king yet.
- [Julia] Cut!
- Badass!
- That was nice.
- [both exclaim]
[energetic music playing]
- [music ends]
- [Omar] All right.
- We're reading the last episode now.
- [Felicia] Let's go, then.
- Shit. I'm nervous.
- The last.
I haven't read the fifth.
I have to read it now.
[Nikita] We're reading
through the last episode now.
I do have my suspicions.
I know what I hope will happen.
But then, you never know what
that little trickster will come up with.
[Lisa] It's very exciting to see
what the actors say when they read it.
If something feels off,
that's when it'll come out.
[Martin] They care about their characters
and want things to turn out
as well as possible for them.
So of course, they were nervous.
- It's exciting to see what happens.
- Yeah.
- I'm a bit nervous.
- Yeah. I'm a little nervous too.
- Come on.
- We're ready.
[Fabian] Yeah.
- [woman] Should we start?
- [Lisa] Yes. Everyone's here.
Okay, guys.
Now we're going to read
the final episode ever of Young Royals.
[group cheers]
[Lisa] A little recap.
Simon has somehow retreated into himself
after the stone came through the window.
He has kind of accepted
these new conditions,
that he must step back
to avoid unnecessary danger
to himself or his family.
And at the end of episode five,
they basically break up.
Meanwhile, at school, the third years
have regained their privileges.
So they'll have
their student dinner at the school
and are really excited about that.
At the same time,
August thinks that Sara's come back
and that there's a chance for them.
And Felice has finally started
to say hi to Sara
when the others aren't really looking.
Let's go.
First page.
Okay. [clears throat]
[Lisa] So, I feel
huge pressure to finish this
in the most wonderful and amazing
and the most heartbreaking way possible.
[Nikita] "Fredrika saw you with August."
- "What?"
- "At the dinner. You were making out."
[Lisa] If they don't believe
anything I've written,
it's going to feel pretty tough.
The ending is
absolutely the most important part.
They should feel like, "Wow!"
"I got an ending
with my character with this moment."
[Frida] "No, August."
"You and me, it's over."
"I can't stop feeling
what I feel for you."
[Lisa] "Sara kisses him softly.
A farewell kiss."
"This feels more like a funeral
than a graduation."
[Lisa] I had really decided
that I wouldn't be moved
or get nostalgic or start crying.
But when I hear their voices reading
the story that we fought so hard to tell...
"I don't mean to upset you, Mom."
- "That's the last thing I want."
- [sniffles] Sorry.
[Lisa] At that point, I was very moved.
Uh, "Exterior..."
[Lisa] It was an immediate reaction
to everything we've been through.
"Instead of the old classic,
some start singing Simon's song."
"Some confusion
before everybody joins in."
"Wille looks over at Simon."
"Simon is moved."
"What he's done has meant something
to the students here."
[Lisa] How will Wille handle
the dilemma he's faced with?
Which is, "Can I be both the crown prince
and have a boyfriend?"
"Can I be free but still be in this role?"
And what we're saying
is that it actually doesn't work.
[Edvin] "It's just handed to us.
No one has chosen."
"Not the people.
Not you. Not me. None of us."
"In the back seat,
Wille looks at Simon and takes his hand."
"Simon rolls down the window.
The wind blows through their hair."
"Simon starts singing along."
"Felice and Sara join in."
"Wille is enjoying the moment,
looks at Simon,
then straight ahead, into the camera."
"And then he looks away."
Yes. The heroes.
[group laughs]
[Omar grunts]
[Lisa] That's how we say goodbye
to everyone.
[Nikita] I think
it's a really dignified ending.
It feels good for everyone.
[Omar] One thing
I really like about this whole ending
is how he talks to his mom
about not having a choice.
And it says so much about people
who are just themselves.
Who don't choose, but just are...
I don't know.
It felt like it said so much more
than he shouldn't be a prince.
It was much broader than that.
[Lisa] That's where we've been heading
all along.
It's nice with the gaze,
the last one, that he looks away.
Yeah, I was thinking that we need
to do something else with the gaze.
Of course, we can end on a gaze
straight into the camera as well.
But there's something about
just being in the moment with them.
[Samuel] Hmm.
