Z Storm (2014) Movie Script

Lock down the elevators.
Leave one to take us to 34/F.
- Lock down the elevators.
- Thank you.
Lock them all but that one.
Commercial Crime Bureau!
This is a search warrant issued by the Court.
Hands off your computers
and put them on your desk.
Police! Open the door!
Come on...
Ho Sir! Open it!
I told you to stop. What were you doing?
Tell the boys to take all the computers
and files.
I'll handle this.
Yes, Sir!
Mr. Law,
the godfather of accounting in Hong Kong
certainly has nimble fingers.
But too bad, this is 2014.
You can't delete anything anymore.
Let's forget about the Police for now,
anyone in any shop in Mongkok or Shamshuipo
can retrieve all the files.
Unless the computer disappeared,
then there's nothing the judge can do about it.
Hello, everyone.
Wong Sir, regarding the money laundering case
involving Law & Chan accounting firm...
the CCB has already started an investigation,
why are the suspects discharged suddenly?
No way!
To date, we do not have enough evidence
to pursue the matter further.
- I gave them all the details...
- Does that mean...
- ...on Law Tak Wing
- ...Law Tak Wing is clean?
Everything is in his notebook.
You can say that.
- There's no way they can't find anything.
- I must reiterate...
will not tolerate any money
laundering activities.
Thank you, everyone.
It's the cop... he's dirty!
Dirty cops and scum like
Law Tak Wing won't get away with it.
"G.P.O. Box 1000"
Come here!
What's with you?
Play hard to get?
I lost a lot of money yesterday,
don't give me this bullshit!
You're a neat freak?
You're not cut out for this job.
Can I help you?
I want to report Superintendent Wong Man Bin
for taking bribes.
3 days ago, he came home with this bag,
and put it in a secret compartment
in the closet.
He thought I was asleep
and went into the shower.
I got up to take a peek,
there was over $10M inside.
He makes less than $1m a year
as a superintendent.
He couldn't possibly have $10M.
It's dirty money.
Ms. Kong,
how are you related to Wong Man Bin?
I'm his wife.
How are things between you?
He became a different person
after he was promoted to superintendent.
Ask her to take off the sunglasses.
Luk Sir wants her sunglasses off.
Ms. Kong, please remove your sunglasses.
Wong Man Bin is a gambling and whoring asshole.
I hired a private detective to follow him,
I have the proof.
He grabbed me by my hair and kept hitting me.
He's a real bastard... no, he's worse!
You're onto Wong Man Bin?
We have enough to open a file.
He's the rising star on the force.
You must also know things are
always tense between ICAC and the force.
You must be discreet.
I intend to bring him in today for questioning.
Do that after 15:00.
OK, I'll invite him for afternoon tea at 15:15
and then bring in him to ease the tension.
What is it?
Can we help you?
Superintendent Wong Man Bin?
Who are you?
William Luk, ICAC Principal Investigator.
We need your help in an investigation.
An investigation?
About what?
I'm not in a position to disclose any details.
Not in the position?
What right do you have
to make an arrest?
You came to the wrong place.
We're going by the book,
this is a warrant issued by the Court...
- Warrant my ass!
- Hands off!
- I want a closer look!
- What?
That's enough!
Is that a bluff? Let's go outside...
Calm down!
Wong Sir, is this necessary?
Listen, these men worked with me for years,
I may command them at work,
but I don't control
them outside of work.
Don't play games with us.
What do you want?
What's this?
Another clash between the Police and ICAC?
Does ICAC really thrive on
nailing someone on the Police force?
I'm sorry, Tsang Sir.
The rule of law is Hong Kong's
most precious core value.
If anything goes wrong
with any law enforcement agency,
Hong Kong is finished.
ICAC is the gatekeeper.
I don't want corruption on the force either.
As soon as I got off the plane,
I got a call from Yu Sir.
Don't worry! We'll work with ICAC.
Thank you, Tsang Sir.
Escort Wong Sir out, mind your manners.
Yes, Sir!
This way, Wong Sir!
Get my jacket.
Ho, get back to work.
Yes, Sir!
Thank you!
Wong Sir,
we have a report about you having $10M cash
at home.
Based on this amount,
we can cite the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance
to charge you
for having pecuniary resources disproportionate
to your current salary.
Please explain where you got the money?
You call this evidence?
I can say this is a composite picture.
You're in luck.
If you work for me,
I guarantee you won't get promoted
in 10 years.
These were taken on the same night
as the picture taken by the informer.
This is from the CCTV of your parking lot.
