You're My Boss (2015) Movie Script

Ah! Look!
She really thinks she's pretty.
Oh, here's another one! Wow!
So full of herself...
You're pretty, eh?
See, you look different!
So pretty.
Huh? "I woke up like this?"
In your dreams!
You wish! What do you mean,
you woke up like this?
Oh, shit! I clicked like!
Hey! Do you think you own this road?
Is your surname Ayala?
You're blocking the way.
No! Move On. Move On is my surname!
What's good about it?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Can you please press it yourself?
I have a lot in my hands right now.
Is that an order?
That's not what I meant!
I'll press it for you, of course.
Why don't you also press "4"
for more chances of winning?
-Go ahead.
-Come on.
Ryan, it's you.
-What floor?
Ryan, the paperwork. Be careful.
Excuse me.
Can't you understand?
Our staff explained it several times!
Good morning, ma'am.
Pong, this is Georgina.
She's your boss while I'm not around.
Yes, sir.
Ma'am, were you looking for me?
In our actual meeting
with the Japanese investors,
-What you're wearing won't work.
-But this fits me, ma'am.
Yeah, but...
Never mind. Don't bother.
I'll just bring something for you.
You might wear the same shabby clothes.
-What's your size?
Stand up.
You're a medium.
Thank you.
Can't you understand?
Our staff explained it several times!
We can't allow flights
because there's a typhoon!
Seriously, I'm going nuts!
She wouldn't stop!
Here! Call them yourselves!
You contact the plane!
If I were her, I'd resign already!
For sure she resigned already.
She thinks highly of herself.
She's not even pretty.
Oh, the cheeseburger at Rockwell?
-Guys, sorry I'm late.
-What kind of sauce?
-I said special sauce.
I almost thought you were backstabbing me.
Of course not. Us? No way.
I heard your marketing campaign
was featured at Ad Week?
Yeah, I heard it went really viral.
Viral, you know.
-It's there.
-There you go.
Looks good.
Finally he has moved on from you.
And another thing,
he's the new head of Marketing now.
-You're at the same level.
-And he just bought a new condo at BelAir.
He's trying to show off because you might
tell him again that he's not good enough.
At least he doesn't have to chase after me
or beg for me.
Why didn't you become official?
He stopped waiting?
The question is, did I ask him to wait?
Admit it, you miss him.
I don't think so.
He chased after you for two years,
and you don't miss him at all?
Where is he now?
Come on. Text him.
Yeah, let's see if he's still into you.
-You know...
-Girl, text him now!
-Do it.
Just so you'll stop. I will text him.
-Go. Carbs on carbs.
I'm on a diet.
What did Gino say?
He said, next time.
You know, he just got promoted.
Next time? Before,
he'd always drop everything for you.
How come I don't have wine?
I want some.
-Are you from Hawaii?
-No, ma'am.
Then why do you patronize
Hawaiian shirts so much?
For guys, when it comes to flowers,
they give them away.
They don't wear them.
Wait. Sit at the front.
But ma'am, whenever I'm with Sir Albert,
I sit beside him.
Sit in front.
Go ahead.
We don't have time.
-Ma'am, are you sure about this?
-Go, get changed.
Don't worry. I won't peek at you.
Ma'am. I'm done.
I'll just remind you
about my vacation leave for Batanes.
I asked Sir Albert about it
six months ago.
Cancel it first.
Ma'am, I can't.
I've been waiting for it
and have saved for that trip.
-I haven't gone home for quite some time--
-I don't have vacations.
No holidays. Not even a Sunday.
But you'll have yours?
-What was that?
Do we have a problem?
Oh, no.
Just eight floor.
Ma'am. Maybe we can just reduce my leave
to five days.
you were assigned by Sir Albert to me.
Don't leave me hanging.
Take charge of getting our visitor's pass.
He will not stop until you stop.
Hey! Who are you calling?
Sir Albert.
Ma'am Georgina, are you sure about this?
We might get in trouble.
We might as well talk to Mr. Najimoto.
I'm sure he'll understand--
Are you bossing me around?
How hard can it be?
You'll just play the role of the boss
This will be quick.
