Zanjeer (2013) Movie Script

You can aspire all you want.
You can try all you want.
You can aspire all you want.
You can try all you want.
It won't set us free.
It won't set us free.
This isn't darkness.
This isn't darkness.
This isn't darkness.
It's shackles.
It's shackles.
It's shackles.
It's shackles.
The shattered dreams
are pricking in my eye.
The moment that has passed
are still smoldering in my breath.;
"Whenever it finds me alone."
A daunting memory crosses my mind.
This isn't darkness.
This isn't darkness.
This isn't darkness.
It's shackles.
It's shackles.
- CM..
- Down! Down!
- CM..
- Down! Down!
- CM..
- Down! Down!
- CM..
- Down! Down!
- CM..
- Down! Down!
- CM..
- Down! Down!
- CM..
- Down! Down!
- CM..
- Down! Down!
- CM..
- Down! Down!
- CM..
- Down! Down!
- CM..
- Down! Down!
Sir, they have blocked
the road since an hour.
They aren't allowing
the ambulance to pass either.
- CM..
- Down! Down!
- CM..
- Down! Down!
Sir, please. Can you clear the road?
It is causing inconvenience
to the people.
Even the ambulance is stuck.
Hey, should I send you
in the ambulance as well.
Get lost.
Hey! Stop staring rascal.
"If you got what it takes,
then take off your glasses"
and look me in the eye.
Take off your glasses and look at me.
This is a spontaneous rally.
Our right!
Do you know what spontaneous means?
Cop! Ever been to school?
Or did you grease
palms for this uniform?
That's 'spontaneous'.
Ruler of the Raghu clan, Lord Ram.
Sita-Ram, Uplifters of
those who have fallen.
Ruler of the Raghu clan, Lord Ram.
Sita-Ram, Uplifters of
those who have fallen.
God and Allah are your Names.
Bless everyone with true wisdom.
God and Allah are your Names.
Bless everyone with true wisdom.
God and Allah are your Names.
Clear everyone out.
Bless everyone with true wisdom.
Clear the traffic.
This is the road which..
"Inspector Vijay Khanna
turned into a battlefield."
This incident has caused a furore..
"Amongst the people and the assembly."
It's police brutality.
How can the state treat
an honest politician this way?
Politicians deserve
this kind of treatment.
Mr. Tiwari..
Entire transportation came
to a standstill for two hours.
That doesn't mean
people should applaud..
And encourage such
crazy police officers.
The Law and Order have their place.
"ACP Vijay Khanna is transferred"
for his irresponsible behaviour.
This is ACP Vijay
Khanna's 17th transfer..
In his 5 years of service.
But this time,
it was no ordinary transfer.
"Probably this is the first time"
in the history of
Police Administration.
When an officer has been
transferred to a different state.
Is sir in?
- Sir!
- Ok.
ACP Vijay Khanna.
At ease.
"Students will be questioned
in a geography lectures"
to point out a place in Andhra map..
And tell where ACP Vijay
Khanna isn't transferred.
Are you fond of travelling.
Or obsessed with matching
your transfers with your age?
Duty didn't give
me time to introspect.
Some die to come to Mumbai..
And some die after coming here.
This city is surrounded by the sea.
Its gobbles up anyone mercilessly.
Your temper and behaviour
is not above the department rules.
- Am I clear?
- Yes, sir.
You may go.
"Hello.. Hello."
"Ladies and Gentlemen.."
"Stop chewing the mike."
"Stop fooling around, Pinky's here."
"Sweetheart, what do you desire?"
"A palatial house
or an expensive car."
"I want money, I want money."
"I want money, I want money."
"Show me the money and watch the fun."
"Pinky's going to dance in a rage."
"Show me the money,
and watch the fun."
"Pinky's going to dance in a rage."
"She's the answer
to all your questions."
"Neither Mumbaites nor Delhites."
"Pinky's only for
the rich exclusively."
"Neither Mumbaites nor Delhites."
"Pinky's only for
the rich exclusively."
"Neither Mumbaites or Delhites."
"Pinky's only for
the rich exclusively."
"Neither Mumbaites or Delhites."
"Pinky's only for
the rich exclusively."
"P-P! P-P!
P-P! P-P! P-P! -What's that?"
"P for Pinky! P for Paisa!"
"My glamour's world famous."
"It's exciting just like cable."
Yes... she's exciting...
"My network never fails."
"My towers are in every lane."
"You're an expensive affair."
"No to those who are broke."
B' day cake.
"Pinky's going to dance in a rage."
"My posters are on all the walls."
"Neither Mumbaites nor Delhites."
Jackpot! .
"Neither Mumbaites nor Delhites."
"Pinky's only for
the rich exclusively."
"Neither Mumbaites nor Delhites."
"Neither Mumbaites nor Delhites."
"Pinky's only for
the rich exclusively."
"Listen to me. Stop it now."
Oh ho.
That' s enough.
"okay, bye."
- Wow! That was awesome!
- Thank you.
- Wow! What a dance!
- Thank you.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Oh my God! Shots!
Okay. Everybody, shots.
This is for the bride
and the bridegroom.
- Happy wedded life to you.
- Cheers.
Stop it, Mala.
You've already had a couple of drinks.
My liver's like AK-47, not a revolver.
It can handle a lot.
Were you insecure
introducing us at first?
We've only known each
other for three months.
Like school friends, college friends"
Facebook friends.
- Just Facebook friends?
- Yes.
And you flew down from
New York to attend this wedding?
What? Are you kidding me?
Bollywood music!
Indian traditional wedding..
Drunk guests, my solo performance.
Which American-born desi
girl would want to miss this?
And anyway I love her.
But, Mala, I am sorry.
We're leaving for our honeymoon..
"Right after the wedding."
I can't give you a tour of India.
