Zajednicki stan (1960) Movie Script

SHARED APARTMEN Silence down there!
- Silence!
Filming is starting.
Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Is this Three nightingale 17 street?
- Yes. - Great! Come this way!
This is out of order.
- How's that? -Easy.
It's permission for Three nightingale 17,
but not for this building.
Which building? - For that
shack we demolished. - That's right.
On this place there was old shack,
that we demolished
and on it's place we're building a new one.
- Permit is for that old shack.
I don't care!
I have a permit for Three nightingale 17.
But for old shack.
- What old shack? - What do you mean?
Well you can't get a permit for
non existing apartment. - Yes.
Is this lot and air space of number 17?
- That is correct.
I have the rights to use that
air space,
and you can build a skyscraper.
- Why bother? They'll kick you out.
Don't you understand that I have rights?
- I do, but your permit
is for object that's demolished.
- When did you demolished it?
2 months ago. - Three and a half!
- Three months? - Well. yes.
And I got my permit today.
- Indeed. - Indeed today.
Then you're right...
- For sure. - He's for real!
Where to with this? - Somewhere here.
Did you brought everything? - Yes.
How much to pay?
- 320 dinars. - Here's 500.
I'm on the corner,
Three nightingale 18. - Goodbye!
People.. my little house, my peace.
You don't know how much it means
when there's roof above your head.
- Roof huh? - Well, for roof you'll
have to wait a bit.
What will you do if it starts raining?
- Raining?
Here! - He' serious!
- Ok, that's for the head, and for feet?
For feet I have boots. Put on
pajama, boots, open
an umbrella, get into bed
and beauty! - Sort of speak.
Then we can stop building
for today.
When will the building be finished?
- Who knows,
but you prepare for winter just in case.
- Not until winter?
You know how it is,
the longer, the better.
One who waits will be rewarded.
Where will bathroom bee? - Over there.
You should meet the doorman.
- That's right. - What doorman?
There's one old man who volunteered
to watch the building
- For free? - For free.
So he wants this apartment?
- I thinks so, he's always watching
measuring and rubbing his hands.
- Where is he normally?
He'll come now. At this time he's usually
here. Let's go.
Why? Stay... - We're done for
today. Soon it will be dark.
Good night.
- Goodbye.
Are you serious about sleeping
here? - I am.
Well, have a good sleep.
- Thank you.
Bathroom should be here.
Occupied! - Occupied?
- Occupied. - Who's there?
- Pepi who? -Me.
What are you doing here? - What do
you mean? I moved in. - You too?
I should ask you that.
I'm first.
Do you have apartment permit?
- I don't. - How did you move in?
Illegally. Half an hour before you.
- They'll kick you out. - Who? - You.
Not while you're here. - How's that?
- I heard before that you have permit.
I have, do you?
- I'll enlist as your subtenant.
How's that? - Subtenant can also
have subtenant.
Subtenants subtenant. Let me
introduce myself. Mirko Lazi - Pepi.
Mia Kui, student. -Student!
So we're colleagues. - You're student too?
Yes, just like you, but never mind.
- I'm really a student.
I'll say. What's your occupation Pepi?
I'm a student. - I'm advanced student.
I'll say. How far did you make it,
Pepi? Advanced student. And that thing
on third university I'm signing up
fourth time for the first semester
You're unbelievable. Here's my
index. You can see that I cleared
last semester. - Look, this one has
index. - For sure.
What's this? I came to second semester,
then I had to go back to first.
And three times.
Well never mind. From the cradle
to the grave, the most beautiful is time of school.
And what are you doing now? -Now I'm receiving a pension. - What pension?
Child Welfare.
You study something? - Nope. I'm gambling.
Waiting for 12 scores.
Where did you lived until now?
- With my mother-in-law. -Are you married?
Not anymore. They dumped me.
- Wife or mother-in-law? -Both of them
and father-in-law and everyone. They say
that I'm unproductive. And I was so
happy in marriage. To light up. - I don't have
matches. When did you get married?
A year ago. We've met on sea.
Fine woman, good looking...
You can just imagine.
She was perfect, and on top of that
I could move in. - How's that?
- We got married and then brother
moved in. Then her family
waited until
I get a job.
To be honest I waited too.
They realized that I'm useless
and they kicked me out. - So soon?
They put up with me long enough.
In my first marriage they kicked me out
after 3 months. -Your first marriage?
- This one was my second.
How many times did you get married?
- Me? Thank God, never.
That's why you can't understand.
They kicked me out like a poodle.
Did they kicked you out
with same motivation?
I'm hopeless they say.
And I feel that there's some
hidden genius inside of me,
trying to get out...
Looks like someone's knocking.
- Who is it?
Workers have left.
- What? - They left.
Who's there? - Tenants.
- Who? - Tenants.
Hi. - Hi. - What are you doing here?
- I moved in.
Huh? - I moved in! - Where did you move in?
- Here, in my apartment.
What apartment?
- This one here. - Where do you see...
What's this? Who's stuff is this?
- Mine.
Are you insane sonny?
- Why? - Where did you move in?
In my apartment! - Where do you see apartment here? -You must be doorman!
Come on, get out of here.
- Take it easy, I have something for you.
What's that?
- Read it.
You can get arrested for this sonny.
- Why arrested? - For forgery.
What forgery? Take a closer look.
There's a signature and everything.
Who gave you this?
- Land lords, who else.
That can't be right.
Why the hell I'm taking care of this then?
This is my apartment!
It's promised to me! What do you think...
Why do I have to think? My permit is here.
- What are those land lords
think? You take care of this,
it will be your apartment
and then they gave it to someone else.
What do you think? For three months
I'm not going fishing because
of this. - You move in too,
there's more rooms. - Who ever saw that
someone moves in on foundation?
And who saw that someone moves in
when the building is finished.
You're right... But still!
On foundation?
That's why you say "fundamental".
- I'm swelter.
Then I'll have to move in.
What if it rains? I've got all
plywood stuff.
It'll swell...
You can have it all.
New apartment and new stuff.
You have to sacrifice something.
- Wait. From here to here.
I requisition it. No one can pass trough
that two doors.
That's going to be windows not doors.
- Doors. - Windows!
You just be careful that someone doesn't
slip in. - How's that?
That doesn't come out... - That doesn't take
the space where your apartment will be?
That's right. And I'll go and mobilize
my family. - What's that?
To keep watch on shifts.
We're right across the road.
You watch that someone doesn't...
Is he gone? - Yes. - I hide
just in case.
And so something is burning inside of me.
I'm feeling that I'm for something.
How come you didn't find out what
it is? - I just know that is
something artistic.
- That's easy. Try all
artistic branches and you'll see.
Did you try to paint?
I did. When I was in school I drew a portrait of
my professor and gave it to him.
And? - Guy had a stroke when he saw it.
Do you have good hearing?
- You'll hear in the morning when I sing.
Did you try to write poems?
- What's that?
Did you write poems?
- Poems? No. Maybe that's it.
I'll have to write one tomorrow.
Now I have my own room,
perfect for work. - You didn't tell me
where will be your room? - Here.
I brought a bed yesterday.
- In that room? - Yes. I'm
taking a tent from colleague tomorrow.
- A tent in the room? -Yes, until masons
working that I don't get hit with plaster.
Here he is, I'm going! - You don't have to.
He should see you right away. - You're right.
