Zabawa, zabawa (2018) Movie Script

How's the candle business, Dad?
How are you doing, sweetie?
Been to church yet?
There's the late service at 6.
I don't go to church, Mom.
Leftists don't go to church.
From booze to holy water, Dad?
Holier than thou?
Hey! Show some respect.
Don't fight at the dining table.
Some parsley.
I don't like it.
Not for me.
- I hate it.
- Helps absorb nutrients.
It sucks.
How's life in college?
Got a boyfriend yet?
What's your problem, woman?
Don't talk back.
That's a lack of respect.
My, you're a bundle of nerves.
I'm worried about you.
Maybe you need calming tablets.
Xanax, like you?
How many today?
Get me some Maggi sauce.
You can't live without it.
Pull over!
Pull over, please!
What's the problem?
Hi. I'm officer Kreczek.
I'm officer Leos.
Good evening.
You're in the Tour de France?
No. Heading to the riverside.
In the middle of the road?
- Did I get in someone's way?
- We have right-side traffic here.
- Really?
- Have you drunk?
Why, no!
Please blow until
you hear a beep.
Got any tootsies?
It's not working?
Let her off with a warning.
Let's get going.
Let's dance.
I don't want to.
Come on!
Please let's go, okay?
Let's go.
Get me just one more drink!
You've had enough!
It's fun, come on!
Get me the same.
The last one.
I'm outta here.
Alright, go!
Please! Come on!
Leave me alone.
You're fucking drunk!
- You're ridiculous.
- Come on!
Take care of yourself.
The city of Plock is proud
to host this jubilee contest
for the title of the Doctor
of Human Hearts.
You've made it!
My train was late.
I was worried.
The winner got a record number
of votes from fellow physicians.
Professor Teresa Malicki!
The statuette will be handed by
the President of the Medical Council.
Good evening, everybody.
The statuette of the Human Hearts
Foundation goes to someone
whose disinterested dedication to
her young patients is exemplary.
Professor Teresa Malicki!
I'm happy to see my co-workers.
Thank you, this award
honors also you.
It's great to see my students.
You're a sight for sore eyes.
Anna, Pawel, Krystyna... Very gifted.
Thank you so much for coming.
But nothing,
really nothing compares
to the overwhelming pride I feel
looking at my daughter,
a young doctor.
Beata, this award
is also to you.
Thank you all.
Nothing But You sounds like
a perfect motto for our event.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Kayah & Krzysztof Kiljanski!
The world,
swift like the wind,
rushes ahead
leaving no time for love.
So darling, please,
stay close, love me, don't go,
the stormy waters around us...
- So, where did you end up?
- Gynecology.
- Congratulations, professor.
- Thanks.
Are you still with Marek?
- I dumped him.
- You did the right thing.
Excuse me.
I've got to go.
Have a problem with Karol.
What kind of a problem?
Can you lend me some money?
Is that why you came?
- You're the star tonight.
- Don't exaggerate.
I'll be on my way.
Thanks for inviting me.
My pleasure.
Take them, they'll wilt
in the hotel.
So they will in the car.
No. It's a short ride,
keep the AC on.
Take care, Mom.
Meet my pretty wife.
Henryk! So good you came!
- Congratulations.
- Thank you. Take it easy.
Here we are, my wife.
- A great speech. Really touching.
- Thank you.
- You said you'd be driving.
- Gee, you're such a bore.
- See what I'm up against?
- At least you have sex on demand.
Congratulations once again.
So nice meeting you.
Have a good time. I'm off.
Good evening.
Take me to a bar
that allows smoking.
- There's a wine bar...
- I'm not a wine person.
Foxhole then.
It's a funny place, but so far
I've heard no complaints.
Alright, take me to Foxhole.
Two shots of vodka, please.
Got pineapple juice?
Water with ice, please.
Juice is bad for your pancreas.
Hemingway style, huh?
But he'd drop the glass
into the mug as well.
Here you are.
Good choice.
Do you really enjoy beer?
There's nothing like vodka.
That's the real thing.
Makes you crazy.
He's a marvel, this guy.
So much booze and still alive.
My liver's been hurting lately.
I don't think you've any left.
Can I have an ashtray, please?
If it hurts, it's there.
Scotch on the rocks, please.
Put it on my tab.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
- Some more?
- Yes, please.
