Yumeji (1991) Movie Script

Genjiro Arato presents
Produced by
Genjiro Arato
In association with Apollon Inc.
Kitty Group Inc.
Melsat Inc.
AS Entertainment
Keri Sawada as Yuma
Tomoko Mariya
Masumi Miyazaki
Chikako Miyagi
Aka Marc
Kimiko Yo
Yoshio Harada
Michiyo Okusu
Tamasaburo Bando as Gyoshu
Yozo Tanaka
Kaname Kawachi
Junichi Fujisawa
Art Director
Noriyoshi lkeya
Directed by
Seijun Suzuki
She'll never look back.
Do you want to see her face?
You need to learn your place.
I've seen it.
Shoot me.
You might be able
to see her face.
Where were you?
Have I got a hole in my forehead?
Then you wouldn't be alive, silly.
You're weird.
That was scary!
I can smell it.
Smell what?
Can't you?
Smell what?
How pitiful, yet loveable
it is to live.
I don't get it.
The smell of man.
Are you going home?
- I'm going to Kanazawa.
- So far away?
I'm eloping.
A rendezvous at a spa
near Kanazawa.
Schiller, Mischa...
What are you muttering about?
A train.
I have to get going.
- Thanks.
- Don't move!
Don't worry.
I'll pay you for all this.
I hope she shows up.
I hope she shows up.
To elope with you.
Kanazawa is far away.
Very far away.
I'll be Off.
I'm not going.
Ripe hazelnuts falling...
You aren't eloping?
As she turned over,
he saw her crotch
It was dark, like an aubergine
Like an aubergine
You call this eloping?
- Where are you from?
- Niigata, why?
You have large hands,
like a farmer.
Don't get me wrong.
I like women with big hands and feet.
To elope with?
Was your eloping a joke?
She's sick.
She's 22.
She's called Hikino Kasai.
Suffering from TB.
She couldn't be a farmer.
How to eat tempura soba!
First, have a drink with tempura.
Then you eat the soba.
You're funny today.
Mean sometimes.
Then all cute.
Stay with me tonight.
I told you.
I'm busy eloping.
You really mean it?
I'm going back to Tokyo
to find out if she's serious.
You sketched me.
Can I have it?
Tempura, a whore
Saba, Salome
A head, a flower
You'll never appear in a poem.
When the moon is full
Make love, or go to hell
The fiends will grind you
And eat you alive
Are those chatty women geisha?
Yes. They're always first here.
And after them
come young ladies
from the neighbourhood.
I'm quite impressed.
Don't you remember me?
I've been here before.
Sorry, where are you from?
High society?
I understand...
Miss Kasai always comes
at this time of the day.
Is she coming today?
Yes. She comes every day at 4:00.
To Kanazawa?
I was on the way...
but I was afraid.
You got a fever.
Leave us alone.
Your father watches you
all the time.
That's why we're running away.
You said so.
Miss Hikino!
Can't we be alone?
It's impossible.
For half an hour,
while you're in the bath.
Your maid can bathe alone.
I can't ask her to do that.
All right. I Will.
Wait. Very well.
I'll sort it out, somehow or other.
Wait for me at the usual place.
Has your fever gone?
You're hot.
Hotter here.
I want to talk. Tell me.
Why are you still in Tokyo?
I came to take you with me.
I can't just sit and wait
at some distant spa.
I'll come. Trust me.
Come with me now.
I can't. Not now.
When, then?
Within ten days.
No, not today.
Be quiet.
My hair will get messy.
You're taking a bath.
Wash your hair.
A man of your repute
ought to know better.
You should behave.
You can do what you like to me
once we're there together.
Not here.
It's Yumeji Takehisa.
Ticket from Yokohama
Lunch receipt
Famous Spots in Okazaki
Fish for sale!
Are there bears around here?
I thought I heard a shot.
A gunshot?
They're searching in the mountains.
Didn't you know?
No. I only got here yesterday.
There was a murder
on the other side of the mountain.
A murder?
