Zaara (2022) Movie Script

Jah! Hey, Jah!
It hurts!
- Come down here, Jah!
- It hurts! Let go of me!
- Let me go.
- See what your son has done!
I said come out!
What's the matter?
What did Aaraz do?
Are you blind?
Look here!
Look at your son!
Look what he did to his face,
with all the lipstick and eyeliner.
And my child.
Look at what happened to him.
My child is a boy, Jah.
He's a boy, not a girl!
I told you so many times
not to do this to others.
Hey, Jah. Listen to me carefully.
What do you want your son to be?
A man dressing up as a woman?
Do you know that it's wrong
in the eyes of our religion?
Do you want your son
to be twisted for life?
Before I lose my temper,
you'd better leave, Kiah.
- Leave!
- Yes, I will leave.
But let me remind you, Jah.
Our fellow villagers here.
Don't you let them live their lives
twisted like the son of yours.
Leave, Kiah. Go!
Come, Mawi. Let's go home.
Don't befriend this boy.
He's worthless.
Well, what's wrong, my son?
You look tense.
You feel ashamed, don't you?
Because you have a son like me.
You are my son.
God gave you to me as a gift.
Just what does this dad and son
talk about?
This afternoon, my dear,
Kiah came blasting at our door.
She was furious
because Aaraz put on makeup
on her son.
I'm sorry.
You were playing, right?
I was just joking.
It's okay, Aaraz.
you have talent.
Don't be upset.
I have something to give to you.
Wait for a second.
Mom, don't tell me it's milk.
I've already grown up. It's embarrassing.
What do you mean, milk?
Here. I want to give you a book.
A book?
What's inside this book?
This book
has a secret recipe passed down
from generation to generation.
Methods to create cooling talcum powder.
Continue the legacy, okay?
Why do we have to look for herbs at night?
Why can't we do it in daylight?
It's because the herbs
are fresher and more aromatic at night.
- Do you understand?
- Yes, Mom.
We should be thankful
that God created plants
that are good for us.
Thank you, Mom and Dad,
for teaching me.
You are welcome.
These are the leaves.
It's quite hard to search for this leaves.
These leaves are called Gelenggang.
They are good for the skin.
- Hold on. I will pluck some.
- Be careful, Mom.
- Be careful, Jah.
- Row closer, my dear.
- Be careful, Mom.
- Closer, dear.
- Mom, look out.
- My goodness!
- Mom!
- Jah!
- Mom!
- Dear!
Dad, help Mom!
Where are you, Mom and Dad?
Don't leave me alone!
Our Lord, give us in this world
that which is good and in the Hereafter...
- Why did you leave me alone?
- and protect us
from the punishment of the Fire.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Who should I live with now?
God is the greatest.
I'm left alone now.
Why did you leave me, Mom, Dad?
Who will take care of me after this?
I don't have anyone.
Who do I stay with?
Hey, you twisted kid.
Let me tell you something.
That beautiful house
you are living in
is my mom's house.
I want you to get out of the house.
Hey, Remy!
Come on. I'm sorry, bro.
Where did you go?
I went to pick up my cousin.
She just came back from Australia.
- Is that so?
- Of course.
Is your cousin a man or a girl?
She's a girl, of course,
not a man.
She must look like you.
Hey, my face may be ugly
and squared like this,
but she's more good-looking than I am.
Where's she?
Wait, I'll call her.
Wait here.
Are you for real?
She can't be your cousin.
That's far beyond my expectations.
She's pretty.
But you're...
But my grandpa was right.
Not all apples in the barrel are rotten.
I'm Rozaimi.
You can call me Remy.
- Remy?
- Yes, Remy.
Let me introduce you.
This is my cousin, Maya.
She is the most popular
theater actress
in our region.
The region only?
Well, just the main actress.
Budi, take Remy to come see me practice
at the theater.
I hope you can come.
He will.
Don't worry.
There's an old saying,
"Where there are ants, there is sugar."
- Yes.
- Especially this womanizer ant.
I will come for sure.
People say,
"If my palm is too small,
I will use the housing site."
A housing site is huge, like an apartment.
Then a lot of people can come.
She likes it.
The boys from Tiger's gang.
They're violent.
His face is unlike his name.
Do you see it?
He deserves to be called Turtle.
- Turtle?
- Look.
- Turtle.
- Hey!
Are you mocking me?
- Crap.
- How dare you!
They heard you.
- Why did you say that?
- See?
- We're dead.
- What's going on?
We're dead. Turtle is coming.
Did you mock me?
No, I didn't.
How dare you!
No, Tiger. You misunderstood.
Look, a pretty girl.
Amazing. My car has it.
So how are we going to race? Who...
No touching.
Just say it. No need to touch.
Who the hell are you?
Hey, hold him!
Turtle. I mean, Tiger.
- Don't touch me.
- Don't do anything to him. Don't.
I need to go. Move.
Now you're afraid.
He's scared!
That hurts!
Come dance!
Such a coward.
Why did he run away?
This is Remy's problem.
He has to go back at 6 p.m. sharp.
He has been like that since he was young.
When night comes, he's scared.
He's scared
of ghosts.
Tell me.
Have you got a job?
- Praise be to God.
- Praise be to God.
He's got a job.
But I resigned.
You resigned?
- You resigned?
- Again?
What is wrong with you, Remy?
