Yudo: The Way of the Bath (2022) Movie Script

Since ancient times, the Japanese have
both revered nature and coexisted with it.
Drawing inspiration from nature,
yet not resisting fate.
Just keep working hard.
This is known to many as "Michi."(path)
Tea ceremony, flower arrangement,
incense appreciation,
And also,
Yudo (The way of bath),
Japan harbors various paths,
yet no path holds absolute supremacy.
Finding one's own path in daily life
and continually honing it is what
gives life a radiant glow.
just like
in this story.
Welcome to the world of the bath Ceremony.
I am Hosoi.
What's the matter?
The design of the building exterior
received high praise.
but what?
The president wonders if entrusting
the entire building to a small firm is viable.
He declined.
And then,
At the end of this month, I...
Do you want to resign?
The rent for the office is also in arrears.
It might be tough for you.
Do as you wish.
Dad, Thanks for your hard work.
Ryota, make sure to wash
the back of your neck thoroughly.
Hey, kid.
You should apologize.
What's wrong, Ryota?
Your mom hasn't taught you manners.
Apologize quickly
Is there something wrong?
Are you looking down on me, you jerk?
Remember to wash the back of your neck.
Causing trouble in the bathhouse is not allowed
Nice tattoo, looks cool.
Strength doesn't come just from appearances.
How's Dad?
Do you want to see dad?
If Ryota behaves,
Dad will come to see you.
Yes, if Ryota is a good boy.
I'll be a good boy, I promise.
Number 1035,
it's time to bathe.
Don't dawdle, move along.
Move forward.
1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2.
Number 1035, hurry.
An email arrived.
It's something good.
What's this?
The Eramiya's offering to Hideyoshi:
a set of mystical bath tools,
not suitable for commoners.
These items are limited, so act quickly.
Which one?
How much severance pay can I get?
No, not much.
Here you go again.
Is your house being renovated
to have a cypress wood bathtub?
Just grabbed a product catalog.
Since you're getting into the bath Ceremony,
isn't it perfect?
Indeed, I really want a cypress wood bathtub.
How about this one?
A mid-Edo water vessel with
the Eramiya family crest engraved.
No, no.
Teacher, we're looking forward
to your excellent design.
Anyway, let me try making something.
Thank you.
President, good news!
Maruken Onsen?
If we build apartments there,
we can surely get a good price.
I'm back.
Who are you?
No, I should be asking who you are.
I'm Akiyama, Akiyama Izumi.
Are you Goro's girlfriend?
No, I work and live here.
Anyway, open the door.
I'm going to call for help.
This is my room.
I am the head of this household.
The head of the household is Miura Satoro.
I am his brother Miura Shiro
This is the first time I heard that
the head of the family has brother.
Famous Tokyo architect
and owner of a rural bathhouse.
The achievement gap is so big
that it might be a bit shameful to say it.
It's not that shameful to tell people
about being an architect, right?
Its not the architects who are ashamed, right?
Hey, put up the curtain.
Sure, I'll do it now.
Meeting my little brother with not
much achievement in a long time.
(Closing the shop)
(Opening the shop)
The store is open.
This chocolate isn't something
you can find anywhere.
I'm not a fan of sweets.
Perfect, it's 80% cocoa, bitter.
Why did you come back?
You're so indifferent.
I came back because I care about you.
You didn't even attend our father's funeral
I was busy at that time.
And now, you're free?
Opening a bathhouse, is it interesting?
When will you feel a sense of accomplishment?
How long do you plan to keep it open?
you're the first one here.
You can sing loudly now.
That's why I came.
Thanks for coming regularly.
I'm Goro's older brother.
With such a handsome man at the front desk,
female customers will increase.
Dealing with someone like that every day isn't easy, right?
Is work not going well?
Coming back suddenly isn't normal.
No, it's not that.
This is not good.
What's wrong?
Running back to the countryside
only when things get tough.
Stop arguing, both of you.
Don't fight over me.
Pressure him, pressure him.
Yes, yes.
Is it open now?
Yes, please come in.
What would you like?
I'll have the fried noodles.
Oh, could it be...
You are from the Miura family?
Shiro, you've become refined.
Hardly recognized you.
Successful Tokyo people are different.
No, not at all.
What happened at your father's funeral?
I was too busy with work.
Goro handled everything alone.
He's shiro from the Miura family.
Fried noodles.
It's already off the fire.
I'll come back next time.
Oh, come on.
He's getting more and more
stubborn as he get older. I'm sorry.
How long will you stay here?
You're so busy, you'll be leaving soon, right?
I have inheritance matters to attend.
I'll be around for a few more days
Hmm, I'll be waiting for you.
What's wrong?
You were angry because he didn't attend
His father funeral.
Even though after meeting him in person,
It's hard to get angry with him.
Wait, why do you suddenly need to drink beer?
Just one bottle.
- I said no.
- Please.
We've been waiting for you, Teacher.
Please, please, please.
Who's that person?
Hot spring critic,
Professor Ota Yoichi.
"Hot Springs Ranking"
The person you shouldn't offend in this industry.
The large bathhouse is over there.
Take me there now.
The so-called large bathhouse
is the philosophy of the inn.
I understand.
- Bring the bag here.
- Yes.
This one is better not to drink.
Don't you know how people refer to me in this world?
A hot spring purist.
A hot spring purist.
