Zameer (1975) Movie Script

- Hello, sir.
Hello. What's going on there?
- We're training the new stud.
I see. Let me check him out.
What's wrong?
- Can't rein him in, he's too stubborn
Is he the new horse?
- Right, sir.
I'll rein him in.
- No sir, he's dangerous.
Nazir just fell off him.
- Whatever the pedegree...
no horse can throw me down.
Give me the bridle, I'll take him on.
Forget him, sir.
- Step back.
Want to ride a horse with daddy?
Which horse will you chose?
The little one.
- Find a young one for him, Ramsingh.
Right, lady.
Come on, my tiger.
Here's the little master's
little horse. Go on.
Bravo, my boy. Keep it up.
He's going to win the derby someday.
Tie him.
Rukhmini, saw how I reined the horse?
Where's Chimpu?
There he is.
Get down. I'm tired.
Chimpu, don't you forget this horse
when you grow up. Okay?
Because of you I survive.
Give me a kiss, please.
Ramsingh, let me change his dress.
- Come on, hit the ball.
Come on, my darling.
Whose boy are you?
Mummy's boy, no?
You'll go to sleep now
and dream of fairies.
Ramu, come here. See this
mark on him? It's a vey lucky mark.
It's the trident of Lord Shiva.
- By Lord Hanuman...
you'll never find this mark
on anyone else.
Don't cast an evil eye on him.
- Daddy's? Never. He's a lucky boy.
You must ward off the evil eye on me.
By God, what a body I have!
My son will go to sleep now.
Has Chimpu gone to bed?
- Yes.
Are you going to the farm?
- Yes. You may go to sleep.
This is bad. Why d'you have to go to
the farm daily? Aren't there syces?
Darling, if the master is not smart
enough, his servants get sluggish.
I'll come back soon.
Bastards! You sleep on duty?
They're gone.
Who did this?
Who did this?
- Maharaj Singh shot him dead, chief.
Maharai Singh!
Wondeul! You're a great marksman.
- Whatever the make, I never miss my aim
- Yes Papa?
Ty the gun, son. Here.
Look at the bottle.
Shut one eye.
Press the trigger.
Give me a kiss.
Saw that Rukhmini? The sound
of the shot didn't scare him.
Brave son of a brave father.
I wait for the day when he grows up.
We'll take on the whole world.
- You'll make him as wild as you are.
The wild man runs
the show for you, doesn't he?
I'm off to the bank.
Bye son.
Your son used a gun for the first
time. Won't you ward off the evil eye?
My darling.
Give me a kiss.
Today, by God's grace,
our son has turned two.
Lady, you must
ward off the evil eye.
Money is all you want.
My darling son will come to no harm.
No! No!
My Chimpu. My son!
What's the matter?
What happened?
- Can't find Chimpu.
Ramu, where's Chimpu?
- I don't know, sir.
Weren't you here last night?
- I was sleeping. I don't know, sir.
Bastard! You were sleeping? Is this
what you're paid for?
Sonofagun! Get out of here!
Drop dead!
Any news of Chimpu?
- I tried my best.
Advertised in the papers,
lodged a report in the police.
I looked for him
evehere, but...
I couldn't find him.
- You didn't ward off the evil eye.
And we lost our son.
- Such a grave punishment...
for such a trivial mistake?
God! Don't You have a heart?
I've borne it, but your wounds
haven't yet healed.
Rukhmini, forget him.
It's been twenty years now.
Had our son been alive,
wouldn't we have found him by now?
No, I feel he's alive. God would
never break a mother's trust.
On his birthday, I pray to God...
for his happiness and well-being,
wherever he is.
May he live for a hundred years.
May my years add to his.
Even I wish my years add to his,
if only he is alive.
Even if he is alive...
God knows where he is.
"is short, so live it up"
"The few moments of life..."
"do not lose"
"If you lose, do not grieve"
Badal, the iailor wants you.
Ruined the fun.
Doesn't he have work to do?
Shut up and come out.
- All right. Stop screaming.
Salaam sahib.
- Salaam.
How are you?
- As fine as you keep me.
Now listen Badal...
- Badal? Who Badal?
Why, have you forgotten your name?
- I haven't, you have forgotten.
312. My name is 312.
- It was. Not anymore.
Today we're releasing you.
- What for? I mean...
my sentence isn't yet over.
- Today is our Independence Day.
And on this occasion, several convicts
have been released including you.
So kind of you. Convey my thanks
to the Prime Minister.
I like this attitude. Always smiling.
You've been sentenced twice...
but your attitude hasn't changed.
- Attitudes of women change, sir.
Men have only one facet.
Besides, I have only one principle.
Sing and laugh, for life is short.
No matter where you are;
in prison, or outside.
Yadav, give him his belongings.
See you later, jailor sahib.
- Listen Badal...
do not come back here
a third time. You could be...
sentenced for a longer period.
You're a nice person.
Why get down to bad ways?
Ty and earn an honest living.
My word. But who earns
an honest living these days?
Honesty is actually out of fashion.
Bye sir.
I told you. Your son will be released
if you shell out 500.
But constable, yesterday
you said 200 or 300 will do.
Moron. How much does
200 and 300 add up to?
200 plus 300?
- 500, isn't it?
Yes it is.
- 500. That's what I'm asking you for.
Bloody fool. The 500 is split
to fill two different pockets.
That's how you get work done
these days. Brought the money?
- Give it to me quick. Fast.
Give me that too.
