Zanjeer (1973) Movie Script

The Inspector has sent for you.
Come, Ranjeet. The period
of your remand is over.
Despite knowing the truth,
we have no evidence against you...
nor do we have any witnesses.
Here are your clothes.
And... here's your purse.
Check it out.
May I leave, Inspector?
- Legally, I can't stop you.
But you've spent so many days here.
A few more moments won't hurt.
Do you still have something
to ask me, Inspector?
What's the point in asking?
You'll give me the same answer.
I have nothing to ask you today.
I have something to tell you.
See this adulterated injection?
Isn't this the stuff the
people you work for, make?
It bears a label of calcium.
But inside the bottle...
Give it a thought. Who mustn't the
shop-keepers be selling the poison to?
One bottle like this can snatch
a child away from his mother.
It can orphan a child.
It can render a married woman...
Why are you telling me all this?
I've told you so many times!
I know nothing about the people
who make fake medicines! Nothing!
I sometimes feel like congratulating
you for your loyalty.
And I also feel sad that you're
loyal to such wrong people.
You haven't told us their names
despite asking you so many times.
You have sealed your lips.
But remember this much, Ranjeet.
The hand that hides the fire...
gets burnt in the process.
You will regret this someday.
3 plus one?
- 4.
4 plus one?
- 5.
5 plus one?
- Sumitra...
You are back?
- Yes, Sumitra.
Why are you crying?
I'm back.
They have no evidence against me.
They can do no harm to me.
Don't cry...
- Father!
Vijay! My darling son!
Your mother's crying.
You won't cry, will you?
That's like a good boy!
You are my brave son!
Where's Munni? She wept so much
when they took me away.
I missed her so much.
- Munni's dead, father.
How did it happen, Sumitra?
Didn't you have her treated?
- I did.
Little did I know that I was buying
death for her, instead of medicine.
I bought an injection for her. Later,
I got to know that it was a fake.
So what's new?
It's children who pay
for their father's sins.
The hand that conceals the fire...
gets burnt in the process.
I can't really thank you enough,
Mr Patil...
You are embarrassing me, Mr Mehta.
I consider it my prime duty to
give a donation for the orphanage.
It's a noble deed.
You're back, Ranjeet?
I'm very happy with you.
See, Teja? The police couldn't
get Ranjeet to say a word.
A man of iron indeed!
Have a drink. Go on.
- No thank you.
You need to take some rest, Ranjeet.
Kashmir, Darjeeling...
go anywhere you want to.
I'll foot the bill.
Get back to work when you return.
I won't be doing this work anymore.
- What do you mean?
I wish to give up this business.
- You are tired, Ranjeet. I told you.
You are right, sir. I'm tired of
this life of crime and sin.
I have been punished
for what I have done.
I now want to lead an honest life.
And that's what I've come to tell you.
Hear that?
- Sure.
I wondered if Ranjeet
turned an approver...
for how many years would
they send us away to jail?
He has gone mad!
When your dog goes mad,
you ought to shoot it.
Go and burst these crackers, son.
- Come with me, father.
All right. We'll go out
after dinner then.
There are 1100 workers in the factory.
- 1100?
May I go and hide, father?
- Sure... Must I shut my eyes?
My foreman is happy with me. He said
he'd put in a word to the manager.
Why don't you invite him
for lunch some day?
You're hiding behind your mother!
Caught you!
You saw me hiding there.
- No, I really didn't.
All right. Let's do it again.
I'll close my eyes.
Go and hide now.
I think we must send him
to school next year.
What's the hurry?
- Why not?
He'll study and grow up soon
and look after us.
Guess where I am, father?
- Where are you?
May I lay the table?
- Yes, go ahead.
Keep an eye upstairs, Ram Singh.
Go with him, constable.
- Yes, daddy?
Come here, my son.
- Coming, daddy.
This is Vijay.
He's going to stay with you.
You will take him out to the garden
every evening to play with him.
Also to school?
- Yes. He'll also go to school.
What happened?
What happened, son?
Scared, are you?
Did you have a nightmare?
It's okay... go to sleep.
- What happened, mummy?
Nothing. Go to sleep.
What happened, Trishna?
- Vijay had a nightmare.
Have you put him to sleep?
- Yes. I feel so sorry for him.
Never ever tell him that
his parents were murdered.
When he grows up, we'll
make some story and...
I don't want him to know
that his father was a...
I understand. But d'you think he will
forget what he has himself witnessed?
He's still a child.
He'll forget it gradually.
Have your glasses of milk
and go to sleep.
You've been in the force for 5 years.
And in these 5 yrs, you've been
transferred eleven times.
You didn't serve any police
station for more than 6 months!
Any special reason?
- Maybe they dislike my modus operandi
I'm told that you're an honest
and a hard working officer...
But, you've your minus points too.
You take every criminal to be your
personal foe and to keep law...
you even go beyond
the law sometimes.
I think it my duty to fight
every crime, as a police officer.
Okay, but just as you have some
freedom as a police officer...
you have some restrictions too.
And I'm sure you won't forget them.
Join from tomorrow.
"Get your knives sharpened"
"Get your knives sharpened"
"The way I sharpen your knives,
you could use them like swords..."
"so bring your knives to me
lest you regret it"
"You will have the world
saluting to you"
"Get your knives sharpened"
"However a knife is..."
"I leave it gleaming"
"It glitter like silver..."
"and all I take as my wages
is 10 paisa"
"Like life without the beloved,
like a heart bereft without love..."
"there's nothing if
a knife isn't sharp enough"
"He who has a sharp knife,
keeps thieves away..."
"save the house that does
not have a sharp knife"
"Get your knives sharpened"
"Should you encounter
a thug on the streets..."