Oh God. Please don't worry.
"I've seen so many Indian films"
"that, I can be
a guide of India myself."
So sweet.
- Everybody, shots?
- Yes, yes.
Please! Please! Please!
My AK-47's about to start firing.
Stop at the petrol pump.
We'll be at the hotel soon.
I said turn the God darn car now!
Yes, right here.
Thank you!
I think you shouldn't go inside.
- It's bad. Very bad.
- This is worse.
Excuse me.
You dropped this.
My son would've been
furious if I had lost this.
It's okay. Okay, bye. Bye.
Nice meeting you.
Hey! What are you doing?
Free publicity!
- Stop it!
- Stop what?
Make the call.
Hello... Boss, someone here's
taking a picture of us.
Yes, right boss.
Don't try to scare me, I
am not scared of you.
Smanalec, taking our pictures.
Let me go!
The rascal was recording everything.
Bring the can of petrol.
Let me go!
Let me go!
It was a mistake.
Hello! Police.
Sir, you will have to answer our questions.
The motive behind the
murder is still unknown.
We're sure that the entire
incident will be investigated.
What's happening?
Sir, I immediately sent
the body to the hospital.
The doctors say the
body has suffered 80% burns.
He's got faint chances of surviving.
Find out who called Control
Room and make a case.
Call every criminal even
chain-Snatchers for interrogation.
Prem. -Yes, sir.
Start the investigation.
'The Oil Mafia makes
billions every year..'
' stealing oil.'
'Many recognised people
in the state are aware of this.'
'But only one person
dared to voice against it.'
'District Collector Prakash Sathe.'
'The 1994 IAS Batch Topper.'
'He could've taken his
share and made millions.'
he took the responsibility.'
'..of collecting evidence against.'
'..the biggest nexus in the country.'
'And this honest officer's case..'
'..has been handed to a man..'
'..who never spent more than
a month in a single police station.
'Is it a conspiracy, or the incapability
of the government machinery?'
'Or maybe ACP Vijay Khanna's..'
'..been handed this
case intentionally.'
' that, he's transferred
even before its solved..'
'..and it never sees an outcome.'
- Sir's lucky.
- Why?
He won't have to publish
a photo in the matrimonial column.
- How?
- See.
This photo will get him
lots of wedding proposals.
No. They won't.
"On their wedding night"
sir will say to his wife,
"Shall I lock you up?"
Did you find out
who called control room?
No, sir. Sorry, sir.
If I don't get that
information by three..
Then the next second you
two will be out of this station.
Now move.
Jay Dev.
Yes, even I found them expensive.
Yes really.
Look. These are nice.
If you had Googled
for this article as well..
"Then you wouldn't
be writing this bullst."
We print stories.
We don't cook them.
Save that crap for your
newspaper's catch-line.
Let me tell you something.
I've done a lot amidst
my 17 transfers.
But you don't have
the guts to print them.
Because they aren't stories,
they're the truth.
Your eyes are sore and so are mine.
But the difference is..
"...I spent the night
scanning police files"
while you were drinking
free liquor at some Page 3 party.
This is 'Work' and that is 'Hangover'.
In 15 days, you will change
every line of this article.
It's a challenge.
Do you know what 'challenge' means?
Look it up on Google.
JD. You didn't say a word!
He's got substance.
ACP Vijay Khanna.
I'm going to bet on you.
Prem. -Yes, sir.
Who is Sher Khan?
Just a car dealer, sir.
In detail.
He buys and sells imported cars.
I rn ported buying..
Then why is there an FIR against him?
- Go call him.
- Sir.
Sher Khan's got no
connection with this case.
Okay, sir.
I want to sell it.
How much will I get?
Seven years!
- Do you watch Discovery Channel?
- Yes.
A guy like me buys a car like this,
that's got blood stains.
And thinks it'll be alright.
He goes home.
Switches on his television.
And watches Discovery.
The police are hysterically
looking for a man.
"The door-bell rings
in the television"
and in that guy's apartment,
He opens the door and sees the police.
I'm not interested in
being featured on Discovery.
Why are you scared of the police?
You buy and sell jacked cars.
Sher Khan follows a code
in his illegal business as well.
If you don't want blood stains on
the other side of the car, get lost!
- Salaam, Mr. Khan.
- Prem. How are you?
Just the usual.
The new ACP's here.
- Let's go meet him?
- Huh?
Yes. Let's go.
Salaam, ACP sir.
You won't sit down
until I tell you too!
This is a police station,
not your home!
It's my decency that
you're still alive.
Otherwise your body would
be lying here. - Just shut up!
Don't scream, ACP.
Otherwise you will get a sore throat.
And sound really weird
while giving orders.
Even a watchman considers himself
a commissioner in his uniform.
You can interrogate me.
Arrest me by all means.
But let go of my collar.
Prem. -Yes, sir.
- Show him out.
- No need.
ACP sir, you're new here.
But, I am a veteran here.
Good bye!
He needs a cold drink
to cool down, not tea.
Bring him a cold drink.
Sir. Sir. I've got it.
The call girl did it.
Call girl?
I mean a girl called, sir.
- Name and address?
- That too.
You didn't say that, sir.
Sorry, sir.
He's such a pain in the neck.
What happened?
I'm going to tell my wife..
To bake buns on his hot head.
It'll be perfect.
His temper is just effete.
Sher Khan left him speechless.
Nice. But not my size.
Neither this ...nor you.
Khan's busy. Call tomorrow.
Sher Khan. I don't shake hands
with criminals. Only handcuff them.
Amar. Did you find out anything?
Sir. The informer's
staying at Park Hotel.
She is an NRI. Must have
called from a local SIM card.
Let's go.
Sir. Room no. 505.
- Sub Inspector Prem Patil.
- Get out!
I know you're imposters!
