You're Not You (2014) Movie Script

Mm. Promise you'll turn me on
like this on your 70th birthday?
- Promise.
- Yeah?
Happy birthday, Katie-cakes.
Thank you.
- I'll see you tonight.
- Yep.
Yep, I'll see you on Tuesday.
The fabric is perfect.
I picked out something
very special for you.
Okay. Bye. I'll see you then.
Look at you,
working all hard over here.
Don't even think about it.
You should have let me
take you out tonight.
Come on, you know I love
this kind of thing.
- Hey, let me grab it.
- No, I got it. It's okay.
- Get the towel.
- Get outta here.
- Alright. Alright.
- Go.
Oh, my God. Look at your body
in that dress.
I look like an unmade bed.
Scallop canapes? Seriously?
- It's nothing. Here.
- Oh, you always say that.
- Oh, please.
- And then you say that.
Oh, plea...
At UT, she turned me down
three times.
It took him two years
to notice me.
So what finally sealed the deal?
That's none of your
damn business.
- Alright, tell 'em.
- You tell 'em
No, no, you tell 'em.
When Bill and I were dating,
he said I looked good drunk.
Is it better than that?
He said, "I like me better
when I'm with you."
- Aw.
- Ohh.
To Kate...
- my gorgeous wife, on her 35th birthday.
- Evan, please.
When I saw you 15 years ago,
I said to myself,
"There's a girl
that I need to know."
And look at you now -
even more amazing.
Happy birthday, Kate.
15 straight.
And we're just getting started.
- I love you.
- I love you.
What is this?
What's wrong?
You know, it's um...
it's beautiful, and I love you so much,
but I just have to
say something.
You guys are royally screwed.
Can't help it.
Your piano's out of tune.
Don't listen to them, Bill.
You sound great.
Thank you.
Hey, care to join me?
- Oh, God, no.
- Come on, Kate.
I haven't heard you play
in years.
Get him off the piano.
- I can't even play Chopsticks now.
- It's not even a choice.
- That's a first.
- Shh.
Oh, shit.
Shit! Shit!
Hey, you! Out! Now!
- You wanna go again?
- No. No going again.
- That's not what you said last night.
- Out, now.
- Well, I remember your name.
- Goody.
- Shit!
- Bec.
Nobody calls you Rebecca,
except your old lady.
She's on at you business for
being a fifth-year senior.
Please put your pants on.
After switching majors
six times in three years.
- Pants! Now!
- Alright.
You're with your friends.
We don't have to do the whole
number exchange thing, right?
Right. I think I love you!
I know you gotta go.
You know what, let me finish.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Look, I got this
down to a science, honey.
I gotta go to work
in 40 minutes. Just let me...
I can do it.
Just give me a minute.
Look, I know that
it's important to you.
Just let me finish it. Okay?
There you go.
Did Mrs. Trotter say
she was gonna be late?
She's not coming.
What do you mean?
As in all day she's not coming?
As in I let her go.
Wait. Wait, wait, wait. What?
She made me feel like
a patient. I'm not a patient.
Kate. Kate. Katie, listen.
We finally found somebody
who was efficient.
Somebody who I can trust.
Somebody who can be flexible
when I'm running late.
You can't just be making
these decisions without...
- Let me call Miles.
- I'm interviewing for a replacement. Okay?
Okay, this is crazy.
- I'm interviewing...
- Right now?
- For a replacement?
- Go to work and I'll interview her.
Right now? You're
interviewing right now?
Let me interview her,
and you can meet her later.
- No, I don't...
- It's okay.
We'll interview her together.
Ah, I'm Bec... Cartwell.
I'm here for the job interview.
Mmm. Thank you.
So... which one of you
plays piano?
- I do. Did.
- Why'd you give it up?
Oh. Uh, right.
I assume you brought a CV?
- Resume.
- Uh, no, I brought a resume.
Um, I found Bec
on the university website.
It says your most recent
place of employment
was the Red Lobster
on the Sam Houston Tollway?
Oh. Wait. Sorry. Wrong one.
Yeah. It's a...
little different than
the one I put in the email.
I kinda padded that one.
So, who was taking care
of you before?
If you don't mind my asking.
Not at all. We had
a lovely woman who moved on.
And before that, my mother.
- Wow, that takes balls.
- Yes. It wasn't perfect.
If it was me and my mother,
it would have been like...
braaghhh, bloodshed
by lunchtime.
I assume housekeeping
isn't in your skill set.
Do you cook?
Any nursing experience?
Tell me, Bec, have you ever seen,
let alone cared for,
someone suffering from
a major degenerative illness?
Not really.