What's the problem? I went to the gym.
What's in the bag? It looks heavy.
I'm a neat freak, every time I go to the gym,
I bring underwear, towel, shampoo,
conditioner and shower gel;
And bring them home after I shower.
We spoke to the staff at the gym.
They said you didn't work out that day.
You picked up the bag and left.
Have you been listening?
I went there to shower.
Siu Leung, order something to eat.
I want curry chicken with rice.
Get something for them too.
Joe has stomach flu,
don't let him eat curry.
Get him something else.
Yes, Sir!
I also want Longjing tea.
Yes, Sir!
Wong Sir, we have a witness
who saw you came home with $10M.
Can you explain that?
You trust your witness?
I don't. We're in the middle of a divorce.
On Sir, right? And you?
- Ma...
- Never mind.
I've been with the CCB
long enough to know all about the money trail.
Day 1, from Hong Kong to Dubai and Cyprus,
via Switzerland, London, New York,
then to New Zealand,
Japan and finally back to Hong Kong.
It takes me 30 seconds to tell you,
but it only takes 8 seconds
for the money to go around the world once.
You can't track these 8 seconds in 10 years.
This is the 21st century,
bribes don't come in cash anymore.
Use your brains!
Check the bank if you don't believe me.
You probably did and my account is clean.
Of course we have.
We also know you like to gamble
and often go to Macau.
I have approval from my boss every time.
Which I'm sure you know that too.
If you deal with cash,
you could have deposited the money
in your account at the casino.
You know your way around. You go there often?
We checked the casino you go to,
incidentally, you put $10M in your account.
How do you explain that?
Where's the proof?
A deposit slip?
All casinos must be registered
in Macau or overseas.
Let me refresh your memory.
According to the Personal Data Ordinance,
You have no right to make them
hand over the client list,
Your tea, Sir!
Wong Sir.
Please give us a minute.
Yes, Sir!
Have some tea.
I thought ICAC only serves coffee.
No, we have other drinks,
even ICAC can change.
We've been doing this long enough,
we know better.
I'll turn off the video camera.
Come in!
Wong Sir, let me show you something.
Play it for him.
What were you doing, Wong Sir?
Wong Sir, what exactly were you doing?
Doing what you're doing.
We intimidate people in our line of work.
Zoom in.
I checked with the staff
at the accounting firm,
Law Tak Wing has a netbook...
This is the one.
But this item
is not among the Police exhibits.
Why is that, Wong Sir?
Are you kidding me?
You can't fool me with this piece of shit.
If there's anything further,
we'll bring you in again for tea, OK? Thanks.
We can do it somewhere else.
Tammy, show him the way out.
Yes, Sir!
Put a tail on him round the clock,
keep digging.
You are so... how should I say this?
Yes... such a hassle!
You bring the ICAC here,
Do you know what the hell does that mean?
Relax! Those kindergarten idiots
are out of my league.
Women! I don't care even if she's my wife.
Mr. Zoro will tie up the loose ends for you.
We take action in 2 weeks,
this is a critical moment.
Nothing must go wrong.
ICAC, is Mrs. Wong here?
Thank you.
Thank you.
I told you everything I know,
don't bother me again.
What are you doing?
Mind your own business, bitch!
Did you call the Police?
Forget it!
You're divorced, don't go looking for trouble.
My Mom is too old
for this.
L give UP-
I'm going to Toronto tomorrow,
don't bother me anymore.
Sorry for the intrusion.
I told you everything I know,
what more do you want?
Did you hire a private detective
to check up on your husband?
Can you give me his phone number?
"Pay up"
"Pay your debt"
Not the head...
- I'm broke, it's useless to lean on me.
- What happened?
- Are you hurt?
- I'm fine.
You need an ambulance?
Are you Mr. Cheung Keong?
You scared the shit out of me!
I dare not come down.
Have you any idea how hot it is up there?
I thought you're with the loan sharks.
Mr. Cheung Keong,
we understand Ms. Kong Wai Ling
hired you to follow her husband
Superintendent Wong Man Bin.
Is that true?
Any perks for me?
If you have useful information,
we can pay you an informer's fee.
I followed Wong Sir for 2 weeks.
He took different women to hotels in Macau.
You have pictures?
Yes, but not anymore.
Don't you backup your data on your computer?
I didn't have time.
You're sure you have no backup?
It was my fault,
I gambled and borrowed from loan sharks.
I had to pay alimony and support my daughter.
It's hell, Sir!
If you have useful information,
we can pay you an informer's fee.
This is my card, call me.
How much?