Madam. We're the police.
See, two stars, the cap, belt"
I said get out!
How dare you?
You don't fool me
with these fake uniforms.
I know. I know everything.
Just get out.
Will you just listen to me?
Who made you the hotel manager?
There's a 'Do Not Disturb'
board on the door, how..
Will you just shut up!
I am ACP Vijay Khanna.
That means Assistant
Commissioner of Police.
He's our senior officer.
Show me your badge.
Show it.
This is not a badge.
Badge! Show me your badge!
Listen to me, miss.
This isn't America.
Will you just put
your knife down? Now!
Show me your ID again.
How many times do you bathe in a day?
Sorry, sir. I thought she's nervous...
Ms. Mala.
What did you see that day?
I saw nothing.
Then why call the police?
I didn't call the police.
These are your call details.
The Sim-card's
registered in your name.
You think we work in 40's?
Papa had warned me.
He told me don't go to India.
India's a dangerous country.
But no, I was stubborn.
Facebook friend's wedding.
Go on, now are you
having fun at the wedding?
My flight leaves day after tomorrow.
If I leave early, papa's worried.
If I don't, then I'm worried.
I haven't stepped out of
this hotel room for two days.
First I couldn't sleep due to jetlag.
Now, I couldn't sleep due to fear.
I'm so scared that I haven't called..
"Housekeeping or room service."
Unnecessarily I called
the cops as well.
And now you've come to harass me.
Since morning eating apples,
I've gone bananas.
- Look..
- I don't want to see anything.
I've seen enough.
Watching Hindi Films I
thought India's a lovey-dovey.
"Song and dance country,
which it clearly is not."
Can you identify the killer?
I cannot identify anyone.
You're a witness.
I am a simple NRI girl.
That came to India
to attend a wedding.
And will return to New
York day after tomorrow.
Now please, just leave me alone.
- Hello.
- Excuse me.
- Hello, papa.
- Listen to me..
How are you-Papa?
Bring her in half an hour?
Okay, sir.
I told you everything.
But I'm still being
treated like criminals.
Why are you trying
to add to my problems?
What's your problem?
Are your problems
bigger than his wife's?
Are your problems
bigger than his son's?
I thought being a woman
you would have a heart.
You disgust me.
Just get out before I throw you out.
Jai Hind, sir!
- Salve.
- Sir.
- Found anything?
- I'm looking.
- Keep looking.
- I am.
My problem is fear.
And maybe I could've lived with it.
But not with guilt.
And thanks for making me realise that.
Do you remember his face?
- He has a big scan.
- Excuse me.
Call the sketch artist.
Did you find anything?
Sir, he's got no identification proof.
How are we going to find him?
Call Sher Khan.
Sir, he's...
Will you kick it from that far?
The law's got long arms, not legs.
He's done for.
Where's the handcuff?
Where's the criminal?
"You closed down your business"
and so I extended
my hand in friendship.
From today, you will be looking
at a friend, not a criminal.
What do they say about me?
"Sher Khan can give his life,
but never break a promise."
If you wanted to be friends,
you could've invited me over dinner.
Why call me at the station?
Prem. -Yes, sir.
Do you recognise him?
Has a thing for bar-girls.
He handles Teja's petrol-pumps.
Where can I find him?
You will find him.
"I opened my heart."
"And let the fragrance
of love aerate."
"Even the moon was dazed."
"When I raised my veil."
"Everyone turned their gaze at me."
Shaqa Bane.
Shaqa Bane.
Shaqa Bane was an instant hit.
Shaqa Bane was an instant hit.
Shaqa Bane was an instant hit.
Shaqa Bane was an instant hit.
"The fever of love."
"Spares no one, young or old."
"The fever of love."
"Spares no one, young or old."
"Anyone who took a peak at me."
"Tossed his heart around like a coin."
"They all staned fighting for me."
Shaqa Bane was an instant hit.
Shaqa Bane was an instant hit.
Shaqa Bane was an instant hit.
Shaqa Bane was an instant hit.
Chicken and Chicks.
The two 'Meows' of life.
No one can ever decide
what's more satisfying.
Both the things, no matter
how much you get, seems insufficient..
And when is anything
good insufficient for anyone?
Greed ...Greed.
And I am fine with it.
Because my Guru Abdul Rehman said.
Greed over. Progress over.
Do you agree with him Gentlemen?
And he also said that every man..
Especially your men,
have the right to progress.
Just see that his greed
doesn't exceed yours.
Else it doesn't take
time for him to betray you.
If that happens,
then there's just one option.
Man over. Greed over.
Do you agree, Shawn?
I think ...his answer was yes?
Why is everyone so quiet?
All of you are respected people.
Have your lunch.
You will never change.
1 kg lost.
How about I ...climb over
and help you get it back?
I love my bad boy.
What happened to
my good girl's manners?
Who will wish me good afternoon?
Good girl's angry.
Because you don't
have any time for her.
Fine. Let me say sorry.
Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
Did you work for
the censor board before?
Sir. A girl has identified Kataria.
Kataria's in ACP Vijay's custody.
Okay. What's for Sunday special?
The dish is made to order.
Fine. I will handle
him and you handle her.
Okay sir.
Sunday Special will be served
after the charity event dinner..
"As a dessert."
Before that,
I need to prepare for the event.
I am the one that needs Charity.
Do one thing.
Invite a guest on my
behalf for tonight's event.
"The reason I have
a stud farm is that"
if the petrol prices shoot up by a
rupee or more, I'll travel on a horse.
"ACP Vijey"
My fans call me Mona.
Very good.
All this for event?
This is charity.
You will get anything you want.
Teja. ACP Vijay.
Hello. Rudra Pratap Teja.
Nice meeting you.
I've heard a lot about you.
- And you still invited me?
- Well.