We've built a series where many of you
have invested a lot in these characters,
and I know that in this season
a lot happens
that challenges who they really are.
And that may take away
some of the good image
that some of the characters have gotten.
We leave them
in a place that is still calm...
God. It sounds like they're dying,
but they can rest in peace.
[group laughs]
[Lisa] The saddest one is actually August.
- [Malte] Yeah, but...
- It's so damn sad.
I'm not going to feel great
in that position.
- But... that's also something.
- [Lisa] No.
This is going to be heartbreaking.
You know?
Hope you survive, guys.
Just saying.
- That was awesome.
- [Lisa] You guys are the best.
At one point
before the ending, just in the middle,
I felt like a lump in my throat.
I was like,
"No, I shouldn't. I shouldn't."
Then the end came, and I was just,
"I will." [laughs]
We can get a croissant
In the South of France
Yeah, we could get away
For the weekend
We could do a little dance
Out in the Hamptons
Go to bed late and sleep
[Nils] The downside to rehearsing
is you get exhausted,
but the best things come
during the rehearsals.
So now we only have crap left. [laughs]
- [excited chatter]
- Hey! Stop it!
See you coming closer
Move it on top
I'm a bitch, I'm a boss
- I'm a bitch, I'm a boss
- [Nikita] Kiss, kiss.
Bye-bye! [giggles]
She's back. Sara's first day at school.
[man] Okay. Let's try the marks.
[Frida] I was thinking about the fact
that I'm never going to see Sara
or these characters again.
So that was a really sad realization.
I guess I've been
in denial that it's the end, so...
I'll be incredibly sad on the last day.
[Nils] I'll come here.
[Jerry] When you hear them,
go to your mark.
You can say it on the way.
- So you don't say it over there.
- Yeah.
[Jerry] When Vincent looks up
at you, you start walking.
- Okay.
- [Jerry] So he gives you your cue.
Got it.
[Frida] She's not
in the first two episodes as much.
And that was,
of course, disappointing at first.
Because I want to be in it
as much as possible for the final season.
But now, I'm just so happy about it
because it builds up incredibly well
for when Sara does come back to school.
[Samuel] The Nationals
is a totally exhausting day.
[Frida] August has been
one of my favorite characters.
Let's listen.
[Frida] What will happen
with August afterwards?
- [quietly] They're not saying anything.
- [woman] Now we need our actors in place.
Am I needed?
I'm not in the shot, right? No.
I want to think that it goes well for him.
That he pulls himself together
and talks to a psychologist.
I would like him to do that.
I don't know if I can do this.
Come on.
[exhales deeply]
It'll be okay.
[breathing shakily]
[sighs heavily]
- Yeah.
- You good?
Some acting. [laughs]
[woman] Scene 406, slate 719, take one.
Shoud I start on "action"?
No? Okay. [chuckles]
[man] And action!
- [birds singing]
- [indistinct chatter in distance]
[Edvin] Like this.
[gate rattles]
Edvin's trying to impress,
and he hits the ball right in the woods.
[Edvin] In the woods?
[Rebecka] Edvin?
[Edvin] Yes?
[Rebecka] Hair dyeing!
- What?
- [Rebecka] Hair dyeing!
- Dye my hair?
- [Rebecka] Yeah!
- Okay!
- [Samuel] You're dyeing your hair?
[Edvin] Yep.
Right, girls. Thanks for a good game.
- It was nice to leave the kids a while.
- Yes.
Mwah, mwah.
- See you Sunday.
- Yes, darling.
Mwah, mwah.
You have fun.
[Samuel] Coming to the sewing circle?
- Yeah, of course.
- [Samuel] Lovely.
- [Nils] Great.
- [Samuel] Kisses.
[Edvin] I'll leave my racket here.
Is that okay?
Yeah, no one's using these till tomorrow.
It was exactly like this in 2008.
How do you think it was
for me in Torekov, summer of '06?
- Huh? Statute of limitations!
- Let him go.
- 2008, that's years ago.
- Let's keep playing.
[under breath] You bitch.
Have fun.
- [Samuel] I want a divorce.
- [Edvin] Jeez.
Damn you!
You're bad at padel tennis too!
- [guys grunt]
- [ball bounces]
- [Omar] What are you up to?
