Youth in Oregon (2016) Movie Script

What's that, honey?
I just woke up with it.
I thought maybe I would
put it to use.
Oh, shit.
God damn.
- You okay?
- Just a second.
Mom! Dad!
Toilet is not working again!
Why can't she just use
the bathroom downstairs?
Because she's a girl,
and her stuff's in there.
I know.
She has to get ready for school.
just go look at it, please.
Okay. Okay.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Just fix it!
Just give me a second, sweetie.
Hey, Estelle.
Um, can I talk to you
and ray for a second?
Yeah, let me just get decent.
Okay, come on in!
Hey. Happy...
Happy birthday, ray.
Oh, Brian, that is so sweet
of you to remember.
Oh, good heavens!
I'm hanging out here!
You didn't see my nipple,
did you?
No, no Ni...
No nipples.
He's gonna take a minute
to find his trousers.
Can't a man get any privacy?
Since when did you
become so bashful?
- What?
- -I said, since when
did you become so bashful?
Now, listen,
I don't want
to embarrass anyone,
but I think we all
need to be
a little more conscious
of what we put in the toilet.
All I did was take a bath,
but I suppose
I can't do that anymore
without being persecuted
by my son-in-law.
Nobody is pointing
any fingers, ray.
It's just that that toilet
can be a little bit finicky.
Yes, it is.
Well, perhaps you would
like to accompany me
the next time I take a bath?
That won't be necessary.
Are those my slippers?
Add slippers
to the shopping list.
I don't even
want to know what that means.
Hey, honey?
What do you think of these?
Oh, are those the new fabrics?
Yeah, they're for my meeting
with Stamford and Miller
They're actually considering
putting them
in their
Armonk and Darien stores.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
- They look amazing.
- Thank you.
- Are you on-site today?
- Uh, no, tom's coming over
in a few minutes,
we're gonna go look at the...
Hey, Annie! You're gonna be late
for school, sweetie!
- I'm coming!
- All right.
Hey, Nick called yesterday
and he want to stay
- in Boise for labor day.
- You told him that was okay?
I just spent $500
on Yankee tickets.
You spend $500 on tickets
but you refuse to put
a decent septic system
in your house?
Dad. I'm sure you can find
somebody that will go with you.
Raymond, did you do something
with my reading glasses?
What the hell would I do
with your reading glasses?
That is not the point.
This is our tradition.
I mean... labor day, baseball,
father, son,
- since he was eight years old.
- Yeah, but now he's 19,
and he wants to stay at college
with his friends.
Okay? I'm sorry.
Okay, everybody,
Missy's picking me up.
We're having lunch
with the girls.
I will see you all
at dinner tonight.
Please, please do not be late.
- Annie, guess what?
- Okay.
Your grandmother says it's okay
to bring that Colt kid
to dinner tonight,
so there you go.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
We're gonna be late.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
- Thank you! I love you!
- Let's go, let's go.
- Get off the phone. Let's go.
- Bye!
- Mom, I'm coming!
- Go. Go. Go. Go.
- Go. Go.
- All righty.
Since you were four years old,
I can't get you
out of the house on time.
- Annie, get in this car!
- I'm coming!
It's going on a month now.
Every night this kid's
in the bed with us.
- I mean, every night.
- Well, what did you expect?
What do you mean,
what do I expect?
I expected the kid
to be sleeping in his bed.
I mean, when...
When am I gonna have sex?
This kid's becoming
a human chastity belt!
There's other people
in the house, okay?
She's somehow comfortable
with it...
You're not gonna have
any more sex. It's over
I almost, almost
had sex this morning.
Hi, everything all right?
They didn't come.
I need you to drive me
to my appointment.
- Who didn't come?
- The taxi.
They said they got
the time wrong.
My appointment was for 11:00.
- Um, can you reschedule?
- I can't reschedule.
I need to be there today.
Come on.
Sorry, it's, um...
His birthday, and...
- He's intense.
- Oh, you have no idea.
It's two years
since the heart attack,
and Kate insists
that he stay here
until he gets a full recovery,
and there is no full recovery.
I don't know
how you're doing it, man.
My in-laws stayed with us
for a couple weeks in June,
and I was ready to, like,
fucking drive my truck
off the GW
with them in the back.
- Stop it!
- In a sack tied up.
- Um, how are you getting home?
- I'll take a cab.
Are you sure you don't want me
to come back and get you...
You're welcome.
Well, I'm sorry to have
to give you this news
on your birthday,
Dr. Engersol.
It's not your fault.
All right, so, as you can see,
your severe aortic stenosis
should make you
a reasonable candidate
for valve replacement.
However, your pre-op Cath
shows extensive blockages...
We've been over this.
I just need my records.
Now, there are still
surgical options.
Yes. Aortic valve replacement.
Another bypass.
I don't have to tell you
that a procedure on a heart
- in your condition...
- No, you don't.
I sat behind a desk like yours
for over 40 years.
Let me ask you something.
Even if I didn't code
on the table,
what kind of time
do you actually think
this would buy me,
six months at most?
Let me make your job
easier for you, okay?
I'm not having the surgery.
I think that that's something
you should discuss
with your wife.
No, I'm not telling my wife.
I'm not telling anybody.
And neither are you.
They opened me up once,
and they're not opening
me up again.
Whatever's broken, doctor,
we both know
it's not getting fixed.
If you don't have
this surgery...
You're going to die.
And if I do have the surgery?
Would you please see
that all of that is in my file?
Of course.
Thank you, doctor.
I'll take a copy
of my file, sue.
And could you dial
a number for me, please?
Hello. Can I speak
to Peter, please?
It's Raymond Engersol.
Thank you.
Hey, Pete, it's ray.
How you doing today?
Oh, well, that's good to hear.
Are we still set for Tuesday?
Next Tuesday?
Great, I'll be there.
No, I'm coming, Peter.
I've been speaking
to Dr. Feldstein about this.
I've made up my mind.
I'll see you soon.
And, daddy, I love you so much
that I even let you order
a bacon cheeseburger
at this fine establishment,
so, I'm a hero.
But seriously,
happy birthday, dad.
Here's to many, many,
many, many more. Cheers.
