Yowis Ben (2018) Movie Script

[audio in this movie is spoken in Indonesian and Javanese]
[humorous music]
Crickets! Now what?
You broke down yesterday, now you break down again!
[groans] Can you not break down, just for a day?
Damn bike!
Keeps breaking down! Crickets!
[humorous music]
[yells angrily]
Hey! Why are you kicking my trishaw?
Why did you kick my bike?
-Bayu, right? -Yeah, what's wrong?
-Kamidi. -Kamidi what?
What is this? My bike broke down and now I'm meeting a nutjob!
-Just a second! -Come on, let's fight!
-No, no, just a second! -Let's brawl!
Here, still wanna fight?
-You've seen my band? -I haven't just seen it, man.
I'm your admirer! Your fan, man!
-I have a fan? -You do, lots of them!
-Where? -At the corner of Kaliurang.
It's called YWBFC Uni ted.
-You mean "united"? -What you just said.
-Uncle, it's Bayu! -Bayu, huh?
OK, fine. I'm sorry, I thought your bike had been bad to you.
[upbeat music]
-My bike's safe, right? -Of course it's safe, Bayu.
The mechanic is a member.
-A member of what? -A library member.
Huh? Library?
What library member? Of course, a YWBFCU member.
-You don't have to pay. -Seriously?
Seriously! But you have to give me free concert tickets, OK?
-Free concert tickets? -Yeah.
What concert? Yowis Ben was disbanded.
What happened to Yowis Ben?
We split up.
Split up? How can you say that so easily?
What else do you want? We split up.
What else? Come here!
Now you tell me, why did Yowis Ben split up?
OK, fine. So here's how it went.
It's been 21 hours, 15 minutes and 44.5 seconds since it was read,
but she's not replying.
Then what if later...
It's all right, Bay.
My poetry works like a charm.
Back in the day, no school idol could resist my poetry.
But she's ignoring me. She's not responding, Uncle Jon.
Girls have a huge sense of pride.
You don't believe me? Just look at me.
What do you mean, Uncle Jon?
If they didn't have a huge sense of pride, I wouldn't be single!
Perhaps your poetry is out of style, Uncle Jon?
Listen, Bay. If this poetry yields no result...
just spank your friends' butt!
What the heck?
You're the one who wrote it, why do I have to spank my friend?
Focus! Don't lose your spirit.
Miss Jum, instead of working by yourself, let me support you. Aren't you tired?
No, you shouldn't.
If Kartolo marries you, your stand will go bankrupt.
You're no better yourself!
You dress like you just got circumcised.
-Stop bragging. -Unlike him, I'm a wealthy man.
-Thanks to loans? -Yes, but I pay them back.
-In installments. -But I finish them.
You should be with me, I have lots of houses.
Bee houses.
-The ones that stung your head? -How come?
Enough, enough. Why do you old men always flirt with me?
But we're not bat-food old.
Here comes her big brother.
You're wrong, that's her little brother.
-Is he her younger or older brother? -These old-timers.
You've been chasing my sister since the colonial era.
I've been chasing her since Majapahit era, but your sister been playing hard to get.
How much does she cost? It shouldn't be more than 10,000.
You think I'm a bag of shrimp paste?
No way, I only have one sister.
Photocopy her to make more of her.
How much can you afford?
-So she's really for sale? -Enough.
-Jon! -Better than nothing, Sis.
What the heck?
-Mother, where is the pecel salad? -Here.
All right, I'm going, OK?
-Careful on your way, child. -OK.
Bay, don't forget what I told you.
Jon, what have you been teaching my son?
Nothing, Sis. Just teaching Bayu to enjoy life during his high school days.
So that he won't become like these geezers.
You're corny yourself.
Fine, fine. I'm leaving, everyone.
-Assalamualaikum. -Walaikumsalam.
[Bayu] There, so you see?
Every day I helped my mother sell pecel.
[Kamidi] So, that's why.
-Uncle! -Hi!
[upbeat music]
[Bayu] Thanks to that, all the kids called me...
[boy] Pecel Boy!
[Bayu] "Pecel Boy."
I wanted to be regarded as more than that.
But that was all right. It was all for my mother.
Selling all the pecel, getting all the money.
[Kamidi] Really, that's the truth.
[cheering and clapping]
So, guys, Bayu sent me some poetry yesterday.
[all] Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
I took a screenshot, and I printed it!
-Here he is. -What is it?
Way to go, Bay. Joss.
So, should I read his poetry?
Read it!
Read it, Man.
[whole class] Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
"Coffee is black."
[all "ooh"]
"Banana fries are brown."
[all "ooh"]
-"Stevia." -[class] Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
"You are beautiful."
[all] Smooth!
"And I fell in love."
[humorous music]
OK, fine. Stevia, do you accept or not?
[sighs] Bay. You know Stevia is loose-lipped.
The guys call her "Stevia, granddaughter of Lambe Turah." Like that.
Of course she spread your poem around, you're toast!
My goat just gave birth, we don't know where to put her.
What a lovely laugh.
-Like an expensive singing bird. -Ouch.
That's the kinda girl you should chase.
I tried to hook up with the one with the pink headband.
-[Bayu] Pink headband? -Yeah, she's pretty, isn't she?
But her dad is mean.
Then I tried to hook up with the left one.
-The left one? -Isn't she pretty?
Her dad is nice.
-But? -Her mother is mean.
[Bayu] Doni is weird.
Clearly he's incompetent in approaching girls.
And he's trying to teach me.
It works both ways, Bay. You have to...
Why are you looking at me like that? You're making me blush.
-Stop smiling like that. -Not at you.
There, the girls are smiling at me.
Not at you.
They're smiling at that guy.
Who do you think we are?
I'm going to the toilet.
You haven't eaten anything, and you go to the toilet?
[Bayu] At first, I thought Doni was right.
I was nothing to Susan.
-But that day, a miracle happened. -[phone beeps]
Hi, is this Bayu? How do you do? This is Susan.
[squeaks in excitement]
At Belimbing Market, Japanese tomatoes are 8,000 rupiah per kilogram.
At Guyub Rukun Market,
-Dutch carrots are 15,000 per kilogram. -[whispers] Uncle!
-[loudly] Uncle! -[whispers] I'm broadcasting live.
[hushed] I need your suggestion.
At Gadang Market,
-medium sized potatoes are... -Susan, the prettiest girl in school...
-Lawang Market... -She sent me a voice note.
You can get Susan for the price of 20,000 per kilogram...
[hushed] What are you doing?
At Lawang Market, red chilies are 45,000 per kilogram.
-At market... -[hushed] Uncle! Susan, Uncle! Susan!
[hushed] Who is this Susan? What about Stevia, Bay?
-[hushed] Stevia is history. -Green beans are history.
[hushed] You're making my beans history, Bay!
Never mind that. What am I supposed to say to her?
-If you tell me, I'll leave you alone. -OK, fine.
Just tell her shallots are 15,000 per kilogram...
What are you saying? What should I tell her?
OK, fine, just tell her anything you want.
-What's so complicated, Bay? -[hushed] OK, fine, anything.
Hey, what were you reading?
Read the songs chart, not vegetables.
I'm reading the songs chart, miss.
Via Vallen at Ngasem Market, 45,000 per kilogram.
