Yvy Maraey (2013) Movie Script

What colour do you see things?
Same colour as you.
The same colour as you.
How do you know
what colour that is?
There is an invisible world...
...shrouded in half-light.
In this solitude,
what's left for me?
Where does evanescent
thought lead me?
Can I live an instant longer
if I capture words?
Is the act of thinking
also a feeling?
Or is it all just words?
Once I invented
a character for myself...
...and he needed another one
to tell him "I'm not you"...
...we live in a world
we've created...
...peopled by other characters
who've invented us.
There's nothing to know
in this world, as it's all invented.
100 years ago a white man came
to discover the Indian.
To make films and take photos.
Not to invent him, but to know him.
Because to invent you must know.
Now the Indian studies his work...
...so as to learn about himself.
Somewhere those
invisible men exist...
...who still dare
to invent the world.
I'll have to search for that man,
whom I must first invent.
I'll have to search for him.
It's not true that dying
would be bad.
Cinema is a weapon.
Cinema is destructive.
Cinema is a weapon.
So, congressman,
what do you think?
Interesting, very interesting.
Erlan Norndenskild.
I got a copy in a Stockholm museum.
In the beginning there
was only darkness.
In this deep darkness Nee Iya,
the master of the word, was born.
And with the word comes the light.
That is why the word is luminous.
The source and foundation
of all things.
The shapes of things
delineate time.
Time decides
the shapes things will take...
...when they are born...
...or when they die.
The time of calamity is near.
You can see it in dogs' faces.
When that time comes,
the way things are...
...there will be nobody
and nothing to stop it.
Why do you want to do this?
I want to know Kandire.
Does it exist?
- Yes, yes, it exists.
- Well then?
What's in it for us?
Have you got finance?
This karai (white)
is looking for a sen'...
...to go and make a film
in the Chaco.
- Like in Hollywood?
- Exactly!
- And what's his film about?
- Seems even he doesn't know.
He wants to know
the Land Without Evil.
Do you remember?
A long time ago...
...a karai came to photograph
our grandfathers?
He must be
another one of them.
He came 100 years ago
from Europe...
...when our grandfathers
still ran around in loincloths.
What was his name? Erlan...
- Nor...
- Nordenskild.
Him, him.
- So our man's after savages?
- Yeah, yeah.
What a beautiful house!
- Do you like it?
- I love it! How many rooms?
Three bedrooms.
No, I mean rooms.
Ten, twelve... around sixteen.
Sixteen rooms?
Hear that? This is a real karai.
Ask how many women he's got.
So, what do you say Yari'?
I don't know.
What he's looking
for no longer exists.
Just take him. He's rich.
We can use his money
for our people.
...and I'd like to earn
some cash, too.
We, Guarani, hunt
for strange objects...
...that's why
we seek out the Karai.
I look strange to you?
Beyond strange.
Maybe it's the start
of something good.
It depends on
my congressman here.
What do you say, Chief?
Some coca leaves?
I told you I don't do coca.
You know, we Indians
like coca, brother.
Really? I hadn't noticed.
Do you mind?
Just add enough bicarbonate
to make your mouth a laboratory.
Careful... if you ask later,
you won't get any.
Don't worry, I won't.
Good morning.
Hi, doggy-
Know why dogs have black noses?
Is there any breakfast?
Once upon a time there was
a famine in the village.
So a man said to his dog:
"Go and see Tumpa, our creator,
and ask him what to do."
The dog goes
to Tumpa and says:
"We're starving,
and I'm too hungry to hunt".
Tumpa says:
"Don't worry. I'll feed you...
But your master has to eat more...
...so your portion
will be smaller...
"To hell with that!"
says the dog...
...and goes back
to tell his master:
"God says he'll feed us,
but I have to eat more...
...since it's me
who chases the prey".
After a while, God returns...
...to find a skinny man
and a fat dog...
"What's happened?"
God asks.
And the angry man says: "You told
the dog to eat more than me!"
"What?" God gets annoyed...
...and burns the dog's nose
with a hot coal.
Know what my dad told me?
"Inside you there are two dogs.
You feed the black dog more,
and it'll eat the white one...
