Your Name Is? (1953) Movie Script

A Shochiku Film
Always in My Heart
Director: HIDEO OBA
Late Autumn
Is anything wrong?
Are you seasick?
The crossing was
really rough today.
Is this your first time
to Sado Island?
Aren't you Machiko?
Machiko Ujiie?
So it is you.
Remember me?
I'm Aya Ishikawa
of Hisagoya.
Of course.
You used to pass our inn
when you were going to
high school.
I watched for you.
I had a crush on you.
Are you coming
from Tokyo?
Were you crying?
I've been watching you.
I was afraid you were
going to jump in.
You must be sad
about something.
I can tell.
Although you're headed
for Sado,
you keep looking back
from where you came.
Your heart is still
back there.
Did you break up
with your lover?
Or did he die...
in the war?
What then?
I'm more interested in others
than myself.
Why don't you tell me?
Heartache is like
sea sickness.
You'll feel better if you
get it all out.
It was on May 24th,
six months ago...
the night of the air raid.
That was when I met him.
Watch out!
Thank you.
Not at all.
Now's our chance.
Watch out!
It's a miracle I'm still alive.
Thousands of people
may have died last night.
I, too, understand
how precious life is
for the first time in my life.
Thanks to you.
No, maybe because of you...
I'm still alive.
I'll never forget this night.
- Where do you live?
- Yotsuya.
Then maybe that air raid
last night...
Then you must hurry home.
Go. Quickly now.
- Thank you so much.
- Not at all.
I don't know how long
this war will last,
but if we both survive,
I'd like to see you again
to remember this.
If in six months,
we're still alive
let's plan to meet here
on the night of November 24th.
Yes, lets...
if we're still alive.
On November 24th then.
Eight o'clock at night.
Yes, I will definitely come.
Great. Until then,
stay safe.
You, too.
I forgot the most
important thing.
What is your name?
Another air raid!
Go quickly now.
I'll be here, six months
from now.
Let's not tell each other
our names until then.
Good bye.
Take care.
So today is the day.
Then why didn't you go?
My uncle wouldn't let me.
He closed his busy business
to come get me from Sado.
He said he couldn't wait
two days for a pipe dream.
He forced me to leave.
But, if he is still alive
he may be waiting for me
at Sukiya Bridge.
I feel so badly about that.
But when you think about it,
it's a silly promise.
You just met him once,
you know nothing about him.
But I know how you feel.
That man feels like
the most precious person
in your life.
Machiko, what are you doing?
Get your things together.
Everyone knows where
Hisagoya is.
So if you feel lonely,
feel free to come by.
Maybe he's waiting for you
at Sukiya Bridge right now.
Hey, Brother?
Want a good time?
Damn, stingy bastard.
They're such a problem.
They just keep coming.
You've been here a long time.
Are you looking for someone?
Yes. I promised to meet
a woman here tonight.
After I'm gone, if a likely
girl shows up,
could you give her this?
What's her name?
Her name is...
I don't know.
We just promised to meet here
six months ago.
That's a problem.
Not even a lead.
Haruki Atomiya
Editorial Dept, Freedom Club
"Lovely girl,
I do not know your name,"
"Are you happy?"
"I wait on the bridge
in the night mist"
"as the night deepens
the neon blink sadly."
"Only you
can make it merry."
are you all right?
What's the matter?
You're the man
at the bridge.
She's my friend.
She got pregnant
and tried to kill herself.
Can you help me?
I don't want the cops
to find her.
Where do you live?
Just over there.
Uncle Kaseda,
could you come?
What's the matter?
Is Kozue worse?
No, she's up.
She says she's going
out to work.
Kozue, are you really
going to work?
You can't.
What if you get sick?
It doesn't matter if I think
I already died that night.
Do you really want to die?
Okay, die then.
If that's what you want.
I will. I'm going to die.
I'll take a lot of johns
and die.
I will.
Hey, Kozue!
When we met that night
at Sukiya Bridge,
you were the one
who told me to die.
I... I hated military men.
But you saved me when
I was starving to death.
My feeling now is the same
as yours then.
I don't like women
who do what you do.
I hate them!
But I can't
just watch you die.
Oh, it's you.
Thanks for your help.
Not at all.
What's wrong?
She insists on going to work.
So I was admonishing her.
Sit down.
Why would you do
such a thing?
Kozue. Even Mr. Atomiya
would scold you
if you said you're going to work
in your condition.
But I want to die.
Don't you see?
I'd rather die than have
a blue-eyed baby.
Everyone would look down
on me.
Just ignore them.
I'll say the baby is mine.
How's that?
You may feel bad,
but it's not the baby's fault.
That's right.
Right, Kozue?
So don't worry
about the baby and rest.
He's right. I can earn enough
to feed you.
I'm pretty popular you know.
He's the only one
who refused me.
Oh, dear.
I'm not too happy about
Asa working either.
I wish she wouldn't.
I'll really work hard
collecting wood
so we all can make
an honest living.
I agree with Mr. Kaseda.
I know it's hard for you.
Especially for Kozue,
now that she's pregnant.
But don't give up.
Don't give in to despair.
You had no choice
until now.
But from now
as Mr. Kaseda said,
stop doing what you're doing
and make an honest living.
If you really want to,
I'm sure it will happen.
You have Mr. Kaseda
on your side.
And I'll help as much as I can.
Poor things. That these
blameless girls...
are thrust into
desperate lives...
If there hadn't been a war...
It's all the military's fault.
I want to help these girls
at all costs.
