Young, Stalked, and Pregnant (2020) Movie Script

Yes, absolutely.
I'm just on the trail
ahead of you.
Yeah, it's the perfect activity
before the banquet.
No problem.
Not difficult at all.
But you know what I'm thinking?
We should line the path
with lights.
They'll give it
a more festive look.
Yeah. Donors love that stuff.
I'm sorry, what?
You're cutting out.
Hey, Chloe?
After all I've done for you,
you're what,
you're giving me 50 bucks?
So that's it?
What, just take this check
and get out of your life?
My daughter'll be here
in a couple of days
and she's gonna need
the room you're using.
- I'm so sorry, Casey.
- Your daughter hasn't
visited you in years.
You think she's gonna know
how to take care of you?
She'll clean your bed pan once
and run outta here
just like that.
What am I gonna do?
She's my daughter,
she wants to help.
I've been more of a daughter
to you than she has.
Come on, Burt.
Didn't you say
we're just like family?
I need for you to clear out
by the end of the week.
- Gimme my chair.
- Get it yourself.
Stop, stop!
My next check doesn't come
till the end of the month.
Your daughter can take care
of you, right?
Oh, and Burt?
Call the cops
and I'll put your daughter
in a wheelchair, too.
Does it look good?
- 1-8, can you believe that?
- No!
- All right, light those up.
- Oh, gosh!
Here we go... okay, we're good.
- Should we get her?
- Yeah, yeah, get her, get her.
Here we go... I think it's her.
She's coming... hey, uh, Audrey.
Hey, you mother would like
to speak to you real quick.
I would, yes.
- Happy birthday!
- Happy birthday!
Oh, our little girl's
officially an adult.
Shut up, Mom!
You better blow those candles
out, kiddo.
Well, we know
what you wished for.
Yes, but it's bad luck
to say it out loud.
Hey, any school would be
lucky to have you.
- Do you have time for a slice?
- I don't think so.
Sam should be here any minute.
He made reservations
at Suzanne's.
- Suzanne's? Oh my gosh.
- Well, well, my goodness.
Stop! You're so annoying!
Oh. That's him.
I should go.
- You have fun.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
- Thank you... save me a slice!
- We will...
- All right.
- 'Night.
- I can't believe it's happening.
- Our little girl is leaving.
- Well, not yet.
It just went by so fast.
She's a good kid.
You did right by her.
- We did.
- That's true.
Happy birthday!
I have something for you.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hm.
- What is it?
- Open it!
Ooh! How vintage!
It's all the songs
that remind me of you.
- Should we put it on?
- Yeah, come on.
I'm so excited to hear it.
- All right, you ready?
- You're the best, mm-hm.
- Ooh, very trippy.
- I knew you'd like it.
I love it.
Good 'cause I love
the birthday girl.
You know, we don't have
to go to Suzanne's.
I know it's expensive.
- We can go somewhere else.
- What?
No, I've been planning this
for months.
- We're going.
- Okay.
This has been
the best year of my life.
It's because of you.
Wait... isn't that supposed
to be my line?
Suzanne's, okay.
You're dating, like,
an actual man.
I know.
Oh, it was so romantic.
- I got in, I got in!
- Well, of course she got in,
she's gonna be valedictorian.
I don't know why
she's acting so surprised.
Don't be mean.
She's worked harder
than anyone we know.
- You still haven't heard?
- Nope.
What are you guys talking about?
Oh, you know,
just how our entire futures
are held in the hands
of these elite institutions
we all pray to be a part of.
Mm, yeah, not me,
it's community college or bust.
In two years, you're gonna
transfer to a great art school.
You'll see.
Well, as long as
I'm not too far from you,
I'll be happy.
So did they confirm the date?
Oh, that's fantastic!
And it would be ideal
if they could cater
the whole event.
Well, I could try, I mean...
all they can say is no, right?
Thanks, Chloe.
- Hi!
- Hey, Mrs. Collier,
- how's it going?
- It's going great, Sam.
- Bye.
- Bye.
See you later.
- Hi, honey.
- Hi!
- How was your day?
- It was pretty good.
I think it's gonna get better!
Really? What do you mean?
What do you have?
Give it to me!
- Hurry up!
- No, I'm nervous,
I don't wanna look!
"Dear Miss Collier:"
I'm delighted to inform you
that you have been admitted
"to the Class of 2024!"
- Yay, we get to celebrate!
- I know!
Oh, this is so exciting!
"In recent years,
nearly 10,000 students..."
This was going to happen,
honey, you knew that.
What we don't know
is where she'll wind up.
She was really excited.
She's going to Whittendale.
You'll deal with it.
You're young,
your whole life's ahead of you.
You'll have opportunities, too.
But I love her, Gram.
You just have to trust
it will all work out.
"I'm delighted to inform you
that you have been admitted
to the Class of 2024."
I'm so proud of you, sweetie,
this is fantastic.
Okay, where are
we gonna celebrate?
Gilbert's. How's that sound?
Yeah, that... that's fine.
Do you wanna go somewhere else?