...that'll be the end of you!"
That's true.
Did you know God
created dogs to give love?
Not the one in your story;
he was a cunning mutt.
Better cunning than starving...
...because then we'd be wretched...
...and calamity would strike.
Stop, stop!
What now?
- Just let me, I'll...
- Good morning, Guv'nor.
- Good morning.
- We don't know each other.
I don't understand
your damn language.
I just know your culture
is shit roadblock after roadblock!
You just block anything that moves.
Let's see your papers?
- I don't understand your language.
- Do you speak Spanish?
Yes, brother. I'm Guarani.
How are you?
We're in power,
so just go through, brothers.
Fine. We've a 36 hour trip
ahead of us.
Excuse us, thanks a lot.
We, Guarani,
have two words for "we":
"Nande" is "we" including you,
...and "ore" is also "we",
but excludes you.
The highland comrade was just
saying that we're in power...
Well, and...?
The State was created
by the white man...
...to have power over the State,
we'd have to make it disappear.
So neither "nande" nor "ore".
Once an ostrich
had a race with a tick.
Before the count reached tree...
...the tick jumped
on the ostrich's beak.
The ostrich ran and ran,
trying to catch up...
...but the tick just stood
between its eyes.
In the end, the tick just
hopped over the line and won.
What's the moral?
If you're a poor wretch,
why belong to the State?
You can hop on and off
whenever you like. So you win.
Although there's an Indian
like me sitting in the Palace...
...we're ticks, and we'll always be.
What more could you ask for?
It's just like me. What am I?
You aren't anybody,
but you act as if you were...
...right boss?
Well, I like being the boss,
but I'm not your boss.
Be my boss, if you like boss,
as long as you're behind the wheel.
Fine, let's play.
Inside the car, I'm the boss,
and outside it, you are.
- Agreed?
- Great.
- Deal.
- Deal.
I already told you I don't do that.
It's good you don't chew coca,
I see those poor karai
playing the Indian...
...ponchos, rubber sandals,
chewing coca...
...those whites don't interest us.
We like karats like you, with a huge
house and a big SUV like this.
No, I don't want to be Indian.
Yes, for you it wouldn't be easy.
When I go out
they call me "Mister".
Even you thought
I was a foreigner, right?
I don't care if you're native
or foreign...
...to us, if you're karai,
you're karai, that's all.
In Bolivia we whites
are the Indians now.
Yes, the world's definitely
turned upside-down.
Now it's you whites' turn
to defend your identity.
How does it feel, man?
How are you, brothers?
Where are you going?
- We're going to Tapere.
- Get on.
And who's he?
A karai I met on the road.
So you're traveling with a karai.
Does he speak our language?
No, say what you want.
Insult him if you like.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- How are you?
- Well, thanks.
- And you?
- Fine.
Hop on.
It's all he can say.
I'm showing him around,
maybe he'll learn something.
- Do you like my car?
- Cool.
- How much did it cost you?
- It's very expensive.
We're outside the car.
I'm the boss.
Look, pal...
Brother, people need transport.
We'll never get there.
OK, in here you're the boss.
But if they get off, so do I.
The car is falling apart.
How a can the car matter
so much to you?
People need transport!
Do you want us to get stuck here?
The vehicle doesn't matter
people do!
Don't give me a grief, brother.
It hurts me to ride
in a car like this...
...when my people are stranded.
What happened?
We've been waiting for you
since yesterday.
I'm late because I was
guiding these comrades.
The whites have existed since
the very beginning.
With the whites
our ancestors walked.
With the whites we, too,
shall walk.
But we are blind
in their world of light...
...and they are deaf
in our world of darkness.
...what have you come here to see?
We're just passing through,
Don Vicente.
Where are you going next?
This karai is looking for savages.
Isn't that right, brother...
...you're searching for savages?
Relax, brother.
We Guarani have clout.
- We karai also have clout.
- Used to!
Relax, brother.
The Indian needs me
in order to be Indian...
...just as I need him
in order to be white.
But being too 'me'...
...is to discredit myself
before him...
...just as his being too 'him'
...diminishes him before me.
