Zarra's Law (2014) Movie Script

Good morning, boss.
Beautiful day.
Great, Leo.
Just coffee.
And make it strong.
- I had a late night.
- Oh?
Yeah, the ladies couldn't
keep their hands off me.
You mean you couldn't
keep your hands off them.
- Hey, Bill.
- Hey, Tony.
- How are you?
- Good.
Turn that down, will you, Leo?
You see what's happening
in the news today
with this thing of ours?
You mean this thing of theirs.
Nothing but greed.
That's what they teach
these days. Greed.
They feed it to their young.
And you know their motto?
All for me, none for you.
What's wrong, Bill, tell me.
I don't want to disturb you,
but I have no other option.
So what's the problem.
Frankie Andreoli.
My son-in-law opened up an iron
works shop on Washington Street.
Frankie comes by and tells him
that since Bobby Stax
is away for two years now
that he's running
the neighborhood,
and Sean has to pay him every
week to keep the shop open.
We don't want any trouble.
I don't know what else to do.
Times are changing.
Good things are coming soon.
You'll see.
Thank you, Tony.
- So?
- So what?
Since my brother's gone
and I'm retired, what can I do?
Now, if someone took care of
the root of the problem...
Another one, Leo.
What's going on, Leo?
Don't shoot the messenger.
Out with it.
- Bobby Stax is getting out.
- What?
That scumbag
can't be getting out.
I just got the word.
He's doing 8 years.
It's not possible.
I wanted to tell you
before somebody else did.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Hey, Dopey,
remember what I said:
Get a real job.
Father in heaven,
we praise your name
for all who have finished their
life loving and trusting you,
for the example of their lives,
the life and the grace
you gave them,
and the peace
in which they rest,
we praise you today
for your servant Roberto
and for all that you did
through him.
May the peace of the Lord
be with you, brother,
and may the peace of the Lord
be with all gathered here today.
Are you staying?
His life was useless.
G, he was your father.
His life and the life
are useless.
Now is not the time.
It was never the time.
I'm leaving tonight.
I love you.
Me too, kid.
What's this all about?
Roberto Zarra. He was blown up
tonight outside his house.
Fuck Roberto Zarra.
He's nothing to me.
Do you deny that we found these
in the trunk of your car?
Where's my fuckin' lawyer?
You're gonna die, Bobby!
You're dead! You hear me?
You're dead!
There you go, girls.
There you go.
Here you are.
It's all right.
Rodney, take care of them,
you hear?
- Where the hell you been?
- Looking for a parking spot.
They called us already.
Where the hell have you been?
- Okay, so I think we gotta...
- Listen!
I'll tell you what to think.
I'm gonna lay it out for you
so you can do your job.
It's a bullshit DUI.
I had a few drinks
and got behind a wheel.
I mean, I live
a few blocks away.
Who the fuck can afford a cab
these days, you know?
Yeah, right.
Yeah, of course.
On the way home,
some fucking boy
runs out in front of the car
in the middle of the road,
chasing after a fucking ball.
Ain't gonna be no pro athlete.
I would assume not.
You broke his arm and leg.
It was an honest mistake,
you know?
And I got my girl...
Connie, get your ass over here.
I'm comin', babe.
She'll testify that I was
with her, right, babe?
Of course, babe.
Holy shit.
Wait, you got what I said?
Believe this shit?
We get it, the kid's hurt,
but not this bad.
Probably an insurance job.
Probably just dressed the kid up
and propped him up in a chair.
- I mean, a soccer ball?
- Gentlemen, gentlemen.
Let's move this along now.
Sorry, Your Honor.
State of New Jersey
v. Piscano.
Are you prepared
to enter a plea?
Yes, Your Honor.
Hey, what the fuck you doing?
Your Honor, my client here
may very well look like
an exemplary citizen,
but, in fact, he's a drunk.
He's an asshole,
to be honest with you.
So we plead no contest,
Your Honor.
All right.
Sentencing on the 28th.
You son of a bitch!
I'm come after you!
You ain't no fuckin' lawyer,
and I ain't paying you shit!
You keep your money,
you lose my number,
and you get yourself
a new lawyer.
- Have a good day.
- Yeah, take care.
Hey, G man!
I got one for you.
- Vanessa Andreoli?
- Yeah, it isn't pretty.
Yeah, I can't imagine why not.
You should make this
a priority.
You're the best.
Can I help you?
I'm looking for
an older gentleman,
helps the less fortunate
and thinks he's James Cagney.
You know anyone
around here like that?
Mr. Hero!
You've been missed.
Oh, it's good to see you.