"or someone who swears at you
in a state of drunkenness..."
"the sharp knife will be your saviour"
"Let's have a round of
applause for that, children"
"This chap I ran into yesterday,
praised my long hair..."
"he said I have pierced his heart
with my eyes"
"I brandished the knife..."
"and he called me sister
"Have your knives sharpened"
Hey, watch it!
- Sharpen this too.
Then say so! You nearly injured my eye!
- Oh come on...
I swear! I'll be a gain to you.
- Nonsense!
Look, you know very well that
nobody can talk to me like this.
But you always...
- Here you are!
Take this
Give me change.
It's scarce these days.
Keep this Rs. 10 note.
We'll settle the score later.
Why, is it a special day
for you or something?
I don't want it!
- You slut! With this note...
I'll get 10 girls like you!
- You rascal!
He said vile things to me,
the bloody rascal!
Why don't you say something now?
- I was just teasing her, sir.
Teasing, eh?
Constable! Take him away.
Look, if any man insults you,
you needn't come to blows with him.
Come to us at the police station.
Why are we here?
Now take your things and go.
Don't you know anything else but
picking pockets and stealing?
You're a family man. Do some job.
- A job?
We don't get a job, sir.
- Don't get one?
Or are you scared to do a job?
- God's witness, sir.
Pilfering is very hard work.
But I'm helpless.
Once branded, who'll give a job?
- No business. What did you do?
I was a peddler. But I had to
sell it for my wife's medicines.
Wife's medicines or your hooch?
- Hooch. No, not hooch.
Honestly, sir. If I get a
little financial help...
I'll buy a nice peddling cart.
- How much money does it need?
- How much will it cost?
At least Rs 300 sir.
But, from where...
If you promise to go straight,
I can get you the money.
I swear, sir. I'll leave
all these vices and pay you back too.
Much obliged, sir.
- Another complaint against you...
and I'll have your blood.
- God promise, sir. Trust me.
Okay. Come to my house tomorrow. Go.
Sir... I'm leaving this here.
- Yes, sir?
Who's this Sher Khan?
Lots of complaints against him.
Where does he live?
- He... in Badshah Lane, sir.
Bring him here.
- Whom, sir?
Sher Khan. Who else?
- Same to you.
- I'm not so lucky.
No cigarette, liquor or gambling.
I offer them to you.
Enjoy yourselves.
Here, have one.
Jack, Queen and a King!
- Damn!
You win every time! Lucky!
- Today I am.
You won a lot today.
- Yes.
Have a cigarette.
Bloody cheat!
- I...
I do black deeds; But I'm honest.
Yes, sir?
- Throw this vermin out!
If he dares to come here
again, break his limbs!
Come on, take your share.
But be honest about it.
What is it?
- A constable was here.
Constable? Why was he here?
- To call you at the police station.
To call me at the
police station? Great!
Why are all you worried? Carry
on playing. I'm not dead yet.
- Yes, sir?
I asked for the names
of all the black-listed people.
Where are they?
- I'll just get them, sir.
Greetings, Inspector.
I'm lucky to be remembered
by a big officer like you.
What can I do for you?
- Are you Sher Khan?
You're new here, sir.
Else, who doesn't know me?
Anyway, now we've met.
Stand properly till you're
asked to sit down!
This is a police station,
not your own house!
Sir, till today nobody has
spoken like this to me.
It's not you who's speaking,
but your uniform and chair!
When you're without this
uniform and chair, that day...
Don't shout, sir!
You'll get a sore throat.
Ring your bell and ask the
constable to lock me up.
Sir, the file...
- Constable...
Take Sher Khan and show him out.
- No need.
I had come on my own.
I'll go by myself! Good day!
I heard that you were called
at the police station today.
A new officer has come who doesn't
know me. He'll know me by and by.
Get me a cup of tea, son.
Is this the area where people
know you, Sher Khan?
Now, I neither have my uniform
nor my chair. And I'm off duty.
This is your domain
and I'm all alone.
Come to the point, sir.
Nobody's to interfere!
Up, sir!
For the first time in my life,
I've met a lion-hearted man.
Let's shake hands.
By tomorrow morning,
all your gambling dens...
and other joints will
have to shut down!
Only then I'll shake hands with you.
I don't wait for tomorrow,
what I can do today.
Everything is closed from
this moment. Shake!
Boy! Two teas.
Look, your job is not to fight
for your personal respect...
but to save the public
from any sort of tyranny.
Sher Khan has shut all
his dens forever.
I told you before, if you're
going to work with me...
it'll be according to the
law and its principles.
May I speak to inspector
Vijay Khanna?
A truck with contraband liquor will
pass Maze Road checkpost today.
Who's talking?
- The number is MRY 9554.
What's your name? Where are you?
- The number is...
What's the matter?
- The cops caught one of our trucks.
For such a small matter,
you came running to me?
This hasn't happened in
the last 12 years, sir.
Was our man caught?
- No. The driver ran off.
Where did this happen?
- At Maze Road check post.
And the police officer there?
- A new chap.
Do one thing. Invite him also,
to our party the day after.
What is it, Teja darling?
- Nothing.
Kabir said some police officer
is in need of some money.
Inspector Vijay Khanna.
You're inspector Khanna?
Come, I'll introduce you to Teja.
He's coming this way in fact.
Rather, Inspector Khanna.
I don't smoke.
I was very eager to meet you.
People praise you a lot.
I've also read your name
in the papers many times.
I don't usually
attend parties.
But the S.P. Said I must meet you.
He too was praising you a lot!
Mona, look after him.
Mr. Vijay...