Just for a few weeks.
Yes, ma'am.
You should've called the driver earlier
and not Sir Albert!
You're the boss now, so you should
get used to sitting there. OK?
Don't look down. You're not talking
to anybody down there.
-"Global". Isn't it correct?
"glow-bal" and "glo-bal" are different.
That's wrong. It's "Glow-bal".
-Was that correct?
-Proceed. Yes.
-Like that?
Even divine intervention won't help.
It's "social media".
OK. OK that's fine.
-We have a problem with your phone.
Can't we just donate it
to the National Museum?
Even if you left it somewhere,
no one would steal it.
Do you have a loading business?
Ma'am, it can still send messages
and make calls.
Stand up.
I said stand up. Stand up.
Do I still have a meeting today?
Yes, ma'am.
It's just a meeting
for our company outing at 3 p.m.
Cancel it. Tell them it's an emergency.
Cancel the meeting
and tell them it's an emergency.
Does that have prepaid credit?
I'll ask if you can send me some.
Use my phone.
Here. Go. Call.
But ma'am...
It has a touch screen. There's no keypad.
Slide it.
A boss doesn't wear a Hawaiian shirt,
oversized pants, and dirty shoes.
There are some who do, ma'am.
Who? Let me kill them.
Ma'am, is there Hawaiian blue?
None. Ask Mayor Atienza.
-OK, ma'am.
-Oh, what are you wearing?
Are you going to play basketball?
No, right?
OK. Black socks, please. Five.
Very wrong. It should be black.
Georgina, get my helicopter.
I will go for a stroll.
Are you bossing me around?
No, I'm just practicing, ma'am.
Not "helikapter".
What about jeep? I'll just take a jeep.
Let's go. He said let's go.
Ma'am, I don't know how to play golf.
It's easy. You just have to hit the ball.
Come on, let's go!
Just practicing!
Pong! Just hit the ball.
What has gotten into you,
that you admitted you can't play golf?
Why did you have to tell the truth?
Gosh, Pong!
You just had to hit that stupid ball,
and still, you couldn't do it!
How small was it?
Was it as small as a marble?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
Well, we were able to get away with it.
You still weren't able to do it.
We looked like fools.
They were laughing at us.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
because of your stupidity.
So stupid.
Berto, please pull over. I'm getting out.
-Just keep on driving.
-Please stop the van, Berto.
Why did you stop?
I said keep on driving.
Can I just be the one to get out?
Ma'am? Sir?
Sorry for the inconvenience.
I'm getting off.
Has being the boss gone to your head now?
I am still the boss
and you're just an assistant.
-So don't you dare walk out on me.
-Yes, you are the boss.
But you have no right to call me stupid.
Sir Albert himself never called me stupid.
Aren't you the one
who asked for this favor?
I agreed because I respect you.
I'm the boss, right?
That's why you should obey me.
If not then there's nothing to talk about
Do I have a meeting today?
I don't know. Check your schedule.
Excuse me?
What did you say, Georgina?
What I mean is that I will check it, sir.
Let me see your planner please.
You don't have a copy?
No, I do.
Here it is. Let me check.
You don't have any scheduled today, sir.
I only have a yoga class at 8 p.m.
Cancel it. Tell them it's an emergency.
Come on!
I myself don't do yoga
but you'll do yours?
Seems like
you aren't willing to cancel it.
-There seems to be a misunderstanding.
-No, sir.
-I will call to cancel it. Let me call.
-Yeah. I'll just have to re-sched again.
It's an emergency. Sorry.
No assistant wears clothes
that are that tight.
And no assistant wears red lipstick.
And no assistant wears high heels.
I don't care if this whole thing
gets messed up
but I will never wear those clothes!
This escalator isn't even moving.
What kind of place is this?
Can I borrow your phone.
I don't have the number of the driver.
Does it have speaker?
Hello... hello, sir?
We've been waiting here.
It's too hot and there are lots of people!
Make it quick, please!
We've been waiting for you! My--
Yes, we're here at the place
where you dropped us earlier.
Yes, we will wait for you here.
Nice. Good job!
