Your Lucky Day (2023) Movie Script

Happy Holidays, America!
Tonight's Mega Ball jackpot
is $166 million.
Let's see if we can make you
a millionaire.
30 Percocet and 20 Adderall,
$1500 all together.
I only got $700.
Hey, tell you what,
let me sell this,
and then I'll give you an extra
$100 after, like a loan.
Bro, this ain't no fucking bank,
Just give me my shit back.
Give me my shit back right now.
Give me my shit back.
Stop playing with me.
Hey! Hey!
Bitch ass!
Bitch-ass motherfucker!
Go, go, go, go!
Hey! Open the fucking door right
now, boy!
Hey, man, drive!
Open the door!
The tickets
were just more than--
I-- no, no,
I promise I'm gonna Venmo you
the money.
I'm going Venmo you.
-I-- no.
-Hey, you got a washroom?
I'm-- I'm not trying to buy her.
Washroom. Thank you.
Hi. He-- hello,
On the plane, this--
this woman comes up
and she's watching me for like
10 minutes and the--
the security guard comes
and moves her along.
I'm just like, "Dude, I'm there
for people to watch me."
-You know what I mean?
Anyway, it turns out that
that woman was the
music director
of the children's theatre.
What'd she say?
She said, come
and drop by in the new year.
It's the holidays,
but it's also theft
and break-in season.
Remember to lock your doors
and leave your porch light on.
Don't let cold-hearted criminals
ruin your joy.
They're looking for an easy
buck. Don't give it to them.
Oh hey, excuse me.
If a criminal is desperate
enough to break into
your home while you are there,
be warned,
they are most likely dangerous
and reckless.
There you go.
That's it, that's it?
You got $3-- $3.50.
- For those two things?
- Yeah.
Mmhmm, 280 calories a pint.
You know
what Grandma used to say,
if something
seems too good to be true--
-Probably is true.
-Exactly what she said.
This was an innie yesterday.
Oh, baby.
You're beautiful.
I'm a beautiful parade float.
Hey, do you have
any of those machines
that scan lottery tickets?
- Yeah.
- Oh, thanks.
So what's the--
how does this work?
You-- you get a piece
of the action here?
You get some kind of incentive
for selling these tickets?
About 5 percent.
5 percent.
You let Uncle Sam
into your sweet little cash
business for 5 percent?
No fucking thank you.
What are you going to do?
What are you going to do?
I bet this racket's long hours,
This shitty lighting?
You a married man?
- Mmhmm.
- Yeah?
Tell me something, when you--
when you met your betrothed
child bride, did she--
she know what kind of business
you were running?
She's white.
Like you.
I'm just breaking your balls.
I love small businesses.
Like this one.
It's what makes this country
the greatest in the world.
What's the total up to?
$156 million.
$156 million?
I think-- I think-- I think
I got a-- I think I got a match.
I think I got a match here.
I got a match. I got a match.
Let me see.
Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on.
That's a match. It's matching
the numbers on the ticket.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Check it, check it, check it.
You're a winner.
You're a winner.
Jesus. $156 million. Ha!
I'm a winner! I'm a winner!
- Congratulations.
- Are you kidding me?
Wow! Wow! I'm a winner!
Come on.
5 percent. Huh?
Come on!
You got a piece. Come on.
You got a piece of that, man.
That's the American dream
right there!
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, what the fuck
are you doing?
Hey. Stop doing that!
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Give me that ticket old man.
Give me that fucking ticket
right now.
You think I'm playing with you?
- You didn't think this through?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I don't give a fuck.
No, no.
Give me that ticket, old man.
-You don't deserve that shit.
-I'm not giving you the ticket,
I'm about to shoot you
in your fucking head.
Listen to me, listen to me, man.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Shut the fuck up!
I'm trying to tell you
I don't give a fuck!
Give me that fucking ticket now!
Give me that fucking ticket!
You trying to get shot
in the fucking head?
Shut the fuck up!
I'm not playing with you.
I'm a very wealthy man.
I don't give a fuck who you are!
You're want to die tonight?
You ain't got enough life left
to spend that fucking money.
Give it to me now.
I am not fucking playing
with you.
