Yourself and Yours (2016) Movie Script

At least shes not suffering.
Your brother loves her very much.
He has cancelled his flight.
Says hes not coming back.
Then I guess its just a matter of days.
-She has stopped eating
-Has she?
She spits everything
36 hours since her last meal.
My brother says
that a sick person cant resist
three days without eating.
Its been
40 hours now.
So bad
-Will you visit her again tomorrow?
I have asked the woman
who is with her to call me.
How come Minjung hasnt gone with you?
She said she would come,
but she has changed her mind.
Well, its not like youre getting married.
Maybe yes.
You really think so?
I dont date girls I wouldnt marry.
You have changed, and for good.
But quite honestly, I just dont see
you married to Minjung.
Why not?
You dont know anything about women.
You said so yourself.
Why dont you like her?
Its not that.
I dont think shes right for you.
Dont know
You know how our friends talk about her.
Yes, I know.
Thats what I meant.
Remember the time
that Youngsil asked her
why did she go out with us?
Youngsil can be quite frank.
Shes capable of saying anything.
That day
Minjung got furious
Did she?
When we left, she asked me
if I cared she drank more.
I told her yes, that it would
only make her angrier.
Do you still keep score
of how much she drinks?
Yes, five glasses of soju and two beers.
She can drink more than that,
doesnt she?
Sure, she could even beat you,
though you dont drink anymore.
I quit completely.
But apparently she drinks
in other places too.
What do you mean?
I was at the Goldstar some days ago.
I heard she got into a fight
with some other guy.
-Its not like I actually saw her.
-Who says so?
-A lot of people.
-She doesnt go out to drink.
And if she does, she only drinks
five glasses, no more.
I didnt see her.
Ive seen how she tries
to control what she drinks.
But people say she goes out
to drink without you.
Is that so?
I trust her.
Yourself, then.
Dont be stupid.
I see her everyday.
And do you really need
to count everything she drinks?
Thats not a problem.
Alcohol is dangerous.
She wants me to do it.
And she says that drinking is not
as appealing as before.
Hey, a lot of people have told me so.
Everyone knows about her fight.
Everyone but you.
That was a few days ago.
-I better ask her.
-If you want to
Ill ask.
Let her drink!
Its not natural to count what she drinks.
No, she needs that.
-She has to control what she drinks.
Take a slice of pizza.
It just got here.
No, thank you.
Just a piece.
Its for the staff.
Thanks but Id rather ride
my bike out for a ride.
Ok, maybe next time, then.
Sure, thanks.
-Have a good ride.
-Enjoy the pizza.
Coffee please.
-With ice?
-To go?
2800 won.
Excuse me.
What are you doing here?
Do you know me?
What do you mean?
I dont know you.
Do you know me?
Whats all this about?
You are Minjung.
I dont know any Minjung.
You are not Minjung?
Never heard of her.
Whats wrong with you?
You think I dont know you?
Whats your game?
Yougot the wrong person.
Good evening.
Excuse me again.
-Is there something odd?
I get it now.
Do you?
Actually, Im a twin.
Are you?
I have a sister.
And her name is Mijung, true.
Do you really mean it?
Yes, I lied before.
It happens to me quite often,
its quite annoying.
Anyway, Im, sorry.
For real?
Its hard to believe.
So its that.
Identical twins, in everything.
Oh, really?
You are Minjungs twin sister.
-I didnt know.
-Exactly alike!
You dont have to thank me for that.
I enjoy being a twin.
You do?
I never imagined Minjung had a twin sister.
We dont talk much about that.
I understand.
You like drinking that much?
Do I like to drink?
You like it so much?
I do like it.
But I told you I would be careful,
so I dont drink anymore.
Yes, thats what we agreed.
I only drink five glasses.
Only five?
Come on now.
I know all.
Why do you lie?
What are you talking about?
Get up.
Get up.
Either you quit drinking or we separate.
Where is this coming from?
What have I done?
This is ridiculous.
Everyone knows you drink!
I used to drink, thats true.
Everyone knows that.
Dont you know what I mean?
I know you go out and drink!
Who says so?
It doesnt matter.
Someone has told you
that so you get mad at me.
Whos saying that?