- [Edvin] Dyeing my hair.
I can see that. But why?
He's getting a bit too blond.
- What? Naturally blond?
- [Rebecka] Mm-hmm.
- I've always dyed my hair, Omar.
- Oh.
- Since season one.
- [Rebecka] Mm.
- You didn't know? [laughs]
- I haven't thought about it.
- Are you blonder? Really?
- [Edvin] Yeah.
- [Rebecka] He had really...
- But your eyebrows aren't that blond.
They're as dark as mine.
I had a period when I colored them a lot.
I think that's why.
- [Omar] What? Shit. That's crazy.
- There's a lot you don't know about me.
- Ah, you're a big fake.
- [Edvin] You've got stylish glasses.
- Thank you.
- [Edvin] Sure.
- Thank you too.
- Well, they're really crooked.
I took them from Evelina.
When are you due on set?
Not for a while, right?
Not until after lunch. Same as you.
We're doing two scenes
this afternoon, right?
[Rebecka] Yep.
- Yep?
- [Rebecka] Mm.
Why do you trust me to know all of this?
I mean, I do. But why do you trust me to?
Because you're an actor.
[Edvin] Aren't you?
[Omar] Sometimes.
Simon and Wilhelm are talking
about the monarchy.
And if Simon is against the monarchy.
And what Wilhelm
thinks is good about the monarchy.
And they've never talked
about anything that serious before.
[Edvin] It's a very clear scene
showing the difference between them.
[Omar] But somehow,
they understand each other.
Yeah, exactly.
That's what defines the whole series.
- Can they be together?
- [Omar] Yeah.
We don't exactly read
the script word for word
because it can sound... [inhales sharply]
...very scripted sometimes.
So we work a lot on saying it
how we ourselves would say it.
Okay, shall we try it? Read it.
[Edvin] You begin with,
"Hey. I feel that..."
[Omar] Wait.
This is a completely different scene.
- Hmm?
- Are we doing this one as well?
- We have two today?
- [Edvin] Mm.
- I was thinking about the other one.
- Mm.
- I haven't really studied that one.
- You know the other one?
- Try the other one.
- Okay.
You didn't answer Vincent's question.
Are you against the monarchy?
[clicks tongue]
Well, I'm not...
a monarchist
or whatever the hell it's called.
- Royalist.
- Royalist.
- Is that there?
- Yeah.
Yeah. I mean, I'm not exactly a royalist.
So you wanna overthrow me?
- "So you want..."
- "To overthrow me."
"Support me."
- You say that?
- Yeah.
"You want to support me"?
I don't remember that.
- No, "throw."
- "Overthrow"?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I can't remember.
"I can like you
and be against the system."
[Omar] That's right.
I can like you and be against the system.
I know what I'm saying after this,
but I'm not exactly sure how to say it.
But it's something along the lines of,
"But it doesn't need
to be someone born into it."
No? Fuck.
- I don't remember what's next.
- [Edvin] "It unites the people." Like...
That's it. Fuck.
"Unites the people."
That sounds like Jan-Olof.
I'm just saying
that I can see how it makes you feel.
- That's my last line.
- [energetic music playing]
You never answered Vincent's question.
I'm not really a royalist.
Start it up
[music fades]
[Edvin] Rebecka, is my hair a bit wide?
You know?
- [Samuel] My hair is wide too.
- It's perfect.
- It's square.
- Yeah.
- [Edvin] Yeah. Very wide.
- [group laughs]
But my hair feels wide today.
I can't explain it any other way.
It's a bit
like this.
But it's supposed to be like that.
- Hi, honey.
- Yeah, my dear?
- Right? Do we start with that?
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
- Do that.
- Let's see.
- [Edvin] Yeah.
[Nikita] Is your hair a bit browner?
They just dyed it.
- [Samuel] Yes.
- Yep.
- It is.
- Yeah.
- And I'm the one doing it every time.
- [laughs]
- [woman 1] Slate 73, take two.
- [clapperboard]
- [gasps]
- [woman 2] No.
[Edvin] Come on, please.
[group laughs]
[Edvin] Damn it.
[woman 1] Where you gonna put it?
- Stay there, where you belong, Prince.
- [laughs]
- Damn it.
