Zagor kara bela (1971) Movie Script

Great Manitou, bloody ghost!
No! No! Let me go!
No... No, don't!
Damn you!
...78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84...
...85, 86, 87, 88...
- What are you counting, Cico?
My steps. When at 100, I'll stop
and won't make a move...
...till tomorrow morning!
It's been days we walk. Enough!
I'm tired and hungry.
Get going!
My body canes are swollen, woe is me,
I can't cope with that! My soles!
I'm finished! My soles are swollen!
What are we? Conquerors of roads
or something?
Hey! Help!
Hey! Save me!
- Hear that? Did you hear that?
- No, I didn't...
...I say I'm hungry. I'm starving!
Help! Hey!
I hoppped, I hopped, here I am!
Woe is me...
...blackthorn! Gonna be lockjawed.
Help me!
They hanged you like a sheep,
poor you...
...can't stand it, my heart won't
cope with that, come darling, come...
...curly, curly, but how heavy you are...
We'll be saving you in a moment.
I recognized you, You are Zagor,
"the spirit with the ax"...
My name's Satco'dur. I'm the sachem
of the Black Wolf tribe.
I didn't wake up to the trap.
I was tracing the Bloody Ghost.
Gosh, He's smooth spoken like
a professor.
What is this Bloody ghost, Satko?
The cruelest of the evil
spirits is prowling... the hereabouts, in the woods,
for a while now.
It's cruelly killing in the nightfall...
...those wandering away from the clan.
It's easily skulking with
its black cloak...
...then leap at its prey like
a wild bird and kills.
Unbelievable. How many has
it killed?
And the ladt one was
Black Deer's daughter...
Give me a moment, please.
Hey, Satko... Satko...
Did you see a buck going
towards your direction, sir?
I am that buck.
Why are you so surprised?
My father's the great sachem,
he's sent me to white men's school.
I got high education.
But why are you dressed like this?
Captain Richmond is here to
inspect the Red Canyon Post.
I'm going to talk to him
about the Bloody Ghost.
Besides, I've met his
daughter at the academy.
- Woulld you like to join me?
- With pleasure. Hurray!
...we're gonna eat.
We'll eat us fill.
Monte Karaz experiences
a serious confusion.
Civilian population and
even the indians...
are annoyed by your behaviour...
An outlaw called
"Bloody Ghost" sprang up...
Killed many people, raided gold coaches...
But couldn't get caught.
Captain, I followed this
mugger twice. He ran away... the old falls' direction. I've
surrounded him with the soldiers and...
...we didn't understand how,
but he's been vanished, disappeared.
Lieutenant's right, captain Richmond.
This men is the evil himself.
He's also robbed my gold
coaches, twice.
Killed my men.
At his last assault, we found
one of the drivers heavily wounded.
Reportedly, during the robbery,
there were some indians... the Bloody Ghost's sides.
And that proving the Bloody Ghost
can be a rebellious indian.
Yes, Captain. I have the same thought.
All the white men killed
by the Bloody Ghost...
...were scalped in the indian manner.
That's horrific. We must
prevent that at once.
Yes, Captain. I would like to chase
the Bloody Ghost too but...
...unfortunately, I'm lame.
I understand you, Mr. Maligan.
This is army's duty. I came here
to figure out that.
- I hope I don't disturb you, daddy.
- No, of course not...
...not at all. Mr. Maligan, let me
introduce to you my daughter.
This gentleman is Mr. Maligan, the owner
of the richest gold mines in the region.
To be able to see such a Lady
as yourself, in such wild lands... a real bliss.
- It must be really delightful
to live int he midst of...
...nature's unique beauties,
far from the cities.
True, but would be nicer
without the annoying mugglers...
- Could you get us some drinks, Linda?
- Very good, daddy.
Mr. Maligan...
...this time, you'll hand the
gold carrying coaches to us.
They'll be going
under soldiers' protection.
And I'll lead them.
- Is Captain inside, sergeant?
- Yes, he is...
Thank you.
Satco, that's you!
- Can't believe my eyes.
- You truely are very beatiful, Linda.
Who are these gentlemen, Linda?
I'm sorry, dead. Let me introduce you
my friend Satco from the college.
I've mentioned him a lot, remember?
Yes, and I wanted very much
to meet you, young man.
Linda had eulogised you.
Much delighted, my Captain.
Those are my friends, Zagor and...
Your humble servant Jose Mario
Heredia Gonzales Cico...
...I crowdedly salute you.