I've read some stuff online.
You read some stuff online.
Okay, well, it was nice to meet you.
I'm sure you're very bright.
What did you mean
by "not really"?
Back in high school,
I volunteered at
a nursing home in Tyler.
They stuck my Grammy Jones in
there and I was there a lot.
I didn't put it down
'cause it was a while ago.
You got your broccoli,
you got your beets.
Evan, you'll be late.
Got your chopping board.
You got your knife.
After you chop...
- Evan, I can show her.
- Hold on.
You add your vitamins...
...and your immuno-boosts.
We wanna keep as many
calories in her as we can.
- Low fat is the enemy...
- Can I talk to you?
Just give me a second to...
Uh, bathroom? Uh...
Yeah, it's straight back
over there.
Alright, this woman
is a nightmare.
She's not a nurse.
How can I trust you'll be okay with her?
Maybe she'll actually
listen to me.
Look, will you please
let me take care of this?
I promise you
I'll make it work. Okay?
Bec. Bec, could you please
cut on the cutting board?
Oh, cool.
So, uh... ALS patients live, like, what?
Two to five years?
How long you been sick?
You don't put the broccoli
stems in the blender.
Just the flower heads.
Don't worry,
I'm not trying to calculate
when I'm gonna need to get
another gig.
Just curious where you are
on the timeline.
Um, a year and a half.
That's what gets me
about this disease.
Your mind stays
so fuckin' sharp,
while your arms and your legs...
Oh, no!
Turn it off.
Turn it off. Turn it off.
Okay. First time
for everything.
Okay, cool.
Hey, no rush.
I'm just gonna be...
right here.
- Take your time.
- Bec, I'm going to need some help.
- Uh...
- Getting on.
And I'll need
some assistance after...
What's funny?
It's just this thing
that my roommate Jill says.
She'd rather have cats
than kids,
until kids learn
how to shit in a litter box.
Oh, God, you're probably
like a nice...
no-sex-on-Sunday Baptist...
What I am is a grown woman
who needs help using the bathroom.
Okay, I am
pulling your pants down.
And here go...
your underwear...
Can you skip the commentary?
- Why is this thing so fucking low?
- Bec, your language.
I am unfurling the...
toilet tissue.
Harder please.
Wipe harder, please.
No problem.
Okay, I'm lifting you up,
pulling up your pants...
for you...
Shit. Are you okay?
That wasn't even the worst part.
The worst part... was that
she didn't even get mad.
Like, she just sat there with this perfect
tight smile on her face.
Quiet freak out, way worse.
She needs to chill.
Here's to... yet another day
of finding something new I suck at.
Hey, superstar, you're up.
Please don't bomb this.
- You got this, Bec.
- I got it.
- You got it.
- I got it.
- You got it!
- I got it!
Yeah, she don't got it.
Uhh... I'm Bec...
...and uh... it's really cool
to be here at Dirty Barry's.
And now it's just me. Okay.
Get off the stage!
- Give me one second.
- Next!
Why do I keep doing this
to myself?
Did you know that Janis,
Elvis and Waylon
all freaked out
on that very same stage?
- I'm Wil, by the way.
- Why can't I just stop?
Speaking of which...
You do know that banging
your professor is a cliche, right?
We do not bang. We exchange
ideas - naked, in bed.
Is she always that...?
Yeah, it's not just you, dude.
- Okay.
- That's a nice work coat.
I don't know why I...
The only reason
I'm not totally pissed off you're late
is that I just took failure
to a whole new...
Liam, here you go.
Bec, this is Jen, my wife.
Jen, this is Bec, one of my students.
And a very good one at that.
- Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure's all mine.
- It's good to see you.
- I'm gonna get a drink.
Bec. Bec.
Hey, can I just borrow her
for a second there?
- Actually...
- Just a sec.
You know I'm married.
And I have a boyfriend.
So you're just gonna have to
control your feelings...
every time you see me with Bill.
Uh, it's "Wil", actually.
Or Bill. Wil. Whatever.
Alright. I can drive.
Guys, get off my truck.
- Git. Goodnight.
- Of course you have a truck.
This is a good truck.
I knew she wouldn't work out.
I tell you what,
we'll get Mrs. Trotter back,
because she was perfect for us.
She was perfect.
I'm just glad that that...
What was her name?
Bec. Bec Cartwell.
I'm just glad that
that is behind us
and we can get back to
the way things were.
Alright, let's go to bed.
You're really hot.
Oh, my God, I feel like I'm sexing
a Jackson Pollock painting.
Uh, yeah?
You wake me up if you
need anything. Alright?
- What the hell is that?