A handsome fee for something useful.
Handsome fee.
Mark your word!
Handsome fee.
Luk Sir, according to the CCTV at the courier,
the informer
is the recently retired partner
of Law & Chan,
Chan Chi Choi.
Send me the address.
We're looking for Mr. Chan Chi Choi.
He went out.
He usually walks the dog at this hour.
Mr. Law, Mrs. Law is looking good.
Excuse me, do I know you?
Malcolm Wu.
A lawyer? What kind of lawyer?
A divorce lawyer for $999?
Or the kind who goes to court?
I'm a legal consultant
who helps companies get listed.
My client knows about your recent troubles,
he took care of them for you.
What kind of trouble would that be?
Your old partner
reported you to the CCB.
While he was walking the dog today,
he fell off the mountain and died.
Are you telling me
the day the cops couldn't find any evidence
in my office
was your doing as well?
That was my client.
He's a very resourceful man.
I don't know what he did or how he did it.
You must be a really good lawyer.
You know how to pass the buck
and come away squeaky clean.
Are you complimenting me or mocking me?
I'm talking about your client,
since he was such a big help,
I bet he expects me to return the favor.
My client doesn't expect anything in return.
You're the industry leader in accounting,
he has prepared $50M for you.
With this money, you and your wife
can move to Switzerland,
and live a very comfortable retired lifestyle.
I practically had to marry someone
for money laundering,
another $50M
will lead me straight to Hell.
You have a great sense of humor, Mr. Law.
My client wants something simple.
If you're willing, help him sign a few names,
and he'll be eternally grateful.
Sign what?
It's late, let's discuss that in the car.
Watch your step.
"Kong Wai Ling, Housewife -fled"
"Cheung Keong,
private detective -office vandalized"
"Chan Chi Choi, accountant -dead"
All 3 leads are dead ends.
Let's rehash what we have.
Wong Man Bin's wife reported him
for taking a $10M bribe.
Chan Chi Choi reported Law Tak Wing
for money laundering.
The timing is almost seamless.
It's highly possible
Wong Man Bin let Law Tak Wing off the hook
after he took his money.
We checked Law Tak Wing's personal
and company accounts.
He did not withdraw large sums
of money in the last few months.
What about offshore accounts?
All 3 BVI accounts are clean.
If Law Tak Wing bought off Wong Man Bin,
he would have destroyed the evidence ahead
of time.
When Wong Man Bin showed up in his office,
he wouldn't have that kind of reaction.
If it wasn't Law Tak Wing,
who paid off Wong Man Bin?
A case within a case?
Siu Leung, Pa, Joe, On Tat...
follow Law Tak Wing round the clock.
I want to know
the people he contacts.
Luk Sir, look at this.
I searched Law Tak Wing,
this is the breaking news from 30 minutes ago.
Z Hedge Fund announced an hour ago,
the appointment
of Law Tak Wing Accounting Firm
and has passed the approval process
before the SFC deadline.
In other words,
Z Hedge Fund will be listed next week
as scheduled.
Z Hedge Fund?
The $155 Community Care Fund (CCF)
of the HKSAR
will go into Z Hedge Fund.
$155 from the HKSAR
and $105 subscribed by the general public...
This case is getting more complicated.
How much do you want to subscribe?
I'll speak to the underwriter.
More? No thanks.
We're partners, we make money together.
I had no intention to partner with you,
you forced your way in.
To put it simply,
Z Hedge Fund, over the past 3 years,
has invested mainly in the FTSE, the Dow Jones
and the DAX.
Despite the instability in the market,
we're still able to obtain a 10.2% increase
over our competitors.
That's a spectacular return.
Any questions?
Two weeks ago,
Z Hedge Fund fired the auditor in the U.S.
Rumor has it, the auditor found some grey areas
in the Z Hedge Fund's books, is that true?
Of course not! We appointed a new auditor
because management feels that
the fund is from Hong Kong
and should serve Hong Kong.
Yes, Miss?
We know the $155 of CCF from the HKSAR
will go into Z Hedge Fund.
Why is that?
I'll let Chief Tsui answer your question.
First, I must clarify
I'm not Chief Tsui anymore.
I left the government 6 months ago.
We invest in Z Hedge Fund,
because we believe in their professional team.
According to the Fund's analysis,
the estimated return
for the next 2 years is 8%.
8% of $155
means $1 .2B will go to the needy.
Don't forget,
the $1 .2B does not come
from the taxpayers,
but will be spent on the poor.
How can you guarantee the return of the Fund?
