Your Name Is? Part III (1954) Movie Script

(Always in My Heart)
Part 1 and 2 Summary
On the night of
the air raid
Machiko met Haruki.
They promised to meet
each other six months hence
and said good-bye
on Sukiya Bridge.
Six months passed.
But Machiko did not come.
And a year...
18 months passed
and on a foggy fall night
they finally met at
Sukiya Bridge. However...
Machiko was engaged to
Katsunori Hamaguchi.
Machiko's marriage
was not a happy one.
On a rainy night,
Machiko left Katsunori
and returned to Sado.
But Machiko was pregnant
with Katsunori's child.
Senkaku Bay
I was going to
divorce Hamaguchi.
I vowed never to go back
to that house again.
That was my intention
when I left.
If you want to leave him
that much
I'll never let anyone
have you.
I came here to get you.
What am I to do?
I'm with child.
And then...
went to Hokkaido,
and Machiko to Tokyo.
But what awaited Machiko
was the animosity of
her mother-in-law.
Machiko, I heard
you had a miscarriage.
You must feel better...
in more ways than one.
Mother, that's so cruel.
Machiko, more determined
to divorce,
left Katsunori again.
She headed for Hokkaido
You want me to leave
because that woman
came from Tokyo.
I won't leave.
If I do, she'll take
Haruki from me.
If I can't have Haruki,
I'll die.
Yumi dies
Katsunori sues for
restoration of conjugal rights
Hokkaido in the snow.
Machiko and Haruki
parted in sadness
once again at Bihoro.
We'll meet again?
I have a feeling I'll never
see you again.
Let's be strong.
Take care.
You, too.
And now...
(Always in My Heart Part 3)
Director: HIDEO OBA
Tokyo Family Court
I have been asking for
a divorce for some time.
Since he wouldn't agree,
I went to Hokkaido.
My husband sued me.
And that's why I asked
the court for arbitration.
I see.
Judge, what do you think?
The husband wants
the wife wants a divorce.
These two matters
should be arbitrated
at the same time.
I agree.
I think that's best
for them both.
Mr. Hamaguchi?
I think you should just
rule on my claim.
There's no merit in
her divorce application.
She left her husband's house
and went to see another man.
An adulterous wife
should have no say.
I never did anything
- Oh, really?
- No.
You traveled to far away
Where's the proof you
didn't commit adultery?
It's a natural assumption.
Calm down.
Don't get so emotional.
He's right.
When you get emotional,
nothing can be settled
The person that was
is he the Mr. Atomiya
that's in your petition?
- And is he still in Hokkaido?
- Yes.
He should be in Tokyo
next month.
I initiated a defamation suit
in civil court against him.
If I can I'm considering
additional charges of
kidnapping, a criminal act.
No! Dear?
What are you doing?
I think he's responsible.
It seems you're very
adamant about this.
Yes, I am the victim.
I see.
I have some more questions
for your wife,
so will you wait outside?
In any case, isn't it true
that if you divorce
your husband,
you'll want to marry
Mr. Atomiya?
But that's not
a legitimate reason.
You have no intention
of returning to your husband?
But it seems your husband
still loves you.
But he won't trust me.
Didn't you do things to
lose his trust?
No. I tried really hard
to have him trust me.
You have no idea
how hard I tried.
But neither my husband or
mother-in-law was convinced.
But speaking generally,
there is no such thing
as an ideal family.
It may be hard for a while...
So you want me to
If you can.
But if you insist on divorcing,
we'll speak to your husband.
but it'll be difficult.
I agree. You must be prepared.
It will be difficult.
It's going to take
a long time...
I don't care how long it takes.
But for him to sue Haruki...
He'll be worried
and humiliated.
Aunt? Why did I go
to Hokkaido?
I wish I hadn't gone.
What's done is done.
You can cry, Machiko.
If you're sad,
cry all you want.
You're just like
the tree over there.
But when spring comes,
that tree will grow
new leaves,
flowers will bloom.
So be strong.
Some people like
having Sado
in the middle of Tokyo
and that's why they come.
But it was my dream
to have my own restaurant.
It's small but it's mine,
so you can stay as long
as you need to win the trial.
Thank you so much.
Ma'am? A customer
wants to talk to you.
Isn't that funny? Ma'am
without a husband?
You both must be tired.