Perhaps it's no good
being too human?
Perhaps we rather need to be
a part of a whole?
Perhaps we need to be
a bit more like gods?
Where is that god
that completes us?
Where is he to be found?
Nati, hurry up
and wash the dishes.
We rarely have visitors
from as far as La Paz.
Here we are, ma'am.
Tomorrow there's a family party.
I hope you can come.
- My nephews will entertain.
- Thanks a lot. Excuse me.
OK, see you later.
That's enough son.
"We rarely have visitors
from as far as La Paz".
Could he be some damn government
...come to stir up our Indians?
He looks more like an NGO agitator.
Even worse, if you haven't got
the balls to defend us.
There are more of those Indians
than us. What are we supposed to do?
If we go on like this they'll
even take our huts away.
How was your shower?
...they sent me
to the chickencoop.
I think the one who slept
in the five-star hotel was you.
Must've felt good there
among your fellow whites.
I don't know
which fellows you mean...
...but a splendid library
was left here.
Some very rare books,
from 1911, 1906...
...every kind of book,
even in English.
Have this cheese I found
in the store.
I'll see what's up with the car.
That car you're so worried about,
get it fixed and just go!
- Seriously?
- Yes, I'll find a way out of here.
Whatever you say.
What is it you're writing
in that little book?
And what is it
you're all saying about me?
There isn't much to say.
The word is made to be heard.
Eyapusaka see with the ears.
I come from the world of the written
word. For me, to write is to think.
Then go back to your world.
I won't expose myself
to my people for someone...
...who thinks but doesn't feel.
Friend, what about some booze?
People are asking
for booze, pal, go!
Excuse me?
Booze...for the people.
Glad you brought
your own banker.
If you don't want
to be treated like a banker...
...learn how to act in my world.
- Yes?
Brother, a favour...
...go and buy some booze for me?
No. You can go, brother.
Good afternoon ma'am.
Come in blondie, welcome!
Have a drink.
What do you want?
Four bottles, please.
You're going to drink it
all yourself?
- Maybe.
- Maybe what?
What's going on here, cousin?
Relax, relax.
The Indians sent this guy
for booze.
Shit! So you're the rabblerouser?
Relax, cousin. He's mum's guest.
Shit, the Mister
is my aunt's guest.
Bolivian, by the way.
What kind of Bolivian comes here
to incite these Indians?
I'm just passing through.
Damn it, you have a drink
here with me.
- Between men. Cheers.
- It's too early for me.
- Luciano, bring a bottle!
- I don't drink.
Liar, you don't drink?
Just now you wanted four bottles!
- Here, drink.
- Drink.
Now drink, for fuck's sake.
That's it! Excellent!
Now, now.
- Don't overdo it, arsehole!
- Don't get on my back, either.
That's all you brought?
Take me, Huaypa...
...to Tentayape.
What's this?
How shameless!
Sending us entrails.
Heriberto... it's your fault.
When are you going
to stand up for us!
Let's not make a fuss.
- Throw it to the dogs.
- Don't overdo the booze!
Of course not, dad! Come on!
I was leaving.
Relax, uncle.
We're looking after auntie's guest.
Come and meet my cousin.
She's called Lucky,
she'll drive you crazy!
She's called Lucky,
she'll drive you crazy!
Andrs, Loki, Betsi, Griega.
What brings you here?
- Cheers!
- Drink up, please.
Let's see if he'll drink.
Tell us what takes your fancy.
That would be asking.
This poor man lacks affection.
- Hello Vicente.
- How are you, boss?
- A little snifter for you.
- Tell me boss...
How come your
party clashes with ours?
Never mind,
each to his own party.
Excuse me, my friend, the "mister",
is he all right?
Vicente, the karai
is just fine with us.
Just enjoy your party.
Your friend?
Mmm, yes.
Your other you?
More or less.
- Fuck him then!
- What's wrong with you?
You've got booze, we've got meat,
we're all happy.
See you.
Somebody's got to get
this shitty highlander drunk.
Maybe he likes Indian girls.
Meet Andrs.
I got nowhere with her, you try.
Nati, relax.
