Your Name Engraved Herein (2020) Movie Script

Why would you get into a fight over love?
I don't know what to say.
You've changed a bit.
So how does this consultation work?
Go ahead.
What class is she in?
The Presidential Order of July 14th, 1987
issued parliament document No. 1641
announcing that effective from July 15th, 1987
that Martial Law will be lifted in Taiwan.
President Chiang Ching-kuo,
Prime Minister Yu Kuo-hwa,
Defense Minister Cheng Wei-yuan.
Have you just transferred here?
Class Eight, social studies major.
Class One, science studies major.
Now the last drill for your lungs.
Take a deep breath and go ahead.
Let's see who can hold their breath the longest.
I found out later on
that he calls himself "Birdy" instead of "Idiot".
He says that "Birdy" is a title of a movie.
It's about two good friends.
One is ordinary,
and the other is crazy.
The crazy one is called Birdy.
Two minutes four seconds.
I just broke my record.
What was the most crazy thing you did
when you were young?
Dormitory check is a must before bedtime.
Don't you dare hide anything illegal.
Haven't I mentioned that
duvets need to be folded neatly?
Mind your personal hygiene.
Don't be too proud of yourself.
Someone once hid porn comic books
under the mattress.
When I saw that...
That's not mine.
Good, there's nothing here.
It's all good.
But don't leave your underpants here.
You can throw this away, they stink.
I do these checks for your all-round development.
For example, these mixed pop music tapes
are no good for you.
I'll keep it for you.
Don't be sneaky with me.
You're under my control even
if Martial Law is over.
This school's Martial Law has not been lifted yet.
And tidy up this cupboard.
A killer is a Buddha once he stops killing.
I do this because I love you all.
I'll be watching you.
Watching you.
What the hell are you doing?
What are you doing?
Why did you sneak into our dorm?
Let's put on our clothes.
What are you doing here?
You want to get in a trouble?
I need to borrow a soap.
Go go go.
Are you stupid?
What are you doing?
Where did you go?
He scared the shit out of me.
God damn it, let's go.
Hi, everyone, we are the Horn Band.
I'm Horn.
I'm Rocky.
I'm Phil.
I'm A-han.
I'm going to catch you, you naughty girl.
Come on, you have no idea
how painful it is in a boys' school.
You're like monks just down from the mountain.
So horny.
Is this too straight for you?
Don't you play an instrument?
You can play my body like an instrument.
What do you feel?
What about here?
Play your instrument with your love.
Embrace it with love.
Don't play it with coldness
or that will be painful for the audience.
You have to remember,
"Live in the moment."
"Live in the moment."
It's beautiful to fall in love at your age.
When it comes, it comes.
No one can stop it.
You've never been in love, what would you know?
How do you know I haven't?
Holy shit, Father, you've been in love?
Tell us.
Tell us, Father.
The simplest question first, did you...
That's right, Father, how did it feel like?
Oh, you guys.
Love is not just physical intimacy.
Was she from Montreal as well?
Yes, Montreal.
I met her at a dance.
When I looked at her, she was looking at me too.
Okay, enough.
We're going to have a flag raising ceremony.
Father, you haven't finished yet.
I'll tell you next time.
But my "flag" is already raised.
Night snacks?
You went out to buy night snacks?
And drinks too?
What are you looking at?
You want to join him?
The guy back there, put up your hands.
Some of you snuck out last night.
You think you can get away with that?
This is a Christian school.
God is watching all of you.
So behave yourselves.
Here you go.
It's for the bruises.
I'll be done in a minute.
Are you having a cold shower?
Isn't it hurt?
Put some newspapers
inside your back pocket next time.
I'm done.
Drag him here.
Give him a "happy corner.
Let go of me!
Phil, pull him out farther.
Getting tired?
Come on. -Fucking faggot.
Come on. -Motherfucker.
Tell me,
did you snitch to the house master?
No. -Yeah, right.
Didn't you? -I didn't.
Then why's Dirty Head been checking up on us?
If you did, your dick will rot.
How dare you peeking at me in the shower?
Fuck, bring him over here.
Don't try to talk yourself out of this.
Careful, don't look around.
He is infectious.
Just look at yourself, don't look at me.
I heard that homosexuals are hairless.
Take off his pants. -Take his pants off!
Come on.
Stop it!
We're coming for you.
Stop moving.
Don't fucking move.
You dare move again?
Stop please.
Dick burning time.
Don't you dare move again.
Come here now.
Who's there?
Whoever it is, come out right now.
