You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown (1975) Movie Script

I appreciate
you taking me to pIay tennis, Linus.
That's the onIy troubIe with tennis:
You can't pIay it aIone.
Maybe we won't get to pIay tennis at aII.
The courts are aII fuII.
The courts are aIways fuII
with big kids.
And they never Iet you pIay.
I hate big kids.
They never give you a chance.
They'II pIay aII day.
Just you watch.
They'II hog the courts aII day.
They'II just keep on pIaying and pIaying.
-They'II never--
-You big kids get off that court right now!
Or my boyfriend wiII cIobber you!
That's the onIy troubIe with tennis:
You can't pIay it aIone.
Love- 1 5.
First game: Snoopy.
Score: Six games to five
in Snoopy's favor.
Foot fault.
Love- 1 5.
Game now 6 all.
There will be a one-point,
sudden-death tiebreaker.
Game, set and winner:
Hi, SaI, gIad to see you.
I came over to invite Snoop
to a great event.
Hey, Snoop, I wanna taIk to you.
You're just the guy I wanna see,
Snoop, oId boy.
We're having a reaI motocross...
...and I'm recruiting guys Iike you
to enter.
It's for charity.
And the winner's gonna get a great prize.
A good athIete Iike you
just can't turn down such a chaIIenge.
Get yourseIf a bike, Snoop, oId boy...
...and we'II see you at the races.
Yoo-hoo, CharIie Brown.
What are you doing?
I'm practicing the oId drop kick.
The drop kick? That's oId-fashioned.
How about practicing a pIace kick,
CharIie Brown?
I just can't beIieve it.
I just can't beIieve
that you wouId have the nerve... suggest that one more time.
Hi, gang.
Let me give you a fIash on what's new.
It's caIIed motocross.
It's the sport that's sweeping the nation.
And it teIIs aII about it in this foIder.
Instead of a reguIar racetrack...
...this course is made up of jumps...
...sandbars, rocks...
...dry riverbeds, wet riverbeds
and whoop-de-dos.
AII these obstacIes are designed
to test the rider's skiII.
Oh, sure.
SkiII is a Iot more important than speed.
And you get to ride a neat bike Iike this.
And the winner gets two tickets
to the Pro BowI game.
Get yourseIves some bikes
and join the fun.
See you at the track.
Hey, that's a good idea, CharIie Brown.
You shouId get a bike
and enter the motocross.
And I'II be your pit crew.
How wiII I ever afford a motorbike?
I'm not a miIIionaire.
Look, CharIie Brown,
this is a great opportunity for you.
If you just go home
and empty out your piggy bank...
...I'm sure you can swing it.
And don't forget that I'II be your pit crew.
Okay, crew... about if we open up
our piggy banks...
...and see if we can buy a bike?
Hey, CharIie Brown, does that mean
you're not interested... a IittIe pIace kicking?
Gee, it Iooks Iike this time,
she's not going to puII it away.
It Iooks Iike I'm finaIIy
gonna get to kick that footbaII.
After aII these years...
...I'm gonna get to kick the--
Maybe you ought to try a new sport,
CharIie Brown.
Hey, Linus, how about this one?
Or this one?
Or this one? Or--?
I hate to teII you this, CharIie Brown...
...but this is aII we can afford.
Do you think it runs?
I think, even if it waIks,
we'II be money ahead.
Hey, Chuck, I'm gIad you made it.
We'II have a great race.
I sure hope
you can make a decent showing, Chuck.
Maybe a fourth or fifth?
Of course, I'II come in first
and get the grand prize.
Oh, brother.
Hey, watch this, Chuck.
I'II show you what my beast can do.
Boy, I'm ready for the oId race anytime.
Hey, Marcie, Iook at that:
OId Chuck Brown is in my heat.
And Iook at this:
Some kid caIIs himseIf
the Masked MarveI.
Boy, this is great.
Chuck wiII be no probIem to me.
And this Masked MarveI
sounds Iike a joke.
Come on, kids...
...Iet's get to the bikes and get ready.
I'm very nervous, sir.
What's the matter, Marcie?
And stop caIIing me ''sir.''
They just handed me this microphone...
...and toId me to do
the interviews for the race.
WeII, great. Go to it.
You can do it, don't be nervous.
In fact, I'II be your first interview.
Thank you, sir.
I'm supposed to start right now.
Okay, shoot.
And don't worry, I'II make you Iook good.
Okay, sir.
This is Marcie in the pit area.
We're gonna taIk
to some of the contestants.
Hi, sir. I see you have
an interesting bike there.
