Zack's Zap Pack (2011) Movie Script

Zack was a popular
everyday kid
He had lots and lots
of friends
Just like everyone did,
But daddy came home
with some terrible news,
He got a pink slip and now
they've all got to move
Packing up his things,
his life is gonna change,
Saying goodbye to friends
is the hardest of things
Now he lives in Mudville
where there's no joy in town
Will Zack ever get rid
of his permanent frown?
Now there's no time to mope,
we got to go to the store
And buy a backpack
and so much more
Zack had to grab the last pack
on the shelf
And what a surprise,
it ain't like nothing else
'Cause Zack's backpack is
a Zap Pack
[Harmonica music]
Here's your new home,
little guy.
Zachary, how was your morning?
That's nice. Did you get
your room unpacked?
Nope. Still hoping
this is a nightmare.
Can you help me unload
these groceries?
How much did you buy?
Everything that was on sale,
plus I used coupons.
We've got to start thinking
and acting differently
Now that we're...
We're poor?
We're not poor, Zachary.
Mom, look around.
We went from living
in Hickory Heights
To living in this shoebox.
Would you stop complaining?
Now is the time for us
to roll up our sleeves
And work harder.
Now, I'm going to
finish unpacking
And you are gonna
start unpacking.
Wait, here.
What are these?
Your school supplies.
Now what?
I just don't wanna be
the new kid.
Well, you'll make lots
of new friends.
I was happy with
my old friends.
Is this...
Your backpack,
last one on clearance.
I got it for 75 cents.
You overpaid.
Organize your stuff.
[Playing the blues]
I'm livin' in Mudville,
all is wrong,
I got a dumb backpack,
now my life is whack
[Playing the blues]
[Harmonica music]
Miss my friends.
This stinks of dad's feet.
Organize your stuff.
If you need me, I'll be
painting the bedroom.
All right.
[Instrumental music]
Is there something in here?
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
What the... Where am I?
Oh, Woody, why'd you
bring him in here?
You know this is
a big mistake.
Relax, pinkie.
Hello, Zachary.
Wake up, wake up.
I think he's dead.
Oh, nonsense.
He's only passed out.
Well, if we're lucky,
he'll stay that way.
[Calculator chattering]
I don't care if he looks nice.
He's not dangerous.
Well, I've seen boys like him
chew on pencils
Much bigger than you.
[Instrumental music]
[Calculator chattering]
Hmm, he's definitely dead now.
Calm down, he's fine.
Just a little overwhelmed.
Hello, Zachary.
It's okay.
We are here to help.
Who are you?
What are you?
Well, I'm a pencil.
You've seen a pencil before,
haven't you?
Yeah, I've seen pencils,
but they've never talked.
Too bad. We pencils are very sharp
in more ways than one.
Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Woodrow Garfield
Abraham the Third,
But you can call me Woody,
And these are my friends,
Pinkie and T.I.
Right now, you are
in your backpack.
It's a Zap Pack.
A Zap Pack?
Yes, because you've been
zapped in here.
I'd rather be zapped back
to Hickory Heights.
That's where all
my friends are.
Can we do that?
[Calculator chattering]
- What'd he say?
- He said that he would
be your friend.
In fact, we all would.
Speak for yourselves.
Listen guys, I don't really
want any new friends.
I had great friends,
but now I'm alone in Mudville.
Worse, I'm alone in
a discount knapsack.
Zap Pack.
I must be dreaming.
Come on, Zack, wake up.
Wake up! Wake up!
You're not dreaming
and you're not alone.
Come over to my pad.
I've got a story
to draw for you.
It's about a boy who
felt alone, too.
His only friend was
an old man named Eli.
Well, at least,
that's what he thought.
Little Samuel loved church.
In fact, he actually
lived there.
You see, Samuel was a helper
for the High Priest Eli.
Now, Eli was very old
and nearly blind,
So little Sammy was very
busy lighting candles,
Finding sandals,
feeding the donkey.
One night, after Eli
fell asleep,
Sammy went to his bedroom,
And it wasn't long
before he dozed off
When suddenly Sammy was
awaked to the sound
Of someone calling his name.
Sammy thought it was Eli,
So he jumped out of his bed
and raced up Eli's room.
"Here I am, Eli,
what do you need?"
"What? Who is it?
I didn't call you.
Go back to bed."
Sammy walked back to his
room and fell asleep,
But again, he awoke to the sound
of someone calling his name.
"Coming, Eli.
Here I am, Eli,
what do you need?"
"What, you again?
I didn't call you.
Now please, go back to bed."
Sammy walked back to his room,
And it wasn't long before
he fell back to sleep.
But for the third time, he heard
someone calling his name.
"Samuel, Samuel."
He jumped up and once again
ran off to Eli's room.
- "Here I am, Eli."
- "What?"
- "You called me."
- "I didn't call you."
"If it wasn't you, then..."
