Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions (2016) Movie Script

Hey, how are things looking over there?
They look good to go.
What are you doing? You're falling behind schedule!
Listen here. We want results by the end of the week.
Y-Yes, sir!
Get a move on, all you!
Still, I wonder if we'll actually be able to find it.
Yes, sir. I cannot say we are making any headway.
Yes, however...
Brother, it's me. It's Mokuba.
Grandpa, I'm on my way.
Oh... W-Wait a second there, Yugi!
What is it?
Umm, well, you see...
Hey, I'm kind of in a hurry here.
Well... I've been noticing Anzu-chan hasn't been
coming by to walk with you to school lately.
Well, you know. You two always
used to go to school together...
And here I thought it was something important...
That kind of stuff is out of style!
A good mornin' to you!
Sorry, were you waiting long?
Thank goodness.
Crap! I'm gonna be late!
I'm gonna be late!!
Woah, woah, woah!
Here we go. And, a-heave-ho!
Oh, man... Yikes.
Sorry 'bout that!
D-Don't worry about it, Sanpei-jiisan!
Dammit, Jonouchi!
I-I'm really sorry!!
My, oh, my...
'Morning, Bakura-kun!
Here's a lunch box for you!
Eat these cookies, please.
Wait a! Oh, good morning!
We're down to the last minute
before the gate closes!
Easy does it!
Here we go! Hold on tight!
You punks!!
Are you serious, Anzu?
So, you're gonna go study abroad
after you graduate after all?
I'm going to get out there on my own
and just wing it, you know?
Well, it's been your childhood dream
to perform in a musical, after all.
Wow, going abroad with all your
hopes and dreams in tow, huh?
I sure am envious.
Only thing I'll be doing is taking over my pop's
factory and slaving away day in, day out.
Don't be silly, Honda
That right there is a great
job that'll help support...
...the glorious nation of Japan!
Why, I still haven't...
...got a damn thing lined
up for myself, y'know!!
I give... I give!!
What happened to all those reckless
dreams of you becoming a pro duelist?
Make no mistake, yours truly has
improved his dueling skills.
First, I'll win the neighborhood tournament!
More importantly, you know...
...you need to get your Duel Disk
that the teacher confiscated back.
I should go get my deck
back from them, too...
Why don't you let everyone
hear what your dream is?
Oh, mm-hmm...
I want to create a new kind of game
while helping out back at the shop.
Also, you know, there's this game
contest in Germany every year.
I was thinking it'd be great to win it!
Wow, that sounds interesting!
Okay, then!
When the game you make gets to be number
one in the world, let's all meet up and play it.
Now we're talking!
Uh-huh, let's do it!
Hold up, guys.
Don't you worry.
Knowing you, Yugi, you're bound to
make your dream come true!
We'll do it, then. Count on it.
It's like I told you, man.
That's just not gonna do the
Hey, now.
That guy...
Hey, what's up?
No, I mean, it's just that guy.
That guy sitting all the way in
the back next to the window...
You know 'im?
Do I know him? He's...
Who was he again?
Oh, come on, guys.
Clearly, he's...
Um, let's see...
Oh, right! That's it!
Aigami. That's Aigami.
Oh, right.
That's Aigami, isn't it?
Hey, the whole lot of you.
Take your seats.
Thank goodness you managed
to get your Duel Disk back.
Yeah! I need this bad boy!
Right, Yugi?
Same goes for you and that.
That deck is really important to you, right?
Or rather...
To my Other Self...
Oh, it's nothing.
Say, Yugi.
There's no need to force yourself into
erasing your memories of him, you know.
My Other Self...
During the Battle Ceremony...
The both of us, we...
He no longer resides in my mind...
And while I'm in no way
trying to forget about him...
We made our strides into different
worlds all of our own.
Hm? Is that...?
What's the matter?
Boy, are you ever adorable.
P-Please stop this.
Why, I'm not doing a thing.
Woah, upsy-daisy!
Ah, it's you!
What are you doing, Kudaragi!?
Hey, meet us 12 o' clock tonight at the
abandoned building on 3rd Street.
If you don't show up, well, you know...
P-too! Outta the way!
H-Hey, Aigami!
What's wrong? Hey!
I'm just so relieved that I
got weak in the knees.
Jonouchi-kun, Masaki-san...
And, you would be
Yugi Mutou-kun, right?
Oh... Uh-huh.
That aside, are you all right?
Mm-hmm, I'll be all right. Thank you.
Hold on. Those guys are a bunch of
notorious thugs around these parts.
If you're being blackmailed or
something, then let me...
No, really, I'll be fine.
That guy...
Do you remember when it was
he became our classmate?
Mm-mm, truth is, not really.
Neither do I...
We're going to be graduating soon, but I never want to lose any memories of any of my friends.
So, you showed up just like
I told you to, did'ja?
Now then, we'll start with the ritual.
We're going to make you
world famous with this.
That's great, isn't it?
You should be thanking Kudaragi-san!
The theme this time around is "pain"!
W-What the hell are you laughin' about?
Y-You bastard!
Do I reside in your memories?
You're... Aigami, aren't you?
And who exactly do you think is allowing
even scum such as yourselves to exist?
W-What the hell is going on?
Who are all of you!?
W-What's the big idea!?
Aah! My body!
He's vanished!
I've awaited you, Yugi!
Today will be the day
I settle the scores with you.
Hmph, are you up to the
task of defeating me, Kaiba?
It was not easy getting you here in front of me...
...after you went into hiding without
a trace and took victory with you.
But now, I finally have you!
And the embodiment of my tenacity
being this new Duel Disk of mine!
Here I come, Yugi!
Lay your entire soul as a duelist on the line!
And give me your best shot!
It's my turn!
Feast your eyes on the mightiest of all
dragons in all of its evolved glory!
Fusion Summon!!
Now, come forth!
Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!!
Now, make your move.
It's my turn!
I activate the Magic Card,
Black Magic Veil!!
Using my Life Points as fodder...
Come forth, Black Magician!!
Next, I'll use Thousand Knives
to destroy your monster!
Not on my watch!
Trap, activate!
Dark Sacrifice!!
I send a Monster Card from my deck into the Cemetery!
This will negate the effects of your card!
Not bad, Kaiba.
Enough prattle.
Neo Ultimate Dragon is capable
of attacking three times.
I'll start with your Black Magician!
And that leaves you defenseless.
Next up is...
Trap Card,
Time Chain!
It negates the destruction of a monster via
an attack, and, in addition to that...
...it forces both of our monsters
into silence for the next two turns.
Meaning that they are as good as
not existing on the field at all, eh?
Here goes, Kaiba.
Come, Elf Sacred Swordsman,
Elf Swordsman!
Your moves always go well beyond
your opponent's expectations...
Your strategies employ instantaneous
analysis of their tactics during battle,
allowing you to read what's
up their sleeve and beyond.