- Your suit.
[group laughs]
[woman 1] Here.
[voice echoing] Cut!
[Linna] Stay and say it,
and then fumble afterwards.
- So it's not in the middle of it.
- [Omar] No.
It's not the line that makes you collide.
It's you looking at each other.
[sighs] Are you really over me?
What the hell do you think?
[both laugh]
- [humming ballad]
- [laughs]
[energetic music playing]
[Edvin] I think that Omar and I have grown
alongside Simon and Wilhelm.
If you compare
how we approach intimate scenes today
with how we did it in the first season,
it's really
two completely different things.
[Omar] The first time was really weird
because we didn't know each other
that well.
We had to enter into this world
where we had to be intimate
with each other.
We were both really nervous.
It was awkward.
I almost had a panic attack
the first time we were standing there,
knowing that we were gonna kiss.
It was so weird.
But it got easier and easier.
Season two was difficult
'cause we had done it once.
Then a long time had passed,
and we became really close friends.
But we had to go back to being intimate
and having that special chemistry again.
It was strange 'cause we were really pals.
But in season three,
it feels really relaxed.
Something super, super special
and unique for me in the series?
- The moments they have of touch.
- Yeah.
[Luca] The intimacy that they built,
when I was watching the show,
I felt like I was there
and I was falling in love.
Like, my stomach would twist.
I would...
They'd touch, and I would like, "Aah!"
- Or the way that they look at each other.
- [Marina] Look at each other.
All of that makes it super special,
for sure.
- Mm.
- Yeah, yeah.
[man] Quiet on set. Rolling.
Some scenes can require
more choreography than others.
[Edvin] Have we said "action"?
[woman] And action!
[Omar] Everything you see
in that scene was choreographed.
We know where to stop. Which wall.
Which items of clothing to take off,
how we continue walking.
The next wall. Stopping there.
Then we walk, open the door, walk in.
That scene was really hard.
We clashed teeth once, like...
And then, "Ah, fuck!"
And then you just carry on.
So a scene like that is really difficult
compared to a kissing scene,
where we just kiss each other.
it really depends.
[Uno] Were you recognized a lot
when out in New York?
[Edvin] Yeah.
- [Uno] Weird.
- It's so crazy.
- In Times Square, for example.
- What?
[Edvin] I'll pull up a clip.
This one...
[fans cheering on phone]
[Edvin] This was one of the few times
when I really felt
a concrete example of people watching.
[Uno] Hmm.
Oh my God!
- [crowd clamoring]
- [man 1] Oh my God! Oh my God!
- Oh my God!
- [man 2] Oh shit!
[fans scream]
[Fabian] Did you think it was scary
or just fun?
No, it was a bit uncomfortable.
It was like being thrown into a world
that I've only seen from a distance.
[Fabian] I get it.
- It feels like a fever dream.
- Yeah?
[Omar] All right, guys.
[Edvin] I was lucky to have Omar there.
We were lucky to have each other.
'Cause if I was on my own,
I probably would've collapsed.
[Omar] Bye, guys!
[crowd applauds and cheers]
[Omar] Wow, how crazy
that this is happening
and that it was in the USA.
There were like 300 people
screaming our names outside Jimmy Fallon.
And there was paparazzi and guards.
It was like, "Wow. What is happening?"
It was a crazy experience.
This is how nervous we were.
Here's Omar trying to paint his nails.
[Fabian] That's so funny.
[Edvin laughs] That's so fuckin' funny.
- [chuckles]
- [laughter on video]
[Omar] Okay, focus.
[Edvin] All of the people I admire sat
on that couch.
It was so surreal.
Then when we were leaving,
there were eight bodyguards
ushering us through a sea of people.
Of course it was a lot of fun,
but... it was scary.
I don't think I understood
what was happening until...
- Until...
- [Fabian] Until you saw pictures?
[Edvin] Yeah.
There's a funny... Oh. Here it is.
That's crazy.
This is what I looked like
when I left. [chuckles]
- I look terrified.
- [Fabian] Yeah, but happy.
[Edvin] But, like...
- [Uno] That's your first paparazzi...
- Yeah.
- [Fabian] Yeah, it is.
- Yeah, it actually is. That's funny.