Yes! Look, look. I've almost reached 10K followers.
Look, look, 10K.
No, I'm not looking. Look at my followers, 15K.
I bet you bought them, right?
-[laughter] -Susan!
-Who are you? -Your follower, maybe.
I have no follower like this. Perhaps he's your follower.
As if. I too have no follower with this kind of appearance.
-I'm Bayu. -Bayu who?
I was contacted by Susan yesterday.
Contacted by Susan?
A scruffy guy like you was contacted by Susan?
Do you even have significant Instagram contents?
[scoffs] Don't get me wrong.
-I have 20K on my Instagram. -Huh?
People I'm following.
-Who are you exactly? -I'm Bayu, San. Pecel Boy.
The Bayu who sells pecel, right?
Bay, I want to order your pecel for the student council event.
-Is it OK? -Of course it is, San.
-What variant do you want? -Variant?
We have many. Catfish pecel, pizza pecel, burger pecel
-spaghetti pecel... -Bayu, enough.
You just select whatever variant you have.
But give me a discount, OK?
What? Discount?
You can give me a discount, right, Bayu?
[angelic romantic music]
[loud heart beats]
Now this is my time to show what I can do.
Are you nuts? No discount!
What do you think we are? A department store?
Well, who knows, Mother?
What if suddenly we become "Pecel Department Store".
Department stores start with a huge discount, Mother.
What discount?
The production cost is only 5,000, and you want to discount it?
-Mother! -Son, remember this.
Do not trouble yourself for the sake of others.
Our life is still like that laundry.
Still a mess.
[downbeat music]
Why do you make pecel every day? Make something else.
Something else, my butt!
I'm selling pecel!
Oh. I forgot, Sis.
What's with you, Uncle Jon?
I want to break this, but I feel sorry for it.
I'm sorry, Chicken Bank.
Innalilahi, my chicken is dead! Alhamdulillah, I have some money.
Wow, kiss emoticon.
[upbeat music]
Hello, Uncle? Hello?
-What? -Which shirt should I wear?
This one or this one?
-Which one, Uncle? -The first one.
-OK then. -Hey, just a minute, Bay.
-What else? -Add some lipstick.
To make you look like a Korean boy-band member.
Malang is such a breezy city.
The air is fresh.
As fresh as my heart today.
My heart filled with Susan, Susan, Susan.
Sir, I'm delivering pecel, just a second.
-Take care of my bike, OK? -Aren't you looking handsome?
For sure.
[humorous epic music]
[awed] Bayu?
You look so cool!
-Oy! -[deflating music]
Oh, a human napkin.
Omega, omega, omega, insane!
This kid has no respect.
Who are you guys?
He doesn't know us!
We are the alumni of this school.
-I'm Fajar. -I'm Nugros.
You know, this school's most disgusting graduate.
-How's that? -Ew, gross!
Then what are you doing here?
Taking care of our diploma.
What do you do in Jakarta?
What? He doesn't know!
I'm in the business of height increasing medicine on Instagram!
I'm selling hair growth medicine.
Height increasing? Hair growth?
But you're short and you're bald. What's with you?
Let him know, bro. Let him know.
You think dolphin trainers can jump through flaming hoops?
[mimics dolphin noises]
Can they? No they can't.
Sheesh, OK, fine. I'm in a hurry. Enough.
A sophomore trying to act cool.
-Selling pecel at school. -[laughs]
[Nugros] How silly.
Hey? Where's the student council meeting room?
[Bayu] I used all of my savings to cover this discount!
No problem, as long as I can see Susan!
Stop. Pecel Boy.
-Susan's order? -Yeah.
-Already paid, right? -It is.
-Give it to me. -Where's Susan?
Susan is busy. Gimme.
But I had an appointment.
What are you doing?
Hand it over.
OK, fine, here.
Don't fight over them, you have to share.
There you go.
-Should've done it earlier. -Thank you.
[laughing] What was that all about?
San, I gave the pecel to your friends.
Yeah, I know. Thanks, OK? Come on.
-What? Did you get the money? -I did.
-Did you get the change? -I did.
Then what is it?
I want to see Susan.
Sheesh. Look at his lips, like they got stuck on a door.
Why is he wearing lipstick to school? Hillbilly.
[Bayu] I failed to see Susan, and got dissed by Roy.
Dang it, Uncle Jon!
Mlekum, mlekum?
The right one is, Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Waalaikumsalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Why are you answering?
You weren't talking to me? [chuckles]
Try again.
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Waalaikumsalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Hey, Don, what's with your buddy?
-He's been gloomy. -That's the thing, ma'am.
-But you do know what's wrong, right? -I do, ma'am.
He's like my brother, and this is like my own home.
Huh? Like your own home? What a coincidence.
All right then, mop the floor. Go on.
-I go inside, ma'am. Mlekum. -Yes.
"Mlekum" again?
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Waalaikumsalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
Mlekam, mlekum.
The right one is Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
You're just like your mother.
Well she is my mother, what do you expect?
Your mother is just like my mother.
-You mean we're brothers? -It's not like that.
What I mean is that they always scold us for small mistakes.
Gives me a headache. Everyday my mother says...
"Don, Don, you play games every day."
"Watching Korean drama, not studying."
"You should be like your little brother, lots of achievements, in school Olympics."
Sheesh! Makes me upset.
Can't spend a day without criticizing me.
Yeah. Why can't those people not do that?
-Agreed. -I broke my chicken bank.
-I delivered the pecel to school. -That's right!
Don't they understand? I'm me, and my brother is him.
If they won't understand, I'll run away from home.
People need to know and understand.
One day, we can be cool.
-We can be popular! -We can be successful!
I agree with you.
How are we going to do that?
Now that I haven't figured out.
What to do?
[Bayu] After that, we decided to form a band.
First, a band needs to have personnel.
Doni and I only had our spirit.
It doesn't matter whether you're a mosque member or a punk rocker,
a chess player or a karate athlete.
I'm sure, this way many students will apply!
Looking for personnel to start a band? What is this?
It's 2:30 p.m. now.
Mr. Mukhlis said we can use the studio until three.
And nobody's coming.
-Your pamphlet is bad. -Don't insult it, I made it all night.
-Bummer. -[knocking]
-Mlekum. -Kumsalam.
[cool rock music playing]
Just a second, bro.
Who's that? Coming into an audition with that unconvincing look.
-Hold it. I think I know that kid. -Huh?
See? He's that kid from the next village.
As far as I know, he's not a drummer or a keyboardist.
[rhythmic drumming]
[cool rock music]
He looks like a Ludruk stage player.
What can we do?
-Go on, play. -Now?
Yes, now, please.
[plays cool music]
That was insane!
-[in English] Welcome to the band. -Welcome!
-Welcome! -Alhamdulillah.
[epic rock music]
[Bayu] Finally, our band was formed.
Ready to prove that we were...
-[rock music ends] -[jeering laughter]
[Bayu] But we realized that we needed one more member.
A cool person, one that could elevate our band's status.
Oh, so this is Nando.
Nuts, he has 500,000 viewers.
That's right, if we can get this kid to join our band,
-that would be awesome. -Yeah.
-What, Bay? -There, Yan.
Some other time, OK?
