You're Not Supposed to Be Here (2023) Movie Script

(brooding music)
(popcorn crunching)
Kick if you're scared, too.
(Zoe laughing)
Is this scary for you?
You know what?
You actually haven't
kicked in a while,
so this always does
the trick. (grunting)
There we go.
(pensive music)
Hey there.
Hello, come on.
Can you give me a little
kick if you're okay?
Oh, oh.
Oh, God, I'm dizzy.
(Zoe groans)
(phone buzzing)
(phone clanking)
Here you go, Kennedy.
Why don't you, uh, go ahead
and lead us off with
your presentation?
Got it.
(sighs) Okay.
Thank you so much for taking
the time to meet with us.
My name is Kennedy Quinn,
and I handle all of
your external accounts.
I'm going to tell you why
Henderson Investing is
the best firm to take on Maury
Technology's financial needs.
(phone buzzing)
Some may say that our
firm being smaller
than the average large-scale
firm is a disadvantage,
but the truth is, our
close-knit team is stronger
and more communicative,
(phone buzzing)
giving each client a personalized
investing experience.
(phone buzzing)
Do you need to
take that, Ms. Quinn?
I'm so sorry.
It's my wife.
(tablet clanking)
I will be right back.
(door clattering)
(Kennedy sighing)
Zoe, what is going on?
Kennedy, something's wrong.
(pensive music)
[Kennedy] What happened?
Are you okay?
The baby's not kicking
anymore, and I'm really dizzy,
and I can't really breathe,
and I'm just scared that
it's happening again.
[Kennedy] Okay,
call an ambulance.
- Okay.
- I will meet you
at the hospital.
It's gonna be okay.
I don't know, she's
not moving, and oh, oh.
[Kennedy] What,
what, what happened?
She just kicked. (laughing)
She just kicked.
- Zoe.
- I thought, I'm sorry.
[Kennedy] Another panic
attack, this isn't healthy
for you or the baby.
I know.
She hadn't kicked in
a really long time,
and I thought about
the last time,
and I was afraid that
I was losing her.
I know, I know, but that's
not going to happen, okay?
Look, I'm in the middle
of a huge presentation
to a new client.
I have to go.
[Zoe] I'm really sorry.
Just try to relax, please.
Okay, I'll see
you back at home.
(phone beeping)
(door clattering and squeaking)
(Kennedy laughs)
I am so sorry for
the interruption.
Um, (laughs) as I was saying.
(Zoe exhaling)
(engines humming)
(hand knocking)
[Robert] Congratulations.
Thought you could use
something to celebrate.
Thank you.
I was actually just getting
started on the Maury account.
Uh, leave that for now.
Enjoy the fact that
you sealed the deal.
(Kennedy laughing)
Barely, but thank you.
Is everything okay?
Oh, oh, yeah, I'm
sorry about that.
Everything is fine.
It, it's just Zoe freaking
out over nothing again.
She doesn't feel the baby
move for five minutes,
and she assumes the worst.
I'm sorry you're
dealing with that.
I mean, I get it,
everything that happened
last year with a miscarriage.
I'm scared, too.
It just seems like the closer
we get to the due date,
the more worried she becomes.
Megan, the woman who had
your job before you joined us
this year, was dealing
with something similar.
She actually left to
focus on her new family.
Oh, I won't be leaving.
Trust me.
This job is way too
important to me.
We'll figure it out.
Zoe's adjusting, right?
Oh, thank you.
(box thudding)
- Hey.
- Mm-hmm?
Why don't you go
stay at my cabin
in Wildwood this weekend?
You know, I go up most weekends,
but I'm staying in
the Bay this week.
Have a little getaway with Zoe.
Enjoy yourself, you know,
before things really pick up
with the Maury account
and the baby arriving.
Hmm, Wildwood.
Where's that?
It's up north, super remote.
It's beautiful.
I promise.
I don't know.
There's already so
much to do here.
And what if something comes
up with the Maury account?
I think this is what's best
for you and for the company.
You know, they say
that healthy breaks
increase productivity,
and we both know that
you don't take those.
Plus, if Zoe's feeling better,
then we'll have less distractions
like we had today, right?
Think about it.
Have a good night.
(footsteps plodding)
(pensive music)
(crickets chirping)
(door clattering)
(keys jangling)
I'm so sorry about work today.
I, I, I realized that
I've been sleeping
on my back sometimes, and
that increases your risk
of a stillbirth, and when
I didn't feel her kick,
I just thought-
- And do you know what else
probably increases that risk?
(Zoe sighing)
I know you're probably right.
I'm, I'm sorry.
I hope I didn't
ruin things at work.
No, I sealed the deal.
- What?
- Mm-hmm.
(Zoe gasps)
Oh, my God.
(Kennedy laughing)
This is amazing.
Why don't you get into this bed
so that we can
properly celebrate?
(Kennedy laughing)
Uh, I just have to send
a few emails first, 'kay?
(Zoe exhales)
Come on, it's gotta
be, like, 10:00.
Can answer tomorrow.
(laptop clanking)
It'll just take a few minutes.
You know, I used to have
to stop you from attacking me
with kisses when you got home.
I have to answer them.
You know how it is.
(fingers tapping)
Get some sleep, all right?
- Good night.
- Mm-hmm.
(fingers tapping)
(Zoe grunts)
(switch clicking)
(fingers tapping)
(upbeat music)
Like, I know I'm carrying
the baby, but I didn't feel
like I'd be dealing with
the pregnancy alone.
And then every time I
get emotional about it,
she just tells me to chill out.
Zo, your tears haven't even
been dried from you crying
over this place not having
your favorite ice cream flavor.
Adam, you're supposed
to be on my side.
I am.
Believe me.
And Kennedy and I have
obviously never seen eye to eye.
Well, that's
because you got drunk.
You called her a bitch.
Because she said I was
too much for everyone.
Listen, all I'm saying is,
by the time this baby comes,
we have to be a team.
You are valid.
You are quite literally carrying
the weight of this alone.
Every morning I
wake up terrified
that I'm gonna
lose my baby again.
(hands thudding)
Hmm, look at me.
You won't.
Ever since we started
trying again, it's like,
I, I don't even know if
Kennedy's into me anymore.
