Yuva (2024) Movie Script

Please come with me, Sir.
Sir! You're inside the college campus.
Are you even running
this college like one?
Is there any sense of discipline,
dignity or protocol at all in this college?
The entire college
isn't responsible for this.
This is an issue between gangs.
The reason for the gang war lies between
local students and a single hostel student.
The Principal and the management
authorities want to see you.
I'll come on my motorbike.
There's security concerns.
You can't travel alone.
The local men can
attack you at any moment.
Get on the college bus.
You've made us trustees
hang our heads in shame.
What the hell's
happening in this college?
There's an ego clash
between the local students
and hostel students
since a couple of batches.
The local students are dominating the
hostel students, claiming to be superior.
When the local students bunked classes, they
would force hostel students to do the same.
They would even push the management
and use influence to get their way.
The lecturers had no say in this.
They fought during
sporting events too.
Especially, there's been a lot of fights
over the centre pitch in the grounds.
Since a year, no sporting
event has taken place.
Hostel students aren't allowed
in the library during college hours.
Even if they did, they
weren't given books.
Did the hostel students
silently bear with this?
Didn't they revolt?
Hostel students are a bit
apprehensive that they're from outside.
These ego clashes were common.
An incident was all it took,
for this to become a gang war.
Only the local students would park
their bikes in the college parking lot.
Hostel students weren't
allowed to park their bikes.
Nobody would
dare to do it either.
Some boys don't take it seriously
if somebody messes with them.
But if their bikes are messed
with, they won't bear with it.
They would've fought
hard to buy the bikes.
Most boys fight their
parents for their bike.
Why would they spare the others?
The Arabian sea witnessed
a second Tsunami.
Seeing his casual demeanour, I
presumed that he wouldn't react.
But I was wrong.
He was calm, until
the rise of the storm.
Without knowing which local
student damaged his motorbike...
He smashed every bike in the parking
lot bearing the local registration number.
He was the first person to revolt.
The hostel students never dared
to stand against the local students.
He turned them into his opponents.
That very incident led
to the hostel-mess brawl.
Don't spare any of the hostel boys!
- My God!
Where the hell is Yuva?
Where's that moron?!
He thinks he can damage our bikes?
He thinks he can mess with us?
Why didn't you call me?
They attacked me, just like
they attacked the hostel students.
Please let this go.
You might be just another
hostel student to the others.
Not to me.
Who beat you?
Krupal came with the local students.
Krupal targetted Siri and...
Look how they beat us up, dude.
They didn't even care
that we were eating.
They feel that you'll get
scared if they attack us.
Let them attack us
another ten times.
But don't spare those rascals!
Our parents are paying
the fee and feeding us.
Why the heck should
we adjust to them?
We thought that the
clashes would end here.
But we were wrong again.
Today marks a black day
in the history of our college.
Sir, the students are fighting here.
Get him!
While one group was attacking him,
another group was holding him back.
More people were stopping
him than attacking him.
He's a rogue!
This is a gang-war.
An entire gang standing for one man.
One man standing
for an entire gang.
In the last three years, the entire college
knew Yuva as an engineering student.
After what transpired today, the whole of
Mangaluru found out what a monster he is.
Are they students or gangsters?!
You've to take strict
action against these people!
No one should be excused!
Also, this news shouldn't
get out of our college.
Inspector, we'll handle
this by ourselves.
You don't get involved in this.
They'll solve the issue themselves.
Go straight.
- Yes, Sir. You're absolutely right.
The college environment shouldn't
get spoiled because of you guys.
If you sort out your issues and
egos, you'll get to attend college.
Otherwise, no.
You guys are suspended.
Out! Get out of here!
Today's gang war
happened because of you.
You might be a hero
to the hostel students.
Not to this college.
You're meant to be a sportsman.
Not a gangster.
Yuva, please let this go right now.
Don't fuel this brawl.
We're in our final
year of college.
Why ruin your image with this?
Yuva, please don't revolt.
This will lead to a
gang war in the college.
Hostel students
will be targetted.
I hate you.
I fought on behalf of
the hostel students.
Being one yourself, how
could you blame me?!
This could've been resolved peacefully.
You want me to compromise
and adjust with them?
If your ego matters to you,
my education matters to me.
It's a pain to live
with you like this.
I can't do it!
Be it in life or love, I'm
not the one to compromise.
Enough. Now leave.
Is the college campus under control?
Is everything okay in the library?
- Yes, Sir.
The sports room?
Everything is alright here.
- Okay. Fine.
Parking lot's peaceful, Sir.
Sir, you did the right thing
by suspending both the gangs.
Especially Yuva.
He's provoked all
the hostel students.
When it comes to Kalinga's
recital, even Bob Marley's a kid.
Make sure you send
your men for local fights.
You've to be there too.
- Okay, Brother.
What the hell are you staring at?
At the fish or the mermaid?
- Brother...
What brings you here?
Aren't you ashamed to
have taken the beating?
Who did this?
Heard the boys
are supporting him.
No, Brother. He's the
one supporting the boys.
What year is he in?
- He's a final year student.
What's his day like?
Does he have a lover?
Do this step thrice.
One.. Two...
Lift your legs higher!
Move your heads!
Come on! I need more energy!
In this year's Mangaluru college fest,
you have to be the best performers.
You'll have to practice
at least four times a week.
I wish you all the best.
Thank you.
- Bye.
How many times do I tell
you to teach only the locals?
Don't you understand
the language?
Keep this local-hostel
differences within your college.
Don't let it ruin the art.
They're targetting hostel
students everywhere.
You're the soft-target
to take Yuva into control.
I'm warning you.
Be careful.
I'm talking to you.
Where were you until now?!
We'd been to the dance classes.
Was it a live band
or a pub or a disco?
Doesn't the money your
parents give you suffice?
Welcome! Am I your security guard to wait by
the gate for you girls and open the locks?
It's 9.30 P.M.
Where did you go out to booze?!
All you do is abuse.
Can't you be a little positive?
Quit talking to her.
It's pointless.
Right! Let me distribute
character certificates to all of you!
Your parents will die of shock
if they saw what you're up to.
Did she ever mouth anything
when Yuva used to drop you?
The entire college knows
about your break up.
He is in the hostel. Don't spare him.
Forget showing him mercy.
I'll beat him up right in front
of his boys in this very hostel.
From today, they'll bow
down to us local men.
Narasimhanna, please don't do this.
If he gets beaten up in the
hostel, they'll know it was us.
It'll become a big issue.
- Brother!
Please don't do this.
We've already been
suspended. Please?
Brother, come to light house
Brother, we can't find him here.
He's having tea here
Okay, Sir.
- Narasimha!
Come here!
- What are you doing here?
Who are you planning to beat up here?
- Not at all, Sir.
I came by to meet them.
We're all friends.
Where are you Shetty?
- I'm at Jacob's.
Wait there. I'm coming.
All you do is get into petty fights.
Listen! The minister's
convoy is passing by.
If you get into a fight...
- Hurry up! The convoy's on the way.
Come on guys!
Get lost now!
The cops are around.
Don't follow me.
I'll finish the job and call you guys.
Until then, wait here.
Who did this to him?
This will be our hangout from now.
You don't have to
call us elsewhere.
Arrange for some B positive blood.
- Firstly, clear the sauce off that face.
Give him blood later.
He's suffering!
Sorry, Sir.
Who got him admitted
to the hospital?
Please don't do anything.
Until he messed with
Narasimha, he was your enemy.
From today, he's my enemy!
The ports won't just have dead fishes
floating, human corpses shall float too!
He's provoked the local don.
I want him and his
men at any cost!
Get going! Bring everyone together!
This land is ours.
The carnival of
blood will also be ours.
What's his name?! That moron!
They tried to attack me.