Where's the old man?
You know your uncle.
He's either on the boat
or up with those pigeons.
If you see him, you don't
say anything to him, okay?
I want it to be a surprise.
- My lips are sealed.
- Thanks, Leo.
There you go, guys.
There you are.
Well, look at you.
Two years and you finally
come to see your uncle.
I'm sorry. I...
Yeah, I know.
Busy becoming a lawyer.
No reason to forget family.
Maybe you're ashamed.
Never be ashamed
of where you come from.
Uncle Tony, it's not like that.
Never seems to be enough time.
Time? You make time.
That's what counts.
Hell, you know that.
It's bred in you.
Prince Gaetano.
Come here.
- I miss you, I miss you.
- I missed you too.
Say, remember your little blue
splash in your first race?
You stayed up all night waiting
for that bird to come home.
- What tears.
- How could I forget?
It took two days.
What a trouper he was.
400 miles that bird flies home.
It is amazing how they do that.
I missed you, G.
I missed you, Uncle Tony.
Let me get cleaned up.
You're staying for dinner.
Nonna would never forgive you.
- She cooking?
- She's cooking right now.
- Let me go surprise her.
- Go ahead.
- Nonna!
- Who's there?
Hey! Nonna!
Can I help you?
Nonna, it's me.
It's Gaetano.
No. The only Gaetano I know
is a wonderful boy.
He loved his grandmother
so much
that he would come to visit her
all the time.
Nonna, it's...
I got you going!
Why would you do that to me?
Come on!
- I come all the way back and...
- I miss you.
Oh, I missed you too.
And you look great. Look at you.
Oh! Tell me everything.
You have a new job, a new girl?
Yeah, I got a job,
working on the girl.
Nonna, it smells incredible
in here.
Recipes from
Lydia's cooking show.
I'm making, um...
chicken parmesan,
baked ziti,
uh, meatballs.
But, Nonna,
who's gonna eat all this?
He's got a big appetite.
Now you have some.
Ma, I'm here!
I told you before,
stop banging on the ceiling
with the broomstick!
Look at what you're doing!
You see the cracks, huh?
I'm hungry! I wanna eat!
What happened to your casserole?
The oven.
It burned my eggplant.
It's a lousy oven.
It's too old.
I need a new oven,
I keep telling you.
I'll buy you a new stove.
So now you're gonna start
a law practice, huh?
Yeah, I hope so.
I mean, that's the endgame.
You don't hope.
You make things happen.
I gotta get going soon.
Why don't you stay over?
- Stay over?
- Yeah, why not?
Uncle Tony,
I live in Hackensack.
It's not that far.
And it takes you two years
to go 18 miles.
You miss me, huh?
There's something I wanna talk
to you about before I go though.
The zabaione will be ready
in five minutes.
Enough grappa, Ma.
I'm thinking about taking
a battered woman's case.
I might need a little help
with the evidence.
Maybe I can help.
Vanessa Andreoli.
Married to Frankie Andreoli?
You remember
our boy Frankie, huh?
Yeah. He's still the same punk
he was back then,
shaking down shops,
Lately he's been
hanging out at Roma.
Eats there with his crew.
Never pays.
Are you planning
to take care of that?
I told you, Ma, I'm retired.
If Roberto was still here,
he would take care of it.
If there's one thing
that he didn't like,
it's disrespectful punks.
They killed your brother.
Your father.
My son.
And nobody did anything
about it. Anything!
And now those people that killed
Roberto are walking around free!
My zabaione!
You made me burn the dessert!
What's with the Lucky Strikes?
I thought you quit.
I did, two years ago.
Keep those right there
in the desk.
Buy a new pack once in a while.
Used to be
when I tried to quit,
I wouldn't have
any cigarettes in the house.
When I get a craving,
I'd run to the store
and light up on the way home.
But if they're sitting
right there on the desk,
I know I can have one
if I wanna, so I don't.
What's that?
Your father's favorite piece.
I keep it locked in the drawer
to remind me
that my brother was no saint.
That's a funny thing there,
Uncle Tony.
What's that?
You, me, and my father,
we all carried guns,
but for different reasons.
A gun's
just some piece of metal.
It's the person who's holding it
who makes it dangerous.
Hey, so what was Nonna
talking about downstairs?
Who's walking around free?
Didn't wanna tell you.
Bobby Stax is
getting out on appeal.
After two years?
What grounds?
Don't know,
but I'm gonna find out.
I'm going to Roma's.
You coming?
Now he's bringing
half his family to eat free,
that son of a bitch.
Mr. Z!
How about a nice booth?