Everyone invites movie heroes.
But no one cares
about real-life heroes.
Seniors call me for a firing
or criminals call to threaten me.
I am happy ...that I brought
a change in the trend.
- How about a drink?
- I don't drink.
Then start today.
Because no one's ever
refused me in my party.
I am happy ...that I brought
a change in the trend.
I haven't heard about you much.
Well, the reason is I work discreetly.
Sir. The media's waiting for you.
Oh yeah!
Mona darling. He's our special guest.
Take special care of him.
This isn't an arrest.
By the way, those who fall for me..
Never look for a way out.
You will be wasting your time.
If Teja sir's special
guest ...leaves high and dry.
Then he'll be really furious.
It's your job to keep him happy.
Not mine.
Good bye.
"It's a fatal night."
"There's something about tonight."
"My desires are not predictive."
"It's a fatal.."
"Secrets buried in the heart."
"Wishes are soaring high."
"It's a wonderful situation."
"It's a fatal.."
"Come closer."
"Take me in your arms."
"Don't torment yourself."
"Enjoy your life in this lifetime."
"Enjoy your life in this lifetime."
"Come closer."
"Take me in your arms."
"Don't torment yourself."
"Enjoy your life in this lifetime."
"Enjoy your life in this lifetime."
"Don't let this silky night ever end."
"Stay in each other's arms,
don't let this dream shatter."
"Don't let this silky night ever end."
"Stay in each other's arms,
don't let this dream shatter."
"As your breath entwines with mine,
I feel tranquil."
"It'll change your life forever."
"Touch my lips ...don't be stubborn."
"Enjoy your life in this lifetime."
"Enjoy your life in this lifetime."
Are you okay?
Of course I am okay.
This happens with me often.
Where were you going
at this late hour?
- To catch my flight.
- What?
Without informing anyone?
I did.
I informed papa.
I meant how can you go..
Without informing the police?
Why? Am I a terrorist?
You wanted me to identify
the murderer and I helped.
Now my job's done.
Your job's done?
You're a witness
not a contract labour.
Shift's over and your job's done.
Who's going to testify in the court?
Why are you yelling at me?
I came to India to attend a wedding,
instead I saw a murder.
"As my duty, I informed the cops"
and now look at the mess I am in.
"Because of your stupid
emotional dialogues"
I've taken such a big risk,
and I almost got killed.
And you're yelling at me.
I am only asking you to cooperate,
that's all.
Did you see the result of cooperation?
Don't worry.
I'll post cops outside your hotel.
You know, I wonder.
Are you really a cop?
"Because how is the hotel
going to give me accommodation"
"without a passport and credit card."
Where are you going to stay?
You're actually asking
me that question.
You're asking me that question.
I got in this problem because of you.
I had just one friend and
she's happily on her honey-moon!
And I don't know anyone else.
I got in this problem because of you,
so you're going to solve it.
And if you don't solve this problem..
I don't know what I am going to do.
I'm just going to sit here..
Okay, okay, alright...
You can stay in my house. Okay, here.
Excuse me.
No, I mean ...don't you
think this couch's a bit small.
Don't worry I'll sleep here.
No, I was talking about you.
How are you going to fit here?
You'll have a problem..
How are you going to toss around?
Help me make my passport.
I don't want to be a witness.
I just want to go home.
Try to understand"
Please, don't even try, okay.
I know that you can't
force any witness.
And I can't put my
life at stake anymore.
Let me go home.
- You're in an ACP's home.
- So what?
The police could be
working for them as well.
I've seen many films.
I want to go..
You're not on a vacation.
Mala. Your fear is justified.
All I can say is that I
won't let anything happen to you.
You just have to trust me.
ls the couch comfortable?
I learnt it all from Patil sir.
I owe it all to Patil sir.
I would've certainly
met him if he had been alive.
But how did he die?
I killed him.
Wow. He killed his own boss.
That's so cool.
The dialogue's got you excited.
I wonder what you would have done..
If you had seen me do
the same thing 20 years ago.
You mean killed Abdul Rehman..
Your personality matches with him.
Same age too.
Oh my baby. Are you angry?
What's age got to do
when my mileage is strong?
Take me on a long-drive
and then I'll believe you.
Here comes the hand-brake.
ACP Vijay's here.
ACP Vijay. Welcome.
Why did you take the trouble?
You could've called me instead.
There's no A/c in my cabin.
"So it would've been
difficult to understand"
whether the heat was
making you sweat or fear!
The main suspect in Sathe murder case.
Runs a petrol-pump,
which coincidentally belongs to you.
"There's a shortage
of petrol in the country"
"not the recruiters
at the petrol pump."
250 people work under me.
I can't remember all their faces.
He has no identity proof.
Did you appoint him intentionally.
"So that later he can be forgotten?"
Being sceptical is good,
as long as it comes in handy.
But if it turns to sickness,
it can create problems.
"Mr. Teja,
being sceptical is not my sickness"
"it's a cure for those who lie."
I don't know who he is.
Don't mind, but I'm really busy.
It's not like I've a government job..
Kataria's in judicial custody.
And he's got nothing else to do.
He'll remember everything.
Working discreetly
has left you speechless.
Good day, Mr. Teja.
Are you here to do a business deal?
Sit straight.
It's business after all.
You sell and I'll buy.
Now, tell me your price for this deal.
Single payment.
What are you staring at?
I know your type well.
They all come at my
petrol-pump for free petrol.
And, sir. You arrested
me on one girl's testimony.
If I make a phone call..
Sir! Sir! Sir!!
Rascal. I am not your servant.
ACP Vijay Khanna.
Stop it.
Sir. Sir.
Sir, let him go.
I said stop it.
In my office.
If I hadn't stopped you..
"Then you would've been
rotting in jail instead."
- Sir..