Look how pretty she is.
Do you want her?
Why get involved?
You'll get the blame!
Let's go.
Party's over!
Go to sleep!
What do we do now?
Not get into other people's fights.
A drink?
I don't feel like one any more.
What a party!
You know what?
Parties set us apart
from the animals...
...what we just saw...
...wasn't a party.
Our world shadows the other world
on the opposite side.
We are today what
we will be tomorrow...
...in the shape of shadows.
In this eternal darkness...
...the primordial bats will hear
the groans of mankind...
...but, deprived of sight,
they will be unable to save us.
Why are you always
scratching your chest?
Because I have
what most Guarani have...
- ...a vinchuca bug bit me.
- And?
I have Chagas disease,
like 90% of my people.
- Seriously?
- Yes.
But we're used
to dealing with death...
...and we are warriors.
We fought the Spaniards...
...the Incas...
...the Republic at Kuruyuki...
...in the Chaco War,
and we are still fighting today.
Make your film about that,
this noble warrior people.
I think these noble warriors
should get medical treatment.
You'll never perceive what's in me.
I chose to live like this;
it's my decision.
People love me like this,
with all my defects and illnesses.
They say:
"Here comes Yari' Timbuku".
Since we're being nosy...
What've you lost round here?
What are you looking for?
- You really want to know?
- In a nutshell.
I want to go home.
I don't know. I want to do
something else.
I don't want this any more.
I thought your karai ambition
was to make a big film.
I saw myself on the red carpet
wearing a new suit.
Sorry to disappoint you, but
I've no idea what the film's about.
The universe is full of secrets.
'Tiny things, waiting for
someone gifted to read them.
Corny stuff. The film world
is full of those things.
But you're a very famous filmmaker,
you've got a profession.
I want to die,
to be someone else.
Is that so?
I'll help you.
I'll hold you to that.
I don't think I'll make
a film about you people now.
OK, you're the Indian now,
so make a film about yourself.
Good idea.
After all, what does it mean
to be an Indian?
To be native, to have origins.
Don't you have any?
No, no I don't.
Look for them in your family.
I have no family.
I mean...
...it's not that I'm an orphan.
I chose to live like this.
It's my decision.
- What about some music, Chief?
- Why not?
- What do you want to heal'?
- Surprise me with something.
It'll be music for queers.
Can't you see he has no woman?
Ah shit!
Have you been listening
to this all the way?
He says it's good.
Do you like it?
Chief Guayari, I salute you.
Thank you, brothers and sisters...
...for welcoming me again.
I am traveling
with a friend from La Paz.
He makes films.
But he can tell you...
...what he's searching for.
Just speak... I'll interpret.
No one here speaks Spanish.
Honored Chiefs...
...and sisters.
Thank you for allowing me
to be with you.
My name is Andrs Caballero,
and I am from La Paz...
...where the houses are
piled on top of each other...
...and the sun barely shines...
...in little squares
through the windows.
I make films.
I'm grateful to be here with you.
I did not bring my wife.
But I am traveling with Yari...
...who did not bring
his wife either.
I give thanks to Chief Guayari...
...for opening his house to me.
Thank you.
We welcome our brother...
...and his friend, as visitors.
I thank God
for having them here.
They can enjoy our carnival.
We can show them our joy...
...and sit together...
...to gladden our hearts.
Many thanks.
Thank you!
What a nice fiesta.
I haven't seen Huaypa.
- Have you seen him?
- Why don't you find him yourself?
Now you're the Little Guarani,
speaking my language.
At one point in history,
from that moment onward...
...when the great darkness comes...
...and the primordial bats return
to reign over the gloom...
...the world will turn upside-down
and things will rebel.
The donkey you mistreated
will now rule over you.
I must teach this karai
to fight for me...
...or he will turn against me.
Not because he is bad...
...but because
I didn't know how to use him.
This is our thinking,
our philosophy.
To be responsible for
what occurs in the universe.
Why is your hair long?
Everyone wears it short, or tied up.
My hair is unimportant.
I am different.
Nandi told the youth to be careful.
"Don't cut your hair, that's
where intelligence comes from".
