Youth on Parole (1937) Movie Script

Come on. Get out of here.
He's a crook, officer.
It's a mistake, officer.
Yeah. Sure.
It looks like your girlfriend
made the same mistake.
Never mind. Come on. Let's go.
Come on.
Come on. Get back.
But I tell you mother,
that I don't know.
Who is this boy you were arrested with?
Where did you meet him?
- I never met him.
I don't know who he is.
We believe you, dear.
But you must tell us everything.
So we can help you.
There, there. Darling.
Don't you worry.
We'll get you out.
Your lawyer to see you.
Lawyer? I haven't any lawyer.
The state provides one. Come on.
There are two trays of uncut
diamonds still missing.
If you're shielding someone I advise you
to come clean as it will help your case.
I don't know anything about them.
Who is this girl? This Miss Blair.
I don't know who she is.
I never saw her before.
But the jewelry was found
in both your pockets.
I don't know how it got there.
It won't be easy to make
a judge believe that.
Do you want to get in touch with anyone?
I don't know anyone to get in touch
with. I've only been here two days.
Would you like to notify your folks?
I haven't any to notify.
I see.
Sparkler in?
- Yeah.
Well, did you enjoy the trial, boys?
Bored stiff.
You must hand it to the DA, Sparkler.
He sure laid it on heavy.
If I hadn't known we did the job
I'd swear them kids was guilty.
A long rap?
- No.
A soft-hearted judge.
First offense. Only two years.
Who were they?
I don't know.
A boy said he's a stranger in town.
The girl is some kid who
worked in a 5-&-Dime.
We'd better start to unload.
- Yeah.
I had a cellmate in pretty
near every jug in America.
But you're the tightest-mouthed
guy I ever met.
You ain't opened your trap in
the 18 months you've been here.
Sorry Danny, if I haven't
been good company.
It ain't that.
Only. Always when a guy who tells his
bunkmate he's in for doing nothing.
Was framed. You know.
I guess that's the
usual story, isn't it.
I was framed.
I knew it.
It had to come out some time.
Come on, kid.
Get it off your chest.
It will make you feel better.
Come on. Tell me about it.
I was walking down the avenue
after trying to get a job one day.
I stopped to look in a
jewelry store window.
I brought your clothes.
You leave us tomorrow, you know.
Thank you.
I hope they're taking good care of mine.
I'll be needing them in seven years.
Pretty excited, huh kid?
Why shouldn't I be?
I've waited for this for 18 months.
18 months?
I could do that standing on my ear.
I wonder how it's going to look.
- Slip it on and let's see.
I understand the smart ladies on the
Riviera wear them short this season.
With kick pleats.
What are you laughing at?
After you'd been arrested.
After the brick went through the window.
You and the dame was found
with some of the jewelry on you.
Yeah. How did you know?
I know how The Sparkler works.
Who's that?
He's been doing that same
phony stunt for years.
I did an odd job or two for him myself
after I left the Red Mike outfit.
The Sparkler, huh?
Say, look kid.
I know what you're thinking.
Forget it.
You got a rap and got off easy.
The Sparkler is plenty tough.
You'll never pin anything on him.
Lots of guys have tried it.
Pipe down in there.
It looks swell.
You're a credit to the old alma mater.
Thanks. I wish I could
do something for you.
You can.
Tell the warden to renew my
subscription for the fashion magazines.
You know, a girl in my position
has got to keep up with the styles.
Here is the money you earned
during your stay here.
You've both been model prisoners.
You've paid your debt to society
according to the laws of the state.
You are young.
And you have a chance
to redeem yourselves.
Try and make the most of it.
Go straight.
And above all.
Keep out of bad company.
Good luck.
Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
You know, I owe you an apology.
An apology?
Yes. When this thing happened
to us I thought you were ..
I guess you thought
the same thing about me.
I still can't figure it out.
Neither could I until Danny
told me how it happened.
Danny Hinkle. My cellmate.
He told me just how we were framed.
But how?
He explained to me that ..
I guess my sister didn't
get the telegram.
Goodbye and good luck.
Thanks. Goodbye.
Decided where you're going?
I guess I'll go to the YMCA
for the time being.
Yes, sir?
- Is there a YMCA around here?
There's lots of branches
around, I guess.
But the nearest one is on 23rd Street.
That's if they ain't done moved.
Since the last time I seen
it about eight years ago.
But anyhow, you can try.
If it ain't there, you can find
another one around someplace.