I'm just worried about
how Sam's gonna take this.
He was really hoping
that the furthest I'd go
would be Berkeley.
That's too bad.
But you got into
your college of your dreams.
- You're going.
- I know.
- I just...
- Honey, we get it.
But this is what you wanted,
and you can't base
your life decisions
on your high school boyfriend.
I know. I know.
He'll be fine.
I knew this would happen.
Can't you just be
a little happy for me?
- I am, but Audrey, I...
- Sam, I love you, I do.
But I gotta go.
Can we just try to enjoy
the time we have left here?
I'll try.
I am proud of you.
You're the best person I know,
you deserve this.
Let's just...
try to live in the moment.
You know?
Problem solved.
Hi, Mom.
What, no welcome home for me?
It's been a while.
How are you?
I'm great, actually.
I'm glad to hear that.
What brings you to town?
Can't a girl just want to see
her mom and her son?
Sure, sure. Come in.
So tell me what's been going on.
I just finished a job.
Working for some creep
up the coast.
- Did it pay well?
- Not well enough.
Where's Sam?
School. It's his senior year.
I know that.
He'll be home soon, uh...
are you staying for dinner?
That a problem?
I just need to know
so I can take out more chicken.
I was actually hoping
I could stay a couple days.
Maybe a bit longer.
I'm just in between jobs, and...
it'd be nice
to catch up with Sam.
It's... just not a good idea.
The last time you were here,
well, it was hard on Sam.
You mean it was hard on you.
Look, there's a motel on Olive,
I know the owner,
I bet I can get a deal.
And you can still visit Sam
and spend time with him.
Mom, why do you have
to make this so difficult?
How much do you need?
I got a little saved
for Sam's college.
If you leave,
I'll give you half.
Must be nice,
having someone love you so much,
they save for your future.
Honey, you're the one
who dropped outta high school.
You're the one who took off
with your boyfriend.
It's not like you stopped me.
Casey, why are you really here?
Just tell me.
'Cause I'm... I'm feeling shaky
and I need my shot.
What shot?
I'm an old lady now, type 2.
- I'll get it.
- It's okay.
- Hey, Mom...
- I'll get it!
It's what I do.
Where's your kit?
In the kitchen on the counter.
But make sure you don't go over,
- it should just be 50 units.
- Mom, this is all I've been
doing for the past year,
I've got it.
Well, it's good to know
you've stuck with something.
For once.
So this is what you think of me?
Rather pay me off
than let me stay?
It's just too late
to change some things.
- No, you're giving me too...
- Shh.
You're giving me too much!
You're giv...
No... no...
I promise you, he just
has to get used to the idea.
Yeah, you're right.
I'm probably just stressing.
Well, stop.
My cramps are really bad today.
I hate when that happens.
I just can't remember
when I had my last period.
Wait, you don't think...
- Oh, God, I hope not.
- Stop, stop, stop,
it's probably just
track and stress
- and college...
- Yeah, you're right.
But we should probably get
a test on the way home.
Just in case.
- We probably should.
- Yeah, I mean...
but you'll be fine.
I'll be fine.
Hey, Gram, Gram, wake up.
- 911, what is your emergency?
- Uh, hey, I need some help.
I think the Night Sky program
should be the new
membership event.
- Oh, really?
- Yes. They sign up at the party
and then they get
these incredible perks
- for the rest of the year.
- Interesting.
- Oh, hold on one sec.
- Okay.
Hey, guys!
- Hi, Mom!
- Hey, Ms. C.
- You want a snack?
- I'm okay, thanks.
Well, how was your day?
Woo! Big paper due.
Take the second one
just to be sure.
- This can't be happening.
- Well, they can be wrong.
It's the same.
- Okay.
- What am I gonna do?
Okay, well, you have options.
- Oh my God, I'm pregnant!
- Oh my God.
What are you guys doing
in there?
Oh, you know,
just having girl time.
- You go, I got it.
- Thank you.
Don't worry.
Oh no.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry, Sam.
They were telling me
that I have to call my mom now.
What am I supposed to tell her?
I mean, they haven't even spoken
in, like, two years.
Are you okay?
I have to tell you something,
and the timing's all wrong,
Um... I'm pregnant.
- Huh?
- I'm pregnant.
I'm so sorry
to tell you right now, but...
I... I... Marie and I got two tests
and I took them both, and...
Why are you laughing?
I thought you were about
to break up with me.
This is kinda worse.
I don't know
how we let this happen,
we always used protection.
Yeah, I mean,
I guess it could have broken.
What are we gonna do?
- Love of my life.
- Oh, Sam...
Will you marry me?
that is so sweet,
but I just don't think
- this is the answer.
- Look, what if this is a sign
we're meant to be together?
Look, your dad could
get me a job.
- My dad?
- Yeah, I'll work really hard
and we could start a family.
My parents aren't even
gonna want to talk to you
when I tell them.
They're not gonna want
to talk to me either.
Look, I mean it, Audrey.
I know you do.
I'll let you call your mom.
What a surprise.
It's Grandma.
What happened?
She died.
She what?
I... I don't know.