-OK, later, some other time. -Nando!
Hey, stop. What are you doing? This is our Nando.
-Nando. -Nando.
-The one with pink headband is pretty. -Why are you talking about the girl?
The guy, Yan.
Astagfirullah! We're talking about the guy?
We've been looking for personnel.
-Do you understand? -No.
[whispers] You explain.
Right, right, I get it.
[Doni] I can't compete with a guy that handsome.
-Right, OK, thanks. -[Bayu] No problem.
-As long as he's good. -Won't you miss us?
He is handsome...
Yan! Don't go that far!
Yeah, we're just looking for a... Here.
-A massager? -Massager my butt! A keyboardist!
-Have you eaten? -No.
-Fine, let's eat. Doni will pay. -Me again?
-Nando. -Nando.
-May we sit and eat with you? -Thanks.
Why is he thanking us?
-Don't leave us, please. -Let's eat together.
Yeah, the three of us can eat together. It'll be fun.
With us.
-No. -No?
-Ndo? -Ndo?
That Nando is weird, he doesn't like girls.
-Perhaps he lost his way? -Not losing his way.
-Possessed by a djinn. -For real, Yan?
I have a plan to make Nando join our band.
[mission music]
Yan? Why you pee for real?
Oh, right.
Yan, remember. Stick to the plan.
My Quran study teacher said this method is effective.
I'll cite a prayer.
[toilet flushes]
Hurry, Nando is coming out.
[suspense music]
Just be confident. OK?
-Why did you spray me? -Let go!
Let go!
There, there, release him.
I am releasing him!
My apologies. This was all his idea.
I only have this paper for... Here, wipe your face.
-What is this? -A pamphlet.
-Well what pamphlet? -"Looking for a drummer
and a keyboardist for a new band."
Is this for real?
Yan, it works, Yan!
Yan, your Quran teacher...
You have a lot of fans, Ndo.
So, you're multiracial? Where are you from?
Five years in Jakarta.
Five years in Semarang, and then here.
So you lived in Jakarta.
You must have a lot of friends.
But why do you look timid around girls?
Well, I want to be acknowledged because of my work.
That's why I don't like those girls.
You're not asking me to join because of this, right?
These two said, you're good looking.
Hey, you're the one who said he was handsome.
-When? -Back then!
-We were talking about his skills. -Yeah.
[Doni] Enough, Yan, just shut up.
Ndo, if you join our band, you will be successful, Ndo.
Famous, Ndo.
-Let's say cheers. -Cheers for our band.
-Cheers. -Cheers.
[rock music]
-What are you drinking, Yan? -The soup.
No wonder you're an airhead.
-Let's pitch in, 10,000 each. -OK.
Hold this please.
Yan! You only have 2,000?
-Sir? -Yeah.
-One hour. -One hour.
What's the name of your band?
Lovely Boyz, with a Z.
Hold it, sir.
-That's not manly! -Istighfar Band.
No! Sumber Makmur.
Hold it, sir.
Like the hardware store name?
Are we selling cement?
Pecel Boys.
No, sir! Pecel Boys?
Endorsed by your mom? No!
Lovely Boyz, with a Z.
Hold it, sir. I told you it's not manly!
Just draw picture of a dick on it!
Pintu Surga Band!
No, sir! How about this?
Material Boys!
Hold it, sir. We're not getting any decent names.
-Should we make our band nameless? -OK, fine.
-OK, fine! -What about the practice? We paid for it!
Cancel it, no problem, right? We don't need a name.
-You can't do that! -OK, fine.
Let's just use the money to buy meatballs.
[taps spoon against bowl loudly]
Yowis Ben.
Yowis Band!
[cheering and laughing]
Awesome! Thank you, sir.
Without the "D".
Without a D? So it's Yowis B-E-N.
-Yowis. -OK.
[tuning instruments]
What are we playing?
Actually, I wrote a song, but...
-What song? Let me see. -I'm embarrassed.
No need to be embarrassed.
We're in the same band.
"Pecel in the morning, pecel at noon I eat pecel for dinner." What is this?
-World Food Programme? -[laughter]
I'm the Pecel Boy, I sell and eat pecel every day.
So, I made a song about it.
-Let's try it. -OK.
-Start with E. -E.
Pecel in the morning Pecel at noon
I eat pecel for dinner
[rhythmic beat]
[light notes]
[rock music]
Don't forget to pay after you eat.
-No debts. -All right, we'll pay.
It's for my school tuition, you know.
I wake up in the morning And feel the rumbling in my tummy
Hungry, I am hungry
I do some stretching And run to the kitchen immediately
Hungry, I am hungry
My stomach's vacant, lips are hanging And my wallet is empty
Hungry, I am hungry
I open the food cover And tempe's the only thing I see
Hungry, I am hungry
Pecel in the morning...
Nando, you're... You're ugly, Nando.
You look so ugly today, Nando.
Pecel in the morning Pecel at noon
I eat pecel for dinner
Pecel in the morning Pecel at noon
I eat pecel for dinner
Pecel in the morning Pecel at noon
I eat pecel for dinner
Mother, please make something else
OK, this is my house.
-Wow, Nando's house! -So big.
-Nando! -It is a hardware store.
-Yes, Pa! -Nando!
Where have you been, coming home at this hour?
I went out with friends. We hung out, Pa.
Lies! Since when do you have friends?
I am not lying. I just hung out with friends.
Hey! Who are you?
-Who are you? -We're Nando' friends from school, sir.
Why are you here this late? What are you doing?
Pa, I brought them home
-to do some homework. -Right, sir.
Oh. Yes, yes, come in.
-Is it OK? -Yes.
OK, let's go.
-Sorry to bother you this late, sir. -Yes, yes.
-Excuse me, sir. -Right, yes.
"Everybody has creativity or the ability to create something.
Assert yourself to explore your creativity."
Bay, can't we do this tomorrow at school? I'm sleepy.
Astagfirullah, do it now. Procrastination is not good.
[all exclaim]
Goodness, please don't trouble yourself.
It's nothing, really. Do try it.
-Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. -Thanks, sir.
"And create something useful for yourself and others. Creativity..."
Here's a little more.
-Goodness, sir. -Please don't trouble yourself, sir.
-It's fine, sir. -Sorry for troubling you, sir.
-That's enough, Pa. -Your dad is so nice.
"The storyteller must pay attention to pronunciation..."
Now this one is special.
I just cooked these for you all.
Please, try them.
-Thank you, sir. -Please, I specially cooked them.
Yes, sir. So you cooked these yourself?
Yeah. I live here with only Nando.
Just the two of us here.
Why are you doing your homework this late? What were you doing today?
Today we were having band practice at the studio, sir.
We got a late turn to use the studio.
-Oh, you have a band. -Yeah, sir.
-Come, eat. -We still have them, sir.
-Still have it. -Still intact.
It's unusual for you to cook.
I've never seen you cook since I was a kid.
[weak laughter]
Try them. I myself have never tried my dad's cooking.
Go ahead.
-Cheers! -Cheers!
[upbeat music]
-Keep stuffing your face. -I'm hungry.
Young boys just hanging out.
What's the use?
Uncle Jon! I don't need your sermons.
Who's giving a sermon, Bay? It's still Wednesday.