Check me out.
I don't have time to soak in a rotating bath.
Teacher, please wait.
Don't touch me, it's filthy.
Please, Teacher.
Please, Teacher.
Isn't that Yoichi Ota, the hot spring purist?
- Hello.
As the main family is in recuperation,
I'll be instructing today.
today's calligraphy and painting are about
"The way of the bath, Warming Hearts."
This is the calligraphy of the 14th-generation heir of the Yonoyuke family,
the grandfather of the main family, Kaenka.
Bath exists to warm the hearts of people.
The fundamental spirit of
The way of bath is
not to forget the original purpose,
a teaching passed down by the main family.
Today happens to be Mr. Yokoyama's fifth
teaching since joining.
I will demonstrate the etiquette of entering
the bath for everyone.
Every drop of soup is benevolence,
capable of retaining every bit of fate.
The 16th-generation head of the family
named it "Enryu," which means "retaining fate."
The Yonoyuke family, like this,
has the habit of inventing new methods
after conceptualising.
In other words,
the methods of the Yudo are
derived from the footsteps of excellent
predecessors in the bathing world.
Any questions so far?
Mr. Yokoyama,
is it necessary to follow these methods?
Good question.
"Shin'iku," please remember this term.
It is a trial for oneself
when no one else is watching.
The key to the Soup Path is here.
After warming the body, coming out of the soup
and then pouring water over oneself is called "rig,"
By alternating between hot and cold,
Liberating the tense spirit is called "Fengzui."
The more proficient in the etiquette of the soup,
the higher the level.
The color of the handkerchief,
Progresses in the order of blue, black, and red.
I've already figured out
the use of the retirement fund.
Finding happiness through money,
Sister's wedding banquet.
Maiko is graduating and planning a trip.
Mom wants a set of kimonos.
Hmm, but this seems to exceed the budget.
Happiness can be found in various things.
Is it really necessary to renovate the bathroom?
Happiness is found in bathing.
Maybe we'll move in a while.
We can build a big bathroom then.
Dad, for me,
it's not a big problem.
In these 40 years,
working hard for the family,
never wasting anything,
My the only interest is bathing.
This is the best soup in life.
Every time soaking in the bath,
you can feel simple happiness.
It's a dream, a hope,
the dream and hope of those
who consider soup as a path.
Just kidding, right?
Or should we proceed as planned?
I'm really looking forward to the new bath.
The budget for the cypress wood
bathtub is a bit tight.
Bring the way of making soup to the extreme
This may be a challenging journey.
Let's hang up the door curtain.
I'll take care of the next steps.
The store is open.
Excuse me.
Marukane hot spring.
Are you coming in?
You can deceive outsiders, but not me.
This isn't a hot spring.
Yes, we use well water here.
You shamelessly deceive people.
Clearly just a bathhouse,
daring to call it a hot spring.
Isn't this fraud?
I heard that around here, bathhouses have
been called hot springs since a long time ago.
Whatever happened in the past is fine.
If it's not a hot spring, don't call it one.
Hurry up and rewrite the sign outside.
In a country where over 95%
of households have bath facilities,
it's surprising that public bathhouses still exist.
This is incredible enough in itself.
Strange old man.
Is there something you need?
I need another towel.
Do you want to go in?
Is that not allowed?
Do you have a tattoo?
Even if you have a tattoo,
you can still enter here.
Then why did you ask?
Do you honor your parents?
Any evidence?
I've returned; that's the evidence.
Alright, here's your change.
Too careless.
Methods for bathing.
Too careless.
Too hot.
Too cold.
If you add cold water,
won't you catch a cold?
so cold.
Too hot.
Izumi, the soup today is excellent.
Thanks for your regular patronage.
Drinking beer after a bath is so refreshing.
Is it? I don't think so.
Izumi, thank you, thank you.
Thank you for your patronage.
Shiro, drinking beer after
a bath is really amazing.
I'll have one too.
Not a good idea.
Thank you for your patronage.
Hey, who is that old man with the white beard?
Customer information is not disclosed.
Thank you for your patronage.
As the owner of this bathhouse,
I want to know various things.
Even if it's to help Goro a bit.
Are you suggesting we work together?
No, not that.
Bath Immortal.
Bath Immortal.
He brings scrap wood but doesn't charge.
We just need to let him bathe for free.
All he wants is to bathe, nothing else,
like an immortal.
So, he's a weird person, just like you.
Hey, what's weird about me?
Is there any meaning in
working in a place like this?
Because I like bathhouses.
What's so good about bathhouses?
As the son of a bathhouse family, you should know.
Just because I'm the son of a bathhouse,
I don't know.
Wearing tattered clothes, pulling a cart,
collecting scrap wood.
Mockingly called the bathhouse family's son.
Work late into the night,
start cleaning early in the morning.
But my family is still poor.
Endless effort with no reward.
A business that doesn't make money
should close early.
Didn't my father protect this place?
He just lacks the courage to give it up.
Do you need something?
Why do you look like you want to fight?
Because that's how I look.
I need to use that empty room temporarily.
Someone else occupied my room.
He said he wants to work with us.
Start with cleaning. Wipe the tiles,
then the changing room.
Also, add firewood to the stove.
Hey, hey, wait a minute.
Thank you.
The bathhouse is great.
Teacher, what do you think?
63rd place.