- Uh, I made you eggs.
Ohh. Let's get one thing
real clear, real quick.
I'm not girlfriend material,
so we good?
Yeah, it's good, it's good.
Great. Perfect.
Lose my number, Liam.
Hold on. You want me back?
Yep. Yep, of course, Bec.
Love to have you back.
You understand that I have to...
I witnessed a hit-and-run,
but I did find someone
who can deliver organic vegetables.
My cat was puking like crazy.
Nice suit. Italian?
We're not really interested
in your excuses.
This has been going on
for weeks.
Evan has
a very demanding schedule,
and I have
a very demanding condition.
- You show up late again...
- Got it. Understand.
- Her charms more than allude me.
- She's young.
Okay, so ladies' night.
You excited?
Mm. Turning backflips.
Hey, these are your
best friends, alright?
It's important that you
don't shut everybody out.
Besides, I can't cancel
on Alex again.
He's gonna think I hate him.
You do hate him.
I miss us just...
being together.
Hey, I miss that, too.
I'll try to get back from dinner early,
I'll say hello to your friends,
and then it'll be
just you and me, alright?
Love you. Bye.
So before we buy out
the rest of Texas,
you should probably know
I can't cook anything.
Like, not even Pop-Tarts.
That's fine.
I mean, like, at all.
You don't need to know
how to cook.
You just need to know
how to listen.
Alyssa, you look so good
I almost hate you.
Oh, shut up.
Especially after
just having a baby.
I'm still fat as a cow,
I haven't slept in months,
and I would sell my kid into
slavery for half a Xanax.
I'm not even asking for a whole Xanax,
just give me half.
So who's Evan
having drinks with?
Oh, Alex, but it's dinner.
I assumed it was drinks
'cause Tom said he uh,
he saw Evan walking into some bar.
Great, well, then... his
dinner turned into drinks.
He'll be there all night,
which means more time for us, right?
Congratulations to us.
Will you start
the salmon, please?
Thank you.
You know, honey,
you're just tired.
It's gonna be a lot easier
once you get stronger.
I'm not getting stronger... please don't say that.
I just...
I just hate
when people say that.
We're just trying
to be positive.
I know.
- It's Evan.
- Put it on speaker.
- 'Hey, ladies!'
- Hey.
So how's Alex? He still
a personal space invader?
'Only until the check arrives.
I'm hoping that, uh, Bec
might be open to a little OT,
at time and half, of course?'
- Why not?
- 'Evan!'
'Table's ready.
That's the hostess.
Uh, love you, hon.
I gotta run.'
I love you, too.
Isn't he incredible?
I mean, ladies,
if I have so much as the flu,
Bill is ready to put me out
with the trash.
I don't know what I'd do
without that man.
- I mean, a saint that one.
- Yeah.
Bec, in Evan's office, his computer.
Please bring it here.
Open it.
Check his emails.
I'm not comfortable doing that.
Then you're fired.
I'll pay you $100.
- You just fired me, remember?
- Two.
Look, I seriusly doubt your husband's
gonna leave emails he didn't
want you to find right on you...
Yeah, he will, because he knows
I can't access them because of my hands.
Fine. Fine, but I don't
want your money.
Show me.
See, it's nothing, just a whole
bunch of messages in legal gibberish.
There, on the bottom.
Thank you.
You can go.
- Kate, I...
- Please, just go.
Getting all Martha Stewart
on my ass
for not evenly chopping
vegetables, I can handle,
but... I've never
seen her like this.
Like what?
I don't know.
- Who is it?
- It's her, but it's blank.
I'm sure she's fine.
It's not...
Hey, what happened?
What's going on?
Hey, hey.
I wet myself.
Hurry. He can't
see me like this.
Okay. Okay.
Bec, I don't wanna be here...
when Evan comes home.
Can you take me somewhere?
I'll pack you a bag.
No, I wanna go. Right away.
So what did Miss Priss text you?
- Hey, you must be Kate.
- Miss Priss is fine.
Kate is going to be
staying with us tonight.
Uh, it's not usually like this.
Yeah, sometimes
it's really disgusting.
It's Evan. He's home. He
wants to know where we are.
Are you sure you're okay
on the couch?
If I had a dollar for every
time I passed out there...
Just yell if you need anything.
I'm a light sleeper.
What are those?
Parts, anyway.
A lot of beginnings.
The occasional middle.
Kinda short on ends so far.
Well, is that what you
wanna do? Play music?
You never mentioned it.
Probably 'cause
I pretty much suck.
But, yeah, kinda, I guess.
That's what you studied
in school?
Hardly. My parents didn't even want
me to go to school in Houston.