The sooner, the better.
Let me introduce you. My daughter,
Mrs. Nata, my son-in-law Dragia
and my granddaughter Ljubica.
- Oh, she's a doll!
Who's this guy?
- Mirko Lazi Pepi, subtenant.
Who's subtenant?
- Yours. Actually his.
When did he moved in? When did he get a subtenant? - In no time.
Come on, you get lost without hassle.
Get lost.
What are you thinking,
I have mu stuff here. - Your stuff?
Get that out of here right now.
- You have no right. That's my room.
Which room? - That one there. - Which one?
- That one. - This one? - Let him have it.
No one got in my part?
I should check,
because these subtenants
are sprouting like mushrooms after rain.
I don't understand nothing of this.
- Why did you brought us here?
Why did you take me?
- I'll tell you.
Here's the thing. You all know that on
this place is going to be a house. - We know.
Dragia, do you know?
- I do. - Well say it.
You all know that I volunteered
to look after construction site. - We know.
You all know that I did that job
with much... - We know. Make it short!
Don't interrupt me! - Get to the point.
- I did that job with
with much self-sacrifice because this
apartment was promised to me.
I started to look after this
construction site,
however, although this nest is not yet finished, firs subtenant swallow
has already flew in. - With what rights
and how can it flow?
He got his wings from housing department.
- I flew in like a helicopter.
Like a paratrooper. - Excuse you!
- He'll go like a tulip!
Excuse you... - Shut up!
- But mom... - Shut up!
Protect me please...
- I'll kill you! - Sit down! - Silence!
Now when they moved in,
no one will kick them out.
They moved in, it's easy for them, homeless
people. They can go on roof.
What are we going to do?
Son-in-law, what are we going to do?
What do you think wife?
- I'm not asking her, I'm asking you.
They moved in, what are we going to do?
- You move in too.
Listen to him.. 'move in'...
And the rain, and the stuff...
Then let's not move in.
- Listen to him 'not move in'.
In two hours two guys have moved in. And
for two months...
Ok, then let's move in!
- Again with that 'let's move in'!
Either we move in or we don't,
there's no third option. - He's right,
there's no third option.
- Don't interfere in our
family conversations!
Considering this situation,
starting from tonight in our family
is in war state. - Ju!
- No "ju", but "Yes sir"!
For the love of god grandpa...
- We can save this apartment only mobilized.
Over there will be on dead patrol.
- What patrol? - Dead patrol.
It's going to be guard post and
we'll keep watch. - Who's going to do that?
Everyone in the family.
Shift change is on every 4 hours.
You don't want for me to watch it too?
- Everyone, that means you too. - And me?
And you, Dragia... everyone. - I can't do it.
I have to go to the office in the morning.
Every deserter will be
kicked out of the apartment.
You have to keep watch
and that's final!
First guard will be..
- Brother. - Sit down.
Myself. I'm on until midnight.
Next shift, from 12 to 4...
Dragia. - At night? - At night.
- I can barely see at day,
let alone at night!
- And who can see good at night?
You have to strain your ears and listen.
Third shift from 4 do 8, Nata.
And the market? - Second guard can go on
the market after his shift.
So that's me again? - Yes, you again.
- How can I go on the market after watch,
and in the office from the market?
- That's too much for dad.
From 8 to 12, on penalty, Ljubica.
- And university? - You still don't know
what is war state.
Now something about guards
duties. Number 1, guard
can't sleep on his watch. Number 2,
if he hears rustling,
he has to say "STOP" three times and shoots. He'll shoot from the gun! -Where do we get gun?
We're not going to shot for real aren't we?
- If we have to shoot,
we'll shoot! - That's right madam!
- What is it? - Sit down!
In the lack of gun tonight,
I've brought an axe.
And now let's take oath.
- Come on. - But grandpa...
Don't talk in the rally. Stand up.
Say after me.
I... - I... - Tenant...
- Tenant... - Subtenant.
Brother subtenant.
- Ma...
I swear that I'll...
- I swear that I'll...
Guard this apartment...
- Guard this apartment...
And noone... - And noone... -And no one.
- And noone... - And no one. - And noone!
You can say noone according
to the new rules. - All right,...
Will move in alive...
- Will move in alive...
While I'm dead.
- Dad! - Alive! - Alive!
While I'm alive.
- While I'm alive.
So help me...
- So help me...
Housing department.
- Housing department. -Amen!
He's so rude.
- Password for tonight. Get lost.
Password for tonight is carp.
- What? - Fish.
Dragia, you got that?
- Carp the fish! - Write it down, you'll forget it.
What's to forget?
Carp the fish, thats easy.
And I implore changes of the guards
be on time. Now at ease.
Go march!
- Good night.
This reminds me on 1912.
I was young, good looking, healthy.
I keep watch,
and out of nowhere... - Jao!
Jao, daddy fell!
- Give me your hand!
What happened?
- Mr. Dragia fell in lime pit. pit.
How deep?
- Up to his knees! - Clumsy man!
It's nothing give him your hand.
Move away, don't attract attention.
Dismiss! - How he couldn't see it?
It wasn't tar,
it's white lime. - He's shortsighted.
- He has to be
when he's reading something all day
and doing crossword puzzles.
I'm 60 and I can see like
a newborn. It's because I was careful
I was trying to eat good food and
not to overwork my eyes.
It's not all from reading.
- It is. Eyes get tired
so the stomach can't work.
See, I don't read anything
and I'm fine. I never fell
in lime pit.
You lie down.
- Just a minute.
And so I'm on dead watch on 1912,
Keep watch and it's silent...
- What is it?
Stop, who goes?
Junior subtenant Pepi! - What's with you?
I hit my head.
Subtenant forward, Pepika, stop!
- I stopped. - Password.
Fish. - No. - Yes. -No.
- Pike the fish! -No.
Bass! -No. - Eel!
- Lie down. - I hit my head...
Lie down or I'll hit you with my axe.
- Carp! Carp the fish arac.
Correct. Pass. Quiet!
Night time. Bed time.
- Good night. - Good night.
What's this now?
- Oh never mind.
What is it?
Never mind.
What is it? What is it?
- Go back to sleep, go back to sleep.
Ljubica, is he here?
- It's past 8, you overslept.
I fell asleep late last night.
Good morning. - Good morning.
Your grandfather
told us some fishermans stories.
And annoyed you as usual.
- He couldn't stand me at first,
but we became friends later.
Nice old man...
And even if he didn't, I had to.
- Had to?
Yes, he's your grandfather
that means you're his granddaughter.
Are you mad at me?
- I am. - Really? - Really.
And why's that? - Because it's past 8
and you don't get up.
Oh, you mean that! - It's my last
watch today, you know?
How's that?
- I'm moving in today. - Finally!
We'll be next to each other all the time.
- Yes, but under constant surveillance.
Your mother is very strict.
I'll have to take advantage of your last watch
to tell you what's on my heart.
But hopefully you'll get dressed first!
- Yes, I'll be back in no time!
- Mom why are you here?
Pack your stuff, I'll take your
place. - You pack it.
I don't want to mix up your books.
Hurry up. - But I'm studying right now!
Go quickly, don't let wagoner waiting.
- You pack it, please!
I won't say it hundred times. Quickly!
- But I'm studying right now!
You can study later!
Let this humble bouquet
reminds you that
today is our little anniversary.