- Nino, how you doing?
- I'm fine.
It's you
we're all worried about.
Come on in, gentlemen.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Gaetano! Our hero!
How you doing, Frankie boy?
Me? I'm doing good.
You see, things have changed
around here a bit,
and I'm on the right side
of things now.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, you see them?
They're with me now.
And you see this?
All mine.
And you see this?
I use it to instruct people
that it ain't
"Frankie boy" no more.
It's "Mr. Andreoli,"
even to you,
so you better know your place
around here.
I know my place around here,
I think it's you who's
a little mixed up though.
See, I'll beat the shit out of
you in front of those guys,
then I'll take this...
and I'll blow your fucking
brains out with it,
and then I'll take that money.
I'll take anything
I want from you, Frankie,
just like when we were younger.
Don't you ever fucking
forget it, Frankie boy.
Go ahead and shoot.
No, no, no, please, not here.
Relax, Nino.
We're just playing around.
Old times.
Say, let me buy
you two heroes a drink.
To safe passage home,
from wherever it may be
that you are coming from.
Frankie, I heard
you and Vanessa broke up.
That's none of
your fucking business.
How you treat your wife,
yeah, you're right,
that is none of my business.
- Enough, G.
- No, I gotta let him know...
- I said enough!
- Listen to your uncle.
And you should lighten up,
Frankie boy.
I heard your boss
is getting out,
and you'll be back
to running errands.
Ronnie, let's go.
That motherfucker.
We're not gonna let him
get away with that.
In time.
In time he's gonna
end up like his father.
That bastard.
You want to stay?
Have a good time.
But if Frankie comes back...
Hey, no, I'll be nice.
Come here.
Good to see you.
Why don't you let me pour you
something stronger?
Hey, Mr. Friendly.
Sorry, no, I was just...
I was... unwinding.
I've been away
for a little while.
Yeah, a lot of people around
here been away for a while.
What'd you do?
Join the Army.
I joined the Army.
I'm sorry.
I just thought...
No, no, no, it's okay.
Yeah, I know you thought.
Don't worry about it.
You can call me G.
You can call me Crissy
or Crystal.
Take your pick.
Tough decision.
I'll let you know tomorrow.
Yeah, tomorrow.
What'd you have in mind?
I'll keep those to myself
right now.
So what brought you to New York
and Roma's, of all places?
Bright lights, big city.
Wanna come out
and do some theater,
maybe get on Broadway.
And then I realized
about a million other girls
had the exact same idea.
But I know that Roma's is about
one step above purgatory,
but it pays the bills,
especially when you got
big shots like Frankie coming in
and tipping well.
Frankie's a lot of things,
but big shot's not one of them.
Not as big as he makes himself
out to be anyway. Trust me.
Oh, guys, look who's in town.
Sure, retirement's
getting too much for you.
Can you use a caper?
Matter of fact, I wouldn't mind
a part-time job.
You know, Officer Jimmy here is
working on a real crime stopper.
- I bet he could use your help.
- Yeah? What is it, James?
Oh, Nathan's is missing
some hot dogs.
Case of the century.
- Still a pain in the ass, huh?
- Yes, he is.
Up in the office?
He's waiting on you.
- Chief.
- Tony, how's Ma?
Thanks for asking.
Ma's great...
when she's not drinking grappa.
She is a great lady.
Jim, I need your help
with something.
- With what?
- Bobby.
We're not talking about
Bobby Stax now again, are we?
I have to find a way to
get this guy off the street.
You really don't know, do you?
Know what?
What don't I know?
The FBI's been through those
files with a fine-tooth comb,
and the case is closed.
Why would the FBI be involved?
So what do you think?
Some guys are lucky
or maybe not?
Doing eight,
getting out in two?
Keep an eye on this guy.
Look at you in a suit.
Come on, let's go,
open the door.
I wanna get cleaned up
before this party.
Oh! Nino, how you doing?
Look who's here!
Bobby Stax is back!
That's right!
Yeah, shut the fuck up.
How you doing?
All right, all right,
my boys, all right.
And from the looks of things
around here,
it's none too soon, all right?
'Cause things were
a fucking mess, but as of now,
we are back in business.
What business is that,
Mr. Stax?
What the fuck
are you doing here?
It's a restaurant.
I must be here to eat something.
Well, the place is closed.
This is a private party, so why
don't you just get the fuck out?
Yeah, you're having
a private party, all right.
But see, the problem is
the terms of your parole
state that you can't
associate with known felons.
Wait a minute.
Are you insulting my cousins?
Is that nice?
Come on, just take
a fucking walk, will you?