In 20 years there'll be no Guarani,
we'll mix with Aymaras, Quechuas...
...and whites all talking like
those parrots in red ponchos.
When they want
to hear our stories again...
...the elders
won't be there to tell them.
The karai will be their narrator.
Now you're the bitter one.
You didn't care that I looked a fool
in front of my people.
And you didn't care about me looking
a fool this whole trip.
But you are a fool,
above all with my people...
...but I never would've made
a fool of you with your people.
I just wanted to surprise you.
Don't get upset.
So now you say you did it for me.
You did it to show off!
Where did you learn Guarani?
You really want to know?
Now I don't believe
anything you say.
OK, you don't believe me
so I'll tell you a lie.
I learned Guarani in Sweden.
- Liar.
- You're the liar.
You told me
we'd see savage Indians...
...with bows and arrows,
and we haven't seen any yet.
You're disrespecting me.
What? You've been being
telling me my "truths"...
...and you want me to treat you
like a poor Indian?
When it suits you, right?
You're a sly fox.
And you're a dog, a black dog.
Fuck off.
- Stop.
- You're crazy.
I want to greet my uncle.
It's been years since I've seen him.
In the car I'm still the boss.
How are you?
You go there...
...one more, very good.
Listen, we can't take
all these people.
Damn, not this again.
Thirty goats
and ten people in my car?
No car can take all that weight.
Remember, the revenge
of the objects?
Remember, the revenge
of the objects?
"The car you abuse
will take revenge on you."
We're not mistreating it.
They're not even all on!
Look how many more there are!
- I'll be dead straight with you...
- Yeah?
Come on! Don't be a pain please!
We'll take half of them.
Bon voyage, Andrs.
Hope you don't regret this.
To be in darkness
is to be with your origins.
That is why bats are
the true masters of the universe.
Listen to see.
Only then will you realize
the only lifesaver is your heart.
The word is the voice
of our inner being.
In becoming "word" when we speak,
we let ourselves...
...be expressed in the world,
just as we are within.
This is the ship's log of
my shipwreck, my ignorance...
It recounts my death, my descent
into the deepest darkness.
To know that I am nothing.
The word is what we are.
When its breath is extinguished,
we cease to be.
See with your ears.
If I cease to be, do I stop feeling?
Where did you leave
that poor karai, son?
We Guarani are not like that!
Is this our culture?
Aren't you ashamed?
You know what the karai are like.
Annoying that's why I left him.
The Chiefs have given you a task.
I got tired of putting up
with that karai.
You have to stay one step ahead,
manage the situation.
How convenient for you,
leaving the car so close to home!
Where could
that poor karai be now?
Nothing will happen to that idiot.
And what if something does happen?
Where will you get
the money to pay for it?
What would it cost
to treat a karai like him?
- Go and find him!
- That's enough, Mum.
Where could that black dog be?
What do you mean, where?
You'll find him if you ask around.
Isn't that why they call you "fox"?
Go and find Susano,
let him help you.
And when you find him,
take him to Izozog.
Show him our culture and wisdom,
take him to Yande Yari...
...so he will know
our Land Without Evil.
I saw on Twitter you want
to make a film on the Guarani.
It was going to be about
Apiaguaiki Tumpa.
- So, why not?
- You boys are already doing one.
It's our film school thesis.
I wrote it and this savage
is directing.
We're showing it
at the village fiesta.
The municipality financed us.
- The massacre of Kuruyuki.
- And not the official version.
Can you help us?
What would I have to do?
We need a real karai.
To massacre indigenous people?
To massacre them, yes.
Making films about
indigenous people...
...or asking them
to film themselves is genocide.
The heavens are sad
because someone is dying.
This story had to be something else.
Something else.
Perhaps calamity is upon us.
It had to tell of a white man
who came...
...with a camera
and took away people's souls.
It had to be a different story.
What do the heavens
want of me?
An indigenous people's memory...
...is the very brief history
of its destruction.
What do the heavens want of me?
If I make my heart
a thinking instrument...
...will I be able to feel
what really matters in life?
- What do I think about?
- "An indigenous people's memory...
...is the very brief history
of its destruction".