The illegal trade is strange.
With blackmarketeers, money rots.
How long has this been rotting?
Hello constable.
- Hello. Scoot! I'll catch you later.
Badal! How come you're outside?
- Released. The government...
was fed up with me. I was eating too
much. Food is expensive, after all.
Make no mistakes this time around.
Or you'll be in for a longer period.
Big men big sentence, right?
- Fine.
Are you going? Listen, one moment.
You see, I wrote a couplet
when I was in.
Now that the wind sweeps away a leaf,
you never know when I'll return.
- Wait. Why not a parting embrace?
Just once.
- You're always so funny.
Why are you kids hooting?
- Brother Badal has been released.
Really? Where is he?
- There he is.
How're you, uncle? Fine?
- Absolutely fine. And you, son?
I'm fine. How're you aunt?
How is your buffalo?
Of late, she has been
yielding less milk.
Don't wory, buy a new buffalo
and get milk more. Here's the money.
Sit, uncle. Here, distribute it.
Eveyone should get an equal share.
Where did you find the money?
Weren't you in prison?
Comings and goings are what life
is all about. In the interim...
I manage to swindle some.
- That's what you do for us...
and we feel bad about it.
- Good or bad, I know not.
I used to work in a race course.
Someone else swindled, and...
I was framed and eventually fired.
Of what use was my honesty?
Man is such a bastard,
he even makes an animal corrupt.
What you can digest is yours,
what you can't wasn't meant for you.
Never mind, life is short.
So take life as it comes. Enjoy.
"Enioy, for life is short"
"The few moments of life,
do not lose"
"If you lose, do not grieve"
"You will fall
but you are no lo! Ser"
"For you are human, not God"
"When in India, dress like an Indian"
"Be what you are"
"Never wory"
"Life is short, so live it up"
"Few moments of life"
"If honesty doesn't pay,
use deceit"
"If you don't get
what you deserve, plunder"
"Eveyone here is a thief,
no one is a saint"
"Looking for hap, piness
is no sin'
"So never wory"
"Life is to enioy"
"Do not lose the few moments of life"
"If you lose, do not lament"
Come on, twenty for one.
Win twenty for one.
Come on, no second thoughts. Pick up
the weapon, play the game of men.
What's the deal?
- You'll get 12 bullets for one buck.
Hit six targets, and you'll get
twenty bucks for the one you paid.
- Let me have the gun.
Great! That's like a man.
- Is this the gun?
You want a cannon?
- No thanks, this will do for now.
If you excuse me,
I'll straighten the nozzle.
Wondeul! You're a deadly shot!
Whatever the make,
I never miss my aim.
Wondeul! You're a great marksman.
- Whatever the make, I never miss my aim
Where are you lost?
My twenty bucks?
You've ruined me.
Here's ten... fifteen...
and twenty.
Badal, when were you released?
- Just today, sir.
If anyone's pocket is picked in
the fair, you'll land behind bars
It's like, the famous man cons, and
the infamous robber is hauled up.
You can keep the money if you wish.
It's not stolen.
I must tell you something. From now on
I'm going to earn an honest living.
Inspector sahib...
your wallet. Evidence of my honesty.
- Bloody swine.
Same to you, sir.
So you are into this, too?
- I do whatever comes to me.
By Lord Hanuman, you're a Guru.
Will you do something for me?
Anything for money.
- I see. Then let's go in.
Come on.
- Sure.
Are you interested in horse-riding?
- Interested? It's my profession.
The horseback is the first thing
I saw after I was born.
By Lord Hanuman, you've got
a silver tongue. I hope...
you won't fall off a horse?
- No horse can throw me down.
Whatever the breed,
no horse can throw me down.
Same words.
Could this one be his son?
No manhandling. Okay?
- You're vey unfortunate.
You just missed
becoming a millionaire.
Now you'll rip my pants and say that
I just missed becoming a billionaire.
Is this a new way to become rich?
- Actually Guru, twenty years ago...
I was a servant to Maharaj Singh.
He's a multimillionaire.
He had a son, Chimpu.
Some thug kidnapped him...
and there's no trace of the boy yet.
The boy had a mark on his shoulder.
Guru, when I saw you, I felt that
you are the one. Maharaj Singh's son.
You're tying to link me
to rich parents. I wasn't destined...
to even have poor parents.
- You will have parents.
- Listen to this.
Maharaj Singh hasn't been
able to forget his son.
If you wish, I can pass you off
as his son.
Funny! How'll he believe I'm his son?
- That's my job.
How will you do it?
I'll tell you. You have certain
traits that match Maharaj Singh's.
You ride horses, you're also
a marksman like him.
The only difference is that
his son had a mark on his body.
- Yes, a mark. Over here.
About which, only Maharaj Singh,
his wife and I know.
I'll make a similar tattoo on you.
And then, you'll be worth millions.
If you agree,
half the money will be mine.
If it comes walking to me,
I don't mind splitting it.
But how will you make a mark on me?
- How?
That's my iob. Only mine.
Wondeul! That's it. Ditto.
You deserve five bucks. Happy?
- Happy sahib.
I've made a millionaire out of you.
You're going to own...
Maharaj Singh's stud farm.
By God, don't you forget my share.
Never. I'm a true friend.
Also don't forget what I've told you
about Maharaj Singh and his son.
I won't. I had a toy horse,
a cradle made of sandalwood...
Mother's name is Rukhmini
Daddy has properties worth millio! Ns...
a stud farm and many horses...
and what else?