Test me. I dare you. Test me.
I swear to God,
I'll fucking kill you.
$156 million, motherfucker!
Give me that ticket right now!
All right. Take it. Take it.
Fucking lowlife.
Get on the fucking ground!
Face down now!
No, please, officer.
I have this under control.
I said, get on the fucking
ground! You hear me?
Please calm down. Oh, no.
Hey, fuck face!
Face on the ground now!
Fuck you.
Okay, shh.
Hey, babe, breathe.
Hey, hey!
Not today motherfucker.
- Okay. Okay.
- Give me the gun!
Okay. Just don't shoot. Okay?
Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
Don't shoot. Okay?
Fuck, fuck.
-Shit, shit.
-Stay right fucking there.
Yo, y'all good over there?
Look, hey, man.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
There were shots fired.
Somebody must have heard it.
There are going to be more cops
on the way.
Man, shut the fuck up,
all right?
Okay, okay.
Where the fuck
does this camera go to?
- It doesn't work.
- It's just for show.
Just to scare kids off.
Don't fucking lie to me.
It's in the back.
It's in the back.
I can show you.
Move real fucking slow,
all right?
Come on. Come on!
Okay, okay.
This is what we're going to do.
Turn off the fucking lights.
We're closed for the night.
Grab a bag.
Grab a fucking bag.
I need all the phones,
any-- anything
you guys got in the bag.
Hurry the fuck up, bro.
Oh, my fucking God.
Hey, hey.
Just do what he says.
Hey, you all right?
Now grab this motherfucker--
drag him in the back.
Grab him!
Fuck are you waiting for?
Come on, man.
- Hurry the fuck up, man!
- He's too--
What the fuck is wrong with you,
He's too heavy.
He's too heavy, man.
-I'll help him.
-No, please.
- No.
- Please, I can't. I can't.
I have to. I know. It's fine.
Let's just breathe, okay?
Just breathe. That's right.
Yeah. You know?
That's it. You're okay.
You're fine.
Hurry up, man.
Okay, I'll be-- I'll be back.
What the fuck are y'all just
waiting around, man?
Grab him!
Grab him by the legs
and drag his ass!
What the fuck is going on
back here, man?
Why are you just sittin' here?
Man, how the fuck
this shit work, bruh?
All this shit need
to get deleted.
Come on, why are you just
staring at me, man?
Can-- can you calm down, please?
Please, man, look.
Look, you're scaring her.
It's all right.
Come on, bro, what's your plan?
Don't worry about
my fucking plan.
Worry about deleting this shit.
Look, if you just lowered
the gun, maybe we could talk.
Figure out a way to get you
out of this.
Yeah, you want me to lower
my gun after you try to
pull this shit on me?
Yeah, I ain't forget about that.
Mr. Nice Guy now, huh?
I just want to reconcile this,
I ain't laying my life down
for you.
And you ain't gonna kill
all of us.
Oh. What's your name, man?
And who are these two?
Come on, man, you talk
to that old man out there
and he was a fucking dickhead.
That's my daughter, Leila.
And my wife, Carrie.
And this place, it's all you?
Man, what are you doing?
You got a problem with that?
What's your name, shorty?
Ana Marlene.
- Huh?
- Ana Marlene.
Her name's Ana Marlene.
That's a nice name.
And how about you?
I'm Sterling
Nice to meet you.
What's up with the suit, man?
I'm a pianist.
People still pay for that?
Where were you playing
at tonight?
How long you been doing that,
Six years.
All right, Amir.
Why don't you tell me about
this fucking security system?
What's your plan?
Motherfucker, my plan
is that you do what the fuck
I tell you to do.
As soon as he gives you
what you want,
you're gonna kill us.
Man, I didn't kill nobody.
That fucking hero in the back
did that.
Well, then why'd you put the gun
on him?
Seeing that rich motherfucker
win. All of that money.
Come on, now.
We all had the same thought.
I'm just the one that did it.
You're absolutely insane.
No, I'm a millionaire.
Not with that ticket.
Listen, dipshit.
It's not that simple.
When there's a winning ticket,
one as big as that one,
they know the store's involved.
When you have all those
dead bodies out there.