Consider this as your own home.
No formalities whatsoever.
Of course.
- Actually the thing is...
What will you have?
Anything cold, or hot?
Or better, something strong?
- A glass of water, please.
Water? Neat, or in your whisky?
Here you are.
You've come to the party,
but your heart is elsewhere.
Talk to me, please.
Unfortunately I can't converse.
So you may get bored with me.
Look, please don't be mean.
"Causing anguish to those
who suffer heartburn already..."
"you will get nothing,
"My heart, to your heart..."
"has already expressed
its state"
"Causing anguish to those
who suffer heartburn already..."
"you will get nothing,
"It's a heart, after all.
How can anyone help it?"
"It flips for people"
"Your heart slipped away..."
"and you did not even know"
"You'd know if you had given
your heart to someone"
"To give your heart
and take someone's heart..."
"is for those with
a large heart"
"My heart, to your heart..."
"has already expressed
its state"
"Causing anguish to those
who suffer heartburn already..."
"you will get nothing,
"A life without
a lovelorn heart..."
"is but a joke"
"Love for the heart,
O heartless one..."
"is a calamity"
"Play with my heart,
if you wish..."
"or take it,
it's all yours"
"The heart is as fragile
as a mirror..."
"and as hard as a rock.
Heed the cry of my heart"
"My heart, to your heart..."
"has already expressed
its state"
"Causing anguish to those
who suffer heartburn already..."
"you will get nothing,
Shrewd buyers always gauge other
buyers' prices before buying anything.
So what have you estimated?
What I've experienced is,
those who stay aloof at parties...
are usually very stubborn.
And it'll be very difficult
to "buy' this man.
Teja, the more I know you.
I feel I don't know you at all!
At times, I think you manage
this huge business all by yourself.
It must require so much
knowledge and experience!
I've learnt all this from Mr. Patil.
Whatever I am today,
is due to Mr. Patil.
I'm hearing you praise somebody
for the first time.
Truly, Mr. Patil must have
been a fantastic man!
Had he been alive today,
I'd have definitely met him.
But, how did he die?
I killed him.
Tomorrow morning a van will pass
from the Curzon Road check post.
Who's speaking? I want to meet you.
- The number is...
Yes, go on.
- The number is MRZ 6141.
Why don't you tell your name?
You've helped the police. You...
The number is MRZ 6141.
Where do you get this information?
I want to know if...
Goga, I've seen many, but
I've never seen a driver like you.
Aren't you scared someone
may come suddenly?
Then it's his funeral!
With this one eye of mine,
I can see the road clearly.
Not those who walk on the road.
Being funny, eh?
Here, have a cigarette.
Take the wireless
and go from that side.
Get at the back.
Ask the van to chase the truck
and get that girl here.
Did the police identify Goga?
- No.
They've just arrested him.
- It isn't as though...
someone saw him and then
identify him for the police, is it?
He said a knife-sharpening
girl may have seen him.
She may...
Give that girl 5-10 grand,
and burn that truck!
How much is it?
- 5 thousand.
But you'll have to hold your tongue.
For this kind of money,
I'll be a mute all my life!
The coroner's report will come later
Then the bodies can be handed over.
The condition the bodies are in...
How will the parents bear the sight?
I got the girl, sir.
- Why bring her here?
You asked...
- All right.
Your name?
- Mala.
Where do you live?
- Dongri Chawl.
Look, you are brought here
because you were standing...
where that truck stopped for
a second, and you saw the driver.
Me? No, I didn't see anybody.
I was doing my work.
You mean, even when there was
such a big accident nearby...
you continued to work?
A truck came at a high speed...
and braked very near you,
and you didn't even see it?
I did see, sir.
- Fine.
Come to the police station tomorrow.
We've arrested a few suspects.
Identify the driver among them.
No! I can't do that. I didn't
see anyone, so how can I identify?
You're lying!
- Why should I lie, sir?
Firstly, I didn't see, and even if
I did, I don't remember. Excuse me.
Why should I identify when
I've not lost any relative?
Let those who've lost their near ones
do it! Why should I bother? Right?
Don't involve me in this.
I can't identify. May I go now?
Come here!
Look, these are the bodies of those
kids, who were crushed to death!
They are not related to you, but,
take a look, before you leave.
The truck's wheel went over his head.
An only son. When his mother saw
his body, she didn't shed a tear.
Just stared at him like a
mad woman! Come here!
Among you,
there is that man who...
with his truck, crushed
5 innocent children.
Who is he? You?
You? Or is it you?
Today I don't have an eye-witness
who can identify that beast!
But whoever he is among you,
better listen carefully.
If I've ever taken a vow
in my life, it'll be today!
That man can't avoid me forever.
One day or the other, I'll...
Let them go!
- Sir, this girl wants to see you.
I'll identify the man. I saw
him with my own eyes.
Who is he? Tell me. Hurry up.
You bastard! I'll kill you!
Sir, this man should be hung!
What's wrong with you?
Yes, sir?
- Bring this man to my room.
What's this?
- Money. 5 thousand in all.
Two men had come to me and
asked me to hold my tongue.
Do you know those men?
Then why...
Those kids I saw in the morgue...
I couldn't lie. I don't
want this money.
You donate it to an orphanage.
May I go now?
Your name's Mala?
What you've done today is...
I'm very... Thank you.
How come you remembered me?
- I had some work with you.
Yes, tell me what it is. I'm lucky
to be of any help to you. Sit down.
Will you have a drink?
- No, thanks.
Mr. Teja...
Do you know this man?
- No. Who is he?
See carefully.
You may have seen him somewhere.
Wait. I'm long-sighted you see.