A man killed a woman
and fled into the mountains.
Killed a woman?
So they're looking for him?
He cut a policeman's neck
who tried to catch him.
So they say.
But it's quiet here.
It happened in another district,
not ours.
The border goes through the lake.
Were you looking for me?
Weren't you?
No, I wasn't.
Trying to pull me down?
No. I was trying to save you.
I thought you were a dead man
floating up from the bottom.
A dead man?
You're completely covered
in cow's blood.
I'll make a bath for you.
Cow's blood?
I'm Mrs Tomoyo Wakiya.
Some clothes for you.
Help yourself.
What's your name?
You look just like my ex-wife.
Where's the lady of the house?
She's not feeling well.
She's in bed.
There's a ranch
on the slope of the mountain.
They slaughter cattle there
once a month.
The floor of the slaughterhouse
is covered with blood.
They wash it away into the lake.
The colour of it was very bright.
So that was blood.
I was very scared
when you appeared from the water.
Not of you.
Don't be.
Look, I'm warm.
You haven't changed.
Not at all.
Have we ever met before?
No, I wouldn't forget
a beauty like you.
You were in the newspaper.
They say you're a public enemy.
Yumeji Takehisa.
You know me then.
I'm a lady-killer, a pervert. Right?
They're hunting again.
Maybe not. Maybe my husband
shot some cattle.
He gets his kicks that way.
He aims at them from afar.
I see. You're married.
...he's dead.
He must be.
He drowned in the lake.
So you mistook me for him.
Was this his?
You don't mind wearing
a stranger's clothes?
No, I don't mind at all.
It still smells like you.
I washed it again and again
even though no one had ever worn it.
What a waste of time.
It couldn't possibly smell of a woman.
Then it's the smell of blood?
Didn't you wash it in the lake?
- The water might look clean...
- Mr Takehisa.
You're going too far.
True beauty has a charm,
even when sick or angry.
Mr Takehisa?
And who are you?
- I'm with the police.
- Great, the police.
Ah, you're innocent
in the treason case. Don't worry.
You denied that traitor Shusui.
The investigators believed you.
So forget it.
Where did you come from?
Be careful.
You know that we're after a man.
He might come down on this side.
If you run into him...
He has a scythe.
It's very sharp.
Neighbour Senmatsu
went to the Battle of Omi
But he hasn't returned
even after a year
Are you mocking me?
I suddenly recalled a song
I'd almost forgotten.
The victim is still in the lake.
Even after two years
If you run into him...
- Where did you come from?
- That way.
You mean that way?
The Wakiya mansion.
After three years
his head finally showed up
Just be careful.
Look at me.
Only I can reproduce
your beauty.
Look at my face.
I see no poetry in you.
I can't sketch you!
Ah, despair!
Sketch me, if you can.
The women you draw are lifeless.
Your pictures are vulgar.
They're vulgar.
I am Yumeji.
I do whatever I want and turn it
into poetry and paintings.
I'm a married woman.
You know that.
- What about this pistol?
- It was my husband's.
A 50 year old chap in a top hat?
Prepare yourself.
Prepare to live with me.
That's how it is?
Sure. I came prepared.
You were testing me.
Want to scream?
Not again!
I don't like being tested.
I won't test you.
How poetry has declined!
What's so funny?
This is the first time I'm laughing here.
Let me tell you a frightening story.
I had a dream about your husband.
He shot me, right in the forehead.
He's already dead!
Yes. He's dead.
Thank heavens for that!
I'm glad.
When the moon is full
Behind a pampas bush
I saw a grassy mound of Venus
Hikono. .. Hikono. ..
I can't go now.
Father's watching me closely.
I'll take my chance
and join you tomorrow.
I'll stake my life.
I want to die in your arms.
When the moon is full
Make love, or go to hell
The fiends will grind you
and eat you alive
It's him! It's him!
Beat it!
Demon Matsu, the killer,
made fools of us again today.
Our best men...
...have been hunting for him
in the mountains,
but he knows that place
like the back of his hand.