- Honey?
Oh, uh, cheers.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, ray.
So, Colt, tell me,
how's football going, bud?
- Good, sir.
- Good.
You got your first game
coming up this week.
Yeah, yeah,
we're looking really great.
Excellent. You gonna get
some playing time this year?
- Dad.
- It's an alternating lineup.
Annie, have you talked
to your brother lately?
Nick's fine, he texted me that
he's doing this photo shoot
off-campus with a nude couple.
Really, is that
for extra credit or...
- Fetish?
- Or for fun?
- Stop.
- Both, knowing him.
At least he calls you back.
Honey, how was your
appointment today?
- Raymond?
- Oh, it was fine.
Who are you seeing, dad?
Deb Mooney.
She's my ophthalmologist.
What did she have to say?
That I still can't drive.
Well, you know, ray,
that assisted-living community
I was talking about,
that's near the sight and rye,
they have a shuttle
that goes to town every day
so you don't have to worry
about driving at all.
You can stay with us
as long as you want.
I'm sorry, madam...
Please stop talking
about assisted living.
Yeah, I get it.
May I suggest
the coquilles St. Jacques?
What is that?
I'm not experienced
with the French palette.
Of course, madam.
It is a shell
stuffed with scallops
in a creamy white sauce
with herbs and spices.
Well, that sounds very good.
I think I'll have that.
Excellent choice, madam.
Daddy, I saved
this article for you
from the Sunday times.
It was about the decline...
Ray? Ray?
Oh, yes, dear.
Hey, is everything okay?
I'd like to say a few words.
Shh, shh, Colt,
grandpa's talking.
- Oh, all right.
- What is it, daddy?
- Oh, shit.
- Did you forget your glasses?
- I left them at the house.
- Oh, honey, i...
- No, no never mind, never mind.
- I can read it...
- It's okay.
- Okay.
Estelle, you know I love you.
I love you very much.
I love everybody
at this table very much.
Well, not you.
I don't know you.
I've been on this earth
for 80 years.
And if I do say so myself,
I've been a very fortunate guy.
I... I made something
of my life.
I made something.
I made something for myself.
We're here tonight
to celebrate my life.
You just get one shot at this,
you know.
I think you just gotta take
the bad with the good.
And, uh...
I've become a burden
to this family.
Oh, daddy, no, you're not.
And I've become
a burden to myself.
And one way or another,
I think that's gotta end.
So, with that in mind
and after giving this
a lot of thought...
I would like to make
an announcement.
I want to die.
- What?
- Jeez, dad, stop it!
It's my birthday, honey.
I can say what I want.
Go on, honey.
Would you pass the bread please?
- I'm going back to Oregon.
- No, you're not.
What's in Oregon?
We raised Annie's mother
and her uncle Danny there.
- It's a cold place.
- They have laws there
for people like me
who want to take their own life
in their own way
and on their own terms.
What do you mean, like suicide?
No, honey,
they don't see it that way.
The amuse-bouche this evening
is beef carpaccio.
Thank you very much.
Your favorite, daddy.
Sit down.
So, Raymond, do you plan
on flying out there?
No, I don't, Estelle, I thought
maybe you would drive me.
Raymond refuses to fly,
and unfortunately,
I'm unable to drive
at the moment.
We're an adventurous pair.
I have an appointment there
next week
with a specialist in this field.
- Come on, he's not serious.
- I'm serious.
I hired a driver.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
Happy birthday, ray.
You're not even sick!
Katherine, I'm ready to go.
You know what,
if you were ready to go,
- you would have gone already.
- We sold the house.
Everything else goes to Estelle.
She can have another life
after this.
Does she have a say in this?
Apparently not.
I don't want to live here
And I certainly don't
want to live
in Brian's retirement home.
It's a living community.
It's a dying community.
And you want us out of here
as much as I want to go.
What do you want me to do,
Wait until I'm in pain
every single day?
Dad, don't say that.
Or get a stroke
and I'm crippled?
Just stop it.
I don't want to be told
how to live my life!
Okay, then...
Then tell me how this works.
So, you go over
the Oregon border
to some Kevorkian-style lair
and, what, bam, that's it?
I mean, what are we talking
about here, dad?
Do you even qualify for this?
He doesn't!
We don't live there anymore!
I still own property there.
What, the cabin?
No, that can't be enough.
- It's enough.
- We should have sold that place.
- It's a pain in my ass.
- It's income property!
We only rented it twice
the whole year!
And you know you're not
supposed to be eating
- ice cream this late.
- I didn't get any at dinner!
Okay, enough.
Enough. Give me this.
My doctor's taking care of it.
Who is this doctor, dad?
I need to talk to him right now.
I don't want to live here
Who is it?! Tell me!
I don't want to live anymore.
I've made arrangements.
It's my life.
I just want to know
what my options are.
I made an appointment
for Tuesday.
I am going to Oregon.
- You can't block this.
- Daddy?
It's not your decision to make.
Daddy, no, i...
I don't... I don't...
Mom? Help me here...
Sounds like he's got it
all worked out.
He's not going to be eligible.
He's not dying.
Maybe he just needs to know
what his options are,
- once and for all.
- Okay, but, you know what?
I'm not having some stranger
drive him, okay?
Well, who else
do you have in mind?
Don't even think about it.
Please just calm down.
Stop telling me
to calm down, Brian, seriously.
Okay, could you explain to me
one more time
why it has to be you
to drive him?
I don't know, maybe if my mom
could stay sober
for more than five fucking
minutes maybe she could do it.
But she can't, so it's me.
Maybe he doesn't
want to be saved.
What are you talking about?
I'm just trying
to get some perspective.
Why would you say that?
Look, of course he does.
Do you know how many people
his age who are dead or dying
would give anything to spend
more time with their family?
- Come on.
What? What's so funny?
I'm sorry, but that
doesn't sound like ray.
Yes, hello?
Yeah, this is her mother.
This is absolutely the last
thing I need right now!
I'm never speaking to Colt
again, isn't that enough?
Not. Even. Close.
Do you understand
how serious this is?
You sent those pictures!
You're underage!
This could have been so much
worse than a suspension!