The promise you did means nothing to you?
Listen to me.
What I tell you its just trash?
When have I said that?
Who breaks promises here?
You do!
Why do you lie?
Here we go again.
Are you going to start with that again?
Youre such a liar.
Why dont you just apologize?
Who has accused me this time?
Who has said I go out to drink?
What do you think?
You were drinking!
Who else?
It must be your friends.
Those fuckers that know me so well.
Do you think they would make it up?
Such bastards. Im sick of this.
Go live with them.
What are you doing with me anyway?
Go live with them!
Dont get all
Dont try to blame me.
Just tell me
if you went out drinking or not.
Dont yell at me!
Tell me if you drank.
-I didnt.
You got drunk at the Goldstar
and fought some guy.
-Everyone knows!
-Dont yell!
You like drinking that much?
Do you?
Get drunk and fight
and kiss the first sucker you find?
Crazy bitch!
Im not answering that.
I didnt drink nor break any promise.
Lets forget about promises.
For real.
You drink anytime you like
and Ill do the same.
Its better this way.
Promises would only make us fight.
Lets take care of our business.
These promises are not natural.
Dont drink you fucking bitch!
Arent you capable of keeping a promise?
Not a single one?
You like drinking that much! Huh?
Dont cry!
Dont yell at me!
Im sorry I offended you.
We made a promise, didnt we?
Why are you so weak?
Forget it.
No more promises.
Cant you do it better?
We promised this so we could get married.
We needed it
These promises arent doing us any good.
Is it because I offended you?
Im sorry.
Dont you ever insult me again.
Ive done nothing to deserve it.
Ok. I get it.
Just tell me one thing.
You were drinking at the Goldstar
and fought with a guy.
-Why did you fight?
-I didnt do it!
I didnt fight with anyone!
And why would all those people lie about it?
Sure, if they dont lie
Im the liar then.
You have to choose.
If you are unable to believe me
How could you love me?
Why do you love me?
Im a crazy lying bitch.
Im leaving.
Ill sleep at home.
What if we take some time?
Lets take some time away.
You are leaving?
You are the one whos behaving badly
And you leave?
We need to take some time.
I think its for the best.
-Are you ok? Can you walk?
-Ill be fine if i dont have to run.
I can pick you up
No, I have to do something.
Ill do it.
Shes not at home.
Lets go.
- Lets go.
-She probably went out.
Is that spinning?
What? That?
It spins doesnt it?
Yes, but quite slowly.
Is it normal for it to spin
if theres no one home?
Something makes it to continue spinning?
Probably something like the fridge.
Youre right.
Is it really spinning?
Yes, a little.
Shall we go?
Yeah, lets go.
Sorry, I shouldnt have told you anything.
Its ok. You didnt make that up.
True, theyre not mad,
they wouldnt make it up.
Even so
Minjung denies everything.
I wonder why.
Hows the leg?
I get very tired.
Oh well.
Will she come tomorrow?
I guess.
She said she takes two days off.
Try calling her.
Her phone is turned off.
When did you talk to her?
Yesterday morning.
She called in sick.
Shes not at home.
Well, thank you,
-Have a nice day.
-Lets eat. You hungry?
What would you like?
-What do we do?
She doesnt come to work.
Shes too sick.
-Want a beer?
-Why are you alone?
-Im waiting for someone.
Whats wrong with her?
Shes very lively.
Why doesnt she go someplace else?
I dont get it.
Dont look at her.
She comes every day.
Yes, yesterday too.
She does whatever she wants to.
Its like shes insulting us.
She just wants to have a drink.
And why doesnt she go to another bar?
Shes a regular costumer.
That was with Youngsoo.
Shes still his girlfriend.
Whats her deal?
Shall we tell her were out of beer?
You think so?
I guess she has no other place to go.
Its good for business.
They can sort out their couple
problems by themselves.
Sincerely, Id rather
she leave the neighborhood.
Dont say that.
I feel sorry for her.
I dont.
Shes with a different guy every day.
Younsgoo is the one
you should feel sorry for.
Our great Youngsoo, coming to this.
Whats so great about being a womanizer?
He has what he deserves.
God, hes so old.
Really old, man.
You have beautiful hands.