Don't wait for me.
Go to bed.
Just the thought of a trial
gives me a headache.
According to the plaintiff,
Katsunori Hamaguchi,
the defendant,
Haruki Atomiya,
compelled the plaintiff's
wife, Machiko Hamaguchi,
to go to Hokkaido,
had an adulterous
and defamed the plaintiff.
How do you plead,
I declare that what is
in the complaint is groundless.
I will now ask the plaintiff.
While your wife was still
living with you
how far did the relationship
with the defendant go?
I don't know the details.
But even after
we were married,
the defendant was secretly
sending letters.
That's a lie.
There's no truth to...
Defendant, keep quiet.
The plaintiff is making
his statement.
When I became
his superior
in the PR department,
the defendant and Machiko
met at the kabuki theater.
Mr. Hamaguchi,
you got it all wrong.
You keep quiet.
The conversation
between them,
according to Machiko,
was that they would
never meet again.
That means they were
indeed meeting.
Further proof is that
the defendant
summoned Machiko
to his lodgings
and met with her alone
in his room.
Mr. Hamaguchi,
that's because you
forced me to resign.
The defendant should
keep quiet.
But I have to say this.
Machiko came to apologize to me
because I lost my job
because of her.
The plaintiff is making
a statement.
- Keep quiet
- No, I won't.
I can't remain silent.
Do you know why you're
being sued?
Have you no shame?
You're the one who
should be ashamed.
I could prove my innocence
if this was about me.
But when it concerns Machiko...
How dare you refer to
his wife in such a manner!
Judge. As you can see,
he is unrepentant.
He is brazen.
He is vile.
Stop this!
Please don't torture
Mr. Atomiya.
Please stop...
Please stop.
What's the matter?
A bad dream?
- May I help you?
- I'm Hamaguchi.
I'm here to see
Mr. Nagahashi.
This way.
It's been a while.
Thank you for trying to
help before.
I'm sorry I couldn't be
of any help.
I've been transferred
to the Kumamoto office.
So I haven't done anything,
but I hear things have
Please sit down.
I saw Hamaguchi
at the office yesterday.
I suppose his jealousy
is driving him to revenge.
But this eye for an eye attitude
will only hurt the both of you.
It won't do Hamaguchi
any good either.
So, I took it upon myself
to mediate
and spoke to Hamaguchi.
Will you put yourself
in my hands?
I want you to come
to Kyushu with me.
You can stay at my house.
Or you can work.
Will you put yourself
under my supervision
and not see Mr. Atomiya
for a while?
Hamaguchi says he will
withdraw his suit then.
And he'll more rationally
consider the future.
Perhaps this is not
a satisfactory arrangement.
But Hamaguchi is
being obstinate.
I urge you to do so
and wait for the right time.
Perhaps Hamaguchi
will change.
Fighting it out in court
not lead to a solution
very easily.
Well, Machiko?
How about it?
Or do you want to keep
fighting in court?
I hear you're with your aunt.
Why don't you discuss it
with her?
Mr. Atomiya.
Machiko went to Kyushu,
without waiting for you
to come back.
She promised not to
see you for some time
in exchange for Hamaguchi
withdrawing the suit.
Machiko couldn't bear
the thought of
yon being dragged into court
because of her.
In any case, come back
to Tokyo soon.
Everyone's waiting.
I asked you to come here
to console you.
But Hokkaido just caused you
more heartache.
I'm really sorry.
No, it was me that caused
you all the trouble.
No problem.
Be well.
And come back to Hokkaido
with Machiko someday.
I'll be praying for that day.
Hokkaido just caused you
more heartache.
Mr. Nagahashi is waiting
in the lobby.
Thank you.
Mr. Nagahashi wants
to talk to you.
Please make yourself
at home.
- How's it going?
- I'm fine, thank you.
We need to talk.
Shall we take a walk?
I'll speak to the manager.
I received a letter from
Hamaguchi yesterday.
He said he will
give you a divorce.
there's a huge condition.
He'll agree to it
only if you marry
any other man but
Haruki Atomiya.
It looks like Hamaguchi
is not rational concerning you.
He wasn't like that before.
He was earnest...
perhaps too earnest.
So when he went off
the deep end,
he couldn't
come up again.
This is a conundrum.
What will you do?
There's nothing I can do.