It feels like the love is jaded.
Look, it's probably
just the stress right now.
And also, Kennedy
is not the most free
and passionate
person in general.
She was with me.
Okay, girl, if you
say so. (laughing)
Okay, how is the love
quest going over there?
Um, I feel like I'm in the
movie "50 First Dates" a week.
That bad?
Mm, it's not terrible.
I just never feel a spark.
Could write about it.
Oh, I have.
I'm working on a
piece right now called
"Save Me from Hinge,
I'm Begging You."
You like it?
(both laughing)
- That's good.
- Zoe?
Oh, my gosh,
Kaylee, how are you?
I'm doing great.
But look at you.
(Zoe laughs)
Oh, and you got
the sweet vanilla.
- Yes.
- When's your due date?
Just a couple weeks now.
How are your kids?
They're doing
great, thanks to you.
Little one's just
started first grade.
[Zoe] That's amazing.
Is this dad?
(Adam laughing)
Um, no, but yes,
(laughing) but no.
Okay, Kaylee, this is
my best friend, Adam.
Adam, Kaylee, uh, he's-
- The biological donor, but
I'm planning on taking on,
like, a uncle role where
I show up, I hang out,
and I leave when the
baby start crying.
Oh, that's right.
You have a wife.
I do.
So how, how do you
two know each other?
Oh, uh, we worked
together at the non-profit
before the, well, before this.
She changed my life, helped
me get back on my feet.
That's my bestie.
(Zoe laughing)
Well, I'll see
you around, Zoe.
It was really
great to see you.
You too.
So you're lonely and sad
because you miss helping people.
Hmm, yeah, maybe.
Look, maybe you can work
part-time after the baby
and have Kennedy take
a few days off a week.
Hell no, she's never
gonna go for that.
She just got a huge,
new tech client.
It's gonna take
even more time away.
Well, your goals
are valid, too.
Oh, you're right.
I know.
I can't believe she
thought I was straight.
Do I look (Zoe sighs)
straight to strangers?
Is that why I can't
get a meet-cute?
I mean.
Oh, come.
Maybe lose a
button. (laughing)
A button?
Or maybe I just pull
it up like this.
(Zoe laughing)
(crickets chirping)
(fingers tapping)
(phone ringing)
I wanna drift asleep
(toothbrush rustling)
Tangled in your sheets
I wanna
- Hello.
- Hey, babe.
[Zoe] Hey.
How do you feel about
getting away this weekend?
My boss offered up
his cabin in this town
up north called Wildwood.
Are you serious?
[Kennedy] Yeah, I thought
about it, and you know,
this is really our last chance
to have some time together
before this little baby arrives.
We can just hang out.
(bright music)
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Oh, I love you.
I love you, too.
I'll let Robert
know we're going.
Okay, I'm gonna go pack.
(phone clanking)
(water sputtering)
They'll be expecting some
reports probably next week,
but we're not really
getting started
on the Drakeford account
until, I don't know,
I'd say two weeks from now.
So we can talk more
about it later.
Robert, I will be
working on the Maury files,
avail 24/7, phone, email.
Try to have fun.
(Kennedy laughing)
Thanks, I'll see you Monday.
I'll be working remote,
but I will see you virtually.
Sounds good.
(footsteps plodding)
(phone ringing)
(gentle music)
(door clattering)
There you go.
- Thanks.
- Got it, yeah?
(Zoe grunting)
(door clattering)
(Kennedy sighing)
(items clattering)
(keys jangling)
(door clattering)
(birds squawking)
I'm so excited that
we're doing this.
(Kennedy sighing)
Me too.
(seat belt clanking)
(upbeat music)
(Kennedy sighing)
Can you actually
turn the music down
just in case I get a call?
Oh, uh-uh-uh, no
calls this weekend.
You are on vacation.
(Kennedy sighing)
We'll see.
(upbeat music continues)
Ooh, ah
Ooh, ah
Siri, text Robert Henderson.
And I believe it's so
Wake up tonight
and make me glow
Oh, hang on. I
gotta take this.
Hi, Tanya.
Those waves of gold
They make me cry
Okay, thanks, bye, Tanya.
Ooh, she was a rambler.
Can we stop at the next stop?
I need to pee.
Take me with you
Those waves of gold
(door clattering)
(dog barking)
(birds chirping)
(footsteps plodding)
(mellow music)
(door clattering)
(birds squawking)
(bottle clanking)
(dramatic music)
Oh, man, you scared me.
You need help
finding anything?
No, just this.
Come on.
(footsteps plodding)
(mellow music continues)
Where you headed?
It's close to here, right?
Oh, yeah, a bunch
of hippies up there,
not my kind of people.
Popular place for
a getaway, though.
They got this fancy
wellness retreat and spa.
- Oh.
- Yeah, you're
not the first pregnant
lady I've seen
on her way to Wildwood,
that's for sure.
Uh, oh, good to know.
Girls trip?
We are both girls, yes.
(brooding music)
(cash rustling)
(door clattering)
(Zoe exhales)
Can we please go?
Hang on.
(seat belt clanking)
- Kennedy.
- Okay, okay, okay, I'm done.
Uh, what was that about?
I don't know.
I just got a weird vibe
from the lady in there.
[Zoe] I just, uh-
- What, you got a bad feeling?
It wouldn't be the
first time, babe.
The energy was off, and
when I turned to leave,
she was just watching me.
Oh, okay, that's
pretty creepy,
but I'm sure she's harmless.
You're probably right.
She did say that the town
was full of hippies, though.
[Kennedy] Hmm, well, hippies
are nice people, right?
Oh, and apparently there
is a retreat and a spa.
Well, that sounds perfect.
(lips smacking)
Did we just lose Internet?
Mm, yeah.
How am I supposed to keep up
with the account
without Internet?
(pensive music)
(engine humming)
(engine humming)
(pensive music continues)
(gear stick clanking)
(door clattering)
(footsteps plodding)
(Zoe exhales)
We made it finally.
Mm-hmm, we did.
Should we go take a look?
Let's do it.
(door clattering and squeaking)
This is so cute.
Wow, look at that.
Oh, this is nice.