Never seen him before. Besides,
his face is such that...
once seen,
it can never be forgotten.
You're right. Even I didn't
forget it. Okay. I'll go now.
However, you may be
interested to know...
that a girl has identified him.
- Really?
Oh yes. This man is in custody now.
He hasn't made a statement as yet.
But... he will!
Had you given the money to that girl?
- Yes, sir.
That girl should not reach the court!
Sir! Open the door, sir.
Sir, save me! They'll kill me.
- Who? What's wrong?
They're after me.
- Wait here.
Don't go, sir.
- Nothing will happen to me. Go inside
There's nobody outside.
Look, Mala...
Don't cry. I know why they want to...
Nobody can hurt you here.
- No, sir.
They've become my enemies
for life! They'll kill me!
How can they? Is this a jungle
for people to kill as they wish?
There's police and the law
after all. Isn't there?
- Then? Now stop crying.
And you're a brave girl.
Got scared so fast?
Remember when I first met you?
How you had collared that hoodlum?
He was talking rash!
- He doesn't trouble you now, though.
No. Since I boxed his ears
he calls me "sis". Rascal!
Look, my phone's not working, else
I'd have called a jeep for you.
I don't want you to go home alone.
So, I'll escort you to your house.
No, sir.
- Why?
I won't go home till the are caught.
Once they came to bribe me.
What if they come again?
But if you don't go home,
what about your family?
Don't worry, sir.
I've no family.
There has to be someone.
Your parents...
No, sir. I have nobody I'm
an orphan since childhood.
What's the matter?
- Nothing. Just wondering.
How you live alone in this world.
- So? Lots of people live alone.
That's true, but you're a girl.
Why don't you marry?
- Marry whom, sir?
Look at my face. Who'll marry me?
Why? What's wrong with it?
It's pleasant enough.
You'll find lots of guys.
- I didn't find a single sod!
No swearing.
- I didn't swear, sir.
Look, if you don't wish
to go back to your place...
then go sleep in that room.
I'll sleep here.
I, over there, and you, here?
Have you eaten anything?
No, eh?
Look, I also stay alone here.
I'll see if I have something to eat.
What is it?
- Tea.
Why did you bother?
- Why? Don't you drink tea?
I do drink it.
But why in the glass.
- Why? What's wrong?
What happened? Tea's good.
- Well, sir.
That glass... I had drunk from it.
I gave it to you by mistake.
Never mind.
How much sugar have you put?
- 4 teaspoons. Is it less?
No. Perfect. A good combination.
By drinking one glass of tea...
one's mouth will be sweetened
for the entire day!
Who makes tea for you daily?
- I do it myself. Who else?
You're also alone like me, sir.
Don't you get scared in
such a big house?
I've sort of got used to it.
- Don't say that, sir.
I also live alone, but one
never gets used to living alone.
One always wishes that...
- What?
To have siblings, parents.
Everyone living in harmony.
Share one's joys and sorrows.
Did I say something wrong?
- No, you're absolutely right.
One never gets used to living alone.
One always wishes that...
But "If wishes were horses..."
"Should I find a place
in your heart..."
"my desires, my love,
would blossom too"
"I'm crazy.
All I need are my eyes..."
"to give you a loving glance"
"May youth be supported
by youth, my dear..."
"you are the only one I wish
to have as my companion"
"I'm crazy.
All I need are my eyes..."
"to give you a loving glance"
"Above our heads
are the open vast skies..."
"Eden, for us,
lies right here"
"A life without love
is nothing"
"Joy is where love is"
"Even if it is
strewn with thorns..."
"I shall follow you on the path
you tread"
"I'm crazy.
All I need are my eyes..."
"to give you a loving glance"
"The signs our eyes make..."
"my heart says,
I belong to you"
"It's the eyes
that speak in love..."
"losing the heart
is so much fun"
"Seek, and you shall have it
from your beloved..."
"all you need is to
seek earnestly"
"I'm crazy.
All I need are my eyes..."
"to give you a loving glance"
"May youth be supported
by youth, my dear..."
"you are the only one I wish
to have as my companion"
Greetings, sir.
- Where is your Master and Mistress?
- Welcome! We've been waiting for you.
Hello, sister-in-law.
This is...
Come here.
She is Mala.
Mala, this is my sister-in-law.
Don't be so formal.
Be comfortable, come on.
When did you come?
- Just now.
You're always busy in your cases.
This is my husband, Vijay's brother.
So, this is Mala.
Look, here you'll have no problem.
Except for my wife's chatter!
- Why does he object to my chatter?
Come, Mala, let's go.
If you've no objection, may I...
Yes of course. Take her.
- Come, my dear.
Nice girl.
- Yes. She has nobody.
I thought she'd learn something
if she stays here.
Good. My wife will have company too.
She's all alone the whole day.
One can't believe this girl
could be so brave!
That man she helped to arrest.
Has he told you anything?
No, not as yet. But he will.
Let me sleep.
I haven't slept for days,
so how can you? Talk!
I know nothing. Nothing.
You know everything!
Whom do you work for?
I know nothing, I tell you.
Goga, I've seen bigger criminals
than you, break down here.
I'll go on asking you forever,
and you'll have to tell me!
This inspector is beginning
to disturb me a bit too much.
Yes, sir?
- It won't be bad...
if this problem is erased forever.
I'll take 2 of my men today, and...
- No.
I don't want to use
my men for this job.
Find an old foe of the inspector.
And bribe him heavily.
This inspector's a queer guy too.
He just doesn't accept bribe.
Mona, just as dishonesty is
a weakness with some...
Honesty is also a
weakness with others.
If I don't find a proper man
to finish off the inspector...
he'll find himself in jail,
with all his honesty and integrity.