Mrs. Hamaguchi.
You're the guest
in room 201.
Don't refer to me like that.
- My name is Soejima.
- I'm sorry.
I'm kidding.
Isn't that man
you were talking to
the lieutenant governor
Mr. Nagahashi?
You know him?
I've met him on business
a couple of times.
What were you two
talking about?
It looked serious.
Am I right?
I sense you are
very unhappy.
Oh, sorry.
I've been thinking that
for some time.
And I've felt for you.
I'll go say hello
to Mr. Nagahashi.
Oh, Mrs. Hamaguchi?
I'd like to get to know you.
- Hiya!
- Are you leaving, Editor?
- What brings you here?
- I was passing by.
Is Mr. Atomiya here?
He has a guest.
How's business?
Good, thanks.
Please keep us in mind.
Atomiya will be jealous.
Don't joke.
Mr. Atomiya and I...
- You're not involved?
- No.
Then I'll be by
to seduce you.
- You don't mind?
- Not at all. I'll be waiting.
And when I do, you'll
give me the cold shoulder.
Oops, I almost forgot.
A present for my wife.
- May I sit down?
- Please.
Katsunori Hamaguchi
It may be
unacceptable to you,
but it's the best I can do.
So think about it
and give me an answer.
Thanks for waiting.
I thought divorce
was simple these days.
But there are extenuating
I see.
I hear your former wife
was beautiful.
I'm apprehensive.
What's happened?
A mixed-race child was
run over.
What a bother.
I see. He said the same
thing to Machiko.
He's no gentleman.
Maybe you should just
marry me.
But that's not on.
Want to talk at my place?
I'm Atomiya.
Oh, Asa.
What? Toshiki?
The driver just left.
He didn't care because
the boy is mixed-race.
He said he'll send
money later,
like Toshiki wasn't human.
I see.
I feel so sorry for Kozue.
Mr. Kaseda.
How is he?
They just finished
This is awful.
Be strong.
Will he live?
If he gets through tonight.
We'll do all we can.
Thank you.
Doctor? Please.
I don't care if
he becomes disabled.
Please safe his life.
Doctor, please.
Please be quiet.
Why are we so
We're all good people.
Mr. Atomiya?
You can see Sukiya Bridge
from here.
I wonder how
Machiko's doing.
Aya. I may be going
to Europe soon.
The magazine wants
to send me as a reporter.
You're going to leave
Machiko like this?
When the wind blows...
When the wind blows
memories may change...
Colored by the neon...
Some may cry
but Sukiya Bridge
never changes.
Isn't this awesome?
This is Mt Unzen's
silver frost.
The fog on the
bare trees
freezes during the night.
Look, an ice forest,
and ice woods.
Ice branches...
It's like a dream.
Why is nature
so beautiful?
But, Mrs. Hamaguchi,
the reason humans
see nature as beautiful
is because they are
Aren't you in the
throes of unhappiness?
Mrs. Hamaguchi,
the reason I came
to Unzen
is to ask you to marry me.
Mr. Nagahashi has
told me all about you.
That you're having
a difficult time,
with your divorce
and about this man
Your husband Hamaguchi
says that if you marry
anyone but Atomiya
he will agree
to divorce you.
That set me thinking.
I have to make you happy.
That's what I thought.
That's because from
the first time I saw you,
I knew you were the woman
I was looking for.
Will you marry me?
Of course, it can be
on paper in the beginning,
to make Hamaguchi
agree to a divorce.
You can do whatever
you like after that.
You can go marry Atomiya
or enter into
a real marriage with me.
Well? Does that
interest you?
The ice branches...
Then that's your
final answer?
I see.
That's a problem.
What am I supposed to do?
I often think about this.
It all began because
I was sympathetic
to you and Machiko's plight.
I took Machiko to
look for you
from Sado to Tokyo
and even to Toba.
But we couldn't find you.
And because of that,
Machiko married me.
But I didn't force her.
It was Machiko
who suggested it,
on the beach at Wagu.
I was elated, so happy.
I couldn't believe it.
But you have to believe
your good fortune.
I told myself many times
that Machiko was mine.
And after a year, I was
confident of my happiness.
YOU appeared.
That was when
I was transferred to Tokyo.
What should I have done?
You and Machiko may think
I'm a despicable man.
But you two don't know
how I've suffered.