They're gonna start asking
And that money,
that money goes away.
I don't want to kill nobody.
So long as I don't have to.
You okay?
Just gotta make up a story
or something.
-You know?
-What story?
You're talking about this?
I don't know, just some classic
black guy comes in.
Tries to rob the white dude.
Oh, fucking white supremacist.
Man, don't do me like that.
I get it, all right.
But fuck, if we're gonna lie,
we gotta lie about something the
system wants to believe, right?
So black guy comes in...
Tries to rob the rich
old white man.
Hero cop comes in.
Bang, bang.
They're gonna be looking
for someone
who don't even exist.
And then what happens
when they find the person
that doesn't exist?
That won't be my problem.
We live if we say that?
You get paid.
The secret got a price tag.
-Ten what?
$10 million?
There are two dead people
One's police.
They don't arrest cop killers,
they execute them.
So if we do this then--
We ain't doing nothing yet,
we just-- we just talkin'.
What you're talking about
is impossible.
You gonna say that after what
just fucking happened out there?
I mean, you could throw
all our lives away. Easy.
Shit, I didn't know life
was so great down at the mall.
This is wrong.
It's better to be lucky,
than good.
My dad was a good man.
Church on Sundays, all of that.
And that motherfucker died
of boall cancer at 37.
He didn't have the money
to pay for treatments.
That's a good man.
Bad luck of being born poor.
You about to have a baby, right?
It's a boy or a girl?
A son.
You really gonna be able
to tell yourself you did
everything you could
for that boy?
Money doesn't buy everything.
Man, that's just a lyric
they get poor people
to say to feel better
about having nothing.
-We're in for 20.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, yo.
We speak in English in here,
y'all, come on now.
Man, who taught y'all
to negotiate?
This is like a draft.
You get a deal in the first
round or you're fucked.
-$6 million.
-No, no, you can't share
-something that's been stolen.
-Man, fuck that.
Nobody ever got rich
without doing no crimes.
We will go to jail. All of us.
Yeah, you know who goes to jail?
Poor people
with public defenders.
This is America.
America don't care
how you get your money.
Look, we gonna get away
with this,
'cause as of today we all rich.
Sounds like a deal to me.
I'm not doing this. I-- I--
I can't afford to be noble.
Look, you two can go.
I'm not gonna hold you hostage.
Are you messing with us?
What about this guy?
Why-- why are you going along
with this?
It means everything is written.
$6 million.
I feel bad for that baby.
We can do this.
Look at me. Look at me.
We can.
It's not just about you and me,
This could be our chance,
at a better life.
Yo, what the-- what the fuck?
Yo, who the fuck is that?
What the fuck
are they doing here?
It's my brother-in-law.
He works here, okay, but
he's not supposed to work today.
-I'll talk to him.
-What the fuck is he doing?
I'll talk to him!
Is this a brother-in-law
you care about?
It's my family.
Get him the fuck out of here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing here?
I work tonight.
Yeah, sorry.
What happened here?
What's wrong? What'd you do?
Oh, no, nothing.
Nothing. I-- I tripped.
I slipped. I slipped on a--
Hey, are you drinking again?
- Who parked like an asshole?
The-- the club down--
- And it's like 2 kilometers away.
- Why are you coming?
- What are you--
All these people
that are lined up to watch
one guy spin on his record,
so stupid.
Oh my God.
Look at this place.
- Hassan.
- Huh?
We are closed tonight.
Just-- just go home.
Yeah? Come on.
You told me to come in tonight
and help you out, Amir.
No, no, no.
Looked like you guys
were closed earlier.
I was getting nervous.
Nobody else carries Lucky Star,
you know?
Hey, I got you, bud.
No, no, no, hang-- hang on.
I got it. I got it.
-Here you go.
-Thanks, man.
Yeah, here you go.
How did you get that cut?
I-- I tripped in the back. Yeah.
You guys don't have any
$14 Band-aids around here?
He's been, uh...
Didn't know you guys did that.
We don't. I just tripped
in the back, okay?
Well, sometimes.
Look, I got the divorce papers
from Carrie.
Why didn't you tell me that?
