Zameer (2005) Movie Script

Come on... come on...
Move ahead...
come on... move ahead...
Fine... fine...
What is the matter? You
got the salary today...
...and you are running away
without meeting us?
Come on... give us
the money, come on.
No, brother. I am in a lot
of trouble this month.
My daughter has been Paralyzed.
I need money. I have
to have her cured.
Hey, what will you do by curing her?
As it is, it is better if
the handicaPPed PeoPle die.
Get lost!
Son... these PeoPle
snatched my money.
I need money. My daughter
has been Paralyzed.
HelP me, son.
Brother... - What?
Someone is calling you downstairs.
I don't know who it is.
Suraj, my friend.
You didn't recognize me?
It is a lot of years and therefore...
I searched for you everywhere.
I went everywhere.
Wherever I heard that
you were there...
...I would run to reach
there. I had lost...
...hoPe that we would meet again.
Does anyone become
so angry on anyone?
Suraj. I have come here
to take you back.
I have come here, so far...
in the search of Peace.
Don't trouble me. Go away from here.
So... did you get Peace?
The one who needs Peace...
do they come to Kolkatta?
Nothing has made you
stay here in hiding.
What has haPPened like that, Suraj?
Who doesn't have sadness
in their lives?
I don't want to remember
all those things.
I have saved myself from scattering
with great difficulty.
Sorry, Suraj. If I have hurt
your heart, I am sorry.
But my friend, if you are talking
about Peace and tranquility...
...I am sorry to say,
I don't agree to it.
You are lying to yourself.
I don't know... I don't know!
This is my life. And I will live
it as I wish, understood?
Do I have any life or not?
Am I mad to search for
you since five years?
I am searching you.
The PeoPle whom you left
and came how are they...
...related to me? Why am I
wandering around for them?
Am I a fool?
Suraj, you know me very well.
Whatever I think and do, it
will be for your own good.
There must be something, because...
...of which I am telling
you to come from here?
Suraj... I haven't come here
to Pick on your wounds.
I haven't come here to trouble you.
Suraj, I have come here to
take your troubles away.
Suraj, Please believe me.
I am asking something from
you for the first time.
You won't do this much
for your friend?
You won't agree to what he says?
Just this once...
I thought that till I would live...
I wouldn't come here.
I cannot tolerate all this, dildar.
Why did you bring me here?
See, it is late in the
night now. SleeP now.
We will sPeak in the morning.
Excuse me...
This is a girl's college.
- I know.
Then, what are you doing here?
I love girls.
Date? The date again?
Come in.
A date and a date once again.
What do these film Producers
give? Just a date?
If you go to their
offices ten times...
...and you get is a date!
If you call...
...them uP fifty times,
all you get is a date!
The worst of the actors get a role.
And what does armaan Khan get?
Just a date!
What is the matter, Mr. Armaan?
Wow... what is the matter,
Mr. Armaan?
These film PeoPle just
give two things.
Either a Promise, or just a date.
What didn't I do to tackle Mr. Raj.
And what did he give me in resPonse?
Just a date.
Mr. Armaan, you will get a role.
But first, Please give us
something hot to eat.
We are very hungry.
- Yes, armaan.
Tell me something. Is food not
cooked in your house? You are hungry!
It is cooked, Mr. Armaan. But
the fact of the matter is...
...the taste of your
hand cooked food...
...that is great!
- Really? - Yes.
I have an idea. You
PeoPle have a seat.
I will serve you afghani
omelette today.
I will have to accePt it.
Pooja has kePt such
a wonder fool cook.
Like that, our Pooja is not
less of a wonder fool.
Hey... I have wonderful news.
Wonder fool news?
No, not wonder fool,
it is wonderful news.
Our college has a
new lecturer today.
So? What is new in that?
They do come and go.
He isn't of the breed
who come and go.
He is very handsome.
- More than me?
How can he be comPared to you?
He is young...
More than me?
How can he be comPared to you?
He cannot be comPared to me too.
But there is something...
That you have and he doesn't.
- What?
Then, Pooja will have to be
given this wonderful news.
But where is she?
Where is she? Where can she be?
She can be at only two Places.
Either in the classroom
or the bathroom.
a new lecturer...
...has come in the desert
of our college...
...just like a droP of rain.
I heard it.
Therefore, I had to dress
uP ProPerly today.
Let that droP of rain
come to know too...
That because he has come,
a new flower has bloomed.
Mr. Armaan.
That means you have PrePared...
...the Plan to welcome him earlier?
He will be welcomed ProPerly today.
I will tell you about myself
before the class starts.
I am Suraj chauhan.
You must be knowing that I am...
...dePuted here for just six months.
And if you cooPerate with me these...
...six months will be
very helPful to you.
Another thing.
I need your full concentration
and sincerity in my classroom.
Let's begin.
Come on... come on...
Excuse us. Sir.
- Yes? - Shall we?
Are you from this class?
We were of this class
till yesterday.
Why are you late?
The Powder had finished.
- What?
Make uP... make uP... sir...
actually, I went in
to aPPly the Powder...
...and I found out that
it had finished.
When the Powder came, I found...
...out that the Perfume
had finished too.
When the Perfume came I found out
that there wasn't any cream.
I had to go to the market
many a times, sir.
And when I had to go,
I had to come too.
Actually, sir...
This is your first day in college...
and this is our first fisticuffs...
I mean... a first meeting
with you, isn't it, sir?
I have to look beautiful,
isn't it, sir?
The ones who laugh on a
rotten joke are fools.
And I haven't come here to judge
the Miss India contest.
Take your seat.
Thank you, sir.
Let's continue.
Carbohydrates consist of...
- One second, sir. - Yes?
Sir, you said that the
ones who laugh...
...on a rotten joke are fools.
What is a standard joke, sir?
My subject is chemistry, not jokes.
An imPortant grouP of naturally
occurring substances.
Hydrogen and oxygen.
As elements in...
Terrorists in the college?
I had heard about them
in the Parliament.
What nonsense is this?
College terrorism?
Yes, sir.
What is all this? What is haPPening?
I think you know better than
me about these girls.
No. We gave sir a guard of honor.
Did we do anything wrong. Sir?
Hundred Percent wrong.
He is our guest.
He has come in our college to
teach for just six months.
Do you act like this
with your guests?
I will rePort. I will
rePort all of you.
Should you be killed...
Should be left... tell me...
We stay here too, sir.
Your neighbors.
Will you Pet something in this, sir?
I like to rear honeybees.
Any Problems?
No... no Problems, sir,
shall we helP you?
I will call you if I need you.
Please call us, sir.
We burst crackers in the class.
But we aren't that bad girls, sir.
The cracker guy?
Greetings, sir.
Armaan Khan.
These girls stay with me.
Actually, I have a lot of
contacts in the society.
Even if you have any
Problem, tell me.
Shut uP!
Sister, I will go to the market.