You don't know how I suffer
from my love for Machiko.
I was so miserable
caught between
you and Machiko
and Machiko and Mother.
Mr. Atomiya.
If you and Machiko
get together,
it would be a slap in my
face and my suffering.
Don't you think so?
Sometimes humiliation
is worse than death
for a man.
Mr. Hamaguchi.
It's not that I don't
understand how you feel.
It was fate.
But wasn't it you,
your doing
that drove us to where
we are today?
I tried to forget Machiko
numerous times.
I have never forgotten that
Machiko was your wife.
I've always honored
that relationship.
You have to believe that.
But it's different now.
I believe that
marrying Machiko
is an obligation
to myself and Machiko.
I don't care what you think.
But Machiko is still my wife.
Legally and also
emotionally for me.
If I never divorce Machiko,
what will you do?
It can't be helped.
I'll wait forever
until you relent.
Read this.
It's from a man named
Soejima from Kyushu.
He says he wants
to marry Machiko.
What do you think
of the letter?
I'm not saying
I believe the letter.
Do you know this man
Are you telling the truth?
Why would I lie?
I see.
I thought you and Machiko
were in on that letter.
But now that I've
spoken to you,
I know that's not true.
We both love Machiko
too much.
Yoshiko is here.
Come in.
You have a guest.
No, it's all right.
I have to go back
to the office.
There's not much time
until I depart.
So I'll say good-bye.
Sorry to have bothered you.
- It's a great house.
- Not at all.
It must seem like a closet
compared to yours.
Katsunori and I
discussed this.
If by any chance
you marry Katsunori,
we'll have to build
an addition to the house.
That's all right.
This will suit us just fine.
Since there'll only be
two of us.
It'll be more convenient.
If I do marry,
we'll have to build
a house for you,
somewhere quiet.
No, I'm fine here.
You're staying?
I've lived here a long time.
I will stay here.
That's not right.
Then we should build
somewhere else.
Where should that be?
It can be small but
very modem.
I'd like
a western style house.
What about you?
Don't you like modem?
No, I...
Yoshiko... if you marry,
you'd prefer to live
just with your husband?
Of course.
Oh, is that wrong?
I thought if we got married,
we wouldn't be living
with you.
Because if we have to
be mindful of each other
then we can't really
enjoy life.
Is that what the young
people think these days?
I don't know.
But that's my first
condition for marriage.
You really speak your mind.
Am I really in the way?
I've considered Katsunori
my reason for living.
To live apart from Katsunori...
Don't you agree, Katsunori?
If that happens, I...
Mother. It's no use
saying that now.
Yoshiko, why don't we
go out. Ginza?
Excuse me.
Are all young people
like that?
I didn't know she was
like that.
Even though she's
the undersecretary's daughter,
she's not suitable.
If you marry her, what will
happen to me?
In this light, Machiko
would have been better.
Machiko never talked
to me like that.
You say that now?
If you feel that way,
why didn't you say so
when Machiko was here?
It's too late now.
Mother. I'm not going to
sacrifice myself for you again.
Are you going now?
- Thank you.
- Come again.
When you've cleaned up,
you may go to bed.
It's too late now.
Mother, in the past
I have done my best
to make this family
a happy one.
I've worried and made
great efforts
to find ways to please
you both.
But you take everything
I do the wrong way.
You followed me today
in secret.
You don't trust me.
If you want me to trust you,
why don't you become
a wife I can trust?
Dear? What do you
want me to do?
How can I satisfy you?
Please, tell me.
Don't be impertinent.
Why don't you ask
yourself that?
When I say apologize,
do as I say.
Mother has done
everything for me.
Unlike you, I'm
her only concern.
If he had died then,
I was going to die, too.
That means you saved
two lives, Doctor.
But I was afraid of you.
You ordered me
to keep quiet.
Oh, that!
But your prayers
got through to him.
Right, Kid.
When you're all better,
I'll take you to the zoo.
- Really?
- How nice.
I wish I'd been run
over by a car, too.
- I'll be going then.
- Thank you for coming.
- Take care.
- Thank you.
He is a great doctor.
Oh, Sister Aya.
Good morning.
Was that Doctor Nojima?
I'm so glad you're better.
Where are you going
so early?
Atomiya left for Kyushu
so I saw him off.
Arriving tomorrow morning.
