Yuvarathnaa (2021) Movie Script

Hi Sameera, your rank is 2.
Stay topper.
The police has come.
Please sir.
The entire family gets educated
if a woman gets educated.
Your daughter's responsibility
is mine from today.
How can a girl fail
who topped in 10th and 12th class?
I will have to
re-evaluate her papers.
"What sort of a drunk is he,
if he has no sorrows?"
"That drunk has nothing left,
the one who doesn't have me."
"My companion! My savior!
My love! O my beloved!"
"Come closer,
let there be no unfulfilled desire."
"Today bring out
your inner animal."
"Half of the world runs on petrol."
"Today bring out
your inner animal."
"Half of the world runs on petrol."
-Party hard.
Chairman of Renisa group.
His college has topped
the KCET exam this year.
Love you all. -Congratulations.
-Look at them.
How my college boys
and girls are dancing.
These people consider private
college as their temple.
And consider the professors
who teach them as God.
The parents of these people mortgage
all their precious things such as gold
and land to pay their
college fees and donations.
Even though the government
gives so much of free education
but nobody wants to learn there.
Because nowadays parents
want high class buildings.
High class infrastructure
and high class crowd.
In India,
the students are not smart.
Rather professors
like us are smart.
We have already boomed the courses
of medical and engineering.
Now it's time to boom
the commerce sections.
Anyway these days there are
so many changes.
So let the Indians remain busy in this.
And we will make
the students busy in commerce.
We want justice.
The government colleges are
opposing the KCET board.
They are being pressurized to
revaluate the examination papers.
Look, if the protest of the government
college is for their own selfish means
then the board is not responsible
for this.
Is this why you are
highlighting this incident?
Just because dead is a Muslim girl.
Would you like to say something?
The details of religion and caste
are mentioned on our college form.
But after the selection,
we are all Indians.
We want justice.
We want justice.
- We want justice.
We want justice.
- We want justice.
We want justice.
- Sir you are a DC.
We want justice.
- Why do you support this protest?
Down down.
-Radha Krishna down.
Down down.
Hello, sir.
- Radha Krishna down down.
You are the DC. Any special
reason to support this strike?
I am on an honourable post
in our country and society.
I've studied from a government
college, RK university.
The government colleges showed
many students a new way of living.
On behalf of the students,
I request the board
to re-evaluate the examination paper
in the presence of university panel.
We want justice.
Down down.
Radha Krishna down.
We want justice.
- We want justice.
This is a sensitive matter.
I am aware of it.
Not only your students
are suffering from this.
But also, the students of government and
government aided colleges are suffering
and they have tried to suicide.
Sameera is unlucky.
If your students as well as
the students of other colleges
in the state sign the petition.
I can take it forward.
Not only your college
is suffering from this.
What do you say DC sir?
the law is same for everyone.
Sir, this protest is not only
for the students of our college.
But is for every student
of state and country.
Sir, we will do it.
Thank you.
-Thank you sir.
I will support you.
Thank you.
Mr. Jaypal.
I am reaching out to all the
universities and colleges of this state.
For the justice of Sameera
and many other students,
I demanded his support
through my petition.
-And I will get their support.
Till then, the responsibility
of the college is on you.
By the way, the 50th anniversary
program should not stop.
It is necessary for us to create a
positive atmosphere among students
after the death of Sameera.
Yes sir!
-Okay? Take care.
No one will sign on the petition
from your college. -Okay, sir.
Stop your students.
Or else I'm going to
stop your college.
Students we have got
the orders from the management.
That our college should not sign
this petition. -Sir,
what if this situation happened
with our college students?
You can't go against college
This is not done.
We will sign the petition for sure.
We will sign it.
-We will sign it.
We will sign it.
-We will sign it.
Don't hit him.
No one should run out of this
college. Do you understand?
We made a big mistake
by messing with them.
We were gone to hit them.
But that smarty washed us instead.
I left the place there
but he can come here any time
He's a monster.
Boss pay attention,
he can suddenly come from anywhere.
Search the boat in
every single corner.
Hey, did you find him?
Seems to have run away.
Rascal got scared.
You have the courage.
To come to our area and hit us.
Do you know there are 3 types
of people in this world.
First, who follow the rules.
Second, who break the rules.
And I'm from the 3rd type.
Who rules.
Do not make the mistake of
screwing with students after today
Your man put his hand
directly on my collar.
You should never touch a boy's
collar and a girl's skirt.
I broke his bones because
he broke the rules.
Today, whether a storm
or a tsunami in the sea.
But I'm not going
to leave you alive.
The sea has already taken
the form of a tsunami.
You're late.
It's none of your business to get
involved in administrative matter.
How can you go against the college?
How dare you are!
Sir, once I decide to do something
I don't stop without completing it.
I create my own paths.
Even if a mountain comes
forward it cannot stop me.
The students have got a warning for going
against the college. What's wrong in it?
I have also warned them not
to mess with my boys.
What's wrong in this?
You are being removed
from this college.
Nice to hear from you sir.
But what would happen if
I don't come to the college.
"I am brand
No one can stand in front of me."
"The sound is great
and does not stop"
"All these paths
are made by my own."
"I tell the racer
that I'm in front of him."
"You don't try to power
up or make a noise."
"Neither I stop nor I bow.
Get out of the way."
"See the power."
"See the power."
"See the power."
"See the power."
"I am brand
No one can stand in front of me."
"The sound is great
and does not stop"
"All these paths
are made by my own."
"I tell the racer
that I'm in front of him."
"I was standing when I came
and fought till my victory"
"The mark which I made
could not be erased."
"I am a showman not a showoff.
I do whatever I say"
"I am a hurricane,
stop me if you can."
"I do not follow rules
but I rule everyone."
"This is
my revolutionary following"
"I encountered the one
who caught the sight of me."
"Whenever some cut my line,
it was the breaking news."
"I am the ruler. All the rules are
mine. You are not allowed to strike."
"I am Alexander.
Go read my history."
"See the power."
"See the power."
"See the power."
"See the power."
"No one can stand in front of me."
"The sound is great
and does not stop"
"All these paths
are made by my own."
"I tell the racer
that I'm in front of him."
Not bad.
You all look like college students.
So, get the admission in STI
college especially in RK university.
All of them have to meet
the college students there
and after
that they have to spoil it.
You all will lead this whole gang.
And will update me day to day.
All the best boys.
How's the josh?
High sir.
Don't shine like
the footwear kept in the room.
Because the era of goodness doesn't
exist anymore. Be a bastard.
The principal sir is busy therefore he will
not be able to talk to you. You can leave.
What are you speaking? I'm waiting
from 2 hours and I must meet him.
Excuse me.
Sir, this is a social cause.
Sign on the petition is required.
So, you have to support this.
How much profit are you
making through this campaign?
You want to take advantage of the death of
a girl and save your college reputations.
We have been given clear instructions
for not cooperating on this matter.
When a student dies in our college
then we will call you. -How dare you
talk to me like that. -Sir please sir.
Sir. -You are messing with
the lives of those students.
Sir, please calm down.
-Let's go! Please calm down.
Sir. -You are a cheater.
-Please let's go from here.
Sir, please calm down. -These people
have sold themselves for money.
You have not only taught
the students like us.
But also guide us correctly.
It is said that when a person achieves
his goal, his mentor is always with him.
You are a true mentor like that.
You have helped us at every step.
And also accomplished your goal.
Your students are
always there with you.
Our college is
an example for this world.
Be strong and move forward.
Jai Hind sir.
Brucely, call boys from
Mangalore for our operation.
I've talked with Shetty.
A man has already reached
Mumbai with a gun.
Then get his admission
to RK university.
King of the kings, the biggest king
Maharana Pratap is about to enter the hall.
Till now, I've won many
battles without fighting.
Because the soldier goes to fight
the war and not the king. You fool.
Don't get angry.
Be careful sir.
Diamond cuts diamond.
Oh, mom!
Is this the queen?
And is he the king?
'Kimam Navratna'
But the queen doesn't
look like this.
How else will a maid look?
No matter how much makeup she does,
but the dress code tells
that she is the maid.
This play is being performed
by the non-teaching staff.
The admin is the king
and the maid is the queen.
The security guards are doorman.
And the lab technicians have
played the role of a minister.
And who is the director
of this rubbish drama?
I am the director.
Computer science lecturer.
Hey queen,
go and change the blue saree first.
These people does
not use their brains.
This man has come to visit you.
Come on.
You can do the visit.
Talk with manners.
I will deal with it.
Come on. Get out.
Learn to respect.
What is your name?
My name is Arjun.
I am the son of college
librarian Govind's friend.
I want to join 7th semester.
Your vice-principal has approved.
Oh! So,
you have your setting there?
Only setting works in this college.
College is ruined by
giving a seat to everyone.
Come on.
Let's go excellent man.
I want to know something
about this college.
Hey call the adversary king.
He want to see our college.
Go and give him a college tour.
Who is this?
-He is a peon.
This is the degree block.
Nobody asks here.
And even if you ask
you'll not get the answer.
This is the Engineering block.
Earlier, engineers used to
roam in cabs,
now they have started running
their own cabs.
All thanks to corona.
What can we do?
Every time I look
they are fighting.
Move forward.
They are spoiled.
For what do they come?