In jail?
Are you Sher Khan?
- By working under a car...
does one become somebody else?
Come to the point.
- Someone's to be bumped off!
So bump him! Why take
my permission?
You've to do the job.
So name your price.
First tell me the victim's worth.
25 thousand now, and the same,
when the job's done. Okay?
An inspector's life is worth 50,000?
Sounds a very honest officer. Name?
- Inspector Vijay Khanna.
I don't hunt tigers!
As it is, our country
has very few tigers left.
I hear even the Government
has banned tiger-hunting.
Khan, 50,000
is not a small sum.
You're lucky that you
said that under my roof.
I don't raise my hand in my house
even at my foe! Anywhere else...
and at the rate of 50,000 I'd have
earned 150,000 for the three of you!
Get out, you devils! Wait!
Take away the ill-gotten money.
Get out!
It's you, sir.
- What's this? Come outside.
Just this one left.
- Give it to me. Now come out.
Sit. Look, I didn't bring you here
to sharpen the knives.
I brought you here to learn.
- I've learnt a lot from "Bhabi".
What have you learnt?
- A, B, C, D...
- Any mistake, sir?
Why do you call me "Sir"?
Don't you know my name?
Yes. Vijay, sir.
- Not again!
My name's Vijay. Call me Vijay.
- Okay, sir.
Greetings, Vijay Khan!
Sher Khan? Come on in.
What brings you here?
- Where are you?
I've been looking since morning.
- Be seated.
Today, I lost 50,000
because of you!
What! How come?
- I'll tell you.
This is Mala.
Mala, he is Sher Khan.
A very good friend of mine.
- She may, or may not know me...
but I've understood her well.
- What do you know?
Look, I may not be married,
but I've attended many weddings!
You're like a younger sister.
Don't mind if I talk like this.
I'm always joking.
Vijay, hear this.
Anything special?
- Would I come here otherwise?
Your life's in danger. Some men
offered me 50,000 to kill you!
So? You should've taken it!
- Don't be funny. I'm worried.
Don't worry about me.
They can't do anything to me.
I know you're daring and brave.
But remember a pack of wild dogs...
can kill even a tiger.
I'll be your bodyguard.
No, friend. I'm a police officer.
I know how to deal
with such people very well.
Your wish. It was my duty to warn you.
But if I can be of help, tell me.
Go, she's waiting for you.
God bless, you two.
What is it? All's well I hope?
- Yes it is.
This man Sher Khan,
is a very nice man.
If anything happens to me,
then trust just two people.
My brother Anil and Sher Khan.
- Why are you saying this?
What will happen to you?
- Nothing. Just telling you.
Okay, sir.
- "Sir" again?
I won't say it again.
- I'll go now. See you in the evening
- What is it?
Shall I say it?
- Yes. Go on... say it.
Sir! Greetings, sir.
Greetings. How are things running?
- I run a peddle-cart.
I was going to come myself and
see you. That money you gave...
No hurry.
- Sir, I've a room in this very lane.
Please come.
- I told you, no hurry.
If you have a cup of tea with me
it'll add to my status, sir.
Please, sir.
- I'm late already. Some other day.
Just 2 minutes, sir. Please come.
Okay, but don't waste time.
Sit in the jeep.
Get 2 cups of tea.
Come in, sir.
This is it, sir.
- Very nice.
A poor man's abode.
Come and sit down, sir.
Wait, sir.
It's okay...
- Sit down, sir.
Sir, take this.
- Look, I'll say it again.
If you need it, keep it.
- If I need it, I'll ask for it.
Please take it.
- Think again.
It's okay, sir.
- As you wish!
I'm happy to see you
leading an honest life.
It's all due to you, sir.
- Right then, I'll go now, It's late.
Your tea, sir. Hey you,
get the tea, pronto!
We're from the Anti-Corruption Bureau.
- So? What do you want?
We want to search you.
- Search me? But... What the hell?
Same notes.
- They were given to me by this man.
And we had given them to him.
They're all marked.
What do you mean?
- You are busted, Mr Vijay.
You took a bribe from this man.
I didn't! Explain Gangu.
- He only reported against you, sir.
It wasn't a false report either.
You saw it for yourselves.
What a strange coincidence.
You're the only one who believes me.
But being a public prosecutor,
you've to fight against me...
No! He resigned yesterday.
- Left his job?
For my sake?
- No. Not really.
Thought I'd start a
private practice now.
You haven't spoken to Mala yet.
Come, dear. We'll be outside.
Will you do me a favour?
- Yes?
Please don't come and see me here.
All of you.
I don't like it. I feel very tense.
- Time up.
Go on, Mala.
Dhansukh here, sir. Righto.
Very well, sir.
Where's Gangu?
- I don't know.
I asked where's Gangu?
- I really don't know.
You devil's disciple!
Come here.
Come here!
Where is Gangu?
- Room No. 12.
Khan? You?
You lied about the inspector?
- I didn't do anything.
You falsely testified against him?
- Khan sahib...
They gave me 3,000.
- Today is the last hearing.
You'll go to the court
and speak the truth.
Swine! You'll go to the court
and tell them the truth!
If I do that they'll kill me.
- And if you lie, I'll kill you here!
Then what shall I do?
- Tell the Court the truth.
I will.
According to the witnesses and
the proofs presented to the court...
the court finds the accused
guilty of accepting bribe.
And for this, he's sentenced to
6 months in jail and fined 5,000!
If the fine is not paid, the jail
term will be increased by 1 month.
You know Vijay has to pay
a fine of Rs. 5,000.
If it's not paid, his jail
term will increase by 1 month.