- You've found one!
- Here you go.
- You said there was none left.
- Your favorite.
Heard the latest?
My son's taking up law.
And you didn't stop him?
He never asked my opinion.
How old is your son?
Still young. Eight, I guess.
Mine got cocky at that age.
Same here, I'm afraid.
Look, are you still on that case,
what's his name?
Right! The Madej case.
That one will drag on for years.
It's a nightmare.
Tons of files.
Is the judge okay?
Your ex? Is it?
- No comments.
- Alright.
Tough luck. What can you do?
Hey! What are you up to?
I'm going home.
You've been drinking.
I'm stone cold sober.
I'll get you a cab.
You're damn boring tonight.
And you're just fucking nuts!
Maybe, but...
You kind of like it, don't you?
The door, mister!
- Dorota, please!
- Give me a break.
You're crazy.
No! I must find it.
Fuck off! I have to find it!
No! What are you doing?
I need to locate it.
Hi. Listen... I had an accident.
Excuse me!
- Officer Kreczek.
- Officer Leos.
Your driver's license, please.
I have immunity.
So what?
You don't know who I am.
A drunk woman.
How rude!
Your license,
or you come with us.
I need you to blow into it.
No way.
That's the routine.
I won't do this.
And expect a dressing-down
from your superior.
Let me try.
Please calm down.
I need you to blow.
Into your dick!
What's so funny, huh?
Please move on!
She's hammered.
Are you alright?
30 minutes like that.
How about a blood test?
I need you to come with us.
Hey, let's go!
Help me get her up.
Yes, sir. Understood.
Watch your head.
Chief says we must let her go.
She's a public prosecutor.
Screw him. No sacred cows.
Thanks, guys. See you.
Lift the tape for me, okay?
You're not doing
the right thing.
Damn, that fucking sucks.
It's not that I'm shitting
in my pants, but...
Sooner or later
they'll fucking ditch you.
- You know what I mean?
- No, I don't.
Mind your language, okay?
Sir, I'm not making
it difficult.
She's clearly drunk.
What do you mean let her go?
On what grounds?
Verbal warning?
Are you alright?
- At last.
- Let's go.
- What are you up to?
- Why?
She drove into an underpass
and refused a breathalyzer.
She has immunity.
We need her blood sample.
She's not an ordinary citizen.
Excuse me.
Do we categorize citizens?
You'd better believe it.
It's that parliament member!
Hot shit!
Haven't you had enough?
It's been so stressful...
You could fucking kill someone!
Dorota plowed into an underpass.
Let's hush it up before
the media get wind of it.
And the chief of the police...
Do something to shut him up.
I know it's night,
but we can't wait.
Yeah, it's fucking urgent!
You smell.
Go downstairs, have breakfast.
The lawyers' ball's tonight.
I promised Jan this canoe trip.
And I'd better be away,
they might get on my ass too.
Here we go!
I'm sorry, darling. And thanks.
Congrats, you're on Gossips.
- You kidding me?
- Nope.
Let me lend you a hand.
Just a moment...
- Care for breakfast?
- No, thanks.
You didn't have to, really.
When you get hungry.
Have a good time, son.
Watch your head.
Get some rest, Wanda.
- Jan, call me when you get there.
- Yes, sir!
- He'll be in the front seat?
- Yeah. Get in, Jan! Buckle up!
Hi! Got that file for me?
Actually, the boss
wants to see you.
- When?
- Right now.
Put the file on my desk, please.
Cut back on alcohol, okay?
I did warn you.
Give me a break!
Accidents happen.
But today?
Okay, sorry.
It won't happen again.
- You're going to treatment.
- What?
Give it a try.
The guy has helped many.
It's a common problem.
But I don't need any help.
It's a done deal.
You're a great lawyer.
Too good to fire without
a second chance.
Gee, it sucks.
- Are you going to the ball?
- Sure.
I don't know what to wear.
- Good morning, professor.
- Good morning.
- How's the Doctor of Human Hearts?
- Hi.
- How did it go?
- Fine.
Was Beata there?
Yeah. Complained about
that moron again.
Can't she find a better...
I think I'm coming down
with something.
Go home.
Someone will cover for you.
- Come over for dinner tomorrow.
- No.
That's over and done with.
You like it?
- What's the story here?
- Admitted today.