- No goddarn explanation.
"I'm a commissioner, not your teacher"
to lecture you on
your discipline and limits.
If this happens again..
I'll be the first one
to put you off this case.
Get it! -Yes, sir.
I don't think you do.
This evening you're
posted on 'Immersion' duty.
- Leave.
- Yes, sir.
Sister-i n-law's here.
Come in, sister-in-law.
Prem. One time I wear Indian
and they call me sister-in-law.
What are you doing?
You're a witness and you're
roaming around so carefree.
Excuse me.
I came here to file an
FIR for my missing passport.
You are not helping me.
But I am not selfish like you.
I brought you lunch.
Smells wonderful. What's inside?
- I'll take a peak.
- Go ahead.
Starter. The main course
must be in the next one, right?
Sir, you don't need to be on a diet.
That's all I found in his home.
"Thank God I can cook, otherwise"
he would've stayed hungry.
Sir, your home..
Mala, I said I will handle
your passport problem.
What are you doing here?
There was no laptop,
DVD player, no cable TV.
So I was bored.
This is a police station, not your..
Mind it!
I mean this isn't a picnic-spot.
Prem. -Yes, sir.
- Take her away.
- Where to, sir?
Just tell me where,
I'll drop her. - No.
I know. I'll manage myself.
Okay, bye.
Don't forget the lunch-box.
Si r, sister-i n-law's gone.
She's going alone.
Shouldn't I drop her?
I'll go as well.
Just get out from here.
Sir has sent the car to drop you home.
Madh Island.
6 pm. There's going to be a movement!
I am on Immersion duty.
Lord Ganesha's the destroyer of evil.
He doesn't need police protection.
People know that the police
are busy during festivals.
So they plan their
movement on these days.
Madh is not in my jurisdiction.
It maybe a tip for you,
but it's a scoop for me.
After Sathe,
I feel you can be trusted.
So I'm giving you this information.
Take it ...or leave it.
Ganpati Bappa Morya.
Was it my language or my lecture
that you didn't understand yesterday?
Sir, I had information.
Everyjunkie has some information.
Should I assign them on the force?
This system runs on proof,
not information.
This system crawls, doesn't run.
And, I am ready to slog but not crawl.
There's no point in talking to you.
But I think I'm doing it again.
15 years ago, I was just like you.
So, I don't want you
to go through what I did.
Sir, I cannot stop working
getting scared of those petty things.
What good is your bravado
if you won't be in the department?
"I've the recommendation authorities"
for your promotion
and suspension as well.
"Don't think that if the
first will make me happy"
I will hesitate to do the latter.
- Got it?
- Yes, sir.
Happy Birthday!
So, you're upset because
you're wondering..
How did I find such
a big national secret?
My Amar-Prem were here, Vijay.
Okay, fine.
Where can I take
you for dinner tonight?
Listen, Mala.
It's not only my birthday
today in the whole world.
So please stop acting like my wife.
I gave you a place in my house,
not my life.
What should I celebrate about?
My parents were killed today.
They were killed probably
for 400-500 rupees.
I only had an uncle,
who was a police inspector.
He took me to Hyderabad.
Raised me, sent me to school.
Every child would wait
the entire year for his birthday.
And I would remain
absent on my birthday.
I tried to run from those memories,
but it would always win.
I am so sorry, Vijay.
It's okay.
"Maybe not your memories"
"but I may be able
to win over your loneliness."
I promise.
The only memories you will
have now will be good ones.
I am sorry.
"Now that we're together."
"'It's a wonderful feeling."
"Why does everything feel so new."
"Now that we're together."
"It feels so different."
"Every moment I think
of you, only you."
"What is this?"
"Is this love."
"It's happened to me for the first time."
"Whatever this is, it's for you."
"This moment between you and me."
"Your face dwells in my eyes now."
"Your fragrance beats in my heart."
"Your face dwells in my eyes now."
"Your fragrance beats in my heart."
"I can hear your footsteps all the time."
"Your love's evident in me."
"That's your influence on me."
"This is love."
"It's happened to me for the first time."
"It's only for you."
"This moment's for you and me."
"This moment's for you
and me filled with our love."
"Every moment, filled with love."
"Every moment."
Amar. Didn't we take
Sadanand by this same route?
That rape case culprit.
The one who wasn't confessing, right?
Yes, him.
It's the same van.
He was sitting stubbornly.
Exactly where Kataria's sitting.
Look, he's staring angrily.
No, sir. I'm not.
This is howl look.
That's what Sadanand said as well.
And, sir..
Slapped him just like this.
You assaulted a police
officer and snatched the key.
No! No! I didn't do anything.
It was him..
That's what Sadanand said as well.
- But sir isn't convinced easily.
- Yes.
He got furious and..
What happened next, Amar?
Sir. Sadanand's court appearance
is day after tomorrow.
- What do we say?
- What else?
He was trying to flee after
assaulting a police officer.
And sir shot him.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
The vehicle stopped
at the exact same place.
The driver's got fantastic judgment.
Sadanand didn't get
the time to do this.
Turn the vehicle around.
The tanker's stolen as
soon as it leaves the depot.
Every day around
200 Hires of petrol.
Is stolen from every tanker.
We adulterate the petrol
with kerosene and naphtha.
"And later we sell
the adulterated petrol"
"at industries and
small petrol pumps."
The Oil Mafia isn't just
restricted to stealing petrol..
In fact, their business
runs deeper than the ocean.
The Oil Mafia calls it 'Paani Kana'.
Huge ships, transporting
oil from rigs and refineries..
Have to stop at a point.
It's called 'Bravo Anchorage'.
20 miles away from Mumbai harbour.
The waters beyond
that aren't too deep..
And so,
small transporters carry them ahead.
The Oil Mafia have an
understanding with the captain.