Hmm? Yeah.
You know what?
I'm gonna go connect
to the Wi-Fi.
Okay, I guess I will
unpack the bags myself.
No, (laughs) no,
I'll help, of course.
I'm just, uh, give me a minute.
I'm gonna go in and connect,
and then I'll be
right back, okay?
You know, the point
of this trip was
so that you connect with us.
I said I'll be right back,
and I will bring
in all the bags.
How 'bout that?
Thank you.
(birds chirping)
(Zoe exhales)
(bag thudding)
(zipper whizzing)
(items clattering)
(bottle clinking)
Oh, no.
Ugh, no.
What's wrong?
I forgot my prenatal vitamins,
and I don't wanna miss a dose.
It's okay.
We'll just head down
to the pharmacy.
I'll be done with
this in one minute.
Paint my wounds
Are you muted?
Make them pink and red
Mmhmm. (laughs)
Oh, give me one minute.
Sell my skin
(engine humming)
(gear stick clanking)
(mellow music)
(brooding music)
I guess they won't see a couple
like us very often. (laughs)
All right.
Let's see.
(mellow music)
I don't see anything
for pregnancy at all.
Hi, excuse me.
I'm looking for
prenatal vitamins.
We're outta stock.
Oh, uh, is there a place
close maybe that would have 'em?
They're outta stock, too.
Okay, thank you.
Oh, my goodness,
(laughs) look at you.
When's the baby coming?
Uh, soon, hopefully.
(both laughing)
Where's the lucky dad?
Oh, just two moms, actually.
I'm just gonna go
find my partner.
(Zoe sighing)
They have nothing for prenatal.
Well, I mean,
it's only two days.
You don't think
it'll affect the baby?
No, it'll be fine, 'kay?
[Zoe] Okay.
(suspenseful music)
You're not
supposed to be here.
Let go of me.
- Hey, let her go.
- You're not supposed
to be here.
Let go of me.
- Let her go.
- You're not supposed
to be here.
- Carla.
- You are not supposed-
- Carla.
- To be here.
[Officer] Enough,
get her outta here.
- You're not supposed-
- Get her outta here.
to be here.
You are not supposed to be here.
Leave, leave.
I'm so sorry.
Are you all right?
What was that?
That was Carla.
As much as we try to make
this place a welcoming oasis
for all, there still
are a few bad seeds.
Bad seed?
That, that's what you call
a, a raging homophobe?
It wouldn't be the
first time we saw that.
I know that must've been
unsettling for you guys,
and I just want you to know
she does not represent
this community at all.
Listen, here's my card.
(Velcro rasping)
You can call me
Jim, or Sheriff Jim,
if you wanna be formal about it.
And if you have any problems
at all while you're here,
you call me directly, okay?
Thank you.
- Enjoy your stay.
- Okay.
(door clattering)
(Zoe sighing)
(engine revving)
Should we just leave,
like, literally just go home?
Because of one crazy lady?
I don't know.
(mellow music)
The people in the pharmacy
seem bigoted, too.
Babe, (sighs) you can't let
people like that get to you.
What if she tries to
kill us in the middle
of the night or something?
Well, it seems like the sheriff
was taking care of things.
I don't know how I'm
gonna sleep knowing
that that crazy lady
is anywhere nearby.
Uh, I'm pretty sure Robert
actually has an alarm system,
so we'll just make
sure it's set, okay?
I don't know, Kennedy.
Look, she's just a
disturbed, bigoted woman.
We've dealt with judgment
in our relationship before.
This is nothing new.
We'll just stick to
ourselves, and we'll be fine.
(mellow music continues)
(seat belt clanking)
(birds squawking)
(animal howling)
(Zoe exhaling)
This is so peaceful.
(notification chiming)
(cup thudding)
(pensive music)
(cup thudding)
Hey, hey, hey, hey,
where are you going?
Inside to be alone.
Because it is
lonelier out here.
[Kennedy] Zo, come on, you-
- Do you always have to respond?
Okay, look, I'll
put it away, okay?
I'm done. Sit down.
I don't believe you.
Please, please, please, baby.
Stay. Sit.
(leaves rustling)
(birds squawking)
[Zoe] What the hell is that?
(suspenseful music)
(leaves rustling)
(birds squawking)
(footsteps plodding)
(woman laughing)
We're sorry.
We didn't mean to
sneak up on you.
We just, we saw the fire,
and well, we thought
we'd just drop in and
welcome you to Wildwood.
Oh, great, (laughs) thank you.
We, uh, we brought
some, some herbs
from our communal garden.
They're for prenatal support.
We heard you had some trouble
finding vitamins in the store.
Uh, is it okay
if I have these?
Oh, yes, of, of course.
Uh, uh, Penny has actually
been a midwife for 20 years.
She's delivered most of
the babies in this town,
including my daughter, which
was a very complicated birth.
[Penny] Mm.
Well, maybe you
can put Zoe's mind
at ease about a few things.
Uh, she thinks
something is wrong
with this baby
every five seconds.
That is totally normal.
But if you have any
questions while you're here,
I'm, I'm happy to
give you any answers
that could be of any help.
We're good, thanks.
We also wanted to,
um, just apologize
for what happened
in town with Carla.
That was completely
We are so sorry.
It was definitely unsettling.
Well, if you are
worried about something
like that happening again, let
me assure you, it will not.
So you guys, you must be
friends of Robert's, right?
He's actually my boss,
and, uh, he was nice enough
to let us come up here
for a little getaway.
- Oh.
- Right, babe?
Well, it's nice to see
his cabin going good use
while he's gone.
It's really nice to see
fresh faces in town.
How long have you
guys lived here?
Um, well, uh, I've
lived here all my life.
Um, used to be a
thriving community
till the mine shut down
about 50 years ago.
Oh, yeah, we, uh, saw
those when we drove in.
They looked pretty, uh, scary.
(pensive music)
- It is.
- It's very dangerous.
Under no circumstances
is anybody allowed inside.
But I'm happy to give you a
tour of our little sanctuary
if you're feeling up to
it while you're here.
Uh, sure, thank you.
Great, perfect, perfect,
I will hold you to it.
(Penny laughing)
(Amy laughing)
Well, it was really
lovely to meet you both.
