Yowis Ben Finale (2021) Movie Script

Why can't they not look down on me
for just one day?
I already broke open my savings.
- Selling pecel rice at school.
- I know.
Looking for a member? Forming a band?
What's this?
In the name of God.
If we can get Nando to join our band,
that would be awesome.
Hey, stop.
The one with the pink hair band is pretty.
What pink hairband?
The guy, Yan!
we've been talking about the guy?
We're looking for a new member.
That's enough!
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
What are you drinking, Yan?
Noodle soup.
No wonder you're dumb.
Kolesterol performs well.
People need to understand.
One day, we can be cool too.
But how?
Come on, it's late.
Why are you so relaxed?
Watch your mouth! This is my top speed!
You're choosing Yowis Ben over me?
That's not a small matter for me!
Would you still go out with me?
I can't sleep.
Sometimes I keep thinking about Susan.
Since Susan came to our practice,
Bayu just can't concentrate.
I'm quitting Yowis Ben!
You don't get to fire me!
Watch your mouth! How dare you say that?
I dare!
If Susan looks back,
she wants you to chase her.
If she doesn't look back?
Probably sprained her neck.
Did you sprain your neck?
Doni and his mouth!
"Mostly encouraging and shouting."
"Mostly encouraging and shouting."
That's shortened to "Monecot", Uncle Jon.
I'm more handsome and
can't get a girlfriend.
And you're getting married?
I've been taking care of Bayu since he was
a kid. I'll still take care of him.
I'll take care of his mother.
I'll take care of you!
- Why do you have to take care of me?
- So you won't take care of her.
I'd like to remind you.
If you don't reach success,
your life will be empty
like this graveyard.
Who says it's empty?
Why are you sitting there, Sir?
My dad wants me to
go to college in Germany.
Next to Kauman?
That's near, San.
I'm sorry.
San, not like this!
What's wrong with you?
If you can't pay, you have to move out.
If you want me to manage your band,
you have to come with me to Bandung.
You dare to approach my boss?
Of course, I'm a man.
Bandung is the place to find great bands.
- No.
- If you don't need money, just go home!
Always about money, damn it!
Dripping water will eventually
make a hole in a stone.
Gecko poop stuck in your teeth,
you will swallow it anyway.
Which means?
Inside a healthy body
lies a healthy...
Do you guys know
what else we shouldn't delay?
Taking our chance.
To become bigger, more professional,
more popular.
What do you say?
- My dear Jon.
- What?
Do you love me?
Of course.
From 0 to 100?
A million.
Times a million, full.
You look more beautiful wearing a hijab.
Praise be to God if you think that way.
Sir, why are you here?
You're disturbing us.
Jon, I'd like you to meet...
Captain Arjuna.
Rini's fiance.
What happened back then?
I was shocked.
I don't wanna take care of your store!
I want to go abroad and study music!
Yowis Ben can never be big,
if you keep doing this!
Enough, Son.
Don't blame your uncle.
But it was his fault, Mother.
Bro, what happened?
Why's the power down?
- Just a second, Bay!
- What's wrong?
You're just Rini's bitter past.
Am I right? This person is
just your bitter past!
- Rin!
- Rin, wait!
Listen well.
If you ever approach my fiance again,
I'll guarantee.
Your every concert, wherever it is,
will be a mess.
Uncle Jon!
- Bay?
- Susan?
Look, Bayu is with a girl.
I didn't come to your concert
just this once.
And you cheat on me?
Huh? I'm not cheating on you!
- You jerk!
- Asih!
Please wait, I can explain!
You can't focus!
Enough, Bayu. Remember.
This is your uncle.
It's not proper for you to say that.
This person has been with you
since you were a kid.
Up until now, he's been focused.
Focused on Yowis Ben, on you!
Uncle Jon, I'm sorry.
Oh God, I treated my own uncle like that.
How'd today's concert go, Husband?
It was a mess, Mi.
Husband, Singo is here.
- Singo.
- Singo.
Stop biting your mother, Son.
He's sleeping.
There, don't think about it, Don.
Let's hope the organizer
will still pay us.
Di, you psychopath!
Why are you wearing a plastic bag?
Like a bag of mangoes.
I didn't bring my shorts.
But you can't wear a plastic bag!
Afraid that bats might bite you?
Hey, this is a swimming pool.
My shorts are waterproof.
If I go inside, I won't get wet.
Don, is this guy insane?
- Now what?
- That's plastic waste.
What if there are tortoises inside?
This guy doesn't think straight.
The tortoise comes out!