Come out.
It's me.
Fuck, you scared the shit out of me.
I just had diarrhea, so I took a shower.
Come here.
Why are you pulling up your pants?
Drag him over here.
Beat him.
Where are you going? -No.
Trying to get away? -What if he snitches on us?
Shit. -Don't you dare!
A-han, do it.
He peeks at Horn's cock every night.
It's so disgusting. Beat him.
Come on.
Get him to kneel down.
Kneel down!
You have to teach this kind of faggot early
or he will turn others into homos, too.
Beat him.
Do it.
Do it!
You'd better beat me till I bleed,
so my "faggot poison" will spurt over you.
Each one of you.
Do it.
How long was he in there?
He must have seen it all.
Chang Jia-han, weren't you in the same room?
No, I was in another one.
What are you doing?
They are besides us.
Why are you still awake?
You'll be screwed if you wake them up.
You came out of the shower room.
Horn is going to mess with you.
Check this out.
Where did you get these?
From Dirty Head's office.
Dirty Head's office?
Grab some.
That sound
on such a quiet night
sounds like a heartbeat.
A heartbeat?
What are you doing?
What are you doing? -Shut up.
This is Dirty Head's car.
Birdy Wang!
You're fucking nuts.
Are you done yet?
Hurry up, you're taking forever.
Just a few more seconds.
Would you like to contribute?
It will definitely stink when sun goes up.
With his grades,
he'll have to be transferred to social studies.
Don't worry.
We're not giving up on him.
His father is going to be terribly upset.
He still can make lots of money
as a lawyer or an accountant.
It's just for the education policy which,
our school's starts enrolling girls next semester.
With girls joining us, I'm afraid that...
Just concentrate on your studies.
Relationships are strictly prohibited
in this school.
Stop raising it, half-mast will do.
I believe you all heard of the news yesterday.
Our most revered President Chiang
bade farewell to the world yesterday,
the 13th of January,
at 3:50 pm.
So for one month from today,
the flag will be at half mast.
From the final exam till winter vacation,
if you want to pay homage in Taipei,
you can take official leave.
let's observe a minute's silence.
(Your attention please.)
(We're now arriving at Taipei Station.)
(Before your leave, )
(don't forget your belongings.)
(Next stop is Qidu Station.)
We're nearly in Taipei.
Thank you.
Zone A is for groups.
Zone B is for individuals.
Queue up.
(Our respectful President Chiang Ching-kuo.)
Queue up. Keep order.
(Has served his country...)
-You people over there.
(With his life and effort.)
(What he did for his country.)
(We shall all be grateful.)
(Your passing is a loss to the whole world.)
(We shall pay our deepest condolences.)
(We all love you.)
(And we will follow you...)
(You shall remain in our hearts.)
Almighty Father,
please take care of President Chiang
just like you take care of us.
Thank you, President Chiang.
-For being a great man.
Hope you will soon get to Nirvana.
-Although I don't know what great things he's done,
May you become a god or a Buddha.
-I think he was a great person.
...because everyone liked him a lot.
Thank you.
May he be free from worry and sickness in heaven
and keep him close to you, Amen.
Check out the clothes here.
Haven't seen you in ages.
Birdy, hurry up.
Look, they sell tapes there.
Open this jar for me.
Would you like to buy it?
Thank you.
How about a tip?
Why are there so many protest banners?
Why are they so angry?
(Marriage is a basic right.)
(Homosexuality is not a disease.)
What is he doing?
I have no idea.
That's so weird. -He's over there.
I see him now.
Birdy, it's the Juvenile Police.
Chi Chia-wei, it's you again.
Damn, are they coming for us?
Doesn't seem like.
-You can't raise protest signs here.
Chi Chia-wei, are you trying to revolt here?
What are they doing?
Take him!
what are you doing?
I'll call the police if you don't stop.
You gangsters. You can't treat people like this.
Take him away! -Let go of him.
They are plainclothed.
The uniformed police are back there.
What are they going to do with him?
I don't know.
What would you do if I died?
What do you mean by that?
Stop messing with your head.
Welcome, how many people?
Excuse me, let me clean the table for you.
What were you doing?
No, we were just playing.
You can't do that here.
Be careful.
Have you read any of San Mao's books?
I like "Gone with the Rainy Season
and "The Stories of the Sahara".
There's a sentence in one of her books,
If what you give me
is the same as you give to others,
then I don't want it.
So you know what love is now?
Nobody understands me in this world.
Hey, let me play a song for you.
Who sings this song?
