Yuva (2018) Movie Script

Should I leave these here?
The dog didn't come today.
Maybe she didn't want to.
I was afraid that
something happened to her.
I brought everything,
except the battery powered engines.
I can't find any in the village.
I'll have to go to the city.
I'll get it next time.
The men came again,
to talk with my father.
He says that
they'll pile up the pressure.
What shall I do with it?
I don't know. It's for here.
Is there anything else
you will give me?
I recharged the batteries.
Let me have any flat ones.
You can come and stay at
the village, in the worst case.
Goodbye then.
You fucking fool.
Fuck you! You sons of bitches!
Go the fuck away from here,
you assholes!
Fuck off!
It's enough, huh?
Is it enough brother? Give in?
Such an animal you are!
You tore it apart!
Fuck, it's bleeding.
Do you have a band-aid?
Hey, what's up?
Come here.
How are you brother?
Are you alright?
You know why I came here,
don't you?
Why don't you answer?
Am I not your brother?
You are not.
OK then. Fair enough.
They say they'll kill you if you don't
leave. Don't you understand?
I don't know, I'll probably stay
at the village tonight.
I want him to agree to leave,
or else I'll force him to anyway.
No, not at all. He's fine.
Just obstinate.
What's Senem doing?
Is she being difficult?
Alright, say hello.
Nope, things are quite chaotic here.
We tried our best but you know.
He's alright. Nothing
to worry about.
We still own this land.
Even if it is only on paper.
Let's not talk about it now.
We'll speak tomorrow at home.
Kiss Senem for me.
And kiss you too.
Brother, I'm pissed off already,
stop fucking laughing at me!
It's Mehmet.
Yes. I'm at my brother's place.
No, we haven't yet.
What? Mehmet wait!
There's no connection.
Hello. Do you hear me now?
No, he says he won't come.
We'll get him out tomorrow no matter what.
Why are they in such a hurry?
Have you arranged a tractor
to carry the stuff?
OK. What?
Why is your father getting involved?
He'll get himself into trouble.
But Mehmet, we've talked about all this.
OK then. Wait now.
I'll call you later. Goodbye.
See you.
Did you let them in?
As if they ask me when they enter.
They come in whenever they want.
Shall I help you brother?
Daddy, Bora took me to the park today
as you were not here.
It was fun but it's better with you.
Come back.
Brother you haven't met Senem.
Look! She sent a video.
Bora took me to the park today
as you were not here.
It was fun but it's better with you.
Come back.
How about that?
For Senem.
Will you eat?
No, thanks.
It won't kill you, don't worry.
OK, alright. I'll just have a little.
What's up?
She's completely soaked.
Do you have anything
to towel her off?
Why did she bring this?
Who knows.
Come here.
Stop, stop.
It's OK, don't worry that much.
Come on. She's all soaked.
Well done, girl.
Take it.
Just a second.
It's good.
I won't, Hasan.
Why do you reject
without listening?
I'm not going to leave this place.
These people aren't joking, brother.
I belong here.
You just think you do.
So you understand everything?
But what the fuck do you know?
I know what happened
after you left, for instance.
What the people you left behind
had to go through.
I know how you confuse
selfishness with selflessness.
How can you escape life
to the extent that...
you fail to show up
at your mother's funeral?
That I don't know.
You tell me that.
And I know these people
who are afraid...
that you come back
and fuck their lives up...
but who are even more afraid
that you get killed here.
Oh! You know things!
Fuck I do!
I'm sorry Hasan!
So you're coming?
They terrified the boars again.
Are they dangerous?
Are they dangerous?
Take this, won't you?
- Did that scare you?
- Of course it did.
I got scared.
Put this back. Finish your food.
Brother, are you sure
you want it this short?
It'll grow back.
OK then.
Looks fine.
Give that to me.
What time do we wake up
in the morning?
I don't know. We'll wake up
at some hour.
Mehmet will come with a tractor.
We'll load up the stuff and go.
Is that OK?
Brother, what do you say?
Let the stuff stay here,
no need to carry it all.
Why not?
I'll just get a bagful of things.
That'll be enough for now.
Let me help you then?
Help with what?
Shall we go to bed?
Yeah, OK.
Where shall I sleep?
You can sleep here.
Where will you sleep then?
Come on, we'll squeeze in.
I can sleep over there.
Next to the dog?
Anything to wear?
Nope. I'll sleep like this.
We're leaving in the morning anyway.
- I'm turning the light off.
- Yeah, sure.
Mehmet. Good morning.
Yes. Hello?
There's no line. Wait.
Do you hear me now?
Have they started? Today?
Didn't they say in a week
just two days ago?
What are they rushing for?
Alright, alright.
Let me find Veysel and we'll leave.
I don't know. He was
gone when I woke up.
OK, I'll call you later.
See you.
My girl! So here you are.
Where have you been?
Where is Veysel?
Come on, take me to him.
Wait my girl. Stop!
Hello, Mehmet.
Ah, have you arrived?
No, I haven't found him yet.
The dog brought me
to a place, I don't know.
I don't know. He's not here.
OK wait, I'm coming. See you.
Come on girl. Come on.
Come on.
Mehmet, come.
We have to leave immediately.
Calm down! What's going on?
They took everybody in the village.
They'll enter here today.
Your father?
They took him too.
We'll set out in the evening.
Don't worry. We'll figure it out.
You pack things up, take
whatever there is in the cabin.
And I'll find my brother.
I'll force him to come.
Check by the cliff.
He goes there often.
OK. I'll check there.
Take this. It isn't much,
but if you need help...
get Arif and hsan
to help you carry the stuff.
Let's hurry up.
Yes, that's what I say.
Girl, what happened?
What happened?
You are OK.
You'll be OK girl.
It's nothing.
Come on girl.
It's OK, you'll be fine.
I'll get you out of here.
Hush girl. You'll be fine.
Hello. Mehmet.
Calm, calm down.
How soon?
They just shot the dog.
These guys are crazy.
We need to take it to a vet.
I still haven't found my brother.
Can't you take the dog?
In the hospital?
How many people?
Shit. Mehmet wait, OK.
I'll find Veysel and get out.
Tell them, OK? Please.
In the meantime,
come and take the dog.
Hello! What?
Don't they let you in any more?
Hello? Mehmet?
Shit! Fuck!
It's OK girl.
It's nothing. You'll be fine.
Where are you?
Come out please. Let's go!
Ssshh. Silence.
They are here.
Who are you?
I'm lgen. Who are you?
I'm Hasan.
I'm looking for my brother.
- Are you injured?
- My ankle.
I'll take you to a place.
It will heal you.
I got injured yesterday.
Some guy took me to that place.
I'm better now.
What was this guy like?
A strange man.
He looked like a caveman.
What was his name? Veysel?
I don't know.
I don't remember,
I wasn't conscious.
Enter here.
Did you call out for me?
Are you scared?
Yes, I am.
Who's there?
Brother Veysel?
Who are you?
Over here!
Over here!
Who the hell is this?
I have no idea.
He refused to stop.
Good God!
That's the other one.
His brother.
Really? Are you sure?
I'm not but it looks like him.
Whatever. Let's carry him.
Come on man,
why don't you pick him up!!
Come on, fucking hell.
Oh fuck! Shit!
What's going on man?
Quickly, move on, fast fast!
- Here.
- OK.