Im quite drunk.
-Are you?
Feeling dizzy.
What are we going to do?
What do you mean?
We drink to pass out.
-Did you sleep well last night?
I slept dressed up in the sofa.
-Here you go.
-How are you?
They are really nice here.
-Quite nice.
Seems that
men like women like me.
Well, thats obvious, isnt it?
I used to think I was not good looking.
But suddenly men started to like me.
You are pretty. Very pretty, actually.
-Am I?
How pretty?
The prettiest girl Ive ever known.
I wish that was true.
-Never change your mind..
-I assure you thats impossible.
Ill do my best.
For our relationship.
Youll have to work for it.
A lot of men are interested in me.
-That many huh?
-Yes, all very interested.
Either cocky
Or just childish.
Either they playing fool
like children or bragging.
Why are there no decent men?
Ive never met a men who truly impressed me.
Im sorry for that.
Youre childish. Arent you?
Youre free to do as you like.
Like a child.
But you have grey hair.
Ill act according to my age.
Ill be polite and Ill do everything
as it should be done.
Thats great.
Its nice to hear that.
Are we really going to drink tonight?
I would really like to.
Lets do it, then
You are so cute.
And handsome.
I really wish your hair wasnt grey.
Is it all grey?
No, its fine.
Your eyes keep their strength.
I really miss Minjung.
You do?
I wanted to be a good person.
But I scared her.
Im afraid
shes not coming back.
She will.
Maybe not.
What if she doesnt?
She will.
Why do you keep repeating that?
They are in love.
Then, why can a woman in love
go out to drink with strangers?
-Is that love?
-Its not about that.
Neither of you understand Minjung.
Let me tell you.
You dont understand her.
Im sorry to say this, but
shes a hundred times
more innocent than you.
Is she?
I dont think so.
Shes honest and brave,
but people dont like her.
She has an extraordinary mind.
But seems weird,
And people dont understand her.
Thats why shes alone.
No one accepts her.
Nor love her for what she is.
I tried to.
Thats what I wanted to do,
fully understand her.
But that rumor kept me from doing it.
I doubted her because of that.
And that torments me now.
Its no rumor, its a fact.
But I didnt hear it,
I didnt see it with my own eyes.
I wasnt there!
I didnt see her face,
eyes or heard her voice.
Its all just other people talking shit.
And because of them
I doubted someone I really love!
I cant stand that rumor!
You can see it for yourself.
Its all in the past.
What people say
doesnt mean anything at all.
Can I go to the past and see it for myself?
You really love her.
I didnt know it was that serious.
Love is good.
What other thing is there in life?
Its all fake!
Its all about shitting and eating!
True love! Only true love is worth.
The rest is just a formality,
sheer bullshit.
No, no.
They are necessary things.
Everything in life is necessary,
nothing is useless.
You really think that?
Yes, you re exaggerating.
Youre being foolish.
Exaggerating? I dont do that at all!
I could die. If love is true.
Death is the end.
What else is there? Nothing.
I want to live everyday
with my loved one and then die.
Thats all I want.
The rest is just a compensation for cowards.
A compensation for dismissing
something that is real.
Thats incredible.
Have you always been that innocent?
Minjung is the innocent one.
I feel so ashamed.
You mean you dont feel worse
about your mother?
Its possible.
I want to live my life fully.
And to me, that means the love of a woman.
Its not climbing the Everest,
nor painting, its just
the love of a woman.
I want to live feeling and experimenting
that love every day.
Ill live like that, and then Ill die.
Men are so pathetic.
Youre pathetic and so is Youngsoo.
-Why am I pathetic?
-You dont know anything about women.
People are all the same,
but men think theyre different.
Thats why you have such a bad time.
-We are all the same?
-Exactly the same.
Im a woman, trust me.
Lets drink!
Its a nice day, nice rain
Drink up, you pathetic men!
Dont sit there, its all dirty.
Were you at home?
Where would I go?
I thought you had left.
We agreed not to see each other.
I never said that. You decided that.
Did I?
Want to come in?
What am I going to do?
I really love you.
I love you.
But no ones going to help me.
Youre so cold.
But youre all I got.
My feelings for you are real.
Nothing else matters.