Need to see you. Atomiya.
Mrs. Hamaguchi.
The guest in 110
wants to see you.
Who is it?
She just arrived.
She got ill and we
called a doctor.
Room 110?
Come in.
She was asking for you.
The trip was too much
and she developed
Her fever's high.
Is that you, Machiko?
Where's Katsunori?
Please call him.
Please call his office.
You're in Kyushu.
You're in Unzen.
Oh, yes. I remember.
Machiko. I...
I came to see you.
Katsunori is...
Did you sleep?
Her breathing is easier.
- Her fever's down, too.
- That's good.
Why don't you get
some rest?
Thank you.
Mrs. Hamaguchi.
Mr. Atomiya is outside.
I'll be right back.
It's been a long time.
I have to go back
Can you come out
for a few minutes?
Yes. I'll tell them.
Mother Hamaguchi is here.
I don't know.
I'll ask someone
to cover for me.
Before I left, I had to
see you again.
I wanted to see you, too.
Since we're so far apart,
I think of you all the time.
And it makes me so sad
sometimes and I get a fever.
These days,
I feel so forlorn.
When Aya told me
you were leaving
I wanted to go with you
to escape from the
pain I was feeling.
I really considered it.
But that's only
wishful thinking.
If it was possible,
I want that, too.
But like you,
it's just a wish.
I met Hamaguchi
the other day.
We had a long talk
for the first time
and I promised him
that I will wait
until he had a change
of heart.
He's not entirely
a bad person.
He can't escape from
the pain of loving you.
We're not the only ones
Look, Machiko.
For us to be together
there's no other way
for me
but to wait years
with you in my heart.
Even if I die
before that happens,
I'm all right with that.
Haruki, because of me,
you've made such
a sad decision.
I am so blessed
as long as you
have me in your heart.
But that you should suffer
for a long time because of me...
If we hadn't met
perhaps we could have
been happy.
But love is not about
whether you're happy now.
It transcends that.
No matter how
unhappy I am,
I will never stop loving you.
I don't know when
we'll see each other again.
So can you come to
Shimabara to see me off?
I have to be back in
Tokyo by tomorrow.
I leave the day
after tomorrow.
Be safe and come home
as soon as you can.
You take care, too.
That must be Amakusa.
"My beloved."
"Is so far away..."
"I call her name"
"and call..."
"But she does not answer..."
"The sadness of echoes..."
"We met and we parted"
"the sadness of love"
"the sadness,
the happiness"
"and the pain..."
"I shout them out..."
"But she does not answer..."
"The misery of echoes..."
Thank you.
How is she?
She's sleeping.
Oh, Machiko.
When did you get back?
I hear you had a visitor.
Yes. I'm sorry
I left you alone.
Mr. Atomiya came
from Tokyo.
He's been transferred
to work abroad.
Is he here now?
No, he left.
He didn't stay?
I see.
I hear you took care of me
during the night.
Why are you so kind to me?
I did awful things to you.
- Why?
- Mother.
That's in the past.
Please rest and
get better.
Thank you.
Machiko. I...
I came to Unzen
to see you and apologize.
I really should kneel
and beg forgiveness.
But since I'm ill in bed...
Mother. That's not...
I'm sorry for everything.
I felt... I was losing
Katsunori to you.
I was so sad and did
those things to you.
I really feel sorry.
Forgive me.
Mother, it's not necessary.
No. You tried so hard
to make everyone happy.
I forced you to leave.
I wanted to split you
and Katsunori up.
I told Katsunori
and he was angry at me.
I really am sorry.
If at all possible,
I want you to come back
to us.
I came here to get you.
Please come back.
Please come back to the
Hamaguchi family with me.
And this time, let's make
it a happy family.
You must think
I'm thinking only of myself.
I'm willing to change
my ways.
Please. Come back.
Or else, Katsunori
will marry someone else.
I'll tell you everything.
She's an undersecretary's
But I don't like her.
If she comes,
what will happen to me?
She'll force me out.
Please. You'll be
helping me.
Take pity on me
and come back.
Please, Machiko.
If only you'd come back...
Katsunori doesn't
care about her.
Even now, he has no
intention of divorcing you.
For Katsunori's sake,
no, for mine,
please come back.
Please, Machiko.
It embarrasses me to
say this now,
but I can't help it.