You worked at 13 companies
and you quit all of them.
Don't make me work.
Work on what, Dad?
- Goodness.
- Dear.
How could you say that?
Remy, why did you quit?
You just had to work
during the day, right?
It's not until late.
- Right.
- Yes, you're right.
But the problem is
the place was dark.
It feels creepy
and it's boring.
Another thing is that Budi was not there.
If he was there, he could accompany me.
I could play around
and fool around with him.
Goodness, what's the problem with that?
It can't be dark or anything else.
You're too cowardly, Remy.
Be courageous like your brother.
Even ghosts will not bother you.
What? Ghosts?
- Where?
- Hey.
No, there's no ghost.
Mom said that just now.
There's no ghost.
This is our house.
Just the name makes him shiver.
- I'm going upstairs.
- Why?
I want to take a shower.
It'll be dark soon.
Have dinner first.
No, it's okay.
I'll go shower first.
Uncle, be careful on the stairs.
There might be a ghost.
Don't scare me like that!
Look how cute he walks.
Don't change the channel.
What's this horror movie?
No, don't.
I'm scared.
- I'm scared.
- Uncle.
Watching cartoons all the time bores me.
Let's watch a horror movie.
No, change it.
Uncle Remy, stop watching cartoons.
Don't you have horror movies?
Change it to horror movies.
We want to watch it.
- No way. I don't want to.
- Come on.
This is more fun.
Come, Dania. Let's go back to our rooms.
- Where are you going?
- Come. It's boring.
Where are you two going?
It has been a long time
since I've slept with you.
- You're right.
- There's always a hindrance
whenever I want to sleep with you.
- I know.
- But tonight is a special night.
Who's playing with the lights
in the middle of the night?
What's that?
Why are you looking outside
this late at night?
You refused to watch cartoons with me.
It was a dream.
I seek forgiveness from God.
It's so dark.
Come here, honey.
Mom! Dad!
How could you
leave me alone out there?
Do you realize how old you are?
You can't sleep with us anymore.
I don't care!
You love Dad more.
You don't love me.
Are you trying to leave me
getting choked by a ghost out there?
What is wrong with you, Remy?
That's enough.
No need to scream. It's late.
Just sleep here if you want.
- Sleep there.
- Go to sleep.
No, I want to sleep here.
- Dear.
- You're heavy.
This kid.
What's wrong with this kid?
Dear, what should we do?
- Tomorrow.
- No.
- We can't tonight.
- Let's do it tonight.
- Sleep, Mom.
- Fine.
What a disturbance.
Crap. This is a worse time to go pee.
Who should I wake?
Mom or Dad?
Mom! Dad!
- Mom. Dad.
- What now?
- Why are you screaming?
- What's wrong?
I need to pee.
Then go to the toilet.
- Come with me.
- Fine.
Yes. Hurry, Mom.
One minute, he wants to pee,
and then something else.
I'm trying to sleep.
My goodness.
Mom. Dad.
Accompany me inside.
Just go and do it.
Why should we accompany you?
We can't go inside. You're all grown up.
Just go.
We'll wait outside.
No, Dad.
You're such a character.
Don't go anywhere.
Just stay here.
Hurry up.
My goodness.
Don't just stay quiet. It's scary.
It's not coming out.
Sing a little bit.
- Sing, dear.
- All right.
- The song is creepy.
- Goodness.
Sing something lively.
I can't pee.
- Fine.
- Please.
What? Are you trying
to flirt with my cousin?
You're so loud.
Be quiet.
You two don't look good together.
It's not that I oppose it,
but Maya is a brave girl
and you are a coward.
Don't tell me
she's not scared of anything.
Yes, I'm serious, bro.
You know, back in our hometown...
- Help!
- Run!
- Run!
- What's wrong?
- Help!
- What is it?
A ghost!
A ghost?
Where? Where is it?
- Move.
- Where?
Where is it?
- Where?
- Where's the ghost?
You said there was a ghost.
- A ghost.
- A ghost.
- A ghost.
- Hey!
Stop. Maya, no.
- Take this!
- Maya.
- What?
- It's true.
For real?
If you don't believe me,
ask that pocong ghost.
Or take its number. Here.
No need.
I think
I'm fated to be with Maya
because she will accompany me
for the rest of my life.
How delusional.
Can you take me to meet her?
Meet her?
No, I don't want to.
- Take me to see her.
- No.
- Come on.
- No.
Over my dead body.
- Can you?
- Okay.
- Okay?
- Can you?
- Let's go. Okay.
- Right now.
- Okay, let's go.
- Sure.
Okay, come.
Thank you
for taking me to a nice restaurant.
Even my mom never takes me
to such a place.
- What nonsense.
- That hurts.
Hey. Sorry, Remy.
My goodness, Remy.
Actually, he's not afraid of ghosts.
It's just that he had a bad experience.
His ancestors were possessed
a long time ago.
- Poor him.
- Are you serious?
Yes. Am I right?
Is it true, Remy?
Hello, Father.
I'll be there in a moment.
I will beat them, Father.
Okay, Father. Wait there.
I'm coming.
You know who I am.
Wait there. They're dead.
Are you always shy?
How cute.
I know.
How proud.
Saturday night,
I'll be having a birthday party
at a club.
I hope you can come.
Saturday, you say?
At night?
You celebrate at night? Not daylight?
Can you come?
Why did you say you'll come?