They don't even know?
Uh, look, I just don't know
what to do, I don't know.
I can be there
in a couple of hours.
- I'll see you soon.
- Yeah.
Hey. How was Sam?
Did you eat?
I'm not hungry.
I'm just gonna head to my room.
Good night.
Did you tell them?
- I don't know how.
- Just do it,
you'll feel a lot better.
- I just can't.
- Come on, your parents
are chill, they'll help.
- It's so embarrassing.
- You shouldn't be embarrassed.
I gotta go.
Hey. Can I come in?
- Water?
- Thanks.
I know this is a lot to take in.
Sam is really lucky
that he has you.
I just want you to remember
to take care of yourself, okay?
- I know.
- You don't have to be strong
for Sam.
We're here for you too.
I know.
It's just, you're on the verge
of some really big
life changes...
Okay, I get it, you hate Sam.
No, honey, no, I don't hate Sam.
I'm really tired,
so can we just
talk about this tomorrow?
Sure, okay, yeah.
I love you.
Love you too.
You're so grown-up.
Yeah. That can happen
in four years.
Well, I deserved that.
Oh, I'm so sorry, Sam.
Have you eaten?
I'm... I'm not hungry.
- I just, I'm...
- Hey, hey, hey, I get it.
It hurts.
It's crazy.
Yeah, I just don't know
how it could happen.
Well, that's life, kiddo.
Kicks you whenever it can.
Hey. She was older
than she looked.
I just, um, don't know
what I'm gonna do now.
Well, I'm here. I'll help.
I will.
My girlfriend's pregnant.
And, uh, she's freaking out
and, uh,
her parents are gonna
want to kill me.
Well, takes two to tango.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna marry her.
Look, I know this sounds dumb,
but I know that she's the one.
Hey, buddy.
We're so sorry.
We're just waiting
for Nick to get here,
then we'll all drive
over to the cemetery.
Jennifer Adams.
Uh, you know Mrs. Collier?
I'm sorry, do I know you?
We went to high school together.
I was a sophomore,
you were a very popular senior.
You probably don't remember me.
I'm Sam's mom, I'm Casey Doss.
Oh. It's nice to...
see you again.
Sorry it's under
these circumstances.
Yeah, no kidding.
Well, you've got a very lovely
daughter, Jennifer.
Thank you.
Uh, Sam, can I talk to you
for a second, please?
Look, we gotta get going soon.
You didn't tell me
your girlfriend was an Adams!
- A what?
- Adams.
Her mom's family owns,
like, half the city,
they've been here forever.
Oh, uh, yeah, Audrey doesn't
like talking about that.
- And she's pregnant.
- Mom, jeez!
How long have you guys
been dating?
Since middle of junior year.
I gotta get back.
We just want you to know
we're here for you.
Mm, c'mere.
How you doing, girl?
I'm okay.
How 'bout you?
How are you doing?
Ah, well,
life can be hard sometimes,
but you've just got to remember
you're not alone.
I've been where you are,
so I know how you feel.
Have you told your parents?
Not yet.
Okay, well, just know
that you can always talk to me.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hm.
Thank you.
No, no, let's...
let's wait till she gets home.
That was so weird.
She's dead.
No use pretending any different.
Did you tell your mom about us?
I had to tell somebody.
I really wish you hadn't.
- You have Marie, I mean...
- I just...
God, this is so awful.
I don't know what to do.
Have you thought any more
about getting married?
My parents are never
gonna let that happen.
- It's your life.
- Yeah, but they're part of it.
I'm not gonna be happy
if they're not.
Whittendale wasn't just
my dream,
it became theirs too.
I love you, Audrey.
I love you too.
I told my parents
I'd be home for dinner.
Audrey, we have
to deal with this.
You don't think I realize that?
Come on.
Listen, I could go with you.
You can take classes
at Whittendale
and I'll be your house spouse.
Watch the kid
and do anything else
you need me to do.
- Sam, seriously?
- Well, why not?
I helped around the house
a lot with Gram,
how much harder could it be?
What about your college?
Your dreams?
I'll put 'em off.
And when you finish, I'll start.
Promise me
you'll think about it.
That... that person in there?
That's made from us.
Yeah. I really need to go, Sam.
Aren't you gonna join us?
I'm really tired, I think
I'm just gonna go to bed.
Hey, Audrey, um...
could you take a seat
so we could talk to you
for a minute?
So, um...
this is probably not
the best time here, but, um...
I found this
on your bathroom floor.
Should we be worried?
I didn't mean to.
- I thought that we were...
- I thought you were
using protection.
Yeah, we did,
we always used protection.
How the hell
did this happen, honey?
Babe, hold on one second,
let's just, um...
We need to figure out
a plan here.
I'm really sorry, Dad.
If it means anything,
Sam proposed to me.
Oh, my...
Well, that makes
all the difference.
What a mature 18-year-old.
Mike, please.
what was your answer?
I'm too young.
You're damn right
you're too young.
And I want to go to college.
come join us, please.
Let's, uh... let's just try
to figure out a plan.