"God. I think God
is calling you."
"God, calling me?"
"Yes. Go back to your
room and lie down.
If you hear the voice
calling you again say,
'Yes, God, your servant
is listening.'"
He ran back to his room
very excited
That God might be trying
to talk to him.
Soon, he fell asleep
and sure enough,
God called his name.
"Yes, God?
Your servant is listening."
And that's when God first
started telling Samuel
All the things
he planned to do.
He grew up to be
a mighty prophet,
Always making time
to talk with God.
Did God really talk to Samuel?
[Calculator chattering]
Good suggestion, T.I.
Romans 5:11 - "Jesus Christ
has made us friends of God."
Friends of God?
Jesus made a way for everyone
to be friends of God
And friends take the time
to talk with each other.
Well, how do I do that?
I've never seen God and I've
never heard him like that kid.
Talk to God through prayer.
You'll be surprised at how
well he communicates,
Even though you can't
see or hear him.
Trust me, nothing can
surprise me after today.
We'll see about that.
Okay, I was wrong.
[Harmonica music]
Uh, God?
Sorry for blaming you.
It's not your fault
my dad lost his job.
I just feel alone here.
I miss my friends.
Well, at least we're friends.
Thanks for listening.
You say something?
I was... praying.
You know, Zachary,
I've been doing a lot
of that myself lately.
Yeah, you know it's strange.
Even though nothing's changed,
you feel better, you know?
You have paint on your face.
What? Oh, not again.
[Phone ringing]
McGillicutty residence.
Oh, hi, Tyler.
Oh, no, no, he's not here,
he's out playing chess.
Just kidding, he's right here.
Mom? Backpack, well worth it.
What's up, man?
I've been so bored here.
I know I don't get to
try out for the team.
How is it, though?
Zachary, how was your
first day of school?
Did you make lots
of new friends?
How about your teachers?
Do you like your teachers?
The lunch, did you eat that
lunch that I made you?
Mom, mom, slow down.
Terrible, no, no, and yes.
Please don't put mayonnaise
on it next time.
Tastes really weird when it's
in my locker all morning.
Well, did you get
lots of homework?
Yes, it's so unfair.
What is unfair about homework?
Okay, so they have this huge
Egypt test tomorrow.
All these kids have been
studying it for weeks
And it's my first day.
Well, like I say, just
roll up your sleeves,
Work hard and ace that test.
It's so bogus.
This would never happened if we were
still living in hickory heights.
Well, Zachary, we're
living in Mudville now
And we've got to make
the most of it.
Now, you get studying and I'm
gonna organize the garage.
To wax the Lamborghini?
We don't have a Lamborghini.
We don't have a garage
either, smart stuff.
Oh, right, we're living
in Mudville now.
Um, then I'll clean
the bathrooms.
You get to work.
I hate history!
Shh, keep your voice down.
Is dad still sleeping?
Yes, he starts working
third shift tonight.
Now you start working.
[Instrumental music]
Here we go again.
I think we need to talk.
[Calculator chattering]
I don't care if you're
excited to see him.
He's trouble.
Pinkie, please.
Why doesn't she like me?
For one, you complain
too much.
You would complain, too,
if your life was ruined.
Stop being so dramatic.
You think your life is ruined
Just because you got
a little homework.
My whole world turned
upside down
The second you got yourself
zapped in here.
And another thing...
Pinkie, please stop.
For you guy's information,
It's not just the homework
I'm complaining about,
It's my whole life here.
Moving to this dump,
leaving my friends, everything.
Your life is pretty normal.
Uh, hello?
I'm talking to school supplies.
That's not normal.
[Calculator chattering]
I don't care if
he has a point.
He's still too dramatic.
Zachary, it's normal
for life to be filled
With many ups and downs.
But it's unfair.
My school's making me take
this history test tomorrow.
Life can sometimes
seem unfair.
Now let's talk about history.
But I hate history.
History is "his story".
His story?
You see, God is in control
of everything that happens,
So history is actually his story
being told through our lives.
I don't understand.
I knew he wouldn't understand.
[Calculator chattering]
Don't tell me to be quiet.
Pinkie, be quiet.
I don't understand how
stuff about the past
Can help me today.
Take a look at my pad.
I've got a history lesson
to draw for you.
This story is about a young
boy named Timothy.
Timothy lived
a pretty normal life
With his mother
and grandmother.
He was smart and curious.
"Mom, why is the sky blue?"
"God made it that way.
He created the sky,
the seas, the stars;
God created everything.
It says so in the scriptures.
Come here and I'll show you."
"Mommy, where does
the rain come from?
Is God crying?"
"No, timmy, God isn't crying.
The rain comes from clouds
that form in the sky.
God made it that way.
It says so in the scriptures.
Come here and I'll show you."
Timothy continued to ask
questions about his world
And began reading scripture
for himself.