Bartolomeu Meli.
What brilliant images!
- Really?
- It's incredible.
It was all we could do.
To get by with what you have
is the most honest thing.
I see you've changed the ending;
In your film the Guarani don't die.
What do you think of the film?
- Honestly?
- Yes.
- Let's get a drink!
- Let's go.
Besides, I like you didn't try
to recreate reality. It's like a...
- Ritual.
- Like a ritual.
- That was the concept.
- Was that the concept?
So we lose the battle
but not the war.
It pays homage to our heroism.
Great for our grandchildren.
How will you make your film?
I don't know.
It's a dilemma...
...between what I can...
...what I should
and what I really want.
And what is it you want to do?
It's very difficult...
...to film what's
in a people's imaginary.
Now I'm following the trail
of a Swedish explorer...
...who came 100 years ago.
- Erland Nordenskild.
- The very same.
And what else?
I'm traveling, writing,
taking photos...
...messing about.
No people.
So Justin 'Timberlake
plays Apiaguaiki Tumpa?
I can take you.
To where the Swede saw
my ancestors.
Go on, take us!
Brilliant, your car!
How much did it cost?
- Will you let me drive?
- Have you got a license?
That doesn't matter around here.
Let's see...
My friend, maps are only good
for getting lost.
Did you find the Land Without Evil?
How are you?
What are you doing here?
My new friends, Oji and Tengua.
They're film directors.
What a pleasure, my clan!
I've seen you as a leader
of the Guarani People's Assembly.
- National Congressman.
- So watch out, huh? Let's eat.
I was on the Kuruyuki battlefield...
...suddenly these two appear
with their crew 20 years old...
...already making the film
I always wanted to make.
- What do you think of that?
- My grandfather said...
...if you're a world that's not
your own, all you can do is laugh.
Cheers! to your grandfather.
Better if I go back to my 16 room
house and do something else.
Thanks ma'am.
Maybe I'll open a service station.
I don't know.
You promised the Guarani a film,
you must honour that.
We'll dust off
our loincloths and arrows...
...and we'll be your savages!
But now we're off
to see the "Toto Bigosode"...
- ...at the Paraguayan border.
- Shut up!
- Yari, how's it going?
- What a coincidence!
- And these lads?
- New traveling companions.
Ma'am, another glass.
What brings you here?
Shall we go, then?
The man's got his savages...
...he can film, and we can go home.
You're letting him go and film
with these savage Ayoreos?
Are you crazy?
I already told you,
I'm going to Paraguay.
Let him go.
Didn't you come to see
the Land without Evil?
- That was the whole idea.
- He'll take you.
Land without Evil!
Who says that place even exists?
Inventions of priests.
Land without Evil!
This karai won't leave
without his film.
That's why I sent you.
Do you hear me?
This one thinks he's untouchable
because he's a national congressman.
Who do you think put you there?
Even I voted for you.
Well, anyway do what you like.
I'm going to Charagua.
- Andrs, drive me.
- Yes, of course.
What's happening then?
What do you want to do?
Go home.
This lad says
he has family in the forest.
They live in the Gran Chaco.
There aren't even roads.
So how will you get there?
Just like us Guarani, natives
in the process of extinction.
Don't keep on about that.
The world's ending and you're
looking for what no longer exists.
If you like, stay here.
You know what, brother?
You and I are very different.
You'll never know us.
I'm glad we're different.
And I'm glad there are things
about you I'll never know.
And by the way, it's good that
some ideas remain ideas...
...and films I'll never make,
places I'll never know.
Marvelous! So what now?
you don't act like a karai.
You surprise me.
Sometimes I think I even know you.
Kande! What are you doing here?
Chief, good to see you.
- Where's the roadblock now?
- Take us, please!
Jump in.
I'll send for you.
Seems your friend
is an asphalt driver.
I hope you know your mechanics.
Watch out, he speaks Guarani!
I thought you Congressmen
earned a lot...
...what's up, are you saving?
I'm wondering the same thing,
Kande, why are you walking?
You leaders have a lot of vehicles,
or did you sell them off?