Even faced with absolutely unfavorable odds,
you have come out victorious in numerous battles,
even cracking a smile all the while,
and while you assume that you've
subjected me to disgrace as well...
Our battle is going to evolve.
This time, for sure,
I will pummel you into the dirt!
Kaiba, this turn, my Black Magician
regains it's power!
And then, I activate Dimension Magic!!
Elf Sacred Swordsman!
Lend me your strength!
Come forth, Black Magician Girl!
It will also destroy your monster!
Now, go!
Double Magicians' Attack!!
Quit messing around!
Be free,
Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!!
Yugi, you are well aware, aren't you?
Aware that this turn will be your last, that is!
This is the end, Yugi!
I wonder about that.
I use the power of both of my monsters...
...to summon the Trap Monster,
Dimension Reflector.
And, it's attack power is identical
to that of your monster.
In addition, it will deal damage to you
equal to that monster's attack power!
Damn you...
I've won, Kaiba!
Trap Card,
Enhanced Counter.
It negates the damage
and increases the attack power of my
monster equal to the damage amount.
So, nothing more than a miserable clown
wrought from my memories after all, are you?
Be gone, Yugi!
Hyper Ultimate Burst!!
Well done, Kaiba-sama.
The results are above our expectations, sir!
Indeed, the new Duel Links
Solid Vision System is
capable of duels far and away
greater than anything played before.
With the cards serving as your
deck not actually existing,
the data for every card in the world is transmitted
into all Disks via the Crystal Cloud Network,
with quantum information linking
with one's cerebral memory banks...
turning any and all dueling data
into neuro-images which then
visualize themselves into any free space.
By analyzing my extensive memory data on him
and linking it with my cerebral nerves...
...I was successful in perfectly
materializing Yugi Mutou.
Quite perfect indeed, sir.
The experiment is an outstanding success!
This will help the new model of Duel...
While it's true that in terms of
deck construction, strategic characteristics,
and even his penchant for getting
under others' skin, he was indeed a living copy...
However, he was nothing more than an
image produced by my memories.
What point is there in victory over
some vision from my past!?
Hurry with the preparations for the
announcement of this new model of Duel Disk...
...just as scheduled.
Y-Yes, sir!
Yes... To resurrect him, I will have to...
Brother! Brother!
Brother, we've found it!
We've found it!
Thank you!
May I help you?
That's Jonouchi's, isn't it?
There's no fixing that
beat-up old Disk, is there?
You said it.
He's so damn reckless with his stuff.
Say, what have you been
looking at this whole time?
Huh? Oh...
Well, it's this article, you see...
Hey, those are the guys
from the other day...
It says that all of them
have gone missing.
No word from any of them?
Plus, there have incidents similar to this
happening all over the world as of late.
I checked it out on the net myself.
Said something about over fifty
people all disappearing at once.
Oh, come on.
Welp, enjoy, guys!
Scary stuff.
Oh, speaking of which, recently...
I've been feeling like I'm
getting trailed myself, you know.
You sure that's not just from
the girls from the Bakura fan club?
Look there.
Must be tough being
such a popular guy.
Attention, Domino City, no...
...Duelists around the world!
The Kaiba Corporation has successfully developed
the latest, next generation Duel Disk.
In a few days, all will become clear.
The latest Duel Disk!?
No way...
So, that's just going to make all the
Duel Disks up till now obsolete, then?
That just means you're going to have to
hustle even harder for this side-job of yours.
Aah! My Duel Disk is broken!
You're the one who broke it, right!?
Well, pay up!
I-I'm the one who fixed it for you, jerk!
C'mon, buy me the latest
model of Duel Disk instead!
Oh, come on, quit it, you two.
Latest model, latest model!
You bastard!
Why, you...
What are you doing!?
You're fired!!
Aww! I beg you, don't fire me!!
When all seven of the lost
items are assembled,
the Pharaoh will travel to the netherworld.
Even souls of the wicked shall revert to light
and the gateway of a new
dimension shall be open.
Eventually, the new world
rendered in the light of order
shall be ushered in by
the souls of a higher plane.
I mustn't. I mustn't.
I mustn't harbor feelings of hate.
However, I can never forgive
him for what he's done.
I mustn't. I mustn't go.
However, I can never forget what he's done.
These are emotions unnecessary
to go to the new world.
I can never forgive him.
The energy wave of your hatred is causing
your own wavelength to drop,
throwing off the harmony
of everyone else as well.
That energy wave will soon come to split
off our synchronous energy wave pattern.
I know that.
We must abandon this world just as
Shin-sama has told us...
...and go to a new world of a higher plane.
I know that.
Yes, I know that!
Still.. Still, that guy is in Japan...
...in Domino City...
...That is where he is!
You mustn't go, Diva!
Diva... Diva...
I wish you would reconsider this.
I am certain that revenge is
something he would never ask for.
Every waking hour, I have never forgotten
what Shin-sama used to say to us.
In that case, why are you enacting revenge?
This is not revenge.
I am merely splitting off something
evil which threatens our world.
And what about you, Mani?
After what he did to Shin-sama?
Diva, he's making his move.
He has made his arrival!
We have been awaiting you, Seto-sama!
Have all of the pieces been assembled?
Y-Yes, sir.
So, this is it...
This is where the spirit of the Pharaoh
had his final bout with Yugi Mutou,
before leaving the mortal plane.
Until you made your
arrival here, Seto-sama,
we have been using this
electromagnetic security system
to keep complete guard so that not
a single person lays a finger on it.
Thirteen accelerated lasers keep
a perimeter around the puzzle...
I will be reconstructing the Puzzle.
Get it to the copter on the double!
Y-Yes, sir!
But, Brother?
They say it took Yugi eight years
to complete the Puzzle the first time.
A result of his child-like intellect, no less.
Y-Yes, sir! Please just give me thirteen
minutes until the lock deactivates!
In that case, I suppose that gives me just
enough time to kill some of my boredom.
Why don't you spare us all the
trouble and show yourself?
Or, do you intend on hiding
yourself in the shadows forever?
No, the one who calls himself Aigami!
Well, this is a surprise.
To think that you've even
figured out my real name as well,
Seto Kaiba!
Bastard... according to the
data logs, you were
in Domino City three minutes
and twelve seconds ago.
Kaiba Corporation, the company
which rules over Domino City...
To think that you cannot even register as a resident
unless you also register your dueling deck...
You are indeed one mad dictator.
W-Who are these guys?
Considering that you to go through
the trouble of coming here,
I can only imagine you're here for one thing...
And, so what, if we are?
Do you plan on getting rid of me?
Woah there, kid.
That's enough fun and games.
Oh, no. I'm done for...
Just kidding.
I simply despise such dangerous things
which cause harm to others, see.
It's my desire to erase all such
things from the face of this dimension.
Who the hell are all you?
Where'd you all come from?
W-What is this!?
T-That's impossible!
Kaiba, being the man you are,
I'm sure you understand.
What they call "the collective human consciousness"?