Are you talking about being ranked in
next year's "Hot Spring Ranking"?
Exactly. Isn't this soup good?
Hmm, very good.
By the way, there's an invitation
to appear on a radio show.
Can you take it?
Oh, I'm good at writing,
not talking.
Your speech is interesting. It's fine.
Teacher, um, there's another matter to discuss.
What is it?
Shall we make the theme of
the next book about bathhouses?
A bathhouse?
Do you want me to write about it?
The element of surprise is good.
Bathhouses are relics of the era.
Their existence is inherently mysterious.
Mysterious. I see.
Then let you unravel the mystery.
So, I'm a mystery hunter?
Let's do it. It's settled.
You've always been this assertive, haven't you?
Well, I'm heading back to the company.
Is that so?
Let's review once again.
First, after taking off your clothes,
what should you do?
You must not immediately get into the bath.
Wash your body thoroughly.
Yes, and absolutely do not
soak towels in the bath.
I know, I know.
My father is very strict about the etiquette here.
You really need to be careful.
No problem, no problem.
Ah, Ade, you look good in a yukata.
Thanks for the compliment.
Because I'm a Japanese man.
Your Japanese is really good.
Hey, where's dad?
He should be coming soon.
Shall we go in first?
Ade, you go ahead.
Got it.
Then I'll meet Dad in the nude.
Come out after 30 minutes, okay?
Oops, it hurts.
Every day is so tough.
My body can't take it.
What do you want to say?
How long do you plan
to keep this business going?
I have a good idea.
What if you move the waste
wood from over there?
Pain, pain, pain. It hurts.
If there are two people there
with irreconcilable differences,
what can bridge the gap between them?
That would be bath.
When immersed in soup, there's a sense of well-being that
brings comfort to both body and mindthe kind of happiness it brings.
It makes the current conflicts
and troubles seem insignificant.
The ancestral line used calligraphy to express this
using way of the bath as a mediator.
In fact, this scroll was used at
a soup gathering in 1983.
Does anyone know?
Mr. Yokoyama.
The Japan-US summit
at the Hinode Mountain Villa
was answered very well.
The Prime Minister of Japan
The meeting between the U.S. president and the Japanese Prime Minister
at the villa in Odawara is well-known.
However, on that day,
the fact that the two of them took a bath in a tub prepared
by the Prime Minister's family wasn't reported.
The two baths used cypress from
the Prime Minister's hometown, Gunma,
with a gap of 1.0923cm between them.
The distance between Tokyo
and Washington, D.C. is 10923km,
minimizing this distance was a thoughtful design.
The U.S. president appreciated the intentional
design and the comfort of the bath,
deepening the bond between them.
In essence,
the bath laid the foundation
for the Japan-U.S. relationship.
Now, the bathhouse is open.
Feel free to sing,
it's much better than karaoke.
Natural acoustics are useful too.
I used to sing with my son in the bath often.
Oh, do you have a son?
He's a great singer.
Is he a professional singer?
Oh, yes.
He's been working far away,
but he's coming back soon.
Is he working overseas?
Sort of.
Bring him next time.
Sure, we'll talk about it then.
Thank you for your patronage.
Is the bathhouse open?
Yes, come in.
Is it okay if someone is singing?
Only you
That hurts.
Your bathhouse routines are well done.
You seem like a professional.
You're quite reserved.
Where do you usually bathe?
Here, this is my hometown.
I see. That makes sense.
That's it
Your bathing etiquette is impressive.
It's my first time here.
It's great that you came.
Take care during your stay.
Don't sit there.
Come over here.
If you can't help me in the boiler room,
I'll have to sit here.
I have a knee pad. It seems like you could use it.
Should I sew it for you?
It doesn't matter about that thing.
What's going on with that person?
First time meeting, that person.
Oh, where's my girlfriend?
Getting on in years, speak with some dignity.
Sorry, it's me sitting here.
I'm glad.
The two of you, a total of 900 yen.
He'll pay.
You occasionally pay too.
As for me, I take a bath every two days.
So, you're smelly.
I'm so sorry. I'm going home.
Got it. I'll pay.
Got it. I'll pay. I'll pay.
I'll go pay.
How many minutes?
Then 50 minutes.
Hey, can't soak that long.
How about 30 minutes?
45 minutes.
35 minutes.
Okay, 40 minutes.
37 minutes is enough.
How annoying.
Is that Horii's voice?
His wife is impatient, so she knocks repeatedly.
You see?
Ah, the milk is 110 yen, fruit milk
120 yen.
So, the total for two is...
Change is 270 yen.
Sorry for the long wait.
Here, the usual amount.
Such happiness.
The bathhouse is indeed nice, as you said.
Young man, the bath at your place is great.
After a bath, you look quite sexy.
Looking forward to your next visit.
Finally here, sorry for the wait.
I'm starting.
How's the taste?
Fantastic, delicious.
As he get older,
even his taste buds stop working.
Lately, his cooking has been too salty.
What are you saying?
I said it's delicious.
Really delicious.
If you can,
let's have a beer together.
No, no, this person has gout.
Beer is prohibited.
Here are some leftovers.
Taking a hot bath is tiring, right?
He means, don't be shy, eat more.
Welcome to DJ FLOW's show.
Tonight begins with a bath.
How's the soup,
everyone? Hello!
Here, there's a play on words. The Japanese pronunciation
of "" (soup) sounds similar to "you" in English.