Tortoise! I will save you!
What is that sound?
It's the rain, Mi.
- Yes.
- What's that noise?
- Doing something funny?
- No, here...
Yes, it's the rain sound!
It's the rain.
- All wet.
- And here's the sound of thunder.
- Listen.
- Thunder!
- The rain?
- It's raining hard, Mi.
Tortoise! Oops.
Instead of messing with thunder,
it's better I go save the tortoises.
- Come on, Ndo. Let's save the Earth.
- Yes.
Dono, help! I can't swim!
The tortoise comes out!
You're a burden, Don!
It was the rain.
The rain. Was it a storm, Husband?
Alright. Don't forget to wear your jacket.
How troublesome.
You can't swim, but you jumped in.
What are you doing? I'm fine.
Your lungs are wet.
You should know better.
No health insurance, but you jumped in.
You're ruining my fun!
Poor tortoise.
You're making me aching all over!
What are you doing?
Getting rid of the water.
I swallowed some.
What about our payment?
Uncle Jon is incompetent.
It wasn't Uncle Jon's fault.
Now I know who ruined our concerts.
Arjuna, Bay?
- Yes.
- Hold up.
Why Arjuna?
That man doesn't like Ms. Rini
getting close to her ex-boyfriend.
- Uncle Jon, right?
- Yeah.
That guy's so possessive.
Miss, I'm not like that.
Enough, let the tortoise tell the story.
That's it, Bay.
The thing that
Ms. Rini doesn't like about Juna.
That guy is possessive.
Ms. Rini can't be free.
Hey, let me tell you a secret.
Actually, Ms. Rini hasn't moved on
from Uncle Jon.
You guys know, her EO's name?
- Pitikih.
- Yes.
Pitikih was
Uncle Jon's pet chicken back then.
Chicken, do you know?
Because of this exhaust pipe,
Bayu got mad at me.
My fiance was mad at me.
- Chicken!
- Yes, that's right.
Goodness, dear God.
I have sinned a lot
against Uncle Jon, guys.
This is all because of me.
I yelled at him.
And when I went to his room, he was gone.
They said he checked out.
No matter what, Jon is your uncle.
When we get back to Malang,
you have to apologize, alright?
I'm sure he'll forgive you.
Not necessarily.
What do you mean?
This is his nephew, his relative.
What if Uncle Jon hasn't
returned to Malang?
May peace be upon you, Mother.
And upon you as well.
You left with your uncle.
Why are you coming home separately?
I'm sorry, Mother.
I failed.
We didn't get paid
for yesterday's concert.
It was a mess.
Gosh, Son.
I also blamed Uncle Jon.
Even though it wasn't his fault.
It was because of
Ms. Rini's boyfriend, Mother.
It turns out that
Ms. Rini still has feelings for Uncle Jon.
Dear God, Mother.
I have sinned a lot against Uncle Jon.
You shouldn't get too emotional.
No matter what, Jon is your uncle.
You shouldn't treat him like that.
It's a sin.
Yes, Mother.
Come, apologize to him.
Where's Uncle Jon?
I'm sure you know where he is.
I'll go with you.
Go on, wash your face first.
Yes, Mother.
I apologize.
I couldn't keep my promise.
I've failed to look after Bayu.
I couldn't replace you, Brother.
Please forgive me.
I don't have much time.
Leave Bayu to you.
Please stay with him until
he can be responsible.
I promise.
Thank you, Jon.
- Uncle.
- Bay.
There, there, just sit down.
I'm sorry, Bay.
No, Uncle.
I'm the one who is really sorry, Uncle.
You've been taking care of me
since I was a kid.
You picked me up from school.
And you took me to school.
You cheered me up when I was sad.
I've done a lot of
bad things to you, Uncle.
I'm really sorry,
from the bottom of my heart.
There, Bay.
Let bygones be bygones, Bay.
Forgive me, Uncle.
- Jon.
- Jum.
I'm sorry.
Your promise to Lukito.
It's fulfilled.
Thank you, Jon.
I'm sorry, Jum.
Bay, Lukito.
Lukito is our witness, Jon.
Thank you, Jon, for taking care of Bayu.
Now Bayu's a big boy, Jon.
He can take care of himself.
Rini left this to me,
before she went home to Surabaya.
I leave to you our wedding ring
for my dear Jon.
Gosh, Rin.
I didn't tell you, Jon.
Because the time wasn't right.
Now, Jon.
Now's the time.
Go see Rini in Surabaya, Jon.
- Thank you, Jum.