Armaan... listen... go to the market.
...and get my sPecial betel leaf.
- Betel leaf?
The one that you get every time.
Kiwam... raw and eatable, 120, Pure.
Remember it.
The high society PeoPle
have a high choice.
Like that... what do you like... sir?
I like to teach insolent
PeoPle some culture.
Now mind your own business.
Thank you, sir.
He is angry.
The scaredy cat.
A moon like face stays in
the window next to me.
A moon like face stays in
the window next to me.
Hey, Neeta.
Did he leave?
It seems that he is inside.
- Okay.
There is a letter box here.
That means that he must be
waiting for letters too.
Who will send letters
to such a Person?
Who is always angry? Idea!
Come on. Take the PaPer and Pen out.
Come on, bend.
The first letter will be from us.
But what?
Suraj sir...
Sorry, sir. We are sorry.
Actually, when we woke uP
today in the morning.
We thought about it. We
thought about it a lot.
About what haPPened yesterday.
It was a bit more.
Therefore, we girls have
come to aPologize.
Yes, sir, Please forgive us.
You PeoPle have come
to know your mistake.
I was very Pleased hearing it.
If laughing and making
others laugh...
...crosses it's limit, the
whole life is a joke.
You are good in your studies.
You should concentrate
on your studies.
Sit down.
Let me sit... move... let me sit...
So, where are you from?
Sir... my daddy stays in Poona.
It seems that I don't
know your names.
Sir, I am Ena...
I am Neeta.
- And I am Sanjana.
Sir, do you know?
The lecturer before you...
he couldn't see straight!
When he saw Sanjana, it felt
that he was seeing me.
And when he was seeing me, it felt...
...he was looking at Neeta.
But now you have come,
sir. It is good.
The chemistry teacher should
be handsome like you.
actually, if every lecturer
is as handsome as you...
No girl will ever fail.
- Exactly, sir.
When some Professor or lecturer
is sPoken about... imagines a fifty
year old dirty old man.
You want to say something? Tell me.
I cannot understand. SPeak
loudly, tell me.
What are you sPeaking
about? Tell me!
Your Pant's ziP is undone.
Oh my God! Come on,
quickly! Quickly.
However, the exPerimental
value of the... strain in cycloblutane,
this can... only confirmed
by the non Planar...
...of cycloblutane.
Get to Page 81.
You will find...
Your ziP...
You will find the same
equation that is there.
Right here.
Listen to me.
The one who doesn't want to study,
can leave the class.
And if nobody wants to study,
the whole class can leave.
See, you say anything.
We have ragged him a lot.
Now, let that Poor man go.
Hey, did you look at that attitude?
He is so haughty.
He doesn't accePt his defeat even
after so many occurances.
Like that...
are we lesser than him?
Like that... he is more irritated
because he is a bachelor.
There are so many beautiful
girls around him.
But what can that Poor man do?
He is a teacher after all.
Is it?
So, this is the matter.
Then the decision should be made.
He is very dashing.
Actually, I can fall
in love with him.
Me, too.
Wait. Put my Print out too.
You come with me.
Only you.
Have a seat.
It's okay.
They will seem good.
What, sir?
You have moustaches.
Sir, even my daddy had
these long moustaches.
Even I was scared when I was born.
You like to laugh.
Everyone likes to laugh, sir.
I mean... laughing on others.
You have researched
on blood Pressure?
I had seen it in the National
GeograPhic channel Program.
Your father has a lot
of money, isn't it?
I didn't understand, sir.
The children of rich PeoPle don't...
...come to the college to study,
but for time Pass.
Sir, are you a communist?
- Shut uP!
Don't think that these hands are...
...just for changing
the Pages of a book...
...or for writing over a black board.
If I slaP you once, the geograPhy...
...of the whole face
will become national.
Remember this before
committing any Prank.
Get out!
What haPPened, Pooja?
Why did he call me?
Why did he call me?
Do you know?
What did Suraj sir, I mean
our new chemistry...
...Professor tell me?
- What did he say?
He said...
Pooja, Please don't
look at my face... the class with
these lake like eyes.
My mind drowns in your eyes.
Your eyes are so beautiful.
Come on, he cannot say
like this at all.
Is that the case? Listen
to what haPPened further.
This is nothing. He said that...
Whenever I see you...
Something haPPens to me.
I stared at him.
He was scared.
And do you what he said?
He said that your waist moves
like a serPent's tail.
Your gait is like a doe.
They are so rosy...
and these liPs... what is it called?
Like Petals...
Yes, just like Petals.
Listening to such Praise, instead...
...of scolding him,
I was embarrassed.
Is it?
Are you telling us the
dialogues of some film?
Our Suraj sir cannot say
such film dialogues.
Don't you PeoPle believe me?
If I embrace your
Suraj sir one day...
You will believe me then, isn't it?
Yes, embrace.
Because now... the love
war has started.
We aren't lesser than anyone...
The girls of today...
Our heartbeats have
some new yearnings.
We aren't lesser than anyone...
The girls of today...
Our heartbeats have
some new yearnings.
You won't see a wandering
beauty like us ever...
We are moving ahead, the whole
world is following us.
'Goggles on the eyes like
the scattered Petals.
We are a wonder of nature.
We have a new attitude.
There are new intoxications.
You won't see a wandering
beauty like us ever...
We are moving ahead, the whole
world is following us.
We didn't find any boy...
Looking at whom, I
could lose my heart.
How will he make me year?
Where will he go to?
You won't see a wandering
beauty like us ever...
We are moving ahead, the whole
world is following us.
We aren't lesser than anyone...
The girls of today...
Our heartbeats have
some new yearnings.
You won't see a wandering
beauty like us ever...
We are moving ahead, the whole
world is following us.
We massage her after the bath.
This is going on since ten days.
Suraj... you were to come tomorrow?
SurPiya was so worried.
She said that Suraj must have come...
...even if there was a little sound.
She didn't sleeP all night and
didn't let me sleeP too.
I was stuck uP somewhere yesterday.
I had made her understand,
but you know SuPriya.
Tell me, how is the
college going on?
The college is going on fine.
It seems that you have
come right now.
The bath has had a lot of effect.
Did you look at SurPiya?
Her face has cleared off too.
And if the almighty wishes...
SuPriya will be all right.
You are here now, isn't it?
- Yes. - Okay.
Suraj, when you are here, SuPriya
has a strange strength.
But when you aren't there,
she becomes sad.
Sometimes, she accePts defeat.
She tells me to take her back home.
As it is, I think that we
are trying uselessly.
What are you talking about?
Why will SuPriya not be all right?
Everything will be all right.
Didn't you hear what
the Priest said?
I want to see SuPriya moving
again like before.
And I will do it.
Suraj... do you know? I waited
a lot for you yesterday.
I couldn't come yesterday.
It must be something imPortant.
Or else, whatever the time,
you would have come.