Here, the most famous band competition in Malang.
Rock N Rolla.
You know Padi, Dewa?
-Flanela, Boomerang? -They all were contestants?
Well no, they're all famous bands from East Java.
-No kidding? -As if we don't know.
The audition is in Rock N Rolla.
-Traffic is crowded nowadays, huh? -I know, right?
Malang is a bit crowded now.
I have a surprise for you.
I refuse! You want to get remarried?
This kid is talking nonsense. This surprise is better than that.
[upbeat rock music]
Wow, this is insane!
Open it, Yan.
This is cool.
-Whoa! -Wow!
-Nice, huh? -Nice, Pa.
They're great, sir.
Rather than renting a studio and wasting money,
you can come and play here.
-You bought these? -No, I rented them.
-What? -Until when, sir?
Until you can play well.
-Thank you, sir. -Thank you.
-Go say thanks. -Sir, thank you so much.
Thank you, Pa.
-Let's try them. -Just a minute.
I'll go find a mosque. I need to do my noon prayer.
Don't worry. Here we have a prayer room for employees.
-I'll take you. -I'll catch up with you.
-This, Bay. -This is what I'm talking about.
What's wrong, Don?
I'm imagining my dad being like Nando's, a loving father.
Don, relax.
When Yowis Ben becomes famous, your father will notice you. OK?
[upbeat rock music]
Good friends are the ones
Who never leave you And let you be alone all by yourself
No matter what your condition is
Through good and bad times They will always be there
Right next to you
I am so glad
To have friends like you
I want' to bury love
By trying to reveal love
But with love everything changes
Everything is more meaningful
Kolesterol performs well, don't they?
Yeah, they're cool. We haven't even finished our practice.
We can do it. I'm sure of it.
Bay, I'll go do my prayer, OK?
What? We just did it together.
Life is hard, my friend
It's not as beautiful as your dream
Live it from the heart And don't hesitate
I am Pecel Boy. You've seen what I've gone through at school, right?
I got embarrassed by everyone. Stevia laughed at me in class.
This is the moment of acknowledgment for us all.
-What do you want? -To prove myself to my parents.
That's right! You too, right? And you?
-Right. -This is the moment.
[upbeat rock music continues]
[all] Kolesterol are really good.
[Kolesterol members cheering]
What a smug jerk.
[male MC] Please welcome our next band.
-I think it's our turn. -Yeah.
Yowis Ben!
Let's pray, OK? Bismillah.
OK, now huddle up.
-Yowis Ben! OK. -Yowis Ben!
-Let's go! -Yan, come on!
Oh, no!
-Yan, where are you going? -The stage is that way, right?
That way! The stage is that way!
That way!
[scattered applause and cheering]
[plays wrong notes]
[crowd booing]
[plays in tune]
[crowd booing]
What was that? Silly band.
[playing badly]
[jeering and booing]
[singing inaudibly, off-mic]
[jeering and laughter]
[singing inaudibly, off-mic]
[crowd continues booing]
[continues singing inaudibly, off-mic]
[crowd jeers and boos]
Bay, you're done?
-We're done! -I just got here, Bay.
It's over!
We're through!
Bay, it was your first stage.
It's normal if you fail.
There are no success stories in this world...
where a person succeed on the first try.
If we rely on stage performances, we won't get anywhere, bro.
So, what can make our name more popular?
Relax. We have skills, right?
-Thanks. -We'll make it.
We are skilled, but how do we show it?
Now, what to do?
-[music plays indistinctly over phone] -Hey, Yan. What are you doing?
I'm watching the Nasyid video. Subahanallah, lots of viewers.
Lots of them? Where are you watching it?
On YouTube.
-Sir. -Thanks.
[Bayu] Now, from there, we got the idea to make a video clip.
If you want to record back and forth movements,
let's say you want to make a vlog by yourself, back and forth,
this thing can track you and focus precisely.
Your girl, your ex, they won't stick with you, that's fine.
But this auto-focus will always stick with you.
So, that's my recommendation, this camera.
It's affordable, around four million.
Crickets! The cheapest one is four million!
Well, what can we do?
This camera suits us best for making low a budget video.
-It is quite pricey. -Yeah.
Listen up. How about we all pitch in?
I happen to have my mom's credit card. I can crack it.
-What? -OK.
I can take some money from my dad's cash register.
-I'll get the mosque's donation box. -What?
What's wrong with you? What's with the bad intentions?
-Just kidding, Bay, relax. -It's just a joke, Bay.
But I'm not joking about the camera, I'm serious.
That's right. This video clip idea is great.
That's why it's a shame, right? How about it?
A million each. Can you?
-[Yan and Nando] We can! -[Bayu] No!
Um, well, I'll find a way.
-Bay, if you can't afford it... -Don!
I'll find a way.
OK, fine.
Bay, you seriously don't need my help?
-It's OK, I'm not that poor. -[laughs]
OK then, I'm going back.
-We're going, OK? -Yan.
-Stay safe, Ndo. -OK, Bay.
Say hi to your mom. Mlekum.
Mlekam, mlekum. Walaikumsalam.
Mother! Why are you sleeping here?
[ominous bell tinkles]
Comb my hair.
[horror music]
Comb your hair? This late at night? You've been watching too many movies.
Just do it.
I want to ask you something.
Ask me what?
Every night you hang out on the roof.
What have you been doing? Aren't you afraid?
Afraid? Afraid of what, Mother?
What's up there?
Afraid to catch a cold!
[horror music ends]
Son, I wonder.
Do you have some kind of trouble?
There, your hair is done.
I'll do my night prayer and go to bed, OK?
-It's still messed up. -No, it's tidy.
Hey, my comb.
[downbeat music]
[rooster crows]
Eight hundred, 850...
Nine hundred.
Exactly a million!
Dear Allah! Alhamdulillah, dear Allah!
-Uncle! -Married! I'm getting married!
-You're dreaming. -What is it?
Here, you're the one who filled this, weren't you?
Are you mocking me?
If I had that much money, I'd save it to get married.
-So it wasn't you? -You think?
[light guitar music]
What, Son?
Thank you, Mother.
Yes. Use it wisely. It's hard to earn money.
Yes, Mother.
-[squeaks happily] -[laughs]
My son.
All right, if you have made your choice in life,
fight for it, OK? Promise me.
I promise, Mother.
-It's here, bro! -All right.
-Nuts. -Awesome.
Turn it on.
Which one do we press?
[all gasp]
It appears like that, right?
-Let's test it. -Which song should we do?
Now, while we're discussing songs, I remember what my Quran teacher said.
How about we write a song with a moral message?
Moral message? You wanna be a motivator or something?
[all "hmm" thoughtfully]
I don't think we can shoot our video at school. We need to go out.
Or else this camera will be filled with Susan's images.
We need to find a location outside the school.
Astagfirullahaladzim! You mean we skip a class?
What's this?
Why do you plead mercy to God?
Oh, that, sir. After this, we have a religion class.
-We're about to enter the class. -Yeah.
-Is that true, Yan? -Yes.
If it's Yayan, I believe you.
-See you later, sir. -See you, sir.
-Excuse us. -Where are you going?
Excuse us, sir.
-Where are you going? -Run!
-Why are you stopping, Don? -Just a second.