On this day, 6 moths ago
I saw you for the first time.
6 months that I don't have the
courage to tell you that I love you,
truly love you.
All that time that you kept watch,
I was in my sleep feeling
peaceful and blissful...
I thought that guardian angel
is next to me.
Yes, my dear Ljubica. You are my
guardian angel. My... What?
It's not enough for you to take other
people's apartments but you're after girls too!
I beg you to listen to me!
- Get out! - But, please!
Out! Out!
Guardian angel!
You'll remember me.
Guardian angel...
Let this bouquet
reminds you on this day,
the day when I first saw you
6 months ago.
6 months since I want to
embrace your slender body
and to ruffle your luxuriant hair.
- Jao! - What jao?
Your hair is luxuriant,
don't be modest!
I'm watching it for 6 months.
Caressing, smelling in ecstasy,
fondling in my dreams.
I'm in heaven,
in metaphysics my soul is with you,
but in regular physics...
I can't get near you because
that Xanthippe of yours. - Jao!
I'm sorry, she's your mother
but she's a hell of a Xanthippe.
It's not easy for me either,
Its my future mother-in-law.
What can I do when I love you
from the basis?
I praise the moment
when I saw you
6 months ago and
when my heart told me:
"Here Pepi, you'll find your apartment...
I mean, happiness!"
And I listened to my
conscience and fell in love with you.
And I love you, I love you beyond...
I love you, Romeo, says Juliet.
I love you Juliet,
Romeo says and... runs away.
I'll call a police for you...
- Helicopter!
This is a mob! You'll remember me.
- What is it? - I'll show it to everyone!
Why are you threatening? - Everyone!
- So me too? - You too.
You're going to leave this apartment
same way you came into it!
You better mind your own business.
- I am minding my own business
and I'm not crawling in someone elses apartments. -You should be ashamed? - Me?
Shame on you. You took advantage while
shortsighted man was on watch
Old woman crawling in trough
the window.
Why didn't you place guards
on windows too? - Your kind would
you would go in trough the chimney
- No, I'm going to let you
to expand! - I wish you expand
that way! Three of us
in one room, and the lady is alone
in her room, and in girls room.
And vestibule.
- What vestibule? -This one here.
That's my kitchen, not your
vestibule! - Will you make a
larder instead of my room?
- What will I do later,
that's my private thing! - Later when?
- When we kick you out!
You don't say...
- I'm telling you, you're going to leave.
I can make a substitution
and to bring here a large family
with lots of kids. - Substitute what?
- Room, girls room, vestibule
and bathroom usage.
- You can forget that!
You can't hold on
an empty girls room.
Room is for my cousin who's
arriving tomorrow. - Yes, for bishop!
You can talk that to somebody else!
- I'm crazy for talking to you.
You witch!
I'm not going on watch again, to
get another bouquet under my nose.
Window lady!
Madam, I have to explain
something to you.
So please hear me out.
The thing is that I truly
love you daughter.
How can I say this...
You're not mad at me?
You know, saying nothing
means approval.
I knew it that you, as mother...
Is that you? - Yes.
- Why didnt you said it? - Leave me alone.
Is it, is it...
- Mrs. Nata? She left.
I ran all the way to the third street,
and then in the barrel. - Why did you ran?
I told her I love her.
- To Mrs. Nata? - To Ljubica!
I thought that Ljubica is in the guard post.
- What do you have with Ljubica?
Nothing for now.
It's just liking for now.
In both ways?
- One way. Just from my side.
You see, Mia, I was married twice
because of an apartment, and I would
take Ljubica just for one room,
and that means something.
And if she doesn't have a room?
- Then it's off. There's no love
without apartment, you know that.
Why are you so distant, Mia?
- I was chased by Mrs. Nata too.
Why you?
- I declared love to her.
To Mrs. Nata?
Mia is she your type?
- Come on!
I thought that Ljubica is in
the guard post. - Ljubica?
- What do you have with Ljubica?
- Nothing for now. It's just liking.
Both ways?
- Seems so.
So bother is out. Never mind...
- Wait, Pepi, we'll let her to
decide on her own. - It seems that
she's already decided. - How's that?
I declared her love about 10 times.
- And her?
I'm talking to her seriously,
and she's laughing. I'm more serious,
she's laughing harder.
Then I start to laugh too.
Never mind! Now I know who's the
chosen on and I congratulate. - Thank you.
Now I'll have to dedicate that poem
to some other girl.
Is the poem finished?
Is it good? - You want to hear it?
Sit down.
- Never mind, clean sheet.
To her.. It was meant to her,
but you can convince any other
that it's for her.
Never mind...
By you eyebrow crushed,
with eyelash I knit.
I paddle on the sea, but whale goes.
He's in a hurry with hurry, going to quay,
and in that crowd
he drops he's left cleat.
Why are you laughing? - How does whale
has cleat?
That's because of the rhyme. Don't
interrupt me for nothing.
Whale squeaks, screams and dies.
An he should, he deserved it.
Why is it whale, why not fly?
For example. Never mind.
To be honest, really it doesn't matter.
- I thought so too,
and later I'm thinking, maybe poem is
good, but brother does not understand it.
How can it be, you wrote it
and you don't understand it? - Never mind,
maybe Pepi the writer has
overcome Pepika the reader.
I'll send it to editorial staff of
some newspapers and they'll know it.
Yes, that would be the best.
- Good morning. - Good morning.
What is it? - No one's there. - Thank god.
Dangerous woman, I almost got killed.
You too? - I only waited to
strike me with an axe.
You didn't declare love to her didn't you?
- Love? What love?
I mean, why she attacked you?
- Because I moved in trough
the window. Old hag,
to attack me, all weak.
- Don't be scared while we're here.
Mia, can I put my wood case
in your room?
Makes my room look ugly, and it
doesn't bother anyone here. - Sure, why not?
Mia and I will do it, so you
don't get disturbed. - Come on.
Is it this one with cat on
top of it? - Yes, it is.
There you go...
- Thanks for an apple aunt Pola.
Now will aunt Pola
to get you a cup of coffee.
You know when you read my
tea leaves last time?
You guessed everything. - Brother
is never wrong.
I'll go and make coffee.
- Sure.
Pepi, this is a warehouse, not a room.
I'm bad luck.
I should look at blue print
when I was moving in,
but no, I choose this room.
And while I realized that this is
passing room, others have already
took the other ones. - You did good.
Passing room, but still a room.
What about me? I came first, choose first
moved in first! And it turns out that it's
not a room, it's bathroom.
I have to move out tomorrow,
they want to put bathtub in.
What are you going to do?
- I have a plan.
What are you doing?!
No one's there.
Mailman came yesterday and
brought a postcard for aunt Pola.
I read it...
- You kept it? - Yes.
That doesn't make sense.
- Who seas it does? Listen to this.
Dear aunt. I've got your letter
and I'm thrilled because you
to save that girl room
for me.
I'll be there in 2 or 3 days.
Be careful that someone doesn't move in.
With love, Lila. - Lula?
Where did it came from? - From Kovin.
Pepi, Lula is my ex-girlfriend!
She's after me for a year and a half.
She'll ruin everything with Ljubica.
- Maybe it's someone else.
Its not, I recognizes her handwriting.
- What's her last name?
Her last name is variability
- How's that? - Easy.
She changes it often, she got married
and divorced 2 times in past year.