That's why I wanted this space
for myself tonight, okay?
What was that?
Sounded like...
I don't think it was--
Been a lot of break-ins
in the area lately.
No, no, I-- I don't think
it's anything, guys.
Oh, come on.
It's when I fell.
Yeah, I-- I was trying to--
Let me just get a mop, dude.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
It's on me.
I was trying to load
the ice cream, I-- I got it.
- Let me ring you up.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? Come on, okay?
- Take the night off.
There we go.
Amir, you're a lifesaver.
A lot of track to cover
before 5:00 a.m.
Hoemeless keep leaving
their trash on the rails.
Yeah, yeah, anytime.
Uh, who's got the G-Wagon?
It's from the club.
Hey, happy holidays, all right.
- Thank you.
- Take care.
- See you, bro.
- Yeah.
You too.
-You too.
What, no, let me help you
clean up over here,
-No, no, no, no, listen, hey.
-look at all this mess.
-What do you--
-I-- I need my own time tonight.
-Yeah, go.
-Are you sure?
-Yes, yeah.
-Okay, come here.
- Take care, okay?
- Yeah.
It'll better in the morning.
All right.
Hey, take care of this, huh?
-Thank you.
-Come on.
Phew. It's all right.
He's not coming back.
Oh. What car are they talking
Oh shit.
The dead guy.
Well, what are we going to do
about that?
Well, we gotta move it, right?
People have seen it...
If it-- wherever it goes,
it has to look like
it was stolen or something.
So, y'all in now?
But we have to change
your story.
To what?
There is no story.
Nothing happened here.
Because those two would have
seen it if something did.
Yeah, she's right.
Okay, what are we going to do
about the car?
It's like what she said.
Someone took it for a joyride,
dumped it in a fucking ditch.
Yeah, okay.
What about the bodies?
They can't stay here.
What do you want us to do?
I've seen this one movie
where they like
poured acid on them
and the bodies just dissolve.
No. No.
There is no fucking way
I'm gonna desecrate
those bodies.
What the fuck do you want to do
with them? They're dead.
Not that.
I don't-- I don't think
that's real.
Even if, where would we
get the...
You know, Home Depot
or something.
Does he have a phone?
Let's see. Let me see.
Mr. George Laird.
Okay, bingo.
It's locked.
What about the fingerprint?
There you go.
-What now?
He goes on a trip
Takes a vacation.
Goes away for the holidays.
The Virgin Islands.
I-- I can set up
an out-of-office reply.
This looks like his secretary.
I'll-- I'll send her something.
Copy and paste an old message,
so it doesn't sound wrong.
With the holidays and these
it could be over a month
before anyone even thinks
to ask where he is.
I mean, he has family though,
If he does, I've--
I've searched his phone.
If he or they cared about him
at all, they would be in here.
But they aren't.
What about the fucking cop?
I don't know yet.
But their bodies
can't be found together.
Cop shot him.
He goes in his car.
Put the gun in the car.
If they ever find the body.
The murder weapon is there.
And the serial number leads
back to the police.
You're fucking magical.
I said, give me that ticket
right now!
Get on the fucking ground!
Get on the fucking ground!
Fuck you!
I swear to God,
II'll fuckin' kill you!
$156 million, motherfucker!
That little filly did persuade
you to only
let her off with a warning,
am I right?
Yes, I am.
You were always the one
with a soft spot
for split-tails.
- Me?
- Yeah, you.
Get out of here.
That's why I fuck with you,
'cause you're a perv like--
What about you? What about you?
Oh, no, no. We don't need--
we're talking
- about you two, right?
- No, no, no, my--
And what are you like.
Those were the glory days,
you're one--
Tell me how that works again.
So we get $6
and you get $138 million?
You wanna grab his legs?
All right. Merry Christmas,
1, 2, 3!
All right, hang,
okay-- hang on, man! Oh, sorry.
All right, go ahead!
Oh, fuck me!
Blew out his knee, that was it.
Became a beat cop.
Now he got the rest of it.
I'm turning in.
Okay, honey.
- Dick.
- What? What?
You can sleep in Sammy's old
room tonight if you want.
Is it-- is it that obvious?
Thank you.