A bike accident. Poor blood
test results, chest pain.
- Dr. Starecki's in charge.
- What did he suggest?
Analgesics and observation.
- You want to take a look?
- No need.
How are you?
It hurts, I know.
Here's a frog for you, look.
Thank you.
- Excuse me, doctor. I'm worried.
- You shouldn't be, really.
May I know if...
Talk to Dr. Starecki tomorrow.
He's in charge.
- She'll be fine.
- I see. Thank you.
Didn't they teach you to knock?!
I'm sorry.
You see, that girl's much worse.
Which girl?
The biker.
Has a fever, looks ill.
Give me a minute.
Wait, I'll look for the doctor.
What's the matter?
That girl has a fever of 103.
It doesn't look good. Perhaps
we should do an ultrasound?
You feel fit enough to see her?
- I'll make you coffee.
- Good idea.
What's the problem, doctor?
To the operating room, quick!
The mother has to sign.
Sign what?
A surgical consent form.
But why?
- What's going on?
- She's got free abdominal fluid.
You said she'd be fine.
You're drunk!
Send for another doctor!
Excuse me.
I said NO!
All set?
Yes. Come on in.
How are you, professor?
- Crazy, isn't it?
- Damn...
She keeps feeding stray cats.
A whole bunch of them already.
- What's on today?
- A ruptured spleen.
- Can she handle it?
- Not quite.
- Again? Back her up, okay?
- I couldn't be happier.
She seems indestructible.
My man drinks less, but he's
really messed up his liver.
Hello, professor.
Off we go?
Two more minutes.
You're slowing us down.
Someone has to get in there!
I won't have her operating
my girl! She's drunk!
What if she's not?
She sure is!
Doctors are under lots of stress,
so they drink.
You think it's funny?
Surgeons in particular.
And I don't blame them.
Shut up.
Don't get angry, it was a joke.
Oh yeah? I forgot to laugh!
I'll file a complaint! It's insane!
What's going on here?
I need someone to get in there,
this surgery has to be stopped!
Please calm down.
A drunk doctor is operating
on my child!
You're disturbing other patients.
We'll find a way to...
How?! She's drunk and she's in there.
You understand?
Let's go, it's hopeless.
We really can't get in?
- No, I'm sorry.
- Great!
Order more blood.
Staunch it, or we'll lose her.
Excuse me, professor.
Please move back.
What did you say?
What do you think you're doing,
you snotty punk?
Officer Kreczek.
Officer Leos.
We need to give you
a sobriety test.
I'll just pick up my things.
Good night.
We shouldn't hang out together.
Why, you're a walking
promise of good sex.
And you're married.
Am I?
Wow, Emil!
Excuse me!
Spare me a minute, Adrian.
- Call me tomorrow.
- Okay, I will.
Jealous? Me? Who of?
You don't care who's fucking you.
Adrian! No!
Come on!
Shit! That was a killer.
- How did you do?
- How did it go, girls?
Hit or miss. I should
scrape through.
You always get straight A's.
What happened to your tooth?
I fell over.
Let's hurry up.
I'd rather wait for the results.
My future hinges on this one.
Then stay, unwind and
call us when they're out.
Mom, it's me!
I'm going to face charges,
but no jail the girl is fine.
I think you should
try that center.
I no longer drink.
And I'm seeing my dentist at 6.
Please squeeze me in,
it's urgent.
Our American biggies called,
I'm fucking stressed out.
Where's my survey, Magda?
Forwarded, check it out.
How are you, boss?
They told you to fix coffee?
I'm Jane of all trades here.
I was wondering, after the trial
period, are you willing to stay?
I love it here.
But I'm not sure yet.
I know, it's a fucking
crazy beehive.
Sort of.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Excuse me... Professor Malicki!
Hi, Tamara.
What are you doing here?
Well, I know it's a far
cry from pediatrics.
What about you?
A patient's mother needs
therapy, I'm here to inquire.
It's a great place. Need a tour?
Not really, thanks.
- Are you sure?
- Positive.
- Good luck then.
- Have a nice day.
Please come along.
How was it, Jan?
Just fine.
I thought it was awesome.
Tell Wanda about it.
I'll take care of the bags!
No need, take it easy.
Tell Wanda what we did.
We slept in a tent and ate fish.
- He just loved herring.
- Wow!