Take care.
- Night.
- Bye.
Oh, there's so many of them.
Look at that.
It's kinda cute.
What did you just get us into?
(water sloshing)
Why did they all come out
of the woods like that,
and why were they all
smiling that creepy smile?
Oh, I don't know,
because they're happy?
They probably walk on each
other's properties all the time.
You know?
I doubt there's much crime
up here to be scared of.
Well, I grew up
in the suburbs,
and if anybody just showed
up in the backyard like that,
it's pretty safe to
assume they're unhinged.
Babe, we're from the city.
Yeah, you're from the suburbs
but no place rural like this.
Uh, they just, uh, seem like
a really close community.
Mm, oh, too close.
(hand pounding)
(dramatic music)
Oh. (exhales)
(door clattering)
- Hi.
- Hi.
Sorry, I just, I
forgot to tell you guys
something really important.
We're doing yoga
tomorrow at the park,
and we'd love for
you guys to join us.
I don't know
if, (laughing) um-
- Oh, no, no, it's actually
really, really good
for all the baby
aches and pains.
Well, in that
case, we'll be there.
- Great.
- Thanks.
Okay, good night now.
(door squeaking and clattering)
That was creepy.
Mm, mm. (sighs)
Why did you say yes?
Because yoga sounds nice.
We could use a little relaxing,
and maybe you should consider
taking some of these herbs
to de-stress just a little.
Ugh, I, no,
I, I don't even
know what this is.
There's no labels on some of it.
(sighs) Well,
Penny's a midwife,
so she knows what
she's doing, right?
Well, I'm not putting
anything in my body
I don't know what it is.
All right, look,
let me look it up.
Let's see what we got here.
We have bilberry, supports
healthy capillaries and veins,
and raspberry leaf, boosts iron
and decreases nausea, not bad,
(item clanking)
oat straw, relieves
anxiety and restlessness.
Okay, that doesn't
sound so bad.
Mm, sounds exactly
like the prenatals
that you take at home.
Okay, I will boil
some hot water.
(Kennedy laughing)
Attagirl, all right, I'm
gonna go hop in the shower.
(gentle music)
(kettle clanging)
(water sloshing)
A little long, play me song
(glasses clinking)
Don't get me wrong
Wait, no way.
Uh, you wrote that?
Uh, that's, that's one of
my favorite essays ever.
Stop it. Seriously?
(both laughing)
(phone ringing)
(glass clanking)
This is Zoe, my best friend.
Um, I should, you know.
Of course.
Okay, I'll be right back.
(phone ringing)
Hey, Zo, I am on a date right
now, and it's going amazing.
Adam, do you wanna drop
everything and come hang out?
Girl, did you
not just hear me?
(Zoe sighing)
(Adam sighing)
Everyone in the town is weird,
and Kennedy only
cares about work.
I feel like I'm
all alone up here.
Well, Kennedy will be pissed.
[Zoe] Well, that's her fault.
Well, I'm kinda in the
middle of something good here.
Come on.
I just have a feeling.
[Adam] There you go with
your suspicious feelings.
[Zoe] I mean it, I
would feel a lot better
if you were around.
(Adam sighing)
Mm, look, a free
getaway does sound nice.
[Zoe] Yay.
(laughing) You know
you're lucky I love you.
I'll see you soon.
Have fun.
We got tonight
Uh, everything okay?
Yeah, it's just
my, my best friend.
She's having an emergency,
so I'm sorry, I, I gotta go.
Look, if you're not
having a good time,
you could just tell me.
No, no, no, it,
it's not that at all.
It's just that she needs me,
and it's not a lie this time.
This time?
Yeah, I kinda use that
terrible excuse on first dates.
(date laughing)
But I'm, I'm having
a really great time,
like really great time.
Me too.
Can I see you when I get back?
(lips smacking)
Well, um, um.
(date laughs)
(Adam laughing)
(crickets chirping)
(engines humming)
(footsteps plodding)
(Kennedy laughing)
(brooding music)
It's just wrong.
Do you have a problem, ladies?
(Penny sighs)
I am so glad that you
guys decided to come.
Zoe, I have a mat.
It's open for you
right over here.
Um, we'll get you all settled,
and comfortable, and cozy.
And then Kennedy, I
have another mat by me
that you're welcome to use.
(gentle music)
(Penny exhales)
So you feel ready
for motherhood?
Still, it's gotta
be hard, you know,
considering your
unique circumstances.
I don't think
they're that unique.
I'm sure Zoe has a lot more
going on than I do right now,
but it's what we
decided would be best.
Do you think you're
going to be able
to adjust your schedules
once the baby comes?
I mean, I'll
have to work a lot.
That's unavoidable,
but I'll make time.
You know a baby needs
more than time, right?
A baby needs ever-present
family and community.
I know. I'll make it work.
Of course.
Of course, you will.
(Kennedy exhales)
(gentle music continues)
(birds squawking)
(footsteps plodding)
(book clattering)
(Zoe gasps)
(pensive music)
(necklace clanking)
Who's in ML?
Hey, Zo, do you know
where the car keys are?
(book thudding)
Uh, yeah, why?
Well, uh,
Penny said that
the coffee shop has
the best service in town,
and I have one last
work call to make.
I know, I know, I know, I know,
but I promise this is it, and
then I'm done, no more calls.
I'm really sorry that I've been
so (sighs) out of
touch with us lately.
(keys jangling)
Really, last?
Really, really.
(keys jangling)
And look, after this,
it'll be just you and me,
no calls, no distractions,
just you and me.
(lips smacking)
(footsteps plodding)
What? What's that look about?
(footsteps plodding)
What is that?
(hand knocking)
Could be anyone.
(door clattering)
(door clattering)
Well, hi, Kennedy.
(sighs) Oh, God, you did this?
Well, you didn't
wanna hang out with me,
and until five minutes ago,
all you had time for was work.
So then you went and
invited Adam behind my back?
You're unbelievable.
Should I go?
No, you should stay because
Kennedy has another work call
that she has to go take.
- Hmm.
- That's right.
I'll see you later,
hopefully not you.
(door clattering)
(pensive music)
(Adam laughing)
You gotta be
sorry. She's gone.