Hello to the 120 million bathhouse
users nationwide in Japan!
I'm DJ FLOW, a bath-loving and super cool guy.
Now, let's use our ears to experience
the relaxing moment of a once-a-week bath
Where is everyone listening to my radio?
At home, the office, or...
Is that Hagi cake?
The red bean filling is irresistible.
Speaking of red bean filling, I prefer taiyaki.
You're all fans of sweet treats, huh? Too girly.
Mine is eel rice with eel liver soup.
If we talk about carbs, it's definitely curry.
Mine is fried pork cutlet.
Fried pork cutlet?
Hey, you seem to be getting out of jail soon.
why are you here?
For assault. I stabbed my dad.
Didn't expect you to be a martial artist.
I can't forgive him for abandoning my mom.
You've already set
the time for your release, right?
Ding ding ding. A memorable first meal.
Enjoying whatever you like to
eat is the happiest thing.
So, what do you plan to eat for your
first meal after being released?
Coffee milk.
Coffee milk.
So, today's program will end here.
Next week, we have the super cool
hot spring critic, Mr. Ota Yoichi.
I heard he's writing a book about bathhouses.
Share cool bathhouse stories
for a chance to be featured.
Great ideas from big city folks.
If there's a coin-operated shower on the first floor,
you can explain it to the locals.
Hmm, let's quickly handle
the land transaction procedures.
But, this is just a rough design.
Once the contract is signed,
we can change the design later.
But I need to discuss it with my younger brother.
Your younger brother?
the one at the bathhouse.
This kind of contract seems a bit challenging.
And, you're the eldest son, right?
I'll take these back today.
Shiro, where were you?
By the way, where's Goro?
Is he inside?
You used to assist Dad a lot.
Let's have a good chat.
What do you want to do here?
What to do?
I know you want to try it out first,
but this business really can't continue.
Customers are decreasing,
and the inheritance tax is high.
I thought of the most appropriate solution.
Don't talk about these things.
Those strange aspects of your personality
are exactly like Dad's.
As soon as someone suggests something,
you become stubborn and won't listen.
Mom did the same when she left,
didn't even come to the hospital for work.
You're the same,
didn't even come to Dad's funeral.
Don't mix things up.
The scale of our work is different.
Doing heavy work, sweating in a place like this...
I plan to sell this place
and build an apartment building.
You can choose one to live in.
Transform the first floor into coin-operated
showers to retain the current customers.
The real estate company is grateful to me,
calling it a groundbreaking plan.
Being flattered by others,
For architects currently not receiving projects,
It might be quite nice, perhaps.
What kind of joke is this?
Stop, it's dangerous.
What are you two doing?
Both of you, stop,
it's dangerous.
You bastard.
Okay, stop fighting.
We said it's dangerous.
You've wet the floor.
watch out!
Enough, both of you.
Big brother, get a wet towel.
Oh, okay.
Goro, here you go.
Get a fire extinguisher.
Where is it?
In the cabinet at the front desk.
Got it, got it.
Luckily, the burns aren't severe.
You can leave the hospital in a few days.
That's great.
Do you have health insurance?
Probably. It should be at home.
Please bring it tomorrow.
Is your work not going well?
What? Why are you asking like that?
He's worried about you.
Don't talk nonsense.
Even if he doesn't say it,
you can see it.
Do you like him?
It's not like that.
By the way, why choose a bathhouse?
There are many better jobs.
I used to work in fashion.
After the spring-summer fashion week,
I immediately had to prepare for autumn-winter.
Clearly lacking the ability,
I kept following trends,
talking about so-called designs.
Gradually, I felt empty
and my health deteriorated.
I understand.
How could a popular architect
understand these things?
I'm not popular.
But you've won many awards.
That was when I was still at the firm.
After going independent,
the work decreased.
I realized it wasn't my ability;
It was because of my boss's help.
Why choose to work at a bathhouse?
After resigning, when I was living
at my grandma's in the countryside,
Soaking in the bath,
suddenly feeling like I've been rescued.
How to say it...
Maybe it can't be expressed in words.
After taking off clothes, everyone is the same.
Trends, status,
none of it matters.
Relax more,
do what you like freely.
Tears flowed out when I thought of this.
And taking a bath is really comfortable, isn't it?
Especially in a spacious
and comfortable bathhouse,
where you can experience
kindness between people.
And all of this,
you can feel it for just a few hundred yen.
Are there others like you
who have been healed by baths?
Certainly, and there must be people
who want to guard the bathhouse.
Today, I have some very happy news
to share with everyone.
Although the head of
the family is undergoing rehabilitation,
Because of the good physical condition today,
I can teach the ritual of bathing.
Immerse yourself in the hot water,
cleanse your mind, and purify yourself.
Please deeply experience the family's ritual.
In the past, I have prepared baths for
the President of the United States,
But i did wonder what bathing convey to him?
To be honest, I'm not sure.
The reason being the lack of bathing culture
in the United States.
My mission is to establish a reassuring
world through baths,
making people blossom with smiles.
Feel free to laugh, everyone.
the ritual of purifying the heart.
For the first time, the legendary ceremony
passed down only to the head of the family.
Cloth drawing.
Cloth drawing.
Immerse in the bath, purify the heart.
(Closed store)
There you go,
there you go, there you go.
this is a precious opportunity to directly
consult the head of the family.