The collective human consciousness ensures
that all happenings in the world...
...are unconsciously determined
via a neurological network.
In short, the fact that you rule
in Domino City as a dictator,
is something that the
inhabitants of the city, and even...
...the people of the world have determined
via their collective consciousness.
You are simply being allowed to
play the part of conqueror.
All for the equilibrium of a
distorted and foolish world
whose creation was made possible
by the synchronization of all humans.
That dangerous thing which
just disappeared
has moved to a dimension with a
minutely different energy wave pattern
via the collective consciousness of our allies
gathered from all over the world.
To a dimension which is visible to
neither of us yet exists here.
Brother, the missing person's reports
happening all over the world,
you don't think that they're the ones...
We are a new entity that has appeared
in this physical dimension, Prana.
Our consciousness energy wave,
Prana's Mind...
is approximately seven times more powerful
than that of any conventional human.
And will soon reach the amount
of people necessary to
change the landscape of this world.
Now, be gone to a lesser dimension.
Ah... Brother!
Don't falter, Mokuba!
What is this...?
Why is he not disappearing?
Don't tell me it's his Duel Disk...
It has amplified his ego
and deflected our powers?
Whoever the lot of you may be,
did you really think such tawdry
power would work against me?
You're every bit of the man
that the rumors state.
In which case, I will just have to pass judgment
on you using the cards of arcane magic!
Oh-ho... You, duel me?
I cannot just hand over the
Millennium Puzzle which you
have tarnished these sacred
grounds in order to unearth.
Then, allow me to make you regret
ever challenging me to a duel!
Regret? Hah.
Kaiba, I will invite you into our domain.
Into a dimensional domain duel, that is.
This field is now being transferred
to a place between dimensions.
W-What is this?
Mokuba-sama. Look above.
Diva, do not let down your guard.
Not against this Kaiba and his power...
My turn. Draw!
I'm able to summon high-level
monsters without paying any cost?
Our dueling allows us, in lieu of Normal Summoning...
...to Dimension Summon monsters,
regardless of their levels.
And then, you determine a value and battle
within the bounds of
that monster's Status.
Determine its Status, you say?
However, how much you're able to increase
its value depends on your willpower.
Hmph, if you mean to tell me
that this is your domain,
then allow me to do you the
discourtesy of treading without care!
Dimension Summon!!
Come forth, Krystal Dragon!
Come, it's your turn.
To think that you would draw out your
monster's attack power to the limits...
However, in this duel, in lieu of battle damage,
you will receive damage equal to the Status
of the destroyed monster!
Learn well.
Dimension Summon!!
Allow me to show you.
The monster that will send you to a lesser dimension!
Appear now! Vijam the Cubic Seed!
An attack power of 0?
You will know soon enough.
Very soon.
Hmph, very well.
As per your wishes,
I will blow you clean away!
Come forth!
One more Krystal Dragon!
Sick him!
First, make his monster no more!
What's this?
My monster vanished into a dimension
which you cannot attack it.
Also, look there.
What's this!?
The monster which battles with Vijam can neither
use its effects nor attack.
In other words, it has been un-dimensionalized!
What a shrewd trick.
But, I have yet another Krystal Dragon!
Trap, activate.
Cubic Ascension!
By calling forth yet another Vijam,
it will force you to conduct battle.
That leaves yet another monster left un-dimensionalized.
Miserable fool...
Trap, activate!
Dragon's Orb!!
At this moment, my Kyrstal Dragons' effects return!
By the both of them
having conducted battle,
it allows me to add two Blue-Eyes
from my deck into my hand!
And then, by these dragons' souls,
I will usher in a new servant of mine!
Come forth! Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon!!
Now, burn him to ashes!
Burn Stream of Destruction!!
Impressive, Kaiba.
However, I had already activated
the Trap card, Cubic Rebirth.
Your attack, as a result, did not connect.
In addition, it has let me summon
forth my third Vijam.
In exchange, I will do you a favor and summon
the remaining Blue-Eyes in your hand.
Which leads to all of your
Blue-Eyes being un-dimensionalized.
Kaiba, your taste of the true
terror of my Cubic Monsters...
...starts here!
Dimension Special Summon!!
Show yourself before me,
Dark Garnex the Cubic Beast!!
His monster transformed!?
Cubic Beast monsters
increase their attack power by
integrating Vijams with it.
Now, shatter!
And, there's more!
When a Cubic Beast destroys a monster via battle,
it will repeat the process of
separating and combining to change form!
Plus, it increases its attack equal to the
amount of Vijams integrated with it,
adding to its amount of
allowed attacks as well!
Once again, Dimension Special Summon!
Come forth!
Blade Garoodia the Cubic Beast!
Now, take these back-to-back attacks!
The attack power of your
destroyed monsters was zero.
As a result, no battle damage was incurred.
But, not this time!
I use my three Vijams to perform
a Dimension Special Summon!!
Descend forth,
Buster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth!!
Are you prepared, Kaiba?
First thing's first,
eliminate his dragons!!
I still have an attack left.
Kaiba, this is the end!
Trap, activate!
Counter Gate!!
It negates your attack
letting me draw a card.
If I draw a Monster Card,
I'm allowed to Special Summon it.
Such futile resistance!
Trap, activate!
Cubic Mandala!!
I'll just be returning your un-dimensionalized
dragons in the Cemetery back to you.
This will prevent you from
summoning any more monsters.
In addition, as long as they remain there,
you will be unable to activate
any Monster Effect.
Oh, no...
In no way is defeat a permissible
option in this place.
The one who should have put the nail in Yugi's
no, in Atem's coffin...
...was none other than me.
And, in my subconscious, having failed that task,
his ghost continues to wander around, even to this date.
What in the world!?
What is going on here?
The God of Obelisk!?
That card was supposed to be lost under the ground of
the Mortuary Temple in the Battle Ceremony!
The Pharaoh's memories, the remnant
consciousness of this sacred domain...
Are you saying that Kaiba...
that he managed to read them!?
And, not only that, but those of Obelisk, the
one time servant of the Pharaoh!
I activate Obelisk's effect!
I will destroy my own monsters
to inflict damage equal
to Obelisk's attack power
and inflict it straight to you!
Monster Effects are negated!
This is no monster!
It's a God!!
God Hand Impact!!
He did it!
The duel isn't over yet!
Everything's all set!
Take 'er up!
The Millennium Puzzle, it's...!
Why, you...!
Our match is postponed.
T-This couldn't be...!
Hm... Huh? Wha?
W-What the hell's this!?
Ah, you!
And that Duel Disk!!
Do you want it?
Jonouchi, do you want this!?
Dammit!! I don't want...
...that crap!!
Huh? But, this is...
What d'you think you're doin', Jonouchi!?
For three years, all of us have done
much in the school to...
Geez, graduation practice
is a some lame stuff!
Come on, get serious!
Oh, lay off. Right, Honda?
Diva... Diva...
You fought with Kaiba, didn't you?