Please, Machiko,
forgive me and come back.
- Please.
- Mother.
Mother, I don't know
what to say.
But forgive me.
I can't go back.
Machiko. Why not?
Are you in love
with Mr. Atomiya?
Yes. I can't help
how I feel.
But you were married
to Katsunori
feeling the way you feel.
But I don't ever want to
make that mistake again.
Because of that,
everyone became unhappy.
I'm really sorry for
what I've done.
I see. I see.
I was a fool.
I did something
Please don't cry.
If you do, I don't know
what to do.
It's all right.
I won't ask you anymore.
I was being selfish.
I made you suffer
just by asking.
I'm happy just for
your kindness.
I'm glad I came.
Because I got to
talk to you.
Why I couldn't come around
to how I feel now...
That's my only regret.
Please rest quietly.
Or you'll get sick again.
Please, Mother?
I'm sorry.
You must be tired, too.
Go and rest tonight.
I hear your mother
went to Kyushu?
She went to see
your ex-wife?
I wonder why she went?
It looks like she really hated
what I said to her.
Then your ex-wife
should come back.
You want that, too,
don't you?
No. I...
You can tell me.
You were going
to marry me
out of despair and to
get back at your wife.
And because I'm the
undersecretary's daughter.
Marrying me
will help your career.
Despite your ulterior motive,
I feel attracted to you.
It might be fun to battle
your memories of your wife.
At least I won't be bored.
I don't feel love is necessary
for marriage.
Let's dance.
I love this kind of life.
Let's dance.
Come on.
I don't mean to be rude,
but I don't think it'll work.
Welcome home.
- Mother's back?
- Yes, a while ago.
Katsunori, I'm sorry
for leaving without
telling you.
I went to see Machiko.
I hoped she would
come back to us,
but I couldn't persuade her.
I'm sorry.
She is a kind good woman.
When I got sick there,
she took care of me.
How was Machiko?
She looked worn out.
I pity her.
I'll live with you for the
foreseeable future.
I told Yoshiko
we won't get married.
Oh, Katsunori.
But why?
Was it because of me?
You don't have to
think about me.
I'll move out, or do
whatever you want
and be a good mother.
No, it's not because of you.
It's for my own
personal reasons.
I just want to lead
a peaceful life.
Until Machiko's memory
fades from this house.
It was raining
just like tonight,
when Machiko left
the first time.
She was never robust,
but taking care of
a sick person
must have taken its toll.
And she's now at
Mr. Nagahashi's?
She's recuperating
at Aso Kogen Hotel
through Mr. Nagahashi's
I see.
She's in Aso.
I heard you were ill.
Why didn't you contact me?
I thought you were
running away from me.
I'm sorry.
I saw Mr. Hamaguchi
in Tokyo.
I want to talk to you about it.
Let's find a coffee shop.
Poor Hamaguchi.
He got caught
in his own trap.
I thought he would be
more formidable,
so he was
unexpectedly easy.
Come to Tokyo with me,
and we'll see
Hamaguchi together.
He said he'll grant you
a divorce.
You'll finally be free.
What's the matter?
I thought
you'd be overjoyed.
Won't you thank me?
I appreciate your kindness.
But I don't want a divorce
on false pretenses.
Why not?
Everything is negotiable.
Why aren't you more
proactive for your happiness?
I'm doing all I can
in my own way.
But I don't want to go so far
as to trick Katsunori.
However, isn't he ignoring
your civil rights
by saying he won't divorce you
unless you marry anyone
but Atomiya?
So my strategy is the
correct one.
There's nothing
to be ashamed of.
And I'm not lying or
tricking him in the least.
That's because I've
asked you to marry me.
If you marry me,
then we're not tricking
Well? That's what I think.
Is that wrong, Machiko?
Mr. Soejima.
Please let's not discuss
this anymore.
I know you're being kind,
but please don't bother
about me anymore.
I vowed I'd never do
anything I regret again.
Perhaps, I'm going to die...
I have a feeling...
Don't say that, Machiko.
I feel so forlorn.
So no matter what
Katsunori does,
since he was once
my husband,
I can't bring myself
to deceive him.
I think Mr. Atomiya
would say the same.
If I'm to die,
I want to die with a pure heart.
Even if I live...
So, Mr. Soejima,
I ask you to leave me alone.