Any questions you'd like to ask?
Mr. Yokoyama, please.
Watching the ritual of purifying
the heart is deeply moving.
For you, the best bath in your life.
May I ask where you bathed?
It must be a fortunate event for us to know.
When my father passed away,
my brother left home, leaving me alone,
I was very lost.
Disciples were gradually decreasing.
It was clear that the way of the bath
was being abandoned by the times.
Is it worthwhile to refine the way of bathing?
I wanted to get the answer to this question.
I climbed Mount Atago to worship the fire god.
Unfortunately, I didn't find the answer.
I decided to give up the way of the bath
and got lost on the way down the mountain.
When both body and mind were exhausted,
By chance,
I found a small tea house.
I bathed there,
That was the best bath of my life.
Why was it so wonderful?
Only those who have bathed
in that water can feel it.
It's been 20 years since then.
If you can, please tell me
the name of the tea house.
The Crimson Teahouse.
Are you filling in for someone?
No, I plan to take a break from business.
Running a business shouldn't only consider
one's own convenience;
it's about making people feel happy through baths.
I'll teach you how to heat the water.
It's been a long time since
I quietly watched the fire.
In my memory,
my father always had a side view,
Gazing at the flames like this,
not into the eyes of his child.
The ratio of hot and cold water determines
the bathhouse's temperature.
What is shown here is the temperature
The displayed temperature here is 41 degrees,
and it needs to rise by 2 degrees
43 degrees. Won't it be too hot?
It's been 43 degrees since your father's time.
For you, what does bathing mean?
The bath is the sun.
The bath is the sun.
No matter how thick the clouds in the sky are,
Above the clouds, there must be the sun.
It's that kind of feeling.
It's like I understand, and yet I don't.
The rest, you'll figure out yourself.
I can't do it.
The door is open.
I'm glad I can bathe with Dad at the bathhouse.
You don't have the qualification
to call me Dad yet.
I've learned the basics of bathing;
I won't fail again.
Then let me ask you,
What does "wa" on this brand mean?
It means the hot water is ready. Conversely,
"nu" means the water has run out, right?
Looks like you've done your homework.
Alright, let's go.
Ok, dad.
I told you not to call me Dad.
It's really hot.
What a weakling.
Is it really that hot?
This is the Japanese bathhouse.
Japanese people are amazing.
I won't entrust my daughter to
a man who fears hot bathwater.
It's lively today.
Foreign guests seem to think
our hot water is too hot.
Not understanding the beauty
here is such a shame.
Great, fantastic, this is a true Japanese man.
What's wrong?
Let's bathe together.
Yes, Mr. Yokoyama,
you are the teacher of Yudo Bath, right?
No, no, I aspire to be a teacher
and am currently learning.
Do you have a place you most want to bathe now?
Although there are many hot springs I'd like to visit,
if it's the quickest,
it should still be my own bath at home.
It's still under renovation.
Is it a cypress wood bathtub?
I gave up on that.
Oh, there's another one.
Really? Where is it?
The head of the family in the Yudo
considers it the most wonderful bath of his life.
I want to know. Please tell me.
I've only heard him mention it once.
It's so hot, so hot.
Tastes good.
This one's for you.
What's this?
Starting tomorrow,
I'll need you to sit at the front desk.
Because your temperature
control skills are too poor.
That's outrageous.
What's wrong?
Many customers complain it's too hot.
By the way, do you want another beer?
If you don't mind.
Uncle, want to join us?
No, that won't do.
Add another bottle of beer.
What's this?
What does it mean?
It's a secret code for couples.
It's not a big deal.
One knock means okay,
three knocks mean no.
Simple and concise.
But our regulars in the shop all imitate this.
What does it mean?
Couples or those bathing together use
this to coordinate their bathing time.
The first one in knocks twice with
a bucket to ask how it is.
If I'm also coming out, I knock once.
If I don't want to come out, I knock three times.
I often hear knocking sounds,
and now I know what it's about.
Marukin specialty, the knocking bucket.
I see.
After a bath, beer tastes amazing, right?
What's wrong?
Wait a moment.
I need to take a call.
It's Hosoi.
What's up?
News from Kobayashi Construction.
I see.
No need. Besides, you've already resigned.
It seems they have to redo
the bidding for that building.
The person in charge over there
wants to meet tomorrow.
This is a great opportunity.
Boss, are you still listening?
Welcome to DJ FLOW's
"Tonight Starts with a Bath" show!
Let me introduce tonight's super cool guest,
hot spring critic Mr. Yoichi Ota.
Hello, everyone. I'm Ota.
I have a lot of questions for you, teacher.
First, it's implementing the philosophy
of prioritizing hot spring origins in your latest work,
and surprisingly, it revolves around bathhouses.
I completely disagree with the preservation of traditional
bathhouses in the modern era; they seem to lack value.
Why do these seemingly obsolete entities
persist in the world without a future?
It's quite a mystery.
From my perspective,
I aim to unravel this mystery.
Ah, I see.
So that's the case.
Please make sure to experience
a bathhouse, teacher.
We've received some super cool information
about bathhouses from our listeners.
Let's start with the first letter.
Mr. Barnum Long writes
in after three years of returning to his hometown,
and his biggest anticipation is the bathhouse.