What's the matter? - What's her fathers name? - Duan. - Mothers? - Lena.
From Kovin? - No, man,
from Kruevac. She went to see
her cousin in Kovin.
- Here's coffee.
Here's coffee. - Here's coffee...
Sit over there. - Take it. - Thank you.
Aunt Polo, If you please.
Mia, here.
- Thank you.
Take it, Pepi.
So, how are you aunt Polo?
- My rheumatism is troubling me
for three days. It's no wonder, they
didn't put doors or windows
so it's draft.
- Draft, I have pains in my...
My left side.
- You too? - But just for a little while.
I'm moving tomorrow. - Where to?
- I've got a room. First class room,
steam heating and bathroom upstairs.
- Well, I'm glad.
How can you live in a bathroom?
It's cold and all the time someone
is going in. I'm so glad that
you got a room. When are you moving?
Tomorrow. - Who's going to read my
tea leaves then? - What can I do...
Let me read it one more time
to say goodbye.
Please, the cup is so nice.
Aunt Polo, something is
wrong with you for three days.
I'm telling you he's guessing everything.
- You had some big argument shortly before.
- I was arguing with Mrs. Nata,
and already it's in the cup.
- Jao! - What's wrong?
Aunt Pola, residential control
on your door step. - Poor me.
Something about girls room.
Because it's empty.
They'll move someone else in
and you'll pay a fine. - A fine?
How much? - How much?
- Let me see.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
And two of 500. 10 thousand.
- Jao, poor me.
But that's not an empty room.
My cousin will move in there.
that's right! There she is! Can you see
this vision here? She turned her back
and holding a cat.
- A cat too?
She probably got married. -She didn't.
She's coming day after tomorrow
from Kovin.
- From where? - From Kovin.
What's her name? -Lula.
- Lula Tacieva? - That's right.
And people dare to say that
tea leaves can say everything.
How do you know Lula?
- Lula Tacieva? - Yes.
Duan's daughter? -Yes.
- Mother's name Lena? - Yes. - Blonde?
Dye her hair. - Little of this, little of that?
- Yes. - I saw her here yesterday
with her husband.
- Then that's not her. - How's that?
Lula Tacieva... - She doesn't have husband
she got divorced. - She remarried,
for the third time! - And me not to know
anything about it? I don't know, I swear.
You don't? Here, Mia knows everything.
You know don't you? - Who's that cat
that you saw there?
- That's what I call destiny.
He's nickname is Cat. - Who's?
- Lula's third husband. Mima the Cat.
That guy from Mladenovac?
- Yes. - Is that Stojans' son?
Stojans' son, he was with him yesterday.
- Who? -Stojan.
Stojan died two years ago.
- Since... What did you say?
Died two years ago.
You don't say.
Why he needed that?
Oh, what I'm saying... This is
his stepfather! - His name is also Stojan?
Everyone in the family is named Stojan.
His uncle, his brother his mother-in-law.
Philistines. - And my Lula
doesn't tell me that she got married.
That's because family of this
Mima the Cat is very fancy,
so they don't want that you embarrassed them. - Me to embarrassed them?
- That's what she said.
I to embarrassed them?
Only elite guests were coming
to my house!
Ministers were my guests!
- I'm so annoyed because of that.
And on every third Sunday
Metropolitan himself was guest for lunch.
And I'm just a weak woman now.
- Don't...
Shut up! I have to
Aunt Polo, don't.
People are like that today.
You save a girls room for her,
and she turned her back on you.
She has comfortable apartment
with two bedrooms downtown.
And what should I do with my room?
- You'll pay a fine, someone else will move in...
Poor me, what should I do?
- I we could only find someone
to put him in your room,
then they couldn't touch you.
But who can you find that
can move in an empty room?
Pepi, my boy, you should move in.
- Me? - Yes.
God forbid. -Pepi, please.
- Come on, aunt Pola.
Save my room. - First class room,
steam heating and a bathroom...
I love you like my own mother. - Please...
Ok, give me a list of tenants
and I'll sign in like your subtenant!
Every second is important!
- Right away!
What did I tell you? - What will you do
when Lula moves in?
Never mind. Brother just needs to
get in, it's easy after that.
Isn't this unfair?
- What is it now?
This whole thing with aunt Pola.
- When someone moves in someone elses apartment,
trough the window then it's ok to take
at least girls room. - Wait...
You're moral accomplice here!
I'm taking you as manpower
to transport bed!
Nata, come on! Get things inside.
What is it? - Dad broke a mirror!
- Dragia broke a mirror.
Is it big one?
- Big one.
Don't let that bungler to carry our stuff,
he'll smash everything.
Look at him?
- It was an accident, trust me!
Mirror by accident, before that
chandelier by accident - Which one?
From the dining room. - Go sit over there,
don't stand in our way.
Just in case to avoid
new accidents,
go and do your crossword puzzles. Nata,
let's get a cabinet in. - Right away.
What are you looking for? - A hat stand.
- A hat stand? - To put away my coat.
Which one do you looking for?
The one from here or from the bathroom?
Which one from the bathroom?
- The one at Pepi's, or maybe
the one from here? On which one
do you want to put your coat?
Mom, what are you saying?
- Get away from here... - Nata! - Coming!
We'll talk again!
Lift your side!
- Easy! - There goes the doorframe!
Pepi's bed. I'm helping him to move.
Have you seen your mother?
She scolded me. What happened?
- A disaster. - What happened?
An earthquake. - How's that? - Mia and I
have declared love to your mother.
To my mother? - Yes, I though that you are
in the guard post. - I thought that too!
But it's not important for me.
- And what did she tell you? - I said...
Ljubica! Type of sea fish,
7 letters, second one is "a". - Crab.
What did you tell her? - I told her...
- Crab is not a sea fish.
It's 4 letters, I need 7.
- So write bigger letters. - Sardine.
Thank you, Mia. You, Pepi, are
useless. - Everyone says that.
I told her that I love her...
I mean, how I love you.
And I told her how I want
to embrace her... I mean
your slim body... - And?
- And told her stupid things, nonsense.
I bought a flowers too,
I gave 30 grand for it.
Here they come! Watch the springs!
Where are you going? Here they come!
Jao! This one assaulted me, that outlaw!
Jao, my leg!
Don't you see what are they doing?
They're moving in someone again. - How?
They brought in another bed.
- What is that? - Let me explain...
I don't want to hear anything anymore!
What is this? You made a intersection
out of this room. Here should be
one pointsman to show
who goes in what room. - If we have guards
we can also have pointsmans.
No one asked you anything
and don't get involved.
You stick on your
window philosophy.
Let the boys bring the bed in!
- Oh no they won't!
Oh, yes they will! - I won't allow it!
- This is not no one's!
This is my apartment, I'm the tenant!
It's not enough that you moved in,
but you're still moving in. -No one
is moving in! - And what's this?
Pepi's bed! - Mine. Her cousin will
not come, so brother can move in.
Who allowed that? - Me! - And who
are you to give away housing permits?
With my share of the apartment I can do what
I want. - No, you can't!
I will not allow that everyone go
trough my kitchen. - What kitchen?
This one! - That's our vestibule.
- Lady doesn't have enough room,
so she wants the vestibule too!
And I should cook on the chimney!
If you're skilled you can try.
- You try that and I
will make a kitchen here!
- Wait. - I'll kick her out.
What do you want?