Thanks very much.
Yes. You're welcome.
He wasn't very definite, was he.
Better try the phone book.
- Don't worry, I will.
Well, goodbye again.
Hello daughter. How are you?
Fine, dad.
I'm so happy to be back home.
It's good to see you.
Hello Bonnie.
- I expected you at the station.
Didn't you get my telegram?
- I got it too late.
You look wonderful.
Are you working?
- Uhuh.
I'll get you a bite to eat, Bonnie.
You must be starved.
- Alright mother.
Come on, Mae. Tell me everything that
has happened since I've been away.
Gee, it's great to be
in this room again.
And have my own clothes to wear.
I wonder how they will fit.
What's happened to ..
I packed them for you this morning.
Yes. You see.
I don't share your enthusiasm
about coming back.
What do you mean?
Don't you think you brought
enough disgrace on us?
But Mae?
You coming back will spoil my
chances of getting married.
My boyfriend doesn't know I have
a sister that's been to prison.
And I'm going to see
he doesn't find out.
Then you ..
Then you believed I was guilty?
What difference does that make?
You couldn't make the judge
believe you weren't.
I see.
Maybe you're right.
Perhaps it would be
better if I didn't stay here.
Now look, sis.
I don't want you to think I'm
hard, but you'll understand.
Yes. I understand.
I wore a couple of your dresses
while you were away.
I knew you wouldn't mind and they
would be out of style anyway.
Yes, I guess the styles did
chance while I was away.
Time changes a lot of things.
Come on, Bonnie.
- Alright, mother.
Just a cold beef sandwich
and a cup of hot coffee.
Sit there.
Nice having you home, Bonnie.
- Nice to be home, dad.
But I'm afraid I can't stay.
I am leaving tonight.
Leaving tonight? But why?
I have a job to go to up state
and must report in the morning.
The matron got it for me.
They try to get people
placed before they leave.
You know. The sort of social
welfare work they do.
What's the matter with getting your old
job back again so you can stay home?
My being here would remind
neighbors and friends about ..
Well. You know neighbors.
They will talk.
Friends will too, for that matter.
But must you leave tonight?
Can't you notify them that you'll take
the position after you've had a rest?
I've had nothing else
for the past 18 months.
Well. I must hurry.
Mae, dear.
Help Bonnie pack her clothes.
Mae is going to be so disappointed.
Yes. I know.
When would you want to move in?
- Tonight, if it's ready.
It's ready. I don't waste no time here.
The last girl here.
Her rent was due this morning.
She couldn't pay. Out she went.
But you'll like it here. You know ..
I try to make boarders as comfortable
as they would be in their own home.
I'm like a mother to them.
This way please.
There you are.
How do you like it?
Hot and cold water and this here stove.
It's the best I have in the house.
I think it's nice. I'll take it.
Here is ten dollars.
Well, thank you.
As I was saying.
This should be more like your
own home than a rooming house.
You'll find my boarders
nice and respectable.
I let them have visitors
if they want to.
But not later than ten o'clock.
There you are.
Have a good night's sleep, dearie.
Goodnight. I'll see you in the morning.
Bonnie Blair.
Last employed?
I haven't worked for some time.
Have you a reference
from your last employer?
No. I haven't.
I am sorry.
I'm very sorry.
We cannot hire anyone
without references.
It's a rule of the store.
I am sorry.
But if you leave your name and address
I'll call you if anything comes up.
Where no references are required.
[ Door knocks ]
Hello, Mrs Abernathy.
My rent isn't due, is it?
- No, no.
There's a young man
downstairs asking for you.
I wondered if you wanted to see him.
You see sometimes some lady
boarders don't want to see men.
Yes, but ..
- I always try to make sure.
He says his name is Henderson.
But he's a nice-looking young man too.
Yes. Have him come up.
He's a friend of mine.
That coffee pot holding two
cups comes in handy, don't it?
Yes, it does.
You can go right up, Mr Henderson.
- Thank you.
Pardon me.
- Mind you ..
I'm not the kind to talk
about my boarders.
But Miss Blair seems awfully
anxious to see you.
- Hello.
Told you I'd be right on time.
The chef was delayed a little.
- Oh?
Sit down and I'll tell you all about it.
I started out this morning
determined to get a job.
Just when I was ready to give up I met
a girl I worked with at the 5-&-Ten.
Fortunately, she didn't
know where I'd been.
When I told her I was looking for work.