God knows what will
happen to our future.
This is the library.
When did I say that it is mercury?
Move forward.
Let's go the smoke is already in.
In this library, there is less
study and more intoxication.
I have sent the list
which you have requested.
I think all the books
will arrive by next week.
Thank you so much.
This is the medical block.
These are the people
who tear us apart.
This is the auditorium.
The medical students are practicing their
dance for the 50th anniversary program.
You must stay away from all this.
Let me see first.
Then we will decide.
What is 'Choli'? -'Choli' is the
blouse and 'Chunari' is the scarf.
I know that.
Hey, who is this?
Then I am the patient from today.
- What?
"I will take you with me."
"I will give my heart to you."
The song
and the dance both are superb.
You are also superb.
And your team is also superb.
But this bridegroom
is looking weak.
In his expressions.
Either change the song
or change the groom.
Who are you to say that?
I am her would be hero.
He has already started this.
Dude, please get some
of this for me.
Ankit see this.
Your Kiran.
Look at your Kiran.
Not Kiran.
I am Rakesh.
Hey you are my Kiran.
You are my Kiran.
I want some drugs Give me.
Give me right now.
I want it.
Hey, come here.
Have you watched
the film Darr(Fear)?
I am the hero Sunny
Deol of that movie.
You are still stuck
in the entry seen?
I have reached till the climax.
I'm an action fan.
Don't you remember the 2.5kg hand,
do you?
Should I show you the sample?
Hey, leave him.
Get lost.
Hey, my purse.
Thank you brother.
-Come on move forward.
I want drugs.
You want drugs?
- Yes I want drugs
Take it.
Enjoy your life.
Take it. Sit on the corner seat of the
theatre and don't go to the college.
Get out.
Who's next?
New admission?
You must not go to the class.
Do you want money or drugs?
If you take drugs
then watch a movie.
Give me 10k bucks.
We can enjoy.
This 500 bucks will
get over in the cabs.
Please start the class.
Are you new here?
I don't take a lecture
of 15 students.
Sir, are we not
counted as students?
I will teach them in tuitions.
You can also join there to learn.
I have paid the fees to the college
and not for the coaching.
And you take your salary
every month from the college.
Therefore, you have to
teach me here itself.
I will not teach.
Do whatever you want.
Fantastic. I will be. Thank you.
-One more thing...
If there are 15 students in
the class, will they not be taught?
Give me 2 minutes.
I will talk to you after the cultural
meeting. I am quite busy right now.
Excuse me?
How are the 50th anniversary
programs preparations going?
Yes it's going well sir.
Just release the funds soon.
There will be delay in
getting funds. Please adjust.
Sir, we have also given
the donation along with the fees.
Then give it.
It's not going from your pockets.
Please give me 2 minutes.
The program should
be arranged properly.
And each program should
be very different.
-Sure, sir!
Who is he?
Sir, if there are 15 students in
the class, will they not be taught?
Who told you?
The lecturer of Thermodynamics,
Murli Manohar.
See, he is a senior lecturer.
You are a new admission.
Have some patience.
What is this sir?
Why are you explaining
so much to a student?
If he wants to stay
then let him stay.
Otherwise, he can leave
the college and go.
Mister, I will talk to
the lecturer. You can leave now.
Please make it soon.
Otherwise, I will talk to him.
Excuse me.
I have seen you before.
Do you live in Malad?
No sir, I come from Virar.
I'm getting late for the train.
Keep an eye on him.
Wrong admission.
I wanted to talk to you in
the vice principal's room.
But then I thought that what if
you hurt me by showing attitude.
I followed social distancing.
By the way,
did you change the song?
I've changed my partner.
You are too straight forward.
Uh, you talk too much.
My words are my identity.
Are you an engineering student?
And I am..
-You don't need to tell me.
You are a medical student who looks
like an expensive capsule.
Dont you want my phone number?
Neither do I flirt
nor I allow anyone.
Be careful.
He is like Amol Palekar from
outside and Amrish Puri from inside.
Sorry brother.
Hey, go away!
Go away.
Tell me, why have you come here?
Sit here.
I can leave brother.
-Sit down.
Brother I have come for the same.
I came before you.
I do not know anything next.
I have come only because
I will get good money.
I did not know about you at all.
No one should know who I am.
Yea sure brother.
Can I go?
-If anybody finds out...
No one will ever come to know.
He will kill me.
He will kill me!
I'm sorry sir I cannot let
my students sign this petition.
You may leave.
I am supporting for
Sameera's justice.
I'm Samarth Bhagwat, DC of Mumbai.
I stand for Sameera.
You should also support this campaign
and save government colleges.
We want!
We want!
We want!
We want!
I have a great plan for fully
acquiring government colleges
and government aided colleges.
I stand with government colleges.
Sir till now five thousand
students have signed the petition.
"Walk with unity.
We have to move forward."
"We will voice everyone as
they are all in my mind"
"No one knows
what is written in your luck."
"Make your luck work,
the way you wish."
"Believe in yourself
and learn to fly on your own."
"Fill all the colors in your life."
We want!
We want!
How are you DC Sir?
Myself, Anthony Joseph.
MD of Renaissance groups.
You have Goddess Sarasvati
and I have Goddess Lakshmi.
When there is Goddess Sarasvati then there
is no Goddess Lakshmi and vice-versa.
Because there is much
more ego in females.
Everyone likes government jobs.
But not the salary of these jobs.
And you know what.
Those who have fewer salaries,
rarely get love.
Excuse me.
Those who love their duty,
they do not care about money.
I'm just doing my job honestly.
I am with my college.
And even with the teachers.
The campaign "Justice for
Sameera" will continue.
I think the back bones of the
private colleges is already broken.
Are you afraid of
lord Lakshmi going?
Sarasvati does not stop
where there is ego.
You must know this.
If the wife is not happy with
the husband's hard earned salary.
Then I will stay single forever.
Anyway, in our country nowadays,
the sting of singles is ringing.
Even if you look at
my college with your naked eyes.
Then I will kill you.
See you.
So, students in the human bones....
-Don't be tensed
you haven't tested
positive for corona.
Stand up straight.
Look at Karishma watching you.
She will think bad about you.
Look at the board.
Maam, please sit so close
every day and give the lecture.
It will be fun.
All of you note that.
I'll be back in a moment.
He's alright.
He has food poisoning.
He had soft drink last night.
And probably drugs
were mixed in it.
That's the effect.
The number of drug addicts
is increasing in college.
The students are getting
drugs very easily.
Our college has changed a lot.
No case is coming for
medical studies as well.
So, Miss Vandana,
you had a complaint that
our college does not
have patients for study.
So, are you an orthopaedic?
His wrist is broken.
What a perfect match.
Come and treat him. Come on, ma'am!
Speaker turned off
now watch carefully.
Start right now. Or should
I also break the left hand?
Come on if you want to practise.
Brother we are all
cardiology students.
If there is any patient
then please give us.
We will also be helped.
Do I see you as a broker of
patients? Order it online.
-Please, sir.
May I come here to
sleep on your bed?
we want a patient for our dental.
Do I see like a man standing
in a vegetable market?
Please, sir.
-Excuse me, sir.
Hey, brother
we want liver patients.
Brother, dont do this.
Brother, please give us.
-Hey, listen to me.
Listen to me brother.
Our target is this
college and not him.
Internals and lab tests are
going to be held soon.
No student should
concentrate on this.
Nurse check his blood pressure
in every 2 hours. -Doctor.
What happened to him?
Hello doctor. All these patients have
become ill due to drug addiction.
They are hurting themselves
because of anxiety
as they are not getting drugs
from many days.
The most critical
case is of this Ankit.
He fell down from the building
and he got a fracture on his leg.
And he is mentally unstable.
He is very disturbed.
The same situation is
here for all patients.
They all need Rehab.
I don't know what would have happened
if I hadn't brought him here in time.
Dr. Kokila Raman will come
here for the further treatment.
If you know something else in
this matter then please help her.
I have done my job. Other....
-Excuse me.
Sir, a man has come in
the suit of a joker.
Isn't that your patient
which ran away?
I think the sir has come.
Yes! Uncle.
Hello doctor.
I recognized you.
You are different from
inside and outside.
I scanned you immediately.
I also know that you
have come for a reason.
Which is going to
be completed soon.
-He is also a mind reader.
You are a good boy.
He is patient himself.
How will he treat others?
He has been into Rehab before.
He can understand
the patients mentality.
You dont worry.
Just wait and watch.
My baby.
My lovely daddy.
"You're innocent, you're naughty."
"But you love me daddy."
"You're my heart, you're my life."
Oh god!
"Oh I love you daddy."
-Wait and watch sir.
"You're innocent."
I love you daddy.
Who are you?
-I am an assistant of the doctor.
Then go.
What is happening?
Hey, meet me outside.
I will fix you.
You can see only
if I leave outside.
This college and the students
here are in such a bad condition.
I had no idea about it.
If this matter went out, then our
college reputation would be at stake.
The college can be closed
if any issue occurs.
Yes sir.
Sir, he is our senior
psychologist Dr. Kokila Ramanji.
I'm Jaypal, vice principal.
-I'm glad to meet you, sir.
And I am Rana Pratap.
-Yes sir.
Is there any bed here?