They were private pictures!
Jesus, nothing in
high school is private.
- Give me your phone, by the way.
- No!
- Get off!
- Stop, stop, stop, stop.
You make me feel like
I'm such a freak!
- Everyone does it!
- Everyone does not do it.
And even if that was true,
it does not make it all right.
They weren't even that bad!
You could hardly see anything!
Do you care to weigh in
on this, please?
- Hey.
- -Hey.
What did you tell them?
I told them that
you are not going anywhere.
- Okay.
- That Annie needs you here.
- Yeah, what about dad?
- Well, first I told him
that he's not going to get
to Oregon by Tuesday.
New York to Portland
in four days?
Not gonna happen.
We can entertain his wolf cries
when we don't have two children
who are experimenting
in nude portraiture.
- Oh, Jesus.
- Oh, baby.
Why did this all
have to happen now?
Why can't I just deal
with one family catastrophe
at a time?
Well, she's a teenager.
Yeah, well,
what's his excuse, huh?
I also called Danny,
and I left him a message.
I thought, you know,
maybe he would be
the voice of reason.
Why would you think that he...
Danny can't take any more
of dad's shit, Brian!
What are you doing?
You can't just pawn
my father off on him.
They don't even talk
to each other!
I'm not pawning him off...
He's my responsibility.
I'm trying to find a solution!
No! No, you're not!
You're trying to get my parents
out of the house.
That is exactly
what you're doing.
Well, you know what,
it would be nice
- to have the marriage back!
- This is our marriage, Brian!
- This! All of this!
- No, no, no, no!
This is not
what I signed up for!
Oh, my fucking god.
I'm sorry, I'm...
Fuck, you're...
Oh, my god.
Dad! Dad, please,
what are you doing?
I don't have time to wait.
I thought that you said
you cancelled the driver.
I know what you're both doing.
It's not gonna work.
- Brian?
- Hey, ray, ray, ray?
I understand that you're upset,
but you cannot do this
right now.
Kate's full attention
needs to be on Annie, period.
Clearly, but your daughter's
risqu habits
are not gonna stop me.
Listen, no, no, no,
dad, I promised you
that I would take you,
just not today, all right?
- Can't you understand that?
- Before we leave,
I just wanted to confirm
the mileage fees.
Get mom, please.
If you could fill out
the method of payment form,
considering your situation.
It's best we handle this
on the front end.
- Estelle?!
- Guy tells me to drive, I drive.
I know,
but he happens to be insane.
Take my dad's stuff
out of the car right now,
or else I'm calling the police.
- And tell them what?
- Estelle!
- What's going on here?
- -Hold on!
I'll be down in a second!
I'm putting my face on!
Then don't get involved.
Move out of the way.
Listen, come on,
what are you doing?
- Dad, do not get in that car!
- -Lady, take it easy.
I can do this all day.
Want me to keep doing this?
I will do this all...
Really funny.
I'm taking the keys!
I'm taking the keys!
Brian, do something!
Would you put this in, please?
What is this?
Blue-footed booby.
This is so much more pleasant
than travelling with a stranger.
Great-tailed grackle.
Don't you have a job?
I brought the job with me
in my briefcase right there.
Hope you guys don't mind
if your chauffeur
does a little side work.
No one forced you
to take us, you know?
- I'm not saying that you did.
- It sounds like you are.
Honey, can you turn that down
a little bit, please?
- I like it!
- It's too loud!
You used to like it, too.
I love it.
But it's too loud, okay?
I need to use the bathroom.
Right now?
I have to go, damn it.
We... just left.
Eastern whip-poor-will.
All right, we're here.
Do you want to get out
and stretch your legs?
- No, I'm good.
- Are you sure?
- Sure as a pickle.
- Okay.
Here we go.
- Hey.
- - Hey.
- It's gonna be fine.
- Look, if you're doing this
- to prove some kind of point...
- I'm not.
We're gonna drive west
for another day.
They're gonna run out of steam,
and I'm gonna have them back
by tomorrow night, okay?
I doubt it's gonna be that easy.
You keep Annie away
from what's-his-face,
and I'll have your dad back
by the end of the weekend, deal?
- You have a bathroom?
- It's in the garage.
- But it's for customers only...
- Oh, no, he's with me.
- He's just gonna keep walking?
- I'm buying something.
- I'm gonna be a customer.
- Okay.
Is that all?
Because that's like $6.95
and we have a $10 minimum.
Ten bucks to use the bathroom?
It's a company policy.
That was my father-in-law.
I'm driving him to Oregon
so that he can kill himself.
We good here?
Hey, it's Nick.
Leave a message.
Or don't.
- Hey, bud.
- Hey, bud.
It's dad.
I'm just driving through
Pennsylvania right now.
I was thinking about
when we went to Columbus
for your campus visit.
So, I was just thinking
about you, bud.
All right.
Call me back when you can.
What time is it?
Um, just after 10:00.
Do you need a break?
Nope. I'm fine.
You sure?
Sure as a pickle.
'Cause I can take that wheel
for a bit,
if you want me to.
Okay, you cannot drive, Estelle.
Oh, I can drive.
I can drive just fine.
State of New York disagrees.
No doctor's ever
going to approve this.
What's that?
I read all those pamphlets
he's been collecting for years.
They all say
you have to be dying.
Why are you here?
It's where I'm supposed to be.
Can I help you?
Yeah, I'd like two rooms,
Can't do it.
Only one room left.
Oh, god no,
that's not gonna work.
It's a good room.
Two queen beds,
laundry room adjacent.
A view of the fire pit,
which is currently closed.
Yeah, okay, no, no, thank you.
Okay, then, see you
in a couple of hours.
I'm sorry, what?
Hot air balloon fest
up in Toledo.
Everything's booked.
They all end up back here.
Hey, sweetie.
I don't want to talk about it.
You want some coffee?
- Black.
- All right.
All right, listen to me,
guys can still care about you
even when they do
really stupid shit.
You should have seen the stuff
your dad used to do
before he got me.
Colt already had me.
Well, then you know what?
He was a very...
Stupid and lucky boy.
- I don't wanna cheer anymore.
- Why?