You may think I'm foolish,
but this is how
I've conducted myself.
And I will go on doing so.
I see.
You are a beautiful person.
You're beyond my reach.
I'm sorry I butted in.
I'll give you up
here and now.
I won't show my face again.
This Atomiya. He's probably
thinking about you in Europe.
take care of yourself.
No matter how distant
this sky is,
it is connected to
the sky in Europe.
...enduring her sadness,
the Aso Volcano
hides red hot flames within.
Sitting beneath
the eternal blue skies,
Mt. Aso, with a limitless
reservoir of fire,
surrounded by an outer
crater rim of 82 miles,
this large plain exists
in a large depression
created by an eruption
a long time ago.
The Aso Mountain,
filled with sadness,
conceals red hot flames
Kozue looks like
she's having fun.
Sister Aya, Kozue's had
a hard life because of Toshi,
but now she may find
because of Toshi.
The other day I heard
Dr. Nojima
talking to Uncle Kaseda.
Just like I mended Toshi's
wounds, he said,
if I could, I want to heal
Kozue's emotional wounds.
Did he?
Dr. Nojima is very manly.
I'd be glad if that happened.
- Sister Yukie
- Yukie!
I'm sorry we're late.
Isn't Mr. Nishina with you?
He said he's had enough
of babysitting.
So he stayed home.
Is he starling to be
a demanding husband?
Now that Kayoko has
a mother,
Mr. Nishina isn't worried
Kayoko, want to get on
that ride?
Thank you.
Sit down.
How is Machiko?
It sound pretty bad.
And she can't stay in
Kyushu forever.
She wants to go back
to Sado.
But that Uncle is
so unreasonable.
So I'm thinking of getting
her into a Tokyo hospital
and asked Dr. Nojima
for advice.
I see.
I'd like to take care of her...
in Haruki's place.
Auntie? I have to look in
on my restaurant.
Asa, you'll help?
Thank you, Aya, for being
here every day.
Since Yukie's here, too.
You get some rest.
Thank you.
What do you think, Aya...
Will Machiko be all right?
She wasn't strong
physically and emotionally
even when she was little.
And these several years
have taken their toll.
Poor girl.
How do you feel?
Please get better soon.
Whenever I hear about you,
I feel so remorseful.
I've wanted to
apologize to you.
I'm the real reason
you're so unhappy.
That's not so.
The dark shadow I cast
has fallen on you.
At that time, I had been
betrayed by the one I trusted
and I couldn't trust
even my brother, Haruki.
Please get well soon
and wait for Haruki
to return.
I need you two
to be happy.
I wonder how Haruki is?
He's probably
worried about you.
I let him know.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Katsunori called.
He said he wants to come
see you tonight.
He says he must see you.
Shall I refuse?
- No...
- You'll see him?
I was shocked to hear
from Mr. Nagahashi
that you were very ill.
I know I don't have the
right to visit you.
I brought this today.
This is the divorce papers
you were waiting for.
I've signed it.
I'm sorry I made you suffer
for a long time.
I learned two days ago
from Soejima's letter
that you refused to trick
me into getting a divorce.
I was really happy.
Please forgive me
for what I've done.
That's not necessary.
I was the one who did
inexcusable things.
But it couldn't be helped.
It was no one's fault.
No one could help it.
I couldn't control my feelings
when it came to you.
I didn't want to let you go,
no matter what.
I'm really amazed that
recently I've become
so rational about you.
Perhaps it was the time.
Or it was the purity of
you and Atomiya's love.
In any case, I'm sorry.
I've been able to go back
to the same feeling I had
when I took you to
look for Atomiya.
If I love you, I should
wish for your happiness.
We've gone back
to square one.
We took a very hard
and torturous detour,
but please blame
human folly.
Dear? When you say that,
I don't know what to do.
But I'm really glad.
That the day has come
and you truly forgive me.
I can die anytime now
without regrets.
Don't say that, Machiko.
Be strong.
Your life has just begun.
Get well soon and wait
for Atomiya to return.
Yes. I will.
I hear you took good care
of Mother.
She was very happy.
How is she?
She's fine and asked me
to send her regards.
Mother. She's become
so kind.
We're all good people.
Why did that have to happen?
I wonder why.
I'll give this to your aunt.
Machiko what's the matter?