Although the uncle at the service desk
isn't exactly friendly,
the well-heated well water there,
burned with firewood, is fantastic.
The door is open.
The guests gathered there are all good people,
and in this bathhouse,
one can feel warmth in their hearts.
Ohta-sensei, you must give it a try.
Clearly cool yet warmly written letter.
Mr. Ota, what do you think?
Indeed, even if it's just once,
I'd be willing to give it a try.
Hey, buddy, I'm here to collect the money.
Please give me another bottle.
Are you a newcomer?
Why isn't the uncle here today?
He passed away two months ago.
For real?
Stride forward with your head held high
Dont shed tears
Thinking back to those spring days
On a lonely night
Recalling the springtime in solitude
Counting the stars
Recalling the summer days
Could it be that he's...
On a lonely night
Happiness at the summit of the colorful clouds
Happiness above the firmament
Stride forward with your head held high
Dont shed tears
Walking and crying
On a lonely night
On a lonely night
Congratulations on getting discharged,
Mr. Goto. Welcome back.
Thank you.
You've lost some weight,
but you look more handsome.
You are quite handsome, aren't you?
What are you talking about?
I've always been like this.
Shiro can even build a fire now.
Oh, really?
What's with that expression?
I thought you'd be happy.
I'm very happy.
- Here.
- Thank you.
So, let's cheers.
Drinking in broad daylight?
It's a celebration for your discharge.
Welcome home, Goro.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
What's wrong?
No, sorry.
Apologize for what?
Big brother rarely comes up with a good idea.
It's okay.
It does make sense.
Goro, have a drink.
After being in the hospital,
I've realized something.
The guests are getting older,
and fewer people are coming to the inn.
There are also hot springs nearby.
In the end,
Does this town really need Marukin?
It does.
Thanks, but I'd rather not.
No, you'll hurt Dad's feelings.
He would want that?
Oh, did Dad write that?
He regretted not being with Mom until the end.
then why?
He said Mom told him
not to come to the hospital,
to prioritize the guests.
Dad left a message:
Don't inherit Maruken and ask us to sell it.
That's a lie.
That's definitely a lie.
Dad understood the limits of this
job better than anyone.
Even after Dad's death, Marukin is still open;
It's just my obsession.
This is completely different from
what you said before.
Didn't you say you wanted to work hard for the guests?
But this was his true intention.
Shiro, say something.
So, let's decide everything this way.
I've said it all along.
Even if we continue,
the bathhouse can't sustain a livelihood.
Is it really okay to close it down completely?
Well, I'm getting busier with work in Tokyo.
Closing it now would be a big help.
Goro, say something.
Whenever is fine,
The sooner the better.
How about the end of this month?
End of this month?
We don't need this either, right?
Wait, wait a moment.
Hey, hey,
we don't need this either, right?
Wait, stop it.
There's one more thing we don't need.
Izumi, I'm opening the door!
Izumi, I'm going to open it!
Are you open?
Of course.
Hey, isn't the curtain supposed to be raised?
But the sign hasn't been flipped yet.
It's about to go out.
The flowers have withered.
Here, take the change.
For two people, so here's a million yen.
A million yen. Here's a million yen.
I say, is Izumi quitting?
Huh? Why do you say that?
The electric fan isn't turned on on both sides.
- It's dirty and messy.
- I'm sorry.
The empty bottle hasn't been put back.
She occasionally takes a break for a day or two.
Water temperature.
It's really unacceptable how things
have changed with one person missing.
Looking for 270 yen from you.
That's for her.
Ok, thank you.
How about your wife today?
Happiness seems natural,
only realized when lost.
Two days ago, held a vigil at the funeral.
Always went to the men's bath alone.
Always feel like she's on the other side of the wall.
Feel like as long as I come here, I can see her.
Today's bath is also very good.
Thank you.
If I want to buy two more bottles next time,
remember to stop me, okay?
So far, I've been to many baths with her.
A journey of bathhouse visits in memory.
Kidding, I really can't think straight.
No, I think that's great.
Thank you all for your hard work.
Over 42 years, thank you for your support
Over 42 years, thank you for your support.
I'm back.
We will come home late.
You go to sleep first.
- Thanks for your hospitality.
- Thank you for your patronage.
Oh, is it already closed?
No, not yet.
- Sorry.
- I'll help you put it away.
- Here you go.
- Okay, the money is just right.
Hey, where's Izumi?
Um, she's off today.
She's not working here anymore.
What happened?
She seems to dislike us now.
Oh, is it after that?
Do you have any idea?
I mentioned to her before about
the wonderful baths recommended by the Yudo family.
Koizumi has become very interested in Yudo,
constantly asking me about it.
It's probably because of that.
What's the name of that hot spring?
It's not a hot spring,
it's called the Red Tea House.
If Izumi didn't come to Marukin
what would it be like now?
Would it have closed earlier?
Perhaps it would be like that,
or maybe it would continue.
Which one is it?
Just the only thing certain is that
because she's here,
the two of us can talk like this.
Indeed, that's true.
Okay, let's go.
Yes, it's the monkey.
That's right.
excuse me.
Here it is.
So, recently here...
Have any young women guests visited?
We closed down many years ago.
- I see.
- I'm sorry.
Oh, um...
We heard your bathhouse here is fantastic.
Our bathhouse?
Wow, it's the Goemon tub!
Goemon tub: Named after Ishikawa Goemon, who was executed by being boiled in a pot.