[Edvin] I don't know if people realize it,
but it's so rare to meet a group of people
that you can have so much fun with.
All of us clicked in season one.
And we hadn't experienced a lot then.
[Edvin] Why are there so many mosquitos?
In three years,
I've never seen this many mosquitos.
You're never here in the summer.
This is really the most important scene
we're going to do.
The final scene in the whole series.
[Omar] Wille abandons the crown,
and then he runs towards Simon
and tells him he's quit.
- Simon has never been the problem.
- No.
- It's this role. It's this system.
- The role.
- Exactly.
- It's always been like that.
- Right.
- Not, "It's always been like that."
- Then I think it's about the system.
- [Edvin] No, right.
- "It's been that all along. The problem."
- [Edvin] Yeah.
[Lisa] This is
the buildup of three seasons,
that he gets to this endpoint.
A total realization that,
"I'm not going to do this."
[Frida] "Lock up
your sons tonight, buddy."
"Here are the girls
from the science study."
- It's kind of funny.
- [group chuckles]
But what about the boys?
[woman 1] Quiet, rolling!
- Quiet, please!
- [woman 2] Slate 885. Okay.
Go ahead. Begin.
[Edvin] It's not about Simon.
It's this role.
It's always been this role
that's been the problem.
- [Edvin] Is it okay if I turn away?
- Yes, we can see him there.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- You're just, "And I'm there."
Everything becomes obvious,
and then everything just falls into place.
Yeah, it's like... That's right.
It's such a crazy, crazy ending.
What if I don't want it?
- [Pernilla] Please, not today.
- I don't want to make you upset, Mom. I'm...
That's the last thing I want.
Cut. Oh, that's nice.
- [Pernilla] Thank you.
- Bravo.
That looks great.
[Edvin] High knees, high knees,
High knees. And touch the ground.
- Touch the ground.
- [Nikita] Start the lawnmower.
[Omar] We're discussing
how long we should wait
after we've filmed Young Royals...
How long we should wait
to shoot something together again.
Are we going to play enemies
or not enemies?
[Lisa] Yeah. 100% enemies.
[Omar] The viewers will think
that everything is going to hell.
[Frida] Spoiler.
- Haven't you read it?
- [Nikita] Yes.
- We're joking.
- [Omar] Right.
"And scene."
- No, I'm kidding.
- I can't be in this scene.
I don't wanna know what happens to them.
- Fuck.
- Yeah. Come on, please...
[Linna] Look into the camera.
It's like that now.
- [grunts]
- [Linna] That's nice.
- Then you have differences.
- No, wait.
- Like this. I'll hug you like this.
- [Edvin] Okay.
- [Linna] Should we go?
- [Lisa] Yes.
[Lisa] This is the last time we see Wille
and Simon kiss each other
after going through hell
for three seasons.
And when we stand out there
on that beautiful road,
and summer is just vibrating around us,
and everyone knows that this is one
of the final images for the series,
it becomes very powerful.
[Linna] And action!
Are you sure you're over me?
What the hell do you think?
[dramatic orchestral music playing]
[Omar sniffles]
[music swells]
[Linna] Keep going.
[Frida] You coming with us?
[Omar] Yeah.
[Edvin] Yeah.
[Linna] Cut!
So damn beautiful. Oh, you're great.
- [Omar] Was it okay?
- Cut it out. It's so great. [laughs]
[exhales deeply]
[Linna] Thanks for today, everyone.
- [group applauds]
- [Omar] Mm.
This is fuckin' crazy. [grunts]
[sighs] I'm sad for real.
Goodbye. Go away!
You have no comments
on the... the... the subject?
- No.
- None at all?
- I don't know the fucking subject.
- But, sir.
Sir, we've been searching
for you for some time now.
- Nah, this interview's fuckin' over.
- Okay.
[group chattering and laughing]
It's not easy sometimes.
[engine starts]
Goodbye, my people!
[energetic music playing]
Serve, serve
I give it a serve
Serve, serve
[Fabian] This is good.
Okay, tricks now. No!
- Damn!
- [song ends]
- [woman] Oh, shit!
- You okay?
[Malte] Stop it! It's murder!
[Edvin] Oh my God!
- [laughs]
- It'll run out.