I have a bad feeling.
-Like someone's watching us. -Who?
Where are you going?
That security guard is everywhere.
-Should we give up? -Fine.
-Give up? -Yeah.
-Sir, we give up. -OK, we're turning back.
You know where the headmaster's office is, right?
Darn it, we have to climb again!
Shut your trap! This is all because of your idea!
-Wait, I'll go first. -Me first!
Hold it, Ndo.
Astagfirullah, there's the gate.
[humorous music]
What? Then why did we climb this fence?
-Here's the door. -Hey, why are you climbing again?
-Oh right, I forgot. -Open it, go through it.
I hired those security guards. They are triplets!
So wherever you go,
you will encounter them.
My point is
skipping class means you betray people who care for you.
Don't skip classes!
-Yes, sir. -This is your punishment, OK?
You clean them until they shine.
That one, that yellow stain.
-Don, come on. -No way!
Thanks to you, Don, we got grounded.
Just me? Surely not.
If my mother gets summoned by the counselor, it's your fault.
Why you keep blaming me? Here's the provocateur.
-Why am I the provocateur? -It was your idea.
Sir, how much do you want?
I'm not buying, he is.
Whenever I skip class, I usually take the western gate.
You should've stuck with my idea.
But the western gate is tall, it's hard to climb.
-You wimps. -Sir, how much?
Shut it, Man! We're talking! Can't you see?
Skipping class is not nice. Don't do it again, OK?
Our getaway should've been smooth.
-If we hadn't followed Doni's idea... -That's right. Your idea was stupid.
Why am I stupid? You're stupid!
Hey! Why are you bickering here? I'll flip this cart!
Fine, we'll help you.
It was just a bluff. Just a bluff.
If you ask me, don't skip classes.
Do you want to be like me?
Do you?
-How much do you want? -We're full already!
Let's go!
You're not buying, just making a ruckus. Damn!
OK, friends! Hello!
Today we will perform a new song called "Ojo Bolos Pelajaran".
The intro is G C G C.
Let's go. Hit it, Don.
[all playing in tune]
[all cheering]
-It's done, bro! -This is nuts.
I'll stick this on my mother's pecel wrapper.
[indistinct chatter and laughter]
[upbeat rock music]
[crowd chanting] Yowis Ben!
I go to school in the morning
I feel so lazy, it's gripping
I haven't had my breakfast Along the way I feel so aghast
Son? What are you doing?
I'm putting my band's sticker, Yowis Ben, on this.
When your band becomes famous,
my pecel will become famous as well.
Of course.
Come on you have to hit the gas And eventually you'll pass
Don't you ever skip a class
Education makes your future shine Like brass
Come on you have to hit the gas And eventually you'll pass
Don't you ever skip a class
[all chanting] Yowis Ben! Yowis Ben!
You have to study like you mean it
Don't give up and start to quit
You will find a hurdle So reach success as soon as possible
Fellas, you should stop fooling around
Think about your books In the background
The school is your answer If your dream is to become a doctor
Education makes your future shine Like brass
Come on you have to hit the gas And eventually you'll pass
Don't you ever skip a class
Education makes your future shine Like brass
Come on you have to hit the gas and eventually you'll pass
Don't you ever skip a class
Hey, what is this? It's Susan all over.
See? What did I tell you?
I told you since we bought that camera,
it would be filled with Susan all the time.
-I hope it's a blessing. -Hope it's a blessing, it's fine.
Education makes your future shine Like brass
Come on you have to hit the gas And eventually you'll pass
Don't you ever skip a class
I never knew Yayan could make this.
Yeah, it tastes good. [laughs]
-Who cares if he's a bit of an airhead? -It's fine.
[crowd cheering]
[crowd roars]
Come on! Stop dawdling, class is starting!
Dawdling my butt! This is my top speed!
Come on, get in! What time is this? You're late!
Hey! Don't hit that pole!
That's not a utility pole!
[security guard] Don't they understand?
I'm trying to watch a Turkish drama!
Now whose bike is this?
[disgustedly] Parking like they don't care.
Those kids are so unruly. Crickets!
What is this?
This is pecel.
[humorous music]
[whispers] Ouch!
[whispers] Ouch, I'm sorry.
[whispers] What's wrong with you? Afraid to get caught?
Hey, why are you looking down? Lift your chin.
Lift your chin.
There you go. You know you're famous now, right?
Your videos are great. I've seen them.
[both laugh]
By the way, what are you doing? Why do you perch here?
-You don't have class? -I forgot to do my homework.
That's why I'm being punished.
A girl like you forgot to do homework?
What's so special about a girl like me?
I'm like the other students.
Forgetting our homework, being lazy... we're the same.
Now that I'm done with my homework, I'm going to hand it to Mr. Rohim.
It's done. I'll go on ahead, OK?
Mr. Rohim? Who's Mr. Rohim, San?
How can you forget Mr. Rohim? Our math teacher.
Oh, Mr. Hajji Rohimin.
Excuse me, San. I keep forgetting things when I'm with you.
-All right, I'll go to class now, OK? -OK.
-Are you going too? -Ready.
-Great videos. -Thanks.
-I'm going to bed, OK? -All right.
-I'm going to bed, OK? -OK.
[guitar strumming gently]
Don, aren't you sleepy?
Not yet.
It's fun when my parents go out of town like this.
I can have my friends to come to my house.
-Why don't you sleep? -I can't sleep.
I keep thinking about Susan.
[Doni] Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep
Thinking of you so deep
Every night I am unable to sleep Unable to sleep
Remembering you so deep
-How was it? -Awesome! That was great!, Don!
The house with two lamps.
Walaikumsalam. Who is this?
Probably asking for donations.
Who are you?
Barging here, kissing my hand. Acting friendly.
Here, sir, I brought you some sweet martabak.
Martabak? What's with you?
Hey, don't you know that this thing is high in calories?
You know I'm not young anymore.
Now I wanna ask you. What exactly are you doing here?
Well, I'm here to see your daughter, I'm asking her out.
-For real? -For real, sir.
Finally, my daughter gets a boyfriend.
To have a handsome son-in-law like this, not bad.
Just a second, I'll go get her.
I'm taking this.
-Yayang, pretty girl, come here. -Yes, Pa.
-Here, take her. -Hi.
Hello. You're not Susan, are you?
-No. -Thank goodness.
I believe I got the wrong address.
So, I bought you some martabak.
Enjoy it with your dad, OK?
You jerk!
Here you are.
Sheesh, wrong address.
-We're in Germany, guys. -Hello.
Jerman, Jejer Kauman.
[upbeat romantic rock music]
Dear Allah!
-What's wrong? -Nothing.
Your hair smells so nice.
I haven't washed it for two days.
Nice slap! That's gotta hurt. I wonder what their problem is, Bay?
It seems that
the girl wanted a couple shirt, and the guy wouldn't buy them.
[both laugh]
By the way, our couple shirts, they're nice, aren't they, San?
I designed them myself, you know.
Yes? They're nice, right?
One, two, three.
[shutter clicks]
Exactly what do you want in life?
You have a girlfriend, a popular band.
What else do you need?
Hey, are you saying that you have a nice life?
Actually, it's not.
[strums guitar]
But I'm grateful.