We went canoeing,
caught snakes...
- Grass snakes.
- Right. He wasn't afraid.
What happened to you, Jan?
- He fell on a jetty.
- What?
Nothing much. He hit his head.
- What's this?
- I fell on a jetty.
Always the same shit!
Relax, things happen
to a boy his age.
Come here, Jan!
It's beautiful here, isn't it?
I don't like it.
But you have signed up, right?
Why not?
This isn't a place for me.
What's fucking got to happen
for you to go to rehab?
I want to pay for the dentist.
And I'd like to have
an HIV test.
What test?
- Do we do HIV?
- Yeah.
- Anything else?
- Yes. Blood count.
Your ID, please.
When will I get the results?
What results?
Of the HIV test.
- In three days.
- Thanks.
Go to room 5.
Mom, you're too heavy.
Too heavy? Me?
Alright, get lost!
I am jumping now!
What are you doing, ma'am?
Please get off.
It's awesome!
Have you ever tried?
There's a phone call for you.
I'm jumping.
It's so cool! So energizing!
Max, get ready, I'll drop you off.
Your mom has called.
No! I don't want to go!
Yes! You have to!
You're not going
to drive now, are you?
I won't have it.
The kids won't pay
for your boozing.
Shut up.
You're fired.
Cool off, will you?
You're fired!
Great. I've had it up to here.
What are you doing?
She's nuts.
She is nuts, not me,
like you think!
Read my lips: she is crazy!
So what happens now?
Let's go for ice-cream.
How to get rid of pregnancy.
Look, I have a new tattoo.
Cool, isn't it?
How have you been?
Too bad.
That's how you look.
I fear I'm pregnant.
I fear I'm pregnant.
You hear me?
I know I'm overdoing it.
Will you do something about it?
I want to. I promise I will.
Our kid deserves better.
He has a fantastic father.
Will you help me out?
You must handle it yourself.
Can you hold me?
Go to bed, Mom.
- Keeping an eye on me?
- Not at all.
I just wanted to be with you.
How moving!
It's night.
I was watching.
I used to. Isn't worth shit.
I like it.
That's the problem.
You like all that's trashy.
I've no idea why you're so
completely unambitious.
You even get laid by
some stupid junkie.
I wanted you to have some class.
But you didn't care.
Even as a physician
you're barely average.
A small town doctor.
You know what?
Go have a drink.
You have ruined my life.
O little Lord Jesus,
my humble heart
offers itself
to receive you today.
Anyone willing to take in a baby...
Oopsie daisy!
- The priest asked for dry parties.
- Yeah, right! Holier than thou.
We'll show how to
run the country!
You guys have made a mess of it.
- He's a dog in the manger, Barbara!
- I know how to deal with him.
To your health!
Health is better than wealth!
You spend a fortune on
the Communion, for what?
And what's in it for the kid?
Our girl's pregnant again.
Mom! I asked you not to...
It'll show anyway.
Good for her!
The benefits and all.
No news here.
So, no idea who the father is?
I don't remember.
And what do you expect of me?
To tell me what to do.
I've lost the will to live.
Do you drink alcohol?
How often?
Every day. But only wine.
Wine's also alcohol.
What are you're getting at?
I'm asking.
My dad used to booze it up.
Alcoholism is for a lifetime.
I know.
I learnt a lot at ACoA meetings.
But I meet deadlines and all.
But somehow you
did get pregnant.
I think I'm coping.
Handling my studies and work.
Everything's just great.
Terrific. Except...
for this pregnancy that I...
Can't terminate, right?
Catholic family?
It's not that.
You keep drinking
now that you know?
I've cut back.
Then you have a problem.
Sure. That's why I'm here.
- A drinking problem, I mean.
- No, please!
I hear alarm bells ringing.
And it's a very loud sound.
So? What happens now?
It's in your hands.
Abortion? And what next?
I don't know.
How do you feel?
- Fine.
- Great.
Ask me any question you like,
I'm all yours.
Here's your room, go ahead.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- I'm Dorota.
- Judyta.
- I'm to blow, right?
- Right.
It's our admittance routine.
- Hungry?
- No.
Dinner's at 6. At 7 we meet
to sum up the day.
Those are my tablets.
We'll keep them in a safe place.
Judyta, you look pretty today.
Writing, huh?
I'll see you folks at 7.