'Come with me', she says.
'I work at Lannings'.
'The man who does the hiring
is a good friend of mine'.
'And he'll give you a job, or else'.
That's why the chef was late.
Yeah. But what about the job?
- The job? I got the job.
I start in the morning.
The remnant counter in the basement.
Oh, swell.
Did you have any luck?
No. Same old story.
'Where have you worked before'?
'Have you any references'.
I know the questions before
they even ask them.
I know.
But right now, let's partake of the
choicest delicacies of the season.
Come on. I'm hungry.
You sit there.
It's been lonesome dining alone.
You're doing me a favor.
Now, let's see.
What's on the menu tonight?
Long Island duck.
- Nice.
And sweetbreads.
What, no beans?
My goodness. The beans.
- What's the matter?
It's hot.
Here. Let me do it.
Here we are.
Got a can opener?
- Have I.
It's been my constant companion
for the past few weeks.
It must be great to be able
to go to nice places.
To order what you want without looking
at the side of the menu for the prices.
It must be nice to be rich.
It won't make the
beans taste any better.
I don't know.
I talked to a fellow today who
could have given me a job.
Before he had a chance to ask
I told him I had no references.
He said to see him in a day or two.
He'd think it over.
You know. Just letting me down easy.
You'd think if somebody really wanted
to work they could get the opportunity.
It's beginning to get me down.
Don't be like that.
Look at me. I felt the same way too.
Yet tomorrow I start on my
career in the basement.
Eighteen dollars a week.
In three weeks I'll practically
be a millionairess.
Thank you.
What are you doing tonight, Bonnie?
- Same as usual.
Why don't you get wise to yourself?
Wasting your time on a fellow
that can't do nothing for you.
He can't do nothing for
himself as far as that goes.
Were you ever in love, Peggy?
No so much I won't go with another
fellow if he can show me a good time.
That Michael in Hardware is a swell guy.
He's tried to take you out
for the last 7 weeks.
Why not give him a break?
- I'm not interested.
You don't have to be interested.
Just have a good time.
He's giving a birthday party
tonight and he'll ask you to go.
Now don't be a fool. You go.
He is coming over now to ask you.
Make out like you don't
know nothing about it.
Hello Bonnie.
If you're not busy tonight I'm having
I'd like to have you come along.
No presents.
I'm sorry, Michael.
But I have a previous date.
Can't you break it?
- No, I can't.
Why not bring him along with you?
I can't do that. It would impose on you.
- No it wouldn't.
At least that way I can have
a couple of dances with you.
I'll ask him.
- Make him come with you.
I'll try. Thank you, Michael.
- I'll be seeing you tonight.
Have a tough day?
- No.
Just two cranky customers who didn't
realize that remnants are remnants.
But I feel fine.
Where are you going?
- To find a new place to eat.
Sorry. Not tonight. I'm stepping out.
Stepping out?
- Yes.
A boy in Hardware is
having a birthday party.
He invited a few of us
for dinner and dancing.
Right. I take you home
so you can change.
But you're coming too.
I don't know the people.
I'm not invited.
You're now invited.
The girls were told to
bring their best boyfriends.
As you're the best I have,
you are the one I bring.
I shouldn't go.
Now, darling. Just for tonight.
Stop thinking and come on.
Can I have this dance, Bonnie?
Come on. He won't mind.
You don't like to dance, do you?
Not very much.
I don't blame you.
I think it's a lot of wasted energy.
You scrape around the floor getting wore
out and at the end what have you got?
Believe me, there's nothing
like sitting and talking.
Especially when talking
to someone you like.
You talk and he talks and
both of you learn something.
I'm glad you came.
You shouldn't neglect Maizie like this.
She talks too much.
He said I was the kind of
girl who ought to get married.
So I said that when I
find the right man I will.
It's no use a girl wasting her young
life on a man who can't provide for her.
So he said.
Maizie. Wouldn't you like
to powder your nose?
Thanks for a lovely talk.
I never saw you with this crowd before.
Do you work at Lannings too?
- No.
I haven't got a steady job.
What sort of work do you do?
Anything I can get.
Know anything about soda-jerking?
- A little.
The guy that runs around with my sister
is manager of the place where I work.
He is short a man. Come round in the
morning. I'll get him to put you on.
Do you think he will?
- Pretty sure he will, yeah.
Where is it? How do I get there?
- Well ..
That's the place.
I arrive at nine.
You show up at ten.