Why are they so against it?
Oh, I don't know.
Probably 'cause I spent
four years outta high school trying
with nothing to show for it.
Except drawers of these.
You... You put music to them?
Not to this one. Well, not
that I remember, anyway.
Sometimes I write drunk.
Anyway, sleep good.
You too.
I'm sorry about Evan,
and I know you don't
like cussing,
but he's a fucking asshole.
How long you been up?
Evan called, like, 800 times.
I have somewhere I'd like to go.
A retirement home?
No, it's an assisted living
community for people of all ages.
This is bullshit.
Take me in, now.
Our guest services administrator
will be just a minute.
I bet you ladies would like
some cool refreshments.
Thank you.
If you're not getting
good enough care with me,
then fire my ass and find
a better replacement.
Please keep your voice down.
You think anybody in here
can hear me?
Look, I don't exactly have
a great track record when it comes to men,
but if this is about your
husband having an affair,
why are you taking a bullet?
Tell him to move in here.
- It's my fault, not his.
- That's it. That's it.
Bec, what are you doing?
Bec, stop!
Honey, unless those sippy
cups are laced with tequila,
we're outta here.
I'm the one who got sick.
Not him.
This isn't the life he built,
the life he deserves.
He turns me over in my sleep.
He feeds me, he bathes me.
He does everything
but breathe for me.
Believe me,
he'd do that if he could.
He's 37 years old.
He deserves happiness.
We all deserve some happiness.
What we don't all deserve... a little extra snatch
on the side
from some skanky cooze.
- Last night...
- I don't wanna talk about it.
Last night, what were you doing
at the top of the stairs?
I just thought it'd be easier...
- I know what you thought.
- No, you don't.
Okay, you're right, I don't.
I don't even really know you.
But I'm actually starting
to like you.
The only other person I ever saw
up close like this was my grammy.
Every Thanksgiving,
my redneck cousins
would bet against her
lasting 'til Christmas.
And 12 years straight they lost.
Because she didn't take shit
from anyone.
Take me downtown.
Alright. I understand.
On the 15th...
I gotta go. Kate.
Thank God you're okay.
I've been worried sick about you.
- Where have you been?
- I want you to move out.
- She said sh...
- I heard what she said.
Can you give us a minute,
please? In private.
Thank you.
Look, it's not what you
think, and I'm not leaving.
Then I will.
Wait. What are you saying?
You want a divorce?
You're divorcing me, after everything
that we've been through,
- everything that I've...
- What?
Everything you've what, Evan?
Katie, please.
It was a mistake.
I made one mistake.
This isn't about your mistake.
This is about me not being
able to live one more second
feeling guilty
for what I did to your life.
I can't do it anymore.
I'm not gonna...
wait for you in bed.
- Katie, come on, just...
- I'm not gonna share a house with you.
- Please.
- No. Bec!
No. Don't touch me.
Kate, come on.
- Hi, Cynthia.
- Hi, Kate.
- Nice to see you.
- You too.
Oh, and he's all yours,
you skanky cooze!
You alright?
I think I just made the
biggest mistake of my life.
You wanna give him a call?
I'll be okay.
I just feel bad.
You know, she's all alone.
What if something happens
to her in the night?
I just wanna say, if I see
you in a sweater set,
I'm gonna go backwards
Texas hoodrat on her ass.
Turn it off.
- Why?
- Please, just turn it off.
- Is this you playing?
- Damn it, Bec, just turn it off now.
- 'You have one message from...'
- 'Liam.'
Hey, okay.
Uh, shit, shit, shit.
Okay. Okay, um...
Drink. Drink. Hey!
Okay, just breathe.
Breathe. Just breathe.
Breathe with me. Breathe.
Hey. What do I do?
What do I do?
Shit, shit.
'You contacted Emergency
Alert. Help is on the way.'
- Cancel.
- What?
You want me to cancel?
This is, uh, Bec Cartwell,
calling on behalf of Katherine Parker.
I accidentally triggered the alarm
and I need to cancel it.
Thank you.
Don't ever do that again,
without asking me.
- Hey, I thought that you...
- I don't care.
It's my decision to make,
not yours.
You understand?
Say it.
I understand.
Hey, you.
You ever coming back
to my class?
- Professor.
- Ooh...
It's "professor" now, huh?
That's not good.
You should know you just
broke my personal record.
Most unreturned phone calls
from a former girlfriend.
I hardly think
I was ever a girlfriend.
We could work on that.
If... you ever call me back.
Do you think God invented sex
so we could bear
each other's shortcomings?
Because every time we do that,
I forget all the stuff I hate about you.