I'm going to have the baby.
And I'm going
to give it up for adoption.
Are you sure?
Have you really
thought about this?
I have, Mom, I have,
and I'm gonna call Whittendale
and see if I can just start
spring semester.
We need to get you in
to see Dr. Moran.
I will make that appointment
Yeah. Yeah, we've got a plan.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
We're here for you.
Yeah, we're both here for you.
Thank you.
No, I'll get those.
Sam. Easy.
I just feel like I'm losing her.
She loves you, I can tell.
It doesn't matter.
I can't compete
with her parents.
Don't think like that.
It's not about them,
it's about Audrey.
If they weren't around,
she'd be with you
in a heartbeat.
When do you think
you'll start showing?
Hopefully not till summer,
but I don't know.
Yeah, well, flowy tops
and empire waist dresses,
they're gonna be
your new best friends.
I don't even wanna
think about it.
Have you told Sam yet?
Oh, well, right on cue.
Call me later.
- Um, can we talk?
- Yeah.
Audrey, I've been
thinking about this a lot
and I think we can do it.
Look, it's not a big deal.
We don't have
to throw out our plans,
just modify them a little.
- A little?
- I'm serious.
You can still go to school.
I'll work.
Your dad can get me a job.
And we'll still have help.
I mean, your parents,
my mom, and...
We're too young, Sam.
A lot of people younger than us
have kids that do it.
I don't know.
I love you,
but do you really wanna work
for my dad?
All you've ever talked about
this year
is being a graphic designer.
That's never gonna happen.
Yeah, it can happen.
But it's not gonna happen
if we do this.
What are you saying?
I've decided
I'm gonna have the baby
and give it up for adoption.
- You would do that?
- It's the best thing
for all of us.
I'm really sorry, Sam.
Hey, honey.
Sam doesn't get it.
He's living in this fantasy,
thinking that everything's
just gonna magically work out
because we love each other.
You're being an adult.
And he's gonna see that soon,
Come here.
You're so strong.
Okay, let's go inside, hm?
Doesn't she care
what happens to her kid?
This is your flesh and blood.
You've gotta talk
some sense into her.
- She's made up her mind.
- That's her parents talking.
- I don't know.
- They don't think
we're good enough
for their little princess.
- They're not like that.
- They're snobs,
and they think we're trash.
We're not rich enough to buy
one of their fancy cars,
so we're not good enough
for their daughter.
You don't know 'em.
They need to learn to share.
Do you love her?
- Yeah.
- Does she love you?
- She says she does.
- Okay then, she's just scared.
If you want this kid,
you're gonna have to show her
you're man enough to have it.
Hi, Jennifer.
Beautiful home you have.
Come in, if you'd like.
Actually, what I'd like is
for you to start treating my son
as if he matters.
Excuse me?
Like you gave him one thought
before you decided
to give that baby up.
- That's her choice.
- It was her choice?
Yeah. It's her decision
and we support her.
You supported her,
or you manipulated her?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Don't play dumb, Jennifer Adams.
You were always
such a smart girl.
Smart, beautiful,
popular with all the boys.
It wasn't so easy
for everyone else.
This has nothing
- to do with me.
- Yeah.
It has to do
with Sam and Audrey.
He's just trying
to do the right thing
and be a father to his child,
and you and your husband
need to get out of their way.
I don't know where
you're getting any of this.
If Audrey wanted to marry Sam
and wanted to have his baby,
- we would support her.
- I know what you think.
Sam's another piece of garbage
you can just throw away.
- No one thinks that.
- Yes, you do.
I've gotta get to work.
Thank you for
sharing your thoughts.
Yes, absolutely.
I'm just on the trail
ahead of you.
Yeah, it's the perfect activity
before the banquet.
No problem.
Not difficult at all.
But you know what I'm thinking?
We should line the path
with lights.
They'll give it
a more festive look.
Yeah. Donors love that stuff.
I'm sorry, what?
You're cutting out.
Hey, Chloe?
Help! Please stop!
What's happening?
Where are you?
Oh my God, Jennifer!
What happened?
Are you okay?
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How's Spanish?
- It's fine.
The AP test is gonna
be hard, though.
Qu lstima!
Look, I'm sorry about yesterday.
I wanna make it up to you.
Can we go see a movie Friday?
Just a normal date night?
I have to get to bed early.
We have a track meet
Saturday morning.
Oh, great, what time?
It's in Santa Barbara.
- Our bus leaves at 6 a.m.
- Oh.
Well, maybe I can take you out
afterwards to celebrate.
Maybe. I'll talk to you
after practice.
What happened?
- Your mom was attacked.
- Attacked? What?
Honey, I'm gonna be fine,
I just...
I bruised a couple ribs,
the doctor said I just need
to take it easy
for a couple weeks,
I'll be okay.
- Who did it?
- Some thug.
Just came after her with a club.
They think it was
some random mugging.
- What'd he look like?
- I... I don't...
He was in all black
and his head was covered, so...
You have to be extra careful.
Don't you go anywhere alone.
It's gonna be fine, but
you listen to your father, okay?