He will need to be treated as he
he believes he is Rana Pratap.
Doctor, how are things going?
There are many problems here.
But I will get out only after
resolving all the problems.
Can you see it in my eyes?
There are black marks in the eyes.
You should get it operated.
See you doctor.
Yes, sir.
Sir, I will come.
What should I tell?
There are so many problems.
-Yes, sir.
I will fight.
-Sure, sir.
Apply this to him.
-Okay sir.
Was the management sleeping when
they were paddling drugs over here?
Sorry sir. -We are here to save
the name of government clergies
and you all are here to destroy it.
-Sorry, sir.
I will take a serious action on it.
-Yes, sir.
I will send notice to all
the government colleges.
Be careful. It should not
happen again. -Sure, sir.
-Thank you sir.
Oh! Hello.
Hello! -Guru Devdeshmukh.
How are you?
I hope everything is fine. -I am
grateful for your cooperation.
80 thousand students and 58 colleges
have signed on the petition.
This college should also join.
We will submit the petition in
the court soon.
Your support is very important
for a government college.
No doubt.
All the best.
Thank you, sir.
Come on.
Patekar, can you see it?
-Yes, sir.
His body is in left.
He is in right side.
But his eye are somewhere else.
So, this is the problem.
Hey hairshop, please speak.
-He doesn't react.
His eyelids are not moving.
-He is under observation.
He needs some more time.
-Excuse me, I'll just be back.
His eyes got out on sight.
This love is sick.
-I know.
A girl broke his heart.
girls always break the hearts.
Boys break the beds.
Don't get confused. Move on.
Ever since he got cheated on in
love, he has made drugs his life.
Right now, there is
a major problem in his life.
Visual hallucinations.
Whenever he sees a boy
and girl together.
He thinks that he's a lover.
Just like that.
He saw you and her together and has
understood you two as lovers.
So ever since today.
Whenever you both come together
in front of him please stay happy.
So maybe he'll come
out of the shock.
Come on Patekar.
-Okay sir.
-Oh no.
Patekar it turned on right now.
-Yes sir.
Look, in both of us, he is looking
at himself and his girlfriend.
Visual hallucination.
See he is reacting.
And he is happy.
He is having fun in
explaining his condition.
Across the river.
Song on a bullock-cart.
"Both of us, are lovers"
"Are eloping from this world"
"We are breaking all
the rules of our society"
"I am reminded of my parents"
I also had visual hallucination.
Hey, bring the ropes.
Please tie him up.
Tie his legs.
Tomorrow is Valentine's day.
Love day.
I love you.
Will you be mine?
Are you both lovers?
Hey, why have you
brought those roses?
Hey, why don't you get married?
Sorry sir.
Hey! What are you doing?
Leave me. -You want to
celebrate Valentines? -Please.
Please sir.
-Let's go.
Leave me.
Hey, come on wear her.
Hey, what are you seeing?
A teacher and a student
will be a perfect match.
Wear her.
Hey! Give it to me.
Now see I'll teach you
how to wear a Mangalsutra.
You idiot.
Hey, wait.
Hey, wait.
Where are you running?
Catch her.
Don't let her run away.
Hey, wait.
Hey, see who is there?
Yes, sir.
How will you get married
without a priest?
It remains incomplete without
instruments and firecrackers.
Am I right, priest?
So that is groom's family
and we are the bride's family.
You quickly recite the mantra
so that we can start the reception.
Come on.
Son, please wait
for one more minute.
Rahu Kaal will get over.
After that you can start it.
You needed a heart patient right?
Will any of these work?
Hey, keep the knowledge of
your scriptures with you.
I will wear her the Mangalsutra
in the Rahu Kaal itself.
Hey, what are you doing?
It's not the correct time. The planetary
positions are not good. -Get away from here.
Otherwise, the bride will be
widowed soon. -Get away from me.
Mister priest.
There are some changes in the
program. Come straight to the climax.
The time has come to
unleash their skin.
As you wish.
Thank you.
This is for the dental
branch students.
Thank you sir.
Bone has broken Please hurry up.
Start reciting the mantra.
I forgot the mantra
after seeing all this.
I will have to revise it again.
"With you my beloved, my memories
are worth every single moment"
"Your talks with me take
me to a different world"
"This has never happened before"
"My heart melts in love"
"There are thousands
of things in my mind"
"But I am still
entangled in your love"
"We are two bodies and one life"
"Embrace me somewhere in yourself"
"I am yours, I am yours"
"My heart was vagabond
but is now yours"
"I am yours, I am yours"
"My heart was vagabond
but is now yours"
"With you my beloved, my memories
are worth every single moment"
"Your talks with me take
me to a different world"
"Even if you go away or me"
"Still we will never be separated"
"Whether it is
the earth or the moon"
"They can never separate us even
if they are parting their own ways"
"My heart beats when I see you"
"A storm arise within the breath"
"You are the comfort
of my loneliness"
"You are a sweet gift in my life"
"I will accompany
you my entire life"
"Like the shadow
which is not separated"
"Let no evil eye
spoil our relations"
"I'm happy in your eyes"
"My heart was vagabond
but is now yours"
"This poor heart is now yours."
"I am yours, I am yours"
"This poor heart is now yours"
"With you my beloved, my memories
are worth every single moment"
"Your talks with me take
me to a different world"
"These situation has
never occurred earlier"
"My heart has melted
due to your love"
"There are thousands
things in my mind"
"But I am still
entangled in your love"
"We are two bodies and one life"
"Embrace me somewhere in yourself"
"I am yours, I am yours"
"My heart was vagabond
but is now yours"
"I am yours, I am yours"
"This poor heart is now yours"
You sent a Jackal
to get a Lion like me!
Then he had to suffer.
Will you have a cigarette?
I am a volcano myself, don't need
a spark. Just come to the point.
You belong to my level.
Wherever I step,
there is no competitor.
There are two types of people.
Those who like me
and others whom I like.
Hey! Are you enjoying carrying
this burden or what? Get him down!
He isn't a girl.
Till date no one has touched my men.
And if touched they wouldn't dare
to stand in front of me.
Why did you hit him? Tell me!
What dude! You didn't tell him?
Whatever it is! I am asking
why did you even touch him?
Touched him and even
broke his hand. Now what?
You want to be a Don by just
fighting at a college campus?
I come from Mangalore
and I am Shetty's person.
I got admission in
a college here so here I am.
Hey! He is Shetty's person.
I only had a deal with Shetty.
He has sent the best man.
We have our person in
college management.
The spark has already been set up..
you just have to blow.
Once the Dean is back. You know
what you have to do, right?
He is our man. Be friends with him.
Don't do anything to him.
You should tell this to me
that I shouldn't touch them.
Hey listen!
No touching from now on okay?
And you got his bones broken.
Get him fixed.
Smiling assassin
I like him.
Inject him quickly.
Come on quick! What are you doing?
Give these medicines.
-Doctor, what's happening?
Someone has drugged all patients.
Drugs? How can there be
drugs in a rehab centre?
How do I know all that!
Doctor, there's just one way to get them
all to be quiet. -Get me out of here.
Why do you have to shout after taking
drugs? -I don't want to be here. Leave me!
Lie here quietly.
Shut your mouth. Shh! -Let me go!
Hey, you have love as your
addiction, I just have drugs.
Being a student,
you fell in love with a teacher.
Who can be a bigger addict
than you. -Stop talking non-sense.
It's bad if its my addiction.
And fair if you do it?
Today my bird flew,
tomorrow yours will also fly away.
The birds will fly away...
The birds will fly away...
The birds will fly away...
The birds will fly away...
The birds will fly away...
The birds will fly away...
Arjun.. Arjun...
-The birds will fly away...
-C'mon everyone on your beds.
The goods should reach by today.
-There's Police.
I gave you guys the tablet, right?
Why didn't you have it?
Why didn't you eat it? Speak?
I told you all to have it.
Why didn't you?
Where is the Vice Principal's
office please? -First floor.
Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Huh, Sir!
You are all fine, Sir?
I was just checking if they are
taking the tablets that you gave.
So just have to be
right on their heads.
Otherwise, they are good people,
Sir. Do take care of them.
Good bye!
I will take a leave. Take care!
When did I tell him
to give any tablets?
Do you have doubt on anyone?
Students are being harassed in
college in the name of ragging.
Drugs are being supplied.
And this is troubling the students
a lot. We have received a complaint.
No. No. How can there
be drugs in our college?
Absolutely no chance.
It's a false information.
Some kids might consume it
but on a personal level.
We have a reputation
for 50 years, Sir.
By the way, I was also used to be a
student of this college. -Oh nice.
This college and it's student's
reputation is my responsibility now, Sir.
There is no one in
library right now.
Come fast.
How will we meet if the lockdown
is imposed again? -Hey?
We can be quarantined together
-Is this a place to do all this?
-Sorry sir.
Hey tell me your ID number? What is
your number? -Sorry sir. -Get out!
Students should get whatever
books they are looking for.
Who made the police complaint?
Tell us quickly?
Was it you?
Tell me!
Tell us?
Who was the insider informer?
I am asking for the last time.
Who informed the police?
What is all this going
on in the college? -Speak!
Hey you.. Come here.
Tell me the truth.
You must know. Tell me?
Who are these people?