They alert the mafia..
As soon as the ship
reaches 'Bravo Anchorage'.
If the coastal guards
are on a strict vigilance..
"The small ships are
directed towards Alibaug."
And then they wait.
For the right time.
Trucks already wait at the
tugs that carry this oil anchorage.
Places like Wadala,
Antop Hill and Kurla.
From there it's sent to
Indian Oil Nagar, Taloja, Deonar..
And even smuggled outside the state.
"To escape police check-posts"
"the drivers are handed fake bills."
In most cases,
the police's cut is decided.
According to an underworld source.
Winning a lottery is sheer luck..
"But oil smuggling can
make you a millionaire overnight."
Diesel bought at 12..
Are sold at Rs.
28-30 to petrol pumps.
"If you add up all, the entire nexus"
"has a turnover of 10
billion rupees every year."
Sir. Vijay's taking
Kataria to court tomorrow.
Just because his
name's Vijay.
"He's taking his name seriously."
Tomorrow's Thursday, my lucky day.
"If I don't hear good news"
"then your family will get bad news."
Go on.
Good night sir.
- Meow!
- Meow!
Get up!
Enough sleeping, get up!
So, your last day in India.
The court appearance
is today and your job is done.
No more of this Vijay troubling you.
Am I a contract labour?
Shift over and I am out.
Just a second.
- Yes.
- Kataria's dead.
"We've just learnt from our sources"
"that the main accused
in Sathe murder case"
died in police lockup.
It's being assumed
that he died due to..
Being excessively
tortured in police custody.
AcP Vijay, resign!
AcP Vijay, resign!
Such police officers
should be behind bars.
Is this democracy not dictatorship?
ACP Khanna.
To investigate whether Kataria died..
"...due to your excessive
third degree or not"
we'll be forming a commission.
As long as we don't receive
a report from the committee..
You are suspended.
You're hereby ordered
to surrender your gun. Badge.
And your stars.
No, papa. I can't come.
Yeah, the new passport has arrived.
But, I need the permanent
address change to India.
You will like him once you meet him.
Meet him once.
Papa, I'll.. I'll call you back.
I'll call you back.
My papa's more stubborn than I am,
can you imagine that.
- Go back to New York, Mala.
- Why?
Have you found a new hot witness?
Get serious, Mala.
My future's uncertain.
I know what's going to happen.
Everything will be back to normal..
And we'll celebrate together.
Be practical sometimes.
I'm on the Oil Mafia's hit-list.
I cannot risk your life.
Especially after my suspension.
Would you have left me?
I'll do exactly what your answer is.
You know why?
Because I love Mumbai Police.
We'll be fine.
It'll make you lazier.
"It's got so much calories"
"that it won't let
you out of bed for two days."
And it's got so much power..
"That I won't let you
out of bed for two days. - Teja."
"Would you like something to eat"
or my blow has sufficed your hunger.
Actually, I'm here to thank you.
For getting me suspended.
Why? Will you work for me now?
Work against you.
Thank your stars that
I just got you suspended.
You could have retired from your life.
You'll curse yourself
for not doing so.
Now, no uniform or superiors.
Until yesterday,
I had orders not to touch you.
Now, I've got ways to scw you.
"I see. I will dump
you in such a way that"
you will be missing in
police records for two years.
You've been harbouring
a big misconception, Teja.
Lasting 10 minutes with
Mona doesn't make you a man.
Face me for 10 seconds and
we'll see who the real man is.
Dinner's on me, Teja.
Eat all you can.
I guess you don't have a problem.
I hope you've a backup man ready?
Because he's reached his expiry date.
Enjoy your dinner.
What are your intentions?
You've lost your position
but not your attitude.
You should be worried about your job.
I'll get that back soon.
Right now, I want to expose Teja.
You're playing with fire.
Favourite sport.
Shivaji Nagar.
Teja's biggest lair
for oil adulteration.
I've heard that all
his goods come from there.
If you can destroy
that Teja will be crippled.
But how will we get
inside Shivaji Nagar?
We'll need an army as
big as Shivaji's to do so.
And the security's tight.
It's more like a fortress.
Isn't this place on top of a hill?
Then we just need a car not an army.
Can I get it?
Of course.
It's said that one out-of-control
car caused the entire disaster.
The car and the driver
are still missing.
Was this reckless
driving or a conspiracy.
"The police are trying
their best to find out.
The occupants are so shocked"
that, they couldn't
say a word to the media.
Did you see this news?
I think I know who the driver is?
Am I right?
Have you thought about
the result of this fearless act?
The show's just started.
I hope you know what
you're doing, Vijay.
I am really hungry.
Come on, let's go have dinner.
Interval, so soon?
Have oranges.
Sir. The warehouse in-charge.
Sorry, sir. It was a mistake.
It won't happen again, sir.
Forgive me.
I'm very poor. I've a wife and kids.
I'm the only breadwinner.
That worked in 1973.
Dhoom 3! Jism 2! Sunny Leone!
Sir, please.
Let him go..
Thank you, sir.
From the roof top.
Sir! Spare me, sir.
I won't do it again, sir!
Let me go, sir.
Let me go, sir.
Rascals. What do you
think you're throwing down?
Can't you even throw a man down?
Darling. It's just a murder.
This guy is next from the rooftop.
What? - We've information
about the car.
It was a white Maruti Vitara.
- NIH-04-AB-0703.
- That's my car.
It went missing day before yesterday.
Was that your car or skin?
Everyone out for shooting me!
Did you call the journalist?
Yes, sir.
Welcome. Welcome, Mr. Jay Dev.
Come, sit. Take your seat.
I'm a crime-reporter,
not a film critic.
Any special reason to call me here?
Order drink.
How do you like it?
- Water, soda or..
- Neat!
You see, I don't like adulteration.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
You write well.