He read amazing stories
about floods and giants,
Whales and lions, fiery
furnaces and fiery chariots.
He read the history
of the Israelites
And learned that God was
going to use Israel
To bless the whole world
He read about
the promised messiah
Who would come to save
the world from sin.
- That's Jesus.
- Precisely.
One day a missionary who
traveled all over the world
Telling people the good news
about Jesus...
Paul actually met Jesus
and he told Timothy
Many amazing stories
about him.
Timothy even had the chance
to travel with Paul
On some of his missionary
He was lucky.
Luck had nothing
to do with it.
God had it all planned out.
Remember, history is "his story"
being told through our lives.
In fact, if you open
your bible today,
You'll find two letters Paul
wrote to his young friend
That were added
to the scriptures.
So what does that have to do
with my problems?
Well, if you don't know
God's power
Demonstrated throughout
Then it can't help me
I knew you would understand.
[Calculator chattering]
You did not tell me so.
"Your mistake is you don't
know the scriptures
And you don't know the power
of God" - Matthew 22:29.
Zachary, God cares about you
And he knows your
family's struggles.
When you read the bible,
You'll discover how
he helped people
Through their struggles
And you'll learn to
trust him with yours.
So how do I do that?
Well, start by studying
for your history test
And keep praying
and reading the bible
So you never forget
that God's power is
Available to you today
and always.
I can do that.
Good. Now, get out of here.
[Calculator chattering]
Don't worry, T.I.,
he'll be back.
Really, Woody?
I always wanted to do that.
I need something.
[Instrumental music]
I know we have one somewhere.
Zack, is that you?
Yeah, dad.
What's up?
I'm just looking
for something.
A bible.
A bible?
Yeah, sounds weird,
doesn't it?
No, that doesn't
sound weird at all.
I've never really read it
before, you know?
Well, I've been surprised
at how God seems
To be speaking to me lately
when I read it.
And dad, sorry about the way
I've been acting
About moving here and all.
I understand.
Hey, I'm sorry, too.
Love you, dad.
I love you, too, Zack.
God, I really need help on
this history test tomorrow.
So, can you help me?
And after that, can we
please start working
On those new friends? Amen.
I wonder if there's anything
about Egypt in here.
[Harmonica music]
Did you do your homework?
No. This school has
twice as much homework.
Well, then you'll be
twice as smart.
Do you have any plans tonight?
Well, mom, besides
doing my homework,
I was going to organize
my sock drawer.
Oh, really?
No. I don't have any plans.
Oh, well, I've been invited
to the churches' food pantry
To reorganize their shelves.
Lucky you.
And I need you to help get
your father off to work.
Lucky me.
So come here, this'll be easy.
Just listen carefully.
Do not let the phone ring
more than once, okay?
I do not want your father
To have to get up
before he has to.
(Phone rings)
McGillicutty residence,
Martha McGillicutty speaking.
Do I have to answer
like that too?
Shh. Oh, hi, Barbara.
Oh, yes, I was just
getting ready to go.
Really? A new shipment
of canned vegetables?
That's wonderful.
Oh, yes, okay.
I'll see you there, bye.
Hmm, should I organize
the vegetables
Alphabetically or by color?
No, no fever.
Oh, very funny.
Listen, this is what
I need you to do.
It's extremely important,
so pay close attention.
At exactly 5:27, turn the oven
on to 350 degrees.
It will only take 7 minutes
and 21 seconds to preheat.
So then at exactly 5:35,
I want you to take the
souffl very carefully
Out of the refrigerator
and put it in the oven.
And then you're going to set
the timer - it's right here,
Set the timer for
exactly 42 minutes.
Not a minute longer, because
souffl's are very, very finicky.
So--are you paying attention?
Yes, ma'am.
Okay. So then at exactly 6:17 -
got it written right here,
I want you to carefully
take it out of the oven
And place it on the stove.
Turn off the oven.
Gently cover it
with aluminum foil.
Gently, yes.
Then at exactly 6:30,
I want you to wake up
your father right at 6:30,
So then you can both have
time to eat together
Before he has to leave
for work.
So what comes after 527 degrees
and 350 minutes?
Zachary, it's 350 degrees.
It's cool, mom, chill.
I know.
All right.
Love you.
Love you, too.
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
[Phone ringing]
Hello, I mean,
McGillicutty residence.
What's up, Tyler?
You guys won
the championship?
I'll be there.
All right, man. See ya.
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
[Timer ringing]
[Smoke alarm]
[Phone ringing]
Slow down, slow down,
who is this?
(Sniffing) Tyler...
I'm gonna have to call
you back, Tyler.
[Pop, hiss]
Yep, flat tire.
[Instrumental music]
Oh, you really did it
this time.
What were you thinking?
He wasn't thinking.
Maybe someone erased
his brain.
I thought I could ride my bike
to hickory heights.
I know, it was a mistake.
[Calculator chattering]
Who cares if he's sorry?