-I think it looks OK.
But there's something missing.
-Wait, oh my God!
-Miss, do you have this in Hawaiian print?
-No! Oh, Lord! Please! No!
No more.
-I have a lot--
-How much?
-Thirty pesos.
Oh, the service vehicle!
Sit up front.
Berto, let's go.
You're a fool, Georgina!
You shouldn't be doing this.
But it's your fault, right?
Answer me.
Yes, it's my fault!
It's all my fault.
If I hadn't made a scene on that airport
when I found out
that Gino already had a girlfriend
then this wouldn't be happening!
Then it's really your fault.
Face the consequences. It's your fault.
Yes, I will.
I will.
You're stupid.
You jerk.
Live with it.
Yes, I will.
Because in the end...
I'll have the last laugh.
Nice, you're speaking in English.
Just go with it.
Let's go.
You really love me.
Thank you, God.
Everyone's doing their own thing.
You have to help each other.
Just drink it! Don't be picky!
This one's for you!
Just say yes. Don't ever refuse.
What's that? You keep on texting.
Stop that!
Here, drink this.
Come on, cheers!
I'm dizzy.
I've had enough. I'm hungry.
Mister, can you please... turn it off.
Turn it off, please.
Let's eat. I'm hungry.
Berto, let's head to Retiro. At Kambingan.
Are you all right?
Here. That's special.
Dude, did your boss allow you
to go back to Batanes?
Good thing you can go home now.
You know, ma'am, this friend of mine,
he often shakes off his frustration here.
Especially when it comes to his stupid,
difficult, bitchy boss. Right, dude?
What's her name again?
Georgina. But her ass!
Right, dude?
You said her butt is the best part
of her body. Right, dude?
Especially when she's bitching you around.
Right? She's a babe!
I hope I can meet her.
I hope to meet her one day.
That's so mean.
Maybe she's only going through something.
You know...
Maybe she just saw the guy
who used to love her so much.
she took him for granted.
Gave him false hopes.
Sometimes, they'd have sex.
But the next day,
she'd just ignore him.
Because she thought...
someone better would come along.
Because she felt that...
So conceited, huh?
She's so full of herself.
Then one day,
he suddenly...
He got tired of loving her.
He was gone.
He didn't love her anymore.
When he left...
that's when she realized that...
She loved him after all.
He's gone now.
After he's gone...
you find yourself...
in a car.
You seem happy.
But now,
you cannot get him off your mind.
You stop yourself from texting him.
You check his Facebook account
because you think...
just maybe...
he still loves you.
Like he did before.
Maybe he just got tired.
Maybe he's just taking a break.
Just playing hard to get now.
Stop texting him.
Stop calling him.
Stop keeping in touch.
I can't. I already got used to it.
You can.
You can do it.
OK, text him.
Type whatever you want to tell him.
What you feel for him.
Everything you just told me.
Then send it.
But not to him.
Send it to someone else.
To a friend.
To someone you can trust.
Don't put yourself in a situation
where you will just lose.
Let go of him.
You're the only one holding on.
Because he already let you go.
Are you also going to "seenzone" me?
Why? Am I not worth the wait?
Why? Am I not worth loving?
Yes, that's what we are.
The soup is getting cold. Go on and eat.
There's no spoon.
It's there. Hand it to her, dude.
Hand it to her, dude.
Will you give this poor thing some rice?
Gino, are you still awake?
Come on.
Go to sleep.
I couldn't sleep.
I'm still thinking of you.
You're still in my mind, Gino.
I don't love you anymore.
But I still love you.
But I don't love you anymore.
End of conversation.
Why not?
I already love someone else.
Because sometimes
you have a nasty attitude.
Pong, are you having fun insulting me?
Just a bit. Pong.
Gino, if we were together,
do you think I would be happy?
You don't need anyone to be happy.
Do you think someone else
might still love me?
Of course. Without a doubt.
Where is he? Who is he?
Me, Gino.
Ouch, it hurts.
-What was it again?
Miss, can you make it quick?
Stop pressuring me.
This is only a prepaid credit.
It's not going to kill you.
Young people these days...