I'm asking you to help,
Mr. Atomiya.
Please help them.
Of course I will.
I did not answer
the person who
asked my name
and the years went by.
I think of him as I stand
on the hills of my home town,
but Tokyo is far from Sado
where spring is in full bloom.
We're one of the wealthiest
families on Sado.
And he works for the
municipality of Tokyo.
He'll soon make section chief
although he's still young.
Don't you think
he's a great match for you?
That's why I brought you
all the way back to Sado.
Then your late parents
can rest in peace.
I hope you're still not
thinking about
the man you met
at Sukiya Bridge.
How idiotic...
to make a young girl
he met only once
promise such a thing
He must be a delinquent
Uncle, don't speak
badly of him.
Then you won't do
as I say?
Why are you
so high-handed?
I'm acting as your parent.
If you can't do as I say,
get out.
I wash my hands of you.
Are you really like that, Uncle? old fashioned,
obstinate man?
What? It's because
you're so stubborn.
In any case, Katsunori will be
home on vacation soon.
We've already told his family
we agree.
So it's settled.
I won't tolerate willfulness
...from either of you!
Hey, do just stand there.
Go buy some supplies.
Machiko, well said.
You're the first one
who stood up to Uncle.
You did what I couldn't
all these years.
It made my heart glad.
And I understand
how you feel.
Unlike your uncle.
I don't think the man
is a delinquent
and I can see how you
can't forget him.
However, Machiko...
no matter what kind of
a man he is
if you don't know his name
or where he is
it's like catching a cloud.
And does he still
remember you?
So even if you don't want
to right now,
I think it's better for you
if you married Katsunori
as Uncle says.
I won't force you.
But when I married your uncle
I didn't love him either.
Aunt? And did you find
your life worth living?
Having to lead a life
of endurance,
are you really happy?
I never thought about it.
But I'm healthy and we're
relatively well-off
so this must be
a good life.
Although your uncle is
a stubborn man,
he's not a bad man.
How you think about things
will change your outlook.
If you think this is your fate,
you can be happy.
Miss, someone's here
to see you.
She said,
tell her Aya is here.
Oh, yes.
Hello. Aya.
How are you?
I have news... about the man
you met at Sukiya Bridge.
Come to my house at once.
You'll find out there.
Come, now.
Here she is. This is
Machiko Ujiie.
This is the man
who found him.
I'm Sadahiko Honma.
I dabble in literature.
He's a poet. Remember
I showed you his poem?
"Sado in the bosom of spring..."
Something like that.
I was deeply moved
when Aya told me about you.
Because you have a pure
spirit, very unusual nowadays.
Not just your spirit,
you're beautiful as well.
Don't flatter her. Go ahead
and show her that book.
Wait a second.
I was so moved, I thought I'd
write a poem about it.
Then quite coincidentally...
I read this magazine
called Freedom Club.
And I happened across
the man you met.
This is it.
This is the poem.
The person who wrote
this poem
is the person you're
looking for.
The theme matches
your story exactly.
I'll read it.
"Traces of You."
"On a winter night,"
"on the banks of
Sukiya Bridge,"
"I see the traces of
a beautiful girl"
"in the white mist."
"It's the glimmer of
a lovely person"
"whom I fled
hand in hand."
"The city engulfed in flames
while the sirens blared."
"Who are you, the one
whose name I do not know."
"I call but you do not come."
"Sadness as the city lights
fade in the night mist."
Well? It's an
amateurish poem,
but his feelings are
well expressed.
It matches your story exactly.
That's right. It must be him.
Haruki Atomiya.
His name's right there.
Miss. I found this poem
by accident.
But this isn't just
a coincidence.
It's a sign that you two were
meant to be together.
He's so excited as though
it was about himself.
Of course I am.
In this ugly world after
Japan lost the war,
my heart longs for
things that are beautiful.
Whether it's a flower,
a bird or about someone else,
it makes my heart full.
Will you leave it to me?
Your fate?
We know his name
but not where he lives.
That's easy. We just ask
the magazine.
I see.
Hey, Editor.
What is this article?
"The Grey Spirit."
"A beautiful flower blooms
in the site of confusion."
It reads like an instruction
article for young ladies.
I'm all for integrity in
editorial policy.
But look what New World
Magazine does with it
using the same material.
"The bizarre lives of"
"a former army officer and
two prostitutes"
"living in huts in the
burned out ruins."
So erotic!
But that story is not true.
Those girls were
at one time prostitutes.
But I got them work
in a laundry
and they're trying to
rehabilitate their lives.
I don't care about facts.
But our magazine is not
a textbook for ethics.
We need readers.
Thrills and erotica.
I'm warning you.
If we're in the red again
this month,
I'm going to withdraw
my support.
Think about that.
How did the photo
our magazine took
get into New World?
- You were the only one...
- I'll look into it.
Thrill and erotica, is it?
His name is Yokoyama,
he was my staff officer.
I don't know how
he found out where I was,
but he came to visit me
out of the blue.
After the war, I sold off
some things
and bought a lot of paper.
And now I own a magazine
called New World.
Yesterday, this photo
came into my possession.
This photo...
I bribed the Freedom Club
I was surprised to see you
in the photo.
Since you were in the photo
I didn't see why
Freedom Club
should have an exclusive.
Sir, give me a story,
for old time sake.
But, Yokoyama,
Mr. Atomiya of the
Freedom Club already...
No. I'm going to scoop them.
It's the same with war
or business.
A surprise attack.