Because I'd have
to cheer for him.
Oh, babe, that's silly.
I don't know why you'd have
to give up something you love
because of all of this.
Listen, trust me, okay?
A month from now,
this is gonna be so much easier.
Dad hates me.
Oh, gosh, no.
Come here.
No, he doesn't.
No, he doesn't hate you.
His frustrations have
a whole other focus right now.
- I got a salmon salad.
- Thank you.
- Chicken salad.
- Thank you.
And a Patty melt with extra
onion rings and slaw.
Mm, this looks good.
This is dry.
Oh, honey, it'll be fine.
I said Mayo.
I'll get you some Mayo.
Can I have some Mayo,
please, on the side?
- Is this a good diner?
- Excellent diner.
Oh, well, that was lucky.
We picked a good place.
What do you normally get here?
Everything's good,
but I like the meatloaf.
Oh, I love meatloaf.
We didn't get any today.
Hey, let me see
if I can help out...
No. Let her talk.
Ten years ago,
I would've said something.
I would have been
over there by now.
Hey, if it bothers you,
then go over there.
- There's no point.
- Go take her by the hand.
Maybe this is what
you both need.
She's the one
who still has needs.
Well, you know...
There are different ways to...
Handle that.
Have you ever, like,
considered Viagra?
Have you ever
considered Viagra?!
Don't tell me what my needs are.
You talk to me when
your hard-ons
- turn to mashed potatoes!
- All right...
Back when I was your age,
a light gust of wind,
I was hard as a rock!
I could make that woman bloom
without even dipping my stem in.
Honey, honey, keep it down.
Here's your Mayo.
Okay, here we go.
You remember the summer
that we bought the cabin
and you sent the kids
to your father?
You couldn't keep your hands
off me, could you?
No, Raymond, I couldn't,
but I don't know if Brian
- is really interested...
- We did it every day.
- Every single day.
- Ray?
We did it until the tanagers
started chirping.
Take these pills, please.
And stop bragging.
And this woman
is 12 years my junior.
And I could still get it up!
All I'm saying ray,
is that I think that...
That there are other options.
Besides what?
This trip.
Nobody wants this, ray.
She forgot my dressing,
so I'll be back in a minute.
Do you have any idea how much
this is upsetting your daughter?
Then where the hell is she?
Well, she does have
obligations as a parent.
Bullshit! You all gave up
on me a long time ago!
I'm outta here.
- What happened?
- He's outta here.
What do you mean
he's outta here?
Where's he going?
What are you doing?
Ray. Ray, where are
you going?!
Don't act like
you can't hear me!
- Where are you going?
- Ray, come on back to the car!
What, you think you're gonna
hitchhike to Oregon?
You hate hitchhikers!
You always have!
You don't even have your pills
or anything else
you need with you.
Come on, let's go back...
You're acting like
a spoiled brat child!
You're a grown man
for Pete's sake.
Hey, honey.
Just calling to check in.
Reminiscing a little bit
about Nick's campus tour.
We're taking the same route.
We're in Illinois.
Looks the same.
Uh... everything's fine here.
I think we're gonna be home
sooner than expected.
I just think they are...
Running out of gas on this one.
Stop it!
You're hurting me!
Love you.
- Hey, mom?
- Hey, honey.
- Can I talk to you for a sec?
- Sure.
Before you get mad,
can you just hear him out?
Hear who out, honey?
Oh, god.
I thought you weren't
talking to him anymore.
Well, Colt has something
he wants to say to you.
I'm really sorry
about what happened.
With the pictures...
Yeah. I know what
you're referring to.
Look, I never showed them
to anybody.
Skyler Dudley found them
on my phone and sent them out.
- Oh, Skyler Dudley did it, huh?
- Mom, he swears.
Don't worry,
I already beat his ass.
Then it looks like you've
taken care of everything.
So you can go home now.
Thank you for stopping by.
- Mom!
- What, Annie?
You said not to give up
on something that I love!
I was talking about cheering.
Get him out of my house!
This shirt is itchy.
Do you want me
to turn the air on?
Do what you want.
I don't give a shit.
Hey, if you're tired,
let's stop and get a motel.
No, no, no, no.
I've made a reservation...
For two separate rooms
at a nice bed and breakfast
in Iowa city.
We're gonna get there,
we're gonna have a nice
long conversation
about all of this.
I don't need to have
another conversation.
We need to get to Oregon.
Okay, if you're going to insist
on continuing to drive,
not everyone in this car
has a death wish.
What is this?
It'll help keep you focused
and alert.
It's fine.
I'm a nurse, don't forget.
In fact, I'm gonna have
a little smidge of one myself,
and I'll keep you company.
It'll be fine.
It's nothing.
I'm just gonna have
a little, tiny... mmm.
Just a touch.
Just a tad.
I just took the whole thing.
That's fine.
You're driving.
You need to be... sharp.
Shut the fucking music off!
Here, just put these in.
Let me know if you see
any animals or something.
I mean, not to look at,
but to avoid.
- I'm watching.
- Okay.
- Is there a storm coming?
- I don't know, but what...
- Because the clouds are rolling.
- Yeah, they are.
Oh, man.
There is a bird aviary
near here.
Oh, no way.
Highway 80.
- Along highway 80?
- The old Lincoln highway.
You think
that's Abraham Lincoln?
Could be. Could be.
Maybe Mary Todd.
I like her, but I don't think
they did that back then.
Oh, deer! Deer! Deer!
Deer! Deer!
Deer! Deer! Deer!
Deer! Deer!
Well, be careful.
Don't crash us.
Never mind, it's a tree.
Okay, I'm...
I'm just gonna, um...
Put my little head down,
just for a minute.
Not tired at all.
- We're here!
- Where?
Little surprise for you guys.
Look, honey,
it's the bird sanctuary!
- Wow.
- What is this?
It says it opens at sunrise.
Well, it doesn't look open.
Honey, look.
Maybe it's not bird season.
Hold on.
Watch out.
- What are you doing?
Brian, don't hurt yourself.
What happened
to the bed and breakfast?
Couldn't sleep.
Drove all the way here.
Watch out.
Whoa, first try.
The sanctuary is open.