They might attack you guys too.
They might target you guys
at Vihaan's engagement.
Stay alert.
Okay fine.
Congratulations Vihaan.
Preethi, look here!
- Harshith! Start walking!
I'll be back.
- Okay.
Hey Nanda!
Dude, where are you taking us?
- It's important.
What happened?
- I've no clue.
Ay! Take out the cigarettes!
What took you so long?
- It takes time man.
Takes time to fool
my girl and slip away.
Idiot! Did you do all this for a smoke?
Blockheads! I got worried.
That you guys are
starting a ruckus again.
Your love story is poof- gone.
She didn't break up with me
because I fire up cigarettes.
It's because there's
fire within me.
Dude, those guys were staring at us.
Stare right into their eyes.
Don't have the balls, eh?
Is the location fixed?
- No, Brother. We'll do it.
If you haven't set things up by tomorrow,
the blood shed will be in your home.
No need, Brother.
I'll make sure it happens tomorrow.
Gather all the hostel
students at one place.
I'll finish that
moron right there.
Was it Ganeshanna?
- Yes.
If we cross the line,
Yuva will bash us up.
If we don't, he will beat us up.
Let's seek Ganeshannas
help and finish Yuva.
The entire college
fears Yuva already.
Since the parking brawl, look at
all the space around his motorbike.
Forget the past man.
- Sorry, Siri.
Shetty, I assumed they
would attack,
but looks like they're getting
attached to each other?
Cheers, Shetty.
- Cheers.
Cheers, bro.
Where's your glass?
I don't drink. Thanks.
- Come on. Have a drink.
Why keep looking for vengeance?
Stay chill.
Ask for what you
want and I'll get it.
Shetty, put some sense into him.
He doesn't get it at all.
They're ready to compromise.
Why aren't you?
The one who's afraid
prepares to compromise.
Not the one who caused the fear.
Thank you.
I hope you got a gift.
- What?!
I thought you would
get it and I didn't.
We'll look freeloaders looking
for booze and food, without a gift.
Arrange a flower bouquet.
- A bouquet?!
Go on.
Ay! What are you doing?
There you go.
- You got it already?
All you asked was for a
bouquet, not a bed of roses.
What's up, dude?
Do you want one too?
No, thanks. I've had
enough of you guys already.
Once again congratulations.
Thank you.
- I'm so happy for you.
Look at how much he loves you.
He's holding on to the
bouquet you just gave.
I've managed to arrange this
at this hour. Please understand.
Let's get on the stage.
Come on, guys.
- Cheers.
If we target Siri, neither will there
be any Yuva or gang wars to fight.
Go on. Give it, dude.
Congratulations, dude.
- Thank you.
Why do you look tensed?
I'm worried that you
guys will start fighting.
We only fight in
the battleground.
We don't scream or cause a
scene in somebody's event.
I don't need your engagement
day to engage with my enemies.
I shall leave now.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What do you want?
I'm sorry.
I'm looking for my friend, Suraj Shetty.
- Dude!
Where the hell were you?
- What's wrong?
Let's go!
- What's the hurry?
Time to guard.
- Guard what?
Where's the ball?
- Rascal!
I told you so.
You can't take your bike now.
Collect it from the
station in the morning.
Did we need this mess?
Your love for free
booze got us here.
We're on the streets
like drunkards.
Drink and drive, huh?
- Yes.
Let me drop you.
- No need. Let's walk to hostel.
I'll drop you. Hop on.
- Okay.
Did you follow us all the way here?
I followed those who
were following you.
A boyfriend should be exactly like you.
The love might have
faded after the break up.
But you continue to care.
Once guys commit, whether
the girl leaves us or destroy us,
We'll never wish ill for her.
If you understand the love
guys have, you'll end up hitched.
Else you'll end up
getting ditched...
Get down.
Why don't we go
for another ride?
Get the hell off the bike!
Thank you!
- Enough.
Be grateful from within.
No need to express it.
As if I did this for you.
You're not interested in him.
He has no interest
in anybody but you.
All that struggle to sit between
the two of you, gave me nothing.
Just because the local students
are organising the DJ night
Let's not avoid or badmouth it.
A college is all about students.
Not about biases between
the locals and hostel students.
Let us all be there at the DJ night.
Am I a pole dancer to
dance in front of strangers?
Dude, we're all going.
Just because they spoke well at his
engagement, is everything forgotten?
In my books, if you're a
friend, you're one forever.
If you're an enemy,
it's the same forever.
If it's about money,
let me know.
As if we don't
understand your situation.
A friend doesn't measure
another by money.
Being with someone for
money, isn't friendship.
Forget the differences.
Let's stop this war.
A college should be peaceful
and harmonious, okay?
You're paying for the DJ night.
I'm ready to
payback for our fight.
Forget the beatings you took.
Not the intention behind it.
Brother-in-law, what's
taking you so long to decide?
This is a good alliance.
The guy has a good job.
He earns well too.
Its not that...
The day we discussed
things with them,
I'd told them that I'm
buying a flat and moving.
You know that the
property is under litigation.
The construction has stopped.
- So what now?
Why tell them
about the litigation?
You're conducting a grand
wedding. That's enough, right?
Appa, you're getting
a lot of messages.
We've given our word.
We need to keep it, right?
Else we'll seem like hypocrites.
What's wrong? What happened?
Why did you behave like that?
What's wrong with you?
The house is under litigation
and there's a loan to repay.
I'm struggling hard to
get my daughter married.
Doesn't he have a
sense of responsibility?
Quit screaming.
Please lower your voice.
Lower my voice for what?!
He'll be done with
college in six month.
I'm suffering from
doing it all by myself.
You are sending him money
behind my back and encouraging him.
We're living in hiding trying to mask his
dreadful life from being seen to the world.
He's only adding to our woes.
He's rubbing salt on our wounds.
Every dream I had
for him was shattered.
He claimed to make it big in sports.
What did he do after all?!
I put my own dreams on the back
burner, saved up money to buy him a bike.
What did he do with it?
Who sent you these pictures?
Are you getting him followed?
I've asked my colleague Vishweshwar
Bhatt from Mangaluru to keep an eye on him.
Once you lose trust in
someone, you can't do it again.
He stooped down to
the lowest for money.
I wanted to know
about his company.
I'm bloody finding it out.
If a stranger points his hand at
my son, I should be prepared for it.
This is me preparing.
Nagesha, please take this
marriage alliance forward.
I'll conduct a grand wedding.
At the least, let her
lead a happy life.
Shetty, we're following
the dress code.
Why aren't you?
Dress code?!
We weren't told
anything about it.
I think we're trapped.
You shouldn't have
provoked the hostel students.
Come on man! Drink some more!
I can't handle more.
- Come on! You'll be fine!
Is that moron there?
Finish him!
I'll come and throw his
corpse in the harbour.
No, brother.
He's nowhere to be seen.
This party was for him!
I want him!
You guys aren't here to booze
but to butcher him, morons!
Go and look for him!
- Yuva's not here.
I'll go to the hostel now!
Ay! Let's go!
Yuva, every move you
make is being tracked.
The fact that you smoke,
drink and roam with girls.
Father found out about
your suspension too.
You're living in a world of glass.
Why are you being so
careless with your life?
Don't hurt the wounded
even further, Yuva.
Where's my brand?
Your brand is out of stock.
Everything at the bar was
bought for your college's DJ night.
You won't find it in any
other Mangaluru bar either.
Manage without it tonight.
A brand isn't meant to change.
It's meant to be maintained.
Get him here!
He has to come here!
Call him!
Did you find him?
- He's not in the hostel.
The guy chickened
out and left town.
He's at the party to
paint the town red.
One large.
Dude, why the heck did you come?
They're hosting this party
just to get back at you.