Yeah, the Millennium Puzzle
is in his clutches.
If it should ever be put together...
The Pharaoh will revive.
And, if that should happen,
we'll never carry out Shin-sama's prophecy,
and we will find ourselves
bound to this dimension.
That's why I'm telling you to give up
on this selfish sense of vengeance now.
As for the revival of the Pharaoh,
all we need to do is eliminate the vessel.
No, Big Brother!
I have a terrible feeling about this.
Something that could be irreversible...
Big Brother, please believe.
There are those in this world, as well,
who will be on your side.
On my side...?
All done. All done.
Say, all of us should
cut loose somewhere!
Lookie here, Aigami. Take a gander!
Woah! It's Red-Eyes!
This deck is my very soul!
You must really love
dueling yourself, huh, Aigami?
Mm-hmm, but I stink at it.
Yugi-kun is tough, you know.
Yeah, after all, he's the one who beat Kaiba.
Wow, that sure is something!
I got it. Aigami-kun, why not challenge him?
Whaa? Me and Yugi-kun?
Oh, come on, don't say "challenge."
Oh, but, if it's okay by you,
I would like to give dueling you a try.
Woah there, if you're going to
challenge Yugi,
you're gonna have to
get past yours truly first!
Then, this Sunday, let's have a
dueling tournament at my house.
Oh, I like the sound of that!
I won't be losing, Yugi!
Maybe I should tag along, then!
Elevator on standby at ground launch point.
Earthport track angle,
west longitude 90 degrees, plus minus zero.
Gravitational field is stabilized.
Systems, all green. Check.
Level 3, track pipe security. Check.
Everything is set, Kaiba-sama.
Isono, as a demonstration with our
latest Duel Disk's announcement,
we will be having a dueling
competition at Kaiba Land.
Yes, sir!
All of you, I want preparations
for that on the double.
I have been awaiting you, Mr. Kaiba.
I have already prepared the equipment.
Proceed immediately.
Very well, sir.
This equipment is capable of analyzing
the Puzzle's parts via 3D laser scanner,
and running simulations of combining each individual
part in 100,000 possible ways in the span 0.1 seconds.
Because such complex scanning is necessary,
it will not function under the
influence of gravity.
However, you have found a brilliant
solution to that problem, sir.
By utilizing the vacuum of space and scanning
the Puzzle's parts in a zero-gravity environment,
we are able to perfectly simulate rebuilding it,
from any angle we so desire.
By my calculations, the Puzzle will
be complete within six hours.
You have done it again, Mr. Kaiba.
Spare me the trite compliments.
A thousand apologies, sir.
Just you wait,
I really have been looking
forward towards today.
I can't believe I get to visit Yugi-kun's house.
I wonder if my deck will be good enough.
Hey, Aigami?
What's that thing?
This? I guess it's like a deck case.
"Property of Jonouchi" "Latest model"
Uh-huh... Pretty uncommon look for one.
Is it an antique or something?
Mm-hmm... Straight from Egypt.
I received it from
someone very dear to me.
That makes sense.
My dad is an antique salesman, you see,
and he's traveled all over
the world a lot of times,
so I was in Egypt before I
transferred to my current school.
Egypt, huh? Wow.
I sure would like to hear that story...
Okay, look after the shop, now!
Yeah, I just can't keep this card out.
I wonder what kind of deck Aigami-kun uses.
It's so pretty...
So very pretty.
That golden box...
W-Welcome to the shop.
Oh, you mean this?
Sorry. This isn't for sale.
This is my treasure and, right now, I'm
storing my really important cards in it...
...and those cards are also the cards beloved by
the Pharaoh that resided within your heart.
Long ago, there was a monk to served the Pharaoh.
His name was Shadi.
Shadi Shin.
That person's mission was to collect all seven
Millennium Items to the Tablet of the Pharaoh's Memories,
and send off his spirit to the netherworld.
And then, there's you, Yugi Mutou-san, the one and
only chosen vessel for the Pharaoh's spirit in this world.
You continued on your path
and protected the Puzzle.
W-What is that?
It is where we of Prana assemble.
We are now the inheritors of
the late Shin-sama's will.
The travelers to a new dimension.
And, Yugi-san,
you are like us in that you
possess a similar energy wave.
Who are you?
I am Sera.
Come with us to a new world.
You are of the chosen,
just as we are.
What the?
Sera, you...
But, this is...!
Mr. Kaiba...
I am unable to assemble any more of the Puzzle.
Unfortunately, there are two pieces with
similar mass as all the others,
but their shapes do not align at all.
Don't tell me, he...
H-Hey, Bakura?
Come on, let me hear
that story of yours.
Well, it's not one I really
want to remember, but...
It was when my father heard that a certain antique
that he had spent many years searching for...
...was located in the Valley of the Kings.
And in order to obtain it,
he set off on his own.
For whatever reason, I was intrigued
and trailed him in secret.
Why bring this up!?
I don't want to even remember
what happened on that night!
Hey, Bakura. What's wrong?
But, how?
And when!?
Also, the people and cars, they're...
W-Who are all you!?
The sight you are seeing now...
...is that of your usual tree-lined avenue.
I have gone ahead and slightly altered your
neural information of it with my powers.
What are you talking about?
I have some business
to attend to with Bakura.
Hate to do this, but I'm going to
have to make you disappear.
Why, you! What's your deal!?
Tch, looks like you're serious about this.
Hey, Bakura, on your feet!
Run away! Come on!
Hey, Bakura!
Why, you bastard!
Resorting to violence, are we?
As I suspected, such low class.
Allow me to now show
you the truth of this world.
Where do you people get
your visual information from?
Is the information that always goes
through your eyes the truth or not?
Am I truly being seen by your eyes?
You're pissing me
off with this crap!
Safe travels...
To the world of truth.
A piece of the Millennium Puzzle...
It's already so late.
Everyone is taking their time.
Yugi! I've been trying to
get you on the phone!
Come with me.
It's about Jonouchi...
W-Wha? Where am I?
Bakura? Aigami?
That group of weird kids...
Also, something's kind of...
Here, no one notices you.
Why, you!
Where are you!?
I will tell you something, Jonouchi.
The world that your eyes usually see is
not a world composing of you alone.
The temporal and spacial
frequencies the brain perceives
are shared with the inhabitants of your world.
It is commonly referred
to as "collective consciousness."
Simply put, in your world,
your school, your city, and even your friends' faces...
All those who perceive the
same frequencies in your world
unconsciously confirm them with
one another to establish...
...a hologram-esque world
constructed in a domain of time and space.
A hologram...?
Quit screwing with me!
The world you are seeing now is made
from your neural information alone.
In other words, it's a world barred from accessing
neural information with anyone other than yourself.
You are lost in a world all of your own
one which is isolated from the collective consciousness.
Shut up! I'll bust out of here in no time!!
Run! Run!
Herein lies the game.
A neural image escape game.
Dammit, just how freaking
long is this street!?