Sorry isn't going to erase
this mistake.
Zachary, disobeying has
put you in danger.
I was gonna come back...
After the party.
Just give it up, Woody.
He's never gonna learn.
Don't you guys get how
bad I miss my friends?
This would've been a great
chance to see them all.
It was a party.
A party I would have been at
if we hadn't moved here.
[Calculator chattering]
We understand this move
has been hard on you,
But that doesn't mean you can
disobey your parents.
Come take a look at my pad.
I've got another story
to draw for you.
This story Jesus told can be
found in luke 15:11-32.
It's about a father
and his two sons.
He loved them so much he gave
them rules to follow,
Rules that would
keep them safe.
The father told his sons
that everything he owned
Would some day belong to them.
The younger brother
started thinking
How nice it was going to be
to own everything,
And his heart became
filled with greed.
He asked his dad, "When will
I get everything you own?"
"When I die."
"Dad, could you die soon?
I want everything
you own right now."
The father was shocked
and terribly sad,
But he agreed to give the son
half of everything he owned.
The son was so excited that
he ran off to the big city
Without even saying goodbye.
He at the finest foods and he
slept in the fanciest hotels,
But what he enjoyed most
Was the attention he got
from his new friends.
They told him how
great he was
And how much they
cared about him,
But one day while he was
with his friends,
He reached for his wallet
And discovered his money
was all gone.
He spent all the money
his father had given him.
He turned to his friends
to see if they could help,
But one by one, they left,
leaving him all alone.
Soon, the son was sleeping
in the streets
- And eating out of garbage cans.
- Gross.
He finally found a job
feeding pigs on a farm.
They paid him by giving him
Whatever food the pigs didn't eat.
More gross.
He wondered if his dad
would ever forgive him
For wasting all of his money.
He sat in the mud
and cried and cried.
That's terrible.
So what did he do?
He decided to go home
and see if his father
Would give him a job that
paid him with real food.
The young son walked up
the long driveway to his home.
His dad saw him.
He was so happy
to see his son
That he ran out and hugged him
and then he ran into the house,
Got clean clothes, and planned
a huge welcome home feast.
What a great dad.
Can't believe he forgave his son
for wasting all that money.
My dad. The souffl!
It's still in the oven!
Well, no erasing that one.
Oh, nonsense.
God's grace can erase any
mistake, no matter how big.
God may forgive me,
but what about my dad?
What if he misses work
and gets fired?
Let's just focus on
what's before us,
Not what might or
might not happen.
Ephesians 6:1, "Children,
obey your parents
Because you belong
to the Lord,
For this is the right
thing to do."
Too late for that.
I know I messed up, Pinkie.
You don't have to keep
reminding me.
[Calculator chattering]
You watch it, T.I.,
or I'll turn you off.
Now, think about it, Zachary.
Why would our heavenly
father want children
To obey their earthly
fathers and mothers?
Well, because if we
obey our parents
We'll probably stay safe?
That's right.
God loves us and he gave us
parents to keep us safe,
But there's more.
Well, maybe when we learn
how to obey our parents,
We also learn how to obey God.
You make me just want to sing.
Hello, my honey,
hello, my baby,
Hello, my ragtime gal
God knows that if children
have a hard time
Obeying parents they can see,
They will have a much
harder time obeying
A heavenly father
they can't see.
And when you disobey either
one, bad things can happen.
Some of those things
you'll never forget.
What are you talking about?
Pinkie once belonged to
a beautiful little girl.
Sadly, this girl never learned
To obey her parents
or obey God.
One day, she ran away
from home...
And never returned.
[Calculator chattering]
Thank you, T.I.
I'm sorry, Pinkie.
But I'm going home and I'm
going to try my best
To obey my parents and God.
Oh, Zachary, you're becoming so
wise, but now it's time to go.
But how am I going
to get home?
You'll figure it out.
What is he going to do now?
What if something happens
to him out there?
[Calculator chattering]
Oh, relax, everyone.
God is still in control.
God, I've messed up big time.
I guess that's what I get
for, you know, not obeying.
Please, help me. Amen.
Hey, tough guy,
where's your helmet?
You all right?
Yeah, sorry, dad.
The soccer team won the game
and I wanted to tag along.
I know, Tyler called.
Yeah, he told me
the whole thing.
Oh, what happened
to mom's souffl?
Well, don't tell her this,
But I think you accidentally
managed to improve the flavor.
Come on and get your bike,
let's go.
Hey, we're going to make
a stop on the way home.
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
[Harmonica music]
[Harmonica music]
Good morning, Zachary.
Yeah, so I'm thinking about
trying out for the soccer team.
That's wonderful, Zachary.
Didn't I tell you everything
would work out?
Mark my words,
before you know it,
You are going to love
living in Mudville.
Yeah, sure.
Nice backpack.
It's yours.
Wait, where's my other one?
Oh, I threw it out.