[woman] Ha! Not me.
Welcome back to another day
at Young Royals. [chuckles]
[drill whirring]
[Omar] They're tearing everything down.
Sad to see.
It's actually coming to an end.
- [Linna] Cut!
- [woman] Cut! Thank you!
[Frida] It was such a cool scene
to end with.
- [Nikita] Yeah, it did.
- [Frida] That they're in love again.
Like they were in season one,
when they were like this...
[both] Ah.
[Frida] With those puppy eyes.
[Lisa] You think
that they'll end up together,
but they won't.
So that's gotta be the feeling.
That's the good note we're ending on.
Friendship prevails,
and then you realize that it's those four.
And now they're leaving.
[indistinct chatter]
[Frida] I'm not really driving.
But I've insisted
that I should be in the car
because I don't want
to sit here alone when we say goodbye.
Whoo! Whoo.
So I'm gonna hide in the car.
I'm just trying
to hold back the tears now.
[Omar] We're gonna do the last thing
you'll all see of Young Royals
on screen in the series.
The very, very, very end.
That's what we're doing now.
[Omar] Mind your head.
Don't hit it!
There's another one. Watch out!
There are lots of wasps!
Right. Let's get the final shot
of the series.
- [Omar] I'm not in the first shot?
- [Linna] No.
[sarcastically] Nice. Nice. Nice.
[Linna] So, you know.
It's coming back.
[group chuckles softly]
[Linna] And action.
Cut. Awesome.
[Linna] Nice. In the can.
We just filmed
the absolute last shot of Young Royals.
Can you believe how crazy that is?
[indistinct, excited chatter]
[Edvin] We're going to complete
the running scene
that we filmed about a week ago.
But it's also Frida
and Nikita's final scene.
Hey, hey! [giggles]
- Hey.
- [both laugh]
[Nikita] She doesn't have her license,
so she can't drive.
Now our other Sara gets to drive the car.
- Jennifer!
- Aka, Jennifer.
[Edvin] After this, we're going
to film the scene at the beach.
That's the last thing we'll do.
Then we're... we're free.
[Edvin] Do I shout along the way?
- Like I did before?
- [Linna] As many times as you like.
Simon, Simon, Simon, Simon!
[Jerry] Quiet! Rolling! Camera!
[Jerry] We're waiting for the sun,
if anyone's wondering
what we're doing right now.
[Frida] You say goodbye to the characters
and everything about them.
[Linna] Ready?
[Edvin] Yep!
But I'm very happy about it too
because now these characters
can live their lives on their own.
[chuckling] And it doesn't have to be
so incredibly dramatic.
- [Jerry] Yes!
- [Linna] And action!
[Edvin] Simon!
[Frida] But...
it's sad.
- It's really sad.
- [Edvin] Simon... [panting]
[Frida] Because I won't get
to be Sara anymore, and I love Sara.
[Jerry] Cut. That's in the can.
- [group cheers]
- [Jerry] Thank you so much.
[bright instrumental music playing]
[Nikita crying]
They're waiting for us over there.
[Frida whines]
[Frida] So strange. So goddamn weird.
[whistling and cheering]
[Martin] Aww!
You're all so awesome.
Absolutely incredible.
Absolutely incredible.
[Frida sobbing]
[Martin] Look. What's this?
[group laughing]
A souvenir.
[Lisa] I love you.
You're so wonderful, you know that?
[Nikita] It's a beautiful ending.
We're leaving them with dignity.
But it's also very sad.
It's three years
that you've spent with someone.
[Frida] It's meant a lot.
To be the one that I know
would have meant a lot to me
as a young person with autism.
To see someone... [sniffles]
...with autism play that role.
[Nikita] Now it's over,
and we know this is how we leave them.
This is it.
It's a strange feeling,
but it's beautiful at the same time.
- [instrumental music fades]
- [tense music playing]
It feels like a bad movie that we have
to finish in this beautiful setting.
- Yes.
- Mm.
- A bit cheesy, you mean?
- Yeah. It's so damn cheesy.
- It's really beautiful.
- Yeah.
[woman] And you're sad and happy.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
- Mixed feelings.
- Mixed feelings. Exactly.
I'm afraid of what will happen
when I do take it all in.