You and me, we're gonna go.
Not today, but we're gonna go.
But today?
Today is a party.
Today we're celebrating!
Come on, why don't you
come join us, huh?
Come eat,
have something to drink.
Sit with the boys. We'd love
to have him, wouldn't we?
Come on, Mr. Zarra,
come on.
Go fuck yourself.
You think?
That's too bad, huh, boys?
Everybody say goodbye.
Say goodbye to Mr. Zarra.
Bye, Mr. Zarra!
You take care now, Tone.
We'll see ya!
We'll see you around the campus,
you fucking prick!
That's right!
Don't worry about it.
He'll get his.
He'll get his.
He ain't a cop no more.
That's right.
Mr. Zarra.
The bulls.
No, sir. FBI.
I would've never known.
Special Agent Clarke,
Agent Kinsey.
Let's cut to the chase.
Okay, Tony.
Bobby Stax.
You should keep
those scumbags in jail.
We'd like to ask you
not to do anything
that would hinder
our investigation.
Hinder a federal investigation?
I wouldn't think of it.
I'm sure you're aware
that we're in the midst
of an organized crime roundup.
Any move on your part
regarding Bobby Stax
could jeopardize
years of surveillance.
So you want me to stay away
from Bobby Stax.
And what are you
gonna do for me?
What'd you have in mind?
If I leave Bobby Stax alone,
you might find something in the
files about my brother's murder.
Anything's possible.
Oh, one more thing.
For personal reasons,
maybe you could find
some hard evidence
on that scumbag
Frankie Andreoli for me.
You never know.
You're a lot like
your Uncle Tony.
Yeah, really? How so?
Well, you're both
strong male figures,
both feel the need
to protect other people,
and you feel responsible
for them,
strong sense of family.
I think the older you get,
the more like him
you're gonna be.
That's scary.
What, is this a new talent
of yours I don't know about?
Start calling you
Madam Zorra, psychic, or what?
No, it just seems like you're
always trying to save everybody.
I'm not trying to save
everybody. I'm just...
No, I'm trying to...
What about you?
Why are we talking so much
about me, all right?
What kind of secrets you got?
Oh, everybody's got secrets.
Leave the questions
in the courtroom, Mr. Zarra.
You come here.
We're gonna get the order
of protection today.
Oh, the order of protection.
Well, then I'll be fine.
- Okay, let's go.
- He said he would kill me.
- Let's go.
- That's what he said.
Frankie says he's gonna do
something, he's gonna do it.
Andreoli vs. Andreoli.
Good morning, Ms. Mahn.
Your Honor.
Thank you.
Miss Andreoli, where's
your better half today?
I'm sorry, Your Honor,
but that is not funny,
considering the numerous times
that we've had to come here.
Of course it's not funny.
What is ridiculous
is how many times you have been
in this court with Ms. Andreoli.
Your Honor,
my client has suffered
physical and
psychological abuse.
Something has to be done.
Your Honor,
my client loves his family.
He'd never hurt a fly.
Are you kidding?
Ms. Mahn,
I've told you many times.
You need to provide
further proof
that Mr. Andreoli is, in fact,
violating your client's rights.
In that case,
I will rule appropriately.
- Ronnie?
- Yeah.
Remember when I told you
about lowlife scum?
Well, there's one here now.
- What's up?
- You missed four payments.
I'm gonna be nice and maybe
forgive the vig if you pay now.
Bobby doesn't recognize you
as his rep anymore.
What can I say?
I'm paying him.
Now youse two guys can leave
and go work it out
and leave me out of it.
Fuck you!
Get the fucking money!
Fucking deadbeat.
You still owe me!
He's down there.
- Ah, thanks.
- Yeah.
To what do we owe the pleasure?
- Hey.
- Just passing by.
Hey, boys!
Say hello to Mr. Z.
- Hi, Mr. Z!
- Hi!
You here on police matters?
Come on, Paul.
I think maybe
I'm taking a pinch.
No, I'm not.
Having a little excitement
like the old days?
Nice kids.
They're beautiful kids.
Sit down, will you, please?
The future gangsters
of America.
Not on my life.
Doctors, lawyers, Peace Corps.
Anything but the life.
Come on, let's eat.
Oh, no, Paul,
don't go through the trouble.
What trouble?
You come to visit the house,
you break bread, we eat.
You're family.
Your brother, your father,
even the black sheep, you.
You'll always be
part of the family to me.
Of course.
Thank you, Paul.
Thank you, Marie.
Thanks, honey.
I've had something rattling
in my head for years now,
can't see
to come to terms with.