I should let this window
lady to insult me! - Jao!
- Better to be window lady instead of bathing lady!
People, don't...
- You've brought a siege here, and an axe!
Every time I see you I
remember of occupation! - Enough!
Stop it or I'll throw this
cabinet on your head!
Shut up old man. You should go
into a nursing home and be in charge there!
Let me go!
- What's wrong with you? - Silence!
Don't make me beat you.
What's all this? - Crocodile,
is starting with an "a"? - Look at this guy!
He talks about crocodiles, and
crocodiles are moving into his house!
And this crocodile lady. - I'm telling you for
the last time, stop insulting!
That's right! Don't insult the crocodiles.
They are calm tame animals
unlike this hyena.
- That's right! -Jao! Let me go!
Who is it? - Is this Three
nightingale 17 street? - It is.
What is it?
- I brought stuffs. - Who's stuffs?
Mine! -Alligator!
- Aunt! Jao, Mia!
Mia, my dear!
Now it's all good,
it's finished now.
Ej, Pepi! - Yes? - Come on, it's
like you're bathing there. - Coming.
You have only 3 minutes to wash.
You have house rules
above your head so read it.
You see how big is the line.
- Never mind. - I'll show you.
And me?
- Now it's my turn.
How are you?
- "Kom si, kom sa".
That's the best. - And you?
- I'm just "kom sa". - Why's that?
I'm lonely.
Like living in a desert.
Goodness, Pepi, you're lonely as if
you don't live in a interconnecting room.
As if this crowd is not enough.
- On the outside yes, but on the inside...
It seem that I'm in love.
- With who?
It's Awkward.
- You're suffering? - I'm suffering.
In those cases I'm looking
for oblivion in amusement.
Dancing, bars, jazz... - So that's why
you're coming home early in the morning.
I want to forget
one "grande amur".
Why don't we go out tonight
and comfort each other?
With you? What are you thinking?
- Brother has a new suit.
Really? - On my honor,
every time I see you I feel
that something hot goes trough me.
- Come on, please.
So you are rejecting me?
- Of course I am.
Lucky for you that brother is
a persistent guy.
So waiting continues.
Light my cigarette.
When is your exam?
- 15 days from now.
And then you are a doctor.
Doctor Mia Kui.
This can not go on like this.
Ms. Lula, how long will you keep
Cana in the bathroom?
I don't know.
- Oh, you'll know.
Dr. Mia Kui. That impresses me.
Don't you love me a little bit?
- We won't talk about that.
I like it when you get angry like that.
Ljubica! Let me explain...
What's the meaning of all this?
- I want you to love me.
You care about my love
like for the never.
Then why would I want it?
- Why? To please
your vanity, to entertain yourself.
That is inseparable companion
of your life.
- You philosophize. - No, those are
simple conclusions who
impose themselves, especially if
you think about that.
- So you thought about me huh?
Yes, I did. - For a long time? -Until I realized
that we are totally different.
So different that even the strongest
adhesion can't bring us together.
- Excuse me, it was an accident.
What is adhesion? - Force that
attracts different elements.
- Yes. Different.
You used to say that we are similar.
- You were something else then.
How's that? - Like that. Although, back then
you had a more simple dress
you were wearing cheaper shoes,
your hair was more simple.
And your face was modest.
- And now?
And now? Now you're just dressed well.
- And? - And nothing more.
You're rude!
- Trust me, trust me...
We would live so good,
If only a little love...
Well done Mia. You talked like
Solomon on Mount Sinai.
My chances are now increased.
What's that force name you said...
That chemistry thing. -Adhesion?
But that's in physics. - Never mind.
How can you say that? - I don't know
neither. What's the word for that force
that connects same elements?
- Cohesion.
I need that for Lula. Cohesion.
- Pepi! - Me!
Will you go out with me?
- The two of us? - Yes. The two of us.
I'd love to, why not?
- Wait. It'll be just a moment.
Did you hear this Mia?
Pepi spreads his sails. Room in sight!
Ljubica, let me explain...
...Aiming good,
I'm not stingy for bullets,
mister Jimmy, prepare for death.
Mia, how's sister looking?
- Great. - Look at my shoulders.
And the tie? What do you say?
- It's pretty, man.
My respect madam.
- Good afternoon. - Shoo.
Since I told her that I love her,
I dream of her every night.
I'm ready.
My God, Pepi, you like you're
coming from the bazaar.
- You are really man with a taste.
And the tie, what do you say?
- I'm speechless. Let's go.
Even in Sputnik with you if I have to.
Like Strelka and Belka.
Mia! - Now what? - Loan me
a 100 dinars to fill two tickets
I have 12 certain scores.
- Here, just go.
What kind of couple are we huh?
Take one cigarette, you'll need it.
I hope now I will be able to study.
Mia. - Yes? - Are you alone?
- I am, I'm studying.
In this house man can only talk to you.
Please check if this lawsuit
is good - Lawsuit?
I want to sue this old hag.
- Pola? Don't...
Don't huh? So I should let her
to roam in my house?
We can solve that in a nice way. Let it go.
- Until when should I let go?
She moves in trough the window
in my apartment, let it go.
She brings that jay, let it go.
She brings goat in the bathroom.
let go again. Don't be
surprised when you find
an elephant or giraffe in your bed.
- It's not like that. - I won't allow
that others take advantage of my kindliness.
I let her in my house, she should have
roof above her head.
And then she's on your head.
Now listen to this and tell me
if it's good. Listen.
Politely, I'm asking the court to hear me.
In my apartment I have
female trouble, some Poleksija
nicknamed Pola. It wasn't enough for her
to sneak trough the window and moves in
in someone elses, mine, apartment
on top of that she made a zoo
out of it. That same Pola
keeps in her room unreported
male cat and lots of female cats
that disturb housing rules. That wasn't
enough for her, so in shared
bathroom she brought and chained
to the sink, a goat that is two years old.
Goat like every other, doesn't know
where she is, so that bathroom
serves no purpose as intended.
I stress that on top of all that
that same Pola named her goat
Cana, which couldn't be done
in good intentions when is known
that sued Pola knows
that that was the name of my first wife.
And now... On top of al
I this, another thing.
While I washed my face yesterday,
she ate half of my left trouser leg.
Pola ate it? - Half of the
trouser leg, the goat ate it.
And that same thing happens to others.
Cana should be sold,
damage compensated, and Pola
should be sent to observation.
I ask you politely, rescue me for God's sake!
Bogosav Bogac Mili, member of...
S, s, r, n.
- S, d...
Why do you need that?
- I don't want to hear that anymore man.
Isn't this goat bothering
you? - Yes, but
we can solve that nicely.
- Nicely huh? Should I wait another year
I can't take it sonny,
I can't take it anymore.
I go to the bathroom, I undress
and she watches me. It's a disgrace...
Why disgrace? It's a goat
- Goat, but female goat.
You know how she's watching?
In my own bathroom I have to bathe
in my bathing suit.
- So you check if I forgot
something you write it.
Hide it, no one should see it.
Good afternoon. - Good afternoon.
Who are you looking for? - Ms. Lula.
For Ms. Lula you ring 4 times.
It's written here! - Thank you.
Mia. - Yes?
- Rewrite that for me. - I will.
Mia, you don't mind these worms?
- I don't.
Yes, they're quiet.