What will you do now?
What should I do?
Maya asked me,
so I just agreed.
This is my chance to get Maya, Budi.
Just give an excuse.
Do you need me to teach you that?
You have the good looks,
but you're such an idiot.
Look at me.
I don't have the looks, but I'm smart.
You liked listening to ghost stories
and now you're scared.
Why did you agree to attend her party?
I already agreed.
Help me.
The thing is, I'm working Saturday night.
Besides, I have a meeting with Father.
You can meet him after.
He can wait for you.
You're bigger than him.
You're a great-great-great-grandmother.
You need to come with me.
You're my best buddy.
Fine. I can come with you.
- Under one condition.
- What condition?
You have to take me
to a foot massage.
- I can even do more than that.
- Are you sure?
- I will do the massaging.
- That's disgusting.
Come on!
Crap. It's Turtle.
It's Tiger.
Let's dance.
Did you invite him?
Seriously. I didn't.
Such trouble.
He's spoiling my party.
It's okay. Don't worry.
Budi and I are here.
Leave it to us.
I haven't beaten people up for some time.
Why are you here?
Who told you to come?
This is a party.
Someone posted it on Instagram.
So here I am.
Someone posted it? Who?
This is bad, Remy.
I updated it just now.
I didn't know he was following me.
You're such a problem.
You had better leave.
Don't come here again.
It's a party.
I can go whenever I want.
It's not a political party.
You'd better leave
before I punch your face.
You're the one who should leave.
You don't need to come here.
That's up to me.
It's a party. Come on.
Hey. We can't let him be.
We need to settle with him.
It's okay. Let me do it.
What will you do?
Goodness, I have my own plan.
What song is this, Remy?
I can't listen to this song.
Help him.
Come on!
What did you do?
Why did you push him?
Hurry up.
Let's go.
Come on.
I haven't beaten Tiger enough.
Hey, you scrawny.
You're lucky we took you out of there.
Do you realize you pushed Tiger
into the swimming pool?
It's like you put yourself
inside the tiger's den.
Do you know that?
It's dangerous.
You didn't even think about it.
I'd better off sleeping.
Go then. No one cares.
Nobody wants to care for you.
You're just making trouble for me.
Why, Budi?
Why did you bother Tiger?
You're crazy, you know?
He's such an idiot.
He's even scared of Turtle.
What's up with him?
Don't come back.
Don't disturb us.
You're really making trouble for me.
Thank you
for saving me
and that idiot.
You're one to talk.
You don't need to show off.
If you're weak, just say so.
I didn't know I was weak.
I thought I was strong.
I was planning to beat them up
in front of you
so you'd be amazed at me.
Then I'd have your attention.
Right? That's all.
So I appear strong.
Well, you've had my attention
from the beginning,
What do you mean?
I can't hold it.
They're so slow.
I need to pee.
I'll pee over there.
I have fallen in love with you
at first sight.
Australians say it like this...
So you mean to say...
You like...
I do like you.
Where's my car?
Where's my car?
Hey, where's my car?
- Please.
- Let him be.
He's happy.
Budi. Listen here.
Today is the happiest day of my life.
Do you know why?
Because Maya told me that she likes me.
She loves me. Yes.
Budi, are you listening?
How could I leave him?
Budi, you're such a problem.
What was that?
I'm sorry, Budi. I have to go.
- Sir, there was a ghost.
- There wasn't.
- It's true.
- Are you drunk?
Help him out.
There was a ghost.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
- Have a drink.
- Thank you.
Do you need anything?
It's fine. Thank you.
We need a hand here.
There's police here.
Is this necklace yours?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
- You look terrible.
- Remy.
- Remy, are you okay?
- I'm fine.
Are you hurt?
Thank you.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
Should we go to the hospital?
No, no need.
- I'm okay.
- What about my car?
- Where's my car?
- Your car?
My goodness.
What have you done to my car, Remy?
- How did you get into an accident?
- My car...
Just now...
- Just now, I...
- My car, Remy. Goodness.
Why did you do this to my car?
It's nothing.
- Let's go.
- I'll give you a ride.
Goodness. My car.
My dear, my car.
What necklace is this?
It's quite nice.
- That hurts!
- Goodness!
Sorry, Father.
- That hurt.
- Goodness.
- I'm so sorry, Father.
- It hurts, Rina.
- You hit me.
- I'm so sorry.
It hurts, you know?
I thought you were a thief.
You already know.
Remy always sleeps with me,
but he didn't come
to sleep with me tonight.
Wait, don't hit me! No!
I'm sorry, Mother.
My dear,
so you've been smoking here.
You should take care of your heart.
- No, I was...
- You left me alone upstairs.
- I was playing around.
- Playing around?
Come, let's go to sleep.
- So stubborn.
- It hurts.
My old father-in-law
even gets his ear pulled.
My goodness, I thought it was a thief.
Turns out it was my father-in-law.
Don't hurt me.
Don't hurt me.
Why is he not picking up?
Pick up, Razi.
Help me.
He's trying to kill us.
He wants to kill us all.
Help me.
Hello, Budi.
Hey, Remy. Where are you?
I just got up.
Hurry. You said you'd pick me up.
I'm all set.
Give me ten minutes.
So early in the morning.
That's horrifying.
What's up?
- I heard she committed suicide.
- I think it happened yesterday.
- The police are here.
- Is she from here?