You told PaPa to take you back home?
Yes. It is so many days here now.
This Place seems to be a Prison now.
When you were there before,
I didn't feel it.
Now, how long can you stay here?
You have a new job.
I am bored here.
Therefore, I told PaPa.
I have brought the books
you told me to.
You won't be bored now.
Look at this.
YashPal's Fake Truth.
I had to try a lot to get it.
I got your letter day
before yesterday.
The first day in college
was very exciting?
The girls of the college
are not like you.
They are really sPicy chillies.
That is good.
You like sPicy chillies.
I miss you a lot.
I will not wait for weekends now.
I will come in between
on a leave too.
No. This isn't needed.
If you write two letters in
a week, it is all right.
It is a new job and a new college.
I wish that you should be called...
...the best lecturer in that college.
Didn't I tell you?
Kiran and Sarita... who were
learning dance with me?
Both of them had come
to meet me yesterday.
They started crying looking
at me like this.
The Poor girls.
Suraj... I will never be able
to walk now, isn't it?
Why won't you not be able to?
Our trials will be successful.
Even the Priest said that
you will be cured.
Brace yourself.
Do you not believe in our love?
You will be able to walk.
Don't even think such after today.
Suraj... where do you disaPPear
every weekend?
Saturdays and Sundays
are for Parties.
And you disaPPear on that day?
We will have Parties
too, dildarbhai.
Just Pray that the day comes soon.
What is the matter?
You seem worried.
Is everything all right?
Everything will be all right.
Anything serious?
Nothing sPecial.
See, Suraj. I haven't
just accePted... as my friend, but
as a younger brother.
And as an elder brother, I have
a right to know your troubles.
Do you remember? You sPoke
about my marriage once?
The girl whom I wish to marry...
she has brain tumor.
And because of that, she
has a Paralysis attack.
She is on the bed since three years.
And nowadays...
She is being cured in
an ayurvedic hosPital.
I go to meet her every Saturday.
With the hoPe that she
will be cured one day.
Very sorry about it.
- It's okay.
Looking at the rose flower here... must have understood the
meaning of it being here.
This is the first gift
of my first love.
If you keeP this with you.
I will understand that
you accePt my love.
And you have accePted me.
And if you tramPle this
rose and throw it away...
...I will think that you
love me immensely.
Your neighbour... ramdulari.
Sir, you...
You here?
It is our fortune that
you came to our house.
We look at you sometimes
and our house sometimes.
Not house, the house of sParrows.
Sir, you have a real
good sense of humor.
Shall I call Pooja? She is at home.
No. I wanted to meet you.
- Me?
Do you know how to make a Paste?
I am a master in making Pastes.
Chicken Pastes, coriander Pastes...
Pudina Paste, chilly Paste, tell me.
What do you like?
A rose Paste.
Take this.
Make a Paste of this.
And sPice uP ProPerly.
Then make the sParrows
of this house eat it.
The rose Paste for the sParrows
of the bird house?
My dear friends...
There are being divorces
all over the world...
There are divorces before
marriage in many Places.
Today me. And my dear wife...
are celebrating the tenth
anniversary of our marriage.
Which is actually a
very joyous occasion.
Right sir, comPletely right, sir!
Sir, you didn't let any third
Person come between both.
Therefore, this anniversary
is more imPortant.
Congratulations, sir.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Congratulations, madam.
Good evening, sir.
What was the need of calling these...
...mischievous fools here?
- What was the need of calling them?
They aren't guests. They
are gate crashers.
And in the haPPiness
of this achievement...
...I wish to have all of you
listen to my favourite song.
Song... aPPlause... aPPlause...
Suraj sir. Why are you so serious?
Why don't you claP too?
I will sing now, Suraj...
Sometimes... my heart thinks... '
Wow... aPPlause... aPPlause...
Once more...
Sometimes... my heart thinks... '
Wow... aPPlause... aPPlause...
There is a demand.
Sometimes... my heart thinks... '
Once more...
Hey, let me sing ahead.
Sir, sing this line ProPerly.
Then, you are welcome
to sing further.
Enough of the songs.
We will have the food now.
Do you think that anyone
will digest...
...their food after your singing?
This is how I have sPent
ten years of marriage.
Come on.
Here you are, Mr. Siddu.
That's enough.
Madam. See there. We will manage.
- Okay.
What dish is this?
This is the Paste of
rose flowers, sir.
Rose flower Paste? I didn't get it?
Kulwanta... did you make
it just for them?
No, actually sir...
Suraj sir is a bit warm blooded.
So this Paste is the best
to cool his warm blood.
Yes, she is right. I won't eat it.
The Paste seems good. I will taste.
Do you know, dildar? We
eat food every day.
But we don't know which
food is good for what.
Just like these Pulses.
This has oil, ginger,
ghee and water.
It is an excellent thing.
What are you saying? Will
mad PeoPle eat it?
No. It isn't eaten.
It is Put on the head of some
mad Person like this.
Very good. Very good.
She makes fun of everyone!
There is good news.
I don't know how to tell it to you.
SuPriya has started to walk.
- Really?
Yes, Suraj.
She is walking without suPPort
after three years today.
Now, you walk alone.
No... I will not be
able to walk alone.
I don't have that strength now.
Try at least.
I will fall.
Don't you believe in me?
My heart is asking
for this, beloved...
My heart is asking
for this, beloved...
Our love should always
be kePt alive.
Whether we exist here or not.
My heart is asking
for this, beloved...
Our love should always
be kePt alive.
Whether we exist here or not.
My heart is asking
for this, beloved...
We should stay like this...
We shouldn't be seParated
On the Path...
don't leave me and go.
I will love you like this...
My love won't decrease...
My heart is asking
for this, beloved...
Our love should always
be kePt alive.
Whether we exist here or not.
My heart is asking
for this, beloved...
You should get all the haPPiness...
My beloved should get it...
The Person is one who doesn't
stoP accePting defeat.
You should get all destinations,
they should kiss your feet.
My heart is asking
for this, beloved...
Our love should always
be kePt alive.
Whether we exist here or not.
My heart is asking
for this, beloved...
Our love should always
be kePt alive.
Whether we exist here or not.
Whether we exist here or not.
What haPPened? This ambulance...
Sir... that Pooja...
What haPPened to her?
She is very sick.
What is the sickness that a
ambulance had to be called?
Sir. Pooja, has had a major attack.
- Yes, Sir.
She has a brain tumor.
Where is Pooja?
There she is.
I am sorry.
I didn't know that...
I am sorry.
I should aPologize.
I have troubled you a lot, isn't it?
It is all right.
This goes on between a
teacher and students.
Then have you forgiven me?
Pooja, relax.
Tell me that you have
forgiven me, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, so much.
Thank you. Thank you.
These are my Parents.
Son... we want to sPeak to you.
Come, Please have a seat.
Tell me.
Son, Pooja is our only daughter.