I'm going on fishing tomorrow morning,
so I wanted to take them to my room
but how can I put worms
in my bedroom.
You look after them. - But...
- And rewrite that please.
Who are you looking for?
- Ms. Lula. - She's not home.
When she will be?
- I don't know, call informations.
Mia. - Yes? - Did it ring
twice now? - Twice.
It's for me then.
You didn't rewrite that.
- I will. - Well it's urgent.
Mia. - Yes? - Electricity bill.
Ring it and convene home council.
They are not home.
- As soon as they come you convene them.
Rewrite that.
- I will!
Are you alone?
- I'm alone.
Read this and tell me is it good.
- What's that?
Lawsuit! I'm suing them.
- You too? - How's that?
You too, such quiet and calm woman...
- I can't take it anymore.
How long will they take advantage of my kindliness? I'm weak. - Please, don't.
Read it, and check it
is it good.
Complaint. I'm asking judge to
protect me, I'm a weak woman...
Widow without protection and for my
age very... - Advanced.
Yes, yes, advanced. But what's the
use of all that when next to me lives
antichrist himself... - Yes.
- Expellee of the God, some wraith
name of the God... - Yes!
- Aunt Pola, what kind of words is this?
Write it 'famous poisoned'!
- Poisoned? - Day before yesterday
he put poison in Cana's clover.
- If he did, she would die.
She would, but my Cana is smarter than him
so she didn't ate it.
He ventilates the bathroom, says there's
cockroaches. Just to poison her.
Wait. Put it away so no one can see it.
- But... - Hide it.
Oh, it's you. Come on.
Where have you been?
- I was on walk with Pepi.
My respect aunt Pola.
- God bless you.
Again nothing.
I was sure that I'll have
at least 7 scores.
You'll have to wait for those 100 dinars.
What do you say about brothers
new suit?
You look like grasshopper.
- What? - Like real grasshopper.
You don't understand.
This is the latest fashion.
Pepi! - What is it? - Have you seen it?
- What? - Your poem is printed!
Here's the poem and the critique! Look!
- Really? - Look!
With emotional flickers...
Aunt Pola, my poem is printed.
Lula, brother got his poem printed.
And the critique! Mia, read it.
Aunt Pola, please.
Lula, please. Mia read it.
We won't read the poem, we know it.
Straight to critique.
A new hope. - Who's that? - You are.
- Aunt Pola, I'm a new hope.
Listen to the critique. - Let's hear it.
- With emotional flickers poet has
discovered us his desitilast,
crystal, fluid warm soul.
What soul? -Destilist,
crystal, fluid warm soul.
That's correct. Continue. -He says
"ipsisiam verba", and he should,
he deserved it. Why is it whale, why not fly? Those words are waking up
inside of us and inflame
the thinnest emotions. - My Good, Pepi!
Ah well... - "Why not fly?",
poem asks, to go inside
himself and give intimate
answer with shivers of his heart
and clearly he said to us
"omnia mea mekum porto".
Who said that, Mia? - You, man.
- What does that mean?
I carry all my things with me.
- That's right. I carry all my things with me.
Listen to this. We wish the best of luck
to young talent who is with one poem
discovered the whole world.
- Bravo, Pepi!
Pepi, this is a success
that you couldn't dream of.
I couldn't dream of, but I saw it coming.
That's the stuff that's
ticking inside of me, ticking...
I felt some fire while I was writing this,
but I didn't knew the diagnosis.
- My God, Pepi, I never suspected
who I know. Now you're impressive
to me. - I told you...
Pepi, sit down and tell us how are
you writing your songs.
It's not easy to explain in a few words.
- How do you go into trance?
What? - To trance...
It's in the critique. - Ah, yes.
I sit down like this.
I think deeply and close my eyes.
And you write with your eyes closed.
- Yes. Concentration 400 volts.
Everything disturbs in me,
I can't see anything in from of me.
That's because you keep your eyes closed.
- Oh, aunt! That's not it.
Trough veins, arteries, smallest venation,
it's like there's no blood. - Then what?
It's thousands of small
fire engines who are rushing
on the fire. - And where is the fire?
- In my head. - Of course.
It became a muddle because
of the high voltage.
Sonny why don't go to see a doctor?
What doctor?
- All that fire can't be good.
Aunt, that's creators fire!
- There's a doctor for that too.
Pepi, you are genius.
- Yes, everybody says that.
You're all here. Mia, tell them not
to split up because of that conference.
Give me that law suit, we'll rewrite it later.
Did it rang twice?
What does this old man wants?
Some conference again. - Electricity.
Yes, he pays a lot...
Give that law suit to me.
Good of you to come,
we have some important issues to discuss.
I don't have the time. - This is a
flying conference, just a moment.
Miss Lula, you are not a member
of the home council, leave the room.
Big deal. Pepi...
Are all the members of the home council here?
- We're all here. - We can start.
The goat rolled over a washbowl.
- That's terrible! - And that's how
the state property is kept.
- That's my washbowl.
But states tiles! Do you know what
it means for state tile when
something is dropped on it?
- And when you chopping wood in your room.
That is my room and I'm
responsible for it, but the bathroom
is shared and I won't allow it
to be demolished. - She rolled over a
washbowl, not bathtub.
- For now... - That is unbearable
Silence! Home council is
conveyed because some other things.
And for that steps have already
been made at authorities.
You're going to scare me.
- Please don't twist things.
I did not said that to
intimidate you, but to say that
you're going to have some troubles.
- He's threatening again, do you hear?
I'm a weak woman. - Please
don't dilute this discussion.
We have some important things to solve,
and not to listen someone's
complaints. - That's right.
- Calm down aunt Pola.
It's about this. We've got an electricity
bill of 680 dinars.
Auuu! - Now let's see who's
going to pay and how much.
I'm not going to pay anymore so
that someone else can use it. - We're paying too.
Take it easy! No arguing. We know that
hot plate is using electricity like hell.
On this 680 at least 200 is because of it.
My small hot plate to spend 200 dinars?
- When it's on all day long.
You say that. - He doesn't say it,
the bill does! - And it doesn't say that
your radio is playing all day long?
- It's known how much radio can
spend, and how much hot plate can!
It is, 200 dinars. - Hold on...
Weak woman and threw in three sided
cabinet trough window by herself.
It wasn't three sided. - It can be one
sided. The three of us
couldn't carry it in trough the door, and she did it trough the window. What do you want?
I think it's too much for her to
pay 200 dinars. - Wait.
200 dinars for the hot plate,
then 50 dinars per light bulb,
then 100 dinars for
night light bulb that is lit on
because of the goat in the bathroom,
then 50 dinars for the bell...
What's that for the bell?
We all use the bell.
And we all pay for it. I'm paying 25 dinars.
- And she has to pay 50?
Of course. - Why? - What do you mean why?
It's two rings for me,
and 4 rings for her. Double the electricity,
double the money. - That's right!
I'm crazy to even talk to you.
- No one is allowed
to leave the conference!
Then I'm off too! If she can, I can too.
- If she's like that,
you don't have to be! - I have to cook
lunch. - Lunch can be later!
Later when? While I roll cabbage rolls it's going to be noon. - What cabbage rolls?
With grape leaves. - That's excellent.
Have you bought a pot of sour milk?
I forget.
- How can you forget?
Cabbage rolls can't be served without sour milk. When cabbage rolls are hot and,
you pour sour milk on top...