-No but, thank you.
I'm fi-- Rhonda, thank you,
I'm fine.
And Cody will be here
in a little while. All right?
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Night, boys.
- Night-night.
Good night.
What's up with your boy, man?
I thought I was gonna meet him
Nah, he's doing the graveyard
this week.
What's the beat?
Foot patrol, industrial area,
down by the port.
Why isn't he in a prowler?
I mean, especially this time
of year.
'Cause the chief's still
on this public relations kick.
You know, community outreach
after that Ryan Harris deal.
Cody said that that cop's
gonna do jail time.
- Jesus fucking Christ.
- Yeah.
Some guy gets pushed
into a wall too hard,
now your boy's gotta fucking
walk around in the cold.
It's all gone to shit, man.
Whose life is on the fucking
line out there?
Hey, let me take care of it.
I'll get him a better route.
I appreciate it, but he's gotta
make it on his own.
Speak of the devil.
Speak up, I can't hear you.
You gotta speak up.
I need you, I need you.
Oh, slow down, Cody. Slow down.
They shot this guy.
What happened?
They shot this old guy.
And they stole
his lottery ticket.
It's so much money, dad.
Take the ferry to Fisher Island.
Pack him a bag, he's going
for a long trip, right?
The fuck you talking about?
You think I'm gonna drive a car
with a fucking dead body
in the trunk?
When you get back, we'll deal
with the fucking cop.
Nah, nah she's staying here,
I'm not leaving her with you.
You need to go handle that shit.
She stays.
-I'm not leaving you alone.
No, I'm not leaving you alone
here. I'm not doing that.
This isn't what we agreed to.
I thought you said everything
was written, right?
Stay out of this!
Fuck that, you're not in charge!
Hey, this is where you get
all of us killed.
No, no, no, no. He needs us.
He knows that, okay?
He can't do any of this shit
without us.
Man, it sounds like you want
to give me my $6 million back.
You know what?
I've been thinking.
What is that,
a Saturday night special?
Post five shots?
What'd you shoot that cop,
four times?
Five times?
I don't know, man.
I don't think you got
any bullets left.
Man, you act like you don't keep
this shit loaded.
But yeah, you're right.
Four, maybe five.
Could be one left.
Y'all want to test your luck?
What are you doing?
Look, man, I'm just trying
to say we need to work together.
I'm not leaving her.
It's empty. It's been
empty this whole time.
And I'm not doing that.
No, I can't protect you
if I'm not here. I--
This-- this is what you wanted.
We can do this.
I can do this.
Look, I can't trust
this white boy.
No, trust me.
This will work.
We deserve this.
Mandy and I got fucking outbid
on that house in Pinecrest.
Shit, I'll tell you what,
though, this place.
Well, Ronnie's father left us
a little money when he passed.
Barely covered the down payment.
And now we gotta give the house
back to the bank
for the girls' college.
So, yeah.
You all right, man?
What's going on?
Cody was shot.
What-- what are you--
-He-- he-- he just got shot.
-what are you talking about?
Yeah, don't fucking kid
around like that.
Is he at the hospital?
Well, what are we doing here?
-Let's leave.
There's something I need to talk
to you guys about.
Hey, man, which one of these
phones is yours?
All right.
It's like a fucking baby
monitor, all right?
I hear everything.
Cops come.
Turn me on mute.
And I won't fucking hesitate.
What if I lose service?
Babe, baby, look at me.
Look at me.
If you can hear me,
I can hear you.
You remember that song
the night we met?
If anything happens,
just sing it.
You'll see, I'll be back,
I'll be back.
Hey, hey, you guys hear me?
I'm stuck at a train crossing.
I'm going to be just a minute.
Help, someone!
Somebody help!
Hey, hey, hey, stop, stop!
Dude, stop!
Hey, is this your car?
All right, man, just, yeah,
just give me a minute
to explain, okay?
Let me check your license
and registration.
It's not what you think,
it's not what you think,
all right?
-Let me explain.
-What are those gloves for?
-Listen, get down on the round.
-Just listen to me, though.
You don't understand
what's happened.
-Hey, don't move.
-You don't understand!