And they don't know who it was?
I'm so sorry.
But she's okay?
I'll see you tomorrow.
That is so weird.
- What is?
- Audrey's mom got attacked
on a trail outside her work.
Oh my God, that's horrible.
Well... maybe it's a blessing
in disguise, though.
How could you think that?
Maybe now she'll appreciate
the importance of family.
- Good morning.
- Hi.
Brought you some coffee.
Thank you.
- How are you feeling?
- A little sore,
but lucky.
Whatever that guy wanted,
he didn't get.
I'm so sorry, Mom,
for everything.
- Honey...
- I feel like
I let you and Dad down,
and now this?
- It's...
- Not your fault.
Sweetie, it's not.
Okay? I was at the wrong place.
That's all.
I'm so glad
Chloe was right behind you.
Yeah, me too.
She's my hero.
Mine too.
Hey! Is your mom
doing any better?
A little bit.
I still can't believe
that happened, it's so wack.
I know. I'm still in shock.
Crazies are everywhere.
Look, if you need
to go somewhere,
let me know and I'll...
I'll take you.
Thanks. We should get to class.
Everything's covered.
Catering, invitations, sponsors.
Still working
on the set-up staff,
but most of the people
who did it last time
are super down to do it again.
You can totally relax
and recover, Jen.
Thank you.
I'm on it for you.
I know you are.
You're the best.
My boobs hurt and my stomach
does not feel good either.
Sounds like how I feel
after a Crunchwrap Supreme.
Yeah, I wish.
- Hi.
- You got a sec?
I'll... I'll catch up to you.
How are you doing?
Sam told me about your decision.
- Yeah.
- Just wanna make sure
you've thought things through.
I have.
'Cause remember,
I've been where you are.
You really want to bring a kid
into this world
and not care what happens to it?
Um, that's not what I'm doing.
You're giving your blood
to a stranger.
You get that, right?
You gave Sam up.
To my mother.
Okay, well, that was your choice
and I have to make mine.
Is it your choice?
Or is that your parents talking?
- It's mine.
- And what about Sam?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, let's just go.
Maybe you should sit
the next one out tomorrow.
I mean, you are
making a person in there.
I just wanna live my life.
Well, if it makes you
feel any better,
my old man's taking my mom
up to Palm Springs
for the weekend.
You wanna come over
after the meet
and watch old rom-come
and eat a bunch of popcorn?
That sounds like heaven.
Hello? Anybody here?
I'm in the den.
I'm gonna go for a quick run.
- Is Audrey here?
- She's not home yet.
Are you feeling nostalgic?
Is that Casey Doss?
Yeah, and she confronted Audrey
at school today.
Are you kidding me?
Remember how I said
when she came by the house
I felt like
she was a bit hostile.
Okay, now she is out of control.
She's home, let's go.
- We need to talk to her.
- Okay.
Hey, honey.
What happened with Sam's mom?
She ambushed me.
- Ambushed you?
- Yeah,
outside of the locker room
trying to guilt trip me
about the adoption.
Did she do anything to you?
- No.
- Okay.
I mean, she grabbed my arm,
but I pulled away.
- She grabbed you.
- Honey,
you need to stay away from her.
Yeah, well, you don't
have to convince me,
but that's gonna be
a little hard with Sam.
Hey, hey, I don't want you
going to Sam's anymore, okay?
Matter of fact,
you two could take a break.
Why don't you hang out here
this weekend?
I have a track meet tomorrow.
And then Marie and I made plans
to stay over at her house after.
Is that okay?
If Casey tries to contact you,
you tell us.
If it's at school,
you go to the office
and you report her.
- You got it?
- Got it.
- Honey, this is serious.
- I got it.
Oh, dude, my leg
is still cramping!
Not enough calcium,
my mom would say.
No, girl,
it's 'cause you slayed it.
I mean, 11.9
for a hundred meter?
- Yes!
- Thank you!
You feeling better?
I just get carsick
on the long drives.
You guys, Blake just texted me.
- He wants to hang out.
- Who's he with?
No, I can't have a huge thing
over here now.
Let's just have a girls' night.
He's with Kyle and Diego.
He's with Diego!
Can we invite them?
It's only three.
You know it's not
only gonna be three.
Please, please, please?
It'll be fun!
- What?
- What about Sam?
What about him?
I don't think
I can deal with him tonight.
So don't.
He doesn't have to know.
Audrey! Want a shot?
Just one sec.
Oh, my God!
I didn't realize
you had that much to drink!
I'm just a lightweight.
Okay, I'll go get you
some water.
It's okay,
I'm just gonna go home.
No, you can't go home,
it's a party!
Sam! What's up, guys?
Welcome to my humble abode.
Drinks are here
and in the kitchen.
Please do not
throw up on anything,
because my parents
are already gonna kill me.
- Where's Audrey?
- That's...
Right there.
Girls' night, huh?
It was supposed to be.
Tessa invited a couple of boys
and it got out of hand.
You could've texted me.
I've been in the bathroom
most of the night.
Marie, I'm not feeling good,
I'm gonna go home.