Only words.
Come on now.
Dont cry.
I get it, ok?
I understand how you feel.
Dont cry.
I really love you.
Nothing else matters.
Now I believe in you.
I love you too.
Dont cry.
I love you so much.
Youre an angel.
Youre all I need.
I love you too, Youngsoo.
I love you so much.
Has it been hard for you?
I love you too.
Lets love each other from now on.
I think I will stop seeing you.
This is no good for me.
You think so?
Youre married.
Isnt it obvious?
Dont you go out with me
just because of my sister?
You like that we are exactly alike,
dont you?
No, thats not true.
Its because I like you.
You thought: Same face, but what difference
is there inside?
No, not at all.
You wont admit it.
What is this?
Have I done something wrong?
No, nothing.
Thats just how I feel.
Im sorry.
Are you no longer interested in me?
I dont feel anything for you.
That I cant help.
I guess not.
dont call me anymore.
Ok, I wont.
Shall we have one last drink?
No, we have drunk quite enough.
Weve seen each other enough.
Youre no good for me.
Our souls dont match.
-Our souls?
You dont marry me.
What do we do then?
I leave.
Hope we both have a good life.
Have a good life.
Maybe well meet again.
Yes, maybe.
I think I know you.
I saw you at Kang editorial.
You saw me at an editorial?
Allow me.
About two or three years ago?
Ive never been in an editorial.
We got drunk together.
Dont you remember?
No, Ive never been in an editorial.
Really? How bizarre.
I remember it perfectly.
You used to work there.
Did I?
Then it wasnt me.
Ive never worked in an editorial.
I understand.
How could it be?
I know that face, right there.
Why would I lie?
Exactly, why?
This is very strange.
I have good memory.
We got drunk
and we were going to go to Ilsan.
Ilsan? Why?
To have a few drinks
with the editorials boss.
Dont you remember?
It wasnt me. How could I remember?
This is weird, I rarely get confused.
Do you know the Kang editorial,
near the Hongik University?
Hongik University?
The office is in the basement,
in the residential district.
Hey, what do you do for a living?
I make movies.
Im a film director.
Ive been lucky. I work in something I love.
Really? Well youre really lucky.
Im looking for a job like that.
Ive been extremely lucky.
What do you do?
I want to write.
But now I do something else.
I want to try all kinds of writing.
That means you could work in an editorial.
Sure, I could be an editor
or something like that.
Then it is you! You worked there!
Im not a bad person! Why do you hide?
Youre quite sure.
Now I feel curious
about who was that person.
If we are so alike
Her face
had nothing to do with the majority
of people who worked there.
It had a beauty to which
I felt immediately attracted.
Just like the woman
whos in front of me right now.
Thank you.
Its ok to thank you, isnt it?
How can you resemble her so much
and not be her?
Maybe its bad memory or a coincidence.
Or maybe you want to find a resemblance?
Is that it?
Could there be another reason?
I cant think of any.
There are many things we will never know.
Dont try to figure everything out.
Suddenly, I feel anxious.
Excuse me.
This is mysterious
and fun.
Just enjoy it, then.
Knowing things is not
as important as we think.
Dont you think?
Ok, from now on I wont say youre her.
-Is that good?
-I dont care!
-I find this very funny too.
-Glad to hear that.
Do you know me?
Why do you stare then?
You seemed familiar.
Did I?
Do you think you know me?
I think I saw you some years ago.
Oh, really?
Near Hongik University?
I go there quite often!
Me too, but not recently.
Do you live in the Yeonnam district?
Yes, nearby.
I see.
What do you do?
No big deal, nothing I could tell you.
Im lazy as well.
Nowadays, we all are.
Are you drinking?
You see my friends over there?
-Oh, thats right.
You seem lonely.
Oh, your leg!
-Do you want to drink with us?
-Do I seem lonely?
Very lonely.
Dont drink alone, join us.
Ill stay here for the moment, thank you.
As you wish.
As you wish!
Im sorry.
You dont know me, do you?
I dont think so.
Im sorry!
Where are you?
Will you let this happen?
Is it so hard to call?
Call me, ok? Soon.
This is so hard, Im falling apart.
Im her boyfriend.
You can tell me.