Good, come, let us have a drink.
I don't drink, my Captain.
- Here you are, Satco.
- Thanks...
Thank you.
- Cheers, Satco...
- Cheers, my Captain.
Here you are...
Sergeant, do you have a friend
named "Diggin' Bill"?
Yes, I have a loose screw cousin.
He spends his life treasure hunting.
Men didn't come out.
What they can be doing?
They were really weirdly dressed!
So after school you returned here
and settled on your lands?
Yes. As soon as I've heard
you came with Linda...
...I wanted to pay you a visit.
Do you know anything
about the Bloody Ghost?
Second reason of my visit...
...was to talk with you
about the Bloody Ghost.
This mugger killed many of my clan... he killed white men.
He particularly kills women
and children.
Did you say "my clan"?
I believe your name was Satco,
So what is your surname?
Surname? But I have no other name...
What does that mean?
You should have a surname like everybody.
Oh, I just got it. You can
call me White Arrow.
- White Arrow?
- That's how they call me...
White Arrow was my grandfather's name.
He was a powwow.
Your grandfather's a powwow?
What kind of story is this?
Satco's joking just to make us laugh,
isn't it Linda?
Father, I didn't tell you anything
about this till now.
Because I thought humanism would be
more important than segregation.
True, my college friend is an indian.
What? An indian?
An indian!
Because of my daughter's foolishness,
I talk with an indian...
...and offer him my best whisky.
My brother Billy and my cousin Evans
were killed by your native citizens.
- Out of my sight!
- Father!
My Captain, have a level head, please.
- Are you still here!
- I thought you were a reasonable man.
- I said get lost!
- Father, no!
Get out!
You've been unfair to Satco, my Captain!
You too! Take your like-minded friend,
and get out of here!
This will never do, my Captain.
What are you waiting for?
Give him his lesson!
You judas!
What are you waiting, you fools?
Come here!
Way to go!
You cucumber!
Come on, Satco!
Donn't stand like that!
Run, catch him!
- Oh, what a relief!
- Come on, let's play...
Come on, give me the round now.
- How cute babies are you!
- Look at the nuncle...
- Tell me your names, you little ones.
- Mine's Gilda nuncle...
- And mine's Suzy...
- What? Suzy and Gilda...
- How nice...
- What, darling nuncle!
Good morning.
Looking for someone?
Good morning. If you are the householder,
I'm looking for a job.
My husband went away for hunting.
Could you chop those woods for me?
Let's play.
- Come on. - Okay, you're out, my turn.
- No, but...
- Alright, my turn.
- There, you're out, you're out!
Chicken! Cake!
I'll tell mom, I swear!
How mean you are...
Your mother would cook it for you,
get along playing!
Thank you, mother!
What am I going to do with you?
You'll see!
- I am not playing, I'm not playing.
- Six, five, three...
Come here, let me put some lipstick
on you, kids. Come over here...
Come on, look how cute you became.
And some for you...
You bad nuncle, bad nuncle!
You brats! You sassies!
So you ate the cake then?
Come with me...
What is it I am suffering
from these children!
Come on, Satco, let's jump.
All the cakes are digested.
Let me kip down here!
Good night. Wooden feather bed!
- Come on... - There he is, sleeping!
- Slowly, smoothly!
- Come, come on...
- You climb...
- Climb there, come on...
- Very smoothly, slowly...
I do go slowly.
- Quick, quick... - What to do with him now?
- Hand over, give... to the dog.
- Alright.
Here's for you!
White men kicked me out.
I'll never forgive all that you did.
- I'm going to try to find the Bloody Ghost myself.
- I am going to...
...try to help you, Satco.
But, I would like you to do as I say.
Look, look, look...
He's asleep!
You shameless man! You've stole and
ate the whole chicken then?
I'll show you!
- Get up, you robber!
- Holy Mother! Struck by lightning...
- So you eat the chicken then? And the cake then?
- Don't! I couldn't resist!
Don't let me see you again! Or I'll give you
a merry hell if you show up again.
You robber you! It serves you right!
- What were you up to no good again?
- I swear I didn't eat the chicken...
...just tasted the cake.
- What are you rotting!
Walk on, you gut-bucket!
You break my heart calling me
a "gut-bucket".
Get going!
I'm taking this very hard, so hard.
But Mr. Maligan, it's not worthed
to be that sorry for some indians.
You just do your own thing.
Because of that fear of Bloody Ghost...
...I couldn't bring in any indian worker.