I get a chance to talk to him first.
I'll be there.
- Okay.
[ Chinese language ]
Which means in English:
A happy birthday to Mr Michael Martin.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear Michael.
Happy birthday to you.
Hello Mr Henderson. You're home early.
Yes. Has Miss Blair come in yet?
- I don't think she has.
If you see her, tell her I'm in my room.
- Sure I will.
Mr Henderson.
- Yes, Mrs Abernathy.
The elegant front
parlor is still for rent.
I was thinking to myself last night.
It came to me like a flash.
I said to myself: Now there be just the
place for Mr Henderson and Miss Blair.
That's of course if you was
thinking to get married.
Well, you see.
We ..
- That's alright.
I understand. It was just an idea.
You know, you and her
are like my own children.
That is why, I thought to myself.
It would make me so happy
for that front parlor.
Just think it over.
Thanks. I will.
Yoo-hoo. Phillip.
Hello Bonnie.
Did you want me?
- Hurry and dress. We go to dinner.
I found a swell new restaurant
where we can dance.
It's better than swell. It's cheap.
Right. I'll be dressed in a few minutes.
Come down when you're ready.
I've something to show you.
May I come in?
I said, may I come in?
Been buying things for me again?
No. Just a carton of cigarettes
I'm mailing to Danny.
Have you heard from him?
- Yeah. I got a letter this morning.
He says he gets out soon.
Come and see what I got today.
Ah, parrots.
Lovebirds, stupid.
Man and wife?
I said lovebirds.
That is Elmer and Cynthia.
What do you say, Elmer?
Take care of Cynthia while
we're gone, will you.
You got your dancing shoes on?
- My very best.
And don't you step all over them.
Mr Henderson.
- Yes?
Have you given some thought to what
we talked about this afternoon?
Not yet. You see, I was going to ..
Mrs Abernathy says the elegant
front parlor is still vacant.
- Well.
She said when we decide to get married
it can be comfortable quarters for us.
But I ..
Come and see it. You'll love it.
Now, isn't it just American?
It is lovely.
I'll leave you alone.
You can look around and make your plans.
You'll find by taking this place that
two can live almost as cheaply as one.
Oh. Before you leave.
Don't forget to turn out the light.
Gee. She seems very anxious
for us to get married.
Not half as anxious as I am.
Is this a proposal?
It is if you say yes.
Mr Henderson.
Are you in a position to support me in
the manner to which I am accustomed?
You'll have to do without a few
luxuries, Miss Blair. Such as ..
A chauffeur, a personal maid
and some trifles like that.
But this is so sudden, Mr Henderson.
I must have more time to think it over.
Take all the time you want.
One-two. Time is up.
Now we're engaged I must
keep no secrets from you.
Fifty dollars?
Phillip, you've been holding out on me.
My wealth is at your disposal.
Only your wealth?
You had lunch, Peg?
- Yeah. I went to the fountain.
I went to see Don. Remember him?
He's taking me dancing tonight.
Did you see Phillip? Mr Henderson?
No, he wasn't there.
You must be mistaken.
We both left for work the
same time this morning.
He isn't there anymore.
Isn't there anymore?
What are you talking about?
I'll tell you.
As I think you should know. If you take
my advice, you'll never see him again.
He's a jailbird. That's what he is.
He went to prison for stealing
or murdering or something.
Don's boss found out
and fired him right off.
Believe me, you're lucky
you aren't married to him.
I'll tell you about it later.
Could I do something for you?
Do you mind waiting on me, Miss?
Yes. Yes, of course.
Hello, dear. Where have you been?
Have you had dinner?
No. I'm not hungry.
- Come up. Let me fix you something.
Well, I lost my job.
I said I lost my job. I was fired.
The boss found out I
served a prison term.
I tried to tell him what happened.
He laughed at me.
I understand, dear.
But you'll get another one.
Yes, and get thrown out again.
I tell you Bonnie, it is no use.
We were going to rent
the elegant front parlor.
Planned to get married.
A great future we have ahead of us.
There are two strikes on us already.
I'm going to get out of this town.
Where are you going?
Any place.
Any place where no-one knows me.
Running away won't help you.
See that, Elmer?
You can't run away from Cynthia.
She'll follow you no
matter where you go.
Lovebirds are that way.
Come on. Let's have some
coffee and then go to a movie.
There's a good picture
playing at the Star Theater.
'Heaven Is Their Destination'.
'Heaven is their destination'.