She didnt tell me to tell her boyfriend.
I cant tell to the first person to show up.
Its no big deal,
why are you making it so difficult?
I dont know about that,
But she told me not to say anything.
Are you prejudiced against me?
Its what it seems.
Would you mind leaving?
I have work to do.
Why wont you tell me where she is?
Sorry, I have work to do.
She told me not to say anything,
so dont get mad.
This really pisses me off.
Cant you tell me?
Go and wait!
If she wants, she will call.
Isnt that more reasonable?
Have you eaten yet?
-Havent you?
-Not yet.
-And you?
-No, me neither.
Shall we have a drink?
You think so?
Do you want a drink?
It would be nice.
What do you say?
Shall we?
-You like drinking?
But lately I dont drink too much.
I like it, in general.
Oh, ok.
So, you dont drink anymore?
I try to moderate.
I get it.
Moderation is good.
But its hard.
Dont we drink to pass out?
Thats true.
Then why do you have
to moderate yourself when drinking?
Alcohol is dangerous.
So, thats it.
Are we going to drink something anyhow?
No big deal.
I will love drinking with you.
-Do you know any good place?
If you know someplace, lets go there.
I know one.
Its a bar I go to frequently.
Its quite nice.
Shes drinking a lot.
She is indeed.
That guy is not from around, is he?
-Id say no.
-Me too.
Isnt he a film director?
Ive seen him somewhere.
I think I have seen a movie of his.
Thats it!
Hes a film director.
Ive never met a decent guy.
I just dont find my way with men.
Really, not even one half decent.
I always end up with freaks and losers.
Ive been through so much!
I wonder why.
Because I never get it right with men.
It doesnt matter what anyone says,
If I like someone I get completely lost.
Seems to me you are a little naive.
You dont pay attention
to anybodys reputation or conditions,
so you think hes good
just because you like him.
That happens to you because youre nave
You really think that?
Anyway, I dont know how to interpret
I dont know how to figure
someone out based on their looks.
If I like him, I fall deeply in love.
Then, later,
I start to see his negative points,
one by one.
And from then on,
it all leads to separation.
-What a waste of time, isnt it?
I want to meet a decent man.
You have to do it, no doubt.
Its what I really want.
You seem to be a healthy man.
Yes, Im healthy.
I trust my body.
Youre back.
-Oh, hi!
And you are..?
Dont you know me?
What does that look mean?
I dont know you.
-You dont know me again?
I dont know you.
You dont know him?
Oh, my God
-Whats his problem?
-I dont know!
Seems like quite a character.
Whats wrong with him?
Is there something odd?
Youre crossing the line.
She says she doesnt know you!
And what does that mean?
Stay out of it.
You dont know shit.
I dont know shit?
Dont insult me before knowing who I am!
I dont care who you are.
Im talking with her.
She says she doesnt know you!
What do you care?
Why are you still talking to her?
Man, youre not even drunk!
Dont talk to me like that!
How old are you?
You may have grey hair,
but Im older than you!
How old are you?
This guy is something.
Fuck off!
How old are you?
Me too, were the same age, damn!
Arent you Sangwon?
You know me?
I just recognized you.
From the institute!
What institute?
Come on man,
The Hyojung Institute!
Dont you remember me?
Its me, Jaeyoung.
Park Jaeyoung.
I know that name.
-Well of course.
-Are you Jaeyoung?
Come on, man!
Youre Jaeyoung, I remember!
Remember? You havent changed a bit!
Now I remember everything.
Youre Jaeyoung, no doubt!
What are you doing here?
Im glad to see you.
Me too.
Well, well.
You know her?
You bet I do.
Excuse me.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Have you known her long?
I met her yesterday.
Yes, I came here for work
and met her by chance.
This is quite something.
Very funny.
-Whats funny?
-Nothing, its just funny.
Were you here?
Wait a minute.
I think Youngsoo its looking for you.
-Did you know?
I have to go the bathroom.
You smoke too much.
I cant help it.
-Here you are.
-Hi, want a beer?
Where is she?
She just left that way.
That way?
-You should have come earlier.
-With the crutches?
-That way, right?
-Ill check.
-My beer!
-Here you go.
-Pay it up!