-Who informed the Police?
Hey, come here.
Who are you? What is your purpose
of coming to this college?
And why were you hiding
from the police enquiry?
You hid drugs in the library books?
That day when
they were teasing me
you hit them so much.
And today when the same gang is
hitting all the students here
why are you standing silent here?
I am here for a special task.
And I am all focused on that only.
Hey Arjun.. come.
The boss has called.
The meeting is fixed. Come fast!
Why are you staring
like that? Come!
What is he doing here?
Don't worry. He's our guy.
The boss has set him
up in the college.
Hello everyone. Please be seated.
R.K University's principal..
Gurudev Deshmukh.
He will go to the court tomorrow along
with the petition papers from 60 colleges.
Hence, everyone has
been called up here.
if this is
submitted in the court
we all will be in trouble.
All of our scams will be out sir.
R.K University's
name will be spoiled
and if KCET scam is opened up
we will all be behind the bars then.
Have some water.
Your blood pressure is rising.
Or you might leave soon.
Dean Gurudev Deshmukh
Sir, thank you very much for
your political and moral support.
I have achieved this.
Many colleges have supported us.
Tomorrow I will come there
and submit the petition in court.
I would like to come with you too.
We can submit
the petition together.
Everyone will get justice
and its all because of you.
Thank you very much.
I will be waiting
for you at the court.
Okay sir.
I told him that I will
meet him at the court.
But did I say that he will
be able to reach the court?
Double sided politicians like me
have two mouths and two tongues.
And have two wives
and two businesses.
One clean image in front
of the public and
one to destroy the public.
He is constantly staring
at me since long.
Who is he?
He is Shetty's person.
A sharp shooter.
Tomorrow Gurudev Deshmukh
should not reach the court.
For the success of Justice
For Samira campaign..
The Dean of R.K University
Gurudev Deshmukh will be submitting
the petition in the court today.
Did you find him? Did you?
This task is easier
than making noodles.
I will meet you in 2 minutes.
Yes. I am her to
support this campaign.
The welfare of Government
colleges is important to me.
I will support them.
Thank you.
Sir there are still 10
minutes to the court hearing.
-Hello sir.
This court comes under my authority.
I am here for Education
Minister's security.
Hats off to your commitment sir.
Proud to be your student.
Thank you.
-Hi, sir.
Thank you sir.
You have done it.
Sir. Its time for
the court hearing
You go inside.
I will be there in 2 minutes.
See you.
How did this happen?
This court has made its decision.
The investigation
and enquiry of this case
will be handed over to CBI.
Thank you sir.
Thank you so much.
-This was my duty sir.
tell me where are you hiding?
Tell me?
I want Arjun anyhow.
Tell me fast or else
Internals, classes
and laboratories have started
students are studying in the library
and they are fighting there like dogs.
Who all were a part of this?
Some goons came from outside.
And one of
our engineering students..
Who is that idiot?
Sir, this is that student's file.
He is the one who ran away.
12 years ago.
Why did he come back?
And his name isn't Arjun.
He is not Arjun.
It's the final rugby match
between G.R.V and R.K University.
Here comes the captain.
The Macho..
There are three types
of people in this world.
One who follows the rules.
Others who break the rules.
And last ones.. like me.
Who themselves rule.
C'mon Yuvraj.
-Yuvraj.. come on!
-Come on, Yuvraj
He survived. Rascal!
If the police dies the it's headline.
And if our boss hits, it's a deadline.
Down down police!
These people shouting outside,
are these his supporters or what?
They are his fans sir.
Am I right?
Sir, all these fans standing
outside for me are my strength.
They have supported me a lot.
They are my everything
after my parents.
Please talk about
them with respect.
Do you talk like this in
front of a 2-star inspector?
Sir, these stars are only
there till he is on duty
But stardom stays
till your last breath
Hey.. leave him.
All these pictures of the achievers on
the Wall of Fame is to inspire all of you.
So, you can be
an inspiration for others.
And I want to see your picture
on this wall of fame too.
Rather not on a Police
station's notice board.
Yuvraj, sit with Samarth.
You will be motivated.
Take. Sweeten your mouth.
-What's the good news?
My friend has become
the Student of the Year.
Take. Eat eat.
-Thank you.
You are distributing sweets as if you
have become the Student of the Year.
What kind of a friend you are if
you don't celebrate his success.
And remember.. Never be jealous of
other's success. Rather be a part of it.
Guys like you shouldn't be here.
Go, go.
Did you take one?
Yes yes.
-Good good. -Thank you.
Hello Madam. Have this.
-Thank you.
He passed with his hard work,
not by your teachings.
Here. Sweeten your mouth.
You have your exams in a week.
Life outside college
is a real challenge.
There you won't get forgiving
teachers like in college.
Education will be
your only foundation.
You have to take all the decisions
fearlessly all by yourself.
Money, Power,
Status and Reputation
will follow you education.
So, to make your life steady
you have to study.
I have just one tip for you.
Control your anger.
Sir.. sir..
Yuvraj.. he is
hitting Computer Science lecturer.
Sir, sir, see once.
-Shut up!
Whatever it is!
But he is your lecturer.
How can you raise
your hands on your Teacher.
One who hits the teacher,
can never achieve their goals.
Sir.. You think you
have done a great job?
Is this what we teach here?
be whatever you want to be.
But never be like him.
He has shown real bad behaviour. Shut up!
Sir, you are not understanding.
-I don't want to see your face.
Get out of this college.
I said.. get out!
-Sir listen to me...
Get out of this college.
-But sir...
I am sorry sir.
With what wrong intentions
have you come here now?
My intentions might
be wrong but I am not.
Trust me.
I had come here as a student so that I
can keep a silent watch on some people.
The MD of Renaissance Group, Anthony
Joseph is targeting our college.
Many private colleges
are a part of his gang.
Sir, our college is
a reputed government college.
And he knows this very well
that this college is
constantly progressing.
If this will continue then the demand
of government colleges will increase.
That is why he wants to ruin
the results of government college.
And also,
the results of KCET college is bad.
This is the reason
of death of Samira.
You started to oppose.
But he believes that colleges
will not support this oppose.
He even falsely
consoled to support you.
When you went for campaign,
he trapped to defame college.
Admission was given in college
to drug addicts and people
from criminal background.
They have started to ruin
the career of our students.
Sir, when I came to this college,
the situation was very bad.
They called sharp shooters
and drug paddlers from Mangalore.
They gave them admission here.
I got to know about their plan.
It was to kill you
and destroy college and students.
I made killed that shooter.
I used his name
and reached Anthony Joseph.
I got involved in
their team to destroy college.
When I reached there, I got to know
that one person from their gang
was living in college
and working for them.
I started looking for that person.
I even complained at police
by being an anonymous student.
That drug smuggling
is going on in college.
Azad came here for
that investigation.
I kept hiding from him
so he does not recognize me.
So, my operation does
not stop in between.
That day in front of police, I saw
fear in eyes of Vice Principal.
He was scared.
When I met a student
at night at rehab,
I noticed that the students
who were getting cured,
were injected drugs.
This work was done by
Vice Principal Jaypal.
After my police complaint, people of
Anthony Josephs attacked on students.
I was silenced.
I knew that the king of this game is
someone else and I wanted to fight back.
Anthony Joseph was just a medium.
The real king of this game is
education minister Raghav Reddy.
He is responsible for Samira's death
and also for the condition of college.
When you were going to
court to file petition,
they had a plan to
kill you on the way.
But I played back
the game with them.
Sir. You are pride of this college.
Future of thousands of
students depends on you.
Save our college sir.
Close the gates!
We will talk about college tomorrow.
I need some time.
I am not in a good mood.
Sir, I am here to
talk about relations.
There is a relation of teacher-student
between you and Yuvraj.
There is a relation of mother-son
between college and Yuvraj.
Something else happened
in the college that day.
Please sir!
-Open the door!
Please! To prove me good,
do not ruin the reputation
of that girl and college.
If people get to know that there
are lecturer like these in college,
then the college will shut soon.
If the teacher betrays student or student
betrays the teacher, it is the same thing.
You misunderstood Yuvraj
because of that incident.
You distanced him till he failed.
Whatever you did,
he still came back for
you and for this college.
You misunderstood him.
He is not a goon.
Instead, he is a person
who will teach a lesson to goons.
A person who is in demand in
every college in our state.
Who rules in everyone's
heart is a professor.
I read about him in newspaper.
I got to know when
the justice for Samira campaign
St. Joseph college
and people from there opposed it.
He stood as a student leader.
When he got to know about
the condition of our college.
He came here without
worrying about his career.
Yuvraj is the leader
of drugs squad.
He worked against drug
trafficking in many colleges.
He did his duty.
Before coming to our college,
he did a sting operation.
Wherever the drugs were
kept in our college,
he used to keep anti-drugs
in place of drugs.
It helped students to go to rehab.
I am sorry.
I did not understand
the reason behind my anger.
When you were a student,
you did good things for college.
And still good things has happened
with college by you returning back.
To maintain
the reputation of college,
you have to take this
responsibility officially.
Report for college tomorrow.
I know about you.
Let other people also
know about your reality.
See you soon.
As you are thinking,
he is neither a sharp shooter
neither a student
studying in college.