But you're wasting your
time writing for newspapers.
"A great personality like
you sends me an invite"
"after reading my article."
How can you call it a 'waste', sir?
Good one. Cheers to that.
"Some journalists
become the headlines"
in their own newspaper.
Anyway, how's this?
"A crime reporter... forsakes journalism
and hits the jackpot overnight."
It's my job to write headlines, sir.
I'll write...
what is right.
After my next article,
everyone will know..
"Who's leaving his profession."
How about a massage? It's on me.
She gives the... best happy ending.
Because after this,
I can only guarantee your end.
Can't say it'll be happy.
Try it.
Guilty conscious.
You don't spend time with me,
so you're making it up.
No, no, no.
I just want to see you happy.
Either you're sick,
or I didn't get enough sleep.
Believe me.
This evening's... only for you.
I'll have to order something
strong to handle that much romance.
Please order.
I'll be right back.
I think I'll have
something light today...
Oh my God! What happened to you?
The tap in the washroom broke.
But all this?
You haven't ordered food yet.
Come on, order.
Okay. Caesar salad.
Hello. - Teja.
You really disappointed me this time.
You sent just two men to kill me.
250 men worked under you, right?
You lost two.
Next time send the rest 248 together.
They still won't be able to touch me.
But you won't have regrets
that you didn't try.
Sweety. Finally this
dress fits me now.
I think we burned a
lot of calories last week.
Mona darling.
I'm on fire and you're
worried about burning calories.
What the...
Sweaty! Baby!
Hey, who are you?
Hey you, what's your name?
Did you like the fireworks?
Happy Diwali, Mr. Rudra Pratap Teja.
I liked your style.
I liked your style.
Very different.
But children often burn themselves
while playing with fire.
You're floating in an oil pit,
and playing with fire.
Advise for me?
Just a minute. Hold on.
- What is it?
- Blood pressure.
You started all this,
but I'll put an end to it.
That's my promise.
I've an idea. Repeat this dialogue..
While looking in the mirror.
Looking in the mirror.
Looking in the mirror.
Control. Control. Your health.
Mona darling,
open your mouth for just one thing.
I need it fixed.
It's an expensive car.
High maintenance.
Vijay Khanna.
The one closest can easily
reach for the stranglehold.
You're closest to Vijay.
5 million, to put your old
days and my business back on track.
It's not a bad deal.
Either you're an arrogant
fool or you hate your life..
Which is why you came here.
You should know when to
show your loyalty, understand.
I'm not standing next to Vijay,
but ahead of him.
If anything happens to him..
I'll put a bullet in you, in a place
where you will regret all your life.
Get lost.
I need some information.
Abdul Rehman.
Abdul Rehman! Where does he live?
I had called you yesterday.
Who is the target this time?
It's an old case.
Need to dig up some old graves.
A case against Abdul
Rehman and Rudra Pratap Teja.
And these two together.
By the way,
this hotel makes the best shrimps.
What a surprise?
A crime-reporter turns food-critique.
What happened?
Big article.
You were supposed to
write a career-changing story.
So what happened?
Sir, stories are for small people.
People like you have a History.
You're lucky.
You don't know my history.
What is it I don't know, sir?
Abdul Rehman?
Bhola Gas Agency?
Prashant Khanna?
Mr. Teja, how's this for the headline?
"How a Nagpada Shark
became the King of the Ocean."
Have a happy ending tonight, Mr. Teja.
Because from tomorrow you're
going to have a sad beginning.
The shrimps served
in this hotel are the best.
I started putting on weight,
especially around my waist...
How do you like my new look?
I got it stitched for you.
I think this suit will suit you.
So nice you look when you smile.
"You know, after the enquiry's result"
"everything will return to normal."
I know it.
Can we get ready for Khan's party now?
This suit will suit you better.
Please. Come on.
Come, come, come.
The Lord messed
me with everything.
" giving me you,."
"Now I no longer raise my hand.."
"..after this wish was fulfilled."
"..after this wish was fulfilled."
"Oh Pathan."
"Oh Pathan."
"Oh Lord, bless my friend
with Your grace."
"I'm your best friend,
with a heart of gold."
"I can lay my life for my friend,
I swear."
"I'm your best friend
with a heart of gold."
"I can lay my life for my friend,
I swear."
"I can lay down my life.."
"I can lay down my
life on your gesture."
"It's the promise of a Pathan."
"It's the promise of a Pathan."
"It's the promise of a Pathan."
"It's the promise of a Pathan."
"Bless our friendship
with Your grace."
"You're the ultimate One.
You're everywhere."
"No one's got the guts
to lay an eye on you."
"I stand tall before you."
"No one's got the guts
to lay an eye on you."
"I stand tall before you."
"No one has the courage
to lay a finger on you."
"My sword will behead
him that moment."
"I'll always protect
the honour of our friendship."
"I can lay my life for my friend,
I swear."
"I can lay down my life.."
"I can lay down my
life on your gesture."
"It's the promise of a Pathan."
"It's the promise of a Pathan."
"It's the promise of a Pathan."
"It's the promise of a Pathan."
"You're dearest to me after God."
"You've bowled me over
by inviting me here."
"Your friendship is
the answer to my prayers."
"You're my benefactor in my life."
"I can lay down my life for you."
"I can sacrifice everything for you."
"if our friendship's at stake"
I'll put everything at stake."
"I can lay down my life for you."
"I can sacrifice everything for you."
"I can lay down my life.."
"I can lay down my life.."
"I can lay down my
life on your gesture."
"It's the promise of a Pathan."
"It's the promise of a Pathan."
"It's the promise of a Pathan."
Where are you going at this late hour?
To change Vijay's life.
What's that?
You two wait here, please.
Doctor, please"
Don't worry, I'll try.