Will we get arrested?
So, we could possibly
see the rosy Finch,
the western wood peewee,
the Willow flycatcher.
Oh, you're gonna like this one,
the horned lark.
Whoo! If I was a bird I would
want to come here, Estelle.
I know!
This is...
Just what we needed.
- It's just what we needed.
- You think he likes it?
I do.
You know he's cranky.
But I think he does like it.
It's really beautiful!
Isn't this great?!
We don't have any binoculars.
We don't need binoculars.
We're just gonna use our eyes.
I can't see anything
without binoculars.
Well, we're in here now.
Let's just enjoy ourselves.
It's beautiful.
Let's close our eyes,
and just listen for the birds.
Are you okay?
Mm? Mm-hmm.
All right, so we missed
the gazebo back here.
So everybody come this way.
We want to see the rosy finches.
Come on.
I'm gonna stand still
for a second.
You find something, ray?
I'm gonna find my dick
and take a piss.
We don't have time for this.
Hey, honey.
Hi, how's it going?
Where are you?
We are at
the Wallick aviary sanctuary.
Where's that?
It is in...
Cheyenne, Wyoming.
In Wyoming?
Are you serious?
Yeah, I guess you can cover
a lot of ground
if you drive through the night.
- How did that even happen?
- Well, it was for the birds.
For the birds?
What are you talking about?
It's a bird sanctuary...
Yep. Yep.
That's a stilt, maybe upland.
Did you fill Annie's focalin
when you picked up my dad's
scrip the other day?
I filled whatever prescription
you gave me, why?
Well, she's out again.
So, either we forgot
to pick up the scrip
or she's taking more
than she should.
What do the pills look like?
I don't know, honey.
They're a pill.
It's a blue pill.
Oh shit!
I'll call you back!
What was that?!
Oh, shit.
- Ray, are you okay?
- No, don't touch me.
No, no. I just want
to help you up, buddy...
Let go of me!
What's going on?
Nothing! Nothing, Estelle!
It's fine! We're okay!
Okay, well hurry up!
I'll meet you at the gazebo!
I'm sorry, I didn't...
You can...
Cover up the...
- It's because I fell.
- I know.
That function still works.
Well, see? There.
There's something
to be positive about.
I'll be long gone before
I can't push out a piss.
We don't have to talk
about that.
No, I'm serious.
I made myself a promise
a long time ago.
After what happened
to my friend Abe.
Just give me a minute.
I-I don't know who Abe is.
Oh, he's a golfing buddy.
You met him once at
our anniversary party at boca.
We were a mean trio.
It was Abe Norfolk,
Mitch ebbs, and me.
Have you told them
what you're up to?
No. Those guys
are long gone.
Abe started to lose his marbles
pretty early.
He'd run around the golf course
picking up everybody else's
stray balls.
And then one day he just
walked off the course,
and never came back.
We thought maybe he went home,
but we found him later.
He was sleeping under a bench
in the ladies locker room.
He'd pissed himself.
I didn't see Abe
for a long time after that.
I thought maybe
he was embarrassed, you know?
And then I heard
he had a stroke.
His wife found him
in the bathtub.
I went to see him.
You know,
it was like somebody...
Somebody had grabbed him...
By the collar and they sh...
Shook him up.
And his face
just froze like that.
After that,
Mitch and I had a joke,
which one of us was gonna be
the last man standing,
and Mitch got lucky,
died in his sleep.
So I promised myself
I was never gonna go like Abe.
And I'm not.
I'm not feeling
very comfortable.
I think you better pull over.
Here, here.
Right over here.
What are we doing?
We're just gonna change out
some muddy clothes and stuff.
Why didn't we
do that back there?
Because we had to flee
the scene.
I'll get your luggage.
You look like shit.
Thank you, ray.
- Where do you want it?
- -Right there.
- Okay.
- Now go away. Go away.
I can't do this anymore.
I, um, uh...
Ray, this is as far as I can go.
What do you mean?
I'm just... uh, you know,
I think I need Kate on this.
And it's... um... um...
You know,
I thought I could do it.
We'd get out on the road,
we have a nice long drive
and everything and it helps
to clear the mind,
but then, um, you know,
my head is really
hurting right now,
and I have responsibilities
at home, and I have work.
And that...
That was my favorite shirt.
And I really think my heart
might stop beating
at any moment.
And I don't think
that I'm safe to drive.
And, um...
Do you really want to get
all the way to Oregon
only to have them refuse you?
If you would just take me
as far as salt lake city,
I would be very grateful.
- Oh.
- -Fuck.
We're close
to salt lake city, aren't we?
- We're seeing Danny?
- We told him we might stop by.
- How did that go?
- It went.
We called him, but we didn't
know if we would have time.
Does he understand why
you're driving across country?
- Yes.
- And he's okay with that?
- How the fuck should I know?
- It was a short conversation.
How far is it to salt lake city?
Oh, great!
I should call him.
Can I use your phone, please?
Oh, Danny, you look great.
Thank you, mom.
I like where you put
the blanket.
It's gotten a lot of use.
Yeah, it's a good blanket.
Oh, there's the one I made Paul.
Are we gonna see him later?
- I don't think so.
- Oh.
Should I be worried about him?
Oh, no.
No, I think he's fine.
Are you gonna get that?
Well, your father would like to
have some time alone with you.
So I am going to take a shower,
if that's okay with you,
and just lie down
for a little bit.
Do you have anything to drink?
Like drink, drink?
Your mother's found a new hobby.
I'm sure there's
something in the fridge.
Okay. I'll just peruse
the kitchen, thank you.
I know these are not the most
ideal circumstances.
But, um...
You know...
I don't have long.
Well, that's not true, is it?
That's not true.
Kate told me that you're fine.
No. It's my decision.
No, actually,
it's the physician's decision.
And you're not terminal.
I know the protocol.
I made my oral request.
And somewhere in here,
I got my written request, too.
I want you to take a look at it.
Yeah, here it is.
I followed all the rules.
Well, good luck
getting a signature on this
by anyone who wants
to keep their license.
Well, you know,
you're not a doctor.
Wow. That took all of what,
five minutes?