Have you been drinking?
Are you serious?
Of course not.
I don't know, I mean,
you lied about tonight.
I didn't lie, it was supposed...
- Okay, I'm just gonna leave.
- Here, I'll drive you.
No, just stay here
and enjoy the party, Sam, okay?
- Why are you avoiding me?
- I'm not avoiding you,
I just don't want
any more drama tonight.
Look, neither do I,
can we just...
Can we talk about it
in the side room?
Did you not hear me, Sam?
I feel really sick
and I really wanna go home now.
You can't keep shutting me out,
we have more to talk about.
No, we don't have more
to talk about.
I made my decision
and that's the end of it.
It's my baby, too.
All right, that's enough.
No, what gives you the right
to decide everything?
Sam, it's not up to you!
Just leave me alone.
- Audrey.
- Let go of me.
- Why are you doing this to me?
- Hey, man, chill out.
- Stay out of this.
- Take a breath.
She doesn't wanna talk to you
right now.
Stop, just stop!
Enough with the testosterone!
It'll be okay.
It will be.
And worrying is just bad
for you and the baby.
I don't understand
what's happened to him.
He's just so... he's so absurd.
I know.
He's so confused,
and he's an emotional wreck,
so he's just saying
how he feels,
and that's not thinking at all.
He thinks he's ready
to be a father.
No, he's not.
Now everyone knows.
Oh, my God,
what am I going to do?
Hey, remember when Steve Crane
dumped me sophomore year
right before the spring dance?
What you told me?
Just deal with it and move on.
So that's what
you're going to do.
And, sure,
it'll be awkward at first,
but you'll get through it,
you always do.
And when you're old
and drooling
over crossword puzzles,
you'll look back and say,
"How did I ever do that?"
You're my best friend.
You got this.
Thank you.
Get some rest.
Stop worrying.
She won't deal with me.
I'll beat you
without the three extra...
Hey, kiddo, how was the meet?
I thought you were staying
at Marie's.
Yeah, I don't feel very well.
Do you want me
to get you something?
Some tea or...
I just wanna go to bed.
Honey, are you sure
I can't get you anything?
No, don't you listen, Mom?
- I'm just concerned.
- I'm fine.
I just wanna be alone right now.
- Is that okay?
- Yeah.
Whatever you need.
Hey, is she okay?
I don't know.
Did you leave the stove on?
I smell something.
I don't think so.
Yeah, everything's off.
I'm not smelling anything
anymore, are you?
- Sam.
- Look, we have to talk.
- What are you doing here?
- We have to.
- You can't be here.
- Audrey, just listen.
You're everything to me.
When you first spoke to me
last year,
my whole world changed.
You're the best thing
that's ever happened to me.
- You're important to me, too.
- This is our baby.
- Ours.
- Yes, but we have...
We can't just give it up.
Do you think
this has been easy for me?
- No.
- A child needs a family.
We can be a family.
Listen to me.
I'm going to college.
I'm not marrying you.
Nothing's gonna change that.
No, Audrey!
- You can't do this.
- Audrey!
What's going on?
Damn it.
Are you okay?
- Did he hurt you?
- No, Mom.
Oh, sweetie.
I am so sorry, honey.
- I'm calling 911.
- What?
- Dad!
- We've gotta put an end to this
before it gets out of hand.
911, what's your emergency?
Yeah, I'd like to report
a break in.
Honey, he's right, okay?
We need to take precautions.
But Sam is not dangerous.
We need to protect you
and the baby.
What does the other kid
look like?
Oh, stop, it's not your fault.
It's her parents,
they're brainwashing her.
Doesn't matter,
she hates me now.
Everyone knows.
I've screwed it all up.
Don't say that.
Can I help you?
Sam Doss live here?
I'm his mother,
is there a problem?
I'd like to speak to him.
- Is he here?
- About what?
It's just routine.
I'm Sam.
Where were you at tonight?
- A party.
- Did you go anywhere else?
No, he came home.
He's been here since 10:30-11.
What's this about?
We got reports
of an unlawful entry
over at the Collier residence.
Well, my son's been home,
like I told you.
So, if you want
to talk to us any further,
you can call my lawyer.
Son, we know you were there.
Now listen carefully.
Can't go around
acting like this.
Keep this up,
you're gonna get yourself
in a lot of trouble.
So just leave that girl alone.
- Got that?
- If you don't mind.
- Jerks.
- Audrey reported me?
No, they did.
That's what
I've been telling you,
it's her parents.
Oh, my God, what have I done?
I'm so stupid.
- I'm so freaking stupid...
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Look at me.
We got this.
This is your baby.
They can't just
take it away from you.
Come on.
It's her body.
And she can decide
whatever she wants to do.
- Audrey has all the rights.
- That's great.
Until the baby is born.
And then what?
If the boy files
a paternity claim and it is his,
- he has rights, too.
- What kind of rights?
He can petition for custody.
But that's not likely,
at least in most cases.
Not in this one.
- Is he fit to be a parent?
- Hell no.
- I don't think so.
- He broke into our house
the other day,
started breaking things.