She has this sickness
since childhood.
We have tried a lot, but
there isn't any cure.
Son... she doesn't have many days.
No, Please don't say like this.
Son. Who can change what
is written in fate?
But we wish that our daughter
should die a married woman.
We don't have much time.
Where will we get a boy so soon?
She loves you.
And you like her too.
But me...
Son. One gets a lot of good will... fulfilling the last
wishes of a dying Person.
Please don't refuse, son.
Hey, Hrithik roshan... come here.
Yes, sister?
Cut it.
What is this?
This... this is a bread.
And this?
This is a knife...
Pooja... Pooja... sir is coming.
Dildar sir and Kulwant madam
is coming with him too.
KeeP this. I am going.
Hello, sir.
Hello, sir.
Hello, ma'am.
How are you feeling now?
I am all right, sir.
These flowers... are these for me?
Yes, they are for you.
I can't see your Parents.
They have gone back.
They have gone back?
Leaving you in such a condition?
What kind of Parents are they?
What else?
If you fall ill all of a sudden...
...and what if you have
to be hosPitalized?
We will call them back...
No... no. I am okay, sir, I am okay.
Where are you all right now?
You have to become all right now.
I will call your Parents.
Why are you taking the trouble?
I will call them uP tomorrow.
What is the need of the Phone?
My voice is enough to
call them. Listen...
Yes, father.
Now I will call the mother.
This is her father... taxi driver.
And this is her mother.
How many Pairs of
Parents they have...
...Played till now they themselves
don't know it.
Please forgive us.
She gave us money.
Will you do anything for money?
Yes... no...
So these are your Parents?
That was a joke, sir...
Shut uP...
Please leave.
You have brain tumor?
Do you know the meaning
of brain tumor?
What is the state of the Person
who has brain tumor?
Do you know what troubles the...
...PeoPle who know them go through?
I knew that you were a brainless...
...stuPid and insolent girl.
But I didn't...
...know that you could do such
a rotten and lowly antic.
I don't even want to see your face.
Either of us will stay
in this college now.
Pooja, oPen the door.
- Listen to us...
Go away from here.
Shall we move? Come on.
OPen the door.
See, I have PrePared a reciPe of
bitter gourd and bananas for you.
Please oPen the door.
Please have the dinner.
If you don't eat it,
even I won't eat it.
Do whatever you want. SleeP hungry.
Hey, what haPPened?
Armaan was angry and went away?
He did PrePare the food, isn't it?
The reciPe of bitter gourds...
You didn't eat the food till now?
I am eating. I am very hungry.
Hey, why are you so silent?
Say something.
You mean...
You have forgotten Suraj
sir's scolding?
Oh... what was there
to remember in it?
Why don't you clarify that
you accePted defeat?
How does the question of
defeat or victory arise?
I committed a Prank.
I was caught. Okay.
That is all right.
But he shouldn't have insulted
you in everyone's Presence.
Insult? No.
A real man should be like this.
Sir seemed so handsome in anger.
His nose was beet red in anger.
And his face was shining
like silver.
What has haPPened to you?
For the first time, you are laying...
...down your weaPons to an enemy?
And that too such a enemy...
Who has Put you down so many times.
Did your adamance and anger
flow with your tears?
Did you surrender to
your Personality?
I don't know. I don't know anything.
Ask the bottom of your
heart and tell me...
are you falling in love with him?
Have you started to fall
in love with him?
I think so...
Sir... I have come to
bid you farewell.
I am going to my father's house.
As it is, what is the
use of staying here?
I think that I should
leave right now.
Go to your class.
That means you didn't comPlain
against me to the PrinciPal?
Sir. I knew that you wouldn't
comPlain against me.
You like me.
Who said that I like you?
You like me, therefore
you scolded me.
Sir, there are 1633 girls
in this college.
You never scolded them.
This means that there
is something in me...
...that they don't have. I know...
that you take better care of me.
Ramdulari liked your scolds, sir.
Very good.
ramdulari loves you!
Ramdulari loves you!
Ramdulari loves you!
How are you?
- I'm fine, auntie.
I'll recover soon.
Look, I'm walking.
All the Plants have grown so big!
Child, the wind is blowing.
You better go in. - PaPa, I've
come after so many days.
Let me see them contently.
PaPa is right.
See them afterwards. C'mon.
What haPPened? What
are you thinking?
Just about you.
Just let me see the eyes that
always twinkle with a hoPe.
The ones that weren't
able to sleeP...
...for the Past 3 years in my worry.
You had to go through a lot
because me, isn't it, Suraj?
Tell me the truth, Suraj...
am I a burden for you?
The lashes aren't a
burden for the eyes.
Didn't you yourself write this
line in one of you Poetries?
Recite the whole Poetry for me.
Don't remind me all that.
I'm Pained at that.
Why, SuPriya?
Moreover, you've stoPPed
writing Poems?
Everything has stoPPed.
No, SuPriya.
Nothing has stoPPed.
You start writing the
Poems again...
...and I'm here to Put them on PaPer.
What are you looking at?
Just foreseeing the hall
full of PeoPle...
...and you dancing on the stage...
...and the reverberations
of aPPlaud...
...and myself standing in some
remote corner all alone.
Since when have you started
dreaming in day?
What else do lovers do? Just
keeP on dreaming, isn't it?
Moreover, I don't have
anything else to do.
You'll become a big star.
And, I'll become a star secretary.
You'll sign the autograPhs.
And, I'll count the money.
Had you really wanted
to do secretary-shiP...
...then why did you study such
heavy chemistry books?
That's because I could
get a gold medal...
...and for you to get
imPressed and fall for me.
I'm not imPressed with you.
That means you don't love me?
Not at all.
Stars don't fall in love
with lesser beings.
I'll fall in love with some
rich Nrl (Non resident Indian).
And, then I'll fly away abroad
after marrying him.
What will you do then?
What will I do?
I was in love with you,
I'm in love with you...
...and I'll always love you.
Even if you leave me and go...
...I would still hold no
resentment against you.
I'll sPend my whole
life in your memory.
Stars don't cry.
...don't cry.
You'll start dancing again.
The aPPlause will again be there.
Everything will be alright.
Now, take some rest.
I've to go.
Can't you wait till the
holidays get over?
No, SuPriya.
Day after tomorrow,
it's the last day...
...of returning the
examination PaPer.
I'll have to go.
Give it.
You take rest.
I'll be back by next Saturday.
Take the medicines on time.
And, do exercises on time.
And, no more crying.
- Promise.
Love you.
Sister, Pooja!
Sister, Pooja!
- What is it?!
Sister, after so much of struggle...
...l've bagged a big
role in a small film.
So, let me go!
- No.
See, the college has shut down.
And, the holidays have started.
And, all your stooges have
gone to their natives'.
So, what's the Problem now?
The Problem is, I can't stay
alone in such a big house!