That's gotta be a record.
- Danny, please...
- You never...
- What, of course...
- Danny, please, let me talk.
Because I didn't
finish med school,
my opinion doesn't
mean anything?
You're not letting me talk.
I don't want to go
through all that again.
It's not why I came.
Why did you come?
Because I wanted to see you
again, son, before...
Before I'm gone.
I wanted to mend certain tears
in our relationship.
You know? I wanted to say
that I forgive you.
- You forgive me?
Yes, I forgive you.
Is that Paul calling?
You know what I'm talking about.
- No, I don't.
- Oh, you don't, huh?
How about all the unreturned
phone calls?
How about all the letters
I wrote to you
that you never even
You closed that door long before
I stopped speaking to you.
You scrutinized
every decision I made.
You tore them down.
No. That is not true!
As your father,
I wanted to give you options.
I wanted to give you
For what?!
A life like yours?
You know,
enjoy your visit to Oregon.
And do me a favor.
Don't stop by on your way back.
Danny, wait.
Shh, shh.
- What?
- Shh!
Come here. Come here.
What is it?
- This is your angiogram?
- Yeah.
Well, I'm not a cardiologist.
It's too blocked
to operate again.
- You denied surgery?
- Yeah.
Either way, my time's up.
It's all in the file.
Look, don't tell your mother,
and don't tell Katherine
because they're gonna
make me have surgery.
And, Danny...
I don't want to do it.
Hey! What is he doing here?
What is this? What is this?
- Get up, get up, get up!
- Mom, get out!
- God, I'm sorry.
- Put your dress on right now.
He is not allowed in this house.
You are grounded!
- What are you doing?
- We weren't even doing anything.
Oh, really? It looked
like a lot of things.
Why are you even home right now?
What do you mean, why am I home?
I live here, Annie.
- This is so unfair.
- What's unfair?
You put your guilt on me
all the time!
What am I guilty for?
I don't know.
Making dad take grandpa.
I didn't make
your dad do anything!
You're the reason that I'm not
with my father right now!
Just go be with grandpa, mom.
It's obviously
what you want to do!
Oh, god.
The white-winged cress.
I can take over
whenever you want.
You've been driving
for what, three days?
You could use a break.
The purple Martin.
I know this must be confusing.
Well, yes, I can't understand
why you're on board with this.
I think it's important
that I be here.
How's Paul?
American coute.
- He and I split.
- Oh, man.
I got tired of his
Mormon by day,
"more men" by night routine.
Well, that'll do it.
I rehearsed that.
I'm really glad you're here.
I don't think I could've
talked him out of this alone.
Eastern owl screech.
We're not talking him
out of anything.
Honey, relax.
Danny's here.
Everything's fine.
Oh, well, all right.
We're headed to the cabin later.
It's been three days already.
I want you to come back.
No, sweetie.
No, I told you.
This is something I have to do.
I understand,
I understand. But look.
Here, talk to your husband.
- Hey, honey.
- Now he tells me
that you're going to the cabin.
I thought that Danny
was the last stop.
I'm telling you, this beast
has a mind of its own.
And whose fault is that, Brian?
Whose fault is it?
I don't know.
We got a lot of options here.
It could be your suicidal father
or your patricidal brother
or your blotto mother.
Anyone but you, right?
Anyone but you.
I'm doing this for you!
So I would appreciate just
a little bit of empathy.
I swear to god, Brian,
turn them around right now,
or I am flying out there,
and I am taking over, okay?
- Unbelievable. I'm done.
- I have to go.
Because I don't
drink that much...
Come on, pick up, boy, pick up.
Hey, it's Nick.
Leave a message.
So, guys, what's this
I hear about going
to the cabin tonight?
Mom and dad thought
it would be better
- than paying for a hotel.
- Really?
What's the difference?
Don't you...
Don't you think
it sends the wrong message here?
There's no message, Brian.
We're taking dad to Oregon.
That's the whole point.
No, no, no, the point
is to not get to Oregon.
We weren't even supposed
to get past Utah.
Look, I am happy
to captain this trip
from here on out.
They are my parents, after all.
We'll just rent a car.
And you can head back
and see Kate and Annie.
There we go.
Onions, onions, and Sauerkraut.
Well, we can't do that, sorry,
'cause we're gonna go
see Nick tonight.
Oh, we're gonna go see Nick?
Yeah. He changed his plans
around for us.
So we're gonna head over
to Boise and you're gonna stare
your grandson in the face
and tell him what you're up to.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
- No, I'm not.
- Why, why?
Because I have to be in Oregon
tomorrow morning.
No, you have to be in Oregon
tomorrow afternoon
for this mystery appointment.
I have to be in Oregon
tomorrow morning!
Fine, you will be there
tomorrow morning
or whenever you need
to be there, but tonight,
we will be in Boise,
and we will be talking to Nick!
What the hell, dad?
And also, it's on the way!
Why are you spitting it out?
It's great!
Are you sure
you don't want a dog?!
Oh, yeah, I want a hot dog now,
Estelle, after seeing that!
Mother fucker!
Hey, Danny? Danny?
Sorry, bub,
can I borrow your phone?
My battery is dead.
I need to let Nick know
that we're getting close.
- Hello?
- Aha! There you are, boy.
Dad, are you seriously
calling me
from someone else's phone
right now?
Well, I am great, thanks,
just wanted to let you know
- that we are getting close.
- Where? Here?
There is no fucking way
grandma and grandpa
are coming to visit here.
They're excited to see you, too.
I don't care.
Turn the car around.
- Hey, Nick!
- That's your uncle Danny.
- He's with us, too.
- Fuck me, he's with you, too?
So, I'm gonna call you
when we get a little closer
to get exact directions,
but I know it's Sperry house.
-Absolutely not!
All right.
That's quite a charmer
you raised there.
Hey, it's Nick.
Leave a message.
Well, all right.
He's not picking up.
Probably deep in his studies,
so if you guys
just want to wait here,
I'll be right back.
Maybe he doesn't want to see us.
He doesn't have a choice.
Looks like a nice party.
Hey, Danny, maybe it's better
if you wait here with them.
You're not leaving me here
to babysit.