In order to make it out alive, you need only
rely on the memories within your brain.
Now, remember!
After the road with the trees, I'm pretty sure
there's the shopping district.
That's right! Sanpei-jiisan!!
Do you get it, Jonouchi?
Even if you do exist within this world,
unless the inhabitants around you have
memories of you in their subconscious,
you will not be able to exist.
The city...
The city is crumbling!
By the time I passed through here,
his bike was here abandoned...
There's no way in hell
would ever forget this!
Jonouchi-kun should have
been with Bakura-kun and Aigami-kun.
Let's search the area!
Bakura, just a moment ago, you said that you
didn't want to remember that night, didn't you?
To me, however, that was a night
that I will never forget!
Shadi-sama, why must people
persist in conflict?
For conflict exists within all of our hearts.
With our hearts?
But, none of us have ever fought before.
Conflict exists in us, regardless?
Why, yes, Diva.
So long as fear exists in the hearts of any and all.
Fear... sir?
All conflict spawns fear.
The fear of loss...
Be it one's life, one's loved one,
one's land, or one's country...
The fear of loss extends to many things...
Then, what about those who rule?
Rulers who have nothing to fear
exist in this world and take so much away.
Those who take something away
are ruled by the fear of
something being taken away.
A constant pattern now...
...and into eternity.
I am not afraid.
Not ever since you saved us
that one time, Shadi-sama.
And not as long as I can be with
you and everyone else, Shadi-sama!
That is fear, Diva.
Everyone, listen well.
Once all seven Items are assembled in
the Tablet of Pharaoh's Memories housed here,
the doors to the netherworld shall be opened,
and the spirit of the ancient Pharaoh will pass on.
Once that happens,
the door to a wonderful new world devoid of borders, race,
conflict and even the barriers of language shall be opened,
and the chosen ones
shall be led to that world.
That is all of you.
However, you must be cautious.
Should the Pharaoh that has passed to the netherworld
be resurrected in this world yet again,
you all will be bound to this dimension,
and the door to the future
shall never be opened again.
Remember this well.
Fear renders all to nothing.
All of you, step back.
At l ast...
At long last, I have found it.
I knew it...
I knew they were here!
At long last, I have come
across this golden ring!
Please! I beg of you...
Please, let me have this golden ring!
I am afraid to say,
this ring already has an owner set in line.
I also have heard that a evil
spirit is sealed within this.
It is better for you not
to be involved with it.
W-Wait, please! I am begging you!
I am begging you to hand it over to me!
Oh, please!!
To become the owner of the ring,
you must first go through its trial.
And then, you must abide
by the will of the ring.
I'll do anything!
So, like I said, please!
Take that ring and
put it around your neck.
The ring will give you its answer.
Like this, right?
Now the golden ring is mine!
Daddy! Daddy!
The ring...
The ring...
It's here. It's here, Daddy!
What is this!?
Are you all right, boy?
I have finally found myself quite the
comfortable owner to inhabit.
So, rest easy and be gone!
One day, the seven Items shall
be gathered in the tablet.
However, out of all of them,
three stand for justice
while three hold a wicked consciousness,
with the final Item having
sides of both sealed within it.
Diva, take this.
The boy serving as the vessel who
will resurrect the Pharaoh's spirit...
He is the same as all of you...
Finally kicked the bucket, eh?
All of you are eyesores too.
Get lost!!
I am going to paint this
entire world in darkness.
So? Remember now, Bakura?
Did I really...
I have been waiting forever for this.
For the moment I take
vengeance with my own hands!
No, I was being controlled,
by that wretched ring...
Silence, you!
Show me your true form!
There is no true form!
Everything is that ring's doing...
But, as for me,
As for me, I did something that
cannot be undone
to a person near and dear to you,
by my own hands, didn't I?
Dammit! Aigami sure freaking said it.
Unless we all stay connected, then everything
in this world will vanish!
My foot, it's...!
Quit pulling my leg!
Like hell I'm gonna get wiped out!!
Aigami-kun, forgive me.
Not another word!!
I will enact my revenge on you...
What is the matter, Diva?
Now is the time to settle our score.
Or perhaps, you have come so
far just to have cold feet?
That's not it! It's just...
In that case, you should stand back.
I will do the honors
of eliminating him!
Mani! What's gotten into you?
Why, nothing at all.
Nothing except...
That is the Millennium Ring?
I happened to find it.
Right in the Mortuary Temple where
Kaiba and you had your duel!
Mani, stop!
The Ring's wicked powers have got you...
Be gone, Bakura!
Stay back!
feelings of hatred...
consume oneself...
and then, drive you to...!
Mani! Mani!
Mani! Mani, why did you...
Hatred, revenge,
I have been...
The cause for all of this has been this Ring.
Looking for something?
Yugi Mutou...
The hell's this?
Who on Earth are you?
We are Prana.
An entity with a collective consciousness far
more evolved from that of your own.
W-What are you talking about, Aigami!?
The entity known as Aigami, too,
is but an illusion planted
into your memories.
My true name is Diva.
You're looking for Bakura and Jonouchi, correct?
As for them...
I've made them vanish off
to the far side of the dimension.
You what!?
Vessel of the Pharaoh,
Yugi Mutou...
You will be joining them.
By the cards of arcane magic,
I will send you off to the far side of the dimension.
N-Not here...
I-I'm done for...
It's you!
W-What is this?
You guys... But, why?
Did I manage to make it back?
T-This can't be.
You should be a pile of particles
in a far side of the dimension.
You sure don't get it, Aigami.
Our bonds, y'see...
are always connected,
transcending dimensions!
How did he beat our powers?
How? This isn't possible...
We cannot fight like this.
What's wrong?
Already time for the kiddies to go home?
Then, before you do, how
about you release Bakura?
To think you would
confuse our Prana's Mind...
You are an interesting lot.
W-Why you!
Hold up!
Jonouchi-kun, we have to save Bakura.
Okay! Let's split up and search, then!
You got it!!
Say, Yugi.
You see, I...
Nah, it's nothing.
We have...
Aigami, I need to ask you where you
put those other two pieces.
Heh, you caught on quicker
than I expected, Kaiba.
Also, these goggles...
You've sealed off my ability with these, I assume.
It wouldn't be to my interests if I had your buddies
flooding on in from out of nowhere again.
Take him away.
What are you doing here?
In three days time, there will be an
announcement ceremony for my latest Duel Disk.
It is there where I will be holding a
dueling competition with duelists that I have selected.
Your participation will be mandatory.
Wait a second, Kaiba-kun!
But, that's...!
Don't tell me that you...
It's just as you see,
and while it may be missing some of its pieces,
it will soon be complete.
There are just two pieces left.
Yugi, does that treasure box of
yours even now hold treasure?
How do you know that?
This entire city is
under my surveillance.
Kaiba-kun, what is your gain?
I have but one goal. The spirit of the king
which resides in this Puzzle.