Your parents are waiting for you
to return, for twenty years.
So, here comes the son.
Excuse me...
- Which way is Maharaj Singh's farm?
D'you see this road?
- Yes, I do.
See that road?
- Yes. Both roads lead to his farm?
None of them.
- Then which one leads to it?
The road which you've taken.
- Great!
That's me. You got a fag?
- D'you take me for a tobacconist?
Wonder where they come from.
"and the swaying breeze"
"In such a setting,
among the blossoms..."
"if I were to find love,
I'd stop forever"
"Wherever, under the sky..."
"if inviting eyes
and yearning arms..."
"were to beckon me,
I'd stop forever"
"and the swaying breeze"
"In such a setting,
among the blossoms..."
"if I were to find love,
I'd stay back forever"
"I'm crazy, I'm going nowhere"
"If I were to find
a pretty dame..."
"I'd stop forever"
"and the swaying breeze"
"In such a setting,
among the blossoms..."
"if I were to find love,
I'd stop forever"
"I'd stay back for love"
Wondeul! Great philosophy.
"I'd stay back for love"
O'king of music, will you stop here
if you find someone worthy among us?
Found someone?
- A girl?
Beauties all. You must like someone.
As for likes, if I say yes or no,
you'll be disappointed.
We won't. Just stay back.
- Done. What's the order?
One more song. Please.
- Well said.
How bizarre! The sun is about to set.
It's time for dinner.
How can I sing? I'm famished.
- There's enough to eat. Rightaway.
Serve the food.
C'mon, let's begin.
I'm famished.
What's your name?
- Badal. (Cloud).
How could you betray the skies?
- For you guys.
Won't you guys eat?
- Only if food's left for us.
How bizarre! You think I'm a glutton?
Here you are, take it.
Tell me something.
What're you doing in this wilderness?
Thrown out of the house, are you?
We're college students,
and social workers.
We're making a road through
this jungle. Our hostel is nearby.
And what do you do?
- Sort of social work.
I make music. And if I find people
like you, I also find food.
Fantastic fare.
That'll serve me for two more days.
Here... now you'll sing
a song for us.
How bizarre!
How can I sing? I'm stuffed.
Now! That's cheating.
- It's fair.
No way. We can't take it.
We'll protest.
We want a song.
A song?
- Yes.
Who refused?
Sons of a gun! Why are you silent?
How did the horse get away?
Speak. Ass!
- The horse was with me.
A rabbit sprung out of the blue,
and the horse started off...
and I let go the reins.
- My foot! Which way did he go?
That way.
- Anyone followed him?
Shankar went with five men in a jeep.
- And what were you doing here?
Swatting flies? Bloody asses!
There comes Rustam.
Stop it.
This boy is amazing. Hats off to him.
He has controlled a wild horse.
Only the boss can ride on him.
- Well done.
You seem to be a skilled rider.
In this vicinity...
you can't find a better horseman
than our master.
Whatever the breed,
no horse can throw me down.
What's your name?
- Badal.
What do you do?
- Nothing. I want a job.
Want a job?
Will you work in our farm?
I guess my destiny has led me
to the right place.
What did you say?
- Nothing. I'll work. Sure. Why not?
But you'll have to be loyal.
If you look for loyalty, rear dogs.
Man thinks before he leaps. Right?
How have you been?
- You're still alive?
What did you imagine?
- The way the horse ran...
I thought it'd tip you over.
- No horse can throw me down.
Tell me kid, what brings you
here again? Hungy again?
I have a stomach, I sure do
feel hunger. As for food, ne time.
Where's my guitar?
I don't know how to play it.
When in the right hands,
the strings stir by themselves.
I'm grateful to you
for saving my life.
And many thanks to you for giving
a new lease of life to my guitar.
Are you new around here?
One is new wherever he goes.
I mean, I've never seen you here.
I should feel sory for it...
I didn't meet you earlier.
Who are you?
To get acquainted,
d'you really need to know a person?
Well, yes... and no.
Then let me answer your "yes".
When two meet for the first time,
they are total strangers.
Then they get acquainted.
Acquaintance takes to liking.
And liking leads to friendship.
And friendship turns into love...
Your guitar.
I wonder if you'll be here tomorrow,
but I'm coming.
I'm not coming. We're going back to
the hostel. Our job here is done.
Listen... listen...
I'm coming, for sure.
When two meet for the first time,
they are total strangers.
Then they get acquainted.
Acquaintance takes to liking.
Liking leads to friendship.
And friendship...
Turns into love.
He's strange. He spoke about love
at the vey first meeting.
Second meetings are
never predictable. Life is short.
How short, one can't figure.
- Nor can one figure how long.
I speak my mind.
That's my principle.
Agreed. But holding back words
is also fun.
Hypocrites hold back words
in their hearts.
Who has seen a heart?
- I have.
Then tell me...
what do I hold in my heart?
- Shall I?
There's love for me in your heart.
Life is short. So enjoy
the few moments that life is.
Hi Rustam...
I need to tell you something, kid.
Love has happened. But what happens
if she finds out the truth?
Well, forget it.
Why wory about the future?
Come, let's go for a ride.
What's up, Badal?
- Just taking Rustam out.
Good. Is eveything all right?
- Yes.
Who's our boss? I haven't seen him.
I wish to pay him my respects.
Do that when he comes to the farm.
- Doesn't he come here?
- He keeps attending to his ailing wife
So his wife is unwell?
What's wrong with her?