I'll tell you what,
why don't you ask around here,
see if you can find somebody.
I'm gonna go inside.
Nick Gleason!
It's your dad and you gay
formerly Mormon uncle!
You know what?
I think I'm gonna go
stretch my legs.
I'll be back.
You asshole!
Is there a tip jar or something
to pay for the beer?
Okay, thank you.
Hi. How are you?
Uh, Nick?
- You lost, guy?
No, I'm just looking for my son.
Uh, Nick Gleason.
- Is this Nick's room?
- Don't know him.
But I'm sure he's somewhere
studying hard,
like we all are.
Brian? Brian?
Is that like a bird eagle
feather and a...
Yeah, yeah,
it's because I'm flying.
This is like a broom
or something.
It looks like a brush.
That looks like a shark's tooth.
This is a bullet,
'cause I'm a shooter.
Estelle, come on.
Estelle, come on.
Raymond, I'm just talking
with the kids,
- having a little drink.
- You had enough.
Well, look who got his
big boy pants on for once.
- Yo, just take it easy.
- Back off, kid.
No. You know what...
You don't get to decide
when you want to care.
Get the fuck out of here,
old man.
- Brian? Brian!
- Danny?
You lost?
I... I don't think
that he lives here anymore.
He doesn't.
But I found out where he works.
Fuck me.
All right, uh...
Let me get this straight.
You go there,
and you see this doctor.
And if he thinks it's legit,
you know, he kills you?
Pretty much.
Wow, uh...
That's, uh...
That's awesome.
Wait, Nick, no.
What? I think people
should have a right
to make their own choices.
Are they serving these tables?
I doubt it.
What will you have?
I want a shot of vodka
and a wine please.
- Nice.
- Okay, thank you.
Listen to her,
trying to juice herself up
- for whoever wants it.
She can't wait till I drop
so she can get
her stocking stuffed.
I am right here beside you
every single night in bed.
How long has it been
since you've touched me?
We are under
somebody else's roof.
Stocking stuffed?
How about just holding my hand,
you baronial son of a bitch?
Why didn't you tell me
that you got a job here?
Because I didn't want to.
Nick, your grandfather
is a very jealous man
in his golden years.
I'm really honestly just trying
to understand, because,
you know, during the summer,
it's hard enough
- to get you to mow the lawn.
- Dad, are you serious?
Well, I don't understand.
Do you need money?
- All right.
- Take it, take it.
I have to get back to work.
But thank you.
And grandpa I want you to know,
I think what you're doing
is very brave.
Thank you, Nick.
What are you?
68 years old?
Acting like a fool.
Show me some respect.
- Right in front of my grandson?
- Raymond, ray... come on.
Hey, buddy, did you change dorms
and not tell your mom and me?
I'm taking the semester off
to intern
at a photography gallery.
I would have told you,
but I knew you wouldn't
approve, so I didn't.
Well, of course I'm not going to
approve of my 19-year-old son
dropping out of college
so that he can pursue a hobby.
Dad, it's just a semester.
I'm wasting my time
and your money studying gen eds.
But you cannot
just quit college, boy!
Brian, will you leave
the kid alone, please?
Stay out of this, please.
- You're not paying his tuition.
- Neither are you.
I finished last semester.
I got my own shitty place
that I am paying for
- with this shitty job.
- Hey, I like this place!
None of that even matters
because no matter what I do,
I'll never fucking
make you happy.
Okay. All right.
Get up.
Let's go, we're leaving.
- Get up.
- Now?!
- Yup, right now.
- -Why?
Because apparently,
I am the only person here
who seems to have
a fucking issue with your
husband's suicide mission.
Okay, so if everybody here
wants to do this, let's go.
Let's go, let's get it done.
Let's go to Oregon.
And I'm gonna call your daughter
and I'm gonna tell her
to get on the plane so that she
and your granddaughter,
whose pills you seem
to really enjoy,
can both be there to watch.
Didn't think I knew that,
did you, huh?
And Nick, why don't you
pack yourself a bag, bud?
We're gonna go watch grandpa
do himself in.
- No fucking way.
- Yes, fucking way.
- Don't make me ask you again.
- I can't. I have work.
- Get it covered!
- Get it covered?
- Yes, get it covered!
- Whoa, whoa.
Brian, Brian.
Let me talk to him.
- Let me talk to him.
- Okay. All right.
What the fuck?
Hey, Annie?
Can you grab my makeup bag
from my room, please?
- Yeah.
- Okay, thank you.
All right, we're gonna be late.
Let's go.
Okay, baby girl.
You're not packed.
What's wrong?
Brian, please put
that cigarette out!
Honey, you really
don't have to go
if you don't want to.
Are we really gonna go watch
grandpa kill himself?
What? No.
Oh, god, honey, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
But isn't that why he's there?
No, no...
Uh, I mean...
Yes, it...
But he's not going to.
He's not going to.
Well, how do you know?
Because I'm not gonna let him.
I just don't want to...
Go and see somebody die.
Especially not somebody I know.
You know what?
I don't know what's gonna
happen. I'm just...
I'm scared.
Why are you scared?
Because I'm scared
that maybe he will.
Don't cry, mom.
I need you
to come with me, okay?
Your mom
will be happy you're here.
Oh, uh, I said, your mom,
she gets in at 10:00.
She'll be happy
that you're here.
And I'm... I'm...
And I'm glad you came...
- I'm happy you're here.
- I'm not here for you.
Okay, bud.
All right, have a good night.
Oh, shit.
Hey, Danny, you...
Hey, bud, have you seen
grandpa or Danny?
They left.
They left? Okay.
Well, are they going to...
Are they gonna be back
in time for his appointment?
They're gone.
I already said
goodbye to grandpa.
Wait a second,
what are you talking about?
- Where did they go?
- Just ask Danny.
Where did they go?
He couldn't tell you.
Or mom.
You'd just turn the car around
and make him get surgery.
Anything but what he wants,
right, dad?
I need you to tell me
everything you know.
They're calling.
Leave it.
There are better ways
to do this.
I appreciate
your coming along, Danny.
Well, I wanted you to see
what support felt like.
I could care less
who you slept with.