If I don't get back there,
if I don't get back down,
she's going to be dead.
Don't do this. Please.
Is this blood? Is this blood?
Just keep thinking
about that old question.
What would you do
if you had a million dollars?
I never knew the answer.
Couldn't even imagine it.
And now?
Live life like Pablo.
Money, cars, sex, mansions,
hot tubs.
I don't know.
I just want to be free
from dealing with this bullshit.
You smoke?
Just in case you change
your mind. Again.
So repeat?
What about you, Rock?
What you going to do
with all that money?
The only thing that matters
is my daughter, her future.
Where she could be one day.
With that money,
I could reunite my family.
Maybe buy some land in Montana.
That's some cowboy shit.
Open land, clean air.
Better life.
Better than this one.
If that's what it means
to be a cowboy, then fuck it.
I'll cowboy up.
Hey, I want you there to see
the look on Mandy's face
when I come home and tell her
about this ticket.
We're going to take that trip
to Spain.
We're not just doing this thing,
so you can have
a fucking vacation.
You understand the risk
I'm taking being here, right?
My whole family
could lose everything.
We all have family.
We're doing this for them.
What about you, Shorty?
What you gonna do
with all that paper?
Whatever happened in there,
they were all working together.
They stopped being hostages
the minute
they started working
with that shooter.
No one is innocent.
He going to put a ring
on that finger or what?
We love each other.
I don't want to follow the same
pattern everyone else does.
Being married did not make
my parents happy.
Yeah, well, you're too smart
to be waiting on other
people all day.
I was at a dentist office
training to be a hygienist slash
dental assistant.
I started in reception.
The dentist, Dr. John.
If you wanted to learn,
he'd teach you.
Maybe even help pay
for your school.
The other girls in the office,
they were all doing
the same thing.
I told myself,
because he was married,
and had a family,
he was a mentor.
The attention was because I was
smart and special and not...
You just skipped the whole part
about how you got knocked up.
I met Abraham in a bar.
He was playing the piano.
The song was beautiful.
I bought him a drink.
What happened
to that dickhead boss?
When he found out
I was pregnant, he fired me.
Just like that?
You couldn't even sue him
or nothing?
I couldn't.
No, he had all the power.
I just wanted it to go away.
Well, shit.
You got the power now.
What you want to do about it?
All right.
That's everything.
Yo, yo, you hear that, Romeo?
What was that?
When are you back?
About two hours.
All right, hurry up, man.
We're about to celebrate.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hell, yeah.
It's all behind us now, y'all.
Sipping Mai Tais
on the beach, baby.
We can't trust him.
Please, don't.
Okay, come on, son.
Take him Dobbs! Okay, take him!
You missed, bitch!
Guys, what's going on?
Do you hear me?
What's going on?
Do you hear me?
Ana Marlene, you hear me?
Oh fuck.
They ain't all here.
They must have turned
on each other.
Ana Marlene!
Holy fuck!
Ana Marlene, do you hear me?
Who is this?
- Got eyes on that ticket yet,
- Dick?
Dobbs, Dick with you?
I'm coming to you.
Please, please,
please don't go away.
Code 20.
Hey, what the fuck
is going on in there?
Where are you?
Dick's boy is in a bad way, man.
Move back in
and secure the location.
Get in there
and push them to me.
Back away
or I will burn this ticket.
Stay back
or you'll have nothing!
Where'd you get this radio?
From the dead guy in here.
Do you want that money?
What are you talking about?
$156 million.
The winning Mega Ball ticket.
You want me to read the numbers?
Back away. Now.
Or I will burn this ticket.
You won't burn that ticket.
Keep that pressure right there.
You hear me?
Hey, how you doing there, buddy?
I need to go the hospital.
You keep that pressure there,
it's going to be all right.
- It's gonna be okay.
- Where is my dad?
I need to go the hospital.
I need my dad.
Where are you going?
-Hey, Cody, tell me about it.
Who's inside, huh?
How'd that happen?
I just saw the manager.
And the 291, he was--
He was a kid with a gun.
And he had a mask.
There was a-- a light-skinned
kid and-- and-- and--
and this girl, yeah,
she had-- she's pregnant.