That's right, Bay. Don't you ever forget
what you've been praying for every day.
It's not that I forgot.
It's not that I was not grateful.
But, here's the thing.
Where the heck is Bayu?
Dunno, it's unusual for him to be late.
Stop accusing him, he probably got stuck in a traffic jam.
Traffic jam? How can Malang have any traffic jams?
That's what city folks use as an excuse.
Nando was just asking, who's accusing?
-Assalamualaikum. -Walaikumsalam.
-Hi! -Astagfirullahaladzim!
[Bayu] Hey!
You're surprised, right? I'm seeing some surprised faces here.
Let me introduce you to Susan.
Susan, this is Yowis...?
Right, this is Yowis Ben. My band.
Guys, let's play seriously, OK?
OK? Our tempo has to be harmonious.
And more importantly, we have to be focused, OK?
Focus. OK?
Ready? Position, position. Ndo, move. Please sit down, San.
Ready? Come on, Yan! Don't be like that. Hurry.
-All right, just a second, Bay. -Hurry?
-Where's your Javanese? -What are you talking? Come on, hurry.
Now, we are going to play a song, "Gak Iso Turu," OK?
"Gak Iso Turu" means unable to sleep.
Oh, right.
-Right, ready? Let's go, one... -Wait, wait.
-What? -Where's your bass?
Focus, OK? Focus, guys! Focus!
-All right, all right! -Watch it!
-You're poking my face! -Ready? Let's go.
-Now, one, two... -Wait, wait.
-What now? -You haven't enceped it.
Oh, right, I haven't enceped it.
-What does encep mean? -Encep is like this, San.
-Oh, you mean plugged in? -Yes, plugged in.
Have you enceped it, Mr. Bayu?
I have. Let's go, ready?
My guitar is also enceped.
All right, focus, OK? Focus!
Come on, focus, guys.
Don't be mesmerized like that. Act natural, OK?
Just consider Susan here as our first audience, OK?
People are watching when were onstage, right?
-Your big mouth... -Come on, one, two, three.
Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep Thinking of you so deep
Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep
Every night I am unable to-- Unable to sleep
Thinking of you so deep
Every night I am unable to sleep
How's that? It's easy, I'm sure you can, right?
Mom, Dad?
I am in this band.
So what?
[sad music]
Mommy's boy is so smart.
This, we must enter one more time.
Before, we failed in competition. It's time to prove ourselves, bro.
-Agree. -Right, Bay?
You sure you want to participate?
Our video clip has been watched by 500,000 viewers.
We also perform at school festivals. What do you need this for? No need.
Now I also know who Mr. Rohim is.
Mr. Rohim?
We need recognition.
My parents need trophies.
You need trophies? How many?
I'll buy them for you at South Market. You, you, you! I'll buy them for you all!
Bay, go see the comments for Yowis Ben on YouTube.
Most of them are, "Gosh, Nando is so cute!"
Well you are cute! It's your own fault!
-By the way, anyone say that I'm cute? -Whatever!
What I meant was, when will people comment about our work?
That's right, Bay. We can't stop here. We have to go big.
Approval, Bay.
That. Come on, just sign us up.
Your hair is so lovely today, San.
-Hey, I need some chili. -Oh, right.
Since Susan started come to our practices, Bayu has been lacking concentration.
The competition is coming up, you know?
That's the thing.
If we let this keep going, it's like keeping a disease.
Then what should we do?
-Should I spray him? -No, don't.
-You'll get me wet again. -Oh, right.
You can't spray right.
I'm returning the soy sauce!
They borrowed the chili, but returned the soy sauce?
Bayu, how about, for the weekend, we go...
to Batu, to Museum Angkut? What do you say?
Just a second, let me ask my friends.
Hey, bro!
Are you saying you can't go?
[angelic harp music]
I can, San! I can!
[Bayu groans over phone]
Bay? What's wrong with you?
Since school, my stomach has been acting up, Don.
I'm having diarrhea.
Goodness, what to do?
OK, fine, I'll come over to your house with the guys.
What? No, no!
My mother said that this diarrhea is contagious.
Like tuberculosis.
-For real? -Yeah!
-Uncle Jon also said that. -Fine, fine.
-Let's cancel our practice. -Yes, OK.
Get some rest, OK?
-Yeah, say hi to the guys. -Get well soon.
[in English] Susan, I'm coming!
[exclaims excitedly]
Bay, thank you.
For taking me here.
I've always wanted to dine in this plane museum.
I'm the one who should thank you, San.
You have chosen me to accompany you here.
If not you, then who should accompany me?
Your two friends? Glenca and Aliyah?
I see them every day. One can get tired.
If not, then...
I don't think we should talk about Roy.
-It's just the two of us here. -You're right.
-Not important. -See? Not important.
Then who should we talk about?
[loud heart beats]
We can talk about us.
[upbeat rock music]
[camera shutter clicks]
It's starting to rain. What time is it?
Oh dear, our costume rent will expire in 5 minutes.
We're having fun outside!
-Look at our costume. -Gangster!
How lucky, Bayu keeps going on picnics!
What are you doing? You have your own phones.
-I'm saving my data plan, bro. -I'm just being efficient.
-Assalamualaikum. -Walaikumsalam.
I see you get along? All three of you sitting together.
Of course. We are band mates.
I'm also a member of this band.
But I don't see any space for me to sit.
San, may we ask you to wait outside for a moment?
What's wrong?
Am I bothering you guys?
No, I'm not. There, I'm not bothering, right? All clear?
This is a problem...
She doesn't get it, Bay?
Still don't get it? This is an internal problem.
[downbeat music]
San, you wait by my bike for a moment, OK?
I'll take you in again later. It'll only take a moment, OK?
Fine. No need to take me. I'm going home anyway.
San! Don't go home, San!
Where are you going? Come here!
-What is this? -Sit here, you.
Sit where? There's no space!
Oh, right.
Get up, you two. Do I have to spell it for you?
Stop peeking.
What's wrong? Why can't you be more polite to a girl?
Why can't you be more honest?
Honest about what? What did I do?
You said you were having diarrhea, didn't you?
Feeling better now? Bay, Bay.
I know, you started Yowis Ben just to get Susan.
Now you're with Susan, we no longer matter to you.
Nope! That's just you.
You're talking nonsense.
Seriously, I'll prove it to you. Let's practice. Come on, do it right.
Come on, practice. Practice, practice.
Come on, what are you waiting for? Let's practice.
I'll prove it to you. Let's practice.
[Yowis Ben members playing] Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep
Remembering you so deep
Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep
Thinking of you so deep
[Doni vocalizing]
Remembering you so deep
You jerk!
Crap, that's a new plate! Come here, you!
-What are you doing here? -I need to talk with Susan.
Here's 5,000, for one liter of gas. Go home!
Susan is sick of your face.
Take it!
Now what?
Five thousand is not enough for one liter of gas, you dolt!
Move aside, I need to talk with Susan!
San, Susan!
Didn't you hear what Roy said?
I did. "Here's 5,000 for one liter of gas, go home."
Not that!
You better leave this place.
-But, San... -Just leave!
[sad music]
Darn it!
You jerk!
Hey, where's my underwear?
[TV plays indistinctly]
Bay? Isn't today the competition for your band?