Would you like this one?
I soaked my feet for three hours last
night. My corns are puffing like blazes.
I've a good mind to
go back to my old job.
It's no use, Bill.
If you want to rest your feet ..
These new efficiency experts are making
the elevator boys stand up all day.
Who are those two men
standing over there?
Them? They're just store Dicks.
- Yeah.
Would you mind watching
my counter for a few minutes?
I want to run upstairs.
- Sure. Go right ahead.
What's the matter? What's wrong?
You were right, Phillip.
We haven't a chance.
The store detectives must
have found out about me too.
How do you know?
They stood there staring at me,
whispering to each other.
But I didn't give them a chance
to have me fired. I left.
And I'm not going back.
Last night you wanted
me to go on fighting.
To look for another job.
Now you can see how hopeless it is.
Suppose we do get other jobs? What then?
We'd be living in fear that
somebody would find out.
I guess you are right.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
Let's go for a walk.
Latest edition. Paper.
Thank you, ma'am.
Latest edition.
Another suicide in the Hudson.
Latest edition.
Another suicide in the Hudson.
Won't you come in for a minute?
No thanks.
[ Banging noise! ]
Phillip. Phillip!
Open the door.
What's the matter, honey?
I heard a thud on the ceiling
and I thought .. I thought ..
I'm so glad you're alright.
Did you think that I ..
I was so scared.
Feel better?
Come on. Make me a
cup of coffee, will you.
You'll find Mr Henderson's
room on the third floor.
The second door to the right.
Thanks, lady.
What are you doing here?
- Just hit town tonight.
I leave in the morning. Thought I'd
come and say hello and goodbye.
Danny, this is Bonnie. Miss Blair.
- How do you do.
I was just making coffee.
Won't you join us?
Sure, lady. But don't
put it in a tin cup.
Give me your hat, Danny.
- Thanks.
Come on, sit right over here.
- Thanks.
So you leave in the morning.
Where you going?
I got me a job on a farm
up in Connecticut.
You, a farmer?
After what I've been
through and at my age.
I like any job so long as I ain't
being watched when I do it.
Gee, it will be great not getting
the jitters every time I see a cop.
Once you do a stretch,
the going is tough.
We found that out.
Danny, how do you go about
wiping out a prison record?
With you?
It's no cinch.
Unless they catch the guy what
framed you and make him confess.
That's the only way
you can clear yourself.
Here is your coffee.
- Thanks.
Sit over there, Danny.
Say. Remember telling me you
knew the guy that framed us?
You mean 'The Sparkler'?
- Yeah.
What on earth are you talking about?
The Sparkler. I told you.
The fellow that framed us.
I wish I could get my hands on him.
What's his real name?
That's the only name I know him by.
Where is he?
He works out of Dave's cigar store
over on 2nd Avenue between ..
8th and 9th Streets.
Why? You ain't thinking
of going to see him?
Don't be a sap. He is dynamite.
I'll be saying goodbye.
I'm going to mosey over to a
flop-house near the station.
Goodbye, Danny.
Good luck.
Take good care of him.
Don't let him do nothing foolish.
- I won't.
Let us hear from you sometime.
- Goodbye.
What are you thinking about?
Wiping out our prison record.
You're not going to
The Sparkler, are you?
But you mustn't, dear. It's dangerous.
Don't worry. See you in the morning.
Good morning.
Hello, dear.
Where you going?
- Just going for a walk.
I'll go with you.
- No.
You see, I have an appointment.
- Yes. I know.
That appointment concerns me too.
I'm going with you.
Bonnie, you can't go. This is my job.
It's as much mine as it is yours.
Don't forget to tell him we
were with Red Mike outfit.
The Sparkler in?
- Who wants to see him?
A friend of Danny Hinkle's.
- Oh.
Wait a minute. I'll see.
There's a guy out front
to see you, boss.
He says he's a friend of Danny Hinkle.
Danny Hinkle. Send him in.
Go on in.
Do you want to see me?
Are you The Sparkler?
- Yep.
What can I do for you?
- We're looking for work.
What kind have you been doing?
Lookouts for the Red Mike outfit.
We've been working with Danny Hinkle.
He said to see you.
You work together you two?
She's my wife.
Is that so?
When did you last see Danny?
I saw him on the train last night.
He just finished a stretch up state.
I told him we were on the
loose and he said to see you.
I suppose you're wanting money.
We are kind of flat.
Where you staying?