You just try to catch that
ghost erewhile, Sergeant.
Just skid a hundred yards Cico,
if Bloody Ghost...
...was to come by there, we couldn't see him.
- You mean, me? - Yes...
...are you scared?
- Scared, me? Fo' shizzle, my nizzle!
...What fear!
A hale and hearty ghost...
...leaves me cold.
- Zagor! - What? What happened?
- I shot the Bloody Ghost...
...there he is!
Your bloody ghost is just a bird
as dumb and fatty as you.
Oh, my! We left Satco alone!
We let Bloody Ghost slip
through our fingers.
Satco, go back to your clan...
...and tell Zagor's hunting down
the Bloody Ghost.
We're gonna start searching
the traces.
He vanished without trace.
Wonder in which direction he went...
There's a small town
a few miles away from here.
We might get some information
at the saloon. Let's go.
It's to be die of boredom here.
I've mistaken this place
for a monastery, you pantaloon.
Can't do a thing for that.
You enjoy yourselves.
Hey, muchacho...
Strum a bit, that thingy of yours!
Music's ready, dance a little
and amuse us...
Come over here!
Get out over here beauty!
So we see your figure, come on...
- Welcome, foreigners...
- Thank you, you useless crowd...
...could you show us the color of the beer?
- Delightedly, sir...
But let's see the color of money first
I wouldn't.
Do you know anything about
the Bloody Ghost who perfidiously kills...
...the poor, helpless indians?
Anybody's seen him around?
Heavens no! Did any
encountered him and survived?
So what if someone's send
a few red face to the other side!
You can't call a murderer the one
who kills these indians...
...on the contrary, he served
the humanity.
If you think so, you're all cowards!
Enough! Stop fighting!
Sergeant's right.
Have you all llost your minds?
But Mr. Maligan, what
this man did to us...
Enough, that's a stupid fight.
This is not Zagor's fault alone.
Come on, tidy up!
Drinks to those fevered
youngsters, Tom. On me!
Add the damage to my account, right?
Right away, Mr. Maligan!
Right away...
Believe me my friend,
this is a very small town.
If the murderer was here,
we should have known already.
I do believe you. I'll go on with
my search, in a new direction.
- Get going, Cico.
- Come on...
Cowboys are thick-skinned...
The roverest always richer...
Cowboys are all liars...
The stoutest of them, more heroic...
Cowboys are thick-skinned...
The roverest always richer...
Cowboys are all liars...
Most heroic of them... beautiful... the stoutest...
Cowboys are thick-skinned...
The roverest always richer...
Cowboys are all liars...
Amonst them...
Order arms! Welcome to our
camp, lieutenant Blackwell...
Would you like to have some of
our specialty, beans with cactus?
- Do you know anything about the Bloody Ghost?
- Sorry?
Bloody Ghost?
We never have anything to do
with ghosts, spirits or fairies.
We are the poor wretchs made of...
...the clean mud of the humanity.
Enough! You blabber!
- You say it?
- Is it him?
Him... How? The bootmaker can't know
anything either, Mr. Lieutenant.
He's so lazy, he's so
far away from this world.
- You tell? - Him?
- Do you know anything?
What... how could he, he knows nothing.
He's no tongue, can't even talk...
Oh, thank goodness!
The fear ofjail moved away.
Hold on, hold on, Zagor!
There's a smell of beans with
cactus coming from that way.
I don't have the heart to smell you,
my beautiful beans!
Pinewood, look at those coming by!
How fancy men are those,
for god's sake!
They probably must be circus runaways?
Hey, your governor highness, wake up now.
- Don't bawl, we have guests.
- What's that, for god's sake?
By jove, can't we sleep soundly?
Welcome to our camp, strangers!
- On behalve of my friends, I salute you.
- Thank you, thin man.
Do you have any tobacco, sir?
I am not a user.
It's alright, some whisky perhaps then?
- I don't drink either.
- But...
...what do you do in your
spare time? Whatsoever...
...come on, let's have
a cup of coffe, get going.
Parade's over, gentlemen.
That means, from now on...
...two more men, confined
to death by starvation, joined us.
Governor's words didn't
unloosen you that much, I guess...
- I believe you're a gold prospector?
- You could have said so but...
...we got nothing but water from
every spot we digged.
Indians from one side...
Swamps on the other side...
And wild beasts. Whereas we all
are people who are fond of our comfort.
Bor example, Brad, because of
his obstinacy and his stiffness...