You think I'm Abhimanyu to
enter without having a clue?
I'm Babruvahana.
Fire it up!
Repeat the drink for me.
Sir, your drink.
The one who resides in
the heavens, is Lord Shiva.
The one who sends
you to the heavens...?
Dude, let's keep
it peaceful man!
Nice and peaceful!
Peace is a must!
What the hell!
You offered me
a drink that night.
Tonight, you're
offering a bashing, eh?
I'm not a Facebook profile to
friend and unfriend as per you whim.
I'm the one who knocks.
Ay! How dare you
mess with our boss?!
Tell me more.
You've no idea about
my brother's followers.
Go on.
You don't know what
our men are capable of.
They're here for the
free booze and free food.
I'm here to battle
and shed blood.
Stop it!
Leave me.
My brother wont spare you.
Your life in Mangaluru
will become a living hell.
Stop it dude!
Let me go!
My brother will be here any moment!
You moron.
Men like you need
license to fire a bullet.
A man with fire within,
only needs a spark to end it.
Don't do this.
I'm ready to look into
your eyes and fight.
What's about you?
Fight or flight?
You might be a local.
But I'm the son of the soil.
Neither can you stop
him, nor bear his power
Looks like a professional
did this to them.
They might be professional boxers,
wrestlers or a trained martial artists.
Generally, the impact
is felt after the hit lands.
In their case, the man knew
the impact he was landing.
The man knew the
impact he was landing.
What brings you here
out of the blue, Shankar?
I got a call from the college.
I'd decided not to come.
He's my son after all.
I had to come.
This must be about the suspension.
I'd told you about it, right?
Oy! I've been waiting
since thirty minutes.
Where the hell's the Principal?
Can't you spare thirty
minutes for your children?
I spend my entire day on them.
I'm suffering and enduring them.
Your son possesses the
same arrogance as you.
Mr. Principal!
If you'd been this loud at home,
your son would've been a good man.
Pamper the child. Ruin him.
Then come here to scream at us!
Nonsense! This is not the way!
Please forgive
them for the last time.
You've no moral right
to seek forgiveness.
Also, if you're still hopeful and
ambitious about your children
Leave it behind and walk
away without turning back.
Forget them feeding
you in the future.
They won't even be
able to feed themselves.
You're arrogant and
negligent that you're locals.
You're negligent.
- You're crossing your limits.
I know how to tackle
you and your college.
A Principal should know
how to control the students.
Not blame the parents instead.
You're an incompetent!
- Get out of here!
You'll be out of the college in no time!
- Get lost!
I'm looking for the Principal.
- He's upstairs in a meeting with Parents.
Who are you?
- Yuva's father.
This issue can't be one-sided.
Two hands have joined for a clap.
He's provoked him.
He's beaten them up.
That's self-defence!
- Excuse me, Sir?
Whose father are you?
- Yuva's father.
Thrashing someone
is self-defence, eh?
I need to get you arrested first.
Then, I should throw him in.
Aren't you ashamed to
call yourself his father?
Listen mister!
The gang war in this college
is because of your son!
He's provoking them
and leading the brawls!
He's a bloody rogue!
You made me hang my
head in shame! Moron!
Let's go!
Girish, continue the suspension of
everybody who was previously suspended.
Suspend those who
fought on the DJ night too.
I want to run a
toxic-free college.
Dude, your fake father
must be pulling off a great act.
The meeting still
seems to be on.
When your parents are alive, how
dare you bring a fake father to college?!
Will you ever prosper in life?!
If a young child is misbehaving,
it's the parents' fault.
If an adult's still misbehaving,
it's your goddamn fault!
I'm educating you to
become a responsible adult.
But I'm being berated
as irresponsible.
I put you in a hostel hoping you
would learn the value of a home!
Instead, I'm
realising your value.
You want our money.
Not our relationship.
If parents keep judging,
no child will value you.
You can't judge someone
from a mistake in their past!
What do you even know about me?
Have you ever tried
to understand me?
You stopped responding
to my calls and messages.
You chose to block my calls.
Would you've come to the meeting?
I've a father, yet I'm
living like I don't have one.
You've appointed a
stranger to spy on me.
You're suspicious of me.
You're not concerned about me.
You think you're
the sole right doer!
Right to have gotten suspended.
Right to have fought like goons.
Right to have gotten
drunk with your friends.
Right to roam around with girls.
Right to have sold
yourself for your passion.
One more word from you...
Get cocky with your own money!
Not with your father's earnings.
You will lose it someday!
You will lose your
arrogance someday!
I bet you will!
You'll rot!
You'll never prosper if
you hurt your parents!
Veeranna Doddamani.
I turned raw strong wrestlers
into national level wrestlers.
I was the wrestling coach
of the Karnataka team.
- Yes, Sir.
This incident took place during the
2022 National Wrestling Championship.
The documents you've provided clearly
indicate that this was a match-fixing fiasco.
What do you want me to fight for?
If somebody files an RTI, what do I do?
Sir, this isn't Cricket.
This is about Wrestling.
The fact that this game exists.
The fact that a National Championship
exists, is never highlighted by the media.
They don't care about it either.
As if your man was a
champion, to be targetted.
Just like how there's a faction
waiting to raze down a winner.
Similarly, there's always someone who
wishes to raze down a potential winner.
Yuva.. was a burning hope
for Karnataka's Wrestling.
No matter the might of an opponent,
they would bite the dust in front of him.
Back home, we refer to a
man like him as 'The Maestro'.
He won every match and
directly landed in the Semi-Finals.
The moment his opponents
realised that he was undefeatable...
They played the dirty game
and burned his future in Wrestling.
On the eve of the Semi-final match...
Shaken from the impact of Yuva's
victories, some men formed a group
and told us about a
Wrestling Premiere League.
They came to discuss about Yuva being
Karnataka's representative for the same.
They paid 10 lakh rupees as
the league's sponsorship amount.
Yuva was a middle-class boy.
I figured that it would
be of use to him.
I took initiative and
personally got him the money.
The ones who came
forward to conduct the
Wrestling Premiere League
weren't the organisers.
They were the bookies.
They recorded the money behind handed over to us
and shared it in the 'National Championship group'.
We lost everything.
Yuvaraj and his coach Veeranna Doddamani
will be banned from the National Wrestling
Championship for two years in the
occurrence of involvement with bookies.
Our opponent team from Telangana
were probably involved to secure their win.
I don't know who
else is in on it.
Thanks to this allegation, he's distanced
himself from his well-wishers and family.
He's stayed away from wrestling.
We were banned for two years.
Why did you take the money?
- Sir...
Didn't you know that he was a bookie?
- Let me explain.
What business do you
have with a bookie?
How dare you sell my son? Rascal!
- Appa!
Sir isn't at fault.
We were cheated!
Sir, please don't!
Just because you'd to explain
spending your father's money,
this is what you chose to do?!
I knew splurging money
on you would spoil you.
But I didn't expect you to
go looking for it elsewhere.
Get lost! Don't you
show me your face again!
You're dead to me!
Get away from my sight!
If we don't fight this case, middle
class boys will stop dreaming forever.
Please take up this case.
More plates are on the way.
Take this.
No need. You eat.
What's wrong? Siri?!
Don't ignore me
in front of everyone.
It hurts.
Let our egos be between us.
Why show it on your food?
I'm asking you to stop
being judgemental like this.
I didn't deny your
plate out of ego.
I wanted you to eat first.
Don't judge a person without
understanding their past.
You're hurt because
you think I'm egoistic.
I'm hurt because you judged me.
Love me or hate me,
but this is who I am.
If you're late again, I'll throw
you out of the hostel, got it?
You won't be given
your exam tickets.
What now?!
You girls were fighting for him.
What is it now?
He'll maintain only you, huh?