It involves installing a flat pot at the bottom of a barrel, heated on a stove.
There's also an iron bath version heated on a stove.
Haven't seen that in a long time.
It's outdated, right?
May we use this?
- Now?
- Yes.
you can, but it's quite inconvenient.
- No problem.
- Can you heat the water yourself?
Yes, we can.
We run a bathhouse.
We manage a bathhouse.
My name is Goro Miura.
This is my brother.
I'm Shiro.
Okay, not enough.
Add more.
It's your fault for saying unnecessary things.
Who said we run a bathhouse?
I didn't expect there wouldn't even
be water pipes here.
But for people from the past,
this is ordinary, right?
Okay, we're here.
Let's go.
Why is it so little?
How many more trips do we need?
- About five trips.
- That's a lot.
Also, we need to find firewood.
Let's divide the tasks.
I'll go find firewood.
Oh, forget it.
I'll go.
No, no. Let's decide with rock-paper-scissors.
Rock, paper, scissors.
I'm back.
Welcome back.
Anyone here?
Rare guests indeed.
He wants to take a bath.
A bath?
He said he runs a bathhouse.
- Something's not right.
- What's wrong?.
Adding wood like that will be deadly.
Alright, alright, I get it.
You go check on the hot water.
- They all said it's unnecessary.
- I understand.
How is it?
Almost done?
Even though it's crowded,
it feels so refreshing.
These five hours were well spent.
Thinking about it,
it's impressive how a bathtub heated with
a few button presses can be.
Grateful for the bath.
That's the spirit of the bath.
If we tell Yokohama when we go back,
he'll surely be envious.
Speaking of which...
Taking a bath deity is truly incredible.
One day, he suddenly appeared.
But Dad believes in him quite a bit.
And sometimes he mutters some nice words.
He says, "Bathing to him is like the sun."
What? Didn't Dad say that?
A presence that can warm your heart,
like the sun.
Really, how long are you going to soak?
Never thought Dad would be like a poet.
I'm starting to see him differently.
It's time to eat.
Got it.
Ah, it's hot! Hot!
How's the water temperature today?
very good.
The origin of Japanese aesthetics
lies in nature.
Respect nature, be grateful for nature.
Take nature as a model.
Accept everything,
and accumulate day by day.
Not actively seeking happiness
but being aware of it.
No matter how small,
all happiness can be sensed.
That's true richness in life.
Yudo, exists for this.
Who can achieve this?
Needless to say, it's you.
You do it.
Note: The pronunciation of "Yudo (The way of the bath) "
in Japanese sounds similar to "you do."
My own granddaughter isn't a guest, right?
Should have just mentioned
Izumi's name at that time.
After eating, it's better to go back immediately.
There are bears around here.
Just kidding.
You came specifically to meet
my playful granddaughter.
Thank you.
How was it?
The hot spring in the mountains.
Absolutely fantastic.
First-time experience.
What's different about it?
Nothing particularly special.
We receive rainwater sent by the heavens.
Gather wood from the mountains.
All humans do is light the fire.
All of it, a blessing from nature.
Grateful and truly happy.
The sun rises from the east
and works for more than half a day.
Then sets in the west, right?
At the end of each day,
I always face the sun.
And say to it, "Today, I dried so many clothes.
Thank you so much
Say thanks to it like this.
Eat quickly.
I'm gonna start now.
I'm gonna start now.
I'm gonna start now.
Just go back to these two people.
But it's going to be closed.
There's no point in going now.
I want to run it until the end as usual.
Do your best without slacking off.
But as usual.
We also have to say goodbye to our regular customers.
Be sure to say thank you properly
Did I soak for too long?
You'd better take some rest
This is not okay
What should the Ninoyu family do?
Do you want to be the boss?
How could you not take it seriously?
However, if you don't decide faster,
Times running out.
Please don't say such discouraging words.
Where have you all been?
too slow.
welcome back.
Sorry to made you all worry.
We'll get ready immediately.
Bring some firewood.
We're open!
Please come in.
Waited for so long.
Feels really comfortable.
Is this the place?
The exterior looks quite cool.
Who is that person?
He's popular among bath enthusiasts.
What is he doing now?
Looking in the mirror.
He's not just a narcissist, right?
Is he still looking in the mirror?
Yes, still looking.
What's wrong?
Nothing, nothing.
Tell me quickly.
Excuse me.
Dad, is this also a kind of etiquette?
Stop talking.
- Welcome.
- Hello.
Mr. Yokoyama was right.
Did you really go to the Red Tea House?
What kind of bath is that?
You'll know when you go there.
Why like this?
I can take you anytime.
Then I'll rely on you.
hot water.
Need to boil hot water?
I understand.
hot water.
Go boil hot water.
hot water.
How is it?
It's ready. Please come in.
Huh, that voice?
are you secretly drinking beer?
You fool.
That's the sound of wet hair.
I misspoke.
It's the sound of wet clothes, fool.
Not funny at all.
I've had enough.
The more I think about it, the angrier I get.
I really envy you.
Having someone to argue with.
Found you.
Izumi, can you step in for me for a moment?
Boss, we couldn't find you,
so we came over here.
I thought you'd be here soon.
Let us take a bath first,
Let's talk in detail later.
The full set for two people, right?
Okay, 1300 yen.
300 yen, right?