- Yes, Jon.
I'll go with you.
Yes, Bay.
I told you, you can't go to school abroad.
But it's been my lifelong dream, Dad.
Why can't you be like my friends' dads?
Who support and listen to
what their kids want.
Dear Ancestors, it's me, Fernando Cheng.
Born in the Year of the Dragon,
December 13, 2000.
Son of Papa Cheng and Aunt Jeje.
Dear Ancestors.
I hope Dad's heart will listen.
Dear Ancestors.
I ask for your guidance
and your help to achieve my dreams.
Thank you, God.
After you graduate college,
you must continue my business.
But I don't want to
continue your store, Dad.
I want to go abroad and study music!
Let's be a different Chinese family, Dad.
Nowadays, Indonesian youth
can become anything.
Why are you still sad?
Just talk to your dad.
I'm sure he'll understand, right?
But you know, my dad's stubborn
and old fashioned.
Always forcing me
to take care of the store.
Such a Boomer.
Do you know why I fell in love
with your dad?
Because when we first met,
your dad was such a loving person.
And he likes to help people
regardless of their religion.
That's with other people, Auntie.
He's so strict with his own son.
You haven't tried.
You haven't even told your dad
about your visa.
There, there,
you shouldn't think badly about him.
Look, your dad's over there.
Just go talk to him, alright?
You can go, Son.
Really, Dad?
Thank you, Dad. Thank you so much.
That's how your friend is.
Yes, Father.
Go ask to him yourself.
How diligent, Don.
Hey, Sa.
Clean my house next, okay?
No way, your dad's mean.
Father told me.
Have you been living here, Don?
I have some problem with my house.
Well, why didn't you stay with the boys?
Sa, the guys have their own problems.
I don't want to bother them.
Alright then.
I hope your family's problems
can be solved soon, Don.
- Mop it properly.
- Yes.
Alright? Can you do it like this?
Of course. I can't wait, Bay.
What are you gonna say?
Little cricket.
Trying to get involved?
Don't be afraid, Bay.
If you want Rini...
Come on.
Let's settle this honorably.
Let's go home, Uncle.
Listen, Bay.
Do you know, Surabaya youth
during the November 10th battle
against the Dutch.
What did they say to build courage?
What, Uncle?
Screw you.
Screw you!
Screw him, Bay!
- We dare!
- Do you dare, Uncle?
- Screw him!
- Screw...
You dare?
- What is it, Dem?
- Where's Ms. Rini?
She's in a meeting.
Let's go.
- Mop it properly.
- Calm down, Don.
I bet you never mop at home, right?
Watch your mouth. You missed a spot, Don.
That part's clean. It's stuck.
- Sa.
- Yes?
Let's go mop the town square.
Mommy, we're running out of drinks.
Order some more.
- Ndo.
- Stev.
I want to talk to you.
Talk about what?
I want to talk seriously.
Stev, wait.
I haven't said anything yet.
Sorry, Ndo.
Stev, how many crates?
Wait, Mommy!
Don't disturb me, just a moment!
Don't you want a son-in-law?
What is it, Ndo?
So, it's like this.
I'm going to America!
I got my visa, scholarship.
My dad gave his permission.
My dreams are coming true, Stev!
Stev, how many crate?
Three or eight?
Eight, Mommy!
Order them now, Mommy!
I need some!
I also need a son-in-law.
Why aren't you happy?
I'm happy, so happy!
I'm thrilled!
What more can I ask for?
Berklee, Boston.
Music college.
- America, huh?
- Yeah.
John Meyer, Charlie Puth!
I'll study there too.
Really? You'll be famous.
I hope so.
Have you ordered them?
I have, but I haven't seen my son-in-law.
Congratulations, Ndo.
Thank you.
Thank you, Stev.
If you found one,
introduce him to me, Dear.
Has my son-in-law come?
Want a drink?
But we're out.
Come on, Sih.
Boys are like that.
Have patience, alright?
Why are you crying?
- Stev, what's wrong?
- Nando.
What's with Nando?
Did he have an affair too?
What do you mean "too"?
Bayu cheated on you?
With his ex-girlfriend.
Since high school,
Bayu has always been crazy about Susan.
Have patience, Sih.
There, there.
I'm afraid he'll practice polygamy, Sih!
There, there.
Calm down.
Why are you crying?
Nando's going to college in America.
Bayu had an affair in Kediri,
imagine Nando in America.
It's far.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sir.
Thank you.
Okay, the next song that I'm gonna sing
is a song that I wrote myself
about my country, Indonesia.