It doesn't matter whether the market
goes up or down,
the Fund will always prove
to have a financial return that's acceptable.
The Sunseeker is the Rolls Royce
of the boating industry.
You can't get any better than this.
This is very nice.
Look over here!
This is the master bedroom.
This is very comfortable.
This is a luxury boat indeed.
It's just $100M, take it if you like it.
Definitely not!
I can't flaunt
a gift like that!
I'm an ex-civil servant,
this is too sensitive.
I can't ride a boat like this.
This is a BVI registered boat,
they can't trace it.
A lot of assets are allegedly held
by offshore companies,
yet they can still be uncovered eventually.
I'm not that greedy.
I know you always play it safe.
That's why my client
opened a Swiss bank account for you,
with $10M USD inside.
As soon as the Z Hedge Fund is listed,
the account number and password
will be sent to you via WeChat.
I should get going.
Where are you going?
Angel missed you,
I arranged for her to come over.
Even if you don't take the boat,
at least spend the night on it.
Have a good time.
I worked with Choi for 30 years.
He did nothing wrong.
I got involved in money laundering,
and got him in trouble.
But I didn't expect to get him killed.
I killed him!
Law Tak Wing's wife had a stroke last year.
He sent her to Switzerland and the U.S.
in a chartered plane,
found her the best doctors,
and spent a lot of money,
but couldn't cure her.
During the financial tsunami,
he lost a fortune in accumulator.
All that glitters is not gold for him.
Because of the news
of the CCF investing in Z Hedge Fund,
the first day of the IPO subscription
has received overwhelming response.
The Commissioner called an urgent meeting,
let's talk while we walk.
Yes, Sir!
"Fan Law Pui Fong, Commissioner"
Mrs. Fan!
Have a seat!
"Edmond Wai, Head of the Central Policy Unit"
Yes... l see! Bye!
Sorry, that was the Chief Executive
on the phone.
It's alright!
Let's get back to business.
Luk Sir, the Chief Executive read your report.
You're onto Z Hedge Fund?
Their operation in the U.S.
has very low transparency.
They offer unusually high interest rate
to attract new capital,
and use the new money as interest
to pay off existing clients.
It's likely they made up the return
from their investments.
If this is true, Z Hedge Fund may go bust.
Do you know the implications
of investigating the Z Hedge Fund?
It means corrupted activities
that will harm public interests.
From the ICAC perspective,
I respect your judgment.
What do you think, Mrs. Fan?
Z Hedge Fund
is more than an anti-corruption issue,
it also raises public concern.
As you all know,
the Chief Executive started the CCF,
as an exercise to improve people's livelihood.
An investigation into Z Hedge Fund,
will stop the CCF from investing its money.
Yu Sir, what do you think?
Mr. Wai, does the Boss want us
to stop the investigation?
No, the Boss respects your opinion.
William, what do you think?
Where there is corruption, there's ICAC.
If there are political considerations
in our investigation,
ICAC will only become a political tool.
I'm just telling
it like I see it.
Luk Sir is right, the investigation must go on.
Z Hedge Fund will be listed in 6 days.
In the meantime, if you find solid proof
to stop them from going public,
that would be best.
If not,
if you catch them after 6 days,
the stock price will plunge.
The money invested by the CCF
will go down the drain.
The media won't let up,
Lufsig will be all over Government Headquarters.
Who will pick up the pieces?
There's no need to disturb Lufsig.
I get the picture...6 days, right?
We close file if we don't find
anything and nobody takes the rap.
If there's nothing else,
I better get back to work.
The clock is ticking, excuse me.
Yu Sir?
Z Storm.
The code name for the operation
will be Z Storm.
I still have another meeting, excuse me.
Mrs. Fan, you have capable men working for you.
Nurse, where's my wife?
Someone picked her up.
Something about celebrating the IPO of a fund,
they just left.
Hey you...
Mr. Wu sends his regards.
Mr. Law, what are you talking about?
I did everything you asked me to do,
and signed all those papers.
Why won't you leave my wife alone?
I don't understand.
I'm in a meeting right now,
I'll call you back.
No, let's sort this out, hello?
Mr. Law,
your wife went downstairs for a check-up.
Who are you?
Mr. Law, we need your help
with an investigation.
Mr. Law,
you were forced to work with Z Hedge Fund.
Is it another Madoff scam?
You're the auditor, you know damn well.
I don't want you to spend your retired years
in Stanley prison.
Work with ICAC
and turn state witness,
I guarantee you'll walk.
Luk Sir, I really have nothing to say.
I'm exhausted.