- She fell from a high level.
- She is?
- What level is it?
- I don't know.
- Maybe she slipped.
- From upstairs.
- What level?
- Goodness.
Hey, Budi. What's up there?
Seems like an accident.
It is. Let's check it out.
- So pitiful. Goodness.
- She's young too.
- Seems like suicide.
- Nowadays there's a lot...
- From above there.
- What?
A lot of people came.
This must be suicide.
Officers, you may move the corpse.
Is it suicide or murder?
Move on.
Yes, sir.
She must've committed suicide
because of debts.
- See?
- Don't hurt me.
Hey, what's wrong?
It's like last night's dream.
It's impossible.
- Let's go.
- Why?
Let's go.
It's hard to speak to you.
Such a coward.
Can you relax?
You're a mess.
How can I relax?
Tini is dead. Dead!
She could have...
Don't spout nonsense.
Everyone was informed
that it was an accident.
Accident, got it?
Hey, Razi.
Don't overthink.
This is all fate.
The thing is,
she sent me a voice message
before she died.
Here, listen.
Help me.
He's trying to kill us.
He wants to kill us all.
Help me.
What's this?
Yes, boss.
Go into that room.
Yes, boss.
Fetch my stuff. It's yellow.
Take one each.
Sprinkle this around your house
if you want to live.
Let's have dinner, Remy.
He's not here.
Let's eat.
What nonsense.
It's true. I saw it.
Stop joking around.
Just a moment, Mother, Father.
Hurry, honey.
- Are you serious?
- Hurry up.
Where are they going, dear?
Where are they going?
It's still early.
Are you serious?
- Remy can't be...
- Hurry.
- Where's he?
- Where did he go?
- Where?
- He was here.
Goodness. See?
You always overthink. See what happens?
Think about it. Remy can't be like that.
Wearing makeup and all. He's a man.
Can't you think properly?
But I really saw it.
Nonsense! Let's go.
What's wrong?
I'm calling you for dinner.
Mom and Dad are waiting.
My room is over there.
Let's go.
Yes, let's go.
- Honey.
- Such nonsense.
No, don't.
Don't hurt me.
Remy, I'm hungry. Let's eat.
Remy, I want to check out some makeup.
Yes, Father.
The line isn't clear.
What? What's wrong?
Thank you, miss.
Please come again.
I haven't put on makeup for a while.
Glamorous color.
It suits me.
No, I was looking
for this color for you.
It suits you.
Goodness, Father.
Nice. Right?
Let's go.
- It's nothing.
- Come on.
Are you done?
Shall we eat?
- Let's go.
- Over there.
What's wrong?
- What's the matter?
- I saw something, honey.
- I saw it.
- What did you see?
There's nothing there.
What's the matter?
What's wrong?
- I don't know.
- What's up?
What's wrong, my dear?
What happened?
- I saw it.
- What did you see?
- What is it?
- Enough.
Do you realize
everyone is awake because of you?
Not everyone.
It's nothing.
- Where's Uncle Remy?
- Calm down.
- Remy?
- Right.
- Where's Uncle?
- Where's he?
Randy, go look for him.
Next time...
- Remy?
- I told you.
Dad, Remy isn't there.
Check upstairs.
Yes, Mom.
- Check upstairs.
- Where's Uncle?
- Where is he?
- No idea.
I told you, Rina.
Next time, after you watch horror films,
wash your face and feet.
So you don't get disturbed. Understand?
Dad, Remy's not upstairs.
- He's not in his room.
- No?
- Where could he go?
- If he's not here...
- Where is he?
- Where can he go?
Go check outside.
- Outside.
- Check outside?
- Outside.
- Come.
- We check outside.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
- Where did Remy go?
- Remy!
- Remy!
- Remy!
Uncle Remy!
- Remy!
- Uncle Remy!
Uncle Remy!
Mom, Dad. Uncle is right there.
- That's Remy.
- Remy.
- Come on.
- Remy.
- Remy.
- Remy.
- Remy.
- Remy.
- What's wrong with Uncle?
- What's wrong with Remy?
Remy. What are you doing, son?
Remy, did you not hear what Mom said?
Did you take forbidden stuff?
Look at him.
How dare you!
Remy, it's your brother.
Hurry, honey.
- Close the door. Quickly.
- Faster, Mother.
Close it.
- Remy.
- That hurts.
That hurts!
Your father-in-law!
Remy is trying to kill us.
Rina, open it.
- Your father-in-law is outside.
- No, Mother.
- Mother.
- Open the door.
- Open the door.
- Open the door.
- Mother!
- Open it!
Mother, no!
There's a ghost outside.
It's dangerous. We could die.
Rina, your father-in-law and husband
are outside.
Open the door.
- Your father-in-law is outside.
- No!
Please, Mother. I beg of you.
You're old, Mother. Please.
There's a ghost outside.
We'll die if we go outside.
My children and I want to live.
I don't want to die!
If you seek death, you go outside alone.
- Don't leave us.
- Open the door.
Why are you so stubborn?
Shut it!
Open the door.
There. Remy...
That's not my son. That's a ghost!
- Open it!
- Fine.
Move aside.
Glad we didn't get locked up outside.
- Close the door.
- What are doing, Dad? Close it.
Close it. Like this.
Mom, it hurts.
Why didn't you open the door?
I almost got killed.
It wasn't me, dear. It's her.