Alone? How come alone?
You too are going to meet your daddy!
I'm not going anywhere!
And, you too aren't going anywhere!
Did you get that?!
And for now, you're not
at all going anywhere!
We've to give him comPany, isn't it?
Hey! We've the keys of
sir's house, right?
Go, get them fast!
C'mon, stuPid! Move! Move!
Greetings, sir!
Sir! Sir! Sir! Your
keys are with me!
Where's dildar?
- He has gone to his in-law's Place.
I mean to his wife's house.
And, didn't you go to your house?
- House?
I'm yet to settle down
with a house, sir.
Sir, wherever you went; is
everything alright there?
It's just that a crow
turned into a swan.
A cow started sPeaking in English.
And, money is growing
on some trees. - Really?!
Is it haPPening
now at your Place?!
Well, it haPPened
much ago at ours.
Why not?
Won't that all haPPen at a Place...
...wherein a sPeculate
like you is born?
And, if it doesn't; then this
might itself be a wonder.
You're so right, sir!
Ram dulari said something that day...
...but she hasn't got the rePly yet.
Ram dulari will get her rePly.
- When!?
At the right time.
When shall that time come, sir!?
Very soon.
That means till then ram dulari
will have to wait for you?
Fine. I'll certainly wait.
Because, I'm already crazy about you!
The sPring arrives and
the Partridge sings.
The clouds sPread and
the Peacock dances.
But, when shall your eyes
...locked with mine?
Your love made my heart go crazy.
Your consent made
my heart go crazy.
But, where has it been lost?
Just tell me that!
Your love made my heart go crazy.
Your consent made my heart go crazy.
But, where has it been lost?
Just tell me that!
Your love has...
Our eyes sleeP at times
and keeP waking at some.
I'm enjoying that.
Our breaths are slow at times
and are fast at some.
A magic is sPreading fast.
Nowhere can I find Peace.
Don't chastise me as such.
Your love has...
Slow and steady; you
stole my sleeP.
You're at fault for that.
The world seems to be
deserted without you.
I'm very much aware of that.
It's the magic of love.
Pray so that it never diminishes.
Your love made my heart go crazy.
Your consent made my heart go crazy.
But, where has it been lost?
Just tell me that!
Your love has...
Sir, you!?
It was good.
- What, sir?
Last night's song.
- Thank you, sir!
But, after hearing that
song; I really felt...
...that I'm doing wrong with you.
A sort of feeling has develoPed
for you in my heart.
A soft corner, you see.
Is it true, sir!?
I can't believe this!
I went for the shoPPing and
I just thought of you.
So, I bought this.
Is this for me, sir!?
I thought of starting our
friendshiP with a gift.
Sir, I cannot tell
you; how haPPy I'm!
I'm so haPPy!
No. After I go.
One more thing...
This is not just a gift.
It's a mirror.
And, you can see in it;
how I visualise you.
Did ram dulari like the gift?
What do you think of; am I a kid?!
So as to Play with a toy?!
What's there to think about it?
You certainly are.
I visualise you in the same way.
Now, go and Play.
I'm not a kid!
I'm a girl! I'm a grown uP girl!
StuPid girl!
Do you know what you did?!
These are university exam's PaPers!
They are the future
of so many students!
Now, get out of here!
Get out!
Even my dad never raised
a hand on me!
And you...
- Yes, I slaPPed you!
I slaPPed you!
Do whatever you want!
Is it a crime to fall in love?!
If that's the case then
I've committed a crime!
Go and file an Flr
(First Information rePort)! Go!
Send me to the gallows!
But, you did a good thing!
You hit me and brought
gave way to my resolve!
But, keeP it in mind!
The same hands will feel these
cheeks affectionately some day.
And, if that doesn't haPPen...
...then I shall no longer be the
daughter of deePraj Khanna!
What will you do, huh?!
What will you do?! You'll hit me?!
Then, hit me!
But, remember on thing...
...that I love you!
I love you!
And, it's a true love!
Did you get that?! I love you!
I love you!
Your love made my heart go crazy.
Your consent made my heart go crazy.
Your love made my heart go crazy.
Your consent made my heart go crazy.
Your love made my heart go crazy.
Be seated. Be seated.
Sit. Sit down.
Don't worry.
Today, I've not come
to fight with you.
Actually... it's not wrong
to love anybody.
It's not a crime.
But, PerhaPs...
...your manner was wrong.
And, the Place as well.
Let's do one thing...
...why don't we go for a
Picnic on this weekend?
Where should we go, sir?
That's a surPrise.
But, you all stay PrePared.
Okay, Pooja?
I mean... ram dulari.
SurPrise number one.
This house wherein Suraj
chauhan started dreaming.
SurPrise number two.
My uncle.
But, more than my father.
He and my father were best friends.
Both ruled the share market.
One day all of a sudden...
...the share market crashed.
And, my father couldn't
bear the shock.
After his demise; my mother also
died after some days.
Since then he brought me uP.
PaPa, these are some students
of my college.
They wanted to meet you.
- Greetings!
He's your future father in law.
Seek his blessings.
- Yeah!
Hey! Hey!
What... what are you doing?
She resPects elders a lot.
Whenever she some elder; she right
away seeks their blessings.
Such cultured girls still
exist in today's world.
You still haven't understood
my students ProPerly, PaPa.
Your students must be
definitely like you.
I'm going out for some
imPortant work.
You take them in.
- Fine, PaPa.
SuPriya is also in.
Wow! You've come here walking?
These are those hot chillies.
The ones I talked about.
This one is their leader.
Ram dulari.
Alias Pooja.
And, Pooja... she's
surPrise number 3.
SuPriya Maheshwari.
PaPa's daughter... and my fiance.
My love... and my life.
She's suffering from Paralysis
since Past three years.
The doctors say that she'll
recover very soon.
And, look... she has
come here walking.
C'mon, girls.
See, how I did the break!
Just like Pooja's love.
Even her heart is shattered and
scattered like these coins.
The fault is Pooja's.
She shouldn't have fallen
in love with Suraj sir.
The fault lies in the
college management.
What was the need to emPloy a young
lecturer in a girls' college?
Isn't it, Pooja?
- Shut uP!
- Wow!
- Wow! - Snacks!
So, are you all enjoying?
- Yes, sir.
You too take.
What's uP, ram dulari?
You aren't Playing carom?
What's the matter, Suraj?
Ever since she has come,
she seems to be uPset.
What's the matter, Pooja?
It's just a headache.
Today, she's having an headache...
...but all the while she
gives us headache.
You PeoPle Play with the carom,
and not with me! Okay?!
Wait! Wait! Wait!
Let me Put this queen.
I'll helP you in that.
No, no. I don't need
your helP in this.
Forgot? It's me who
always wins in carom.
But, I always have the queen.
I let you have it PurPosely.
Since, I've the real queen, then
why do I need any other queen?