Sir? During the war
we both persecuted
conscripted soldiers...
In other words, this
country's citizens.
We're both war criminals.
Let's protect each other.
Yokoyama, leave!
Don't get mad.
If you want me to go,
I will,
but I got the story from
the photographer.
So we'll write the article
on our own,
but here's a small
It looks like you're in
dire straits.
Excuse me.
Hey, I don't want this.
Take it back.
Hey, Yokoya ma!
Hey, you.
Yokoya ma!
Yokoya ma!
I clearly said no.
I returned the money.
Yet he wrote this
irresponsible article.
I apologize to you
and the girls.
It was my fault.
Forgive me.
No, it's all right.
I don't intend to stay
at the magazine.
You're quitting?
And then what?
Won't you be hard up?
Maybe. But I'll get by.
If I can't make it in Tokyo,
I'll go home.
You mean back to Tuba?
Yes. I should go see
my older sister.
It'll be lonely
if you go.
I'm sorry this happened
because of me.
It's not your fault,
Mr. Kaseda.
The whole world
has turned ugly.
How's the laundry
working out?
Do you think you
can work there?
Yes. At first some looked
at us like we were dirt,
but we're willing to
bear it.
That's good.
I'm relieved.
I was worried that
this awful article
had made you dejected.
I don't care how many
lies they write about us.
That's right.
We have you and Uncle
on our side. We're okay.
Kozue, the fire's going.
Could you stay? We'll
make you something good.
How good the wind feels.
Atomiya, I just don't
understand this world.
Why is virtue
out of fashion?
I believed in
a virtuous world
and decided to start
from scratch.
But goodwill will only
get you so far.
Only the bad succeed.
That's not true.
I also believe that
virtue will win.
There's no point in living
if you don't.
It will win in the end.
I want to believe that.
For their sake, too.
Kozue, a shooting star.
Summer's here.
I come alone
to the mountain
not knowing her name
and ask
the Hamahiru River.
What happened
to Machiko?
Don't just sit there.
Machiko's in trouble.
She's not there.
She's out on a date
to Mt. Kinpoku
with Hamaguchi, the guy
who's home from Tokyo.
The guy who proposed
to Machiko.
So it's true that her uncle
is trying to marry her off.
That's right.
Why don't we go
to Mt. Kinpoku to see?
Unlike your uncle
I have no intention of
coercing you into
marrying me
anytime soon.
But even if
you have no intention
of marrying right now,
if I know that you have
some feelings for me,
I'll have something
to look forward to
even if I go back to Tokyo
and my work.
That's all I want
from you now.
So please, think about it.
Let's take a walk.
- Who are they?
- My friends.
Machiko, we looked
for you everywhere.
- What is it?
- It's about that letter.
It was returned.
The magazine Freedom
Club went bankrupt.
But don't despair.
We know his name.
Machiko, is that him?
This Hamaguchi?
Did you tell him the truth?
Why not? You should
brush him off.
Do you want me to?
But he's kinda cute.
Aya is a funny girl.
She told me a lot
about you.
About where you heart is...
your romance.
You're a beautiful person.
You've kept your
war memories alive.
Machiko. Won't you come
to Tokyo with me?
Come, and look for
that person.
I'll help you search.
If you meet him again
and he's a good person,
I'll go away.
I like you so
I want to help you.
But pretend that you've
agreed to your uncle.
I think that's better for you
and easier for me
to take you to Tokyo.
Please trust me.
Are you going to take
all these books with you?
Why don't you let us
keep them for you?
All right.
That's settled then.
It'll be too heavy to take.
We'll read the books
and study, right Kozue?
You're going to be back
real soon, right?
I don't know. Depends if I find
another job in Tokyo.
Until then, I don't know.
But you have to be back
before that day.
December 24th.
No, you mean
November 24th.
Oh, that's right.
December is Christmas.
You're going to
Sukiya Bridge, aren't you?
Yes, maybe.
No, I'll go.
You poor thing. You can't
see the person you love.
But why did you say goodbye
without asking her name?
You're a fool.
Don't go anymore.
She won't come.
She didn't come on
May 24th either.
No, I think he should go.
I'm sure she'll come
this time.
I have a feeling.
But if she does, she'll
take him away from us.
That can't be helped.
But when you come back,
come to us first.
We'll be waiting.
Yes, I'll come.
The next time we meet,
you'll have a baby.
Take care of yourself.
You don't have to worry
about us.
We'll do our best even
with you gone.
Great. I'll pray for
your happiness.
Don't cry, Kozue.
She's so funny.
Arrive Tomorrow Seven A.M.
It was my fault.
I hate my indecisiveness.
I think it was the
beginning of summer
when the Nishizaki family
decided to divorce Yukie.
But they did it in such
an awful way.
Mr. Mizusawa, if you
won't be flexible
the discussion will
escalate into a fight.
Yukie is still young.
We are all thinking of
what's best for Yukie.
But during the war,
when labor was scarce,
you made her stay saying
she was a war widow,
but now you decide to
throw her out.
If Yukie leaves here,
she has nowhere to go.
She'll be destitute.
What's your relationship
with Yukie?
Who are you to Yukie?
You worry about her
being destitute,
but weren't you the one
who was waiting for Yukie
to leave this family,
isn't that so, Mr. Mizusawa?
You may think we don't know,
but everyone in this town
knows you've been
friendly with Yukie.
So you should make sure
she's not out in the cold.
How rude.
What proof do you have?
If you get emotional,
we can't discuss this.