His brother doesn't have a job
I know how they're pulling on.
Don't make me feel small.
I'll see that the money is paid.
No! I don't wish you to
bear all the burden.
I've a little saved up
when I used to work.
Rs 221 and some ornaments.
- I told you.
Don't make me feel petty.
You'll get the money. Go now.
Greetings, sir.
- Sher Khan! Come and sit.
What's the matter? Not seen you
for ages. And why are you here?
Yes, go on.
- I need some money.
Then have I refused you?
How much do you need?
- Really? Well, never mind.
Tolaram, see how much
we have in the safe.
You know market procedures.
Don't think we don't trust you.
This is a business method.
Got anything as security?
I've nothing to keep as security.
Oh dear...
- Yes. I do have one thing.
If you value its true cost.
- Who'll value it correctly than me?
Tell me, what is it?
- A hair from my moustache!
Oh come on. I can make out
a dud coin and an honest man.
Tolaram! Give him 5,000, will you?
- Right away.
Here you are.
- But, what of the interest?
- Let that come with the principal.
I'll never forget this gesture, sir.
I had come to take a loan,
but instead, you bought me!
Here, count it.
- Now I'll count the days...
To pay back your loan.
"Why have You ruined the destiny
You built for me?"
"My destiny..."
"Lord Almighty"
"If You did not want it to happen..."
"why did our love blossom?"
"Why did You show me dreams
of Spring?"
"You gave me hope,
You gave me my love..."
"and ruined my destiny..."
"O Lord"
"Why have You ruined the destiny
You built for me?"
"If man has sinned,
he is a sinner"
"You have sinned too..."
"how am I to call
you my Saviour?"
"You showed me the way,
You brought me to the path..."
"and ruined my destiny..."
"O Lord"
"Why have You ruined the destiny
You built for me?"
"O Lord"
How are you Sher Khan?
- God has been kind. How are you?
Mala, how is my brother and his wife?
- Fine. Come, sit in the jeep.
We'll go and meet them.
- No, Sher Khan.
I've to meet somebody.
I'll meet you all later.
Let him go! I know where he's going.
Let's go... come.
It's that inspector.
- Sit! He has lost his job now.
Let me talk to the gentleman.
Come on, sir. It'll bring you luck.
Either try your luck or push off.
Why are you spoiling my trade?
I lost my cool a bit, sir.
I'm really broke today.
Vijay here, Teja.
I've come out.
- Want me to send you in again?
I wish to see you.
- Come on over.
Who called?
- Just somebody wasting time.
That inspector's come out.
Just keep tabs on him.
I'm here, Teja.
I don't attack from behind
like some cowards do.
I've come to tell you,
that I'll finish you!
Go ahead. Why wait?
I'm right in front of you.
Not so easily, Teja.
I spent 6 months in jail
because of you.
There, I remembered you
every day; Every moment in fact.
But now, for the next 6 months,
every moment of every hour...
you'll look over your shoulder.
And then...
- You can't do anything!
You've lost your job as a lawman.
Why not join me?
It's a promise. I'll make
it really big for you.
And I promise you, that I'll
snuff life out of you!
Don't bite more than you can chew!
If I want...
my men can finish you...
like this!
Before leaving let me tell you this.
After today tell your men...
to be close to you because
your short sight is weak.
And secondly,
to smoke while eating...
is a very bad habit!
Tell Teja that a couple of broken
sofas of his, are in my bathroom.
Ask him to collect them.
- Who's speaking?
He knows.
Where are you going?
- The same place.
Where I lived before I met you.
- Why?
If I stay here, I'll dream. And
I can't sit and see them being broken
No dream of yours
will be broken Mala.
I promise you...
- No! Don't make any promises.
You're not helpless, anymore.
You don't need me.
I thought, the world has
scarred you badly.
It has hurt you hundreds of times.
But when you come out of jail,
I'd heal those wounds with my love.
I'll free you from bitterness.
But you never came out of it.
Even today you're shut in a jail
of hatred where you see one thing...
Understand just one thing.
Revenge, and nothing else!
You've so much hatred
for some people...
that there's no place for
love in your heart.
I know the consequence of
the game you've chosen to play.
I can't go on watching...
It's better that I leave this house.
Don't! Don't go, Mala.
I promise to forget them all.
I'm always ready to
shake hands in friendship.
Put that hand away Teja.
And remember one thing.
If I don't consider you as a foe...
it's not because I'm scared,
but because of personal reasons.
I won't embarrass you and ask,
what those personal things are.
But I'll tell my men today,
that they're not to consider you...
even a foe, if not a friend. Okay?
- Okay.
And tell them this too, that,
your life is no longer in danger.
My life, indeed!
Do you trust this venomous snake?
Let's go home.
- Okay.
What did he say?
- Said "You forget me...
and I'll forget you".
- I see.
I don't know about Vijay...
But I never forget!
Honestly, I'm not scared
of anybody but myself.
If I stay here, I'll remember
everything once again.
I have decided that
we'll go somewhere far away.
We'll start a new life
in some new place.
We'll have a cute house.
- You just see how I run it.
Bhabi has taught me everything.
How to run a home economically.
Decorate it simply.
And I'll cook for you...
Sew buttons on your shirts.
- One minute.
Don't have a phone! It always
irritates like an uninvited guest!
No, not inspector, just Vijay.
Who's calling?
Didn't you recognise my voice?
- Oh, it's you.
But, it's no use phoning me now.
- I want to meet you.
Where can we meet?
- Look...
Who was it?
- That's what I want to know too.
Over here, son.
Are you the one, who?
- You always informed the police.
But you never showed up,
nor gave your name.
I'm D'Silva.