Isn't it, girls?
- Yes, sir!
Ram dulari...
You Play... I'll see to it.
Pooja, don't be silly.
Come. Come with me.
Pooja, whatever haPPened
so far, was just fun.
It was a Prank.
At least I took it that way.
These words are aPt
in the class room!
I brought you here PurPortedly.
So that after seeing
the whole truth...'ll think of me
in a Positive light.
I'm not that fool, the way
you're thinking of me!
Look... if you still have anything
in mind about me...
...then Please chuck that out.
After going from here... you'll
be my best friend...
...and you'll be my best student.
C'mon. Cheer uP.
There's a function in the village.
We'll all go there.
Stranger! Stranger! Stranger!
Stranger! Stranger! Stranger!
Stranger! Stranger! Stranger!
The stranger has come!
He has brought along
the message of love.
The stranger has come!
A message of love
he has brought along.
My heart's Pounding!
Better take care of me!
Better take care of me!
The stranger has come!
A message of love
he has brought along.
My heart's Pounding!
Better take care of me!
Better take care of me!
I stayed away from you, O' dear.
Don't ask how
I sPent those days.
Even I thought of
you all the time.
It was your dream all
the while in my eyes.
These bangles jingle and tell me.
I won't be able to bear
the seParation anymore.
The stranger has come!
A message of love
he has brought along.
Stranger! The stranger has come!
A message of love he
has brought along.
My heart's Pounding!
Better take care of me!
Better take care of me!
KeeP your Promise since
you've made it.
And, don't you ever
try to forget me.
Don't go away after
coming so close.
And, never hurt my heart.
I'll enter in your breath
like a fragrance.
And, I'll fill you with my love.
The stranger has come!
A message of love
he has brought along.
My heart's Pounding!
Better take care of me!
Better take care of me!
Stranger! Stranger! Stranger!
Stranger! The stranger has come!
My heart's Pounding!
Better take care of me!
Better take care of me!
Better take care of me!
Sister Pooja, you're alone?
What' the matter?
Where are your useless friends?
What haPPened?
Did you start another riot or what?
What haPPened to you?
What are you doing? Listen, sister!
Sir, that Pooja...
Sir, she went to her house in Poona
all of a sudden this morning.
And, sir, she'll never return.
Sir, it seems she has
left the college.
We tried to convince
her a lot, but...
Sir, we even told her to meet
you once, before going...
...but she didn't listen. She
has left a letter for you.
'Thanks for the surPrises! '
'You found of a great
way to humiliate me...
'... and insult me in front of all! '
'I should really admit! '
'You made a great Plan! '
'You're a sadist! '
'I hate you! '
'Good bye! '
...where did you went yesterday
all of a sudden?
Ever since you went away,
I was thinking about it.
Did I do anything wrong?
At least you should have
informed before going.
Even your friends didn't
knew anything.
They were also worried.
Have you come alone?
Don't you have a class?
Have a seat.
Suraj always says that...
...sometimes you behave strangely.
Is it necessary for someone's
behaviour to be constant?
What more does he say?
He doesn't say that in
a comPlaining tone.
You have a seat... I'll get
some soft drink for you.
I don't want anything!
What's the matter, Pooja?
You seem to be tense.
I've left the college!
Left the college?
I can't tolerate anyone
Passing taunts at me!
Hence, I cannot study
in that college anymore!
I can't face my friends!
And, all this haPPened
because of you!
- Yes, you!
How could I've known that someone...
...was waiting for Suraj
sir in here?!
What's my fault?!
I really don't know how I fell in love
with Suraj sir during all that fun!
Tell me, what should I do now?!
I can't forget him!
Because no girl can ever
forget her first love!
Pooja, stoP!
Does Suraj know this?
- Yes, he knows.
But, he knowingly acts na.i. Ve.
He symPathises with you.
The way a Patient is treated.
He's being comPassionate with you.
Because, you are Physically
challenged. You're a handicaP!
Even Suraj sir loves me!
And, I'm aware of that!
But, he's helPless.
Because he's burdened with
your resPonsibility.
And, all his feelings are
suPPressed under that burden!
After all, what can you give him?!
Tears?! Sorrow!
Can you ever give him any Pleasure?!
Can you ever give him
a haPPy family life?!
Can you give him a child?!
You can never give!
Suraj sir will have to
live a miserable life!
You're destroying his life
for your own gluttony!
You're selfish!
What haPPened, PaPa?
PaPa, why don't you say something?
dear, you're still not ready?
I exPlained you so much
yesterday, yet...
come, come. Change your
clothes. We've to go.
No, dad. You go.
I won't go.
Don't be insistent, dear.
It will take a whole week for
me to return from delhi.
You'll get bored here alone.
Where am I alone?
Lmaan uncle's there. Radhey's
there. Pinto's there.
Pooja, Pooja... try and
understand, dear.
I've to catch the flight after
droPPing you to the college.
No, dad.
And, don't force me.
I'm really not coming.
Daddy, Please!
- I told you, no more movies!
No more fun! No more Pig-headedness!
C'mon, now.
I won't come.
I said no.
Fine. Don't go.
But, have you ever thought;
had your mama been alive... Pained she would have
been after seeing all this?
Had mama been alive...
...then she would have understood
my feelings.
By the way, Pooja, who told
you to fall in love...
...with your college lecturer?
You made the selection. But, I'm
going through the tension.
- No, really.
Well, that man has gained
resPect in my eyes...
...since he has turned down
my daughter's love.
He might be having
a great will Power.
I actually want to meet him.
Daddy, Please, daddy!
Hey! You've started crying!
C'mon, buddy.
I had thought that
deePraj Khanna's daughter...
...has loads of courage and guts.
Hey, c'mon now!
If you hide your face like this
after getting defeated...
...then it will be really
shameful for me.
Be bold.
If he doesn't want your love; then
you too shouldn't need his love!
Face your friends boldly!
You yourself use to say that
you're your college's hero.
I mean heroine.
So, are heroes like this?
For the sake of a silly romance...
It's not a silly romance, daddy!
Look, Pooja...
...we're not just father and
daughter, but friends.
We discuss everything, correct?
So then listen to me and get ready.
This is not a father's request,
but a friend's.
Should I droP you to the classroom?
- No, dad.
You go.
I'm alright, dad.
I'm Perfectly alright.
And, from today on; you won't
hear any comPlaints. Okay.
I know.
- Bye.
Hey, guys! What haPPened?
Why do you all look so terrible?
Of course you'll look terrible,
since I wasn't here.
But, right now I'm back.
So, cheer uP.
Hey, Print-out, are you still
on with your letter writing?
Pooja... it's good that you came.
We were all missing you a lot.
I knew it.
You'll go astray without me.
Hence, I've come back!
You've come now?
Yes. Daddy has also come along.
He has gone to meet Suraj sir.
You didn't go to meet her?
For that I've to collect some guts.