I wasn't aware
you hated anything about me.
So will you quit
cutting my class now? Huh?
Sorry. Just a lot going on
with Kate right now.
Kate? Who's Kate?
Do you ever listen
to anything I say?
Kate, the patient friend
I take care of.
Something funny?
You're actually responsible
for another person's life?
Where you going?
Economists think about costs,
ot just in terms of
an item's monetary value,
but also the opportunity
costs of a particular item...
I'm now in the chair,
and it's harder to breathe.
My voice, too -
especially at night.
Well, that's to be expected.
This process only moves in one direction,
but attitude goes a long way,
- So, this one, too.
- No.
- Come on.
- Yes.
No, not those.
Okay, take 'em
before I change my mind.
Oh, my God.
I look like you.
Girl, go!
This is, like, the Porsche of wheelchairs
and it's just sitting here.
I know. Evan bought it
for me a year ago.
So what's the problem?
Riding in one of those
is like admitting I'm sick.
Which I am, so it's crazy.
Why don't you give it a whirl?
If you hate it,
we'll throw it in the trash.
Go, girl.
I'm catching up. Go on.
A little?
Come on, just a little.
Give me a couple of kicks.
There you go.
Just try it.
My husband bet you had
a spinal cord injury,
but I can spot one of my own
a mile away.
- I'm right, aren't I?
- Yes.
He lost.
Now he owes me the sexual
favor of my choice.
I'm Marilyn and this is John.
And now, in addition to
other intimate details,
you also know our names.
I'm Kate, and this is my...
This is Bec.
After this water torture,
would you care to partake
in a little herbal therapy?
It's not the prescribed
treatment for this painful-ass disease,
but it sure does feel good.
I'm a grown woman...
taking up pot.
Did she just say
"taking up pot"?
We got ourselves
a wild one here!
I'm happy and I don't know why.
- Oh, no, you didn't.
- Oh, yes, I did.
This damn illness...
It may take my arms, my legs,
my chest, my breathing,
my heart...
...but no matter
how hard it tries,
it'll never be able
to take away my funk.
Ooh, yeah!
Uh-huh, that's it.
Hit it, girl.
Yeah. Go on, girl.
Come on, girl, get it.
- You seeing this?
- Hell, yeah, I see you.
Shit, yeah.
Yeah, you heard right.
Shit, shit, damn.
Shit, damn, damn.
Shit, damn, shit, damn,
damn, damn, shit.
We done lost her now.
Hey, Kate, it's me, Evan.
Can you please
just call me back?
Just call me back.
I just wanna hear your voice,
Just let me know
that you're okay.
Has anyone here
actually met Dirty Barry?
Because I haven't
and I am here a lot.
I'm not waiting for you,
of course.
It's just I have
lots of things to do.
But uh, I'm Wil.
We uh, we spent a night
together, an evening.
"Bill" Wil, remember? Hi.
I remember, sort of. Hi.
Hi. I'm uh... I'm Wil.
- Kate.
- Kate.
Are you always such a gentleman?
Oh, no. I'm actually just trying
to make a good impression
So you'll tell your friend
to go out with me again.
How do you know Bec?
Uh... Ah, best sex of my life.
- Hey, okay, hi.
- And now she won't call me back.
Shame on you, Bec.
Apologize at once and go out
with this fine young man.
Your friend is very wise.
She also happens to be my boss,
so she doesn't wanna hear
about our time together.
So, are you playing tonight?
- No.
- Why not?
'Cause there's only so much
failure and humiliation a person can take.
Well, here's the thing, Bec,
um, I heard you sing a couple of notes
before you had your accident
that night that we...
that we met.
And if I can name any song
in three notes -
which I can, by the way -
I can name a good singer in two.
And you're a really good singer.
So... Wil...
Stop. I know
what you're thinking.
He's just...
- He's not...
- What? The one?
Trust me, from someone who
got the one, it's overrated.
Okay. It's my life to screw
up as I see fit. Okay?
he's really cute.
You know, right around
the time that I met Evan...
...there was this guy -
Harwick Windsor.
He was a musician.
He came over to my house,
and he stood on my porch
with a guitar...
...and he played a song
that he'd written for me.
And when it was finished,
he looked at me the way nobody has
ever looked at me...
Why is it that... we want
the ones that don't see us...
...instead of the ones
that do?
- Okay.
- Now lipstick.
- This one?
- Hm. Too loud.
For you.
It's gonna be fine.
- Excuse me.
- Kate, hi.
- You look gorgeous.
- You too.
- So glad you came.
- Me too.
Hey, Taylor.
Come here, honey.
Mm. Hey, Taylor.