A country that is warm,
as warm as your smile, and your love.
There, there.
Don't have any weird thoughts, alright?
Sih, calm down.
Nando is chasing his dreams in America.
That's for you too.
You can go see him sometimes.
Buy a ticket.
But I have no money, Mi!
Bayu and Asih,
every time they come to my cafe,
they only buy water!
Warm water!
Wasting my gas!
Only warm water.
It's alright.
Nando will buy you the tickets, okay?
Nando has no money.
Yowis Ben hasn't gotten any more gigs, Mi.
What do you mean?
If Nando goes to America,
Yowis Ben will disband.
Wait. What?
Disband, Mi.
Mi, don't cry.
Nando's the one going to America, Mi.
If they disband,
what will Singo and Panda eat?
Thank you.
How much, Husband?
10,000 Rupiah.
Thank you.
- Come on. You can't beg here.
- Husband!
Help, Husband!
No! Dear God, my baby!
Dear God.
What will my babies eat?
Cricket mustache.
Isn't this too much, Sir?
That cricket might die.
Come on. You can do this, Uncle!
You dare? Screw him!
- Yes, Bay.
- Be brave, Uncle.
- Pray for me, Bay.
- Okay, Uncle.
Go, Uncle!
This is personal.
Screw him, Uncle!
Go, Uncle!
That's the referee! What is this?
Give him an uppercut, Uncle!
Jab, jab!
Hang on, Uncle!
How is it, Dem?
I reported this
to his commanding officer, Miss.
- Where are they?
- There.
- Juna, stop it!
- Calm down.
Come on, Uncle.
Get up, Uncle.
How do you feel? Can you still go on?
I can, Bay.
- Are you sure?
- I'm sure, Bay.
I can do this, Bay. This is my fight.
This is the time.
- Calm down.
- Come on, Uncle.
Please, stop!
Come, face me!
Screw him, Uncle!
Screw you!
Stop it!
Stop this!
Yes, Sir!
I've heard everything.
What you have done is a violation.
You misused your authority.
We as the military
are supposed to protect civilians.
Just wait for your punishment.
Break it up.
- Move!
- Yes, Sir!
Uncle, now what?
- Listen to me.
- Enough, Juna.
- Please listen.
- Enough.
This time, you're out of line.
We're through.
But I'm fighting for you, Rin.
For me or for yourself?
For us!
What? Have you ever asked what I want?
Have you?
Have you men ever asked us what we want?
This is all just for your ego, your wish.
For you!
I've been following your demands
all this time.
How come you men never understand?
That patience has its limit.
I'm tired!
Let's go back, Dem.
Captain, go after her.
I'm done, Jon.
Go after her.
Go after Ms. Rini!
What are you waiting for? Another round?
Go after her!
- Chase her, Uncle!
- Rini!
Go after her, Uncle! Come on!
Come on, Uncle!
Right away, Uncle!
Captain Sir.
I'm really sorry.
You're the same,
fighting like a little kid!
You should've known better,
why did you accept his challenge?
I thought it could be like,
"A clog fell into the gutter."
Instead of finding a new one,
we should get back together.
Get back together!
Do you know?
Back then, I always asked myself.
"How can it be like this?"
"Why is it like this?"
I finally use it as
my EO's name, "Pitikih".
Do you understand?
I'm sorry, Rin.
These past three years
I still can't get over you, at all.
Saying sorry won't solve problems, Jon.
I still love you.
Bay, where is it?
- Sorry, just a moment.
- Where?
Here, Uncle.
Got it? There.
This is the time, Uncle.
Rin, this is my promise.
A better life.
For both of us.
Let's get married.
- Really?
- Yes, really!
Bay, what should I do?
I'm sorry, Rin. Wear it yourself.
Why is it always like this?
What about these?
Praise be to God, we're eating rawon stew.
This is the most delicious rawon
in the whole Surabaya.
- Want some fat?
- That's enough, Rin.
Thank you, Rin.
Rin, give me some.
Oh right, Bay. So, here's the thing.
I plan to arrange
for Yowis Ben to have
a tour around Indonesia.
What do you say?
For real, Miss?
Of course, why would I lie?
Praise be to God.
We'll take it, Miss. Praise be to God.
Praise be to God.
I'm sure you're happy, Bay.
Huh, where's the chili sauce?
Wait, I'll get some.
- Near the stove, Jon.
- Yes.
- At the kitchen, Uncle.
- Yes, wait.
- More meat?
- Yes.
That's enough.
Thank you.
Oh right.