The guy from the "College Town" song contest?
Tsai Ian-chin.
He's dead already.
Why was he so hard on himself?
Do you know that by end of 1987,
there were more than
five billion people on earth?
And they all come from Adam and Eve.
God probably didn't see this coming.
I mean, the amount of his babies.
To be honest,
there are too many people in this world.
Ah, I can't get up.
Sometimes I feel like I'm a outsider,
especially when my dad says
what a waste of time I am.
I should've strangled you when you were born.
Strangle you.
Let's not have any babies then,
there are too many already.
You and I can't have babies anyway.
Our world,
is not as bad as you think.
Don't let it get you down.
Please use your love and tender,
to color up this world...
Our Father in heaven.
Thank you for giving us food.
May our food be good to eat
and may you keep us safe and sound.
A-han is going into twelfth grade.
Please help him improve academically
and get into a good university.
And for Jia-ming and Xiao-ling,
please bestow your blessings on them too.
We thank you before our meal
in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Go for it.
How long have you been going out?
None of your business.
That's your brother's business.
Mind your own business.
When you get into a college,
you can have as many girls as you like.
Some quick homemade food,
make yourself at home.
Homemade food is the best.
Bro, can I borrow your scooter?
Not the scooter again.
You've been talking about
it from the kitchen to here.
Then buy me a scooter
so I can have more time to study.
I have no money.
You have enough to send money to mainland China,
but no money for getting me a scooter?
God damn it. Have I ever starved you?
How much money have you sent back?
It's not your business.
That's my money.
This is your home, too.
That's right, so I am in charge.
Cut it off. We have a guest here.
Watch your attitude.
It's embarrassing
that you're in social studies major.
You'd better work harder.
Take both the social studies
and science university exams
and see which one you can do better.
Look at your brother.
You should get into a good college
and get a good girlfriend.
come in, your dad wants me to lock the door.
Are you still upset?
Are you not sending money back home if you can?
Dad is trying to prove he's doing fine here
by sending money to his hometown.
He wants his family proud of him.
Why did you marry him?
If I didn't, there would be no you.
So you don't love him then.
At my age, we don't talk about love.
We met each other, that's it.
So it was merely reproduction.
What do you mean "reproduction"?
Having babies.
It shouldn't be like this if you're in love.
What do you know about love?
It becomes love over time.
Don't think too much. Just focus on your studies.
Let's go home.
Go check out the scooters tomorrow.
I'll buy one for you.
I have some savings.
Don't forget a helmet.
Be careful on it.
Come on in.
(Now let's listen to)
(top three of the charts,)
("The Crowded Paradise" by Bobby Chen.)
Hey, guess who this is.
it's Mrs. Chang.
Hey, guess who this is.
What are you up to?
My scooter, do you like the color?
If you like it, that's all that matters.
Birdy, what are you doing?
Just collecting some posters.
Be careful.
Hurry up.
Are there more posters here?
Are you sure about this?
What if someone comes in?
Even now
I still remember what you looked like then.
Stop playing hide and seek with me.
You are...
You are torturing me.
What do you mean?
Only a fool wouldn't see what I mean.
I want to be a filmmaker.
You really watched a lot of weird movies.
No wonder
you're so different.
Don't you think things are more fun
in the movies than in real life?
Making movies...
I've never thought of that.
It's too difficult.
Fools rush in
where angels fear to tread.
if you make a movie one day,
I will write the theme song for you.
What are you doing here?
Who let you in?
I'll call the police.
Will you go to film school with me?
But I don't watch many movies.
Don't worry, I can show you some.
We will get in a film school in Taipei
and make movies together.
Let's make a movie.
Father, don't you have any desires?
God listed the seven sins we shouldn't commit.
Pride, greed, envy, lust,
gluttony, wrath and sloth.
God wants everybody to avoid original sin,
especially lust.
But I was talking about love, not lust.
Lust is only physical intimacy.
But I want him to truly accept me in his heart.
I still believe in God.
Didn't God say "Whoever believes
in him shall have eternal life?"
Go away.
You totally misunderstand God.
Didn't God say "Ask,
and it shall be given to you."
Seek, and you will find.
Knock, and it will be opened to you.
I've been knocking so hard. Why didn't he hear it?
you'll never understand
cause never loved a person like I do.
(Good Morning everyone.)
(It's the beginning of a new semester.)
(Due to the new education policy,)
(our school's enrolling girls)
(and lifting restrictions on hairstyles,)
(but it doesn't mean you can fool around.)