- You can use yogurt too.
Yogurt is for those on diet.
It has to be sour milk,
and from goat, with cream.
To cut it with a knife.
So when you throw it on those cabbage rolls,
from all the heat it gets even colder,
then it melts. You go roll
that, and Ill go to get
pot of sour milk.
- And the conference? - It's postponed
because of technical reasons.
If this goes on I'll have to
postpone my exam.
We have to resolve this
housing problem.
I too need peace to work.
- You decided to work something huh?
I want to publish book of poems.
- How can you publish book when you
wrote only one song? - Never mind,
I'll write another one, peace of cake.
Go for it.
With emotional flickers
vibrations are oscillate radius.
I know this radius.
But whats "oscillate"?
I don't have a clue about this.
Is he making fun of me?
Ms. Ljubica,
what do you think about Lula?
What do you mean? - Never mind,
just asking. She's charming right?
Yes, she is.
- You know what's new? - No.
Lula fell in low. - I know that.
- How? - You just told me.
Yes, I told you. Aren't you glad?
- Yes, I am.
Why don't you congratulate?
- Who? - What do you mean who? Me.
Why you? - What do you mean why?
To who then? -Pepi, "darling"!
My dear! - You don't have to be jealous anymore because Mia and me.
Pepi and I are in love.
- Both ways.
- Ljubica!
Finally some poetry in this
prosaic room.
There! Now they can cook
on the chimney! Where's my law suit?
Where did you put it?
- I'll go find it.
Wait. I left it here.
I mixed up law suits.
Great. Maybe he didn't
read it yet.
What is this Mia? Explain it!
Antichrist huh?
- Female trouble!
To be sent for observation?
- How did she get that?
I mixed them up by mistake.
- For this you'll have to pay for this!
You'll go in jail for this. - Everything that's
written there is true. - And there too.
So it's written with premeditation!
You're going to pay for this
I promise you!
Give me my hat, I'm going on court.
Give me my scarf, I'm going too.
I'm up to here. - Don't...
Again with "don't"! What are you thinking?
Me antichrist?
I'm advanced element, and she
says that I'm expellee of the God.
She didn't mean it.
- Yes I did! - There you go.
It's not my fault that he's like that.
Wherever he goes I have to sanctify.
You'll pay for that too.
There's no sanctifying in socialism.
Let's make a truce.
- Until I resolve this
I won't back down! - If I was sanctifying,
I did it in my house
and you were sanctifying before the war
and during occupation! - Don't bring that up!
What was I doing during occupation?
- It's known. - What's known?
It's known, it's known! - What was I doing during occupation?
Pepi, what was I doing
during occupation? - Nothing.
Not even your alarm clock
worked during occupation.
Not even my alarm clock...
What are you playing?
I'm saying that you were good.
- I sure was,
unlike some people.
- Like who? - Like "ring 4 times".
You mind your own business
or I'll move to the next page.
She'll turn the next page.
- Number one: don't cook in my
vestibule. - You don't say!
- Now I'll show you.
Please don't!
- Let me go!
What's wrong with you?
- I'll kill him!
Calm down, what's wrong with you?
Pepi, what are you doing? Mrs. Nata! - Mom!
Silence! Silence!
This can't go on like this anymore!
- I'm convoking general emergency house meeting!
Mia, ring it.
- Pepi, the bell!
Take your places.
Why are you ringing?
- General house meeting.
I'm not the member.
- This is an open meeting.
Even you regular people will attend.
You, Ljubica and Lula.
Why do you need me when my wife is here?
- Listen to him! Look at this!
I'll see what you'll have for lunch today!
This meeting is now in session...
Like Mia said,
this can not go on like this!
- It sure can't! - Let's go!
About point one that this can not go on like
this we are all agreed.
Point two. Why can not go on
and because of who?
Point three about tenants
discipline and point four, miscellaneous.
I'm asking the speakers to be brief because
I have to go fishing in the morning.
I'm asking permission to speak.
- Comrade Mia is now speaking.
Listen up people.
Atmosphere in our apartment has become
And if this goes on, who knows
what can come of it.
And I had the misfortune,
considering position of my room,
to be in crossfire,
on no man's land. - On erased space.
- Shut up, Pepi.
So I always played he role
of intermediary.
Aunt Pola is complaining about Mr.
Boga, he scolds aunt Pola,
and so on until the law suits
have came. And in both of them
there is some hard insults
that you would have answer about
you aunt Pola,
and you too Mr. Boga, because
it's about insult of honor. - And that's
six months at least. - Of what?
Of lock up. - Is that true?
- It is. Both you and aunt Pola,
wrote that not thinking
about the consequences.
Lucky for you that I got those lawsuits
before court did.
Let's put arguing aside and make
sure that we avoid consequences.
Because if it does, it's going to be a scandal
for the whole house, and us too.
If we don't solve all of the disputed points,
tension will become even bigger.
Mrs. Nata will install her stove
every day at this time.
- I sure will. - Of course.
And aunt Pola will throw the stovepipes
out. - I sure will!
You will too aunt Pola,
and you will too, Mrs. Nata. - I will.
And Mr. Boga will be without his
lunch every day.
How's that with no lunch?
- No rolling cabbages today. - How's that?
No, because Mrs. Pola
has disassembled the stove.
If we don't make an agreement
all of us will be left without lunch.
I was always for agreement.
- Well done Mr. Boga!
Asking permission to speak.
- Go on.
Listen you... If every day stovepipe
are thrown trough this vestibule
they can say that we don't use it
rationally and to move in
some trumpeter with his children!
How they can move him in?
- They can from legal point of view.
Sure, sure. - In that case...
I'm for an agreement too.
Great! Let's see how are we
going to solve this problem.
Who has a suggestion? - I have. - Let's hear it. - That Pola removes the goat from the bathroom,
to pay certain amount for electricity
and that she doesn't have the right
to throw out stove from the vestibule,
in other words, our kitchen. - That's right!
I don't agree!
- Hold on. Let's hear your suggestion.
That no one disturbs my goat,
and to pay 80 dinars for electricity
because that's how much I spend.
- She's rude. - And to remove the stove
from my vestibule at once.
- You want some cash too?
You can give that to your gloomy husband!
- Can you hear what she said about you?
What is she saying? - She's saying that you're gloomy! - Gloomy... how many letters?
You'll allow this hag to insult you.
- Me a hag?
- Let me go! - What's wrong with you?
He said that I'm a hag!
- Silence!
Don't you understand that we won't
get anywhere like this?
You tell that to her! -He knows who
he should tell to. - We should solve this
by voting, not by fighting and brawling!
- Permission to speak! - Let's hear it!
Comrades. I was thinking about his problem
for a long time.
Do you want me to give you
a suggestion as a attorney? - Yes.
Let's hear it. - Allow me to retreat
to a quiet room
to organize my thoughts.
- Go to my room, Pepi
it's quiet there.
- Thank you.
Be careful not to step some cat's tail.
- Go to my room, at least
there's no worms there.
- Do you agree that everything that
is decided by voting, is put
into effect immediately? - We do!
Enough! Sit down!
I don't want to hear a single word.
"Que sera, sera".
Mia, Egyptian pharaoh, 11 letters?
First one "t", third one "t".
Tutankhamun. - What?
- Tutankhamun. - Correct. Thank you.
Drop dead.
- You too.