Can you let me freshen up a bit
before we go on with this?
You may go, Mr. Law.
Joe, take Mr. Law
downstairs to fill out the paperwork.
Yes, Sir!
- Thank you!
- This way...
You won't see your wife if you go to jail.
You know her condition.
By the time you get out,
she's probably gone, is it worth it?
Think about it, Mr. Law.
I bet you're married.
Just come after me,
leave my wife alone.
Luk Sir, Law Tak Wing went home.
The light in the study is still on,
he's still up.
Keep an eye on him.
Yes, Sir!
What would you like?
Beer or red wine.
Sorry, no alcohol, just water.
I Group monitors ICAC staff, you're onto me?
By random or per someone's order?
You know I can't tell you.
Fine! Sit down!
By procedure,
you should have completed
my recent background check,
now you're following me
to find out people I'm in touch with.
Next, you'll call me in
for a psychological assessment.
Now that you're here,
let's do the assessment right here.
Relax, William!
We joined ICAC at the same time,
I've known you for over 10 years,
don't you trust me?
It's not a matter of trust.
We both have a job to do.
What are you working on lately?
I don't want to talk about my personal life
and I can't talk about work.
Have you met anyone lately?
No, I don't have a girlfriend.
Anything else?
Get some rest, I should get going.
We'll talk again.
For old time's sake,
just give me a few more days.
After that, you can ask me anything you want.
Who is it?
Mr. Wu wants to see you.
On Sir!
Luk Sir, someone left with Law Tak Wing,
they're heading towards Sai Kung.
I'll be right there.
That's Malcolm Wu's house.
Please come in.
Sorry to bother you at this hour, Mr. Law.
My client wants to speak to you.
Don't worry, we have an anti-bugging device
in here,
the red light would go on
if someone is listening in.
Unlike last time, you didn't know
they wired your phone.
Have a seat.
Stay here, I'll take a look.
On Sir!
Luk Sir, On Sir went inside.
Hello, Mr. Law.
You moved all your assets to the U.S.
and chartered an air ambulance
to move your wife.
Why are you leaving?
Why am I leaving?
We know damn well
what Z Hedge Fund is about.
Shit! Stay here!
Luk Sir!
There are other members on my team.
From Italy, Russia, South America...
If anything goes wrong, what shall I tell them?
Right now, the key is to ensure
Z Hedge Fund gets listed
without a hitch, right?
I see.
I like doing business with people
with experience.
They know what's at stake right away.
Mr. Wu, someone broke in.
What is it?
We caught 2 thieves.
We're not thieves, we're ICAC investigators.
Thank you, Control.
Control confirmed
they are with ICAC.
So? ICAC investigators
can be thieves.
On trespassing alone,
I have enough information to press charges.
Get on with it, write down their staff number.
If they won't do it, I'll sue them.
Yes, Mr. Wu.
Write it down in the notebook.
Wong Sir!
How nice of you to drop by, Luk Sir!
Did you get their statements? Get on with it!
Wong Sir...
Shut up!
Protecting core values!
Ask the security guards to see
if anything is missing.
I don't care if it's a branch or a brick.
See if they resisted arrest
or attacked a Police officer.
Don't forget loitering.
Yes, Sir!
Wong Sir, is this necessary?
You know we're on a case.
I know.
What's the most important thing about ICAC?
You can kiss your job goodbye
if anything goes wrong.
This is the day I've been waiting
for since my transfer.
Get their statements.
Wong Sir, we're...
Who the hell are you?
Tell him!
Wong Sir,
the road leading up to Malcolm Wu's house
is a public road.
The gate he put up on the road is unauthorized.
Luk Sir and On Sir
were doing surveillance work on a public road,
it was perfectly legal.
This is the floor plan
from the Lands Department.
Move them to the holding cell.
They didn't break the law,
you have no right to hold them in custody.
Listen up, I don't know
if this floor plan is a fake.
I need to confirm with the Lands Department.
You can rest assured,
it won't take longer
than 48 hours, OK?
What are you doing?
Yu Sir from ICAC just called me.
The map is genuine.
The Director of Lands Department
went to college with him, let them go.
Not until I checked out the map.
Do I have to come in to root for you?
It's after 10, I was already in bed.
Yes, Sir!
Let them go!
Thank you!
- Let's go get something to eat.
- Of course!
How did you know the gate was unauthorized?
All luxury buildings have some sort
of unauthorized work.
Thank you, Yu Sir.
The Commissioner is very concerned
about Z Storm.
I just had a meeting with her.
I know.
That's why she put the L Group on my tail?
