Yowis Ben 2 (2019) Movie Script

Today is a very happy day,
but also a sad one,
since starting tomorrow, all of you
- are not our students anymore.
- Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.
We, all the teachers here,
all we have are the hearts that miss you
and the memories we share together.
And we'll still be good friends!
- Let's present...
- Yowis Ben!
That's right!
Yowis Ben!
- Jon, is that Bayu?
- Yes, that's Bayu, Mbak.
- Thanks, Dad!
- Yeah, have a nice day!
Come on, bro!
- Wait.
- What's with you, bro?
She's coming. Let's start.
Oh, he's waiting for Susan.
I've been waiting for this.
It reminds me of my youth.
- Wow, you were young, too?
- Of course!
I thought you were born as an old man.
I'm a millennial.
- What's a millennial?
- I don't know.
Together in happiness and sorrow
Accompany you
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
What are these cheerleaders doing here?
Nando doesn't like things like this.
What are you doing here?
Looking for someone?
It's true, isn't it?
Who are you looking for?
Bayu? Nando?
Doni, right?
Impossible, it must be Yayan.
I have something to do, let's go.
Thanks, friends.
You've been my good friends.
Thank God, my son has graduated, Jon.
I'm very happy.
I'm happy, too, sis.
I'm happy, too, ma'am.
What are you doing?
Jon, I entrusted the children to you.
Don't let them go astray.
Don't worry, sis.
I've been taking care of Bayu
since he was a baby and I always will.
I'll take care of his mother.
I'll take care of you.
Why me?
- Just in case.
- No way.
I've had feelings for you
for so long,
now I muster up the courage
to say it.
Would you like to be my girlfriend?
Do you really have to
hold my hand like this?
I'm practicing, so she'll believe
that I really love her.
Too long, it'll become comfortable.
Cak Jon said this is the best way.
Why do you believe him?
- Hey, bro!
- It's tickling!
It's tickling, bro.
Not everyone, Ndo. One's enough.
I only give my signature.
Hey, Princess Susan.
Yowis Ben?
Up, up, up! That's right.
This is not good!
Okay, Yowis Ben?
Come on, you, yes.
Continue, you can do it!
- Sir...
- Yes.
...what are you doing?
Umroh! Why are you asking?
Watching the show, of course!
You're too late.
The show's over.
What on earth... hey!
here's the university's brochure
I told you about yesterday.
You can take the Economics class,
I'll take Literature class, so
- we can stay together.
- Bay...
my father wants me to study in Germany.
Along Kauman street?
It's nearby, San.
Not that one.
Germany that held the World Cup.
Then, we'll be in
a long distance relationship?
I don't believe in LDR.
It's possible, San.
We have high technology now.
We can call each other every night,
or video call with sekap sekip app,
- we have everything.
- Do you have any money for the call, Bay?
Don't insult me!
San, who will accompany you there?
Are you going alone?
Roy will study there, too.
Roy? Roy will study there?
Pecel Boy.
It's him again.
Just because you're rich,
you can study anywhere, huh!
Damn it.
I am sorry, Bay.
But... Don't do this, San.
Bye, ugly boyfriend!
"Along Kauman street," you wish!
Damn it, Roy!
Damn it, Roy!
Okay, listeners,
we're still with Ustadz Jarno.
So, how is it, Ustadz,
dating in this world?
Maybe some of the listeners
are having difficulties
finding their match.
Like me.
- You find it difficult?
- Yes.
- Perfect.
- What?
So, I am not worthy of a soulmate?
I didn't say that, you did.
Some say that your soulmate will come.
That's if she can.
What if she got rained on on the way?
What if there's a traffic jam?
- April, May, June...
- Not March, traffic.
That's why, soulmate
should be reached.
warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
This is my nephew.
He comes before I call him.
Why can't my soulmate do that?
Susan's issues were solved, right, Bay?
It's my turn now, while Ustadz Jarno,
the matchmaker, is here.
Oh, I'd like to ask you something.
A handsome boy like you,
how come you have difficulty in
finding a match? Difficulty is his fate.
I already have a match,
a girlfriend, but we broke up.
Oh, the coil thread is not good enough.
It's not a kite, Ustadz.
Oh, dear. That's why,
it's better not to date.
Just get married.
Then go on a date with your wife.
It's halal.
What are you doing, honey?
- I'm calculating.
- Shh...
Why are you ignoring me?
I'm talking.
Ndo, damn it, Ndo.
Yeah, damn it, Bay.
Life is not fair, Ndo, damn it!
Yeah, bro, there will be another marriage.
- Marriage? LDR, bro.
- What LDR?
Look, bro, my father's girlfriend
is sitting on his lap.
Where are you going?
Where have you been, Don?
That Malang girl has a lot of pride.
I've had feelings for you for so long.
Would you like to be my girlfriend?
Yeah, okay, stand up first.
Slapped twice?
- Once.
- There are two marks.
This one is from her father.
Damn it, Cak Jon.
I'll get some ice.
- Move.
- I'm tired.
It was comfortable for the last year.
Life is not fair sometimes.
Move again.
Damn, bro, why it's not finished yet!
Hey, let me tell you, bro.
People have to keep fighting.
When you stop fighting,
you'll be an embarrassment to Allah,
do you understand?
Seblak, seblak!
Pecel, sir, pecel.
How many?
- One serving.
- One serving. Here it is.
Pecel, sir.
Is it still available?
We have a lot.
Just sell it.
I'll sell if you buy.
Are you not bored,
selling pecel for years?
No, because it's tasty.
Hey, you know what? Yesterday,
someone ordered a truck of pecel.
- What truck?
- A semi trailer.
- How many?
- Twenty one.
Is it a truck or a train?
Don't underestimate her.
It'll be sent abroad later.
It can be kept for a month.
- Of course, it's mixed with cement.
- Of course, it's mixed with cement.
Hey, you are ruining it
instead of keeping it.
Looking for trouble,
instead of freshening up.
Give a verse!
Go to Jakarta, not knowing the way.
- And?
- Go home.
That's how they are.
Our stall is not just any stall.
The stall of distressed people.
It's chaotic.
That's enough.
Aren't you tired of bickering?
Waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Mrs. Lukito.
Please come in, ma'am.
No, it's all right.
I am here to collect the rent.
You have to pay for three years
in advance. I'm in need of money.
Oh, my! It's too hard for me
to pay for three years all at once.
What are you saying?
I'm in need of money. If you can't pay,
then you should leave this place!
warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Ma'am, you didn't answer the greeting.
I am confused.
warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Son, we work to solve problems,
- not to add to the water bill.
- Oh...
Mom, what if I don't go to university?
I promised your late father,
that you would graduate from a university.
Then, how are we gonna pay
for the tuition?
There will be a way, son.
warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Mornings should be enjoyed, you know.
You are ugly, sullen, and daydreaming.
Don't think too hard.
Still thinking about Susan?
Susan is a past issue, Cak Jon.
There's a more complicated issue.
Huh? Complicated?
We only have five more months to live
here, if we can't pay, we have to leave!
Bay, do you know
what Metallica's vocalist said
when they performed for the first time?
Don't know. What did he say?
I don't know, either.
But what I do know is there must be a way
to solve the house issue.
Then, how is it related to Metallica?
Focus, please.
Why are you talking about Metallica?
You're the one who spoke about it.
the way out is in Yowis Ben.
Yowis Ben performs once a month.
There's a cut for you of 500,000,
it's impossible.
That was before,
now you've graduated.
So you can perform anytime.
That's right.