Is he your guy only until college
ends or will he be there after that too?
I'm talking to you!
Is he your ex or is
he the one for you?
Where did you and him go?
To the light house, huh?
Quit staring at my face!
Get inside!
Why is she blabbering
such vile things?
She is a vile
woman. Don't bother.
She's a cheap woman
with a disgusting character!
It doesn't matter if
her character is cheap.
But she's talking
about your character.
Show her where you were
and what you were up to.
'A girl who returns
late was out dancing.'
'A girl wearing a
skirt was out in a pub.'
'A girl who got dropped on
a bike was out having fun.'
This mindset needs to change.
Gather your friends and tell them.
Please sit.
We used to meet
to party at night.
Thanks to your problem, we're
now meeting to resolve the issues!
Krupal and gang are
responsible for this. Not me.
We know. Why don't you resolve it?
His father is not worried about him.
Why are you so concerned?
His father is the one who spoilt him.
It's common, Mr. Deshpande.
They're loaded with money.
Let money be their personal matter.
Let them not bring it to college.
Mister, their money is a
part of this college's funds.
He's a donor to the college funds.
I hope you know that.
Revoke the suspension
order of Krupal and his friends.
Sir, they're the one who started
this issue with the hostel students.
They're the ones who
started the harassment.
Why not excuse them this one time?
This has happened a couple of times.
If this continues, this will
ruin the college's reputation.
If you don't excuse them, the
college's management will be in ruins.
You need a college
to uphold its reputation.
Have some.
Can I leave now, Sir?
Hope you'll remember
this conversation.
These dimwits have
nothing else to do.
They're the ones who ask me to
suspend and then revoke it.
The Principal's here.
Sir, this is Yuva's room.
Didn't you hear me? Out!
Take the damn guitar with you!
Want me to sing for you?!
Useless fellow.
Where are you off to?
I'm here to talk to you.
Close the door!
What a disciplined approach!
If all of you were this disciplined with
studies, you wouldn't be drunkards today.
Got some cotton?
No, Sir.
Sit down.
Get out!
Close the damn
door as you leave!
You sit!
Pour me a peg!
Got some ice cubes?
Can't really afford a fridge, Sir.
The government's giving
free electricity, right? Get one!
Pour some water.
Pour some more!
Keep pouring man!
If I drink it on the rocks,
I'll be buried under them.
Who's going to run the college
tomorrow? Pour some more!
How much more do you...?
- Keep pouring! I'll tell you.
You guys have no idea about
the pressure I'm facing.
I was also cocky when I was your age.
It's all gone now.
What's wrong?
Is it because this was the last one?
Are you bothered? Did you feel bad?
- No Sir.
I'm revoking the suspension
order for the location students.
I'll revoke the hostel
students' order too.
Yuva, you started this war.
You've got to finish it.
Want a puff?
No, thank you.
- You sure?
Pour some more booze!
You still haven't
apologised to me, right?
Ego, right?
You can't match my ego!
Yet, I'm shutting my
trap, for the college!
Damaging bikes is a trend
and you're the great trendsetter.
Just because your Principal
came by seeking help,
don't you dare throw your hands on
my shoulder tomorrow in the college.
I'm leaving now.
You better respect.
I've revoked your
suspension order.
This is your last chance.
From tomorrow, pipe
down and attend classes.
Graduate and get lost! Morons!
Oy! What's happening?
Don't park your bikes in random order.
Park it in this lane.
The hostel students' suspension
has also been revoked.
Why should we ruin our
lives to satisfy their egos?
From today, we've got nothing
to do with their gang war.
Krupal, they revoked
our suspension.
Why should we care about theirs?
Your life lesson starts from the
day you walk out of this college.
You shouldn't have revoked
the hostel student's suspension.
They've started fighting
again for the central pitch.
The gang war hasn't ended.
I'll screw each and
everyone of you, morons!
Does your father own this pitch?
We won't move. What'll you do?!
We won't let you use it!
Yuva is the problem.
Neither can a gang win a
war because of one man.
Nor can a man win the
war with a gang by his side.
Stop man!
Pruthvik stop!
Stop you guys!
Even if one man can't win a war.
He can stop it from happening.
With the commitments
and debts we have,
do we really need
such a grand wedding?
Our desires and our bank balance
have no semblance of reality.
You might be right about it.
But our daughter's future
means everything to us.
We've given her good educated.
She's working in a good job.
She'll make a life for herself.
Just because a daughter's earning,
a father's responsibility doesn't go away.
This grand wedding
isn't about showing off.
Every father wishes to tell the world how
much he loves and cares for his daughter.
It is to let the groom
and his family know.
If you come to my wedding...
Appa has claimed to walk out.
Why did you spend so much, Appa?
It's okay, my child.
It's for your happiness.
Amma, let's take a selfie.
- Smile.
Come in. Close the door.
I didn't ask you to close the door
fearing I would lose my image.
If somebody hears my
words, it'll tarnish your image.
Will some tea do?
We're in college after all.
Take it.
Are you happy?
- Sir?
I hope you're happy?
Yuva, no more gang
war, no more college.
Today's your farewell man.
Do you've ten minutes to spend?
Or do you've a plan
to party with your boys?
Tell me, Sir.
Yuva, the year you joined college,
you would've aspired for so many things.
Today, you're leaving college.
Did all of your wishes come true?
Once the results are out, all that
matters is whether you passed or failed.
This locals v/s
hostel tiff won't matter.
From tomorrow, these people
are returning to their lives.
They'll face hundreds of hurdles.
Will they remember the college
or their college days amidst them?
Someday, when they're on WhatsApp
or Facebook, they'll remember college.
The college will remind
them of the gang war.
The gang war will
remind them of you.
Is this the way you want
to be remembered, Yuva?
You complicated your life a lot.
While this was one major issue...
On the day of the meeting,
you got a fake father to stand in.
That's another issue.
Life has problems. That's inevitable.
But our life shouldn't
become all about the problems.
Till date, the questions we asked, your parents
asked would anger you to the hilt, right?
From tomorrow, hundreds of
questions will echo in your head.
You'll only get angrier.
Find answers to them.
I can't give you this
piece of advice tomorrow.
Because from tomorrow,
I'm a nobody to you.
Wish you good things.
- Good luck.
He's Shankar's son.
The one who studied in Mangaluru.
The father and son
don't see eye to eye.
He's a rogue!
He'd kept him away.
Take this. Call and ask him to come.
Is your family taking us for fools?
Quit staring. Call him
and ask him to come.
Don't you understand?!
- Sit down now!
Oy! Who the hell are you?
I'm talking to you!
Don't do this!
Drive away! Hurry up!
Where the hell are you going?!
Amma! Help!
Give my child back to me!
Somebody save my child!
Save my child, please!
- My dear!
Who were those people?
Where's Appa?
I saw his for the last time,
on the evening of my wedding.
Off late, Appa had started to
behave in an unusual manner.
He was already under
financial pressure.
But when it came to my wedding, he
took up a lot more pressure upon himself.
Amma and I repeatedly told him to
be in control of the wedding expenses.
But he never listened to us.
The litigated apartment's
loan was bothering even more.
He too wished to lead a
standard life just like everyone else.
He spent exorbitantly on my
wedding shopping and venue.
Every time we tried to stop him...
I've invested in shares.
We'll get the money. Don't worry.
Apart from all this burden, he gifted
an expensive car at the wedding.
I could see that he was very happy for
conducting a grand wedding for his daughter.
Okay, Sir.
Thank you, Sir.
Sometimes, I could see
that he was afraid too.
He wouldn't answer certain
phone calls in front of us.
He would hide and talk to them.
Appa who was joyous at my
wedding, went blank all of a sudden.
He was in absolute fear.
There were guests at home.