Pinewood because he can't cope with
the prohibitions of the civilised life...
Cholsa, because he owns
a soul to the justice...
And the others because of similar things...
...that's why they are all here!
Hold on, and you?
Me? I am lover of nature.
Me too, but I also enjoy eating.
Way to go, little man...
Our gustos are same.
- I'll take you to dinner.
- Good...
What's your name?
I am Jose Maria Heredia Martinez
Caytanoz Fernando Gonzales Lopez di Cico.
I salute you crowd.
- Old man?
- Got it, got it, let's it!
God, mess, mess it smells!
The spoon, give me the spoon...
Let's start! Oh, delicious!
- Nicely cooked...
- Wait...
Hold on, dear, by turns...
Gosh, I'm gonna puff out,
cut that!
- It must be who eats it...
- You're Mexican I guess?
- True, how did you recognise?
- From your food.
Oh, Mexico! I'm yearning for it.
How delicious food they cook there...
And their desserts above all...
Tekila and their red wines...
And what about their beautiful women...
Ah, Meksika!
- Tell, tell it!
- How exguisit women they are!
They look down from their balconies,
with fans in their hands.
Guitar sounds, laughs...
...and castanet sounds...
- Tell, tell more...
Ah, Mexico, Mexico!
Those were the days!
And most particularly I had a
beloved, blind...
...dark haired, fleshy...
- Tell a tale.
You ate all! I'm gonna
strangulate you, damn lardy...
- Please do so, come here!
- No, don't, you're gonna melt down!'re gonna thin down. You'll catch
the thin sickness. - Come here!
- I said don't, it's not me who ate it all, don't!
- Come here!
Zagor, why don't you stop that bear.
Look how he's charging, look...
- He won't do a thing, look, come here...
- Hold it, don't, I got it...
Where did he vanished?
You... Your... You...
Oh my! I feel fainting!
We did some running there!
Running with an empty stomach does
no good to me, but the cow...
Me neither, with empty stomach...
We're tired, we wnt to rest.
Alrighty, all the rooms of our
Stars Palace Hotel are vacant.
Have a good rest, signors.
- Herer we go, you too.
- Don't get too familiar...
Look at me Blackfoot, go to the coach...
...and dress everybody with indian clothes.
I'm gonna join those at the camp.
Hello, you lazy bums.
It's been a while we don't
get to see you...
...we thought you chose the honest living.
- Ruddy ghost.
- Shut up, you dumb fat barrel!
Is there a new job?
I didn't come here to watch your beauty.
We're gonna rob Maligan's gold coach
when getting through the Red Canyon.
And in return, 10 thousand
dollars await each of you.
- Good money, good money...
- You're gonna be dressed like indians.
If we kill all in the coach...
...they'll think it's Satco and
his men did it.
Then there'll be nothing
left for you to fear of.
Are you in?
- I'm in.
- Me too...
- Me too...
- We all are.
Hold there, dumb asses!
It's not that simple this time.
You're gonna be all murderers.
- One more word and I'll shot you down.
- But! - Get lost...
- No, no way...
- Don't let me see you again...
there are two strangers, we can
take them with us, if you want.
Let's have look at them.
They're too numerous. Come on, Cico,
let's get away from here fast!
Yes, they're coming for a seeing.
- Catch those two!
- Don't let them!
- Don't let go! Don't let them!
- Round them up, run, run!
Come my lad! Are you the marathon
runner Tergat or what, you sacred man!
Stay still, or I'll blow fatso's brain out.
By jove! I ended up in the hell.
Those are Stco's friends.
None of us is softheated but we
are not reduced... killing men with no arms.
I don't enjoy killing people
needlessly either.
Tie them up and take them
to the camp.
And post a guard for
each of them, quick!
Here we go, come on!
Just ahead, there are some
indian clothes in the coach...
...get dressed fast.
As you requested, I bring you
the gold coaches, my Captain.
There's an important
amount of gold in the chest.
Now, it's under your responsability. If that
gold too can't reach up to destination...
...then me and my associates are
going to go bankrupted.
With rou protection, the coaches
will reach up the destination, Mr. Maligan.
- Lieutenant, get the soldiers posted in the coaches.
- Aye aye, my Captain...
...come on, sergeant.
- Is your daughter too going with you?
- Yes...
She wants to have a closer look
at the wilderness' beauty of the region.
But bandits, indians...
- Do not worry, Mr. Maligan. Goodbye.
- Goodbye and good luck.