Maybe you can help.
I'll try, but things aren't
the same, you know.
Bobby Stax.
Bobby Stax is nothing.
Roberto said that...
Oh, that's what you want.
Your brother Roberto.
You still got that
in your mind.
Please, take it from me.
He was like a son to me.
Him and Paulie Jr.
Crewed together for years.
Whatever happened,
it was his choice.
To be in the family.
It wasn't his choice.
He grew up
idolizing our father.
Bobby Stax,
I have this feeling...
Come on, please,
you're gonna ruin your mind.
Take it from me.
I keep beating myself up
since I lost Paulie Jr.
It has been too long, Paul.
From the black sheep,
I love you.
I love you.
Black sheep nothing.
You know, you were always
the smart one.
Your father always said that.
We were all very proud of you.
Please eat.
Hey, G!
- Look who it is, huh?
- What's going on?
Not too much. Just popping by
to see a friend.
What have you been up to?
I'm a doctor these days.
You know, G, four times this
month I'm here changing tires.
Steady work for me, right?
Poor girl.
Yeah, I haven't seen her
in a while, so...
Hey, she's having a hard time
of it, all right?
We both know how
Frankie can be, right?
Yup. Hey, we're gonna
catch up later, all right?
- Yeah!
- All right, good.
Mom, you gotta promise me
that if something happens,
you're gonna take John.
- Would you...
- Mom, just promise me.
I don't wanna hear this crazy
talk anymore, do you hear me?
Stop with the tears now.
No more tears. Stop.
Gotta listen to your mother,
Oh, God.
Sorry. Old habits, you know?
I just let myself in.
- What are you doing here?
- Oh, how are you?
Gaetano, come here,
give me a hug.
It's so good
to have you back safe.
Yeah, thank God for that,
you know what I mean?
How's Nonna?
She's great, you know?
I mean, she's crazy, but great.
- Still crazy?
- Yeah.
So what have you been
doing with yourself?
Funny you asked.
You got some time?
Oh, yeah.
Just let me clean up.
All right.
I don't know what to do
I mean, my lawyer Claire,
she's doing the best she can,
but she doesn't really
wanna deal with this.
And you know, we're friends.
That's why she's helping me out,
but she's a corporate lawyer.
She makes a lot of money,
and I can't pay that much and...
So let me take the case.
- You?
- Yeah.
If you want me to,
I'll take it.
- You.
- Yeah, me.
What, you don't think
I can do it?
What, you're like serious?
Yeah. Like serious.
Oh, my God, yeah.
I'm sure Claire would be
thrilled to be off of it.
- Good. Done.
- I can't pay a lot.
Don't worry about the money.
I don't care about the money.
- Do not even ask about...
Oh, I gotta get back for my son.
He was at a birthday party.
All right, yeah,
I'll just grab the check.
G, I don't know how
to thank you right now.
Well, say thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, well, there you go.
So we're clear on the fee?
Look, Vanessa...
G, please, okay?
I can handle that much.
We're clear on the fee.
There's somebody I want you
to meet. John, come here.
Can you say hello
to Mr. Zarra?
Hello, Mr. Zarra.
Hello, John.
Wanna shoot hoops?
Oh, no, no, not today,
but maybe another time.
Uh, yeah, I'll stick around,
shoot some hoops. Sure.
- You just made his day.
- He got big.
Gotta be here all day
with him now.
Hours and hours.
Hey! What the fuck
happened with Sonny?
Nothing fucking happened.
He's got a mouth on him,
so I taught him some manners.
I'll teach you fucking manners!
He's a fucking scumbag who
decided he wasn't gonna pay me,
so I took my money!
Go ahead, make a move, Ronnie.
Our bust this in your
fucking skull! Go ahead!
Sonny belongs to me,
Frankie boy! Me!
I own him.
Not you, me!
This is my fucking territory!
Stay out of my business!
I'm fucking warning you
right now!
Stay out of it.
Hey, Tommy!
Where can I get a burger?
Hey, I hope you guys
are hungry.
We got a ton of food
back there.
I miss the action, Sal.
What action? The same scumbags
doing the same shit.
I'm telling you, Tony,
two months, I'm out.
Yeah? Then what are you
gonna do?
Gonna take it easy.
Well, let me tell you,
taking it easy ain't easy.
You did the right thing
getting out.
Barry, how about a sausage?
- Any onions?
- Nah.
So you put this
Bobby Stax matter behind you.
I know you, Tony.
He's out now,
you're itching to do something.
Sal, I know you're coasting
on the job now,
but I need something
from the inside.
- Like what?