It hurts, dear.
Mother, forgive me.
- She slapped me.
- I'm scared.
Don't get in my way.
I know what I'm doing.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Mom, this is bad.
What's going on?
Mom, Dad. Who's this?
Stop talking.
I know there's a devil inside this body.
A devil?
What's this, Mom, Dad?
O' devil.
Your life is impermanent.
I shall exorcise you
and your descendants.
I curse you, devil.
You shall perish
by my generations, Tok Kepak.
Get lost before you get kicked out.
Come out!
From the sea to the forest.
With these bare hands,
all devils have I expelled.
Tell me
where you came from
and who you are.
What are you here for?
Don't disturb me.
I know who you are
and where you are from.
You devil!
My grudge has not been avenged.
No one can stop me.
I do not care who you are,
where you come from,
or who your descendants are.
I will exorcise you.
Don't torture me.
Have mercy on me.
- No!
- Sir.
Let's listen to what it has to say.
I want to know
why you chose me.
I have my reason.
I am
- Mom, look out.
- My goodness!
- Mom!
- Jah!
Don't cry.
Get up.
Don't cry.
Stand up, my dear.
My mom and dad are gone.
My goodness.
What's your name?
My name is Aaraz.
Don't cry anymore.
Mom and Dad are gone.
I'm alone now.
Nobody will take care of me.
I have heard about it.
Why don't you
stay with me?
Yes, dear.
Trust me,
You may take me
as your biological mother.
You should be proud of yourself, my dear.
Whatever happens
is all God's plan.
All that happens
is fate.
There are reasons behind them.
Stop crying, okay?
Come follow me, my dear.
- Mom.
- My dear.
Ms. Khalsom replaced Mom and Dad
who had passed away.
She took care of me
like I was her flesh and blood.
- So good.
- Classy.
You're so good.
Then we apply lipstick.
I see.
- Put it on her lips.
- It's beautiful.
You're so good at makeup.
Khalsom is lucky.
He's not just good. He's talented.
Whenever I'm going out,
he'll be the one dressing me up.
He could be
a makeup artist one day when he grows up.
why don't you change your name from Aaraz...
To Zaara.
- Zaara?
- Zaara.
From then on,
people called me Zaara.
What's your name again?
I'm Pablo.
I'm Zaara.
I do want to join,
but I want
a contract.
Do you have it?
Yes, we have.
- I see. Thank God.
- We have it. Here's the pen.
Thank you.
I can't wait.
Let me go through it first.
What contract is this?
This is my mom's recipe.
There should be my mom's picture.
It's Mom's recipe.
Why does it all say "Red Beauty" instead?
What is all this?
This is slander.
What's this?
I've paid you.
One million is not a small amount, Zaara.
Greedy people always lose.
Hey, you guys, shut it.
Do you know?
I came here thinking I would be protected,
not getting fooled by money.
Hey, please.
Rather than giving all the money to me,
you'd better donate it to the orphans
so you'll be saved from hell
due to your sins of deceiving people.
Zaara, don't be like this.
That amount is huge.
You can do anything with it.
Don't you want to do
plastic surgery in South Korea?
Hey. No, I don't want to!
What's all this?
I will give you two million.
My dear Pablo.
Instead of giving that two million to me,
you should buy yourself a better wig.
Is that a wig or a dead squirrel?
It doesn't even flinch when blown.
That's enough.
Take it back.
Take it.
I don't want all of this.
I've had enough.
My plan is ruined.
- Zaara!
- What?
Zaara, don't be like this.
- We've discussed this.
- Hey.
How could you do this?
I'm vulnerable.
You promised me differently.
This is deception.
Zaara, two million is not a small amount.
Yes, I know it's a lot.
But I promised my late parents
that I would never reveal
the secret recipe of the product.
I can't possibly betray them.
Okay. Zaara, we understand.
We really do.
Okay. Why don't we find another funder?
Those who can fulfill your needs.
- Yes.
- I don't want Pablo.
That man wearing a wig.
I want someone else, okay?
Okay. We swear.
Don't lie to me.
We won't.
Now, why don't you go back and rest first?
Don't overthink.
- We'll meet and discuss later.
- Okay?
I want to apologize if I was mean
to all of you.
It's okay.
Hashtag, Zaara regrets it.
Never mind.
- As long as it's not the squirrel wig.
- Sure.
- I want someone else.
- Okay, we promise.
- I'll take my leave.
- Okay.
- Promise. Someone else.
- Yes.
This book
has a secret recipe passed down
from generation to generation.
Don't let other people deceive us again.
What's the matter?
You're spacing out.
Are you having a problem?
No, I am just tired from work.
I have good news.
Your sister will be
furthering her studies in London.
Is that true?
- Yes.
- My goodness.
Thank God.
You're so smart.
My sister got to study abroad.
You should be happy.
Why the long face?
I am, but the cost is really high.
What cost?
What cost?
The tuition fee,
including the enrollment fee.
The total
is 150,000, Zaara.
Where do I get all the money?
It's 150,000 ringgits?
Mom, listen.
You both don't worry about it.
Mom, just help her prepare
for her study abroad.
You can leave the 150,000 ringgits to me.
- Really, Zaara?
- Yes.
- Thank you, Zaara.
- It's for my little sister.
- Anything for my sister.
- All right.
Poor child.
Yes, I'm studying abroad.