I am a manager with a lot of courage
and very persuasive.
That would be "monecot",
not manager, Cak Jon.
Focus, Bay. Don't think too much,
just trust me.
Gather all the kids tonight.
Yan, Yan!
Come here!
Just a minute, Bay,
this is my neighbor.
- As the manager...
- "Monecot".
Whatever you say,
as long as I get 500,000 rupiahs.
You haven't done anything
but you're already asking for 500,000.
You know, Metallica,
where did they gather for the first time?
In a cemetery like us, Cak?
Of course not.
There's no Javanese cemetery over there.
But we're doing this
so that you'll be mindful.
If you're not successful, your life
will be as quiet as this cemetery.
That's true...
- Who says it's quiet?
- Huh?
It's crowded out here.
How is it crowded, Yan?
Whom are you greeting?
There's no one here.
Please, Yan.
- My neighbor passed by.
- It's already late, Yan.
Get down, sis, it's late at night,
why climb up a tree?
This is a cemetery, Yan,
please don't joke.
Don't joke, this is a cemetery, Yan!
Please come to my house later, why not?
Why are you sitting with legs crossed?
You said we gather in a cemetery
to be mindful.
Mindful can be done anywhere.
- Cak Jon.
- Right, sis?
This is Yowis Ben's performance schedule.
Wow, performances.
The schedule. Share them.
- Well...
- What is it?
I'm getting married on the 17th.
Really? Seriously?
You must be kidding.
- Here.
- What is it? Let me look.
- It's true.
- Yeah.
Damn it,
I am more handsome than you,
and I don't have a girlfriend yet.
That's right, Yan, you don't get
how I feel.
I joined the ta'aruf, Cak.
What is ta'aruf, Bay?
The essence of ta'aruf is halal.
But do you really think
Yowis Ben can provide for my family?
Frankly, I am worried.
Of course it can, Yan.
We have Cak Jon.
Why me?
Good things for Yayan,
difficult things for me.
Anyway, just do it with Bismillah.
Right, do it with Bismillah, Ya.
Wasn't she inside just now?
That's my neighbor.
- Seriously, Yan!
- How about the coffee?
Should we pay for this?
No, it's the devil's coffee.
- Not started yet?
- Yayan'll have a good time.
Damn it, Kamidi! I gave him money
to order on behalf of Yowis Ben,
and he wrote his own name.
This was supposed to say "Yowis Ben."
This is my photo.
I'll call him.
- Whatever.
- It'll be chaotic.
Hello Kamidi...
Do you think they're for you?
Who do think you are?
Turns out there's someone who doesn't care
about your handsome face, Ndo.
- That's Stevia, Bro.
- Yes.
Relax, Ndo. Even someone like me
was rejected.
- Right?
- That's true...
Well, don't think about it,
let's go in. I hope they have chicken.
Surely not pecel.
There are no pre-wedding photos.
The bride must be ugly.
I marry you off,
Muhammad Rukhyan bin Widyantoro
with Sumiyati Dewi
binti Khairul Jaman
with the dowry of a prayer set,
and three million rupiahs of money,
in cash.
I accept the marriage
of Sulastri binti Sulasno with the dowry
of a prayer set, in cash.
Well, is it valid?
- Not valid!
- Why is it not valid?
Are you paying in instalments?
- Why is it not valid?
- It should be me who marries Sulastri.
- You are old.
- Still fresh, though.
- Can you handle it?
- I can handle the lower part.
Look, let me replace him.
I accept the marriage...
No, she's Cak Kartolo's wife.
I've prepared yours outside.
- Really? Who?
- Yes.
- Sulik.
- Okay, who's Sulik?
- Asu cilik, a puppy.
- What?
You're better than the dog.
Yeah, I'm a descendant of a herder.
- Valid?
- Valid.
Not valid!
It should be me
who marries Sulastri.
Just keep dreaming, old man.
Let the bride enter the room.
She must be ugly,
her face is covered.
She can't be seen.
Stevia is different, right.
Bayu was rejected. You were rejected.
The bride and groom has been seated.
Thank God Muhammad Rohyan
and Sumiyati Dewi are husband
and wife now. I have some advice
for the bride and groom.
First, to be married is fun
but don't do it several times.
Once is enough, don't do it again.
You're dead, Yan. Just once,
if she's ugly, you can't replace her.
The second piece of advice,
- this life...
- Ndo,
look at your father,
looks like he'll be next.
They're always stuck to each other.
The last one, you are a good match,
Mia and Yayan,
your names combined becomes Miayan.
Just right, harmonious, tasty.
Now, lift the veil.
- Pray first, okay.
- Yes.
Wow, she's beautiful.
Beautiful, isn't she?
Damn! She's a beauty, bro!
I want to get married, too.
Come on, Cak. Please behave.
I want to get married,
what are the conditions? ID?
Driver license? VAT?
Sorry, everyone, sorry.
What's with you, Cak?
Damn it, Yayan!
Don't touch!
- I am not touching you.
- Not you.
Yayan, he touches her.
- That's his wife.
- Making me jealous.
Mia, these are my friends from the band.
I know. Right, Stev?
Yes. Mia secretly came
to the graduation ceremony.
- Hush, Stev.
- One,
two, three.
Now, Yowis Ben will present
the most popular song in Indonesia.
There it is...
The title is "Gak Iso Turu",
let's give them applause.
The band I brought is a good one, Sir.
And I'm sure all the inmates here
will like the songs.
Yowis Ben!
Dangdut! Dangdut!
What kind of band is this,
they don't like it.
Actually, I want to accompany you,
but I have a broadcast to do.
Let's take care of the payment later.
I'm going.
Please calm down.
- Yes.
- Stupid.
Yowis Ben is not stupid, guys.
- You spend a night here.
- I am driving becak, sir.
- One night.
- I'm driving becak, sir.
Drive your becak in here.
I'm an only child, if I don't go home,
my parents will be looking for me. Sorry.
Let them come see you.
Okay, I'll stay.
Okay, I'll accompany you.
I'll accompany you.
God, it's closed. Oh, God!
Sir, please help us!
This song is perfect for education.
While they're playing,
let's take some photos.
Yes, please.
Cak Jon!
- Is there anyone who hasn't married yet?
- Cak Jon!
No one.
Cak Jon!
Once again,
congratulations on the new form.
Here is Yowis Ben!
Don't do that!
Be responsible!
Ouch, my penis!
- How's the payment, sir?
- No payment!
You're lucky
you don't have to give compensation.
What compensation?
Look! Their penises are cut off.
Why didn't you get circumcised
until this age, bros?
I was looking for experience first.
I just got the courage now. You?
Mine has just grown.
You think it's a tooth?
Well? Want to take responsibility?
I'm not married yet.
- How is it going, Cak?
- Calm down.
So, you won't be paid?
How can we eat later?
Let's go home. It's better at home.
- Why are you going home?
- Yan?
- I'll go with you.
- I'm going, okay?
We'll practice at my house tonight, okay?
I am still here.
Don, please get off.
- Let's just walk, okay?
- But, why?
My heart pounds when people do that.
Well, okay.
Hey, hey!
Son of a bitch! Get out!
Get out if you dare!
Hey, you think because you're rich,
you can do that? Out!
Oh, thank God you're a girl.
If not...
Hey, don't get emotional with a lady.
Especially a pretty one with short hair,
Her father is a foreigner, bro.
- Scold him?
- Yes.
Hey you,
be careful you, you tell your driver,
you tell your driver
you can't drive freaky.