(Boys, stay away from the girls' classrooms.)
(If any boys are harassing you girls,)
(please report it to the instructors.)
Is it necessary to have this wire fencing?
Holy shit, nice hairdo. -Very impressive.
You must've spent lots of time on it
to get the girls' attention.
Hey, young ladies.
Come over here, I want to tell you something.
There's something on your face...
It's beauty.
Hey, pretty girl, don't go. -Hey, girls.
Hey, girls, talk to us.
How about a scooter ride?
Hey, girls.
Do you play a musical instrument?
What student club are you in?
Why does everybody have their hair longer,
and yours is shorter?
That fucking queer guy again.
Watch out for that queer
when you join Class Eight.
All "Birdies" are queer.
One of my friends is in First High school,
there's a birdy in his class.
Fuck, there's one in Second High too.
Watch out in Class Eight.
If he dares do anything,
just give us a shout,
and we'll be there.
What are you looking at?
Let's go. -Let's go.
A-han, what are you doing?
-A-han, where are you going?
Chang Jia-han.
I'm in the same class with him.
If I don't go with him,
should I go back to Class One with you?
take a break for a minute.
From now on,
boys and girls will practice in separate groups.
I'm still in charge, even during club time.
Instructor, what's going on?
Why do you have to talk like that?
they're horny because of the puberty.
What if they fail the University Entrance Exam?
Dating and studying are two different matters.
You can ask them to study hard,
but you shouldn't separate them like prisoners.
Father, please stay out of this.
God wants you to teach love,
not love between boys and girls.
This is a school rule,
so don't make it difficult for me.
Didn't I tell you to separate,
why are you still together?
I am in charge of the band.
I know how to deal with this.
The way you deal with it is to
gather the students together in one place
and let them mess around?
Sir, do you have to make it sound so unpleasant?
With which eye do you think it was unpleasant?
I heard it. I didn't want to see it.
Which class are you in?
How dare you talk to me like that?
What kind of school do you think this is?
Sir, you don't have to be so mean.
I'm just trying to discuss it with you.
Why do you have to make us sound so dirty?
If I wasn't this serious,
would you take my words seriously?
Would you?
So, is it gonna prevent us messing around
by just spitting us into two groups?
Birdy Wang.
So when we graduate,
will you please split the world into two
and return us to the concentration camps?
Watch your attitude.
You're in a school,
a place that helps you to get into college.
So when we get into college,
we don't need to learn
any social manners here?
You're a student,
and students obey the school rules.
So which rule says that
senior boys can't teach junior girls
music in a club?
So what's the point of joining the band?
Fine, I'll remember you two from now on.
You two better watch out.
Sure, sir.
Class Eight, Twelfth Grade, Birdy Wang.
Class A, Tenth Grade, Ban Wu.
Instructor, you may leave now.
You don't seem to be very welcome here.
If anything happens,
you'll be responsible for it.
Just go.
Goodbye, Sir.
Back to practice.
Let's go on.
You should stay away from the junior girls.
You never know
what the school will do about it.
You sound just like those annoying instructors.
Eat it up.
It's about to rehearse the march.
Hey kid.
What is it?
How did you get all those bruises?
Did Horn and his gang...
No, sir.
This is done by the other.
One of my classmates hit me here with a brick.
And this is... -Kid.
I actually want to ask you
when did you find out you like guys?
Have you thought of seeing a doctor?
Or have you thought of getting a girlfriend?
I've known that I like guys since I was little.
Nothing has changed,
and it never will.
Thank you, sir.
Look at the people around you
and get it right.
Left, left,
left, right, left, right, left, right.
Stop! You motherfucker.
Kill him.
Where are you going?
Where do you think you can go?
Bring that bird man here.
You motherfucker.
Let's break his wings. -Get over here!
Let's see if you can fly.
Stay away from A-han.
Fuck off.
What are you doing?
A-han, stay out of this.
Come down, right now.
What are you climbing for? Come down right now.
Shut up.
Come down.
You fucking faggot, stop running.
Get him.
Kill him.
Let me go.
Birdy, what are you doing?
Stay away from me.
What are you doing?
I'm sorry.
We were just joking. Birdy, don't jump.
We're just kidding, Birdy.
Sorry. I didn't mean it.
Hey, boys can't be here.
What the fuck were you doing?
Chang Jia-han,
don't hang out with that faggot
or people will think you're homosexual, too.
where are you going?
Magnificent, mighty, serious, upright.
Quiet, strong, precise, proactive.
Alert, brave.
Stand still.