You will put the Millennium Puzzle
around your neck once more,
and summon the other Yugi before me!
B-But, that can't...
That is what you too wish for in
the inner recesses of your heart, isn't it?
Yugi, I made sure to lock up
the shop behind me!
Aigami is under my custody.
Also, he will appear at the competition.
So long as he has one of the remaining
pieces, you have no choice but to fight.
You will then resurrect the king
by your very own hand.
Only then will the future by unlocked
one in which the king's spirit
does battle with me once more.
Oh, man, I'm safe.
Sera, you saved me...
...and this.
My brother gave me the very
piece I entrusted to you...
It was my last option to save
Diva from going out of control.
Kaiba knows.
Even if he does collect
all the pieces,
unless you do it, he cannot bring
about the Pharaoh's resurrection.
Should the Pharaoh be revived,
then we shall be bound to this dimension,
forever denied our chance at the future.
Yugi-san, whether you decide to
complete the Puzzle or not...
I leave all of that
solely up to you.
And, please, my brother...
Save my brother.
Where are you?
Where have you gone?
W-What the heck is
this kid's problem?
My, what's this?
My, what a dreadful bother.
Aah, apologies, folks!
Tch, he's one of those beggar children, y'see.
You'll find a lot of these damn kids, who got
abandoned or lost their folks, wandering 'round these parts.
Big Brother...
And how might
we be feeling?
Where am I?
This is the Kaiba Corporation research lab.
Woah there.
Try to call the cavalry all you want, it won't work.
Aigami, was it?
What I'd like to
ask you pertains to this.
Once we scanned this baby, it showed us that
there was a piece of the Puzzle inside it.
So, the problem we face
is how to open it, which...
Can't quite do it by
your ability alone, can you?
It is true that your older brother, Seto Kaiba
possesses an unparalleled intellect.
However, even with all the cutting-edge technology
of the Kaiba Corporation at your disposal,
it is impossible for you to
tread into a dimensional domain.
Not to mention, you've
managed to confirm that
I ran away with two of the pieces, have you not?
In which case, where ever could
the other piece be, I wonder?
Oh, come now.
Did no one fill you in?
What was that?
The little fact that the other piece is
already pretty much as good as ours, that is.
What did you say!?
Well, we've finally got you
singing a different tune.
Why, yes.
It was in the possession of someone
that you are well familiar with.
They dare not have hurt Sera...
Still, is this going to be okay?
He's dealing with you-know-who...
Give me a break!
Anzu, don't worry. I'm going to get Bakura-kun back for sure.
There isn't anybody around
who can beat Yugi!
W-What in the
hell is going on!?
Duelists around the world!
This is the next generation of Duel Disk's
Power Vision!!
All of that was a Solid Vision image!?
I ask all of you!
What does it mean to do battle!?
The moment man is given life in this world,
they harbor a soul within
the vessel known as the body,
in other words, the body is
but a prison for the soul!
A prison that does not permit one's
soul to leave until they expire!
And, in time, the body will take up
arms to defend that soul!
Is your threat your mortal coil!?
Is your threat someone other!?
Is your threat someplace other!?
We battle for the sake of
those we wish to protect!
We battle with those
of differing ideologies!
Due to the foolish
bloodsport known as war,
the history of battles have
been forever repeated!
However, ironically,
not even the victors are
allowed to escape their prisons!
Until now, ladies and gentlemen!
This next generation of Duel Disk
will help to set our souls free!
We will escape our prisons,
ushering in the era where we all coexist
via a network spanning the globe!
Boundaries, race, ideals, language
By transcending any and all discrepancies,
we will go headlong
into a new future!
May the next generation of
Duel Disk harbor the spirit of battle!
The arms you take up...
...will be your cards!
Now, the time has come to
show yourself, O mighty duelists!
On this stage, with the eyes
around the world watching,
I will take the mightiest
duelists handpicked by me
and pummel them into the dirt!!
And then,
there is this golden puzzle in which
the proud title of champion is sealed!
However, it is short just a few pieces!
The remaining two
are being held by the
two duelists I have invited here!
You mean, he...!
I will trounce these
two individuals,
attaining the title of strongest...
Forgive me.
I handed over the piece you left in my
care over to Yugi-san without telling you...
So, you're safe, then?
Still, why give it to Yugi?
I had no other choice.
Should the piece had
fallen into Kaiba's hands...
Rest assured,
no matter what happens, I will never let
Kaiba have the remaining pieces.
First, Aigami,
I'll start with you!
Kaiba-kun, wait!
This is my battle to fight!
Between me and Aigami-kun!
Don't butt in, Yugi!
I will beat him by my hands.
Kaiba-kun, Aigami-kun has used his powers
to send my friend to another dimension.
I'm going to get back
my friendget back Bakura-kun!
That's why this duel is mine!
I am getting back an
that important friend of mine!
Very well,
do battle with him,
within my presence!
Yugi... No, Vessel of the Pharaoh.
Do you think
you can beat me?
the piece of the Puzzle that
Sera entrusted to me is right in here.
She wants me to stop you.
Sera said so herself.
Stop me?
No matter what happens to you two...
I will fight you
with all I've got!
Use that.
Now, show me how
you two intend to fight.
Here I come, Aigami-kun!
This battle...
This dimensional domain duel...
...will come to settle matters!
It's the same duel from before!
What is this?
What's going on here?
Jonouchi... What's that?
What on Earth?
What is this?
Big Brother, come to your senses.
Is this...
A new kind of dueling?
This is Aigami-kun's group's dueling...
My turn! Draw!!
Here I come, Aigami-kun.
I Dimension Summon a monster!
Giant Sentry of Stone!
This will end my turn.
Hmph, I intend to make you realize
how little of a threat you are to us Prana!!
Come forth, Vijam the Cubic Seed!
Next, I use one Vijam to
Dimension Special Summon this monster!
Come forth, Geira Guile the Cubic King!
Cubic King Monsters have an
original attack power of zero,
but by integrating it with Vijam,
it raises its attack power by 800 points.
In addition, when a Cubic King Monster
appears in this dimension,
it inflicts 800 points of damage to you!
Next, the Permanent Magic, Cubic Karma!
By integrating two
more Vijam,
it increases Geira Guile's
attack power!
Now, Geira Guile!
Obliterate his monster!
And then, take this damage equal
to your monster's Status!
Trap, activate!
Dig of Destiny!
By receiving damage, I get one card to...
Once a Cubic King Monster
finishes battle,
by returning it back to the deck, it brings out the
Vijams that it had assimilated to the field.
And, I gain a new Cubic King Monster!
I Dimension Special Summon again!
Come forth, Vulcan Dragni the Cubic King!
First up, the effect damage!
Now, this time it's
a direct attack!
That's not all.
Allow me to show you what a
true Cubic King Monster looks like.
O woven light!
O thicket of darkness!
Open the door to a new future so to
return the world to its intended state!
Show thyself,
Indiora Death Volt the Cubic Emperor!