She's grieving for her son.
Her only son was kidnapped.
It's been twenty years,
but he's not to be traced.
It's killing the poor woman.
How is she now?
- Better.
Lady, do not think too much.
You must move out, socialise.
If you think of the past...
you'll be obviously depressed.
And that's not good for you.
I keep telling her that,
but she won't listen.
He was my son too, but I got over it.
And look at her, doctor.
Doctor, I ty my best,
but I can't forget him.
But you must forget him.
The blood pressure has subsided.
Continue with the same pills
and take enough rest.
Thakur sahib, I didn't find it right
to say it front of her.
But her heart's weakening day by day.
- Nor am I strong at heart.
Just to encourage her,
I pretend to be strong.
Honestly, I'm shattered within.
If one's offspring dies,
time teaches him to bear the loss.
But when one's son vanishes
right from under his nose...
his tolerance and his will to forget
is lost forever.
Had he been around,
he'd have been as tall as me now.
Stop it, kid, enough.
You, go that side.
Move back eveyone.
Come here, Rustam.
Come... come...
Want to go looking for a girl?
Not for you, for me.
"Hand-in-hand, you and I..."
"and life will go on"
"Not the earth,
nor the sky...
"life is our only destination"
"Let's not look back
for what we've left behind"
"Let me enjoy the warmth
in your embrace"
"All I have to say is..."
"let's live life
in the shade of love"
"Let's tread hand-in-hand..."
"and life will go on"
"Not the earth,
nor the sky...
"life is our only destination"
"May we flow forever
with the joy"
"May the music of love
stir our heartstrings forever"
"May this caravan of love
never stop"
"May eveyday be coloured
in our lives"
- You and I..."
"let's take on life"
This is why they say
love is blind, I guess.
I know nothing about you as yet.
What if I say I am a thief?
That you are, indeed.
- Shall I tell you the truth?
Tell me.
As of now, I'm gambling.
And I've made a serious move.
I don't know what the outcome
will be.
I gambled too. That's why I haven't
told you anything about myself.
Don't ever tell me.
Let's sail in the same boat.
In the deep ocean that life is...
either we drown or survive,
victoy will be ours.
Wondeul! Chameli is looking lovely.
And look at Mohini.
The babies have grown up.
Kid, you'll win the derby someday.
How's it going?
- Fine sir.
Are the horses back in the stable?
- Yes.
The supply of oats?
- Got it.
That mare's not massaged properly.
And why isn't her mane cut?
The doctor says after three days.
- That vet is an ass!
Put him back.
The syndicate has offered a million.
A million? Only?
- For Rustam.
Asses! They think I'm going
to sell Rustam.
Where's Rustam?
- Gone out. He should be coming.
Out? Who took him?
- Badal.
Badal? Who is Badal?
- New syce.
Is he your father? How could you
give my champion stallion to him?
Rustam had broken free. Were it not
for Badal, we'd have lost Rustam.
Thank God he reined Rustam in
and brought him back here.
He reined Rustam?
- Yes sir.
Look how he's dancing.
What style.
Sir, this is Badal.
And Badal, meet our boss.
Mr Maharaj Singh? Salaam.
- Bravo. Well done.
I'm glad, you could control him.
Else, save myself...
he doesn't allow anyone
to sit on him. He tips them over.
Whatever the breed,
no horse can throw me down.
In my prime, I too used those words.
I like that reply.
Here's a reward for you.
My studs are vey precious.
You're a good rider.
However, for their safekeeping,
you ought to be a good marksman too.
How's your aim, anmay?
Insolent! How dare you insult
the reward I give you?
I forgive you this time. Ne time
I'll skin you alive! You get it?
By Lord Hanuman,
that was a wrong move.
I wanted you to walk
into Maharaj Singh's heart.
Instead, you sent the old man's
temper flaring.
To each his own style.
I thought he'd flare up enough to tear
my shirt off and see the mark on me.
But it didn't work that way.
- Think of some other idea...
to show him the mark.
- Should I strip before him...
and ask him to see the mark?
Then what will you do?
- I'll ty something.
Whatever, do it fast.
By God, I'm broke.
All right.
Let's go, Rustam.
Let me do it today.
Sir, the lion is ready.
Sher Singh, if I can tell horses,
believe me...
he's going to win the derby.
- Right. Cent percent.
What do you think about him?
He's a first-class colt.
I think he's no good than a mule.
- Yes.
- Yes, mule.
You take my colt for a mule?
Badal, I own this stud farm...
Beats me.
Who the hell made you a boss?
What nonsense!
- Don't lose your temper.
I didn't abuse you.
- Sonofagun! You're uncivilised.
Bastard! Son of a dog!
Now look, don't you abuse my Father.
What will you do?
- Were it someone else...
I'd have broken his jaw.
- Bloody swine!
I'll skin you alive!
I'll rip you apart today!
Ramu, see this mark on him?
It's a vey lucky mark.
It's the trident of Lord Shiva.
By Lord Hanuman, you'll never find
this mark on anyone else.
Ty the gun, son.
Look at the bottle.
Shut one eye.
Now press the trigger.
This mark?
- Whatever, what is it to you?
Forgive me, boy.
I lost my cool.
Tell me honestly,
how did you get that mark?
I don't know. Could be a birthmark.
- It is a birthmark. You're right.
D'you remember your parents?
- No. I'm all alone since childhood.
You weren't alone,
you were separated.
I don't understand. I told you,
I'm all alone. I don't have a family.