You what! Where?
In the dumpster out back.
Because you complained
about how cheap it was.
- But that was before.
- Before what?
Before I started getting...
Into that backpack.
I gotta go. Bye.
[Instrumental music]
Whoa, whoa, sorry.
It's okay.
Hey, aren't you the new kid?
Yeah, Zack.
Yeah, I saw you at church.
Yeah, we just started going.
Cool. Why you in such a hurry?
Let's just say my mom threw
away something important.
My mom does that, too.
Yeah, except they never
throw away stuff
That you don't want, like
homework or report cards.
You're pretty funny, new kid.
I try.
Hey, there's a group of us that meet
at church on Wednesday nights.
It would be great if you came.
Sure, yeah, I'll
think about it.
And if you're interested,
A couple of kids and I are going
to go pray before school.
You're welcome to join us.
Yeah, maybe, but there's
something I gotta do.
Okay, bye.
[Instrumental music]
Oh, gross.
[Instrumental music]
Wait, did you bring
the spray paint?
Uh, I got markers.
How do you expect
to graffiti the school
With washable markers?
Ow, why'd you do that?
'Cause you're a loser.
What was that?
Did you hear someone
say "ouch"?
Yeah, I said "ouch"
when you punched me.
Quiet, quiet, quiet.
I think someone's here.
Hey, you, what you
doin' in there?
You know, resting.
Knock off the trash talk
and get out here.
Aren't you the new kid?
Yeah, Zack.
You were listening in
on our plan,
Weren't you, Zack?
Plan? What plan?
You know, our plan
to graffiti the school.
Quiet, loser!
So Zack, now that you know
all about our plan,
I'm sure you're gonna wanna
be part of the fun, right?
Am I right?
Yeah, graffiti,
I love graffiti, man.
You know, one time, I even
tried to spray paint my cat,
But then it ran away.
I knew you were cool.
All right, let's go.
Oh, wait, just remembered
I left all my spray paint
at my house, so...
Fine, meet us behind the school
in five minutes or else.
Let's go.
Okay, you guys are still there.
[Electronic music]
[Calculator chattering]
Okay, relax, T.I.
Don't go overboard.
All right, I know
he rescued us,
But I don't know if
I'd call him a hero.
Oh, Zachary, are we
glad to see you.
You didn't think I'd let
you down now, did you?
[Calculator chattering]
How did you know
what T.I. said?
I didn't, but he always says
good things about me.
What did he say?
"Zack rocks."
That's right.
You're not in here
to celebrate.
This is an important day
for you.
Yeah, things are finally
looking up.
You know, I met some
popular kids at school
And they basically invited me
to be their friend.
Yeah, to graffiti the school.
Minor detail.
Zachary, popular friends are
not always positive friends.
Take a look at my pad.
I have another story
to draw for you.
This is a story about
a young boy
Who discovered how important
the right friends are.
You can find it in Daniel
chapter one, verses 1-20.
Daniel loved learning about God
And he knew God was the best
friend he would ever have,
But Daniel had other
friends, too.
One dark day, something
terrible happened
To Daniel and his friends.
They were kidnapped
and taken away to live
In a far off land
called Babylon.
There they were forced to
attend a special school
Where they never
talked about God,
But even then, they never
forgot that God was real
And that he loved them.
One day, they smelled
something terrible
Coming from the school
They looked at the menu
and it said
They were serving things
like fried pig feet
And slimy shellfish for lunch.
That's disgusting.
Daniel went to
the school staff
And explained that they
could not eat that food.
He told them it was forbidden
by the one true God.
"If you and your friends
don't eat,
You'll wither away and die."
"Trust me, we will not
wither away and die.
Give us only vegetables to eat
and water to drink for ten days,
Then let's see which students
look the healthiest."
So for the next 10 days,
Daniel and his friends
Only ate vegetables
and drank water.
"Dear God," Daniel prayed,
"thank you for this food
That you have provided for us.
We pray that it helps us grow
healthy and strong.
Thank you for not forgetting
about us in this foreign land.
We will never stop
following you. Amen."
After ten days, the school staff
lined up all the students.
Daniel and his friends looked
stronger and healthier
Than any of the other students.
They were allowed to continue
their special diet
And later graduated at
the top of their class.
I guess I should eat
more vegetables.
Maybe, but that's not what
the story is about.
But when they ate vegetables,
they got strong.
They got strong because
they followed God,
Even when no one else did.
That was probably hard.
Yes, it was.
Do you know a big reason why
they were able to do this?
Because... they had each other?
Exactamundo, Zachary.
Daniel and his friends helped
each other follow God,
Even when everyone else wasn't.
Someone very wise
once wrote this,
"Walk with the wise
and become wise;
Associate with fools
and get in trouble."
So people I'm friends with
Will determine if I get
in trouble or not?
King solomon wrote that
in proverbs 13:20
To remind us that we will
become just like our friends.