Now I'm putting pressure on myself
to hold it together when it finally ends.
[both chuckle]
- It's not good.
- No.
[Edvin] Not good.
I don't know what to do. [grunts]
- We have to get back to work now.
- [Edvin] Get to work.
[woman grunts]
[Omar] I'm gonna be very sad now.
It just hit me that this is gonna end.
- [Linna] How do we put them?
- Here you go.
Damn it.
[inhales sharply]
[Omar] Young Royals
has changed my entire life
in a way that's completely insane.
[Linna] Okay. Let's go through it again.
And then the fairy tale finally ends.
[Linna] Hey.
Come here. This is your place.
[Omar] I'm not as sure
how things will be after this
as I was when I heard about this
for the first time.
I knew how good this could be.
I have no idea
how things will turn out after this.
No idea.
[Linna] This is the last part
of the scene.
- You just want me to break down again.
- [Linna] No.
I've learned what works.
- Yeah.
- [Linna] One last bit of dialogue.
[Edvin] Who starts?
Maybe it doesn't matter.
[Linna] It's nice if you do it.
Then he can do it later.
[Edvin] It's good
that it's only three seasons
because it tells
such a small part of their story.
A part where so much stuff happens.
[Linna] Do you just want to do a run
and see what happens?
- [Edvin] Mm-hmm.
- Yeah?
[Edvin] He's changed my life.
The show has changed my life.
I have to let go of Wilhelm,
but he'll always be there.
[Linna] And action.
How the hell can it be over between us?
Can't we just keep on fighting?
[softly] Wille...
[Edvin] It's not over for Wilhelm.
He doesn't die when we cut to black.
Their life carries on.
It's just that the audience
no longer gets to see it.
[Linna] Cut.
Damn, that was good.
Insane. Ah!
Amazing take.
You guys are absolutely incredible.
[Omar] Do I look fucked up?
It's because I am. [laughs]
[Jerry] Great work, everybody.
We are done with this scene.
We are done with 647.
Thank you, everybody.
For the final scene,
we'll change location.
[Linna] Somewhere here
is the first stumble.
[Omar] What could it be? Max, six takes?
[man] I don't think so, but...
[Omar] Two takes?
[man] Yeah. Maybe in each direction.
- So maybe four takes.
- Allegedly.
If we're lucky and it all goes well,
maybe five, six?
Then we're completely done.
[Jerry] Let's get ready, everyone!
Everyone, in position.
Quiet on set!
Rolling, please.
[woman] 1151, take one.
[Omar, in Swedish]
Days behind us, years gone by
They say all wounds
Will heal with time
[Linna, in English] And action.
[Omar, in Swedish]
I got hurt, I lost myself
I was lost before I found my way
What we had and who we were
I can't forget all the good we shared
[Edvin, in English]
I really am going to miss Young Royals.
A lot.
But now they have to do their thing
and be left alone with each other.
[Omar, in Swedish]
We were tested, we have fought
[both, in English] It's a wrap!
[Omar, in Swedish]
But what we were, we'll never forget
In the end, we may part ways...
[in English] You guys!
- You're so good.
- Did you bring wine?
Something I'll remember all my days
- [Martin] So lovely.
- [Lisa] Beautiful.
What we had, who we were
[Martin] Completely crazy.
[Omar] I can't forget
All the good we shared
[Martin] You are awesome.
It's been so much fun.
[Lisa sobbing]
[Omar] If you ask me about what stayed
[Lisa] This is a lot. Damn it.
[Omar] Hillerska will never fade
- [Martin] You're awesome.
- [applause]
- [Martin] It was beautiful.
- [song ends]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [birds singing]
Thank you for watching,
and thank you for all the love.
All these years.
See you.
- We love you.
- Take care of yourselves.
[Omar, in Swedish]
If you saw me here today
[Edvin, in English]
I want to say something
because if I don't, I'll regret it.
It's been three incredible years.
You are amazing, and I love you all.
I'm so happy
that I got to share this with you
and work with you.
I've loved it
on an artistic and creative level,
but I've also made a damn good friend
who's supported me throughout this chaos.
[crying] And I'm so grateful for that.
[sniffles] Mm.
[energetic music playing]
[music fades]