No, I did.
You don't trust me?
On the contrary, I trust you,
that's why I called Stephen.
This is a sensitive case,
I don't want dirt on you thrown in my face
halfway through
the investigation
and put a stop to it.
I'm doing this for the case.
We are a law enforcement agency with power.
Power itself is corruptive.
That's why we need the L Group to monitor us,
to ensure there will be no abuse.
In other words, put power in a cage.
Yu Sir,
I'm clean, I don't need the pressure
of being investigated.
I only want you
to let me focus on the case,
I'm running out of time.
Relax! Cornering yourself won't get
you anywhere fast.
Have a drink, try to relax.
Maybe you'll think of other leads, OK?
"Siu Leung"
Luk Sir, Mrs. Law just passed away.
Mr. Law, this is William Luk.
I'm sorry, I'm in no mood to talk.
Mr. Law,
I'm sorry about your wife.
Thank you.
I know how you feel.
You do?
How could you?
My wife passed away as well.
"7 critically injured in
lift drop accident in North Point"
Luk Sir, experts say one
should not talk shop over dinner.
Talking to the wife is the best way
to keep a marriage going.
Very well.
There's really
something fishy with this company.
They do the maintenance of our office building.
The elevator always has creaking sound,
you should check it out.
That's not ICAC jurisdiction,
call the Electrical and
Mechanical Services Department (EMSD).
Mrs. Luk, experts say one
should not talk shop over dinner.
Talking to the wife is the best way
to keep a marriage going.
Just one kiss won't do,
you need a few more.
Alright... hurry up and eat your food.
Hello! ICAC!
I'm here to see the manager, Mr. Yeung
and check the
maintenance record of your elevators.
You're downstairs?
Even you think there's something wrong
with our elevators?
You know I can't tell you.
I'll be right down.
What the hell...
We found out later on
someone at the EMSD took a bribe
that led to the accident
that killed my wife.
I realized later on,
my wife's biggest wish
was to see me go on with my life.
I believe your wife
would have wanted the same for you.
Mr. Law,
I don't want you to spend your remaining years
in jail.
Give yourself a chance.
Can you guarantee my safety?
Yes, definitely.
Come get me now. You're the only one I trust.
I'll be right there.
I'll Wait.
Siu Leung, keep an eye on Mr. Law.
Are you still at the hospital?
I'm coming over right now.
Where's Mr. Law?
He's gone? He said he
wanted to spend time with his wife.
So we left and didn't bother him.
What is it?
Law Tak Wing is gone.
Be right there.
"Nothing to live for"
Yes, I understand.
Sorry, Sir!
I didn't watch him properly.
Can't expect a case to go without a hitch!
We haven't lost, not until the case is closed.
After the drink, go home,
take a shower and go to bed.
See you tomorrow at HQ at 0800.
Yes, Sir!
Nice shot!
I invited you here
to discuss something.
The media is very concerned about
the risk assessment of Z Hedge Fund.
The opposition won't pipe down,
and more importantly, ICAC has opened a file.
We're a bit worried,
about the CCF investment,
is it possible to postpone?
What do you think, Tsui Sir?
We have received applications of the IPO,
if the Government pulls out now,
we'd be in a mess.
we have overwhelming subscription
worth several hundred billions.
We're not pulling out,
I just want another risk assessment.
With this new report,
the media and the opposition
will shut up for good.
Isn't it better for us
to make the investment then?
Malcolm, I need your help
and understanding on this.
I'd love to, we're friends, right?
But what can I tell the shareholders?
We signed the agreement,
if you back out now,
I'm afraid we'll have to see you in court.
That's why I'm not meeting you
at Government Headquarters.
Tsui Sir, you're the idea hamster,
can we put a hold on the investment
by the CCF?
Mr. Tsui, please sign for
the FedEx at the reception.
Thanks. Excuse me.
Mr. Tsui, please sign here.
What do you think about
what we just discussed?
What I think?
The criticism of Z Hedge Fund
is completely unfounded.
You're right, Hong Kong
has become too populistic.
Someone is bound to
object no matter what we do.
The Government can't back off if it
intends to rule with a strong leadership,
or we'll end up with a Tacitus Trap,
and no one will believe us.
Therefore, we must go by the law,
invest the money into Z Hedge Fun as planned,
or you'll invite another wave of attack
from the media and the opposition.
Relax! I'll be fully accountable
in dealing with the Government.
That's good!
One word from Mr. Tsui
is better than a thousand
from someone else.
A toast to Z Hedge Fund! Cheers!