You have! You have eveyone.
A mother, who has gone sick...
grieving for you.
She pines for you.
How do you know all this?
- Because, I am your father.
How do you know all this?
- Because, I am your father.
- Yes, your father.
You were lost when you were a child.
You might not remember anything.
Come home, you'll
recollect eveything. Come.
Come... come home.
Come... this is your house.
Your house.
Look Rukhmini, your Chimpu is back.
Look Rukhmini, your Chimpu is here.
Rukhmini, your Chimpu is back.
- Chimpu?
Chimpu is back.
- My son? My Chimpu?
He's back.
- Where's he? Where's my son?
My Chimpu?
Your mother.
My son.
Yes... yes.
"This day has come after so long"
"Don't ask me what I have got tonight"
"Happiness comes to me after so long"
"Do not stop me,
tonight I wish to enjoy my way"
"I want to reach
for the stars tonight"
"The Almighty has brought
Spring into my Eden again"
"After so long comes a night
to rejoice"
"Now I understand the game"
"After parting, untold is the fun
of meeting again"
"Which is why the Almighty
made me pine for sometime"
"Oh, after so long
comes a night to rejoice"
"Don't ask me what
I've gained tonight"
"This night ofjoy
I've waiting for"
Tonight's an auspicious night.
Son, meet Smita. Your sister.
Rukhmini, God has indeed
shown mercy on us.
After twenty years, our house
has once again blossomed.
What're you waiting for? Go and
give him a hug. Embrace your brother.
Love blossoms again.
What brings you here? Is it
the same reason that brings me here?
How'd I know what brings you here?
I met a girl here.
I had fallen in love with her.
I'm here to meet her.
- Is it right for her to come here?
Why not?
- That girl... she was a dream.
Just a dream.
And the dream has now shattered.
Shattered that the dream is, the
girl too is lost in the wilderness.
Then why have you come here?
- I've come for my brother. He's lost
Are you sure he has come here?
- Ask your heart.
Smita, he isn't here.
- So you're still dreaming?
I'm not, but I haven't awakened yet.
Nor do I want to wake up.
I had faith that my son was alive.
And Lord, You never broke my faith.
You have given me my wish.
I've brought a small gift for You.
Please accept it, O Lord.
You will walk with me today.
My eyes longed to see this day. Come.
Look Rukhmini
I'm accompanying your sn to work.
Son, won't you take your
mother's blessing?
What're you staring at?
Give him the holy food.
I can't stop watching him.
The more I see, the more I pine.
I can't believe my son is with me.
- What's unbelievable?
He's going to stay here, work here.
And we'll have an eye-full of him
You're cleverer than me, Rustam. You
recognised my son even before I could
Come, let me show you your office.
Here son, cut the ribbon.
Do it, son.
This is your office.
Maharai Singh's son has returned?
Where did the new son spring up from?
What've you come here for?
- For my share. I'm penniless.
- Double cross? So soon?
Moron! Ty to understand.
- What? It's even made public now.
The millionaire finds his son.
Pauper, I've made a King out of you.
I've just made a headway.
To lay my hands on the money...
is going to take time.
- Do it before you are exposed.
Loot the treasure fast
and get out of here.
As you say. Now go.
I brought the horse, dear.
- You wanted it.
I did?
No. Take it away.
- Shall I ask you something, my dear?
What's wrong?
You look so lost of late.
Nothing... nothing.
Know what is the biggest day
in the life of a father?
The day his son takes over
the reins of his business.
I've been rearing horses for years.
I go to Bangalore to sell them.
I'm not going anymore. You'll go
to Bangalore. You'll sell the horses.
I put eveything on your shoulders.
You'll also have to go to the races,
and see how our horses do.
Maharaj Singh's stallion
wins once again.
I had got a tip for Blue Heaven.
Thank God I didn't bet on him.
Are you Maharai Singh's son?
You could give me tips.
- How can I? I'm a novice.
You sure do know a great deal.
You've enjoyed enough.
Where were you for twenty years?
- It's a secret.
So you too keep secrets?
Even your father does.
Aren't you here to sell horses?
- Yes.
When are you exhibiting them?
- Tomorrow morning.
Give me the Heart Hale's young one.
How much for?
- 500,OOO.
Are you mad? You father never
sold a horse for half-million.
Talk of 100,OOO or 200,OOO.
I'll strike the deal rightaway.
I wouldn't even sell
its tail for that amount.
Has anyone sold a horse
for half-million in India?
I will.
That's Maharai Singh's stud.
- 225,OOO.
- 275,OOO.
- 350,OOO.
- 400,OOO.
- 450,OOO.
- 500,OOO.
Finally you did fleece me of 500,OOO.
Like father like son.
Look Rukhmini. Your son's
first earnings. 2,300,OOO.
No one could've earned this much
at the auctions till date.
Well done, son.
I could never imagine my son
to be so smart and lucky.
God's grace.
- Of course. But he is my son.
Take it. All yours.
C'mon take it. It's all yours.
Do what you want with it. Take it.
It's the first gift
from a father to his son.
Rukhmini, ever since our son has
returned, food seems worth eating.
He has given me a new lease of life.
Had he not returned...
I'd have died.
- I could die for you.
You have a long life.
- Hear that? That's my blood.
Now that you are here, son,
who can take my life?
Even God will think twice.
Right, Smita?
Yes Mother. Happiness
has returned to our house.
Son, double this happiness.
- How?