Did you receive it?
Me. Gino.
Go ahead.
Why do we have to go to Batanes
just for this presentation?
We can just Google it.
Batanes must be experienced.
Not Googled.
Let's go.
I'm sorry, ma'am,
but you only booked one room.
You booked a twin bedroom.
Not two beds. Bedrooms.
You didn't tell me you wanted to be
in the same room with me.
So, what now, miss?
What are we going to do? Any solution?
I really apologize, ma'am.
We only have one room available.
We are currently fully booked, ma'am.
We'll just take it.
You can have the room to yourself.
I'll just check in at a homestay.
There are a lot of homestays here anyway.
Fine! We can share the room.
-Just don't do anything foolish!
Say that to yourself!
Dios Mamajes.
Are you cursing us?
No. She said "thank you".
Yes, we do. But the signal is weak.
That's fine. At least you have one.
What the hell is this?
I can move on faster than
this Internet connection!
What did you come here for?
-Internet or work?
-For work.
But I need Internet too!
Seriously? You need it?
Or you just want it?
Just so you know, this is Batanes.
We have a slow-paced life. That's why
we do not need a fast Internet connection.
Batanes will not adjust for you.
Let's go! Time to work!
You need to experience Batanes.
-Isn't it beautiful?
-Slow down.
Just wrap your arms around me.
Don't be shy.
It's fine if you touch me.
-I won't sue you.
-Shut up.
Come on, don't be shy.
Hey, I said don't drive too fast.
So this is the Honesty store.
Isn't this popular?
Is honesty so rare in this world
that it's become a tourist attraction?
You're not allowed here. Sorry.
Keep it down.
Noisy people are not allowed.
The people of Batanes are very kind.
That's why we have zero crime-rate here.
They will even let strangers
into their houses.
That's how nice they are.
WILL NOT, OR CANNO What time is it?
Almost one.
Time moves so slow here in Batanes.
If we were in Manila now,
I could've checked my e-mail,
replied to my clients,
and filed a report.
Here, there's nothing to do.
You're mean.
And you're such a workaholic.
It's like you'll die
if you can't send e-mail.
Yes, I'll really die.
Have you tried putting work
out of your mind for two days?
You have too many questions!
How about we do this.
Let's play a game so you won't get bored.
Whoever holds this honesty house,
can ask a question.
But it should be answered honesty.
No lying.
Are you OK with that?
-All right, fine.
-Who will go first?
Why did you press 4 in the elevator?
For fun.
It's fun teasing you.
But you could've pressed it yourself.
Why didn't you?
I didn't want to.
I was going through something that day.
I wanted to boss you around
so the hell I care.
You're too much.
And you?
Why do you want to go here?
There's nothing to do here.
When was the last time you went home?
The plane ticket is so expensive.
But prior to that,
I hadn't gone back to my hometown
in Sabtang for a while.
I grew up with my grandparents.
When I was a kid,
I thought they were my parents.
But when I was in high school,
I found out that my real mom
is their daughter.
She left me.
She couldn't become a mother to me.
Then she just left Batanes.
That's why after I graduated,
I left this place immediately.
I did not want to remember
the lies surrounding my life.
But it doesn't matter now.
Five years ago, I came back here.
What's done is done.
What's important to me is the now.
That's why I promised myself
that I would not lie to anyone.
Because I know the feeling
of being lied to.
Why does it seem like you'll die
if we do not get this deal?
Yes, I'll surely die.
Do you think we can get this deal?
That's your answer already?
I gave you a long one.
-That's not fair.
Come on. Let's get even here.
Come on.
Fine, OK.
Because this is my last chance.
I grew up without anything to be proud of.
I was young when my parents separated.
So... I grew up living under the care of
my aunts and uncles.
With my cousins.
Work is the only thing I have.
I wasn't anyone's daughter.
Not anyone's sister.
Not anyone's girlfriend.
Not anyone's loved one.
But Georgina, the Marketing Head?
That one.
That's the only thing I have.
That's why if I lose it...
then I'm done.
I'm nothing.
What about you?
If honesty is so important to you,
then why did you agree to this pretense?