Some newspapers said
he's a hero.
Because he's resisting
the authorities alone?
Ha! He's just crazy
and desperate for that woman.
Was she that pretty?
Mr Wakiya had a crush on her.
That's where the trouble started.
Didn't you know?
The owner of that mansion?
You really didn't know?
That's why Mrs Wakiya
searches the lake
for his body every day.
Some say
long ago, a samurai refugee
was hiding in the house.
But he was discovered
and decapitated.
The people in the house
were held responsible
and executed, too.
So the occupants serve food
to their spirits every day.
His name is Matsukichi,
but since the incident,
we've been calling him Devil Matsu.
Was what he did so demonic?
He pulled a cart for living.
She ran a small restaurant.
Had a child.
Which one?
The woman.
Matsukichi loved her
and took care of her.
Then one day Mr Wakiya
dropped in at the restaurant.
And he laid eyes her.
He liked what he saw.
Then what?
Did she fall for his money
and abandon her old love?
Before that, Matsu found them
in bed, making love.
Straight to the good part!
He took them to the ranch
holding a scythe to their necks.
- No one saw them?
- It was midnight.
Isn't this room beautiful?
That's a Kaga curtain.
You've given it the works.
Yes. We spend time and labour
on better living here.
That fish, for example.
It's pickled and dried.
It's hard work.
It takes a lot of time.
As if labour turned
to a soft, warm breeze.
I feel like I'm in the place
I've always longed to be in.
When they reached
the slaughterhouse...
In the ranch?
He yelled at him,
"Go to hell!"
Do you know about the large pipe
used to wash the blood away?
Yes, I do.
He dumped him in it.
The women was cut as she escaped
before she died.
How frightening.
You need to be careful!
Couldn't he get out of the pipe?
It sent him down
to the depths of the lake.
His chances were slim,
according to the police.
But if he could swim underwater...
Just maybe.
He couldn't have survived this.
I couldn't have.
You can stop now. I'm satisfied.
His body will appear someday.
But what if he's alive?
If there's even the slightest chance!
Why are you so bothered
about the search?
- Because...
- Because you lay with me?
Do you regret it?
No, but he might shoot me.
I'm scared.
I don't want to die.
What are you talking about?
It was all a dream.
The woman in the tree,
facing away from you.
Let me tell you all about it.
A duel?
He insulted me
using the picture of myself.
I am Yumeji Takehisa,
the famous artist!
Fall in love with me, you women!
I'm Yumeji.
What a joke.
I shot first but missed.
Not now. Later. Someday.
When you're at the peak
of your popularity.
Then I'll shoot you.
You said it was a joke.
Filthy coward!
That's why I want to know
if he's alive.
I'm relieved.
I thought he'd kill me
for my love for you.
Stay with me.
Why did I come here?
Stay with me.
You and me here,
Wakiya after you...
And the killer after him.
What hell is this?!
It is indeed.
When I die, I'll die with you.
I'm leaving.
So it was all a lie?
I'm leaving!
Mr Matsukichi!
I thought you'd come.
The food and wine are for you.
Eat and drink.
Tell me.
Who are you waiting for?
Mr Wakiya?
He's still alive, right?
You failed to kill him,
so you're waiting for him here?
I hope he comes.
I really hope so.
And who are you?
The same as you.
Didn't you see us?
In Wakiya's house?
Didn't you?
I just imagined it?
I always felt like
someone was watching me.
But I guess it wasn't you.
Welcome back.
I searched my storeroom.
I found this cup.
It'll be beautiful
when filled with wine.
My grandfather was surely
going to paint on this.
It's got holes around the edges.
Is it silk?
A young lady is waiting for you.
Oh, it's you.
Sorry I'm not Hikono!
How did you know I was here?
It was easy. She sent me.
She told me how to find this inn.
She sent you?
She vomited blood.
Again? And then what?
She sent this for you.
She spends all day in bed.
She's being watched closely
and can't take your call.
She'll be hospitalised,
if she gets worse.