March on your spot.
Foggy night. Ready, sing.
Foggy night, stars and moon are light less.
Only the sound of guns echo all round.
Only sparks are flying everywhere.
Toes on the ground, hands on your knife.
Heroic warriors,
advance into the dark wilderness.
This world
sometimes lifts me up,
sometimes lets me down, that's how I feel.
That's how I feel.
In this world,
there's some joy,
there's some sadness, no one can run away.
-Hey, he's so handsome.
No. -No one can run away.
I think Birdy is more handsome. -Our world
is not as bad as you think.
Don't let it get you down.
What song is this?
This is a military song competition.
What wimpy song are you singing?
What school are you from?
Who is your advisor?
This is a joke.
You're disqualified, leave right now.
Go go go, let's go now.
Next team, Taichung First Senior High.
Birdy Wang, Birdy.
Go away.
Birdy, calm down.
You're performing for the rest of the world.
Don't be upset for him.
They don't understand you,
but I do.
Come on.
You're the best.
I was going to give this to you this morning.
It's a throat candy.
Are you eating the noodles
like they're the judges?
That's right.
Why don't you eat the plate, too?
I'm kidding.
It's not a big deal, cheers.
I'm not afraid of losing.
We didn't even get to finish the song.
We were practicing for two months.
What is it with them?
I thought Martial Law was lifted.
Do you think the world has changed?
No, it hasn't changed a bit.
You've already won the game to me.
Didn't you see the audience's reaction?
They have no idea what we were trying to do.
Chang Jia-han, what's wrong now?
It was a risky move anyway.
The judges would either love it or hate it.
Hey, Banban.
Whose songs are you listening to recently?
Bobby Chen's. Have you heard of him?
Yeah, I like his "The Crowded Paradise".
Oh, I like that one too.
Let me play it for you.
Don't move.
Are you two in a relationship?
I thought the world revolved around us.
But why did I become the outsider in a sudden?
Jealousy is a snake.
It will eat your heart.
Dear Father,
why is it a sin
to love someone?
What are you doing?
Dear Father,
Chang Jia-han's heart is heavily laden.
He is in twelfth grade now.
He can't concentrate on his studies.
I guess he's probably too lonely.
Please use your mighty power
to help him find a girl he truly likes.
Is it funny?
You're so annoying.
You shouldn't be acting this way.
I shouldn't be acting what way?
Can you stop hanging out just with me?
We can be really good friends.
How about...
I introduce you to a girl.
A girl from Banban's class.
I am going out with her tonight.
Lend me your scooter.
Come on, give me the key.
The key.
I didn't expect you to call me.
Sorry about last time, I must have scared you.
I was reading Non-no magazine recently.
Do you know how to spell
the Mandarin word for "good night" in English?
W-A-N A-N.
Each letter has another individual meaning.
W sounds like I (in Mandarin.)
A is for love.
N is for you.
A-N, love you.
You know if you dial codes into a pager,
it will appear in English, right?
This is our secret code now.
Chang Jia-han.
Chang Jia-han.
Chang Jia-han.
Why did you call me yesterday?
Did you need the scooter?
I went out with Banban last night
and didn't bring the pager with me.
It was pretty late when I got back.
I was afraid you'd gone to bed.
So I...
I've got something to tell you.
Okay, tonight then.
we're going somewhere tonight.
I need your support.
Why did you steal it?
I'm going to do something big, don't ask me yet.
I was going to tell you yesterday...
Look at this gigantic balloon.
Team work!
Our world is not as bad as you think.
Don't let it get you down.
(Marching on, follow the queue.)
(Be alive, don't walk like dead.)
(Follow up.)
(Guys, what are you looking at?)
(Don't peep at the girls.)
(Keep walking.)
(Hey you, I am talking about you, follow up!)
(You too.)
(Come on!)
(Flag-raising anthem)
(WAN AN, my love.)
So this is the big thing you're talking about.
Shh, it's a surprise.
So you already knew
what "WAN AN" means when I said it?
I looked it up myself.
Be quiet.
No more talking.
Stop being so noisy.
Who did this?
How dare you!
Nobody wants to admit?
The school will find out.
You'd better turn yourself in now.
When we catch you,
there'll be a double punishment.
Don't press your luck.
(Hello, this is the call center.)
(What number are you sending a message to?)
please leave a message for
Just say A-han is looking for him.
Ask him where he is.
And ask him
to get back to me.
I often come here.
To spend my day.
You know, I'm getting old.
What the fuck?
Why do you have to do this?