And as we used to think,
he is also not Shetty's person.
He was here for a special purpose.
Who is he?
Find out!
Who is he?
He is a professor.
And you all are
tenth grade failed
or discontinued
from second PU
and then someone
who got a paid degree.
The person who easily
betrayed you all
is a middle class man who
completed his studies with hard work.
He made his education his goal
and made his name through it.
Even after failing, he faced
the society and the insults.
Even after all that,
he is still above you all today.
No one can be smarter than you all?
The public doesn't know
that you are tenth grade failed.
They don't know that you are
ruining the student's career.
He will get the reality in front
of everyone. -Relax master relax.
What do you think?
You are running Indian army?
This is just a college.
You have no idea of
these student's power.
I have my power with me
and that is my students.
Don't wake the sleeping lion.
I will tear you apart.
I won't say these dialogues
like I am a lion
because I am smarter than them.
I am a human that too educated.
So, think,
take your own time.
I will leave.
You all didn't study
in your college days.
Now he will teach you all.
The devil is back.
Principal has appointed him to
get college back on right track.
He is top at temper
and a cop at character.
He will surely do something
big in coming future.
-Hello, sir.
Hi. Good morning everyone.
Presenting ex-student of the college
and newly appointed professor.
Some people don't need an
introduction... - Welcome sir, thanks.
only information is enough.
Hey Arjun, I didn't see you in
college after that incident.
I thought you were rusticated.
Madam, as a student
I already left this college.
But I am back
as a professor in this college.
By the way, its not Arjun.
My real name is Raj.
Neither could I tell
you all anything
nor could I ask anything
even if I wanted to.
Actually, I came into this college
as a student for an operation.
Operation was successful.
At that time, you were
a lecturer and I was a student.
We had a big generation gap.
But now not even air can
pass through between us.
Every time we meet
I mean every time
we see each other
we will sit and talk.
Digesting all this will take time.
So please take your time.
always your patient, Yuvraj.
Are you a lecturer?
-But you look like a student.
What can I do in such a case.
My skin doesn't reveal my age.
Sir, please check the papers.
-Hi, sir.
Welcome professor.
- Thank you sir.
I want to take a special class
of some people
before starting off with the lecture.
As you wish.
-Thank you sir.
You people gave admission to a lot
of wrong people without enquiry.
Today I want you all to meet all
those wrong people. - Come with me.
Go ahead!
- But sir...
Go go.
-Come on!
Yes. I am coming.
Come come. We can do
a surgical strike together. -Yes.
Excuse me ma'am.
- Yes?
One, two, three get up!
Come out.
Hey, why did you two stand up.
Keep sitting.
He must be a professor of
this college, but not ours.
You were also once in our gang
you forgot everything or what?
Hey. Come out.
What will you do if I don't
Will you kill me?
Try it.
Dare to kill me.
Pick this up and follow me quietly.
hey stay away.
Dont mess with me.
Hey, Stop there.
My father is a corporator.
He will not spare you.
Corporator? From which ward?
He cannot even get your hair cut.
If your father is an MLA or Corporator,
so you will do whatever you want?
All those politicians who have bribed and
got their position like your father
I will not let this
be as it is for long now.
I will harass
every one of you one by bye.
Hey do you even oil
these dry weeds?
Yes. I do.
Hey, come here all of you.
I will get you all locked up.
Come on leave.
Get down.
He seems to be some big officer.
- What do you see in him?
Look at his walk and his attitude.
- Sir...
All of them are fake
students of the college.
I have caught all of
them with a proof.
According to IPC 463 and 464,
a case will be filed against them.
Now only we will do.
Hey. Come on move!
Stand straight and keep walking.
Give this tea to Boss first.
Black shirt, stand straight.
-What are you staring at?
Even our blood is red.
Movies have influenced them so bad.
Why are you insulting the cinema.
Movies also show
that being a goon is bad.
But if you are a policemen,
even though the criminal is
your family, he has to be arrested.
They also show that mom dad
shouldnt be left in an old age home.
Why cant we learn
all this from films.
Both good and bad are
shown in the movies.
What you learn from
it is up to you.
Did you understand anything, uncle?
Want to have tea?
Come sir. Boss has come.
Is this boss your friend?
Sir, what case got you in here now?
Sir, please say Boss sir.
Don't worry.
I am not a police officer.
I am a professor.
A professor?
This goon became a professor?
Sir did you give him
this professor's post?
How did you appoint him, Sir?
- The Director.
A teacher should know everything.
And he knows everything.
He dances and makes people dance.
He sings and makes people sing.
He is a daring person
and also motivates others. -Sir...
So happy for you Yuvraj.
The one who used to shout at
you is now appreciating you.
That is success.
Sir. One selfie please.
-Oh, yeah.
R.K University is no longer
safe for the students.
Government colleges
are supplying drugs and
Principal Gurudev Deshmukh
is responsible for it.
In collaboration with this protest,
he is shaking hands with private colleges.
Also ruining lives
of honest students.
All the scams have a sign here.
Gurudev Deshmukh is himself
responsible for Samira's death.
The situation of R.
K University's students is sad.
Save your kids from getting
ruined by Gurudev Deshmukh.
What happens to the future of
the students of R.K college?
Will R.K University reopen or not?
Right now,
we have no information about this.
Sir come. Let's go.
Sir, the board have
issued the notice.
To this government
college RK university.
For lack of infrastructure, misuse of
funds and passive silence on drugs.
And has ordered to close the
college due to the drug addiction.
I have not come here
to favour my college.
I am just asking for justice
on behalf of those students.
Our college has all
kinds of students.
Middle class, lower middle class
and labour class is the majority.
Education is like
a dream for them.
In the last one year, more than 50
government colleges were closed.
Corporate system is denying
the right to education sir.
If these colleges continue
to stop like this,
then those poor parents
will become helpless.
How will they educate
their children?
Education may cost you
every word due to privatization.
There will be no
value of education.
Now-a-days people want government
jobs but not the government colleges.
We need to change this mindset.
No student ever fails because
of a broken bench in class.
The one who has made
the constitution and the syllabus.
And even great scientists,
writers and poets.
All of them have been educated
from government colleges.
Without government collages, you would not
be sitting there, nor would I stand here.
I will fight with the charges
against me in the court.
Court process will take some time but these
students should not face any problem.
If I prove guilty.
Then I will go away from
this college forever.
But please do not take
my students away from college.
Hello, professor Yuvraj.
The board has given
the permission to run the college.
But I'm not going
to leave so easily.
Everyday students will
be raped in college.
They will be attacked
and kidnapped.
And the lecturers will come out of the
house but not be able to reach college.
And the students will not be
able to reach home from college.
You have waged a lion.
He will hunt.
Now you have two options left.
Either you kill me
or I will kill you.
Hey, go and find him.
Find him.
Come on.
Your muscles are made by eating
protein and vitamin supplements.
But I have got them by birth.
"He is country's warrior,
king of the farms."
"And he is the protector of the people."
"He is the answer to all the questions.
He is the teacher for everyone."
"Everyone knows what
is good and bad."
"He doesn't care whether
he is white or black."
"He has taught us
everything in life."
"Open the first phase of life."
"He is country's warrior,
king of the farms."
"And he is the protector
of the people."
"He is the answer to all the questions.
He is the teacher for everyone."
We do not leave parents
when their health is bad.
If our friend is unsuccessful
then we do not leave them as well.
Our college also does
not leave us if we fail
So today if our college is going to
fail then we should not leave it.
I'm professor Yuvraj,
graduated from RK university.
"We have learned
the first lessons here."
"We have got
our first way from here."
"We have made friends here."
"We start preparing for
our dreams from here."
"The first phase of
life starts from home."
"Our first education
starts at home."
"In his courtyard,
everyone are equal."
"Mother is the first
teacher of children."
"The one who threads this rosary of words is
the one who wins everything in the world."
"They take us to the goals
by holding our fingers."
"They gives us brightness
in our dark time."
Graduated from RK university.
My parents are the one who gave me
birth and brought me to this earth.
But I was recognized by this college
and the teachers of RK university.
Now I stand with RK university.
"We have had a lot of fun here."
"We have also made
some sweet mistakes."
"We were taught to
respect our elders."
"We got the mantra to live."
"Reading and writing
is not a punishment."
"It's a weapon to fight."
"Education is
the map of your life."
Shatrugan Salimath, investigation officer
appointed by NAK and AICTE board of India.
This is an inspection
notice of the board.
You have been given a semester's
time to run this college.
But there are some conditions too.
College infrastructure, faculties.
Academic performance.
Overall excellence in sports
and cultural activities.
With cent percent
attendance and results.
If none of these
words are fulfilled.
Then the board will
close this college.
If I saw drugs or criminal
activity in college.
So, I will immediately
cease this college.
I want to inspect
the college right now.
If you give these
books to the trash.
So maybe some funds can be
collected for the college.
Hello, sir.
-What is this?
Classroom, sir.
It feels like a cow house.
Hey, stand up.
It seems that they eat
at home and sleep here.
Hello, Sir.
-Where are we going now?
Engineering block sir.
Your college is a great place.
Some student must be watching.
The students get 1.5gb data.
So that they can see in the mobile.
This is not the job of students.
It was done by your staff.
Today's youth has
a different purpose.