Rukhmini, your son rides a horse
as good as me.
He's a marksman as good as me.
He's also as good a singer as me.
"May life..."
go on'
"Hand-in-hand, you and I..."
"and life will go on"
"Not the earth,
nor the sky...
"life is our only destination"
"Let's not look back
for what we've lost"
"Let me enjoy the warmth
in your embrace"
"All my heartbeat says is..."
"let's live life
in the shade of love"
"May we flow forever
with the joy"
"May the music of love
stir our heartstrings forever"
"May this caravan of love
never stop"
"May eveyday be colouul
in our lives"
You and I..."
"let's take on life"
"Not the earth,
nor the sky...
"let life be our only destination"
Wondeul! That was amazing.
"Hand-in-hand, you and l"
Stop singing this song.
- Why?
I want to forget this song.
I don't want to forget it.
Hi friend. What's in it?
- Yes.
How much?
- 2,300,OOO.
2,300,OOO? By God,
that's one helluva lot of money.
Our generations will live off it.
Let's go there and split the money.
You think it's your father's money?
Turned selfish, eh?
You want to swallow it all alone?
You may say that.
- You'll not be able to digest it.
I am Ramsingh.
I'll land you in a fix.
Bastard! You've already
landed me in a soup.
All right, I'll fix you.
Congratulations. I hear you
sold horses for 2,300,OOO.
Yes. I've come to deposit the money.
- Mr Maharaj Singh had called up.
He wants this money deposited in your
account. Sign it, I'll fill it up.
No. Deposit the money in
Mr Maharaj Singh's account.
But he wants the money
in your account.
He's wrong. The money belongs to him,
and it must only go to his account.
What's the matter?
What you're doing is wrong.
- What am I doing?
You're refusing to come
to terms with reality.
We were separated in childhood. Now
that we've met after twenty years...
how can the relationship be broken?
- When did I say...
I want to severe the relationship?
- The relationship that...
you want to keep,
the world will not accept nor will I.
So today I've come to build a wall
between the two of us...
that neither of us can break.
Show me your hand.
On Sister's Day today a sister will
tie rakhi on her brother's wrist.
I'm not your brother.
You're lying!
Bastard! I'll fleece you!
Fleece me, kill me.
I have lived off you.
By God, Badal is not your son.
Badal is not my son? Then how come
he has that mark on his body?
It's fake. One day I was drunk
and tattled eveything to him.
That scoundrel took advantage of it,
got a tattoo made on his shoulder...
and came here posing as your son.
Ramsingh! Twenty years ago
my son was lost due to you.
He was the real one.
This one's an impostor.
That's why I've come to save you.
If you don't trust me, go and...
enquire at the police station. He has
been to prison several times. I swear
Badal is not your son, master.
I'm not Maharaj Singh's son, not your
brother either. This mark is a fake.
Then who are you?
I'm a thief, a con-man.
I came to rob this house.
Then why don't you rob it?
Why are you going back?
Because my conscience feels guilty.
Yes, conscience... man's real God.
I walked into this house
thinking that...
it'll make no difference
if I fleece a rich man of some money.
I never imagined it'd make
such a great difference.
I never imagined I'd walk into a lady
who'd love me more than my own mother
Never imagined I'd meet a man who'd
love and trust me more than my father
That he'd bestow all his wealth,
all his properties to me.
Never imagined that I'd bump into a
girl who'd at the vey first sight...
Smita, ever since I met you, I've been
considering myself a miserable wretch
I've fallen in my own esteem.
I can't face you.
Empty-handed I came,
empty-handed I shall return.
I don't want to rob you folks.
- What haven't you robbed us of?
You've robbed an old man of his
longings and tolerance of twenty years
You've robbed a sick mother
of her son. He could be still alive.
You've robbed this house of its
yearnings, which it was so used to.
And you say you came empty-handed
and you'll return empty-handed?
All you care for is money?
Don't you care for anything else?
I beg of you! Please forgive me
for the wrong I've done.
Forgive? I handed over my properties
to you, I embraced you!
Today I feel like wringing your neck!
What do I tell the woman who waited
for twenty years for her son? Speak.
Will she live after learning
that you're not her son?
What'll I tell myself? For, I've
already celebrated my son's homecoming
Stop it! Say no more. Punish me
as you wish. But for God's sake...
say no more. I can't take it anymore.
- You will have bear it.
You will not leave, you'll stay here
forever. And that's your punishment.
You'll continue the charade
that you've been putting up...
for the sake of that poor woman
who is not your mother.
For the sake of Maharaj Singh
who is not your father.
Yes, what is it?
I... I wanted to say that...
What do you want to say?
- Now that we know that Badal...
That Badal is not your brother, nor
my son. Why d'you have to repeat it?
You punished him. Will he stay here?
- Yes, he'll stay here.
But why are you worried? He's the
one who is punished, not you.
In a way, I'm punished too.
You? How is that?
- Eveytime I have to lie...
about a relationship that
I don't share with him.
Isn't that a punishment?
- What can be done?
To save ourselves from this lie,
we must tell Mother the truth.
She's already dying.
If you want to die today...
in fact, if you want her to die
right now, go and tell her.
Look Rukhmini, I've travelled
200 miles to see you.
Your Highness!
- Forget it, I'm just your Sangeeta.
C'mon, give me a hug, silly.
Great, your son's return
has rejuvenated you.
Amazing! You've found your son
after twenty years. Congratulations.
God has been vey kind.
Who is this?