Because when you looked at me that time,
I saw a lady who badly needed my help.
Nope. Is that all?
Well you're also cute.
So, why not?
That's quite a good balance.
Am I handsome?
-Where did that came from?
-Just answer it.
-Am I handsome?
-You're so full of yourself!
Excuse me,
are you the owner of the motorcycle?
Can you please move it?
Parking outside isn't allowed.
No worries. Do I have to do it now?
-Yes, please.
-All right, sir.
You're handsome.
Just a bit.
Especially when you're smiling.
Just a little bit, OK?
OK, go now.
It's beautiful here.
Look over there.
Where are you taking me?
Be still. The Lord is calling you.
Would there be a lot of people
who got married here, do you think?
A few.
But mostly they're from Manila.
Well, a destination wedding
is the trend now, right?
What about you?
Do you want to get married
here in Batanes?
Of course.
I grew up here.
But what if the girl wanted to get married
It'd be fine with me.
We can get married wherever she wants.
It's that simple for you?
If she wants to get married in Palawan,
or the Manila Cathedral...
it's fine with me.
If she wants to do it in the morning,
afternoon or at night,
that's fine with me too.
Whatever flowers, songs,
or church she wants,
it's all fine with me.
Whether she wants it intimate or grand,
I'll oblige.
What about what you want?
What I want...
is for her to marry me.
That's it.
I see.
What about you?
Where do you want to get married?
At Sanctuario de San Antonio.
OK, we'll have it there.
Excuse me?
-Wait for me.
Come, let's take a picture.
-Come, hurry.
-Wait for me.
Is it OK if I go to Sabtang tomorrow?
I will just visit my family.
You want to go with me?
Remember what you said about flowers?
You don't wear them, right?
You may drop me off here.
Let me experience Sabtang too.
People here live simple lives.
The women plant crops in the fields,
while the men catch fish in the ocean.
-I was surprised.
That was too strong.
-I'm getting dizzy.
-You're getting dizzy?
Rest your head on my shoulders
so you won't get dizzy.
-Hey, cousin!
-How are you?
-I'm doing great! How about you?
-You look so different. You dress so well.
-You're crazy!
And you look like an actor--
Wait, you don't have to introduce her.
-This is my cousin, Tupe.
Let's go.
Sit here.
It's soft.
-I'll drive.
-All right.
You know, I've seen you before.
No? A singer?
No? Oh, a TV host!
-Wait, maybe you're a TV reporter?
Old friend!
Grandpa, she's my boss.
-I'll just get your things.
-She's Albert?
Oh, no, no. I'm Georgina.
Sir Albert is our boss.
I'm just Pong's temporary boss.
I'm glad you allowed him to come home.
Oh, don't mention it.
When it comes to Pong,
I'll approve it at once.
-There you go!
-Your grandpa is so stubborn.
He didn't take his meds.
That's why
he wasn't able to go fishing earlier.
You worry too much.
I just need to sleep
and drink a lot of water.
I'll get better soon.
Grandpa, you can't just drink water
and sleep it off.
Here. So you won't catch a cold.
Come over here.
Please pardon us, ma'am.
This is all we have.
Pong didn't tell us
that he was going to visit.
If he had, then we could have
prepared something better.
Oh, no, Grandma. You don't apologize
for preparing a lobster.
Don't you know
that this is very expensive in Manila?
Here, take some.
-Have some.
-Turn it around.
I've missed this.
I'm sure I saw you there!
ASAP20. Right. Right.
Tupe! You're still at it?
I'm trying to get to know her.
Ah, PBB. You were one of the
housemates of Big Brother.
The Buzz?
Binibining Pilipinas.
You have a... What do you call that?
You know this is so good. Really.
-What's his problem?
-Don't mind him.
Tupe and I used to play here
when we were kids.
But most of the time
we were naked when we played.
-Whose house is this?
-It's Aunt Inday's house.
Over there is Aunt Lupe's.
-Take a picture of me.
-Give me your phone.
Later we'll take a selfie.
Here. A flower.
-Jump, hurry.
-Is it cute?
Grandma, don't forget my fish, OK?