You, driver, fast,
fast, you dead. This is Malang, bro.
Hey, don't swear, jerk! Oh, me, too.
Sorry, Marion.
- He can speak Javanese.
- How come?
Bayu, before you were born,
I was already in Java.
You know my name?
Yowis Ben, right? I know.
Let me introduce myself, I am Cak Jim,
national artist manager.
Doni, Marion. You don't have to
shake hands, you know her name's Marion.
Come on, let's chat.
- Just follow us.
- Right, okay.
Listening to your story
makes my heart ache.
Marion, their band is actually good.
But, if the manager is like that,
even until the end of time,
until Krisdayanti grows a mustache,
they won't get anything
and won't go anywhere.
Too bad. I love the band.
Too bad the manager is not good.
Yeah, I love you, too.
- Don, do you understand?
- No, but I love it.
Marion, use Indonesian
when speaking to them.
Okay, sorry.
Then what do we do with Yowis Ben?
Look for a professional artists manager,
who has already helped artists to develop.
- Who is it, Cak?
- Ask Marion, who's the best manager?
That's Cak Jim.
I'm not boasting.
I don't want to be arrogant.
But I've helped a lot of artists,
one of them is Endank Soekamti.
- Wow, Endank Soekamti, Don.
- Great, isn't it?
Now they already have their own labels.
But I am the one who grew them.
- Seriously, Cak?
- Seriously!
I went to Tasikmalaya
to pick up Endank Soekamti.
Doesn't she come from Yogjakarta?
You made me choke.
That's only for image,
to be easier to sell.
Sorry, Cak Jim, as far as I know
Endank Soekamti is from Yogya
'cause she's Javanese. Tasik is Sundanese.
You don't realize it, do you?
Only the Sundanese named
Endang for men, right?
Endang Kurnia, Sundanese.
Endang Koeswara, Sundanese.
So Endank Soekamti is
- Sundanese!
- Sundanese!
Wow, Endank Soekamti
is actually Sundanese!
- Ah, you're so smart.
- Yes.
If you want me to grow your band,
you have to come to Bandung.
So, the center of the Indonesian
music industry is in Bandung.
The center of my attention is you, though.
Bandung, right.
Yes, but we have to go
to the same university.
Only different majors. Can you please
find us a good university?
Later, I want you to pick me up everyday,
then drop me off,
and we'll have lunch together. Promise?
I am very sorry, Bay.
But not like this, San.
Let it go, don't think about Susan
anymore. Let her join the World Cup.
Oh, right, there's a great person...
- Hmm...
- A good manager who offers
Yowis Ben a recording in Bandung.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Wait, what about Cak Jon?
Are you sure
you won't take this offer?
I secured a project,
performing in a nursing home,
a big payment, what do you say?
Cak, we've agreed to decline.
If you don't want it, I'll find you a job
in a cafe, or Gajayana Stadium.
Not big enough? In Kanjuruhan, Bay.
I'll grow Yowis Ben.
Cak, we can't be together again.
What is there in Bandung? Huh?
The short haired girl?
If the center for the movie industry
is in Yogya, it produces great directors.
There's Garin Nugroho, Hanung Bramantyo,
Fajar Nugros.
What? Fajar Nugros, who is that?
Oh, come on. Please continue, sis.
Well, the center for the music industry
is in Bandung. It produces Peterpan,
Kahitna, Rocket Rockers.
Yowis Ben definitely will be successful
in Bandung.
Okay, I understand. I'll pray for you.
I hope Yowis Ben will succeed in Bondol,
oops, in Bandung.
This is your apartment in Bandung later.
It's not ten stories, but 25.
From the 25th floor, you can see Malang.
Look at the equipment.
- Wow...
- The most sophisticated in Indonesia.
- So, are you coming?
- Yes!
I won't go, my wife's pregnant.
What, pregnant? Mia?
Yeah, who else?
- Seriously?
- Yes.
Congratulations, father-to-be!
- Congratulations!
- Congrats!
Congratulation, bro.
- Congrats.
- Congrats.
Okay, I'll deliver it.
She said congratulations.
Now I ask you,
do you need money for
delivering your child later?
I do.
With the band,
you'll get a lot of money.
In four months, you'll be famous,
like Slank.
- What do you think? Coming?
- Yes!
- Come on, Yan.
- I'll go. With Bismillah.
We're leaving!
This is for the airline tickets.
Everyone please pray
for Yowis Ben to be a famous band.
Yowis Ben will have millions of viewers
And I have one piece of advice.
Don't come home before you succeed!
If you miss Yowis Ben,
you can take a picture here.
Wish you success, Bay.
Son, I brought you some food,
your favorite pecel, I cooked it.
Thanks, Mom.
Dad, I'm going now.
Pray that I can help
with my sister's tuition.
Sure, I'll pray for you, Don.
Yowis Ben!
Yowis Ben!
don't forget to eat the pecel, okay?
All right.
Yowis Ben!
Look at my mother.
Honey, please be safe!
Don't do something reckless over there!
It's time to fight. Are you ready?
- Thanks, sir.
- Thanks, sir.
Yan, look, it's the airport!
Wow, this is my first time going by plane.
Me, too. It's safe, right?
Safe and comfortable, relax.
Doni said it's safe, Bay.
The food container can't go on the plane.
- Really?
- That's right.
Oh, no. This is from my mother.
Okay, stop it. Let's check us in.
- Is this a hotel?
- Are we staying?
Come on, guys, hurry up.
Come on.
Good afternoon.
I get the front seat!
- Move a little bit.
- Oh God,
I am afraid
when the plane is high in the sky.
I am also scared, Yan.
All right, let me sit over there,
I'm not afraid.
This is nothing, but you're all afraid.
Cabin crew, prepare for takeoff.
Why aren't we taking off yet?
Maybe they're waiting for the driver.
Right, the driver.
- The pilot.
- Ladies, gentlemen,
could you please turn off your phones?
- Excuse me, sir...
- Yes?
- Could you put on your safety belt?
- I don't wear a belt.
I mean this, sir.
Ah, right. Put on the safety belt.
- Yes.
- Okay.
Don't. I can do it myself.
- My wife will be angry.
- Okay, sir.
He's married, I am not.
The stewardess is pretty, right?
The plane has four emergency exits,
two in front, and two in the back.
What are the emergency exits for?
- For those who need to poop.
- ...and has two
emergency windows on the side.
Oh. I see.
Yan, recite the prayer first.
- Oh, right.
- Come on.
In the name of Allah, who will be the One
Who moves its course and rests its anchor.
My Lord is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
Your voice is too loud when we pray.
Is it?
God, why is the plane like this, Yan?
Sis, why is the plane bouncy,
is it okay?
It's nothing, sir,
just put on your safety belt.
All right. I'm not afraid anymore.
I know why he's not afraid.
Hey, Yan.
Bay, I need to poop,
where's the emergency exit?
Not now. Hold it in.
Doni is lucky to sit in the front.
He'll arrive first. He can eat.
And won't be bouncy like this, right?
Hell, the plane is bouncy
and they can sleep soundly.
Bay, Bayu, come on, hurry up.
Sorry, I was fetching
the food container first.
Thank God we've arrived in Bandung.
So, taking a plane is thrilling.
Really? It's not.
You slept, bro!
Who is it? So many fans.
Oh, Rocket Rockers.
That's right. Ozon, Asca, Bisma.
Famous for their skill.
That's really great.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I am first.
- Line up.
- Vin Diesel.
- No way. No.
- Then who is he?
- Okay.
- Looks like Deddy Corbuzier.