Excuse me beforehand.
But can our payment for this tour
be paid partially in advance?
Of course.
It's called a down payment.
It can, Mother! Praise be to God.
Thank you, Rin.
Here's the chili sauce.
- Alright.
- Awesome.
"Rawon stew" and "pecel rice".
When will you make it official?
Soon, Jum.
Right, Rin?
Yes, Uncle.
You've been waiting
for three years, right?
Yes, Bay.
After you get married,
Yowis Ben will go
on a tour around Indonesia.
Come on, let's eat.
- Yes.
- Yes, Rin.
So good.
Do you like it?
It's so tasty.
Uncle Sindu, do you have any
milk egg honey ginger drink for stamina?
I do.
For the newlyweds, and for old couples.
How many hours do you want to last?
I can make you last for a lifetime.
You won't break up as easily
as those celebrities.
I'll make you one.
He can make a drink like that?
Sorry, guys.
- Where have you been?
- Looking after the store.
Alright, everybody's here.
So, I have an important announcement.
But before that, Uncle Jon has
an equally important announcement.
Please, Uncle.
This better be important, Uncle.
I came all the way here.
I almost had a good time with my wife.
Uncle, I'm the same.
I was about to wash the bus.
I came straight here.
Is it important?
It's important, Di.
- What?
- Just a moment.
What is it? Why are you so shy?
- What?
- Wait!
Acting shy, like you want to borrow money.
- What?
- Wait!
So, it's like this, guys.
Getting married.
- Finally getting married.
- Yes.
I'm getting married to Rini.
This is just like the proverb.
"A clog fell into the gutter."
Your turn, Di.
Don't look for another,
better jump into the gutter.
Why would you jump into a gutter?
To electrocute fish?
What's important is that
Uncle Jon is happy now, right?
- Happy now?
- Thank you, guys.
Listen up, I have more important news.
Yowis Ben will go
on a tour around Indonesia!
Praise be to God, we'll get paid!
We can pay our debts, dear Lord!
Travel on a plane!
Wait, on a plane?
I don't have a flying license,
what can I do?
No need to come along,
just stay in Malang.
Wash all the buses in Malang.
Wash any dirty bus.
Collect good deeds.
Later, from the plane,
we'll look down and say bye to Kamidi.
"Bye, Kamidi."
- Look at his panicked face.
- He's crying.
- Kamidi, you're coming with us.
- You're coming.
- Really?
- You're coming.
What's important is
this tour around Indonesia!
I'm sorry, guys.
I'm sorry.
What's wrong, Ndo?
I can't be with Yowis Ben anymore.
You all know what my dream is.
I already got a scholarship
to study music in America.
The university has seen my performance
in Yowis Ben.
And I've also got the visa.
But your dad forbade you, Ndo.
Just give it up,
your dream won't come true!
- Right? It won't happen!
- Bay.
What did you say?
I thought you were my friend.
How could you look down on my dream?
But Yowis Ben is our dream!
But yours is different, Ndo.
What kind of friend are you?
Now I understand.
Yowis Ben is
just a stepping stone for you, right?
That's enough, sit down.
Watch your mouth!
Yowis Ben is our livelihood, Ndo!
You're a rich kid!
You don't have to worry about what to eat!
Look at all of us!
Look, use your eyes!
Bay, sit down.
- Don't get emotional, Bay!
- Get lost!
Get lost! What kind of brother is that,
leaving us like that?
- He's still your brother.
- Whatever!
Just get lost.
This is a golden chance, Uncle!
We understand.
Screw all this!
What's with him?
We can talk about this, Bay.
I'm sorry, but I have a lot of needs!
Yes, calm down. We are brothers.
I mean, let's talk this through.
What kind of brother is that?
Yes. I'll tell you what.
You just calm down.
Go see Asih first, alright?
Fine. I'm going.
I'm leaving, Uncle.
Yowis Ben is disbanded.
Uncle Jon.
Clogs worn by a giant.
This will make you strong in an instant.
Don't you want it, Uncle?
I think I might not get married.
Let me drink it.
My marriage falls into the gutter.
Yan, what about the guys?
Sorry, Don. I'm being realistic.
But we're brothers, Yan.
I have two children!
May peace be upon you.
And upon you as well.
Why are you standing
in the middle of the street?
- Watching the sunflowers?
- What are you saying?
Come sit here.
Don't be upset, have a drink.
I know it's your dream, Ndo.
I understand.
I'll accept it sincerely.
You should leave.
But if Yowis Ben splits up,
what about your livelihood?