Okay. Is that all? Are you sure?
- Do they have your gun, Cody?
- I don't know.
Are there any other firearms?
I don't know.
It was an accident.
It was an accident.
It's all right. Shh. All right,
all right. It's okay.
Did you see the ticket?
Where's my dad?
Hey, Cody, did you see it?
Get me my dad.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
How's that...
He's out, man.
I don't know how much longer
he's got.
This is fucked.
We ain't going anywhere
until whoever that
bitch is waiting for gets back.
No. No, stop.
All right, get up.
All right, get up.
Now walk. Walk.
What's her name?
I don't know. I don't know
what you're talking about, man.
I was just going to buy a vape.
Who is she? What's her name?
You hear me, boy?
Get her to come out here.
Where is he?
Ana, get out of there! Run!
Is this a picture of you
on this phone here?
Because you look so happy
What did you do to him?
He's alive.
I wanna hear him say that.
Come out.
Give us the ticket.
We'll let you walk away.
Nothing will happen to you
or your baby's daddy.
That sounds like we're still
dead at the end of this.
You have our word that
that won't happen.
You tried to kill me.
Your word isn't good enough.
Well, we had to get our man
out of there.
We want to resolve this quickly
and safely.
The cop in here?
The dead one.
Dick Sims?
He was a dirty cop.
Busted, shaking down
low-level drug dealers.
He never gave up
who else he did it with,
but they
know he wasn't working alone.
The cop?
We thought he was dead.
We didn't know.
I just wanted some ice cream.
Well, he must have called you
here. He is alive?
Did he tell you
he killed an old man?
Because right now his gun
is with that body.
Abraham was supposed
to get rid of it,
but if he's here,
then he didn't.
When they find it,
that gun will come back
to that cop-- and you.
But it doesn't have to happen
like that.
Not if we work together.
I want my share.
I want him,
and I want out of here.
Fuck you!
Your man doesn't have
much time left.
Don't threaten me.
You think they're going to give
up $150 million
without asking questions?
What's your story?
Because I know a good one.
It's about a young, poor,
pregnant waitress
and her piano player.
She won the lottery
and some very bad men
tried to kill her for it.
And you know what happened next?
Some brave police officers
saved her
and she was so grateful...
She split the money with them.
It's very cute, but the winner
always tells the story.
I kind of need you to realize
the situation you're in here.
Stop acting like you have
the control.
I have the money.
Fuck you, cunt!
We can kill you all
if we want to!
No one will fucking--
You need us.
What's your story?
How do you have the ticket?
Where did you get it?
If you want that money,
we're the only chance you have.
Okay, okay.
We're your only chance.
-Bells of St. Mary's.
-What's the offer?
Ah, hear they are calling.
All right.
What the fuck?
Let's do this for your dad.
Oh, okay.
What was that song
you were singing earlier?
Don't Move!
You killed my dad.
All this is because of you.
I tried to save you.
I fucking tried.
I tried to do the right thing.
Don't look at me.
Don't look at me.
Don't look at me!
Close your eyes now!
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no!
Please, please, no.
Don't do it, don't do it,
don't do it. Please.
Please don't do it.
Officer Sims.
Stand down, son.
Hey, okay.
Stand down.
I'm going to take this from you,
Everything's gonna be all right.
That's it, that's it.
You need us.
You got a lot of heart, girl.
I only need one of you.
All you remember is me,
saving your lives.
Death, tragedy, heroism,
and $156 million.
A Christmas miracle turned
to an absolute horror.
But luckily, this story
has a happy ending.
Because you saved
that poor girl.
And in return,
she gave you $78 million.
I know, I know.
It was so sweet.
I mean, she really
didn't have to do that.
And I'm-- I'm no hero.
I did what any other good cop
would do.
Well, she was really blessed
to have you there.
So what's next for you
and your family?
What are you all going to do?
Well, I suppose,
anything I want.
What's up with the bear?
Another gift.
The people just keep
giving us stuff.
Good boy.
Okay, come on.
Hey, baby.
Hey, baby.
The doctor said
we can leave tomorrow.
What do we do now?
Look, we gonna get away
with this.
Because as of today,
we all rich.