Out of the blue, he
asked me for the car's key.
There you go.
Appa left then, and never returned.
No matter how many times, Amma
and I called, he never answered.
A few minutes later, his
phone was switched off.
Since then, Amma and I
started to get a lot of calls.
'Where's your father?
He's not answering my call?'
'Looks like you've hidden
your father. Where is he?!'
After every money lender started
coming home, did we realise.
Appa had borrowed
a lot of money.
He'd borrowed money from his
clients, colleagues and financiers.
Finding him unreachable, all of
them started coming, asking for him.
They were shouting at us!
Where's your husband?
His phone's switched off.
He didn't have any issues
borrowing money. Call him now!
All you have are stories.
Enough with the excuses, Madam.
Either pay us back or
bring your father to us.
We're trying to contact him too.
Please understand.
Those financiers harassed us too.
You know what happened next.
'The number you're calling
is either switched off or not...'
Why didn't you inform
me about all of this?
We stopped you from being
a part of the celebrations.
How could we ask you to share our problems?
It's me. Your brother-in-law.
Close the door.
Pradeep, he's my brother. Yuva.
A new entry to the family.
Why did you avoid him?
You could've
spoken to him, right?
He's more dangerous
than the loan sharks.
I've seen what he can do.
I don't want to mess with him.
He looks like a lunatic!
He's the son.
If we trust him, we won't
get our money back.
Yuva went to get milk.
Can you get the vegetables?
I'm not going.
It was late yesterday
and no one was home.
Do you know how many
people are waiting outside?
What will I do if they
ask me to repay the loan?
After the wedding, we
should've moved out.
Looks like your father did.
I hope you've safely
kept the wedding gifts.
Well, he did gift me
a car but took it away.
What a twisted fate!
- Where's your father?
I'm talking to you!
Where are you going?
He's not answering my damn calls!
Don't I have anything better
to do than wait by your house?
Where's your father?
You shut the gates
and doors on our faces!
When someone asks for money,
you get violent and beat them.
- Such rotten people!
Don't you have any shame?
Who the hell asked him to
splurge on his daughter's wedding?
They want to show off with our money!
- Yuva, don't!
You think you'll beat me up?
Come on then!
Can't shell out my money
but gets cocky about it!
Look at them shut
the door again!
I know how to recover
my money. Watch me do it!
You guys wait here all day!
Why don't we go
somewhere for a few days?
- Should we also leave the town?
Appa did borrow loans.
He really did leave the town.
We've to accept that.
Leaving town will only
make things worse.
It won't solve it.
No point repeating his mistake.
I'm used to facing
such accusations.
All of you get used to it.
Before the problems turns
towards us, let's face it ourselves.
Send me the location
of the bank Appa worked in.
Mother-in-law's right.
If we go away from here
for a while, people will forget.
People might forget
the good things.
But not the bad things.
Your father borrowed
50 lakh rupees as personal loan.
He never paid the EMI.
We tolerated it
because he was our staff.
Not any more. I'm very sorry.
Your father was an introvert.
If he never told his
family about the loans,
why would he share his
personal problems with a stranger?
Think about it.
I paid his EMI a couple of times.
Even after the bank's working
hours, he would stay back till 10 P.M.
I enquired in their locality.
I think it's time we consider
that his father's missing.
Officer, I've given them money.
When my men went to his place
asking for money, he beat everyone up.
I was hoping that you
would've thrashed him.
Instead, you're making
me wait with him.
You're making a complainant wait.
Will you resolve or shall
I deal with him in my own style?
What style are
you talking about?
Thanks to your style, your
men got paid with blows.
Send some more men
and he'll beat them too.
Look at his eyes.
Sit down.
Manhandling is wrong.
They barged into your house and
harassed your family, you beat them up.
This shouldn't repeat.
- Neither should they repeat it, Sir.
Look at how arrogantly
he talks in front of you.
Another word from you and he'll
beat you in front of me. Want some?
Looks like you both
have a consensus.
Are you two a team now?
Who's this ghetto goon?!
What an uneducated ahole!
You lend money but are
incapable of recovering it.
You come to us and
scream your lungs out.
Tomorrow, if he goes to court and claims that
he has nothing to do with his father's debts.
I don't break or forge
bonds fearing someone.
I need some time, Sir.
- Look at his arrogance.
- How dare you!
What will you do?!
- Let him go!
Come out of here.
I'll show you what I can do!
I'll chop you into pieces!
What do you do?
Teamed up with mafia?
Got any connect
with the underworld?
I bashed them up for
misbehaving with my family.
Not for asking the money.
If you can get cocky about recovering
loans by scolding our mothers and sisters?
We borrow money for
our mothers and sisters.
Think how cocky we can get!
Have you listed out everything?
- Yes, Sir.
I'm sorry, Madam.
Don't touch the wedding gifts.
Sir was helpful to us in the past.
- Yes, Sir.
Appa took a personal loan in his
bank and didn't pay the EMI for months.
Since Appa is absconding...
They seized the gold, silver, bank
bonds and other valuables at home.
Our bank accounts have been frozen.
We don't have any money now.
I've decided not to go anywhere.
Let's pay the rent and
focus on making a living.
Let's not ask anyone for money.
How much more do I've to wait?
Am I not paying the waiting charges?
Don't bug me!
Come on. Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
What's wrong?
I've kept your gifts in the car.
Until there's clarity on Appa,
I'm not coming anywhere.
Shwetha, the 7 days
honeymoon package is booked.
It cost me 2 lakh rupees.
I don't think your father's
returning anytime soon.
You can wait until then.
But I can't wait any more.
Appa, will be
found. I believe that.
You'll get your car back too.
Until then, I'm not going anywhere.
I won't go to work either.
I need to be with my mother.
Shwetha, to hell
with 2 lakh rupees.
Let's go over to
my place. Please.
Two days, please?
At my place?
You asked me to wait.
Why can't you?
Mind your business.
- Give me the OTP.
Sleazy monster!
I got these gifts
at the wedding.
Let's use it for now.
After marriage, I might be a
daughter-in-law to someone.
But I'm the daughter
of this house too.
You might be an
independent individual.
But not as my daughter.
I've the right to question
your life choices.
Who's that idiot?
- The man I'll be marrying.
If I've allowed a man
inside our home,
You must have understood
how important he is to me.
You haven't understood
your daughter.
How will you understand him?
Sir, did you hear from my father?
Give me your documents.
- Just a minute.
'The number you've dialled is switched off.
Please try...'
Why are your phones switched off?
What am I supposed to think?
Amma, why?
We're getting hundreds
of calls everyday.
They humiliate
us asking for Appa.
So, we both have
switched our phones off.
You cleared all the rounds
of the interview, right?
Why did they reject you then?
Background verification.
Sir, we'd assumed that the Telangana
team had played a ploy against us.
After meeting their coach, we found
out that they had nothing to do with this.
They've also been framed
for match-fixing, just like us.
The one who framed us was the man who
approached us for the Wrestling Premiere League.
He's not an organiser.
He's a bookie.
If we get hold of him, we'll
know who's behind this.
What's the point of
investigating this?
The ban was only
for 2 years, right?
It's a matter of 6 more months.
Let it pass.
Things will be fine.
We didn't become wrestlers
for money or name or pride.
The accusation isn't
just against me or Yuva.
It's against all of Karnataka.
We can't brush this away so easily.
It's okay if we can't
make our state proud.
We shouldn't shame them.
Take a look at the
evidence we've collected.
Bravo Kiran!
Very good!
When he ducks under,
go for a double tap.
Or lift him and throw him
on his back. Very good!
Hope you're doing well.
I found out about your situation.
I called you to the Federation
to understand that gravitas
of the accusations and the
war we're waging against it.
You're standing for the
survival of your family.
I'm standing up
for your survival.