- I need the files
from the investigation
of Roberto's death.
Files. Tony, you know there's
nothing I wouldn't do for you,
but even if I can get to them,
what would they say?
There must be something there
that we missed.
- Something, I don't know.
- I know what they say.
They say "case closed."
It's got to be this Bobby.
I had to have missed something,
or there must be something
covered up.
You can't prove it, Tone.
I'll see what I can do.
Love you, man.
Gotta go, Sal.
See you later.
I don't know, Uncle Tony.
You should've seen that kid.
I'm telling you, he was like
starved for attention.
You should've seen him when
I was getting ready to leave.
He was just begging me to stay.
A father like Frankie?
No wonder.
Stay away from that kid.
Do your job.
Help Vanessa and stay the hell
away from that kid, you hear me?
Yeah, yeah, I know.
And remember,
like I told you before,
you're getting into
Frankie's business.
I don't want anything
to happen to you.
I can handle myself.
Famous last words.
Something else I wanted
to talk to you about.
Frankie and his crew,
they're having lunch at Roma's,
and Crystal overheard
Frankie talking about
what he called a "big job."
A day in the life
of Frankie Andreoli.
Terrorize his wife and kid,
shake down a restaurant,
plan a fire.
Fire? How'd you know
it's a fire?
Insurance jobs.
Frankie's specialty.
I could never nail
that little bastard.
I'll let the guys
at the precinct know.
That's great.
Gonna heave one
towards the goal line...
He only needed 10 yards for the
field goal, and he goes deep?
Dad was a Jet fan.
There you go.
He liked the Jets.
I like the Giants.
Me, the Knicks.
Your father, the Nets.
That's how different we were.
Forget the law. Sports!
That's what made us argue.
You know what, G?
It's nice to have you back.
It's good to be back,
Uncle Tony.
Tony, there's a man
downstairs asking for you!
- Who is it?
- FBI!
I can smell them anywhere!
Ma, send them up to the roof!
What's the FBI want?
We'll see.
You here to give me information
about my brother's murder?
What information?
I asked you to stay away
from this investigation.
Our reports are that you can't.
You gotta stop
asking questions.
Let's stop
this cat and mouse game.
This isn't the game, Tony.
Just bear with us
for a few weeks.
I promise you'll be pleased.
Who has more patience than me?
By the way, your mother,
she's very nice.
You know, she offered me
cookies when I arrived.
How were they? Burnt?
A little,
but they were very good,
especially when you got past
the black part.
she didn't poison him.
Ma, what'd you do,
feed him some of your cookies?
Well, unlike you,
he liked them.
He left that file for you.
Good night.
How'd you pull this off?
Thank you. I owe you.
- I gotta go though, all right?
- Good night.
Love you, Uncle Tony.
Please state your name
for the record.
Gaetano Zarra, Your Honor,
now the attorney of record
for Vanessa Andreoli.
And what do you plan
to do differently
than previous counsel?
I have evidence,
including video surveillance,
that Frank Andreoli has
violated my client's rights.
Well, that would be nice,
since I've yet to see anything
that would lead me to rule
on such a violation.
Your Honor, I object
to this nonsense.
His client has never submitted
one stitch of evidence.
May I approach the bench,
Your Honor?
Approach the bench.
All right, with regard to this,
there appears to be sufficient
evidence to enter an order.
Protection is in full force,
Mr. Rhodes.
I don't think I need
to remind you that your client
will face serious charges
if he violates this order.
Order granted.
Look, Frankie, I think we should
lay low a little while.
Shut up.
I can't lay low now.
Well, hero boy G
just kicked our ass in there.
Punk motherfucker.
Well, look, he's looking
to put you back in jail
and is trying to get Vanessa
sole custody of your son.
He's dreaming.
Well, I wouldn't be so sure
about that.
Court loves this guy.
War hero, Purple Heart.
Well, do your job
and shut him down.
Look, I'm the last guy
to get you going, Frankie,
but your wife doesn't have
any more money.
We made sure of that.
So how is she paying this guy?
You know what I mean?
- Fucking bitch!
- Frankie, no!
What are you doing, huh?
Are you fucking...
Mommy, Daddy, stop!
Please stop!
Get off of me!
Daddy, please don't hurt Mommy!
Get over here! You know
I'll fucking kill you, bitch!
Look what you're doing
to your son, Frankie!
This is your fault.
You're nothing but
a fucking whore.
It's okay, baby.
Come here, let me look at you.
So what's this all about?
I love these pancakes.
You sure I can get you
some pancakes, Paul?
Please. It's a treat.