[TV continues playing indistinctly]
Listen, if your band is having a problem...
-Uncle! -What?
I don't need your sermons!
It's still Thursday. Friday's tomorrow.
Then I'll give a sermon.
Why are you wearing a sarong?
I'm wearing a sarong, because I don't have anything clean.
Welcome to the Indie Band Festival 2017!
[crowd cheering]
-Bay? Where are you going? -Sermon!
Why isn't he wearing a sarong?
Is Bayu coming or not?
Why do we have to bother worrying about him?
He's a moody jerk.
There, it's Bayu.
This kid is like an apparition. Now you see him, now you don't.
Relax, Don. If he's an apparition...
-I'll exorcise him. -Go on, exorcise him.
-Hurry up. -Move a little!
Be patient.
Hey, hey.
Who's driving?
Everyone's sitting in the back.
I lend you my car, and I have to drive as well?
I can't do it, I'm stuck.
I can't drive.
I guess I'll have to do it.
Here, let me drive.
Ndo, move to the front. People might think that I'm a driver.
I try to run
Even though my heart can't
Forget your smile, laughter And your sadness
I try to run
Even though my heart can't
Forget about your smile, laughter
And your sadness
[cheering and applause]
I see you are overwhelmed, sir.
This is the best band that I've ever seen.
-There has to be a reason. What is it? -You want to know?
-Why? -I've never watched a live band.
They're good. Give it up one more time.
Champion! Champion!
[crowd cheering]
We have to make it.
-This is our chance. -Our chance.
Our failure before, don't think about it.
It's normal for us to fail on our first try.
-Yeah. -Now we have to be better.
-Our chance. -These naughty kids.
-You're Yowis Ben, right? -Yes.
The ones with the song "Makan Pecel", right?
-Yes. -How is it?
You still have that pecel?
-Do you? -Yeah, we do.
What song are you going to perform?
"Makan Ikan"? "Makan Rujak Cingur"?
"Rawon"? Are you a band or a food court?
Always talking about food.
What are you saying? Haven't you seen our YouTube?
-We are popular. -I have no business with YouTube.
If you want to talk about YouTube, my neighbors, Cak Prayi,
Cak Tikno, Cak Yanto, Cak Nurdin, they're all famous on YouTube.
But what's important is the real world.
Real life skills, that's what matters.
You see this?
-You know what it is? -What is it, man?
This is how small your chance of winning is.
In fact... boom!
None at all.
You understand? Let's go.
-What's with that guy? -I know, so mean.
I said let's go! Don't you want to perform?
I'll eat your pecel!
-So he was calling for us. -But he's yelling at us.
[rock music playing]
[crowd cheering]
I saw you the other day
Passed me by and walked away
I wanted to ask your name But I don't know what to say
My heart felt so bizarre
I tried to ask my friends If they know who you are
So they told me not to fall
For the only girl Most beautiful of all
Let's not be hasty and stall
Think about it thoroughly
Take a week of fast and see
If she is the one for me
Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep
Thinking of you so deep
Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep
Remembering you so deep
That morning I saw you stand
Along with your friend
Who's more beautiful My heart was swaying on the end
I tried to ask my crew
Should I go for you Or the one next to you
Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep
Thinking of you so deep
Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep
Remembering your friend so deep
Every night I am unable to sleep
Thinking of you And your friend so deep
I tried to stalk your IG I tried to stalk your Twitter
I tried to find some Wi-Fi But I can't get any
My head is spinning I'm so skinny I almost snap
Thinking of you so bad I can't take a nap
Is it you or is it your friend That I'm missing
Thinking so hard Until 2:30 in the morning
Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep
Thinking of you so deep
Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep
Remembering you so deep
Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep
Thinking of you so deep
Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep
Remembering your friend so deep
Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep
Thinking of you so deep
Every night I am unable to sleep
Unable to sleep
Remembering your friend so deep
[deafening applause]
[crowd chanting] Yowis Ben!
Amazing! Cool!
This is the coolest performance. What do you think?
Well, my comments should be more musical than these two judges.
-Just prove it. -Why is that? Please explain.
-When we're enjoying music... -Yes?
...we can't just listen to the music, but we must also understand the lyrics.
Ora iso turu. You know what that means?
Unable to sleep.
-What's with you? -Huh?
You can't even sleep? What's wrong with you?
-What can you do? -That's just the title, old man.
Take off your shades, you look like a blind masseur.
Goodness. But that was incredible. The lyrics are in Javanese.
-[repeats] I'm proud! I'm proud! -All of you!
I didn't think Yowis Ben could do something like this.
-Because I underestimated them. -Amen.
Turns out that they can make the audience go wild.
My grandpa who had a stroke,
if he listened to this, he would rock it out.
-Where is he? -The ER.
But he'd still rock it out.
Finally we have three names with similar theme in their songs.
First, Rhoma Irama with his song, "Begadang".
-Unable to sleep! -Yes!
-The second, a foreign band, "Slipknot". -What?
Slip is sleeping, knot is not.
-Unable to sleep! -OK, enough.
I like this band. Good arrangements from the start.
Meaningful lyrics.
I wish that just like this band's name...
Yowis Ben can be the winner.
[applause and cheering]
[all chanting] Yowis Ben!
[indistinct chatter and congratulations]
That was awesome.
That was cool!
Congratulations for winning the competition.
How do you feel? I'm sure you're so thrilled.
Susan, I'm sorry. I lost.
Yes, it's fine.
There, there, no need to worry, OK?
-But... -There, there.
[MC laughs]
So, how do you feel?
Why you keep silent? Phone plan expired?
So, how do you feel?
-Wait... -So how...?
-We feel happy, right? -Happy.
[Yan] You seriously want to interview us?
[Jon] I'm serious! But where's Bayu?
This is an exclusive interview after Yowis Ben's success.
[Yan] Yes, sir. But somebody's not feeling successful.
-[Jon] What do you mean? -Somebody's feeling like a failure.
-One of our member feels that... -[Bayu] Hey, guys, Uncle.
-Are we on? -We're on, Bay.
Fine, let's hurry. Let's please the ones with the trophies.
-What do you mean by that? -Inalillahi.
Listeners, right now at the studio...
-still with Yowis Ben. -What is this?
-[protesting groans] -What are you doing?
Listening to some boring talk show.
-This is an important news. -What news?
Thanks to you, Bay, this band split up!
All you ever do is blame me!
Of course, Bay. All you have in your mind is Sus...
Who? Just say Susan! Just say it!
Don't cut us off! Let people know about his bad attitude!
-Just my bad attitude? -Yeah!
-Still listening to this? -Hey!
It's better to listen to a keroncong for entertainment.
What entertainment? You know nothing, stupid old man.
You're in this band only to prove yourself to your parents!
-But I've never lied to you! -What is this?
-Uncle, go to songs! -What songs?
We're having a fight and you ask for songs?
-Just sit down, Yan! -Astagfirullahaladzim!
What would Yowis Ben be without me? You just watch!
I'm leaving Yowis Ben! You don't kick me out!
-Come on! You dare say that? -I dare!
-Fine! Let's just break up the band! -Break it up!
Hey, attention to everyone listening, Yowis Ben is breaking up!
Break it up, Yowis Ben breaks up! Break it up!