Ok. Want me to come?
Dont bother, thank you.
Oh, God.
Poor guy.
You said it.
Remember the hostels from the East Sea?
Sure! At sea level.
When I got up
I was the thin one in the class, ok?
There was a hole in the wall
that led into the sea.
A hole in the wall?
Those fucking kids got drunk
and started boxing!
The sea
I swear!
A hole in the wall, this big!
Really? I didnt know that!
How would you? It was quite a mess!
Our master had to move
when we returned to Seoul.
Are you Minjung?
Who are you?
Why are you crying?
Whats wrong?
Im fine.
You can go.
No if youre upset.
What do you want from me?
Youre scaring me.
Whats wrong with you darling?
What am I going to do with you?
What do you mean?
Go away!
Youre scaring me too.
Do you cry often?
Do I interest you?
Of course.
Dont follow me.
Im quite scared.
You calling me?
Why do you call me that?
Cant I call you by your name?
Is that the name of someone
you used to date?
Thats right.
What happened between us?
You dont know darling?
You left
and I got completely lost.
Stop calling me darling
Are you lost?
Do you care?
A little.
It all seemed confusing.
But I realized I love you and I need you.
I cant live without you.
For the moment, youll have
to keep on wandering.
-Wait Minjung.
-Im not Minjung!
Who are you then?
Want to know?
-Well, of course!
Because I love you.
Tell me all. About you.
You couldnt bear it.
Maybe not, but Ill try.
Then stop calling me Minjung.
Talk to me, if you want to.
And you shouldnt call a stranger darling.
As you wish.
So, shall we have a drink?
Yeah, lets have a drink.
Drink all you want.
Theres nothing wrong in you drinking.
No, I know.
Ive been an idiot.
I didnt do anything wrong.
Ive never done anything I should be
ashamed of.
Thats true.
Youre right.
Where shall we go?
Where do you want to go?
Wherever you want Minjung
Im not Minjung!
Why dont you stop that?
Shall we have some rice wine?
What do you say about a fish restaurant?
I like fish.
Is it far?
No, its quite near.
I cried there.
You cried in the restaurant?
How cute!
Lets go where you cried.
This house is quite cozy.
Youre right.
Seems like we are a match.
We are very similar.
Theres something that works, for sure.
A thing that works?
Sex has worked, dont you think?
Of course it has.
Youre handsome, you know?
-Of course you are.
You take all the beauty.
Do you find me pretty?
Yes, quite.
You too.
Youre cute.
This is so nice, its like weve just met.
We just met!
Yes, thats right.
-Do you know me?
All I feel right now is happiness.
You re very beautiful.
If I could see you every day,
even for a moment,
it would be more than enough.
-Do you really know me?
-No, I dont know you.
I just want to see you everyday.
I thought I knew
and tried to do was a failure.
Now its no more than a big ditraction.
I thought too much
and thats why I stopped seeing you.
I couldnt retain you.
I guess you have wandered a lot.
I like listening to you.
Youre wonderful
and thats why Ill believe in you.
You are my rule.
Ill live my life according to you.
Whats wrong?
This buzzing in my ear.
It happens when youre tired.
How is it?
I dont know. Its just a buzz.
You ok?
It stopped.
Im fine.
Someone must have said
something bad about me.
You think so?
If everything youve said, comes true,
I think I could love you.
Youll see.
Sounds very nice.
Am I going too fast?
No, not at all.
In the future, you wont hurt me
like the others?
No, Ill never hurt you.
Ill ignore other peoples words
or my own thoughts.
Ill only feel and accept you
the way you are.
It might be hard at first,
but Ill do it.
Thats how I have always lived.
Yes, it will be like that.
Ive never felt like this.
I like it.
Youre gorgeous.
Thank you.
For being yourself.
Its been my first time.
For me too.
Lets sleep some more. Half an hour more.
Then, well talk more.
Ok. Go to sleep.
Are you happy hugging me like this?
Im happy.
Now sleep.
Good night.
Try this.
Its good.
-And sweet.
Better than honeydew.
Honeydew is sweeter,
but watermelon is more refreshing.
Very refreshing.
I was so thirsty.
This is very refreshing.
Well eat watermelon often.