Look at the beautiful present
Auntie Kate brought you.
Didn't your mommy ever teach you
it's not polite to stare?
So nice to see you, Kate.
How you feeling?
- Good.
- Good.
Kate, there you are!
Hey, pretty girl, there's
someone I need you to meet.
- She's beautiful.
- Say hi to your Auntie Kate.
- Say hi.
- Can I hold her?
Aw, there you go.
She looks just like you.
I think she looks
like her daddy.
I read that babies look like their daddies
when they're born,
so their daddies don't run...
Okay, okay, okay.
I got her, I got her.
Just breathe. Take it slow.
I told you
this wasn't a good idea.
- Is she okay?
- It's gonna be okay. Just breathe.
Now we know why Kate
was invited.
I needed to see you.
You've lost weight.
She says you look like shit.
You've lost weight.
Yeah. Yeah, maybe a little.
I'm not ready to see you, Evan.
- She's not ready to see you.
- Okay.
I just want you to know
I never saw her again.
What are you looking for?
A medal?
No-one gives a shit
about your sex life, Evan.
You're not you. You're me.
It's not about Cynthia.
It never was.
She says it wasn't
about Cynthia.
It was never about her.
- It's about being invisible.
- Feeling invisible.
- I love you.
- And she says she loves you.
- Take care of yourself.
- And to take care.
I miss him.
I miss... me.
- Hey.
- Us.
I shouldn't have asked
to hold it.
- The baby?
- Yeah.
No, the baby's fine, Kate.
I know, but my arms.
I tried...
I tried to catch her.
- Did you hear her scream?
- She wasn't screaming, she was crying.
Babies cry.
That's what they do.
I wanted a baby... bad.
I wanted to travel.
I wanted to play music.
Now it's too late.
I have so much inside.
Nothing comes out.
Tell me what you want
to come out.
I wanna... I wanna scream.
I just, I wanna...
Do you think we'll get invited
back to the party next year?
Six months ago, you were breathing
at a 64 per cent capacity.
Now it's 43.
Are you wearing
your BiPAP at night?
I don't like it.
It makes me feel like
I'm suffocating.
Well, look, Kate, it's gonna
get harder and harder
for you to get oxygen
into your lungs.
Soon, we'll be looking at
a permanent ventilator.
But when she's on the
machine, can she even talk?
I never did this.
Did what?
I think that's what's wrong
with my life.
I didn't know
this was doing nothing.
I know you trust him and all,
but he didn't mention even
one of the experimental drugs
they're testing right now.
Don't do that.
- Do what?
- What all the others do.
I know it's not my place,
because... I'm not the one
who has this thing, but...
...please don't give up.
That's the thing
about giving up.
You don't realize you've
done it until it's too late.
Like music.
I didn't suddenly stop.
I started playing less and less.
Until I wasn't playing anymore.
And it also just didn't fit
with... everything.
Did you ever give up
on something big?
Besides life, singing, school,
pleasing my parents, love?
No, no, no.
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
So this is how it goes.
It's Christmas at my mother's,
New Years Eve at Alyssa's,
and a very traditional
Thanksgiving at Keely's.
Personally, I'd rather staple
my tits to a burning building
than have Christmas
or Thanksgiving at Keely's.
- You know what?
- Hm?
Me, too.
- Honey, that's Jill's date.
- Right.
A toast to friends -
old, new...
Reluctantly invited.
My guest. Not reluctant.
Like... I was saying...
to friends, old and new,
but most of all, to Kate.
Who's the bravest, toughest,
coolest, chick I know.
- Thank you.
- To Kate.
To Kate.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Boy, you ain't got no game.
Go ask her to dance.
Would you care to dance?
It's Brazilian.
You ever wish you weren't just watching
moments like this?
Oh, I'm not just watching.
I feel it.
Feel life more than
I ever felt it before.
How come you never ask me
to translate for Kate?
I read lips.
- Nice try.
- It's true.
- What's that mean?
- Uh, my older brother is deaf.
- You just said something pervy.
- No, I didn't.
What did you say? Come on.
I said...
maybe one day
you'll stop punishing me
for liking you as much as I do.
I should start cleaning up.
Happy Thanksgiving to you...
What are you doing here?
- You know why I'm here.
- You're drunk.
- Just a little bit.
- I don't wanna do this anymore.
You know, I think you say that
because you think it
makes the sex hotter.
Which it does.
Go home, now, to your wife.
Come on. Now.
To your wife.
Come on. I want you.
I know you want me.
Oh, come on. I miss you.
You can have... everything.
Just don't let me
end up like that.
I can't die in a hospital,
strapped to a machine.