- Don't recognise? She's Ranjana.
Rajana, say hello to her.
- Hello aunt.
Hello, dear. All grown up and so
pretty. When did you come from London?
Only two days ago.
- Is it? Bless you. Come, sit.
I thought I'd bring her over.
- Good you did.
Where's your son? Let me see him.
- Hang on.
Coming, madam.
Call the little master.
- He has gone to office.
- Yes.
Dinner is served.
You remember the queen of Manipur?
- No.
She has a farm here. She had
come over with her daughter.
Is it?
- The little girl, she used to...
come to our house when she was a kid.
- What's wrong with her now?
She's all grown and so pretty now.
And she has finished studies too.
Her Highness floated
a proposal for Chimpu.
What does the queen know about me?
- Son, those who know us, know you.
After Smita is married off
this house will become emp! Ty.
Why don't we get Chimpu married
to the queen's daughter?
Ask the one whom
you want to mary off.
We can ask him later. Tell me,
when do I call them over?
Don't talk about wedding, Mother.
- Why? Any other girl in mind?
What're you looking at her?
She's not going to stand for you.
Tell me, d'you like someone?
- Yes.
All right, we'll get you married
to her. Tell me, who is she?
- If you're shy to tell me...
then tell Smita. After all
the two of you are same ag! E.
See you, friend.
I had a nice time with you.
Take care.
Be happy.
How'll he be happy?
He has become so fond of you.
He'll miss you, he'll go mad
after you're gone.
He's an animal.
In a few days time, he'll forget.
And to those who are not animals?
What happens to them?
They'll forget too, gradually.
Don't leave Badal.
Don't go away Badal. Please, don't.
I must go. What else can I do?
What if Mother asks me who I love?
What'll I answer?
That I love you?
No Smita, it's better
that I go away from here.
"I leave behind nothing"
"will I return"
Go Rustam, bring him back.
Why have you come here?
You can't come with me.
If you do, I'll be called a thief.
Empty-handed I came,
empty-handed I'll return.
Come, let me take you back.
Who are you?
Mansingh? Who?
- Who has Maharaj Singh's real son.
Maharaj Singh's real son?
Is he still alive?
Yes, vey much alive.
He is the real owner to these
vast properties that you've grabbed.
What proof do you have?
- The real mark on his body.
The mark on you is a fake.
- Ty conning someone else.
See to believe.
- All right, show me.
I wish to make a deal before that.
- What deal?
Continue staying there. And for
that you'll pay me a price.
Price? What price?
- 200,OOO.
For your secret to be kept,
and for me to stay mum.
But don't you think I'm scared.
If I'm not convinced, I won't pay you.
- Deal.
Badal isn't here as yet. Smita,
did he tell you before leaving.
He'll come. No need to wory.
Not even four days since he returned,
and you've grown way of your son?
He is here.
I've been waiting for you, son.
Where had you been?
I want 200,OOO.
- 200,OOO?
Yes, 200,OOO.
- So much money? What for?
Don't be angy. He's our son,
he's smart enough.
Give him a million if it needs it.
- At this hour of the night? Why?
He needs it, that's why he's asking.
Smita, give him money from the safe.
Here you are.
What are you upto? I don't understand.
- If you trust me...
don't ty to understand.
And yes, give this to your father.
Gone with the money?
He gives you this.
- What is it?
- What?
Receipt of 2,300,OOO.
The money that I had given him,
he deposited it in my account.
Beats me.
I heard that Maharaj Singh's son
was kidnapped. How come you have him?
I had kidnapped him.
- Yes.
Maharaj Singh killed my son. And
I swore to avenge my son's death.
One night, with vengeance in my heart,
I walked towards Maharaj Singh's house
The night was silent.
And the entire family
was dead asleep.
I opened the kid's door slowly...
and entered.
A servant was sleeping in the room.
He turned... it startled me.
When I saw that he was fast asleep,
I walked towards the kid's bed.
Carefully I hoisted the boy,
and quickly sneaked out of the room.
I took him to the peak of the hill.
I thought of dropping him from
the top and seek my revenge.
As I was about to drop him,
the child smiled.
How was the innocent to know that
I was tying to take his life?
He was too naive to understand
vengeance and enmity.
The child's loving smile
won my heart.
It moved a bandit's heart.
I wanted to get even with
Maharaj Singh not his son, I thought.
I couldn't kill him.
Innocent that his smile was, it
stirred a father's feeling inside me.
And I embraced my son.
I lost one, found one.
He grew up among these valleys.
And Maharaj Singh's Chimpu
became Mansingh's Suraj.
Suraj is amazing with the dagger.
- A dagger is nothing before a gun.
Even before you realise,
the bullet hits you.
Who told you?
- I say.
You're still a novice when it
comes to displaying daggers.
You're a master in handling daggers.
How about laying a bet of hundred?
Out with a hundred.
Banta Singh.
- Yes sir?
Keep it there.
Great! Amazing aim.
You're back, Father? Who is he?
- Our guest. That's my son. Suraj.
You look quite robust.
Are you, really?
That's how Suraj was when I kidnapped
him. Are you convinced now?
Here's the deal money. 200,OOO.
- Thank you.
Seals my mouth for good.
Go, enjoy. And play...
Maharaj Singh's son all your life.
- Thank you.
Don't you ever treat your guests?
Sure, I do. For you, let's have
a celebration tonight. Bahadur Singh!