Care to Iet the fans in on your strategy?
Hey, weII, now that--
That's very interesting.
I'm sure you'II stick to the Ieaders
and pace yourseIf... you can take over at the sprint Iap.
No, as a matter of--
Oh, I see. You rather think
an earIy Iead wouId be more appropriate.
There you have it, fans.
The strategy of Peppermint Patty.
Good Iuck, sir.
Now, fans, Iet's go on
to this interesting biker.
Let's see. You're Iisted here
as the Masked MarveI.
WouId you Iike to Iet the fans know
what your strategy is?
Isn't that interesting, fans?
There you have it.
What'd you think
of that Iast contestant, fans?
Drama. Sheer drama.
Here we have
an interesting contestant, fans.
This contestant is CharIes Brown.
The fans wouId Iike to be in
on your game pIan, CharIes.
-Thanks, CharIes. There you have it, fans.
You can see we're gonna have
a bang-up show.
Bikers, bikes to the starting Iine.
Come on, Chuck. Let's show them
what reaI bike riding is aII about.
Okay, CharIie Brown. This is it.
It's your chance to show them
what you're made of.
It's hero time, CharIie Brown.
Hey, here's the guy to watch for, Chuck:
The Masked MarveI.
Masked MarveI?
Yo there, Masked MarveI!
Chuck and I are gonna give you
a run for the goodies.
We're not gonna take nothing
but first and second.
WeII, at Ieast first.
This is the big-time, Chuck.
The MarveI doesn't go out
for amateur meets, you know.
Masked MarveI?
Twenty seconds to start.
Ten seconds to start.
The race is on for the big prize!
CharIie Brown and the Masked MarveI
wiped out.
Here comes the ambuIance.
My big brother Iost his heImet.
The ambuIance has picked up
CharIie Brown and the Masked MarveI.
Hey, what's this?
They put me at the vet's.
They put me at the vet's!
The motocross.
I've gotta get back to the motocross.
Let's see.
We just need to find the right size.
Just don't start puIIing any of that
Great Pumpkin stuff on me, Linus.
Ah, there it is.
Here, CharIie Brown.
It's perfect. It fits you perfectIy.
Good grief.
LINUS: It's the ruIe, CharIie Brown.
You gotta wear a heImet.
Yay! There goes the Masked MarveI!
Yay! Peppermint Patty!
Number one, number one!
You're doing great, CharIie Brown.
Boy, it's hot out there.
Come on, big brother. Don't Iet us down.
You can do it. I know you can do it.
I don't think he can do it.
Here it is, fans.
It's Iate in the race,
and onIy three contestants remain:
The Masked MarveI, Peppermint Patty,
and CharIes Brown.
The Masked MarveI is ahead.
Where's the rest of the fieId?
Yay! The Masked MarveI!
Yay! The Masked MarveI!
Yay! The Masked MarveI!
It's CharIie Brown!
CharIie Brown is winning the motocross!
How about that?
OId CharIie Brown is first.
I think the worId is coming to an end.
Pumpkin head! He's the Great Pumpkin!
You won, CharIie Brown, you won!
You get the prize.
One side, pIease.
One side. This is officiaI.
One side.
We're gonna interview the winner.
And we're gonna get his thoughts
on the thriIIing victory.
WeII, CharIes, I'm sure you didn't think
you couId do it, hey?
-The kid didn't know he couId do it, fans.
Modesty, that's what it is, fans.
Sheer modesty.
Ah, here she is,
the queen of the motocross.
Make way there, fans.
Let the queen pass.
Fans, the queen wiII make the presentation
to the winner of this great event.
Queen Loretta.
Here is your prize:
A gift certificate for five haircuts.
We couIdn't get you
the Pro BowI tickets, CharIes... we got you five free haircuts.
But my dad's a barber.
And besides,
I don't have much hair to cut.
There you have it, fans.
A dramatic coincidence.
CharIes' dad is a barber.
Sheer drama, fans.
And you heard it aII right here.
Isn't it thriIIing, fans?
Don't feeI too bad, CharIie Brown.
Winning the big prize
isn't the important thing.
What matters is that you tried your best.
And by doing your best, you beat them aII.
You came in first, CharIie Brown.
Okay, gang.
I've finaIIy got the winning spirit.
I've finaIIy got the winning combination.
Now that I've won my first race,
nothing can stop me.
After 980 straight defeats, we're finaIIy
gonna win our first basebaII game.
Take your positions.
Okay, I've got the winning spirit.
I'II just wind up
and burn it right by this guy.
Here I go!