(birds squawking)
Oh, this is cute
in a divorced dad
who just became obsessed
with hiking kind of way.
Kennedy's boss owns it.
(Adam laughing)
And I don't think he's single
'cause I found this today.
It's gotta be, like,
a girlfriend's,
or a wife's, or something.
Oh, he like that?
We should ask Kennedy.
Or this is the
side piece cabin.
(Zoe laughing)
I do not think he'd be
giving his secret affair cabin
away to an employee.
Well, you think you know
someone, but maybe you don't.
- Okay, you know what?
- Hmm.
This is why I'm so
happy that you're here,
someone as paranoid as me.
Girl, do not put me in the
same category as crazy as you.
First of all, if you saw
a group of people coming
out of the woods towards you,
you would be just as
freaked out as I am.
Not the woods. (laughs)
All dressed the same, all
with the same creepy smile.
I'm, I think the
whole town's, like,
part of the same
commune or something.
Okay, so they're weird, but
what's got my girl unsettled?
Something is off.
Got this feeling,
the Zoe hunch?
(hand knocking)
Oh, my God, that's her.
(pensive music)
What do I do?
Um, answer the door?
Okay, you know what?
You're gonna see.
(footsteps plodding)
(door clattering)
Hi. (laughs)
Wow, don't you
just look radiant.
Come on in.
Um, wow, hi, uh, who are you?
Um. (laughs)
Oh, okay, well,
(Zoe grunting)
this is Adam, my best friend,
also the donor of our baby.
Oh, how wonderful, oh,
what a wonderful surprise.
It was very last minute.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, I see you, uh, you've
been taking the herbs.
How, how are you feeling?
Oh, better, thank you.
Good, good.
Well, I, uh, I just,
uh, stopped by to see
if maybe you were up for that
tour, and then we could pop
by the wellness center
for a little relaxation.
But you know what?
Why don't you both come?
I mean, I could
desperately use a spa day.
I couldn't go without Kennedy.
(Adam scoffs)
"I have to work."
Girl, I'll be your
Kennedy today.
Great, it won't take long.
Okay, fine, let's go.
I just need to go
upstairs, grab my bag.
I'll meet you guys outside.
I'm so excited that you came.
[Adam] Girl.
(Penny exhales)
[Penny] When was the last
time you had a spa day?
[Adam] A long time.
(fingers tapping)
(footsteps plodding)
Thank you.
(cup thudding)
(brooding music)
(Kennedy sighs)
(gravel crunching)
(leaves rustling)
(door clattering)
[Adam] Thank you.
(door clattering)
(pensive music)
So this is it.
We're completely self-sustainable,
and here in our farm,
we grow pretty much
anything that we would need.
Why do they all have
the same hairstyle?
It's very cult
cultural. (laughs)
And this is our
medicinal garden
where we grow all of
our healing herbs.
In fact,
(plant rustling)
here, try some.
Like, just eat it?
Yeah, that's how you
reap the most nutrients.
Well, what is it?
Oh, it's the same prenatal
stuff that we gave you
when you got here, only this,
this is fresh off the vine.
- Oh.
- Mm.
(leaf crunching)
Okay, not bad.
It's, uh, like magic.
(footsteps plodding)
(pensive music continues)
Hey, Penny, gonna
show us the mine, too?
No, it's forbidden.
What would you guys
say about joining me
at the wellness center
for a little relaxation?
I say yes. (laughs)
(Zoe laughing)
(Kennedy sighing)
(phone ringing)
[Tanya] Hi, it's
Tanya at Maury.
(phone ringing)
Hi, it's Tanya at.
(water sloshing)
(pensive music)
(footsteps plodding)
And here we are.
So Zoe, what do you
say to a facial?
And Adam, we have
a beautiful sauna.
Mm. (laughs)
That sounds-
- Perfect.
(Zoe laughing)
I mean, come on.
When's the last time
you treated yourself?
It has been quite
a while, actually.
Oh, please, this
is our gift to you.
That's really generous.
- Oh.
- Thank you.
You're so sweet.
Of course.
It's so great to see
you again. (laughs)
Come with me.
(engine humming)
(phone ringing)
(Kennedy sighing)
(fingers tapping)
(phone ringing)
(phone clanking)
Tanya, hi, this is Kennedy
with Henderson Investing.
I'm calling you back now
that I finally have
some phone service.
[Tanya] Oh.
(suspenseful music)
Is something the matter?
[Tanya] You're not on
this account anymore.
It just came through.
There's been a change.
Came through from who?
I don't know who exactly.
(Kennedy scoffs)
But listen, we like you a lot.
I promise you this weekend
is totally unlike me.
I am always on top of things,
and I usually have
phone service.
That wasn't the problem.
Oh, okay, then
what was the problem?
[Tanya] I don't know.
The call came from
your own company.
No, that, that wouldn't happen.
Take care, Kennedy.
(phone clanking)
(Kennedy sighing)
(pensive music)
(steam hissing)
(door clattering)
Here we are.
I can take your bag.
Oh, thank you.
(door clattering)
Please lay down.
(Zoe grunting)
(hands rasping)
Oh, it's you I'm coming for
You have a lot of
tension in your face.
I do, but I do feel like
now I can finally relax.
Conversation's hid away
(door clattering)
Here is the sauna.
Mm, this is nice.
Thank you.
(door clattering)
Call it a manhunt,
I'll be your demon
You and your cold heart
are experts in treason
Call it a landslide
when it's my victory
'Cause you won't
ever escape from me
Oh, baby, I'll be the reason
They call it love
in the first degree
(latch clicking)
Oh, it's hunting season
(Adam grunts)
Hunting season
[Robert] You've reached
Robert Henderson, please.
You've reached Robert Henderson,
please leave a message.
You've reached Robert Henderson,
please leave a message.
Hi, Robert, I'm trying to
call you because I just spoke
to Maury, and they said I've
been taken off the account.
This obviously must be some
sort of misunderstanding.
So can you give me a call back,
and we can figure this out?
(pensive music)
(laptop clanking)
(footsteps plodding)
(keys jangling)
(door clattering)
(seat belt rasping)
(seat belt clanking)
(keys jangling)
(engine churning)
(keys jangling)
(engine churning)
Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.