She looks thin, weary,
pale, even transparent.
Her eyes were shining like stars.
She's so beautiful,
so will surely die soon.
Idiot! Don't tempt fate.
She said not to reply.
Yes, so it says.
"I'm coming, for sure.
"So please wait."
In her condition?
- Please bring me wine.
- Yes.
- That, too.
- Yes.
You ran out on Sei-u?
I fell out of love with him.
He's totally crazy.
He made me pose practically naked
and tied down for hours.
What did you expect?
That's the kind of work he does.
You must be joking!
He was close to killing me.
Even models have
something called human rights.
I was so upset I stole all
of the pictures I could find.
If you've left him,
what are you going to do?
I thought you'd like
to use me as a model.
How about it?
How long did you work for him?
Since I was 16... so four years.
So what?
Your body is just right
for his pictures.
I can't re-model you so easily.
Am I not your type?
When the moon is full
Behind a pampas bush
I saw a grassy mound of Venus
Your turn next. I'll torture you.
I like the rain.
I feel like I've been
somewhere like this with you before.
It's possible.
Like a new landscape
that somehow looks familiar.
We saw a wedding.
Did you imagine it?
No, it's more than that.
It really happened.
It doesn't have to be Kanazawa.
It could be any place.
It must have happened somewhere.
It could have been any woman, too.
It doesn't have to have been you.
As you wish.
There's a call
from a lady called Oyo.
I'm not going to take it.
That spoiled the mood!
Will you talk to her, ma'am?
It was raining like this
when I came here as a bride.
Mr Wakiya paid
a fortune for his bride.
I'm sketching you.
It'll be over soon.
Look at me.
Don't look down.
Look what you did.
It's terrible!
How ominous!
It's your wedding day.
A torn sleeve of a bridal kimono
is a bad sign.
Hurry and sew it up!
Hey, give it back.
- I can't.
- Why not?
Because it's locked.
As soon as I close it,
it locks automatically.
Then unlock it.
What are you doing?!
This will mean trouble!
Damn you! Give us your bag!
That's all right.
No need to get worked up.
If you want it, please keep it.
I won't mind at all.
You! What's your name?
Yumeji Takehisa.
Miss Oyo found a job
at a caf named Evening Primrose.
She wanted you to come
on her first day.
Evening Primrose?
It's the title of one my paintings.
She's mocking me. I won't go.
Don't be mean. Go and see her.
She'll send a car for us.
I'll accompany you.
Let her have her way.
Come this way, Yumeji
Listen to the clapping
Come this way, Yumeji
Listen to the clapping
Welcome to the Evening Primrose.
Come this way, blind devil!
Listen to the clapping!
I love Yumeji!
Just what are you thinking?
What do you mean?
Working in a caf!
And one in the sticks like this.
What choice do I have?
I want to stay with you,
but you have a sweetheart
other than Hikono.
But I don't want
to go back to Tokyo either.
I'm glad you came to see me.
I'm glad, too.
Who is he?
Mr Wakiya.
He said he's an admirer of your work.
Yumeji, I've been waiting for you.
You're taking this too far.
So you're Mr Wakiya.
Can't I be Wakiya?
ls something wrong with that?
I heard you were killed.
So that's a bit odd.
- Killed?
- Yes.
By whom? Who killed you?
Pushed into a long pipe
down into the lake. Right?
Yes. Quite right.
But you're alive.
And dancing, too.
- Raise.
- Call.
I won.
100 yen.
Or should she pay?
She cheated.
Save me.
You started it, Mr Wakiya.
You made me do it.
The Evening Primrose is fake, too.
This is Mr Wakiya's villa
in Kanazawa.
We pulled a trick on you.
You're so cute.
You messed me around today.
I'm tired.
Open up and take me
in your embrace.
Let me caress you, Umbrella.
If you're horny, then beat your meat.
Tell me.
Why not return home?
Don't stay 'dead'.
That's in bad taste.
You hate your wife?
She's preparing your funeral.