It will take 10 minutes
only to take off the shirt.
Your college situation is
looking like covid's lockdown.
-Yes, sir.
Till now I've locked 49 colleges.
And your college is also
completing 49 years.
Now let's see who finishes the half
century in this race first.
Yours or mine?
Sir, he finds all this wrong.
Falsifies even the right.
They have not seen the whole
college and are deciding to close.
Shatrugan Salimath has come
as inspector.
Now he will make our work easier.
He will close the college.
It has already locked
many government colleges.
Good morning sir.
Let's go.
Hey, the professor has come.
Good morning sir.
-Good morning sir.
Hey stand up, the sir has come.
Good morning sir.
-Good morning.
The strength of this class is 78.
The strength of this
class is 78 right?
Yes, sir.
Regularly we people only
attend the maths class.
No one comes after the break.
All mask bunk.
One by two coffee please.
-Yes, sir.
Students who have bunked maths class
of engineering, raise your hand.
Come in this line.
Come fast.
What is this?
-Come fast. -What's happening.
What is this?
We will study in the canteen.
Come fast.
This will be the future classroom.
I think my 80% students are here.
I want my first maths
class to be full.
That is why I am here.
I always like a house
full crowd okay?
Aigen values,
simple topic in mathematics.
So, the theory is done.
Now we can start
the problems together.
What non-sense.
-Thank you.
And this cup?
Give it to the madam.
And put the bill in my account,
okay? -Okay, sir.
If our teachers had also taught us
like this in our time,
today I would not
have to do this work.
You will be taught here today.
If you have fought under
the umbrella then come forward.
Sir, attendance?
Let me do the toilet peacefully.
There will also be
some students inside.
No problem.
-Not inside.
You should not disturb anybody
while kissing or pissing.
What is this?
Even Yuvraj sir is bunking.
"Munna became infamous,
for you my darling"
"I became Zandu balm,
for you darling"
The second half of the movie
will start in 10 minutes.
Till then I write some
important topics on the board.
Read them and if
you have any doubt.
Then you can ask me
without hesitation.
I'm always free for you'll.
-Thank you.
Yes, sir.
Hey, see your father.
you said that you are
the manager of Shantisagar hotel.
But you are working here.
When you come home in the evening,
then we will speak the same thing.
Are you shocked?
Seeing your father working here.
He would also be shocked
by seeing you here.
He was sure that you
would be in college.
You thought that your father
is the manager of a restaurant.
His place of work maybe a lie.
But his hard work is not a lie.
But his belief of you being
in the college was a lie.
He lied because he did not want
his son to ever know
how hard his father is working
to make money.
But he is not at all
embarrassed by doing this.
Every parent does the same
but never tells the children.
You are wearing a branded t-shirt.
It would not cost less than 2000.
But he got you.
Even though he would
not be able to buy it.
Do you know when will
it be the last time
your father has taken a new
shoes for himself.
Do you know the size
of your father's shoe?
You do not even know the value
of your parents hard work.
Their tablets, their pressure.
Their commitments.
Do you know anything?
The proof of their trust is
the attendance of your class.
Their hard earned
money pays your fees.
And by that I get my salary.
So, should I not be loyal to
their blood sweat earnings?
That is why I am here today.
The film is about to start.
The films are also made
by hard earned money.
Go on don't waste them.
Good morning, sir.
Sit down.
Sit down.
See you in the evening
for the tuitions. -Sir.
The class is full so you can
go and take your lecture.
You see flaws everywhere sir.
See the goodness. See.
"My friends he is known
as the Alexander."
"Who knows to win every battle."
This is my favourite song.
It's mine too.
Good morning sir.
-Good morning.
Sir, today is Friday.
6 new films has been released.
The houseful board is in
our college and not in the theatre.
Yes this is history.
The history class is also full.
Professor Raj is on duty sir.
Last bench, come forward.
And you guys can go behind and sit.
By sitting forward,
you will see only the black board.
But sitting back you
can see the whole world.
We also need general knowledge
along with knowledge.
Sir, do you think we do
not have general knowledge?
You are absolutely right.
Sir please do not rub.
I haven't understood
what madam taught us.
Let me write properly.
Quit playing Pubg. You will
start understanding everything.
It's not like that sir.
I've studied in
a Hindi medium school.
So that I was not able to
understand madam's English.
Okay I'll teach you in Hindi.
Listen carefully.
Consider this chalk
a beam structure.
If you put pressure on
it from both the sides.
Then it is called
compression stress.
If you pull it from both the ends
then it is known tensile stress.
I understand everything, sir.
please teach us in Hindi once.
Everyone understands
English in the class.
I cannot teach in
Hindi only for you.
Why can't you teach if
the maths professor can.
I can't teach if
they sit on the first bench.
Why sir? It's not difficult
to score 90 percent
for the ones who are
scoring 80 percent.
If the people who score
35 percent are being
able to score 80 percent
then it's a big deal.
Just try once.
Shut up.
The drama starts again.
Sir, what is the benefit of
teaching everything in Hindi?
If they understand Hindi,
then we should teach them in Hindi.
Madam English is just
a language and nothing else.
Sorry sir.
What happened?
Go and play.
Remind him that he is a professor.
Yuvraj, we cannot take the blood
of more than half the people.
Because they are intoxicated.
Hello madam, don't doubt me. Millions
of people worship this blood line.
Keep it carefully.
It's priceless.
Where is my apple?
But from your own earned money.
Not from your parents
hard earned money.
If one girl is gone,
another will come.
Just like supplementary exams.
Are you searching for me?
You made fun of me
when my pigeon blew up.
Son, even though the pigeon goes
anywhere it returns back in the evening.
Mr. Ghosle.
"Come on the horse my king.
You are the king and I'm the queen."
"King and queen met
like Romeo and Juliet."
"I have an expensive car.
I will give you a ride in my car."
"Let us run away from
mother father and brother."
"Let us book the hall
for the marriage."
"And also the orchestra
for the reception."
"Stage is ready
and we are ready too."
"Shall catch the beat and dance.
Play the drums."
"Come on the horse my king.
You are the king and I'm the queen."
"King and queen met
like Romeo and Juliet."
"I have an expensive car.
I will give you a ride in my car."
"Let us run away from
mother father and brother."
"The boy is like a romantic
hero on honeymoon."
"The one who is
an action hero in life."
"The fun comes later
after the fight of love."
"Do not forget
your baby's birthday Raja."
"Will you leave
your mom's shadow and come?"
"First you have to quit drinking."
"Think once more before marriage."
"Let's get locked in the room.
Isn't it good?"
They have purposely arranged
all their matches against us.
And one more thing.
They can go to any extent
to defeat us in the ground.
Remember one thing, our victory
will be the answer for them.
Make sure.
You rise against all odds.
Never ever give up.
Yes, sir.
Hey, get lost.
We have come here to select
the girls Kho-Kho team.
Send the boys there.
When Saniya Mirza
was playing Tennis.
Then they were not
watching tennis at all.
Send them out.
-Okay madam.
Come on.
-Come on girls.
Our college has been a champion
in cricket for many years.
This is a very big tournament.
So please give your best.
Pick your team.
-Yes, sir.
we already have a team.
Why didn't you tell the sir first?
Our engineering team
is very strong sir.
We will not play with these BA,
BCOM, BSE people.
Sir, we will not play with these mechanic,
computer, operator and contractor.
There are thousands of people who
are sitting at home without work.
But they consider
themselves as God.
Sir, we all are medical students.
All these are like our patients.
We will not play with them sir.
Hey, worthless. Will the doctor operate
himself rather than his patients?
Hey, Varun.
Sir, if we play then only
our engineering team will play.
Otherwise, we will not play.
Yes sir we will not play.
Yes sir we will not play.
Yes sir we will play.
This is a college tournament.
Not an engineering
degree tournament.
You all have to
represent the college.
And not your branches.
Create feelings for your college.
Stop all this nonsense. And
remember to play for your college.
Otherwise out.
Get out.
Hey, listen.
Mister, you have to convince all of
them and make a cricket team right?
If a team like this is created then there
will be different mindset of players.
They will destroy
the whole game by their egos.
Students do not come on
the issue of tendons.
And you drove away
those who could play.
I'm an HOD of sports
just for a formality.
Forget about the sports selection.
Okay so where...
...we have to attend
the sports practice. We have to go.
If your attendance is less then you
won't get your hall tickets for exams.
Yuvraj sir will manage
that and get us our hall tickets.
-Yes sir.
"We will, we will rock it"
Hello everyone.
-Good morning sir.
I am inspector Rao.
An ex-student of this college and
also a state committee champion.
I will be the coach for
your Kabaddi team from today.
Yes sir.
-All the very best. -Okay sure sir.
Cover him. Cover him.
Catch. Catch.
The practices is going good right?
Yes sir. Everything but cricket.
Cricket players come to
the ground but don't practice.
Sir. Everyone is paying attention in all
other sports. But what about cricket?
Tell us sir.
Cricket team is all ready.
Hey, girl team?
-How can she play?
What is this? A girls team?
What sir?
Do not doubt them.
Today women are
conquering every field.
Cricket is as easy
as eating cake for them.
Just a cup of tea for them.
They are participating
in all different games.
Also, in cultural activities.
They will also play cricket.