(steam hissing)
Okay, deep breaths.
(steam hissing)
(container thudding)
(Adam breathing heavily)
Ooh, ooh, I think
that's enough for me.
All right.
(unit beeping)
(door clattering)
Penny, Penny, I think
you locked the door.
(unit beeping)
Hello? (gasping)
Penny, Zoe, anyone?
Oh, God.
(unit beeping)
(pensive music)
[Zoe] Hey, this is Zoe.
(Kennedy sighing)
Leave me a message.
Hey, this is Zoe,
leave me a message.
Why isn't Zoe answering me?
(fingers tapping)
Come on.
[Adam] Hey, hey, it's
Adam, leave me a message.
(keys jangling)
(engine churning)
(door clattering)
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, uh, my car's not starting.
Oh, no, you want me
to give you a ride back?
That would be
amazing, thank you.
Zoe's not picking up, so-
- Yeah, sure, come on.
- Thank you.
- Got it.
(footsteps plodding)
(door clattering)
Oh, you know what?
Actually, I forgot my bag.
Just hang on a sec.
You got it.
(door clattering)
(keys jangling)
(brooding music)
(lid clanking)
(door clattering)
(keys jangling)
All set?
(engine revving)
Yeah, thanks.
(pensive music)
(birds chirping)
(engine humming)
We're in a cabin
over on Oak Street.
Yeah, I know the one.
Oh, you know what?
Actually, I think
you just passed it.
(brooding music continues)
(steam hissing)
(Zoe groaning)
(bell ringing)
(latch clicking)
Brought you some tea.
Oh, my head is killing me.
Here, this will help.
Oh. (whimpering)
I got it, I got it.
Okay. (groaning)
Oh, oh.
What is it?
(Zoe gasping)
My water just broke.
[Penny] Yes, it did.
Are you going to turn around?
Can you, (sighs)
can you turn around?
I need you to stop, I
need you to stop the car.
Jim, can you stop the car?
Let me out.
I need to, I need to get out.
Can you let me out?
(brooding music continues)
Where's Adam?
I need to get to Kennedy.
Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, no,
no, no, no, don't stress.
I've never been more stressed.
Just calm down.
I am a midwife.
I will take care of you.
I need to get to the hospital.
You just need to
sit down and breathe.
No, I need to find Kennedy.
(door clattering)
Let go of me.
(suspenseful music)
- Okay.
- Let go of me.
What are you doing?
Let go of me. Let go.
- Get down.
- Hold her.
Isn't the power of the
plants just miraculous?
What did you put in that tea?
Just the same herbs
that I've been giving you
the last few days.
You induced me.
Sh, sh, sh, sh.
This'll all be over soon.
Adam, help.
(Adam grunting)
(suspenseful music continues)
(shoulder thudding)
(unit beeping)
I don't wanna die naked.
No, I need Kennedy. (groaning)
Zoe, I need you to calm down.
You're gonna breathe
through this, okay?
I need you to breathe through
this. (breathing deeply)
Come on, girls.
(breathing deeply)
That's it.
(Zoe moaning)
- Let's go now.
- That's it, Zoe.
Hold her, hold her leg.
Let go of me.
- Hold her.
- No.
(Zoe groaning)
(suspenseful music continues)
Zoe, Zoe I need you to
breathe for me, honey.
You gotta breathe for the baby.
You've gotta breathe
for the baby, okay?
Push, push.
(Zoe groaning)
Zoe, I'm gonna
need you to focus.
I can see the head.
I just need one
more big push, okay?
One more, push on three, okay?
This is it, one,
two, three, push.
(Zoe groaning)
(shoulder thudding)
(Adam grunting)
(door clattering)
(Adam groaning)
(suspenseful music continues)
(door knob clattering)
Really? Really?
Push, push, push, push, push.
(Zoe groaning)
(baby crying)
(Zoe whimpering)
You did it. Give me a blanket.
(baby crying)
(machine beeping)
[Penny] Hi.
Give her to me. Give.
It's a miracle.
Hey, Penny, Penny.
(door knob clanking)
I think you, uh, mistakenly
locked the room in the sauna.
(hand knocking)
Penny, Zoe?
But I survived.
I made it. (laughing)
(laughing) Your sauna is
busted if you wanted to know.
Oh, God.
Please give me my baby.
(machine beeping)
Give me my baby.
No, stop.
(door clattering)
(machine beeping)
(dramatic music)
(door clattering)
(machine beeping)
(suspenseful music)
(Kennedy groaning)
(suspenseful music continues)
(hand thudding)
(door knob clattering)
(hand thudding)
(hand thudding)
Open the door.
(hand thudding)
[Adam] Kennedy, Kennedy.
- Adam?
- Yes, it's me.
(hand thudding)
[Kennedy] Where are you?
I'm in the sauna room.
Okay, I know you're not my
biggest fan, but can you,
can you please let me out?
I've been stuck
in here for hours.
- I, I can't.
- What do you mean you can't?
Walk two steps over
and let me out.
How did you get
stuck in the sauna?
[Adam] Penny brought
us here for spa day,
and I guess she accidentally
locked the sauna and the room,
and no one's come to let me out.
Oh, it wasn't an accident.
[Adam] What do you mean?
[Kennedy] I just woke up on
the floor locked in this room.
What? How?
I don't know. I don't know.
The, the last thing I remember
was, is, is the sheriff.
The sheriff kidnapped me.
Look here, girl.
You sound (laughs)
insane right now.
He must have
drugged my coffee.
You trying to tell me they
tried to cook me in here?
Well, do you blame them?
Do you really have to be a
bitch in a moment of crisis?
You know I hate that word.
Focus, please.
We need to figure this out.
Okay, you're right.
You're right.
We need to find Zoe.
[Adam] They took
her to get a facial.
(door clattering)
She's alone with them?
Oh, my God.
Why are they doing this?
I mean, what is all this about?
I don't know. I don't know.
None of this is adding up.
Wait, wait.
Right before this, I,
I, I was just taken
off a huge account at
work by my own company.
Even now you're
talking about work?
You know this is why Zoe
called me up here, right,
because you wouldn't
give her the time of day?