Kengo, don't say
anything more.
Why don't you go now?
I was disgusted by
my cowardice.
That's when it happened.
Professor Mizusawa.
Where were you?
- It was city hall business.
- Liar.
You went to see Yukie.
You can't hide it.
I've seen you two talking
alone many times.
Why don't we take a walk
along the beach?
- I still have things to do.
- Just for a bit.
Please, let's go
I know a place where
the sea lilies grow. Let's go.
She was Nami Tomura,
a shell diver,
and she had shown
inordinate interest in me.
See all these lilies?
I always come here
and think of you.
I love you.
Please marry me.
- Miss Tomura, I'm leaving.
- Wait.
Do your really love Yukie
that much?
Yukie is married.
Who knows what
people will say.
So, fall in love
with me instead.
I love you.
That's all.
If you marry me,
you can do anything.
- I won't blame you.
- Let me go.
- I won't.
- Fool!
- What's the matter?
- Professor.
There was a shell
where I fell. It hurt.
Get up.
I'll help you.
No, you don't have to
get me up.
This is just fine.
See? The moon is
I love you.
I'm ashamed to say.
I finally gave in to Nami
that night.
After that, Yukie
went to Hamashima.
She started working
at a restaurant, Matsuki.
I was worried, Sister,
that you were in despair.
Sister, don't lose hope.
No matter how hard it is,
we have to go on.
Everyone is suffering.
But eventually
things will get better.
Don't worry about me.
I'm used to unhappiness.
The party will be over soon,
so we'll have
a long talk tonight.
It's been too long.
You must think I put on
too much makeup.
Machiko. Don't despair.
We know he went back
to Tuba.
Why don't we go to Tuba?
My summer vacation
is coming up.
If you'd like,
I'll go with you.
No, I can't cause you
more bother.
It's okay.
We've come this far.
And now when I know
there's a chance,
I'm afraid to see him.
Isn't it funny?
Chin up, Machiko.
I'm trying the best
that I can, too.
If you're like that,
what am I to do?
So why don't we go?
Where is
the community center?
Who at the center
do you want to see?
Mr. Kengo Mizusawa.
What do you want?
We're looking for someone.
I was hoping Mr. Mizusawa
would know where he is.
Is it Mr. Atomiya?
He went back to Tokyo
But his sister is here.
She works at
a Hamashima restaurant.
He said he could be
contacted there.
He's publishing
a new magazine
with a friend's help.
If you had come
one day earlier...
I see. That's too bad.
I can't believe you came
all this way.
That you care so much
to come all the way here.
I thank you for him.
My brother would be happy
if he knew.
But Mr. Hamaguchi...
That is your name?
Pardon me for asking,
but if Machiko met
my brother
and he is the man
at the bridge...
No, I know he must be...
and if my brother is also
waiting for Machiko,
what are you going to do?
I really haven't...
Thought about it?
- No.
- I see.
But you're
supporting Machiko
in her quest to find
my brother.
Then that time must come.
- Yes.
- Then?
Then I'll go.
That's the promise.
I'm sorry for you.
For me, Machiko's happiness
is everything.
I see.
you're a lucky girl.
To have someone like him
supporting you.
I envy you.
Machiko, shall we
take a walk?
I want to talk to you alone.
Is that all right,
Mr. Hamaguchi?
what are your feelings
about Mr. Hamaguchi?
I think he's a good person.
When I think about him,
I wonder what I should do.
I see.
Then, all the more,
you shouldn't lose him.
Machiko, I love Haruki.
He's my brother after all.
But Haruki is a man.
I don't trust men
even my own brother.
As a man, how does Haruki
feel about women?
I'm sorry, Machiko.
Shall I tell you the truth?
I think Mr. Hamaguchi is
a good, kind person.
But I wonder what
he's really thinking.
I don't want to trust
any man at all.
You sound so unhappy.
Yes. Since I've led
an unhappy life,
I've come to feel that way.
I want you to be happy.
What's the matter?
Can't you sleep?
Mr. Hamaguchi,
I want to talk to you.
As my uncle wished,
I will marry you.
I want to marry you
and have a happy life.
Why, all of a sudden?
You haven't even seen
Atomiya yet.
I've decided not to see him.
I think... I think it's best
if I don't see him.
- Machiko. Did the sister...
- No.
I don't know why myself.
I'm afraid.
I'm afraid to hope for
a happier life.
If I see him,
what happens next?
If I fall in love with him...
It's so scary.
But isn't that why
you've been looking for him?
Now that you finally know...
It's enough that I know.
After I met his sister
and knew for certain
he was the one
I was looking for.
Just like his sister said,
I thought about you...
how you brought me
from Sado to Tokyo
then from Tokyo to
this faraway place.
About you,
your kindness...
You're pitying me.
The last thing I want
from anyone is pity.
Katsunori, why in the world
would I pity you?
Please make sure
I won't go anyplace else,
that I won't keep dreaming.
Do you really mean that?
If that's how
you really feel, I'll...
I'll love you
more than anyone.
Your name...
What is your name?
What's the matter?
I'm happy.
Aya, I am weak.
I finally promised
to marry Hamaguchi,
despite the fact that
I was so desperate
not being able to see him.
Once I knew where he was
I couldn't bear the weight
of my dream.
I want to live an ordinary life
and forget him.
I think I can...
no, I will forget him.
Do you understand?
In a way... how Machiko feels.
You're a poet after all.
Well I don't.
Now that she's finally
found him
she decides before
meeting him.