We are different. I'm not fucking faggot.
Fuck off.
You told me to live in the moment.
I didn't know you liked boys at that time.
So you can like girls.
And I can't like boys?
Is your love more than the love I give?
Tell me what's the difference?
Tell me if your love is any different?
Don't force him to love you
If he doesn't.
This is also part of "live in the moment".
No way.
I can feel that he cares about me too.
"Care" doesn't mean love.
The bible tells us to control our desires.
Don't make others have chance to go to hell.
Please let me go to hell.
I'd rather go to hell now.
Don't homosexuals deserve going to hell?
Maybe more people would understand me in hell.
Make it easy for me, help me to go to hell.
We're different. You go back to your heaven.
Thank you.
I crashed your scooter.
What are you talking about?
What do you mean sorry?
I'll pay for the scooter.
I don't need you to pay for it, okay?
What are you talking about?
Let me know how much, and I'll pay for it.
I said you don't need to.
Which part of that don't you understand?
Have you called an ambulance?
That betel nut stand lady had called.
Fuck, it's so nosy.
If you didn't want to call one,
why did you call me then?
I've got a garage to collect your scooter.
I'll take care of it.
Don't worry.
I never said I was worried.
Is that the only thing you care about?
Go away, I can do it myself.
Can you stop being so annoying?
What are you doing?
It hurts.
So how are you going to do it yourself?
A little wider.
Turn around.
Chang Jia-han, enough.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Hey, a basketball.
Watch out. -Thanks.
Hurry up.
I can do it by myself.
Hey, how have you been?
I'm done.
Enjoy your lunch.
He's so cool.
Go on, Birdy.
Go, go, go.
Go on.
Nice one.
What was it for? -Disorderly manners.
Given major demerits.
The balloon thing?
How did this happen?
So Birdy Wang did the balloon. So cool.
Why do boys only get detention
and girls get expelled?
(Birdy Wang will be given detention.)
(Ban Wu has been expelled.)
Park the car for me.
Sir, what brings you here?
Where is he?
Mr. Wang. -Don't you dare walk away.
You can't beat kids here. -Come back.
Come back here.
Mr. Wang,
you're the president of the parents' association.
It's not cool to hit your kid at school.
Mr. Wang, we're in the school.
You can't beat kids here.
We don't approve of corporal punishment.
You shut up.
You can't do that here.
Please stop.
I'm teaching my son a lesson,
it's none of your business.
My son is useless.
Don't you dare move.
Your three older sisters are nothing like you.
If I'd known, I wouldn't have you.
Then you shouldn't have.
I shouldn't have what?
What the fuck are you talking about?
Chang Jia-han, what are you doing here?
Yeah, what are you doing here?
Do you have a death wish?
What the hell are you doing here?
What? What now?
If I don't teach you a lesson,
you'll never learn.
Stop beating him.
Get out of my way, it's not your business.
Don't you dare move.
You think you're tough now, huh? -Sir, stop it.
You bastard.
Sir, please stop!
Who are you?
What are you to him?
I'm disciplining my son, get out of my way.
Go away.
It's none of your business.
Why is it none of my business?
It's my love affair, not yours.
it's all because of my love affair.
It was me.
What nonsense are you talking about?
When were you ever in love?
What would you know about my love affair?
Sir, it's me who's in love.
I hung the balloon. It was me.
What are you two doing?
Why are you treating me like this?
Enough, stop fighting, enough.
Stop beating each other.
Enough. -Stop it.
Leave me alone.
Why? Why?
What are you doing?
Birdy Wang.
This is a school, not your home.
these two are in the band.
I told you
you had to separate the boys and girls.
Now they fucked up.
Birdy Wang, what are you doing?
Don't mind him,
just let him go to hell.
When I was eighteen, I was a rebel just like you.
I was beaten up by the church priest every day.
And he really beat the shit out of me
the last time.
So I decided to leave Montreal,
to get as far away as possible.
I didn't think it would change
so much right after I left.
When was that?
Almost 30 years ago.
In the 1960s,
the "Quiet Revolution
(Revolution tranquille) happened in Montreal.
Society broke free from the church,
and people could finally follow their hearts
and choose for themselves.
I missed the revolution in Montreal
but bumped into your revolution here.
(prayers: the Rosary)
Father Oliver,
A-han's mom called the school
to ask him to go home.
I don't want to go home.
your mom said
Birdy is at your house.
What did you do at school?
What did I do?
Did you try to ruin their relationship?
What do you want?
Why did you come here?