We both are battling.
As a son, your family
is your responsibility.
As a coach, this
is my responsibility.
We need to clear the
accusation against us.
I've found information
against the bookie.
I'm heading to
Kolkata to handle that.
We shouldn't stop dreaming, nor
should our lives come to a standstill.
I'll make sure your dream lives on.
What are you doing for a living?
Token number 24?
- Sir!
Who has the token numbered 24?!
- Sir!
Get here quick!
- I'm coming.
I've been calling you!
- Sir, I'm here!
Here's your order.
Didn't I specify a
'No-Contact delivery'?
How many times will you ring the bell?
Put it down and leave.
If you park the bike in front of
the stairs, how will others use it?
You end up using traffic
and time as an excuse.
From tomorrow, you've
to park in the parking area.
Next time, I'll get
your bike thrown out.
Don't allow the delivery boys' inside.
'Where the hell are you?!'
'Can't you check your
order before delivering it?'
'I ordered a Mutton Pulav'
'What have you delivered?'
- Thank you.
Am I plant eater to eat Puliyogare?!
Dear, the Puliyogare
will be delicious. Hurry up!
I've paid on Google Pay.
I shall give you a good rating too.
Why did you give them meat?
Grandma and Grandpa are wailing
for having touched the Biryani.
They're complaining that they now have to
bathe in the Ganges and re-paint their home.
Sorry. I didn't realise.
It's my first day.
Next time, check
the dish and deliver.
I didn't intend
to give it to them.
They didn't intend to
spit on my face either!
Token number 18?
Sir, I'm here.
- Whose is this?
Order number 17, Sir?
- 17?!
It says it's been picked up.
I didn't realise how to use the app.
It's my first day. I'm a newbie.
I've heard a lot of such
cock and bull stories.
We've been fooled enough.
Either pay up or leave.
I'll pay.
Stop right here!
- Levy a fine of 1,000 rupees on him.
- 800 rupees.
Sir, please?
- Quit haggling. Pay up 300 rupees.
Sir, please!
Take his food and send him away.
There's Biryani.
Feel free to hog!
The delivery counter's outside.
Wait outside!
- Excuse me!
We're customers.
Watch your mouth.
I'm sorry, Madam.
I'm sorry, Sir.
Did you find out anything
about your father?
Is Amma okay?
Use this money for emergencies.
Quit overacting.
There's no my money
and your money here.
Amma, Appa turned his phone off
so that we don't communicate to him.
Will starving yourself
tell you where Appa is?
We've lodged a complaint
and enquired everywhere.
Nobody has a clue.
What are you wearing?
- A path that life has shown me.
But you're an Engineering graduate...
Not everybody gets a job
befitting their education.
The one who wishes to work,
doesn't let his education stop him.
There's no bigger
degree than hunger.
Working for our family is our duty.
Not an option.
If every woman who's a home maker
keeps wondering why she should cook or
wash the utensils or take care of
the elders, no home will function well.
Every woman does it
considering it her responsibility.
This is the exactly the same.
It's my responsibility.
Dignity isn't attached to our profession.
It lies in how we lead our lives.
Here. Have your dinner.
Have you seen him anywhere?
- No, Sir. Check with the next store.
Brother, have you seen this man?
- No, Sir.
Sir, do you recognise this man?
- No, Sir.
Start the car!
- Let's go!
Hurry up! Get the car going!
Hurry up!
Why the hell take such a huge risk?
A wrestler's life and soul,
is all about the risk.
Sir, just a minute.
Can I charge my phone?
I'm stuck in the rain. Please understand.
There's a traffic jam.
I'm at the restaurant.
I'm picking up the order.
Did you see the video?
All because of this one man, they're
trolling every delivery guy out there!
Why's he scolding him?
His video of stealthily
eating food has gone viral.
Gilki, if you don't control your tongue
and your willy, you'll lose your dignity.
No matter how tempted you are, never
be greedy about others' food and money.
From today, nobody
should eat the delivery food.
My my! Mr. Pushpa is
dancing on his way in!
God made me like
this. Don't mock me!
His stealing is an issue. But
this guy's face itself is the issue.
He went to deliver food to someone and they
complained that he's a scary man to look at.
Take off your helmet!
- Keep going!
A customer complained that their
guard dog got scared of him and ran away!
What are you staring at?!
You don't know
what I'm capable of.
If I receive another complaint today...
The one who donated
millions didn't ask for credits.
All she gave was a leg piece
and showed the video to the world.
They only care about
the customer's hunger.
The delivery person's
hunger is irrelevant to them.
Token number 28.
- Give it to him.
You can't change
your God-given beauty.
At least change
the damn ring tone!
Give him the order!
They're right. He is scary.
Your father had to
pay me 3 lakh rupees!
Consider this as
the interest money.
Why do you dull, dude?
Did you deliver to the wrong address?
The address was right.
The person wasn't.
For the 5th floor?
It's my order.
Cash payment or online payment?
- Online.
Show me your QR code.
Mr. Pushpa!
Come here, my darling.
Order no. 121.
Here's 500 rupees.
You're paying me
before I deliver the food?
Please retain the old ringtone.
- Okay, Sir.
I'll change the phone right away.
Oy leg piece! As!
Want some more? I'll buy you!
- To hell with you!
Come on! Buy me one! Morons!
There's no pride in working all
week and drinking in the weekend.
You earn everyday
and drink everyday.
Gilki! Come with me.
Come on now!
Look at those Chapathi
hogging outsiders!
It's okay. Calm down!
Both the lenders and
the borrower are screwed!
Hello? Come here.
It's me. Your brother-in-law.
Come join us.
You really are great!
I couldn't bear with my
father-in-law for a month.
How did you bear with
your father all your life?
Join me and drink to forget that pain.
I don't drink while working.
A real man should
have such habits.
Have a drink, dude.
Some guys become
men after drinking.
Some drink to show
that they're men.
I don't belong to either categories.
- He's an idiot. Let's go.
When drunk Im not even a human!
Amma, have you lost it?
I don't like this. I'm leaving.
Don't insult me in front of my colleague.
I got you here because
they were interested.
Shouldn't you've asked me?
- I know what interests you.
- Take him out of your mind.
- Hi!
Please sit.
- Thank you.
Excuse me?
- Don't worry, Swathi.
She can work after marriage.
We've no problem with that.
Every woman's career
driven today, right?
She's a very independent girl.
Let them talk to each
other. They'll have clarity.
No problem. You guys discuss.
Go on.
Sir, I just reached
the pick-up point.
Oy! Where's the money?
Be it in the morning or in the
night, you're nowhere to be seen.
Are you trying to hide from us?
I've not seen you at
home since three weeks.
Mister! Speak with respect.
Who the hell is he?
Are you threatening us?
Why are you taking it silently?
- My my!
You think you can act
rowdy with goons by your side.
Moron! I'll get you
arrested and grounded.
What exactly will you ground?
- Ay! It's between me and him!
Who the hell are you to interfere?
- Sir, let's go!
If you don't return my
money, I won't spare you.
He's being an ass,
because I owe him.
This is only until
the money's repaid.
Who the hell are you?
I'm talking to you.
Mister, I spot you by
my home all the time!
I see you day in and out.
Don't you have any shame?
Only the women are home.
If you come by again, I'll
lodge a police complaint.
Wait a moment, son.
I don't come to your house to fight.
Your father and I are walking buddies.
We met everyday.
I'd saved some money for
my daughter's education.
He claimed it was an emergency.
I gave it to him.
A lot of loan sharks come by
your house to recover the money.
They fight and reprimand you.
Fearing your dignity, you might
be thinking of repaying them first.
It's not wrong.
Dignity is important.
I come by your home and
wait outside for a reason.
I wanted to remind
that I too am here.