She's a fool. She won't be
able to forget him.
It's her first love.
Uncle Kaseda
bought all these.
He paid for the birth.
Uncle seems to have
a lot of money recently.
I can't believe he makes
that much collecting wood.
Maybe he's dabbling
in the black market.
No way! He hates that kind
of thing most of all.
But he's acting very strangely.
Sometimes he's absent for
days at a time.
He didn't come home
last night, either
I wouldn't worry.
He's a good man.
Shall I ask him?
He's so cute.
I hoped he'd look like
anyone else,
but he has lire eyes.
But I'm going to raise him.
What did you name him?
Don't get angry.
I took a part of your name.
I named him Toshiki.
Uncle thought it was okay.
I'm sorry.
That's all right.
You're Toshiki?
But I'm sorry
he doesn't have a father.
Brother Atomiya?
What is it?
What's the matter?
No, it's nothing.
I'm stupid.
I just thought how happy
he would be
if you were his father.
It just crossed my mind.
I'm sorry.
A woman like me hoping
for so much.
I bet the gods will
strike me down.
Kozue. You shouldn't
put yourself down.
You shouldn't make
yourself miserable.
If you have feelings for me...
I'm happy.
I thank you.
Brother Atomiya.
But, Kozue...
I know.
It's the women at
Sukiya Bridge.
It's you...
It's been a long time...
I'm Makiko Ujiie.
I'm Haraki Atomiya.
It's so good to
see you again.
So you were safe.
You, too.
I waited for you
for a long time.
It was worth the wait.
It was just about this time,
that night, that the B-29
planes kept flying overhead.
You were trembling.
I came last year,
this May and waited.
I waited for you, the girl
I only knew for a single night
while running from the air raid.
I may be stupid,
but I kept waiting.
I staked my whole life
on that night's promise.
Haruki, I wanted
to see you, too.
And to hear now you were
waiting for me
with the same feeling.
Were you in Tokyo
all this time?
Tell me your story tonight.
I'm getting married
I see.
You're getting married.
After we parted,
I couldn't see you
on either the six month
OI' one year anniversary.
And now that I'm finally
able to see you,
it's good bye.
Haruki, I didn't
intend to see you again.
But before I got married,
I wanted to see
this special bridge
one more time.
And if... if you were here,
I wanted to get
a glimpse of you.
Thank you.
I'm glad you came.
I hope you'll be
very happy.
Haruki, perhaps
you're already married?
Goodbye, then.
"You who cast me aside
and left me."
"Are you happy?
"You who stood
"on the bridge shrouded
in the night mist,
"There were tears
on your eyelashes.
And then...
"There were tears
on your eyelashes.
"There were tears
on your eyelashes.
Years passed...
"There were tears
on your eyelashes.
"There were tears
on your eyelashes.
"Oh my life would
only be happy
"Oh my life would
only be happy
"Oh my life would
only be happy"
"if you were in it."
What are you thinking?
This must be
Sukiya Bridge.
You sound like
a country bumpkin.
I am. I can't help it.
So what about Sukiya Bridge?
It's full of sad memories.
A young man and woman,
who didn't know
each others names
promised to meet
here then parted.
They had spent a night
together during an air raid.
The man fell in love
and wrote a poem.
"On a winter night,
on Sukiya Bridge
"shrouded by a, white mist
"I see traces of her."
And the woman?
Of course
she loved him, too,
and tried to find him.
They finally met after
a year and a half
on this bridge.
But it's so absurd.
When they finally met,
the girl was already
What a sad tale.
Oh, it's your unrequited
love story, Aya.
Not me,
I'm not that stupid.
Let's go.
Excuse me,
isn't this boy yours?
No, is he lost?
Yes. I don't know
what to do.
Poor boy.
Were you with your mom?
Oh, this child's
mixed race.
Oh, no.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- So he's your kid?
- I'm sorry.
If you're his mom,
keep an eye on him.
She must be irresponsible,
if she had a child like that.
Public welfare for children
of mixed race
only spoils them.
There's something wrong
with women
who give birth to
mixed race children.
They don't have any
virtue or pride.
You're right.
I want your department
to be more strict
in your crack down policies.
Yes, very definitive ones.
But as fellow Japanese
who experienced
the hardships of war,
I wonder if it's wise
to blame the women
and these children.
We should approach them
with compassion...
Stop being so virtuous,
You should look at reality
more objectively.
Do you want Japan
to become a colony?
Don't you worry about
the purity of our race?
You say the purity of race,
but aren't Japanese
a mixed breed anyway?
Hey, hey.
I object.
I'm surprised that the editor of
the municipal magazine
holds such beliefs.
But facts are facts.
Perhaps you are
of mixed race
but I'm a purebred
At least in
the spiritual sense.
I agree. You mustn't
forget that pride.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I might use
your private room
for magazine business
from time to time.
I hope you don't mind.
We'd be happy to.
Excuse me, your name
is Atomiya...?
Are you Haruki Atomiya?
That's right.
I'm Haruki.
Oh, then my hunch
was right.
So you are him.
Then you must know
Machiko Ujiie.
I'm from Sado.
I'm Machiko's
best friend.
I'm apprenticing here,
because I want to open
a restaurant in Tokyo.
Mr. Atomiya, Machiko
loved you so much...
that's why I know
your name.
I wonder.
Don't you believe me?
Men believe that
only women
who will many them or
are going steady with them
love them.
But in my case...
Machiko is married
to someone else.
But because she
loved you so much,
Machiko left you.