If you choose wise friends,
you will become wise.
But Zack, if you choose
foolish friends
Like those graffiti boys,
you may become a fool.
And I'll probably
get in trouble.
So what are you going
to do, Zachary?
Well, I met somebody else.
They invited me to meet them
in front of the school.
If I hurry, I can
still catch them.
Well, don't let us
hold you up.
[T.I. chattering]
You're right, T.I.
Huh, Zack is wise.
[T.I. chattering]
[Vacuum running]
You didn't make
the soccer team?
What happened?
I was sure...
Mom, I was late for tryouts.
Late? How could you be late?
Randy, this kid I've been
trying to avoid.
It doesn't matter.
I hid in the library until
everybody left the hallways.
Well, did you tell the coach?
Mom, you don't get it.
I didn't need to tell
the coach.
The point is is that I tried out
and wasn't good enough.
Still, do you want me to tell
the principal about this kid?
No. I just didn't make it,
it's okay.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, just kinda wanted
to make friends.
What about those
kids at church?
They're nice, but...
But what?
They're not popular.
Since when does it matter
how popular your friends are?
Since I stopped being popular,
since we moved here.
Oh, please, let's not go
through that again.
I just feel ordinary.
Zachary Daniel McGillicutty,
you are anything but ordinary.
You are special.
Yeah, that's what
Frankenstein's mom said.
(Laughs) Oh!
Oh, you know, that girl Tina
called today.
She asked if you were still
going to meet them
At the church tonight.
I know, I saw her at school.
Yeah, I think you should go.
Yeah, I don't know.
What? I think it'd be
good for you,
Especially after what
happened today.
Maybe? What are you
talking about?
What's going on?
Okay, so they're starting this
youth worship group at church, you know?
I told them I played
a little guitar
And well, they started
freaking out.
Freaking out?
Is freaking out a bad thing?
No. It's good.
They said they needed
a guitar player.
They said they've been praying
for God to send one.
That's wonderful, Zachary.
See, I told you...
Mom, I still need to try out,
And I've had enough
rejection for today.
Zachary, you are
a talented guitar player.
God has given you that gift.
Now, I think you should go
try out for that band.
Sure, what's one more
slap in the face?
Yo, Zack.
Hey, randy.
Why'd you do that?
You lied to me.
I hate it when people lie to me!
What are you talking about?
You said you were gonna join
our little graffiti party after school.
Well, where were you?
Oh, yeah, that.
I was going to, but I couldn't
find any spray paint.
You're lying again.
You ditched us.
You're right, I lied.
I'm sorry.
It's not cool.
I just didn't want to
graffiti the school.
What's this?
It's my guitar, man,
give it back.
Randolph Francis Mickelstein,
What are you doing with
that boy's guitar?
Nothing, mom, I was just
giving it back to him.
You're lying to me.
- I hate it when people lie to me!
- I'm sorry.
Sorry? You know
who just called me?
The principal, and he said
that we have to go
Talk to him about you
vandalizing the school.
I didn't vandalize nothing,
mom, I promise.
You're lying to me again!
He said he's got security
video of you
Spray painting graffiti
all over the school.
I knew you'd end up a loser
just like your father.
This is getting old.
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
Zack, you came!
Yep, I'm here.
What's on your shoe?
Oh, man, let's just say
that getting here was
A real adventure,
But I'll tell you
about that later.
So where do I go?
Oh, the rehearsal
room's up there
And there are a couple kids
auditioning right now,
- But you'll be next.
- Great.
Relax. You said you've
been playing
For almost three years.
Yeah, but that was
in my room.
I've never played
in front of people.
You'll do great.
Pastor Mark's really nice.
But I got to go help,
so you just stay here.
But what if I don't do great?
Being on the worship team
Is about much more
than being great.
[Instrumental music]
Welcome back, Zachary.
I made cookies.
They're delicious, yum, yum.
What did I do now?
We heard you during
soccer try outs.
And at home talking
with your mom.
We know how bad you wanted
to make the team.
Yeah, well, I wasn't
special enough.
You are special.
Yeah, everybody keeps saying
that, but I don't see it.
I mean, didn't make
the soccer team,
I have a bully problem
And I'm going to make a fool
of myself auditioning.
[T.I. chattering]
T.I., I don't think you could
teach the bully a lesson,
Unless it was math
or something.
Look, Zack, I didn't think
you were special either
When you first came in here.
I thought you were a spoiled,
complaining, no-good,
Whiny, ungrateful, conniving...
The point is, I was wrong
about you, Zack.
You are special.
You're special to all of us.
[T.I. chattering]
Thanks, Pinkie,
and I really mean that,
But outside this backpack,
I don't feel special.
I feel like a nobody.
It's that time again, Zachary.
I have a story
to draw for you.
This is a story about
a bunch of kids
That didn't feel special.
You can find it in Mark
chapter 10, verses 13-16.