So, while I was doing my bid,
this mutt grew a pair of balls.
He's somebody now.
He's disrespecting
the chain of command, Paul.
And frankly, he's stepping
all over my dick.
Fuck you. I don't work
for you no more.
Maybe not, but you stay the fuck
out of my way, understand me?
Just stay out of my way.
You guys talk a little nicer,
for Christ's sake.
The whole world is dissolving,
and you two can't even sought
out a 15-block neighborhood.
Both of you.
So, Frankie boy, Paul is here
to set you straight,
so pay attention,
you fucking jerk-off.
Fuck you, Bobby.
These are new times.
What I've got, I've earned,
and no one's gonna
take it away or deny it.
So go fuck yourself
and fuck your manners!
You see what
I'm dealing with, Paul?
You see what I'm dealing with,
this fucking guy?
Please sanction it.
Let me take care
of this guy, please.
Eat your pancake.
Okay, Paul.
Everything we do in life...
good, bad...
does it come back to bite us?
What I've got, I've earned.
This neighborhood
is mine! You're nothing!
I think she likes you.
My friend runs
an animal shelter,
and I saw this girl staring up
at me with big, sad eyes,
so I took her home.
- You bought a puppy?
- I didn't buy a puppy.
What are you gonna do with it,
with the hours you work?
Oh, no, no.
I can't keep her.
Not just because of my hours.
My roommate's allergic to dogs.
So what are you
gonna do with her?
I figure maybe
she could stay with you.
Don't you want to stay with G?
No. No. Don't even...
She's lovely, she's cute.
Not a chance.
Fine. I'll take her
back to the shelter.
I'm sure someone will
take her home eventually.
When? When?
- I'll take her back tomorrow.
- All right.
Tonight I was gonna
take you to Amalfi's.
We can have a nice
romantic dinner, huh?
We can have a romantic dinner
at Amalfi's anytime.
Tonight I figure we get
a bottle of wine, some takeout,
and a few dog treats.
Just the three of us.
It'll be fun.
Threesome. All right.
Sounds good.
You convinced me.
Good choice.
- That was easy.
- All right, get in the boat.
Oh, shit.
Try to keep your cool, man.
You really don't
belong here, ma'am.
I am here to protect
my daughter, Frankie.
Get a life.
Please! I am begging you
to end this now.
Ask your daughter
what she's been doing to me.
For your son's sake, Frank.
My son is fine.
Fine? This life that you
think is so glamorous?
Haven't you heard?
This life doesn't exist.
This life is filled
with garbage.
And you are garbage.
And if you were
any kind of a man,
you would do the right thing
by your son.
And what would that be?
Walk away, Frankie.
Oh, let me tell you something.
I back down to nobody.
No Zarra's gonna tell me
what to do.
This meeting here
never happened. We never spoke.
You heard what the judge said.
Now I think you better go home.
You are pathetic, Frankie,
and I feel sorry for you.
You look like shit.
- Ma, please.
- Out all night?
Was Gaetano with you?
Come in the kitchen.
I'm making cannolis.
You want a cannoli?
Ma, we have to talk.
We have to talk
about the cooking.
It's starting to get
dangerous now, Ma.
What do you care?
You're gonna burn
the place down.
What do you care?
All you care about is the birds
and wasting time with whores.
You know what the neighbors
say about you? Cornuto.
Your brother had Gaetano.
What have you got?
Nothing to show you were here,
to have left your mark.
The Zarra mark.
Ma, your cooking...
I don't care about
the building or the birds.
It's you.
Why do you think I'm here?
All right,
your brother had problems,
but he was about family.
You? I don't know with you.
I can't believe you!
I could've been married
so many times.
Why do you think I didn't?
Why do you think I'm here
living in this apartment?
For you! For you!
I'm just tired.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry!
You were always the strong one.
I'm sorry.
I'm okay, Ma.
Hi, poochie!
- This is her.
- Oh, she's so cute.
Oh, my, that is adorable.
Look at that face!
Look at your face.
Don't worry about it.
John is gonna love her.
John is gonna love you.
- You still okay with this?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- He really needs this.
You ready?
Look what G brought.
Mom, look at the puppy!
Isn't she cute?
Come here.
Does she have a name?
No, not yet.
You wanna name him?
Can I?
Yeah, sure, go ahead.
- Wow.
- Mom, can we keep her?
Oh, uh, I don't know.
I'll name her Smiley.
Hi, Smiley.
She does have a kind of smile.
Who's gonna take care of her?
I will, I will.
I promise I will.
Okay, then.
Smiley it is.
Thank you!
- Welcome home, Smiley!