Mrs. Nata. - Yes? - Quiet down
please. - What I'm I doing?
I can hear your voice.
- Oh...
You see?
Mia. Flavoring, 7 letters. - Any letters?
- Second is "I".
- Seven letters!
Cayenne pepper. - Right in the center.
- How did she knew...
Flavoring, 5 letters.
- Seven letters. - P, a, r, s, I, e, y.
Parsley is not flavoring.
- You don't say.
If you cook some beef,
and you take some parsley
and put it in it's not flavoring?
- It isn't. - You know...
No, you're going to tech me.
When I was cooking lunches,
Metropolitan had came.
- He must've come on great fast.
He could do that with your swills.
I'm making swills?
- She's cooking for Ms. Goat.
She eats better than you.
At least I can cook.
She can't even flip a pancake.
- When I flip it flips 5 times
so I catch it.
- She's skilled,
she played tennis with Metropolitan.
You should know that when
Metropolitan comes at my place for lunch
he always doing, "oh-oh"!
And he smears half of his beard. - Yea, right.
He had to take his beard to
dry cleaning. - What's this?
You're starting again! Enough already.
Pepi, are you finished?
- Yes. - Hurry up.
Silence please.
Pepi is talking. Every suggestion will be
voted for. What is decided by majority
is put into effect immediately.
Correct? - Correct.
Citizens and philistines
Landlords, landholders, tenants,
roommates, above tenants,
subtenants, single ladies and gentleman,
allow me to tell you
my rescuing suggestion.
- Let's hear it. - What's that? - Let's hear it.
When I was alone in the room,
with this problem of ours
when we were face to face,
I looked like
David before Goliath.
- He started from the Old Testament.
I'll be brief.
I dived into in,
and like a surgeon with a scalpel
I cut it to small pieces...
- Did you cut the meat for the cabbage rolls?
When? - Should I wait until
you cut the meat
and continue later?
I cut it on small components, and I got
elements that are inside of out problem,
and they are making
a whole thing.
Problems components are:
One passing room - two guys,
one girl's room - two girls,
one bathroom - one Mr. Dragia,
one Mrs. Nata - one goat,
shed, larder,
aunt Pola, Mr. Boga
and other rooms.
If with put these elements in order
everything will be fine. Firs suggestion.
- Let's hear it!
To remove the goat from the bathroom at once.
- What - Smart suggestion.
- What, Pepi you too?
General interests must come
before personals. Who is for?
1, 2, 3... 6.
Who is against?
Suggestion is admitted with 6
to 1 and one restrained.
According to that, the goat
is leaving the bathroom at once.
Bravo, Pepi. - I'm not moving her!
- You can't do that! Majority has decided.
And you have to listen to majority.
- You have to. - I'm a weak woman.
Madam leave that for miscellaneous point.
- That's right Pepi, well done.
Second suggestion. - Let's hear it.
- That Mia and Ljubica register themselves...
What? - And to take one room.
Who is for raise your hand.
Who is against?
- Me!
Do you know what are you voting for?
- I'm voting for yes. - 6 has voted for.
Who is against? - Me! Dragia,
you vote against! - He voted for.
Suggestion is attended,
and I congratulate to the newlyweds.
I'm now allowing that!
- Majority has decided.
That is not applied here!
- If it applied for my goat
it will apply for your daughter!
- Goat and daughter are different things!
There's no difference between you
and the goat, from legal point of view.
It's done, let's move on.
- It's not done! That's my child!
I born her and I'll give her
to who I want!
Go one, bless them and let's move on!
Don't hold things!
Dad, do you hear this?
- Hold on...
Mia, do you want to take Ljubica? - I do.
Take it easy. - Do you want to take Mia?
- Yes. - Wait, hold on.
Is this your free will,
or did this housing pinch
forced you? - It's our. - Wait.
- Be honest, If you'd have your own
with a bathroom would you still married her?
- I would.
Amen. - Amen what? - Good luck to them.
- I'm the mother,
and I won't allow it! - If you're
her mother, I'm your father!
What do you want? What's wrong with Mia?
Nice young man, pretty, smart,
he will become a doctor soon... - Yes.
They love each other... -Kissing. - They just love each other. And most important,
they'll only take one room.
Mia, sonny, I wish you good luck.
Dragia, can't you see that your
daughter is married?
Is it horizontal or vertical?
- Third suggestion!
That Lula and I register and take one room.
But, Pepi... - Never mind.
It's not the first time to,
neither of us. So let's get
registered and end of discussion.
Who is for? Everyone.
Who is against? No one. Congratulations.
As of this moment you have a husband
and brother has a room.
Congratulations, Pepi! - We'll save ovations for later. Take your places!
Also to take one room only,
I suggest that aunt Pola
and Mr. Boga register!
- What? - Aunt! Jao, Mia...
Here, aunt Pola, water!
- Let her breathe.
Jao, aunt!
Come on, slowly!
- Come on, come on...
Take a deep breath.
- Dad, breathe.
Good, great.
Pepi, sonny, are you insane?
- Who is for? - I! - I!
Mr. Boga, congratulations!
Come on, aunt Pola!
- Congratulations.
We sued each other and you...
Aunt Polo, there's no love without
fighting - Of course.
Don't you remember that you said that
Mr. Boga is the right type of man?
That you like his moustaches
- Yes.
- And you said that
aunt Pola reminds you on your late wife.
- Yes, she looks just like
late Cana.
- Don't, she's strong.
She brought three sided cabinet trough
the window by herself! And the goat
is part of her dowry so we can all use it.
- How's that?
We are all one family now.
- What do you mean?
What do I mean? Mia takes Ljubica,
therefore Dragia is his father-in-law,
Nata mother-in-law. - Yes. - Mr. Boga
is his grandfather, aunt Pola grandmother.
Lula is aunt Pola's niece,
and Mia's aunt...
Mia, brother is you uncle.
Mrs. Nata is my sister.
And Mrs. Nata,
aunt Pola is your stepmother. -Iju!
Just family and cousins!
We'll share a kitchen
and this will be our dining room.
- Jao! - When the kids are born...
That's way I suggest that newlyweds
get bigger room because of the birthrate.
Mia and Ljubica into Mr. Boga's,
me and Lula into aunt Pola's,
and Mr. Boga and aunt Pola
to the girls room. - Ok.
Why should we go in the girls room?
- That's enough for you? - Enough?
Come on! - Come on aunt!
- Dad I can't believe this!
Majority has decided.
- Come one!
Just one thing. Was there something between
you and that Metropolitan? - Nothing.
That's all I wanted to know.
Goat rolled over a sink.
- A sink!
Never mind! Our gout broke a sink.
She was playing.
She will be bored alone
in the shed. - She doesn't bother us?
She should stay in the bathroom.
- Now one more thing.
My sweet sister Mrs. Nata,
should kiss her stepmother's hand.
Go on, go on...
Everyone in their places!
Mia, install that stove.
Ljubica and Lula will cut meat
for the cabbage rolls, Mr. Boga will
go to... - Bottle of wine and sour
milk to put on top.
We're going to live like in paradise.
- At least we know how big family lives
in small apartment.
Go answer.
- Uncle will get that. Coming!
Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon. - Hello.
Is this Three nightingale 17 street?
- Yes.
Today I got housing permit
to move in this apartment.
I'm a trumpeter with
three children. - Ijao!
Please, take us in your apartment.