That my money is also owed.
I was waiting since morning.
I didn't see you around.
Please pay as much as
you can. Don't forget me.
What a terrible life we're leading?!
Our doors are closed all the time.
We've to live in the
dark during the day.
It would piss me off when
everybody badmouthed us.
But they're speaking facts.
What was the need to make loans
and conduct a pompous wedding for her?
Life isn't about being a
show-off with others' money.
He did what he wanted to and ran away.
Why should we pay for it now?
I can't be responsible
for every mistake of his.
He might have committed a mistake.
But it was for us.
Not for his selfishness.
You're losing temper for
working since a month.
He's been running the
house for three decades.
Was he wrong in losing his temper?
The loans weren't only
for your sister's marriage.
He borrowed money to send you to National
competitions and training sessions.
He was paying the interest
money all these years.
The home loan wasn't to show-off.
He did that so his
children could own a home.
He bought you a bike that was beyond
his means, just because you wanted it.
Was he wrong?
You keep bringing up
the fact that he ran away.
He ran away from his
commitments and pressure.
He isn't returning, because
he doesn't trust you.
A father's expectation of his son
lending support isn't out of selfishness.
It's because of trust.
But he never trusted you.
You might have introduced
a random man as your father.
But have you even done anything
worthy to be introduced as his son?
The clothes you're wearing, the blood flowing
in your body, the name attached to yours.
They all belong to him.
It's not about what
he's done for you.
Think about what
you've done for him.
Your father did borrow loans.
He did it all for us.
Accept that fact.
No sir complaint has been filed.
Just a minute.
Sir, it'll take an hour
for the hotel to operate.
Either wait for a while
or cancel your order.
Tell me, Sir.
Yes, Sir. You're right.
We're clearing everything up.
I'll update you. Thank you.
He'll be fine.
Don't cry. Calm down.
Sorry, Sir.
Oy! Can't you watch
where you're going.
I'm extremely
sorry. I was in a hurry.
Sisterfu! How
dare you touch us?
How dare you talk to me like that?
Sorry, Sir!
- You..!
Get the hell up!
Sir, please let him go!
- Get lost!
Let me go, Sir!
- I'll teach you a lesson.
Let me go!
- How dare you get cocky with us!
After all, you're just
a puny delivery boy!
Move aside!
Get up now!
You're just a mutt
running around with food.
Fall at his leg and apologise!
Fall at his leg! Now!
What was the car's number?
KA02 MF 0222.
It was a yellow colour car.
Share the car's number
and colour on the group.
If anybody spots the
car, share its live location.
Ring road is it?
Faster! Drive faster!
Goddamit! They're right behind us!
They're behind us! Hurry up!
They're catching up! Hurry up!
We need to respect ourselves first.
There's nothing
greater than self-respect.
The next time you walk around this
place, make sure you don't get cocky.
Traffic update.
Listeners, please avoid the outer ring road
as there's a huge congestion in the area.
I trapped them in
the match-fixing scam.
He won't be winning this
year's National Championship.
If someone bets on him, well...
Yuva shouldn't qualify in the finals.
The Haryana team was worried if the
Karnataka team would make it to the finals.
So we planned the match-fixing scam
to eliminate them from the tournament.
National Champion Ranveer
Rawat is also part of this fiasco.
It was their plan to divert the
attention towards the Telangana team.
Sport is meant to
be taken sportively.
But in this very sport, a
wrestler has tread the wrong path.
A wrestler plays the game to win.
A swindler plays the game for
money, ruining others around him.
They're not training players.
They're training goons.
It's okay if we don't train
champions for this society.
But we shouldn't allow goons to run it.
Am I right, guys?
- We agree.
We shouldn't take
this matter to the court.
We will sort it out here
for the dignity of wrestling.
Our champions have already
committed a lot of mistakes.
We will take necessary action.
You guys are members of the
association. Do you guys agree too?
Ranveer Rawat?
Let the National
Championship take place.
Or else, the public will view
all winners with suspicion.
'The ban laid on Yuvaraj and Veeranna Doddamani
from Karnataka has been removed effectively'
'Yuvaraj can now participate
in the National Championship'
I'd applied for my
gratuity amount.
When I turned my
phone on for the OTP,
I saw that I received a lot of
messages from Fast Tag usage.
Appa had registered
the car in my name.
Since the last two days, the car
hasn't crossed this toll gate.
If we find the car, we've found Appa.
This is Karnataka's
last toll-gate.
The closest town is Gokarna.
Did you see this car around?
I saw it parked in the
lane a couple of days ago.
Go this way and turn right.
- Okay, Sir. Thank you.
Sir, where did that car's owner go?
It's been parked there since two days.
Nobody moved it.
Have you seen him anywhere?
- No. I haven't.
Auto! Wait up!
The police had come home.
Apparently, they've found
a body by Murudeshwara.
Apparently, that
body resembles Appa.
They're shifting the
body to Bengaluru.
We've to go to the hospital
and identify the body.
You also have to come.
Your mother and
sister are panicking.
You go ahead and verify.
Appa, I don't want it.
- Don't be stubborn my child.
Have it.
Come on now. Eat it.
- I don't want it.
Have a little.
- Appa, I don't want it.
Who the hell are you?!
Go away!
I haven't cheated anyone.
Get lost!
Appa! It's me!
- I haven't cheated anyone!
- I won't show my face to anyone.
Appa! It's me!
- I didn't do anything wrong.
Appa! It's me!
- I didn't cheat anyone.
I won't show my face to anyone!
It's not my father.
Are you sure?
Fine. You may leave.
If I find out anything more,
I'll keep you posted.
Appa might have lost.
But he isn't dead.
Stay strong.
Appa, shall we go home?
No! I'm not coming anywhere.
Don't force me!
I won't show my face to anyone!
I'll get off here!
- Appa, stop!
I need some time.
I'll park the car here for a few days.
The Federation has lifted the ban.
We've to prepare to qualify
the Nationals this year.
A lot of achievers struggling
with personal issues like you,
turn back from their goals
when they're almost there.
That shouldn't happen with you.
Consider me as one of them.
I called you a couple of times.
Why aren't you answering?
I know you're hurt.
I won't take any decisions
without informing you.
Your good days will come.
I shall wait until then.
I've got clothes just like you asked.
I didn't want them to suspect by
anything by getting all of your clothes.
I've got some of mine too.
How's everyone at home?
- Surviving.
All of you must be
suffering at home, right?
I'm suffering a lot more
to see you go through this.
Everybody sees that I took
money from people and ran away.
But nobody knows
that I got cheated too.
The middle-class are
worried about tomorrow.
Fearing the same, for the last 12 years,
I'd saved 3/4th of my salary...
There's one lakh.
As savings in chit fund.
The middle-class don't
feel happiness by spending.
We experience joy in our dreams.
That very dream
of mine, led us here.
When the 12-year-old
saving money matured...
Somebody told me that they would
double the money in the share market.
I agreed that we could also
live a standard life like the others.
I trusted the shares and borrowed
money from a lot of people.
A man should have desires.
But shouldn't be hasty.
The prices are falling.
Should we sell them?
After the wedding,
I'd to repay everyone.
The only way out was
from my shares' money.
I went to their office.
My earnings and belief was dead.
They'd not invested
my money in shares.
Even though I had proof of giving
them the money, I couldn't do anything.
I was helpless.
Because I was stern with them,
they threatened and beat me up.
Where do I go now?!
Give me my money!
Leave me I say!
- Give me back my money!
You guys owe me money!
How dare you...
Also, I'd started receiving
calls from the sharks.
I didn't feel like
returning home.
I didn't feel like
telling anyone.
I left by myself.
I didn't know where to go.
What to do.
I'd no courage to return.
How could I face
your mother and sister?