Let's document that.
If he's unfit,
we need to prove it,
and this will be
the start of it, okay?
Let's also record
any disturbing behavior
that he has displayed
and make sure that
we have supporting evidence.
- Is there a police report?
- Yes, there is.
What about a restraining order?
Keep him away from her?
If you want me
to file for one, I can.
That'll be good for the claim.
Shouldn't we see
how Audrey feels, honey?
This is gonna make things worse
for her at school.
Yeah, okay.
I'll look into it, just in case.
- You ready?
- This is not gonna work.
- He hates me.
- Men do business
with men they hate all the time.
Just go talk to him, man to man.
Come on, you don't
want him to think
you're a little boy, right?
Go on.
And that's the meeting, guys,
thank you very much.
Get your teams
turning those numbers
by end of day tomorrow, please,
we need those projections.
Nice work! Thank you!
Hi, Mr. Collier?
I was wondering
if I could talk to you.
Yeah, sure, come on in.
I wanted to apologize
for my behavior.
I know you're worried
about Audrey,
but I wanted to let you know
that I would never do anything
to hurt her.
Thank you.
Look, I love her. I do.
I want what's best for her.
And what if what's best
is letting go?
What if that's
what's best for her?
Sam, I like you.
You're a good kid,
but you gotta give this up
or things are
just gonna get worse.
How can it get any worse?
I know it feels like
the end of the world,
but it's not.
I just wanted to let you know
that I'm sorry
for scaring Audrey and you.
I know this is
a real emotional time for you,
it is for all of us.
But break into my house again,
I'm not gonna be so nice.
How'd it go? Did he listen?
What do you think?
Let's just get out of here.
Fine, that's it.
This'll be all everyone's
talking about today.
Not everyone.
Just our class, sorry.
This has become so ugly, Marie.
Let's see, custody,
protective care
or guardianship...
I don't know about this.
Look, that kid is yours, too.
And if we get custody,
we'll sue for child support.
If she doesn't want her kid,
what kind of person is she,
Why do you care so much?
Look, when I was pregnant,
I was living with my boyfriend,
and I thought everything was
somehow just gonna work out.
But then he got freaked
and he bolted.
That was my dad?
Probably, but believe me,
he was a jerk.
He left me alone and scared,
and that's why
I gave you up to Gram.
So it's not about their money?
Of course not.
This is about family.
Listen to me.
Giving you up was
the worst thing I ever did.
I just don't want you
to make the same mistake.
You have to admit,
it's pretty damn ironic.
Our very own Hermione Granger
gets pregnant senior year?
I mean,
why wasn't she on the pill?
She probably thought
her good karma
would act as birth control.
- Hey, Audrey.
- Hi.
What's going on?
Um, nothing.
See you at practice.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing in here?
We need to talk.
This is the girls' bathroom.
If you'd answer
any of my calls or texts,
I wouldn't have to be here.
What are you doing?
I wish I could take back
what happened at Marie's,
- but I can't.
- Now everyone knows
and I'm the laughingstock
of the school.
- Don't be such a child.
- What?
I can't let you ruin my life.
- Ruin your life?
- Yeah, it's my baby,
I'm the father,
I have rights, too.
You can't just decide everything
'cause you're rich
and because your parents
can get you a good lawyer.
That has nothing to do with it.
Look, you can't leave me
and take my baby, too.
And if you try,
I'll do whatever I have to
to stop you.
You can't walk
all over me anymore.
I'll see you around.
- You've gotta be kidding me.
- That's what he said.
- Did you feel threatened?
- Of course she felt threatened.
I... I don't know.
I mean, he was scary.
I've never seen him
like that before.
That's it, I'm calling Emily.
We're getting
that restraining order.
Dad, don't do that, please.
I think we have to.
And I think you should
stay home from school
for the next couple days.
I hate this.
I hate it, too.
But we've gotta keep you safe.
- Hey, Nick.
- Happy now, moron?
- Here we go.
- Audrey's parents
pulled her out of school
because of you.
- They what?
- I lose my best friend
all 'cause you can't deal
with reality.
Screw you, Marie,
you don't know anything.
I know you're a loser.
Get a life.
Better yet, get a future
and leave hers alone.
Hey, what's up?
I had it out with Sam.
- Who is it?
- It's Sam.
Look, I just need
to talk to Audrey.
- Sam, you need to leave.
- Please!
We have a 1-19
at 601 Walnut Road.
Copy that, I'm nearby.
Let's go.
Sam Doss, you're under arrest.
Wait, what? For what?
For violating
a restraining order.
What are you talking about?
Get off me!
I didn't do anything!
Audrey! Audrey!
I didn't do anything!
What the hell is going on?
I've got Sam Doss in custody
over at the Collier residence.
Ask the Watch Commander
if they want me
- to bring him in.
- Look, this is a mistake!
Records show
that he hasn't been given
the restraining order yet.
Watch Command says
do a good field interview
and let Doss know
that he has been served.
Today's your lucky day, son.
You're being served
with a protective order
for Audrey Collier.
- What?