Tsui Wai King was white as a
ghost when he saw the pictures.
Someone is threatening him.
This is as much as I can blow it up.
It's her!
Yes, this is Tammy.
Hold on!
Luk Sir, Cheung Keong is downstairs
with information.
We'll be right there.
I'm busy, don't make me wait.
It's been 5 minutes, when is he coming?
Sir, my iPad and Mac Book...
I thought the loan sharks smashed them.
But I saved the data in iCloud!
I went to see my daughter today
...you know I'm divorced.
It dawned on me when I saw her iPad.
It's her!
- Can I keep this?
- Yes!
We may use it as evidence in court.
No problem!
I'll send someone to help you
with the paperwork.
- Great!
- Thank you!
What about my fee?
Depends on the approval,
you'll get a handsome fee.
Fight for me! Thank you!
Let's sort out the paperwork...
The girl at the IPO press conference.
How is she related to Wong Man Bin
and Tsui Wai King?
Luk Sir, I found her online
using a facial image identification software.
Her name is Angel, Leung On Ying.
Remember a young girl fighting cancer
a few years back?
Cancer girl at wit's end.
The emergency fund of a newspaper
helped her raise money.
Some philanthropist donated $30K
and cured her.
Who was the good Samaritan?
Malcolm Wu.
That's him!
She's probably working for Malcolm Wu.
Malcolm Wu used her to bribe
Tsui Wai King and Wong Man Bin.
I found other photos of her.
Tim's Restaurant in Shamshuipo?
The guy who feeds street sleepers?
She does volunteer work,
but sleep with those men?
What gives?
Volunteer work!
On Tat, talk to Tim
and get the scoop on Angel.
Yes, Sir!
Get to work!
Yes, Sir!
I don't think it's a good idea.
Don't worry, Tim.
You know ICAC keeps everything confidential.
They are my friend.
I must respect them.
I'm sorry I can't help you.
It's OK, sorry to bother you.
Luk Sir, Tim won't tell us anything
about Angel's contact.
Luk Sir, I just added Angel as my friend
on my other WeChat account.
She's a professional pet groomer,
and has a lot of customers.
- Bye!
- Bye!
Bye, Kinki.
"I need help with my baby."
"it's a poodle, when are you available?"
"Day after tomorrow."
"How about tomorrow?"
"I'm busy tomorrow."
Get her to meet with you.
Yes, Sir.
Let me...
- Be careful!
- Thanks!
Hi, Angel?
Tammy? Thanks for your help.
Helping others is the source of happiness,
Thanks for the fruit!
It's nothing, whatever I can do to help.
Luk Sir, I spoke to Angel,
she doesn't know much about Z Hedge Fund.
I think Malcolm Wu is using her.
Here's your bag!
- Thanks! Bye!
- Bye!
Where are you going? Let me drop you.
I know you like to help people.
I know someone who really needs your help.
Have a seat!
William Luk, ICAC Principal Investigator.
Miss Leung, we need your help with a case.
I want to show you some pictures.
Please be prepared.
They may make you uncomfortable, OK?
Did Malcolm Wu use you to bribe Wong Man Bin?
That's why you spent the night with him?
I don't know.
We took these pictures
when Malcolm Wu used them
to blackmail Tsui Wai King.
These 2 victims
may have evidence against Malcolm Wu,
and they have been silenced.
I don't know anything,
I didn't do anything to hurt anyone.
I didn't hurt anyone.
Miss Leung, I don't want you
to be the next victim.
I really don't know anything.
I hope you'll work with the ICAC.
We need you as a state witness.
This is a bugging device.
I'm hoping you can get
Malcolm Wu to admit in a recording
he used you to bribe
Tsui Wai King and Wong Man Bin,
I can't force you,
but for your own safety,
I hope you'll think about it.
Wong Man Bin is asking too much.
So what if I saved your life?
I don't need this business,
I definitely don't need shit from him.
First it was Wong Man Bin,
now comes Tsui Wai King.
So what if the shareholders
are South American drug lords or the Mafia?
Do this for the last time,
then we'll get married.
We'll go around the world.
Miss Angel.
Where is Mr. Wu?
In his study room, he's working...
How did you get these pictures?
I'm sorry, wait here!
Why did you barge in here unannounced?
Please go home.
Who is she?
She's a model.
She brought over a contract.
She's all over me before I know it.
Go home, don't be mad!
Joanne, walk her out.
I'll call you later.
I'll call you!
I'm back!
Hey, baby!
Anti-bugging device!
You recorded me with another man in bed?