Attention! March on...
- My head's aching.
- It wouldn't be like that...
...if you ran faster, you dumb head.
Don't talk so sure if you don't
want to be slugged again.
Well bust my buttons!
His highness the governor?
You know what Bootmaker,
we are all rascals...
...and outlaws but...
...we've never been murderers.
In conclusion, I invite you to be wise... letting go these men and stop...
...the massacre at the Red Canyon.
Good speech but there's
- My answer's no.
- Untie that man...
You can't use a gun... You don't
know how to use a gun anyway.
Quick! Sidle up to me!
Come, let me cut your ropes...
Yes, yes! Run to the canyon!
Stop the massacre.
I'm swiftly going to the Red Canyon.
You catch me up, Cico...
Don't leave me here, Zagor...
- How long are we gonna wait more?
- The coach iisn't at sight yet...
...No sign of the Bloody Ghost.
- Would we find him here?
Stop! Hold on!
Stop! You're running into a trap.
Indians's buddy, let's see what he wants?
Keep your eyes open.
- Alright, so what is it you want?
- Bloody Ghost's men, dressed like indians...
...layed an ambush on the other
side of the canyon.
- They'll kill you all.
- Bloody Ghost... dressed like indians, nice story.
I guess you'll want us to abandon this passage
and take the southern road.
Yes, my Captain.
And on the southern road,
your indian friend Satco...
...awaits with his men to ambush you.
- You can't fool me.
- I came to save you but...'s useless.
Do what the hell ever you want.
- Are we gonna let him go?
- No.
Zagor, be careful!
Tie him tightly and place him into the coach.
And you, to the coaches.
March on...
- Now, I am convinced you're the ghost, boss.
- Shut up, you stupid!
The coach's approaching the passage,
Make a move and you'll be riddled,
What we want from you is
nothing but the gold chests.
Deliver them to me at once.
Speed up, sergeant.
My Captain, set me free.
Don't stare, run!
We're trapped!
- Are you seriously wounded, my Captain?
- No, it's nothing...
Just a scrape.
I apologize for suspecting you.
- How did you notice it was a trap?
- My hunters know everything... this region. I'm tracing
the Dark Ghost.
He's hiding behind
that rock over there.
He can escape us no further.
We'll catch him. Zagor... and me...
I'm coming with you.
We caught this fat pale face,
hiding on the hill.
Listen feathered head,
cut the crap, my nose's itching...
...scratch it.
I'm tingling all over.
Oh my! Are you gonna bastinado me,
are you gonna cut me?
Set him free, quick!
They tied me up like calves!
My hands, my feet...
Help! Are you gonna eat me?
My meat's very lardy...
I am no good for hashing, neither
for stuffing. Zagor! Zagor, help!
Your dear Cico's far away,
tied up to chocks...
Come and see my condition. Zagor,
help me Zagor, my dear Zagor!
Come and take your Cico...
Bloody Ghost ran away
from here towards woods.
- He's moving towards thhe falls.
- Let's block him from that way.
- Let's go from here, you'll come from up,
we'll meet there. - Okay.
He must be coming
from that road, let's hide
Bloody Ghost... Monster!
It came from that way.
His wound is not serious.
- You take that way, Lieutenant. And i'll go this way.
- Very well, Zagor.
Lieutenant! I'nm over here.
- Maligan, you?
- You won, Zagor.
Why were you bearing such a
grudge towards the indian people?
Why have you commited all these murders?
Many years ago, they killed my wife
and my little daughter in a raid.
I took an oath to kill
all these monsters down.
But, you...
- Who was it? Who was it?
- Maligan...
I swear, that's Maligan, large as ife...
What a peculiar world this is...
He's so wealthy...
...he's so full, but he is
nonetheless, filibustering.
That's a long story, Cico.
Grand Chief Satco
would like to see you, Zagor...
...he is waiting at the Central Post.
- Alright.
- Have you rounded the Bloody Ghost up?
- He's dead...
Who was the ghost, Zagor?
It was Maligan, the owner of the gold mines.
And he killed the lieutenant.
Nobody would expect it.
I thank you very much, Zagor.
And to you too, Cico. You saved us
from a serious monster.
- Be my guest for a while.
- Cico and myself have to...
...go back quickly. The tribes in woods
are waiting for us.
- Come Cico, we're leaving. Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye...
- Goodbye "the spirit with the ax"...
- May God speed you.
- Thanks.
- Ta-ra! Ta-ra!
- Goodbye...