Thank you, my brother.
Okay, Zaara.
I'll prepare a meal for you.
What's our progress?
We have to hurry, Pablo.
This product is viral and hot.
We have to get our hands on it
as soon as possible.
Patience, Joe.
My staff are close to persuading him.
We have to be slow and steady about this.
This is business.
If someone else gets it,
we'll lose our chance, Pablo.
There are plenty
of good products out there.
It's the best in the market now.
I've brought it to South Korea.
If this product
enters the international market,
we'll be rich, Pablo.
He's right.
Hey, Zaara.
Tell me.
What's wrong?
Maybe we all could help.
It's like this.
You know my sister
who looks like a dumb girl, right?
She suddenly got an offer
to study overseas.
So of course I'm happy
because my sister is getting smart.
If she's dumb,
I want to match her with him.
They'd be dumb and dumber.
While I was feeling happy,
suddenly a problem arose.
The cost of the study
is 150,000 ringgits.
Where do I find the money?
That's a lot.
I'm so worried.
Then do you want to borrow from us?
Do you even have money?
I'm the one paying for the drinks.
No, it's like this.
You know how to promote products
on Facebook and Instagram, right?
So I want to ask you
to promote my product, if possible.
I might get new customers.
- Can you?
- I see.
Okay, it's like this.
We will try to help you.
We'll find some people
to promote your product.
You don't have to worry.
We'll try our best to help you.
- Yes.
- Thank God.
My rough voice came out.
Thank God.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
Have a drink.
This is our chance to make a profit.
I agree with you, boss.
I agree with the method.
But what's the method, boss?
I don't care.
Whether you set up CCTV,
fly a drone,
disguise as a ninja,
or be a bed bug.
I don't care as long as you find a way
to sneak a peek
at how he makes the product.
Do you understand?
Don't worry, boss. That's my expertise.
Let me handle it.
I promise I won't disappoint you.
Who's that?
Hey, miss.
- Hi, Zaara.
- What are you here for?
What's this about?
You're making me nervous.
Did I win a car?
Listen, actually,
we have customers
who want to buy your product.
Thank you, God.
Hashtag, so amazing.
You're not lying, are you?
No, we promise.
- Thank God.
- One more thing.
They ordered 5,000 bottles.
- It's 5,000 bottles?
- It's 5,000 bottles?
- Yes.
- How lovely!
Come on in.
- Goodness! I'm so happy.
- Come in.
- Come inside.
- Sir, why do you look sour?
You look like a tire caught on fire.
Come in.
Your house is beautiful, Zaara.
My mom decorated it. I just watched.
Hey, Zaara.
Do you have enough time
to make all the products?
It's a lot.
I'll try, okay?
I need to make sure
that my sister gets to study overseas.
I want her to be smart
and not dumb.
Hashtag, I will try. Okay?
Okay, listen.
Why don't we both help you?
What do you say?
No buts.
- No, Mom, but...
- Right now...
No buts.
Have a drink first.
I need to go out
and do some shopping.
- Okay.
- Mom.
Mom, don't forget to buy shaving cream.
Hashtag, shaving. Right?
He needs to shave.
Okay, I'll buy it.
My leg hair looks like my sideburn.
- Drink. I need to go.
- Okay.
Pass my bag.
Zaara, there's no need to think.
We understand
that your product has its own recipe.
Why don't you
prepare them in the kitchen
and we'll help
with the packing outside, okay?
The faster we make it,
the faster we complete it, right?
- Well, listen.
- Okay.
I'll make half of them tonight.
Then tomorrow...
Look here.
Where are you looking at? Am I not pretty?
- You are.
- Of course.
Tired of my face?
Look at me when I'm talking.
come and pick them up at 11 a.m.
You guys can continue chatting.
I need to replenish.
Your lips are as black as a sole.
Take care of your health.
We're getting rich.
Go on then.
Your mouth smells like a burnt slipper.
What nonsense.
Please drink.
- Help yourself. I can't reach it.
- Let's drink together.
- Together.
- Pour some for me.
- It's my house, but you do it.
- Sure.
Thank God.
With all your teachings, Mom,
I get to send Siti to study abroad.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Where's Zaara?
He's inside, making his products.
Okay, come.
I'll go in first.
No, you can't.
Why not?
Zaara doesn't allow anyone to come in.
Let's sit there.
- Sure.
- Okay, come.
Thank you, Mom.
- Do you need our help?
- Sure.
That's a lot.
Goodness, you're all here.
How fun,
you're just sitting here and chatting.
There I was back there,
doing all the labor.
- Siti, hurry.
- Zaara.
No need to do that. Just pack it.
Another thing. No need to run your mouth.
Your spit might go in, ruining my product.
- Fine. Okay.
- Got it?
- Sure.
- Hurry up.
- How do I do it?
- He's like that.
Your hands are dirty.
- Wear gloves.
- Okay.
Goodness, these girls.
I'm going inside.
- He's like that.
- It's fine.
My goodness.
Help me.
Dear, my back.
I feel like I just got out of labor.
Can you help and not just stare?
Stop posing like a Miss Universe.
I can't stand it.
Hurry up, Siti.
Don't waste time. Just put them in.
- Goodness, I'm tired.
- I'm sore all over.
There he is.
- He's late.
- Hurry.
We've been waiting.
He's so late.
Hey, you.
What happened?