Don't let anything happen to him.
He's my friend.
And India's got a dearth
of tigers and friends.
One less doctor won't
make a difference. Get it?
Yes, sir.
Is it paining?
Well-known reporter Jay
Dev was shot to death last night.
Look, it's difficult
to say anything now.
We're carrying out an investigation,
so... please wait.
Post his murder, not just in Mumbai..
"...but people in Delhi, Kolkata
and other metropolitan cities"
came out on the streets.
Is he the same Jay Dev?
He paid the price of trusting me.
Welcome Amar-Prem.
- Salaam, Mr. Khan.
- Salaam.
We've information that
can prove Vijay sir's innocence.
A night before Kataria's death...
"Inspector Salve arrested
a man and put him in lockup."
For rash driving.
But there's no record
of the complaint.
We're completely sure
that man murdered Kataria.
- Where's Salve?
- Don't know.
The car's number?
His description?
Description? We've his description?
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Don't take the trouble. I am there.
To trouble you.
Congratulations for the promotion.
You finally have an A/c cabin.
I'm very disappointed with you.
You didn't keep your word.
You were supposed
to face 248 of my men.
Instead, it took only
five to bring you down.
You disappointed me.
I said I will end this story.
The moral of this story
is... you don't teach the father..
"The ways to scw."
Once you're discharged,
leave this city.
Because you won't be destined
to a hospital every time.
And by the way, your stay was on me.
Wow. So, it's you.
I had a big desire to meet you.
Does she have a backup plan..
Or should I handle her?
Your wish has been granted now.
Now get out!
She's hot too but only her temper.
Made for each other!
Just finish it.
He shouldn't have
the last laugh, Vijay.
Just destroy him.
You've two options.
Either you walk or I
carry you on my shoulders.
Think before you speak, Khan.
This is my area.
I don't have to deal
with the entire area.
I'll beat-up a few and the
rest will be scared and will flee.
Option no. 2!
No problem!
Mr. Palande, this mock drill
will be your responsibility.
What is this nonsense?
Teja's messenger has a
message for you, Commissioner.
I killed Kataria on Teja's orders.
"One night before
the court appearance"
'I hope there's no record of me.'
'I haven't filed an FIR.'
'Just finish your job and get out.'
Speak up.
In the morning, I released
him before Vijay Khanna arrived.
Where's Teja?
Come on, come on, come on, come.
Pack up,
we've to get to CST in one hour.
What's the matter, Teja?
Your men brought me here
without telling me anything.
Why don't you ever watch
the news channels instead of FTV?
The police and press are after me.
Where are you going to run, Teja?
You're too old and
the world's too small.
At least I still have my life.
Rudra Pratap Teja.
I said you'll regret not killing me.
And you've made this
mistake twice in 24 years.
That night, if you had
killed three instead of two..
"Then you might have lived longer."
You see,
the police like to count bodies.
'Ab Tak 56, Chappan - 2'!
I always forget after I kill.
You're unfortunate that
an eight year old remembered.
Prashant Khanna was my dad.
I see.
So honesty runs in the family.
Why did you kill him?
He was on a suicide course himself,
who am I to kill him?
I tried to explain to him.
Don't say a word about the
gas cylinder theft to the police.
We'll make you rich.
But, how would he get the title of
being your father, if he had agreed?
Sir. Mala's here.
Right, Prem.
Just because I donned a western
outfit, now you call me Mala.
Sir, it's the repeat telecast
of the same lunch again.
One egg, two onions.
Excuse me, this is no repeat telecast.
It's breaking news.
Open it and take a peak. - Okay.
Hello, DCP sir.
I've invited you over for lunch.
You've wiped out the Oil Mafia.
Who's next?
"Another student dies
of drug overdose"
. . outside Dragon heart Club.
"The time has come when the
government should take measures"
to clip the wings of
the Drug Mafia in the city.
Brother Khan, did you get your answer?
I'm here, Teja.
I'm here to tell you
that I will finish you.
And I promise that
I will take you out.
"Mumbai and me.."
"Mumbai's my benefactor."
"The city sleeps when I stay awake."
"The undaunted uniform that I done."
"With no fear of death."
"I always put my life at stake."
"Call me a crap, if you call me bull."
"I will kick your bt."
"Mumbai salutes me."
"Everyone's scared of me."
"The goons seem afraid of me."
"See, we're Mumbai's hero."
This is a police station,
not your home.
"By tomorrow,
you must shut down all your casinos"
and illegal business, Sher Khan.
Only then will I shake hands with you.
"Everyone's scared whenever I arrive."
"I bash them up and arrest them."
"I drag the goons with my long arms."
"I even make the dead speak up."
"if you lock horns with me,
I'll hang you upside down."
"And teach him a lesson."
"Call me a crap, if you call me bull."
"I will kick your bt."
"Mumbai salutes me."
"Everyone's scared of me."
"The goons seem afraid of me."
"See, we're Mumbai's hero."
"You look so sexy officer."
"When you point that revolver."
"You stole my peace and slumber."
"Now register my complaint."
"Do it... do... do it.."
"Register my complaint."
"I'll come.."
"I'll come... and play."
"I'll come and play."
"I'll come.."
"We're Mumbai's hero."
"We're Mumbai's hero."
"I am the police."
"My job's daring."
"I take all options."
"The undaunted uniform that I done."
"With no fear of death."
"I always put my life at stake."
"Call me a crap, if you call me bull."
"I will kick your bt."
Smoking while eating is a bad habit.
"Mumbai salutes me."
"Everyone's scared of me."
"The goons seem afraid of me."
"See, we're Mumbai's hero."
"Mumbai salutes me."
"Everyone's scared of me."
"The goons seem afraid of me."
"See, we're Mumbai's hero."
Sher Khan, let's go home.
Come on.