- Come on.
- Thank you so much.
- No, thank you.
Please stay.
I'll get you a drink.
- Let's talk in the kitchen.
- Yeah.
Listen, G,
I can't thank you enough
for how you've taken on
my burdens here.
Really love you for it.
you're practically family.
I'm just glad
I could be here for you.
I wish I was there for that.
Listen, there something
I gotta tell you,
something I should've told you
a long time ago.
It's about the night
your father was killed.
I overheard Frankie
and one of his goons, um...
Uh, what'd you hear?
I think that Frankie
was involved.
What? You want me?
I'm right here!
Night, boss.
Why don't you just
fucking stop already, huh?
Stop asking questions,
stop fucking snooping around.
I mean, you ain't
a fucking cop anymore!
Didn't take you too long.
Sorry, Paul.
I just needed a friend.
You're more than that.
Come on in.
Paul Jr. and Roberto
were the best of friends.
Always smiling
when they were together.
Anthony, they were like
two sons to me.
It hurts like hell
that they're not here anymore.
Paul, something happened
with Bobby Stax.
Didn't I tell you to stay out?
It just happened.
It doesn't matter anymore, okay?
What do you mean?
Bobby did not clip your brother.
Frankie Andreoli will be at the
mercantile warehouse tomorrow.
Maybe we can finally
close this chapter,
and I can get some sleep.
What the fuck do you...
You mother...
Now where's Frankie Andreoli?
- Where the fuck is Frankie?
- Who are you, bastard?
Where do you want a bullet?
You want it in this side?
You want it
in your fucking nose?
Or how about this side, huh?
You tell me where the fuck
Frankie Andreoli is,
or I'm gonna blow
your fucking brains out!
You motherfucker.
Mercantile warehouse.
You killed my brother.
Now I'm gonna kill you.
Uncle Tony!
G, what are you doing here?
- Put the gun down.
- Like hell I will.
Talk some sense into him, for
Christ's sakes. All I did was...
What you did was
kill my brother!
Get out, G. He's all mine.
Uncle Tony,
what are you thinking?
Call the fucking cops.
I don't care.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- I'll do my business.
Hey, whoa, whoa!
Uncle Tony, listen to me, okay?
Because of this fucking
scumbag, I lost my father.
But I don't wanna
lose you now, okay?
- He deserves to die.
- I know.
If you pull that trigger,
I will cover for you, okay?
But they might not believe me,
and then they're gonna put me
in prison after the fact.
Now this is over.
You did it.
Uncle Tony, I'm begging you.
Please, just put down
the fucking gun,
and we will deal with this.
I'm going in the front way!
Jimmy, go around the back!
I'm gonna take the inside!
I got two trucks going!
Bobby was working with us
as an informant.
That's how we knew
about Frankie.
Can I talk to you a minute?
Be right back.
So who am I talking to?
A struggling actress?
FBI agent?
Look, I know
how all this looks.
But I promise, if you just
give me a chance to explain.
Just save it, all right?
It'll make for good
dinner conversation.
Need you to come by
the precinct,
give me a statement, okay?
You too, G.
No problem.
Come on, let's go home.
What are we gonna tell 'em?
Don't gotta explain anything.
According to the law,
we were totally in the right.
What law would that be?
Zarra's law.
Hey! Uncle Tony,
what's in this?
Gravel, pieces of stone.
You sure that ain't a body?
Nobody you know.
The rope is made of hemp.
It'll dissolve.
The burlap too.
Biodegradable burlap.
That'll leave the rocks
and gravel.
Nice home for the fish.
How long you been doing this?
Been building this
artificial reef now for,
I don't know, six years?
As a lawyer,
I gotta ask you a question.
You got a permit for this?
For what? I'm just
out here at the bay,
minding my own business.
Hey, me and Crystal, we're
going out for dinner tonight.
You wanna join us?
Nah. I don't eat with feds.
Be careful what you say,
Uncle Tony.
You may have to soon.
Look at you.
Is she the one?
She could be.
I don't know.
Someday women may be scarce.
Oh! Casablanca.
Yeah, and look how
Rick Blaine wound up.
You don't wanna be alone
like Rick or like me.
See, I've decided
that retirement isn't me.
I'm looking for a job.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
I'm thinking I might
wanna be an investigator.
Tony Zarra, PI.
Well, that's got
a nice ring to it, huh?
- Yeah, it does, doesn't it?
- Got any leads?
I heard this young lawyer
from Hackensack
might need some help
on his cases.
You got a resume?
Yeah, I got a resume.
Hey, got you again!
Let's load it up there,