I sent my SUV to Santa Cruz to
pick up the Eskimos from Canada.
We're signing an agreement
with them, with the Inuit.
Are things like that these days?
They say in Canada the natives
are millionaires.
What do you know?
They say we're going
to be rich like the Inuit.
I heard they're signing
a big agreement.
Pass me the first aid kit.
- Are you alright?
- Yeah, don't worry.
Now what?
What a bloody useless driver!
Shouldn't we get out?
Slowly, I tell you.
Susano, I said
we should have got out.
Well boys, time to start shoveling.
Shit, those pretty little shoes...
...are you going to work
or to a fashion show?
Lay off Yari, I'm a congressman.
I have to dress well
and wear shiny shoes.
Damn well get used to it!
When you get to La Paz...
...the natives with their red
ponchos and hook noses will say...
"Here's your shovel and machete,
get to work!"
How's that?
As you just said to your karai pal.
Get down to it,
there's no hierarchy here.
Before working I'll finish
my story about the gringa.
Go on then, how did it go?
She was one of those gringas
who's crazy for us Indians.
If you're only fit
to be a gringa's plaything...
...you're no good to us.
I took the gringa to bed...
...and suddenly
she started moaning.
So I thought,
see how we Guarani make love?
- Bring me the spanner.
- And I need more branches.
Later I was in Santa Cruz
on some errands...
Later I was in Santa Cruz
on some errands...
...and went to
"one of those cinemas"...
...and I realized all karai women
moan like that.
Is it just theater?
Do you groan like that, Kande?
No, we don't pretend,
like your gringa.
I suppose not.
When you make love to us...
...on top of us, you keep quiet...
...but the karai ask us:
"Sweetheart, how is it for you?"
"I love you, darling"
they tell us.
You'll never be like the karai.
Look, your train!
Ah, my train!
Go! go!
Not there!
Go! Go!
No, I told you!
Not again!
Kande won't get to her meeting.
The front is in deeper than
the back, now we'll get her out.
You should drive.
Yeah, put in some stones
to help her out.
Me here and you over there.
I'll bring branches.
Hurry up, Kande.
Why aren't you working?
Well you're the Leader, show it!
If I'd known, I wouldn't have come.
Look what your driver's
doing nothing!
Is it ready?
Somewhere those
invisible men exist...
...who still dare
to invent the world.
I'll have to search for that man...
This film had to be
something else...
...the story of a white man
who came to film...
...to preserve and exterminate...
...but if they themselves want
to die, why not let them?
I also came here to die.
We die to live.
We die to shine.
We die to be many.
We die to awaken
in the other's dream...
...over and over again.
If it were so...
...why not let the word
lose its breath?
Is dying really the same
as being dead?
Those beings taught me
to see with my ears.
...see with my ears.
Is it the story theirs,
or mine told through them?
What did they tell you?
The doctors say
he has appendicitis.
I don't think it's that.
Everything damages the karai.
We should take him to Pitakara.
You go and meet with the Inuit.
See if there's something for me too.
I'll look after him.
What can we do uncle?
Never mind the 'uncle'.
We're dying because the earth's
grown tired of being burned...
...by the sun.
The trees are weary
of becoming firewood.
The entire world
is sick of vile man.
That's why it begs the gods
to let it die.
Death arrives because
it's our nature.
We die because the gods also die.
We die to live.
We die to fly.
We die to live,
we die to shine.
How are you, uncle?
I have a very serious problem.
So you've just remembered me?
You are the bird
that flies by night...
...curing with your beak
of cold steel.
Take him to the health centre.
When you succeed with a curse,
it means you've become a witch.
You're a witch too, Yari, damn you!
You'll see.
Get me out of here!
This is mad!
This is mad!
It's appendicitis!
Instead of witchdoctors...
...let's find some petrol.
For your information,
I didn't know I was a witch, either.
This is a farce,
I don't believe in these things.
It's ridiculous.
What have I got?
You've come to leave something...
...if death reaches you,
let it take you, don't resist.
If you want to help me,
let's get out of this farce.
Let yourself be cured,
don't be such a karai.
I don't ask you not
to be Indian.
So let me believe
in western medicine.