Thank you for coming.
Give me the empty bottle.
How much?
- We are not a hot spring.
- It's okay.
450 yen.
No need for change.
Thank you for coming.
Who is it?
He's a hot spring critic, master Ota Yoichi.
He's quite famous in the hot spring world.
450 yen.
Just at this level?
Do you have any complaints?
Who are you?
I'm from this store.
in this era,
isn't this kind of business unprofitable?
The commercial idea of disguising hot water
as a hot spring, I can understand.
It's not that I can't understand it.
Here's my business card.
I'd like to mention this place in my next book.
Consider it a relic of the Showa era.
As long as it's in my book,
your name will be recorded in history.
Isn't that a good thing?
By the way,
Master Yoichi Ota,
it's truly an honor to meet you today.
Do you have something to discuss?
I'm just a person who loves baths.
I've enjoyed reading your books, Master.
I'm glad you've read my books.
For someone like you, who advocates
for the supremacy of hot spring sources,
you shine too brightly for me.
Is that so?
Just my opinion,
but while the master can discern
what makes a good bath,
I believe we, who consider all baths to be good
Baths, are the ones truly fortunate.
This place isn't a relic of the Showa era;
it's a bathhouse needed for the future.
We don't even know what kind of water it is;
It's just boiling hot water,
What value does it have?
You're the one who understands nothing.
Here, they use well water boiled with firewood.
Isn't well water similar to cooled hot springs?
Stop talking nonsense.
hurry up and go soak.
The bath here.
is so comforting that it makes you forget
all the annoying aspects of a husband.
No need to add the word 'husband.'
You talk too much.
I only came to check because someone
submitted to the radio.
Seems like a waste of time.
I wrote that submission.
You criticize without even trying the bath.
I'm really disappointed in the master.
Singing in the bath here
is the best.
I've opened up to my dad here.
I misjudged you.
The milk I drink here after bathing
is delicious, right?
Don't you think everyone's thoughts are great?
And because of the bathhouse,
we're all connected.
The bonds formed here will continue forever,
even if Marukin is no longer here.
No longer?
Thanks, everyone, for your constant care.
Thanks to you,
I just realized
that bathhouses can bring happiness,
the happiness of the act itself
The preciousness of this place.
This isn't a relic.
Do you know the essence of the Yudo?
There's something more important
than ingredients:
the cleansing of the soul.
Cleanse the soul, remove impurities,
deepen bonds.
No Bathhouse is superior.
This isn't your place to come.
I wonder how long you can endure.
Master, it's irresistible.
Exactly, that's why the bathhouses are irresistible.
The milk after a bath is super cool.
What's wrong with you?
Respond appropriately.
President, you're the one.
How about it, Adrian?
Hot things are good, right?
That's Japan's bathhouse.
Don't mess with the dug-up taro.
Note: Japanese pun - 'what time is it now.'
What taro?
Don't mess with the dug-up taro.
Thanks, everyone.
No need, no need.
We're just saying what we usually think, right?
Yeah, that's right.
What kind of critic is he?
Yeah, go back.
Going for a beer today?
What are you saying?
Definitely not possible.
I'm leaving.
Take care.
Thank you for coming.
Are you refining your bathing skills?
So its Yudo?
Then I'll leave first. Thank you.
Put too much, put too much dancing fragrance
I'm back
Welcome home
Dad bath water has been boiled.
Wont the renovation end tomorrow?
Turned out it ended early.
But I just came back from the bathhouse.
Doesn't matter.
You're a seasoned bath enthusiast, aren't you?
This calls for a celebration of your first bath.
How about taking a dip?
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Haven't seen you in 30 years.
Who's he?
It's Kiyoshi.
He's my only younger brother,
Kaji, you're too loud.
Wait, wait a moment.
Wait, wait.
Is everything okay?
What are you going to do?
What are you going to do?
Soke, it's okay.
What are you trying to do?
What have you done?
Feels comfortable, doesn't it?
Big brother.
What is the way of bath?
It's just elevating bathing to a revered practice.
Isn't it just a deception?
People's thoughts on things,
the correct answers are all within themselves.
Bathing is indeed wonderful.
Thanks for coming.
Today has truly been a tumultuous day.
By the way...
Shall we all bathe together?
Marukin is indeed the best.
Perhaps not inferior to the Red Tea House.
Absolutely not inferior.
Why is it so comfortable?
Because your father diligently
protects this place, isn't it?
Not only that,
thanks to Gorou's management.
You really deserve it.
No, I haven't done enough.
Is this really good?
You haven't done enough,
is it really okay to end it like this?
What would father say?
Boys next door.
What are you secretly whispering about?
What's wrong?
Just now.
You said this is not a relic, right?
Don't you feel the same?
Say you finally understand.
Baths can bring happiness to people.
If that uncle doesn't come.
we might have...
What should we do?
Do you want to continue running Marukin?
This is called the Resounding Bucket.
consider it a new method in the way of Yudo.
17th generation family head, Kouno Youkaoru.
I will pioneer a new way of Yudo.
If someone asks me, "What is Yudo?"
I will answer, "Yudo is the sun."
Its existence is like the sun
that illuminates the hearts of people.
I want to convey this idea to everyone.
Yudo is my sunshine.
Note: The wordplay here is that "soup" () sounds like "You," and the phrase "" sounds like "You are my sunshine."