And watch the clip while you screw around
with another woman?
Who do you think I am, you bastard?
Don't! My data...
What the hell are you doing?
You just cost me a lot of money, bitch!
How dare you hit me!
You asked for it!
Do you love me at all?
Why the hell are you saying this?
Why did you save me in the first place?
$30K bought me the headlines.
Plus a woman to screw any time
I damn well please.
All my friends said I had a good deal.
A deal? I'm just a deal?
That's right! It's just a deal!
Get it into your head!
Take your bag and go!
You're evicting me? What do you take me for?
Get out! I don't want to see you ever again!
I've been with you for so many years.
I really thought you love me
and would marry me.
You said you need to bribe Wong Man Bin,
so I slept with him.
Then it was Tsui Wai King!
Because you need him for the Z Hedge Fund IPO.
You asked me to sleep with them or
your shareholders will kill you.
Are you quite finished? Get the hell out!
You're afraid people would find out
what you did?
Admit it if you're man enough!
So What if I did?
Yes, I asked you to sleep with them.
I got what I want, but you have your perks too.
You were quite high when you were screwing
with them.
You're just a whore, that's all you are.
You're just a whore! Now, get out!
If I'm a whore, what does that make you?
You're nothing but a pimp!
Get out!
Fai, take her away!
Miss Leung...
Malcolm Wu, you'll pay for this.
Bring the bitch back!
Grab her!
Come with us!
- Mr. Zoro.
- What is it?
We have a problem!
Let go!
Get in!
Road block!
Stop! Kill the engine and pop the trunk.
ICAC! A car is chasing us.
Go check it out! Kill the engine!
Nothing, Sir!
Wong Sir!
What a coincidence! Came to join me for BBQ?
Wong Sir, there were 2 cars in pursuit.
Did you hit a cow?
This is too close for comfort, Miss.
Any complaints?
No? Move it!
Pay attention!
Are you alright?
We're fine, but far from safe.
I request permission to take the witness
to the safe house in Zone C.
Permission granted.
Yes, Sir!
- Go to the safe house.
- Yes, Sir!
I'm leaving.
Yes, Sir!
How did it go? Any problems?
Of course not! You know me better!
Good! Listen up,
I will leave $10M in your gym locker tomorrow.
Thanks for your help.
Luk Sir, I'm Choi Tze Bin.
I spoke to Yu Sir.
- Thanks!
- This way, please.
- Luk Sir!
- Luk Sir!
Have a seat!
- I'm On Tat.
- On Sir!
- Can you show me around?
- This way, please.
Yu Sir, we're at the safe house.
I'm preparing the paperwork for court tomorrow,
keep in touch.
Yes, Sir!
Yu Sir approved a gun for you.
I'll be fine.
For 3 years,
chemotherapy and radiotherapy
made me want to die.
But I survived.
To me
each day
is a bonus.
I'm grateful for it.
I don't know when I'll have a relapse,
but I will live each day to its fullest.
Came to join me for BBQ?
Found this on the car.
- Hit the lights.
- Hit the lights.
- Yes Sir
- Take her to the other room.
Don't come out unless I tell you.
Lock the door.
Luk Sir!
Cover me.
Open up!
Open up!
Cover us.
It is our tradition
to give a small gift to Hong Kong Exchanges
and Clearing Limited
This sword is an antique sword
that used to belong to
one of Spain's most famous knight, Zoro.
Ladies and gentlemen, the sword.
The market is about to open.
Please move into the lobby
and bear witness to the Market Open Ceremony.
This is a temporary
restraining order issued by the Court,
to stop Z Hedge Fund from getting listed.
"Job done."
Mr. Malcolm Wu, Mr. Tsui Wai King,
you're suspected of violating
the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance,
we need to bring you in for questioning.
Have someone come to the ICAC to pick me up.
We do not intend to let you post bail.
We have enough evidence
to send you to Court within the next 48 hours.
You won't get out anytime soon.
Mr. Wong Man Bin,
this is the warrant for your arrest.
You're suspected of violating
the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance,
we need to bring you in for questioning.
What's wrong?
Nothing. We stopped Z Hedge Fund,
arrested Malcolm Wu,
Wong Man Bin and Tsui Wai King.
But Zoro is still on the loose.
Yes, Z Hedge Fund lost this round,
but we didn't win either,
people in Hong Kong did.
There's no end to corruption,
that's why we have ICAC.
We'll get Zoro next time.
Where there's corruption, there's ICAC.
Tooting your own horn again, Sir?
Let's go, we have work to do.
Yes, Sir!