Is it in good taste
to steal people's wives?
I read it in the paper.
You divorced your beautiful wife.
Will you draw a picture
of a vagina for me?
Come on. You know.
I need a model
when I draw a picture.
Here's a model.
No, thank you.
My body is a work of art.
I'm a proper model.
How about my wife?
Her name is Tomoyo Wakiya.
Not her.
Not as a vagina model.
Not her?
You know her?
I've met her.
On a boat, on the lake.
She was looking for you.
She was looking for me?
For your body.
She thinks you're dead.
What if she finds out?
What will she do?
You're no good either.
Where are you going?
I'm going back to the inn.
Good. I have a pistol there
for dueling.
I'll go with you.
Let's go and see the hunt.
If we're lucky, we'll see
Devil Matsu get busted.
It'll be fun.
- Up there?
- Yes.
Let's go and take a look.
- You'll throw up.
- Let's go!
We'll pass by it later anyway.
Did Matsu chase you there?
Yes. I ran with the woman.
Wonderful! That's my dream.
I want to experience that
once for myself.
You're weird.
You mean I'm a pervert?
What's Devil Matsu like?
Huge, vulgar, big limbs...
His has big eyes too.
He has a large scythe.
He cut her neck with it.
How scary!
Tell me. What was she like?
I'm quite jealous.
She drove two men crazy.
What was she like?
Really boring.
He)', Gyoshu!
- Watching the hunt too?
- No.
I just went to your funeral.
I offered flowers at the pipe.
He's the famous Gyoshu lnamura.
I'm all dizzy!
- This is...
- We know each other.
Takehisa, it's been a long time.
Nice to see you.
- I thought you were alive.
- Just a moment, please.
I came as soon
as I heard the news.
- But it just seemed odd to me.
- What did?
Your wife, Tomoyo.
She was looking for you
at the lake.
It was a strange sight.
More like she was waiting for you,
rather than looking for your body.
My name is Oyo.
I'm glad to see you.
Don't you agree?
- You saw me?
- Yes. Once.
- Was I on the boat then?
- No.
I went home from time to time.
She didn't see me.
You really are bad.
Testing your wife
by pretending to be dead.
All right. We have a witness.
Shall we finish the duel here?
- No kidding.
- Oyo, borrow that gun.
Use a pistol in a duel.
- Come on, Yumeji. Hurry.
- Oyo.
- Yes.
- Oyo!
Gyoshu, borrow it for me.
Ah, I'll do it.
It's a horse.
What about the sleeve?
The one Tomoyo gave you
on our wedding day.
- I treasured it.
- In your closet, is it?
- That's all you've clone with it?
- What else could I do?
"What else?"
She married me,
but she was like a doll without a soul.
You took her soul, put it
in your closet and forgot about it.
Don't sketch me.
You want to sketch me, don't you!
Because you have an interesting face.
- My apologies.
- Don't sketch me later, either!
Do you always work
with such a cold look on your face?
I'm back.
Answer me.
I've brought some friends.
There you are.
Let me introduce Gyoshu lnamura.
Welcome to our house.
Mr Yumeji Takehisa.
Welcome back.
I'm Tomoyo Wakiya.
Miss Oyo.
You look pale. What's wrong?
No. Behave yourself.
Don't spoil my makeup.
You look beautiful.
Who's all this for?
I don't know who you are
but watch your mouth.
As if I were your wife!
Keep your blood-stained hands off me!
Mr Takehisa, who is this?
Mr Wakiya.
Mr Takehisa, who is this man?
He's Mr Wakiya.
Mr Sokichi Wakiya is dead.
This man isn't him.
Then who am I?
Not him.
Then who?
You're nameless.
Mr Nameless?
Mr Takehisa. Don't run.
I won't.
But I don't understand
what you're thinking.
I couldn't possibly paint you.
Please, laugh at me.
You've been laughing all the while.
Don't worry.
No one can escape from you.
Wakiya called you to paint
a picture of me, didn't he?
Yes. But today I came
to see the autumn leaves.