I'm going.
You're far from your world.
Do it for your friend.
Don't be selfish.
He's all yours.
We die to live.
we die to fly.
We die to live,
we die to shine.
All we see up there,
in the sky...
...reflects what we see
here on earth.
It's like a great text
that can be read.
And what is that?
It's the path of the Great Ostrich,
the Milky Way in karai language.
One night, while our fathers
were listening...
...to the stories of the elders...
...the children took to dancing,
singing like this:
Suddenly the Ostrich came down
and took them up to the sky.
The children
are those stars up there.
We indigenous peoples
are disappearing,
What does your text
say about us?
One day the earth will turn over.
And a time of calamity
will follow the great darkness.
Only my word and my song...
...serve to stop the end
of the world.
But now, who knows my songs?
Who can we put our faith in?
I feel very sad.
I tell you, nephew.
Change his name. The illness
will stay with the old name...
...and won't come back again.
- Go and wash your hands.
- Thanks uncle.
- I already changed his name.
- What name did you give him?
- Black Dog.
- Black Dog?
Now you'll have to hunt
for your own food.
That's why you came. To see what
the Indians were like before.
And you know?
Black Dog?
- Now he is your "Sein".
- My "Sein"?
Your "other you".
It means "your friend" in Guarani.
I thought we were already friends.
No, only now.
Oh, good.
Can I tell him the truth
about himself?
Not yet.
Let's go and eat, Chief.
Let's go, brothers.
This animal's shell
cures consumption.
Its fat cures asthma
and its meat is very tasty.
Well, it's been a beautiful journey.
The best is yet to come. I want
to see if this savage is real...
...or one of these Indian
endangered species.
Endangered, no question.
So what do you think,
do the "Toto Bigosode" still exist?
Do they exist?
Cheers everybody!
So why did you come
to work around here?
- Green?
- Yes, green and blue.
When I found they're
the same word in Guarani.
Only because of that?
Also because "Ara" means both
time and space.
- Ask him where he learned Guarani.
- Where did you learn?
In Tokyo.
Well, really I first got interested
in Guarani culture...
...in Gothenburg, Sweden...
...at the museum which houses
Erland Nordenskild's work.
So, my dear "Yaimba"...
...here we separate.
To justify your new name...
...walk through the forest alone.
- No problem.
- That's the way...
..."Black Dog"
You lads, whatever animal you hunt,
that'll be your new name.
- I've already got a name.
- Take the bag.
But it's better like that,
you'll have dual nationality.
"Ayoreo Guarani".
That's too much for you!
Let's see, help me with this.
This is for you Tengua.
And this is for the Dog.
Just as I found
my way through your city...
...now it's your turn
to find your way in my jungle.
It's like a Chaco War rifle!
Not 'like it' that's what it is!
Give me that.
Look, observe...
You put in the bullet here...
And "Boom"!
Just like in the movies.
- What time do we meet up?
- In the morning.
That's the tradition.
Surely you learned that in the army?
- We Ayoreos don't believe in that.
- Ayoreo, had to be.
And you?
Did you do your military service?
- What?
- No, I bought my way out.
Shit, you're so stubborn,
Black Dog.
We don't need guns either.
Then at least keep some matches...
...to protect you from the tigers.
- Are there tigers?
- Hmmm, plenty!
That's how you'll know
where to find me.
If you're still alive...
...film directors!
Goddamned, Yari!
If filming is knowing and knowing
is dying, what is living?
Wouldn't living be
waking in another's dream?
If so...
...dying's not the same
as being dead...
...and dying's not a bad thing.
To the east there is
a swampy place...
...the immature land.
The tender land...
the end-beginning of the world.
However, towards the west
is the hot, firm land...
...the end-beginning of the world.
We are nothing because
our time has not yet come.
When that time comes
we'll be what we never were.
Beautiful and extraordinary things
have happened.
Sometimes forever.
Other times reappearing
in new eyes.
To die...
...to live...
...perhaps to shine.
Let's await that day.
What's your name?
What colour do you see things?
Same colour as you.
Same colour as you.
And how do you know
how I see things?
Keith Richards