-Who's song is that? -Whatever!
[all groan]
Isn't it such a shame, Bay? Losing everything you've fought for?
What do you mean?
The one who accepted you the way you are.
Before you were popular.
Was that Susan, or was it Yowis Ben?
Where's my bike? I'm taking it.
South of Jodipan.
-Susan, bro! -Yowis Ben!
[fans cheer encouragingly]
[upbeat rock music playing]
[fans continue cheering]
Yowis Ben!
[in English] Thank you.
-You're not forgetting anything? -No.
-All right, I'm going, OK? -Bye.
San, Susan!
What are you doing?
San, what am I to you exactly?
We wore couple shirts, you know?
I didn't like the fabric.
We exchanged kiss emoticons.
I accidentally pressed it.
And now, just because of a small matter
you're going out again with that 5,000 guy?
Small matter? You chose Yowis Ben over me.
That's not a small matter to me!
Are you saying that without Yowis Ben
-you'd still want to talk to me? -Perhaps.
I get it now.
-I pity you. -What are you saying?
You'd beg to hang out with anyone
just to prove that you are important.
Damn you!
She snapped at me?
Son? Why did you throw these away?
I want to forget her, Mother.
You know I'm old.
I don't know youngsters' problems like yours.
All I know...
is that you are my son.
You want to be cranky around the house...
I don't mind.
You don't want to talk to me, I don't mind either.
But do you understand...
what really breaks my heart?
It's when you don't take responsibility for your life.
You are the son of the late Mr. Lukito.
Before he died, he told me...
"Bayu has to become a good son.
Wherever he goes, wherever he is...
he has to bring benefit for others.
Don't let Bayu be a selfish kid."
Do you understand, Son?
I understand, Mother.
[distant music outside]
[Yan singing indistinctly] Good friends are the ones
Who never
Through good and bad times They will always be there
Son, your friends.
[Yan and Nando] ...your friend
I am so glad
To have friends like you
You are all here
You are all my good friends
Hey! It's late at night!
Just a minute!
You miss me!
You miss me? What do you want?
I am here
A good friend...
-Ouch! -[man] Hey, keep it down!
Calling your friends?
[angry shouting]
Yeah, bro. Actually, I miss you.
Hanging out, singing together, laughing together.
[sniffs] But since everyone has their own egos, this is what happened.
Bay, you know what's more important?
-What? -That we are all here now together.
Singing together, laughing together.
[all laughing and cheering]
What, Yan?
Don't hug for too long. People might get the wrong idea.
What idea? Of course not!
-People know that we always hang out. -[Doni's dad] Excuse me?
Bay. Is Doni here?
-No. -Oh dear. Doni ran away.
Ran away?
His mother cries all the time. I'm flustered.
Now you just relax, sir, and go back home.
-I'll go look for Doni. -Please find him, Bay.
-You'll find him, won't you, Bay? -I will.
[somber music]
Bay, hurry.
Bay, Yan, Ndo.
I'm sorry, Don. You're like this because of me.
No, Bay. It was my fault as well.
I was too ambitious to prove myself to my parents.
No, Don. It was my fault.
-My fault, Bay. -My fault, Don.
-No, it was my fault. -That's enough, it was mine, Don.
-My fault. -Enough.
Last time we bickered like this, we named our band.
Yeah, just like our band's name, Yowis Ben.
Let bygones be bygones.
-I agree. -Agree.
-I agree more! -I agree even more!
-I agree the most! -I agree totally.
-There you go again. -Oh, right.
OK, fine.
Friends forever.
-Friends for life. -Affirmative.
Uncle? You're selling meatballs this late?
-No. -Then what are you doing?
Searching for inspiration.
[all laugh]
Welcome to Malang's High School Festival!
Where could it be?
-You know, that one. -Which one?
-The one in the online shop. -Oh, online shop.
Bayu, can we take a picture with you?
Later, later. Or you can just take a picture of me.
-Or you can watch there. -Hi, Bayu.
-There he is. -Go on.
Bay, look.
Oh dear, here it goes.
-Bayu. -You look fit.
Bay, I want to talk to you.
What do you wanna say, San?
Seeing you here makes my heart pound even more.
-I want to thank you. -Thank me? For what?
Thank you because you were the only one
who reminded me that I was wrong.
You would forgive me, wouldn't you?
You guys would forgive me too, right?
[downbeat music]
Good luck with your performance.
Hey, jerk, if Susan looks back, that means she wants you to chase her.
If she doesn't look back?
She probably hurt her neck. Right, sir?
-Sprained, right? Ouch. -Yeah.
Bay, the one who asked me and Nando to come to your house, it was Susan.
Bay, go after her.
Come on, go get her.
Don't you have the guts?
San, Susan!
-Did you hurt your neck? -My neck?
That Doni and his nonsense.
Thanks, San, for your kindness.
Would you like to see the band that you put together again?
-Come on. -[laughs]
-Sorry we're late, Son. -You just got here?
-The traffic was bad. -Sir, Ma'am.
-Come on. -It's starting?
Your equipment is ready.
[male MC] Next, we will see the performance of a band
that became famous on YouTube and whose members have proven their skill.
Please welcome Yowis Ben!
[all cheering]
[chanting] Yowis Ben! Yowis Ben!
[upbeat rock music]
Good friends are the ones
Who never leave you And let you be alone all by yourself...
Hi, everyone. I'm doing a live broadcast right now.
And also filming my daily life.
Avocado mangoes at Oro-Oro Dowo Market
are 25,000 per kilogram.
-How is it? OK? -OK.
Relax, I got this. Just calm your heart.
I mean, did you get that on record?
-That I don't know. -Huh?
How can you shoot a video without recording?
You told me to hold this, not record.
-I asked you for a favor. -Then why are you grumpy?
-Who's grumpy? -I can see your grumpiness here!
You make an enemy of a trishaw driver
and you'll have a towel shoved down your throat. You're toast!
Hey! The camera, it's Bayu's!
I am so glad
To have friends like you
You are all here
We make sweet sales thanks to me.
Sweet? With looks like yours, I'm sweeter.
Sweet? You're drab and corny.
-Ma'am, I'll take two for the road. -Yes, yes.
-Yes, yes, please take a number. -Wow, sweet sales.
[upbeat rock music continues]
[crowd cheers]
Hey, you're a couple. You'll get married, won't you?
San, Susan.
Do you think we can repeat what we once had?
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
I promise, San, I will never force you...
to wear couple shirts again.
I also promise, I will never send you kiss emoticons again.
Then how will you send him your kisses?
Sheesh, Don, you have to ask?
Astagfirullahaladzim! Kissing is a sin!
SCENES THAT DIDN'T MAKE THE CU Our first judge is a talented musician and artist from Jogyakarta.
Please welcome, Erick Soekamti!
Our second judge is from Bandung.
Please welcome, Sandi PAS Band!
[heavy drumming]
Our third judge is a stand-up comedian who seems to have lost his way.
[yells wildly]
I'm Muslim!
Speaking about music, I like dangdut the most.
This guy here, I bet he likes dangdut as well, right?
His face looks like a tabla. Drunk people be dancing like...
[crowd laughs]
When he opens his eyes, he's home.
[director] OK, cut!