Don't worry about it.
Come on, fortune can come from wherever.
From where?
I told you not to worry about it.
Master Sujiwo Tejo said,
if we worry about
whether we'll eat tomorrow or not,
it means we're doubting God's greatness.
Just let it go.
Thanks, Don.
For believing in my dream.
Just go.
Come on drink.
They don't have this in America,
saffron rice drink.
You'll miss it, come on.
Don't sniff it.
Just drink it.
- How does it taste?
- It's okay.
- Have some.
- I'm fasting.
- What?
- I'm fasting.
But why?
Why? Am I not allowed to fast?
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
May peace be upon you. Susan?
I see that your business has been
more successful these past three years.
It's grown.
Praise be to God, Yan.
I'm trying, with all my effort.
Along with sincere prayers.
Don't forget to be grateful.
God will show the way.
Excuse me, Ustad.
If I want to be your assistant,
will you allow me?
You're funny.
You're busy with your band.
Why do you have to help me here?
Our band is not forever.
We won't always be offered gigs.
Singo's about to have a sibling.
But Yan, I notice that
your schedule with Yowis Ben is full.
Praise be to God, Ustad.
Today, Yowis Ben is disbanded.
Yan, watch your mouth.
- Disbanded?
- Yes.
Oh well.
You have to be patient.
Perhaps this is God's way.
In the name of God.
Asih, we need to go to class.
Sih, Yowis Ben split up.
So, what's it to me?
It's not like that.
You know that Yowis Ben is my family.
I'm about to lose my family.
I don't want to lose you too, Sih.
If you don't want to lose me,
you shouldn't have cheated.
With that Susan girl.
Sih, dear God, I didn't cheat. I swear.
But you did lie to me, right?
Well, I didn't lie.
I just didn't tell you that I met Susan.
It's different.
You're mean.
Asih, wait.
You misunderstood.
I met Bayu
because we had unfinished business.
- Business?
- So, you still have some business?
Just finish it.
Huh? San, what is this about?
I don't owe you money, right?
Um, to clear up this misunderstanding,
let me help explain.
Pleased to meet you, I'm Amir.
I met Susan in Germany.
I fell in love with her
and want us to be in a relationship.
But Susan will only accept my proposal
if I give her the chance to apologize
to someone she hurt during high school.
I'm really sorry.
Gosh, San.
I thought it was something else.
It's alright, San. What's done is done.
Don't worry about it, okay?
Everything's cleared up, right?
You heard it straight from the source.
Thank you, San. Thank you, Amir.
Sih, why are you still mad?
It's explained.
I'm not mad.
I'm just upset.
Upset about what?
You're always like that.
Fine, I'm sorry.
To cheer you up, let me treat you.
What do you say?
Treat me to what?
Warm water?
How about a ride around Malang
with my bike?
There's my bike. Let's go.
- Son.
- Yes, Mother?
- Here are some boxes for your stuff.
- Oh right.
I got all my stuff. There's not much.
Whose shirt are these, Mother?
These are your late father's shirts.
No need to bring them, okay?
We'll give them to charity tomorrow.
Mother, I'm sorry.
I can't keep my promise.
There, Son. No need to think about it.
Maybe it's time for us to move.
One, two, three, four...
Guys, do you want to
come with me to Surabaya?
No, Jon.
Here's the thing, Uncle.
The owner of this house wants to sell it.
You're going to Surabaya.
So Mother and I intend to find
a smaller house.
Well, just buy this house.
Dear God, Uncle. Whose money is that?
I don't have that much.
Dear God.
Do you both not rely on me anymore?
How come nobody told me?
Jum, I'm still your brother, right?
Bay, I'm your uncle.
I don't want to burden you.
You have a lot of needs.
And you're getting married.
You'll need a lot of money.
Jum, we'll have a simple wedding.
Rini would want that.
I still have enough savings
to help you buy this house.
- Really, Jon?
- Yes.
There, don't worry about it.
- Praise be to God.
- Praise be to God.
- Thank you, Jon.
- Yes.
So, this house problem
is what you were worried about
when Yowis Ben was disbanded?
Yes, Uncle.
This house problem is solved.
Tomorrow, we go see the boys.
I'll come with you.
May peace be upon you, Yan.
And upon you as well, Bay.
Yan, why are you selling
Ustad Jarno's wares?
Yes, Bay. Ustad Jarno is
buying the ingredients.
I'm taking care of his stall.
What can I do?
This is for Singo and Panda's future.
Gosh, Yan.
Yan, I'm sorry.