Aunt. I'm sorry
this is so late,
but it's the divorce papers.
Divorce papers!
- Machiko.
- Aunt.
Katsunori. Why didn't
you come sooner?
You made her ill with
all the suffering.
Please don't blame
Dear? Please find
a good wife.
And please find happiness.
Perhaps we may never
meet again, Machiko.
Please get well soon.
I'll be going then.
It's time.
It took such a long time.
But once you get well,
all that's left is to wait
for Atomiya to return.
You'll be happy very soon.
So be strong, Machiko.
But, Aunt,
do you really think
I'll find happiness?
What are you saying?
Isn't that why you've suffered
for so long?
But maybe
that day will never come.
- I may just...
- Machiko.
You're so pessimistic.
That's why unhappiness
follows you.
So, be strong.
Be strong of will.
If you're discouraged
you can't get better.
You hear, Machiko?
I want to see Haruki
one more time.
It's only been three months
since he went away.
I wonder when he'll return.
Open the curtain.
I want to see the city.
I've been in bed ever since
I came back to Tokyo.
Please, Aunt.
Open the curtain.
The lights are beautiful.
Can you see Sukiya Bridge?
Yes, I can.
What? You called me
for that?
I'm sorry.
Editor, can't you do
I want them to see each
other one more time.
But Atomiya's not just
there for us,
he's a special reporter
for the newspaper.
It won't be simple.
And he'll have to use his
own money to get here.
I know that.
Even if I have to sell
this shop, I'll...
Hey. That's magnanimous.
Please, get him home.
If something happens
to Machiko,
it would be too sad.
But why are you
so concerned
about Atomiya and
this girl?
It's curious.
I bet it's you who wants
to see Atomiya.
Yes, I love Atomiya, too.
But the love they have
for each other is special.
I can never be like that.
Perhaps I'm asking them
to do what I can't.
It's sad when I think about it,
but I'm fine with it.
I see.
Atomiya is a lucky man
to have a woman like you
that much in love with him.
When you called,
I thought you were going
to say yes to me
so I even shaved.
You're joking.
The folks in Sado
sent this,
so please take it home
to your wife.
Oh, thank you.
You're a good woman.
If I wasn't married,
I'd be in love with you.
Thank you.
I'll do what I can
about Atomiya.
- Please.
- Oh, well.
I'll walk you out.
I want to give her
the good news.
What's wrong, Auntie?
Machiko's missing.
what are you doing?
You shouldn't be out here.
Aya, I'm sorry!
I wanted to come here
once again before I died.
Machiko, Machiko.
Dr. Nojima,
is she dying?
It's hard to say.
But it's all about
her will to live.
How much she wants
to get well...
I'll ask the hospital director
to take special care.
Thank you.
Why did Atomiya have to
go so far away?
Haruki is waiting
at Sukiya Bridge.
I have to go.
try to be strong.
I'm getting married
After we parted,
I couldn't see you
on either the six-month
or one-year anniversary.
And now that I'm finally
able to see you,
it's good-bye.
Haruki, I didn't
intend to see you again.
But before I got married,
I wanted to see this
bridge full of memories
one more time.
And if... if you were here,
I wanted to get
a glimpse of you.
Thank you.
I'm glad you came.
I hope you'll be
very happy.
Haruki, perhaps
you're already married?
Good-bye then.
A phone call for you.
Oh, Editor?
Is that true?
So he left yesterday.
I see.
Thank you.
- Atomiya's coming home.
- He is?
Atomiya's coming home.
Atomiya's coming.
Be strong.
Atomiya will be here tonight.
- Atomiya.
- Aya.
- Welcome home.
- How's Machiko?
She's okay.
Go see her.
Please go to her.
Please praise her.
Machiko won her fight.
Let's leave them alone.
Welcome home.
Forgive me.
I didn't know
you were so ill.
I'm sorry I'm like this
when you came
such a long way.
But I'm glad
you're alive.
If you had died,
what was I supposed to do?
Haruki, I won't die.
I'll be with you always.
This time I'll
never let you go.
What was all that
suffering about?
Machiko, rest in my arms.
And get healthy again
so we can built
a happy life together.
I can't believe we're
here together.
It seems like a dream.
I'm so happy.
Look the dawn is breaking.
Don't worry
and go to sleep.
Oblivion is to completely