I just think that the University
Entrance Exam is coming up,
I should really concentrate on studying.
And your dad and mom
should know what's going on with you at school.
I'm the one who has a girlfriend.
You didn't need to stand up for me.
Why are you covered in cuts and bruises?
Did you get into a fight?
What a loser you are.
You snatched his girlfriend
and then got into a fight.
I didn't snatched his girlfriend.
If you didn't, then why is he here?
you two are best friends.
Don't fight over a love affair.
You are still young. -Mr. and Mrs. Chang,
Don't worry about it. I gotta go. -Okay.
Tell me,
what do you want from me?
Good friends don't fight.
So are we only good friends?
What do you want?
I'm doing this for you.
You can have a girlfriend when you go to college.
What if he doesn't have one in college?
That's okay, he's still young.
What if he never has a girlfriend?
Birdy Wang,
Stop being an asshole.
It's none of your business
whether I ever have a girlfriend.
So who doesn't have the balls now?
Can you stop bothering me?
I don't like the girl,
what I like is actually... -Chang Jia-han.
Can you get out of my life?
I dare to say who I like.
Do you dare?
Have you lost your mind?
Have you lost your mind?
Chang Jia-han,
Can you stop acting like a faggot?
What's wrong with being a faggot?
Does it disgust you?
If you find it so disgusting,
say it right to my face.
Say it right to my face.
A-han. -Where are you going?
Chang Jia-han, where are you going?
Chang Jia-han.
Let's go back.
Chang Jia-han, where are you going?
(Attention, passengers.)
(The ship is ready for boarding now.)
One ticket please.
What time?
Just give me whatever he got.
What are you looking at?
(We'll soon be arriving)
(at Makong Harbor on Penghu Island.)
(Please follow the instructions)
(to proceed to the gate.) -Stupid bird,
why do you keep following us?
(Don't forget your belongings.)
Chang Jia-han,
let's go back.
You're a wilder bird than me, you know?
I'm heading back if you don't give me a damn.
I'm serious.
When did you ever give me a damn?
Tell me when the hell you ever cared about me?
I just wanna go to a place without you.
Go on then.
Keep going then.
Let's see how far you can get.
Where the hell do you wanna go?
I can go wherever I want to go.
You can't.
We aren't getting anywhere.
I'll show you how far I can get.
The tide keeps rising.
I really hoped
this would be the end.
After that day,
he said he had to prepare
for the University Entrance Exam,
and then,
we lose touch.
(The 17th Reunion
of the Witt High School Marching Band)
I remember I once said,
"Live in the moment."
"Live in the moment."
Cheers. -To our good health.
How is that possible?
People scare to challenge when they get old.
-That's true.
It's Chang, Jia-han.
Horn, go talk to him.
Wow, look who it is.
Chang Jia-han,
where have you been hiding?
Everybody, Chang Jia-han from social studies,
it's his first time to come to a reunion.
Let's give it up for him.
Wow, you're still in a good shape.
Come on, bottoms up.
Now I'm giving you the copy of the contacts.
I've also sent it
to our Line group.
When you have time,
update it,
as the old one is out of date.
Pass it on, thank you.
Is this Birdy?
Long time no see.
How's everything with you?
Things are fine.
I didn't expect you to page me.
You're retaking the exam this year.
Are you confident?
I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
Come on, you can do it.
Did you change your phone number?
My dad said there had been unknown calls.
It wasn't me.
I know.
And you didn't tell me you'd moved.
Is everything okay...
with you and Banban?
She said that
being with me
is like a dramatic romantic movie.
It's not realistic.
Isn't it good?
Everyone's first love
is as great as an epic movie.
Don't you think so?
There's a song recently.
It's me...
No, one of my college mates wrote it.
Can I play it for you?
Searching for you,
out of everyone you came into my mind.
I've been trying so hard not to think of you,
but the memories brought me back again.
Your name engraved herein,
making time go by without a trace.
I've decided to love,
only one for the rest of my life.
I hope the time would stop,
so I have more time to miss you.
If I have another chance,
I will surely love again.
Your name engraved herein,
you're buried deep down in the dust.
If I didn't do so,
I wouldn't be able to live the rest of my life.
Living in a city that only reminds me of you,
holding the key to fly into the sky.
You continue to fly,
and don't worry cause I'm always here for you.
I didn't expect you to pick up the phone.
How's he been doing recently?
I don't know.
When I'm busy,
I ask him to take care of our child.
I don't bother to ask about other things.
Birdy and I are divorced.
I only found out much later.