I'm just saying
it's weird, Adam.
Whatever it is, it is
not important right now.
I was just trying.
I was just trying, but I
messed, I messed it all up.
Ugh, I messed it up.
[Adam] Hey, it's
gonna be okay.
We're gonna find Zoe, and
we're gonna get out of here.
[Kennedy] How?
There's gotta be
a way outta here.
Hey, do you have an
air vent in your room?
[Kennedy] Yes.
[Adam] Okay, great.
I have one, too.
Maybe this leads to the way out.
[Kennedy] Can you reach it?
Yeah, if I get on
top of the sauna.
[Kennedy] How are
you gonna do that?
Girl, I've been on
enough rock climbing dates
to confidently say
that I got this.
(Adam laughing)
(suspenseful music)
(Adam grunting)
All right, I'm almost there.
(knees thudding)
(suspenseful music continues)
I don't know where am I going.
What am I doing?
Okay, breathe.
(suspenseful music continues)
(metal clanging)
(Adam screaming)
(bodies thudding)
(hand thudding)
(keys jangling)
(footsteps plodding)
(keys jangling)
(door clattering)
Okay, let's go get somebody.
(Zoe whimpering)
(Velcro rasping)
(Zoe groaning)
(suspenseful music continues)
(door clattering)
(hand thudding)
Please, help.
Help, please, somebody.
(hand thudding)
(congregation humming)
(door squeaking)
(congregation humming)
(suspenseful music continues)
What is he doing?
Who's that?
It can't be.
(floor squeaking)
What if Zoe's, what
if she's not okay?
Welcome to the family.
(baby cooing)
Welcome to the family.
Our leader is here to help
us complete the ceremony.
(suspenseful music continues)
Who's that?
He's my boss.
We welcome this new
member of our family
as a gift from the universe.
This baby being brought
to us healthy is proof
that our way of life
is the ultimate way
to spend our earthly days.
We raise our
children as a group.
We give without taking, and
we reject the modern world
because we know we were
chosen for something more.
Go on, brother.
They're related?
We must remember how
and why we were chosen.
This town was a
beacon of industry
until the mines bled
lead into our water,
the universe made us unable
to birth our own children
so that we would go
out and save children
from the horrible ways of
life outside of our town.
What seemed like a curse
was actually a blessing.
And we have saved dozens
of children over the years,
just like this one.
Another salvaged soul.
But recent times
have not been easy.
Our numbers are dwindling.
It's been harder
than ever to procreate.
There is much work to be done
if we are going to survive.
(suspenseful music continues)
I'm going in there.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
Does now look like a good time?
That is our baby, not his.
It's not his.
We, we'll, we'll
get her, okay?
We're outnumbered right now.
We have to find Zoe.
Okay, okay, let's,
let's get out of here
while they're still distracted.
(door squeaking)
(door clattering)
(suspenseful music continues)
Oh, Zoe.
Oh, my God, oh, my God.
(door clattering)
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry that I left you.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. It's okay.
- Are you okay?
- You're here now.
They took her.
They took our baby.
- I know, I know.
- Yeah, we know.
Where is she?
Do you know where she is?
We saw her.
She was at some sort of
ceremony type of thing.
Take me to her.
You just gave birth.
You can't.
I don't care.
Take me to her, please.
[Adam] All right, well, uh-
- Okay.
[Adam] We gotta
stick together.
Let's go get our baby.
[Adam] All right.
[Zoe] Okay.
(Zoe groaning)
Okay, I got you.
You're gonna be okay.
(suspenseful music continues)
(door clattering)
(congregation humming)
(baby crying)
Don't cry, don't cry, don't.
Yes, sweetie.
(footsteps plodding)
(suspenseful music continues)
Sh, sh, there, there.
They escaped.
- Who?
- Kennedy and Adam.
(gun clanking)
(footsteps plodding)
All right, um.
Kennedy, you can crowbar?
Sure, this'll do.
(suspenseful music continues)
(shovel thudding)
(body thudding)
(Zoe gasping)
(keys jangling)
What are you doing?
We're going to need
the getaway car keys.
You're okay.
Okay, she's okay. (laughs)
- Let's go.
- She's okay.
Let's go.
(door clattering and squeaking)
(suspenseful music continues)
Oh, my God.
How could you let this happen?
I have been the
one making sure
that everything is
taken care of by myself.
Don't try to deflect.
This was your responsibility.
Well, I could
have used some help.
You are never here.
I have been making sure
that we have the funds
to keep this place prospering.
Or do you just like
to be in the city?
Enough, we're wasting time.
(suspenseful music continues)
(footsteps plodding)
[Captive] Please
let me out of here.
(hand thudding)
Please help me.
Oh, my God.
[Captive] Please
let me outta here.
- I don't know.
- Should we?
We don't have time, Zoe.
[Captive] Please let me out.
(hand thudding)
Guys, we gotta help her.
(hand thudding)
(keys jangling)
[Adam] Back up.
Oh, my God, don't
come any closer.
Please, don't be afraid.
I know what they
must have told you,
but I was trying to warn
you about this town.
How do we know
you're not one of them?
I was.
I was stolen from my
mother and raised here.
But I don't believe
in anything they do.
I do know a way out.
Let me help you.
Wait, wait.
How do you know
you can trust her?
Baby, I don't think
we have a choice.
Let's go.
(keys jangling)
(suspenseful music continues)
Did you do this?
Did you lead us to
them on purpose?
I didn't know.
I just wanna help.
What do we do?
The only place
to go is the mine.
They won't go in there.
(baby crying)
Well, why not?
They believe it's
sacred or cursed,
depending on how you look at it.
But go, there's a
door on the side.
Find it.
Well, aren't you
coming with us?
I'll get us help.
I'm not the only
person in this town
who disagrees with them.
It's time the rest spoke up.
Now, go.
Go, go, go.
(footsteps plodding)
(suspenseful music continues)
Should we go after her?
We've got bigger
things to worry about.
(suspenseful music continues)
They're going inside.
They'll have to come
out sooner than later.
(footsteps plodding)
[Zoe] Oh, it's so dark.
(box rasping)
Hey, guys, it's tools.