What? Has Deddy Corbuzier
stopped working out?
- This is a Legend.
- Legend.
Wanna be like me?
Work it out.
- Assalamualaikum, honey.
- Waalaikumsalam, honey.
- Why was your phone off?
- I was still on the plane.
I've already finished prayer,
did another prayer, and your phone
was still off.
He must be lying.
Don't think of me while praying,
I know, okay.
Why is it connected now?
I've landed already.
Oh, he's landed.
- They've landed?
- Thank God.
Okay, then. Assalamualaikum.
- Ando has landed?
- Yes.
- Let's go.
- So happy.
Well, new groom.
Afraid of his wife.
Slave of love.
Well, well.
Who is he, bro?
- Yowis Ben?
- That's right.
- Thank God we have fans in Bandung.
- Yes.
Hell. Crazy.
- I am the driver.
- What?
Cak Jim asked me to pick you up
and get you to the guest house.
- Ngkos.
- Yayan.
Oh. Doni.
- Bayu.
- Nando.
Nando, Bayu, Doni, Yayan.
Becomes Kabayan.
Kabayan, right.
- Let me drive you.
- What's the car?
It must be a luxury car, right?
- Thank God.
- Wow.
The deal wasn't like this.
Yes, this is too small.
It's okay, Bay. Ndo, be grateful.
The point is we've arrived in Bandung.
But we are Yowis Ben,
why would we take this car?
Sir, sorry,
I've been patient. But where are we going?
I'll drop off
my friends from Malang first,
they're rockers.
It's shameful if I don't.
Bandung is famous for it's kindness
in the world.
I know,
but I've got to go to the market,
go to college, work, I have five children!
What did she say?
Looks like she's talking about Slank.
She said "budak", and "abdi".
Slank has five personnel, the guitarist
is Abdi. Bandung is really a music city.
So it's not wrong to come here, right?
Sir, my husband sent a text,
He said, Eneng must go home!
You have to go home!
Wow, it's true.
Sir, is this the correct address?
I think it's wrong.
- What?
- But I lied.
Per Cak Jim's instructions,
this is the place.
Oh, it's true, Bay,
Miss Bondol is over there.
Wow, the apartment is so high.
Not that one, that one.
Oh, my God!
Wait, calm down. Don't talk.
You know why I brought you to this place,
instead of the apartment?
So you won't get star syndrome,
not too proud, not spoiled.
I see.
Just be grateful.
You can sleep comfortably.
That's true.
The point is we'll sleep soundly, right?
Your equipment has been moved here.
Your instruments.
All you have to do is sleep and play.
Nice, isn't it?
- But the deal...
- Shh!
Hold on.
Oh yes, Mr. Wisnu.
Oh yes, we'll be on your television.
Who's Wisnu?
All right, we'll do that.
Yeah, thank you very much.
- What is it? You heard that?
- Yes.
- Understand?
- No.
In two days, Yowis Ben
will perform on television.
- Are you kidding?
- TV? Seriously?
Cak Jim.
Thank God.
We should save our energy
and get good sleep, right, Miss?
- TV, guys!
- Yeah!
Wait, my husband's not picking up
the phone.
You know how band people are,
they must be surrounded by women.
I told you,
a newlywed should be locked up.
Don't let him go by himself.
A wild horse.
Oh, my God.
- Excuse me, Boss.
- Tell them, don't be too loud.
Here, sir, a signature dish of Malang,
my mother's pecel.
Wow, your mother cooked it?
Let's eat.
Oh, my God.
Noodle is usually...
eaten. You suck it up.
More tasty like this.
If you want to grow in Bandung,
you have to know about Bandung.
For example...
Read it yourself, okay.
Come on, guys.
You asked us to read. Let's go!
Bandung is cool, right?
- Cool.
- Cool.
Excuse me.
- Yes?
- It's correct.
- Who is it?
- Who is he?
He looks like Bandung's Mayor.
Not alike, no.
Then, similar to whom?
To the West Java's Governor.
I don't think so.
Look, the same dimples.
Oh, that's right.
Where are you from?
Where are you going?
- Ah, they are with the band.
- From?
- Malang.
- I see.
Want to grow to become famous
in Bandung.
Good, Bandung is a place for good bands.
Do you understand?
He asks whether you understand.
The point is, you came to the right place
to grow to become a famous band.
Surely, the girls are pretty.
What does he mean?
You don't have to know,
or the band will vanish.
Wanna take photos?
No, look alike. Excuse me.
No, I won't. let's go.
- Excuse me.
- Go ahead.
Excuse me.
Enjoy Bandung!
Why are we in the rain?
Come on, guys, the car's over there.
- Oh, my God!
- Oh, God!
- Wow...
- Mia.
Why are you so shocked
as if looking at a ghost? Honey!
Thank God I installed GPS
on your phone!
You said it was an apartment? Stev,
you're right, men's words
can't be trusted.
Not afraid of God?
- I'm afraid, hon.
- Afraid or not?
- Afraid?
- Afraid.
- Afraid?
- Afraid.
Then, why are you here?
Aku can't live alone.
- Can you live alone?
- I can't.
- Can you?
- No.
- Can you?
- No.
So you all understand why I am here.
What's with you, hon? Nervous?
No, hon.
- Stop it.
- Stev, why are you here?
Can't live alone?
No. I want to see
Nando's progress.
Where do I sleep?
- What?
- Why?
There are only two rooms?
I'll be here, and you?
I'll take that one. We're married.
Come on, hon.
Well, how is it, guys?
Where are we?
So, this is my room, right?
Yeah, one, two, three, four.
- Who is it, bro?
- Maybe Cak Jon, Yu.
Don't you know my mother is sleeping?
These unique human beings!
So noisy, like hip-hop pants.
Use your brain!
This is late at night!
You are so stupid! Think!
It's a thug area.
Don't be noisy!
Let's hold hands.
- Hold hands.
- Not like that!
- Noisy.
- Noisy.
Sorry, sempura, so we are...
Hey, speak English.
How are you? I'm fine.
Thank you, you're welcome.
Not Singapore.
Don't say sorry.
The girl's brave.
She's so brave.
- Mia!
- Go ahead!
- Yan, your wife!
- Shut up!
Oh God...
I'm the daughter of Colonel Haji
Khairul Jaman, ex-commander of Bandung!
I see.
- Look!
- Sis, you've grown up.
- What do you want?
- Want to eat.
Want to...
Birthday. Assalamualaikum.
Excuse me...
You become more beautiful.
O God,
give Bayu a path of light.
Jon, what is it?
I am sorry, sis, I failed.
It's all right, Jon.
Sis, I've been a burden to you.
I'd like to go. Please let me.
Damn it! Because of Yayan's wife,
we have to sleep here. It's hard.
I thought Miss Bondol would sleep here.
Did you hear that, Don?
Don't have naughty thoughts, guys!
You're not married.
What thoughts?
Oh, I want to hear it.
- Yes.
- Listen to this. Get up!
Smack down, bro.
Guys, I can't imagine Yayan doing that.
That's right, hurry, hurry, yes.
- What?
- Oh, right.
What? It's faster,
very strong.
Yayan is cool.
Thank God, your child won't drool.
Thank God.
Stop it, don't have strange thoughts.
I'm shocked.
Get up, get up, it's dawn.
How will you succeed
if you can't wake up at dawn?
Oh, God, I haven't slept.
It's so hard to wake Bayu up.
Hey, your face is so fresh...
Exercising, are you?
What do you mean?
Yan, Yan...
Damn it!