To like boys
is innate.
If I'd known, I wouldn't have even tried.
It has ruined my life,
and his.
I am sorry for your loss.
I'm grateful I was able to spend time with him
for the past couple of years.
It has been years since he left the Church.
He was really happy though
whenever there were students visiting him
from Witt High School.
I heard lots of stories about him,
about you.
There was one student who came to visit
several times.
He said he was from the year
the school started enrolling girls.
And he said it was the start
for crazy mating season.
You two look alike.
The smiles
and the things you like.
How come he stopped serving at the Church?
He always said that he can't go to heaven
because he is a sinner.
He's a good man.
He will be in heaven.
It's all my fault.
Without me, he could have gone to heaven.
I am sure that
he loved you as much as you loved him.
Thank you.
From time to time,
we would go to the town pub and have a drink.
He even enjoyed dancing.
Beer, thank you.
This waterfall separates Canada and America.
America is right across there.
It's said that an ancient Indian tribe
once lived behind it.
The girls there
couldn't choose their own lover
as they had to follow their parents' arrangements.
Thousands of years ago,
there was a girl just as pretty as me.
She didn't want to marry
the old ugly man her parents had chosen,
so she cried for a day
and a night on the waterfall
and then jumped off.
She disappeared into the water.
Ever since,
people have seen something in the water.
It's thought to be a mermaid
that looks exactly like that girl.
Sorry Sir.
Yes? -Sorry, we're closing the bar.
We'll ask you to go, please.
I see. Thank you. -Thank you.
I thought you'd left.
I was going back but I saw you walking out.
How did you know I'd be here?
I just came to try my luck.
I saw you sat there last night.
You saw me?
Why didn't you say hello?
I just didn't expect to bump into you
in such a place.
Did you come to visit Father Oliver?
Yes, I wanted to thank him.
Because every time when I was confused,
I'd go back to him.
Father probably didn't want me
to suffer the pain he'd experienced
so he kept stopping me to like you.
But I'd have preferred to experience it.
We both did a lot of stupid things.
I thought by doing that
you would give up your...
You thought I'd give up my love for you.
Did you really think it would be that easy?
Who knows?
Who knew what the world would be like
after thirty years?
If we'd admitted we were gay,
it would've been the end of us.
How about now?
You can say it out loud.
Can you?
I actually really loved you at that time.
The more we hung out,
the more I realized it would end badly.
So I asked Banban for a favor.
To find you a girl to hang out with,
to seduce you.
To see if you could be corrected.
Did you think my spine or teeth
were so bad that I needed to be corrected?
But do you know that later on
Banban came to seduce me?
I know, she told me.
I was in stitches.
How is your mom?
She keeps asking about you if you married yet.
What did you reply?
I said "Who cares?"
I should go visit her sometime... -You should.
I remember you took a picture of me naked.
No way. You did that to me.
Did 1?
This world
sometimes lifts me up,
sometimes lets me down, that's how I feel.
How I feel.
Do you still have that naked picture of me?
Don't move.
What are you doing?
It's almost dawn, and you're still so hyper.
Give it back.
Give it back to me.
You're such a child.
Where are you staying tonight?
The Grand Hotel, what about you?
Okay, then go back and rest.
I just need to walk for another ten minutes.
Would you like to come up and have a drink?
Maybe next time.
Good night. ("WAN AN")
Good night. ("WAN AN")
Good night. ("WAN AN")
Good night. ("WAN AN")
Good night. ("WAN AN")
What now?
I'll walk with you for a bit.
Birdy, for you.
You suck.
Did you screw the exam?
Yeah, it was terrible.
Pass the ball.
The other side.
Not in a good mood?
Why would I feel bad about my grades?
I don't need to know physics
or chemistry to make a living.
Shit, too far.
Give it to me.
Take it.
So how will you make a living?
Forgetting you.
Several times I've told myself.
The more I try to catch the light,
the harder it is
to get away.
I've loved you.
And I'm the only one who seem to remember it.
I broke from my shell to give you my heart.
Your silence is the kindest grace.
Your name engraved herein,
making time go by without a trace.
One lie was told,
that determined the rest of my life.
I stand defiant outside the world
but even breathing is a luxury.
If I have another chance,
I will surely love again.
Your name engraved herein,
you're buried deep down in the dust.
If I didn't do so,
I wouldn't be able to live the rest of my life.
Living in the city of neon lights,
holding the address to paradise.
You fly away, leaving me stranded here.
Hey, Birdy.
Nothing, hehe...