Want milkfish?
It's still swimming in the ocean.
Let's go!
Wait for me.
Of course I'll wait for you. Hurry up!
Do it slowly.
We're at the topmost part
of the Philippines.
I know.
Shall we go now?
I remember now.
The one who was making a scene
with all those customers.
And Pong showed me
a picture of you before.
You're his office crush.
Right, Pong?
Are you still up?
Come on.
You're lucky, you know.
You have a family you can go home to.
But I rarely do.
And you wouldn't even allow me.
At least you have a home.
You have a family that is waiting for you.
Because sometimes,
being alone gets tiring.
You're not alone.
I'm here for you.
What time is it?
Almost six.
Time's moving so fast.
I thought you said that time
was so slow here in Batanes?
I don't know.
It suddenly went by so fast.
-Did I ask for this?
I'm just giving it to you.
Am I not allowed to?
Dios Mamajes.
Go on!
I'll just finish this.
Sir, we tried but--
You tried?
I know our company
really needs to get this deal.
You did it on your own.
You just wanted to show off, right?
I did it on my own.
I wanted to show off.
-By creating another mistake?
-I needed this, sir.
I badly need this for people to forget
about that stupid viral video.
I handled this alone
because I thought that
maybe I can leave all the shame
I went through behind.
Maybe I can recover what I lost.
The respect and trust of people.
It's my fault, sir. I did it all.
Pong didn't do anything wrong.
it's me. Not Pong.
Wait. Where's Georgina?
OK, eat first.
I don't know, sir.
But then again,
when they thought about it,
Thank you, sir.
It's done! We're good!
I talked to Sir Albert and he said
Mr. Najimoto was angry at first,
but in the end he was impressed
when you told him the truth.
So, let's bring out the helicopter
and celebrate!
So? Hey!
-Pong, I had lunch wi--
-I heard you.
-I met with him but--
-You don't have to explain.
I'll go ahead.
Pong, please don't get mad at me.
I'm not mad at you.
I'm mad at myself.
I thought
we were already on the same level.
I thought being a boss or assistant
didn't matter.
I thought we had the same dreams.
I thought
both of us weren't holding on to things
that aren't good for us.
I thought we both changed in Batanes.
I thought...
both of us were happy with each other.
I guess I was wrong.
I also thought that we were OK.
That all those things
meant something to you.
Because until now,
I thought you were still holding my hand.
But you already let go.
You know, what, ma'am?
You didn't do anything wrong.
Perhaps, I just fell in love too quickly.
And if you decide to resign...
If she decides to resign,
please think about it carefully.
-I should think about it carefully?
her heart is in this company.
This is her dream.
This is actually her life.
That's why she treats you as family
Well, sometimes she's...
grumpy... a snob,
and a bit stubborn.
But once you get to know her,
you'll learn that
it's not hard to love her.
It was Pong?
He said he has to take a break in Batanes.
His family needs him there.
that you're the only one, Georgina,
who can stop him.
-Thank you.
-Go. OK.
-What the...?
-The fifth floor.
Pong! You're leaving?
Just like that?
Pong, I know I've hurt you
I don't know what came into my mind.
I guess you were right,
because the more I talked to him,
the more I realized that
I don't have feelings for him anymore.
That while I was talking to him,
I had no one else in my mind but you.
And while he was talking to me,
all I can think of
were the stories we shared.
Because while he was looking at me...
I was thinking of how you look at me.
How easy it is for you to make me smile.
And how easy it was for me to forget him
because you were here.
Because I was with you.
I got to know you more.
And I think I love you now too.
What was that? Say it again.
Everything? I said a lot.
Just the latter part...
You said something like,
"You think, you...?"
"You love...?"
I think I love you too.
You love me? Really?
So, you're not leaving anymore?
It's just a vacation.
I'm not resigning.
I thought you were resigning.
It's only a vacation.
You think I could leave you?
I just thought that
I wasn't really worth waiting for.
Someone once told me, you know...
a person who loves truthfully,
can wait no matter what.
Hello? Yes, Ma. I'm coming home.
Yes. I'm almost home.
Oh my god.