I was being emotional and out of line.
Yes, Bay.
And also, Yan...
After I thought about it,
we have to be sincere and let Nando go.
Our livelihood afterward,
mine, yours,
Singo and Panda's needs
after Nando leaves Yowis Ben,
we'll think about it later, alright?
Bottom line is,
we have to be sincere, Yan,
for Nando to study abroad.
This is my struggle. I have been sincere.
I'm sorry, Yan.
Now, come with me
to meet the others, alright?
Let's go.
- Let me pack things up.
- Alright.
Let's pack up.
You just unpack them, Yan.
It's alright. I can unpack them again.
It's not a big deal.
- Let me help you.
- It's alright, Bay.
Just a moment.
Let me get the menu.
Eh, Ndo?
Saying goodbye again?
I've sincerely accepted it.
Who would've thought?
You're going to America.
Do you remember?
We've been together since high school.
And then we went to Bandung.
Do you remember our trip to Bandung?
And we went on a tour around Java
with Yowis Ben family.
I've accepted it, Ndo!
I love you.
I want to chase my dream, Stev.
But I don't want to leave you.
You're the one in my heart, Stev.
Why are you here?
Do you want me to bury my dream again?
I'm sorry, Ndo.
I was out of line.
Of course!
You deserve that scholarship.
Even without Yowis Ben, I'm sure
you can chase your dreams in America.
As a friend, I can only pray for you.
And I just want to remind you.
When you're in America,
please don't forget about Yowis Ben, Ndo.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I'm sorry, Ndo.
I'm sorry.
How unusual, his house is so quiet.
Come on, guys.
What's that sign?
What does it say?
What, confiscated?
So where have Doni and
his parents been sleeping?
Wait, let me call him.
Hello, Don? Where are you?
Alright, okay.
Doni's at the church.
- Let's go see him.
- Come on.
How come he didn't tell us?
- What's up, guys?
- He's at the church.
- Bay, we're going to the church?
- Yes, Uncle.
There's Doni, guys.
Are you Doni's friends?
We are, Father.
Real friends or not?
Real friends, Father.
We're like brothers.
- Like brothers?
- Yes.
How could one of your brothers
be in trouble
and nobody seems to care?
It's been a few days.
Doni has been living
in the church's storeroom,
cleaning the church.
Where have all of you been?
You said you're like brothers.
Well, if he's your brother,
take care of him.
Love your friends as you love yourself.
Just a moment.
Guys, I'm so happy you came to see me.
Where were you?
Why are you all here?
What's going on?
Why didn't you tell us, Don?
Tell you what?
Oh, the choir practice? Yes.
I'm in the choir,
but I'm not leaving Yowis Ben.
I'm still with Yowis Ben.
Your house was confiscated!
You live here like a vagrant,
and you didn't tell me or the others?
I'm sorry, guys.
I didn't want to bother you.
You all have your own problems.
Don, we're friends!
We're like brothers,
you should tell us your problems.
Brothers don't trouble each other, Bay.
But I'm glad you're all here.
I feel like I'm being loved.
Thank you, Lord.
Friends, I feel lighthearted.
I'm happy when my friends are happy.
Nando can chase his dream,
go to college abroad.
- Yeah, thank you, guys.
- Yes, Ndo.
And Uncle Jon will finally get married.
- Yes.
- He left in a hurry.
- Can't wait to get married.
- So he can do some "Smack Down".
Like Yayan!
What's important is that
we're brothers forever, right?
Brothers forever!
Malang is bright today,
as bright as my heart.
Although I'm kinda sad
because somebody's getting married.
Our dearest radio host, Uncle Jon.
A message from Udin in Sawojajar.
"Don't forget to
sharpen your kris, Uncle."
As if you understand.
From Wahyuni in Panjen.
"Congratulations on
entering a new life, Uncle.
That's my wish.
Just be nice, have a loving, caring
and peaceful marriage.
Don't have too many kids, Jon. You're old.
When they go to college, you'll be dead."
I've been searching
Now that I've found you, we can start
I'm not lying
You are the only one in my heart
- Just a moment, Sir.
- Di, who's this?
You were in Uncle Jon's room, right?
His ex?
My massage technique is the best.
That's why he invited me here.
Really? Let me see the invitation.
- Mr. Udin Massage.
- That's me.
He's right, Di.
Alright. Do you know the way, Sir?
Then how did know your way
from Solo to Malang?
The address is here.
- He's right.
- Take him inside.
- Let him take you.
- This way.
You greet the guests.
Sir, the other way around.