You can't paint me
unless you sleep with me?
That's how most artists are.
But if I sleep with you now,
I'll only misunderstand you more.
It's better to just observe
and enjoy your beauty.
The leaves are red.
Your eyes are shining blue.
They leave me breathless.
Pictures lose their glory
before you.
Thank you.
"My boat is made of mud.
It's destined to sink."
Where's Beatrice?
Sir, a lady is sick.
You're awake.
- Please, where...?
- Master.
Come this way.
Where were you heading?
- You're on a trip, correct?
- Yes.
You're suffering from TB.
The doctor said so.
Where were you heading
in such a condition?
To a spa.
To cure your disease?
The master was going to a spa too,
to cure his wound.
That's why he was
also waiting for the train.
I'm sorry for all the trouble.
My name is Hikono Kasai.
Where are you from?
- Tokyo.
- Tokyo? I see.
May I have his name?
The master...
My name?
I'm nameless.
Mr Nameless.
I'm in Kanazawa.
I have a fever.
A fever? Where in Kanazawa?
Someone's mansion.
Someone? Who?
I don't know. He's nameless.
Can't you tell me?
A man?
I really don't know.
You're being cared for
by a stranger?
He saved me
when I fell ill and fainted.
When can you come?
Tomorrow or the day after.
Very soon.
Is something wrong?
- Why?
- Because...
- The master?
- He isn't back.
Where is he?
At the cabaret in town,
playing with hostesses.
There's a waterfall
in the garden. A nice place.
Is he single?
What does he do?
Many things.
He shoots guns.
A lot of people dislike him.
He doesn't look so scary.
He's a man.
I raised him.
This is his Kanazawa villa.
His home is a mansion.
He has a wife there?
Eat well.
"Thank you, Mr Nameless."
That was Hikono!
- You know her?
- You don't know who she is?
Hold on! Not again!
She was resting up here, that's all.
You can't go to Yumeji.
You met the wrong guy.
Why don't you ask him
to spare Yumeji?
You're so sophisticated.
Can't I go to Mr Takehisa?
Sure. Go ahead.
I'll kill him before your eyes.
Is he safe, so long as I stay here?
That depends on you.
Promise me.
You have big eyes.
Beautiful lips.
You were going
to make love to Yumeji?
Say something.
You stopped me going to him
because you hate
to underrate your wife.
You don't want me to see her...
...because you love her.
Let go of me.
If I can save him...
I'm a woman of Tokyo.
I know. I'll put him to work.
Not on your picture.
A picture of my wife and me.
You're going to shoot him?
After he paints the picture.
What kind of picture?
How rude!
Soft, gentle red.
It spares the cup
a heavy decorative colour.
What kind of artist could give it
such a delicate touch?
Enjoy beauty while you can.
It won't last long.
You'll get bored and sell it off.
That's its destiny.
Women, too?
I didn't say that.
I'm talking about pottery.
I'm bothering you. Excuse me.
Stay there.
I need a model.
At my age?
No. I'm afraid.
Don't be.
Is this just the natural flow?
Something else to enjoy about life.
Wait a minute.
Who are you?
Yumeji, Gyoshu's arch rival.
- Is this my work?
- Yes.
I hate this kind of picture!
Stop it!
You're joking!
You've always felt inferior to him.
Look inside yourself.
- Who are you?
- Yumeji. And you?
- Yumeji.
- Yumeji in Kanazawa.
- What?
- I'm Yumeji, the vagabond.
Put this fan on the screen.
Even now, you still hesitate.
Move it!
To the right! To the left!
Like making love in your youth.
Out of the way!
I'm back.
Who were those people?
This is my Kaga silk
bridal kimono.
Meetings and partings made while
taking a trip are too soon forgotten.
They're Yumejis!
Four... Five...
Ten of them!
Each version of you
is struggling hard to survive.
No face!
A face?
Pearl White,
Mary Pickford, Lillian Gish,
Gloria Swanson,
Alla Nazimova, Pola Negri...