Though I've done a
great rehearsal.
Actually, Pooja, we were
thinking to call you...
Miss SuPriya, has suffered
a very serious attack.
And, the doctors say that's the
chances of her survival are bleak.
The day you went; we got
a call the same day.
The reason of attack was
some mental shock.
The Poor soul... she was so nice.
Suraj sir is very uPset.
He's really very unfortunate.
And, then...
...she was dePrived of
the motherly love.
That's why she's a bit stubborn.
But, she's not bad at heart.
I know that.
Whatever she did with you... she
told me everything about that.
The thing that she did with you...
I aPologise to you for that.
There's still a child in her.
So, don't feel bad about it.
No, no. It's not like that.
Didn't Pooja come?
- She has come.
She has gone directly
to the classroom.
Actually, she was unable to
collect the guts to face you.
Excuse me, I've to go.
Okay, see you then.
We shall meet someday freely.
- Sure.
See you.
- Bye.
How are you?
I'm alright, sir.
I just met your daddy.
You did right by coming back.
Practicals, right? C'mon.
What haPPened, PaPa?
You're here all of a sudden?
Son, SuPriya has...
What haPPened to SuPriya?
She has stoPPed taking medicines.
I exPlained her a lot.
Even the doctors tried exPlaining.
But, she isn't ready
to listen to anybody.
Just says... that she
doesn't want to live.
I really don't know
what should I do?
I've come to you since
she never refuses you.
Do you really think that
medicines will helP me?
Yes, I do feel.
The Lord is very much with us.
The same thing haPPened earlier.
Didn't you come back
after recovering?
Have courage.
You'll recover yet again.
Take the medicines.
I want to talk to Suraj in Private.
You love me?
You love me a lot, isn't it?
Do you think my love
for you has lessened?
I think that you love
me more than before.
That's why... I'm unable to bear now.
Look... you love me so much...
...and I cannot even reciProcate
your love.
Should I tell you something, Suraj?
Will you listen to me?
Suraj, you marry someone else.
No matter if I live or die.
But, if you get married,
then I won't be worried that...
...I would leaving you alone.
SuPriya, enough.
Do you figure out that I love you...
...since I want something from you?
Is marriage everything?
Pooja is a very nice girl.
She came that day.
I really felt the day she came here.
She'll take good care of you.
SuPriya, stoP it.
Suraj, let me sPeak today.
I've told PaPa everything.
He'll talk to Pooja's daddy.
But, SuPriya...
- don't say no! Please!
Just think this as your
SuPriya's last wish.
And, fulfil it.
Get married to Pooja.
SuPriya, don't Punish me like this.
Don't insult my love like this.
I've truly loved you.
After all, what's short in my love... as you're sPeaking like this?
Every dream doesn't
come true, isn't it?
Some dreams shatter, the
moment the eyes oPen.
Our love is a similar dream.
Forget me!
Forget you?
First you forget me.
Can you forget my love?
RePly me.
Suraj, stoP.
PaPa... can you give me that?
Suraj... Please take it.
Do you remember this sari?
You brought this for
the girl who was...
...suPPosed to become your bride.
I don't need it now.
I'm returning it today.
I'm breaking off my
engagement with you!
Daddy... you've come
here all of a sudden?
Come. I'll tell you.
Yesterday he came home.
At first I was angered
at what he said.
I was about to say him 'Get out.'
But, gradually I felt after
giving it a thought...
...that he's indeed right.
After all I'm also a
daughter's father.
And, every father wants to fulfil
every wish of his daughter.
And, if that wish is the last one...
...then one fulfils it
even with his own life.
What's the matter, daddy?
Suraj, waited for SuPriya till now.
But, now...
There's no meaning to that waiting,
and everybody knows that.
Suraj as well.
The care that SuPriya's
father takes of her...
...he also has the same affection
for Suraj as well.
Since, he has brought uP Suraj...
...ever since he was a child.
So, to settle down his family
and to get him married... also one among
his resPonsibilities.
That's why he wants that you
get married to Suraj.
No, I haven't rePlied yet.
Even though I could have told that... daughter is young,
she's studying...
...and she has to make
her career, etc, etc.
But, I didn't say all that to him.
Because, maybe it was
all during fun...
...and aProPos, you
indeed loved Suraj.
That's why.
That's why I've Promised
him that if... daughter still holds
the same feelings...
...then I'm not going to come
between those feelings.
Now...'ve to make the decision.
But, whatever decision you take...
...give it a thorough thought.
Because I don't want any
comPlications to arise in future.
A man has to make much bigger
comPromises in life.
Look, Suraj...
It's not the question of you
getting married to Pooja.
The question is of SuPriya's life.
Look, listen to SuPriya
and get married to Pooja...
...then PerhaPs she can start
taking the medicines...
...and her life might
come on the right track.
Moreover, Suraj...
...Pooja also loves you.
That's not love, but infatuation.
That's stubbornness!
An adolescent obsession!
It's not Possible, dildar,
that... - You want...
...SuPriya to die with
her last wish unfulfilled?
But... - Look, Suraj, I'm your friend.
I seek your better.
But, I can only give
you suggestions.
Look, Suraj, whatever you do;
think a lot before that.
Because on one hand it's
a question of two lives...
...and on the other it's
a question of two deaths.
Never did I think
before this decision.
No decePtion is as big
as a beautiful dream.
Be it the moments of joy.
Or be it the shadows of grief.
One has to still live even though
with a shattered heart.
Never did I think
before this decision.
No decePtion is as big
as a beautiful dream.
The desire of the heart
was left unfulfilled.
And, now it's a Passage
through difficult times.
The waves took away
all that was mine.
So, what's left there
with the shore?
One doesn't get what
he wants in love.
And, in sPite of the ocean
the thirst is unquenched.
Never did I think
before this decision.
No decePtion is as big
as a beautiful dream.
One gets what he's
destined to get.
One loses what he's
destined to lose.
No matter one makes any effort.
Destiny shall always Prevail.
Why does time make
one suffer in love?
And, why does it caress after
all that at other times?
Never did I think
before this decision.
No decePtion is as big
as a beautiful dream.
Be it the moments of joy.
Or be it the shadows of grief.
One has to still live even though
with a shattered heart.
Be it the moments of joy.
Or be it the shadows of grief.
One has to still live even though
with a shattered heart.
So far whatever haPPened...
whether good or bad...
...we'll try to forget it.
You know everything.
Whether anything is true or not...
...but, it's certainly true...
that we're husband and wife.
I'll try to be a good husband.
But, it will definitely
take some time.
Go to sleeP.
Take some more.
- No, no. It's enough.
Why? Didn't you like the breakfast?
I liked it very much.
Hi, Pooja!
- DeePa, you!
Pooja, how are you?
- I'm fine.
C'mon, let's go in.
Tell me, is everything alright?
But, I'm very annoyed with you.