Four, five, six,
seven, eight, move!
Come on, more energetic!
One, two, three, four...
Why is it like this?
Just follow her,
her father is in the army.
Move, more energetic.
Yan, did you do this at home?
Should I answer that?
More energetic, Ndo,
so your muscles will grow.
Come on, don't chat!
- It's suitable here.
- Cak Jim!
Hey, guys.
This is the reason we are here.
- To the TV station.
- Cak Jim.
Right, Cak Jim.
Thank God, we'll perform on TV.
Okay, let's get in costume
- and make up.
- Costume?
- Make up? To be more handsome.
- The costume will be awesome.
Stop it, don't be like village people.
Should I take off the shoes?
- Come on in.
- Nevermind,
what for? You think it's a mosque?
So how is it, why is it not working?
A little to the right. Okay.
My chest, guys. My heart is beating
so fast.
- That's right. It is.
- Touch it.
Touch this one!
Oh, he's nervous.
Pecel boy, right?
- Yes, I am pecel boy.
- How do you know?
Oh, you...
Do you remember?
Our friend in elementary school?
- Who?
- Siti.
Aw, I'm afraid!
Stop it!
Oh, right. Hey!
Ti, Siti!
- Don't call me Siti!
- What?
Now my name is Sibad.
- Silat?
- Sibad.
- Sikat?
- Sibad.
- Ima?
- Whatever.
What are you doing here?
Applying for work at the TV station?
Not here. This is for artists,
make up artists, and costumes. Go away!
Ti Siti, don't underestimate us!
We're artists, too.
We are from Yowis Ben. This is my band.
Do you remember? This is Doni.
Your elementary friend.
Stop it, let's go home.
- I'm going home, Bay.
- Okay.
Be patient, Bay, have a big heart.
Yes, Cak.
Yeah, how are you?
You've become more beautiful now.
Yes, honey.
- I don't know who they are.
- What, bro!
Hey, don't forget about me.
I'm your friend.
- What does he mean?
- Your house was in the west of the river.
I also forgot.
What does she want?
Siti, are you ready?
I am ready. I am an artist, so I am quick.
Let's go, honey.
- Excuse me.
- Bye.
Her name was Siti,
after her success, it became Sibad.
Hey, hurry up, change into your costumes.
- Oh, sorry.
- Change into your costumes.
Here is a phenomenal singer whose views
are twice as many as Indonesian citizens.
Siti Badriah, who will be accompanied
by a band...
- What band?
- Yowis Ben.
Some band!
Be patient.
I'm really curious,
I wanna see my husband.
They asked you to come,
but you rejected.
I have a lot of laundry.
They are so cool.
They can perform with Siti Badriah.
Poor Siti, she got
an accompanying band like this.
Very countrified. Thank God
the song is good.
They have Javanese faces.
Don't look at the face.
Listen to the songs.
Don't do that, Sam.
It's because the band is new.
No wonder I've never seen them on TV.
What happened? Looking for
an accompanying band like this?
I'll bite you.
I'll bite you, too.
Let's eat first.
Who's paying, bro?
I'll pay, don't worry.
Ndo, I feel bad you always pay for us.
Is that okay, Ndo?
- Always paying for us.
- All right, if you insist.
We've come so far to Bandung
and they make us wear fruit costumes.
What a performance, damn it!
Should've checked it out first.
Sir, menu, please.
Welcome, here it is.
Let's order. What do you want?
- The menu makes me queasy.
- Yes, and it's pricey, too.
Don't say that
in front of the seller, bro!
It's okay, they don't understand Javanese.
- I can speak Javanese.
- What?
- Are you Javanese?
- Yes. Don't say bad things
just because people of Bandung
can't speak Javanese.
- Don't talk bad about people.
- Okay. I'll order.
- Which one is tasty?
- All of them are tasty.
- Huh?
- What kind of answer is that?
- Yes.
- Now we're confused.
Of course, the seller will say that.
Don't make me confused.
What's with him?
Yes, it's pricey.
It's pricey, but...
- It's not.
- ...they're tasty.
Gibran, what's this?
Well, too much talk.
Who is he? He said don't talk about
other people in another language.
I am in charge here.
Is there a problem?
- So, it's like this...
- Wait, let me explain.
Let me, okay.
We'd like to order.
Everything on the menu is tasty,
so we'd like to order everything.
- You're paying, right?
- Yes, don't think about it.
- Damn it.
- Okay.
I think I saw you before.
Oh, you pray loudly, right?
If he didn't,
you wouldn't remember, right?
What are you doing in Bandung?
We're from a band,
and came to play in Bandung.
We played on TV just now.
Did you see us?
Don't tell her about that, it's shameful.
Our performance was bad.
- It's okay.
- It's bad, bro.
Why are you ashamed?
You know "isin" means "malu?"
It's the same in Sundanese.
So we have the same heart.
Let's introduce ourselves to each other.
Not a muhrim.
- I am Doni.
- Okay.
You are married.
I'll represent you. This is Nando.
Damn it!
Not a muhrim!
Don't be ashamed, when I first opened
this business, there were many obstacles.
What's your secret?
I have many motivational books at home.
I'll lend them, but please order first.
- Wow, that's marketing.
- Yes.
What is it?
You dare make a move on my boss?
Of course, I am a man.
Just pay it, she's pretty
and the martabak was tasty.
- Yes.
- You're married, stay out of it.
But everyone failed.
Why is that?
Because all of them are so-so.
What about me?
Hmm, so-so.
I see.
The address is Cimbla la lu...
- Ciumbuleuit.
- Yes.
Hey, my house is in Cihampelas,
not Ciumbuleit.
Sir, why is this woman so energetic?
She was a rock vocalist, perhaps.
You jerk!
Your route is to Cihampelas!
- Fifty eight.
- Is this 58?
Excuse me, I'm getting out.
Why do you get out first...
I'm afraid he'll rape me!
- Yes.
- Me first!
What to do?
- Hey!
- Be careful, okay.
Assalaamu'alaikum, excuse me.
How do you do, sir?
Is this the Asih residence?
Is this Asih's address?
Yes, that's right, babaturana Neng Asih?
Friend. Her friend?
Oh, yeah, friend.
Sir, is she at home?
Yes, she's nyeuseuh.
- What? She's drinking milk?
- Doing laundry.
Oh, she's diligent, doing laundry.
- Is she cooking, too?
- Cooking, too.
A dream wife. Many men are afraid
to approach Asih.
Maybe because of her big house
and luxury car.
It's not that.
- What?
- The men have stayed out.
- Huh?
- Afraid of her father.
- What?
- Afraid of her father.
Oh, her father is a small issue.
Why small?
These days, it's out of date to restrain
their children, njijiki.
What is njijiki?
Nggilani naon?
Naon? What is naon?
Naon is what.
Yes, I asked, what's naon?
Yes, naon is what.
Yes, what is naon, I asked?
What a borokokok,
he doesn't understand.
What do you mean?
I don't smoke.
- Oh, my God.
- Dad.
- Naon means what.
- Dad!
Dad, please. Please, Dad.
Who is this?
Don't do anything to him. He's pitiful.
From Malang.
- Your father?
- Yes.
Oh, God. Forgive my sins, sir.
God bless you.
God bless you.
Wow, you like flowers?
We have a lot of these in Malang.
I'll bring them. There are a lot in Batu.
What is this?
What a jerk!
I am sorry,
I didn't know he was your father.
I should be the one asking forgiveness.
My father wasn't serious.
So, he was joking?
- Well.
- Asih?