God created each one of these
children in his image
And they were very
special to him,
But not everyone in town
treated the kids as such.
"Excuse me, can you help me
tie my sandal?"
"Go away, child, I am too busy."
"Excuse me, I was next."
"You can wait.
I'm thirsty and I have
important places to go."
One day, the whole town
heard some exciting news.
A very popular miracle
worker was coming.
Some believed that
he was the messiah
That God promised
to send to Israel.
His name was Jesus and nobody
was more important or special.
"Excuse me, what's going on?"
"Out of my way.
Jesus is coming and I need
to get ready."
"Mommy, do you think I can
go with you to see Jesus?'
"Maybe, but first
I need to get ready.
Go away."
Now, Jesus had twelve
very close friends
That followed him
wherever he went.
These disciples helped Jesus
get through the crowds
That gathered around him.
"Make way for Jesus!"
Every family came out
to hear him teach
And hopefully see a miracle.
Some of the parents started
Bringing their children
toward Jesus.
They wanted him to give them
a special blessing,
But as some parents pushed
their way through the crowd,
The disciples stepped forward
and blocked their way saying,
"Go away, Jesus is way too busy
for children."
Jesus gave his disciples
a look that meant,
'We'll talk about this later."
Then he smiled and said,
"Let the children come to me.
Don't stop them."
All the children ran to Jesus.
Jesus blessed each one of them.
Then he turned to the crowds
and said,
"The kingdom of God belongs to
those like these children here.
The truth is, anyone who
doesn't have their kind of faith
Will never enter heaven."
All the children beamed
because they knew
No matter what anyone else
said, they were special.
Being blessed by Jesus must
have been incredible.
And it is incredible.
Even though we cannot
see Jesus,
He wants us to feel
as special as they did.
That's why it's important that
you go to him every day.
Through prayer.
Very good.
And how can you hear about
his great love for you?
Reading the bible.
Psalm 139, verse 14.
"Thank you for making me
so wonderfully complex.
Your workmanship is marvelous;
how well I know it."
You see, Zack?
God says you're special.
[T.I. chattering]
That's right, T.I., it doesn't
matter what that bully says.
I know that bully is being bad,
But that doesn't mean
this verse isn't for him, too.
Wait a minute.
You guys are telling me
that my enemy's special?
Whose side are you on?
Enough talking, Zachary.
It's time for your audition.
But what if...
Thanks, guys.
I'll be all right.
Wait! I didn't get
to say goodbye.
[T.I. chattering]
Oh, T.I., we're all going
to miss him.
I thought you said there
was one more audition.
Excuse me.
Whoa, where did you
come from?
Trust me, you don't
want to know.
Well, why don't you try me?
Let's just say I had a bible
study with some friends.
And what were you studying?
How Jesus blessed those kids,
Because no matter what everybody
else said, they're special,
And I learned I'm special, too,
No matter how well I can
play a guitar or soccer.
Well, that's true and I can
tell you're special already.
Name's Zack.
Pastor mark.
And Zack, you smell
like... garbage.
I know.
[Instrumental music]
Oh, here.
What's this?
Creamed corn, for tonight.
Mom, you know I hate
creamed corn.
It's not for you,
it's for the food pantry.
Remember, for the concert
Oh, mom, that's
a worship service.
Worship service, concert,
whatever you want to call it,
You need a canned good
to get in.
Well, in that case, I'd be happy
to give away some creamed corn.
Mom, relax, I'm glad
we're collecting food.
I'm excited, too.
Those food pantry shelves
will finally be filled.
This was a good idea.
I'm glad I thought of it.
Okay, well, I have a lot to do
Before all the people
get there,
So your dinner's in the oven.
What about dad?
Oh, he's on his own tonight.
I wish he could see you.
He'd be there if he could.
Who are you and what have
you done with my son?
Mom, stop.
I'm serious,
you've really adjusted.
I'm liking this new attitude.
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
Yo, Zack.
Where you going?
To church, you want to go?
(Scoffs) No.
What's this?
It's my guitar.
Was your guitar, loser.
Let's see what Zack's
got in here.
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
[Instrumental music]
What's going on?
Where am I?
I want my mommy!
Hmm, Zachary looks different.
[Randy screams]
Because it's not Zachary,
it's the bully.
Don't hurt me, please.
You don't scare us.
I want my mommy!
Relax, Randolph, we're not
going to hurt you.
Who are you?
What are you?
I'm a pencil.
What is it with kids today?
Don't you know a pencil
when you see one?
And I'm an eraser that's
about to erase you.
Pinkie, back off.
Son, how did you get in here?
I don't know.
I just threw Zack's guitar
in the bushes
And reached in here
for something valuable.
Well, in that case,
you found it.
We were planning on
helping Zachary today,
But obviously, we are
supposed to help you.
Yes, help.
[T.I. chattering]
Listen, I don't want
any trouble.