A little spot on the west side.
- Write it down.
I'm bad at remembering addresses.
Take that.
I'll try and throw something
your way soon.
Don't mention it.
Kinda young, ain't they?
Red breaks them in young.
An innocent-looking girl like
that can get away with murder.
A nice-looking girl too.
I wonder if they're married.
I tell you. I haven't any married
couples in the house.
Unless someone has got
married without telling me.
I'm sure this is the place.
The fellow wrote it down himself.
- What kind of a couple was they?
Just a nice-looking couple. You know.
Very happy looking.
That is them.
Hello. Looking for us?
- Yeah.
The Sparkler. I mean the boss,
has got some work for you.
He wants to see you right away.
Come on. I got a taxi waiting.
Now you handle the pad and Ratty will
give you the signal when to crash.
You get the stuff.
You two stick with him.
I'll meet you after the job is pulled.
Is that clear?
Sure. We get it.
Okay. Marlin Jewelry Store. 08:30.
The getaway car will
wait round the corner.
Now go to it. And be careful.
Don't worry. We'll be careful alright.
See you later.
Listen. Don't go through with it.
What do you mean?
Them kids ain't from Red Mike's outfit.
What you driving at?
I thought I spotted them when
they first came. Now I'm sure.
Them is the two kids we framed
on the Brahm's jewelry job.
You're crazy.
No, boss. I tell you.
I was at the trial.
Hey Fingy, remember?
The girl said she worked in the 5-&-Dime
and the boy was a stranger in town.
No, boss. I tell you this ain't kosher.
Them kids are up to something.
Ratty's right, come to think of it.
They certainly had a
nerve coming in here.
A second offense would take them
out of circulation for twenty years.
All the details are in
that report, Inspector.
Hello? Yes.
Mind repeating that?
The Marlin Jewelry Store will be
robbed at eight-thirty tonight.
Never mind who it is, Inspector.
You have a tip-off. Take it or leave it.
Marlin's Jewelry Story will be
taken at eight-thirty tonight.
Sounds funny but it may be a stool
putting someone on the spot.
Did he give his name?
You're getting old, Mike.
Now, the minute they crash you two blow.
You'll leave them two
kids alone with the stuff?
Leave them alone.
We want to see the inspector.
- He's busy.
We must see him. It's important.
Wait a minute.
Chief, a young couple here to see you.
They say it's very important.
- Send them in.
What can I do for you?
About two years ago, sir.
We were arrested for the
Brahm's Jewelry Store robbery.
We were sentenced to two years
and got out after 18 months.
We had nothing to do with the robbery.
- What do you want me to do about it?
When we got out we found
it hard to get jobs.
Phillip finally did get one
and was doing alright.
The boss found out he'd served
a prison term and fired him.
You want me to help him get it back?
- No. We want to clear our names.
Fine. Take it up with the authorities.
- You don't understand.
We found out who really
committed that robbery.
It was The Sparkler.
The Sparkler?
Well, sit right down. Tell me about it.
So you were sure they were the two
kids we set up on the Brahm's job.
She was just an east-side girl.
Who worked in the 5-&-Dime.
Gee, boss.
They sure looked like them two kids.
Didn't they, Fingy?
I didn't say for sure.
But I'd have bet it was them.
Since they got this stuff, you ain't
letting them get away with it?
Phillip. I am frightened.
Weren't the police meant to be there?
- Yes. They were.
What I can't understand is Fingy
and Ratty running away like that.
Maybe The Sparkler found out
that we went to the police?
I hope not.
Don't worry.
Everything is going to be alright.
Wait around the corner.
[ Door knocks ]
I thought we'd find you here.
What's the idea of you
two running out on us?
They got cold feet. Thought they
saw a couple of Dicks coming.
Yeah. They didn't think about us.
When you saw us taking a powder you
should have known something was wrong.
You did a clean-cut job, kid.
No thanks to them.
Why didn't you bring the
stuff round to my place?
Wouldn't that have been smart.
To walk through the city with it.
Where is it?
Get 'em up!
Get over there. Snap the cuffs on them.
I don't understand. The newspapers
said we made a clean getaway.
We figured that little story would bring
The Sparkler himself after the jewelry.
You said the police would be
at the store to take care of us.
They were there alright.
Here is a little present from
the Jeweller's Association.
Thank you.
Have you done anything
about clearing our records?
Certainly. I didn't forget that.
Here it is.
Signed, sealed and delivered.