Just a minute, Dad. Bayu...
Okay, then, I'll find the book.
You accompany my father in the back yard.
What? Accompany your father?
Really, Asih?
Oh, God.
I'm dead. Damn it.
- A thousand eight hundred and forty five.
- Wow.
- Try it.
- Me?
You can't even lift it.
- Shameful.
- Damn it.
You have to be alert.
This is self-defense.
- Look.
- Wow.
- What?
- Do you have enemy?
- Yes, Roy.
- Imagine this is Roy.
Damn it!
What's with you?
Don't just scold it,
men should be fair.
- Apologize.
- What?
Here, the joints should be trained.
Here. Borokokok.
- Yes.
- You try it.
Where's that book?
I didn't mean it yesterday.
- Head.
- Aw.
Stomach. Lower stomach.
Okay, let's try.
Eat that, Roy!
- Don't be too hard!
- Oh.
You are lethal, dangerous.
Just remember the Sundanese sayings.
ninggang batu laun-laun jadi legok.
Tai cakcak dina huntu
laun-laun jadi lebok.
Inside a healthy body,
there's soul and body.
Let's try our power.
- This is the last.
- That is hard.
Finished? No, not yet,
I am about to do it.
Yeah, look at this.
That's the last one.
Power is number one.
Is your leg okay?
It's fine. This is common for athletes.
The point is, you have to practice.
- Me?
- Yes, try to lift it!
Okay, try.
Don't break it.
- Why not?
- It's to build the house.
Okay, exercise some more.
Cool, Cak Jim always takes different cars.
If we're consistent in Bandung,
we can buy cars like this.
Pick-up is better, guys,
you can load a lot of cement.
Calm down...
Why is this... Borokokok.
Please calm down, they are angry.
- Thanks.
- Sorry about this.
It's okay, for Yowis Ben.
Hey, bro.
Did you forget our dream
leaving for Bandung?
Just because you have a crush.
What crush? Let's go,
what are you waiting for here.
We're waiting for you, bro!
Yes, for a long time.
And what is this?
Your performance yesterday on TV
looked like children's entertainment.
But forget it.
Cak Jim has a good plan for you.
So we're going to do a recording.
Yowis Ben featuring hip hop singers.
Ndo, what is featuring?
Featuring is a collaboration, Yan,
music collaboration.
Collaboration across genres,
and with other bands.
Do we share the payment, too?
It's already too little.
Just wait, Yan.
Cak, who are we featuring with?
With a talented rapper.
- Saykoji?
- No.
- Iwa K?
- Lam Hot.
Cool, isn't it?
- How was it?
- Cute.
What do you think, Ndo?
As usual.
- Yes, as usual, do it with Bismillah.
- Mm.
- One, two, three...
- Bro,
that's not how you count
for entering the song, it's 4/4.
The tempo is wrong, too,
like this, one, two, three, four.
- Count.
- One, two, three, four.
Cut! Stop!
Are you playing music or angry?
- Drummer!
- Oh, Yayan.
Whatever, I don't care, more hip-hop.
- Guitar!
- Doni.
- Joni? Jon, so...
- Doni.
...you were...
Now you do this...
But I set the distortion for...
Okay, thank you.
The keyboard is too plain.
Don't you have other sounds? Bass is nice.
One, two, one, two, three four.
- Bro, enter.
- Wait a minute.
Stop for a minute.
Is that all the lyrics?
The shorter it gets,
the easier for people to memorize
- and understand...
- It's logic.
This is not about the logic,
or understanding. The problem is
this song is personal for us.
What do you think, Bay?
I understand, let's wait.
Bay, don't stand for them, bro, damn you!
How is it, Cak Jim?
- How is the musicality?
- Wow, this mister is...
Very good. Nice. Continue, fighting.
Good, continue,
don't discuss it too much.
Miss Bondol, what do you think?
Just try to adapt.
- Now what?
- What is this?
This is not Yowis Ben, guys!
Lam Hot has many subscribers.
So he can make a lot of money for us.
Add money.
Money, and money again, damn it!
- Be patient, Ndo.
- What are you saying?
You've got money,
but I do this for money, Ndo.
Guys, please, we've arrived in Bandung.
Please be patient, Yan, Don.
The problem is they ruined our song.
If they don't, then I'm fine.
Once again, guys, please, let it go.
- Can't, can't, can't, Jancuk!
- Bro!
That's not how you use
the word jancuk, okay!
It's okay for joking.
But you can't place
this word in a song...
Yan, no phone!
- Do it later.
- Let's practice, Yan.
I am practicing. I can't do that now.
Why now?
My wife is having a craving.
- What does she want?
- Martabak.
It's late, where can you find it?
Where will you get out?
Still far, Sir.
What time is it, bro?
I am afraid, really.
I am afraid to go to a girl's house
this late, her father's scary.
Let's try it, for Yayan.
You're a thief?
Oh, God.
You want to steal something, at this hour?
- Ow, ow!
- Huh?
This morning you borrowed a book,
now, this late
- what do you want?
- The bell wasn't working, really.
You lied.
I called but no one answered.
You think I don't pay the bill?
You must want to do
something to my daughter.
Listen, my friend is pregnant,
she wants to eat martabak,
so I'm here to buy martabak, really.
- A craving?
- Yes.
Sorry, Miss Nina.
Where do you live? Why didn't you get out?
I should be the one saying sorry to you.
You're welcome. Sorry.
We passed my house long ago.
But I didn't want to get off.
I don't want to get
off, I have a problem with my husband.
My husband sucks.
He doesn't give me money.
I am the one who works
from morning till night.
And the money I earn,
it's so hard, he uses that
for gambling, watching dangdut,
giving money to girls. I am very angry.
Now we don't have rice, or salt,
so what should I and the children eat?
Your husband is a jerk.
What's with her?
It's sad.
- Don't release it!
- No.
You came far away from Malang
to Bandung, for what?
I came to Bandung with my friends.
Oh. You must want to find
Bandung's mojang, right?
What? Mojang?
Oh, no.
I am not looking for girls.
- Really?
- Really! We're a band.
- Playing in a band?
- Yes.
Your face
is unlike the band guys. Wash your face.
Band player is like me, metal.
You know my band's name?
Metal Leasing.
Playing and giving leases for motorcycles,
But not anymore, I am retired.
I'm just taking care of Neng Asih at home.
If you're really a band player,
let's play together later.
- Neng!
- Yes.
Lock the garage, doors and windows.
Yes, Dad.
Be careful, there are a lot of thieves.
I want to sleep.
- Okay?
- Yes, Dad.
Does that hurt?
- Ow!
- Ooh. It hurts a lot?
Not anymore.
Is that a passenger?
He's a friend. We like music.
Oh, a friend?
- I am sorry.
- Go ahead.
Please ask your friend...
Can he get out of this car?
- When I saw his face, I felt sick.
- Why?
He looks a lot like my jerk husband.
Please tell him, sorry.
You like music, right?
What do you usually listen to?
- Tragedy.
- Is that a band?
Do you want to mix it?
Okay. Mix it.
That's not how to do it.
Here, let's mix it together.
Oh, okay, together.
Hold on, follow my hand, okay?
You're terrible.
If your friend doesn't get out,
in case there's a murder,
just in case.
- He's not a relative?
- No.
- No blood relation?
- No.
So if something happens, it's okay?
You'll let go? For example, ears fall off.
Hands fractured.
Fractured legs. Broken neck.
How many years is the punishment?
Tell him to get out! I'm sick of his face!
He looks like my husband.