I was wrong.
But I wasn't selfish.
Please don't mistake me.
I'm sorry, Appa.
The rituals are going well, right?
The share market undergoes
changes every hour.
Who's the King in
the market today?
Stop it, I say!
For God's sake, stop it!
Security! Stop him!
- Ay! Who are you?
Uncle, I want to go
outside and burn crackers.
Watch me burn it inside. Come on.
- What?!
Light it.
You've not removed the wick!
- Scared?
No matter whose cracker it is.
We've got to be ones to burn it!
Stop it! Nihar get inside!
- Mummy!
Oh god! No!
Put it out!
Somebody put it out!
Stop it I say!
No! Stop it!
Listen to me! Stop this!
Security stop him!
You'll be fine! Don't be scared.
Are you pissed because I
messed with your family?
Do you've any idea whose
family you've messed with?
The elders aren't home any more.
Because there's no one to keep you in
check, you think you can do as you please?
I shall payback for the past and
stand upright to march ahead!
Come at me now!
You've messed
with the bloodline.
There will be bloodshed!
If I don't get the money before the
deadline, you guys will be dead for life.
Remember the name.
Done with your duty?
- Not yet. I've just begun.
- Yeah. I got done.
What are you thinking about?
Sell this car.
We shouldn't lead a pompous
life on others' borrowed money.
Sell this car and pay those
who lent us in instalments.
They'll start to trust us.
Nobody trusts me.
I didn't remain as a good person,
a good friend, a good husband...
Or even a good father.
You might have lost in transactions.
Not as a father.
Neither will I let
you lose as one.
Then don't let this go.
Make use of this opportunity.
Stand with your head held high,
right where you bowed in shame.
You've to compete in
the Nationals this year.
For our family.
For our family's dignity.
People call me a cheat
for not repaying the loans.
People call you a rogue
for not having a great job.
I wonder what they'll call
your mother and sister.
All I want is respect.
Earn it for us!
Don't let this go
Your documents and
identification documents are here.
Don't worry about home.
We also have in the room.
The viral delivery boy.
Yuvaraj from Karnataka.
We hope this boy
makes history this time.
A round of applause for him.
Men's National Wrestling
Championship has commenced.
May the best player win!
With a brilliant hip toss, Yuvaraj wins.
Ranveer Rawat qualifies
thrice consecutively.
And Yuvaraj enters the
Finals in the Championship.
The phenomenal fact about
this year's championship is
A delivery boy is a finalist.
Yuvaraj and Ranveer Rawat
to fight it out in the finals.
Only my coach is out
of this championship.
I'm right here.
You've been on the streets
and you'll stay there, Sisterfu!
What the hell did you say?!
What did you say?
You made it to the finals.
I want to watch your finals.
Turn on that channel and go.
Want a drink?
Oh no! Don't.
They might ban you
for the second time.
Enough, Appa.
I'll order food. Eat and sleep.
No need!
They'll charge 200 rupees for curd rice.
I'll have a banana and sleep.
Go ahead and practice.
I'm done for today.
The rest is for tomorrow.
Once you win the finals,
we'll drink a full bottle.
Go ahead with your practice.
You're battling with life.
This battle won't be new to you.
You know how to fight.
I'll tell you why
you should fight.
A guru once built a labyrinth
to ensure his disciple wins.
Unaware of it, another
guru sends his disciple in.
Tomorrow you need to breach that
labyrinth and become the Emperor.
Two years ago, they trapped you to ensure
that you don't perform in the finals.
Today, you've reached the
finals and he's your opponent.
Ranveer Rawat!
He has tread a treacherous
path filled with jealousy and rage.
You show him what the highway filled with
patience, simplicity and achievements is like.
If humiliation introduces
us to achievements...
Our achievements will
introduce us to the world.
You're here to win!
Such labyrinths will keep
appearing in your life.
To win it, you need power.
Will power.
to this splendid match'
This is the 65 kilo men's
category finals match.
The finals is between two-times
National Champion Haryana Hurricane
and the viral delivery boy
Yuvaraj from Karnataka.
Customary handshake.
Yuvaraj attempts to head-snap.
Ranveer immediately defends
and launches a double leg attack.
Yuva does a kart-wheel
and defends splendidly.
Back at the head lock position.
Yuvaraj gains 3
points with a hip toss.
Yuvaraj continues to dominate.
Ranveer tries to attack.
Ranveer attempting to duck under.
Yuva defends quickly.
Ranveer struggling to win points.
Yuva launches a surprise attack.
Yuvaraj wins 3 points.
Ranveer expresses
his disappointment.
Referee sounds the whistle.
Ranveer with his single attack.
Yuvaraj turns over and throws.
Due to lack of balance,
he gains no points.
Ranveer manages a single leg catch.
Yuvaraj escapes with a great flip.
With this, Haryana Hurricane wins 4 points.
Carrying the fireman,
Yuvaraj wins 3 more points.
Yuvaraj's continued aggression.
Launches a high
stance double leg attack.
Yuvaraj steals 3 more points.
Ranveer at 4 points. Yuvaraj at 12 points.
First rounds ends with a whistle.
- Yes! Yuva!
Yayyy! Yuva!
Yuva! Yes!
Yayy! Yuva!
Yuvaraj leading with 8 points.
- Sit down!
The delivery boy from Karnataka has
won the first round with an 8 points lead.
He has silenced the
Haryana supporters.
I think we're going to...
'I won't show my face to anyone'
'I've not cheated anyone.'
'I won't come anywhere!'
Ranveer! What are you doing?!
He's just an ordinary delivery boy!
He practices only when he has time.
Knock him out in the next round!
Well played.
His ego has been hurt now.
He'll be emotionally volatile.
Finish him.
The second round begins.
Yuvaraj is in the lead. But
his focus is on the gallery.
The referee sounds the whistle.
Ranveer attempts a single leg
attack. Yuvaraj loses his balance.
Ranveer attack aggressively.
Get him! He's not confident.
- Yuvaraj seems distracted.
He is distracted!
Attempts to back take.
Yuvaraj defends.
Yuvaraj's gaze goes
towards the gallery again.
Ranveer gets the distracted
Yuvaraj and scores 4 points.
Bravo, kid!
- Ranveer at 8. Yuvaraj at 12.
Yuvaraj, there's
failure in your life.
But your life shouldn't
become all about failure.
Come on.
With a sitting shoulder throw,
Ranveer earns 3 more points.
Ranveer at 11. Yuvaraj at 12.
Only 20 seconds more left in the match.
Ranveer continues to attack.
With a double leg attack,
Ranveer gets 4 points.
Ranveer leads at 15.
Yuvaraj trailing at 12.
With 15 seconds to go, Yuvaraj from
Karnataka is in a dangerous position.
2 more points for Ranveer.
Ranveer 17. Yuvaraj 12.
Yuvaraj gives away 2 more points.
Ranveer's victory for the
third time seems confirmed.
Maybe Yuvaraj's victory
now seems impossible.
Maybe this delivery boy's
dream will remain a dream.
A father names his child.
A son brings a good
name to his father.
From tomorrow, you
shouldn't be known as my son.
I should be known as your father.
Only 8 seconds left in this match.
Yuvaraj tremendously
escapes the leg lock.
Yuvaraj aggressively attacks.
3 seconds left.
Will we see a miracle today?
What did we just witness?!
Clocks ticks! Yuvaraj
wins with a double suplex!
For the first time in the
history of National Wrestling,
somebody has scored 10
points with a double suplex.
We're witnessing a
splendid win for the first time.
Yuvaraj has become the National
champion with a historical fight,
inspiring the youth of the nation.
From a delivery boy
to a National champion.
- Yayy! Yuva!
Your hard earned shares
money will come back to you.
Everybody trusts us again.
You relax now.