Machiko is a coward.
That's why she married
someone she didn't love.
It's true.
And, are you married?
- No.
- Still single?
You can't forget Machiko?
You can't deny it,
can you?
You were very vocal
in that discussion,
but in matters like this,
you can't say how you feel.
Don't make fun of me.
Thank you.
Here's the bill.
Mr. Atomiya,
can I pay you a visit?
Of course.
About what?
I want to tell you
about Machiko.
Why would I want to hear
about a married woman?
I will pay you a visit.
how are you?
I'm writing this tonight
for I have special news.
I met him at
the restaurant tonight.
Your Haruki Atomiya.
Are you and Aya
still close?
I saw she wrote you
Not especially.
That's all right, then.
Machiko? I told
you once before.
Being a municipal
worker, I have to be careful.
When we're in Tokyo and you
associate with her
my superiors and
their wives will gossip.
They'll say you have
a friend n the
entertainment business.
And that affects
my career.
But she's not
a bad person.
People judge just
by appearances.
I see Atomiya works
in the PR department
in the main office.
I took the liberty
of reading this.
How strange fate is.
When I'm transferred
to the main office
I'll see him every day.
You may have to
see him, too.
What shall we do?
What's that to do with me?
I don't have anything
to do with him anymore.
Then is it because
I'm insecure?
You're still here,
Isn't today you last day
at work here?
It's important to make
an effort till the very end.
Don't be late.
the honeymoon's over.
Oh, your tie is crooked.
Do I have to do everything?
Machiko, his shoes.
Have a good day.
They want the discussion
article pulled?
The new section chief
ordered it.
- The reason?
- We're not sure.
Excuse me.
I'm Atomiya from editorial.
I was on a business trip,
so I haven't had the chance
to welcome you.
So you're Atomiya.
I'm Hamaguchi.
Nice to meet you.
Have a seat.
I see the magazine
has a wide circulation.
It must be hard,
with such a small budget.
Mr. Atomiya, you've heard?
I want the discussion
article removed.
Yes, but it's an important...
That's why I have
a problem with it.
The problems of
prostitutes and
mixed-race kids.
Those are problems
we can't do anything about.
So it's better not
to mention them.
The government shouldn't
stir up controversy
Let sleeping dogs lie.
We're still under
We don't know what
the future will bring.
You may be dissatisfied
but I would appreciate
your cooperation.
Then please replace
the article right now.
Yes, I understand.
- Machiko?
- Yes?
Do you really love me?
Do you love only me?
What a question.
Are you drunk already?
Then you've forgotten
about him entirely?
I'm talking about Atomiya.
How many times
must I swear to you?
It's been two years
since then.
But I can't believe it.
Is love really like that?
A feeling you can forget
and give up so easily?
I want to make sure.
Our happiness mustn't be
destroyed by others.
If you leave it alone,
I would forget.
Yet you keep
stirring it up.
Aren't you happy
that I do?
I met him at the office today.
I met Atomiya.
How unusual
for you to drink.
where're the tickets?
I hear we're going
to see Kabuki.
We were invited by
the bureau chief's wife.
It's great that she's
taken you under her wing.
You have to work hard.
Patronage is everything
in government work.
Machiko, the kitchen's
not cleaned up yet.
Right away.
I haven't seen
Kabuki in years?
Japan's slowly
getting back to normal.
It's good to be alive.
What's the matter?
It's nothing.
Are you feeling ill?
Why don't you go out
into the foyer?
Someone wants
to see you.
I didn't know
you'd be here.
Today's screening is
for magazine writers.
I see. I want you
to see someone.
This is my wife.
Her name is Machiko.
I believe you know her.
I knew about you
since Machiko has spoken
about you...
even before
we got married.
It's a strange fate
that we're working
in the same office.
You probably haven't
seen each other for a while.
Why don't you two talk?
It's nice to see you again.
I'm happy you look well.
You look well, too,
Did something happen?
Why did your husband
bring us together?
I think it was better
if we didn't meet.
Don't you have to
go back inside?
Please do.
I feel I'm
causing you trouble.
That's not true.
What's wrong?
I'll go now.
What were you doing?
You're being
extremely rude.
Welcome home.
You have a visitor.
Who is it?
A woman.
She's so pushy.
I told her you were out,
but she just
pushed her way in.
Welcome home.
- Oh, it's you.
- I said I would come.
Your landlady
is so rude.
She said I'm not welcome.
She said that?
Your room was so messy
I was tidying up.
I'll come from time to time
to clean.
Sit down.
Thank you.
This is your home.
Did you know
Machiko's in Tokyo?
It's so annoying.
Hamaguchi doesn't
like her seeing me.
He wrote to tell me
not to visit.
Who does he think I am?
Do I look like such
a bad woman?
I'm so misunderstood.
Do you think so, too?
- No.
- Really?
That's good then.
But I really want
to see Machiko.
I... met her. Tonight.
At the Kabuki Theater.
She was with her husband.
And was Machiko well?
Was she happy?
Mr. Atomiya?
Asa is here.
Will you excuse me?
Why are you here
this late?
- Brother Atomiya...
- Come in.
Did you see the
evening papers?
- No.
- Then you don't know?
Uncle Kaseda
is in big trouble.
The police have him.
Uncle wouldn't
do something like this.
He must have been
Kozue was summoned
to the station, too.
As a person of interest.
They were asking
about you, too.
Maybe they'll
summon you, too.
I see.