I went to meet my Parents
during the vacation...
...and meanwhile you got married?
But, whatever one says. You indeed
acquired the one you loved.
Suraj sir had to bow
before your love.
Isn't it?
Pooja, tell me one thing...
How's sister SuPriya?
Is she still on the bed or
is there any imProvement.
Whatever you say... but,
you did wrong with her.
You got what you wanted.
But, she...
The Poor soul.
Hey, Pooja!
What are you doing?
When did you come?
Suraj has also come?
You're looking beautiful
in the sari.
Are you alright?
I want to rePent!
The thing that I did with you...
I want to rePent for that!
I'm unable to bear it anymore!
What are you talking about, Pooja?
Why didn't you curse me?
Why didn't you curse me?
I can't live with the burden
of your tears on me!
You've done nothing like that... as there should
be a burden on you.
Matches are made in heaven, Pooja.
No, SuPriya madam.
I'm resPonsible for this
condition of yours.
Just me.
I was fighting my own shadow
just for the sake of my resolve...
...and it's now that I've
come to know about it!
And, now when Suraj sir has
started loving me as a wife...
...and since now I'm
getting his love...
...I feel that I don't
have any right on that love!
Because I've snatched it!
I've started feeling that
I've committed some theft!
I've committed a sin!
Silly girl... you're getting
Suraj's love... fact you should
be haPPy about it.
You should ever stay haPPy and...
...I Pray for the same to the Lord.
And, my blessings will be with
you. Till my last breath.
PaPa, do you recognise her?
She's our Pooja.
Suraj's wife.
I've seen her coming!
And, the moment I saw her,
I got the feeling...
...that she's again uP to something!
She has stePPed into this
house once before!
And, I and my daughter are still
reaPing the fruits of that visit!
Till today!
Aren't you contented even
after doing all this?!
Yet again you're here to... - PaPa!
What are you talking about?
Do you know whom you're talking to?
I know that!
But, what should I do?!
There's this Pain within!
I've gone through a lot!
I've suffered a lot!
I kePt mum a lot!
But, I won't stay quiet anymore!
I wanted to tell Suraj
the same day...
...but my daughter barred
me from doing so...
...that none should know about it.
- See!
See at my daughter's condition!
See! - PaPa!
Before I lose control of myself,
just go away from here!
Don't ever come back here!
Never show your evil face here!
What's the matter, PaPa?
It's nothing... like that.
There's something that you
PeoPle are hiding from me.
What is the matter?
SuPriya... tell me.
No, Suraj. There's
nothing like that.
I'll tell you.
Pooja, no! - You should
know what haPPened!
My husband should know
as to what I did!
SuPriya madam suffered this
stroke because of me!
No, Pooja! No!
All haPPened because of me!
I told her that you don't love
her but symPathise with her!
I said that she's selfish!
I called her selfish!
I told her that she's
ruining your life...
...for the sake of her selfish goals!
I called her handicaP!
I called her Physically challenged!
And, I also said that she can...
...never give you a
haPPy married life!
And, child...
You did well.
You really did well.
SuPriya, strangled her own love...
...for the sake of Suraj's haPPiness!
The father melted in the
daughter's tears...
...and concealed the truth.
It's just that Suraj is a fool!
I couldn't understand!
I couldn't understand anything!
SuPriya... what was the need
to give such a big sacrifice?
I don't deserve this.
For once...
just for once...
StoP your tears.
Don't ever show me your face!
Your tears are venom for me!
You'll weeP for your whole life...
...still you won't get an absolution.
Wait and see...
...your own conscience will
Punish you someday.
Don't ever show me your face!
Your tears are venom for me!
Your tears are venom for me!
Where are we going?
Dildar, where are we going?
Just... the destination
is about to arrive.
This road goes to her
house, isn't it?
StoP the car.
Dildar, I say stoP the car!
...the car will stoP...
...wherein it has to stoP.
Yesterday, dildar called uP
and said that you're back.
But, I wasn't sure that
you'll come here.
I'm very haPPy.
Dildar... move the car.
I don't want to meet anyone here!
Move the car! Please!
Vent the ire on me if you
really want to.
It's me and my daughter
who did a wrong thing.
Let go my hand.
Suraj, I don't want anything.
Since you've come here...
Please come in for once.
Please, Suraj.
Come, Suraj.
Suraj, come.
If you're about to call
your daughter...
...then better don't do it.
She won't come even
if I or you call her.
The one who calls everybody
near him...
...has taken her away.
Four years ago...
...on the night of 'deePavali'...
...she left us all.
Not to come ever.
Whenever there are mishaPs in life...
...we often seek the suPPort
of this one word.
All the PeoPle who came to meet me...
...said the same thing...
that it was destiny.
But, that wasn't destiny.
Rather she felt that she
has committed a sin.
And, she Punished herself
for that sin.
For a whole day and whole night...
...I 'waited' with her
dead body in my laP... the thought that you'll come.
In sPite of knowing very
well that you won't come.
In sPite of knowing very
well that you won't come.
An adolescent obsession!
Did my daughter commit any
sin other than this?
No, I'm...
I'm not justifying her.
But, you should know all this.
That day after you went away...
...when my daughter returned...
...she was like a living dead!
She stoPPed talking!
I was dying to hear
something from her!
Then, she didn't even
come out of her room!
She never cried for once!
The eyes... as if looking
at something far off.
I tried a lot to get her
treated. I tried a lot!
But, that was of no use!
Then, one day the doctor said
that she's exPecting a baby!
But, even that didn't bring
a smile on her face!
As she was far away
from life and death!
And, in the same condition... she
gave birth to a baby girl!
Her condition was same even
after the delivery.
Then, one day I...
...I found something
different in her.
I felt as if... if a dead body was resurrected!
She called me 'daddy.'
She hugged me and asked for you!
And, she started to sob!
Daddy, if ever he comes to meet
our daughter some day...
...then do tell him that
my tears are not venom!
and do tell him... to forgive me!
Will he forgive me?
Why not, my child?
I'll exPlain him.
You go to sleeP!
Go to sleeP, my child.
I thought that my daughter
was back to normal...
...and I had a Peaceful
sleeP that night.
Pooja, dear...
If death is the ultimate
Punishment for a sin...
...then at least forgive
my daughter now, Suraj!
...where's my daughter?
Who are you?
Your PaPa!
- Pooja...
I call her Pooja.
Ever since I've got her... I've
recovered all by myself.
Neither I took any medicines,
nor did any exercises.
I just recovered myself.
Maybe, because... I wanted
to her to call me 'mother.'
And, she must have definitely fought
a lot with the Lord for my life.
I don't understand anything.
Should I cry... or laugh?
There are some things that
we lose in our life...
...but there are things that
we get with a sudden stroke.
And, at a time when we
don't even exPect that.
Go. And, shower your affection
on your daughter Pooja.
Your soul shall be relieved
of the burden.