I'm not condoning
what he did. It was wrong.
But for God's sake,
it's time to forgive him.
Men cheat. It happens.
But she didn't have to
blow up his whole life.
I mean, blow up all our lives.
So, why'd you want me
to come here?
You want me to apologize
for her inconveniencing you?
Okay, you clearly
don't like me very much.
Which is fine because I don't
really like you either.
- So are you in the will yet?
- Alyssa!
She can't expect
to come out of nowhere
and for people not to
question her intentions.
- Wait.
- I mean, we were her friends first.
Alyssa, shut up.
Look, just tell her
that we love her.
And that we miss her.
And that we're here.
You will not believe what I...
- Who's this?
- Rachel.
I just thought maybe we could
give you a break some time.
- So you don't cook or clean?
- Yes, absolutely...
- Any experience with ALS?
- Not specifically...
- She's worked with disabled people.
- But not ALS?
- No.
- We'll be in touch.
We'll be in touch.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry I didn't
discuss it with you.
- I get it.
- It's not to take over.
No, I get it.
Actually, I don't get it.
- What's going on?
- You have school...
your music.
I'm worried I'm asking too much.
Have you ever heard me complain?
Have you? I'm fine.
So I've uh...
I've been thinking
about us a lot.
And I could have been
more patient.
You know, I thought
that I was at the time,
but I really wasn't.
And I'm sure there's
9,000 other things
that I could've done better,
You should know
that it wasn't... wasn't just sex. Okay.
It was...
I just needed...
I just needed to touch someone
without hurting 'em, that's all.
But I just want you to know
that I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Do you remember...
when we re-met after UT?
Yeah. At your concert, yeah.
And afterwards,
we went to 300 Houston
and drank Martinis.
That night,
I could see in your eyes...
...that you didn't see me
for who I was.
- Kate, that's not...
- But...
...then again...
...I wanted to be
the woman you saw.
So... it wasn't just you.
We did this.
You want me to go up and down
or around and around?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Brace yourself.
Your parents are here.
- What the hell?
- They're outside.
They came by the apartment
and... Merry Christmas.
- I didn't know you were coming.
- We left you five messages.
- Didn't you check them?
- Of course, Mom.
Come on in.
Wanna cut the evening short?
I can make a pass at your mom.
This is Kate.
Merry Christmas.
I'm Elizabeth...
and this is Bruce.
Nice to meet you.
Would you like to stay
for dinner?
She wants to know if you want
to stay for dinner?
Oh... thank you.
I'm sure I can
whip something up.
I got it.
Oh, that's right.
I cook now, Mom.
Lasagna's in the oven.
So, are you actually
living here now?
Your wife sounds like Bec.
What's in the back?
Your wife's voice
sounds like Bec.
One... One more time.
When your father and I didn't hear
from you for a couple of weeks...
or get a tuition bill
for a couple of months...
Can we talk about this later?
...I decided
to finally call the college.
I was gonna call you.
Oh, really? When were you
gonna call me,
and let me know that you had
decided to drop out?
Leave it.
I'm just taking some time off.
Rebecca, you spend more time
taking time off
than you do in college.
What are you doing here?
If you're actually
asking me a question,
I'd be happy to answer it.
But if this is just another one
of your ways to put me down,
by all means...
Answer it.
I'm doing something positive.
Something good.
I'm helping another human being.
No, Rebecca, my darling,
you're not.
What you are doing is exactly
what you've done your entire life.
You're focusing all of your
energy, all of your time,
on something
that is doomed to fail.
That poor, poor woman
out there is going to die.
And when she is gone,
where does that leave you?
With no future, no degree, and
no means of supporting yourself.
Merry Christmas to you, too,
Come back in here, Rebecca.
I am not done talking to you.
- Rebecca, you come back in here.
- Shit.
Why didn't you tell me
you dropped out?
Please, Kate, I've already had, and lost,
this fight once today.
Your mother is right.
My mother has never been right
about anything in my entire life.
- I am going to die.
- With that attitude.
It's not an attitude, Bec.
It's a fact.
There are experimental drugs.
- If your doctor would...
- I want you to move out.
That's ridiculous.
- Who'll take care of you?
- I'll call my mother.
Your mother who lives
an hour away,
who hasn't been here to visit
you once since I've been here?
I'm not gonna let someone else
ruin their life because of my illness.
I didn't tell you about
school because I...
Like you didn't tell me about having
an affair with a married professor.
You've been damning Evan.
What's the difference
between you and Cynthia?
I'm dying and his wife isn't?
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
You wanna die,
and you know I won't let you,
and that's what this is about.