You're late. Why do you look troubled?
There's a problem, Zaara.
- Goodness.
- What's the problem, Razi?
It's a big problem.
All the stuff has been packed
and put in the boxes.
They've all been sealed.
What problem?
I can't get worked up. I get cramps.
- Zaara.
- Zaara.
I'm too embarrassed to say it.
Do you have a bathroom?
Can I use it?
My stomach hurts.
That's all?
That's the problem?
My house is a bus stop with no toilets.
Come in!
Turn left, then right.
You'll be there after a roundabout.
Don't forget to flush.
- Don't mind me.
- Zaara.
- I feel pressured.
- Are you okay?
- I can't get worked up. Don't touch me.
- Are you okay?
Get in.
Take the boxes.
What are you waiting for? Back to work.
My goodness.
Do you see that book?
What is it, boss?
I want you to take that book.
Thank goodness, Zaara.
Everything is settled.
- Amen.
- Amen.
We made it in time.
I was afraid we couldn't.
There was a lot.
It's all because of you.
If you don't get smarter, I'll beat you.
My goodness. Be patience.
Pass this to Zaara.
Zaara, I need to use the toilet.
- You should make a zip at the back.
- It's at the back.
This is the check from the customer.
150,000 RINGGIMom.
This is for Siti's study.
Thank you, Zaara.
Study well, Siti.
- Thank you.
- I don't have anyone else.
Only you and Mom.
Thank you.
Zaara, can you buy me a mattress?
I might just hit this girl.
- Hey, how about a cushion?
- Zaara.
- I'll hit you with it.
- Zaara.
You want to buy everything.
Are you going to a camp or school?
The towels are enough, right?
Let's go.
I think I know him.
Hey, Zaara.
I'm going upstairs to buy something.
- You can talk to your friend.
- Sure.
- Okay.
- Thank you, Mom.
My goodness, Rita.
- You're getting prettier.
- Goodness.
Thank you.
My goodness.
I thought a wasp was shopping.
Hey, that's not nice.
Well, I'm a businessman now.
Let me tell you.
I'm upset with you.
You said you were my best friend,
but you didn't buy my product.
- Hashtag, I'm hurt.
- It's not that I didn't want to.
I bought another product similar to yours.
- Another product?
- Yes.
What product uses my mom's recipe?
Which company? Tell me.
It's a big company.
Red Beauty.
Red Beauty?
The company is really big.
I'm trembling.
- What's wrong?
- I'm shivering.
I'm so angry.
The company will market the product
internationally soon.
They want me to be the model.
- Don't laugh.
- I choked my saliva.
You look like a wasp with a gout.
Hey, look.
Even your forehead is chubby.
You? A model? Dream on.
Hey, let me tell you something.
If you wear a fake product,
your face will be as rough
as your feet.
You can wear your shoes on your face.
From today on,
unfollow me from my Instagram.
A model?
What model? A pregnant elephant?
I'm not even following him on Instagram.
So annoying.
I'd like to congratulate all of you.
We will launch our product
all over Asia tomorrow.
Our efforts are worth it, boss.
Our products' demand is increasing.
From Japan, China, and South Korea.
A streak of luck will follow us.
That's the spirit.
However, you have to remember.
I don't want any flaws
during our launching ceremony.
Don't worry, boss. I'll handle it.
I will make sure
the ceremony runs smoothly
and I will make everyone impressed
with our company.
After this,
Red Beauty
will be famous throughout the world.
Give a round of applause.
Applaud to yourselves.
Look at you guys.
You're having fun
like there's no God in this world.
You'd better leave
before I call the police.
You're calling the police?
Gosh, I'm scared.
How scary.
Do you think the police will come
to arrest me
or the swindlers in this office?
Hey, Zaara. Behave yourself.
Did you forget who helped you?
You, shut up.
You, shut up.
You're a girl with no sense.
You don't even cover yourself up.
Who are you to say anything?
Hey, listen to me.
How could you ruin my life?
This is my promise.
I will destroy all your lives.
Hey, get lost.
A satay stick has spoken.
How scary.
You, shut up.
Don't you dare drive me away.
I'll beat you up.
Don't do things that will make you regret.
You've mistreated others
and you're threatening me?
Hey, listen. I promise you.
I will not let you live easy.
I will humiliate all of you
at your event tomorrow.
Mark my words.
Let go. Let go of me!
I may be effeminate,
but I am still a man.
I will show you who I truly am.
This is everything, yes?
Yes, that's enough.
Careful, Zaara.
Yes, Mom.
Is it okay?
Zaara, will you not see me off?
Poor girl.
It's not that I don't want to,
but I have orders to complete.
My customers are coming tomorrow.
Once I have enough money,
I'll go visit you there, okay?
Study well.
I promise.
Did you hear that?
- All right.
- Mom, you can go now.
Take care.
- Yes.
- I love you.
I'm seeing your sister off.
Remember to shut the window
- and the door before sleeping.
- Okay, Mom.
We're leaving, Zaara.
Take care of yourself.
- Bye, Zaara.
- Bye.
Who's there?
Who is it?
Wait, I'll open it.
Is it Siti?
Pull him up.
You monster!
You came to my office like a warrior.
Do you want to ruin my event?
Hey, this is Pablo.
- Bring him in. Quick.
- Come.
Get in. Hurry.
See? You left your passport behind.
- Go take it.