- Weren't you ever tempted...
to get a reward
for the information you gave?
To keep this living corpse mobile...
rewards are not really needed.
Just some food.
Then why do you take the trouble?
- I'll tell you.
Do you see these three graves?
They belong to my sons.
This is Roger's.
This is George's and
that one is Tony's.
Roger was 24 years old.
George, 22 years old
And Tony... he was the youngest.
He was just 19. I loved
my sons very much.
I brought them up with great care.
God's will, will be done.
- No!
Had God snatched them...
I'd have tolled the bell morning
and evening for their peace.
Then who snatched your sons?
This thing.
Two years ago today.
It was a X-mas Eve.
It was Christ's birthday.
The whole world was rejoicing.
My sons also got this bottle
to make merry.
When I came back from the church...
my world had crumbled. The
adulterated liquor from this bottle...
snatched my sons from me.
What a lovely gift my sons left
behind as a X-mas gift for me.
This empty bottle! For two
years now, I'm holding...
this empty bottle like a
child and roaming around!
People in each and every
liquor den, think I'm crazy.
They never hesitate
to let secrets out before me.
Whatever I heard from them,
I used to tell you on the phone.
I stayed alive carrying
this sorrow in my heart...
so that I can expose those
people who make this hooch.
The moment I came to know.
I called you over here.
No. I'm not a police officer now.
- So what?
You're a good man, aren't you?
- You called me too late.
I've promised someone.
I can't do anything for you.
You can't do anything?
Okay. And why should you?
I've lost my sons.
Why should you bother?
He was someone different
Who died on the cross for others.
But remember this, son. Unless these
enemies of humanity are erased...
Each home will have a graveyard
and fathers will lug empty bottles!
Don't be a coward. Help me!
I misjudged you.
I'm crazy you see.
Mad! Go have son, Go now.
Look at these lovely interiors.
How beautiful these curtains are!
When you'll make our home
I'll hang such curtains in it.
Look! Please.
Nice! We'll also hang
such curtains in our home.
And I won't even bother to know
what's going on...
on the other side of them.
Outside our beautiful curtains,
if people are dying, let them!
Let smugglers' trucks crush
innocent kinds. Why should I care?
I promise you, Mala.
If I hear them scream...
I'll hide my face in your hair.
I'll look into your lovely eyes...
And not remember that an aged father
is searching for his sons' killers!
Sure, Mala! We'll
make a beautiful home.
We'll forget that this world,
in which we've made a home...
is such an ugly place!
There's so much of tyranny.
So much of injustice!
We'll forget it all! All right?
So be it, Mala. So be it!
What's the problem?
- He keeps silent. That's the problem
He's doesn't talk, nor laugh.
He gets irritated with me.
Ask him what wrong I have done.
If I stop him from doing something...
is it for my own gain?
What if he gets hurt?
Trust in God.
Vijay will be fine.
If this continues, something will
definitely happen to me!
He just doesn't laugh anymore.
- Right. Send him to my house.
He changed my life,
taught me many things.
Can't I teach him to laugh again?
Go and tell him, that...
it's my birthday today,
and he has to come. Go!
I couldn't get you a nice gift
I'm afraid.
I've already got the gift
I most desired in my life.
Even if my maker asks me what
I want, I'll have just one answer.
- I won't tell you yet.
Today's my B-day, so be seated.
Make room please.
Now I'll explain to you.
"Should Allah tell me..."
"to ask Him for something"
"I will ask..."
"that we friends continue to meet
and make merry"
"May we drink together,
break bread together..."
"be each other's companions
and share our secrets"
"Till doomsday..."
"shall our friendship
glow like a lamp"
"Friendship is my faith,
my friend means the life to me"
"That you love another human..."
"is the biggest worship"
"Friendship is my faith,
my friend means the life to me"
"Sing a song in the world..."
"and let the air be rent
with feelings of love"
"Hearts that have love..."
"are blessed even by the Spring"
"My friend brings
all the beauty..."
"my friend brings all
the simplicity of love"
"Friendship is my faith,
my friend means the life to me"
"Even if I were to lose my life
for my friend..."
"I would never regret it"
"That my friend should suffer
while I'm around..."
"I would never be so selfish"
"Wherever I go..."
"there shall be happiness
and joy"
"Friendship is my faith,
my friend means the life to me"
"My dear friend,
why do you appear to be depressed?"
"My beloved friend,
why do you appear sad?"
"You appear to have fallen victim
to despair"
"Do not hide it from me,
tell me the feelings of your heart"
"What price your smile?
Tell me"
"Command me, and I shall get
the Moon the stars for you"
"For you, I'll bring the
splendid sights"
"To you, I am bound..."
"you have been a good friend"
"Your smile is
the biggest gift for me"
"The smile on my friend's face..."
"the smile on my friend's face
brings back youth to the party"
"Friendship is my faith,
my friend means the life to me"
Wonderful! I shall await
your next birthday very eagerly.
It wasn't my birthday!
- What!
Felt like meeting friends,
so I had a party.
I was so tiny when I was born,
that I don't even know my B-day!
So let's have a birthday tomorrow too.
- Done!
Okay then. I'll go now.
- I'll drop you. Hey! Get the jeep.
Don't bother, I'll go on my own.
There's on English proverb.
"Walk a mile after you dine"
- Listen, friend...
The Englishman who said this,
must not be having an enemy.
I've hold you before;
I don't trust those friends.
You trust in God, don't you?
- But of course.
Then don't worry. Okay, I'll go now.
- As you wish.
God bless.
What is it, Khan?
- May God have mercy.
I've had a nightmare!
The blood group matches, sir.
- See doctor?
I told you, our blood will match.