Smuggling Ring Arrested
Head is former army officer
Smuggling Ring Leader
Former Officer Kaseda Charged
New Details in Smuggling Ring
Duped by Subordinate
Come in.
You called?
It wasn't very important...
- but too bad for you.
- Excuse me?
About the smuggling ring.
I hear your friend
is involved.
That's not good.
I'm very sorry.
I know you don't have
anything to do with it.
Even if the higher-ups
complain to me,
I intend to deflect it.
So what are they saying?
Nothing specific.
But the higher-ups
seem to know about it.
So how about it,
just as a formality,
can you submit
an unofficial resignation?
I'll take care of the rest.
Since this is
a government office.
If we don't observe
the formalities,
it may get complicated later.
I see.
So you will?
I'll think about it.
If I were to submit,
it will be an actual
what do you mean?
No, not over this,
but I was thinking of
for personal reasons.
Aren't you being
Not at all.
I thought about it
very objectively
and I think that's
what I should do.
Atomiya, you're talking
about Machiko?
Don't get me wrong.
I'm not the type to
bring personal matters
into my job.
I don't think I'm obsessing
on your past relationship.
No, even if you did,
I don't blame you.
We're human after all.
Excuse me.
I tried my best to placate
the bosses as well.
But Atomiya became
too emotional.
He insisted on quitting.
I'm in a bind.
It can't be helped.
It's not your fault.
But I wish...
Before you asked for
his unofficial resignation,
why didn't you quash
it yourself?
If you did, I would have
thought you admirable.
I'm sorry you didn't.
You're saying what I did
wasn't admirable?
I didn't mean that.
I don't want people to think
you were unfair.
What did I do
that was unfair?
You want to say
I drove Atomiya
into resigning.
You want to protect
him that much?
- No. That's not...
- No, I know.
- He's more precious to you.
- Dear...
Why do you say that?
There's nothing
between us.
Don't lie.
You haven't forgotten him.
I saw it in your eyes
when you saw him
at the theater.
Dear, why won't you
believe me?
I said what I said
just now because
objectively, it's an
unfortunate situation.
To lose one's job is
to lose one's livelihood.
And if even a tiny bit of that
has to do with me
then I couldn't
apologize enough.
Then I will never be
able to forget him.
Because I really want
to think of him
as a total stranger.
Why are you shouting?
You haven't taken a bath.
What are you talking about?
If it's of interest,
I want to hear, too.
What's it about?
Why are you both silent?
Katsunori. What were you
talking about?
It's nothing.
It's about Machiko's
former lover.
You saw him at the theater
me other day.
why don't you take a bath?
Shall I wash your back?
He's late.
He should be home soon.
He's out with a friend
who came to visit
from Hokkaido.
It's my day off,
so I'll wait.
Oh, Machiko.
I have to see him
and apologize.
All this trouble,
because of me.
I see.
I thought it was strange.
Since I heard he quit
so suddenly.
So that's what happened.
And that's why you're here.
Use the cushion.
But is that all, Machiko?
You burst into tears
when you saw me.
Is something else
bothering you?
That's all right then.
Look, Machiko, you don't
have to hide it from me.
Tell me the truth.
Are you happy?
It doesn't look like it.
It was a mistake
from the start.
You can't have a successful
marriage based on a lie.
Machiko, do you know
why Atomiya is still single?
I think it's because
he can't forget you.
Machiko, now is the time...
I'm kidding.
Unlike me, you're refined
and have good manners.
You couldn't possible lake
such a giant step.
If you could
you would have...
Oh, he's home.
Welcome home.
Machiko's here.
Why? Because she
wants to see you.
Go up quickly.
Missus, could we have
some tea?
Why are you here?
I came to apologize.
I don't think you owe
me an apology.
Let's don't
forget the past.
Everyone in Japan
is beginning to forget
about the war.
We should forget
what's in the past.
Until now, I just
couldn't forget you.
But even if I have to
make an effort,
I intend to forget you.
You should forget me, too.
So you can find
real happiness.
Let's promise we'll both
forget each other.
So, you mustn't ever
come here again.
Let's become strangers.
You should go now.
Please leave.
Machiko, what's wrong?
Where were you?
Do you know someone
who lives there?
- No.
- The house you visited...
I know that a Mr. Atomiya
from your past,
lives on the second floor.
Katsunori told me.
He also alerted me,
since you were
acting strangely,
I came on the off chance.
Let's go home
before it rains.
Let's talk
after we get home.
Why did you have to go
and apologize to mat man?
You must think
very little of me.
You value his feelings
over your husband's.
No, I just...
Machiko do you think
it's all right
to go see a man behind
your husband
and your mother-in-law's
That's so unfair
to Katsunori.
Katsunori was brought up
I worry about his future
with someone like you.
You're destroying
my family.
Mother, in the past
I have done my best
to make this family
a happy one.
I've worried and made
great efforts
to find ways to please
you both.
But you take everything
I do the wrong way.
You followed me today
in secret.
You don't trust me.
That's because you do
untrustworthy things.
Machiko, do you think
this can be a happy family
when you're in love
with another man?
You don't admit
your own faults
and you make if our fault.
Why are you making that face?
Although you look kind,
you're a frightful person.
Dear, I want to talk to you...
If we talk alone
everything will be fine.
Look. I'm his mother.
- You want me to leave?
- No.
If you think I'm in your way,
I'll leave anytime.
Yes, I'll leave.
But I never imagined
I'd hear those words
from my son's wife.
In this new age,
a mother may be
but I brought my son up.