You never said you can't do anything!
What's the secret?
Use eggs.
What? Use eggs?
If you wanna be pretty, use eggs?
- You're so sly.
- Wow.
Don't be too loud,
your father'll wake up.
But you're really pretty.
Don't do that, it's dirty.
Ow, ow.
- Hey!
- What?
That was on the left.
Ow, ow.
On the left. Don't remove it.
Yes, okay.
Okay, I'll go back to sleep.
- God is Great!
- I am not possessed!
If you have an issue,
talk about it.
Shut up!
What's that?
You are the same!
Follow my hand.
Your child will drool.
There's Bayu. What took you so long?
Here it is.
Thanks Bay, my child won't drool.
Sorry it took us so long,
there was a problem.
What! This is not little!
Hey, where are you going?
Going home, there's no hope here!
Calm down, let's talk it out.
What's so good? Lam Hot is a mess.
Cak Jim is a mess.
Yowis Ben is a mess, guys!
My face is a mess, too.
Calm down, Ndo.
I'll talk it out with Cak Jim tomorrow.
Now, let's eat martabak.
No, this is my martabak.
Just one piece, Mi, I'm bruised.
You'd rather Nando go home?
Watch out, I...
Yan, look at your wife.
It's my child, Don.
So that my child won't drool.
If I knew,
I wouldn't have accompanied you.
Do you want it?
Miss, in this
modern era, you still want to be seduced
in public transportation.
What a sight, Miss!
- What does that mean?
- She said you are handsome.
What? Handsome? Which part?
Miss, you're pretty, but you let him
lie to you. This big sister is a victim.
A man's victim, Miss! I was seduced
in public transportation, too.
He said I was the only woman for him...
In fact, when he didn't like me anymore,
he left me! I hate it.
Why has it becomes so sad?
Nothing, she's talking about a TV series.
It's up to you, Miss, go ahead.
Congratulation for getting hurt, Miss,
seven stitches!
Don't be angry, my dear
Your beauty will be gone
Smile a little bit, I'll kiss your cheek
Smile a little bit
I'll kiss your forehead
Smile a little bit, I'll kiss your dad
Why are you looking at me like that,
so engrossed...
Oh, I am fascinated by you, Asih.
You sell martabak, and volunteer
to clean animals here.
Why do you do that?
Now, I get to ask you questions.
Why do you have a band, make songs,
and sing?
Because I am happy to do that,
and to help my parents a little.
I also do that to make myself happy,
and to help my parents.
You're swearing at me.
You said jancuk.
No, jancuk is not always
a swearing word. Sometimes
it's used as a hyperbole.
Just an expression, like, this place
is nice, wow, jancuk, it's so nice.
So the context is you are pretty,
so it's like, "Oh, jancuk, so pretty."
You lied.
It's true, I swear, really.
So I can say 'jancuk' when I see
a man that's so kasep?
Kasep means too late?
It means handsome.
Yes, you can. Not janjuk, but jancuk.
Not jancok, but jancuk.
- Jancuk.
- Right.
Oh, brother.
You're jancuk!
What's with her?
He's so handsome, brother.
Sorry, Cak, sorry.
Don't say that.
When you say jancuk, don't be too loud,
they'll think you're angry.
Say, jancuk.
So it's the same as 'borokokok'.
Oh, your father often said that to me.
Is that an angry word?
No, it means almost the same as jancuk.
Asih borokokok.
Bayu jancuk.
Asih borokokok.
- Bay?
- Yes?
- Bayu?
- Yes?
Borokokok, all of you borokokok.
All of you jancuk!
Now, the fact is, we have a contract,
each one of you will be paid 30 million.
- Wow.
- Thank God, give it to me.
Perform in all clubs in Java and Sumatera,
the sponsor
is a new brand of liquor.
Wait, Cak, is there alcohol in it?
Of course, Yan.
People don't go to clubs to drink jamu,
they drink alcohol,
- that hard liquor.
- True, the trademark is Keras, hard, bro.
I ask for forgiveness.
Well? Lam Hot, will you sign it?
We'll sign it.
Yowis Ben, will you sign it?
We'll sign it.
Sorry, I can't.
Yan, you need money
for your child's birth, don't you?
That's the reason, I don't want
bad money for my child's birth.
But we won't drink it.
We'll promote it so when people drink it,
we have to be responsible for it.
Yan, aren't you ashamed to go
back home to Malang as a failure?
No. I don't want my child
being born using alcohol money.
- But, Yan.
- Bay!
Listen to Yayan.
We are family.
Family has to have principles.
Family doesn't make things difficult.
If you don't need money, then go home.
Bro! It's not decent to say that.
Bro, you're rich and handsome.
I need money.
That's enough, don't get emotional,
Lam Hot is watching.
Don, remember, we created Yowis Ben
just the two of us, right?
But we can't now, it's impossible to do it
with just the two of us.
It's possible, we have Lam Hot.
Yowis Ben featuring Lam Hot.
Cak, if it's about principles, we can't
force them, the band will be disbanded.
You don't know anything, just shut up.
Okay, I am going. Let's go, Yan,
family is not like this.
- What.
- Assalaamu'alaikum.
Yan? Ndo?
I'm going, Bay.
I hope Yowis Ben will succeed.
God bless you.
Be careful.
Good, that's right.
Nice, nice.
- Hey, borokokok.
- Yes?
Do you like my daughter?
Yes, I do.
Not so easy.
You have to know what I like.
What do you like?
I have a new song. For Asih.
- You made it for Asih?
- Yes.
It's in Javanese, let me.
this is just a suggestion.
Use Sundanese.
So that Asih will be...
I'll translate it later.
Oh, you'll translate it, right.
Sorry, Miss, the car is on a break.
I am the driver and owner, sorry.
What's a signature dish
that everybody likes?
Oh, you want to get food for Asih, too?
For her father.
Wow, flatterer.
We should be good to the father first.
Agree. Surabi.
This is the most popular surabi.
This is for Asih, this one's for Dad..
Here it is.
Is it good?
Good, very good. But...
what Dad likes is not about you singing
in Sundanese, or bringing surabi.
You are proudly presenting me
this surabi.
Your friend drove you,
but when he was
in trouble, you left him.
- Haven't got surabi. Take care of it.
- Help me push it.
You must be curious
how I know this, right?
I am the owner of Bandung.
You have to be able
to become a leader, Imam.
There's darma to become a leader
in Sundanese philosophy.
A leader should be cageur,
bageur, bener, pinter, singer.
Cageur, cageur means healthy.
But not only physically,
body and mind.
Bageur means good
in doing anything.
You can't offend others.
Bener, bener is doing what's right,
not only right according to yourself.
Then pinter, pinter means smart,
not only in education,
but you have to be able to give solutions.
The last one is singer, singer means
everything you dream of, you'll be given
some ease to accomplish it.
That's why, Asih's male friends,
many of them have failed.
I'll give my consent for her
if she gets a good imam, leader,
that's much better than me.
With your hand and the gift,
and your peace...
And rugs
and his mercy and blessings.
I understand.
Asih, I really like you,
but I have to pursue my family first,
Yowis Ben.
It's okay, Bayu,
be someone that's worthy of me.
Dad, I am going.
Thanks a lot.
Do you like him?
Yowis Ben has a contract now.
But why don't I feel relieved?
Don, I'd like to talk.
Yes, Bay.
Eh, Kang Engkos.
What a coincidence.
Please drive us later.
What are you saying?
Drive you?
I drove you everywhere.
When I was in trouble, you left me.