For their college.
They are all very talented.
You don't worry.
You just be the coach
for this girls team.
Cricket is my passion.
Doesn't matter if I play or not...
But will make sure
that the college wins.
I am ready to be the coach.
That's great now.
Keeping nice and experienced
players aside, why this girls team?
What qualities did
you even see in them?
They all respect their college too.
They are so excited to play.
And they practice well too.
Also, madam,
doesn't matter girls win the game or
boys. The cup is going to be the same.
And this year's cup is ours.
Yes, sir!
This is footwork.
Hold the seam in this manner.
Have you heard of the saying
you cannot keep two
swords in one sheath.
And here there are 11 of them.
You have to set a trend,
not follow the trend.
A teacher shows the student a way,
not misguide them.
There must be many students
in your college who fail.
Maybe you don't care.
But I have just one child.
Don't put our children's future
at stake for your college.
Parents may not be able
to train their kids.
But a teacher can't step
back like this.
What are you doing?
40 students from this batch
are not going to pass.
One of them is your son
and also your daughter.
Do you know your kids
are weak in Maths.
So, encouraging them for sports and
cultural activities is a total waste.
They will be lost.
Only you can save
your kids from Professor Yuvraj.
Sir all these trophies were
won by us some years back. -Sir!
Those students whom you
gave special attendance
those who participated in
sports and cultural activities
their parents have
come to meet you.
Hey. I just want
my child to pass his exams.
There is no need to
make him a dancer.
We make our ends meet to raise
and educate our children. -Yes.
We don't send our daughter
to college to sing.
How is just paying the fees enough?
You can make them study
at home too, right?
So, what now we should teach them?
We couldn't be educated
but our children will be.
Yes. Our children will
have to listen to us.
We looked after them even
before they were born.
We raised them.
-You all are mixing everything up.
You kept them in the womb
and you raised them
why are you mixing all up.
Kids these days have
become so unworthy.
They don't respect parents.
Watching movies and roaming out
with friends is all they do all day.
What did you all do
in your college days?
Didn't you ever bunk classes?
You enjoyed to the fullest
in your young days.
But when your children are
enjoying, you saying stopping them.
Now how is this fair?
If our children fail the exams,
it will be your responsibility.
When a person tries to learn something
that is beyond their understanding
they will fail there for sure,
just like you all did.
But we couldn't be educated because we did
not have the facilities and the money
it wasn't like
we didn't want to.
We do better than our children.
We have any ways experienced
life much more than them. -Yes!
Study! If you are interested,
I will teach you.
- He will teach?
There is no age to learn.
Hey, why are you laughing?
Do you think we are stupid?
No. No. It's not like that.
We will study and pass too.
And if we pass then you will not
come between us and our children.
Now you are talking.
Come. Study.
And understand
today's education system.
Only then will you
understand students pressure.
What pressure are you talking
about? We have experienced all this.
See, if we study well, you will not
come between our children and us.
If we fail,
we will not question you at all.
Yes of course.
-That's right.
Absolutely right.
-Yes, right.
Okay. Let's do one thing.
-Yes sir.
Take admission for all these
parents in evening college.
Sir. But
okay, madam. Thank you.
See you soon in college.
What is he doing?
-What is this?
I am not going to come.
-How can this will?
Oh God!
Do you have change for 200?
-There's is no need to pay.
Now we are batch mates. Buy me lunch
someday. -Let's get to class.
I come from Vashi.
I come from Kashi.
Cos theta + i Sin theta.
I thought division,
multiplication, etc is all Maths
what is all this?
Our children learn all this.
yesterday I missed
my favourite T.V serial
for 5 minutes, I will just watch it
on my mobile. You take proper notes.
Don't make any spelling mistakes.
This is a very important topic.
Please note it down.
Our company's security...
He is doing the same
job that he does there.
-Yes, professor.
It is an important topic.
Note it down.
-Yes, professor.
What is all this?
They should grind the kids. Why us?
And that too all over.
Keeping the champion
boys team aside,
he is preparing the girls
to represent the college.
Making their parents
sit in the classrooms
do you want them to make
up for childrens attendance?
What's happening here?
Everything is normal sir.
There is no chance of winning if
there is no unity in the team.
Girls have that team spirit.
Sir, I am giving attendance
to those students
who participate in sports
and cultural activities.
But I am not getting any support.
Parents should
understand their child.
No one can stop those
who really want to study.
And those who don't study, are given
the tag as a Failure and side-lined.
Every child has
their own unique quality.
It is us teacher's duty to
bring out that uniqueness.
Studying is not everything.
If it was so, then personalities
like Gavaskar, Tendulkar, A.R Rehman,
Bala Subramanyam, P.V Sindhu,
Lata Mangeshkar and Amitabh Bachchan
would never have been successful.
And our childhood would have been
incomplete without them.
Failing an exam doesn't
mean failing in life.
From their birth to their education
our struggle is real.
I don't know about others
but we won't let our children
loose. What do you say!
Guru Saint,
My zodiac sign is Virgo.
And mine is Libra.
I can hear bells ringing.
Yeah. You are right!
-Hey look there
your girlfriend Pooja's mom.
Dude, you dad is totally
flirting with her.
Yeah, look!
-Yes show?
If aunty starts flirting back
-Wow. Thats so nice.
then Pooja will become
your sister, not girlfriend.
Take care dude.
-Give me.
Oh! Sit, sir has come.
Hurry up, sit.
You sit there.
Please sit behind.
-Can you please go sit behind?
Oh no! Pooja.
Write down.
Hey, write it!
I can drive auto to
the town nonstop
can also tolerate
the main road traffic
but I can't understand all this.
Understand this,
you can easily score 15 marks.
Revise it at home.
I have informed your children;
they will help you.
Don't you want to study, Dad?
Today I will surely watch my T.V
serials big episode. -Mom. -Yes.
You are watching these T.V programs
and increasing their TRP rates
but our GDP is imbalanced.
You both are already graduated
can you please teach her too.
Dad, are you studying?
Aunty and I are
studying together, see!
Yes, we are studying together dear.
Is he studying or flirting?
"I've become lover, in your..."
I want to sing;
you just have to study.
If I cannot sing,
you too cannot enjoy.
Take this book
and start studying. Take!
Keep this feather in the book.
You will definitely pass.
He is playing since morning
I am not able to study at all.
Open the door! Don't torture.
Study for just one more hour,
you have a test to take in 3 days.
You study!
So, as per our challenge, tomorrow
you all will be given a test.
And after that test,
your real selves will be revealed.
What is this you are talking?
Your tests will show who we are?
Oh, so because we couldn't
learn what you taught
does that mean we are
unsuccessful in life?
See, I wanted to be an engineer,
but couldn't
I started my own grocery
store and earned a lot.
What is not so good
about my status? Tell me?
What does your text books have
such that can show our status?
There is more knowledge in our
religious books than these text books.
Half an hour for test
and 3 hours for the exam
what will that say
about our statuses. -Yes!
Can you sing like I do?
-Yeah, did you listen?
Can you cook as delicious food
as I do?
Can you be as good
a tailor as I am.
See, this challenge is for
our children's studies.
And you are trying to judge us?
Listen, none of your tests or exams
can tell us where we stand.
Yes, that's right.
All those things I wanted
you all to understand
you yourselves said it.
There is a musician
inside your child
he doesn't understand Maths.
Some students have
the qualities of an entrepreneur
he doesn't need
English literature.
One student wants to
become a dancer
what will she do
studying chemistry?
If there is a hidden
athlete in your child
then he needs physical
fitness and not physics.
If grades are good then its fine
if not, then don't let them
loose their self-confidence.
Don't judge them.
You have put the burden of
all your dreams on them.
Let them live their own dreams.
Don't deal with their dreams in
the name of exams.
You yourselves used to send them
to one of their hobby classes
then as they get into grade 10,
you used to stop it all.
You make them see their own dreams
and then you yourself crush it.
If you cannot believe
in your kids
then no one will.
What do you want to be?
Dad, I want to be a famous dancer.
Okay, go dance well.
One of my friends
works on the T.V
I will surely get
you a chance there.
Thank you, dad.
-Dance it out.
Get big and famous.
Listen dear child,
I want to tell you something
I have only eat what my hard
earned money got till date
but whatever you need for
practice, order it online.
You can do whatever you want.
-Listen madam, its time.
I will drop you too
with your daughter.
Be whatever you want to be,
I am with you!
I made you educated, so a watchman's
son doesn't have to be a watchman.
You be whatever you want to
I will be a watchman
at your office.
Let's go dear.
You are looking beautiful.
-Thank you, dad.
Thank you for
understanding me, mom.
Get blessings from aunty too!
She is also like your mom.
Hey, book one radio FM station
my daughter will
sing there tomorrow.
We lost all respect because
of the girls of our college.
You arranged a girls cricket match
with professional cricketers?
What do you even want to prove?
Do you want to ruin this college
and these girl's reputation?
We are called to play with girls!
Looks like there is no
man in this college.
Hey, what did you say?
Hey, get back!
-What did you say?
Everyone back!
Back. Back. Go back!
Get back.
Come on. Back!
Go. I will show you on the ground.
Meet me at the ground.
Please sir,
give us a chance to play.
They are talking bad
about our college.