(box clanging)
- Flashlight.
- Yes.
- Here.
- Okay.
Take one.
(baby crying)
Be careful.
Guys, I don't know about this.
[Zoe] It's okay.
We'll find a way out.
[Kennedy] What
if there isn't one?
[Zoe] Then we'll make one.
(birds squawking)
(suspenseful music continues)
Ugh, something
smells horrible.
[Zoe] Mm.
(Zoe gasps)
(dramatic music)
- Oh.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm going in.
- What?
As the leader
of this community,
I am permitted to enter
the mine in emergencies.
You just made that up.
[Kennedy] What is this?
- Oh, my God.
- It's like witchcraft.
(paper rustling)
It's some sort of ceremonious
ritual or something.
(paper rustling)
You guys, these are
the names of the people
that they killed.
Are you questioning me?
You can't just
break the rules.
I mean, these are the rules
that we live by.
I'm going in.
Wait, that's Megan.
(paper rustling)
She worked at the firm.
(necklace jingling)
Oh, that must be hers.
I'll be right
back with that baby.
(footsteps plodding)
(suspenseful music continues)
This is a lot of names.
This goes back
at least 50 years.
- Oh, God.
- We need to find a way out.
Okay, okay, go,
go, go, oh, my God.
(footsteps plodding)
(suspenseful music continues)
(baby crying)
[Robert] Where are you headed?
(shovel thudding)
(Carla grunting)
- Let's get outta here.
- Oh, my God.
(suspenseful music continues)
(Zoe gasping)
How are we gonna
get past them?
Don't worry.
Help will be here
in a few minutes.
(dramatic music)
(gun clanking)
Give me the baby.
(Zoe gasping)
- Oh.
- Okay.
- Okay, come on.
- Yeah.
[Kennedy] Okay.
(Zoe whimpering)
Give me the baby.
(baby crying)
Back up.
I'll shoot her then.
(Robert gasping)
How could you lose them?
I had them.
You know, this is your
fault because you're the one
who brought these
difficult ones here,
and then you wanted
to be the hero,
so you went in and
broke the rules.
I make the rules.
Why is that?
I do all the work.
All you do is stand
up there and talk.
I don't need to prove
my dedication to you.
I'm going after them.
(footsteps plodding)
Okay, okay, listen.
I will give you the baby.
Just put the gun down.
Zoe, no.
(baby crying)
(Zoe groaning)
- No, no.
- Zoe, Zoe.
(fist thudding)
(Zoe grunting)
(body thudding)
Let's go, let's go.
Give her to me.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
(body thudding)
Get to the car.
Come on, let's go.
Get in.
(baby crying)
Zoe, take the baby.
Now, listen.
We are not gonna be a part
(Penny screaming)
of the murderous cult anymore.
(rake thudding)
(Adam groaning)
You've been brainwashed
into thinking
it's for some higher good.
(Penny grunting)
(foot thudding)
(Penny screaming)
But it's not.
(body thudding)
It's just selfishness.
(door slamming)
Drive, Zo.
Hey, you're not going
anywhere with that baby.
(engine revving)
(body thudding)
Robert. (gasping)
Robert, please help me.
(door clattering)
(engine revving)
(tires screeching)
Adam, are you okay?
(grunts) I don't know,
Zoe, this shit hurts.
It's okay. It's okay.
(engines humming)
(suspenseful music continues)
Oh, Zoe, hurry up.
(hand thudding)
Come on.
Don't die on me today.
(horn honking)
(engine humming)
[Kennedy] Come on, Zoe.
[Zoe] I don't, it's
not going any faster.
Something's wrong with the car.
(engine revving)
(tires screeching)
He's getting closer.
[Adam] It should be fine, Zo.
(keys jangling)
(Adam mumbling)
[Zoe] It's dead.
(tires screeching)
(baby crying)
(door clattering)
Can we talk?
Okay, take this
to protect her.
Here, keep holding pressure.
(door clattering)
[Robert] Kennedy.
So all of that at the
firm, that was all BS, right?
That was all just
to lead us here?
You were a good employee,
but I had another
job to do as well.
This is insane.
How many kids have you taken?
How many lives have you ruined?
We give them the best
family they could ever have.
Oh, fine, just not
with their real parents.
You know what, Kennedy?
You worked for me.
You spent every waking
moment at the office.
You would not have
been a good mom.
Do not move any closer.
(dramatic music)
(door slamming)
Okay, let's not overreact now.
Everyone has been telling me
I've been overreacting
this whole time.
I'm done not trusting my gut.
(gunshot blasting)
Okay, all right.
You see now, Kennedy?
You said it yourself.
You are too emotional.
No, I'm not.
(gunshot blasting)
(body thudding)
Okay, okay.
(door clattering)
(engine humming)
Don't just stand there.
Get in.
(door clattering)
(baby crying)
God, I knew that town was weird.
(baby crying)
Oh, God, they got you
good, didn't they?
How you holding up?
Wouldn't say I'm
thriving. (laughs)
Yeah, you know,
come to think of it,
I saw a lot of pregnant
ladies go to that town,
but I never saw any
of 'em come out.
Girl, why didn't
you tell me that
when you saw us going in?
It didn't jump out
at me at the time.
Well, thank you
for everything.
(gentle music)
You're safe.
You're safe.
They didn't get you,
and they are never going
to hurt anyone else ever again.
Zoe, I am so sorry
that I ignored you
and your intuition
about this place.
I promise you.
From now on, I am only
focusing on us, okay?
I promise.
I missed us.
(lips smacking)
I missed us, too.
I missed us.
(Zoe exhales)
(lips smacking)
We haven't named her yet.
Adam two? (laughs)
(all laughing)
How about, how about Ada?
Wait, seriously?
Yeah, seriously.
I think you feel
Come on, Ada.
It's time to go home.
Are we getting along?
(all laughing)
I'll help you reach for
the escape the velocity
If you can get yourself
up off off the ground
Get ready, I got the feeling
Getting high feels so right
I'm someone you
can believe in
Let's go out tonight
Open your eyes
We are alive
We are letting go tonight
Free falling so high
We are alive
And we are going
wild tonight
(upbeat music continues)
(dramatic music)
(paper rustling)