Hey, the bride is here.
Uncle Jon, the bride is here.
The bride is here.
Uncle, it's time.
The flowers are tilted.
Uncle Jon.
Thank you, Uncle,
for taking care of me all this time.
Since I was a kid until now.
Until I'm all grown up.
Thank you, Uncle.
- Careful.
- This way.
Look, guys.
Excuse us, the groom's coming through.
She's so pretty, Jon.
You're getting married, Uncle.
She's pretty, Jon.
The spinach is warm.
The sticky rice is like glue.
- His heart is calm.
- Because his wishes come true.
The spinach is warm and clear.
He is calm because his loved one is here.
- Is the bride pretty?
- So pretty.
The result of my massage.
What's the connection?
In the name of God.
I marry you, Sujono, son of Sulasno,
to Rini Susilowati, daughter of Susilo,
with the dowry of a set of
prayer equipment paid in full.
I accept the marriage to Rini Susilowati,
daughter of Susilo
with said dowry paid in full.
- Legal?
- Legal.
- Legal, everyone?
- Legal!
Praise be to God.
Congratulations, Ms. Rini.
At Mergosono, the village of Kweni.
Why put salt when you fry tempe?
Sujono is getting married to Rini.
We pray that they will be happy.
Aunty, I'm sorry my dad couldn't come.
But he sent his regards to everyone.
Yes, Asih, it's alright.
Bandung is far.
Oh right, Sih.
When you two graduate college,
make it official soon, alright?
I'll leave it to Bayu.
- Uncle.
- Thank you, Bay.
Ustad, thank you.
Finally, Jon.
Have a loving, caring and
peaceful marriage.
Amen, Jon.
Thank you, Sirs.
What? Want to get married again?
One, two, three.
One, two, three!
Uncle Jon, thank you
for inviting me.
You didn't forget me.
Din, I'm right here.
Then who's this?
That's my wife!
No wonder it feels different.
You're so lucky, Jon.
Thankfully, Din.
Wait. Excuse me, Ustad.
Are we done? I didn't realize.
Shouldn't the ones photographed
are the bride and the groom?
Who's getting married?
Uncle Jon.
- What's his real name?
- Sujono.
- What does this say?
- Sujono.
- Who is he marrying?
- Ms. Rini.
- What does this say?
- Rini.
There you go, Sujono and Rini.
- We're representing.
- Representing.
Thank you, all.
- Yan?
- Husband!
Where do you think you're going?
- This kid.
- Always wants to get married.
You have to be strong!
Don't forget your chicken.
One, two, three, four!
Everyday I feel peace in my heart
Because I have you, my best friend
All hardships in our lives
We've felt them all
You're like my own brother
My best friend forever
With you, even when it's quiet
It always feels merry
We've gone through good and bad times
Always remember them in your heart
I know you wouldn't deny them
Because you're the one that I trust
All hardships in our lives
We've felt them all
You're like my own brother
My best friend forever
With you, even when it's quiet
It always feels merry
We've gone through good and bad times
Always remember them in your heart
I know you wouldn't deny them
Because you're the one that I trust
Ms. Jum, it's been three years.
You have to choose between me or him.
Yes, choose one of us, make it clear.
That's right, Ms. Jum.
While the decorations are still set.
Let me marry you off.
Enough, stop talking about marriage.
I'm glad to see Bayu's success.
You still have debts,
and you want to propose?
There, let's be relatives.
We've been keeping our debt,
and she still refuses.
We've keeping our debts
three years for nothing.
Now that's truly wise.
There, you can be relatives.
Who are you exactly?
I'm Bangkit.
Then why are you sitting?
Now you're Get Up.
With you, even when it's quiet
It always feels merry
You're like my own brother
My best friend forever
With you, even when it's quiet
It always feels merry
We've gone through good and bad times
Always remember them in your heart
I know you wouldn't deny them
Because you're the one that I trust
You're like my own brother
My best friend forever
With you, even when it's quiet
It always feels merry
We've gone through good and bad times
Always remember them in your heart
I know you wouldn't deny them
Because you're the one that I trust
- Yowis Ben!
- Yowis Ben!
Thank you, everyone!
- Yowis Ben!
- Yowis Ben!
Friends. Don, Ndo, Yan.
I'm glad to have been in a band with you.
Brothers forever, alright?
Brothers forever.
Brothers forever!
Brothers forever!
Brothers forever!
- Forever!
- Forever!
YOWIS BEN 2018-2021
Yes, my wife?
This is the best honeymoon.
Honeymoon, guys!