"Let's dance and revel tonight"
"Let's raise a toast"
"This night is only for you"
"Let's dance and revel tonight"
"Cheers to you"
"Tonight is dedicated to you"
"Fresh blossoms..."
"breathe life into old bones,
"For, Spring is here"
"A little bird says..."
"the fruit is ripe for picking"
"Tonight is only for you"
"Tonight's for you"
"The path of love is clear"
"I see an embrace in store..."
"now that an angel comes to my rescue"
"No friend, no love"
"No love, no friend...
making friends is what I do"
"Tonight is dedicated to you"
"This is a night for you"
"Love is sacred,
love is a pilgrimage"
"Without a friend,
this world is a dark hell"
"Like the fragrance of a rose,
love cannot be concealed"
"One who gets drunk in love,
is the real drunkard"
"In a world drunk in love..."
"two stars dazzle"
"I can feel your pulse..."
"you're in love"
"May not be anyone
unsuccessful in love"
"Tonight is dedicated to you"
"Tonight is for you"
"Let's dance and revel tonight"
"Let's raise a toast"
"This night is dedicated to you"
I could die for this.
Follow me.
Chief! Chief!
Chief! The guest carried Surai away.
- He carried Suraj away.
Carried Suraj away?
The bastard! The traitor!
Friends, quick. Stop him.
This way.
Now that I've brought you here,
I have washed away all my sins.
I have also made your life.
When you open your eyes...
you'll find that you've become
the owner of these properties.
Traitor! I trusted you.
I made you my guest. And...
you cheat me? You take my son away?
- He isn't your son.
He's my son. I reared him.
- Which is why I paid you a price.
You're paid for your efforts, and the
son is despatched to where he belongs
Maharaj Singh has no right to Suraj.
I had taken a son in return for one.
Your love for your son died
the moment you bargained for him.
I have paid you 200,OOO. His price.
- Cut the crap.
If you don't return my son to me now,
I'll set fire to this place.
I'll destroy eveything.
Get out of here, Mansingh!
Or, each one of you will drop dead.
I had struck a deal with you.
I paid you 200,OOO.
I'm not returning
what I've bought, Mansingh!
Well done, son!
Let's get out of here.
Not yet, Father. We're taking
all the horses along.
You guys go that way.
Rest of you, follow me.
Stay away!
Stop! Or, I'll shoot!
Stop! Or, I'll shoot!
I'm not sparing you!
Stop! Stop, Mr Maharaj Singh!
Don't do that!
I'll kill him!
- Don't! He is your son!
My son?
What nonsense!
- No nonsense. Look at this.
Badal, why are you poking fun at me?
Once you pretended to be my son. And
now you make someone else play my son?
How have I harmed you?
- No, you have harmed no one.
Twenty years ago, a bandit kidnapped
your son in the dead of the night.
Twenty years later, another thief came
pretending to be your son...
and stole your heart. I've offended
you, this world has been cruel to you
I'm a thief.
What remains?
What will you steal from me now?
Nothing more. The love that
I got from your family...
awakened my conscience. And
my heart implored me not to betray...
those who had been kind to me,
and to walk out of your life for good
When I was leaving the house,
on the way I met Mansingh.
He told me that your son was alive
and lived with him.
The 200,OOO that I took from you,
I paid it to Mansingh to buy your son
Him. Suraj is your son,
Mr Maharaj Singh.
Mansingh had kidnapped him
to avenge his son's death.
What's going on, Father?
Tell them that it's a lie.
Father, for revenge's sake,
you can never destroy a home...
you can never separate a mother
and son. Say that Badal is lying.
Say that I never lived a dual life.
Say that you're my father. Say it!
Why don't you speak, Mansingh?
Swear by Suraj. If you lie...
he'll drop dead. Swear by him.
- No! No! I can't swear by him.
Then it's true that
Suraj is Maharaj Singh's son.
Why don't you say that it's true?
Suraj is Maharaj Singh's son.
Yes... it's true.
No Father... no.
Son, for my love for you,
I can't ruin your future.
Besides, what do I have?
What can I give you?
Neither a good life, not a
good house, nor a mother's love.
Son, it's better to be a good man
than be a bandit.
It's better to be a good man, son.
You have put me
in a quanday, Father.
On one side is the one who sired me,
on the other is the one who reared me
Whom do I consider my real Father?
- Him. He's your real father.
He has pined for you,
for twenty years.
my son... Chimpu!
- Father!
Mansingh! I have no grudge,
no complaints against you.
You have given me two sons in return.
Chimpu and Badal...
Badal... where are you going?
I never had a destination before,
nor have I one now.
I don't know where I'm headed,
...l'm just walking away.
But why?
- The mission is accomplished.
A father has got his son back,
and a sister her brother.
Happiness returns to the family.
- And what happens...
to the one who loved you?
What have I got in return?
Why don't you understand? If I stay
here, my conscience will hurt me.
Is the conscience greater
than a mother's love?
Mother, I'm not your son.
- You call me a mother, and...
you also say that you're not my son.
I'm thief... only a thief.
You walked in as a son,
you shall not walk out like a thief.
You will live with us.
Say what, Smita?
Chimpu, your mother and your sister.
Our little family
has come alive again.
"Tonight I shall
light the lamps ofjoy"
"Gloy to the Perpetual Succour"
"I had lost one. You gave me two.
Such is Your justice"
"After a long time, this night
of happiness has returned"
"Don't ask me what
I have gained tonight"
"This night ofjoy returns
to me after years"
"This night ofjoy returns
to me after years"