Oh, crap!
If this next attack connects...
This is the end, Yugi!
Be gone to the far side of the dimension!
I send a monster to the Cemetery...
to activate my Trap!
I'm counting on you,
Silent Swordsman!
Reduced its attack to survive, huh?
My turn...
I Dimension Summon this monster!
Gaia Lord the Dark Knight!
He's raising its attack
power to the max again?
Go! Attack Indiora Death Volt!
That destroys your monster!
Even if Indiora is destroyed,
it returns to my hand,
summoning the assimilated
Vijams in its stead.
Then, I will send the Cubic Karma
on my field to the Cemetery
to halve your Life Points!
This is no good.
He can't make a dent in him.
Yugi won't lose!
Now, do you get it?
You cannot beat me.
You still intend on fighting?
I won't... I won't give up.
Not on our future!
Future, you say?
Your consciousnesses are
mismatched and distorted.
All foolish, ugly, and weak.
This world is too warped
and has no desirable future.
I know you feel it to be so as well.
Shin-sama said so himself.
That you are a similar entity to us.
Surrender now and
hand over the piece.
Then, why not join us?
To a brilliant dimension...
To a future meant
solely for us....
The world we Prana shall go
is a world of a higher plane.
An ideal world with neither strife nor hatred nor fear
with all of its people in sync with one another.
I can't go.
hatred yields nothing.
You wouldn't understand.
The peaceful day-to-day existence
all of you live and take for granted...
The fact remains that it's only made possible
through the sacrifice of something else.
It's gotten late, hasn't it?
I sure do hope no one has
caught a hard time because of it.
For the love of...
Y'rotten good-for-nothings!
You go out beggin' the whole day
and this is all you make!?
No supper for the whole lot of ya!
Sorry, everyone
It's my fault...
Diva, it's not your fault.
The other day, you said the
same to me, right?
And, look, if you squeeze this real hard against your
tummy, you'll forget about how hungry you are a little.
It's still the same!
Shut your mouths!
What'ya got to laugh about!?
If you wanna live t'see another day...
you'll take yer asses t'sleep!
During reincarnation, those who will be Prana
choose harsh environments for themselves.
But, all will be well now.
W-Who the 'ell are you!?
M-My body won't move!
I am he who travels dimensions,
Big Brother!
Worry not.
You shall all meet
in the same place...
You sonova!
As for you...
a dimension befitting you awaits.
We are the chosen
entities, Prana!
We shall cast aside this contaminated world and
even being human to travel to a new dimension!
Now, show yourself once more.
Indiora Death Volt!
With your monster's attack power
having increased,
Gaia Lord powers up!
No use!
Cubic Wave!
Indiora's attack power doubles,
and your monster's
attack power halves!
This is no good...
Once you are gone, Kaiba's scheme to resurrect
the Pharaoh will also be a bygone memory.
And then, us Prana will
travel to a new dimension!
I've been waiting for this.
I've been waiting for this exact moment.
Permanent Trap!
Dimension Sphinx!
When there is double or more of a difference in
attack powers between battling monsters,
it inflicts to you damage
equal to that difference!
You had a Trap like this...?
But, the battle
still goes on!
Double Trap!
Dimension Guardian!
It will protect Gaia Lord from destruction.
Such futile resistance!
That's not all!
Triple Trap!
Dimension Mirage!
Triple Trap!?
Due to my monster not being destroyed,
your monster must attack again!
T-This can't be...
This is an infinite loop!
You've been aiming at this...
That's right.
This is the one combo that can defeat you...
The Dimension Trap Pyramid!!
Aigami-kun, you said all of you are
going to open new doors,
and travel to an ideal
world in a higher plane.
Our world may indeed be one
distorted from your perspectives.
But, this world also has a future.
I have friends near
and dear who live here.
And, all of us believe in our futures!!
Yugi won...
He did it!
I've lost...
To think, me...
Diva lost.
At this rate, the Pharaoh will be revived!
Remain calm.
The rest lies on that individual's decision.
Man, he sure put us on
the edge of our seats.
Still, Yugi may have won,
but Bakura-kun, he's...
That light...
S-Sorry, coming through!
Y-You! Bakura!
Huh? What?
Hey, Yugi!!
The remaining pieces of the Puzzle...
...are now with you, right?
Kaiba-kun, I'm challenging
you as a fellow duelist.
Unfortunately, the opponent I
need to defeat isn't you.
Your role is to put those final
pieces into this Millennium Puzzle,
let the king's spirit take stay in your
prison of a vessel once again,
and become a prisoner
set to do battle with me.
Kaiba-kun, will you listen to
what I have to say?
The Other Me, he's...
Enough talk!
Yugi, we will duel.
Muster all of your
strength and face me!
It's my turn!
I summon Marshmacaron
in defense mode!
I place two cards face-down
ending my turn.
Here I come, Yugi the Vessel!
Show yourself,
Assault Wyvern!
Now, slice up his monster!
When destroyed, Marshmacaron can
come back into play split apart!
In that case, I will use Assault Wyvern's effect...
...calling forth this monster!
Come, now!
Blue-Eyes White Dragon!
In addition, I activate Dragon's Fighting Spirit!
Blue-Eyes gains a number of attacks equal to
the amount of monsters you control!
Triple Burst Stream of Annihilation!!
Trap, activate!
Dark Horizon!
By receiving damage, it lets
me summon this monster!
Come, now! Black Magician!
I end my turn with this.
My turn!
I end my turn... with this!
I will now show you why...
you are just a simple vessel!
Come, now!
Trap Monster!
Metamor-Clay Fortress!
Protect my field
and the Black Magician!
Damn you...
My turn!
Metamor-Clay Fortress,
to attack position!
It would seem that unless I don't lash you
with the whip of absolute defeat,
the fetters of the king's
spirit will never come loose!
Ritual Summon!!
Descend forth!
Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon!!
This will end this farce!
Maximum Burst of Chaos!!
When Chaos MAX destroys
a defending monster,
it inflicts double
piercing damage to you!
There's no escape for you now.
I will not lose...never.
I made a promise...with him.
That's why...
I can't afford...
...to lose!
I summon Apple Magician Girl!
With my monster
allies by my side,
I will defeat you!
Defeat me, you say!?
If so, then may you be gone
with your allies in tow!
When Apple Magician Girl is attacked,
once per turn, it'll summon an ally!
Come forth, Lemon Magician Girl!
It then you will be forced
to attack Lemon Magician Girl.
Which will reduce your monster's
attack power by half!
In addition,
Lemon Magician Girl
has the same effect as Apple Magician Girl.
Come forth,
Black Magician Girl!
It reduces by another half!
But, with this, I'm able...
...to call forth my ultimate dragon.
Infinite time...
O white force hidden within its origin,
spread your wings which tremble
in the echo of intersecting souls,
and come forth
from the blue abyss!
Deep-Eyes White Dragon!!