I'm outta here.
Look at you.
Oh, my family's home.
Hi, Gwen.
Oh, darlin'. You know, I always
preferred your hair up.
I'm gonna send my hairdresser
over in a little while. Okay?
It'll give you such confidence.
Now, how come y'all haven't
opened your presents?
What in the world
is going on here?
Here, Gwen, let me help.
Oh, here, I got you
something special.
Merry Christmas, darlin'.
And you remember Evan?
- Enjoy the bar.
- Sure.
I've got somebody
for you to meet.
There's the belle of the
ball, and my favorite niece.
First things first.
I've done too many of these
Christmas parties without you.
Having fun yet?
Over the moon.
"I told you, it was
a 'Yankee doodle dandy'."
Christmas cheer.
Are you playing tonight?
Not feeling very musical.
How's Kate?
I wouldn't know.
She kinda fired me.
Or broke up with me.
I'm not really sure which.
Turns out it's no different
than breaking up with a guy.
You still torture yourself
listening to their music
and going to their weird places.
You never called me back.
It's complicated.
It's complicated.
out of curiosity, if um...
If I was to be dumb enough
to ask you out on a date,
would I stand a chance?
I'm just not...
Alright, okay.
Um, say hi to Kate - or...
I'm sorry about... getting fired.
Um, she was cool.
I'm thinking one day I might
come to my senses, so...
...don't lose my number. Okay?
Hey. I'm here to see Kate.
- Progress.
- Huh.
- How you doing, Bec?
- Our friend Marilyn died.
Oh. I'm sorry
to hear about that.
I thought Kate should know.
It didn't want to tell her on the phone.
Yeah, of course.
Will you tell her about Marilyn?
I'm not sure that's
the best idea right now.
This is a copy of the letter
that Marilyn's husband
sent all of her friends
when she died.
Kate'll wanna hear it.
"Marilyn called herself
the black Lou Gehrig.
Most of you know
what that means.
But some of Marilyn's younger friends
might appreciate knowing
that Lou Gehrig was a baseball player
for the New York Yankees."
He played in a record 2,130 straight games,
over 17 seasons,
until ALS forced him to retire.
"He bid farewell
to his fans and teammates by saying,
'I consider myself the luckiest man
on the face of the earth.'
What he meant was that although
adversity had weakened his body,
it had strengthened
his connection to those around him.
Sound like anyone you know?"
In Marilyn's final years,
she developed bonds with more
people than I can count.
We were married...
44 wonderful years.
"But we were never closer than
we were during those final four.
So pardon me for saying
that I too feel like
the luckiest man
on the face of the earth."
"In the event I am not
capable of giving consent,
I designate and appoint
the person listed
as my attorney-in-fact
for all healthcare decisions."
Why the hell didn't you say no?
She asked for my help
and I gave it.
How can Evan not have medical
power of attorney? He's her husband.
He's her attorney husband.
She can give it to
whomever she wants.
Did you know about this?
I just got off the phone
with a judge,
and he said that whenever a patient's
health takes a turn for the worse,
changes like this, last-minute changes,
don't usually hold up.
- Then it's settled.
- No, it's not settled.
It's not what Kate wants.
Legally, yes, you're right.
No, she goes
on a ventilator now.
Look, I'm sorry, Gwen.
I know that you're upset,
but we have to honor what she wants to do.
We have to honor
what she wants to do.
You heard what the doctor
said, honey.
If she don't do this now,
we may not see her tomorrow.
I know. I know.
I know.
- When did she come in?
- Earlier tonight.
Did they ventilate her?
She didn't want that.
Not yet.
They wanna talk to you first.
She left it up to you.
What did you do?
What've you done?
I told the doctor...
she wants to go home.
And you'll put her
on a ventilator?
- That's not what she wants.
- Don't you tell me what my daughter wants.
How dare you?
She is my daughter.
Please... don't do this.
Don't take her from us.
I'm not taking her from you.
I'm just taking her home.
I can't do it.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
I can't sit here
and watch her die.
I love you so much.
She put me in plaid.
If ALS didn't kill me...
plaid would.
...come back in here tonight.
Don't call for help.
- Also promise...
- That's a lot of promises.
Find someone...
...who... sees you.
Someone who sees me?
You... let... him...
...see the person I see.
The person you see.
Okay, now you gotta
promise me something.
I'm gonna pay you
a compliment...
...and you just gotta
lay there and take it.
Thanks for the Manolos...
...and for teaching me
how to cook.
But the biggest thing...
...that I have to
thank you for... that you didn't let me
fuck this up.
Because no-one in my life
has ever done that for me.
Go now.
Go on.