I just knew your life
was gonna be harder.
That's not how a father
protects his son.
Yeah, well...
You're not a father.
Uh, Estelle, you need
to get your clothes on.
I'm getting some coffee.
No, no, no.
Ray and Danny are gone!
I know, it's fine.
If he wants to be denied
by the same white coats
that replaced him,
I don't need to be there
to watch it.
Kate's flight
is coming in early.
We really have to go right now,
and I need you to give me
all the information you have
about Ray's doctor here.
What's going on here?
What are you doing?
You brought him
all the way out here.
And now you want to stop him?
And you know what else?
Don't you ever try
to embarrass me
in front of my son
and grandson again.
If you want to ask me something,
you ask me, damn it!
Everyone expects me
to fight this and fix it
and... and try to coddle him
into living.
You have no idea what it's like
to live with a man who'd rather
die than be with you!
There's, um...
Something that ray
didn't tell you.
This is it?
This doesn't look like
a doctor's office.
It's not.
Oh, you made it.
It's good to see you, Harold.
You remember my son Daniel?
- Yes, of course.
- Hi, Dr. Feldstein.
Are you still with that
medical nonprofit in Idaho?
Utah, yeah.
Going on nine years now.
I want to say
I'm glad that you and Peter
connected about this.
I... you know, I think it's
very important for you.
- So do I.
- Yeah.
I filled out all the appropriate
paperwork in my case.
And I'd be really grateful
if you went over it with Danny.
I will go over it,
and I will try to find
- the right doctor for you.
- Thank you.
The white zone is for immediate
loading and unloading
of passengers only.
No parking.
- Where's my dad?
- He's not here right now.
I know, but where is he?
I guess you want to see Peter.
Yes, I do.
He's gonna be
very happy to see you.
Stay here and hold this.
Who... who is Peter?
Just an old friend.
Dr. Engersol?
Hi, it's Maryanne.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I didn't recognize you.
No, that's fine.
It's been a long time.
I've changed.
He has been waiting for you.
He's right in here.
He's right here.
Look who's made it.
Is that ray Engersol?
Hello, Peter.
I'll be right back, okay?
If you need anything,
you just ring.
- Ray?
- Yeah?
- Could you give me a hand here?
- Sure.
Thank you.
I will send no bill.
Thanks for letting me
come see you today.
I'm sure you had better things
to do this morning
than to watch an old friend
join the choir.
You should see my calendar.
Yeah, open up the pills
and put the powder inside there.
Yeah, open them up.
Yeah, just like that, break it.
How many of these
does he need in here?
We tell people
most of the bottle,
just to be safe.
Hi. Uh, are y...
Are you with
Dr. Feldstein?
Oh, no, I'm s...
I'm sorry.
I'm, um...
I'm Raymond's son.
Oh, y-you're
Dr. Engersol's son.
Yes, I'm sorry, I'll give
your family some privacy.
No, no.
You got your dad here.
And that was real important
to my father.
So I'm...
Just please,
just make yourself at home.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
You're welcome.
This is...
Just Seconal?
Yep, just sleeping pills.
How was the trip?
Not easy.
But then nothing is anymore.
Tell me about it.
How's... how's Estelle?
Where is she?
She's in the cabin.
She's resting.
Estelle would not do well
with this kind of thing.
Well, she's gonna have to, huh?
Are you ready?
Look at me, ray.
What do you think?
You, on the other hand,
don't look so bad
for someone who's dying.
Well, I've not yet
caught up to you.
Are you ready?
E-n-g-e-r-s-o-l, he's a
patient of Dr. Feldstein's.
I don't have that information.
I'm sure you do
have the information
because he did have
an appointment here
today with Dr. Feldstein,
I don't need his...
Okay I just...
I just need some information
on my father because he was
supposed to be here today
but we can't find him and we
think he might be in danger.
- So can you please help me?
- I'm sorry, but as I said.
I don't have that information
and even if I did,
it wouldn't be within my rights
to give it to you.
- Oh, Jesus, you're kidding me.
- I'm so sorry.
Fine, fine.
Did you try Danny again?
Did you call Danny?!
Yes. His phone is off.
Can you help me with this?
No, I'm sorry.
It has to be you.
It has to be me.
So, when you're done with that,
we're gonna fill it up
with water.
And then he has to drink
the whole thing.
It's not gonna taste very good.
So, is there something he likes
to chase it with?
Orange juice or something?
I've got something.
It's, um, apricot nectar.
He always loved it.
- Perfect.
- Okay.
- Just keep going, huh?
- Yup.
Your father would like
to see you.
He's ready.
I'll give you the room.
Just i... just...
I need to finish this, okay?
I'll be in in a minute.
I can do this.
He's my dad.
Before we go any further, Peter,
I have to ask you those
two questions we talked about.
Would you like
to change your mind?
I would not, Candace.
But thank you, though.
And thank everybody here,
and especially you.
Thank you for understanding.
I loved my life...
And all of you.
But it's time.
One last question, Peter.
What will taking
this medication do to you?
Kill me dead.
Maryanne, you can
give that to your dad.
I love you.
I am proud of you.
We've had a great time, huh?
There's no rush.
Is that you in there, dad?
You got the whole family
In Oregon...
Where it all started.
What now?
It's Danny.
Hey, bud.
How could you not tell me?!
Huh?! How could you
not tell me?!
This is a family decision,
and you stole that
from me, Danny,
you stole that from me.
It was his decision, Kate.
Why would you do that?
Because I'm the only one
who could.
He's my father, too!
He lives with me!
He relies on me!
You haven't existed for years!
- You're too close.
- What?!
- You're too close.
- Fuck you!
What the fuck, man.
Where were you?
He is gonna qualify, Brian.
What is that?
Brian, what is...
Brian, what does it say?
What does that say?
What does it say?
No, no, no, he can't do this.
He can't do this, Brian.
He can't do this.
He can't do this.
I can't go through
the surgery again, Estelle.
I just can't.
I still want to die.
But I don't want to die...
With all this anger.
I don't want to die...
With you and the kids hating me.
I'll just live
until I can't live anymore.
I don't care about the pain,
Please help me fix our family.