- You can't be
within 25 yards from her.
You need to cease
and desist all contact.
If you don't,
you'll be subject to arrest.
A restraining order?
They never cared about me.
Okay, we need a plan.
We need to teach that family
a little respect.
No, nothing's changing
their minds now.
I'm not gonna let
her parents win.
Honey, remember,
the event starts at seven.
Yup, just a quick workout
so I can blow off some steam.
Okay, I love you.
- Be safe!
- Okay.
Bye-bye, Mike.
He's still not back yet, huh?
I wonder what's taking him
so long.
- Did you try calling him?
- Yeah, I left two messages.
Oh, thank God.
- Hello?
- Hi, this is the Medical Center.
- Is this Jennifer?
- This is she.
What's happened?
Your husband's been
in an accident.
Oh, God, okay.
- We'll be right there.
- Mom, what is it?
It's your dad, we gotta go now.
One of his femurs is fractured
and his left ulna.
He has several broken ribs,
but no vitals were injured.
Do they know who did it?
You'll have to talk
to the police about that.
I will let you know
when he's out of surgery.
- Thank you, Doctor.
- Thank you.
Mom, what's gonna happen?
He's gonna be okay,
and that's what matters.
I don't get it.
Who would wanna hurt him?
I can't imagine
Sam would have anything
to do with this, right?
But his mother could.
I'm calling the police
in the morning.
Come here.
Audrey, my love.
I am so sorry
for all of this craziness.
You have to know
that I would never do
anything to hurt you,
but that is just what I've done.
I don't know
how to make it up to you.
I just don't know
how to live without you.
He's out of the woods,
he's gonna be fine.
- Oh, thank goodness.
- Can we see him?
He's still under the anesthesia.
Give it a few hours.
Why don't you go
get something to eat?
There's several good restaurants
just down the street.
By the time you get back,
he should be awake.
- Okay, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Yeah?
- I'm starving.
Oh, perfect.
He'll probably wear the cast
for a few weeks,
and we'll have to put him
in your room downstairs,
and then we just gotta
make sure...
Shut up.
- What are you doing?
- Give me your phones.
Phones, now.
One second.
Give me your keys.
Now get in.
You behind the wheel,
you in the passenger seat.
- Mom...
- Now!
Let's go.
To my house.
If you'd only listened,
none of this would be happening.
But you've pushed us to this.
You pushed us.
Please, Casey,
think about what you're doing.
Oh, no, no, no, I have.
So here's the plan.
You're gonna marry Sam
and then you can go ahead
and ruin your life
however you want.
But we will sue
for child support.
And that baby will be
with its father
if its mother
doesn't wanna raise it.
Forcing a marriage
isn't gonna solve this problem.
Oh, yes, it will.
Sam and Audrey
are gonna disappear
until this child is born.
That'll keep you
and your husband
- from interfering.
- Sam doesn't want this
and neither do I.
You got pregnant.
Part of you wanted this.
Honk the horn.
Kill the engine.
What's going on?
What happened?
Mom? Mom, what's going on?
We're going to Nevada,
and you're getting married.
Are you crazy?
Why do you have that?
Listen to me.
Get your clothes
and get in the car.
No, I'm not going anywhere!
This isn't up for discussion.
I'm your mother,
and you're gonna do as I say.
- She's kidnapping us!
- What?
Shut up!
Sam, listen to me.
This is how you're able
to keep the baby
and be able to raise it!
They have enough money
to give it everything
you never had.
Mom, stop it!
Give it to me!
Oh, my God!
He needs an ambulance!
Your son.
Your son needs you.
He'll be fine.
Get back in the car.
This is your last warning.
Put the gun down, please.
Why didn't you just listen?
Tell me you're okay.
You okay? You okay?
How are you feeling?
Kinda numb, I guess.
How's your leg?
Can you walk?
Yeah, sort of.
Doc says it's gonna be fine,
just gonna take some time.
What did they say
about your mom?
Uh, it turns out she's wanted
for robbery and assault
in a bunch of different counties
up and down the state.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
I know.
How are you dealing with that?
I'm so sorry.
Hey, I know you are.
I've had a lot of time to think
while sitting in this bed,
and I've realized,
I'd be a terrible father.
No, you wouldn't.
You've just got a little bit
of growing up to do.
We both do.
I've just put you
through so much.
I will always love you.
I'll always love you, too.
I'm not gonna get arrested
for this, am I?
We cancelled that.
I think we've all been
through enough.
Don't you?
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Have a good one.
- You too.
I'm here!
My gosh, my daughter's home!
- I missed you so much.
- Missed you, too.
You look good!
Your mother is so excited.
- Oh, me too.
- Look who's here!
Oh, my little baby, hi!
- I missed you so much!
- I missed you, too!
- Hi!
- Did you miss your mama?
- She looks so big!
- She looks like you!
- Look at this!
- She always looks so small
on the video chat!
Hey, I heard Sam's doing great
with his graphic design classes.
That's great!
Maybe we should
swing by sometime!
Would you like that?
Would you like that?
- Yes!
- Oh!