- Sorry, Mom.
There's a car.
My goodness.
Why is the door left open?
- Where's Zaara?
- Zaara?
Switch on the lights.
- Zaara.
- Mom.
- There's blood, Mom.
- My goodness.
Blood, Mom.
Zaara. My goodness.
- Zaara!
- Zaara.
You killed my son.
- Mom.
- Siti.
Let go of me. Mom!
- Zaara.
- Quiet.
Your sister?
Your sister.
Your sister.
- No!
- Your sister.
Razi, his sister.
His sister.
Help me, Zaara.
Your sister.
Hold her.
Forgive me.
- Please.
- Zaara, help me.
Help me.
- No.
- Turn her.
This is your honeymoon.
We'll stay outside and guide.
- Let's go.
- Forgive me.
Forgive me, Siti.
- Siti. Don't.
- Zaara.
- No! Don't.
- Zaara.
Forgive me, Siti.
Forgive me, Siti.
No, Pablo.
Don't, Pablo. Please don't.
Pablo, no.
No, Pablo!
Pablo, no!
- Brother.
- Don't hurt her.
- Sister.
- No.
I will never
let you go.
This is your mother.
Your sister.
It's so hard for you to die.
Forgive me, Mom.
I will never let you go!
Serves you right.
How dare you flaunt with me.
Fill it up.
It's done.
Let's go.
We made a big mistake.
We shouldn't have buried him tonight.
It's the full moon.
Take my necklace in the dashboard.
What will you do with the necklace?
Shut it.
You don't know who I am.
I am a descendant of Pawang Jiwa.
From now on,
you will be bound
with this necklace forever.
Aram, dig it.
This area will be flooded
and all evidence will be washed up.
punish me.
Those guilty
are still free.
They killed
all my loved ones.
I want justice!
I am aggrieved listening to your story.
How could there be humans
as cruel as that?
They are still alive.
Let me avenge them.
I don't care.
I will exorcise you.
I will never leave!
I've had enough.
Let go.
Let me go!
They killed those I love.
I came to take my revenge.
I've killed two of them.
Remy's body
is my vessel.
The debt of blood
must be repaid by blood.
I don't want to know.
I need a vessel.
I will kill
two more.
Just two more.
And then
I will leave.
I will not allow it.
No, don't!
Thank God.
It's all done.
I promise nothing will happen
after this.
I will take care of this thing.
Poor Zaara.
I have to do something.
I will help you,
Go back to where you belong.
May I ask?
Is your boss in?
The big boss?
Did you make an appointment?
No, I'm one
of the company's customers.
There's a bit of a problem,
so I want to meet the big boss.
He's not in,
but the second boss is.
But he just went out.
He's going to the old factory
in Seri Utama.
Okay, never mind. Thank you.
Seri Utama.
I understand,
but my boss doesn't need you anymore.
We gave you a chance,
but you want to move forward.
You want easy money, don't you?
I can help.
I'll help you.
I'll send you to the heavens.
That hurts!
Hey, Miong.
What are you doing?
I'm putting the bait on.
Do you know how to fish?
Don't pretend if you don't.
How would I know? Teach me.
It's like this.
Swing your arm backward,
then throw it.
Now, tell me.
Who are you and why do you come here?
Do you think I don't know what you did?
I know all the evil things you did.
Do you remember the name
You lied to him.
You took away his rights.
You raped his sister.
You killed his whole family!
I won't let you live peacefully.
I will report it to the police.
You will not live peacefully!
I don't care what your plans are
because whatever happens,
you'll be dead by tonight.
But before that,
you'd better tell me
how you know about Zaara.
You're cruel.
You're cruel.
You guys are purely cruel.
You should all die!
I will make sure
that none of you will get away.
If you don't want to tell me,
it's fine.
I don't want to waste time either.
I got it.
- Got what?
- A fish, boss.
I caught a fish.
Pull it!
Pull it!
Pull it!
Pull it! More!
Pull it!
Pull it!
A fish?
It's a bottle.
Give it here.
A fish, you say.
What's happening?
Boss, so it's true.
Tini and Wawa are dead
because of this devil.
Hey, what do you want?
You'd better go follow
your mom and sister's footsteps.
I've already destroyed your life.
Shut up!
I came with doom.
- Your doom.
- Who are you to set my doom?
Go to hell!
You stink, unlike your sister.
It doesn't matter.
Now, let me ask you.
Why did you come here?
If it's about your product,
it's already late.
But Zaara,
I have a secret recipe
specially made for you.
I made it myself.
My key is in my shirt.
What's all this?
I told you to call me
if you're beating up someone.
I am strong, you know?
Budi, I saw Zaara just now.
Never mind.
A human like you don't deserve to live!
I will kill you.
You killed me.
You killed the ones I loved.
This time,
my grudge is repaid!
- Hey.
- What?
I want to thank you.
What are you talking about?
Because you accepted me.
You accepted my weird personality.
What are you talking about?
I told you.
I'm willing to accept you however you are.
You're the apple of my eye.
Apple of your eye?
Okay, well...
Actually, I have...
I have something to give you.
Will you...
Will you...
- Will you...
- Yes.
- It's Tiger, Remy.
- What?
It's okay. I'm not scared.
I'm not afraid of you.
What did you say?
You're not afraid of me?
- That hurts.
- Hey!
Subtitle translation by: Nurul Faqihah