They think I'd drink perfume?
Tom, you know the rules.
You've broken them.
You're suspended from the group.
We'll discuss it
Sorry. I haven't drunk, though.
Great. But we go
by the rulebook.
May I say something?
In my opinion
you should be banned
from the group.
It's your second time.
You've broken the rules.
That's not fair. We're here for
a reason, you're weakening us.
In my view the game is over.
I'm glad you've said that.
Tom, go back to your room.
I'm sorry.
Any comments?
You want to add something?
May I go to the toilet?
- If you need to use it.
- I do.
I'll be back.
We'll be waiting.
Good you came.
This place is a joke.
I see.
I must find a better one.
You don't really want
the therapy.
Like I said.
You don't give a shit.
Yeah, sure.
Let me see, why do I drink?
You know why?
You don't?
Shall I remind you?
What? The fucking betrayal?!
You cheated on me!
Well before you took to drink.
Stop the car, I'm getting off!
It's your fault!
Stay as long as you like.
Let's make love, Wiktor.
Get some sleep.
You fucked up and it's serious.
Check your mail.
You gave me too much to do.
And I'm not supposed to say no.
My, oh my...
I made a boo-boo, and so?
It's only fucking human!
Have a drink, you'll be nicer.
If you need help, just tell me.
To the meeting?
Yes. I just wanted
to take a look.
First time, huh?
I'm Dominik.
Want to come?
You won't find any.
The old rules hold good.
You used to keep some.
Please, I need a drink.
My whole body aches.
I mean it. I'm in pain.
Someone take me away!
Give me some, Wiktor.
Look what's happening.
You can stay here
but no booze. Same old rules.
Let me out.
Let me out!
Just a minute of your time!
Could you please give us your
comments on the verdict?
It's a controversial ruling.
How do you feel about it?
I feel good.
Tired, but good.
It was a difficult case
but I got my way.
Excuse this question.
Are you perhaps under
the influence?
No, I'm not.
Are you sure? Your profession is
one of public trust. You ought
to be sober on the job.
I'm not drunk
but it doesn't matter
- 'cause you're always lying.
- I think your sobriety does matter.
Oh yeah? No matter what I say,
you'll put it the way you want.
-I'll report what I see.
-Please don't interrupt me.
Dad, where are we going?
To the seaside, if you like.
If you report your lies
I could sue you for libel.
The fetus looks fine.
Do you want to see?
Here's the head,
the arms,
the legs.
Want to know the sex?
With your polycystic ovaries to get
pregnant without hormones? Wow!
What's that?
You have difficult ovaries.
You were lucky, good for you!
Congratulations to your husband.
I'm not married.
- Then to your partner.
- None either.
Then to the baby's father.
Suddenly I was a single mother
of my two girls.
9 and 7 years old.
Emilia and Anna.
That situation was
an even better excuse
for my drinking.
A picture-perfect tragedy.
But the kids were an obstacle.
I had to go out at night,
when they were asleep.
On my way back from
the last binge
I saw a glow.
I stood and watched
my girls burning.
When something like this happens,
you don't want to live anymore.
But God wouldn't take my life,
even though I prayed for it.
But I'm here with you,
five years now on the wagon.
Well... Things happen for a reason.
Perhaps someone else now?
I've had enough.
My name is Magda.
I'm an alcoholic.
Thank you guys for having me.
Waiting for the #113?
Hi, Adrian. You're such a scumbag,
who'd have thought? Call me back.
Hi, Wladek. This is Dorota.
How about getting together?
For a glass of wine or so.
I'm all alone. Jerzy. . .
Well, I dumped him. Better late
than never. Call me when you can.
Enough to feed a farmer!
I like potatoes.
Get off her back, okay?
Don't pick on her.
It's turkey meat?
A mix.
It's good.
Very good.
- You like it?
- Yeah.
Have some cabbage.
It sits heavy on my stomach.
I have something to tell you.
I'm pregnant.
Wait a minute...
Come on, help yourself.
Hey, what are you up to?
What are you doing?
You mustn't!
No drinking.
Go back to the table.
Any comments? Or none?
When's the wedding?
What wedding?
Regular. A wedding.
Not yet.
Who's the father?
Who is he?
Come on, help yourselves.
What's going on?
He's always been like that.
A crybaby.
Come on! Eat!