You've been looking for me, right?
I'm back.
We're holding a party tonight!
The resurrection of Wakiya.
Call in the geisha!
Yumeji, too, along with them!
It's Easter for Mr Wakiya!
Hurrah for Easter!
We don't want Devil Matsu to attack!
Please, no!
Come on, girls,
what are you scared of?
She's right!
There's nothing to worry about!
Devil Matsu is only after Mr Wakiya.
We're safe.
The police are all around the house!
They're waiting for the killer!
Getting all scared like this!
No need to be so silly.
If he dares to show his face...
He will, for sure.
I'm scared! I'm scared!
What will you do?
- I'll kill him.
- Kill Who?
- Devil Matsu or Yumeji?
- Both of them.
Don't plan murder here, thank you.
I'm still a policeman.
I can't switch off my ears.
You're crazy!
You're jealous
because of the porn picture!
I gave you my sleeve once.
I'll give you the other one today.
Little birdie, eat my cherry
Take a look.
With humble pleasure!
Thank you for tonight.
Send for us again.
Does your wound hurt?
Yes, it does.
Your heart too?
The two of them...
What are they doing back there?
Are you going to shoot Yumeji
after he paints the picture?
- You'll kill him?
- Yes!
- He really means it.
- It seems that way.
I don't like that.
That doesn't sit well with me!
Why not?
Because I love that playboy.
Then to watch him die.
No! He can't die!
If he dies,
he can't make love to me.
I thought you loved Gyoshu.
What is it?
Just my imagination.
He's finally going to shoot me.
You don't look afraid.
You were soared before.
I can't really explain it,
but I have no image of death.
As if I'm a kid who doesn't
know the terror of death.
You're going to kill Wakiya?
Don't do it.
Kill me instead.
I'll die.
But before that
I'll cry as loud as I can.
I'll call the police.
- I'll cut your throat.
- Leave him alone. Please!
You want to die?
You could die for that scoundrel?
The reason is inside me.
Try to understand.
Inside you?
I don't understand.
- Do you?
- No.
What's your problem?
How to sign that picture.
'Yumeji' means Dream 2.
How about 'Yumezo', Dream 3?
You like it?
Do you?
No idea.
I don't understand
Women are a mystery
No idea.
Give me wine!
Dream 3.
Dream 2.
Mr Dream.
I don't understand.
It all seems pretty silly to me.
I'm leaving.
But... you two are coming with me.
Devil Matsu came.
He left with Yumeji and Tomoyo.
Where to?
The porn picture?
A sleeveless bridal kimono.
Quite a clever idea.
He's cheap but talented.
Where did they go?
They'll be back,
Yumeji and Tomoyo, like I was.
Where are we going?
The world beyond.
You mean the afterlife?
I haven't got the guts to die alone.
I need your help.
If I'm caught,
I'll be hanged anyway.
I'll do better
taking care of myself.
When I'm hanging from the tree,
you two pull my legs down.
After I hang...
Even if I cry for help,
don't listen to me.
Just pull me down.
Why kill yourself?
I failed to kill Wakiya tonight.
That's the end of it.
I don't want to sacrifice
another woman to kill him.
I'm finished.
Damn it!
A dying man sneezes.
I'm sorry.
I'll leave a poem behind.
As a token of apology
for the trouble I caused.
Write it down.
- Ready?
- Go ahead.
No regrets...
No regrets...
...do I have in this world
...do I have in this world
But I do wish I hadn't failed
But I do wish I hadn't failed
You mean you wanted
to kill Mr Wakiya?
He's dead.
Let's run.
Let's run.
Let's run.
Where to?
Let's run.
Where to, and how?
Why run?
Let's run.
I'll change my clothes.
This kimono would attract attention.
I'll be back.
Wait here.
Let's run.
Where are you, Yumeji?
Hikono is here.
Tell me...
For whom was I waiting?
For what was I waiting?
"Song of Evening Primrose"
by Yumeji Takehisa
A Seijun Suzuki film