I just want to get
out of here.
Sit back and relax.
This lesson was supposed
to be for Zachary,
But now it's for you.
Lesson? What lesson?
Take a look at my pad.
I've got a story to draw
for you.
This story can be found in
acts chapter 23, verses 13-32.
Do you know where that is?
In the bible?
Correct. It's about a young boy
and a bunch of bullies.
There was a young boy,
We don't know his name,
but he was special.
He didn't know it yet,
but God had big plans for him.
Are you sure this
story's for me?
Just listen.
Now, this boy's family
was very sad
Because their uncle Paul was
locked in jail by the Romans
For telling people about Jesus.
But it gets worse, you see,
Because there was a group
of very powerful Jewish folks
That wanted Paul dead
for the same reason.
So they devised a plan
to have him killed
While still in custody.
"We'll tell the Jewish
high council
To request that they
speak to Paul.
Then when the Roman guards
Walk him down the street
to the council,
We'll get 40 men to jump out
and attack him.
He'll be dead before
he can say 'ambush'."
What these people
did not realize is
That Paul's young nephew
overheard the entire plan.
He ran straight to
the Roman jail
And asked to speak
to his uncle.
He told his uncle Paul all about
the evil plan he overheard.
Paul immediately sent him
to tell the Roman guard
Who quickly made plans
To sneak Paul out of the town
that very night.
That was a close call.
The evil plan was spoiled
All because a little boy made
a difference that day.
Okay, nice little story.
Now, can I get out of here?
Not until we...
Teach you a lesson!
[T.I. growling]
Chill out, everyone, chill.
That story was meant
for Randolph, too.
He's just as special
as Zachary is.
In Eephesians 2:10,
it is written,
"For we are God's masterpiece.
He has created us anew
in Christ Jesus
So we can do good things
he planned for us long ago."
That's in the bible, right?
It means your God's
masterpiece, Randolph.
I don't think that verse
was meant for me.
It was probably meant
for Zack.
Yeah, and I wish Zack was
in here instead of you...
No, Pinkie! Randolph was
meant to be in here.
That verse is for him, too.
But he's just like the bad
men in that story
That were trying
to kill Paul.
I'm bad, but I wouldn't
kill anyone.
No, you're not the bad man.
You are like Paul.
Paul told people about Jesus.
I hardly know anything
about him.
Paul wasn't always
a missionary for Jesus.
He started out
as enemy of Jesus
And he was much worse than you.
The truth is, God has a plan
for you, Randolph,
And it's a good plan,
A plan to make a difference
just like Zachary.
Take a look at my pad
for one more story.
This is about a bad man
named Saul.
[Instrumental music]
First, I'd like to thank
everybody for coming out tonight
And I'd like to
introduce to you
The newest member of
our worship team, Zack.
We adore you, we adore you,
We bow before you,
God most high
You have saved us,
precious, Jesus
King of mercy,
lord of life
[Cheers and applause]
Thank you.
Zack, I'm so proud of you.
So am I, buddy.
Oh, dad, I thought you were
supposed to be at work.
Yeah, well, I worked it out
so I could be here.
Dad has something
he wants to tell you.
Well, Zack, looks like
there's a good chance
We'll be moving back
to Hickory Heights.
Isn't that wonderful?
We kind of thought
you'd be excited.
It's just that I've
been starting
To make great friends here.
Oh. Well, we haven't decided
on anything yet.
You know, it's strange,
It's like staying here is part
of something bigger.
Hey, Zack, can I talk to
you for a second?
Could I have a minute?
Yeah, we'll just be
right outside.
Hey, man, I just want to say
that I'm really sorry
For throwing your guitar
in the bushes.
That's fine.
And you sounded
really great tonight.
Can I have my backpack back?
Oh, yeah, sure.
I'm going to ask you
a really crazy question.
Have you ever talked to,
like, a pencil or...
A calculator and an eraser?
So what did Woody draw
for you?
Well, he drew me two stories.
The first one was about Paul
And how this really brave kid
saved his life.
I think that one was for you.
And then the second story was
about this really bad man
Who always tried to fight God,
and then he met Jesus
And totally turned
his life around.
I think that one was for me.
Here, keep it.
I have a feeling that your
adventures are just beginning.
See you, man.
[Instrumental music]
Zack was a popular
everyday kid
He had lots and lots
of friends
Just like everyone did,
But daddy came home
with some terrible news,
He got a pink slip and now
they've all got to move
Packing up his things,
his life is gonna change,
Saying goodbye to friends
is the hardest of things
Now he lives in Mudville
where there's no joy in town
Will Zack ever get rid
of his permanent frown?
Now there's no time to mope,
we got to go to the store
And buy a backpack
and so much more
Zack had to grab the last pack
on the shelf
And what a surprise,
it ain't like nothing else
'Cause Zack's backpack is
a Zap Pack
(Now, that's a zap)
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