Then to have his wife
say I'm an intruder...
Katsunori, is a mother's
existence such a sad one?
Apologize to Mother.
- Machiko!
- No,
I don't want an apology.
I shouldn't have said
But Katsunori,
I felt sorry for you,
so that's why I did
what I did.
Why won't you apologize?
What did I do wrong?
Why won't you trust me?
I'm so disappointed.
If you want me to trust you
why don't you become
a wife I can trust?
Dear? What do you
want me to do?
How can I satisfy you?
Please, tell me.
You ask me that?
Yes, please tell me.
Don't be impertinent.
Why don't you ask
yourself that?
When I say apologize,
do as I say.
Mother has done
everything for me.
Unlike you, I'm
her only concern.
Mother, make my bed.
I'm going to bed.
What a disgrace.
You didn't have to marry her,
knowing what you did.
You could have married
any girl you wanted.
That vulgar woman.
We have to consider
your future
and really think about her.
You have an early morning?
Then I'll say good night.
Mr. Atomiya?
- Mr. Atomiya.
- Yes?
A Mr. Hamaguchi
is here to see you.
He's very excited.
is Machiko here?
She's really not here?
It's true.
Has something
happened to her?
No, nothing.
Then perhaps
she's with friends.
I'm sorry to disturb you
this late at night.
Please don't tell the office
I came here.
It's really nothing.
Why would I?
I don't work there anymore.
That's right.
Let's promise
we'll forget each other.
You must never
come here again.
Mr. Atomiya.
The woman who was
here the other day
was standing outside.
Is anything wrong?
Are you ill?
Yes, all of a sudden,
I'm not feeling well.
You got a chill.
Why don't you rest
over there?
There's some time
until the first train.
Over here.
Where are you going?
I want to go to Sado.
That's a long trip.
Oblivion is
to forget completely.
My heartaches
as I promise oblivion
when I cannot forget.
"Although they've parted"
"she can't forget him"
"on the long sea voyage."
"Another's wife
sheds tears of woe"
"as she travels the sea
to Sado."
Poor thing.
Machiko finally realized
her mistake.
Please go to Sado.
I packed intending
to go with you.
Machiko's waiting for you.
But if he knows
she's gone to Sado,
Hamaguchi will
go to bring her back.
Then, Atomiya, do you want
Machiko, who's finally left him,
to go back to that house?
No matter what the reason,
a divorce...
You think that's bad?
You're just trying
to believe that.
So you don't care
how unhappy she is
because she's married?
So you've really wiped
Machiko from your heart?
You've forgotten her?
Is that so?
Then can I ask you
a favor?
Atomiya. It's not like me,
but I've fallen for you.
I don't know what to do.
If you've really
forgotten Machiko
then can you fall in love
with me instead?
Don't you want to?
You don't want to.
Let's go then.
To Sado.
We can't leave poor
Machiko there.
Nobue, tell Machiko
to come here.
Her husband's come
all the way from Tokyo
to get her. How rude.
She says she doesn't
want to see him anymore.
Then does Machiko
want a divorce?
I suppose...
Without a good reason,
I won't let them divorce.
In any case, get Machiko.
I said get her.
I think I should
talk to her alone.
I think there's
a misunderstanding.
If she's unreasonable,
slap her.
Women get uppity
if you're kind to them.
Machiko. What are you
so unsatisfied with?
Machiko. Do you want
a divorce?
Even if you do,
I won't give you a divorce.
Machiko, as long as
Atomiya is in your heart,
I will suffer.
So I want you to suffer, too.
I've always hated to lose,
ever since I was a child.
I won't lose
to Atomiya.
I won't lose to anyone
concerning you.
Please be reasonable.
I know Mother is
hard on you.
But if you have at least
some affection for me
that shouldn't be
a problem
In any case,
I will never let you go.
Remember that.
I have to go to work,
so I must return tomorrow.
Machiko. Will you come
home with me?
Please, Machiko.
What's the matter?
Auntie... Machiko...
Machiko, what's the matter?
Machiko. Machiko.
What's wrong with her?
Machiko's pregnant.
She's carrying
your baby.
In any case, she can't
go back with you today.
We'll keep her here
for a while.
take care of yourself.
Come home as soon
as you can.
Auntie, please take
care of her.
You must be tired.
This must be so hard.
I understand
how you feel.
When you came back,
I knew you had
good reason to.
So, I thought it was better
to get a divorce.
you'll have to think
about the child now.
Women are such
sad creatures.
It's on the other side of
that mountain.
Machiko will be
overjoyed to see you.
Aya, I can't find her.
I've been concerned
about her.
You've just arrived,
but can you help me
find her?
But where did she go?
She didn't leave a note.
I don't think she'll do
anything stupid, but
she was really suffering.
What are you trying to do?
Cry all you want.
Promise me, you'll
never do
anything foolish
like this again.
I... I didn't want to die.
While you were alive.
I didn't...
I didn't want to leave
this world you are in.
That would be too sad.
I intended to divorce
I vowed never to go back
to that house again.
That was my intention
when I left.
If you want to leave him
that much
I'll never let anyone
have you.
I came here to get you.
What am I to do?
I'm pregnant.
When the child is born,
and as long as it lives,
Hamaguchi and I...
What am I to do?
Tell me?
Perhaps you should
go back...
to Hamaguchi.
For the sake of the baby.
We have to forget
each other.
You have to go home now.
All right?
The Next Day...
Haruki left Sado
with a broken heart.
(Always in My Heart)
Part One
The End