Sir please, sir.
We will also play for our college.
Please sir!
It is not an engineering or medical
cup. It is a college cup.
We all will play with unity.
We will not let our college loose.
Please sir!
Yes sir. We will play as a team.
Yes sir, yes.
-Yes, sir.
We will play as a team, please!
Okay, go form your team.
Thank you sir.
Guys surely have more ego issues.
You have to provoke them.
"Wake up and work for your dream"
"Go youth and chase your dreams"
"You can become your army as you
move along towards your dream"
"Youth you go and live
the illusion"
"You will have to fight for your victory"
"You should not stop before your victory"
"You should be your own mirror"
"And have faith in yourself"
"Keep on walking towards your victory"
"So that you will be remembered
even after your death"
"Write you name in a chapter of history"
"Power of youth"
"Power of youth"
"Power of youth"
"Power of youth"
"Whoever challenges the youth"
"Go all out and destroy your enemies"
"No one has a right on victory.
The one who works will win"
"Youth go and show that
you get whatever you sow"
"You are the youth"
"If there are walls to scale,
you should raise yourself"
"You are the youth"
"Be an icon in the phone of
people who had disregarded you"
"You will not get the victory before your goals
Do not stop in the way towards your goals"
"Shake off the dust and get ready to fight"
"Power of youth"
"Power of youth"
"Power of youth"
"You are the youth"
"You are the youth"
"The people who keep on commenting
do not have any other work"
"Don't worry about them
as their character is loose"
"You are the youth"
"Show them who are waiting for your failure"
"You are the youth"
"Don't worry about the exams,
instead keep on moving ahead"
"Keep on moving ahead,
so that you will be remembered after your death"
"Write your chapter in the books of history
and tell this to everyone"
"Power of youth"
"Power of youth"
"Power of youth"
"Youth, youth, youth"
Kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi...
Welcome Mumbai's D.C Samarth
-Kabaddi, kabaddi
Bhargav to
the semi-final kabaddi match
of Maharashtra state
University championship.
They are tired.
Give them some glucose.
Kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi
Come on boys.
-I won't let you go.
Kabaddi, kabaddi.
I won't let anyone go.
Stop them.
Kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi.
Kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi.
Kabaddi, kabaddi.
Leave me.
I will not leave you.
Breaking news
during the State University
Championship's Kabaddi match
one incident occurred.
There is a news that, some students
have been consuming drugs during break.
And now a video has been come up
in which they are fighting
with the opposing team.
Kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi.
The kabaddi players
and their team of R.K University
has been disqualified.
The reason of their disqualification
is that they consumed drugs.
Now lets see who completes half
century first in this match.
Yours or mine?
Trust me,
this is confirmed news. 100%.
This is going to be
the breaking news of the day.
It's good to be back here
at our hangout place.
And I am happy for you are promoted to
Cabinet Secretary. -Thank you so much.
-I am so proud of you, Samarth.
Hey guys, let's open this bottle.
-I am really proud of you.
You did it! -Let's have
a drink before sir comes.
Hey, let's also cut a cake.
Hey, drink, drink!
Samarth, cut the cake. C'mon.
Thank you.
-It was fun.
I miss my college days so much.
Yeah, me too.
Whenever I see this place,
I miss my college days.
College days were
the best days of life.
Hey look who is here.
You missed the champagne,
but here have the cake.
You put college at stake
for your advantage.
Ruined student's future
for your own future.
Yuvraj, what are you saying?
You name wasn't there in state
level kabaddi match guest list.
I thought you have
come as a student.
But you were there as Anthony
Joseph's special person.
You exposed all our strategies
and strengths
and ruined our plan.
Are you out of your mind? What are you
doing? -Why did you do it? Answer me!
Hey leave me.
Hey, Samarth.
-What's happening?
I will...
And how many more days will you
be doing such small deals sir?
Like land acquisition
commission and income tax due fine.
Now look out for something big.
If you shake hands with us, then your
wishes and dreams will surely be fulfilled.
Or else they will
just be your dreams.
How did you get such a lavish
car with so less salary?
Promoted D.C to Cabinet
Secretary just in a year?
How is this possible?
You came there to
cheer our college
but destroyed it.
Why did you do this?
Answer me!
Hey, what is so wrong with that?
I didn't do a sin
that you are shouting at me.
Today I am successful
because I supported them.
Only success is
important in life
not how one got it.
You got this respect
after your success.
Here only marks matter.
Humanity doesn't.
I was good at studies.
Hence, they made me study.
Why didn't they make you an IAS?
It's their selfishness too,
to just select good students.
And they were using me
for their selfish reasons.
They don't want to help me.
What wrong did I do?
-You only taught us
be successful. Then power, money,
status, reputation will come after you.
They will follow you.
No book taught us which kind of money
we should take and which we should not.
What is right and what is wrong,
nothing was mentioned.
You also didn't teach us that sir.
If you were so much worried
about the college's reputation,
then I am also worried
about my image.
Now our target building will
be this examination building.
This is our last chance.
We have found out who is
their man among us.
They too have come to know that the
curtain has been lifted from the secret.
Now they have only one option left.
They will spoil our college results
by disturbing the exam proceedings.
We have to spoil his
examination results.
Ring the bell if you suspect
anyone during the exams.
If the bell is rung once, it means
the problem is on the ground floor.
If you ring the bell twice,
then it means first floor.
I will reach immediately
after the bell is rung.
Listen. -Yes sir. Is the question
paper changed? -Yes sir.
Are the degree
and medical papers ready?
Yes sir.
Show your ID.
Show it fast.
-Sir my ID card...
It's getting late.
You may get problems in the exam.
Show your Id.
-Sir ah!
What is your name?
From which branch you are? -This is my
hall ticket sir. Show me the details.
Excuse me. You are disturbing
the students. Please.
This is my duty and who are you to ask?
-Sir, I'm the staff of this college. Hey!
Show me your Id. -Sir please sir.
Don't talk too much.
Show me your Id.
Hello show me your Id. -Sir, what are
you saying? Show me your Id. Excuse me.
You are disturbing the students.
Please don't shout.
I'm squad, from the State
board of Examination.
We have authority to check anyone.
We will check you as well.
Show your Id.
Show your Id.
Show your Id.
Students, please write your paper.
What is going on here?
You can't do that.
The exams have started
and he is a squad member.
Sir, will you listen to me?
He was talking rudely
with the lecturer.
He misbehaved with
the students as well.
He has definitely come to create
disturbance in examinations.
Come on, show me your Id.
You know there are some other people as
well who have come here as a part of squad.
Yuvraj, if there is
disturbance in the exams.
And if the students are upset with
this then it is against the rule.
It might lead to lock out again.
Sir, believe me that there won't
be any disturbance to students.
Just don't disturb me.
Keep him in this room.
If I doubt anyone anywhere, then
I will bring him here.
Is it okay?
I will pretend to inspect.
Be ready.
Madam, I'll be on the first floor.
-Okay sir.
Thank you.
Anybody want additional...
Is everything fine?
Yes, sir.
-Is everything okay?
Everything is fine sir.
You might be relaxed thinking
that the exam is going well.
Your college and your students will never
come out of this illusion created by me.
Before I complete a round of this
college, this college collapses.
-Shut up.
This is not your cabinet or
constituency that you will scream.
This is my college.
Sshh, silence.
You can take advantage
of your power illegally.
But you cannot compete
with our power.
With the one who is
protecting this college.
Show me.
Leave me.
Show me.
The number you have
dialled is not reachable.
How is the exam going?
-Going fine sir.
Inform me if you have any problem.
Sir. One minute. Sir.
-Sir. Sir.
Sir. Madam. Please sit down.
-Sir. Sir. Sir.
Ma'am please.
-Ma'am! Ma'am!
There is still time left. -Sir there
is still time left. -Hello students.
Students, please concentrate it's a wrong
bell. There is more half an hour left.
You keep writing.
Don't worry it will all be good.
Sir please.
Hello students its a false bell.
It's a false bell.
There is half an hour more left.
Concentrate sit down and write.
Sir give them the papers.
It's a false bell.
False bell.
Please continue.
Take it. -Ma'am me too.
Please don't panic.
Just keep writing and dont leave.
Sir please sir.
Give it to me.
Sir give them the papers.
Fast. You keep writing. Sit down.
Sir me too.
-Yea take it.
You will have to bear
the consequences.
How can you arrest an education
minister without evidence?
Proud of you my boy.
Thank you sir for making
me an IAS officer.
God bless you my boy.
Inform me if you have any problem...
Everyone is not lucky enough
to have a mentor like you.
But you should not
get a student like me.
Forgive me sir.
The college results have come.
The result is 100 percent.
You are all welcomed to RK University's
golden jubilee anniversary.
I have come here to
apologize to all of you.
In this negative atmosphere.
Whether all of you have
come with good marks or not.
If I ever discriminated
against you.
Then please forgive me.
Education taught without
value is meaningless.
Doesn't matter how
brilliant you are.
Doesn't matter how well educated you
are or how many degrees you have.
If you don't have value
then you'll be corrupt.
You will not be of any
use to this society.
If our students will be
educated only for the degree.
Then it will be business.
Students should be given education
only to increase their knowledge.
This is our only duty.
Education is not a business.
It's a service.
Thank you.