- Had you got it tested before?
The need never arose.
- Then how were you so sure?
Simple. He's lion-hearted-too.
Our blood has to match!
Strange logic! Come.
- Okay.
Have you gone mad, Vijay?
Why don't you tell me?
I promise we'll hold an enquiry.
Sorry, I won't change my statement.
- But your statement...
I slipped on the staircase
of the bridge!
Be seated.
I'm not saying this
as a police officer...
but as an elderly person.
Sir, why doesn't Mr. Vijay
give a true statement?
You won't understand.
He wants to take revenge himself.
How long will you sulk like this?
You're silent the whole day
like a mute.
That, reminds me.
Sit down, I'll tell you a joke.
This friend of mine,
was charged with murder.
His lawyer said
"You talk too much".
"But when the defence lawyer
questions you, play mute."
Just keep doing...
By the grace of God, he won.
His lawyer said...
Look, we've won, so pay me.
Know what my friend said?
You're strange! I tell a joke,
and you don't laugh?
I told a joke for the first time
in my life and this happens!
Now you only by to
convince him. I'm going.
Go on, talk it over.
Vijay, see that picture there?
Bhabi said there used to be
a volcano there.
One day the volcano erupted
and lava flowed...
And by and by there formed
a sweet-water lake.
Yes, I know.
But why all this... to me?
Because there's a volcano within
you too. Unless it erupts...
and the lava flows, there can
never be a sweet-water lake!
There was a time when I held you back.
But today I request you. Go!
Go and take revenge on them,
who have made you like this.
Because of whom you're
suffocating within.
I promise you, Vijay.
If anything happens to you...
I'll be fine. However, before I go
I'd like to say something.
Something which I've said to
myself many times, but never to you.
Vijay... where to?
Come here.
Get in.
- You know where I'm going.
I do. And for friendship's sake
I'm willing to go even to hell! Sit.
I've come. Where are we to go?
Within one week our city hospitals
have had 75 serious cases...
effected by illicit hooch laced
with some ammonium chloride.
Some will die,
Some will go blind, others...
As soon as possible we've to find
the place where this hooch is made.
Find the routes from where it's
taken out to be distributed.
Find the people who make
business out of this.
I can tell you, sir.
- You?
I know the businessman who
sells death filled in bottles.
- A highly respected big shot!
Seth Dharam Dayal Teja!
Do you know what you're saying?
- Very well, sir.
Any proof?
Tell them what all you told me.
- Don't hit me. I'll tell you.
Kabir here. Catastrophe, Sir.
All out joints have been raided.
Our men were caught. Only our flat
and Garden House is spared.
When was this?
- An hour ago. Police is after you.
Better get out, sir.
- Do one thing.
Send Mona to the
Garden House and you come here.
No need to panic.
- Right, sir.
As you wish.
Teja has gone. Now we can get
to him only through that girl.
Give me the bottle.
- Why?
To return it to the man,
who gave it to your sons.
Mona, you're here? Very good.
Now what? I don't understand.
- Don't fret so, my dear.
Soon we'll be far away from
this country.
Kabir should be here any moment.
And our boat may come here
at any time now.
The police don't know about
our Colaba flat as yet.
Go and get whatever cash
you find there.
All my jewels are there too.
- You go with him and come direct.
But you, and all alone?
- I'm not alone. I have this with me.
Take the back door out.
The game's up! For you.
I don't accept defeat so easily.
But good thing that
you came personally.
Today I've come to
return this bottle to you.
The adulterated hooch
from this bottle...
snatched Mr. D'Silva's
three young, able sons.
But Vijay. India is
such a vast country...
that every minute some people
die and some are born.
Now tell me, how to keep account
of all those who die and are born?
But, this poison was given
to them by you.
May be I did give them poison, But...
I drink Scotch. And
I'll offer some to you too.
Have a peg made by me.
Before you die.
What happened?
- Twenty years ago...
you had murdered
a man and his wife!
I've killed many people
in my life. Here, have this.
That man's name was Ranjit.
Yes. But how do you know?
That day you committed 2 murders.
When in fact you should
have committed 3!
What do you mean?
- I'll explain.
That 3rd person, is me!
Son of Ranjit and Sumitra!
For 20 long years,
that bracelet in your hand...
was biting my insides
like a snake.
But now... Now I remember everything.
The pistol in your hand...
my father's wounded chest...
My mother falling to your bullet.
I recall everything!
I won't spare you now. Never!
That night you held the gun.
Today, I'm holding it.
That was a Diwali Night.
Today is one too.
But I won't kill you so easily,
bloody swine!
If you have the guts... Here!
You devil!
In a train, without permission
smoking is not allowed!
Love your life so much, eh?
Tell him to let go Teja. Else...
- You'll kill me, eh?
You devil's disciples!
My skull is made of iron!
Shoot me in the chest!
You nitwits.
Why do you stop, Vijay? If I die,
thousands will be born.
If a rascal like Teja lives,
thousands of good folks will die!
Let me go! I'll kill him!
- Come to your senses!
This man's a killer.
I'll kill him!
He's a murderer!
I'll kill him!
I've a warrant here
to arrest you, Mr. Teja.
No need to show it to me.
I'm ready to come with you. Come.
But first you'll have to
come with me, Sir!
Watch it!
Throw down your weapons.
Else, I'll shoot him.
And now you'll escort me
to Rethighat.
If you want you can shoot me.
But I'm not going anywhere.
You'll accompany me! Understand?
I really made a mistake.
I should've murdered 3 people.
Never mind.
I'll kill the 3rd one now...
Greetings, sir.
- Hello, Khan.
Two devil's disciples
are lying over there too.