You have to know,
Cak Jim
only paid me once,
and very little at that.
I'm disappointed.
I love Yowis Ben, really!
I swear, my favorite song is
"Indonesia Berjaya".
We are different, but together,
where are we? You left me.
Sorry, Brother.
I am sorry, Brother.
Please forgive me, okay.
Don, let's go home.
And the contract?
What kind of contract is this?
Shit contract.
Hey, bro.
The contract?
Why did you rip it?
The contract is bound. How dare you?
I'll sue you, you'll rot in jail.
The community's leader said
it's green.
This one. Assalaamu'alaikum.
Excuse me.
Is there someone named Jimmy Smith?
Jimmy Smith is a foreign name.
The only foreigner is him.
Jimmy Smith?
- Yes, what is it, Sir?
- You were reported for fraud.
Follow us to the station.
Did you report me?
Let's go to the station.
- Did you report me?
- Watch your head!
Want to come?
Where are we going? This isn't true.
To the station.
Watch your head.
- Is this true?
- Cak Jim had it coming.
Hey, it's maghrib. Let's pray.
Dad, what happened to your leg?
Did you break some bricks?
No, I can handle bricks,
this is uric acid.
- Dad...
- What?
Bayu is leaving,
he's returning to Malang.
We failed in Bandung.
The band I told you about,
I'd like to gather them again.
Failure is nothing.
It's delayed success.
Now Bayu will be the Imam.
My leg hurts.
Wow, hurry get ablution.
Assalaamual'aikum warahmatullaah.
Assaalamu'alaikum warahmatullaah.
God, please forgive
my sins, my parents' sins, and love them
as they loved me when I was a baby.
Neng Asih, are you sure you want to
continue your studies in Malang?
Yes, Dad.
Yes, Dad?
I'm entrusting Asih to you.
Find her a dorm.
A safe one, okay?
Are these everything?
- Yes.
- Asih.
I'll say my farewell here.
- Thank you, Brother.
- You're welcome.
Wait, Stev!
Come on, guys.
Don, Stevia, Don.
you're still here?
Yes, I'm waiting for Nando.
What's up with him?
Nando's hesitating to go home.
He doesn't want to see his mother-to-be.
And, Yayan and Mia?
They went home.
Where's Nando now?
There he is.
How was it? Succeed already?
Success is not important
if we lose our family.
is not important if we lose our family.
There are a lot of things I don't like
about you. Including your idealism.
Then why are you here?
The problem is not whether
I like it or not.
The problem is how we can
live together. We are family, Ndo.
I apologize to you.
- He apologized.
- Yeah?
Yes, me too.
Okay, let's go back to Malang.
Ndo, about your mother-to-be,
maybe it's because
you don't know her yet.
But you like to tease me.
Ndo, did your father
come to see us, or this?
The plan is to watch Yowis Ben.
If she becomes your mother,
I'll come to your house everyday.
I'll give her money, sawer.
Damn it, Doni.
Me again.
What is sawer?
It's better not to explain.
It was a joke.
Don't be over the top when you're joking.
I am sorry, okay.
Okay, let's go back to Malang.
Where's Miss Bondol?
Don't think about her,
she conned us.
A pretty swindler.
Please pity him.
What a pity.
I don't need your pity.
Don't laugh at me.
The two in the back are sleeping cozily.
The ones in front
are in love, whatever.
Nando, you were wrong about
Aunt Jeje.
What do you want to buy?
Nothing, you better think about
Nando's college tuition.
Nando is most important.
Aunt, I'll help you.
Mom, I'm sorry. I failed.
succeed or fail,
it's alright,
the most important thing is
that you walk on the right path.
Who is she?
From Malang?
She's from Bandung, Mom.
She wants to study in Malang.
- I see.
- Let me introduce myself.
I am Asih, from Bandung.
Oh, Asih.
She's pretty.
Oh, Mom!
Mom, where's Cak Jon?
I don't see him around.
Your uncle went
to Surabaya for work.
Assalaamu'alaikum warahmatullaahi
warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh.
You answered a greeting incompletely.
Do it again.
warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh.
warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuh.
Answering a greeting angrily.
Do you want to be scolded
in Sundanese or Javanese?
That's enough, Honey, drink the soup.
Yes, Honey.
Yan, please forgive me,
I've made so many mistakes with you.
- Obviously.
- Honey!
Yes, Honey.
Okay, Bay,
I think of you as a family.
- I don't.
- Honey!
Yes, Honey.
That's why I'm here now,
to apologize to you, Yan.
It's common for a family
to have problems. I've forgotten it, Bay.
What? I didn't say anything.
Here, finish it.
Yes, Honey.
Aren't you a rock musician?
Afraid of his wife.
The children laughed at you.
Every night I can't sleep
I can't sleep
Why don't you continue the song, Cak Jon?
Every night
I can't sleep
I can't sleep
Thinking of you
I can't sleep
I can't sleep
Thinking of you
How are you doing in Bandung?
Feel at home?
If you succeed
you must've felt at home over there.
I am sorry, Cak Jon,
I have wronged you.
Since I was little
I haven't had a father,
it was only you and mother
who have been taking care of me.
Yowis Ben was created
because I got the inspiration from you.
We pursued
something uncertain. While in Malang,
there's you who was certain.
Who's been guiding us
and fighting for us,
but we left you.
It's alright, Bay.
I've made a lot of mistakes, too.
Remember your band's name, Yowis Ben.
Let bygones be bygones.
let's be better people, Bay.
Bay, come here you all.
Cak Jon.
You didn't say you'd come home, Bay.
I could have picked you up.
Do you have a vehicle?
Yes, Kamidi's becak.
Becaks can't enter the airport, Cak.
What's with him.
That's how your uncle is.
- Well, Kamidi.
- Forgive me, Cak.
- Yes, Bay.
- Forgive me, Cak.
Yes, Don.
Forgive me.
- Cak.
- Yayan,
Let me borrow that towel.
Here's another one. Use this one.
This is your T-shirt.
Since he was little,
we've always lived here,
now we have to move.
Thanks, Asih, for helping us.
You're welcome.
Bay, come on, are you coming?
Just go,
let me finish this.
Asih, please accompany Bayu, okay?
Yes, Aunt, I will.
ladies and gentlemen.
Good afternoon everyone.
Good afternoon.
First, I'd like to
thank you all,
for accepting Yowis Ben again.
Now, we have a new song.
I got the inspiration
from someone I love.
- Yes.
- Miss Bondol.
What do you want?
Calm down, Bay.
You're not the only one
that was swindled by Cak Jim.
Me and my father were swindled, too,
that's why I reported him
to the police before.
And now I took over
my father's music business.
I am here not only to apologize,
but I'd also like
to offer a contract to Yowis Ben
to do touring across Indonesia.
Thank God.
Is there a payment?
Yes, five percent of the contract
is 50 million.
Yowis Ben has already become my favorite,
"gondolane hati".
- Gandolane.
- Oops.
It's alright, Miss. The point is you can
speak Javanese now.
Hello, assalaamu'aikum, Mom.
Waalaikumsalam, Son, what's up?
Mom, you don't have to think about
the rent. I have money.
Son, thanks God.
Would you like a couple of t-shirts?
No, it's so tacky, why?
Have you worn a couple of t-shirts?
Never. What for? Never.
Hey, Uncle Sunari!
Will you order a couple of t-shirts or
No, cancel it. Go away.
What did he say?
It's Uncle Sunari, just the usual.
Thank God.
See you later.
Till we meet again.
Subtitle translation by Noer Agustien