Also, by this monster being summoned,
you will receive the rage of the
dragons in my Cemetery!
Next, Deep-Eyes!
Inherit the power of Chaos MAX Dragon!
Now, time to close
the curtain on this.
On this duel!!
Trap, activate!
Magician's Protection!
This reduces damage to me...
...by half!
Damn you!
That knocks Yugi's
Life Points to just 600.
If he doesn't do
something this turn, he's...
This Magic card, I'm giving it to you, Kaiba-kun!
This lets me activate the Magic card,
Magical Contract Door!
It lets me put a new
monster into my hand,
which I'll summon here now!
Raging dragon of blackened steel,
shatter the lock enclosing the
bounds of the mortal plane,
and bring forth
destruction to my enemy!
Come forth!
Gandora Cross
the Dragon of Destruction!
I activate Gandora Cross' effect!
It will destroy all monsters!
Then, it inflicts damage to you, Kaiba-kun, equal to
the highest attack power out of all of them,
as well as increase Gandora Cross'
own attack power by that amount!
In that case, I'm taking your
monster down with it!
So, you intend on being a
constant thorn in my side, do you?
The reason I came here...
...was because I had something
I felt obligated to tell you.
This is...
Save me, Sera!
Save me!
The Pharaoh... isn't reviving!
Atem is no longer within
this Millennium Puzzle.
I had come to realize that fact,
the moment I took the
last piece into my hand.
And you calling me so
that you could fight Atem
is something I, of course, knew.
But, this is...
...the truth.
I refuse.
I refuse to accept this, Yugi!
I absolutely won't!
I will defeat you
and bring forth the
spirit of the king!!
I send the Magic card in my hand
to the Cemetery to activate this!
The card I'll be
...is the one you gave to me!
Revive the Dead!
Break through the doors of
the netherworld and revive now!
This seals your defeat!
Trap, activate!
Final Geas!
This removes all monsters
from our Cemeteries!
And from the removed
monsters, I...
...will resurrect this monster!
Go, Black Magician!
Black Magic!!
That belongs to Aigami-kun...
The Millennium Ring!?
What in the world is this?
What the hell is this!?
What is this!?
This looks bad, doesn't it!?
Don't tell me this is...
You humans...
sure like to repeat yourselves, eh?
That voice...
The hell is this?
What's going on!?
Is that really Aigami-kun?
Big Brother!
Big Brother, what in the world is this!?
Aah, is that you, Sera?
So pure...
Immaculate, consciousnesses linked together...
But, behold!
At this abhorrent yet beautiful form!
Our desire is that of
a world of a higher plane!
However, the price to do so is this!
I shall now open the doors.
I shall drag everything into
a dimension of darkness!
Big Brother!
Don't tell me...!
That cube is the door
to a dimensional domain.
An eighth Millennium Item!?
Shin-sama had to gather the seven Millennium Items
and send the spirit of the Pharaoh
to the netherworld in order to
activate the power of the cube.
So that this sullied world
would dimensionally shift
and we would build up
a brand new world...
Yes, that cube...
was the door leading to a utopia
for the chosen people and them alone.
Precisely, Sera.
But, should so much as a drop
of the beautiful impurity known as hatred
mixes into the dimensional domain...!
Big Brother...
Come, I shall make both
of you fall victim as well!
At this rate, everything is
going to be consumed!
Do you still have the will to fight?
Diva, you and I...
are going to settle this right now!
To protect my friends
I will fight you!
Consider this the start of
a dark dimensional domain duel!
Darkness! Darkness! Darkness!
Consume the light
and abscond the world!
Come forth!
Crimson Nova the Dark Cubic Lord!
To think you'd inflict damage to not only us
but to yourself as well at the end of your turn...
Noticed it, have you?
This is no ordinary duel.
Your bodies are getting consumed by the dark particles
equal to the amount of Life Points you lost.
I won't let you have your way!
Come to me!
Pandemic Dragon!!
I use my Life Points for his effect,
decreasing your
monster's attack power!
Then, Pandemic Dragon takes any monster whose attack power
has fallen lower than its own and destroys it!
I suppose this means it can't be affected by any effects from
monsters with attack powers lower than its own!?
My turn!
I Dimension Summon Silver Gadget!
Then, Silver Gadget can
summon an ally monster!
Come, Gold Gadget!
I end my turn with this!
That's all?
In that case,
I'll kill you first!
When I receive an attack,
it summons the Trap Monster,
Metalhold the Mobile Fortress!
Next, I equip my Gadget Monsters to it,
powering it up!
Engage the enemy,
I also call forth two
Crimson Novas to this world!
Now, take this!
When Pandemic Dragon is destroyed,
it decreases the attack
power of another monster.
You've ended up wringing the
neck of your teammate, have you?
That's not all!
When Crimson Nova destroys a monster,
it's allowed to inflict suffering
upon you both once more!
Trap, activate!
Spiritual Sealing Swords of Light!
It negates your direct attack!
However, as a cost, I pay...
2000 Life Points!
I'm fine.
I'm going to shove the both of you
into the dimension of darkness!
Wicked consciousness, converge!
To lead the world into a
glimmer-less despair!
Descend forth now from
the thicket of darkness!
Crimson Nova Trinity
the Dark Cubic Lord!!
An attack power of 4500!
A sacrifice is needed
for a Dark Lord's offense.
That being your Life Points!
Now, Yugi!
Take upon you the
iron blow of the Dark Lord!
Come, Trap Monster!
Krystal Avatar!
I'm the one you'll be facing!
If you do that, you'll...
When he's destroyed, it deals damage
to you equal to its attack power!
Kaiba-kun, why!?
Call him.
I will send you to the dimension
of darkness in due time!
I will inflict upon you the
same pain I have taken!
Take this!!
I send Clear Kuriboh to the Cemetery,
negating any Effect Damage I take!
You just don't know
when to quit.
But, by destroying your monster,
I can attack once more!
Both you and this world will all
be engulfed by the darkness
By a world of glimmer-less despairing darkness!
Now, be gone, Yugi!!
I won't lose...
I'm sorry...
The Pharaoh of the Netherworld...
Big Brother...
Sera, what happened to me?
Big Brother, our power is no longer...
It's for the best.
This is all for the best.
Yugi, did you manage to see him?
Mm-hmm, I even talked to him,
albeit briefly.
Was he doing well?
As it happens, I met him too!
I'm envious.
I knew it!
I see.
Seems as though he did
come here, didn't he, Yugi?
I was on the
verge of giving up,
but you believed, didn't you?
I have to wonder about that.
Farewell, Yugi.
You, too, have been
a proud duelist.
See you around.
Thank you, really.
are you really going?
Once this is complete,
the curtain will rise
to a new kind of duel.
But, testing that prototype
is far too dangerous!
We have no idea how dangerous of a system
the Dimensional Domain Emulator can be!
Mokuba, I leave the rest up to you.
Brother... Make sure you come back.
Duel Dimension System, activate!!